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Nm ?0tlc
Toda?, ?-loud?, prnhahl? a?b?/w<rr?.
H Iah. 73; team. t*.
pall reamen em Fea? 17.
No. 24,667.
|l np?rl*ht. inn.
H? The Trihune ??-???? Im inn |
* ?
???-.?/.i? ara-mr-n /-l-X'-r to City of New York Newark. 4er^? ? II? an?! Hoboke?.
TRICK ONE CENT 7 lunrou two < ?ana
A B C Envoys Receive Car?
ranza Emissary Without
Giving Him Any Hope.
Junta Secretary Carries Re?
quest To Be Heard to
Niagara Falls.
Has No intention of ResiRnin?. as
fnpforrecs Kxncct. Asserts
Ont., Ma? ."O. The
period ? ? u ? a ' ?-? which haJ
it Slngm i "1t?r
? i | nn eleventh ?hour ut
Coi BtltUtlOBBllBtB '?
progr ?a of
1". Urquldl, se.-retary of th?
?na in Washing
. here \? Ith ? request ff?>m
?ran. h< ad ot the junta, t>>
A.-.i to ?parttcl*?ate In the nicih-i
?i??n conference, a? plea which by no
. is likely t" be -rant? d Thera
??? it Urquldl knew this,
for in his talks with n. wsfwper men he
differ?-. I
That the C<mstltutloiiallsts have
? lal the .-.v mpathy of the ad?
ministration in Washington ia deduce!
from th.- fact that no word regarding
the ?coming of Urquldl w?aa received i?.
the American delegates and that they
did n?t have any inter\iev. with mm
while he whs here After Rvtrtl a .'
??i s Urquldl made an appointment
with the mediator! for 1 o'clock this
oon. He was tii? n asked be
?f bit ? ??mni'inication ani
uid ?h- t it a a protest sgatnsl tha
? of ihe mediators in int? rHering
rnal affairs of m exi' o.
Kcep3 Mediator? Waiting.
a ithout Indi ' ? i
whether ".?? ii"1 they would receive tue
Urquldl to ? ?ma
i ,". u-?-I??? k. They then i i
inform il inference ?>. Ith tha M? k!? an
, . ? 1:15 p. ni. m- t the
American d Al both of ih?-.-?;
? i her than ?lie ,i| -
i rquidl, details of tha
?a? nt airead? reported, were hs
--? ?i pr? parator) i" the dral
the Anal protcx ol.
The mi ?ii mastican del
? ? ? n sei -inn at ."? o'clock,
a at that 11ni?^ holding a
phlc conversation with Zubaran
in Washington, ii? aaked foi fifteen
ininui- bul did not reach the
atitil 5:40 ?.'.-lo'-k.
at ?hi. ti time tin American d
m ? i a Jusl coming
They ?ii<1 not meet Urquldl, but he
d 1? the mediators ami p. r?
t>. i? h\o hit commun!? atlon.
I r.)iii?ii told th? nawspBPW men Hint
While ha a iiulal not (lip.-lnsr the text ol
"n of whk'h he was
Brer It was a reiteration of th?
;? ..f Carra?as that thi media
had no t Ighl to <i? al
with tin- Intentai affaira of Mexicoaand
:.?.>? ernmenl coi I such mt?-i -
nent ? in? h i ii'?. .i to
!.. Without !" ..'l'ialmn
i? i.- i 'i authoritative quar
? leventh hour effoi I of
lenoi the course of tha
Will )iro\e futile ?,iil Will
i nip whatever on th? a ?? Ii
? ?I" tlie ?
fart fiat Urquldl cam?- here
a. I? a from tha ?Departmenl
I ?.til inui-.l on OMge 4, a nlurran I
This Morning's Xcws.
ii.?. -, d.... 1
-, \oa l
It 1 .... 4
?. ? ; 9, v m.? i ?.
By I my I .4
. 4
. I
i Ra? i u ion ?-. i'ii Mo?om 5
-'??> Sunk. S
P. "ii i Charte.. I
Hani. 18
Blame f??i Bubwaj bale) ... .18
I Again .18
t? ,\ ? ? I '..?:. 5
\ i? a U j CI osea . 9
rai Xat-j . 5
? ? In tarea ta. 7
il . s
. s
. 9
I .10
U ill.- I'll?-?! . ... 11
. 13 and 13
i InancUl ?rni Markets m ?an?) is
? Calendara Polie? Fire i?ept .17
Shipping .....17 ?
Colonel Mclntyre Gets Life Tid
ings After Fatal Message.
t'olonel Melatjr***, <>f the Salvntio
Army, wa* at the bis; ma?? meeting ?
the army at Memorial Hall last nlgl
wh??n a messenger bo* handed him
yellow telegraph mvtlop*, "W* i t h ! r' n
bling Angers in? tora ??pen the *n<MM**
II was from .1 M.-Williams. f-hgrap
operator at Father Point, and read.
"Deeply regret to t.-port font M
Kenmth went down ?>n Kmpress i
The colonel , rum| led up in hi? eha
in a ?late of ?,-mi-? <?llap--?-.
"You ar?' want'il on the wire'" sum
"ii ? ailed to liirn Me was supportf
to the tel.phnn-. and. pi? king tap tli
receiver, heard this:
"Hello, dad. That you" This i
Kenneth. Yes, 1 am safe. Jumpe
overboard when ?he went down an
swam half a mile to ?h.?re. I'm i
Montreal now. Il OTA? terrible. I hat
in think ?if it. 1 was waked up bj
? ?ash and rush? ?1 <?n dock, slipping n
trousers and coot. Women a?
knocked aside !.. the men. T'rtita
Child****** were trample,! t., death uride
!...-? '
No Immunity Asked b]
Him?Financier's Ac?
counts Probed.
Wn'l Street hear.l yesterday that :
P, Morgan has supplemented In.- offe
of all his father'a personal account
and the a. counts of th?- New Haven ?
the interstate Commen*i C<mimtssio
bj an offer t?> appear before Il"r COItO
mission al any time || may elect in?
tell ;'U he knows al-out th? New HaV? i
Including his action m ' tiring.'' to ui
Charlea S. Mellen'? words, the forra*
pr? sid? rit 'f the ?] it?
It is not known whether the off?
lias i.e. n or will i" accepted. Th? off?
was unqualifled and had no strint-'s 01
it in the form of demanda for Immu
nit >. The banker la willing, acoordlni
i" ?Vail Street, to wane all formant:
m the matter and BO far as lh?
mtaalon may wislt extend hla aid.
The offer was otado early In th?
u.'k when .i".-? i h *a . Polk, aollcl'.oi
to the commission, lame lir-re to r
range for the examination <>f the fiea
Haven account? and the question u
placing Mr. Morgan on the atand wa.
one rif th? tnattirs dis? uaeed with Sam
uel rntermy? r v!n n that lawyer saw
Mr. Folk.
The present head of the Morgar
lions? was a ?lirei tor of the New Hu\et
for a f? w months, but he had an inti
mate knowledge <>f what was K"inp 01
before hfl Went on the hoard, and il
placed ipon lh? stand is expe? ted t?
controvert much of the testimony ^i\? i
b) Mellen.
Th? examiner? whom the intent?t?
Commerci Conuniaalon ??ml here t?
i?i??k over the Morgan New Ha\en ac?
count? were hard at work yeaterday
and making what they termed * satis
fa? lory pr?>iriv.-s." It is unlikely lhal
they will be abl? to make more than a
report of progresa by Wednesday, when
the sessions of th?? commission ar?
acheduled lo resume. Because of this
and th? fact thai Kolk has a mass o|
matter from the archives of the New
Haven roa?i that has not \et I.?-en c\.
amini ?i carefully, I! is probable ?hat
the hearings will be postpone?!
Titanic Survivor Gets Freedoir
after Secret Hearing.
M ? ' -*' a divorce is n?
ommfti'lcl fni Mis Lucile Polk
from William E Cartel n ?? i ? poi I (1 ati
tO'da* bj ? he mast? t? to ?le.u
evidence In th? caee. Tho finding? wen
approved b; the
un Carter la well known In Philadel
. ill mor? arid New York Society.
siie and bet th? two chil?
dren are Burvlvors of the Titanic ?:
They ? tha samt boat with J
Bruce Isnta* . ? ?? direct? of Uu
\\ bite Stiu l.ine.
The tf'"nl- of the proceedings wer?
kept secret
I lames Extinguished at Sea and
Crippled Liner Towed
Into Horta.
a repoii thai the Fahre liner Ger?
mania, which sailed from this eitj f'-r
Mediterranean ports, on May 22, was
afire Off the Alores Islands was re
celVed her? yesterday, and ?aused con?
siderabss anxlei* until a cabla message
from Kayal was received stating that
? - nre had been ?sxUngulslied ami th.
?'ermania was entering the port of
? >f the 2,*U passengers on the vessel
?_".? ware In the Ural ?rebln, and many of
iii'tn came from this city or vicinity.
There was a tire in the forward hold of
the ship, ?t was learned, bul II was ? -
i ngulshcd.
The ateamer Ancona, of the Royal
Italian Mail Line, had the ?'?'imama m
tow when the latter was taken into
pnri At the local oflke of the eteam?
ship company, IT state ?t.. It was said
lhut prol.al.ly the gases from the fire
rated Ihe engine room and made
it imposeible for the force to work
there. A wireless from the ?;. rrnania
was picked up b* th? Ancona when the
(?i ? was til si dis? o\ i red
\ la Se*? Jarse) Central, Reading A Halto
A Ohio, Bunday, Ma: ?1. Leave? \\. SSrd
St. I Lie flat urda.? Night; Libert? st i:?i
MdL Return irom Washington 4 P. M..
May 31.?Advt.
_--? -?
Gracie Hanagan. Aged
Shows Pluck When
Flung Overboard.
Quebe Mi SI ? ml) two chlldi
ar? no* n to ha? e i.? en -???. c?; from i
wieck \ ?? ond? rful reacui was ?
of the?-.-. O?acie Hanagan, eight yet
old, dai htei ? - th? leader of th?-- s,
ration Arm?- hand. Her fatlter i
mother aere both drowned, ?iraaie ??
not told of her loas and believed t
n gh< thai hei fathi r and mother woi
to Quebec on th ? nexi I.?.
When sk -; how - ? was sa\
c.rnei?- replied Oh, l :-a-.?<i
The Uttl? child '.?as entirely undi
mayasd, apparently not realising irb
she had b? through She aras thro*?
I from the ? ? -ni sank, bul ro
1 ta. the Burfa? In s moment, ton
l?i? . e nf wreckage near her an?l seiz?
it. She waa puileii m?o a llfeboBt b
hunii" ?i !?? ? Khauetlon, bu! kinri
banda revivid her and she Mon an
??tiiir?*1?- restored
Major Attwell of Toronto, and h
Wife ?ere amolic the BBVed
"l got a lifebelt for my ?1fi
.Major Attwell, ''and we both lump?
Into the water together when we 'a
that the vatssel waa dax?med i?? *
down. We both rank three times, t.?
mi* curried under by the ?suction. Whe
we rama up the tv?ir*i iim* I ma ? lift
l?. ?t near and swam to it. puHmK m
\-ifa? alter me Then those in th<- boa
putted ua in
"Tha Impact waa ju.-t sufficient t
waken ua. ii sounded aa if our hoa
bad struck a rock, it waa vers slight
an?) I was BUI*] riaed when I -ame after
ward '" realise ih? awful ?jonsatquence
of th? crash When wa ?jot on th
dc?-k there were verjr few person? to i.
seen so fon thai ihej were basrdl;
null? eaM?'.
' Tha- reason for this La ?hat ?h?n th?
boat hail listed to one sida tha stain
from th? sleeping apartments up t<
the boni de? l?s were \ery difficult, al
?most Impossible to mount. 1 d.d no'
see the bole ,n the Bide ??f the ship a?
I lushed for the stairs, hut I did see th*
water pouring in in such volume that t
threatened to drown t.s before we coulrl
K. A. Mclnt>re was ;n the sen.nil
cabin with most of the otin-r ?Salvation
Anny passengers. Ha t??id a vivid
st?>r> ??f in? own r-xperiemre ami ??f
what he saw as h?- swam t<> safety.
VlrtuBlly e*>er* leading offlcei of tha
Salvation Arm) li ?Canada," ha said,
>ii nun?- Commissioner Rasas and hi?
wife and ?hililK-n ??ent down and only
three of this family survive. And out
of our ?Salvation ?party of IM on ?board
?f, wer thin tw-ei-.t> ??. i ( |. -,
? I was on the upper ?lerk and so had
a better chati a to net t.? Bafety than
ih??se in the lower ?i?.'?-* The Bratet
cam?- in through the portholes of the
ia,\??-r de? ka before tha passi ag< rs there
rcalli ?! the.- danger. >?r that there w.?^
danger at all.
I was aroused from mv sleep hy th??
impact and awakened ihe others in m?'
i cabin I eould hear plainly the rusa
First class . 2*3
Second clas? . 29
Th.rd class . :. 101
Crew . 237
Survivor? not yet classified... 37
Total ?urvivor? . -133
Total lost ..'. 954
Total aboard at sailing . . 1.387
of water, and l fell aure something
t? rioua had happened. I also heard the
machinery of ?he boat running. I? did
rot rtoyt at on.e. hut eontinued until
the explosion occnred.
*~G*abbtng a life preserver. I went out
on art k There wrre no lifebelts there,
and rj'd'e a number of people were
?tan.ling ab out. apparently undivided
what to do. I gave my belt to Mrs.
Kord, of our part;., tying It on her Hi' -
"My Ihre? roenrtutes went t?i the bot?
toas, i swam in the direct.on ? >f the
thai un us down and was pulled
into a lifeboat I saw the eollier
standing not far from where the
Lmpress foundered. She was ail
lighted up.
'When I was taken on hoard I saw
many men rescued practically un -
clothed. I was almost in a state of
nakedness myself, and the rest of th?.-?'
On hoard were ?hixenng and in a bad
star?-- from the icy water and the ?hilly
morning sir. Soon, however, we w?r>
attended lO and mail?? warm and eom
? As I ?warn through the k*J waters I
heard the gull explosion caused by the
water reaching the engin?? of the ?ink?
ing amp. It was followed b) a burst
of steam that spread to all parts of the
veaael. Then ?ame a quick listing t
the liner ami ?he turne.l over."
Delegates from Oceana's Grew
Demand Immediate Survey.
Declaring the] believed their ?hip
nn?eaworthy and refusing to ?all in
her when ?he departs to-day for Cal?
cutta, unle?s a survey were made a*
a deputation Csf the crew of th:
N freighter ?ireatia waited on
Captain ?'harlea S. Newton yesterdav.
The Oceana Is t?p?i up at Piar - of
the American docks, at Stapieton.
Staten Ialand. On Man h M ?he left
t'alcutta and arrived here ?everal days
ego. after ?topping at Hoeton to dis
narge cargo. Nothing happened on
the voyage, aoording tu the crew, h ,t
they belie* e that a thorough examina?
tion of the ship ?hould be made.
In what respe? t the ????ana i? weak
could not be learned The mer -
tien was r? ported to the shtp's eg?
Moulder. Weir & Ro\d. of th:.- city, and
action of some sort will be taken to?
Dr. James F. Grant, Praised
as Hero, Describes the
Qua ?jee, May 20. Special pn las ta
given t.. th? wort of Dr. James P.
Grant, of VtetortB, B, C, Bblp'a surgeon
on the ?Smpr-MS. T?. hta coolneM was
nrfrdlted the saving ??f a large number
?Of persi.ns taken out of the water who
proba!'!?, would hav?- perished had they
not received prompt roadlcal attention.
A giaphi'- description of the scene on
hoard the Empress of Ireland after the
, olllston was -" en bj Dr Orant.
r was in ui? ?ahin." said th?
geon. "and knew nothing ?>f the acci?
dent Until the Ii?'.'?' listed so t..nil? ihail
I tumbted out ..f in. berth Thon I
rutted under ii. I tried to turn ??n the
light There was no power, 1 re*XCh?td
the bolted d'?or. hut the list was so
great ih.it it tr.uk ma some time to
??pen it. Filially I got out and rca?-hcd
the passagewsy. It was so steep, due
t?. tin- way th? ship was ?-anted, that
my efforis t.. climb up were ?rendered
Impossible bj the ?-met t?> which I
? ,??a . Umring hreaking awn)
'?Then ! Bcrambted up and managed
'., -?t m? head through a porthole, bul
l ??as unabk i" >." I mj shouldera
through. At that time Ih? ihlp -'.?s
lying almost Mai in th?? ?rater "U her
starboard i?ie a paaeengagr *u .-land?
ing OH 'lie nut.'?dc ..f the .-hip am?i
nianagf-d to pull m? througii the ?port?
"About a hundred passengers were
standing on th- side of the ship .?' the
time. A moment after I had Joineal
th'-ni ih? ?assa-l took another list and
plunged to the bottom.
"I next found myself m the waterand
swam ?toward the lights <?: tabs Stm
mad. Whan n?ari? exhausted from the
struggle and exposure I VII p:-ke| up
by a lifeboat. This boa? went on to the
D . tap of tl;?- disaster, and pl?-k??d up a
load of BUrvlVOM from the w.i*?-r and
thta t?Jok them ??n hoard th?- St?.i--t.nl.
There we were wrapped in blanken
and I was provid<-d with the cloth?
which I now wear When able I did
what I could to help the survivors.
Some of them, however, were in such
an exhausted condition that th?sy died.
"Mr. Pteede lost his life when these
boats catapulted their way through
t?>?- croa 'i
He was pif-ked up by one of tb*
boats of this ship, ami on his return
to the seen? a:?le?l m r?^s<*ue work
Then he board?-?l th? Storstad. and ??ut
of id? ???(?fusion that made the gr:m>
collier a place ?if horror brought a sem?
blance of order ?hat meant much.
Woman died as the> rearhe?! the ?Jack,
and he t...,k charge of the bodies and
ordered wh?re the?, ?should bs laid
?Down i;i the angina room men for.
signers for the most pan ??.?re ?hri.k
ing and s? reaming ,n an a s:as> ??f ter?
ree thai ha.) not :???' left them. IVomen
were i?i.re trying t?. warm their chilled
I-odies an?! dr? their druggle.l . '..
-?? . . ?-'. .1 tha rlOl "f n-?:.-> A,! ,? . r
r??nt1rine?t on pa?* t. column S
Canadian Pacific Liner, Struck by Collier in
St. Lawrence River at Daybreak?
Laurence Irving Among the Missing.
Blow Cleaves Ship Almos': in Twain and Boiler Explo?
sion Ends All?433 Saved, Mostly from Second Cabin
and Crew?S. O. S. Brings Vessels Too Late.
Rimouski, May 29.?Of a total of 1,387 persons on board the
Canadian Pacific liner Empress of Ireland when she sailed yester?
day from Quebec for Liverpool, 954 were lost when the liner was
rammed by the Danish collier Storstad and sank off Father Point, in
the St. Lawrence River, before daylight to-day, according to revised
figures late to-night. Only 433 are known to have been saved. Of
the 87 first cabin passengers, th?; late figures show 29 to have been
saved. Of the 153 in the second cabin 29 were rescued. Of the 715
third class passengers there are 101 survivors, while 237 of the crew
of 432 were brought ashore.
These figures account for the 396 survivors landed here and
taken by train to Quebec, where they arrived to-night. There re?
mained here 37 rescued persons, unclassified, completing the total of
433 known survivors.
Looming up through the river mists, as the Empress of Ireland
was lying to. waiting for the fog to lift or day to break, the Danish
collier Storstad crashed bow on into the side of the hip; Canadian
liner, striking her about midway of her length and ripping and tearing
her side open clear to the stern.
The crash occurred not far from the shote off Father Point, 150
miles from Quebec, which the Empress of Ireland left yesterday after?
noon bound for Liverpool, and ten miles from this point on the St.
Lawrence. In reality, therefore, although the liner was heading for
sea and the collier coming in frcm it, the disaster was not one of the
ocean, but of the river. Unlike the case of the Titanic, the victims
of the Empress of Ireland disaster lost their lives within sight of
shore?in landlocked waters.
Immediately the ship's crew recovered from the shock of the
collision, it was seen that the liner had received a vital blow, and a
wireless "S O S" call was sounded. The hurried appeal was picked up
by the government mail tender Lady Evelyn here and the govern?
ment pilot boat Eureka, at Father Point, and both at once set out
to the rescue. So deep was the hurt of the Empress, however, and
so fast the inrush of waters that long before either of the rescue boats
could reach the scene the liner had gone down.
Only floating wreckage and a few lifeboats and rafts from the
steamer, buoying up less than a third of those who had set sail on
her, were to be found. The rest had sunk with the steamer, had been
crushed to death in the Storstad's impact with her, or had been forced
from exhaustion and exposure in the ice-chilled northern waters to
loose their hold on bits of wreckage that had supported them and
had drowned.
Only a few persons were picked up by the Storstad. which was
herself badly crippled by the collision, and these were brought here
by the collier, together with those saved by the Eureka and the Lady
Evelyn. Twenty-two of the rescued died from injury or exposure.
The others, most of whom had jumped in the boats or plunged into the
water from the sinking liner, scantily clad, were freely given such
clothing as the women could supply, and later those that were able
to travel were placed on board a train and started for Quebec, where
they arrived to-night.
Accounts agree that in the brief space of time?not more than
fourteen minutes?between the shock of the collision and fhe sinking
of the liner there was little chance for a systematic marshalling of the
passengers. Indeed, everything indicates that hundreds of those on
the steamer probably never reached the decks Very few women were
among the saved.
"It all happened so quickly that we did not really know what
was going on, and nobody had time to cry 'Women first!'" one of
passengers told Captain Bellinger, of the rescue boat Eurekn.
"The stewards did not have time to rouse the people from their
berths," the survivor added. "Those who heard the frenzied calls of
the officers for the passengers to hurry on deck lost no time in obey?
ing them, rushing up from their cabins in scanty attire. They piled
into the boats, which were rapidly lowered and were rowed away.
Many who waited to dress were drowned."
Th" horror of th* interval d Hing
which the Kmpresa was rapidl;? ?
and the frightened throng* OB
T?e?, makltg every effort t.. escapa
h'-f'.re she sank, was added to
'??n which QUickl) followed ih<
ripping and tearing given the lin? i l?>
the Storstad a bow. 4ccordlBg t.. ooa
Of tbS rescued, the sxplostott, probably
caused by the water rea. hing tbS ?bal -
era, bulged the liner's oJ?OS ami ?tata?
putted ?eople from her d?-? ks out Into
the Bra.
The ship's hea\y list as th?- water
?pouring m weighted her on tht ?ide aha
- - Ii Is ths wort of th,
launching tabs boats in reasingly dlffi
. nil from m-itiient to moment, air:
sh?- final!> took her plunge to th* t.
???a-.- si:i! !? ft M her datClU wtre
cariKd down, on!} a few being able to
i-lear her -id*- ?nd ellng *o pi"*? of
\?. ra? kuj-r
i--,, m all ?? "T.**. C?ptala H. O,
. <.f the Ktiipi? -
hiiii.-? If Mu a l ; I
?Jltp st.1 .: ;? - Dim. H** '?
pitch ? i.mman.i "f the aituatkm, it ap
ihrtt whla* tii*
?til! hing in ih? ?*.?.-h It ha?l ma?le m
the pmAfOnggft ??'i-* C?ptala Kendall
LegR.-il th? ma.-ter of the COlIlN 14
ke.-i< ala p-?.|i? il . -? - o tha* um
bol? might i.iii.iiii ptu**f<i d The
Mad. h<.\w\?r ?1- " ami ?M
Krni'i- Itsi tont ?!? *? ?1.
KaMall il.i ??*? Mkx brt?m a.? tha
?hip -real iewa. i Um al i ??? o?t
from t : -iim up, and he
dlr**cfa4 IM ?"i- ?' ? ?**? other?
until the ctrafl *?*?-? |.>ail?.l t" the gun?
wale?. The captaai Vtl injurt? In

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