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IVTflH ?torli
Tn-elet. tare.
TF.?irr.llATI BU yw-thiiiiat:
nks*. Ni i***?**. ??
IHII r?*l>"rt en l??e 1.1.
?- Vol. LXXIV....X0, 24,671.
|( .?p?rlf?l??. 1011
H? The Iril.iin? \ ?.?,...,m ,,.,, |
\K\\ VORK, WEDNESDAY. JUNE .'?. 1914.
? ?
PRICK O V?* Pif V T ,n < '*"' af **"* T*,,k' **?*?*?-"??. .1er??? < Itv ami M??l?..U?n.
Of These .3 Men and 3
Women Were Saved.
While 15 Perished.
Five Persons Claim Dead
5-Year-Old Girl?Other
Cases Analogous.
president of Titanic ln\cstiga?
tion ?To Be Member of Neu
.1 of inquiry.
- " - -'
sai '
h, America!
m were
? ulty in pro i I
t Amci - many
. from ?'anadian
?mm nd
? ? their
- lai
troll : Mr. and Mrs.
? n ol M. ?vaukei . Misa
: Fn< da Kr
? whose 1
?e Haute, li - R
h? ater, Minn . Miss F. H.
? IE? Kara
ith, Minn.
Aim* whose bodies ha\e
ntlflfd are: Mr?.
M \\\ Uaunat j H L? nnd
.? i: ?;?. ? l
I, Terr? H ? 11 . Alexander
? .? and Geora***S Johnston, of
TO, Cnl.; the Misses Bessie
Bawden, of HillsboroUffh,
S, ana
- .. . Seattle.
Total Dead. 1.024.
i 'anad.iin
-ni?? i ompanj to
. T?a-niifht 1
? ?? ?ath list i >
Sunday night?'?5
r, ?
: at A7i2i. These In
17 s? ond cabin,
?s, the figuriN show
? m mr.r? than 300
o only 10
20 ?first * abin,
" -'? ? a ,alT. aiJld 1
? ;v\ .
' ? ' ral <?f the vic
? - - - ? held '--?
* nine of the
I ?ruin sided bj
' ais a.id i?:ominenl
arrai fing for ti<?
e nn Imp?
: ??.* Royal Canadian
.rtillery band and d?tach?
ai fr?.m the ? ? . \. -|
** II be 'li't.ii?.
? i - end for ?? time
? ?
? ?' SHt?l lo
? ;?r? sumably .->).'?
' ..n?ini,?,| ?? pug, . , ?laimn I
*mtii Morning's News,
errai . 1
,u ?|t? I. ? . 1
U ill Tall 8
L -jsu"8 K:'s" '* *-*v" ,v *'. 3
m "*"??'?' An ued as Anl _ 3
? I
? ' ... i
- ? roi ? hiid. i
Cotei n tan i? ? story... i
s Money" in i?r?jic Bete Plot, a
Im 3
?jUrnit.i-. ?? |< ot,.4
ter? . 4
', * * '" Hun?? Strikt-. 6
Ti n<\ Part_%
IUClt -& ta? _ 9
PJ" T' i? Ovei Altmes Art _ s
*-* *? Rat-plai. g Bethi ia
- Near. 3
af^jerlcan? |n Kmpresi v.-.- i
? v!'""' ???4
" an l'Uni? D* nemlte,.. .it
.v ??ISCE'i.I.aWEOUS.
wTf? Varied Interests. 7
?%' M .10 and 11
V. n" ???
K .?
? .i?
^F ?-"* Markets. .14, 16 an<1 IS
?7l*,t*. ia
?*?/?? , .*e
? -Ui*.j7
i '. r? '
Gricfslrickcn Lad Dying After
Loss of Pot No Expense
Spared in Search.
l*r*j in Se** Y?>rk
day 1 -
Ma? I?I.
\ - ? . ? ? -, Bred.
The ?
old Jcr-ttepli Behan, of Vow-port, It. ?
save the bo> '?
*r . ... lo n Q nlan,
; Lit West 41st at,
Ixing iFland.
Airead'? Mr. Quinlan
found lo ? bul non-?
, Llttl? .'-?? - t
he?.l-ted. Il the t n
20 .".d .*-? N"i ":"?: Karl y in May
?amc un a
kvisit to Mr. Quinlan at Flushing, and
they Insisted on having their pets, Shep
i -i brindle bull terrier, ?hare Hie
vacal ?
- ? ? i boat. Mr. Quinlan'?
chauffeur wenl to meel them a
?. i <- - p ? 5
of the car. Something frightened him
: oui and disapp? ar? d.
h?-- ho. ami r? n had lo
- ? ? ac
Terrified Woman Injured by
Jump at Fire.
Ten Hied w he ? i room filled ? Il h
smoke and neighbor? b< gan
m mon th< poli? e, Mrs.
.. - ear? old,
?.*. Ith her t? n-daj H-old I sp< d In
her -.- n - ped from the 1
o first ?i....- of J?'- l-.ast lOKth ; :.
carl? lo-day. Sh< landed on her feel
and < ollaps? d ankli broken
but shtg iia?l from ?ii
'i ? fire \\ ;. Mari? m Book
Bindery, on th? ground floor, .md ?sa.
extii'L- ' ? ? A
\? ciiiati .- ?.I ? i ? ..mm:: on th? lop
Moor and ? dow n. When
? man aeni up h found ? h? wanl
i d In ? ?in. urn n < a i
rii-?j both Ihe woman i ud dog lo safety.
Death Rate Shows Increase
Over Last Year's Record.
'I here *.? i ? len itn sun?
stroke In thi! ?M? la i? ? ' k,
t ??> r i ?
the I ?<- partmenl >.f H? ..Mi.
An of 'JJl death? a a)s r?*
I? d, m ?coi 'ii ihr corra?
.?mir week in l'iK'. Th? total num?
ber of d.ath.s wris 1,547, i.r n rat? of
il i?; jirr l.?"*"? ?if th? population, as
H?-aitist 1,323 and a rate ol 1_'.*-.". (. r
? ,im? v.ii h a ji ar agii,
? -
Patrolman Gets Another and
Miss Hirsch Charges Robbery.
With thr assistance of Lillian Hirsch.
i nid girl \*.h?i ii\is ?ii
1".*- Third av., Patrolman s? hoiip
r??'hcd ihr Baal 85tli si station last
night tvith i*>?o pi ? - ? 'I of
holding; up th? Hirsch flat.
\-- the young woman, Who had jit-l
k fi her father's furnishing ?tori on the
nl. >? ?1 th? flat, a man
i her. Wim?- tiu-y wen ?truggling
;in?iih?'r brushed era and rushed
Wheu i" ?ia-iini Into the
.*-'? hollp tackled him and started uith
I him up th'' '"'in On ,|" ??'"'"i'i Bow
? .. ' m Hirsch guarding i young
man *Ali" was apparently well subdued.
Ekbollp '""??. I''>?'. In", und th? girl ?a? lit
! ?long lo jji'i'i ? ???nii'iimt against the
Jill '?!
Th? young pnxx ah? ad capturad Mid
ha wa?? Btlroua Ha) Broun, ?? cook, of
>'. ?-?ixih avenu? Th? other man dc
?.?riii'd btmaell l?uli riiotnaa, <'f
: | ?Vasl 44th strei t, s.'i?" of th? ai
tlcl?-? In th? ir pa-tckata ? < ri i?l? niitlod by
I Mia? Hirrch.
Paymaster Little Asked to
Quit and Lieut. Douglas
Secretary Dan'els's Temperance
Order followed Discovery
of Scandal.
Thi earnest d? r? ol i'i ? -nient
vl odrow. Wilson and cxtraordinarj
i h< pai i ??f >? ? i' terj of tho
N ? is, backed as i hey
. ?i i?\ lactic? ?hich naval ?>ni
rlze us ".i mosl * .1 houl
it. . ??deni i- i ? ?? pi oved una v ailing In
?. ? Ik in,ni itie ' nfoi? 1 1
rnal "ii of Pai sed \ss ?tant Paj
master 1 :d** ard ? ' I.ill '* attached 1
tl . Pr? iident's > a? ht, Ihc Ma? How?
und memb? r of one of Marj land'i
? and mosl e ?' lush e families, and
sudd? 11 !:? nsf? r of Li? ui? nanl
At hibald ?'. Douglas, Junior -
from ihc Ma.\ flow? 1 to the Asial Ic ala?
?-. 1 ?anii Ii
,. thai Mr. I.ittl? had re? |
to enter isin? s life, but ;?n examina?
of Navy Department records shows
that Mi? payn 1 ! v? ?' ?
offl *iall> accepted "for the k.1 of th?
ser*. :
Polio** ;tiR the dev? ? pmi ? ' ??'' this
dal Secretary I gated
his ' grape jt ? e" policj foi ? na* y
?n ,1 ?sued his order for the ?abolition
! of wine messes, both on shore ami
afloat, an order whirl in? ldentall> and
perhaps combined n ith otli? 1
nincie Mr. Daniels the mosl unpopular
Pern id. bo far
as th?-- lin? fl on? ? rned. It Is
recalled thai tl S? ai y, in explana?
tion of his told rr< pondenta
1 ?oung offlci ???
forced to leave the service, had -?n?i t??
him thai li*? had learned t" drink on
boaid 1 nited states ships.
Repeated Under Secrecy Pledge.
The story has f imished Washington
ety and the inner navy circles with
the Ii> 1 n many years.
E? ? 11 no*? ' -? know n only to a
lnr na ...' off! era 1 h? msi <.- *.*? ho lia\ e
heard it dare not discuss ii frcel? even
f?tii??ng: themselves, f'arinj; tlie wrath
: of the (Secretary should Ii evei be
traced ha? 1. to them But an officer on
duty at Washington, on a visit to thin
city, told ili? story In conftdenc? to
-? ? r.iI intimrar?-, friends at a? small din
nrr al a cabarel restaurant. Some of
r-'-'-'-'i M along, also under th?
g< of se? r? ? ?-. to ;? tew of 1 he offl
duty at the Nee V??rk Navy
?Both I.ittl? and ?Douglas were popu?
lar in Washington society. They had
the entr to the mosl exclusive hou ?
No dance, lea, reception or entertain?
nun* given bj or to the younger set
vus considered complete without them.
l.ntli have been White lions?? g .
and the guests ol Secretar) Daniela.
1; th men are young and handsome
an?i have means Independent of their
salaries. Thej ha ? entertained lav?
ishly on the Mayflower, and among
th? Ir s??r?t? hat e be? n dii tinguli t\
t?. ople In w aahington The? wera
? 1. 1 lenl gut ti si week-? nd ho ise
oar: .
Mayflower's Officers Carefully Chosen.
The Mayflower is ih>? President's
persona] yacht. Her officers arc line
otti'? rs of the navy, ami they air gen
the personal selectiona <?f tin
President himaelf and in?? Beere tar* of
the .Navy. Necessary qualifications
for an offlc? r for duty on the Mayflow? r
are ?"od looks, money In reasonable
quantities, good birth ind social
Among Ui?-- officers selected for th.
Mayflowtsr un?i??r thr administration
was Ensign Iiougla.s. Mr. Little liad
a ready beei on duty on her i"t three
>ears. Douglas and Uttlc, who had
seen service i?? r.n ? on the same ship,
' & ame fasl frii mis.
1 ?Mine; the latter par! of las) year
there had been rumors fr??m time 1 1
tin)?? 1h.1t happenings were fcoing on on
Mi? ?President's yachl which would open
the eyes of advocates ?>f grapa Juice
ami would shock men by no moans
Thr??c rumors were mit believed
Douglas end his automobile weite seen
as often .'iv ever on Pennsylvania av.,
at Chevj ?lias?- and wherever th? * ?
dally elect ?gathered, s?, waa Uttlc
1 At th?? Army-Navy Club ranking ofti
cers, if they mentioned th?* rumors at
nil, carefully explained thai "it was
understood" thry orifiinated from en
listrd mt:n on thr Mayflower, ami less
attention than ever v\hs paid to them.
i,;?at?-r, however, ?t was reported thai
an 'Ulis???-! man had carried pra?..?
chargea against the ??Hi? et-s ?f til(.
Pi a sail.Mit's yachl tu th?* ?Secretary ol
th? N.i\> it was whiapaared abou| at
tlie Army-Navj dub, In Washington,
that the Preeident'a yacht had ?toen
uaed foi ga* parties In tike late hours
or th?- niKnt ami th?- early morning
hour?*, parties at which womci were
I present ?and champagne corks popped..
But the officers who wen supposed to
ha\ a b< ? 1? san! for \<y B? ? r. 1.h y 1 tanlels
?positively denied that the) had SeeSJ
111111 ??n an? gu< h mailer.
Psys No Hssd to Stones..
ir I.ittl?- had any kn<>-v]ed*-e of the I
j-.aa-,ip coneemlng him. ho paid no at-!
tentioti to II II ?as about th? middle
I ? ??iiilniird 011 nan? t a-nliirtin S I
Brings Suit Against I'ormci
Husband and Fmploys
Say-? Roy's (irandparents Won'
let Her Talk to Him Over
Mrs. Adele Ta lor Manning Bown
h started a n< ? i haptcr In her Ian
g1t?d dorn? ? : r??niHiice Bh? la go m
i., fjghl t?i obtain ? -??session of I ?
hab> l?u). John Pen res Manning, ir.
i. i 11.? w i iltli: N* w York brok? r.
? ! am going lo gi I lhal child " ?all
Mr? Boa ne y? ni? rda>. "though th.
did a\? ;n d h -H to my th?**n hus
; ?mii ? hen h? brotighl hla a?'ii"n tv
divoi -
Mrs. Bowne yesterday Inserted 'hi
? ing ."I- ertis? m? nl ' Mar) I >"ii>
gan, ?all any ? .orning soon befon 1
on \<lcio Manning Bowne, 301 Wat
End B' ."
m Done?- Mi?". Bowni explained
an? th? i nurse.
? i ha i ? nol seen my baby In a lorn
lime." said Mrs. Bowne, "and now
don'l know where in*- is. For l w i
weeks have had detectives tr>ing t?
Mr. Manning to serve him will
papera In ms s\ I to secure r-ossessioi
of the child.
"Three week? ago I learned that n*i>
little bo; ?\.i- taken from th?? home <>
1 rather, al Flushing, Long island
to his grandparents, Mr. and Mr?
Henry 8. Manning, al 3 West ,V> st. 1
wanted to Bpeak lo mj boy over tl ?
telephone, bul hey would not let me
l learned, however thai Mis? Donegal
had been discharged, and I want t?.
know ?vh?."
Mrs Bowne, who was divorced bj
John Pearce Manning, In April. 1913
was married t?. Walter Bowne on Feb
ruary L'7. this year, about a week aftct
his own decree against the former Mrs
Bowne, -ihn was Frances Hewett, tin
actress, had been made final. Mrs
Frances Hewett Bowne is believed U
be now In Tok Japan, teaching '.b?
in May, 1912, Mr-* Frances Hewetl
Bowne eloped to China with Jordan I?
Mott, L'd. s? ion "f the line of millionauy
iron build? rs, and Mott s parents h.?n;
then chaaod around the world by Hec?
tor Fuller, a noted war ?'orrc-.pnnden*.
who mad? an exciting race to nach th<
' ?rient first, but failed.
Bowne al the time detailed the
things ho. had don*? to make his wife
happy and wean her from her craving
for excltenen . But about a raontti
later John Pearce Manning dropped
Into the grillroom ai the ll"i"i Mar
Unique one night and found his ?vite
? k re with Mr. ' low ne.
Mrs. Manning said she was only
there to use the telephone, hut Man?
ning threw a dish at Bowno's bead.
Manning was arrested, and he started
suit for ?Ji ?. m ? e
Mrs. Manning Bowne was Mus Ad? ?.
Taylor, daughter of John H. Taylor. o|
111?; hotel linn of William Taylor <fc
Smis, who was ;i son of ill? original
Will m in Taylor, o ner of the Hotel S..
"ms m the days of its glory.
Wife Says Husband Had Right
to Punish Her.
? m husband spanked me, hut I dis
obeyed him and he did right to punish
me," said Mrs Louis ILaparcone?, a
iwenty-year-old bride, when she ap
peared yesterda" m Spe. iai Besslons, ">
Jamaica, to withdraw her charg? of
assault mail?- against her ?poust
"So you think Ik had a right to pun?
ish you '."' asked J idge Salmon.
"Vf- I do," (he young woman re?
pli? d. "I think every wife should obey
her husband. I promis? d to <i" so when
I married. I shall ne?, er d!-"t".v
- -?
Servant Left to Care for Child
Found Dead by Employer
After I ew Hours' Absence.
The police of Wood*"*?*!****, I.ong Iai?
and, were Irvine; yesterday to find ?t
Washington relatives of Julia Frey, a
servant, who ?il? d at Wood mere on
Monday night of fright. Julia, who
was thirty years old, was In the cm
ploy of J"hn 8. Tunmore, of Central
a?... Wood mere, general agent for Liong
Island of the Provident Life and Trust
Company of Philadelphia.
On Monday Mr. ??tid Mrs Tunmor?:
visited friends m N? w York. leaving
th. ir five-year-old son, John S.. Jr.. ?n
Julia's care. About Oo'ctoch Mrs Tun
more ran*** up Julia on the telephone.
Julia sai?! She ha?| Just put Juhn S. jr..
to bed. <'n approaching their home at
about 11 oVloek Mr. and Mrs Tuntnnri.
were surprised to so? n light in every
w widow.
<?n opening the door thay found Julia
I) ing; dta?l at the foot of the stair?. He
sl Is h*t hand ?a?. ? carving knife and
near by ? large place of stone and two
in?* pleca of s broken dish. In terror,
the par?-its ran upstairs, hit found the
child safe and Sound asleep.
I ?r. H'iheri '?' Hut? hesuri, after ex
amlnatlon Of the body yesterda?, d?'
< i'!i d that, left alone in Ihe lotfjOly ???t
tage m ? '1' trict in Which there have
been ?ever.il robberies during the Will
|et, she became fi iiihten? | aimed her
m If *ind than, prch.iiil ii ? ?>'u. i . oStug
foot?t?M?. hid died fn-rn fright. ,
HIE F? il (M il SH \MR( M K
Mr?t platair? ot the ?hnmrork IV to
arrive in thi, ?ountrr. ?h?iwl?ia? lh? biile
In? ???la.? nii,| lowering ma?) ,,f rhrtllrh??.
for tlie Ameriia'i (up.
Slips Away from the Res?
olute on Last Leg, Fav?
ored by Air Currents.
Makes Most of the Advantage and
Crosses the Line Almost 17
Minutes in the Van.
Patriotic American sport lover?
would do veil t., t>a?gin ?practising the
pronunciation of Vanitie, for Alex
Smith Cochran's yacht eaaily won the
first triai wo of the ?up defending
candidat?**! from the Resolute on Liong
Island Bound yrata-rtlay.
Almoat seventeen minutea of ? lapaed
time ?jeparated the two boats at the
finish, or, to otate it more exactly, the
crew of the Vanitie had shave.i and
dressed before the Resolute rounded
the final atakeboat. The Dcfisnce ?vas
absent, having ita mast shortened.
The tugboat of Ihe committee whis?
tled once to mark the Rnish, but ihe
pleasure -raft which lined the ?.hui??,
, and blocked it. too, underlined th?.* lie?
torj of ill*- Vanitie with ninety .?r.d
nine whistles,
The Vanitie, unfortunately, had no
whistle with which to answer, but ncr
crew came In with ?? whoop ami *
shout that was louder than any aingle
siren in the choi ..
?Down th? final leg of the thirty-mite
course the winning yacht csme sliding
home ?,n b? r side, ?bending to meet the
water and laughing at gravity whi.ti
gave every now- and then a sudd? n lug
as the lie? se freshened.
li.it for the better ?perl ot the da> the
winds were light and fluky, and for a
time both ya? 1 ? ?1 up in
canvas with no place to g?
Sum?? yachtsmen erg ?Jed thai the vic?
tory of the Vanit.- means nothing, <?n
uni of the fitful condition??, but
?others maintained thai in times gon?.
i?> the Herreshoff t?.?ats had always
made their best showing In light
In the < pmb?n of man?, the race mas
,i t. -i of shippers much more than of
boats Hill ?Dennis, at the wheel of the
Vanlte. was ?pitted against Charles
?Fram Is A?lams, Jd. ,ind in this par
tiiui.it contest th'- ?place of Mr, Ailam?
la ,-?.ai. ?i,.ii. l;. < \? i ? ss? ?J by his suffix.
When both l>??ats lay becalmed, witli
every ??ail flapping In vain cajole**] t??
the wind? ibui w.-re not, Llill ?Dennla
sniff? ?1 ami sniffed, and of a sudden
discovered a patch of breeze. guick?,
his men broke out a bailaron Jib to
catch the precious air current, and
away glided th? Vanitie on an ever
frc*?h<-iiing wind
Il ?as an OSA lus.? S brees? and reserved
its favors for the \ anille alone, f?ar not
until Mr. I'orhran? >a? ht ha?i opeueil up
? a gap of inanv minutc?j could the n<??j?>
hita eyrar?- from tii? ?Bargaaao s?a into
?ht'-h It lasal strsyed. It aeemed almost
as tf Hill l'etin.s posa<-s?a'd mm m the ?
Csntlsurd on na*? 11. ri'laimn i
Not Only Must Accept Original Conditions,
but Also Agree to Abide by What
Conference Already Has Done.
Mexican Delegates Issue Formal Statement at Niagara Falll
That Their Chief Will Not Let Personal Pride
Stand in Way of 1 lis Country's Welfare.
Niagara Falls, Ont.. June 2.?President Huerta has informel
the Mexican delegates to this conference that he approves the plan
submitted to him Wednesday in principle.
The Mexican delegates gave out this evening a statement setting
forth the willingness of President Huerta to retire and his unwilling?
ness to permit any question of personal pride to interfere with the
welfare of Mexico.
They also assert that there is no basis for the contention that
consideration of internal affairs is derogatory to sovereignty.
The ABC mediators agreed this morning to inform Senor
Zubaran. the representative of General Carranza in Washington, that
a delegation representing the Constitutionalists would be weclome to
participate in the peace conference, provided they would come on the
same terms as the other parties thereto. The decision of the mediatot s
was communicated to the American and Mexican delegates to-day
and a letter has gone forward this evening to Zubaran.
Antilla, Carrying 3.000.
Rounds, Beats Washin
ton Embargo Order.
With 3,000.'?On roun'ls of high p?
cartridges and two complete a
plane-*, ;is well a? two ?ases of par
aeroplanes, all for the us?* of the i
! stitutionalists In Mexico. Vtowed in
hold, the Ward liner Antilla s?
i from thi<- port j osterday.
After the declaration mad?? Ifonda;
! Secretary Bryan, fori.iddiiiR th-? si
i ment of amni.inition on the Antill?
wae believed for a time yesterday t
iho vessel would not re allowed to cl
with it aboard. I.ess than an hour
t?*r the steamer di?I get away, j
when the smoke from her funnel t
showing- faintly olT Sandy Hook,
' nouncement came from Washing
| that a new embargo had been pla?
upon the shipnr-nt of all arms or n
nltiom of war from this country
Out of the ?"ailing* of the And
may come the gravest conse<|uenc
Huerta's agents in this city have ?
vised him of the shipment of amn
nltion to the Constitutionalists. Tl
! believe thai bealdes th?: cartrid
and aeroplanes, there are on boa
many machine (tins and munitions
\sar that would make a ri'h captu
The fact thai the Antilla is ostt
slbly cleared for Havana means lit
to the Fed?rala, who feel her ultima
destination is the open port of Tai
pico, now held by the i-abala, it
expected that they \mII mak" eve
effort to captura the cargo under t
I?lca that the vessel i?" engaged in
filibustering ? rulse.
Constitutionalist agents :n N?.
York yesterday, while elated ovar tl
sailing of the Antilla, admitted tro
l?le might ensue.
"Tt is here thai the situation froi
serio'...*"," said "ne of the agente. "Tw
Huerta gunboats II?- In Puerto M. :
i' o They can reach Tampico befoi
the Antilla. Poorly .??? ?ipped as th?
are, the gunboats could stop a mei
chant veaael. should the Mravo an
ProgreaO start for Tampico to captui
our.ammunition, the crisis in Mexica
affairs might come
"Two American cruisers have bee
assigned to watch the fe?l?Tal gur
boats. As soon as the Bravo and th
Progreso Mart, the cruis-jr** will follov
ac ordlng to standing order*? from 8<K
retar] Daniels It Is when the gun
?.oats, the Antilla and the America
<-misers come together in Tampico tha
?peculation begins.
"Having declared an embargo 01
shipments of arms from the Unit**
s-tnt'S, the Huertistas might conalde
the Antilla as filibustering and ?pei
fire on her. If they do, they have drei
on the Amen? an flag she is flying. Tha
is where the American cruisers ha\<
then- problem <*ne move from then
would be the breaking of the arm
Yet they would "*-**-e*ntngly be bound te
protect the American flag if find on
Th?- Antilla, having sailed w ith th. ?? r
mission and under the protection of the
I'nited States, would be entitled to land
j her cargo despite the Huerta gunboatu
and look to the American cruisers 'for
aid in doing it.
"Any act by the United States against
the trunboats amount? to a dtv laration
Ol war An*, hostile act tike the firing
of avail a Shot across the bows of ono
of the gunboats would at once stop
me-liatlon. Yet how are the l.'nltod
States cruisers to act tf Huerta s gun
Continu??*! ?? PM** f. eol-taa 4
I Alter beim; informed of the decis:cn
Of the mediators on the p?un' of ih?i
admisaion of the Constitutionalists, the
American del?*gatcs consented to pr<
ceed with the details ??f the plan whlcn
now awaits cnlj thu approval of Pi -
?lant Wilson, und several hours v.???
de "ted to this work, first In a meeting
between th?; mediators and the Ameri?
can delegates and later in a meeting
between the mediators and the M? x:
The ? ondltions on which th? Con?
stltutionalists arc mvit.jii to partici?
pate in the confer? ii are that I
agree to an armiaVtice, that tiny make
no attempt to deliinit or cjreum?
?crib? th? scope of the mediation, and
that they accept the work airead*.
? nmplished by the ?conference without
seeking t?> undo what ha? ?been done.
Huerta Ready to Retire.
The siat? mont ma.Je ? ubllc :
evening by th?i Mexican delegates Is
as follows:
"In accordance with the instruction?
which the Mexican delegation has ha?i
Since the beginning ?>f the peace ne?
gotiations its memhers a]e<.iared at the
first full conference?that Is to nay,
in the presence uf the mediating plen?
ipotentiaries and of the delegates of
tho United States of America?thet
President Huerta's p?.*r.???naiity is not
an obstacle to the reaching of a sat?
Isfactor) conclusion,
"General Huerta is prepared to v.ith
draw from the ?government ?*n condi?
tion that, at the time of his with?
drawal, ?Mexico *-11 ? 11 be politically
pacified and the governnv nt succeed?
ing his shall be such as to ?'o?int <?n
tin a? ajuiescence ?>f the governed and
on the support of public opinion, which
??institute the real basis for peace and
.stability in any countrv
"It has been and is President Huer?
tas wish to piare on record that
neither mistaken pride nor personal
interest will prevent his withdrawal,
on'-e the above named c<?ii?iiUon
Good Faith of Mexico,
"The Mexican government nrrept. !
the mtdiation of the South American
(towers because It, Hi axil. Argentina
ami ?Chili, In a frank and open spirit,
and the Mexican dele?gatton '.torn b?.en
guided and will be guided in all Its
a? Is by pcrfe? t ?good faith.
"It shaiuld be unnecessary in say ?hat
President. HueitS gav? t he M? xb'nn
delegation sp?'< ial instructions not to
???usent to anything which could hurt
the sovereignty of th? Mexican nation.
and to refuse a hearing, in the ?^lib?
erations ?>f the conferen? e, to anything
Which might be construed as an tm
?position from the outside. For tB
own p?'?rt, i he delegates would not hav.
a? eepted Instructions ?-?f s rtlfTer? nt
nature on these points; but thev be^ to
?state that hith-rto they have bad n?>
occastoa to refer to them, thank- ?
the exquisite tact of the ma.aiiatia.ii
plenipotentiaries and to the circum?
spection of the Amerkan delegates.
"To treat of the interior pacification
of Mexico In the ?-?ourse of deHaberatlone
on didctitties of an international char?
,i' t?ST a-attnot he considered as submit?
t-.ng the ?sovereignty ?>f the nation to an
external Inflnanoe; s.n.i paciftoatlon i?
i- eesarlly boumi up with the Inter?
i.al qu?eatlona '?'his has hern ap
pr? late.J bv I??.. M? xi. an delegados
etui In setting forth the intentions ? .?*"
its government in th? matter, ami . i
its endeavors to bring about the pa?irt
?ation it has been Inspired hy the
kn<?vv|edg' that without it M satlsfac
t.iry conclusion uni be arrived at in the
International question"
Th? attitud?? of ?.?nenl Huerta ?tnd
? the Mexican delegates Is regarded us
most encouraging by the m?diat? is.
and they are so strongly convuned of
i the Jtistire of their attitude toward the
i ConstitutiatnalisUi that they do not he.
1 lleve President Wilson will bs willing

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