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Big Reception Follows
Simple Ceremony .it
Westbury. L. I.
June Upholds Ancient Reputation
a?? Month of Rose?, and
S 11 BS marked the
-. .. Westbury, L?ons Island, yes
v*rih" I* Ha< ?..
formel K\
v^ ? mber of
- ? ..???. ?n a*
lard Pope, rc**
? ) by the Rev
. i> D., of Oro ton. Maas
?- rr
; v ni'itor
r ihe Ba n i.nme, the
at I .i'-'*
Mitt I
?'K ?
a.? a*, fath?
? ? ? i ? -.:??? m ? M u
rn and Miss
> v - MaSl
, ? \i ? Julia
* i- ? ? tb.r
!'.--t tr.A-.t and :
'the |
rai - i:
Hai - ? " -
\ '??"I
Is ??t the
: |
I Masachus?
? ? , :. Mr. and Mrs Harry
Mr ? ' N' Stanley
lh Mori and ?
ting*. M i Mrs K
? ' ? ?
v- Mrs Dev
Mra. I y Jay. Mr.
and Mrs.
m a: ?i Mr and Mi
v. ebb.
? ' their wrddinrt
- and Mr* Wh in? y will i
?... . r.- p- .
;i*hler of
i vmond. ? rled to
?v, ?.-eater
? ? her mother.
? ? ?
? rmfd the
? . - palms and pink
??. givei way by h*r
:. vmond. wore a p??? n
trimmed with ?
wreath of
; li!? -of-the-vai ?
: Stl
v. .re Mitt
M ?sj Ml dr?ed Holmes,
Misa Katharine
; , with girdl?
?s of
? pink
- ? , ., :..f.r?
ret girls
-law of 'te
' ?
, . ? ? ; i ? ?? ?
ner Moreh?
Miss Kathleen '?
ll and Mi-. James P.
Mortlm? i t"ok
n tn. Church
-, ramenl The ehancel
?a? bar-kM with early summer do ?
x"i foHag? An I tei ting f?al ? of the
**dd ,t n t?"?k pi? s on th?
*<-dd ?. of tue bride s mother
?nd ? | rand mother, Mr?. Lyons.
a Taylor per?
..on;., ?a hi? h was folio
by a I at the home of Mr.
ISi Mr- SI... ia '.\ Ml : '1 St Tn- I
* ? trimmed with
? t:l!<- veil em- ,
?-lie cart ?
llley Mir-s Nan
? onl)
h I brother's
the USherS were Walter
*H? ? f, H arle? '
Ktihop i
Mr W pg\ ?'end
They will
ll Hill. Long Island.
ring Bowers
???*?!??? O lady? Hirsch was mar
'**? last e\. ? ng i , William W. BUI ?
*??. at the home of her mother, lira
*-**?? >l Hin h IS hast SIth it The
?ren-ifti,, Wmt r>erfoi-med by the lo
?* ?*? Tlutn? a reception followe?i.
"?? b' ran away by b<?r
* ?? .
??y?saUii and tulle, trimmed w.th < ar
emb**?*idered In
? I of vv bite
? i -???.?..,??
Mrs. Henry
? ok Newman. .Mane
?urrav f*i]t.??rmun ?served as his broth
' ?Xst man, and the u*?'.?-.-- war?
t^y1-* I- Hirsch. Ja<?|iie.- s Hirsch,
"?**1 I? Harry Bllberman,
?y**"" I? b rrows <? d W lllla*a W.
rne (Jrsal Lake?
s at 1
'??. Hi
J * '*" ?' HI ? ' II BS Ma: t f< FitS
? | of former ?supreme
?7*J-' and Mr?, lit/,
2 ?j il and
?*"-" ;.,..,?. |8latl() ,,?,k plate? at noon
^"-?-o In the ne-*- church ??? .-? j..,.i
I^BT' -? A.n^f.ii ais
i?^^' private, mum but mi
,T*-'' relative! benli; pressai Ths
? on? att? ndant "?.as bar I ndeainajd.
katJ^??'"?'' ' Byrna, sitatar of the
??etl"0"' i""1 M' li>'rn*''-- beet ?*"
mj**"-'" ' ' oomba. Bryan Lawrence
-"-*-*'?? Terta* Lawrence, nc'-bcw and
: were pace and
i ?
Th* ? ' hy the
Re* v??>?-[.? ? E B, w ho has
known t ? their In
? ? .
at th?
?asl JSth st. Mr. and Mrs Byrns will
spend th? neyn Bermuda.
Mi i L s B? nton, ol ( ?an ? s ? ai i
Clarence EX Wolcott, of Syracuse,
number of esldent of ti '?m* 11?
. . .
ried yesterday In I Collegiate
h. The ceremony wai performed
by the Rev. I ?a*, id Wei Astoria
Following the wetadins Mr. and
Wolcott pave s luncfdton al the Waldorf
It is their int? ntlon lo i at the
lorf for a few days before starting
for Ihe White M on their ho.ie -
moon. Mr. \\ olcotl Is ' fty yi ?
and a is s a i ower, while his brld ? i.
forty-six and th.s is her third marrutge.
M:-s }'.'? 1 ioIw il k, eldest
?..'.; M- . Hoi
wick, of Canton, Ohio, was married last
to Lewis Bowman, ol Mount
-, X V . ? ? ?:. Ai - ir Hlg
the - ? taking place in St
- Epiecopal Church, in Canton. Only
.! f? m friends an?! relative!? were pr?s? nt.
Mr. ??'.'I Mrs Bowman will make ?
home In Mounl Vernon when they re?
lu -n fn.in Ihelr I
New Brunswick, X. J June . At
Rosebank, the countrj home of Mrs.
? f Btromberi afternoon Mus
Lain M ' ? daughu r of Mr.
and Mrs Henry Livingston Rutgei
fiiiah. Btate of Washington, became the
brid? of Professor John Mvlngston Mor?
gan, of Columbia University, s son of L?r.
John Brockholst Morgan, of New York.
The ceremony wa? performed by Dr Mor?
gan, fatner of the bridej-room
Hope for Judge Hornblower.
Lit? hi eld, ' ??: n , Jun? 2 Judge William
H Hornblower has held his own for the
? ? iy or two, according to a statement
given ?"it to-day by the physician who is
t? him for i ? art dis? .-??o at his sum?
mer home here. It Is hoped that the crisis
may be staved off a w..;< at leeat. .\:.-u
lute ?piiet la pr< ? i for the .
v i thur Hamm? rsteli :.ied upon "The
Trsp ss the title of the heretofore un?
named drama, written by Richard Hard
i Edwin Ooodman,
which is announced for presentation In
October. Tully Marahall will be in its1
in 'The Paaaini Show of 1*14" the new
Winter ??arden revue, Bernard Oranvtlle,
comedian, ?ill givi s burlesque of Guj
Bat? : os? in "i ?mar, the T?
The household effects of Mrs Raymond
Belmont, formerly th.' actreaa Ethel Lor?
raine, will be soi-i at auction by Darling
?v. Co., I Baal 33d .-t , to-morrow morning
at ll o'clock Tht goods are va lue. i at
? ? Imonl win re?
turn to the stags next season
Robert <:. Pltkln b engaged
John ? Plahei foi :.. \r sea? >n, and will
pari ' f a young offk ? i of the
navy In the support ol Hasel Dawn In
"The Debutant?
Misa Kleanor Gordon, \i-.- MaggU We -
? dman w? re engaged
?n to appear In
"Step Lively.?' the farce thai Mi. l-'iner
bon i? going to product at Atlantl? i
on Jin ?
Hie ent ol th? Palace has an?
nounced thai for lio- week ol Jun? ?
n Lackaye will appear In the pi
let "Quita." bj Hall Mi killst? r,
A. H. Woo s, managei ol the Bltlnge,
sgm next sei efore he
mi With two (days in town tbat
promlae to r in through the summer, he
? ? i for Douglas Fair?
banks'.*- new- comedy, "Hs ? om?M I y
Basiling." for June la, and the flrel pr?s
entatlon will be mads al Atlanta? cit> on
July ??. alter which it will be pi ' on in
of the Ziegf? Id
d< i ' s, in the Aei Lai Uard?
the management h...- decided to open it at
? ? lock nightl) ..i U ?.'?-lock, '
BS originally j.Iumk i
fr?-e admission te lh? As ?? un o'
Natural Hiarory. M?Ml Museum "f
Ar?. Kew Vork /'.?????kUmI Parti Van ?
Uii'it Trfrk Mjiieum ?'"I lh? A<?u.,.?
1'ui.ii?- h?-i?rina of ?he Called State? n-aninlaatoa
? ?ii inducm.?! Helaltea? ?'?'> Hall, 10 a. m
?lutin*; of UM H.'??'??? S'i. a.r.i.K 'lujriian SO
.,-.., 1 ...?. I M '
i ? IntertM - un ol
, Me'iopolilaii I.if. Hulld
I , A?l?-;n B. O
... in Hi- lf.in.-i"n-'l"" Oeparlnien? ?f
Itmlio??!.-. I?'-.; ? ? LaSbOI 1. i j : i ? 1. ? ?1.1
Jorum, f?ebor Temple, *? p ni
Monng ef th? i'a!uinct Club, rovm?. XI
1 iftn av., evtnlng.
Miss Prudence Whitney to
Become Bride of Rob?
ert Mallory, Jr.
miss da::k3sch to
wed mr. pennington
Miss Lilian Cooper Comley Is
Betrothed to William Lee
a w. Robbins, daughter <*f Mr.
\\ Robbins, will be mar?
ried to Lydig Hoyl this afternoon in St.
George's ' hurch. Mrs. .lohn W Minturn
v ill be her sitter's only attendant.
? 'hartes l. \pi ? ton ? ill l"- beat man,
. id the usl et ; will be Henry Worthington
Bull, Sammi A Welldon, Bertram de S.
?'ruer, Edmund P. Rogers, Sheldon
Whltehouae, Billot Cross, Sprm-er Turner
Chalmers WO.'d. jr. A large recep?
tion will follow at the home of Mr an 1
Mrs. Robb n ,33 Last 74th St.
in i rch, Uve. \ y . this after?
noon Miss Prudence Whitney, daughter
of Mrs Marsells ?lark Parsons, will he
..ii. th? bride of Robert Mallory, jr. Th.?
bride will be attended by Miss Edith Will
Miss Polly Jacob, Misa Eleanor
N'aalt, Misa Natal? Gilbert, Mi- Delle
! Carrere, Miss Louise Baldwin and Miss
Ellen Auger, franela M. fllodgett Is to
be best man. and the ushers are to be
?Charles H. Mallory, Holmes Mallory,
r?an? i s. Page, Earl T. Williame, Fran?
cis w. Murray, Charles W. Howard,
Leonard Kenned) and Gilbert Congden,
of Providenc? After the ceremony there
\w\\ be a reception at Puraen Hill, the
? ?- Mi i i ? Mis Persona at Rye.
The marriaSe Of Miss P*1oren?*e Marshall,
a niecs of Mr. and Mis. Henry Clay
Place, of this city, to <?. Ellis Densmore,
of i hartes Dana Densmore, of Brook
? Mass., will tak>? pia? ? tins afternoon
at the ?lot ;
Mr. and M:s Waiter Damroach hav?
annountsed the engagement of their
?ter, Miss AH? Blalns Damrosch, to
Hall Pleaaants Pennlngton, t-?>n of Mr.
and Mrs. Jomas Pennlngton, of Baltimore.
Mis Damrosch iis a granddaughter of the
late James <? Blalne. Mr. Pennlngton la
a ??laduate of Princeton, i" and is now
completing a coins,, of architecture at
L'Ecole des Bsa.ua Arts in Paris. He win
return to tins country m AugUaL
Mrs William J. Comley announces the
engagement of her daughter, Miss Lilian
Cooper Comley, to William Lee Wood?
ward, of East Orange, v J . son of the
late William Van Bchoonhoven Wood
ward, of Plattsburgh, N. v. Mr. Wood?
ward was graduated from Williams Col?
lege in 1901 and from Harvard Last School.
Gtacomo Kara K? rni, Italitm ?.'onsul
General In New York, an?l Mme Fant
Komi lave '.eased the country place ?>!
Mi. and Mrs Herbert ?'. Lakin, at Sens
?laie, N. Y.. tor the summer.
Mrs Edward s Knapp and Miss Mar?
garet Knapp will ?ail for Europe to-day
to -i? i"i tiie summer abroad.
Mrs John Turner Atterhury ia at the
Hotel Gotham for I few day.?.
Mr a-d Mrs. Hurry Payne Whitney
will hav.- a. large house party over the
S . ? * end at their country place at West
t.'.rv, Ltmg 1 land.
Mr and Mm. fiedcii'K ROOSeVOtl went
t?. Long Beach yestsr?aay to remain until
the middle Of the month, when they will
go t?i ih.-ir country place at Skaneateles.
\ \ , for the summer.
Mr and Mi? "A arner M Leeds, of
Plandome, Long Islan-d, have taken the
house ??i Mi and Mrs. Francis Burton
h., rlaon al Hat Harbor, Mi . for th.
Mi a? ni Mr? Philip Uvtagstoa will g"
i?. Bar Harttaoe to-day for the sumaser.
Mr. and Mrs Arthur H. Twombly will
go to Spring Lake, N. J , June "*0. for
: ? '.son
Mri? Charle? Peering und her ?laughter,
M ins Marion Peering will Mail to-day for
Europe, Where they will spend the sum?
Mr and Mr? John H<*n**j Pnr?y, of
Waahinnton. have arrived in town and
tie at the Hotel ?iotham for a few da>s
The laut of the ?erie;. of dinner dances
given by Mrs. A. M- Thsfkara. jr., will be
held to-night at the Hotel Blllinore.
Merchant's Gift to Public
To Re Opened to View
in the Fall.
FUND OF .$150,000
Income to Pay Attendants and
Upkeep Transfer of Title in
Letter to Trustees.
Robert '" da Forest, president ?>f the
Metropo tait M : ? un of Art. announced
I'tsterda] that the lltman art roliection
ha<i heen del vered to the museum t\> Ihe
exeeuti ? ? talc He aald it -
be tem? - ?I during the -
n ?r. and thai It seat ? tpe? i.?i to open th
collet lion t" lh? public b? a iecepllon
about No?.? ii't.i r I.
Michael Friedsam one or th? esecutors
of th?. .Mim.m ? late, r?stenle?, gent s
Liter to the HU tecs of the museum in?
forming them of the transfer of title. If
reada, In part
"On behalf of ihs executors of the Alt
man est?t? Il non becom? dut* to
complj win the on- remaining Inat
lion contain?*?! In thai r'"rtio?i of Mr Alt
man's will be?|U?*athlns to the Metropoli?
tan M v ? ? ,. . Hin-? art . ollec
"Mi A.tin,i- wanted t?-? R:ve m 'he
peuple of il" - It* ol Ki w V.i k that
which during his life ?as so cherished a
pcvaesalon, mid his ludgment cannot
I ? halleng? ?i when h< det? rmined thai s sift
to the Metropolitan Muaeum or Art t* I
s? rv , ?| t he pur|
"On Januar* ?'? an agreement was signed
bj Mr de For? st, as pi d< rat ol lh?
in-i'-. in , ? self and <??>-? x. cutoi i
repr? senting ll eatatt an i n- ? em? nt
that, while coverin/* every suggestion and
request enumerated In Mi Altman's a III,
provided for the displa* ol the collection
and Iti n alnt? nance ' th? museum In
strl? t and full accord with the expressed
desires of the donor. To-day the mua? um
is in possession <?f the art treasures, all
having been removed from Mr. Altman's
house and safel ti insf? rred to th? Ir new
? w ners.
"There is but one more obligation thai
we hav? to fulfil, that we ma> tender, and
you on hehall of I i< muaeum (trusteeal
ma) accept l ecrtfned check for $150
000, to he held ?? you as s perpetual fund,
'the Income "f which only shall be used
[and applied to the salari?e of Theodore Y
Hobby an?! Arthur J. Boaton, whom you
have retained I.: for the collection In
conformity with the wish <.f the donor,
and to the care, maintenance and preser?
vation of th? collection. And any surplus
income may b? applied tu the general
uses of the muaeum, In the discretion of
its trill
"Th'is are hav? completed our labors,
and. as executors, have fulfilled our con
trad with you. Vou, representing, lbs
I trustees, and Indlrectlj the real bene
rielarles?the people of the Clt) of Nan
York-now hav? your r.'trt of the under?
taking to perform, and it la irith a feeling
of suprem? ? unfld< nci In 3 oui di sire ai ?I
ability i" carry <>i;t vom part of the
agreement that we 1 nder tins magnifi?
cent gift to your safe keeping."
Robert VV. ?Io Foreat, on behalf of the
museum. In acknowledging th?.s letter,
wrote to Michael Friedsam, Bernard
Bechi. Georg? H 11. ad and Edwin J
Btelner, e*e? il 1 of th? est?t? :
"it haa been 1 pleasure to have met
with you m our mutual effort to carry
out Mr Altman's public spirited and gen?
erous intentions and to have taken part
with you m a?i the arrangements Incident
thereto, In which all of us have found
ourselves so *. ? rj s> mps
?The museum, as you know, pre*****s< to
make an Immediate temporary installation
of this gr? ?t gift, as we bcllSVe Mr. All
man would hav. wished, and we trust
that the permanent Inatallation, to b?
effected as - ton as our ne? wing is com?
pleted, will meel Ihs cap?******!?-* of all of
us Th?- muaeum will spare no effort to
this end."
Insisted Summer Home Lease
Contain Prohibitory Clause.
The Tribun? B .????? '
Washington. June ! Joseph P. Tu?
multy, secretary t?i President tVHaon, la
seeking s summer home at Avon-by-the
Bea, \ ?'. where he spent laal summer.
The ou?s drawback to Mr. Tumulty's
happiness at that pla??- was the cats.
When Mr. Tumulty went down for a
week-end rest he would have to brush s
half dosen "i so off the front steps of
his house.
There will not he an) cats at the Tu?
multy aeashore home this summer for be?
fore he leas.: a house there must be a
guarantiee that it w-iii be free nom ?Hts
Time Curtain Rises To-day
2:1?? High links.?'?-.sum
Potash ?*v Perlmutter.?'ohan's
The Yellow Ti? l*et. El tinge
Xlegfetd's Kolli. > New Amsterdam
Too Many Cooks. Wth (Street
s? \? n K? ) s m Baldpate.?'aiety
The He.nif. Shop.Astor
2:20 a bV rap ?*" Paper Empire
2:30-'i'he Things That l'omit. .Plsyhouss
The Dummy .Hudson
A Pair of Sixes.Ixmgacre
2 15 ? me 1 *?' ? . A? sdem>
The w ortd and H - W If? Ro 1!
gi?j?High Jinks.?'asine
potash A- Perlmutter.Cohan's
The Yellow Tickel.Lltin*-?
/.u-,".<i'i- Follies. New Amaterdem
Too Many Cooks. 33th Street
Kitty Mai-Kay.Comedy
feeven K? ?.?. to Haldpate.?iaiety
To-day .18th Street
The Beauty Shop .Astor
i:jO-? The Things Tn.it Count..Plu.vhouse
The Dummy.Hudson
A Pair of Sixes.Long-acre
A Si rap of Paper.Kmpire
? 15??'tie I'.?*- .A.-ademv
The World and Hi? Wife.Itov al
Mats, l'ai'y. L\jei.ing.
\.ib.t'M.'I ?mn.? !?.????:? ?
|:li.i'H.N"w Brighton
*:lb.? 1?.Alhambru,
1:1ft.* ,f>.Palace
Mat? Tally- Evening.
Statue of Statesman Formally
Placed on View at Columbia.
Alexander Hamilton, who ho? *o,...i tot
? ears In Boutfi Pi? Id, Columbia I'm
versltv, was yesterday r?**npelled to stand
? i iletlj i?> and hear Thcanas Jerreisori. hi?
bitterest f?-?e. Introduced to ?eer.ii Sun
dred persons In front or the Pnlltxer
School of .IniirniiM.stn after a eulogy of
hi?, enemy ? de#?is and beliefs
Jefferaon. In shining new- hronze. wa?
unveiled bj Ralph Pulltser, whose father
left tCB.001 for fio statUC 'ieorRe M<
' ? ? . President of the Hoard of Alder?
men, Accepted II oM heh.iir or the city,
un?) President ?Vich?las Murray Rutier for
iii" untreren? t"*rofess-*M- WIIHatn D
Trent. pi-ofett*?or of Rngliah literature at
' ohio.??!.,, mmrto lh? addr??s?.
"ii the stand W'th the speakers io>rr
?ie.ii^e I. Rives, ?hiiirman .?f the hoard
of truste,? ,,f columbie rredertch N
in?.s,,,,, .?t Bl L?oul?, and i -.ngus Ihaw,
e\.? utors ..f the Jo? ph Pugtser estate,
and William OrdWa: Parti dge. the SCUlp
'"' tl.i i ? | i-i the indien?*? were
bl ' 'lali M? Kelwa: . u llliam fellow? i
M? rg m ?ii.i John B Pin?
The statue bj Pa*rtrt?ige, echt and ?
half feet tail, stai ds on ?? limestone pedes
t il tue ami a half tret hiKh ' Mi the
front of the pedestal Is the sin**ie w.ird
"Jefferaon." < m the rear is the Inscrip?
"Erected with th? henuest of leeepl
Pullt/er. supplemented by public sub
??op - Th? puMie eonttributod $.'.*????
t ?ward t1 r statue.
f * iftcen Hundred Girls Tant*?)
While Seven Men Stand By
Kifteen hundred girls and seven young
m-n attended the "spug" dance on the
recreation pier at the ?-?o? of l-;ast :ith
?l last night. When ll is remembered
thai this ws ..?i- ertiaed us a strictl]
feminine party, th- presence o* even
se\?n young men was regarded as quite
s triumph Bui alas! the happy "spugs"
o rred onlj too soon that the seven
were there In the Strictly professional
capacit) of floor committee and that it
was absolutely forbidden to them to trip
? sii |ie Hi-iit fantaatie toe
One consctenttoui youni man ha?i sore
to the length of wealing rubber soled
shoes so as to put temptation out of his
wa> The others, however, rather en?
???'??i the pleas of the "apugs" for lust
one tango, it was not long before gos?
sip flashed thai one "G?orgie" Bobbins
had yielded C V Bravo, who waa
fathering lh? floor committee, all of
whom were lent by the Edison < om
pai - along with the red, -rreen and blue
light?, ran the Whole length of the pier
to r? prove his ? riing son. hut when he
readied the ??n.it and saw the Hhillini*
facefl of the young re? reant an?l the
prett* "spug" who was dancing with
hm1, the father's heart was touched Hiid
h<- said only "Tut-tut." Th- dance wenl
Miss Anne Morgan, Mrs. Frances Mc?
Neil Bacon and Miss Maule Wetmors
w. i e among the members of the com?
mittee who were present. They presented
to the ???"Is who ha?l sold the most
tickets for the evening. Miss Ray Son
nenberg won the Ural prise, a bar pin,!
with diamonds and emeralds: Miss Louise I
Schwaner won the second, .? gold watch
Mr? Minnie Bt Ils won the ?irst prize for
local ?-?? retalies, a bracelet watch.
B? ?? - the dancing there were moving
pictures, Ice cream and ginger ale. One
of the moving picture? showed Miss Mor?
gan and other members Of the Vacation
Baving? Committee atarting on a ?ai! up
the Hudson with s pert* of "spugs."
Lineal Descendant and Wife of
Joseph Chamberlain Per?
forms Ceremony.
I ii\ Cell ? toTh? Tribun?. 1
\\'e\ mouth. England, June I- A memo
r,,ii erected on the spot fron which John
Bndicott, ens of the early colonisers of
\ rica, departed to cress lbs Atlantic In
;?..? arai unveiled t?*?-day by Mrs. Joseph
Chamberlain, wife of the invalided Union?
is* leader, Mrs. Lliamberlaln, who is the
third Wife Of the English statesman, was
Mary Lndi.-ott. only daughter of
w '? Bndicott, Becretary of War in
Presiden! L'levelsnd's tirst administration.
Austen Chamberlain accompanied his
stepmother, and in ?? brief speech ex?
pressed his fathers re-?r- t at his Inability
to att. nd the function.
Addresses containing much historical
data of an interostin?; nature WOTS given
b a. M Broadley an?l Louis ?'ook. who,
as special delegate from Wayasouth,
Mas . paid s warm tributs to the debt
their state owed to John Bndicott Mrs
Chamberlain then unveiled the memorlel.
Austen ' iiarnti? riam, speaking In her Ik:
h.lt. said those early settlers took with
them ;o roas the seas some of our best
blood, >tn<\ If they bad mads -some return
,111 latter days hs hoped the account ws
not .vt cloeaed. H?, szpressed the hope!
that between them and tb? Motherland
there might he a constant and ??ver-ln
Ing inter, hanse of thoughts, kindly
friendship an.l 'hoapitaUty, and that in
the sterner t-vjnta "f the wor:?i on their
side and on ours both may remember old
kinships and sav with that great Anuri
can admiral wbea tie day of trial ?ame,
"blood i.s thicker than wat'-r.''
Senior Class Parade on Campus
?Columbia Joins Dansant.
h?, daj was eelebrated yesterday at
Harnai?! CoUsgl There was a ie?eption
on the campus and then the ?enior ? lass,
in cap? an?l SOWnS, marched across it ami
?orininK In ?i .??? mi-iir? l<>. listened to an
oration by Miss Etlitor Nayer, chairman
?,f the executive committee of ?he <ia>
,. a humorous talk on what
Barnard had done to aad for it.? **ale**s.
Kefoimuu?. the piiw?'v."ii mai? lied to
a column in front of one of the d"inu
- where Mis- N.toi planted a si tlK
of Ivy. Each >ear this is done on ny ?t.,\.
and th? re is now hut DM ? olumn left
without its ivy ?pria Tne mothers, the;
fathets, the brothers, the j-iuteis and the
Just ordinary friends of the Harris nl stu- ?
dents ?ere out in for?-?
After the ny pUntitif* exercise? the
senior class ncam marched across the
campus to an oi.-hestra at one end There,
t?. th?- joj <<f ?cores at Columbia ?.indent?
who *recentl) voted Harnar?! their fu>?Tit.
colleg? ?m then most popular ? oltege or
son ? thin*; of thar sort th? > dispelled, and
?oon after Cohasstsss aad Hamari ?en
whtrlins around in the danre.
inliimN? gave a riam-.e laM night to
which all Barnard was invited.
Ends 160th Year with Big?
gest Enrolment of Amer?
ican Schools.
Seth Low Will Be Honored by
LL. D. Degree After 33 Years
on Board of Trustees.
''oh;mh?a University to-.lay ?rtll end
n? ISOth academic year More studeati
have he-n enrolle?! m that vea- than In
anj other American coll?sge D?-greee ?rtll
learanted t-> more than two thousand stu
oents, the greatest number vet gradu?t ?!
in ?m. class h- an?, instil itloa of learning
In thl?. . o>mtr>.
?'ne of the chief ligures of the day ?rill
i.- Beth Low. wh?> ?m jUR? -jr. eompti
his thirty-third year as ? member ?f Co
i imbts - board of tmateea The honorar*
degree of Do? tor ,.i Lawa w\\\ bo ?
furred upon him Although Mr. i^.w- r.>
'en..i his Bachelor o;' Arts degree "roan
Columbia in ISM and since that l
ha? been honored by Amtierst, Williame,
Trinity, New y,,rk University. Prints
Harvard and Vale, Colombts has ?raited
until to-day.
The ist of candidates for degrees In?
elude?! n**n an?I ?v.?men from ever) par?
of tli? world There are twenv
?hinamen, half as man) Japanese, with
East Indians, Australiana, South Afiit-ani
Ruaalana and Belgians. In the number
Is ?' I lind student. David Edgar Ou to -,
from Hliie Mountain ?'olleae. Mississippi,
who reieive.s the Master of Arts degree
The d.i. tor of l?aws degree also ?rill he
conferred on John Huston Plnley. Btat
Commlsaioner <?f Education and fot ?
president of the College of the ?'if
New v.vk Ariatldea Agr?mente,
Med?? m... professor In the University ?f
Havana, will receive th. | ?,.. toi ?.f S |.
ene.j degree, and the Rev. Will.am Mon
(ague 'Jeer. ????., thai of Doctor of Baci 1
Theology. The de(?ree of Doctor of lat?
ter? will he conferred on lv.w.i d laver.
mor? Burllngame, editor of "8< r n 'x
Magasine." and that of ?'octor <>f Muaie
on Walter Johann?- Damrosch, condu? to
of the New York Symphony Bot
William Williams, Commissioner of Wa?
ter Supply, ?las and Klectrtcity, will r?
ceive the degree of Master of Arts
The degree of i>?..--??, of Literature win
be awarded to ?tuet Bchumpeter und Karl
P. Rarhi?en. ex? hanse professors at Co?
lumbia last year, and that of !>oetor of
Sclent e to Professor Jean Perrin. of the
Cnlveratty of Pari.
To-day's eseretses will i?e-r.n at IS a. m,
in the university gymnasium, which will
?-e.it more than three thousand Ench
candidate for a de-gi**? has been limited
to one guest ticket.
LunchSQBS will he sei ve?l for the grsdl ?
ates ?.f Columbia, Barnard and Teachers
College A costume p.ira?le will take up
the early pan of th- afternoon, after
whi? h the Columbia an?i Pannsylvania
baaeball teams will meet Thi^ will he
followed by a beefsteak ?lmn? r In th?
commons an?l singing on the library
George Kraus Suffered Break?
down at Sullivan's Fate.
?le.irL'e Kraut?, frirnd and for Mali)
thirty years a business partner of "Big
Tim" Sullivan, died yesterda) at his home
In the fiwsnnanoa apartm? n's. NO East
t.'.th st. After the death of "Big Tim"
Mr. Kraus suffered a nervous breakdown
ami never recover? d
Morn in New York in IM?, and educate?!
in the public schools, Mr. Kraus became
an assistant alderman when he was
twentv-one years old. Th? next year h?
entered the theatrical Held at the Alham
ir?. in Third a? . between isth and lot h
sts . and remained In it for the rest of his
As aa a-s.ii late of Sullivan he wns for
twenty-five years B fiKure in Tammany
Hall politics, though hS never soiurht Ml)
important offl. e for himself- In !??.."> he
was mad?' chief boarding officer at Quar?
antine, but Rav?' up th?* post on entering
:r.t<> a theatrical partnership with ' Big
Mr. Kraus leave? a wife, Mr*. P*annls
KraUS, whom he married when he was
e'ghteen years old two sons and s daugh?
ter The "ons-Oavid and Samuel Kraus -
are associated with th?- Olympic Theatre.
neat door to Tammany Hall. The daugh?
ter la Mr?. Julie Pels, wife of Dr. H. L
RelS, B *WI*geon in the l'ire Department.
-? ?
After an illness of several we. a?
Charlea David Spencer ?lied at ?"9 "Aesi
Ttith st. earl) Monday morning Hs
in his -?".th year Mr. Speincr was born
?u Trenton, ?mida C?**itsty, N. ? . ?'?
l*"***. When .1 yovns ?'?an he he,-am?' a
clerk in a d*7gOO*lS store in Albany? ' S
?<? he entered the employ of ?laflni.
Mellen & ?'o., now the H B. ' laftla Com
pany. Hs was ci-mnected with the firm
tor more than fifty years
Mr Spencer extended his .titelest? in
valions direction**, and in 1***?\ With SSV? ?
others. ;i? *uu ?<l a lia? A Of land m Pal
sal ' o .i.ty. N J., where the mu
Clifton was develope.l He was one Of
the organizers of the Preferred A? ? -nient
Company, of whi? h is teas Sfl active oitl
rer until his death.
in i?*-, Mr. Spencer married Asnea ala
tilda, dsughtee of Praacis Spies, o?
Brooklyn. He was one of the orgaalsers
Of the flifton t'nion Sunday school anl
ehureh, and ?>f the Armitags Mis?,on In
New l?.ik. Hi was a tTOBtSS Of the Fifth
A? entlS Baptist ? hur.h.
Mr. Spencer .?a.e.s a w fe and a son
SSrd daunhter, ''liarles H -'pen. ei and
Mr? Frodsrkk B. Hin.hman.
Pas?ale, S. J, Jun? ? M: Margaret
laabeBa Moas died at lbs home of her
laughter, Mrs k. A. Pktcber, MM La?
fayetts ai , Mat night Sha was one of
; e oldest residents of Paasaic, having
...nie hei.- thlriv-*ev en ?.em?, .it?-..
?,i? -in in Philadelphia ?>u \i*ni r.?,
? | She leaves two non?, ?'larence M
Moss, of Paaasfc, atad Heary k. Moss, of
Rutherford, and two daughter?, Mrs. K.
A. Fletcher, of Passai*, and Mr? R H
Keller, of ?tat? n Island Funeral ser?
vi?.? will le keld at "M I.aia\?tt? av..
SS Thursday, at 3 t? p m , and the hurlai
will he in Hill-d-le CnUmVtASf, Ruther
Mr? Kmma S <**ook. widow of ?'spt.i n
Jonathan H ?ook. wn?. ? ummanded a
?ompaiiy in en Indiana lesim- i.t and lost
an arm ?t Viikshurs, died a? the home
of one of h?r dau-jhter?. Mr? William H
Shields, in Westmoreland Place, Douglas
Manor. Monday evening Mm *a. ??v?n
v- hr^ v,BrH ?M Mrp ,.ook
- -irord. N ,*. thg 4Aunfnng nt ?,?.
' ""'I .""tr?n Knight She was .1
rT,emh,r r.f fh? iW^r>. of rM(iii<is ^
Mr?. Martha K Maats*, or Clnetetsntt
r??,a,.. v -., w , Hnhm
Muth. of "**, ,^xinic,0ri ai ih dM4 v
P-ton Sanitarium. New York, ?ft? ? a
oat Illness Mr D? Math ram? ?^
? from Luxemburg. Germanv sis
"?o H? had hern (?vina with Professor
Oeorgs A. Jahn her? for more than a
war Me was engaged to Mtas taha.
'he ?eddlng ?as to take p|tce ,nlt
?i- '> Hr .,, to Hilda 1,? Grand, daugtv
r of Katharine H and the lateXs
<?ran?l l.o? kwood
T',ratn?rUTho'IAMS "n ?"*** fi""
?? ?"?'Thomas.? ? hurch, by the *"*-.%
iVo'r'u ' ' ????onsianreW.I
\?. " ? Via*"1 V. , "?'???r of Mr and
T.V. ir j " Ull,la*T'B' *? John Tay.or
-,^?,r'*.''i ?"??'??lase? ?nd death? m<i?t be
?rrompsoled h?- full name and ?ddrea?.
? '?' " '? McCraj Edward H.
Gray, \,frc,| I win n Chrietins D.
Hallett. t "he rise W Mo?- Margaret I
"?-. lames L Spencer, charles r>
? G? ora? W \\ ash,,ur'.. f* ? ? ? ?
Jngll?, J.mes. |r. Whiting. Elmlna A.
K?hler. ChariSf
ART/.T AI Atlantic CltV, \ J j..n,? 1
ItH, Martha I., addow of rhe lat?
(heelee ?; Artst. Relative? ?ni
? ? family aie invited to
itt ?nd tne funeral services a' her late
residence, it South ??he??..? ?venue <?'i
Thura-ta) June t, H? lo'i l?> k precise?
ly , Interment at West Laurel Hill,
Philid lphln Ps
'.t: \V On Moi day June i IMS, at his
residence *** Reld -.,- . port Washlng
ton. la.tiK Island, Alfred *??, 1 ?loved
husband of Emms T Gray. Funeral
afternoon st
neet train leaving
Pennsylvania station at *?** p, m
ll M.i.KTI" - m Tueadsv, June ? Itt'
l'harl?M U Hallett. In his -
i uneral te?ir? ni his late residence,
9 , Rem ?< n ?i . Vstorla, l.?.n t Isla
??n Th'n ida* the tti?, Inat
HOGEBOOM At his ate residen.<? :
West lew si on Jun? ?. itH J ? ?
Lawrence Hogeboom, In the v.th ves
"r - -;? Interment at Castleton
N. "i Altura) and Troy papers picas?
H?'SMI'l* At Summit N .1 on June
i m i, Georse IV Hostner, it- bit
???ear Funeral at his late residence, It
Hobart a? . summit. n. .i . on Thurs?
day, June I, ?t 3 IS p m ?'arriages
will meet tram leaving ftoi-oken at
. ' p. tn.
LEGION, Commander) State of New
York ?Companion Captain James Inglis.
Ir died June i in?] Funeral WVdnee
?lav June ... Itt Csrroll st., Paterson.
N I . ai - 30 i? m ? ?niii ?nions a III it
tend. B) o'-.ler of Paymaster 'le?era'
Edwin Stewart, L*. s n (retired), Com?
mander. William S i'ogsvvell. Brevet
Lient? nant Colonel, 1 S Volunteers.
KOHLER?For the hapnv repose of the
soul of the late ?'harles Kohler. sn in
nlveraar) mass ?rill be celebrated in tha
Lady's Chapel of St. Patrick's CsUte
drsl at 9 o'clock Thursday, June 4
M'< RAY At Baranac i-ake. N v. June
1. Edward Hill McCray, of White
Plains Puneral servtcea at the ?'hur?*h
ol the Ascension, Fifth av. and l'?th St..
Thursday. June I. at 1?* a. m
MINOR On June l. 1014. at the home
<?f he\ sister, South Orange, N. ?' .
I'niistin?- I'. widow of ?'harles F"
Minor, funeral private,
MOBS On Mttmday. j'.ne i. at the beam
of her daughter, Mrs K A. Pletchi i
l.ttavelte a*. . Passai?-. N J?. Ml*S Ma:
garet I. Moss, in the Bd year of her
aj,*e. Puneral services at til LaLivette
av Pas?ale. Thursday. June I. at I I.
p. m. Burial at Rutherford, N. J
SPENCER?On Monday, June 1. BH1 st
I? residence. i?k> w.-st .??th st. Charles
David Spencer. In ins Bth year. Pa?
nerai servi es n' I o'clock Wednesday
afternoon. June 3.
\\ VSHBCRN Sudden!) at the home pf
her daughter, Mra ?'lilis K tlowelj.
M Hill -t . MorrUtoan. N*. I. lune -.
''?il Saille Catherine Cleaveland, wit?
of the '...t. 'll?.** Charlea Ames ?Vaalt
hurn. In the 72d yesr ? f her age. i u
neral private, Interment Ltvernvue.
IVHITING Elmlna Albertl, in her ?.1th
[services at Hlllsl?s Cometer)
ht-i?neld. N i Thursosy, Juni I. si
? ;,. ,. ,,, Mrs Whiting Is -urvived
her husband ?rr?jterlek p.. ateu
ter. Mi- Charles K. Tsylor ?Wdejla??
?nd two sona, Re* John C. Whiting
ami William Albertl "Whiting.
?I l.l.KN. William. V2~. Post av.. May 31.
n?. ?i *>l Funeral to??tay.
DAVI80N Daniel B.. of BsMfA No. HT,
D? i. ?i W., June I, aged 1.
Fl UP. Lol.ert A.. \nf> MfMMt ?1st It, ?May
II, aaed Tl.
? ; 1*1.11A It Hermon. S44J Jerome av.. June
I, aaed to. Puneral to-dav. M a. m.
GROVES, Iti.li.-.rd III A'MI Wtk st.. Jun?
i. Funeral to-day. - p. m?
KARli Jos? ph. '-:'< West Mtb st.. June I.
,L. ,j .. Pun? ral to-day. 2 p. m
KELLT. KatS, ?W Last " tTtli st.. June 1.
aged 'x Funeral to-morrow. -' p. m.
LEFEVRE. Marie. HO West l?th ?t.. June
' l atr??l ?-'*'.
REYNOLDS, Walter. TK West ?ISth St..
June I. aged '.'. Puneral to-day. 11 a. m.
BANE ' ewls ?'.. I1H Bushwieh av., June
:. :.?e?l ..J. Funeral to-morrow.
BTRNE, loi n ?35 Bterling Pia? e. June 1.
Funeral to-morrow. V.t'' a. m.
CALLAN, Bri?lg*rt. M '-'d st.. June I.
i- moral to-day. I w a. ne.
I BY I'.i:. ?'harles. N South 2d ?t . June 1.
aged It.
M'GEE, William A? IM "'h St., June -j
MONTGOMERY, William P.. Ml Miller
av . June ?*. Funeral Friday. ? M a. m
Pl'KDV. Amia lt.. ItH S-haeffer ?t .ture
1. aged It. Funeral to.morrow. 8 3<"?a.tn.
SMITH Emily M . 1*7 Monroe ?t.. June
I, aged *'??
WLIS. Sarah, AM Orssas av-, June l.
? i 14,
BLTDENBUltOH, Martin Van Buren.
Bat shore. June 1. aged HT.
HALLOCK. Alfred A.. Karmingdale May
ho. aged *7.
HAOGERTT, lohn F. Long Island City.
June 1. aged M.
RAC8CHBR, John, Wmfleld. June 1.
:,Ked ?ST.
VAN'I 'FPBILT. William. Freeport. 1'ine
1 Fum-i-.il to-dav.
WKN't'T. Mr?. Krne?t. Far R?vka*?a:.
June 1.
NKW jpnsF.t
BELaLOWt. Jan? ?;rey. Plainfleld. Jun? 2.
V n eral to-day.
COOPatM, Ja? ob. Oxford, at ICaston. June
I, aged M,
I ?A Vis. Paniel R., Marawan. June 1.
age?! ?t?i
INOL1S, Judge James. Pater?on. Jun? 1.
n???d ?ir.
TERRY. JuBtM M. Plainrteld. Jun? 1.
??ged .'>?._
Tiir wooni.A*)*.?? ?rr.Mr.Tr.RT.
:*3d ?i* ?) " ? f-m Tr?lr aad b- lrolHS.
tm<e, JO K??t CM It . V T.
CHARUEr-Pull yourtclf
together and communicate
with ut. Nothing to be gained
by your present cour**;. Can't
you realize that if you return
matters can be adjusted?

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