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$ett? iJ?rrlf
Te-ala?*, aaaettleal ?a?4 wartaat*.
Mich. Hi nA>m. M.
I nil repert ob Tase II.
Vol. LXXIV....X0. 24,672.
f? op.Ti-iaht. I? 14.
Hi* 111? Tribun.? \?,o.ullon I
g ? "PT?*W*1?' 4^VL* rVVT *? * ''?> St Net- York. **.???? ?rk. J*??*.' (It.? ??4 H?ImIi?i.
1 IV 1 ?- I U.\ T. I. r..> 1 UStUH?RI. TWO CENTS.
Government Regards Cam?
paign as Conspiracy
Against Public Order.
Forcible Feeding in Virt?
ually All Cases?No "Cat
and-Mouse" Releases.
Victim Removed to Hospital
Molloway Jail Doctor Horse?
whipped by Two Furies.
[Bjr <"'il,|- to Th? TriJMin?.,
l.i-.nilon. June 4.?Wiled statement??
In the ministerial newspapers indbate
that the ?nd of Lho militant Suffrage
movemenl is now in sight. The gov
ernim. t's patience is exhausted, and
it fools that it will have th?** public be?
hind it In th?? drastic measures now In
> ontempiatlOlt, It is proposed to treat
The whole movement as a vast con?
spiracy against public order, whole-sale
nrrests will he made and forcible foed
iiiK nsorted lo in virtually all cases,
with no more, releases of prisoners
und'T the "cat-and-mouse a? t."
The law officers of the crown are
Considering what action shall he taken
againsl *rabs?**rlbera to the funds of the
Women's Social and Political T'nion. a
romplete list of these having been dis
i'ivm? d m a raid ?m the niiliiant head
quarters rl Kings-way. This was hint
i'l at a year ago.
Another suffragette chained herself
t?? the BucHinprham 1'alace gales yes
and howled denun?*iations of
K ijitr. Cabinet and Commons until rc
! "i\ > ll.
Mrs. Pankhursl is recuperating from
Ji|T tu?.st recent hunger strike in a
um near the palace. The hous?- is
wat? hei, roiitiriually by the police,
who gatlcipate ? sr-ret attack on the
King may be attempted.
A? ? urding to "The Dtally Mail'' the
have received information of a
roffragette plot against the safety of
Prime Henry, the Kinc's third son.
who is now at 1'ton, and Scotland
) .ni t.?kin*; a serious view of the mat
trr. l.as sent spe' i.il detectives to Eton
t" guard the prim-?-.
l.o]]'!on, June 3.?A savage attack with
?i hairhet was made to-day by a yount:
militant suffragette on an attendant at
th? I>or? OaUery, who tried to prevent
her from destroying the valuable pictures
? ? rchlbttlon thera The woman who Unis
akindonc?l the principle of the sanctity of
human life, hitherto hel?l up as one of the
chief assets <'f the militant suffragettes,
l I-.- ruine'l two paintinRs in the
, -. ahlcfa is in New Kond st.. the
heart of the fashion:?l>!<? quarter of Tx>n
don. She was prev-eedme; to hack a third
i ?n an attended named Bourlet
: her.
The vandal turned on the man furiously
: .i ehoW4*r of Mows on his body,
rely Injuring him. other attendants
to th* spot an?l quickly over
id and disarmed her. 8he kicked.
? ' ccird and ******?*****Md for some min
ntll she was handed over to the
I ?
Militants "Too Ladylike."
The woman evidently was of good edu
aii?l was very stylishly dressed.
?ter sh?- left in the Dor? Gallery as
' that militant suffragettes hereto
: . too lad! iike," and added:
OU must Rive us Justice.
? lllne- to ?lie for it before we
\\ e, have tried all other way?.
We have been too ladylike in the past
( .?nlinued on pafe 3, column 4
This Morning's Sews.
tion Walts on Carraasa. i
Sure ??arriu.a will Seid Envoys. 3
Jrvnii Tangled 0\er Arms Cargo.... 3
?te Wine in Sf? <?n?l Cup Test... 1
?teg Htand by I mug?as. 1
..-. laya She's ?ommon-Law Wife 3
?? Trap Set for T. R. 3
? i. \v \v Debate. 3
1 'olumbla Commen?**ement . s
, Quart] dons ' 'amps.. g
K. < iTr !?*i'l. 9
at Mine?la.13
. * > 11 . band.18
I ?. ? M i-. Sue Wright. . .18
on Tuba Termi.is
? art.is
?i f',11 to Vu e Kl lip im ?s. . . 1
' i lu and. i
porUti to I ??? at?. 4
Lo ? ' mtrol.... 4
?'?*>?. ?:\.eri i-.-?",, s Ble me Mollea 4
Hut?? May?**re' Conference Opens. 6
. Alil,t;?m y. 1
?*?*?* I ?? h.i.pie.s? lir.fi. 3
?**tiar. ? \arii'i Intergatta. 7
''??tor,;!! . 8
. 8
***Uu.-? i y . 8
??*"? .10 and 11
*4*'h.r .13
?^??????i ?,.,. Markets....!?, 15 an?) 16
?2'< ??' - . 17
M"/- Ukbu??ia .17
Runaway Motor Goes Through
Railing Into Crowd.
Plttahurgh. .lune *>.. ! a spectator, be.
Ileved to be charles p. Marzolf, was
Killed and ten other persons were sert?
oualy injured to-night, when a motor?
cycle, ridden by Arthur Armstrong, of
New York, became unmanageable at
the Plttaburgb Motordromeand crashed
through the railing Into the crowd.
Armstrongs back, right leg ami left
ami were broken. The others Injured,
three of them women, sustained broken
I ruts rind bruis.s.
Parisi's Joke Ends When She Is
Taken, Dying, to Hospital.
Thirteen-year-old Immaculata BapU? i
rita was washing the supper dishes In
her home in Baal New York yeaterday
evening when Michael Parlai, win. was
|olng to take her t?i a moving picture
show, entered the kitchen, ?laughing
and waxing a revolver.
Hurry, or C will shoot you," he
I dare you," the girl replied, laugh?
In some way the pistol went off and
the girl sank to the floor with a bullet
ihrough her temple. With s scream
Parlai dashed out of the house hu?
ma? ulata was taken to the King's'
County Hospital, dying. The police are'
looking for 1'arisi.
Pastor Deojay Mentions
Funerals as Help to
End Wrangles.
Here is the essence Of the prayer of?
fered by the Rev. .1. Albeit Deojay,
pastor of the Mariner's Harbor Baptist
Church, Btaten island, recently:
".May our Heavenly Father remove
any stumbling blocks thai stand In the
nay of the spiritual welfare and prog- ;
ress of this chtirch even if removing
them necessitates Thy superintendence
Of a few first class funerals that the
work of .le.sus may go on unbind? red.''
"Hid you offer any 8**ch prayer?" a
reporter for The Tribuno asked the
minister last night.
"Is it not the same prayer that Is go?
ing up from the lipa of hundreds of !
ministers of the Hospel every day'."'
countered Mr. I'l-oja...
"But it seems somewhat unusual.
doesn't it?the first class funeral
part'.*" suggested the reporter.
"What la unusual about it? I don't
1 see anything. It seems to me a good
i prayer and a proper gne.
"There has been all sorts of troubla
in the .Mariners* Church. Three dea- ;
(uns have been leading a fight against
their minister, and the latter has taken
up the cudgels in his own behalf
with a will which they hardly bar- '
gained for and Which they assert has
led him to pray to Heaven to slay
"What is the trouble down here, you
ask'" said Mr. Deojay; "the trouble is
simply this: Th.* members "f this
church are so diseased, so thoroughly
dlaeaeed, that 1 can see no hope for '
their recovery? Tea; it's a hopeleas
[ case. 1 haw prayed over them and
fought for their salvation, but they ,
are incurable.
"For twenty-eight years they hav??
forgotten the teachings of the Lord ,
and they have fought each other and
I their ministers. Three years ago they i
drove away my predecessor and nearly |
succeeded in blasting his reputation."
"1 admit I am discouraged.''
"Have they asked you to resign?" '
he was asked.
"They have not, and, furthermore. I
won't resign. I have no intention of'
i resigning."
"But Mr. Wheeler, one of your ?lea
cons, said that you called a meeting
last Wednesday to sound your ?ongre
gation on the question of your getting
' out. and they voted for you to resign,
45 to ZL"
"That is not a COITOCl statement,"
: he replied, and, after some hesitation.
[?continued: "A more fair statement
would be this: It Is impossible to get
the Bense of this congregation. There
are three factions, and you couldn't
get them insiiie the church to save your
Ufe at the same time. That was not
a fair vote. You see, there are a num?
ber Of children, and they really don't
know what th.-v an? voting about.
"As to Mr. Wheehr s statement that
I will refuse h:m and others in opposi
I ..m mu?-,I on vote '". lolumn S
Tobacco King's Son Meets Death
as Car Falls Over Mountain
Salt Lake City, June I.?Woodward
XV. Duke, s.??, of .1. i:. Duke, president
ut the American robacco Compaity.
?.;.?, dr-.VVneil U ? ? .left U I lie ! I
torooblle m ?< mountain creek near
Park City, Utah, this aft.rno.,11. l??ur
i other memb-JTS o? his party were not
The a -..dent tool, ptac? ?'bout forty
miles east of Sail Lake City and just
?ver th.- summit of the Waeateh Moun
?.,,,,.. The machina ?kidded and M\
over an -?nbankmenl of sis feet Into
??,, ,,.?. driving and waa
eaughl I-M.-..-I. I.?' The othe
,,.,.,. v,r, thrown clear and i?ven no*
,?...,,.? The) wie ./"-'I'll I and. 1. ?P. I
Uli*.**. Ldwuid Whlttuide and C. L. Buru
The Resolute beating the Vanitie by eleven seconds.
Beats the Vanitie Eleven
Seconds After Pretty Race
on.the Sound.
Little to Choose Between Boats
in Reaching and Running, but
Winner Better on the Wind.
By the narrow margin Of eleven see
on?!.--, actual time, the Ilcrreshoff cup
defence j/achl Resolute defeated the
Gardner-designed sloop Vanitie in a
windward and leeward rare of thirty
miles on Long Island Bound yesterday
in a fairly steady breeae and with no
flukes to speak of.
With ?"? minutes and 30 seconds a*4
the approximate time allowance that
the Reaolute will receive from the
Vanitie, the ayndlcate yacht won by
:; minut?e H seconds.
As the yachts raced to the finish line
Off Gnat Captaln'l Island, with their
great pyramids of canvas swelling in
the bieeae, spinnakers to port and
| balloon Jlba to staitM-ai'l'. the ya? hls
men and othera watching them from
the deeks of soin? Bit? yachti gath
,.,,.,, ?ear the finish line were in iua
penae unUl ? short -toot" from the
committee boat announced the winner.
Then the whlatlea and ?drena broke
1,,,,-,, and pave both y a- hti a Wekom?
. iIlg Mast that laated several minutes.
Those fortunate enough to see the
: Btruggle from start to finish acre.-d
last night that it had been the first
' /eal conl a ? -between the HeiTeshoff and
the Gardner '.?oats. As ? teal of their
>peed it. smooth water it was far and
?way luperior to that of Tuesday, they
wld Bnd the Van tie showed marked
lmprovemeni in her work. ii>r^aaita
v.t better and ahe aeemed to f?**ol faatei
lhe bree?e. which had weight enough
,n ,, al tlmea to put lea ralla almost
UD,fu evident that by the time the
Vauite-Hke the Reaolute-haa had ?
.? trial ??der canvai In all aorta
.. ,?.,,,. towing msmaW the Rea?
olute The thud raci the
, ?lits Will be sali-.l to-.l.?
^ and crewa when the, t un.,ed out
if their bunkaye-rte-*daym4**nln?t. The
! .ehaiminK ov,r ll.*n>pste-d Bar and
: ,, sound mal* U difflcult ?to diat.n?
Luuw either shot?-. There was DOt
SoUlUi .,^-''vlJo.l?"K wh?-n
,,,? committee had aaubllahed I
.tartina une i.y whntr?xg the tug .?i
Moran ?buut 900 yard? aouth of ?
float, cum iitg ? '?all ?** a fl-??-*?--*
Contlfutad ?*? MStM *? ?muMMS ?
Mrs. Scott Telephones for Help
to Find Stolen Jewels.
"Pleaj*?\ pi? a: e, pieai ?? s? tid the poll? e
rijjht away."
This was the niessace Mrs. Adele
Broil telephon? 'I lo the ? h can av.. .Ter
?..-? i o- i tal Ion from her home,
at I??.'. Host wii-l?; av., J esterd:.\ .
Then she sal down to think. And it
gradually .ame to her thai T?***aday
tilghl she had had a vivid dream of
burglars and ha.i hidden her $333
north of jewelry in her husband's bath?
'?It's all a mistake," she t*>l?l De
te. the Noble when thai otficer arrived.
Say Little Imposed on His
Friend in Mayflower
Officers atl hed to the New Tnrk
Navy yard, after reading The Trto
une's exclusive account of the May?
flower scandal, were more incensed
than ever with Secretary of the Nary
Daniels ami his "grape juice" order.
Thai miaconduct on the part of a
paymaster bhould be visited In su h
wholesale fashion on the line offlcera of
the serv : ce Increaaed the indignation
which almost every Annapolis gradu
ate feels against the Secretary. They
helieve thai no order for the abolition
of win mesa? i afloat and ashore would
ever have been Issued bad no! the pay
master on the Preaide-nt's yacht been
guilty of conduct which baa acaudal?
laed the servi..- and the resultant pub?
licity of Which has proved extremen*
distasteful t?. the Prei ld< ni hii
1 So officer, of course, a*ould permit
himself to be quoted, bul there was a
strong feeling among them that som? -
; thin? would yet Intervene to ??ave the
win.* meaaea. Mr. Dai - eaelu
- . ?.- ?.lamed by the offlcera. They
that the President "would be all
for his ; sd i
and, although they refused to say
upon what ground thej baaed their
hopea, II is a fact that they have in?
formation from some source which
leads them to believe the "grape J i ?
order svill n? tar -"?> into effect.
Several of Lieutenant Douglaa*!
. on duty at the navy
yard, and they warmly defended him
I ,!.*. .| to Dl f,**
t?,,,.,. board the Mayflower.
H,- pul him In the pooUton Of making
! report against his friend, which
would in all ptobabtUty mean the
? i iiisiiilsaal or setting into aart
ou* troubla hims.lf. Pus tnoM ?i chance
and tried to save Little, and you set
what bappen-ed to blm. Ed Little is
., g.i fellow, but he had BO right
,,, ask that of Dag II ?eaa against
the ? -
?,.,,?;?.. r sa.?I. "\fter this there || n->
( ou amird ..? put S. ?olumj? S
Administration Plans to
Give Islanders Territorial
Date of Independence to Wait
Until Their Fitness Is Shown
in Probation.
[From Th?? Tribun? Bureau !
Washington, June 3. A territorial
form of government for the philippin?
Islands, superseding the present ge-r?
' ernment hy a lej-islatnre and the Phil?
ippine Commission, will he provided In
'an administration bill to he introduced
'in the lioti-e In a few days by Repre?
tentative Jones, chairman of the Com
1 mittee (,n Insular Affaira
Mr. .Tones conferred to-day with
Presi.ie'it Wilson on legislation con?
cerning the ultimate independen? e of
the Island's. He declined lo reveal the
d?tails Of the hill, which will have the
approval of the White House, but from
trustworthy s>.ur?*es it In learned that
the measure vv ill provide for a new pol?
1 icy as follows:
Ble-ction by the Filipinos of a Houae
an?l Senate, the latter with a member?
ship not to exceed twenty-flvs and the
former with a membership not ex?
ceeding 100.
For the present a governor-general
of the islands will have a veto power
over the acts of the Philippine Lai -
lature. leu unless ele. vu no other
American will have a dominating in?
fluence in legislative affairs.
No specif!? time is to be set in the
bill for the actual Independence of the
Island**. The Filipinos. In effect, will
be given a tryout at self-government,
an?i Independence will coma not on a
?lay certain, as p!-o*poaed in the Jones
bill of the prec?e?dlng Co-3-gress, but
when the Islanders have shown they
can govem themselves.
No Treaty Making Powers.
Th?? legislators will I.ave practically
complete coi trol over the islands' own
affairs, but will not havo treaty making
power >?> ther will It bava tariff auk
ng ? liona, this government retain
to that ext? ^nty over
the PblltPPl ?
The bill will set forth in specific
terms the intention.? of the administra?
tion toward the islands. The declara?
tion will promise the Filipinos that as
soon as they have shown themselves
capable of Independence and self
government the i'ongress of the United
States, i." v ?*ontrolled by the Demo?
.-rati? party, stands ready to fulfil the
, ttions of the Baltimore platform
and accord such Independence. Thi?
declaration will be so worded that it
c?otinu??l ?? pac? i, e**l?uaa ?
Confident at Niagara Falls That Answer to
ABC Let.er Smoothing Way for
Rebel Envoys Will Be Favorable.
Interests of Rebels. It Is Said, To Be Abundantly ?Safe?
guarded in the Character and Sympathies of the Men
To Be Chosen for the Provisional Government.
Interest in the mediation of the Mexican troubles rested wholly
last night in General Carranza, chief of the revolution.
His answer to the letter of the ABC diplomats was awaited
with no less interest at Niagara Falls than at Washington.
Sent from Canada to Senor Zubaran, the Constitutionalist agent
in Washington, the letter was forwarded over a special telegraph
wire to the Constitutionalist chief at Durango. and confidence was
expressed at Niagara Kails that a favorable reply would be received.
Zubaran and his associates frequently interrupted their tele?
graphic discussion with Carranza to consult with their local counsel
and John Lind, and the wire was kept busy up to a late hour.
Meanwhile every assurance is given that the interests of the
Constitutionalists will be safeguarded by the Peace Conference in
the selection of the personnel of the proposed provisional government.
Men will be chosen, it is said, whose character and sympathies
will leave General Huertas foes no logical ground for complaint or
President Wilson, it was again made plain, is anxious for the Con?
stitutionalists to be a party to the mediation, because of his unwilling?
ness to have to force them to accept the solution of the problem that
may be reached at Niagara Falls.
Special Washington Wire
to Durango Busy with
Messages to Carranza.
I Praeti i !i? Tribun?
Washington, June 3. Beftor Zubaran,
h?*ail of the Constitutlonaltot junta In
Washington, this afternoon re-ceived
th.? ti"t?* fr'.m the mediator** which is
underatood to contain certain proposa1*?
fur rebel participation In the media?
tion, it was forwarded ?I ont*e to
General Carranaa, who Is non al Du?
raiiR" The message fr<?m Zubaran foi
Catranzi wenl ov?bt a p?e? lal w\r<- tl .?:
was gel up last week.
Representative? <>f the r?tela 4?-?
eland tint they eould not discuss the
situation, hut thfy indicated ? bel;?*f
that Cartean?? would never enter the
mediation uith participation p**edlcat<*d
un an armistice and on an agr?ment
to mediate mternal as well as external
at?iiiit ??f Mexi? o.
it was general!) considered hefe to?
day thai Huerta had been placed in a
t.i, ?trau art? al position by the action "f
his delegates in the conference m de?
claring that Huerta st?.oii ready t?->
make th? sa? rifl? e "f resignation In the
interf-ts of tl"* establishment of a
?..?id government in M?xico <"i?y. The
Buccess ?>r failure of th*? ??eace negotla
ti??ns has now teen put s?>uarely up to
the Constitutionalists, and they ?re
p| ced In an embarrassing position.
It i-- ?ssumed In official circle? that
the a B C mediators aro much better
pleased with Huerta? .? 11 itu.i?-?. which
is admitted on all sides t?> he dlplo
matically correct, than with that of
the Constitutionalist?. As ? result there
is a good deal "f talk ,n administration
i ir?l?-** that the mediator?, generally
speakinga represent the same condi?
tions an'l the?>nes as Huerta. In other
words, the mediators represent coun?
tries ?rere landed ?rlstorcracy ?on
The a?lministrati?;n is evidently con?
cerned about th? Situation. It has used
its Influence with the mediate**? t?. ae
cepl the Constitutionalists as parti?i
pants in the medi?tlon, and now* It is
?onfronted with the ?Treat problem of
indu? mg the Constitutionalists to enter
the mediation on the terms which the
mediators lay down.
Late t?j-ni?rht Mr. Zubaran and his
asso? lat.-s interrupt?--?! their exchanges
by telegraph ?ith General ?.'arranza to
h?l?l a long conference with their local
md J'-hn Lind. As the ?ire '<<
Durango was i*eopen**d it '.?as state?!
probably would be no r? ply t?? the
note ??f th? mediators tr, - ?
Killing of Burwell and Another
Near Tampico Confirmed.
U ashing ton. June .** _T h ?? killing Of
WestOfl BarwH . of thi? ?'itv. and a com?
panion, supra* ???? t . l.ase ?1?0 l<e?-n an
Ameiicaa, by M xi? ai.? ?n tne Tampi w
?Ji>t!irt al.out two Werks ago. ?-.as con?
tLrmmi t)-'lay la di.spat bet to the State
Department. S?-ar?.ii is being made for
the bodi.s. Reports that Burwell was
axe? it?*] as a spy are being investigated.
Mrs. J. J. Brown for Congress.
[B) T<i-?rraph to Tl ? :
Newpott, June .?.?Mrs. James J.
l'.r??wn. ?if Denver, who is at her home
here, may he a candidate for Congress
from the Denver district. 'She is l>elng
urged to run by a combination of the
Democratic and Progressive fore?*?.
Niagara Kail?, Ontario, June 3 -Thai
Co-Mtitutionallat interests in Mi tl ?
vill be fully safeguarded I?' the char
.1' t?*r and sympathie? of the mer
choaen to form th?' provlakmal a*o*v?**a.
men', is assured bj tii?* rfi.uts of th*
A 0 C mediators to conform to t m
wlstes ?.f the sdmlnistratioa in Was?
The medistors recognise that ibe?'?in
: Etltutlonalists are the ?luniinmnt f*i?*t io:
In Mexico, and while their pt:in.it.
purpose Is the a? ? ompllahmenl ??' pi i ?
th? ;in' exerting their Influence wltli
the Mexi? ?n delegftt? i to secur? iL?** -?p
proval of ? lenei ii Hu? 11.? f?jr a pro
visional government compo??ed of hm
whose personality, chara?*ter and
path) Will l"' a guarani'? to Hi" COB?
stltutionalists of fair play for them?
helves and promoting of the |?J .
win? h thej stand.
Kurthermore, the provisional govern?
ment Will he at liest 8 temp??!ary af?
fair soon to be st.ded by a perma?
nent government chosen at a lull ai I
fr.e election, so that the Constitution?
?lists, ? agre? Ing to tht t? uns ?f
peace made here, will be asaun I ?a
early opportunity of putting ?
men i of then own choosing Into power,
Way Open for Rebels.
Hei " n Is !?? ii?*' < ?1 i he ?sa. is now
??I ? n for the Con til i lists to ? ome
i into the i onf? i - n? e, if th? y ?re
1 in their e. pr< m ."H of i d? - re to do ?".
? In view "f the fa?*l that th? ? h?v? had
as effective representation In the t*on?
ference through the Ameri? an delegatei
as they could have enjoyed through th?
! presence of their own delegates, II I?
regairded dlfllcull to perceivi what
?an expect to gain bj sending dele?
gat.s ?if their ow n now.
If the hypothesis thai they sought
representation In the conf**r?n?*i ?l ?'???
ele? nth hour mere!; for the purpose
of ?l.-la.ving a final agreement be a<*
< ? ?.t? ?j. their course Is more
?tandable. 'Yom all app**arancM it 'a
a matter of IndllTerenca t?. the me?ji
atora whether the Constitutional ??.
sen.i delegates or not. They know that
carranza has been represented by Jus
ti? e I.amar and Judge Lehmann, ? '
under instructions from Washington,
and they full* expect that Prai >.
Wilson will lira!I*, spprov? th? agree?
ment reporte.j Men after d< inonstr.it
ing so clearly thai none <an m i s tu ko
.his purpose his d?termination to rM
<?-.erything ptMSible for the Constitu?
From quarters other than the Wa?h
ington junta word reach?*? here that
the Constitutionalists realize that ulti?
mately they Will he ? 'impelled t?. a
the peace plan ?gT??d upon at Niagara
falla ?hd the relu, tan.-.- of the Junta
In Washington to se? an agreement r?
portad and the Constitutionalist rev??
*.?.n entier* is fully U**d<**I>**tOO*J h'T".
While ?t is probable that in du? time
carranza or Zubaran will answer th?
letter s.nt to him by the mediator*
-*er?lay, it would cause them no *u?*
prtae if the answer were e.Jn*-l<lei'ar.ly
delayed. They do not believe, h?.we\ -r.
that any del?*, on his part will fhec-?-,
the progress of ?M mediation.
Speculations Anse.
S?.me question has arisen regarding
the statement made public this ""horn?
ing on behalf of Huerta, and t-tioi* Is
speculation as to whether It means
that Huerta sccepts the agreement
submitted from here or wheth?*?? thera
is some mental reservation or qualifi?
cation Intended by the words,. "Gen?
eral Huerta is prepared to wuhdtaw
from the government on condition tint
at the time of h.a withdrawal! Mexico
shall be politically pacified." e\?.
I ?*k? I aaserted In these dispatches tnij

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