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i" Sa? fair.
TriirrnntRK vr.aTrRDATi
Mich. ,1 : hur. S?.
I nil report an l'a*? IS.
[4 op?rl??lit. ISI4.
e Triimne A ??<?< ia! ion. |
* M
I?l> W'l? ^X*l* /'I'VT lnCuMMtlA*U \?rk. \emtrk. leroer HU onA Tiobokt
IRKK ()\Y. (h/Si f-iakwhebetwocuwn
Peace Conference Awaits
\\ ord from Wilson Now
to End Work.
Evidence That Diplomats
Believe Rebel Chief Is
Acting in Bad Faith.
Mrvican Delegates to Niagara
Falls Quick to Act?A B C
Envoys Passive.
Kara Falls. Ont., June S -Onera'
HuertS has authorize*, his tieiegnteo to
the ?-?ear.? conference to say that he will
Its entirety the ? Ian asTreed
I suhtnltted t.? him an?!
'?.on nine Ab: s aev
? e n i f' ?in President Wilson ap
.. ereenii-nt reached here
? ! the eonfgfgg o \..? that
? forthcoming.
American deleaate-. pr their last.
the median -s. declared
?p rrejalden? --.ould not await the,
..n of Carranaa bcf.,re indicating
approval or disapproval of the
? plans, but the medistors and th?'
? - arc still waiting for Presl
\ :l-,.-i t.? speak.
mediators bnrn from the r>uh'ic
' "*ra*i7.a w 11 make no de
?"1 ?ill not re-fly to their last
tinication Inviting him t?> send
? ? ? i thi "?i fere tice on the same
the I'nited States and the
?-.Is until he rc.io'ir?- Bal
rhere, presumably, he experts to
? ? th Villa.
ive b? i '? rences to
.:.t t! ?? Ameri ?rates have
' ? r?n Informal mating with the
II ? . ch to-morrow
re thai Car
: ,n ba?! faith, and there
? inch lor..1 the mediators
? the Pi seiden! Is be?
i | ? ? realize this fa?'*,. He has
onallsts from
i that they arc appar
? .11 ?1 of
elieve he
u disast* i - - lid be
agr<*-?fd on here
onstltutitmalists cannot
thrmHclve?-, ??r because
Uif ? lawleaenesa "f their fol
i'?ii that Presi
? \\ ?sill abandon the prin
i!:*-!s ad
'.,r *.*. hieb he hSS the tit ?
I: ,* - l..lie\f',l he
sill ?- -. ihe willitm-i.css (if Car
. t?. Mciiflce the?e prin
Ote their polltl?*-al :im
? ? ?- have sent no
rei lent Wilson regarding
. i.rl ammunition
\\a t?. the Constitutionalists
, .'<-s tna?lc rcpresen
Bpaniafa Ambassa.lor,
vb?. represents Mexico diplomatically
. -. ,! S .. ????-. and It i? am .
lions t" th?* adl
The Impree
? that when the An
? ? i ? ? ahe ? i ? l
sa* t . .i t?. lam? her ?cargo bj
thi- y arc still
at Tampico, where Huerta has ;
kailc. The mediators,
ho*, that th?***/ must preserve
* ???? ? m. itra attit i
This Mornings News.
i a r. c ?Plan . i
? Inte Tampico. a
tllaaaa '. . . ?i Death !ti Mpm.-o. a
- \rrns . a
\v??ui?i ?Oral t*ata .. : ? ?*Uct. l
J i
'??-?I ' ?.3
' '"i- '?. Kapel i w \\ . 3
,;" Ga"Me. ?bai.. . 5
' ?'''?lem) Hoi*.up.'. 6
$S0. g
d Tammany Aid. b
? ?id l-hap??i.( ' j,
- Body ni l,ak>*. 30
I | . j
.?. k ! '. \, i, ?. j_
? ? .- Stt-ry Disputed. 4
? MidsMpmea s
^'?rr.tri'? V?n.->?j Interests.y
?-Oltorl?U .g
?^?tv ., a
IJliVjury . g
.io ?i ,i n
5^1".ia and 13
;-"?*-??< - . m
"*"?* . 15
?*??i?l snd Markets-IS, 17 xmi 1?
.'*' -**'? 18
?S2;.riiv .?
vvwt Uleutiai,, I-oilce. lite Uepl...l9,
Lipton Has Every Confidence in
the Shamrock IV.
L-Midon, .lune fi |n response to an
Invitation f??r his opinion of the Shan,
i<*'k iV's showing m Thursday's
Btratchlng trip Sir Thomas Upton Mid
"The Shamrork IV came in? t.? itn
fullest expectations during her trial
--eaterday. She will do Mill better tnd
l haw ever*, confidence In her ultimate
success. The four leaven will ?!<> the
Wall 8treet Backs U. S. in Polo
and Yacht Contests.
netting interest .n the coming polo
match between the American and Brit
ish t?sams lagged In Wall Street yes- !
terday. There was ?om?? money In
sight however, at Fred Bchuram's cafe,
in St??ne st one a*ager being mad? of
?f."??-? t?? 1300 that the Americans would
w.n the series. There whs another bel
of S^'Mm to IliTiO that the Am? rlcan team
would win the first match
On the yacht race, odds that the
Ameri(*an cup defender would retain
the title were 10 to 6, ami that the
challenger **? ild oae the n t-?? t race i?>
to 8.
Welcomed by Delegate of
Poincare?Won't Talk
srbOUrg, June ",. Colonel Th?<"?d<?'"c
Ro"sevelt arrived her.? to-nlgl t on board
t e steamer Olympic, on his way to Bpaln
to attend the wedding of his son. Kermll
Roosevelt, to'Mlss Belle Wyatt Wlllard
?'o^or.el RooaevcH was offlclall; welcamtd
<>n behalf of t'-e Fren? ii government.
The private cat of Prealdent Polncasi
whs <rn? i" ? ' r.. ? It. .i e f..r the n??-- of the
... an?l M. Nle
toux. aai refect of Cherbourg, vas
? him. ?'olonel i;
velt was greati*. pleased at his reception.
He wan th? ? ? real of 111 ? - pas
seneer*? as he stepped briskly down tha
gangplank from the steamer.
? al '?' evelt ileeiare.i the sea voy?
age lad treat ; benefited him. nnd that
he never felt hetter in his life. He looked
the pit-tun perfi I health. His -oi ,??
was good and he was in tine spirits.
The cane he carried on board the Olym?
pic at New York had been diacarded by
: el Roosev? it v hen he ? ..vi "re.
He said he had gained In weight sin ??? he
left America, and hoped thai af"v . |?j
European trip i.< would i?e entirely re?
covered from the illness ron tract ed in the
jungles of South An erica.
"I haven't had any chilla," said ?'olon-i
Roosevelt, "and ah lo i'-.y i ealth I think
j ou '"i- youi seif, i would l e
read'- for an.?Hier trip, so far as ni>
:? cob erne.l. hut 1 haven't any
explorations 01 any more adventurer in
foi ths preaent."
?'??lonel Roosevelt declined to comment
on the criticisms published concerning his
reported discoveries In Sen h America.
He had notion?; to s..y regarding the po
bti?.il s;t'iati?>ii in the t'nited States.
Pleaaure whs expressed by ?'olonel
Roosevelt at the courtesies shown him by
President Poincare, and lie said he ex
nl to !'."?> his r? spects t?? the I
dent to-morrow. !!.? declared that he
woul? ? ged to refuae a numl ?
Invitations In Parla, but thai he would
: th? luncheon ot M. Hano'aux t??
morroW) and also expected to me?? \
gust Rodin, for whom he ha?l much ad?
? olonel Roosevelt will leave Sunday for
Madrid. He left here to-night at midn ghl
for l'arls, wher? he has made arrange?
ments to et??*? at a hot-l until his de?
parture for Spain.
London, .lune 5??'olonel Theodore
Roosevelt? who arrived at Plymouth <?n
board th" Olympic to-day, declined to
make a statement to the crowd oi ??
porters who boarded the ship, The
red thai he had said all he In?
tended i" fore sailing for Europe, and
added tl at he might '.'?Ik later l
Tli<- Mayor of Plymouth and a party of
distinguiahed person?,?:?i went on board
the ? >)? in pa- ;?? Rieet Colonel R ?? >.?-??> ?It on
If of the ? '
? ,? ? velt did not laial and pro
ed on t?. Cherbourg ai?"ar.i the Olym
. ?. I ? '? Mayor and his deputa?
tion that he ha?l greatly enjoyed the trip
from Sea Voik. an?l said lie was In ex?
cellent health.
Miss Bushnell, Wandering with
$1,413, Taken to Bellevue.
A weeping young woman wandered
ai??>iit c.raml Central Station yester?
day, h'H'iinir a barking collie dog, which
rprang at any <>ne who approached her.
Mis- Helen Mlchelaen, <?f the Trav?
ellers' \;<l Society, succeeded in mak?
ing friendJ with the ???Hie, and then
? i the gin If she ? ould help her.
???????s. i want t" be captain ?>f the
lc; that's what I < sme to New
for,** the young woman replied
Then, if I ?an't be captain of the
Titanic. I want t?> be captain of the
Aiiuitari's. I must he."
Uli jam quieted bei and
Bnally ?*"t h< ; ? n ? Third av. cai and
took her to ?Bellevue. There she ?,;,,,i
?he va*- Miss Ellen Bushnell, of Great
ngton. M
i hand hag she hud ?1.413 In Ulla
Waiter Bushnell, ? brother, who lives
m Hillsdal?-. N. V., was ii"'](li'i!.
Passengers Cheer Aircraft
Equipped with Searchlight.
\. a Haven. June ?; l'aaseiiKciii on a
Nets Haven wain early to-?u> *re*wrtad
thai an aaraplane, .?iuu?pe?i with a
I in, < ?l the train from
Htamfonl. ?
\?a> Mllfonl Hie ;,? BUM Withlll
a u? buiidivU fett of ihe train. ,
Trade Commission Ap?
proved Without Neces?
sity of Rollcall.
Railroad Securities Legislation,
as Amended, Makes Radical
Changes in Big Lines.
' Frota The Tribune I".ur???n I
Washington, June ?">. After two
weeka' debate the House passed to-day
ihe thr?'e bills constituting the admin?
istration's nnti-trust programma No
all was demanded on the Coving
ton bill t.? astabltah sn Interstate trade
. ommlesion. Representative Murdoch,
Progressive ?ender. offered a motion to
recommit with Instructions to bring In
tl-." Progressive party's bill. The mo?
tion vus overwhelmingly defoate?! and
the administration bill passed on a viva
vu. e vote.
The Clayton bill, roverlng interlock?
ing directorat?wi, holding companlea
price discriminations and the pro-labor
provisions, ?tras passed by a vote of '?!"."?
10 ."?1. Representative White, an Ohio
Democrat, voted against the party pro
The A damson-Rs y bum bill, giving
the interstate Commerce Commission
jurisdiction over the issuance ??f rail?
way stocks and bonds and prohibiting
interlocking directorates among com?
mon carriers after two years without
the express consent or the commission,
?.va? passed, ?"?-?'"' to 12. There was lit?
tle opposition to this measure on the
minority aide. A few state's rights
Democrats made repeated efforts to
amend the bill so as to set out sp?*-ci*i
the rights of state railroad com?
missions, l'ut nU changes were voted
doa n.
R? publicans who voted for the <'|.?v
ti'ii bill, the principal measure, did not
thereb* signify their full approbation
of tho measure as drawn, but the mi?
nority members who are not opposed to
trust legislation depend upon the Sen?
ate to corr? vhat defects may exist
in the i ?emocratic bill.
Tiio Adarason-Rayburn railway se?
curities bill as adopted ia a substitute
for tin* bill originally brought in by the
Interstate Commerce Committee. This
substitute, offered to-day and ap?
proved, contains a revised section re*
lating i?? Interlocking directorate's
among railroads which is perhaps the
most Important provision m the bilL
n will directly affect many of the prin?
cipal systems of th?** country and will
g a bou l radical changes In dir?*c
t'irat? s.
The bill ais?? embraces a similar 'per?
sonal Ktiiit" clause applying tu railroad
" ?s win? permit th? issuance ?*f
stocks and bonds contrary to the *>r?i
vlsiona of the proposed raw giving the
Interstate Commerce Commlaaion juris?
diction over such Isi i
Trade Commission Bill.
The principal provisions .,f ?:... three
-?? 'i to-day arc ;.-? fo loe -.
The Covlngton Trade Commission bill
' wo ild turn ?iv.-i t... a commission <>f three
liera the power now held l>y ths ti
reau of ?'oii>oratioiis in the Department
of Commerce, and confer on ihe commis
non additional powera The bill provides
for the appointment of three commission?
er- 'I hi ' ommlsaloners would serve six
, years .?t 110,000, and employ a ?aeretary
at ICON.
After abolishing the Bureau of Cor
t poratlona and ihe offices of Commissioner
and Assist.int Commissioner ??r i orpora
fions the bill would turn over the orga i
i/.ation and pow.-rs of the bureau to ihe
new (?ommlaalon it then provides that
? orporatlona with a < apital of not
leaa than $??,000,000, ex. :ept tho.?? n,.w- aub
( .?iiiiiiii?.i on i.Ktf 4. relama '.
Daring Thefts in Manhattan
and Brooklyn Result in
Chauffeur's Arrest.
Sleuth Shot in Cocaine Hunt May
Die from Bullet Fired by
Three hold-ups, one in Brooklyn, two
in Manhattan, sil In ?row de.1 sections,
in which the mbb**rs Reiz?d a total of
more than ftUlOO and escaped in auto?
mobiles, and the shooting, probably
fatal) of a detective and the wounding
of three othei persons in the same ?n
?ident. was the police record for four
hours v?stenla
Tli?' first of the two daring hold-ups
took place ahortly after in o'clock, a?.
the entrance i ? the factory of the
Mi iiir* Pa ? ''ompany, 52 Jay st.,
Brooklyn. Two rlerka ??f the company
were compelled at the points of re?
volvers held b? two men tr? cive up ,i
satchel contain;) g It,.? drawn for the
w eekly pa) roll.
The second robbery look place a
litt', more than an hour later, at 14th
?st. and Eighth a?-. Manhattan, and the
similarity of methods leads the police
to beltcvc nil t?? have been the work ?>f
the same gang.
The Si 1'oini hold-lip in Manhattan
occurred In an elevator al 1123 Brcad
i way at 1 o'cloi k yesterday afternoon.
Five men knocked off the hat of Mai
c?'im Mobrey as he was carrying 11.600
up to th< ??"i? ? of McKenzie. Vorhees
<? Gmelin, archit?*-cts. As Mobrey
st... p. ,i to pick up his hat the men
pot one of hi > ,,n bundles, but missed
the t wn ot I
They rum ed "?it of the elevator be
fore the knew of his loss.
| caught ." dose? -ling elevator and k>?;
awn in the d rectlon <-f downtown, in
a black automobile which was waiting
for them at the door with the engine
1 The car which they are certain ''*"
iircd in two of t!ie robberies vas |. nd
1 in The Bronx late in the afternoon, and
the police said its driver, Frederick
Kelly, of ??-7 Rasl 137th st., had con?
fess?-.!, after ? I ? ? g examination.
Money Carrier Clubbed.
The number of the car Kelly w.-'S
operating 4 ?*_*. *_*?"? was. a?**Cordil)g to
witnesses, on the automobile in which
two men escaped after blackjacking
two em ploy ea of the American t'nn
Manufacturing ?'ompany at ill West
1 It It st.
Ti . aaaaulted man. John Bonnavelt,
of 280 Chap? Ireenvllle, N. .1., .ml
,i??!ui Armstrong of 478 Prospecl '-iai*e,
Brooklyn, tvere r? turning to the factor*)
building from the New York County
Bank, at 14th at. and Kijthth av<\, with
?a satchel contain ug ?52.700, part of fie
; weekly payroll of the < oncern.
When in fron* of the huiliUn**-, Arm
stron***. who w.is ?aralklng about tlv.
pace* in th" rear of Bonnavelt, who
carried the money, was knocked un?
conscious with .? blackjack. As ho fell
to the sidewa ? .i m.nd man struck
Bonnavelt from behind, seised him by
ihe ?ollar of h - ?.?.it and rush.il him
toward a wail ng automobile on the
Curb. Bern navel I held on to the bag,
but after repeated blows fell to the
In full vi.?w of a crotvded 14th st.
crosstown car and hundred! of the
' marketmen In ihe street, as well as
many of the emploj*<es of the can c??m
! pany, the two men, With the money in
their possession, Jumped Into the auto?
mobile and a*ere soon loot sipht of.
Th?? motorman <?f the car, J??hn
' Bmith, of I9C \' \ . and Michael Lan
(onliniie.) on page .'I. rnliimn '{
Commuters and Villagers Chuckle Over Contest, One
Sided for Animal Until Passaic River Span
Interferes in Game.
Rverybod) is picking on the Erie Kail
road over in New Jersey. It waa noi
many .lavs ago that a horde of lawle***
Jeraeyltea Btopped one of its trains an?.:
ied u? cars by sraahlng their win?
feeterdai t!.<? ultimata was reached ?"?'
:i Jersey <????. p,,,, tfull)
?m? slaughter In Paterson, ea aped
and Inalsted upon using the Erie's north?
bound New Yoik track for pramenadlng
oaea ???'Hd not i?e Induced to step
? to lel an exp?es?? pass an?) h?d.l up
train service f.?r an Intennlnabla tima
The ?'S? ape of the Jersey fr??m the
slaughter yards at Paterson still remains
a mystery, but ShS was next peen on the
Erie's track in the vicinity .?f Athenia.
in due course of tune aha aas overtaken
by a tiaui bearing ?*ommutera to New
Tin- < . ? ? ? tooted his whistle. The
row paused to look aroumi and continued
.m her way, ? hewing het cud. The train
stopped. The crew got out and assault? d
her with profanity. That proved un?
availing ami ?oal could not be thrown
| away. Cajolery was tried.
"look tow, sook cow. pretty bossy.
?pretty bossy, vorne here, pretty bo-Mo'"
until finailv losing ell patience the "come
l..:. pretty botst? y." ?. hsna?-<l to yet oft
the ?track, you old brute!''
The ? ow chewed her cud and -?.alked
steadily along. In the course of time
Brig engineers ? 'quire philosophy. Hut
even for tticni vas a bit morticing to]
1 .h hi *
be paced by a deliberately moving cow, no
longer in the sprin-rtlms of her youth and
i ?n the cow went:
N?-nher ?f..pp^,| pr.r ttaytet the
' B4N ?.?.?M ?he
Bebind her puffed the tialn; on. on. on
through th.? Villa??? of West N'ltley, Nut
ley. Av?un?ale. Esses, Belleville, Rlver
.-ide an.l Keai nj.
Smiling residents ruahed t.? t?-ie?.hones
and chirped the news along t?> frieti'l?
ahead, ?.arger gi?-w the crowd? at each
atatton lo tant and more voluminous the
ironic cts<tSrs and laughter which gre?-te<i
the tram .?- saaad
The c.imniiit.r? on the train were bv
this tune Btrong for that Jersey. "Vou
dare hit that cow with your old engine.
an.I what will happen to you will be a
plenty." the] told the train crew. 1 or?
gotten were bualncss appointir.ei.ts. en?
gagements, everybody was intent on
knowing what that cow would do, where
she was bound.
The end came when the animal tried
to craSS the bridge over the Passalc to
Kast Newark She fell throurfh and had
to be haul?! out by ropes, passengers.
poli? e and Untaten, in triumphant pre
cession she waa mar? heil down the main
street of Kearny, halted before the town
ball snd milked. Ka? h commuter got a
gill of her milk as a souvenir. Kea-ny sot
the i-ow.
Now Kearny wants to know what it's
going to do with her. _
$3,000 HEART BAL
Tenor Settles .$100,0
Breach of Promise Snil
Out of Court.
Alleged Love Affair with M
Meffert Began Some Six
Years Ago.
The BUlt for $100,000 for breach
promise h m tight last April against E
rico ?'aniso by Miss Mildred Meff?
has been settled out of court, and t
tenoi is as a conseQuence now tra
elling through Europe, his sleep und
turtxsd. Miss Meffert has returned
him his letters, all of them, and in a
dition has promised never again
bring up to the temperamental sing
the vision of her ruptured heart.
All of which cost Slgnor Caruso, if
understood, just ?13,000, which sum
paid Miss Meffert for the return of 1
letter? last month, the day before I
f-ailed for Europe. Miss Mcffort's la;
yer, Irving E. Ziegler, <?f 27 Willla
st., ?acknowledged yesterday to a r
porter f??r The Tribune that the BU
had been settled, though he refused
say for what amount.
"it is trim that Mr. Caruso haa ma?
a sett!.-tn? ni to Miss Meffert, I
will not say how mu h." aald Mr. Ziej
1er. "I myself did n?>t want her to N
tie so soon, as she could, I am aur
have obtained more had sh.? walte?
However, she did not take my advii
and the affair Is now ended. Canil
has hack his love letters, and m
parently both sides are satisfied.
have no idea where Miss Meffert i:
nor have I j-ecn her sin?-?? the scttl?
As both Caruso and his lawye
Alfr.'il Scligsberg, arc in Europe, the
side of the story could not be learnet
li is understood, however, thai Mil
Meffert offered to settle for V?MQ be
for?' she brought h??r suit, but tha
the tenor at that time declared sh
( should not have a ?"
Miss Meffert brought her ittl
against Bigflor Caruso on April S!
She was then living al 741 Fifth av
and sh.- alleged that the singer hs
promise?*] to marrj h?-r on April ?
l'.tii?". at 225 West lith st. In her com
plaint She said that she h??d "cast asid
all possible future prospect! ?>f mar
tiage, because ?>f lui attachment." an?
in proof of her p??siti'>n she mad.- pub
lie a number <?f letters written t.. he
by ?'aniso, in which he Invariable
signed himself as '?Baby."
Caruso first met Mist* Meffert a
th? Metropolitan Opera Houee in IW
at ,a performance of "T?>s?a." Hi
attentions Immediate*!) b?-? am<* arden
ami it is aald that they travelled to
gtther both in this r<> ;:.!r*y and n
Italy. Mr. Ziegler st th.* time h?
brought suit alleged that Caruso hai
given his client $i ?.,?""??? worth .?f Jewelr*
and had allowed her *:.""" .? year.
Saving of $1,000,000 a Year to
Be Made by Increase.
I By TtlegtapA t? ; .?? Tribune ;
ti. June ."??The New York. New
Haven & Hartford Railroad, .?
to an announcement tods ? \p?-? ts to
save at least $?fiOO,Wf? a yesr by an
Inrrasmi of fares and bj a curtailment
In train service throughout New Eng?
land The e?oii"!nv ?ill be put into
effect With the inauguration of the
summer schedule on Sunday.
Fares Will be in? r?*as.?l slightly, the
tariff batWMn I'.oston and New York
b.ing raised Jo cents The road will
discontinue IM trains, whl h have
?.?.n op.i.it.d 3,330 n.ilea a day
have eario'l less than ."??? cents a mile
The total daily train mi.eag. v\
decreased about ?1,500 fr?.m ."???,? s?', it
? ia expe? ted that tin advaii.e in fares
will in? rvase the ai.nuitl revenues by
Crowds Fill Court to Hear
Testimony in Singer's
Witnesses Tell of Conjugal En?
dearments Between Rapp and
the "Other Woman."
[By Te\egrnph to Th? Tribun? I
Chicago, June B.?A sensation seek?
ing audience crowded both .s?"--ions of
die Scluimaun-lleink divorce trial to
day and were disappointed repeatedly
bv the abrupt ending of depositions
just as they gave promise of becoming
interesting. They ?hanged as fre
quently as reels In the nickel "movie"
Persons who held tiVir places on the
benches from early morning until a.l
Joumment In the afternoon wer?- re?
warded by a view- of madame'? primly'
tailored ?back, turned uncompromisingly
toward them, and with the canned tes?
timony of the N.w Y??rl- detectives she
. had engaged to shadow her husband,
William Rapp. jr., an.l Mrs. Catherine
Dean, thei "other woman."
Every hour <?:" every day f??r many
ihs each movement made by Kapp
was Jotted down in the notebook of one
o? matlame's three sleuths. But the)
had sioppi'l short of peeping through
keyholes or putting dictographs into
the apartments where ?Rapp and Mrs.
Dean had lived, in the whole mass of
; testimony there was .mly a single in
eiilent tending to show that th?- rela?
tions ?between the two wer?? anything
but f'irmal. In that Instance <>ne of
tho detectives, Kitg.nc Rosse, testified
lie h.'nl heard Mrs. Dean fay to Rapp
as she I. ft him at the door of a butcher
"Walt a minute, dear, until I get
something for to-morrow."
Though madame ?gave no outward
evidente ??f agitation a.-t her lawyers
waded through the depositions, she was
inwardly much disturbed Bhs is under
contract to sing In the Wagnerian f?*s
tival at Bayreuth on June 13, and time
for her is precioua Mentally sh?* was
weighing the value of each deposition
to her ease against the value of the
time consumed in reading them. She
has announced through her lawyers
h.-r Intention of staying in Chicago till
her case is decided.
h> another d?position John Berger, a
j*nitor, testify?! that Mrs. Dean and
K: PP occupied the same apartment, at
M] ?'entrai Park West, New York.
Berger siso siid he had seen Mark
Harrison, an actor, tahoss name ha<l
been mentioned by Maples, in the
""he ??.-position "f Rn-se was taken
up in the afternoon.
"1 first saw Mr Rapp ?m December
14, 1912." R.sse te.stifle?!. "I went to
bis olHcc, at No. 1 West 34th st.. New
York, and 'covered' the building-that
1-, I watched the entrance until he
.? ? ul at ?, o .lo. k in thV evening.
"Mr. Rapp walked to Fourth av. and
23d ?-t. He m?-t a lady there and rod?*
uptown with her on a subway train.
When they got off the train I was fol?
I?,?.?. i'.K them, The) entered an apart*
m? nt bouae at Is? Holmes st togeth
? i
'Ihe ln?i?lei:t In whi.h Mrs. Dean ad
drtSSSd Rapp as ".?ear" occurred the
following Sunday. Rosse testified.
Neither he nor sny of the other ?b
l.oneiits whose depositions thus far
' have been read Into the record ever
beard Rapp and the "other woman"
,:,!, one another anything but "Mr.
j; ,| p or ' Mrs. D<
Rosse testified furth?r that M 'he
morning ??f F?Lruar> . he. with "Mi.
' ' he;..) of the detectlve agi
by Mme. S. humann-Helnk.
Ellas Mayer, one ?>i *wuBuae*s law?
yam, '?'?d Detective? Wells ami Maple-?,
watched Rapp and the woman coitui out
of the house. Rapp, he said, was car
| o lug ?us suitcod-*.
Edison and Its Subsidiary
Companies Seek Grant of
50-Year Monopoly.
May Be 'Knocked on Head/
Says Official, When the
Details Are Aired.
$100,000,000 PRIVILEGE
Rights Estimated at Fnormoui
Sum Would Be Swapped for
Power Worth $100.000.
The City of New York has before lt p\
petition of the New York Kdlson i'nm?
pany and three of Itfl subsidiaries ask
it-*** for a franchis?? ? on9?rva*ive'.y ????ti
inuted ns worth 1100.000,000 in return
for electrical power valued at the very
outside .?t 1100,000.
A public hearing on the frarrhisa
will be held on Friday. July ... before
the Roar?! of Estimate In the City Hall,
The form of contra?*, has airead/
been drawn nnd has received the ay?
proval of the Hoard of Water Supp'.v.
The contract, which waa formally
approved May 22 of this year, givea
to the Edison Company and it? West
ehester County subsidiaries. Th? Trib?
une was informed, a monopoly of tha
sale and distribution of electrical
energy in the borough? of Manhattan
and The Bronx and a practical mo?
nopoly in the County of Westchestef
for th? next fifty yeara.
?When The Tribune called to the at?
tention of a high city official, who re
quested that his name be not used, the
provisions of the profKaSed franchise
"1 have not examined it yet. A pub?
lic hearing has been set at which tha
Whole matter will U* thrashed out. Hut
if it Is as represented it will be knocked
on the heed."
Hearing "Unofficial.*
A hearing was held on the proposed
franchise before the Board ??f Bstlmatsj
yesterday, it was called an Munoffi<rtal
hearing." The whole matter was re?
ferred to the Committee on franchises?
? onsistlng of Mayor Mitchel, Presltlenl
M. Alien*, of the Hoard of ^Aldermen
and President Mathewson ??I* the bor?
ough of The Bronx,
Although the petition of the tt?UXOW
Company and its subsidiaries aekli*-?*
for this valuable franchise was tiled
with the muni??pal authorities more
than a year ago to be exact, on Hay
28, 1913?not a person appeared In <?p
posltton at yesterday'a hearing.
Thi?. The Tribune was informed last
mght. was because not a word had bean
permitted, by those vitally interested?
to leak out.
In hi ief, the franchise, if the city
grants it, mid powerful interests ara
urging the grant, will give the BdlMS
I Company the follow r g tor prtxctleglif
A strip of l.nd thirty-three miles lonij*
and 111 f? et aride for its use f,,r fifty
This land runs along the Catskttl
A.i leduct lands from Putnam Valley
down to tlie The Bronx ?ouiitv Una,
Complete Monopoly.
This franchise on its faca will mean
giving to the Edison Company and its
Westchester County subsidiaries a
complete monopoly of the sale and dis?
tribution in Westchester County, in
Manhattan and The Bronx of electrical
energy for tha next fifty years.
Thin is obvious feom the follow.mf
excerpt fr??m the proposed form of con?
tra? t :
"Wh.-i'as, Th?- Kdison, the I'ni'.il,
the Yonker? and the West? hester com?
panies (the last three are .?subsidiaries
of the Kdlson) have Joined in a petition
to the board in whi? h SS****** several1?*
requests that the board grant to each
company the right or franchise wiinin
the territory In win? h it operatea 10
??.?natruct, maintain and use ducts, con?
duits, poles and towers, with the nec?
essary Satures attached tii?-r??to, and ?o
install ami maintain th?r?in and ther?*
on all Wims, cablea or otiier conductors
upon and along the Lands acquired f >r
i'atskill Aqueduct purpisis and other
lands acquired for water anpply | ur?
by the City of New York fio?*.?
the Buttery in the Borough of Man?
hattan to the lioundary line between
Um ? ??unties of "Westi-heater and Plat?
imm i??r the putrpess <?f ?<nveying and
transmitting el<-< tri? rit) and aupplying
and distributing the same for light,
l-.-at and ppveff ?nd for general com
ii.? r? lai purposes, and propos?e to fur.
nish the city with both high and loir
tension current for the purposes bet?
inabove not?d without cost to the ? ity
aa payment for aald proposed grant.
Now th.-refore, in ?onsideratlon of
the mutual covenants and a-rr? ementa
herein ?.oittalned. the partiea hereto do
hereby on. nanl and agree aa follows:
' .?"Vetion 1. The city hereby grants . . .'?
And then the pr??p<<?*?d form of con
|***M t ? ontinues to enumerate with legal
' diction the provisions of the grant ra

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