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Perthshire Gallops to Easy
Victory in Garden City
Selling Handicap.
joe Rosenfield Runs All Over the
Track, but a Stablem.ite Goes
to His Rescue and Wins.
By Herbert.
<. Herbert Dnlerl
>*ark was a picture yesterday.
^ s ?aedly crowd turned out-tho
third bin-test of the meeting, in faot-but
?lie reci?a ?wee hslo** the standard of
pit-v On the ?-.hole a cheat? lot
to the i>om. at,.! , hea;.
n ordinary racing and poor
?port Be U was.
rerth?h n W?*** the ??arden t'ity Selling
HaJidi. a;? trom lx>hcngrln. Any Tort
?u> Hsher without rein*- hard
>j-gat While *1 ?-T-? i.\>tton captured the
?SBBplirMi** after meetln-? with enough
?Bterfer?*;. e to discourage any but the
l?Tne?*i These races were the features.
?* feature? they could be called.
The Steward? overlooked a clear duty
IB not dit?q,ualif>ir.g Adventuress, which
nn seroi 1 In the chase. They would
lave h? ?? 0 option If the mare had won.
?j Hani Igen, **ho had the mount, seemed
--,-: on winning ly foul means if not by
*gj-* He a.lowed Adventuress to bump
.-ad otherwise interfere with Qua (Jot?
ton two or three times In th? last half
mile, and while thwarted In his efforts to
f-t ?At mount home In front deserve-1
??salahn.er.t.*ust the same, under the clear
Istter of the nil??. Rough riding must
|e discouraged over the Jump?, as It is
Islnf discourage.* by the stewards who
?-?Mide evsr the fat racing.
Joe Roeenfleld Is a speedy three-year
ala. but a most uncertain one. The day
ntj- cor. ? when he will learn to follow
the straight .-?r.rt shortest way to the fln
mX line, l?sternl of ducking here and there
er rur ver the track. When it
iut he will win -?"m* purses for I-avid
laarerso!. who '.?ought him from John K.
*- ?esday for a price some?
thing U? ' 5- "
Joe Kosenfteld started In the second
n-e and after Mazing along
:n front le tl * :ar turn took it into hlM
whln-.si.r.l h?a . to see how much ground
If could cover, and Anally was restrained
only hy the outside ralL Fortunately for
Mr Stevenson. Rartlett proved a much
?ore second string to his
lew and, working clear at the last fur
Sag ; '. down the purse which
IS ?table companion so ruthlessly tossed
Joe Roeenfleld'a Bwenrlng propensities
c-St Suinter a suspension in his previous
SU, a much stronger boy.
tul'. I ""red the same fate if any
Ian, ; near ei otigh to meet with
When the co'.t bolted a full
?WH nan won:?} have been as bel]
?S ten-year-old boy to direct the order
? - -
latter Maid ts one of the bent looking
l?s ir, and, ?according to the
"guilds," she has been burning up the
tart In her work, on top of this Mr.
Mien expressed the | it confidence
? to- ability to win the last race and
ait r,o ?secret of hi? feelings. Charter
Mm m 1; It takes more than
AM look? and fast work la the morning
??tn race? in the afternoon.
h-Be excuses could be offered for the
Mat or the Sur Shoot fiily. as
a was < rowded and banged about in the
?il part of the ract. but if Mm was the
*?1 tood two-year-old Indicated by her
?tri* and her last race, when 6he ran sec
?1 to Razzano, she would have been
*Wgt char of the rather ordinary Held
L b? the even break, and so free from
k was a slow ract, too,
Jk|Nifoi.M?.'ring the dead track.
- " I T. ? ratched his horses on
*mn\ ol h .i.ath in the family.
hat? Butler's i.nat Is well named. She
??7 Vuier-Mosiulto.
?*ow Well in Two Periods of
Snappy Work?Game Ends
in a Deadlock.
?*? Arn same of water polo ever
h**d In this country by women took
*?? last night under the direction of
**? ***at.' h I.ifesavlng league
|tU po... et ti., old Crescent Athletic
***? in Brooklyn.
? ?bj s remarkably fast, clever exhi
*??? throughout the two seven-minute
WotlB, and n tr.ded in a tie at 3 goals
/be two teams, ptehed from the leading
Immer? o? the l?anle, and captained
*??* tlv. ;>? by M?. XjsXjnm Howard and1
7*? W Hofstadt. were matched to a
? and the ?core ???saiTBd i?aok and
'r' tstt Mat, tii.-i th,- ? ? . scor
. ??Waiu 8 ?,. Morrl? of ?.? M N;ivi,
?**'"'"? *h<> ha? taui-lit the girls til
w about the game, refereed the
(oui, "^ b*<1 **- ,*il- on->' three or four
th Mil? e
""?y leurteen players ean?
. ***| Mcbt'a match, ther? ar
.'"*?-. and it i? th?* In?
!';f NOMtte? in charg? to
-^^^?-??w teams and arransj? a
??????,'' P ,0,,rn?"nciit for th? It-gut.
?????I?? follows;
m\mY m "**fc Ml?*? mMSMMtmYa Vu Of*
... Mm- 11..)
.M - l*>? .11
f?? Hat.i,,,, .Mr*. Wal-lls
1 . Mi.? N. i?,-.
^ Uikj,,-. '< .Ml?? Sul??n
._ 0 PXahU
?y . ? b
?tate League Results.
?? K.lleadltig. 1.
?. 1 "?""?>?*. i, *iork, 1.
P-P??| Rock Racist Associatio?
Locust ValUy, L. I.
"-"Ir*** It?, r at i its p. M.
y. u*".'" Wl" ?**?"*
MMMn. u,*1"'1 '-"i??? and the 1 Uti u.-h w?
[S. ,>*'f"""*..? ?i li .;? v M ,?,?.,.,
*??,,, ?' '?"> it-sui?, snalas ?i t>
Xmammtsm**.*.^ ?*)'>ul ?**?*??> -??*?\en mile?
IS 2 , . ki '' """1 'n'- **** rout.- f?r
Cff'W.,, ' - M?nh???Mt. I
'?** \ *nt>"ml of HoalVB), Ole? C?v. .i.d
Wins in Singles and Doubles at
Marine and Field Olub.
O. t'arlton, winner of the recent New
i York I?awn Tennis Club's tournament,
! gained the lion's share of success yester?
day on the courts of the Marine and Field
? Club, In Bensonhurst. In the semi-final
j round of the singles the former Columbia
I snd Princeton man defeated Charles C.
' Chambers at 6?0, 6?1, at no time allowing
the latter a chance. He played every
stroke with a sting and wicoked Cham
bers's attempts to outpla<r? him.
In the final round of the doubles, paired
with King Smith, Bhefer defeated Van
derhllt B. Ward and Walter Hasard at
???3, 7?*?, d?23. Hoth sides indulged In
frequent Johr'ng tactics, with a view t?->
bringing off "kill.-*" of the high balls.
$30,000 TO FORCE
English Fight Promoters Guaran?
tee Negro That.Sum for
Battle with Langford.
[By ?""?hie to The Tribune. I
London, June 6.?Seeking to entice
Jack Johnson into the ring, Hubert Har?
ris and Gerald Austin, Kngllsh fight pro?
moters, have deposited MO.OO0 in ?gold 111
the office of "The Sportsman," g news
paper. This money will be Johnson's if
he meets Sam Langford here next October.
Johnson's representative? 'lemanded that
amount win, lose or draw, and the pro
mot, rs promptly agreed. "It's up to John
n*>n now,'" Hart is .--aid.
]?angford is expected here within a fort?
night, and his manager has cabled his ac?
uco of the terms, the promoters say.
"The Sportsman" will publish to-morrow
photographs of Ihe money deposited as
The English fight fans think that John?
son cannot dodge the battle now.
Bryant High Wins
the Pendry Cup
Bryant High School captured the Al?
derman William H. Fenary cup by de?
feating "?'ushwick High School In the
third and deciding game at Wallace's
J"!eidt Brooklyn, yesterday. The acore
to 3.
Full Summary of Racing
at the Belmont Park Track
""IRRT V V E ! 'or two-year-old?; $400 added. Five furlont;?. St-rt ?-rood, Wen eaallv. Tim'
1 ?'I**. Winner. 1. t, hv B?n Bruah?Ecat arina. Owner, James Hutler. Trainer, R. C
IV n bos.
1??T 0
?'?tail!.a .I .';
? BCS ... 2
The l'lnn .I 4 107
Captain I'arr . . ?' IW
? Bettina:.
I Open. HIki.. CJos?. 1*1. M.
1 .1
i ao
l a
i a
5 ?
7 2
?"atnllna raced ?Test?Twin Into ?uhml??lnn and ?-unie away un.ler a hand rhle. rienr?re Roesch
foiiftht out the finis?. i;.>ii.. I', but The Finn i? likely to turn the tahl.? with mor?' ?eat-onlng.
! or three-year-old? and upward, $400 added. Ms furlong?. Start good. Won
:i.|?len out. Time, 1:15. winner, b. ?., 3, hy Ji.no Blanca. Own?-, David Dltivin-asa
Trainer J. Mci.uui-.hiin. Jr.
Purtew i''\\? ?-' k H
?Rartl? ic? ?? ITS 3>4
:. 101 Bit1
en 4 !???? :i B" 4?
I..i-{-i:. S !??? 4 1" 1*
v>. v Bustar. ...I 7: 11) 7 ?' ?t>
Ai-paBslonat? .. ' i 110 l 7'-? s
Beiray . S IOS - 4-j r."
?j Rota-mfl? id . a 10* ?" 1? ?'
v-- hutttnser
i Brady
M-Cal -y
Mr? 'abe
Opea. Hi?
4 B ' 4 -B i ':
Pi Ht 7-""
14 *. 14 .*. 1
?7 1<?
I K?
B 1
7- -lo 4,*.
i a
i a
?<*tevenson omiv,
Bartlett. well up all the way, rame on in the ?tretrh, when Penreful tired ?ml Jop Ro?en
fleld ran 'o the out?lde r?ll l.lttle Nearer ran to hi? rr?t form Merthov. n ?h?wr.| Iniprov.?
,.r hi? last race, but looks better than he race?. Bel?y, In dos? .juanera on the rail,
can ?lo '
THIRD F:v?'E Belling; for three voar-old? snd upward: fvx? added ?'?ne mllr Start good.
Won driving Tnuf. i 4" Winner, b. t.. ?'. by M.i;?e - Mit? Canol?. Owner, k. j. Mc
Otraw. Trainer. J. M?-? ullou-fh.
Travers. I
Dart worth
Yodeling ?
l ? Mill?.
?a .I
Ptr p-j
.To key?
j Buxton
, K\ UTI
Man o
? B?ttlns.
'l?-*:i. Mlrl? Clo?s. l'l 3d.
! 1
B :
4 .*.
t? .*.
i~..i.. Tr.vru outrun early. <-lo?ed with a Well lined rus* In the stretch. I?.irt Aorth fol
>ei Tut had iiothiiu left after wssrln? Todeltaf dow? Latter had s world
, . ? -.... I. ? -....neniara, carried al?n* too fa.t around the far turn, -
,?, ,,T|, msCS Belling; handlcai foi lhi-?e-y?-ai*---?ld? end Wifl; 1800 added. Mile and ?
Time. 1:40 Winner. V h. I by Cangbnawaga-Berth
Adrians Trainer, N. By-r.
????-. .in, p?fp Opon. High Clew. PI ?M.
\i '
un ? ell
1? 17 I??
? u ?r,eed and nr\er am In BCti "?? ilan'.rr. I.ohennrlii ?how?.I quiek In.
"?"""". ' !.. lire A?v l'ort closa-d With a rush, an.l ?HI U-ar ?atcMtlg O?) Klsher
pro? m ?t ?"?I run in? r?? e. ?<?? .
liad ix
. ... ? ,,,, -.-???. for t,..,i year old-? and upwar.. ?500 ?-hied
ill n RA? I. - Won ridden .???i rita?, 4 ?T Winner,
Tr.mer. ?^d?. Garth
Roland I*.!?.:"
Shannon River
. ' 1
I- \\t .-t.
. 4
? 1
Il 14.-.
I '
I? 1
'.'." a
ji o.?
a ? i ?
4 4
Ionen. High. Clo?e. 1*1. 3d.
?i .*. 7.11 i?? a *?
, r, .*. i?i :, l
7 r ? b
, 7 .*? :i ? 4 .*.
li- i.i' ?
.. ?. .? . lot of int.rfr- en?. ??'1 h.id to be mil. h Ihr h'?t ?o win. al
'"" '"n'.r^ *?Zx ri- ? Advertur?! ' ? "= "-" ***?? ?* ?** ??If
thmsh ab? i.?'". I " ''",.,,1 ' ,r and w?m ?lied up ?ftei ? laet |e?i
nlle. Bhannon Blver r-n ? dull ra?e ?in tooiti .
? ,1.1 maiden fill!." ?I??' add? I ' ; -- I'.r'oinjr HtSfl ?""'. ?on
^^^rlZu^ iuurUtu ,,w!),r-J ' Mr"n
Ti?l?>er. J. ritSSlni.M
rrpen. lllsl? Cloms. 1*1 *l
7 ?>
< oquett,. . .
ClIMt .' |IW
?'h*nte, Mxi-1 . .1 . 1"*
4 I? -
l?l-lliUM..ll ? 1"?
^^^^^^^^m i ;'?"::::;. ?^^^^^^^^h
7 11*1 ?
I?'- jom^s^s^s^s^s^s^s^s^s^s^s^s^s^s^s^s^s^s^s^m . . . ?
???.?teu-. pi.-.,..?. .-> -L-r Z'-l***"^?^
? ?it.. Maid ?uf?cied from torr.t bumfln? an? ?r?--Jin|,
eued uut.
Milbarn Geis Bad Fall
in Fast Polo Practice
Englishmen Show Well anc
Run Up Big Score in
Game with Pick-up
American Four.
Deverenx Milburn, No. 3 of the Amer?
ican polo team, had a bad fall In the
first period of a practice match against
the Hurltngham challengers on the big
field at Meadow Brook yeeterday.
He wn.? thrown by his pony crosf-tn**
its lci-s ami eomlag down .lust as h?
whs turning aft. r a telling backhander.
It lookeil as though the pony would
roll on him, but It was up In a trice, and
bul for Milhiirn's grip on the reins would
have galloped off.
There was a sigh of relief from the
Meadow Urook members and friends of
the American team When they realized
that the No. 3 on which s?> much de?
pends was not Injured. The doctor who
examined him after be walked to the
polo house said fio hones were broken,
hut whenever th? masseur touched the
lower ribs when rubbing Milburn down
th? player yelled "ouch!''
Miihuiji later Joined J!. P, Whitney
and his teammate? ??n the west stand.
The game was a triumph for the chal?
lengers, for, wearing the daik blu?
blouse? ?if llurlingham, with a red ruse
embroidered oeer each heart, they de
fcated a selected American team by Wjp
goals to 2.
The Englishmen showed good in
?lividual polo. Mr. Whitney's only rom
ment after the game was that Stevenson
had done all the playing for the home
team. His face and those of the Other? ?>f
the group were SB solemn as if at a
The Americans, playing as the Whites,
were Alex Brown, ?'. ? '. Ruinsey, Mil
burn and H- <'. I'hipps. Malcolm Steven
fcon took Mllburn's place after the Brat
The English formation vas Major
Tomklnson, captain Cheape, Major Bar?
rett and Captain Lockett The referees
were Lord Wimborne and J. C. Cooley,
. each covering half of the field. John
Trail! gave way t?> Captain Lockert.
While the calibre of the American four
was not thoroughly high class, the facility
with which the Hurlinghnn. team won and
the cleverness and speed of the ponies
proved conclusively that the men and
their mount? are in fine condition for the
: important match i.?*l week.
Tumkinson, although a lightweight, had
n<> difficulty In forcing hi? way past
I'hlpps whenever he COUld lind the Atnvi
can lack in his pr??ner position, and the
Ilurllngham No. ! aleo proved himself to
ho a hard hitter. This also was true as
to haul and accurate hitting of Cheape,
Barrett and Lockett, although the last
named once waste?! a good hit in the first
period by ?sending II " ball the wrong way.
In tne sixth ?period Tomklnson gained
his goal through the ball hitting the post
??untieing throu^li on the right side.
The .American four lia?l no cohesion as
a team. Phipps kept up In the game too
much; Rumsey at?, the first two periods
and Brown ?throughout were far from
their best, ami onlj Stevenson was unruf?
fled i?\ the ?rigorouB onslaughts of the op?
ponent* Stevens??: never played better.
In the ?second p- Hod, however, after
Barrett had made th? opening goal. Ram?
sey mail, s tally bj S ?lever run with the
ball, and thereafter the Americans were on
the aggreoeree.
It was not a game of rough riiling. but
the Knglishmen wer? especially clever at
hiioklng mallets.
Major II. A. Tomkui Alex. Brown
son. t". C. Runu
i'ii|.i. I. St. C. Cheap? D Mlihurn and M.
Mai'?r F. \V. Barrett Stevenson.
l'aptaln V. 1." ketl H. C i-hipp?.
Jn.lh Idual >.'" ipe ?:?. T.uiiklnsnn <*i,
Barrett, tort-eft, Bumson, Atexenoon, iynwn_
Penalties?Foul- against Barrett, l'hlrP* ?nd
Sex.nnon. Befereet Lor l WT.nbome and J. c.
? *ool< jr.
r*?>.\l.S B1 PBRIOD0.
Hurllnshan .- i i ? ? ! ' }-"*'!>
American .oioooioi? 3
Th? Tolo ?-Use-elation four will practise
this afternoon on the Meadow Brook No.
! li. 1.1 f??r the last time before the blg
match. The Ilurllngham teem'? last pre?
liminary game will l?e at Fhlpps's Held
on Sunday.
English Jumper Will Compete
in Piping Rock Steeplechase.
Ifarcelllnus, th? mich heralded Encllsh
Jumper, will make hin bow on the Amer?
ican turf, carrying top welxht, In the
Whit'ifv Memorial Steeplechase at Pip?
ing Rock this afternoon.
Racing will begin at IM p. in. There
will be special trains bavin-; the Penn?
sylvania Station, Manhattan, and Klat
bush Avenue Station, Brooklyn, at 11:30
a. in. ami 1:30 p. m. Regular trains at
fr. -?-tient Interval?.
Piping Rock Entries.
and a sixteenth ?
Name. Mix Name Wt.
flou.I . nXH I in Ige Walser.VU
in? .IM MacXsb . "?
i,?,i of Lsngden....lH ?atut? ..Jg
rpsU .1 - >.''*?'??dcr .1.'
SK?. ?\I? RACE Till; v.t.X-'.S COVE I"I?A1T.
HANDICAP' steeplechase About two mnp?.
Bell'uff. ]':' **'?? .\**.
fompllment .1 ??? Amain .J3h
ivretcrine Fickle.. ..IM iiHii.lrunnlns .}?
?iwanux .?,: /.el I wood .JJ?
\,i\?-nturess .IB Virile . ??
Winkle .?1- ?yoMft . ?"'
I ..t'.ight? .u- i?rynd?r .'*?
lllmatlon ."<? Meadow l.*rk. ?
El Hart."f' '-?Hie Hush. ?
I.? sand? r .XX' SkiblrfTeen .??
Big *-*?"',v
\t.out three BSUCS over the hunier?' rourM-^
flold Plat?. r i'r?-e and Easy.)?*
?i yosa ... ?' ? Ireland Yet.tit
\?.|. i*aiter.IM lllnshaiii .\f
Cttern Ma lot te.1*.T ? i.telte .J?
l.ullcare .IM I'nlco .\m\
LameMeck .'??? Essex B.lro
Indi, ?tor .m
,,;.. mil,- and ? furlong
i;i. .-ti..i. IK-t.. / l-' Knlck Knack.J?*;J
Vn.'.'? . '-'4 I^Kon.l? ."??
Horn? Kid. '-? Rosa .}?*?
-!"?? .'?, <?i>?lml?t .1J?
Yirt-ltiln I?a?s 15 Hetjfamot .g
Aurora .}? ' *-*ll?>?tro ."*
Itablsa .??? ''." i*-nii?ay?????li*"-:---*12
pinina Hot...it? >>r ??? My Beert...."
Armament. 1"? Sandow . U
I.eleRHte . 1W over Yonda II. ?t
1,(1. .unie .108 "hir*fra\e . ?
Coi-M. Prim? '"
.,,,.! , ball mile?
Mni.clllnus . 1" Band Hog .]*t
renebfaoot .Xtt Hyosmn .vn
Hlrtbridg-* .1? Hr>ndor .\*l
it. Huff ' xemplar .J*?
Ml . ' "f Ha?.\f*
ii |:.;n . IM Linie Hugh.?g
t'omptlment . I I NUl'.hereen . ?g
. iifK.tiiuii .i??- Rhomb . )?4
o.?i? . i? Virile .?J*
n.llvi..*. . H" Hallet .J?
" M,|on .I?
14, I - ...14S Hay Hrnok .I3
\niain . u"" t? I"** .**?
Shkiiiil"?? Hive? ISt
BAO HANDICAP Im i wo-year olds. About
(..m hii'I ?? h?lf f?n lout??.
Trial U lury.131 silver Thread .IM
Prince llenrj ''-' B?bI? .'J-'
(iarl-iise .I-?*; ?J.ilei. Hal-?.HI
.?. ?I l'ln*l, I'".Ji?
ll'? Te?.?? Sim.11*
|j Ha A . II? I'o?il.le l-asle.tXO
Holt nor? II "? i.a.-ll. .I??
Topo ?I" Mornlns II l^nepoo? .*m
f th? IVa . II ??..lien Flume.XOt
t,..)-,i H* White Metal.Ml
latdv Ho?!?? .HI A?hokan .??>
II. i. ? II? -Vntlinent .1<*?
|,.?i Itl?i. II] Luke of Millibar ... 1*0
m \ i s in i m I I mi: Fins-?; |*.<->?*K MA?
i I..S \l. 1'l.ATK HANDICAP: for hack? and
(.?H.ieia AXUOt on- ?in-l m half mile?
Cloud . -It Knlsht ?.f Merci.. ..I?
M ter .XfJt ?j.iieUaaii.l? .IM
\V lilil?? . ??:.belge Half-er.I?
former . F-.' ??rand \'?d?(t* .I?
N*(*es?) .1*-' Capricorn .HI
Zellw-Ktd .1MI I
Team of Women Golfers
from Quaker City Wins
on Greenwich Links.
Miss Hyde, in Invincible Mood.
Performs Brilliantly Against
Mrs. R. H. Barlow.
Philadelphia's Well balanced "team of
women golfers defented the Women's
Metropolitan Oolf Asaorlntton represen?
tation 12 points to i? In th? decisive
? match for the Griseom (nip over th?
! link* of the Greenwich Country ?bib
yesterduy. Although powerful collectively,
1'hlladelphla was unable to duplicate the
Individual brilliancy displayed by the
local leaders, more particularly by Miss
Ulllan B. Hyde, the metropolitan cham
ph?n. 80 that, after all, there may be
some consolation even in defeat.
Early In the day Miss Hyde was sent
SWSy with Mrs. Ilonald II. Harlow, the
Philadelphia title holder, a? an opponent.
The South Shore girl was In an Invincible
mood and did not lose even so much as
a hole. As an illustration of her game,
it may be said that she went out In ?11
?lespite the fact that she missed putts on
four greens. These w.-re the only faults,
and with tlir-se four strokes waste?l It
may be Imagined what she would have
done had she been putting well. She was
, 6 up at the turn.
The most remarkable part of her round
j was her negotiation of the first three In
? ward holes In 3 each. The tenth Is 155
J yards long and she had no trouble. On
the eleventh,* a matter of 355 yards, she
sent away a fine. long drive, following
It with a mldlron shot which left her a
putt of eight or ten feet. She drove the
edge of the twelfth green, 210 yards from
the tee hh.I uphill. Mrs. Barlow was quite
, willing to congratulate her opponent at
J this point.
Miss (jeorglanna M. Hishop, of Brook
lawn, was carried to the nineteenth by
Mrs. C. II. Venderbech in the second
met? h, but Mm Hishop, who autel M
??apt a In of the metropolitan forces, de?
clared she di?l not lik' to set a poor ex?
ample an?l won. Mrs. N. Pendleton Rog
ei.<-, of Haltusrol, defeat"il Mrs. Caleb F.
Fox, of Huntingilon Valley, in the thlnl
match by 2 up. Thus New York captured
the three leading ringle? match?* Mrs.
Rogers and Mrs Fox, by the way, played
In the first tri-clty contest fourteen years
I ago. Miss Hishop and Miss Frances (?rls
1 com also played on that occasion
Later in the day, Miss Hyde, with
Mrs. I.nwieii? .? Swift, defeated Mrs. Bar?
low and Mrs. K. H. Fitl.T t.y I no. Th?
arrangement so far as New York was
??on? etui d, was a happy one, in that Miss
Hyde's fine long game and Mrs. Swift's
excellent short game proved too mu?h
for the others. Kven so. It was not until
after the thirteenth, wh. re Philadelphia
was one hole to the good, that the New
Yorkers got going.
The summary follows:
Mr*. It. H. iiarlow. 0 Ml?? !.. B. Hyde. . 1
Mr? C. 11. Vandei- Ml?* < le. ?i ?launa M
i.?-k .0 Blskop . l
Vr- '.M-ti !?'. F??x.. ? Mr?. N. P. Rogers. 1
Mr? I* 11. Fitl.T... I Mrs. 1? Svlft.X
Misa M cavarly.... 1 Mrs. w*. .1. Faith... o
1 MS? F McNeely.... ft Miss M. Holl?n? .... 1
Mr?. William Hllle? 0 Mrs. II. H. S.o. kton 1
, mi?, i c Qrlscom. 1 Mrs. A. B. Rossbi... I
Mis? i: ?'??ni I. II... 1 Mi?. H. F. Whitney ft.
Miss ?-. II. 1 ?a\ It?... 1 Mr?. M. II. Frayne. 0
Ml*l M. Herolu. 1 Mis* H. Stratum.... 0,
Misa 1 l?i.'hnr.Hon. 0 Misa I. y. Krag.... |
Mis? K I ?'tian?ller I Mr?. A. <*.. calm.... 0,
Ml-s II E Maule... 1 Mra K. F. Sanfnrd..*
Mr?. W. M. Hirsch. I Mr?. M. D fatersoti 0
? Total ..'.. 9 Total . ?
Summen- of mat.h pia\ Mi?? Hydt best
Mrs, nariuw. 7 up and 6 to i?la> ; MisB Bishop
beat Mrs. Vanderhe? k, 1 up ?1? hole?i; Mr? ?
lt..i-, is heat Mrs. Fox. ; up; Mr?. Filler heat |
Mrs Su ?ft, 1 Up (19 h.ihsi; Ml?? Caverly heat
Mrs. Faith, i up and 3 to play; Ml?? Holl?n*
heat Ml?- MeNe ly. 4 up and 3 to play; Mr*.
1 .Stoekton be?t Mr-. Tillies, 1 up; Ml?? ??rlsiotn
beat Mr?. R<??sin. *l up and 1 to play; Ml?? ,
<'.m r hell bent Mr?. Whitney, 4 up an.! 3 to ,
t?:a\ ; Misa Derla tttSl Mrs. Frayne. 1 tip; Mr?.
Ilei-oh! I eat Ml?? Htratton. 3 up and " to plft*. ;
Ml?? Kr??; h?at Miss Rhhardsnn, ? up and 4'
to pla\ ; Ml?? Chan.I!, r l'.Ht Mrs cahn. 2 up.
Ml?? .Maule heat Mr?. Sanfor,., *. up and 3 ;o
pis.) ; Mr? Hlrseh heat Mrs. I'atereon. 2 up
and 1 to pis?.
Mr? Ha-to-.v and Ml?? lly.ie and Mr?.
Mr? Filler. 0 Hwlft . 1
Mrs. Van.lrrhe.-k and Mi?? Bishop and
Mis? CnrtrXy. 1 Mrs Btoekt??.0
Mrs Fot ?and MlM Mr?. Faith and Misa
.\t.-Neely . 1 Hollina . 0
Mra Hill ? and Mia? Mr? Rot-er? and
Davis . 1 Misa Kr?u. 0 ?
Ml?? ?Iris ntu and Mrs. llo?*ni and
Mlaa Campbell 0 Mr?, cahn. 1
Mi? Herold and Mr?. Whitney and
Mr?. Kb-BCn. 0 Mr?. \V. Chibera.. 1
Total . J Total . X
, Grand total.1.? ?imp ! total. 9'
Summary of mat? h play ?Misa Mjrd? and Mr?.
Swift r?at Mr?. Harlow and Mr?. Fitter. 2 up;
Mrs. Van'eibe? k and, Mil? ( nverly heat Ml??
l'.|?hop and Mr? Stockt,m, l' ?p; Mrs. Fox and
Ml.? M'\'?!v heal Mr?. Faith and Ml?? Hoi
llns. 4 ?p ami 3 to play; Mrs. Mille? and Mia?
Perla heat Mr?. Itoaers and Mlaa Krug. 4 up
1 an?1 ? to plav; Mrs. Ro??ln and Mr?. Cihn lent
Misa (iria.'om and Ml?? ?ampbell. 1 up 111
h..l?a?; Mr? Whl'ney an?l Mr?. Chllvtra best
Mrs Rereld and Mr? Hirsch. : up.
Baltimore, 7 ; Providence, 6.
At Baltimore- R.H.I'..
Hnltlniore ...1 1 I ? I ? ? | 1?? II I
1'royld-nce . . 2 I 0 0 0 1 2 0 1?6 10 4
Batterie??Russell. Danforth and Mc
Avoy; oidhan. Schult*! and J, Orislow.
The Plans for
To-day's Race
The resalta mmmlttee of the Ij-aeeh
mnn? Yaeht ( lub?- Hot-are ReiM-tMir. Errnl
Kerr and M..rr? I.. Maxarell?aniKionre?!
?e.terdar thai the ?tart ?f to-daj*'? ?pe
?*lnl raee for the rap il.-frnr?- ?a^bt? Reso?
lute and Vanltle ?oui* he wade ?/ff
Pnr?nn-tge Point, between ?par tnmir "A"
with i>erp-ndie<ii-.r ?tripe?, and the r??
sulta .ommlttee I.,?? ft>lng It? flag.
The p'i paralnM ?ignal will be ?Iren at
If II. the i-amln? at IStM and (he ?Ig?
nal for the ?tart at 1 o'eloel?. A ?hort
whiktle at laM ?rill ?nn.?.mee that the
handicap limit ha? exptr-*d. There are
four rnnr?e? to rhonee from. All of them
are triangular and all ?re to he Mile?!
twlre around. The flrat twi? are t?*i
mllea h>n? and the other t\ya !*\; mile?.
The ronrae ?ignal will he set fifteen l?ta?
nte? before the preparatory ?ignal.
Pair for Eastern New York
State Lawn Tennis
S. Howard Voshell, the playing-through
champion, will defend his title against
Ralph L Haggs this afternoon In the final
round of the Kastern New York Mate
championship tournament on the clay
courts of the County ?_*lub of W'estehester,
near Hartsdale.
Haggs, who appears recently to have
regained his best form, gained the right
to meet the champion yesterday through
his defeat of H. S. Rothschild In the semi?
final round by a score of 6?2, 7?5.
Voshell In the other half of the semi?
final defeated Maurice L* T. Galvao, re?
garded as his most dangerous rival and a
former holder of the title now held by
Voshell. The score In this match was
???3, 6?1.
?'alvao's showing was a disappointment
to those who looked to see htm at least
give Voshell a hard battle. Perhaps the
feet that ?lalvao had a short time pre?
viously engaged in a har?l three-set match
wtth Rotht-cblld militated against his
chances with the champion. At any rate,
at no time during the match did he dis?
play anything like the gamf he is eap&ble
of, and he seemed listless and without
nervous energy.
In the final round of the women's ??ingle*
Mrs. T. ?'?iFseheer, former indr>or national
?loublfs champion with Miss Marie Wag?
ner, won the title of Kastern New York
.state champion by defeating Miss Beside
C. Holden, of New Rochelle ?t 6?4. 8?6.
Mrs. ('aj-sebcer and lui* opponent playe?!
?lashing lawn tennis, many of their hard
drive? and fast 'cross-court shots earning
frequent bursts of appreciation from the
Kleanor Coward, the fourteen-year-old
girl, was beaten by Mis* Holden In the
semi-final round after fighting plucklly
??gainst her more experienced opponent
i.t 6?.1, 6?1. e
The ?untmarte? follow :
Men'a Hrratch ?inglea (third round?- M. i.
I il.ihao won from F. II. Watroua, by de?
Fourth round ?Gnlvao defeat?n H. Baaa
fotd. 7- .".. .".?T. -V?1.
S. miltnal round ?R. U Rags? defeated
H. P. ROtttacMld, ?I?:*. 7?5; 8. H. Voshell
defeated Ualvao. 6?a. ft?1.
I.uili??' ?iiisie? ifemi-flnal roundl?Mita
?Bessie ?; llol.|en defeated Mlaa Eleanor
coward, <\?:i. A? 1.
Final round?Mm. T. ("a??ebeer defeated
Ml?- Holden. ?V-l. S-?*
Mix-d double? < second round) ?Mlaa Grove
and .1. H. St. Inkampf defeated Miss A. Flah
and S H. Voahell. ??1. 7?3.
Third round?Ml?? Grove and Stelnkampf
defeated Ml?? ?".. \VI!?on and F. "*.'. Ru??ell.
j ?i. | ; Mi?. A Ha??ford. Jr. and K. C.
Be,g<ts defeated Misa A. Aturbury and C
K Moot-, r,?ti. 7?,".
M?o'-i doubles .?erond round)?R, !..
R.'igga and V J. Ostendorf defeuted Ro'h^
rhlld and Georg ? Groeabeck. 3?A. fl? "l.
?i li J. P. Pa rot and Alex Standing de
frated M. F. Fox and G. 'A'alker, 6?2.
5?7. A? 2: 1'eaalee and ".Vatrona defeated
F. I?. Fox ?ad B. H-imilton, ?1?0. ?I?.1.
Thlr.l round?F. B. Alexander and A.
n.,.-sford. |r., defeated R. I.. Bagiri and A.
J. O?tendorf. 6?0. 6?3.
Columbia Grew Ooach Finds
Launch That Went Astray.
Poughker psie. N Y., June 5.?Jim
F.lce. roach of the ?"olumbla crews, flnal
lv got possess ion of his launch to-night.
Rlc? has? been hampered In his work by
the non-arrival of the hoat. This af?
ternoon he received word that the craft
on its way up the Hudson had broken
down off Beacon, sixteen miles below
this ?ity. Hice got a motor boat to tow
the disabled launch here, where it will
be put in commission for to-morrew's
Illce has entered a protest with the
officials of one of the river steamboat
lines because the wash of Its largest
steamer almost wrecked the Columbia
"There is no reason why these big
.steamers <*anitot slow down a little In
passing our quarters." said Hice. "If
they don't our floats will be wrecked."
The crews were <?n the water both af?
ternoon and evening.
Athletics Bow at Buffalo.
Buffalo, June R ?The Buffalo Interna?
tional League team defeated the Phila?
delphia Athletics in an exhibition game
here to-day by a score of 5 to 2.
Bender, who started for PhlladaJphlfl
was retired after the end of the ?econd
Inning after being hit freely. The local
batsmen found Bressler just as ?any
* R H K
Buffalo .0 I 2 0 I 0 1 0 x ?5 ' s' 1
Philadelphia, n 0 0 0 0 2 0?) 0?2 7 2
Batteries ? Jameson and Stepbens:
Bender, Bressler and Schaut*.
Cap Defence Yachts in
Trim for To-dav's Clash
Resolute Takes Sail Stretd
?ng Trip in Sound?D?e
fiance to Have Trial
Spin To-morrow.
The skippers and ?****e*jrs of the Amei
ica's ?'up defence facht? Resolute an
Vnnitie were busy yesterday puttln
their charges ih first ?lass shape for the!
fourth meeting to-day in the ?p?rlal rue
arranged for tliem by the I.archmon
Yacht Club, for a prise offered by Vice
t'ommodore Krederlrk C. Fletcher.
Thursday's race In a rainstorm dl<
som?- damage to the Vanltie's malnsal
and heariaails t y shrinking the ranvai
and tightening the bolt ropes before th?
sails had a char e to stretch. The Res
?.lute's sstls having been used much long
er than those of her rival, were not In?
jured so much by Thursday's experience.
The sails were hoi?ted early In the day
on both yachts and allowed to dry out
thoroughly befor? being stowed again.
Th* H"M.!tne dropped her mooring In
Glen ?ove harbor early In the afternoon
an?! went out In the ?round for a ?all
stretching trip, returning In about an
Towed by her tender, the ?ity of Stam?
ford, the Vaniti? went out from City Isl?
and roads In the afternoon to have her
l compas??? ?djusted. Th!? operation,
which 1? of vital Importance to a rarim
yacht, where the steering of ? true cours?
helps to save time and win races, tool
about two hours, and now 'aptsln Dennh
Is quite ??ure that the Vanitle will lie anj
course laid out for her.
George M Pynchon. the managing own?
er of the Defiance, said yesterday thai
h? expected t?; have the yacht at th<
starting line on Wednesday next, oft the
Arabe?**?? ?hannel Lightship, ready te
race against tho Resolute and the Vanitl?
for the first time.
The Defiance, he added, la to he
;...:.? lud at hi*-*, water this morning, at
kl ..'if 7 o'clock. Her mast will be ?stepped
with Robert Jacobs shears: the rigging
set up. the lie-*?m and gaff slung, and the
re?ut ?ails, whl.-h camo back from Wil?
ton A Sllsby s loft in boston yesterday,
will be lent. She Is to go out to-morrow
for a trial .?-pin. and she will be taken
to Oravesend Bay on Monday, where she
Is to have other trials In order to be
ready to race on Wednesday.
From a trustworthy source it was
learned at City Island that the DeHsnc?
would have to allow the Resolute only
40 seconds over a 30-mlle course, conse
ouent upon the shorter mainmast on the
Bath yacht.
A new bowsprit, twe teat ahorter than
the old one, I? ready to be fitted on th?
Vanitle. Boom? and gaffs sr? th? samo
length as originally designed.
Risley Only Player to Stand
Between Him and Second
Crown of Links.
D. P. Douglas Olves Metropolitan
Champion a Scare Before
Acknowledging Defeat.
In his quest of another title wltMn th?
short space of two weeks Oswald Kirkby
of Englewood. worked his way to the
final round of the New Jersey 8tat? Oolf
Association championship tournament on
the links of the Morris County Golf Club
yesterday. He will meet Maurice Rislev
of Atlantic City, at thirty six holes, t??-'
Kirkby once won th? Jersey title, ai.d
recently over his home coirse gained the
metropolitan crown, but thus far he has
never held both championships at the
same time. On the other hand. Risley
has for aeveral years been rsgarded as
the m.ist promising of the Atlantic City
players. He learned the game aa a caddie
on the course by the sea.
Because of his low score In the medal
round Charles L\ Van VIeck. jr.. of Ma'
tusrol, looked like a possll lllty to wtn tie
tournament, but the former Vale ha sei ? 1
pitcher had his hopes dashed by Rlsle
in the morning. Although not nearly r?>
long off the tee as his opponent. Risley
more than made up for that with greater
A 4 at the ninth would have given Ris?
ley a 2A out, hut he took 5 there and
turned for home 3 up, his opponent losing
the hole because of a wild second shot
that landed his hall In the hollow close to
tho tenth green. Van Vlerk's last chances
vanished with weak shots at the fifteenth
and sixteenth hole?, Rts?ev winning the
matea by a I and 2 margin. Finishing
the bye holes, the Atlantic City golfer
made the round In 77.
Later Risley met with iinexp??cted re?
sistance from W. D. Vanderpool. of the
home club, who, as a Princeton student,
fhowed promise over the Morris fount/
course back In 1*i9f*. when he csme within
an ace of qualifying In the national ama?
teur championship
In the early stages of the match it
didn't look as If th<* Morris County man
would make much of a showing against
the South Jersey golfer, and the contest
was regarded as good as over when Van?
derpool stood n down with four holes to
phiy. The erstwhile secretary of the Met
lopolttan Golf A?so?*lnt!on then won three
straight holes, th-rehy squaring the
match. They divided the home hole In 4
and the card showed that both had made
the round In It, They halved the first two
extra holes In 4's, but Vanderpool lost th?
, next as a result of a poor drive.
Kirkby began the day In fine style by
: going out In 3*5 at the exp.nac of Devereux
Lord, of Maworth. That faut pace gave
| the man from Knglewood a comfortable
lead of S up at the turn and the match
! was only carried to tho thirteenth green.
Later Kirkby net I Tartar In D. P.
Douglas, a Princeton student, whose home
organization is the Midlothian Country
Club, near Chicago. Douglas playB in ex
cellent form, and it was probably fortu
! nate for Kirkby that the last named got
1 the Jump by winning the first two holes
in 3'?. Out in S8. Kirkby faced tho home?
ward journey 2 up. He was only 1 up at
the sixteenth, but as the two la.st holes
were halved h<; won by the narrow margin
of a single hole.
on occasion? during the match Kirkby
vas threatened with an attack of
"reckitls"; In other words, hitting ap
pioach shots on th? n?;ck of the mashle.
, The card of the Klrby-Douglas match
Klrkhv. out .I I 4 5 4 4 ? 4 M-4\*
Douglia?. out'. 4 4 4 4 a X ? 4 4-JJ
Kirkby. In .I ? 4 4 ? . ? I ?*-**? :'
boucla?, in . 3 5 3 0 5 ?? 4 I ?--??-??
During the day Lionel ft Graham
dropped In to renew his acquaintance
with the golfers. He was the first presl
d?nt of the Now Jersey State Golf Asso?
The summary follows:
?hainrlon?hlp division ii<*-*n1 ro?i n 11 -W**?
nant P Vanderpool, Morr'.a County, best I "?*? -
I?. Fullerton. Baltuarol. 4 up and J le M***'
Maurice h Itliley. Atlantic ?'Ity. be?! '/??";*
1". Van Vleck, Jr.. Baltuarol. 4 \?u and ?* H
Play 1J. K l'ougla*. PlIsSBt?*?, USA A. i>.
Swoid?, Morrl? Countv, S up and I te i?ia> ;
i)su aid Kirkby. Fnglcwood. tost Devcreux
Lord, Maworth, ? up -inl "? to pla,.
Send llnal round-Hlaley '-'at Vanderpool, 1
up (XI hole?), Kirkby XnttX I>"u.*la?. 1 up.
Beaton right ?Oral alxteen; Urat .oiiti.li A.
I l-Vu.-hfAanger. Caao? Brook, ?Vat W. P.
L?tteh**a*d, Morrl? Coun y. I up; Max il
IW'.r. bannerol, b.at Wallte-' N ?'".,*..''?'
iialiuarr-i, S up and .'? to play; Fdwin M. wim,
?ranfonl. beat Hoy V. Webb. Knglewood. 2 up
mid 1 to Piay. Maxwell It. Marat.? i, Haltuarol,
beat W. E. Shackelfurd, Atlantic 'Ity. 5 up
and ? lo play
fllSlI t*BBl round-Behr beat reuchtwanser,
4 up and 2 to play; Wild beat Marat?n. 1 up
?lit holaa).
Sec?n? I alxteen ?aecond roun J) - Morxan K
.Smith. Morris County, beat T P, 1'ii.llcott,
Atlantic ?*1tv. 4 uo ai.d 3 to play; F*? y R.
l'yne. I'd, Morris County, beat J. N ?-? arm.
?Jd Somervlllc, 4 up and 3 to |>la>. f, V
Baldwin, ?lien Rltlsc be?! Hoy A ?liji??iTian.
l'oreat Hill. 4 up and ? to pl?*- . A W. Maine,
Jr., Ha? Uenaa.U. b?-at William Wataon, Bal?
tuarol. 5 up and 4 to play.
Semi-final round Py*?<- beat Smith. 2 tip an 1
1 to play; Maine beat Baldwin. 3 up and 2 to
11?' .
Heuten eight leernnd alxteen: first oiim?1i
V. Mortimer Harnea, Knalewood, heal J. B.
Uradahaw. Morrl; ?vniin v. | up an?! I to pla> ,
I. T. (?Illeaple, M??iiie ?'?.?inly, beat ; 1*
Holden. Jr , Madlaon 4 up and 2 to play; ??.
F. Kobler. RMk-?', '1 beat Alfred M?>rr-11.
Hui kensack, by ?i-fault F B. Itl har.li.oi..
Morrla ?'ounty. best Frederick H. Thomas.
Morrl? County. 7 up and S U play.
.?-??ml Anu? round- Han? .? beat <*llte?ip|?, S
?ip and 4 to play, HI? hardson brat Kol.hr. ?
up and ."> to play.
Third alxteen i first round) Dr I?. W. ("?ran
!<rry. Ilaltuirol. heat M. T Adama, Morrla
county. 8 up and 3 to play; H W. Ford. Mor
r i County, b?at H. H. Williams. Morrla
?ounty, 3 up and 2 to play; H I. H??l-i;?->.
Keaex <*?unty. I>eat H. It. Townaend. Haltua
. | up and t to play, A. ?'. Pratt, Mont ?
?lair, beat J. J. Radcl, Forest Hill, ty de?
fault; J. I. Simmon?. Montclalr, Nat I K.
Tayl-a*. K??ex County, i! up. u K, F, Na*?aT
?'anoe Brook, beat J. H. McDonald. Kaaex
?unty, by default: l?r. A W Weatney, At?
lantic ?'Ity, beat A. I.* Mnaaena. QtM Hide-.
2 up, I*. H. H. Frellnathu>aen, Morris County,
beat Kada Joliuaott. Montclalr. by defa lit
rtecoud round?tiranberry heat For I. 1 tip;
Pratt beat Holmes, 1 ?ip. Moon beat Mm
mona, T up and ? <?*> play. Weatnay beat Fra
ItnghuvMen, 3 up and ** to play.
F ?irth alxteen (flrat round? ?<" B. Wlloox.
W..?tfleld. beat It. .S. Rowland, Flalnrteld. 2 up
and 1 to play; HtMN Shlpi?n, Morrl? i'ount).
beat B. D. ?.i?Mam. Merrls ceuatf. 1 op aad
(I to play; Harry MrHwaaney, Atlantic Cttv.
h?-?t C. F. Wataon. Baltuarol. 5 up and 4 to
play; J. O. Grlawold, Mort? County, beat ?'
W ??'Connor. Ea-?x County, by default; Bills
A'lam?. Kaoex County, boot Theodora F. Ke. r
BMltuarnl. 4 up and 2 to play. ?'. .v. BVliwlnn
C.ien Ridge, beat Faul F. Heller. Fere?t Hill
by default. J P. Kelloss. Ruma.?*, I**t J .h?
<*! Bata?. Morrla County, by default; O 1?.
?Iiibelman, Morrla Count), boat R. U ?er\,???
Madlaon, 4 up and 2 to play.
Second round shlppen boat Wilrox. 5 up anal
4 to play. M.Sweeney Uat Urtawold. 4 up H
3 to play; Adama beat Schwlnn. | ud inn ?
to pUy; Kcllosg beat Oubalman. ? up and I
Toronto, 10; Montreal, 8.
At Toronto? n u _
Toronto ....(I ? J ?: Mj ?? ,f*fk *
Montreal ...2 0 1 0 0 I i| i~ g "J J
Fstterles?Hesrne and Hell y Mm?
Coufthman and Madden. 1^ y" M111??.

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