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Ocean Airboat Finished and
Aviator Finds Her in
Good Working Order.
PiloS in No I car of Not Hcini
Picked Up at Sea in Case
of Accident.
Hammond sport, N Y. .Fme f? To
m.-ii U? 1 th? ?-riu ti? .?1 compl? '
Rodman VV mamnl I lantlc
tl? aft? r m ?>n tin
nt J? In, ?'> til Fort' l?
'? ?Ubi prore? ?l?-?i til
ntptilat? til?* levers '.'? satisfj him?
that nil -, , '. 11'
? was
]., i ?
It had i n? .1 to transport the
machine from th<- Curtis? factory
to the l - K? ??? tin- after?
noon, bi ? prevented.
Th? ? ? arrled In
t...us to the flying grounds, and th.it
ti?,.- ?f breakage
die \ ? >na u il! be ? ?J i led b)
? *urtlss ? mpli
Qlenn li. Curl aa wenl to Sew York
to-night, and hi? absence tn-nmrrnw
will delay the removal of the mach?n?
until Sunday or Monday. By Tin-s?
at the latest the il
er boat will I e teated.
No Patent Infringement*.
The control? us? d oi the new fly? r
i n.?t t,. Infringe ..n the
ATlght ma
? the wing? ai?- warped simultane
the plane tilts the
warping ?',. \ - causea ?ufflclenl presi?
?n the I? the machine to
bring it up to the I? v? l ol the high? r
The Wanamaket mach?n? has l.n
fitted ? Ith si?. ? Lai flat? which do nol
limultaneously, and
ii jusl the reverse ..f the
in that the flap is i
?" lowered, and the resulting
? s th.- high ?lde of the
'!?-? flaps . aiiimt be
a rmal plane of
ea and 'l" not a?, t
-, ith the rudder as In the
?ir t ?ss ?-..in i ?any. a? well a? Llsu
r?l Porte, has received many con
illation? "ii the > holce of .1. Lansing
Callan - a probable ttnr?l i?i!??t f.?r the
?A namaker boat. Callan has had a
expert? ce In his capacity as chief
m tin- Curtlsa school. He
flown mor? than ".?'?.""" miles with?
out an accldenl and last \ear made a
? 0 mile? in tlir- ?? coi
i\. days, an average ol 520 nuits a
ilay. liis skill win prove a valuable
? i t.? the expedition after leaving
lh, Azores, fallan is i\\ .-??t \-six
No Ocean Patrol.
? i to-day that no
n patrol ha.i be? n arranged for
ml that the greatesl need ??l patrol
vessel? would i?.- ai un the Asore* H
- th? re mi.- at
m th? west? in end >.' th? group,
other al Payai, at th? 1 :a.-t?-rn
Tin' supply station at VlgO, Spain.
? ii f,.i i.\ Rodman Wano
Bumner R, Hol
!? -l?'. wh?? is now in England.
Porte said that h? had ti??i been ad
1,, w hat hnd I??. n done I
imed everything was all right.
win' I'm i. and Hallett mak?- their
1 i ti,. re w in i?., from Ighl v t.? one
? I? ,,li ; Ik- ,h >-.,n b? 1 w < ?'li
\mcru-a and Europe which greatly In
; he posslbilii ) -it m. n h, ing
? |, nt.
,i\ int?us evidentl*? ?h? noi an
belng ? asi away, and Poi te
nnnamnced to-da* that h< would take
,.nl\ fresh food, su. h as boil?
?i meats ami I read, w ith him
h? s ,i,| i.,. w llUid r?oi wall for
?.nllghl nighta if i ? did nol -
in get! m tun. t.. take ad?
vantage ?>f the lull m.?.?n July 15. He
l ha I with th.- Instrument? with
which th- machine is equipped it will
ilitli.ult i,. ii> m total ?I.
Lays Employes Off Four Days a
Month on All Lines.
iniiHti. June I ', to
? ,ini.<i by ?m ??ni. i
ii. Bmlth, president of the iN? m
York l'entrai hn.-s, requiring enforced
? Ion? of foui ?ntl '.,? ail
tiati'n department ?if the
- ?? **?? w v.?rk ? 'entrai, Nickel
and Big Fo hits
offlrlal "n i i.ni anil i<a
1 -n?- iiin.
means that . mploye? ge( a
-mt, t : ??m in tu u per
Police Work Hard to Curb Illegal
Traftic- Tribune Law in
Effect Soon.
-?? ?day ??a tin
-..- ?legall
Thurad? \ night in a con?
0 lOd-Up start?-?! by I.i. iit?iiaht < '??s
lo.au. I'nusi.al activity . awn ?M
? nt. s.? that tn<- .!??
1 ? tl\? ? ?Till '? mis in by July !.
?ahen tl?? recentl* passed drantle law ob
, <i through th? . m? Tribune
will go inti
? I II tVilmot
? i th. i,. w IgW, a.- I',. 1 sjHrici
Attci ? ? that ti.. ,,f the
itn.il < rmiiiiai? arc drug Bend?.
lit- |!ia<!.< will I?. re i.l\ t?. tak?
ml ?ill !?? a>Ctally
?ii at th?- ,i? i.s
to ?et. and th.' ><>uiiK - iiiiiinai
a if??-.
k, n .?It r tram-a? tmiis with
? i?ia> ?<i marked motet) m their
I Will take pige? ?lut.
in,' the aWMtai w??k They a?,- John
Pranklln, ? I Ith m . John Hei -
? ? ? ! tOt nwi? h si Hot , ,- Qold
i m.mas Mit
ai . sad Willlaiii nar.' '
I. oil. Ot JO.' \\c?l MU) I
i I
ni \ icw "i the
he flying machine built by Curtiss and read) ! ?i tests.
Joseph Burden, Treasurer,
T-Ils of $10,000 Legacy
and Is Hopeful.
Officials Issue Statement in De?
fence of Founder and Call
Attacks Unjust.
Jos.-pi. Burden, tr? Q? org?
Junior Republic, followed up yesterday th?
previous dayas exposures "f the financial
condition of tin- institution ? ?:?* drawins
.i aomewhal rosier view of thai fini
status than he had on Thursday.
H. said ?' i.< ..u. si of I ^ 0,000 had h? en
? eived Jus) recently, and this, iddetl i"
0 thai hail i ome in Blnce th? n, would
enable him '?> pa - a large pai t "f th? re*
public's Indebtedne** il? intimated thai
t!,<* exposure might . ? :. s 11 > bring all tin
creditors ?-f th,* organization on its
He admitted thai the number "f citizens
? ? r? public had li< i n reduced --ii,???? th.
.?i ? i,un?. tion with i ???orge, ihn;
Its debts were aboul I13,0f?0, thai H had
borrowed Hboul fr.-o.Ooo and thai the msti
tution liad i..?-n deserted bj many ..:' it.?
old suba? i n.? i s
Mr. Burden said thai the republic was
i..,! ?.n th. verge of bankruptcy, bul thai II
vv.is .-n "I-, Th? 120,000 WOI Hi ol
loans would 11<?t have t ? > be paid back, he
adde I ; of that he fell "certain.*'
"All ci editora ai e n mi lv ne? m cd h<
Bald, "and sulllclenl Income is I.einR re?
ceived from subscription? and from
ii r cttlzena ..I the Kepuhli? io ?reel c-ui
renl *
?"I" . i| Ml G<
the foundei of th. Itepublic, a hieb at?
tracted .?-.. much notoriety, resultf?d noi
only in grievous wrong t?> him. bul i"
?{public- ronfid<
M? antime Lyman Ueeoher Sto*a
iii.ny ni' th? National Association <>f
Junior Republics; William R. Hereford,
member of the executive committee, and
Mi. Burden gol together at the II r
Club and ? stat? menl asaerlIns
that "the trusteei without <*x<*.*i<ti<>n con
i :? ti, ha v.- unshaken ? ii?
Mr. . ;? ?-i -.. ? Integ
"It seei
pomprehensible." says tin tctatei
"thai any ?.t-.- who ndei ??<! t?- hu
ii-iiini v. in .?.iii. and ??i- '
: servi? ?? William i: . ;.-.? has
rendered, through sacrifice and ,\it',.<"ii
I --i.* ?.?!? i-, in himself, should coi I
?- '.r- hounded and his -^: < nt work ham
pore i.
Mrs. Siegel's Daughter to Ap?
peal to Malone for Aigrette.
Tii.- Audubon Society. the
??-in? officials, . auaed considerable an?
noyance yeaterdaj t.. tin- Countess l'
ii.->- ill Prasso, -i .i:i ighter of Mi.?. I :
l. win. an . Havre on the
Bteamei Krance. While examining the
an inspector found a
sign tt.-, which tii. plann, ?i t-,
wear al the weddlns of hei sister. Mis?
Dorothv Violet Wilde, win,. .,n June -'
is to in married t.. i:. Jos? ph Moon, oi
st i..
The Countesa Dentine was Informed
thai ii would be testen t?. the .Public
Stor.s, Mini, it vvuiilil ),. held until lier
return to Itsly Blw argued thai sin w;,**
tin- wife of mi Italian nobleman, and as a
??n residen! should be permitted t"
n thi aigrette.
Customs officials Informed her that
- :t? ? were oonfhK'gted when brought
m by Am- ricai i, bul that in the
of foreignei - the ??w nera ar<>
permitted t.> lake th? pi.mi. s bach
with them. The countesa aald
vvoul.l appeal t?, Collector Malone ami
ask permission i" wear the aigrette at
the wedding.
Says Ten Per Cent Here Have
No Fireproof Curtain.
T? n per cent "f tin- theotres ?n Mow
fork Cltj nave no fireproof c?rl
Chief Kitilon ?/esterdsj afterwion at
a meeting of the General Welfare Com*
mlttee >>t tin B-osrd <>f Aldermen in Cltj
Chief K? nioii siso s*va in? tiewa upon
th.- ? I "si inding
in.,n ordinance, undei which it is i.r<<
posed to perroll the
? .! BtSndlnS M'O'U limit) ..-llalli BOO*
,lit,mi I '. i that he did not oh
standing m Un rear of a
,.i .. perfortnani ? providing
tl,,- the full requirements
oi ti.,- i'ii. Department, nul he sdded
Dial th.'i.- WOTO soinr tin all? s m which
.lui not MM
The Bsevlng pnuir?- theai ?* tally,
a ,i. wer? u.-kiiiK in erdig) sad in
u.aliv ?ii*?tain BB SlSS ?Ott ?I? void "I |-r<>|?.'r
111,- liKhlllik' apparatus II. - I that
th. theatn- <??- - oiisnlereil ln<l)\ iJu.ill..
.nul not ?b u whole.
Two Defendants in Slander
Action Repeat Charges
Against Mrs. Neely.
Mrs. Birnbolim and Miss Hearne
Say She Didn't Pay Hotels and
Misused Club Funds.
Mr* f'amilh Birnbohm and Miss .lull?
n,.,. ? the four member? of the
Knii kerbookor Relief Club who uro b? Ing
sl,,.,l for llft.000 . ach i n chargea of
?1, i? Mis. Kthel V. Soutiiack
\,., ij. u , .if V. Tenny?on Seel?
,,?.,: her, til? ? I their anawera In
ti? Supreme Court yesterday, and i">t
onl) r? It' rated aom? of the atat?
m ??m h Mrt?. Neely took exception and
mi.,!. bUl als? "-??'?"t illt?j
. ? i,, it?.
Mr*. Ni. : was treaaurer of the Knlck
Club rrom Itl2 until a
month ago Some of th? statement?
;, Kin attributed t" the def? ?niants
..,. Ii.nl mtSUSod
the club, which la Inter
work, and thai sh?
v ;|. heat" and alao .1 ' oead
'|-i,, of Mrs. Blrnbohni. who
n nid? ni ni the club, and
of Mian Hoarne. which an almoal Iden
(,.?,,; the?? chargea and go on
lira v elj ua< tl to pot* as
;i rl? I. v. ??low, and "thai when the ?!??
? ? d.am? preaaing
?,,.r ,,:,,;?? ?? evi nt exposure of her
, .n.mi. 1 , am? m her aaalalance finan?
cially and paid ofl aome of her ob Iga*
? ng, however, man? ol hei ?bll
, gatlona still unpaid."
Ais,, y. . 1:.: 1,1 .linn and Mis- Hearne
ubout mon? y? thai they
allege Mra. Keel) aa treaa?
urer of the club to pa- ofl certain debts,
which either were nald after sin- reporte-d
their pa) mcnl or have no! b< en settled
at ail. 'i in > not onl) do noi don) th?
word* quoted by the former treaaurer,
thai . il?l in- proeecuted, bul they
: 1)1, at ti.'
a- in th? non-payment of her hotel ex?
1 pena?*?, the defendanta aald thai Mra.
Neely engaged rooma at th? Hotel Lour
t it'ii and \\.is compelled to leave there
j because sin failed to pay, and that the
same thlnj happened al th? Qreal North?
ern, \? h< 1. he I'nik room 1 aftet leav
ing the (?aurelton.
Borne ol the d? tail - Iv? n are thai th?
club h- hi an entertainment at the Ilot?*l
Plata Ma) IS 1913, thai tin- Charge ?-.as
ind that Mr?. ? orted pay?
ing th? bill in October, bul did nol pa)
;t until !ast 1-YLrtia r) . I,i tin- -an,
month th? club had an affair at h?
Hotel Allumai h - Hoffman, for which
the bill was $20. it la alleged thai Mrs.
Me?)) reported paying tins account 'n
October, Mit thai it -till remalna unpaid.
Th?1 hotel managi n onl reminded .?it*?.
Net l? that the ? ill 1 ad nol been paid
and I'm-, atened to take the master up
? ith the clul Hoi iil'. was, it is aald
by the defendant? that ehe had made
- ami that iba
was unable at the time tu s?ttl<* the
bill. 1. ? ..., ted money
?urc? and would pa?' ai
"i" . aa aooii .,* she recel*.?-il it.
Tells School Principal He's Do?
ing His Best Against Rowdies.
Poli inn'! Woods, reply ing to
the criticism ..f Principal Beard of the
Choir Bchool thai Tl
Park in Harlem was infested with
rowdies, due t.. 1. , k of pe ? 1 rtion,
j aald ? eaterda) .
1 " ? Httli ?? .n to complain at this
I have been endeavoring t" ?i<>
thing poaaible tor th? relief "t con
dtttona there far the last month. 1
written to the headi la and set*
?... ? on m
keeping rowdies oui of th?- park, ?mi
called Inspcctoi Cahalane'a atten?
tion t.. the conditions."
The Poll? ?? ' 'ommlssluner said ! ?
colved M s
and replied the m \t il 1? tI1.1t in- was too
t" granl th? pei onal int?
l|ll. Sl.-ll
"Hul I toi.i him." S..I..I the Cummisalon
.ild n 111 St ull, m? s. ? -i-1.11
who would glv? the matt? 1 I la att? nl
Detectives Puzzled by Loss
from Safe Deposit Box.
Pittsburgh, Jum 11 u 1,.-. am Km.?ah
to-day that mans detectives ?n. searching
for ??"..mu? that mysterious!) dlsapp?
ftni. a deporil i-i'x m tba Cokmia] Trum
Company) at Hhh ?it> ti,, ,..? ,,t the
mom 1 was
nut mail, public in order that nt? .in.1
privad detectlvea 1 .nuil main a gartet in
gi turn Bffortl ?f the oftlcers. it waa
to iia?, have baa? f?til?. not g tu, ?
of the money having been found.
Counsel for Dog Fancier,
Who S:es for $100,000,
Sure She'll Win.
Lawyer for Mis? Wareham Insists
Suit Against Cincinnati Man
Is Well founded.
W Uli I liik! I'.in 1|.- " mil '?I .iti'l iff? -
! nun i tafia /?liilil'l in.' I,
ol ''nu iniiati f..ti. i Is? "i the Duna
of M.iin in atei. aafel) I? kail awa) In hli
eaf>, Charle? Bland?,*, c?ounael i"i Misa
w art ham, declare- yesterd?) thiil h< trai
, i.niiiii-iit tin* I_ng laland dog fancier
would win hei IHNlOOO bri a< h?Of?pi ?
aull when iii<* evidence In bin possession
,\ na pi eaenti ?! In ? ourt.
Mr. Blandy, who i* :i member ol Ihe
firm "i Bland)-, Moooe) A Bhipman,
that tin i e wasn't a
s. imilla ,! truth m th.- atorlea thai Ml*?
Wan ham's still WHS nothing more than a
in>lil-ii|i nf tin? wealth) Cincinnati man.
if there ?.?a* the leaai suspicion "f ans
iliin- nf this kind, Mr Bland) Baser! ?'
he ??? iHlnly would bare had nothing !?>
do with It.
"Whin tins case was ?irst brought to
Mi Blandy aald, "l declinad to take
.i mini i ei imlned all ??? Ihe >-vni. m ??
thoroughly, i wenl ovei ?II of th?* evi?
dence i.i Mis? Wareham'a possession, In?
cluding a big bundle of letter?. As a re
,]i i was convinced that Miss Wareham
had an excellent case agalnel Mr. _!lm
merman, with ? reasonable assurance of
obtaining a verdict In her favor In court
"Under no circumstance* would I have
taken the ? aso if i wasn't confident that
Miss \\ areham was Justly entitled t" dam
agea for her treatment by Mr. Zimmer?
man, ami ; 11 ; 11 a jur> ffOUld I; >*.< Hi? sann*
vie? "f It."
r*dward Mooney. of th?> unie f?rm, was
counsel foi Bthel Lorraine in her aull
a gains! Ka\ tm >n<l Belmont, ami Mr
Bland) said yesterday thai tins had ab?
solutely nothing tu iin with hla retention
by Miss Wareham. Miss Lorraine and the
latter wi re friends.
William 11. Blymyer, counael for Mi.
Zimmerman aald yesterda) afternoon
thai in- Hadn't changed his opinion ?.f
Miss Wan lian s suit.
"it's nothing but a hold-up," be as-,
serted. 'This woman Is almpt) trying to
extort mone) from Mr, Zimmerman. Bhe
won'i iin it, however, arttbout ? ?tiff
The France Causes $500 Damage
?Cardinal Begin and W. H.
Riggs on Ship.
While warping into her dock In the
Ninth River yeaterday the French liner
Prance was carried by the tide against
the pierhead, causing damage to the
?tringpiece and auperstructure of the ahed
amount mi^ i" about POO.
The France, which left Havre June 13
m.nil- an unusually ?roo?l run ????rosy the
Atlantic, her average apeed for the entire
passage m ''? daya II mlrfutea being 82.10
Among tin- passenger, ?as 111 ?*? Most
Mi v. Louis Nasalre llcisiti Archlhshop ol
Quebec, who w;.s recently made Cardinal.
The inflate was *.iu t ai Quarantine bj
the Rev. H. Le Flamme, "-?tor <?i the
Cathedral at Quetec, ami by the Rev, I*.
Thiba-dau. He will be i guasi at th.*
rectory of tin Fathera of th<- Blessed
Bai ram. nt. at 7-th st. ami Lenox av..
where an Informal i inception v?ill in- held
Anothi passenger "n the France "as
William ii. itipf's. of Parla and New
?i ork, who ? aim- ovet on ? visit of two
month?, ' ring which he "ill inspect the
work "f assembling the costl) armor col
h-i ti.in which he gave to the Metropolitan
Museum .- Art. He is anxloua that he
display, which is the finest private e?*4lsc"
Won of armor in tin world, ie ready for
public Inspection as soon as possible.
??| doubl whether it will he* ready, be?
fore November," he saiu. "but I will no*
reniait, here for U9OT0 than two month?
When the collection is prepared I ?hall
? mue over in time for the openlai
it.are five armor experta and twen?
ty men at work now, but their tunk in
n- i an easy one.
"t fee "i the fines! plecea came
recently on La Prov?.?nce. It was the
Id worn by Henry II. "f Pram <? It
is Inlaid in K"i>i and a?lver and besutl
full) chas? ,i " Mr. R ? ?:.- brougbl
him mi the Prance ? iword owned and
worn by "bar?es the Hardy of Prance.
Ex-Representative Loses Ap?
peal Against Contempt Order.
Former Representative Kan-. A, Han?
bury, ,,r Brooklyn, after fighting an order
of juste-i Benedict, in tin- Bupyeme ?'"urt,
Brooklyn, declaring him In contempt of
court. B- far as the ?'ourt of Appeals, lost
out Wednesday, end will have t., ierre
the thirty dayi In Raymond rt. Jail He
waa arrests Thursday and spent the first
oi the thirty?daya rather nneemfortaMy.
There is also a tine of (_M, which h,
will be paid undet protest when he ha?
m i Ved Ins term.
lie bad refused to snswei
asked him In th, sean h fur property be?
- to Patrick II Klynn, against
whom J. Benedict Louche, son-in-law of
'n* late Hugh McLaughlin, Democratic
i.oss of Brooklyn, in id ? Judgment. Han?
bury saya he will continue th.> Aghl as
?eon aa ht la released He contends h*
.?: a chain?? to test the legality
of the -?'n ?tions pal to him.
Adamson Invokes Old Law to
Check Fire Violations.
NobM Itomarin ami plebeian? sfclvorod
in the flrtggla iftornoo? whan
they returned from Kurt I.?-. wh?i?- tliev
had h?-eii acting for a IUm, t<> i- call? I
"The Conquerors," and .'our-' ? lire,
Dtrpartmenl ban on the olBci andetodloel
? ?f the Ramo Film Company, IM Want
leij-t hi. To Inspectoi Healy a gladiator
ttlUA Sp.il.e
?<>h, thou representative <>f the ma
of the Ian aw, havi g haart, will
if Anthony ? omstock IhouM km bh now
I'd m t run in "
The Inspector finally permitted tlw ?
elted actors to have theii ntr?*??t clothei
Commissioner Adanwon has disc? ? ?
old law alviiiK him permission to ?ii?*po.??-'
*????? firms when dangerous conditions
exist. Film confpannm doing buatnesa
without a license he places under the
categoT) nf dangerous placea
Building Wrecked by Ben?
zine Blast?Crowd Ham?
pers Firemen.
Sparks from a short*?i*lrculted high
power electric wir* In a hodbc in the
rear of the Columbia <'leaning and Dye?
ing Company, al " Grand si . yesterday
afternoon, resulted In th?' ?tombuatlon <'f
li.iizlin fumes anil an exploolog which
bleu the aid? out of the building and
?el un- to the i hmt Five men wero
burned, four <>r them seriously, by the
flame which ahoi from the cleaning room
in which lh? accident occurred.
TI i . (plosion ahook adjoining buildings
and ahattered panes <>r ?la?-?? In neigh
boring houses.
Within a few minute? after the ile
t<.nation the sti.-.t in front <>' the clean?
ing establishment was thronged with
spectators, who hampered the tin-men.
captain Daniel O'Connor, of th? CUnton
st. police station, with the assistance of
a dosen patrolmen, finally eatabllahed
lire lines and held the crowd in check.
Those injured wer.- Bernard Appel,
proprietor ,<( the dyeing works, of 561
Bedford s* , Brookl) n; Benjamin ?
Una, U Pitt st.; Morris Brecker, OS Kast
tOOth st.; Qeorge Ferrell, II Bowery, and
William Folterman IS Mom?'?' st Fol
terman Is th?- pregldent of the Manhattan
Pie Baking Company, at 5 Cannon st,
dire? tiy in the rear of the dyeing plant
H?' was In his own phi' ami was
scorched b) th? (lame, which darted
across the court yard and .through an
open window of the big bakery.
Patrolman Frederick Wendell, who iras
on duty a block away from th? building,
m nt i call to Gouverneur Hospital for
assistance and three ambulances in
charge of Drs. Fitzgerald, Badln, Gem
bill and Patohen responded. All th.
injured men, with the exception of I'ol
terman, were remo*?*ed to the hospital.
Tin damage is estimated ai *
Every Time You Strike an Engine
You Face a Damage Suit,
Injured Man Finds.
Stop, look and 'listen: Don't get lilt
b) an Erie locomotive, because ii you
<lo you an likely to huye a. suit for
damages to the locomotive on your
This ?s what happened t" FYank V.
Wilkinson, a Newark milk Wggon
driver, who was bll one night last
March and gol oui 'it' th? hospital only
a few days Rgo.
Wilkinson had three ribs broken and
in received ? ?111?*i- serious injuries. Ht
began ;? SUil against the Brie for $2."?,
000 damages, bul the lawyer who
handled thi cam? for the Brie believed
the locomotive was entitle?! to some
redress. Bo he began ?-? counter suit
attains-' Wilkinson lor $100 damages to
the I.motive.
He asserted thai several slats were
broken In the cowcatcher and that the
"pamt and polish" o?* said locomotivi
was "bruised, abraaed, mutilated and
destroyed." Therefore, illsteail of COl
l?t-ctlng an* damages from the Erie,
Wilkinson should contribute $100 ?lam
The complaint In the counter suit
charges Wilkinson with "reckleasl) ami
carelessly driving over ih<- tracks, with
the result that several skits of the j
cowcatcher were bent broken and de
Btro) ed and that the paint and polish
of the locomotive was bruised and mu?
tilated, the tr:i?'ks and ruadtod dam?
aged and the company at a great and
financial loss was obliged to stop traf
R? and repair us locomotive at the
? crossing ami the defendant was
obliged i" take off the litter and plecei
ol \ nnd which were strewn along the
Detective No Longer in Inter?
national Association.
da,ni Rapid*, Miih. June i!..-The In?
ternational ?!! nf I'hiefs o? I'o
i:e. re-electM to-daj Major Richard Syl?
vester, of Washington, and Michael |te
ga?, of Buffalo respectively, president
and vice-president
William J. Hums, the detective, wan
dropped from honorary membership in
the a -so. uit ion.
No official reason was given for drop
ping him but it was stated that a major
Ity "f the delegates Informally deckled
o ?liminais him l?verai tunes durin?;
eiition police chiefs criticised
tatement? Buiiik Was aliened to have
'-.?riiiiiK poll.e methods. HI* ac?
i?n in th.- Leo Frank n , which
?? Investigated m Qeorgla, also
atli' r ' austtc i ornrii. ut
A typical Summer Style not found
in any other line. 2 for 25 cts.
Indicted Man Admits He
Did "Dirty Work"
for Plotters.
Accomplice, Also Held on Same
Charge, Got Him to Enroll,
He Swears.
';?<?!_?? .Inn,? ?on, who wa? srr?*?t<?'l
W?tdn?Mda*- ?Ailli Milton Sf.l.iiiiHn <>n ?
rliHU.'i' Ot hllin-ry m Hfotoclrttlon With
<iit\. mad? a CotUOtmiOO yeaterdny to
AHKistHiit DiSJtriCt Alturn,-, .)nni?.?> o'Mal
i,\ it ?.. .?.mi in admlttsd ?trlkin? an
hkit.'iiii t.t (with Botoman la anas h jury
iiii which hi ? ?s oerytnO, ami tol?l ot ?h<
?. pa thai ,"l 10 Hi?- atr.-st .?f ?),< p ?
<aif, *sl??l aa? ni,.-l? i? It' r lii.th to? n
had entere?, plsaa ot nol -pstttl ?,, In
m, rtta loi ? for? Jodgt Crala In
|| S?S?I??I1H
a cordina to Jaltnason s ata \, nt m
. ? n?, . with *k>lomas at th* i o?v
?tltutional convention ??h.-tion. JaJinaa-wtn
,n election <?iti?-?-r in th?* lut A??mbly |
District, and ?t is ?aid thai s??lom??n wan
a poll Inspo? tor it? the ?am? district.
.i.,,iih'hi,?i s.,i<] thai s.?ioin;ui boaataid of
hi? Influence aith )urt?fl and ?*aj*VMtiad
to Mm thai )>e have lus nain?- enrolled
on that |.a*i> I. A'-tin-* on tkrioman'? ad?
\i... Jalm?son mot?- t?? t*M i'ommi*
eloner ?>r Jurors on April ."j and ojtn*d to
i .? i?ia?-?'?i ??n the panel.
i.at?*r, Jalmeaon contends, Soloman
to i ? i m and teld him thai he miKht
want to "UM him." Jaim?*?o?? waa chOMD
as a jur>man In the a<-tlon of Battra]
against llazurl, before Justice I)??iinell\.
;?! Part li ?>r the a*rUpr?t*M ?'ourt.
William H. HoiiKhton. a. dotectlv?". In
v?-stit?ntin?.- jury fixing and poiainK a?
ropraaonthrii Mia of the litiKant?, it l?
: a??]. a?ipi??a?h??I hin?, throiik'h Soloman,
with a proposition to han; the jury.
Houghton was intraduced to Soloman by
a man who act*"?! Ml the jury in a re
< ? nt COSO, and who was ?UPOOOOd to havo
been "fixed."
A?-coi-<iiiiii to Houghton, Botoman axr?*??!
to 'ix the jury iti the oas? ll.mKhton
?laltiiiil to ?" mt?*restp?l in for a i-on
si<|. ratiiin of JI.V) for both himself ami th?
juryman. Th?- Brat payment ?>f ti?<
money is alleged to have Ix-on ma?Ie iti a
?aloon in Vastan st , whore .-ach of the
tWO m- n was tfl !? I . IV? Ii".
Jalmeaon admit? that he objected to not
Motoring this week-end \
Then we've everything to
add to your personal comfort.
Norfolk ?-lits. IV-aih.-rw eicht MiackiP
oi balloon rloth, knitted jackets,
rentlt?ted rauntlkts, goagles, osan h??"ks.
motor trunks, t-.>ii?-s, Thertau? bottles.
Blu? Book?
C'hauft'eiirs' outfits too.
Everything for these sports
too. including the best of
sporting goom and non-skid
For all week-ends?
?^'Gymkhana" sports shirts.
?iiei?i?i, red trade-mark.
Rog?is Pf.et Company,
Three Broadway Stores
at at at
Warren St. 13th St. 34th St.
that it is adapted
to the season of
the year.
It is a delicious,
satisfying repast,
not a large quan?
tity of heavy food
I ?tt?om il 41st S trail
Not lew properly
timed to the season
ii our 60c Lunch?
eon, including a
choice o? cold
dnhei from the
D?ium? is the Gnllc
rarrv ?>'furta ttont B }
?tonet le cl?-.?a lime.
is. It
'.? #sj th.* ?Ilrtv ?ork,''
was pani '
It wss said yesterd .
tii* DuMrtrt kttorsmy't .,*?,
had made an ?.Tort I w^
? . tu i,e |.|c' -,| .,n th.- jury **gS
he ^^|
. ? ?t
Mr O'Ma I by. who m < nar??assss!
Investigation, had a talk y.Bt?-rrdBBSsl
I'epiit: commissioner of .luiors f?L^H
Simpson. - ,11 Ue ?.in ?-M
hook? of th. various panel* in'f?-^H
dotearain? t.? what *-? **-1^?tr n . tmm
artlvitles or loloman In , .r\ **?--**aj|
I. for hiinj* Juries ?itrila^H
Wants Breitung Alienation \%
Tried in Westchester. !
I dga f*4 art p.l ||,i '?**i?SOSl
fil.-,- ii, ti? l'-'-i'-u, !"*trkiH
on a motion fur a r??t- ,.,
tWi.VH i'.iwaKc suit -,f \(.iv P^H
Kleist, iwiiiJI
ati.l ? harh-tt.- I?. I'.r- it-.- j ??j?
Westeiic.t.r ?'oiintv Th?? ?? i.i *esjSaSW
i,all', hi,, Ight ther? k ,. .r3
allenslliiii of iho as?? ?,-?? _?>
Juliet -W?r??^H
Tiie Bieltiiiigs hi.I the suit -rsg^H
to Um fed? lujH
residents of N?*BS^|
l'1-I..I':? ?? NI? ..II. ?iptKl?. *'*?***-M>
???"??" c er? 1*1
for ti ? ? JudK- If- at tjsm
???, h
??lop.-?! with Miss Broil ins*.
"The yottag mi I VtjB|
"win -.- fieeli
live with Kleist ami was tot -'> Sa^H
Influenced b? h?r parent? <*nh?
Judge Haii'l f - 'fwm
t?? appoint I iw(
"?(?TURES .
Broadway & 39th St.
42d St., W. of Broadway, I
JUNE 22d to 29th
Price, 15 Cl?. to 50 Cu.
Matinees, 25 Ct*.
For the Benefit of the Newibo**Br
Home Club.
Tv ?- ft ni i il..- lile ii- v? 4*
! J
III?*?. Npv? ? <?rk I ?inline; Tl.t'iitraB.
II im- Nu ivtillna? with th? TvM.n Qm
Mill ine?? T.i-ihi? und Hfilnr.1 I
The ?In? |-:?liiiili?lie<l Mummer *boo?i
In tin v.-ii.-il ilariLn \t.-i- ill? The?*?
|{.-?.*r\,? V ,nn Tahle ' Hn?M
T1KF VX*** ? " I COS
III !????)\ i
TUP DU M 111
Laughs and Thrllj?. ,nt ?>,*,,??*',
Knlckerhoi ker. I
.">??. g 5?N-. v --.???? KeSJ
luUrrvil Motion IMemr?? Pf?*#kSSJ
KivvKTit: i >t.ri'i-*?l
V.l.I.HOI \\\ nMi.lirlJ
(fi m?FTV ' r ' '" " ' .1
7I.KI. M. ? ?>M W* III--I II ??V^
?v:? cohan's ?:?!!
ASTOR -. ..i.i
\ i.i ittfkin?. ??i < ? **?.)
i\ his m:vv mi -i- I
*,T?l?alU^7l1r*/f)*rfif hlt'Kl ?'*?+
m,mA^SMMaa**.a?mahaJataM *-*---1T?? ????? '**? r * . ?
and'THE NAKED TRUTH Ialt*muii*
004k ?* ! KJ/*B
?il-ITII 51. ?, i ,u- anj j^J
(4>KT THKATRI * :';,^ftSl
IS 'J'. 30 B
si. hi i v* ? i r ? '?*** rrr.*?i**- a *?? |*IT?
RuZSH.A4YAN.itl ??LLI *??W ;*
,? M,.i, '? aa?", ,-rl?* ''S''
CASHES' '?.a
.HI? I
? ***?
SM M..4.I.f ">lr. Hlli?lr.' |"tkB.
?"llir !'??( ' Vlrl.Hlri.il, I??' ?JSaU
RtpiBLitr " x>y?
CAVALIERI ?.Mis ..Mjffl
*t*4*4KN*4lS-<**< - ''""? ?"
? ?r l'ii|>lll?>?M>

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