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W Course TU Win;'
Says Jack Johnson
Negro Champion We
210 Pounds and Insi
He Is at His Best.
Tribune Correspondent \
Roth Boxers in Their Cam
and Sees Them Work.
Psri?. .lune *J4. .laek Jo
a>r Frank Moran, ot l'tttsb
for the heavyweight championsh
the world on Saiurdw>. appeared i
?client condition when seen to-di
a Tribune correspondent in his
suburban ?ilia at Asnicres.
He stood on the scales and t
?he beam stripped at .MO nounds,
ten pound? more than he we
when he defeated Jim Jeffries fo
title at Reno. N't... on July 4. 19K
Johnson says he has trained
-nH <"sithful!\ and added:
"You can ?ay for me that 1
never been in better fighting tri
my life, and am absolutely sure o
staying power and soundness of ?
?*f course I'll win."
Johnson has -.rained off a full tl
rounds in the last six ?ver?
deen d?vng :i jjrc.it lieal of long
tsnee running at a moderate pace.
!-evde.? his regular afternoon .?par
with lively boxer? at Luna Pari? t<
?ure fast work he ha* been takii
- course of shadow boxing.
His diet i? made up largely of i
?on chops, rice and cherries, whil?
only water, with occasional
bottle of beer. He said this aftert
that while his hard training wan i
r-e would do light work up to Fr
Retting on the result has been li
tat the odds range from 3 to I to 4
thot Johnson will win, as the Mo
money is scarce.
Managers of the tight have tleci
to issue no passe?, not even to
newspaper men. Seats have been ]
or ',.0,000 persons as aga
? '?.000 at Reno, and th? prices anywl
ie?r the ring range from $40 to $6
Th? ?treet hawkers here are dc
a lively business in selling for
cent? each cardboard figures in bl
?nid white of Johnson and Mo
?orked by elastic springs and co
giving a realistic moving picture o
Alter seeing Jack Johnson, the Ti
une correspondent visited the train
?amp of Frank Moran. Il
from the ricketty little fishing s
that serves as a ferry to convey risil
?.cross the river from Meriel, oppo<
Moran's camping graund at Auv?
.?-ur(t:.?e. some forty miles north
I'aris. h?> was greeted by the **wl
hope" with th? words:
"I am going to win this fight on S
urday; of that 1 am certain."
He spoke with a quiet confidence t
iarried a lot of conviction.
Moran looks well and should hi
no excuses to make on lack of con
?ion. He is much younger than I
rival, and this is sure to count ?a 1
He ran fr e m ??orning
an Indian lope and this aftarno
?hovxed rare speed and much skill
l.o.ing boJts with Willie Lewis a
Toss Kennedy, who kept him mov?
?bout at a lively pate.
Moran, like Johnson, has been ?loi
a lot of .-hadow boxing and much wo
with the medicine ball.
??oran and his handlers are
? little rustic inn usually occupied
and rod fishermen at Auvei
by ireniul Pere Goujo
Father Gudgeon?, who may be idem
? ed a? Pau!, a retired head waiter of
t?wn Parisian re-tauran*.
Moran, with bristling reddish->cllc
lair, fresh pink complexion and cle;
blue eye?, stepped about during h
? ork this afternoon with the elast
? i?r:ng oi a young panther. His 1?
muscles ha\e attained splendid dor?
??ornent. 1!? weighed 2f2 pound
?tripped, as he stood on the scales, ar
hard as n nail.
He keenly relished his noon me*
?onsisting of a couple of bream, fresl
r.uglit from the river, a small bee
I beans and weak tea.
Moran i? mode->t and unassumin;
but absolutely confident of victor;
"This right will be a ?Vagneria
?? b'ack swan. Moran, wit
his cat-like agility, will be able t
avoid the sledge hammer onslaught
of Johnson in the early part of th
tighi. and thus tire him out and mak
an opening for the finishing blow?.
Moran smiled at this sally, but sai
Johnson says he has So.(KM) to wage
r.n hinseif at the prevailing odds, bu
can find no tahl I
The men will enter the ring *?
p. m.. Paris time, on Saturday even
? !o!.'k in th? after
i oon, New York time.
Worcestershire Causes Surprise
in Cricket Circles hy Its
Defeat of Gloucester.
?Ion. June 24. WorteaU
in the county
iricket championship lerios, beati v?
Gloucester hire by 1?0 ru'
ion. uniriii v ill ?O ;h?'
''Sauce" County a powtr of foe
owing to bad luck ami loai of rnthj
-lanii. thai -tbility of the cljb
isbandcd next month.
Gloucestershire is no? th? only
?ounty that ha- n a game
Yorkshire, which has fallen away badlv
this n *.-itat'icd Leicester pi
Hradi'ord. The visitor? led on ta?
u ning, but time wou ?
gam? t'? b- ? i ad the
. and Ih? three points
ed will help its standing ma ?
\n m tot i. pluie ..? Hoi
1 ?ni b"t\? ? and Ham]
which re* ilted ??? ? win for the latter
bl the clos? margin of two ?
I ne rema.ning feature, between !?
-hire and Northamptonshire, at Derby,
van l?-f-, drawn, the home team having
the advantage throughout.
The Vanitie Hauled Out
and Carefully Groomed
for Clash To-day.
Ihr cu-i defence yachts Resolute.
and Pelianve will start thi?
ins; in the annual regntta of the
V? York Yacht Hub off Glen ?'ove.
These vachts, sailing as Class H. ?i
Divis'on A. will hf sent away at
IS.14. Classes H. C. 1?. E and F go at
the Nf\ York Yacht Club "fif
?i 1L' : Jo and the other classes at
"nite infrval?.
One-gun ?-tart? will be us?<!, except
for Class H. ?vhich will be a two-mhi
litc handicap start.
In ordet to have his sloop Yanitie
ir the he-* po-sihb- ?ondition for the
tare. Alex Smith Cochran had her
hauled out at Jacob's yard. City Island.
rdajr, "here her bronze hull re?
ceived a thorough polishing. When
*.? ?he tarting line this
morn.BK ?h?1 will be ready to meet her
? '.? opr>onent? in the ninth race of the
??-eric* of ?reliminary contests.
The Ttesolute ^remained at anchor
yesterday ?n Glen Cove Harbor and the
neiiance' luv off Mr. Pynchon'? place
cenw ich
A feature of to-day's race will be
the contes' in the schooner and sloop
classes for the New York Yacht Club
course cuds, which were offered in
]n**i i. James Gordon Bennett for
comnct tio? h> yachts enrolled in the
club, '?ne of the cup defence yachts
nay win the cup for sloop?. The cup
<kcrs" probably will bring
out a goo?, flee.
Adds Trophy to Those Offered
by President Wilson and
King of England.
San Francisco, June 24. The an?
nouncement ihat the German Emperor
will giv? n (im to the winner of the
?onderklass yacht race a? the Panama
Pariiic Exposition was contained in n
telcgrtm received yesterday by the
German Consul. Krant Bopp. from the
German Ambassador in Washington.
Thi? makes the third cup irom the
of a great nation, as President
Wilson has offered a cup for the win?
ner of the twelve-metre race ard King
V o ' England has put up a cuo
v race under universal
rale r.
National League Umpire May
Be Laid Up for Some Time.
Philadelphia. June ti, Al Orth. Na?
tional League umpire, was severely in?
jured on the knee and elbow previous
to to-day's gam? a? Philadelphia ball
park. Orth stumbled and fell in the
subway leading to the Philadelphia
players bench. He was taken to ?m
hospital and may not be able to um
pin again for some time.
"Smiling Al." us Orth was known to
the fans, played several years in the
big leagues before becoming an um?
pire. When the American League in
?.ad'/il New York Orth was secured
from Washington and for two or three
years was one of the Yankees' most
dependable pi'chers. He was fre
qoently called upon to play in the out?
field because of his batting ability.
. . ?
Lawn Tennis Team to Start
for This Country July 11.
The Australasian lawn tennis 'eirn
?il for this country on boar?, ?he
Aquitar,:i. of the Gunard Line, ??
urday. July 11. Notification to t
f?d 'fa? receive..! ..es'erdr.y from Lon?
don by th? I?, i . m mitt ??<> nf
management, composed of R. I). VVrenn,
II. W. Slocjm and George
'.?ii laglis, 'ii?' official rcpi.
ative of the Atiatralasian L. A. \
London, stated that Norman E. Brooks.
i i?; the team, was well ?a'
with thi dates and arrangemen
xh" preliminary tics aguins*. Canada,
which a ill be playe?! on th? turf of ine
Onwentsia Club. Lake torest. 111.
It i; exf-ected that Anthony I'. Wild?
? ornian K. Brooks. Stanley N.
und A. \V. Dunlop. the four
members of the Australasian team, will
remain in thi? city -i few days before
journe> nig tj Chicago to meet ft
ready plans for meeting the
players are beintr arranged by lue
Cup Committee and officer^ of
id? Tennis Club. It
I;. that they will be entertained at
luncheon at the clubbou?e at I
Hill-. Long I lnnd.
H.ii. Parker, <?; 'he Wast Sid? ???> n
mittee which has tiia-gv of th? I
seats f??r the Davi
matches, has up to date received $5,000
n ci h for -cat allotments. Thestmd
will accommodate only ten thousand
and there will be no ?pace
in dees.
Wins Gold Medal in Novice Bi
cycle Race at Brighton Beach.
W, Willowlj won the gold nied?.
pruc in the two-thirds of a mile no i*;e
bicycle rae? from a big field last aigtrri
..; Brighton Beach. (V Eagen finished
second. The final heat in the ore
mile open for amateurs; continued from
Sunday nigh!, was won by Jerry Nun
in 2:27 3-5, Adam Byerman was
i and Alfred ?>. Lake third. A.
Desmond proved the gainest of a lield
of thirty in the one-mile consolation
stakes fo?* non-winners this season. T.
! prize and Nat Out
off third, the time being Sltl.
Ltuu Didier, middle ?istancc mo ?>r
-Meed champion of Erance. ?stahlished
a new mark for thirty miles, coven:??*
the distance in M:*N i-5. thcieby be-i?
mg ilie former record held hy Bo'.?'?>
Wa'thour of '>:".'!-.".. Walthour .\u<
th George Wiley third a:?d
Clarence Carmen fourth.
i ******************************
Queens County Jockey Club
A g I i n i i i i.. i.
III I.IVMM. \ I " f M
nAl.'K l'i: I
?.? .? \e .\ V.. ?J?o 1 U?bu?li A??
! A?'*- J. ?ninul ? l?t?r
Stnerel Admission S3. Ledits $1.50. Music by Lander
Wins Junior Metropolitan
Title for Second Time
by Defeat of Hilton.
Obcndorfer Captures Medal
Play Handicap. While Church
Takes Putting Contest.
lor the second vear in ?ui cession
Vhilin \Bn Gelder Carter, of ?a ?<? i,
ne metropolitan junior golf cham?
pion,Inp \".?terd?y. whew lie del'?-atnl
Vincent K. Hilton, of Hack n lack, in
the decisive trwt o.er tne links of the
Plalnfitld Country flub l.v 8 in ?ad ?
to play.
Earlier in the da?- farter .1? op?
posed to Kdinunil Nash. 01
and the latter went around ?n mi ap?
proximated To ami forced Carier t.? 'he
-e.pnteenth green. The -a-arvin was .'I
up and 1 to play. H?'*. ppo
nent a'M Osbornr Laues, nf I pper
Montclnir. Ihe In?! named b im bea'"ii
easily, r? up and 1 to play. It wai in
this roi?nd that Ii ton showed hi? real
golf, and it no tit? was b< ?n danger.
He h..?l mi approximated ?C.
The defeat of Hilton at the hand- of
Carter ?ras a? much psychological a?
anything* cl,e. it v.- 1' be recalled that
th? H ??-..- -ack lad wen! at a great rate
of sp'-en ?m the recent interstholastic
champion hip ?.rid then feli before far?
ter in the semi-iinal round. Hilton ltd
Carter ?re ^re??t f i ?ends and attend tue
sume school. Tan ling. The two la?l.?
play a gr?at garre of golf together, ?-nd
thus Hilton is well acquainted v. id he
game of the intersehelastic title holdir,
It was evident as Hilton teed up that
he f?lt there was something coming to
?it'n, and the result was that he began
with the loos of the first hole. With
this attitude of mind no one cou i ?I
pect to win. and so it was in Hilton's
Thnt the youth is capable of better
golf was shown ot? many ocras.on?. At
the second, for instance, his drive ??as
-lired into a trap, but with a rr.re re?
covery he reached trie green i-.nd was
able to (?el a halve in ?t. Carter won
four straight holes after that, the sixth
being pre?en'ed to him on a silv-- n'at
ter. Hilton had a wee put; .'or a win,
and proceeded to take two tries before
he could get it down. This wa? a .-am?
ple of the lack of heart the Hac?en??ck
boy nad in the game.
By the time the turn was lv-m-h-d
? arter nad won 7 hole?. He drew 'ur
ihcr a-vay at the tenth, and the most
creditable performance ot the llackun
sacl bo) was his 4 at the eleventh,
where he won h;s only mark. Carter's
drive vas off the line into th" rough
and Hilton played the hole in th? -iiap
ner of which he i? capable. The match
was ended on the twelfth, when Hil?
ton's putting went awry. Th? card fol?
? ? ? - :. ? 4 ? Sj
lliltr. i .,u?. ? 4 .". 4 ?, ?
? I ?,
Hilton is a good-natured fellow and
fully capable of playing great golf, but
the critics who saw the match yester?
day .?greed that if he had overcome his
idea that he had no chance he would
have carried the match well toward the
home green, if he had not actually
emerged a winner.
Coincident with the ?emi-final and
fiinal rounds in all divisions was an
eighteen-hole medal play handicap, in
which Herbert Obendorfcr. of Inwood.
with a card of 9" 21 It, was the
winner. Leonard S. Church, of Plain
field, won the approaching and putting
contest, while the driving prize went
,u Oab?rne !..
Findlay S. Douglas and 8. Cliffton
Mabon, representing the Metropolitan
Golf Association, visited the Plain?eld
Country Club yesterday wiih a view to
lending their approval to this tourna?
ment, which is designed to foster and
encourage golt among the youth of this
The summary foil???'
? r, Naxi>?u. I I
Ipawaml*. . up and i '??
- .p an i
St ?
Bl. Al i . M .?rail..
Montclali ?
? ??
und i II. I..
r . Htliei
Hill, i up: Richard Pol i?r, Si
\? . i onkim - 1 up.
ami .*; t..
??alllll 1". IV
I'ppei Mont, lair boat Bei
Xi 1 ?\ O'.'li.ier? -.'
! 111.
? . V
? rj. liroolila? S
Bruniwlek, S up and .". io pi?)
? al .1. I. l.ii- > i; . V w
I a
;*inai roun?
? i?- ? r
. - ? i- .
'. I' Heal?. J? . ^'ykas: I .... S?
Lipton Boat Being Sloop.Riggc<1
and Will Have a Bigger
Southampton, England, June 24. S.r
Thomas Upton's Shamrock IV. chal?
lenger for tie America's (up. i? being
sloop-rigged again, but r?tai:.
long'.-' ?ad \" ill have a h
?ingle headsail than before. Whether
this change will be permanent depends
lipoi the itsult of further tests of the
challenger with the older ?Shamrock.
Before the u rigging was begun th?
Shamrock IV had another trial with
Shamrock III ia ? stroi.- wind and a
lively .ea. "he race, ho? ?TOI
a ?bande nod a.'trr twelve .piles ha.I been
coveied in order to avoid u.V.. ?] are
d?nt to the challei | The
Shamrock IV was !e?din;- ?t the tim?
and her gear had -tood the
"" . ' '
MR l".-l.l 11 MIIC.snv car* uf .luh,
n?**?alr ? '?-> . flilllipit'urif, V J.
OnRT?O! C Ounajtu, d???iin??. ?t?
rUn I HD..C Knap,. v.lrm. Ill H '?a?.
R\ll * KII1I1K III-. M(IS?,>. ?.?.iiliani
t'?? 55a W- ?>*??'? *?? <<?! H'm?.??. toi. Si??.
Mrs. Barlow Wins Medal
on Shawnee Links
Miss Krug Leads New York
Women Golfers in
Qualifying Round
of Tourney.
Shawnee-on-Delaware, Peni . .lune j!.
? Mrs. Ronald H. Rarlov , of the Merion
Cricket flub, easily won th- medal in
the qualifying round of the annual
women's invitation golf tournament on
the link' of the Shawnee Country f iub
here ?o-day, with ? score of M, This
was six strokes better than her club
mate. Miss Lthel Maul, who ?> ,< ne.'
in line with !'P.
More than thirty players ?eed up in
de t?-?ting round, v h eh did riot begin
until this afternoon. Provision was
made for thi - Loui I? F.
Krug, of Bnglowood, led the New Vork
??omen, her score of 10*2 tying for third
place with Miss Kt'nel Campbell, of
Oierbrook. Mi?? Franc?- Ma?son. a
(Hen Ridge girl, who has only been
playing a year, qualified in the I?
The course is more difficult than ever
thi? season, end Mr-. Barlow'i ?.", i?
mosl crrditable under the circum?
stance-. She drova lone ball? ami
?lulled steadily. H. i card was a? fol
Of - :
Mi-, i: ii ?
? '
In ... ? ? ? la?31
Caleb Pox, the Huntingdon Val
ley matron, might easily have qualified
in the first eight had she not wasted
?rokes on two hole?. There wai
? tie at the bottom of the ?econd divi?
The scores of the fir?' two flights
In '?'
Mrs. R H. Bl
M > . i; In Bala
M U .-. Hill -, Wiliiiliiatoti ... ?:
? i
Mi?. II. Smith
Mr. M. > "
lira, i
Ml II is ? S'oiib H li* ?-'
Hot on the Trail of
Hal Chase Jumper
\go, lui e 24, <?hurles A. Co
.'. owner of the Chicigo Whit?'
?nd Robert Mcltoy. formerly with
the Rosto'i \inericans. will leave to
for Buffalo, where they expect to
i legal action to prevent Hal
s playing with the Federa!
League tea'r of that city.
local club
left to-day for Rufl'alo.
Ci 13
CI 10'.
Full Summary of Racing
at Aqueduct Race Track
?? .: ?THKR CM
... -I
i? \\.
; .' - ? ?? n High
2 nn :.
? | i i if. 5-2 13-3 5-t* ?j_5 i-3
i i?.; i - i i .. | ?_? iu :, i ; -
!?;. :: .:? ?' l: .. ? ; 11-J
i i.?7 .. i ? .'? ."? \l. ... i:. , _'.? -.?? ? ;, j
:.? .. >: >'? ?I '..? .ii ,'n
i Sl< . . .
? ? - . - - .v. .!<??? -- ?. ?? n id.:, ? ....
? I?.I 1 '? I I 1 ' I ..v. I.
; KM ' ll-lu
ill.. ' 90 9n |.*i .-, :, "
? R' .n III 12 12 ? s .-,
? Pi- ., ?-, ..... . i:,
t, us * ; ? ; ; n
.; . * ? n> i.. i.. i,
'??'??> II Mi. .o_12
?i iiii.i? i: " I v "
,-"..-- . - ? r ' I.
1 I?" l?j I* 1 ."??-? .-. .: i :.
? ? ;. ? 5 -.- : ?_? ; t.,
KM ' Me? i | .-,
, :?> ihe
I ' ?? ?: reven
? - /
i - .
, , un i? m ? ; -. r i?
I < ?? ?-? ?-.
? ? i-a
? ? .
. S :
.77;;.- m ?1 ?. is ?
? ? .
..... . -
?? ? ' ? I 1-3
?j ?_? 1 . . 1
? < _
?:. ?;
10) . :
IS 1:. u <??
... 7 > 4
? <ni? ihr
-IXTIT I' '?" - .:t g,?>!.
.... I
? I . .
. ;?. 1 ? ???? r -.
, . .?...-. I I J
1 ; tea? s 1 1 ?-?
i? IS
aiionfi? ?l<"
Ithacans Picked to Win
'Varsity Race, with Syr?
acuse Crew Second.
i:\pcrts Praise Oarsmanship of
Blue and White, but Ques?
tion Staying Qualities.
I lr.,in n ata? ,. m ?f Tli? Ti
l'ou?hl.eppaic, \. V.. Ju::
Bail was pi' ked lo ?
r?te in Friday'?, big rcgaita a
? <? ot the victorious <dw
" i?lercd one of
the freate?! .,nr men Cornell has e??t
hid. V. eed '?n? been at the Cornell
fo' the [aal two day and wa?
in ?he Coaching laurel, wiih < li.irl?
( '"in i. ,'hcn the Ithac.an
had .i ?ho t r.Hddle up stream.
Wee.) ?aid .he Cornell crew s'.at en?
? ?no?) finished he had ever ?ce i '
and thai Me txpoete? II to .?in with
liitle diftii-ult?..
This ??) foot? I ?--??lion, coming!
1 ron* ? ? ! i > - e I v identified v itn '
< orne'l rovring a? Weed, is taken a.<
a sure indiiatinn ?hat the Cornell
? ?nip ? ?f vu tory.
I every cre?v on
..and araa
ot -'no opinion ?hiit Columbia
? finish hottes thai ?anoad, with
third, V? ? .?hingt o 'i fm rti-,
?l'aria fifth and Wiaoonain
?ill'. After Weed had m-ide ihi<
rti.terr.ent, there -.vas a M re ?ft isle
lightening of the odd? on the Cornell
i i?-hi.
1'finisylvania. figured by many as
the ??ark horse of the regatta, was
conceded only ai? outside rhance by
Weed, who criticised the stroke v
al'V lia.? ';?ught the Quaker?, maintain?
ing ihm more ihr.n a foot of ?t is
i m ihe catch because the men
are tIow in getting their oar? in ih?
Weed ii of the opinion that t'olum
las a "ond.Tfuliy sn*od!i i
bit' thinks that the Isck of weight
Will prove f. tal in th<? last dri
ili- finish. Sjrracase, ?ie ?aid, is not
tin io rhe form displayed by the Orange
e'ght last vear
Another riaitor to the regatta courso
Bogene Giannini, coach of ?the
Yale lrc?*hman ?rev., (iiinnini spent
the afternoon .viih ..; ? Ik
felmnbia o..art?rs and watched the
ind White eight? in a stiff one
mile io? a? sundown. He was im?
pressed with the tremendous speed of
the Col'iinbia Varsity and ?aid it vas
the "-moothest roving er?** he had
e? > r ??en. lie woul?. not venture a
prtdii ition. however, as to whether the
Bh'e and Wliie would be able to puil
out. in the last mile wi.h ;he victory.
The hardest work on the river was
dune by the Columbia eights this even?
ing. The Blue and White crews came
down to the two-mile mark this morn?
ing just as Vincent Astor's yacht
N'oma passed at high speed and
chained up such .swells that they could
accomplish nothing. In the afternoon
Rice determined to give his men i
Mial taste of hard work, and they went
over the course from the one mile to
the two mile mark.
For the first three-quarters the
stroke was kept low, but la the last
minute ;?ll three crews raised the beat.
The Varsity drew away from the
juniors and freshmen. McCarthy get?
ting the stroke up as high as 38 in the
li'ial sprint. Before going out for th?
evening row the Columbia oarsmen
took revenge on the managers, an?!
? d them over into the brink out
by one. They were also after the
????uke of Manchester," their English
waiter, but he Kept in the background.
liirani Connibear continued on his
fixed schedule of rowing, and the
Washington. Varsity did not go on the
: until dusk. Then the coach took
his mer. down stream for more than
live miles. They had to row back to
the float against a rushing ebb tide.
Connibear Is eunlident that his crew
will be un with the leader in the lina;
iniie. but he does not expert them to
rtet than fourth or fifth in the
Aral three miles.
"The crew has onlv one sprint." he
??lid to-night, "and if th?-v use it up
before they reach the bridge I don't
know what will happen to them. They
haive be?n instructed to sprint after
reach the bridge, and then you
???? a race."'
Harry Vail took hi.s 'varsity out for
a paddle this morning, but put back to
'he float in shor? order because he
found the heat oppressive. His men
are in none too good condition, and
\'rl ?as taking no chances. He wait?
ed untii late in the evening before
sending the men out for a two-mile
With the arrival of the advance
guard o' ?he regatta day crowd the
?Hirers on the outcome of the race
were reported. One of the biggest
-?ade was ttOO against il.000 that
ell would sweep the river and
show open water in each race. Tne
Ithacans were rated as even money
favorito? in all three race.;, alt bets
I made against the field.
?ruse was the second choice in
the 'varsity race, the odds be?ng .'i to
2 that the ?ight from the Salt City
would repeat its victory of last year.
ibia. which la nicked hy the ex?
perts to fuiiih second, third
b the bettiai men, their theory be?
im' Columbia will not last the
di-tance. The Columbia odds were 3
to 1. ,
Pennsylvania was slateu for fourtn,
together" with Washington, the odds
bting I" to 1. On Wisconsin the odds
au- Ii to 1. with no takers. Ont of
the most popular bet- was H?U to 80
thut Washington would beat Pennajl
vania and even money that the Se?
attle ei'.'ht would show its wake to
( olurnbia. , .
in the junior Varstt) race Columpia
i? next to Cornell in the odd?, the price
being t to I. ?? ; ?' ">'.d I
ad .'-rnnsylvaiiia at 10 lo I.
Day Line Beats To Be Van?
tage Points of Big Regatta.
Day l.ine boats
?rill be vantage points at the
,'i.iighkeepsie regatta o;? Kr id*...
Owing to the increased demand fei
accommodations o.i boat raec day the
Robert Fulton and ?M Albany will he
aa special observation steamers,
I ill anchor in the most advan
- noisible *o that their
nassengers may *ee the college crev ?
battle for the rowing supremat?,.
The first boat, the Albany, \ ill leavt
? a .in. on Friday,
?ii. Fultun will ?am
duck at 10:t.">. They will stop al
it at 9:40 and 11 a. m. and We?'
.* 10:20 and 11:20. respec
Alter the rates the Robert Fulton
\ II return to the Pay Line pier a'
Roiighkeepsie and take en such pa
are ready to r?tuin inim?
S'ew "i ork 1 he Albany v. ill
aj th? Poughkeepsie pier for ol
?n vat ion train passengers and then
?l to ?New York.
No Trusting the
Camera Always
P..iH,?i\??l.,?? ?r V.. June "I.?"Hi?
Jinise?' boil ?w lite ?>nl? plmrr f-?m
? I... li mu??! ?V ???en an aerwfale ?le
rtemnt ?n Mo toxmu et ihr *t?i--H?r
i.nl rar?.'* ?<ii,l 11? ?an Ma-fcull?. r?*??h
?>f III? I'maxl? ?n?a rrrir?. 1?-?1?.?. "'
?Ion I ?are wlini Mm mmUXUt Mm? ?'i??*f.
ili?> nrr nul ???????????. uni??? Mi? <?m
rra mm? ?lt?.>liit?l? nil the flnUI? (In?.
I hi? MM I he ??????????? of Hi? lirother
el I,a.? M?I??M?. Ihe '.ale r???li. ?I?'"
?i.lii Hint the mmftkUt iilrlore? ?sere re
l??.r|r.l |o in?? ,'i<?? n that Hartar?
????? llir rea ?.
ri.? ? ?.aril van i"??"? ?h?iic??i <? ???
|il.?l,?n ?l??l mini i?> Ihr Penn?? l?a*i i
't?'?if> ?li?ll. ami ?li? hu-U?r he rmOhrii
?li? mor? rmplialh- nere hi? ened*.
Beats Gordon. Reaching
Semi Finals in Bronxville
Lawn Tennis Tilt.
Arthur M Lo ibond. the former "th
Regiment champion, fought Ina way
into the ?emi-iin?' round yesterday in
the annual open lawn tennis tourna?
ment on the clay courts of the Bron\
vill? Athletic Association, at Bronx- i
ville, \ V. I.ovibond gained his
bracket by defeating G. A. Gordon, at
? I, ft I.
William Rosenbaum and '
Chambers won their matches in mat
'earth round, and landed in the round
I More the semi-finals. Ro.scnbaum had
a lively afternoon's work in puttin?
<iut Harold Styles, after ?o.-ing the Irai
?t at t 8. He gradually worked hi? ,
.?amo up after that, gaining many ace<
on his displacement shots and winning
the last two ;teta at 6 3. ?> 2.
Ingo Hartman offered only slight re?
sistance to Chambers, who was going
at his best, his overhead work com?
pletely baffling his opponent. Charn?
ier-, -von with the loss of only two
grm*s, at ?> 0. ?? 2.
The greater part of the day wt
voted ?o running off the men? double?
matches, the first round being almost
entirely finished and beginning made
in the second bracket.
al? mu$ti ? rfourta rrwaa) i?r u llleaa*
? iin .!. f?aiMi Harold si? les, S
? ' f i li?iillV?-?, .?. 'tu.. ?! lu.-,
FlfiV \l ?/ . ilaoinl (J^f??
A (lord ,m r, j, ,- i
M?? * ?un Ii Dr. it.u. nbaum
)? i *-i ** l*o li -i- reatad ? "ouni ? S?l?si
?ti.l ?ioi-fi. ? ? - h. ?iror?;? >?.
Qrootbeck -ir.l ?', llisliop ?v?>ii from II.
Parker ?r,?l p default ; 'Cha
x ?Chliil
an.] I? Todd l .
?ii *,-?.?.. y ao ? fr...-n T. V. Walah end
partner I.? default; ilud??) Brltloti nul .'. I,
taon. lr . .Ufeat?,! II. St?|.? an.? |
IV Or? I ? H .?.lliil.iis iin.l IV
...n won from >'? s 1. lit?.nu,, an.) 1!.
.. ,; i: W:is..n ami
??i; fiom :> SamlH an-1 I
default: *.. M. Muii'n ?
Foth r:iii?li?m won fr i n I. M. Hurt .
War.-, i by defajlt; H. sn.r and l?.
Uu? ii.f.-.-ii ?I ? .mu.?n in.l Van vi?,-,
Itlld ar..l Abraham lia??
ford. . I M. E roa. jr.
?. 1 T :.. A. M. I?..lo i
. V ''? rn- ?
8 1 'I 1 : ?I I. I lUl'.a.> alllll i'. Jolllff ...
' H. Sielni... -?? Marlmanii.
n, s ., .; ? ;. ? an,i n
- ; i \ ,wii?n uii.i partner ?M
?ii'fani: IV T Hunter ?ni \ l. u
?. f,-?. I C J.jlin?oi]. ?i?4.
tt :, Brrl'nian jn-l Tobev .l-f.-ali.l ' '?
and ' >
-ajii ?..u from MlnVus ??n-l Le?
Doubles Matches of Knollwood
Club to Start on Sunday.
The special doubles lawn tennis
tournament, to be held on the turf
courts of the Knollwod Country Club,
White I'lai.is. N. V.. will begin on Sun?
day. June 2?. instead of next Friday, as
originally scheduled.
The tournament is held at the re
?juest of the C. S. S, L. T. A., so aa to
afford competitions for the ranking of
doubles pairs on turf courts. It '.?as
ed that B. L Murray and Her?
bert Hahn, of Leland Stanford Univer
?vould compete, but Murray is
?llicring from a strained shoulder
and his physician has advised him to
take a two weeks' rest.
Fifteen Thousand Schoolboys
See Nines Battle.
fifteen thousand school bo;.?
a:<d ','ir!s ot the elementary ?ihools
of Brool lyp and Queens boroughs
stormed Ebbet s Field yesterday after?
noon to ?vitr.es.s the deciding of the
..il and one-hall mile relay chair.
pinnship? of Long Island.
vbc city cl ampionshin baseball team
o' Public .School No. 10, o' Brooklyn,
r.iri the nine of Publi? School N'o. 1,
did not meet in
the tournii'i'eii, and won by a score of
j? I, I
P. -. -... ID B'klvn. S 10*81 S ?
I. .-'. v0. i. Queens 2 0 10001 17 3
teriei -Malhami and Lombard!;
i hi ro and W each.
Shelvin and Bush Win the
Two-Man Relay Race.
Three thousand students of Eastern
ict High School made men.?, al
| their annual games held on the Brook
i lyn Athletic Field, at Avenue K an?.
Eaat 17th
Thj ??. inner.? of the track an-,
s follow:
a?,' r . I ? i \
.,1 i-llMi II
. " -. ?ir.i ? li, .
?enfilij. J ? . .,i,l run , ir.
100; ? i?, :; \
? lilgli jij-ni). '.' \ . S in,
? ash I! I:..-.nielli. 'J ?
Amalfi and Stroiriboli Run
Second, but Deserve a
Better Fate.
Buxton Again Carrier Off Jockey
Honors at Aqueduct by
Ri?injf Three Winners
es ran .?tcond x A'-.??duet
yesterday that deserved a b?'ter fate.
It T. Wilson's Amalfi ?-ai beater, b) ?
head bv that prince of quitter* Si
henge after being buffeted i ?
bobbin-: rork in the early part *??*??
second race, while Augu-' Hclm0Sa*a*H
Btroasholi was beaten the -?(?!. ?I a
hand in the one-mile hsndic-p hy Nan?
kee Notions i?fter being cangh*
footed at the barrier and lo?ing four or
i ? ? length?.
Wolfe ha?! the mount on Amaiti and
?.vas unfortunate. O ?*V the lea?t_
there were v. ho charged ?hin? v?ith <*?<<'?->
a bad rider, but then he ha?, been *-?M''
that before. Be that as >t may, tl
hor?e ?Aas knocked out of hi? stride
shortly after the start, and before a
couiil recover was humped again aad
then again until Wolfe found him el
in l??t plate, folly ten lengths V
?he tyu?x Stonehenge.
It looked like a hepelcas ?*ase. but the
boy ..as. ambitiou?. if nothing more, and
?e? sail for the leaders, ?"?ne hy on? ???
passed the other !-.or??s until only
Stonehenge was in front, but th? over?
land journey he was forced t?? tike co?t
more ground, and while Amalfi gainid
at every stride the race m
stride too short and second money was
his Dortion.
Jimmy Butwdl rarelv is caught off
hi? guard, but he could no? ,
noli to break a? the barrier flash'
in the third race, whereas Yankee No?
tions was off or. his toes and "wing?
ing." as the saying goes.
This made alt the difference in the
world. The Yankee edit, after cutting
r.T Governor Hughes on the turn an?!
then racing him into submission, came
away at the head of the stretch t,o .vhat
looked ?ike an ea^.y victor;., bu'
denly found a bottle before
Stromboli was a good six lengths out
of it turning for home, bul Butwtil ?at
down to ride one of his stronge r
ishes. Unfortunately, he had to submit
to a bumping match with Vandergrift
before finding clear sailing, and all thi*
?roved too much of a handicap, Stroro
boli got to Yankee Notions inside ?lie
Kteontfa pole, but there he hung
and -as beaten a short head in a furi?
ous drive.
Hocnir, a three-year-old heloaging to
the Beverwyck Stable and little known
except to the railbirds, won th? I mon
Selling Stakes like n fair sort of colt.
The railbird. had s .?en him "burning
up" the track in the mornm? and whis?
pered it about, so that those ? h<>
quoted prices quickly cut from 10 to '
to 4 to 1. He turned out to be a tOml
iive tip. and won cleverly enough f?o?n
Pomette Bleu and Undaunted.
Sumter's efforts- to ride a whipping.
fi'iisii on Undaunted were pitiable. With
any kind of a smooth ridt the
*-lioot li'iy vsould have been second ia?
?foe fttttenoni Anally was graduase ?I '
from the maiden class in the fifth ran.
He did not run out as when racing the
reverse way of the track at Belmoni
Park, and managed to stagger horn?- a
length in front of Bi ethoven.
Buxton again carried off the j?
honors, riding three winners Stonr
henge. Hocnir and Coquette. Butwcti
accepted only three mounts and was
twice second and once unplaced.
P?. P, t arman, who ha? been racing in
the (Vest, arrived her? with his Italie
on .Monday and sturtcd I?ady Bi
in the last race, she gave .i f.?
?ount of herself, running second to
Toronto Wins and Loses.
Al Baltimore;
iialiinio .? ?i ? 9 ? ? a : i.
agner an.i Kell' . i olir*
f?. ill .ml k.g?n.
i.VD UAM1*
. . ?? J 0 ? 9 ? 0- ;
anfi.rth an.i Ml-.ori MMH,
Palancra ami K?U;, I? mp--? .?'al
??Kiteiii. n' -
Entries To-day at Aqueduct.
i and (?Idlflgi
Orotuml . II 'hila Br??on.1??
. ..? \?hin??.j?- ?v. ?fi r|lo?
da . .16. ..<?... ngi in
illtl.iii?. I',
.It*? I - lariu? .
T'UIU? B.V?'E ?.il.n? la
?a ?orth
.1.- I'taS ...M ????'Ill
?;??-s \U MlTilO?
'.nalfl li*a ?*, I. n?I Hollo??
i 139
? ling. |N
l.'gl' Noon.117 V?Hir??ldln
.I'-.- The Maaqu?ra?<
. 117
r'Il i i> In?: for ?I.
: nil K|
M ? -?'? 1014. "ix fui
A? ifclor 11 1U ill . ? ? ,,. t
'Vater Uly. 1? H|l??r M.i.j.i n
?.I .1. Ulli- ,^
, Kin- '.*lilltoii
. at
?? >?x tnrkmna?
Sprii? ?? i launt?
. .m. ... i.
Ill ? iUhfi.1
. i i
Keg. U. a I'at. Ott
America's Finest Rye
lJ?h.rn?a4 HAND MADE
?- -.??Ta?T^
wi: \i;. Tin i.\i??'Ki-t i:??i*ti.i:i??s ?>! ? ?la! ? \-hi??\?
.??i i; M'.il'i' i ^k u himx
H. B. KIRK & CO.. New Y,

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