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Ceremony erformed on
Farm of General Greene,
at East Greenwich.
Miss Summcrhays Becomes
Wife of Stanley Taylor
Chace, of Buffalo.
Fast Greenwich. K. I.. Jun? ge. Th?
we [ding of Harrison Tweed, son of .Mr.
a d Mrs. Charles Harrison Tweed, of
'lork. and Miss Eleanor Roelk?;r
.?as celebrated this afternoon at the
s?- Farm, ia Fi.st Greenwich, the
home of the bride. It was the rrat
wedding to taae place on the farm ?.f
(?enera! Nuthaniel Greene, of Revolu?
tion?r? fame, since the genera!
.??if married there a century and
a half ago. The bride comes of a '<>i a
I ancestors prominent in the His?
tory of this state.
('receding the bride were the ushers,
F. Skiddy von Stade and Francis R.
Appleton and James J. Hitrj-enson, of
New Yo:-k; Dudley L I'lcKman, jr.,
?ieorge G. Amory and Francis V">
gent. jr.. of Boston*. Stewart S. Low
cry, of San Francisco, and Winthrop
Aldrich. soi. of former Senator Nelson
W Aldrich. of Rhode Island. Th?
matron of honor i'eorgc t'ea
body Gardner, jl en, and tne
-maids the Misse* Catherine W.
Tweed, of New York, ?ister of the bride
groom; Camelia Morgan, of New York;
Margaret Thomas, of Boston; Helen
Taft, daughter of former President
W?lliam H. Taft, and the maid of
honor, Edith G. Roelker, sister of the
They were gowned alike in white
taffeta, fashioned with long tunica and
hows of taffeta, chiffon bodices
with a tiny p'tik rose at the
belt. Their hats were ??.uaint creations
of Leghorn, with crowns of deep i)lu?
? th a cluster of tiny pink roses
m front and strinps of black velvet
nbbon. They carried pink Killarnt-y
The brid' i thorn were
latir? oblong, white weather pockot
h gold initials.
The bride was accompanied by her
brother, who gave her away. I-i?.
a draped gown of white satin, with
garniture of point d'Angleterre lace,
'orming a Medici collar. Clusters of
??tange blossoms ornamented the gown
>.r.d caught the veil, which was of tul!-.
She carried a shower bouquet of lilies
The bridegroom was attended by
Harold S. Yanderbilt. of New York.
The ceremonv was performed b? the
Kev. l?r. William G. Thayrr. of St.
Mark's School. Southboro. assisted by
trie Rev. Dr. Daniel Goodwin, of ?East
\ wedding breakfast was served in a
laii-e tent erected on the lawn, after
which Mr. and Mrs. Tweed left on their
wedding journey, the latter wearing a
draped ?.-own of dark blue taffeta, with
a picturesque black hat, faced with
pink, with c?usters of tiny pink
and ribbon strings. Mr. and
Tweed will r honeymoon in'
Kurope and upon their eturn will r?
side in
? May Sun
1er oi ( hartes Kennwood Summerhays,
il lu?th st,, was married at
noon yesterday to Stanley Taylor
Chace, of Buffalo. The ceremony was
performed by the Rev. John C Bonnell
lyvesant Sq.
bride, who was given away by
wore a white serge suit, a
sat n ha? trimmed with ro ?
.1 Bride roses and white sweet
*.eas. ? lette Summerhays was
maid '?! honor and only
?I Sprague. of Brandon, VI
?.-in and thi '.ere Loring
! B. Smith. Clarence J. Kelly, Hayle
B. H>? : ilton J, A
t a motor trip through Ycrmont
the counle will go to Lake Champlain
'or a few week?. They will make their
home in Buffalo.
Rcnrtsen Ditmars,
daughter of John Ditmars, was mar?
ried to the Rev. Albert Edward Rora
back, pastor of the Church of the
F.vangcl. Flatbuah, yesterday at noon
?n the First Reformed Church, Brook?
lyn. The Rev. Dr. James M. l-'arrar
performed the ceremony, which ?a*
followed In a break; home
r. and Mrs. Ditmars. 800 Carroll
? e decorations at the chu tell were
in green and white, and at the house
the Dorothy Perkins i ambler was used.
The bodice of the bride's gown was of
tulle, covered with old rose and duchess
lace from her mother's wedding dress,
and the draped shir) and full court
train were of crepe de chine meteor.
She wore a tulle and lace veil and car?
ried lilies-of-the-valley and white
Sidney W. Eldridge, of Elisa
beth, N. .!.. was matron of honor, She
a gown of lavender chiffon and
white lace and carried lavender -
The maid of honor, Mis
v t cousin of the bride,
was attired in pink taffeta and carried
Catherine Rora
hack, a sister Of the bridegroom, and
? ??i hoe? attended ga
maids, in frocsj of ?hit?* lair,
having panniers of lavender taffeta
caugh' and carried
??ink and lavender .-we?
Joseph Clinton Rora back,* of Canaan,
? onn., wan his bl I man, ami
?U~ ushris. vcre the Itev. Thoiim
Candleaa, of Manhattan; the Rev. As
bury Fa. K? I . ai T. Pulton, cf
Providence; David S. Day, of Bridge?
port, Conn., and H. Hammett Fall
Wrentham, Masa.
of Judtfe
Mrs. A. T. Roraback, i
I aduated fi<- n ? ?
? tea give . bv Mi,
man Weaver at hei
Waldheim, Flashing, : |, Mrs.
-ut ??r in
llele.i Livingston Parmele, to V?
ill Cumul..-.. Miss I'ari'uV
daughter of the late Mr. and Mi?
nim Parmele, of Staten Island, ami
of old Puritan stock, being a
descendant <>n her n ?
? I of Plymouth
uebii!. but ligurcd prominently in many
? charitable entertain,
last v
Mr. i a. .'. illiam
Lummi? and the late William Li I
onetime president of the New 1i?ik
Mock Exchange. No date lias h. ?
ior the wedding.
Mr, and Mrs. Fulton Cutting, who
married on Monday In m
Maas., sailed y?sl Kurope on
the France to spend their honeymoon
abroad. Mr-. Cutting was Miss Mary
Josephine Amar**.
<?*hers who departed on the same
Hen? Clew.-,, her son,
' aiul his youn?
?onrj i | Dr. gnd Mis.
Alison P. AtUlfa
I.? Maatagme, l-hilip La Montagii?
Hewland R. I'ell, jr.
William Floyd Jones will Hail
fer Kurope on Saturday on the Celtic.
nil will return
Dom Kurope early next month and go
to Newport for the remainder of the
Mr. ^r.d Mrs. Carlos M. .1?- Heretiia.
who were at the Waldorf-Astoria for
a short stay a'ter their return from
pe, have ?-one to their summer
home, Wheatleij-h. Lenox, MaSf.
Mrs. Frederick W. Vanderbilt ar?
rived in town yesterday from her coun?
try place at Hyde Park, X. Y , and is
a* the Ritz-Carlton.
mbrok? Jone:?, jr., has taken an
apartme.'!' at the Pis sum
Mr. ami Mrs, Henry Fletcher God
ter last ni|
the summer ?garden at the p
Mrs. Edward J. Kcily and her daugh?
ter, Miss Eugenia Kelly, are at the
Hoti ! Gol ham for a few da
- Edna Elizabeth Johnson. ?iaujrh
ter of Mr. and Mrs, Edward P. J??1
oi Bloomfield, -\'. J., was married *.?>
Kniest P. Voll man, of Newark, last j
night. The ceremony was performed '
by the Rev. .1. I'^oen V, or of
Park Methodist Church, at the
of the briii?
I Yoik.
a cousin of the bride, was the
of honor, and M ?? Flor? telle
Harvey, of Bloomiielil. was bridesmaid.
Frederick Peters, of Burlington, a COU?
the bridegi man.
- will liv? in Pat? i ion.
\\ l-.NI. \*?.l MIA I.
ment o?- Miss Helen
Parmele, daughter of the late Truman
Parmele, of Staten Island, and a de?
scendant on lu r 'le of Gov?
ernor Bradford, of Plymouth Colony, 'o
William Maxwell Summis, of Manhat?
tan. Mr. Summis is a ^on of 4n
\\illiam Summis. His father wa- once
lent uf the New Yin i. Sto? ?
change. Mis? Parmele makes her home
v. ith her grandmother. Mr
?Lenox, June 24. Thomas SI
? larke. the president of Die I
Garden Club; Miss Cl Barnes
and Mrs. Banyer Clarkson will bi
judges at the third annual (lower show
in the Casino in Stockhrldgc io-nior
Mrs, William Gilman
Thompson. Mrs. .!. Woodward '??
? Butler. Mi Hague
ifr?. Bernhard Hof, man will show
the old fashioned roses forming
a big claaa. Mis? Emily Tuckermr.n
will show lilies, for which her ?garden
is famous. Mr.-. Carl A, ?le G?!
will serve tea to mo now afternoon and
Mrs. Frederic Crowninahield will be at
the tea table ?? fternoon.
- ,?,. i.? \lil>ie l . Ami -
Brockline, Maas., is to be divided bi
tween her nephews, David T. Dana, of
. and Richard T. Dana, o
David T. Dana presented the diplo
? ? graduating class of the
?li^-h School to-night. Mr.
Dana is chairman of the school ;
The Rev. and Mrs. Paul Revere
niiham, of Boston; Mr. and -1rs.
.1. .1. McClurc ami Miss Rach? I I
of Pittsburgh, are at the ? urtis Hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald de Pi
?n?l Mr. -?I'd Mrs. Clarence Whitman,
who have been in the Berkshire? on
separate automobile trips, have gone
to New York.
Newport, June 2\. Count J H. von
torn*, German Ambas
the guest <>f honor at a dinner this
?????ninii. given by the counsellor
German Embassy, K. Ilanicl von llairn
hausen, at The Poplaj immer
home of the embassy. The Amb
? on Friday for his vaca?
tion m Berlin. Among ihe guests were
Ambassador and Mine. Bakhni. i
de Runo, wife of the
i ado i : i our de San
ihe Spanish Embassy, and
Mr. ami Mrs. George Peabody ..
i ihingtoa.
as a larrr? gathering this
after?- tig ?>i the second
annual outdoor exhibit <>t the Newport
v Oci?ttOO and New por' Hor?
ticultural Society, he).! on Senator
George Pea' lana.
The nexi outdo, r affair will be the
!? Historical Beelety lawn part]
?ionic of Mrs. l.awience !.. Gil
A large number of women have
.. he patrai .
rhose registered at the Casino to
day included Seiiora de Riano, wife of
the Spanish Ambassador: Mrs. R Hor?
ace (.?Matin. < > r 11 Hatch, Mr-, J, (V
Mallery anil Garriek Mallei v.
Dr Min) Mr, William (V* Rhri
sail ? or Eui
Mi . P, Kothiop Ames, ?i Beaton, s
?st of her sister. Mrs. William
Mi , Hei nu i,n Oeli : ?tin**
vv illiam K. Vanderbilt,
Jr., at her Long Island home.
$10,000 GIFT
Widows, ron. Send Their Mite
to Police Fund Carnival
Plans Complete.
Roll Relief Fund of thf
grtmenl has been ?.ijfmented
h. 110,000 given by John D. Rocke
? Il son, John 1?.. jr, Polici
Commisslonei Woods received the
bution of f*a25 was received
from the Patrolmen'?.
Benevolent Association,
Theresa K
McGinley, of m Wesl '.'??th it. Mem
of this organisation are the
policemen and are them
in ea ly eircumatan
liiial arrangements are being made
for 'he ponce carnival to be held at
racetrack to-morrow
and Satuiday. The carnival will begin
at 1:15 o'clock in the al'lernoon and
continue until ?> o'clock. Special ac?
commodations will be provided b
Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company to
cany passengers from Manhattan and
Bronx, All the trolley lines in
iyn will run extra ears,
?xhibition for to-morrow in?
cludes a parade of Boy Seoul . running
races, motorcycle races, bicycle race?,
.?mur??, an exhibition by police recruit .
g, Honor ?Legion bat
. drill, hurdles, the stopping of
n runaway team attached to an open
re and an aero?
plane flight. On Saturday there will
infantry drill b) Reformatory
cane's, races, in exhibition by police
putting th? shot, bicycle und
motorcycle races, the stopping of a
runaway saddle horse, hammer threw?
.np-. hurdles, high jumps, drills, a tug
of- ? ar and an a? hieitio I.
Actors Daughter Hurt in Auto
Collision Near Quogue.
The sin;. ? ing a oman
who was injured la-t Saturday afte-?
mu ?n an automobile collision near
V,ud. i! wai discovered
to-day, whs M i ?s Louise Drew, daugh
lohi Drew, the actor, who is
spei ding the summer in Southampton,
Drew ??. ?? - ?m i : h her
chauffeur to Easthampton in a new
? unabout, v i.ici. she " n driving.
g to pass an automobile
? out?. | . milj of Dr. Henry L
O'Brien, of Brooklyn, who has a sum
ithampton Beach, Long
the running board of Mis.?
?1er of the
dii ,1 the
ng wheel, but turned too sharply
and the runabout struck a tree. M
Drew an?! - rown out and the
car >??'? wrecked. One of the Ii
struck Hi i Drew's knee, cutting a
deep i,'B-h She was rushed in Dr.
O'Brien's <?.r to the office of Dr. Wad
hams, a- Westhampton Beach. After
her injury had been cared for she v?a
taken home.
Southampton, June 24, Mrs, George
y. Whitne) is at Per. "ttage.
in rust Neck Lane, She arrived in her
from New London, Conn.
Mr. and Mrs. Geoi-ga K. Dadmun and
daughter are at the Burnett cottage, in
Sou'h Main St.
Lucien Wilmerding, of Tuxedo Park,
has leased the Henderson cottage, in
llernck si., and will arive for the
season on Frida-.
Mr. and Mrs. I Duggin, who
have hec? at Die Irving House for a
..??? a' Mr . Co?'? Pine Tree
_?>?, which they have taki n *
XcUon MrStca Whitney, of New
(?rlean?. is a! the P
Hill t.
? ?trag
Bar Harbor. June li, Mr. and Mrs.
John O. Rockefeller, jr., arrived a*
Eyrie, Seal Harbor, th.s afternoon.
Bishop and Mrs. Greer, accompanied
i.v Miss Jean Greer, have arrived it
Northeast Harbor to spend the season.
Mr-. J, Pi?mont ?Morgan
th? Hale cottage, near Green litad, the
. af her daughter, Mr.-. H. I.. S.r
terlee. This ;s the fli ?
gan has taken a cottage here, hitherto
having occupied a camp on
Augustas Thai
of Boston, are here 'or the season.
Augustus C. Guraee, who is now ?n
Earop ' ?teil here ubou! July ?i
his cottage Bcaudc-ert, on
Kdcn at,
Mr*. G?erge Amor?,, of
located in the Murigoid etittage, in Al?
bert Meadows.
Tribune Fund Continues
the Citv's Campaign
All Summer.
Mothers anil Children to Camp
Near IInspirai Where Ihe
I BtHen Arc.
I I ?;nii.
'I hai put . qts? 1.0:1 gnd *******
pi.iblem anil solution in ? nutshell.
This - ??Haby Week" fer the city.
??ab1'-?' 'bree iiio.r.hs" for th?
. 1? 1 und, but the ?logan is th:
..-,i "Better babies."
At lliis season whal will do moie 'o
?1 babies and mother,
und sisters
liile. brother? and sisters, fo.
natter than a fortnight o? -
fresh country air > peace and
? uiet ?
This is the Tribune Fund's contribn
tien toward the "Baby Week" cam
a contribu?
fere nie week ?bogan and which will
continu? until ;?i ? middle of ncvi Sep
t? niber. It began, as a matter 01 fact.
?o far
1 tad o the betterin nt <>;' nearly
.??i"*,iniu babies.
Familie? Going !? Otlsville.
?if co rse. lh? ?*? v ?r? not all in
ere- but most
. . nd twale? jreari
imongtliem, too, and there
will be ?gain this year, many m?.
and mi 1 no girls up ta sixteen
ji-ars of s?e.
afternoon there w;ll he -? prac?
tical demonstration of ?he Tribuns
vor, . If you want to see it m
ever 'o the Lrie Railroad station m
City. Along about 1 o'clock
:.-..re will becin to assemble then
group of tired-faced women. Some will
Rare candidates for bsby bttternicnt
r arm-; ethers will have them
. at theii kirte.
Who ?/ill they be? Th? wi'-es and
children of patients in the city's tubet
. ulosis sanatorium at Otisvifle, N. 1.
?hey come from families where there
n 11- plenty of drawback? for the bubie?
w.d the children. In most cases the
homes have ?heitered tubercular pa
. mil the youngsters have been
ed to m feel ion. In cases where
th? cause of infection has been re?
moved ihe menns of support for thi
family has been taken at the same
"1 he?-e mothers and their babies aie
??> be sen I to Otisvillc for a two week?'
outing. They will nut he kept .
sanatorium, of course, but will live in
tents near the village. By this er
smenl they will no! only get the
? is of the country, hut will also
have an opportunity to onally
the hiisbands and fathers from
they have been separated.
Rest for Tired Mothers.
I lie fortnight of good food an.i
air may he just what is necessary to
build up the children and enable them
to overcome a tendency toward thi
1'ble ?hite ph-.gue. I? grill surely !? ?
;? period of rest and recuperation fo
tile wives and mothers, on whom, in
mi ny cases, the entire support of the
family has devolved.
ither group of candidat?
1'iby betterment will pa?s through tue
Erie .'tntion somewhat later in the
afternoon, when the kindergartc
I'i olic School i? sets out on its jour
? <y for Mapnv Land, the
hem? .*it Tenafly, N. J, The?e young
. spend the la^ days of the
ichool year in a kindergarten roofed
by leaves and blue sky. where the?,
al glory the robin red
' they lav?
from which they w ill not, ;
a time, go home to the sombren
dingy, ?unless tenement .
At'KN'On t.KlniM ;
p. M. D. I
*? Hen \. ho
ID nu
l<> Oi)
il M '!
? 1.
VI .
11 a 1 i'.i 1
. laoml? 1 ?o
Urn .
tribulions, by ehe? k
... money order, should be a
The Tribune Fresh Air Fund, The
Tribune, New Vera.
Morse Attacks Plan to Run
Trolley Through Reservation.
\\ ? Ido ?. ''ant ' ... the ??I g
ma! Palisades r ?point
1 ?ior Morton ?.ml ; uthor of
National Reservation
b?lls for the Mew York, New J?
and national legislatures, at ? recep?
tion of the tCdiaon Manufacturing Corn
pan} yest? vigor?
? m the plan to put a trolley lin !
through Ihe reservation.
"No more sure!;,." lie -1 id, "does the
forest fall before 'he ? r ..?? the fi
under the plough ?han do the beauties
0!' a natural r??-?
ehanical tranapo?rtation. Throngs, care
el tie.-'iit; . g?? to such olacrs not
becauae of the r rhano but because of
their ea.-r of access.
"Kather let the eh
main wneri- natural charms airead** a**-*
destroyed. No transportation is le?-?
cxpenaiva or more delightful than that
by water, and tl" - offer thoj
iands of points where landings may ir
made. Across the river arc crowds and
all the paraphernalia for
?eek meehan'eal diversion?."
Time Curtain Rises lo-day
?:oo 1 II..Winter ?
g:00?l'as?.ni?' S'iow 19] I . U inter I
8:1 j_! . rim,, it er .., ? ..
? olliea .\e<* AmatU rdara
Kitty MarK? I 'omedy
'1 n.- Beaut 1 aSoep 1
g:00?'nie TiiiiiKs That Count 1
II nl-... ?
g: 15?' \
.7:4i . IU11111 ? 1
v Hi 1,-luoii
Fat, Dimpled 99 Per Cent
Perfect Infants in the
Fifth Av. Parade.
Brooklyn Procession Will ?Move
on Coney hland and Take
I na Park.
Hall thept ' lh?
,11 ih, Piou.i ?days of
his wonderful aft, 'or to-uav is th?
able?' day. All ??????'??f.'
underfed, ailing et homely babies v.U
and in the gian?J
1)a;.ade ?p rifth -v. th,s ?"?"'vf..;';'
l,e only the saperAae, th?
healthieat, dimpledest bso.es the
can |>roduce.
There will be one tnoussnd of tnem
all sitting up in their automobiles.
smiling a? Mayor llltehel as he reviews
fheni itt the Plata at the end et their
march of triumph.
The prit?? That lsa'1 worrying
them. Sappe?? .Jeanette Shapiro doe?,
ipposu those doctors have
Anally decided that a mere man.
j,mM Freely by name, has half a
. dimple la his righ.
o, thai his bad-boii?; is a w??
ongor the? *>nybody eieee,
th? oilier superbabif? Will smile
at th? Mayer just the -ame. an.;
?Don't you feel badly about us. *A e re
going to keep right on being fat and
hea'thv ami diinnled. whether you
i? a prisa or not. We're ?ret,
.?omething belter than prizes; w? have
health and mothers who know baa ta
lute tare of us."
Si\ ( omoete lor Prize.
There are sit. .?uperbabies in all, the
prise winners in the local baby con?
te?-? which have been held during the
.>ar in varlou? section? of the
?Each has a record of over M
(he v. inner will not be an
?d until the moment when Mayor
Mitehel hands over the prii.e.
The name? ?Of the six are <>lga
Cohen. ' I bryatie st.; Kmile
,i . .;, ; Tenth :.v.; .James
Freely, 23 Amsterdam av.; Christine
Ferguson. .V..? Pine st., Brooklyn; Kd
ward Cook. 164 Ninth av., and Jeanette
Shapiro, t?) I'ldridge st.
The parade will form at Washing
tun Ba?are at 12 o'clock. Tv ehe
automobile buses and many private
cars have been loaned lor the occa
.ion. In each car there ?rill he two
Board ot' Health nurses. The line of
l un Fifth av. to the Plaza.
On the reviewing stand will br- not,
only the Mayor but ma'.r prominent
friend? of the baby, including Health
Commissioner Sigismund S, Goldwatcr,
Deputy Health Commissioner Haven
on, I??. S. .loiephine Baker, Mi M
Guernsey, Mr?, charier 1).
llir-'. I'aul K. Taylor, of the New York
Milk Committee; Mr?. Henry Yillard
and Mrs. Clarence Burn-, prealdoat of
the L'ttle Mothers' Aid Association.
\ chorus ?><? v. hite-clad girls from
the Washington Irving High School
will sing lullabies. Public School 21
will provide a boys' band.
Brooklyn Habes to Surf \?.
In the afternoon Brooklyn's five hun?
dred superbabies will have ?heir pa
rad?, which will start from the Grant.
Monument at 2 o'clock, and be re
I el < oa?S I -land at Surf a
the Mayor and the Borough President
?? Brooklyn. A band new milk sta?
tion, the gift of Luna Park, will be
h? city, ?,nd the keys
h? park will he' given to the
mothers and babies for the afternom.
- erdaj the Mayor's committee
loverai of the city hospitals,
under the leadership of' Dr. Jacob
a Bureau of ?Child Hygiene.
In tbi part? were A'dermen William
?I. Pendry, If. M. (;iilam and Garrett
. of the Babies' Welfare As
London Manager Selecting
Girls for Hippodrome.
"The Passing Show of nur at the
?inter Garden is to contribute the
WH of the girls rhich Albert
d? < ounille, manager ol the London
Hippodrome, is trying to gather from
all quarters of ?he world, for his new
show in London in the fall.
Mr. de Courvilla has been in New
'luring ?he last tea day?, and has
.."?I to take tweh-e of the
il beautiea from this show to
anxious to take back
'"' " ,'1" twelve beauties from
v inier (iarde:i show, so he is
making the announcement that he will
be at the Winter Garden to-morrow at
II o'clock and make selections from
all the ?hew girl? and chorus girls
now out of a job.
Taft Gets LL. D. at Amherst.
.bun?>. i
Amherst, Mas?., .June li, William
II. la ft received the degree of Doctor
ra here n-day. at the ninety?
annual comm-nci nient of Aiii
berst College. At the alumni dinner
he was one of the speakers.
.lohn C. F.slier has engaged Wad
?vorth Harri/ and Robert Fischer for
"What Happened at ft,"
the new play by Paul Wiletaeh, which
is to br produced in August. The '?o
principal parts will be played by Reg?
inald Barlow and Carroll McC'omas.
Henry W. Savage has engaged Ills?
Mauile Hanaford te play Ruth Am
the leading woman's part in
Holm earned*- "Along Came
l'util." nexl SI ?.?on.
Harry lloudini arrives to-day on tiie
He will appear at Ham
merstoin's Reef ??arden and Victoria
'lh"atre the week of July ft.
"V. - the name of the nev
fourni i play by Thomas II. Inee ami
William H. ? !;rTord. which A. H. Wood?
will soon put in rehearsal here, an<l
vhich will be pre?entcd in Boston on
???brr 7, prior to the New York
en gage m "nt.
Barney Bernard, 'he Abe Potash, of
I an.i Perlmutter." is to be the
guest of honor of the Vaudeville ? em
? ?ub to-ni-rht.
? > 'he success of the "Rainoy
et of African Hunt Pictures" at
> Theatre, it has been de
? f..u- hows Saturday and
i V '. . ;-10 and at
r'reu Me?, lellan, former general man?
ia Park, under the Frederic
? ion regime, ?as selected yester
iba k I.ueseher a? genera!
manager in the far West for d'An
nunzio'i photo spectacle "Cabiria."
Brings Money and Whisker**
Enough, but Few Clothes.
Equipped with plenty of money and
m Iqtowledge of some twenty tongues,
Paul kaminit/.ki. a disciole of Tolstoy,
arrived here yesterday from Naples in ?'
eerage of the liner Hamburg.
The man, who ig twenty-eight and a
Russian, early became interested in
the doctrines of the simple lire.
Throughout the voyage he subsisted on
fl?h, fruits and vegetables, much of
which he brought with him.
Kamimtzki wears a beard more than
a foot long, and his hai**. which has
not been cut since childhood, hangs
below hi? shoalders. His wearing ap?
parel consists merely of a gray cas-1
sock, a pair of sandals and a pink rib?
bon, which he uses to tic up his hair.
The Russian informed the immigra?
tion officials that he had come here to
preach the doctrine of the simple life
and showed enough money to prove
that he would not become a public
ehai ???.
Spring St. Neighborhood to
Have Bates Memorial.
There was ;-reat rejoicing last even?
ing a' the Spring Street Presbyterian
i. Colored lanterns were strung
t'ooiit the yard, and in the church there
speaking and n usir. Fot the
Spring Street Neighborhood House and
the dormitories for working girls main?
tained in connection, which have be?
come inadequate to the growing needs
there, are to have the addition of a
line new building, to be known m
Bates Memorial House, to stand at Va
'. eh and Dominick si?-., beside the
Gravad has been broken for th?
building, and it will he completed, it
vas stated, oy next >.'ov?n-ber. H i? in
memory o:' the Rev. Herbert Roswe'il
Bates, who died in Peru last July wlvle
on a tour of inspection. .Mr. Bates was
a ?<?n-in-lavv of Jsnies Taicott, ;he
The Spring Street Church has four
elergvmen, three - nreach in
English and one in Italian. It docs
much work among th? Italians in the
erewded neighborhood.
The new building will include a
large dormitory for girl? and one for
young men, gymnasiums. reading
loom?, :? restaurant, where lunch?.-*
will be served for a few
many other features. Dudley Payne
Lewis ia director of the settlement
? ?
American Ambassador in Lon?
don Receives Degree of D.C.L.
London. June 34. A ?cry enthusi?
astic reception was accorded to Walter
lime?- Page. American Ambassador;
Viscount Bryce, former British Am?
bassador in Washington, snd the Uuke
of Sese-Coburg and Gotha when they
wont to Oxford to-day for the en
essnia or commemoration to reeolv?
?h?' degrees conferred on them by the
universil y.
Ambassador Page and the Duke of
Saxe-Coburg and Gotha were created
rs of Civil Law, wink Viseeunt
Rryce became Doctor of ?La? I,
In introducing Ambassador Page the
public orator dwelt on the hundred
years of unbroken peace during which
the friendship between the two great
lh speaking nations had been
steadily strengthened, and he referreil
also to the new lies between Oxford
University and thr? United States knil
by the ?Ail1 of 'he l?'e Cecil Rhodes.
Street Cleaners to Attend Ser?
vice Sunday.
The itreel cleaners of the city will
hold their -innital memorial services on
Sunday afternoon ?or those who have
died durir.'.r the year The servie-1
lie held at St. Anthony of Padim'
' htirch, near Washington Square. They
will coi li?t of vespers, . which Father
A m ice to Sireiena will b ? brant.
The sermon will be nreached by th?)
Rev. Stephen Sini. Father Roach, pa*
tor of the church, will be master of
The street cleaners will assemble at
3:30 o'clock a?. Washington Square and
march to the church, headed by thou
'and. A ehntr recruited from the work?
< rs will ling during th?
Acton Davies Quit3 "Sun."
teten I'avie--, ?he dramatic ei
"The Evening Sun." :n nounced
thai iie had resigned from thai
?sapor. When ?*?ke<i for particu?
lar? as to h-, resign.,
laughed and ?aid: "After ail, I am
only following the i? tin|
ample of Cheater Lord, Pi. < v
George Mallon, Daniel F. h>i!og?- and
al least thirty others of !h" old 'Sun'
.?nd i! -i Ing Sin' men."
Militants Resume Activity.
London. June -J ! fhg activities of
?he militant suffragettes, which have
been in partial susnen?e liaco Pre?
mier Asquith agreed to receive a dep?
utation of East End working women,
were resumed to-day in the shape of
attacks on city pillar bo.e?. gad an or?
ganized raid on man Wen End the
The militants also created dis?
turbance.? at u social function at the
..' Academy of Arts.
Acid Ruins Student's Eye.
Princeton. N. J.. June li. Elnardo
Cai i ? ideal of the univi
here, may lose the .ight of his right
eye, and his face will probably be
marred for lif* a* the result to-day of
a chemical espcriimnt in which ?ni?
1 phuric acid was used He was taken
I to a hospital in Philadelphia.
Appoints Crown Princ
Regent Owing to Con?
tinued III Health.
Co.rt Circles in Belgrade Be
lievc Step Is Preliminary
to Total Withdrawal.
B*lj,nde, June 24. King Peter 1 c
was reported to-day to hav
abdicated the throne in favor of hi
?econd ?on. Prince Alexander. Th
King ?eft Belgrade in th? afternoon fo
the bath? at Vranya, in the souther
part of Servia.
A note issued by the official agenc
in announcing the King's departur
confined itself, however, to the state
ment that his majesty had signed i
ukase intrusting the government o
Servia during his absence from th
capital to Crov. n Prince Alezandei
and a rojal proclamation issued short
ly afterward disposed of the report o
the abdication of King Peter. Th.
proclamation was as follows:
"Owing to ?II health I am unable 1?
perlorm my duties, and in accordant-?
with paragraph ?>9 of the Servian Cnn
?tiiuiinn I intrust Ihe government o
Servia to my heir, Ihe Crown Princ?
Meiander, during my ?lines?."
As t v, a.? known that Kin?? Petei
??as seriasksly ill, the tint ?mpressior
given to the public by the issue ol
the proclamation was that his majestj
had actually abdicated. There woult
be little surnrise in court circles ir
Belgrade if to-day's action by the Kifef
should turn out to be merely a prelimi?
nary -tep to abdication, a step which
King Peter is aaid to have had in con?
templation for some time.
King Peter's proclamation divesting
himself temoorarily of the cares ol
government was made in favor of hi?
second son, Prince Alexander, as hi?
eldest son. Prince George, in 1909 re?
nounced his right of succession to the
Ihe announcement was quite un?
heralded by the customary rumors, but
it hardly came as a surprise, for King
Peter was very ill toward the close ot
the Balkan war. and reports were '.hen
current of his intention to retire and
place his second son on the throne.
Since that time the King has made
constant trips abroad and has taken
long cure?, but his health has not im?
Crown Prince Alexander, the new
regent, was bom on December 4, 1888.
He has hitherto been very popular
among the Servians. He was educated
in St. Petersburg,?and is of a studious
and refined temperament.
Explorer Will Lecture to Help
Camp Fund.
Paul .1. Itainey, on the eve of nis
departure for a two-year exploratio i
and scientific research trip to Africa,
will deliver a lecture to-night at tha
Casino, in conjunction with the exhi?
bition of the 1914 series of the Riiney
African hunt pictures.
The explorer has lectured before
clubs and scientific societies, but this
will be his Ant appearance before the
general public. The receipts ?ill go to
the Newsboy*' Home Club Camp Fund,
and it was only to aid this fund that
he consented to lecture.
A considerable sum of money is still
needed to enable each of the "J.000
newsboys to spend a week at Woodland
Beach during the next two months.
Hubert has arranged bills at both
the Lyric and the Casino to en' -r ain
both old and young, the proceeds ,r> n
these two theatres this week going to ;
the fund.
Esperanza Has Hole in Hull,
but May Be Saved.
I Hv Telea******** ?o The Trlbuiv 1
New London, Conn.. June 'J4. Wire?
Bcssages received here late this
evening state that James Dalr.ell .Mo
power yacht Ksperanza is
aground or. the Hor eahoc shoal?, be?
tween Noank and Stonington, with a
big hole ??ove in her hull.
A dense fog lies over the water, and
to this ?a attributed the accident. The
Scott Wracking Company has sent the
tu-,' Casaie, with a lighter and ?/reek?
ing apnaratu.-. to tiic rescue, and the
yacht may be floated on tile next high
tide. Th? Kspernnoa I? 11?' !"?
length. Her owner live! in Pitta?
buruh and i *. a member of the New
York Yachl Club.
Several Actors Aid Colonial
Ball for Wednesday.
An interesting entertainment was
given by the Atlantic Yacht Club last
night. Among those who appeared
were Lloyd Ringham, husband-manager
of Amelia Binghaas; Tom Harden?
burgh, (ieorge II. tiartlan. Commodore
J. Stuart Hlackton and Wilfred North.
There was also an exhibition of
'Irawing room dancing by Mi.-.i Jewel
llilburn and Grafton Wiggins. A Col?
onial ball will be given by th.- At?
lantic Yacht Club on Wednesday even?
ing. It will be the first of the cele?
brations that will last over Indepen?
dence Day.
Diplomas for Big Class.
The High School of Commerce gradu?
ate.i the largest class i.i its history at
the eleventh annual commencement last
night, whea ISO young mm received
their diploma.?. F. C. Hcnderschott, of
?he Sew Yttk Kdison Company, de?
livered an addreae. Diploma? ?vere
awarded i.y ?Inrence E. Meleiicy.
The high school orchestra of
led bj M. Lindscy MordOB, fur
I the music. Prizes ami medals
.ere awarded for excellency in scholar?
To Give Sixes' in London.
H. II. Fra er announced yesterday
that he had completed arrangements
?o pre?enl "A Pair of Sixe?*' under his
OWB management in London begin?
ning about Augus' 11, He has already
booke?l passage on th* Mauritania,
sailing August 11. when he will engage
a coinp? ny of Eng!iah players. By
cable yesterday he arranged with
Joseph Coyne to create the principal
remedy role
M-J.W1J! Of
Natural H - M ,- \. . , ,,?, ?.
Art iir
? I I (acaman II,
'???Int? of
1 ??' ?h.
? [.. n?
?' W*?i??tn
Il I
"<(' 4?. aii'i I
1;io?m?)ii, S p. m.
France, June U
Vormter, of New York, died
Mcntone. France, June 24 Is.der
-, of New York d??d from
pneumonia last night- at i-ospel, m mo
Alpes-?ritisne?, rtar_ Nice.
Iiidor Wormser had retired from
business several years ago, ?b?u{?nr*'
taining his seat in the Stock E*-?W"f?
H- was spending the summer ebroao*
-inclc died h. IftT, and ?oon
afterward Mr. Wormser. the sol? sur?
vivor of the old nrm. beeame a> ?*?*??*???
partner in the house of W. F.. *+?***.
Co. The family had been interestfd
m the Metropolitan Street Baj.way
Company, and when the New York C?ty
Railway waa formed, six years ago.
* lit was brought' in the Wormser in?
terests to force the cancellation of tne
lease of th? Metropolitan to th? .now
*iork City Bailway. The suit was un?
successful. M
Mr. Wormser was forty-flve year?
old. His daughter Edith was marrie?!
a ew months ago to Mathieu God
?Jiau.x, of Paris. _
delphia. June 24. Dr. Caleb S
Middleton, formerly president of th?
State Board of Medical ExanaXaers and
one of the oldest practising*?, homeo
physicians in this ?tat?, died
at his home in Ardmore to-daV He
was seventy-six years old end promi?
nent in many medical and othet^ or?
Helen M. Powell to Eugene White,
Peekskill, K. Y.
Notice? at marriage? anal ?eavtlta meet
be an <>mi>au#rd by full aaroe and mmUwem*.
Allis. Charlotte E. Dietrich, Em-fon D
Catlin, Frances. L.H.Husted, William 6
Collins, Howard S. Lan don. George I.
Corwin. Rev E. T Ogden, Charlotte W.
Crossman, Julia M. r.ussiter, Rev. S. B.
ALLIS On Monday, June ?, 1?M.
Charlotte E. Allis, daughter of the
late Michael H. and Henrietta J.
Cashman. Funeral fr?<m her late res?
idence, lot? West 77th st., on Thurs?
day, June -'5. at 10:30 a. m.
CATI.IN At Providence, R. I., or. the
'-Mth inst., Frances Louise Her
wife of Charles A. Catlin and daugh?
ter of the late Stephen ?Leonard and
Mary Ann Herrick, of Burlingto
Funeral from the chapel of the First
Congregational Church, Burlington,
Vt, at 2:30 p. m., Saturday, the 27th.
1 OLLIaXS Entered ititJ rest at Watch
Hill. R. I.. June 22, Howard S?, hus?
band of Helen R. Collins, in the 87th
year of his age. Service? at 99
Farmington av., Hartford, Conn. In?
terment at Collinsville, Conn.
CORWIN On Monday, June 22, 1914.
at North Branch, N. J., Kev. Edward
T. Corwin, D. D.. aged eighty year?.
Funeral from North Branch Church
Friday. June 2d, at 3 p. m. Friends
of the family invited to attend.
CROSSMAN At Jamaica, K. Y., on
June 2'a, 1014, Julia M. Crossman,
daughter of the late Francis G. and
Phebe E. Crossman. Funeral services
will be held Friday afternoon at 4
o'clock at Crace Church, Jamaica.
DIETRICH On June 21, Emerson Dud
ley, aon of Ernest G. W. and Elira
EsteHe Dietrich, aged 24 years. Fu?
neral services Greenwood Chapel *f
2 p. m.. June 23. Interment private.
RUSTED In Brooklyn, or. Wednesday,
Jjnc 21, after a brief illness. Will
iam Colburn. son of the late William
\. Hnstcd. Notice of funeral here?
LAN DON At. Spring Lake, June 22,
George I. I.andon, in his 75th year,
at New Y'ork City. Funeral service
at St. George's Church, Stuyvcsant
Square, on Thursday, at 11 o'clock.
Friends are respectfully inv-ited to
attend. Interment at Kcnsico, 1
OGDEN At Morristown. N. J., on June
S3, Charlotte W., wife of Joseph W.
Funeral service at her late
residence, Loantaka Farm, Morn?
town. N. J.. on Friday morning at
10:l?. D? L. A W. train leaves Ho
boken at 9:13 a. m. Conveyances
will be in waiting at Morristowu
ITEB <>n Wednesday. June 21,
1014, at Clifton Springs, N. Y., Rev.
Stcaly B. Rossiter. I). I). Funeral
services at 7:30 Friday evening. North
Presbyterian Church, .">25 West 156th
New York City. Manila ( Philip?
pine Islands) papers please copy.
BBOSKWAY, Clara K. 317 West ?2d
st., June 23, aged 7.1
BUBNIER, Josephine L., 6? West 53d
st.. June 21, aged 82.
GINGER, William J? 406 West. 47th
i ??ne 22, aged 56. Funeral to?
day, ?"" p. m.
MALCKK. Frank F., 441 East l?S7th
. June 22.
MORRISON, Elua. Ml West 13?th
. June 21, aged 48.
RYAN, Catherine, 73 West 1019th st.,
Jan? 22.
TIKDERMANN. John. M Horatio ?t.,
June 21, aged
CHEEVEB, Aaron, 1133 Bedford av.,
June J'l.
COOK. John II.. !"!> Troutman ?f.,
June 23. age?! ?1?. F'uneral to?
morrow, 1 p. in.
HABERLE, Louise. 1720 Ralph at.,
June 23, aged 07. F'uneral to-day,
I j?. m.
UOEFNEB, Ernst. 69 Woodbine at.,
June 21. aged 66. Funeral to-day!
I p. m.
KEEGAN, Patrick, 552 St. John's
Place. June 2.3. Funeral to-mor?
row. 9 a. m.
McGOVEBN, Margaret, June 23. Fu?
neral to-morrow. 9 j?. m.
RADEMACHER, ( harles, 201 Park
av., June 20, aged 44. Funeral to?
day, I p. sa.
SLOAN, Janet C, 263 Quinry st., Jun?
?, aged
SMITH, William PL, 260 New York
?iv, June 23, aged 65. Funeral to?
ADAMS, Martha, Jamaica, June "1
BO YD, Caroline, I'lu.-hing, JUI|( 23.
l-iineral to-morrow, 2 p. ni.
HOPMANN, Roland John, G.endale,
June 2'i.
M<GARRY. John A.. Flushing, Juna
21, aged ?W?.
PARKS. John S., Patchogue, June "rt
aged 12. * '
SCHWARTZ, Simon, Far Rockaw??
June 22, aged 77. ????*
BARER, Mane. Westtield, June *3
Funeral to-day.
HAI.I)WIN. Harriet. Verona. June -?3
at-e.l 1% Funeral to morro.v. " '
HARM M, Amanda E ?pp. ?East O'anee
June 23. ? '
COWER. Ida Elizabeth. Oranee
June 22. Funeral to-day ? p ? '
; IIANLEY. Helen. Harrison*. "june M
Funeral tomorrow, 8am
HATTON. Harr, C.. ( hatham, Jun..
21. aged 12. Funeral to-m..r,"!L'ad
3 p. m.
\ *?\ S>? M,KS. George
June 23, aged 9%
l 'II WOOfM ?1WV

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