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Tribune Kund Would Help
little City Folk Enjoy
Rural Freedom.
Pursuit of Mappiaess. Too. Falls
Short Youngsters Need Taste
of Outdoor Life.
ro-dsy'i 'ne day of ?11 ?lays for talk
?hou' "s '"''er country" "the" free
try, in fact. And Young America.
ing Ion>. Frits, Issy, Mike, Sam
?ml various other typical names, will
???ther in strength to bear the talk.
? >e a philosopher he migh.
? a? *" caught the words on
tt (>*? some listening crowd,
"I don't ?ce that it'? so awful country
e; --o terrible free."
And FriU mi;:'"' picture to his mind's
eye for a moment his haunts in Sulli
van st- ?"d Mfree? "M? neither." With
? lought '-\e?l on the "country" id? i
he might add:
"There a"'"' niuch tree?."
" There ain't any grass, neither."
?No birds."
??Vor no place to swim."
'then ?hifting their philosopm,
I to the other end of the expr?s
mon. they might consider the qn
,>?' freedom.
?\\ ha- ? '?*" yo . do? Ci a feller plav
?\, -cet; out cop a always
on the corrr-."
\ driver? i? always yellin' to git
the way."
??What c'n you play !"
"Aw BOthln'i yeu sin't free: you
do whs! the cop say?; an' you
got to go to school, only it's vacation,
tew. '
The philosophy of Mike and Fritz
doesn't go very deep, usually. If it
-e lads might not be as carefree
?- they generally seem to be. They
Bight raise the question for Instance,
"Why do we have to live in Sullivan
It '"
do they? Trey aie good !ook
iug, pleasant little ehaps. They are
?oo > oung to have been the makers
ir own destinies. They ought
to have a little of the real joy of lite
mingled with the deprivations ami re?
strictions amid which they live. They
to be given a chance to play
?nd to grow.
Tor nine out of ten of these lads
and their sisters, the only chance for
ron! play and unrestricted growth in
the whole year is the fresh air out
at some of them get during the
? r. It is more than that, it is
the only chance most of them get to
learn that there is a part of the world
?orth living in. It is the only glimpse
many of them get of something that
:- beau'iful and sweet and clean.
Many a lad born to the life of New
tenement ; ne'er really g? I
idea that the world he lives in is not
the only world there ia. He hears ol
worlds, of course, but the mere
equently makes no impres
-ee to he awakened to
. d realization.
The Tnbune Fresh Air Fund is
Z great plans this year to give
a mu!titu<lc of boys and girls this
summer this opportunity for a glimpse
of life, as opposed to existence in the
tenement?. It is aiming 'o set thein
down in the midst of this different
life and to leav? 'hem there long
enough so I may really know
?hut free, wholesome life is.
;. ou help?
. I
- -- I Kurard .
r<! .
? ? .
?? '? K. ?no V. ?I ' i: N
- '
IV !..
,|nnn ? mm? S??
- ?
Mnorhea :
s?. Voi
-. ...
? ?
V .s, ?Si
_ re
. ?? .
?** . ,
OUld be ';,,.
1 ribune, New York.
I al y 8. Among
'-??oie ?t the Kebo golf links to-dai
' " Dr. Harold Will ams, .1 I. Better
Mr. ?nd Mi ,r, Mr.
1rs. A Hun Martin Van
. ?
*?Mhai ' I. Wells, John R.
Hei ri Mar
'Aright, and Ai
. .' ts, the
rlotte ?ml Sarah Wli
Washington, ?r
?? grandn
at Sea Urchin,
?aal Mrs. Chi
' ? and ?lam ?
st the Lab? Mabheeaa? Boating ? lob
for contestants who ?" te
?? *??ter ?ports ??. th?
? rrow. Mm? Hyma?er? I
'? chairman of th? ?ports eomn
A? l".dr. ;- a? SB illumina
ih dock? tad n erl
i float anchored in ?he Ink? ??'I
1 he firework? were in
*',?rjfe of . con
fham ?? ehairman.
?Ji ?'?i g Paiaei
?erteil ??<) it. dinner a) I -, ?
J-fh?. ia honor of Mrs Georg? gai
r*''; - y Beresferii, of 1rs
.n l^-no?
I at Hotel Aspmwail wer?
Hull, M? ?nd Mr?
- K Log?,,, Mi and Mr? W. I
J Ii I
"' ?nd Mis. John W. B'jrrough?, Mr.
"?"Mrs. William Smith. Mrs. Thomai
,. **? ? . nun .Ml-, i* , ,*v ,li)Ttf ?
JjJ*? -Hi Mr, ,.s. Nil?. XewRo
J H. Whitmore Dares Death
Saving Wife from Flames.
Bank, \. J., July 5. .lohn H.
wmtmore, ninety-four years old a
r law partner of 'Abraham H.
Hummel, waa burned to-day in an at?
tempt to RBYC his wife, whose ciothes
had caught tire. Mrs. Whitmore, who
is ten years younger than her husband,
" badly burned that Dr. William
Sayre. who attended her. despairs of
her Ino.
"If mother goe.s." Si,id Mr. Whit
more, as the physician dressed the
? hsnd . "I can't last much
Mrs. Whitmore wav beating ?rat ?
!'': B gas pint- m the kitchen of theil
home, m Sont'.. ,t.. when hoi clothei
* fire. Mr. Whitmore mude vain
j attempts to put out the flume-, which
Eugene Patterson, a painter who wai
?' work m the house, managed to
tl er.
Mr Whitmore was for years a elerk
in the rombs police court, in N'ew
No Social Gatherings of l.arge
Si/c Planned for Holiday
Southampton, X. Y.. Julj *t. The
'i. will be a quiel day at South
ampton, with no large -oeii.i gather?
ings. There will be the usual -ports
for the young people on the Meadow
Club grounds at 10:30 a. m. Tiie com
, nuttee i*i charge consists ?if Mrs. W.
Scott Cameron, Mrs. Alvin Kroch. Mrs.
Goodhue Livingston, Mrs. T. Morris
Carnegie. Mr-, .lames p, l.ee, Meaars.
W, Scott Cameron, W. Roaaiter Retts.
Harry P Bobbins, Adrian H. I.arkin.
James P. 1.eland and Alfred E, Scher
Mrs. Peter F. Collier arrived to-day
for thr- season. She lia? leased the
( ?irrigan cottage, i" Hill st.
Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Coppell are al?o
.? the arrivals to-day. They will
the Kirby cottage, in Firs!
Neck !
'? and Mrs. Henrj I.. Stimson ate
o?" Mr. Stimson'a parents, Dr.
and Mrs. J.. A. Stimson, at their cot?
tage on Shinneeock Hills.
Mr. and Mrs. ll. w. Wade arrived to
dpy at the Foster home-stead, in South
Mi in '
Oakleigh Thome has rented
Mrs, Krech's villa for the remainder ot"
? ason, and Will arrive at an early
Mrs, ( l-.-irirs S'.eele is at Westbury
. -i nd, hut will return next
week, accompanied by her daughter.
Mi . Devereus Milbirn.
Mr. and Mr?, B. Ogden Chiaolm and
te Mi--i-s Chisolm have gone to the
ndacka for the remainder of the
-.-. -? n.
Mrs. James Hammond McLean i
spending ihe summer with her pai
Mr. and Mr-. Albert B. Iloardman.
i ?n to The Tribu
N'ewport, July ?'.. It is the e\pecia
fion here thai thi wedding of Vfiaa Jo
iths ck Pearson ami Bever
:-. Bogert ; to ne a Newport event of
tl" late season. Mrs. Frederic Pearson
mily " ill return from abroad
? ; il o't ! inte and then- he
Ochre Po nt. - being opened for them.
Fourth ol July entertaining he-jan
to-n ght.
Mi. and Mr?, stuert Duncan, v. ho
part) ?<* Bonnie Crest,
<? dinner to-night. I' vra- fol?
low, d bj dancing, guests coming in
from other dinner partiel
?.orte I. Scott gave a dinnei to
n honor of his gutsts. Mr, and
Mrs, Richard I.. Moni-, of Xe \ Vm,
Ingraham. of Mew "roil., is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence
L. Giile pie, ? '? o gs e a dinnei to
night -taV-t
i ice and Prince i I roub?
eek for a ri
. air? -:o; mane one vi- it
? i.
l;(, ? - ' o to d, v were
the following: Mr. and Mrs, W. Eugene
Pan '-ii and M?-- Le Brun Pa r oi - ?. '
"fork, v i ?it i nrr Mr. and Mra, Stuart
Duncan; Mis Charlotte "smith, of Dub?
lin. ? - '? ? ? B. Emmons*
Mrs, I . T. Jeffrev, of Chicago, guest of
.loi t R. R dl? in Gould, <?'
\\ anhingt? tit e Pa* Director and
Mr-. I. Goodwin Hobb**; Misi Margaret
Mi and M r La** -
! ?illei pu; Joshua !'? Holden.
? I Colonel I'harles II;,-den, v ho
nt Fish ha anno
;: dinner at The. i ros v.- on July ~\
in honor ,. f Mrs. 0. H, P, Belmont.
i . ? er, ol Bo ton,
V, Parker.
10,000-MILE TRIP
Pittsbttrgfl Kniiinecr Sent to
lira/il Io Repair Machinery
in Plant
rhe Lamport ft Hall lin? i \ i
broughl te port la I i : ??' from I
10,000-mile joui nej to do a re
pair iob that required half an I.our.
. waa William R. Son
, mployed by th? Carbondalc
Machine ? ompany, of Pittaburgh,
Inatalled toveral refrigerating
r.lants in Brazil and the Argentine.
eral months ?so 'he company re
de n I SgS from the Ro
Brasil Company, if Pernambuco,
g thai! ?1 t'-l'rigerating p?a
?j and no ana in rvrnam
buee could n pair It,
vir. Sonrieker
i Vau
land? d him at Bi i
, .. , ., . ?m mile?
,.',,i,i o He boarded a
, oa t teamship, which
la den hin - i ' destination.
lined tha trouble with the
pla-it .-,. -I mad? '"in half an
A dor,? n ? taken the
... fore b<
? repaii it.
rieker left Pernsmb
ii ihe \ auban an hei north
an B .' Hi
thoug | fort ? sigh'
?ng 10 000 miles, wa i rath a i
hall our d pa 11 job.
Boat Service to Keansburg
The ..' the K.-m.
' ompan) *ii now lea Ing
!? . r ...ei kiln- - at ItM
i nd ItYsSO ?i m '. I '30, li II, I) IS snd
|Q:30 p w On Saturday! (including
o addltlonal trips ill bi
n. m ?in Bunda a t
: dditional trip a ill be made at 11 ::'<?
A Brepi???? si "?>. anil da
? ?o ene af thi
i coast, I ... i ere? I
,,ii. A ? rol * , a? I being i on
Irueted le earrj ne i ng? i I rom the
,,!? , io ... ghboring liunvalnw ad
Glib Promoter Who. with One Scheme Blown Up.
Interests Same Women in Another Is Wanted he?
redera! Grand |ur\?Said To Be in Canada.
"What's the use in a fellow working
h?rd all his life to make a good r?rord
?.nd then have some careless chap with
the same monaker come slong and spoil
it by being indicted for rough work?"
?shed 'he -nirit ot "Hla-kie Daw." of
"Get Rich (?uick Wallingford" f*nn-. of
"?Inn" Corrigan, ?lean of all federal
court reporters in the I'nited St?t?s
"Seai eh me." replied the VOtl
"\\ hat '? ??' rang now ?"
"Wrong* Well, nothin,' only a guy
named U.lher J. Dawet come? ?
; ml pulls a moth eaten old get-rieh
quick ichemi that no sel f-respect i ng
membei ??' the Daw tamil;, would '..'
ti ucheii. not even in Vtrmont. where
tie natives are always hungry for 8.OC0
per cent on their motif v. and then, car? -
???s- like, gets all the ?licks and flatties
in the country after him. I tell you
OUgh on a ,11100th worker"
"I ,-h;> sympath re with you," rep! 'ed
the veteran. "But what's the row?"
"Well, you see. it was this
This Wilber hoy, who's ther? with ?he
looks and the glad hand and the glad
1 :-. comes along into this man's town
? ith :. K'ashiag machine gi?me. That's
air titrht and he didn't get in wrong
v hen 1! blew up, because he'd worked
;? dry.
"He was ;,H right that far. (jet me?
Then he ?lopes out the Dawes House?
hold ?supplies scheme and "ent nark
rfter the ?ame sucker-. So ?i 'em the
light to sell 'Mother'? Cleanser' and
'Miller's Lastmg Starch' in eity blocks.
If they bad 160 beans aroun?! loose they
ro? blocks with twenty grocery
-,n 'em. If they had more money they
got bigger district-, and some of them
,000 to buy half the town with.
"To get it he promised to give them
toen money back in thirty days. Mean?
time, he was goin' to sell all the
grocer? In Minr territory and give
then! the profits, They got at leas' $1
on every store a month without doing
anything for it. Pretty soft for 'he
?lames, eh? Then for every friend they
brought along they got 23 per cent o'
the rake-off. Not bad. eh. to get 'em
?oining and going?
"And they came. too. Believe me.
?'h*ti they weren't biting feet enough
this Wilbcr person ju^t took them up
into the bright lights and he km ?
to order lotne dinner?! S?y. when it
comes to flashing the roll, he had
'Seotty of Death Yalley' lash?d to the
i : ,, ng for he p. and as for
?tone?. "Diamond Jim' Brady looked
like a 5 and 18 cent exhibit when Wil
1 er WAJ around. That got 'cm that had
t? be impressed.
"\ep. t^at wa? good. So was his
scheme of giving 'em back their money
if they hollered. That helped bring
? ? - in. And, anyway, 'twas the new
inazama that be was giving back. H
? --i t line."
"Then what's the row about any?
way?" asked Corrigan, who was ron
dering how the fish will bite off Fire
Island to-day. "What's the grand jury
after him for?"
"Why, because when he beat it last
Ma} he left his book? behind. Now. if
he hadn'1 left his books they wouldn't
anything shout th? $180,088 he
kt-ooped, and would not have ?adietad
"And von *sy he'? in Canada," asked
"Then he isn't se careless," answered
Corrigan; "they can't pinch him in
Canada, and 'he hospitality, as I recall
it. is pretty good."
American Luncheon Club
sents Then Through Cousir
Use on Huerta Suggested
B fa ? lo.Th, , - -
London, July .1. The Ame
Luncheon Club presented Pre?
Wilson to-day, through his cousin,
Wilson, a hair of golf clubs, ma?i
?lames Rraid, the rono*.* ned Scotch
club maker. The latter attended
luncheon at the Savoy, where the |
rotation m- made. He declared
he never had made better club . I
now anxious to take President Wl
on for a game.
E. A. Seit/, the loastma?ter, ?aid
'he elubs might come in bandy in ?
ing with ticncral Huerta, also refer
facetiously to Colonel's Roosevelt's
John Wilson, in accepting the c
in behHlf of i re-iiletit Wil on.
about tiie latter'? desire for a se
first ela.s Scotch club?, an?! also of
own hearty approval of the member
'be Luncheon Club gratifying th? I'
nient'? wish. M r. Wil-on ?aid:
that 'he President will act lil
boy when he gets the golf clubs."
Asl.ed if he would smuggle them
the United States the Preside
cousin humorously related his e\p
rnce Ins? February. When taking t
a coat for the President the en I
men asserted that he ought to
double duty.
S i George Riddell, ?peaking at
the Pr?sident, declared him one of
world": greatest men. News of
victory of the American crewi
loudly eheered at the luncheon.
Safe Drilled for Blowing Wh
Owners Interrupt Thieves
Safe blower, ye tenia;, morning p
S visit to the factor- ?,r the El :'
gre io ? ?gar Company, at 7 ?hath
Square, but were interrupted .
ii,a"S'l away bj tnn member? of 1
firm. An unexploded charge of ail
glycerin? was lound in the sate, wh
!>??i been drilled. A fus? v ith a full
nate of mercury cap had bien attach
The police of the Elizabeth st. ?
tien summoned inspector Owen Kg:
?,f tin Hureau of Combustibles, to dr
the charge, ami this led to a rum
throughout the niighborhood ?I
bomb? had been found. The burgi'i
when disturbed, ilcd without booty.
i ? ' 1 ;. - ' 1 1 ; ? 11 ; 1 ? 1
I 1 ?.ure 1 1.1 um -.??'? ? 10 ifi - im? Rol ?
y . ,,,,? u laniei M 1
*..n lloraei 1 Moi v ???
S:.lui Includlng r,
. s v ?nd houae
1 , ? lo Mary II
1 ; 1 : : : s. ? m, i.i:\ y . ?m?. real ????i
. ,,
,..,-,. 'i
? VTHKIilNE l'I.ARK ' Itin, '.'?,, ; I?
\., p ? - lohi ri?
Ko 1 I ? ?
r.lKRINK 1>E ?-Ol
!??, moi ban II.>"
? ir \ in?, ri :: 1: m U? ? ! ?
.i ,. i? tt.
. . .
|. MAIS lu ? v ' l,l?'.i: ?
110.000 ?le. le?? Un
?lu ,. ? .. io entire ? lui
t Harmon v
? ?.
. ,i nend ait]
:i 1.1 - 1
icnetlcl? 1 I '
1 ? poratlo
J . 1 - Mit ' ,,1
,. ? 1
Porto 1
. 1 11 utm: 1 1 ? * .
, ? t? ,,.?, .- 1 II,. . ,: I
| ? - ? lui j
?? ?
-..:-. \
Il r. \,,1.1:1: ?Alia IL """'. n?'
;? ?, \, , llou?
i.-l-nl ?.? \
i? ,, ? ?1 .1 ,1
o 1 ..?'.'??, 1 i?n, 1 n
Il nm tu Ro
? ' : ? tl . . ? ? U
lam? 1
. Hall l'ut, h ? II? ,'
1 1, ?? ,1 1. . ?? . Ueors* ' '"S? '
?srauel Atla?.
? ?, liai t,,,, ri ? in lila? 1 hl? 1 ? 1 s? !
, . ?.-, ' mm 1 ????
u mina
1 ,.1, \t,
H. I I.
,r.l>r, , im .-...i rem 11 1 1
, . j) I... II. s: d? lui 1 ' 1
, . ?ta ',.,,? lui
pfij . ? ,,-j lacampaMBi l ? 1
Wai v?--...? * at Bcheneetad: ? v:-?;neer or
^?^Htiie .1 r Rogan, Eng. W: Firemen J, J,
t ' .-? Engineer of steamer 0
.' Hatmmoni Eng. II ?? Says f^m ?
t ir^'ii in J J s. ir imv v ar, it ,v I. .. - .
i:.- finei r of it RlcharSs, T"ng. ::',,
?lie, ill lee1rs - I ,l J..I t'lreoikl
Pnei MeCullagh, Eng #> I-' hour? I
a. m . July ."?. Elreman Rdwartl Hinder, Ens,
;i i> ? .. m .iui. i;. !.:? ut. ,i. r.
I li. ui from fc ?. m .
t A Wl He, II. ? !.. 4,
.... .lu!- ?; l'i em.-n .1. F,
-.-. horn ? ''om S :,. re
? K m ' Bna
s a. luiv i; Cap) r. ?'
11 a t. .'?? I! boon from | .
'v 1 It' Eng '
i III ! Iren'?:, l'r--'l
U , ..... I! lioiii. frnn S
lui; ? i . i- .i r. p. Mundr, It. ?t
I. in; ? hi m from i a m , July ?; Klre
IV, llauachlld. Kr,* .?;<> I:
-, m . Julj ? . ' l?f of Battalion It.
I?. kii i en, .'t i ours fro? *> a as,
I 7
Army and Navy Orders ;
Movements of Warships
H lr , i
vv isklagtea, July 3.
... I. !. Ill It*, EU a llgl ?-, l-i
. ?: i us s r. f.id rii Id AH lui
i ?? \\ isiiingiou ml > chief of
? AN DRrSBN Held sri .*
1 . ? ? ...
Col. U ? ? t? i h Inf.,
?i - e i . pi" depot, I".
I.e.? .... V ? . DEI be: .
? f Id \rt
-, ... wi;,;r.i:. attached Id
' ' ,!? ..,,1 1".
Met*. ? <? , fol \v. I.A8SITKII. Inf.,
I. t ?
M . ? It BER rSCH . . I ? c
quarter! ? ? . ? take r:f? -
taj. H. 1 PERSON*, g i
? f< ' .. Inf '.. tal.e fffee? ?.|r :',0
? ? i B ' I '
rtermaai -r.
11 J hki.ks iat o . -?' '-if camp,
? i i: D|?*E, . ??*?-? an - i
Co.. io n . ?t- i t .'? 'i hlrd ??
i, ? i ir,t uoui n p in ?
i R> IM IM ? . Il II - .
Inf -i ??? - ?
Militari Ai-adem; I ?? t
PnlloWinj- olTIear? froni a'?ik. - ?
? o i^i e eff* t ii ? I -, i A. r
- ??MMLSKHY in i PI ?' L'eut. V P
I.AII.M, ?th ? .; - NOR* y;\,\
C?|.i?. K. T. ? ON UCT and ?V.
v \| |.?\li;i,- i |, , t.,,,,. , DEI.LI
? I - iMt'-nN, l. ,- \\ v
'i v V .;. H. Ill t.|.l.l.s,,v (, . ? !iAN
Ml. Jr.. i Lieut? '? ,v \>\\
"V " o TLUS A u.i: n n,
1 "\v LES ." . VI MoORE Lu m' ; ii,?.
' li 'it M. '1 PARIS n.. I - .
I v IMVIKS. Hill Inf.
. ? irm.sf ri ordered ... iaki ? '
" ' i ' ??? ? . i: DAY .'.ill io ritt . .
l'Ai i ?: . ?- ......
Mi ui ?* I. ROOERM. II? , ... Ith ?*.
ro.vE Jr., ind r w
ME? i. . ? nf Cao?. K m
RBK ' .* ??? ?a I.- I ? Plrai U?ul H
- VOCXT .-;,, to 15th Inf Plm Me n
ii i". - ASI r.' l'en ? ? ifiih h r Fu
Mem II ?; CAI.DW i : i. r. i-.'-i, ,0 i,-,:.
I ' ' o I L ' ? E. 1 PI .1-1. SKh '.o ?Mtll
Inf l -i E. X. ROSI \t.\S ? li . ,
?<?'.' l i ? IJaui R, K >:???% i ; ! :
"> 15th 1er . $4 IW1 i |,|, .. i i v (IRIN
W.il.li lllh m I.,Mi Inf Second '?:?
- I EON/ I.I r?il . t.. h f
l.leji II II. nt'N LOP SB ii le 13th Inf.
' - Il i- REINHARDT, **Sth I
vti Inf ?-' i on I Lieu? vv ., RKACii ??..
... -.i.
? I. r M M'iil'v eoatt art m,,,
PI illppli ? -, :. !.. .1 -
i. H. P. 1 II? iMPSON. from ;?? t 'r,
I5lti Inf . >? ? t i hem? to ce. of tli?: re?i
i.kut 11. u v ? . *- ?d. res. ? erpi
lr i. Phi '.n C, S.
V| . ,\|.. .-..
Inf I of dsui lied r.r.-e-? ,n.?
? ? inf
Ll< il IHM ? litt? a'
Ion. il "ii li
l .i-t I i.-ut. i: i BINEORD, Inf fio:n
t'Vili ? .-? -. ultui <' ' "M. f ?' ??
> Klnr Of I ;r ? l,l*U( * BI'EI.I
ait., ni; ...-il on llsi of detaehod offlrori
? - ? i: p GLASS.
, ri 'i- ? ? ? mo "i t hoi (from
r.r-i 1 ? ?? ?' RI S.s|..i.|. |5tl
? i>i. ... ru.*.
W I*. WE VV ER, frini .??...
la 13 Inf .?' I,
?. li- Il V, I. Il? .1':-. ?> f.
lo 1511 t ? 'i t, t.
Ll< u? i' ?> BONte r Inf. .?
I.Mh Inf.. lo i 'I
Leave? ? ' l .- ? J.i. ut, K BV*.
PIT1 I. IOi'i Inl .I. ?
M TRI M' ' v moi
. n.? >
? v v y
i- ? . , i: r vt. it. .'.-'i >\ 1'
.-. i v.. ? 1. sa r I n- n lu Uenera I
\~>.n n .,
i ,? . . vv H. BTANDLET. ti
.. -? |.. ? ? ? I
I ... '.. :
pa isiei VI n BOU m. de? ? : "i na y
lord, . ?? "?vv ?ord N, T,
i; Admirai **>'? II. BOITIIKRLAND,
iransferrud lo ri - ? i . :
I Met?. ; r.l '1. n. .al li,.i,ra: I? \n e
. >,,,. >; N, HATWARD * - * H v
HIHI'II v>l, l'on ?. P. RABIN and U . -.
WHITTEI". l.i'tn Corns IV. M PAL
M \. K Mal M? n, r. w.
11 ? ? ?.. . ?? ?. . . . r? 11
. ? ?
. . i?d, ?o
i : KVA Ni vi i -
? i II i.llili. - - - Pli ? et ?? "
. . , , Ko ' ai.? .1. . ',
i EON SRI?, ?'irstnls: > Spl T. K llll.l..
rfe: IJeu? **-.' I M
R. l'i il.l." " K V1, no? i.
i .; r*t|,MK Mli ls*an: ''mn. R.
.... >, . i. . . am - P rt't.i.i.v.
-,\ 11 ? i -1 : . fin n -? u. u.'. i n. DE
l. '?: PATTON.
I , -,. K l^,'. M!. i'I
v w si ii.ii.M i:i,i>
M? .v i.Mi.v ' - "C w tRSHIPB
, ? ? i- ao
, ' | w SI
? irblehead si san l?,-1 ?.
, ii ... Korfolk: -s., ira
, ? . ?
? ii.i.i.
1 june .... .... ' sata Do
luiV l iToia i Ci is re '?
., . u. for Puerto mm
Hoattla rar Honolulu;
- ?'..? i land
i . rallaba?*' u o- ?: adl < ?
... . ., Ktf ;-..!- rai '
I ?14 I I Hi fe
|i,o"kl*vn*'orfl. i"l III ? ??' >" ' *
. ,., ,|, , roll ?' Bosmm ira, ori*ied to
? It.l-i- e ' -?-' nid'r' !
, .?., rut. Illinois l-a- .ll i
, ", ... i . 1'iitiuqtl?
??il. l'orlammith
. , ,,.., u n a-H ..i<1?r?B to
jsarraganseii !'?> "* baas loi jircatau
It excepte nothing?do all*; it instances only the very least things, what our Lord includes under "daily bread." lUtNiWf
may stop at nothing short of all. but our whole being, doing, thinking, willing, longing, having, loving may be wrapt up. 8*in?'?*
concentrated in the One Will and Good Pleasure of our God. Docs any again ask. How can such l.ttle things be done to the glory
of God? Do them as thou wouldst do them if thou sawest Christ by thee.?h. B. h$S&. _^^^^
Baptist ehurche3 of thi? eitv a
pended on to carry a considered!
if a la'.ionsl Baptii? campaign t?
out the large debts hsnging ove?
tut organization?. To-morrow ar
following Sunday? churches of th,
ropolitan district will be actr
.Dite of July absences. John D. I
feller has contributed ??O.OOO sn
nromi?ed $00.000 add'tionsl pr?
'he whoU debt :? met -.vithin a
time. The month of July has
seized on by th? organiration?,
declare ?a favor of a ,-'.iort ?nd
The amount of the deb*.? wa*
163. Thi? wa? on April I. In coi
*ith Presbytensn orgsnizstion?.
heavy deficits were shown thi?
?'ue in part to the financial times, i
these specialists -ay are impiovinj
in part to changes in form.? of ace
i ..'? T'nc I'resbyterian Bo?rd of
Mission* fell into debt *138.000
rst :? has iiad for fifteen years.
?\ ork Baptis' churche?, including
? ?f Brooklyn, will use to-morrow
r.?xl Sunday to get their organ i a
free. There rai labecribed at
Xorthera Baptist convention, just
ii Boston, *ol,,")00 The sum now s<
il M7,tO0. New York Baptutj ar
peeted te furnish a good nurt of it
1 here are rapidlv coming into ?
enee Minute Men. Knights of Li
?nd others in Protestant bodies, c
?ponding to the Knights of Colui
in the Catholic Church. Their
me to counteract an alleged attem]
th? part of Catholic? to secure poli
influence, to onposc ?,:>propriatio
money by itatea for -ducation th
controlled by any religiou? body, ai
secure con .titutional prohibitior
such appropriation. The matter ol
Thanksgiving ?ervic? in Washin
attended' by the President also
t?r? ir.
Baptists were urged to Inders?
.Minute Men in their resolutions ir
Northern Boptis* Convention, but
influence of New \ork Baptists
again?t it. Some of their content
wire indorsed, but they wer? not t
tiened. The Knights of Lu'her
growing rapidly in the West They
not eon?ned to Lutherans. The nan
take?! ?o signify the Reforms'
These knights are backing the
formed churches in their efforts t?
?luce the Federal Council of Chun
le arrange ir.e Washington Thinks
ing ser-, ice. not to get th? Presiden
attend ?o much as to prevent his
tendance upon a Catholic service. 1
tit ehurehes of New York are taku
middle coarse.
New York churches sre taking up
"movies" th.. summer. Sr. Nichol
I're?byteriaii ?hurch. Harlem, h^s ii
up an auditorium out of door -<*a
s00 p?-rson?., and on Sunday nights
have suitable moving pictures. 1
hymns, prayers and a brief addr
'I he (?Id First Presbyterian Church
lower Fifth av.; Ascension Kpisc?
?hurch. one block away, and Wash
'on Square Methodist Church,
Waverly Place, are all to have "movi
Others are announcing them.
Arrangements have just been m
for i in? ?ting in November next in
Bronx ?hurch House in behalf
prison reform. Bishop Gr?er, Presid
Mathewaon of 'I he Bron\ and Ju
Gtbbl v ill be faeahers, and the
dresse.? are to be followed by a re?
tier. Judge li'.bbs. of the BOW Br
County, is a prison reformer oith
venced ideas and plans. His reft
methods ha'e entered into his adren
nation of justice from the bench.
h? -tat, s that where he has given
trein? sentence? he has been comp-1
?,, de -o by the la?.
The Rev. Wilbur L. ?.'?swell ?
preach at St. Thomas's Church, Fi
?v. ^nd 53d st., at 11 a. m. to-morro
At the Church of the Asccnsi
Fifth av. and 10th st., the Rev,
I'er? Stichney (irant. rector, th
Will be morning service to-morrow fr
10 until 11 o'clock. ? ith preaching
the Rev. Charles W, Naumann. 1
church is open every day for mcdi
tion and prayer.
The Lev. Samuel N>a! Kent will
the preacher at 11 a. m. to-morrow
Hie ? hurch of the Holy Commuai?
Sixth rt . and '20th ?t., and the R
Uscar Stuart Michael at H p. m.
At the ( nape1 of the Intcnc-.su
Broadway and l??th st., the Rev. I
W. Lloyd Bevan. professor of histoi
University of the South, mill nrjach
11 a. m, to-morrow.
At III? Fifth Avenue Presbyterii
Church, Fifth ev. and ?Oth it., the It?
Dr. -I. I' Jewett, pastor, 'he servie
te-morro** 'ill be conductnl by tl
Rev. Dr, lohn Timothy Stone, of Cr
?ago, moderstor of the General As ci
At the Old Firsl Presbyterii
?hurch. the Rev. Dr. Ho tard ?'. Do
held, pastor, the Rev. Harold C Jaquil
will pri'sch to-morrow at 11 a. m. Tl
evening ?rvice will be held on tl
church la?n. Mr. .laquin will pre??
en "A National Hero."
Dariag 'he absence <>f l*r. Willi?
C. Carl in Europe the Monday evenln
free organ recitals in the First Pre
byterian ' hurch ?ill be given b
Harold Vinceat Milligaa, P. A, <?. C
organist and director of the music i
Plymouth < hurch. Brooklyn, and
graduate of ihe Guilmanl Urgan Schee
I'hee recital?, which are gie
?ver* Momia; evening the year roun?
at - e'cloek, m II be especially feature
this lummer. Mr. Mtlligan will ?Is
ofllclaU at the organ a' the reg'ila
Sunday mormng lervieea at the oi
h l-t Church, sssi 'en by Stuart Ed
',..i ? ?? oioist.
"Pe feet Liberty" ?ill be the T'e
Dr. Walter Duncan Buchanan's p?tri
? tie -ermon subject in Broadvay Pre?
byterian Church, corner ll-lth s'., a
11 a. m. te-merrew, Appropriate musn
will be rendered by 'he regular choi
of this central and accessible enure'.?
which will hold morning service ever;
Sunday thi? summer. A cordial invita
tion is ei.tenoed to ail.
A? nir West-Park Pi e?byteriai
Chare h the Rev. Dr. Rob-rt Maekeasii
will preach to-morrow at U a. m. Then
will be no evening -n
At th? Fort Washington Presbyterian
Church to-morrow morning the pastor
Dr. Martin, will ipeah on "Th?- Ken
Declaration of ln?iependence." |sj th?
evening h? will conduct the question
box sei' ice. which is the regular feat
lire of the Aral Sun,lay erening of each
month. The Fort Washington Presby
terian Cnurch keep? open all summer,
Ii addition to it? rerular work a daily
vacation school is conduced durir.g th*
forenoon- and i? open to the children
of the communit;, without regard to
luce, color or creed. There is no
?harge of any Wind made for the in?
struction, which includes talks on man?
ners, morals ?nd h?sltb. on the Bible
and ?Ino on practical handicraft. There
i? a staff of four teachers, including
the kindcrgsrtner. ?11 under the super
laioi of the BSeiateat psstor, the Rev.
, I) man B< Hartley.
The Gospel Tent meetings are con?
ducted every night one block from the
church, at lT?th st. and Wadsworth sv.
The Rev. John McNeill, of Toronto,
the well known Scotch prescher, will
preach in the ?cntrsl Preibytenan
? hurch. West 57th St., to-morrow at
II ?. m. ?nd S p. m., snd will occupy
the pulpit every Ssbbsth throughout
July und the tirst Ssbbath in Augu?t.
Mr. McNeill is now the pastor of th?
, great Cooke'i Presbyterian Church, I
Toron'o. and preaches to audiences
there of over '.'.000. He conducted ser?
vices throughout last July in the Cen?
tral Church to crowded audiences, ami
is a most interesting, instructive snd
helpful prescher.
At the Lafayette Avenue Presbyte
nan Church, corner .South Oxford st..
Brooklyn, the Rev. William Hiram
Foulkes, of Philadelphia. will preach
at 10:30 a. m.. and 7:45 p. m. to-mor?
A great mass meeting in the inte:e-.t
o' temperance will be held at the .\.et
rouolitan Temple, 14th v. and Seven'h
av., ??--morrow at 8 p. It D1*- Geoige
W. Downs and Dr. Ferdinand C. Ig'.e
hart will speak on the "Nation-\\ .1?
Campaign Against tha Saloon." Df,
Malcolm Campbell, of Edinburgh. Scot?
land, will speak in t'ront of the church
at 7 p. m.
The Old .lohn Street Method.-.t
Church ".ill continue the usual morn?
ing and evening services, with preaen
ing by the pastor, the Rev. Lewi-, !'.
The Fourth will be ohserved by the
Washington Height- Methodist episco?
pal Church in a special service at t
p. m. to-morrow, Congiessman Walter
M. Chandler will give an address on
"The I'.epublie of Our Fathers."
The Rev. Dr. ? . B. Allen, district sj
perintendent of the Methodist F.pisvO
pal Church of Detroit, will ?upply t'.e
pulpit of tiie Grace Methodiat Episco
pal Church. West 104th st., botweoa
Columbus and Amsterilam ai=., for the
month of July, during Dr. Reisner's ah
-ence. His subjects for July ?" are: \t
11 a. m.. "Heaven'? Gateway." and a' <
p. m., "Fife's Journey."
The Rev. George C. Feiler, of Chi?
cago, will preach at CaVvary Rapt st
Church. 57th ?t.. between Sixth and
Seventh avs., at 11 a. m. to-morrow.
The Calvary Baptist Sunday school
will hold patriotic services at 0:1"
a. m. to-morrow, (ieorge N". Sage and
other* will speak and there will be
patriotic music. Members of oth.-r
schools that arc closed for the summer
are invited.
At 'he ? entra! Baptist Church the
Rev. Dr. Frank M. Goodchild. pastor,
the Rev. Dr. Milton G. F.van*. president
of Crosier Theological Seminary, will
preach to-morrow at 11 a. m. and ?4
p. m. The Sunday services anil Friday
evening prayer meeting will be cont'n
ued throughout the summer.
The it(.. Ernest Risley Eaton, aasiat
an* pastor of the Madison Avenue B-in
tist Church, at 31st st.. will preach to?
morrow morning on "Does the Death of
Jesus Mean Much to Modern Men ."'
communion sei vice i, and in the even?
ing on "In the Making of a Man."
Union -erices of the I n.tarian
churches of greater N'ew York will hi
held ?t the Church of th? Messiah. 84th
st. and Park av.. in July and Augus*.
The preacher to-morrow is the Rev. Dr.
Furl Morse Wilbur, dean of Paeinc Uni?
tarian School. Berkeley. Cal. Dr. Wil?
bur is one of the best known presche.s
of the denomination, having held postv
both in the Fast and Wet. A? Vie is
now seldom in the Fast, this is an op?
portunity for the people of New York
to hear him. The preachers for the
remaining Sundays of July are as fol?
low-: On July 1?, the Rev. F. M. B-n
nett. of N'ew York, and on July 19 nnd
July 26, the Rev. W. W. Fenn. of Cam?
bridge. Mas:.
General Items of the Week.
The Federal Council of the Churches
of Chri?t in America, through its admin?
istran"? committee, has appointed as
; executive delegates to the Church Peace
Conference to be he'd ?t Constance,
Sa it'erland. in August, the Rev.
Charlea S. MacFarland, the secretary
of the counc'!. and the Rev Sidney L.
Gulled, representative ?>n international
In addit.on to the-e the following
have been appointed as delegates:
Bishop Luther R. Wilson, Bishop
!?:. R. Kendrix. the Rev. Peter
Amslie. the Roe. Dr. William Fier
-..ti Merrill. Hamilton Holt, the
Rev. Frederick Lynch. the Rev.
Howard A. Bridgman, tiie Rev, Frnest
Abbott, the R?v. David Baines-Grif
t',th3, the Rev. Philip S. Moxom. the
Rev. W. ('. Ritt ing, the Rev, George I .
Wenner, the Rev. Rivington I'. Lord,
l anon George W. Douglas, tiie Rev.
Dr. Nehemiah Rovnton, Professor Wil?
liam Adams Brown. Jidge Henry Wade
linger-, the Kev. George F. Horr, the
l>v. Jame- 1. Good, the Re". Walter
Laidlaw, the Rev. Jonutban Dag, the
Rev, James 1. Yance. D. Willard Lyon,
the Rev. Dr. Ezra Squires Tipple, the
Lev. William H. Robert-, the Rev.
' he.-ter F. Ralston. President Samuel
Dickie. tl\e Rev, Claudius B. >pencer,
?he Rev. Charles L. Thompson, the Rev.
Samuel '/,. BaMen. Bishop William F
Anderson, Robert H. Gardiner. Bishop
Jamefl R. Winchester, Bishop J. W.
Hamilton, tbe Rev. Dr. Cornelius
Woelfkin. Professor Graham Taylor,
t'ie Rev. James R. Joy and the Rfl .
Henry C. Minton.
Theae delegates hs'.e been instmcted
to hold a meeting at the close of the
Congress to prepare a report to bt sub?
mitted to ihe Federal Council.
The fust of the union -rrvices of the
Harlem churches *\ill be he'd Sunday,
a' 11 a. m, and s o m., in the Harlem
Reformed Church. 1'JGd st. and Lenox
av., with preaching by the Rev. Dr.
James H. Franklin, of Boston.
I>r. Franklin will preach in the morn?
ing on "America's Powers and Perils,"
and in the evening the subject will be
' Where Love [a, There God Is Also."
The following churches have united:
The Church of the Puritan.-, St. Jame.s
M. F. Church. Mount Morrt.s Baptist
Church, Harlem Pre brterian Chareh,
rilgrim Congregational Church. N'ejv
York Presbyterian Church and Harlem
Reformed Church.
At the Marble Collegiate Church.
Fifth BT. and ?3th at., "National Pros?
perity" will be the subject of Dr. Mil
liken a aerasen to-morrow morning, and
in the evening he will speak on "The
At 'lie Broadway Taheraaele church.
Breadwa] at11' Mth -t.. the Rev. Dr.
Charles F. Jefferson, pastor, ?he ser?
vices to-morrow will be conducted bv
the Rev. James Logan Gordon, of
Noonday meetings at Wall and Wil?
liam sta. ere to be resumed nest Mon
ii: v bv ihe Evongsliatie Committee of
New York City, with the Rev. Dr. Gus?
tav A. Carstcnsen, rector of Christ
Church, Riverdale. as speaker. The
Rev. Dr. R. R. Greenwood, of Green
point, for many years missionary to
the bushmen of Australia, will address
the open conference of the Fvsngelistic
committee next Mondsy, st 10 a. m.,
at ?41 Lexington aV.
At 5 p. m. tomotrow, in the 23d st
Y. M. C. A., near Seventh av., the Rev.
Dr. Sheridan W. Bell will give an ad?
dress en "What Do We Want To Be?"
The subject of the lesson-sermon in
the Christian Science churches to-mor?
row will be "God," and the golden
lest (Isaiah ill, 2i: "Behold, God is
my salvation, I will trust, snd not be
?'ijalf-Presfrvation" ?ill be the Rev.
Dr. W. John Murray's subject to mor
(AMARY BArrihT ? ill n? H
in ru aumk n\r*Ti?*r < hi hi h.
t':,ion fier na?.
ISS W??t .'iTth ?llreet
n? Cornell?*? woeifkm. n p Pa?tor
5-rm,in ?fil \ M Sund?' 1?;
S,in??v Sehoe!. 0.4.1 A II.
V ?o?' l'r?er Me'tinf. *
madis* ivu ' on lier st.
Rev. Ernost Risley Eatoo. ?,,i Poetar
?a? Su - lag ? "i i *nin?
II A. M.?? eiooiiialnn SenlM?T?o#? tl??
i>??tli .,?? le.n? \U,n Mueh lo Modern Men " '
S I. M-In ih? Multtns ?f ? Maa."
_I'nion BlBle il.. ? - II ___
central ?apriai ? III RI H.
S3d SI Amsterdam A' enu?.
ft Prsnk m ?loo'i-hii?!. n. r?. Paster
?. BvaM D, D UU ?> ? w"'
? -a ?? . to-morrow. II ?I'd S
W??hf?st?n tletehta Ba?**U4 t-hairh.
10 T. 111 Street an,! OsnveAl A ?
*:-? i?:- Hare Pan *?? i r>?ool as
_u a v. "\ i>,. pucipi?."_
tOM.Ht:<.\TION \l..
iir..,,ii, a. anal imIi str?fl.
':??.. ? harl.es i: JBrPEBSON D D
t'i-tor. l>r .1 I. ,.,'lll'ii.V ef *A ?milpee.
?i" preach it a m The Sai?? U'o'iiliri
?,f ii Waeld. I P. M . Wreaked H?
Wl- l'a lo rllam-'
_W'?dn?eJ? . a F ?T.. Preref Me?-?" ?
??s ?r? held in ?lie tetteWUUJ
Christian Science Churches
$un<te)ill A.M.. Wednesdays 8 P.M.
' i ?? ' hnreh ?Teatral Part B << N i I
se, on.i i hurch Cnotral Part a * ?till? m.
1 ' ? : s, ? \Ud;-,?P ?, -
I I. t'.Os' *<Ve?t ISlst Ml
I'.fi'i ? hurch, Ma.l,.on A-a. i. *Siti Si.
B? ?nina s.r , , s p, m . ?? Vu-??
_i hurch oni<. _^^
niMiri.is or CtrataT.
< KKTML ? HI Ni H. 14? Weet ?ui ???.
':? VMO.N I bANDKRSOV. D D A?'?in?
Pastor, Preaahlnc n m a M. Subject,
i< ? M->??..8? io rti? B??rotten."
, Strang?!?? ? ?teems_
"'? Waal .*>;?'.; Street
Rl ' ? Rev. IIE.VRT LL'BECK. 1>. C. U
Ben ice?:
s * \r .Holy I'ammiiiiloii
II ? M.. II,; rommunUa ?nd Sermon
Preach?! Hey. stanle?- M rie-eland.
The Transfiguration, I Ii. 2?th
Dr ,?i:?>rt'i); ? HOl'OHTi>v Km io?
Cmnmupltma: 7. I <"im?;,i CeteSratlon ?r.?i
-? m?n, io ;ii. Byeneene, t o'clock,
???lieaTral ?f Ml. loh? the III?la?.
\n'?i?rd?m A' ?ti'le ?nd lilil? Street
s ? M .Th? Hop- I'ommunioi
11 \ M Preashar, Be* i'? il m Hteel?
I IP M . Preacher, R?v. DavM M steel?
riall 7 .? \ ?? r '??? I'ommunlon.
Ol D .|OHN ?tTHK ET < m K< II.
, Kir-.r \r?:lieds* Koelat: In Amero a?
S N'atabl? Hhilne Vlslteil e< Worl.l-Wld?
Strangers. Bervli ? .? Il A M 'nd S P. M.
Rev, w. IOHN mi BBAY, ?p? '^-r.
hunoa' II. Laurel llooi.i. H?t?l ssior
iuhlaet ???"??if- rr,-.?i \ ailon "
Mth ?tl. n"H tnisterdjm Al?.
::? AiiM.n P. Atterbiirj. n. 1?.?,,,.,-^
It i Anllinn? II I un., H. ? <?
Re?. Moulin MAI KI.N7.IE. D. D.,
? in preMh ?? Il a M
tor? H.i.liin,ioi, fre-h.leria? ?hurch.
f.itl. Hi., near Broadway.
Til?Rev, DASTIE1.H? 't"i-\M \\ MAftTlV D.D..
t. ill pr??,h ?i U S M. ?nd ? P. M
PRE?.B%TKR1AN ?"Ht R< H.
H4' h st ,-d Broie ?
Walter Human Riiehanan, II. II.. Mmu'.er,
Pr ?-- i-s si n a \r
ni ri inc l'KI.-HMlIlMN t Ht'BCH
rtU I ULPia Hr<md?a) and 7te ??.
??AMI ?I. t. IIOIX.iV.
st. nichous Avenue m>
THOMAS W BatfTH, 1> r> 11 ;?n<l ?*
The way m?y at times seem dark,
but light will arise, if thou trust
in the Lord and wait patiently for
Him. That light may sometimes
show hard things to be required,
but do not be di-tressed if thy
heart should rebel : bring thy un
".illingness and disobedience to
Him, in the faith that He will give
thee power lo overcome, for He
cannot fail. "Greater is He that is
in you than he that is in the
world," so keep close to Him and
the victory will be woo. But do
not, I beseech thee, neglect any?
thing that is required, for disobe?
dience brings darkness; and do not
reason or delay, but simply follo-v
the leadings of the Hoir Spirit, and
He will guid? thee into all peace.
Kluab?th T. King.
How are we to approach ?u?h
blessed strength? First of all,
through a ateadfaat will to reiuae
nothing that God renuirea of us.
snd to do nothing deliberately
which can displease Him. Next, we
must learn to take our faults
humbly, ss proofs of our weakness,
and use them to incresse our trust
in God. and our mistrust of self.
Neither must we be disroursred st
our own wretchedness, or gi e way
to the thought that we cannot iio
or bear any special thing; our duty
is. nhile confessing that of our?
selves it is impossible, to remember
that God is all-powerful, and that
through Him we can do whatever
He may require of us. We must
learn to say ** ith St. Augustine.
"Give me what Thou commandest,
and command what Thou ?UV
Jesn Nicolas Grou
I,(.- i v. 1*4 TSIrl ?' tat* sir???.
U r .,..., jWIIHBS? I'l'r. Mer-lll
**"'r *?-?"*? | 1'rank l...?uu-r .l?ne??>
i. vi.nniT pABKBR 'in n n D
Til?,.lea:. <?! Keinmal
,; |h? -i?> en ... le U ?en I, <
NOON* Sl'RVH'R RVKR1 wKiiMi.M ? .
_ . -,,| snlijr.iMN , I...1HIJ.M?
lilth \\e. and ?Ifi ?-rtfin at.
Rev .1. II. liilllli It. I?. r**l?r
u* .:.i,-aa? lit
?nil eo.ulurt Sal h ??? " ?? _^__
? -?i v in . t.. r.'.ti n
HOWARD IM rriiii.f n.n , ra?iw
l M Uarnl.l i tmnlili
s x?r ?? nr. I'hur, li I .a? n
ftgUTRAI Pr?ah? terina ? liurrh.
CtRlnIL v. - ?.t ?Fwas ,t i av?
Ki Wilton VJeHe-Hnillh. l> D . 1'?'t?
Rev. JOHN Mi-M.ll.. I ie . ?;?".it?i
l'r?a.-her a '; >rea>i i . ? il v <( and S P.N
i or. im h Street
It?. i>.i-ie tlesandei I? r? Minister,
will n:-?eli n II \ >f ?nd s !? M __
S-aHjlsceNsioN ?;...'.*
P i ? ? iMtk?ey ?.?ran? n?.-'?i
l'-11 v M ,:.. , ?rie? \v Naumann
_ i hur? h Opon Ever I>.<
Ht, Tlionia?'? ?i.m. ii. Sth a?, O v ,H BJ,
KRNKS1 m HT IRKS l> I' R?rt.,i
?I 411.1 U A SI. R?v. *\V_f (it>.
?.HI? ft; CHI KI II. riroaSwar a*S laih M
?'r ?. li- Ri | ?o rl VV. .oiiiUIr, |. |.
? ?n, II ?In Tomkli ? '
THE Minill.K lOI.I.M.Isl?; I HI III II
M Ave. ?I'll ?ih s.
R?v. JOHN i. ratio, D i? M Bister,
Ros-, lUnry Kilmer IMi ilin?
will preach at 11 A U ?nu a r. y
TMK MARRI K < Ol I KM tTr* Uli Kl H
.'.?'i Ave. M,?| -.'Olli SI
n?v r>A\ fi? jas ri-rri:i.i.. n n hi
later, Rev. p?ter n Ifllliken D D
preach, ii a M.i ? Kaiiaaal Praao?
s p I ? rn- lull , ?
lU ? Ol UM Ml 5 i ni m n ni H
Ml HOI,.*??.
:,lli A 4 lilll s,
Isier. Chu roh etee?4 Soring month ef I
vv .i gnS v- ? and 77.'. .-.
i> . HENRY rvi.r. ftaON ? i .m? D n
Mini?t-1. r>- j?i , m ? , k..rr n u
vi Hl pr -...-ii al 11 A. M
I? ? ? The \ na . -,. t
SOtlt'Ti O? KRIK MM.
Maetlngfl f?. \???-?iiip n ? m , ai ist '.??i
Kttli at., Manhattan, ami II? .*. liermerhura
i n,?n ?savassB ??* Has i ..iiaru?.
?I Greater n? > Yoii, ai Church i
Meaetah, S4th Straei mS Part? I i
i m n* EARL MORSR "A li.rn [; h ' .
?' Berkeley, Calif, will pre? ,
rordlall' ?i:\ Ite<1.
mi EVANGEL . ..
-ii!. .4- 4 p in . R?. lei,il M *
Scottish Ssurse4.nl M 1 P n "1 P? ai
?1 ? Mon. ? p. n Ro? i \\ i>..'
h* ?Im? I.. Mr?4
W 1 to Sal Ri ' ?ill.
''The Lord Loveth a Cheerful Giver"
IHK -ib?, ant? or relief ion
IN? l RAHI.E t AN? MI.
? ? of Kaw Vor
latel: s???*" ?h? larga Ri Reaei r?-?*
Kern? . - 'eckeen .-? N'es vor', ha? ? he?
, ' proesereua ?m? lei
'h?. ' ' r? ?r n ,,r? me? ? .id
ute and m ih? lava? ?las?*? ?f ?
1 ?pi? harbored il i Um?. Th?
?ti ,i : '? fifia of more- and bj le*??,?
and a-i it new ? t?r? [?rae Moines, en?
? il ? ? ountr?'. i I? ?ependene? upon t lie re
m?mbr?nc? an? (?neroslt) or friend? of ihn
??ii, is mini urgent, and ha? latelj regem
lies th? ? n h? nlroieea?hleh i? ?a? ? ?
many live?. lu the boa? of o'>??iiitna ?up
port i>: donation? of ? periodical i;p?
4 i I h? tarn? lINnm of ?air
I Ing ?m tl ? t? names, tiotdina ?lto?*etii?r
ee... hunarad or m?r? deatttuts m?n ?n?
? i, ? ith their attendee! Staler nur-es
thia advertisement i> presented. Resort
Hill Home. Hie Melier hl I-?. SO?. Ht
free Horn?. In N? .? Vor'; reouire ?
total ?f ?'.nono .i yeai roi th? i-rouir ear?
i ? a p, lent? Dcnatlena ?hasild iv? ?>d
Mutin i: M. ROoi: tu ni i: o. v d..
H| Bese'* tree limite, ',1 JaeU.oa St..
New *iorl?. or lo
MOI III.U H. MI'llllVs? | siiiKiir
O. S. D . Ro.ar? Hill Home Hawthorne.
Westrhr-ter taunt?. N. y.
. ,i . t? t pn? ao?r I
II? ?? ;? Ji .. un f.
Do You Realize What It Mean?
10 re. ?i a an? ,-??e fw
.' en?? Infante ? .????* fro i, :?<*?,?? ?
?a see ? ? ?
" ? , ? new hi d?r our ? ??'? ?ont?
children, ?nd during ? ? e? - '
?v rmaneni home? for ."?"" at them ' ?
th? largeur IneOtutlon of na l.md I
ell}', end to meet n? < ?nenie? ?* m,.
r?lf? ?nnu?lly ?bogt If.
Donation? and bequest?
are earnestly deiired.
17S East ttSth Street
^^^?^^m^9mmm^F " ? ??"???????????????????'?
The soul which gives itaclf
wholly and without re-erve to ti?d
is filled with His own pe??e; and
the closer we draw to our (jod ???
much the stronger and more ?te?d
fatt and trsnquil shall ?* become.
Jean Nicolas (,iou
row ut lia m. at the ?ervices of the
Church of the Healing Christ, in the
Laurel Room of the Hotel Astor.
"The hodonu'e- pf New York I Who
Are They?" '.'ill h^ the subject of the
lecture ?t *- p. at tOBSerrOw at Pro?
fessor Eversea's bir ten*. 180th ?t. and
Audubon ?v. He will sneak ever?, night
except. Monday **vl Saturday.
St. Thomas's ?hurch. West I arms,
?hich became ? parish twenty-five
years ago, will comm?mora'? the even'
te-morrow. The apostolic delegate i?
coming from Washington to partici?
pate in the celebration, ami great
pieparatien 1? being msdc for hi? re
' ccption. s? it it the first time that a
Papal delegale ha? visited The Bronx.
A solemn military mas? will be cele?
brated on the church lawn at 11 s. in.
City to Hear Scotch Preacher.
New York ? ity has been favored with
the presence of many distinguished
clergymen from the other ide of the
occsn. Thi? month one of the most
| prommeat of th? younger church lead?,
'?r? in Great Britain, tas Rev. .luscnli
BT, K?mp. of Charlotte Chapel. K-lin
burgh, ?*;!! conduct a Bible eoofareace
tor one tveek July 19 to .'?' undei the
aspire* of the National Bible tniti
tate. In it* new headquarter- butldmc
'-ii-L.'it*' Vast Mth st. ( aarlette Chapel
lias acquired umler Dr, Kemp'? IBIS
1st t y the largest Baptist member-hip in
Scotland, and is Iviionn to-dav through?
out tiie Rritii>h Isles as a centre of !iv?
Christian actr.ltiea. l?r. Kemp last
vear tille 1 tie pulpit of Calvary Bap
t; it ( nurc*.
Play Bills Dismissed.
Floyd H. "Ailmot. Assistant District
Attorne?,, ??cured \ cuerda;, i!>? di*
aaisaal of indictment ? against "A illiam
Harria and Le? Shuhvrt for tiie pro
?luction of "The right" and "Thi l.urc"
last (fell and chsri;ing the ?r ing of
i.n uhi?Mtnc theatrical perferaaaneo. Mi
Wilmot ?aid lie believed the dot'vndan*
were "honestly but erroneo?ivl> of the
belief that thf-e plas*g vera tml n
violation of th?, 'aw."

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