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Uto Doric
Sporting News
Harvard Triumphs,
Capturing Coveted
Challenge Trophy
Crimson Junior 'Varsity
Rows Down Union
Eight at Henley.
Leander Gives England Some
Consolation by Winning
Steward's Cup.
- ? ? .no ?
Hrnley-on-the-Thames.F.nfciar.d . July
4. Tre Harvard University Junior
Varsity eight-oared creer won the
Grand Challenge Cup on the Thames
River heie to-da*,.
Harvard le.l the eighl of the T'nion
? Boston, a cr?ai made up
cf \eternn Hanard oarsmen, over the
l:ne by a full lcrc'h and a qti.ir'or,
??'?or a pruelliritr. hammer and tonga
rs?-e ?M -.he why down the course. The
?-.? e waa 7 minutes 20 aeconds. The
record is 6 minute? Bl second*", made
w College, of 0\ford. in 1897.
'For " ne in the history of
th s ruco, which has been well termed
jAe -*Plue Ribbon" of the rowing
Ttfhd, ?'* American crew proved its
?uVerionty over the flower of Wie Fu
and British oarsmen. It is the
fir?t time alao that a Pritish crew
was not on the line to uphold Bl
??ener in the final heat. By its vie
i ry Harvard's junior eight takes a
place with the only other American
college crew that ever won at Henley
Columbia four-oared crew of
which captured the Stewarda*
(.'up in that year.
Harvard won because the men pre?
ferred their perfect form thront
the 'entire race. The Boston men
out at the sta'
etrokc up around forty to. the minute,
U ards had ? lead of a <(uar
?VI the head of the
. which marks the first furlong.
was going away, and flash?ng
waa a full half
men seemed to go to
pieces. The atre aed a bit,
slid although the beat waa kept at SO.
lb? shell lost ?ts speed.
Lapped on the quurter, the Harvard
grew refused to los? it? form or speed.
Bowing a iong, driving 32 to the min
nson kept the boat smooth
itroke was a winning stroke,
he club oarsmen
? down. At the half-mile mark
?ere on absolutely even
feet that Union
-'nree beats to the minute
could not shake their op
beyond the "ve-eighths mark
Harvard poked the stem of their shell !
?d. but. t.
the stroke, the Union crew caught un.
? from then on
Harvard jack? ke up two
bea*- ? the m nute. and. pulling a;
beaatiful 34, took the lead. Slowly
? ?. by inch, I . men
beat ahei ' - on rushed out in an?
other . spur', but *
not h ng. 1 hey were no doubt strong?
er, bu* strength could not hope to pre
the wonderful form of the
Wearing down to the one-mile mark,
Harvard ihot the stroke up another
Cnder I i ssure the crew race?!
ked like rowing
before now paled in comparison. In a
rimson in
ereaa? | its to
Cow . f the grand- :
.- despe- |
up to the
Harvard raised the
?troke a/jfc ? another
ts lead, swept
? race ?a? over C?ptela Sal- ;
leastall, bow oar of th? \ etorion?
? -" ' and L Curt trol e, sur?
er? of the
CT**- challenge i
Cup from the hsnds of Lady Hamilton,
?ne mi * presenta
meraber of the ? gl
ng ?>n the
?f1* ? ... while on
date, with
? ? . ctor. The
g to 1
Re? ey n
l I th c
??"I any chance of bi
' i
?as ?
? from El
? ??
',- r
? ??
after 1
Before he
. veil
..?i the
? ? wvil ' ????
marked the
. ?
?? pre
' ? ? ?? ericen in
? ' ?
?****"? ? i-i?)?'..
fcw' -
? i tomai ,
'option h' tl
It* llarvar'i ?row ?
Henley Victors
for 20 Years
*?enr. Winner.
I ?ge Tl laity lli.l. iHmhrid??
l.sati? l.eniiiler I: I.;
txn**? Vf? t'ollea?. Osfortl ....?**!
1KH??I run,Irr .
I???;*?? I ramier .
i:,oo?Leoedac . .
t!?0 '?I l.lrd Triiilt?. Oifonl
l(l?i.'?_| riincVr
li>l>?_ LmiKler
ico.-,? I ,'iiml,T
l!?i?;? lic.vHl Bo?? < liib. ?.hent
1001 ? I'.,,?I I?,,111 < lu?t. ?.I,nil
lfliiS??hrU| ? liureh. OsfortJ
???ns?i;,,Mii Boat ?lui?. Okeat
iaie-'M?aj|4ole?a. OstsN
lull ? Miigiliilon. Oxford
lait??Milne? K. ( . V ?. *,?,
If) 13? liiiinlrr
ll'l I?HiinaM .
I eander oarsmen to-night, while Cnion
' lub entertained the other crew?
who participated.
Felton, assistant mnnnger of the
Harvard crew, announced that Harvard
would not row at Hamburg. He ex?
plained that winning the Grnnd Chal?
lenge Cup was honor enough for one
Defeats Wilding in Straight Sets
in English Lawn Ten?
nis Classic.
Wimbledon, F.npland. July 4. Nor?
man K. Brookes, of Australia, won vhe
all-comers' lawn tennis singles cham?
pionship hen? to-day, wresting the title
from Anthony F. Wilding, of New Zea?
the holder, in three straight sets,
1, 8 1, 7 5.
Mrs. R. Lambert Chambers once more
won the ladies' singles lawn tennis
championship to-day by beating Mrs.
Larcombe. the challenger, 7 ,"i, ?I 4.
The defeat of Anthony F. Wilding
by Norman E. Brookes in straight sets
?neons that the latter has again at?
I his highest playing form, for
there is doubt whether any other play?
er could have accomplished the feat,
nrovided the great Wilding was him?
;:r.Ties score of the match, fi 4.
6 4, 7 5. indicates the dosen?
? the title of the all
lies championship of Eng?
In the absence of any detail? of I
'he match it mutt he taken for ?rani- '
ed thr.t the two Australians fought
desperately through the three sets
While \\ loub'edly repreti
the loa of hil title, he probshlv ?I
rrati!;ed by the thought that his dou?
bles partner, and the man upon whom
much of the brunt of the international
gla for the Davis Cup will fall i s ?
With both Brookes and Wilding in
firal rlnss playing condition, thev will
form a combination in the double!?
thai will he hard to defeat, and in the
singles, too, the man who defeatl
either of the Ar.tinodeans will have to
shew lawn tennis of the highest
Capture Two Games from
Erowns and Displace Them.
?go, July 4. CliiCEgo defeate?!
St, Louis twice to-day, shutting; out
the Browns by a score of '.) to 0 in th?
afternoon game, after winning the I
morning game by a score of 4 to S.
Incidentally, Chicago moved ahead of
St. Louis ;n the pennant race.
Ray Demmitt batted Chicago to vie
tory in the morning game. The White
Sox were held to five hits. Demmitt
made three of them, one of which was
a tri?le.
Lotti? fought hard, and foreed
an to send three of his best
pitcher? to the mound to ?-ave the
game. After the visitors had tied the
icore in th? fifth, Demmitt singled.
- ng Berger, who ha?l walked, with .
the winning run
The White Sor hunched hits of
Mitchell ?n the fifth, sixth and eighth
ion game, Four
'.?1 Demmitt leading the a'taek ?
? ed m fine form. an?l had
? bordering on I onal,
??. follow:
? ? ' ; ?i \ M r,
' ??) A
I 'i 0
lb 3 'I 1
0 1 \A
1 'i 0 0
'i 0 0 0 1? <?.,,.
I . .
II 1
I '. 1
I 'I 0
? 'I I
: 'i 'i
i 0 0
I Howard
I ? o !
., 0
', 0
11. .1
10 1
?, 1 <l
0 o I
?-. 4 -, :: :? -i ? ISM? i
? . ?????? i, iniunK
' ?
_? ?i ?i 1 I ii no, I
. I . I
' - - .
II. /
I In 4 nnli.g?
' '
. . Au?!In i ' ''
dm i l im
i I
,. | . ... I
ns. 2 i In>? -
, m? A?.-. ? '. ot;in a, i.
?I, , I : . .. 1 I. .?'.?. ?
rf. 4 ? 1 4 1 ?
? ?
? < II '? ' " ."i- ?** ? '?
.????, I 'i "
, , ? -. ,, || 10 ??
II ?
, IM ? 4*
? ? ? i ? e
, , i
0 0 ?*? '? I
' II ..n. ? I OUI I
. - I
.-, ?? |r|? II
.. I A I ,?,.|l.. <-??llll?jll>
Results of Games Yesterday, Standing of the Teams and
Contests To-day in Baseball Races for Four Pennants
National League. American League. Federal League. International League.
GAMES TO-DAY. mmi? lo-nn. OAMK* Tiil'W. OAMB TO-DAY.
ritt.liursh at ?hl.nro. s? l.?uL r| liriroil. Kan... CH| a? ?lii.ii?;... lMtMMM I?Mi h? S>,T?rU
(inrinnali nl ??? I^'il? < I-. <?l,in?l at (hlrasn. N. I ?ml? nl lni1.?iii?p..ll?. '"'*"?' ' "*? ?' ???an?.
nisi it. or games yesterday, ki -i ii. in 1,011s yesterday, m-i Mrs or umi? vesterday. kksults or games ?.r.-.TrRnv?..
Nfw York. :,: l'hilmlHulila. I. S??n ?. ..rl,. J? l'h,linl.|,,liU. I. l5ro?kl?n. ?? : Hi.?Talo. I. jHZS^i'tlJ ''?T*J!Z!iit}'*
No? ?...rl,. ;t: rhlladriphta. n. ri.ilii?i>l|.iii... 8; s-?? \oik. ; Buffalo, ?i. Br?M>kl>n. : i*r?it.. a n.VirZl? i?
llr.mkl?... T? lli.M.in. 5. Il"-I",i I W i.l.lMKl.in. ?I. I'lll.liuriih. : : Itillinio-?.. I. "J ? ? ?? "?"J"????,
icr....ui.n. 4; RmIob. 3. Naahinalun .? Horion. ? l'iii?i?.irali. ?: Baltlmora. 7. miVhi^i, r5??iLi .
?hi....... |? .?itLl.ursh. ?. flllroso. I: M. I,,,,!-. I. In..,,,:,,,., I ?(I'M??" I. i i- K l''
(hlraao, ll I'ltlstm-rah, * i Iim-hc?.. B: HI. I.?mi?. B. I hlraao. ??: ln?!mn>ii>?ll?. :'?. ttalthnor? rr ,Lv. -
I mil.. 4: C In.-liinall. ?. ? I. i .l:.nil. Hi; I'nn.ll. ?. ??I. I.?'?ii?. I : h??.?ii? ? II J_. 0. | ,1..!.."I?-..i' I ..!..,'?.
St. I.oui?. ?. < In. inniili. I. I ?el rol I. .',: (I.irlm
',:-'. I " k'???V?? ?it'y. il. j Pro? i?len????, H: llaltmi.T.-.
v .T.ONAL . KK.I , 8TAED,*G I?. ?CAJ M u, , S, ?J.SO - 8DE.A. tEAGI ? ???pc IXT. H s V,,?,s U. , ,:,?., , 8TAED.JO.
w. 1.1'? w.i. i'.(. w. s - i.-? V-V; -;?.,', ( h?i->. sa ?>'-' .vu Brooki?...'.*? as .48a nnlthnsirB.48 t4 .?s?; Taranto is SS .?SS
EM Vork.10 '!4 JtS llr?okl,?..'l. IS . ?I I I..I?. ?; IB .."^ '???'?J*, " g '. j ?, ,;-??.. j! ??] -,,;', ha?.(l,v. :;?; :?M .481 II?. Iir?trr. I? t? .?0? ?wars... ta II? .4SS
? hlrago., :?? S? 84? P.li.iVrsI? ;il 14 ,?JJ ??fir?, lt.. ?t . .?.'>?* ?t. '?? '? ?<; ???? ??? ?'",,,> SK I ? ?J HMab'rsh t? IS JO ItiifTaln lo ;i0 .871 .Irr'.? ? ll....'| Il .353
Hl. i..?i?...:c SS All Fhllff.. ? M .?SB .i"n M ?? ?;" V ,.' ' ? ?? ? '-l ? in. ? '? 133 M I.ouU....3fl il .411 ProvWf#..S*J SI .Ml Monti-Mi i\ ,a ..Mil
? In, Inn.i 34 M .IS'; ii.i-i'in. !? m .384 l???i".i vi ?I ?? ? N'?> ? ?rk...l t! .35* ?unoio.i ......
Flying Fairy Wins
Brookdale Handicap
in Record Time
Beats Good Field in Ru
ning Best Race of Hei
Career on Turf.
Kederi?, Set Down for Roufi
Riding in Great American,
Won by Lady Barbary.
Plying Fairy, carrying the "re
white and blue thirds" of Captain K. 1
Cassatt, won the Brookdale Handici
before ten thousand men and worn?
at Aqueduet yesterday,
Those color?, on the "Glorios
Fourth" may have ?erred Bl a "hunch
bui the popularity ?if t)i,> game, hone?
speedy mare had more to <!". no doub
with the wild shout which wen! u
frf.in 'lie stand ns ?lie fought out tli
(rush uith II. P, Whitney's Borrow, t
* bj a full length.
Flying Fairy did more than beat
high elai '!il She picked up II
pounds, followed a fas? pace set b;
Meridian, stood off a determined chai
!? rige I i ?mi Borro? . an added it
m i he .1 ? ? teen I h, and i an the mi I?
an<l a furlong in the fast time of 1:62
which equalled th? track record estah
?? -i by Running Water, under 111
pound -. in 1 &06.
The perfiirinai.ee was th? mor?' rred
itabl? a? the track wai still a biteupp?
In s|,?i. and hardly ai light and fas
a i si lier in the meeting.
1 lying Fairy had qualified preeioualj
to i?nk with th? greatei race
of the American turf, bul ?he con
? nice.i the moat skeptical yeaterda) in
riiniiing perhaps the beat raie ol bei
three seasons on th? turt.
Daviea, who k.no? her everj moo?!
mid whim, did nOl make ? ni take, ami
?ode her with perfecl judgment, while
Sim?,i. ||. . eat her to lb" post in
condit ion.
Borrow, the giant six year old whieh
H. P. Whitney brought back Irom Kng
land last spring, appeared lo bi mo I
favored in the paddock, bul it I l ?.>
man expreaaed great confidence in
Meridian, "Whitey" Langdon felt ure
i harleatonian could win, while Flying
Fairy, of course, and Ten Point I i?i i
big folio** mg.
'.ill ? ie?i f i on an I mpetuou
ride ?in the par) ?if Kederi II.
?Id along i th?
?.. ? . ..?,.' :ni?l ? in i,? ?I t he
in 1:1,' i f i Ighl ' u1 pac? i 'it .i mil"
?mi ? t m long |oui n< -. 11 counted i
? etch, and i h? ? <m of Br.
tired so bedl ? thai h? a/a? all out lo
tarn third moi i
Charle '.tornan, winner of the With
ers. conceded one pound to Fly
Fairy according to the -.-ale. aim i
fcre.l nothing il defeat. H? rai
trailer for five furlong?, but ran
smoothly on the outside of his ti
?round th?. t irn and loomed up ai
possible factor for a time. He |i
ground, however, by heating out in 1
?treten, and lost third money by a ne
If any evidence was needed that n
ir.g had again approached ii ?.neti
entnte the rrov d, bubbling over w
enthusiasm, furnished it most cone
sively, I he grandstand was ail t
?mall to accommodate the holid
thioiig, an?l ein a few woi.iei Wl
forced to stand or walk about the luv
It .vas bj all odd? 'he bigg? It
of the meeting, and the sport was of
kind to bring out th? old roar at pr?
? ? ery finish.
Lad) Barker] Wins stakes.
R. I Carman's Lady Karhary, i
added tarter, won tin? ?ireat Anteria
Shi Wl
fortunate in missing a loi of butupii
and crowding at the laat teenth pe
which ended any ehance The Masque
ader had, but might hase won in ar
as she '.mis running strongly at tl
h to capture $1,925, the hon' hm
of the pur. e, by two length?.
Keilen-, the jockey. Wai suspende
for the reat of the meeting for th? pai
ha played in the rough riding. Th
< inillniiril mi imgr ?1, tuliimn 3
McGoorty Outboxed by Oppo
nent in Furious Bout.
Sydney, ."??. S. W., July 4. Jimm;
dabby, of lh.,union?!, Ind., won on i
:.. .I o-. i Eddi? ilcGoorty. of Oshkosh
\', . "i the eighth round of a ban
fought beul hei e to-i
?laid.'.'- werk a*ai regarded by thi
ero* ?! a a remarkabl? ? tion, Botr
mi i, fought furious]) ?nd mixed ?I
cunt i' . Ic( iooli ' ? OUld a.-cum
plish little, howevei. again I I I ad
iry' uperior ikill. II?- 'ried re?
peatedl; to land lefl i.k-, but usuallj
bloeked. He ? - de aerate a hen
he rornra :ted 'i" foul.
. ,. ?ntere I ??? n ihown in the bout
and a great crowd attended. The eon
ledul? ?I 'o z? twenty rounds.
Knocks Out Westerner in the
Fifteenth Round.
San Iran, i eo, Jul) I. George Chip,
Pen n., knocked out
- i Murray, of Petaluma,
, ,.,1 , | . ? , round here to
I? ?? -. . uni il the ?lev
' ,1,111 . ,,,,,.,i. ?? hen < hip plant? .1 ? herd
left ?m \i n i a . itomach. Ait?? thai
i he i ide b? | ?? to run Inci ea ingl)
I toward ll"-' ?*?-?'? temer.
Wild Throw Keeps Naps fro?
Scoring Double Triumph.
Detroit, July 4. Detroit ?ave.l it???
from a double defeat Si the lian?!?, ?
Cleveland to-day by ?r?nne a run i
th< twelfth inning of the af??*rnoo
l'ami' and ninning bj a ?cure of 'l I
'.'. The N'apa defeated th? Tiger? i
thr? morning in a heavy hitting cam
l.v a ??core of K' ??
Stern'.? throw in the twelfth innini
'i. i,i?"i McKee'a bant an
threv to catch Kai
anaugh n' third base, ended a iplendi
' ' duel (hit afternoon. Mai
wi ? ? ? han h is Nap riva
at ei itical times.
( onsecutive hitting gave hetroit tw
rui m the second. Dorroit error
helped Clevelnnd to one in the six*
ainl aunt her in t he let ?nth
In the Anal inning Kavanaugh be?
a-, rtfleld hit, took teeond on Burns'
sincli* and tallied on Steen'a error.
Tiic ?core? follow:
' LEI ' " ?'. DETROIT A I.
PO B ? - !, |?i a
I/bold ' ? ?-'.111
? 1 .
i ' i ?
? ' I. rf 4? I 3 :
I. ' 1 :i ? 'in \.... ;i i? ? i i i
f S I *? 3 0 I irtell, J-, 10 on
' ?
10 1 lu n i
? ,. ? i -. o i ? r.
? "Mi nl.ui .n i n o n i
Mi . . .i i ft | i
. g ,, ,i ,i,
: i ; it;
?'. i
n . i ii i . i?
3 i n i ; . |
R ;? '
: . kir \ ? ... i, III)
- - t?; off lo.11. .'. n
4 2 .; It nluaa; off ? !
? '. .;? ,?? '- i ? '
5 in i : ? ? H
? . , - ' ? . ?le Dollbl
. | - ?_ , ? ?
? irla, h and i.n.i..i.. I.? f.
,,.? i, . ? i , land, : i ?? tr
? ? . I; ?.ft Mitchell,
Mv imiiiKj ... i ' m
IVIld ? - '.'"
EKM '? i.v i.A mi:
i H' HT ?. i. i'i.i-:\ ci and a. r,
poae .i -
i 0 1^1 bold ,?'??? i . ,i
?a I ?0 I ? I It? ? I 1
? - . 13 7 0
I? 1 7 0
i - M I.
\..,. i if a i .i ".?.,!. ?.
? ? rf I 3 ?0
M k, I ?I I 110 Si.rn, p ?
Ml n ?, ? ?
T.,1 :- I
?? ] in:;
? - al i ? * ? in
-, n n n n ft o |
i... ,.. ?, i-... KarrlAc* II
? ? . '
i .,
? ?
? . -? ?
I Ml ' n?k out?Hj
Harriman Trotters
First in Two Races
Monroe, N. Y.. July 4. Averell Mar
riman captured two ilvet cup rith
? he Arden !? arm ? rotter? al h? mati
.,,.,. Mo i oe Drii ? 'lub
? i,, aflei.in, v, inning "? it Ii Leonora
and Kl i? Gentry.
Pirrr* [.orihard, ?i . of Tu ?? do, won
with In! inare \ol ici B? and bIbo i i
er eu| Many well I now n
nocid) pi'opl? were in attendance
M, i; n llarriman waa an ?atara tadl
?pacta tar.
Designer and Skipper Are
Well Pleased with Show?
ing of Challenger.
H ? able ? ? " ' ?? Ti
London, July 4. The Shamrock IV
returned to-day to Portsmouth Harbor
and has taken up moorings off the slip
from which she was launched at ('os
port. ostensibly to ?lismast and reduce
to a jury rig for the voyage across the
Atlantic preliminary to the America's
Cup races.
? harles Nicholson, working in close
collaboration with Sir Thomas Lipton;
Mr. Hurton, the Shamrock's amateur
snilinc master, and Captain Turner
will try the boat under varying condi
tion? with as many changes of rig as
circumstance? permit.
Some of her enormous lead keel has
been removed wi'h the idea of getting
the best out of the ?/easel, but it is not
yet certain that the tuninjr-up process
ha? been completed.
Sir Thomas declare? in an optimistic
tone that he ha; at la-' discovered a
boat capable of lifting the cup.
M r. Burton and ' aptain Turner are
equally confident. Nicholson baa not
? ., ;.,.-? word on *h?- matter >et,
however, but he very nearly dni on
Wednesday afternoon, according to a
story that has become known.
The Shamrock IV returned to South?
ampton water and was preparing to
moor with the 23-metre namesake an?l
th? Erin of Hythe The designer was
speaking to si me on? when the fore
boom swung around and struck him.
It swept hin off 'lis fee? and o\cr
board. rhe skipper tried t?. assist him
but too late. A irieat ?commotion en?
sued, bul there was discipline, how?
ever, and a dmgy was launched im?
mediately. The pinnae? of 'he e\er
watchful Frin raced to the re-cue and
pick i1 S'icholson up none the WOtrac
His arm was only
?. injured.
i.agcrly anticipated Mme trial?
to-day onlj indoreed ?that ?vas pro\e?l
?n th? prellmiaary sail-stretching ex?
eel On the Solent, that the now
Shamrock i? ? remarkably fast boat
could ?aaily riv? points to her
23-metre rival, though it waa not proved
win? h ng ?van bee) adapted to brine out
her lineal pointa. The light weather
conditions that prevailed made it rather
doubtful whether it would be expedu-n*
to restore the part of the keel that waa
removed to enable her lo crowd on yet
more sa:I.
The designer left this possibility
opi ii. The lead was taken off in plate
fashion, in such a way that if it win
deemed aeceaaary to restore it the Uve
tons could be replaced b> the simple
process of bolting.
The avowed intentions are to un?
ship th? bur ina--t and prepare for the
BCrO ' two or three week'
and ' ' ?ai ige in no further
;; ? . ? that have taken place
Miniarse.I by 'In ilighteal mis?
hap except for I i? accident to N'ichol
Sir Thomas - believed to ha\e
a ?<n..] iportii -r chance if nothing more
when he Knall] tries conclusions off j
Sandy Hook. |
Giants Deal Blows
to the Jeffersonian
Theory and Phillies
W. M. Oler, Jr., and Home
Baker Win High Jump
and Half-Mile Events.
Colors of the New York Athlet?
Club Wave in Triumph at
Stamford Bridge.
London. July 4. W. M. ?Mer, jr., an
Homer Hake carried the colors of in
\'e\v York Athletic Club to victory tr
day la 'he high jump and th.? hall
nui.- ince, respectively, at Stamfor
bridge and wrested 'he champ?? nshi
titles from their British holders.
Baker won by two yards In 1 minut
542-5 secord*. only two-fifthi of t ?-.
end slower than the British amaten
W. !?'. Totter, of Yale l'niv? ?
the Ne? Vork Athletic Club, also mad
? iplendid bid for the 120-yard huid!
rae?-. He won his he-it easily, but
Ihe final lost to the British title hold-?:
<i. II <'r;,v. of the Sal ford Harriers, b
only two feet .lames |. Wendell, of th
\i ? York Athletic Club, did I
? tier, with a magnificent effort m hi
last try, took the hiirh .jump title froi
B. II. Bilker, of Liverpool. Both cleare
i", feel 2 inchea. Then the Englishma
failed thrice at f? feet 2V4 inches. Tb
American failed twice at that heigl
before he successfully negotiated
and won the title.
YV. K. Applegarth, of the Polytechni
Harriers, In addition to retaining hi
title for the 100 yardi t<.??k thai f?
the 220-yard sprint, which he did i
211-8 seconds, equalling the reeor?
( . \Y. Taylor, of the Surrey A. ?'.. wa
second, and W. II. A. d'Arcy, of th
Polytechnic Harriers, third.
.1. ?'. Patterson, of the I'niversity c
Pennsylvania, ran in one of the pr?
liminary heats of the 100 yards in 1
seconds flat, hut was later heaten h
\V. H. A. d'Arcy. of the Polytechni
Harriers, in the same time.
('. N. Seedhouae, of the PlacHieht
Harriers, won the quarter-mile run, hi
lime hein^r .Ml seconds. A. P. Mitchel
of London I'niversity. ?vas second, :in
Homer Maker, of the New York At!
i letic Club, third.
P. c. Kingsford, of th? Loada
Athletic Club, won the broad jum
with a leap of 23 feet i% inches. ,
F. Simons, of Princeton I'niversit;
".'is unplaced
The championships comprised nine
teen events. Three of these the foil!
I mile run. ? hot-put ami diseui throw
i wire decided yesterday, a^ Well a
most of the oliminntinir heats of te
day'? contests. Thej included the 10(
L'Ji'. 410. B80 and mile raees, two-mil
walk, mile relay, 120 and 440 yar
hurdles, two-mile steeplechase, nig
?ad broad jumps: hop, step and jump
pole vault, throwing the hammer an<
throwing the javelin.
The ?i tailed about 210.
Captures Chief Rowing
Contest in People's Re?
gatta on Schuylkill.
Philadelphia. July 4. The eight
oared crew of the I'niversity of Pena
lylvania, ?he same combination, with *
few exceptions, which finished seconi
tr, Columbia at Pouehkeepsie. boa' th?
Argonaut ei^ht. of Toronto, by half ;
length in the chief contest of the an
nuai people's regatta, rowed to-day ovei
the mile and ? quarter cours? on thi
Schuylk.ll River. Pennsylvania's tins?
was 8:81.
The Detroit Boat 1'lub finished thir.l
the New York A. ('. tourth, the \>sp,..
B. ?"., of this c.ty, fifth, an ;
Anels, of Baltim
Philadelp en won eleven ol
the fifteen race?. phe New Vorli A. c
eight won the Intermediate eight
oared shell race from the Vesper B
C, the 'att,-r b< ing dtsqualif ? .
The Anacostia B. ' .. of Washington
finished Hrsl In the junior eight-oared
race, but ' i for inter
ference in the last quarter mile,
the coxswain steered Into tin course
of the Undine B. ?'.. of this .
TI ?? Ne". York A C. a!-o won the In?
termed?ete sculls quadruple race,
ing "-.it the 1'uaker City B. ?'.
Thomas .1 Rooner, ?>' the Ravens
wood B. <'.. Long Island City, won th?
senior seulli race. John H Kelly, of
the V? s|i,.r?. ga? ?> Rooney i
? ?' seven-eighths of ? mile, when he
touched sculls with his rival and fell
ot erboard.
Leo Scharfe, of the Arundel R. ?'.
Baltimore, won the junior single?
i ace
New York Boxer the Aggres?
sor from the Gong.
N'ew Orleans, duly 4. .loo Man.lot, of
Mew Orleani. and Jol
New York, fought a ten-round draw
here to-day.
The Nee York fighter was th?
gressor in the early i
dot evened un matters in the last three
rounds and appeared fresher at the
Leach Cross Wins in Bout.
San Diego, Cal., Jal) I. Leach ?.'ros.
wen a decision ' Red" Watson in
then- twei i?. roui.! beul h?n this
aftertio. ?
Gardner Wim on Links.
Briatel, R. I . July i. Hi. ? . il
defeated II W. Daven
l""t. J up and 1 t.. pla?. in tl ?
ment on th? 'mi, ? .. ' the Rhode ?
Countrj club. Both are former state
Matty Winds Up Doubl*
Bill by Pitching a
Popping of Toy Guns of Bi|
Crowds Keeps Time lor Hits
of the Home Team.
n. ni.viionn mini n
Thomaa .l<??"
men wen created free aad equal, A
thai time ha bad ae? ? t rinl
liea. The Gianl
? ? ? i i!a- by play ing an I ndep,
Daj doubla bill of morning and after
noon | it in their play thej
?truck h blow at the theor) of si??
atat??man. If
proi e an) thing the P ?? so
isl i" th? Giants, McUlan'
y? terday. Th?? flrat gnm? was eapt
sre I by ?> to 4, a bit? the cor? 1
second cant? I wa ; to 0
In ? Inning the sft? 1 naos b >' tU
MathewBon followed the ad
Hunker Hill hen. who
until they ?ill the baa? "
inga the H ral Quaki r to 1 see
hit safely. One of these ?
h triple and j el not ?1 ingl? ?
? r.I the plat?.
May? r, who opposed "B g Six.'
the opinion thai ?? manager's pi
on the bench. Charlie Dooin ha
?al m the shade for the activa
fraj very little of late, bul
he donned the mask and ?
battery mate for Mayer. In heart?
breaking fai h on, 1 loo ,; mai ;
work of th? pitcher in the sixth Ina?
mi:, ??hen ho mad? the lira? run of th?
Giants possible
head oft basa rni
Perhap?, if il had n? >r thli
break in defence, M 1
have j elded to the other attack of th*
m ? he eight h, a h ich nel 1
runa, < If eoui 1. M aj er did no? chid?
hi? manager. Ha did i play
concern or excitement, He 1
calm aa nn English rooter watching
the final race for the ?Iran,I ( I
( up a' Henley. Ma. et bel ? 1
bench managen.
Although many years have ?
since the irata colon ?si pulled
th* statues of King George, thr?
tea into tin- harbor si d
tholl pms from thoir 1 ?
dependence I '? .? a , celebi
propet vim, Dei Utah lit! I?
bib through strip? of newspaper with
a lou.t report, annoying th?
.?till amusing the ownei . ten uch in
evidence. Th?' Catholic IN
Band played "The River Shannon,'
"Who Paid the Ren! for Mi Ki? Vas
Ii ".'' an,I olher palriotic ? ?
ami folk aongs.
Ai d yet there teem? to b? little doubt
thai in many I l
and spirit of ?
gotten. ? If the t ?ven. y-two th?
i, 1 a ho saw th? g im?
ami 1 he ten I
'of th? morning battle, probabl) onlj ;?
1". km w whal I he British I
when hi discovered thai the minute
men al Concord were aaaembl
"Wo have met the 1
they are ho 1
I'm there was enough strife 01
diamond in both battl?
? of the apectal or delving
1 into hitsorj.
1 ? ? '.',? pron
?. , for the 1
, the firsl inning 'hat the ?
:n a fa
toward the end and, |
?. etor) 'i joopai d) R lib?
wa? ealled to the rescue in 1
when the basos had ' *
it. Lairy D?
bieil an easy enanca for
; ? n's ground?
runs came hams.
With a tieinu' run Bl I
in light, Marquant wi
with a beautiful ilow ?
H'irie doubled down the third basa
none of hi? t? bi
him home with I
?in- mourn!. Bum ?, M?
and Stock ..
balls ' ' '
bad n
Singles by M
G Ian I '
nd in the I
form thai
deadly in 1 I
! ? , b
made b) !,,i? ? in thi
to th" left
.luck Martin, form?
01 ?i g
-? r in the ' m I) ?..:?.
? ?
I ud li . ' ?.!< -
111 had
: 1 . ?
: ' 1 i .: ? ? ! '.1 t h re v
i-i-i tre ' Id I
'Ihe two rut,- In I ? 1 were as
the h? ad ?
Matty, bul walked Beacher Burn?
singled on the hit and-run and !'?
? ,l third. Fletcher hit to I
Martin, ?rho threw late to gel !<?
al th? plate, M?rfcl? drove a
down th? third baas line and H
the piste.
1 eeui ed I hi
th 1? gan with ?? Ihre? ?
> I . ?? v.? ? , I
thrown oui bj 1 iei and . ?
' ? atssasBtan ?>u i?.?ar .?. aoaaaan -

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