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" And I will make a pre?ent of these
fifteen set? to ?.?in citizen? freo."
th? ' ? . ".?' neral mai fi '. ?? rrai ia
i n my way to the train f<>
Y?.r.., .m 1 have only ;?. minut? . I h
11 tor, ? any ,!'!', 'i"ii to my ? '
? ?.? the ','.- - immortal Ali nanti? r 11
(Metfiiin pronounced it Lhi "in your horn?
'lli?. ?1?nti ?'? gaze wantlerctl helplessly from Mc
il' '..ni In i ti ;?:?;.. ! upon Itvfort1! I *"M'"'.\?'I !"!' him
"Entirely without cost or obligation, you umlei
I )? lor. I ' .' ?? ill lie ati i.e '?d'y, '.'.ill it.'"
"Why, y. -, Mr. M? < itiin .
"Aii'" .m! Metiuin "You ;ay hut. 1 know why
you ay >>ut, 1>,? tor, Von are wondering, you ai
nu' 'How ? an Mr. Metiuire make m? this gift*1 I
there no! . I ai
Doctor, no tring ' ' mpleti el ?' event?
arm i y. >ui . al ? nlut? Ij fr? e. N'o tring ai all: just
a little flirt ad."
II? lowered hi voice, and laying hold upon the den?
t; ? .. m' lajx ! ?::? ??? him up clu ? .
"1 hall hav? to ask you to treat thi in ? onfiden? e
entire contitlen ?, Doetor. May 1 dejien?! upon it?''
? nodded.
"Naturall; ours : n?l il pi? a anl to make
sin h a confi ion a thi . I ?hould nol lik? it to Ik
?. i., rally kti ? ??: :? . iui " Bui l ? truth is we have
been il? frau 1? tl you un?l? rstan?l, d? fraud? <\'"
Met 'iini'i ? 1 ? ,i, ', ???.' ,i ! with a tug al the
dentist' . ? ? . Ipl? no? 1 at each
"I k-frau M?( itiin . "pn y< !1 up ?n l>y
a de iigning ag? nl ' Three weel.I enl ai
:? this 1 leautiful ' ity of your t?i ?lis|ios< o! I
? of i h? ?vori of Mr. I luma ?s. A fev
arrival he notified me tliat lie ha
number ol
? sprc is |>ai<l. Ii ? ? . ! '
lat? il" from 1 ? ? ? mipany
... ......
il money he
i-oiild , ?,!!'
pur? lv frau
I le pull? I til? ?al
m,.!?!? il as th.. : : :i off.
'" \\ I I ?!?..*?' I
(Doctor.*1 I ,, :
"Well, 1 il'on'i Mr. Met.
"Kxai '1.. I ? .
I . Mi Mi C.uii
did, I) r. Hut I ' 1
: ' ' ' ? . i.
I I) I said, 'I.
lov? Is; I . .
lii,i| i-.' M i ? nil
"Wasn't i 1,1)
For th?
showed some -??-_;ii-- of interest. "Tha
.' a MTv nice, Mr. McGuire."
"Just what th?- Mayor said, Doctoi
'Thai is very nice, Mr. McGuire,' h
. 'very nice, < >n Inhalt" of the rit*
I h t?. thank you,' he said, ?and 'hen
ii i. I took the list an?
glanced il ovtrr, and if you will bcliev?
me, I )? K tor, your name wa
The dentist fairly beamed,
was very ni? e of the May? >r,"
Ii rv nice t of hi
"Jusl wl at I i ?? '? Met ?-.lire
*?< if ? ..'!?? i? his ? .' ?' nai rsl on th?
list,?h? is splen?
did opportunity hii If, ?urs was
??i ' .n?l. ' Y< ?n see I )r. Evans,' h<
me. 'He' th? ' ading
II .1 ? o? ? ? -f of good lit? ratun . and
nately inter? st? d in the < ?:
? hildn n. Y< -, Sir,' he said, ' 1 tr.
Evans isn't the kin?l of mai thai
of giving his i hililn n
the ma n<ler Dm
"Fifi i/cck '" qu? i
tor, an?! I ; ould ei he wa making a
t to release hii
"A mei re with
a wav? of hi
' ! h E ai ; ni >1
I arity,'
11 proud man and i I
, ' -:i that
.in outright gifl. 11?
might refuse it. and feel ol t me for giving yoi
'. the ? xpr? ss ? liargi s al h
.m. k l'i.r a fi . ' ?? few
?lollai . Mayor, ' just enough so that he will
I.? ' him i?a\, for instance, liftj
a week for, . I ks.'
"< it . ' ?m ? I aw th? Mayor*! |x>inl in a m? ??
' fu ? a ou aj, Mr. Mayor,' 1 told him. ' I'll I?
Hci : : hi ' 'ai. ?? In re he had enougl
the ' ont? m - of an
ordinary house, an?! produced a ?tretchcr and ???
"Then il ; ." In aid, unrolling th? tretcher with a
:?? ? 'II l'.'.k in _\??iii- library,
?.?.?ni magnificent volum? . hand ?cwcd, lioun?! in
ri' ii Venetian
of the work ol Al? xand? r 1 lui .....
en by Mr. Dumass especially for tl 1 never
liefiip publi
I f? !* as I used to feel I .when my
1 pni
?1 with the but? h? r knife. Th? il
wriggled, and (lulled al tel chain, he coughed, he
tart? - - ist be excused, as his pa?
tient was waiting for him; but to no purpose. Mc
? luip 's hold it?X)ii hi ? ' ? litei
.e?l ey? lief ore him; he
nisi th.ntracl f?>rward and pla 1 a |iencil ii
? ng? rs firmly about it, as one
might arrang? the
"Just giv?!1 m? ? to which you wanl tin
delivered," he said.
The letil tated.l rsworl ing ? onvul >iv< ly.
"I*' a pn ent, r? m? ml?? r," Mc
< luip i ithor
? of Mr. Dun I lon't
pay me a i ? in. I
Still ' tated. 1
.'m. 1 the tri]
? ? , .
felt hii It the line
"I ?
' ?.
I i, . ? ? ?
M'- ...
? ?on "D
r Kii I. r i n
l< .tu : Dl - not!
M i ( ', u i
led nu .h p.- tin 'r.?t to the nearest saloon "
he said triumphantly. "That's what I ?all
"('..11 it whatever you want t?.," I said. "I'll ,r
U ? il not while there arc hundreds o? blind
the ."tin'ry holding "tit tin crups ?rith mom?
I may be a ruMi? r; bul tl rerni
in my heart. I'm j;"iti^ t?. buy a bla? kjai k ? >:
an.! l""k t"r hon? si vv.rk."
And I really believed what I lai 1. Bi
devil whisperetl in my,ear. [couldn't n ist i
ti,,ti t., rr>- Mciluire's canvass a half-dozci
. nd "t th? day I had made mon i I
supposed then was anywhere in the world.
of Cam was upon me. Prom that tim?
?" man's hand, and i
against mine.
??VV7!li;\ the strike at the factory wasn
nu-a notice t'n'i.tni' back t" worl
in, ami threw it away. I was mal
m a day ?tome days than 1
I ?.. ?: at? ' m.' m
Id good jobs and look?
n,i heating them at :li< ir own game,
ran through my vein B
? ? ? me if [wo
i? ? k.t - were ? reat? d only t"r m;
di\*id? '1 into ting? rs that they mi|
clos? round a pi neil; ej es w? re d? i| ! !
be fixed upon dott? '1 lines. Ev? i l
have nol losl the ' . in i I.
rail, .m! I am lik<-.. ?1? .?
a n< nilv bald old K' ntleman
In hind a mahogany- desk in
i I ?
miles, and by *
t? ?wn w here the ?a hoi ?! tea.
! never expect to liv?
doctoi ' an automobil?
home alone will leave me unmo1
I ? ??u a little iii'.n than I w? nty ? :
In th? rs I have work? ?I in ? dn
town m the . ountry. ??
lit y of bookmen has In en able t?
? lion? '1 m ?
have gone up and down in the lan?l an I
in it : for tIn re- i? nol in all the world
'..ii'tit iiidiviiliial than the su? t?? ful
i - s|ienl most ol my winters in Plori
imewhere : ' ? two I'?
have been present al every gn at ex|
Mardi ( 'im*, and al pn tty n< arly evei
national importance. Sometii i 1 ave ha?! plenty ?
money,and me;bul DulK'an liasnevi
I?ni a . om|>anion of mine "ii any "t my trips, i
a publishing office in almost every city
! for fifty dollars on request : and I
t.. "tun.;; the wire," .i ?'.' ay in the bu in?
me trans? ?. and an advan? ?? from an
hundred ?liff? n nt managers.
"How main- tiooks have you sold in youi
who i guileless once asked me. And I ans?
"I n? ver sohl a book in my life: I sell ban
And -: ' i? in, Gentl? Read? r, lie orn I I
that ? an he pa -. d upon the w? aki
you an?! your kind. I know you, and all
liargaindmnting sort, and I charge you wit I tl
n and rum of all : mi I 1.k ag< nts, i
you would not: 11 rl nx? kindle a lire ii
"?t you accept my offer, that flag ?*ill keep si book igcni i ? .

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