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Mr. Parnell
?sjLOVl STORY. His LOVI LETTE*?. k\n Hl**? nu: with His mis
* A -
lo Park. Juni
--. - * Story of Parne?. wV
fie mai** theme, next to l'aine!
jjjf, of Mrs, ??'Shea's hook, has
,? p.i.-' sac? fot all among the s
jg- love-stones af the world,
its chosen to tel
-. Kor 'hat am?
mii be .'orgotten.
women would care to la; bar? I
??? and ta thi extent
(?in and
?ore diacroetly, th? reaaaac?
ksv? been no less romar.: c. hat i
?'ds a place anywhere ;n O
be to kno? book.
To Mr?. O'Shea, and to h?
lit of i
?are his heart ai-.d
?he has betray?.*, s pu1*
? d. To publish the F.i-o
n.e letter? ?I
Charlotte Bronte to Paul H?*ger
of treachery both ana net
1 don't doubt for a moment that
?''Shea has done it out of
t on to Parrel'.'? memory. Yel
kaew befer t-a-, anybody ?
self would have
that his letters to her w? aid never
rrittea ha ? i they
ever, for any reason, to be
sizes about herself end Caj
?right ho -nt an.
" * "?p she ha
B*M wire of life. In his veins at
hers ran wine and Are. Not ii
August ne. rot :n ?. elhn?. not in I
lesu. is there more passion than
They met first in the lobby of
| .? of fommons. "and his curie
burning eyes looked into mine wi
poaderfol inten*.ne?,s.'' SI
?US'? '"rom her corsage. "He pi'-k?
u? aid. touching it lightly with
iced it ?n his button-hole."
a crowded room, people pas
?nd renassmg. Then a dinner,
: a dark en'-er r, the
mai am?
,*.- of which Mrs. O'Shea has
It ?? in the tra'-i from Che
i -??. to Elthan, where Mr-?. "'.
ar.ed back at.d clo.ed my ?
? lid have slept b-.r that the !
*i- ?- - ParaeH's eyes Kent fl-cke
. though they were elo
r ind tucke?
me. hut I would not open
It a bin He cr?-?s?ed r
ranmg over me to fold *h.e i
more closely round my knees, he w
-.- - ! lo**? you. I love you: oh.
-w I love I i I si.p
te his and knew I was
-.mer months of 1
"heve were
dents. Pr
Mra, O'Shea
? marri;
r Parnell nor he
-., - -.- their ?? should not i
Idren. ' up
? ?
s. Putting
i - ' r
. :
I, -vher.
?n he b
he hi
Lor: - he had I
they s
en tl
.. He ?aid i
ff er to resign, a
. in Mr.
i .
of the mari corr
it, Pat
er cor
a? A.
' **?
?oral aid? e
tn?* * . dopt] > aracte
asm?- .?'ace. "He
ow he hated th? Ei |
scree becaau
?no? r ?
will b<
z of hypoei
Tnen come? one of the mo?
T* **? in th? as h?
of the Iris
aa o' then?
**o?ls are g?
*?' ra life
'ar as they can txpt i
7, for th?y are among
? aa "
m. He was a man. Mrs I
'.?where, a'
? made his prot? ?
fil ear.y a?
days he ?
than th*
r**.gn n.
;- ? ?way MM
?? ?f h.s
? Ireland, h
n who had
or wr.om n? I ad *?"
"*?*? ' ' tars Ister, when
? gO SWS)
? ? :
. ..
i not
? - ? ? paealea ???
i ?'?mai ?tm ?
W M u? Us?? Satan sol v, \ . ,
1 ? ? I II
?han an analogy. P I
Psrnell bo:h died at forty--,.-.
I] i".' his strength in I
and Europe. Parnell, in half a?
of active fe, had
bis strength In :. Titanii
h Empire. He nould have
? : .?
the r?
I ?-aw ^ Par?,.-'.i
Ommona n:id dui
it.ly did i ate. I a at
walking away wi1
sohci?o-, from th? ' ;. ?r I a
| ;>.rne:l had come
. another door
?i by th? doorway, a? we p
' reduce you ?" asked ? ?
? -?
. a mo
p pa ?' : "it to
made. The ?'
rn eye '
ol w 'h tne flames she
I nell knew me only a? an enemy: ?s the
one American journalist who n a great
An er can journal i~,h<i ?rated, day by
day and w, -t, b; week, year after year,
ic knew bow, the ca-e
? Home Rile. Of ei
? 'o ?ml
-- .1
compa : ? ?
American and Irish-American i;,ppn I
it was fed ?? tii Amer-can dollar?:
' could not have lived witho '
or any man who stood between him and
the Amencr.n public vas anathema.
But he he'.d out his nand and hi?
gra-p was almost friendly; he wi
ing a civil greeting to Lew'?'? I
The eye? burnt nene the 1c?? I
the look of them went through and
through you. I saw ?he other day hete
in Tuxedo Park, m the afternoon sun
l'ght. a flasn of lightning not less
vivid and piercing: and as I had
in London been reading Mr*. ? ?'Shea's
. that, and the slab ol
- brought hack to me th? Barnes
? yes I had looked into in the
gloomy hail of tue Lan
. ear? agone. Plainly he meant
? en of the world
but he could net a: the first instant
svbdue the tire.
The few minatea' talk which fol
eommonplsce. On whst
'he minds of all three of us we
could Lewi? mi.
wished or expected it. Bu' there
'; a man to be studied. His
? ?? wa? perfeet. He stood erect,
aler ??? ? neb of him well
-a :". well-bred. The las? th
,vou!d like to be taken for was an Eng
"Utleman, but an English gentle?
man he was to look at. English, r.ot
nor was h? in truth Irish. Had
I i ne.. - ,r h.pve ruied The
I aid. The pa!?
e-i>ry foal ir? ? ell mod
trimmed brown beard to
g ., '? ease r,f be .
: ' iie obvios - reser i
rurno-e in
? ? oper.e-i nur, ->
of the man
omriosure: the ?
,r.differen?-e the mask he we
ng Irish in all this.' The
??.?i fron.
>ai m the i:? is?
gh, when he was challenged.
?led. his word denied; : ?
. then
? ", ?
thin. ineA ;'o all
? . '
aid of himsei'' ?a? true. He
sng? or mrai ngleaa sen
- .. ted ??
equally of course, volunteer?
? . again h?
?.. ?
i brown flame.? in the brown
I out as *? first
?ring ?-s wi ?e banked.
? of far v el' ? -
' ?ei her.
lie u '? i ? Par
? ered : "No man -
be known.
'en for the jiurp'
th ? tr.ai. r;u more than h?
I - :
Te?, bu- fnr few i,i.<
what I have ,. ,- e 'nr Parneil. ,
ase ai,'i I aha '? I
did nol go into it ?.???>. i ho |
And wrat I have dona I could
l loved."
Parre,; did not return Lev H
1 n Le?
accompli bed ii., |
an inimitable s'k.?] in ? ? I of
ijespera'e mu?os In any o<
than r |'t rau-? would
been desperate. H? was * l
e -.' '? - Ford, the dynamiter.
He h
To Par- ' '
apt Mrs. O-Shea, t
, i.
for a ci:ent who engag?
To Le-'
black irything;
-.arles Ruaaell'a
?na! -?a? a forensic masterpiece, he
owed Russe!1, also to Lew; H OB
he now owes to .Mr?. O'Shea is a mat?
ter each reader must determi- I
himself. G v
p '-i'?i' ? *
Bar Harbor. Me.. July 4. Man in.
Van Buren, of New fork, ?von the
ts this morning. Johi. R.
am and J. L. Kettelinua tied 'oi
?econd place. Others *ak ng pa
unrest were A. Murray 1
t?r W I . ("ushman. A. L. Saunderaon,
B. Dick, B, .?eRargee
t, ur. Augustus Thorndyke, 0. J.
Harold Paahody, Dr. Hi
am? and Edward Porter May
? 17-foot ki led by
d m a nin?
?.angular cour ?
.on, which was won by Edgar
with hi? N'an. Benjamin
ama cam? in second, and
.ano- wa- *
ere viewed by Mr and
C Led ard Bla
i? ?: a 'or, wl eh th? " ' ' ?
\ Hanna al
Harbor facht Club this evening en
ad about en? hundred |
with an <
her? i,' th? -??I Harbor coi I
? aid Mr? John D. Rockefeller,
jfisi dary Ellis
eke, of N'?w York, are here for
B B ?
? M Worden, of
? nd.ng the holifjay with hi? par-;
The P.?. C A. Sloddard. of
iddard and
rick Jeaninga Pat
leai il E aint Cjrt
? V?.m. w
s - r <! Pendleten, link?
r W ?Menons? and H
tr Birch?!
? seSaOa They motored fioni
S? Vork. J
MRS. run.le ;?:. ste\ exsok.
Marshalls See Bail Game.
Attorney General Spends V
of Day in Office.
- -
ttay -.-.
' ' i -
U ar -t" ?
? i.arr;
irlotl '. , ??Je
be a gu?
Daniela, M
' i igley, the mother of S
Navy and
i ?11 -e ,;.,??
r??aitl o
Mr?. I.ai e I
sham, a* I
?"rom Sew '?'?
r? is t*
iry Mr?. .V
? ?
turn he
to Russis
. . ? ?j
-. ? ' "
?ummer hoi
? He!e
Speak?r ?"la-.k wei
dav ?
?rues- of Misi Imogen
IS re
.,?. New Wk a
- . '
bu1 has . er plan ar;?;
? re as soon .. '?''' ??"
-_?? ?-?
To Ask Reserve Board to
Change Regional Institution.
Uborgh, Jal
'.'.entern Pel ? ?? >'"'n'
? District No. 4. of ti i
? do buaine
in < levelaad, th? Pll ibi rgh ' i
o traaafei
? '
? ? i eente?!
?? i n
? ?
them if 'be regional bank
?ere located her?.
Ceremony Takes Place at Nar?
racansptt Pier Home of
Bride?. Father.
? t*i
r!. I.. July 4
Randolph, daugh*er of
? v York,
were married a* noon to-day a* Wild
plaee 01 Ocean Road. T**?? ccrcmoay
took e pres?
?? and bridegroom
lloran per
ind the R?*
I .-rii-ati B -
of ? eld Perm,
- ? . :??? qua es
n in mar
*' the
??cd in
embi ??? red net
??* t '-- rn hat
?anee Perkins, Helen
. .
?? bride, core e? it
., ? .
at n. All
rr of the
were Mr
P. S. 1'. Ra
G:;t to Gunn Memorial in
Washington Received
by Trustees.
i .
'? Tne
by ii.
lyl ;ne mo
..?'?? :.. Edward
H. Van Ingen accepted the |
half of th?- ?
R mad? e pal
In the decoration o:' ? ?? e? g and
era and
: ??? i- et*--1 led i' to t). re., por
main and central one COD
Pig panels telling 'he Itory of
... i ne abduct
t b e Iatt <
1 quo
tie work th?
i i
?pringmg from
? be room la
i ? J ? -if an arch. ??> ::it rich
ir? I i?:-.-. era, each
an ?
: itr but.ng ?ei d
, , botii in colors.
. carry out
?e darb -sal ' the
snd ar? panelled and enriched
and gold and contain in the
g of a female
?ii ap
propriate quo tat ii i i work
and tared panels.
? |l nine ornamen*. was
": Mewbrey himself.
at the un'
Orvin? 11. Platt, Ro.niter
I, l'huma?. Hooker, of N?a Ha?
Ulan Kob.nson and Mrs. W.lliam
? . jr.
Delegates Thank Canada.
ig..: .i Fs ' - I I ' S lexteaa
.?... ta the med . ireaea
? ? ? Puke of
? Cea
? ?heir
? ? , irtaal? a? i n them
1 and their be] ?
.;,,. h iad pi oeperity af ? aa?
Hungarian Leader Here
Says Murder Was Blow
to Liberalism.
Shrugs Shontden at Mention of
Heir Appa-ent-Seek?- Heip for
Democracy at Home.
. " ,ae: Ka' ?? of
ependenl par
Parliament, ar
by the Hamburg-American not
land on a visit of five a .rria'
be Bpenl i
hi? coumr*. men and South.
I wa ? ?
-r . .? ,.., .. r-| ?
"I aa? g; aved more 'han I -a.
?he isaaSaia ha.? c?u?ed a g ?
cur pa-ty. Th? ?lain arcr.duke when
he c.-" ha' ? been
I ! "j
', our i!em<|crar
? hi? e?r ?tli' are elose
Th?ir ad-.ice ha? bee. ?.'. and condi
. tior,? it na ' ara ".:?i il n?<
? * i reach him.''
The count said that the ?hooting of
Francia Ke*-d:na*'d bad grea'. pel
atid tna* a
eeor at the death of the Km
pcror, ? i? ? a feeble and aged man. Tne
?i? :l
' t ? r a p paren' and
and v ? .
?>ins of goret
I - - -
- apparcn*. Cout lisro
.. ,i
"'' ... ? . ?
great I wit
; imiii'i; ? rymen in the
wish ? etc oi thia visit. W !
war,- ? un i verrai franchi?? at honr
and f have come hei i to ? it ?he
? ,,? the 2, ?? .-gar an* in
our cause.
"'''?? lei this fighting for
agr.-: ? rra and an
paral from
i and h'' ' ? col
v la.-ge
hear with enorm
"Hungary is now
I . are
? .
i-ar-. anrually foi td St?
cannot es -? at home. I
. ' ?,, -mpre? ? these
I - ..
? "lie."
arty of II
? -il from earl] i
go on boai
?? - r-er. but
? pier in Hobo
d took P"
? -
, ?
M and I
gave a ball at Lai
The rerc
, ? and
> ? .?it o:
, ' ?
? | ;,
Mr. and Mr?, ii" [| iter Pea??,
rff ?ml Mr
. it of
? ?
ng of
Rob? "
ion, tl.ra Henry P
the country p'aee of the late Dr
ard < Greenleaf, for
iva full no i e
Arriving a* th?
' r and Mrs. C. C. B
Henry M. Moser, of Brooklyn; Mr.
and M ''?'? Hammer ar..:
of Ea Mr.
-. B. '?*?'?
Mr. ami Mrs. Her.r
Mrs. C
Register r.g at the Hot? I
of I.or nur.: Mr and Mm. T. B. wi
i Mr-, "a
Sew fork; Mr. and Mrs. >e:n Murt?n
H. F. Lansing, of Albany; Mr.
,r:. E. H. Simmons and Mis-, I.
Brooklyn; Dr. and i
I Mr. a ?. :
g.r <. n \, at *i nrk.
A- th? daplewood, I ara Mr.
and Mr'. J. Rammick Drummead, Mr.
and Mrs. F. H. < sleott, '?:
Calcott, of N>w York; Mr, and Mra.
R. B. Montgomery MacNaugh
dr. and Mr?.
Theodore W. Foster, s Proi idence.
Mr. and Mrs William Douglaa
>'?,a.ie ".i ? Mr?. WhitelaW Held and
Mr. and Mr?. Robe;" 8. !!"?
Mount 1
tVermaa Wood and Miat Margaret '
Cheane] beat William
.. ? -????? Cara?
tenni? cup on the Country ? lub courts
in Pitt?tield this a'tcr-toon. The ?core
?raa ?'. 2, ?'? '?? *; 5.
I ?:M E. Bdminster and Harold
Lame-. td for the Hour* ?
Julv hand.cap golf cup on the Country
Club course a Pitt ?Id this after?
noon, with IJ ' ?l
Edward it ?Ifuartoa sad h
Mir? Nanc*j ' raig Whartoa, arrived te
? ' automobile from
Mr and " H. MacCraeken,
Joht. , ?!'' sn?l Mr?. I).
\V Ro- = . Mr. and Mr. J. M. Sasaally
and Mr. ard Mr?. .1 W. Hawfcia
?re at the Ited t on Inn.
'*..?.,? rt ' Bo\d and V. illiaa
Bvowa, ?Via gue?t? of Spender ??
i-hotter ?t Shadowbrook.
Descendant cf Dutch Church?
man Dies in Brooklyn.
DC, ?eventy-two
?ndsnt of Theo
o was the
...formed ?"hureh
-ight at his
He ras a retired niar. .
? ' ?a'' aad r.-.f)*.;o papers and
?? - ? ?
' m, DeL, s te Dr.
dera Ve.n Skew.ne. a physician end
?-of area paper.
- ? niT.e from Van Schcllaya?
to Van beeagae another Van
grace upon the
? ' e business i
. < r.
? ola'ion of the ru'e
I ?nded *rom
- ot. ?i?* Manhat
ind of Dirk 'un Schelluyne. a
er, who was the :'rst police head
i Vew Amsterdam. Pirk Van
? ? up the will of A
.inn-- OK1T .?f the presen? 1
'? at --kellme ha?l 'i*.ed ia Brook
u"t of
at ?-?ct.on.
- ?\
|? ???
.f the
.. and
tener. The
II be lieid at his hone nt ?.
I u ght. Burial will
be ..- ? ?tery.
Morgan and Kuhn-Loeb Want
U.S. to Collect Mexican Loan?.
w? biagtoa, July t The ?-?.,-.- tie
leat has under consideration a
requ"-?' ?"roni J. P. Morgan i Ce. and
Kuhn. Loeb ?i Ce. that the import du
? | ? ollected by 'he Amer
,? aath? ritiea a* Vers Cre? be ap
? ? pnyment of a loan
Imerican bankers made to the
Mexican government. The situation ii
an nteresting one. particular1
??.?? is? of a certain hypothecation of
an custom1? in security of other
Die American bn- -
r loan wt? g ..
ean cu?torn? ret ?
v are entitled to payment.
ggestion not only on their own
, sise that of other .'or
aad empil?t e dema.
made at the White House to-da.
of I. P. Morgan to
he W1 te House iiad anything I
??ja*.?in. ? nancial
> r othe
Kim MID LEWIfl F\Tl)\.
man. died on Friday al
? 'rom pneumonia. l?o
licath by
fork Herald." ii" had
r..utr:;?<i from Indianap? !
Mr. Katun
.. -
Mr. .
e Timber Lake and Pin
lie bed a!?o been a Sheriff in New
? ? !i h is
. : ? .!???
se; Cil
Mr. B
W V? He N-.1-. ? rs and
. ? ?
01 League ? ; ib of Jersey
? I
? '? It ha? been a long
as th
at? to
I i'ather w??
I ? :
Ire-.-h Vei the I?
Harbour-. ? ?
? i
John Nicholas
The Russian Ambassador and
. at dinner
mer cmbi,
all of
?ho.-e diplomatic corps
summering here, and Mr?. William
enor gi ta ?
i? Mary Bu
,'hhoro. Mass., hence? ??f her son,
in i -.or.
Mr-. M M. Van Bcuren gave a dinner
a? Su her houie
? tainiag
? Mr-. lohn R. Abr.ey. Mme.
. .'.Tier headquar'e
panish Embassy, .ir.d Mrs
I at the Kims.
. um ?jammeli gave a luncheon
?on at the tiooseberry Isl
'. and the first clam?
bake ? place at th?
Newport Clambake <'lub.
The principal ? th?
after".- Wt giren by
krthar Curtisi fame- in the Blue
.her Beacon Hill ho'i
aras it-ef-deer a>7a r of 'he
Mrs. .Janes ha. .
? erected for the occa?ion
?ng wa? enjoyed
- looa. Daring *;
?ernoon many ?mall balloon1? ?vere lio
Murgaret Hauk.-ihurst
?u i of the latest
dancing :teps.
ami the Casino grill
luncheon- si?.en there.
Pier to
. Ka..?ioiph
th? large gather ng- s* the Casino
|g there ".ere DOted ? ' *? L.
(,. Hener>rr?-.*r. I 9 .' ; Charle* \.
Munn. It. Pe B Beadmaa, 8, M. Robert
.oii, i ? lab lea K. B
mi Darla, E. P. P?ar?ea, \n**n
(irey. W M or-hy JOBO?, '?'
por.. !Vn:i . Stephen Le? Wh it ms i, C.
?'. Potter. Mr?, t Vlert
ri?i< . - ?r' ican; L
I' S. N ; Jame- B. Kusti?, Wslter
Aadrewe, E. Barhuin .lemmeit. A.
de Navarro. W illiam (?oadhy I.oew,
John H Congdon sad ?'ar! B Marshall.
Columbia Begins 15th S
sion To-morrow wit
Big Registration.
All Buildings and Departm
Opened to Accommodate M
than 5.000 Students.
? ? ., tnity'i
ruai summer session opens on >]
"g?.,le Heights to-morrow t
. aa rivaling that of the fsll t
??'ourse- ??i|ua! | scope ta those ol
legu'ar academic ?essun have
manned ow. 'or the students -a ho
BB many montos dunns
?at Toe an rallasen
the o;av"? baa rei|u red ih? opemn
More thsn four thou
Student? -rre registered for
-' summer, but this ?.ear
enrollment has continued ??
?fd the presen? ?'rures po B<
than live thousand. The ra
the -udents have come here
> i. Tne foreign c?
lave tent student
. -
1. ? regular c
??? printed on :h"
? pon,png to "The Columbia
? dergraduate winter p
The summer school pap.-: will be ca
"The Columbia Stud, I ?
w'll be given college arg i
' ?? ?spotted that t'ie campu? dui
the summer will be as .?!. e ? h
icw-e | ? . . during t "" reg:
The school has gone one step furl
and branch?
rat '? ^ears ?i
. ibia -Aould not consider ni
? i i long itep to
. ?
demands of peopc m bu? ne?.
r -Apia ?ho desire to c
rinu? their studies and iind I ?
TI e ??'
mercial courses are being empha-1!
- . "ar.
Two years ago course? ,n medic
were opened -,p ?>, tummer ?tu.1er
t ?ubects offered wejr?
Thi? year the cou
led out. and many <>
?.er term co It
taken I the t tekt
aud CO ? tgt*
,-?? of Physicians and Surgeo ?
Agriculture form? an impel
.. a of ', he cour:
offered will be I
time afford? I ?
I and animal
-, Will ?I
c laaraom ?
sining gro'iii
cut. ha? coi
school this year, "he
? n -
?he:r cln-s and laboratory
?. sining
i aen ed to I'oiumb a ?I
I .-ar has be
thrown ooeu to students of other e<
? ark they I
mnted at
Mi=?s Bnsted and Mr Emersc
Win Canoe Race.
piiro-a Bristed and William Emers?
uon th?
lahkeenac th
.... 0.i,
and ma
?ng :> r for the course, ?h ,
, rmer lorn
the tiltiti
? \fi ,'
: P. Jaqu
-. Thomas -
i Rosa W W o
" ?
t M i -. I'.ooert I
ar. !.. Crai
arid M"
Carlo? de Here .
.?on?, Mr. and Mrs. Da
Kate Car;.. Mr. and Mr?. ? ? ? '
?"i. I- ?:, . ! Fo -'it. M r. ::
Teaee. Mr. and Irt
Samuel ?' ghs
Meyer. Fr
, Blake Shaw, Mr. ar..
.. ,
Franc at ?r M. Adam
Robert Wood? orth.
Colone! Rows a Boatload and
All Present Celebrate uith
Oltltime Enthusiasm.
I elebrs'ion ? f the Ko
he -ame ipirit as was -hown
ere you'.gst?"
?? hough hia < lildren an- all too
ind h.s grandchildren too
? e ?or* of a celebration to
g 8C
enstomed, ?Il 'ne farassiitiea *??re ah
p ?tati* ; meting prepara
Harbor in row boats and a pic,
t n i ?hi
Th? houae wa? tilled n
mo?t of rhem young
. Perby. jr. ? olone!
Heos? celt . . ter. Archie
Quentin Roosevelt ?re a' iiomc. Ker
i Spain, and Mr<. N.cholas Long
?or*h ".er.-* uaabla to b? here. Mr
eo.'or?- Rooaevelt, jr. ?ere
'lie | ,| , b\ fh?
ly about i.
SOSA? ?? ;Me c ? ,. pjc.
el Be a
boatload across tie harbor. H?
BU appointments for the da>. ai|d did!
- <-n ?re his ?ecretary.
Formality Take? Place in Pris?
on, as Is French Legal Us?e/e.
Pan>,. July 4 Mme. Henriette Can?
taren 16 lust shot an?l
Iton ?'s?rrette. cd tor of "I.e
Laixare prison by Ju?lge Loui? A'bane!.
?". .nal court which
. try her. FjMowing the legal
of France the judge formally
?ad the mdic;ment to the prisoner.
When asked if ?he permuted in the
?he had prerieesly made to
the invtstigal :-.g mag--trate Mme.
aux replied n the affirmative.
The meeting between judge and pris?
oner took place m the office of th?
prison warden. Mme. Caillaax'a hand
gned the copy of th?
Questions uni replies. She -?aid:
"That m the effect of the hypodermie
which the doctor gave me this
It :- _ | ?saamed tnat ?he is
lubmittiag *o .?? d injection?.
FlMtiag Hospital of St. -lohnt
Guild Tn.morn)*?v Will Start
on Trips.
rbc ?epital Helen C Ju?l
- John* Gelid, a ill ma?
il of the ?ummer ?eauon te mai
roer. The steamer then will oeg.n it?
tenth >e;ir ?f servie? to the ?irk
? of the poor of N--H \ ,>rk I
I i* orgunued in
bata been mail
.. |
?T'.vf. and. uiili *????
i\ception of one ia Bo.-'.on. is the only
- Rind afloat. She is Uli feet
long and o( 4?) feet bean
In connection with the ?rip the guild
maintains the Seaside Hospital, on th??
shore of Staten Island, where the more
?r ere cn?e* of Iliacas are removed
?rom the floating institution and re
e care.
The Helen is intended primarily for
the treatment of aeutel;. ill and ronva?
aad eh Idren ? onta
gi?,u? disease? are not ire.i Metaos
?>f sick habie? sr?- ?admitted ? i ssa
them all o I
families under sis years ?f ?g?
In?' leal;? '- bo
care ? ig of infants, a
r lerred at noon, medicated gad
??alt bath-< for the mother, and children
for the care of bailie*.
Tli?* number carried ri?
1,200 Reaerretieas c?n h*
through the gui!?i orrl?e, Mt
Park ar.
Balda !? A n. Learia.EI tahethF.
. Harriet A ? H.
Bonhan). J?- ' liips, Guy
Bru-n. Amos K. .?? hiplcy, P. Louise.
BALDWIM *.? \ '.?.?town. IVnn .11
:t. Prederic A R Baldwin, in
T.'ld I the family aie
a* hu
late ,
I0:lt a. m. Inl Bloom tic Id.
V .1.. at l:M tame afternoon, Eisa?
. and Rloomtiel'l, N. I.,
ta please e
BATJBR Oa Pi It?, s?
the residence of her son-in-law,
Charle B. Lj (a ?
? I . after a short
' >,f Henry ' . leral
service? at St. James's Chereh, M?<1
. ." . ? . on Monday, July
l?. m.
Bi'MIAM Saddealy aa July I
I.amb Bonhum, m his ?-??
Funeral sen ices will be held
Beahem, Park Slop?- I, ML
J., on Monday. Jal) ?i. *
? ai-riage? m '.'. meet Yr ?
'y mi
? p. m.
l. I'M ?. A
Brash, huxband of Lissie Lake
Brij.h. m his gtOh >"sr Funeral
service?, at his late resideac? I M
. Cena., on Ttaeaday, -Jul^ '. a*
? p in. < arnage? will
Lendea, Kugland, papers
please cop\.
i ' I - .
in h??r 43d rear Kuneral ?'
N J . Mi
I p. m.
MEAD ?-"ulde-l
1914, M - 'o :
?i > ..
' lake a
? m.
PHILLIPS Sudd? Tharadar.
.lu!;. -.*. lyi I. t.uy Phillipe ia th?
* ird rear of his age. Funeral
privat? on Monday.
SHIPLEY A I < > . P da .
-lu?'. 3, lyl I, P. Louise, ?laugh
!a?e Jaeob M. ami Hanna A.
from her late re?.deuce. !!'>.
1:30 p. m.
Relal ? ??;...
...tte; .; Carriage meet tram
rig Nes ':?"--. ' '. : 11 p m.
HAN FT. Julian S? Kit ls-a av.,
KING. Henrv. 1ST Les ng'on av.,
July I.
Mary R . . I Iftth St.,
irai to-day. noon.
ER, Horace S.. Wl Weat 117th a*t..
Ml RPHY. Camelias K. 1131 I
a?. . .lulv !
orge, il? Weal : - th st.,
' aged
- HMA( HER. Alhei
? eral to-day, 1 p. m.
I Putnam a-. . July 3,
. .' p. m
BAtMES. r . . July
Panerai to-day. J p as.
Thoma?. HH) Baltic ?t., July 1.
ml to-day, J p. m.
FRIEL, John J , Ninth av and l?*th st.,
?KP. Leonard B ? rich Hos?
pital. July t, aged M.
LOI GHLIX, w lliaas, 111 Vara m ? ,
! . Ill ' arPon
Fanerai *
p. m.
ER, lulian M.. Flushing. July 2.
MOSEMAN, Alice Amity ville, J.
aged II
?H LLER. Mary A.. tyMtiagtee, ;
WOLFF, Frederieh w. Maaaath, July
. ;ed II mo
LUE, Martha. Jersey ( t> July I.
BROWN. Edward H. Newark. J .
-al toda?,.
FUHtING, Hearj J . . July
? . >. ral to d?.,. t p. m
GROTH. George B.. Newark. July 3,
aje?! Ig, Funeral t.. .
JOYCE, Mar; . Je- i I I > I Fa?
ner?! to-morrow, I a -n.
POWEtS, James, Kewark, J i
i Mitr n Kiri?.
~M 6? By , . . ,,
?l*/l.? " 1 ??! 2^1 M N. T.

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