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Man and Woman Who
Lived There Two Ye;
Caught in Raid.
Thcc Or ugs No. Proscribe
Boylan I aw Venders \d
New Jersey Is Heai.qrarte
? ?
ir II
? Ith -t
\ I
? '? (I. nntl
1er. i
l'.-'h th- ?
' '? ' .1 t'..'.( i II!
. - 'I ?.;" violai
ooir s
Paregoric and Hashish.
n t-.iner.non, I
uty l'on Health, will
. substit
con ta
? a grains of opi
lo 1 (I ince, and i
o? the Boylan '
bit foi
ig which is no; prohil
i ?! -,ii ws is haahi
" '? ? ? of T
' V
in th.
ri fr<
-upply -
\ !)f
? n discover'
I he arrest of '
. nc ar?) heroin ait- being given tic?.
?? r- ?i?.'
cording 1
Bronx, made a
? sud ???
: Vbraham B row
I four lira
... ba
? .r.d Ju
?i on ;. char;
. - tins (.f eru?
opium were found in his rooms ;
Learned ?I in Sine Sin?*.
Krown told the ' onrun -?.oner thi
. ,1 how to do this ?
,. , i ng sing. He 1 ' ' "'? ?ou
b) thai
., ? I
? ?<-,:> Prior Pray, of the dru
ft Pete i ambei
'?'. ' meed 1
? , . three i
.. ? loc etiei wei
mily, who have a
?v. ' ' ' ition.
? ;,' .1 ' .'.
?<.ir? He ?An
the Methodis
? ?
? ?,.'? H rother wi
m i? i-.
of three months in th
LOSING $100.000 A YEAI
Price Paul by Waldorf Asto
To Be Newspaper Owner.
?om th
? -,? i ? y 'at.o II
er, i'.-??
H i
tetii ? on ?i
I .?.i i el a it!
\ rned "Th?
Pssll MhII (,a
" and "i ?? i -n .1. I.
i>srty, bul
'.'???. appi IIOO^KM -i yr-ii i
orgaaa and m< policies <?
th?? party. 1
he tu i
I h< Pall Mul
I ?
n \y wu'
I outlay ii
eeliam ?ritl : ?> r?i..
A? ?he -, < on "1 ha I'sll Ms!! ?,.i
ttte" a
? a' ? ;-.. |
? - ? a? ? >!? i rht l'a!
Mall "
? 1 'hi ri
war. ?
? A'e w? n? for theii p
No Panhandle Bond Issue Now
'?? i "j fari? R .il
if II I ? p41 ?.col m.i-Jen-]
taa.S. ?
CROWD OF 15.000
Handcuff Expert, Shackled and
Boxed. Is Thrown Into Water
Rises in a Minute.
Fifteen thousand people in Battery
Park yesterday noon, cither saw or
tiied to sec Harry Houdini, known a?
the '?handcuff k,r.j.r." thrown into the
water from the tug J. A. McAllister.
The cro\?'d surged back aril forth
the water fronl with such force
that those in the front row alonn the
???a wall ' eed ab? tit mi'I, aided by po?
licemen, ri: I ack into the
park '
pu-he(I into ' ? I n ''.or.
In the meantim? Houd ?,. ?vas having
all} hard t ?me .?ii\ inu a**:
nio\ir,<- picture photographers who in?
sisted upon reeling off his font di
id thai he had his 0?vn staff of
film-makeri on hand.
All these little troubles being ? I
tied, the newspapermen put the leg
irons and two pair of handcuff on
He ?va- then p;i: ii a pack?
ing box, the cover was nailed down and
boui '? ' ?tl steel tape, the whiatli
the tugboat end the "P. D, 7" I
rerboard ?vent the box, Houdini
and -dl.
In about one minute he appeared al
the surface. He had done it once be?
fore a-id had lived to hear the crowds
cheer him The spectator
r ting, some sr.ying that he k.-pt
the ke; s - h ick hair, other? thai
art - ' ! genius.
Dr. Wasson Says Salary Depends
on Contributions, and They
Come in Slowly.
The Rev. Dr. James B, Wasson, man
aging director and orpanizer of the
Strangers' Welfare Fellowship, rhap
if the Old Guard and of the Rotary
< lub, former assistant rector of St.
Thoma Pi tanl Episcopal Church,
and rector of St. Mary's Church at
Tuxedo, testified in supplementary pro?
ceedings in the Supreme Court yester?
day *ha' he is unable to pay a judi'
rr.cnt for 1150 against him for rent of
an apartment in the Wissanoming Ht
End ir.. and 94th st,
The judgment was obtained by Mrs.
Rosa Doetoer, owner of the apartment
house, after the clergyman had I.ein
compelled to move for non-payment of
Dl vl | DI ; eceil '? a salary of
? a year fn>m the Strangers' Wel
lel low ihip, who. e mi th?
relief of str?ngen in New York. He
?plained that contribution?, a large
part ol rhich have I" en ? ai n< do
him for hi? salary, have been coming
slowly and therefore he '.vas unable to
idgmcnt, th: - being hi - ch el
source of : r.<
Dr. V now liv
? v.. ? -.'?. ? . pa) ing (1,1)00 a
j ( ar for a-i apai tmenl
The def? ndai I could nol -, ? Ihe
Hmo-i ' i. received by
bul ' he ann tal n port
i 1 13.799 re
. : ? i ; i wi ised foi relie rork
the re ? g? ng foi i epenaes, including
aiv of I'i Wa on
Brooklyn Gas St? ckholde--s Ask
What Becan.e of $7.000.(1(10
Undivided Surplus.
Justier Hlackmar, in the Supreme
( ourt, Brooklyn, heard arguments
.? terday afternoon a- to whethei ?he
ordei ?hat direct? th? ? ...,,, nal
the dlre?*tori ..f th? Br?sok)yn Union
' ompany befon ? ? ,. should
Thomal Read, ??ho owns 1,600 pi the
180,000 -hare-.i t?,. ,-,,,,,
I '<> leal-n ??h?i |
.ora, ,,f an alleged undivided urplu
' 000.000 He and hi
'?\ Burke Coekran, who a\ >. owns
. i. - of itock,
ekefellei she on?
oft?. ? ? exerc ,- Duel ee
? . board '" huir ? ?
from to4 kboldei ? and
.- -< ' ommission, and 'hu' tl
compai baing run large!) from
ruada a) William I1. >? n .?.
appeared foi Ihi directoi , de
? . .1 -. . tsindard ' ? I nfluei
.I,. ,'?(.,i tl sl Mi Read wanted lo i il
la melon."
I Im SaMIM-a*???a ?? ? ???? tl? tAuiktmm
ti d ilia* 'he director? had th
power to dispose of the lurplua in th
interest1? of the itoekholders, bul tha
they w.-rc acting under Standard Oi
influence? and administering the ai
fair? of the company dishonestly. Th
company, ha ?aid, i? compelled to i'.i
10,000.000 gallom of crude oil fron
the Standard Oil Companj each yeai
"They charge u? with wishing t.
'cut a melon,'" he continued. "Well
they a .11 . .* * ? and take
all. homir more i" id
of t ) ? ? t i (r than w.. a'.." Dccl ?on wg
Court of Appeals Rules Foul
Men from This City Mrst Die
Dooms Ton g Warriors.
? .-n <i.?;.!h ?entei rr,r murder,
including I'm?* cases of four ?.layer?
of tii ? city, 'Acre affirmed ?rid up?
held yesterday bj the Courl of Ap?
peali at Albany. One convicted mur
? man, ?ra - ??rant
new trial.
TI.-' ? ?? i ? * * the local
of w illlam !'?
a t.v. i : lied Patrol?
man ! 1 "im ? Wynn in Brooklyn on
March 6, 1914.
The court i o upl ? ? nti nee of
death the can? of Jo c-ph J. MeKenna,
who "? a? con*, ?cted earlj n 1913 of
having killed little eight-year-old Slg
red i ' McKenna made a con
1 appeal from lentenee
he alleged tha* hi? confeasion wai
wrung from him by the police through
tin!.I degree method?, and that he was
i realit) guiltless of the offence.
The other two local cases in which
conviction? ?rere u tained were those
of Khi; King and Lee I lock. Ton).? war?
rior . who ?hoi ami killed Lee Kay in
a battle in Mott st. between the Four
Brother's and the Hip Sing Ton***, in
1912. Jung Ring, the l hi?ese who
wai ??ranted n new trial, whs convicted
?ring Fee Toy in Pell it. during
?i Tong feud on Jane it. 1913. Errors
committed in the admission of testi
mony caused a reversal in his case.
(iiuseppc Digiola, who killed George
Gillespie ?n Buffalo on October 7, 1013,
had bis convict ion upheld.
Michael Sanano, alao of Buffalo,
bad '? . .' upheld for V. i 11 i n c
Savexio '?radnanHlo :n a dispute over
rent, and George Coyer, who killed
wife at Cattaragu? on July 14.
1913, also failed to obtain a reversal.
? -
U. S. Treasury Finances.
Washington, July 16. The condition
'.. ted State? Treasury at the
beginning of buainci lo da* wa : Net
!?alance m general fund, |15?,446,839;
total receipt i tcrday, (2,220,636; to
tal pa) m. i ' ? . '.7.'.."..116.
urplu ' ' - ' tea] year ii |9,
i del cil of 115,822,055
laal :? t isive of Panama Canal
and public debt tranaactions.
Stubbornly Refuses 1
Plead Guilty to Man?
N'ew Haven, I'onn.. July IS Pcipi
the fact that she is on tr.al a secoi
time charged with eonspirini ?
red her husband, Urs. Be lie .1 Wak
field seen lonfldei - thai she wi
po free. '! is ??Bid on ex?. Ii i
thority that 'she ha-, stubbornly d
clined to pl?ad guilty to manslanghti
and accept a penalty of about Jo yeai
in prison.
The jury was comp!?'.
noon. It ii composed of middle-age<
married men, most of them farmer
The last chosen \va? Walter MasOl
of Meriden. He is seventy-eight year
old. Several momber? of the jur
have admitted that they have Scruple
against capital punishment, but tha
they will try to ^ive a verdict in ac
cordance with the testimony. ClirTor
Mort?' Bri nford, was chosen de
??pite his admission tiiat he would no
bring in n verdict of death aga
woman, unies? he ??a? forced to d.
so. Mrs. Wakefield's manner in cour
expressed confidence in escaping ?
: ?. ? ? on of ?he death sentence.
Two hours ?vere consumed in takini
the evidence <>f three witneaaea. Tin
. of the mur.lei of Wakefield wai
not narrated, but Joseph Wheeler, o
Middlebury. told of the tindinj: o<
Wakefield's body the last Saturday m
.lune, 1918. He identified a string tier
around Wakefield's neck, a pistol fourni
near the body and a photograph of thf
William Shepnrd?on, of Middlebury
for whom Wakefield worked, described
Wakefield's disposition as peaceful and
affectionate. His memory was poor on
material points to which he testified
m Mrs. Wakefield's first trial, last year.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Clark, of Middle?
bury, testified ?hat .(am. I Plew, ?vho
llready paid the dea?h penalty for
th?> murder, received a telephone mo?
sape t?vo or three days before he ?vas
arrested relating to the crime. Thr:r
testimony ?vas unfinished ?vhen court
adjourned for the day.
Cullop Weakens and
Indianapolis Wins
Kansas City, July 16. ? ullop al?
lowed only three hits until the sev?
enth, when he weakened. Indianapolis
cored four run?? and the Kansas city
Kedl were deflate.I i.\ ;, score of ? to
". The score by innings follows:
Pl.t LE
?aeeetiiOb : i
Kanaati'lt ...... n i ,, n r, .3 |? ]
Rattei si 1
in I lii?l?r|
Bemoaned Breath of Promise $5,000 Worth ?ind Presents
\ ?iliif-d at $600. bul . le Failed to Press Suit, so
Cjir! Got Judgment.
Perhai Mia? Anna I thai <i"l
? ? hink much aboul th< * ame when
agreed to many William Trv-'
certaii did *?"' think
. ...
marry h:m and ;. the family
11.? failu re of Mi - Blumenthal to
? one ..
i h., ?? .,, i ?? roui ' pi o. ? ' ? ??> hich
?i man gun .. plaintif! i bi ? icn ??''
prom .- lit, Trj * man,
iggc ited to Mi
Blum? ? ??????.,'?, on 'h i
| ;. i I . ' '
' ' . OUI ' foi
,. of th? promis?*
??iii.ii he ?aid 'tie defendant made i
.;*."'?'. 1910, lo mai i v in I une.
He eged
0, and a
let, |
In tl * d? fenc?- of ? thai
may be I ??, planai i? i ol ?
leg? ?1 indiffi n i ? -. h? aid ? hHt he
i ??.. ... ' - anteen yesi eld arhen ah?
mmmml-mJ ?. i- T.?.? .,?|,
therefore could not be held legallv
liable becauae ?he waa under the erje
of consent. Bui ihc also went further
by declaring that Tryatman had not
been truthful "ben hi roprooni ,?
himself to her n*. a man of wealth wi*h
a large income
M Rlumenthal said *he plaintiff
did nol have a large income, ..? he i i.
i not r..-. ;. nil prom ?
t.. '"rloth. her and provide bor with
per onal adornment nec< arj and b
coming a young lad) of defender 'a
tatlO? lifl and :n mai riag, I
Perhaps the "angui b ,.f mind" and
? i ? 'greal humiliai." t?...t h>' i '
had been forgotten b) riv-ti.i.m
?x hen ? he ? .-, ? called for 11 .a!
? ? ? med lhr.1 he waa will
Mi Rlumenthal ihould retain th.
m preaents, for the plaintiff failed tu
tu < mu? thai , the
..... i : i herefor? * he cam t dia
m i ed ' he a-1 ion on default,
'...x the com' ii?- of M. * Illume-,
'hal ?rill ... ? Ir,-in. 13260 mor?-,
for tha' i the i.mount of eg | award
i'.| her I'M her trouble and repense in
engaging conn ??) to defend the ?ui*.
and for which amount judgment wui,
'; ?.' ????!.1?"
Girl Sees Betrothed Per?
ish. Canoe Overturning
When He Turns.
iry, Conn., Jul> I"- M -'
Grace W lliams, .?' Woodbury, who
?rent with Louii Friedman, her flane?,
to Lake Qua sapaug for a day's outing,
saw him 'It"" ??? d tl ? when
IC rao .. d
ir: tdman and Miss Mabel Tyler, also
of Wood ou I . were in one canoe, and
Hi is v. am ' were pad?
dling ''.'.?aro them ? who
Ii * swim, turned to grei ' the
Couple and vp-ct his canoe. He and
; . ? i ati nggl? d for a i
Miss Williams and I i i panion
were too fi i ything hut
scream, and bathi r neai the
only two hundr? -1 feel a* a) app
I) wei.' -? 'l ??
couple. Then bodi? - w? i I ?!
A pulmotoi
store Philip Abramo* I . ? I
a? . Bi oot lyn, to
he had be? n draggi .1 from the
..1 ? loney Island, off !?2d ? ' . al?
though he .-h?.??..I ligl of life 'or
Abramovit7 was a
and had . f*. his brother, I
sum? '? ' ' shore. H" wa
to throw up his h.md? and there was a
for heip. Several
start? .1 foi him, bul s big
?branlo-.'t.: . moment before the
guard tit him und? r.
He died a few minut? ? was
brought to shore.
Experienced ri\ er m? n hope ta avert
trouble I.;, pri venl ing M - - Dorothy
Edna Bauer, the fourteen year old girl
who ?nun thi Hudson las! Thursday,
from tr\in?' to swim the ?Tappan ?ee
to-day. i'h? stretch of water : bel reen
the Tarrytown Light and the -hoal
?valer off Nyack. and ?he current I
it one of the moat perilous spot! on the
?LasI week Misi Bauer ?warn from
Ha lings to Forest View Grove, a lis
tance 1,1 foui miles, Hci father is
Henry .1. Bauer, a wool:,;, merchant,
with a summer home a: Hast ngs.
Isaac Ring, captain of the Su
a fishing boa', ?ya^ drowned ye terday
?a hen In t". II into ' I. E ?-. atei at ?..
end Bay. A vain effort was made to
1. -.'ue/lnni bj Fred Klinger, an engi?
neer of a nearby boa
Two children ??ame near drowning at
? '? l.each. 58th -t , Brookl) n, and
carrying down with them a life guard
?.?ho had gone out to rescue them
Margare! Stein, wife of the proprietor
of the beach, heard their cries and
lid in a row boat. The
children were Pearl Larkin, fourteen
years old, of '?_'l .".Ttb st., Brooklyn,
and William Kn.tr. of 5502 Second v...
Storm Kiiif-. \. V., July 15, Striking
al a iuitie m ith a paddle, Jo leph I'.
Andrews overturned hia canoe thi
th? Hud?
off the SI 01 m K ?ng ; | al ion.
Chart? ' Heniki ,..?,? ,
ai d tried :.> n akc a r< icue ? ?th .
A ' drew ?, ?? ho wa - emploj ed a .
man. wa- a good iwimmer, rhe ranoe,
h..-?.-?.-r. tun ed ..'?? 1 0 luddenly that
?? into the a
ing him tu choke His body wa nol i<
ro'. 1 r. d
George Chap?n Held in Tombs
as Busy Bigamist.
George ' ? i .> not I"- an
Apoll... bul amount to
ii thing he certainly did I i
' the l.i." .. cap?
: it thai he had seven ?? i?< .. He
nov the Tomb i awaiting ar?
raignmenl on a charge "r bigamy.
"H< _ ; the ugliest man in New
'i "i k." laid thi ? ompla inanl. Mai v
' hapin, twent) is ?. ar old, who al
l?*g? '?' ? ?!' fendant
u hi ? Del? ' ? |-,i . s/ent ?o cj;
u. t 30th : . the home of ? I ?
moth.-.. ?.. nak? th? ai r? t he ?? , 1
tlie man had i" ' retui I om in ?
honeym. ? n ?he Adirondacka
with Ii i new e -' bride. i
"What!" . . .1 "..-.I < hapin1 :.ether.
" \i...' her! I hal pieki i thi
Hin il S wii i:i:s i \i i; \vi s
" , n .
It It the Talk nf /? I num.
IS??" I I I ???(,|(i.\
? > t t . . r.. < tern I
McDonald,Eller,Smith and
Others Get Trophies for
Their Prowess.
RAISE 588.000 FOR
Commissioner Woods Praises
Force for Conception and
Success of Carnival.
The large and smiling face of "Babe"
MeDonald? the mastodonic traffic po?
liceman, never beamed moro broadly
than yesterday morning, when he stood
up to Police Com? ? i VI
name ? one of the pr e
winners in the athletic carnival at
Brighton Beach track. All the big and
v men who xxon tronh,?1? were
! int.. the trial room up at Head
quarti r? Jack Eller, the hurdler;
Howard Smith, the motorcycle cham?
pion, and. oil! ail the rent of them.
"Wbai i m pre ea me moat about this
Honor Koll Relief Fund that the gamea
were given for ?i 'lie fac? that the
original conception came from a po?
lio man and thai the whole thing
carried out by policemen." laid Com
n. mer Wood?. "It'., a greal Idea,
I have been asked If those games are
going to be given every year. Well, I
? ?c how any one could -top them.
t ?dea waa to raise $100,000.*' he
continued. "To date we have $88,000,
although expenses trust be deducted.
1 ma> -.?> in passing thai it Is usually
said thai it takei about 17 to :(."> per
cent of the proceed.'- to raise such a
ium of money. In the case of thil
fund, I am happy to say, the cost was
just ?'. per cent."
Before he read the names of tho
pi t ??> ? ner I 1e Commissioner to.ik
oppoi 'unity to i). a ' D1 'he police
"The major part of a policeman's
Work bring him I I ICI with neo
pie who are well, not the best part of
mil' population. I'll.-., game? can
bring out the very best part of the
city's people, and I want them to at?
tend and ..... for themselves what kind
..i" men comprise the police force."
Then the various winners began to
stand up as their names were called -
big men, with kind, tirm facet that re?
laxed as ponderous handed applause
nie- each of them. All were trim and
military m appearance. It came tome
thing as a surprise when Commissioner
Wood! said, "Winners of the fat met 'a
race, ea. h man weighing oxer 230
pound." to see how utterly devoid of
any lurplu flesh even tl
The) were simply throe great
framed men, with s'raight bach ;
close i lit muse ?? that I lied oui their
ui '''?'ini- a. pretl pole vault
By the way, <poa'<ing of big ones,
the victorious tug-of-war team from
"Traffic A" wai a superfine collection.
\ fter tl ? er. were named
there W? re motion pictures of the
which attracted much Inti
Kilma showing the Mayor, t ommis
lioner SI.Is and Chief Inspector
Schmittberger came in l'or a lion'.?,
-hare ,.:' ..; plause. The medals and
trophies were then hand 3d to the win?
ners. John H. Hammond, who man?
aged the game-, and his assistant re
ceived gold and silver police whistles,
rhoie who received tir?t. second and
third | . i'*h event were:
?Harn i* Shelley, ? P.
F. Far !' V*?',
\ i . Bhubar, A F*.
.-: er
i ?-? i i-: M? i
Mat I M Oi ith,
-".?? In
..ii 1. A - I. Jen
V 'In'
? .. ?
i*. W. Mer*. M J M
A | ? -
II. ... I! in
. 1.1
I . '
. ?
Tvvo-i ?? er. W F.
U , M l'ii ?
.. M I M .
\ P -' ,. ?VR.?
? . e- H. ?xar.? ?
' Jr.
- A P. !--!-..i
.; .
t ne O*Sullivan
\ ?lnir Hunt
?? ?It:1-?ri M? ?r
) -?r? In i*r
" " - Frank
\ -
. ? ?Howai i Smith
I "St. |l
' - *Aon ),..
.?p I .1..lin .i M Manhattnti
'' i ' i.
! '?. ? ry mi I
? il olmenl
: ' V '.
? v
? ;
I? lohn O'Neill
'I I...i..,i... || ..
Pleads with Court After She
Had Twice Tried Suicide.
h?. pondenl beeau ic of hei 11 :
to ?.;.'.
laundre is, Helen Galla) ' .;,*;i
Kaat 1 I2d * . ?ve ti rda; n arle I ?... at
? to commit
If b. fore tubway train
Manhattan I ? on. She wa
? d by porters v.h?. had ?
I loliceman, who arrested the youns
vornan, interceded for hei
''"i"' in Harlem and , .,
e bad '..und wo. ; ??? f .
11 - ?ii i e?| ihe char*re,
Grand Jury Acts on
Charge Against Five M
and One Woman.
Witnesses Are in Terror.
Assistant Prosecutor Airead
Knows Leader's Name.
. .
Five men and s ?vornan indici?
; such is ?h.? .. ? far, ol the gi
jury ?ti itloit which Aaei itanl
t Attorn? W? is makiitg
the so-called "kidnappera' truat
indictments, which have to do with
kidnapping of Frank 1 01 go, of
Bleecker st.. were handed to Ju
Bwan. in Par? I. General Session?. :
terday noon. They will be followei
three others tin?? morning.
The evidence on which these ind
lid to be so
tensive that it ??ili prove the eompu
of the cane in kidnapping e 1
have heretofore defied wlution.
Weiler thinks the trail he is now
lo? ing Will lead him to the head ot
gang within a fortnight The nn
identity i? known, but the evidenc.
H , ient to indict him, and the
ficulty of ol is enhanced
the terror of the witneoees, many
whom fear for their ! ?
Those indicted ??-re Antonio S
gusa, Franceses Macatusa, Vine
\,-, , and I ;"c. Katerena; Arch
I ... Ro a and Paa<-uale Milona. tii
ad been 111 the Tombs in deff
of 125.000 bail, and the other prison
in default of 115,000 bail eai h
Twelve w I ncluding the
tie Lonco boy. testified before
grand jury yesterday. The child.
Vt from May 1". to Julj
had already told of 'he beatings he
ceived '"rom his captors, who use?
heavy doc whip.
Other witnesses included France
Longo and his wife, who had receive
demanding $5,000 for the b.
1. '. ase. This letter contained a !
of the lad's hair and a t"hreat that
the ransom was not forthcom
chunks of the bo 's body would foil
by parcel 1 ?
This morning the grand jury \
take up the caaes of the four ot'
Italian-? chai-pe?! with bemp implica
in the I.onpo kidnapping.
The kidnapping of Giuseppe
Fiore, a si* -year-old boy, ?
' anee in 1912 is thouc
' been ?he work of the Same
be ?akin up at the same time. ';
Weiler hopes to uncover sufficient e
dence in this case to ?how the ran
of the "trust's" activities and to c
nect It with other and less recent 1.
I napping. II be ma
???. I out what became of those of t
150 kidnapped children who have .1
appeared in the last ten years and w
have never been recovered.
Overturned Boat Leads to B<
lief Two Girls and a Boy
Were Drowned.
.?-ara-oca. N. V.. duly la. An ove
turned boat, s boy's hat and a pa
Of oars drifting near by. foui
afternoon in Saratoga ?Lake, gave test
mony to the tragedy believed to ha?
cost three live >. the last ...
of the boat Arthur Finney, i
Schenectady, and Ethel and ?harlot!
Heimburg, of 23 2d st., Troy hav
missing since la." night ''rom tli
summer hotel where they were sta;
A cove of boatiti" partii
ched the lake for their bod
-iris and their escort left carl
last nicht to row to a park a mil
i' ?a thought they tried t
change teats in the darkness and up ?
the boa .
Mrs. Weaverson Alleges Hus
band Was Lured by Aged
Woman's Presents.
Mrs. Brownie Rathbone Weaversoi
filed in the Supreme Court vestenhc
the complaint in her su:', for' $2
which me began a week aco ...
V i i, i lar dine W. 1 rame for the allege?
alienation of the affections of [~-,\
?' ?. er on
Mrs. Frame, who is seven!
old, ? .. ' hri -".-m Sc
endowed the Fifth I hrntiaii S
Church, at 241 Madison av. Weaverson
?? year her junior,
tarj and is a member of the im?
Mrs W .v i ion sa 1 in her com?
plaint that she | -,, Weaver
son .ti 1880 in St. Paul, and that the?
? '? ' --.tiler until 1905, when
Ir . Frame, who is a ruh ? ?do
into then- lives. The litieants an
?1u"r ?' " " Drive, although
i he '
no! as frequent as h -aid he
would wish, not ?. al home
Of long dllla' Ol .
1 ? ' ' trived to "w
?*" her husband ,ro
pro| er:? . a
V ? ,,.
1 ''. " ?? , U d" re
' i'lce.l
'? ???'"'?>? ' ' ;
dui g !..
?he .
d .!'?.',. idant \\
" properly upno
Broadway?43rd to 44th Street
Superior Six-Course
For Luncheon, 75c (Musk)
Informal ? ., . , 0 . M . n ... ?
hrcakfast from .s \. M. m drill Room
And r> \ r v ?
Delightful Cabaret extraordinaire
Dinitur. Twenty Acts lu cry evening 7 toi
Restaurant also in (he Shopping
Zoue ? Broadway 29th-3Uih St.
City Gives Financial Assiit
anee to 475 Applicants.
In H ?inr thai reaeheil from tha "V
? Adult's Kureau, at the tntp,
Sell st.. to Firat a*?., 6)1 ijiuj
? d WO*Mfl guthererl >c?t?r?
morning to receive the mo??, gmS
i : ittd for thrn. by 1b I Board' of ?L,
mate. Ont** ITS of ?hem were '"un, ?,
be entitle?) to ?he city's gift, and ??a
Of thosf II'CIMVP'I |8I
I ? year a rule was rnad? that th?
needy bll id of the city be paid t*y,
s year, one-half of the appropri?t*.
,,?' ? i ;,...noo t.. be given on each ?\
easion. Last vear there ware 740 m]
ta, of which S03 were appro???
Bach of them received ?'..' Th? a?
payment will be made in I'erember,
Down tlicy come -?vit
swing ami a smile!
24,762 shirts.
Practically our entire st?
of fancy shuts and
sprinkling ol plain whites.
5756 arc ?Si..50 shirts.
$1.10 now.
4212 arc $2.00 shirts.
$1410 now.
7067 arc $2.50 and *3.0
$1.80 now.
2551 arc $8.50 shirts.
$2.80 now.
3001. arc $5.00 shirts.
$8.80 now.
2170 are $6.00 to $10i
$4.60 now,
Men's suits!
$20 and $25 are th? pitj
to which hundreds of higj
priced suits have slid.
Rogers Per CoxPAsnd
Tir?e flieaiTuaj S'ores
at at
Warren Ft. nth?4. Mtt
.*/ ttffi i Ctrl Sum
mer Style nt-t
Jcund in any
ether line tut
0 Xemk-uti '?.<*?*?! ik?
riM?ae Sen I ..rk leii.linc I h ?at I?
llrtx? N? D.illin.? ?HI, ||,r l....|Cl
I.l ICI *?* '.II. I ??'! I.IKI ? I.IBI
,. Il .?im?4ti
? ??-???? llntlckln* A I..-, n ,..inw?i
I?.I.. I..I...M I.,'.
GLOBE , .:,.
, ' Rainy'S 1914 African Hunt net?
i OMI H*? Hi? m?
Ml I . MdcKO
?II lili? IIHMH llll I I ' \. I
l BRIGH1?N s M
?SO x ,
*.,.?rii x l , i '.I I o ... . M ?
?' .
, l?llij-.,,. ,?,l I?- .1. ... ..
CA??LtS '$
I ,.?? \ I 'I"1
II ,,,.1 , .???*?*
| rTt, |?,. l,rM
\ *?. >x *?, ??.,,,?? \ I..,,,,. < .<??*"
RoaolliM .I *< m?? . '"" * '.?
l.u1.? -?..I,.,,!,,,,, ?ii.l |i,,i,,|l,. I".?*'"""
(?trand ?KR ?-?3
li ? I M< \ I. I .III \| I MM M? * |
H.liiiii.r|?|,i?,|'??| y... ? "?**2?S
IMj Ml II ??5T
CU.tt-v? MaUx-??. L?*?k llHix**'*

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