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Dr. Allen Made Visit Here
from West to Add to
His Protest.
Friends Defend Absent Doctor,
While Official Statement Is
Still Lacking.
tl though no ifl ciai statement we*?
Bureau of Munictpal
? ? r.ir.i to the
row -t.irted bj Dr, William H
, -r,,r-- of tl e Rocke
the work of the
? anna!
in The Tribut.c. the facts as related in
The Tribune were confirmed by an of
the bureau.
"It wai ? presentation of
said, but all in?
quir?' i for a si were referred
of the
Mr. Cuttingi how?
ever, WS ?'"I could
,,nly trustee who
?: was Frank Tucker
"| read the B Ml? Tribune,"
he tai - present at the meet?
ing of the board when the resolution
? no contributions
ed was passed. 1
? ? , trie",.!! in the board in re
I to Mr. Rockefeller*! donation.
?| know there wai some friction be
and Dr. Cleveland. I
have heard ot' no intention on I>r. Al?
len's part '?' resign. All I know is that
\ of the bureau and
? ? corporation and that
? tig months' leave of absence
-eland, director of the
bun VTCi tem."
\ ?? egrar/i wat sent yesterday to
Dr. A ersitj of Wiscon
conducting a special
-ng him to comment
?he following re?
ply was received from him:
of my waiting for
Research officers
. I night by The
.. that so wrought up
,r,me over what he he
ror.trol of the bureau
h\ 'he Rockefeller Foundation that a
ago he came all the way
from " Wis-, to make a further
information that came to him
that th. Rockefeller Foundation
making an attractive offer to the
ich impressed some of the
ivorobly. This was to con
- ,,?' a venr for five years,
. party to raising $100,000 a
- ng on the work ol the
? condition attached to this, how
?.at the bureau should cease
es in regard to public edu-j
ci ept on the finan- !
? ihould withdraw from
on the'
loin? it,
te th,- training school from :
? onneetion it ha'i with the
- ? ? ??? bureau.
I>r. Allen returned and made a vigor
I that if the bu?
reau was to be bought off from <er
vork It was doing, it might an
v el! co out of I linesi
?rlared there was no
?on In?
but aim] ? -'.on of op
? poli? .es raspee?
Dr. Cleveland and
Dr Allan. Th? original Rockefeller
nevei accepted)
-? ,1 againat taking
'conditional contributions, snd a
was aioepted.
However, Dr. <
t< nt of seeing his
admin it ral es, which agreed
above, ai being
? ? r Founds
: by the board.
Som ' ? of Dr. Allen said
aa a
? " ,
? ir?'h
Leonard ' of the trice
? "n for Im
f the Poor.
of Pr.
?? tided the
eneral Edu
: inter
always had been in favoi of lim
Bureau of
? gard to -he
Bos ? I icatioi and edu? a
iters g
th a view to
and rr'firms in
h upon
i an oopr Mr. (>p
all sides of
? icatioi al
'* 'he Ho,.kefeller
""n," laid Mr. Opdycke, "and -?
He may have been a
OW the
board of trvi ? differently,
but tl
tor and | whole
-rheme of municipal research and
'une in
ry to-day. He has spent hi?
gett ? | things done and not
getting oredlt far ??
Granddaughter af Former Mayor
Wants Husband to ()ivp
Account of Trust.
ta?o? !ivwH '"'' I?**
IikIv i Mu,wr'"' '.Im? Mayor
?ew ^or. whOM nun.
i with bei
'?ived much publicity, filed ai
?'day dem,
Bown? owned the arooert?
..-. - . wh,chPatV
Sfl te his son. Robert S 1
?fco laft it tohfe!
rs Mr? Colt
- quently bougl ? -h? nterast ol
' ' ? af her bi itbers in
?Sh* ' ' seed its man
?C?mei I husband
and that I
Urs. J D. 1
h? int
to naj ' - .... -j ;,,.
amo-;' tad t
' ? ? ropertv
;.rd d
aa well aa xr..
- ? . r ? ? ( ? I
;.pur? for i
? men?
Thf Iditho in French Port.
? rent!}
?t from '. braltar ar.d will remain
for aevs/al week?.
Dived to Death in Ea;
River?Two Other Bath
ers Also Drown.
Ten minutes after he had finish.
giving- his brother a swimmiiif leaai
yesterday, John McKenty, of 1
Guernsey it., Williamsburg, wi
drowned. The hoys hud been in tl
Kast River at the foot of Greene f
and were ready to go home. McKen'
took a last dive off the pier. He nev.
turn?' to the surface.
He was n graduate of St, Anthony
Parochial School, Manhattan, and S
Francis's College, Brooklyn. The nvi
was dragged, but searcher.-? bad n
recovered his body late last night.
John J. Johnson, who left the cil
n week neo to-day for a two week
vacation at Bengali, Dutchess Count
N. Y., was drowned there yeaterda
He dived from a rowboat, ?rag
with cramps, and went down whi
friends tried to reach him. He live
with his mother at 762 Third ?v., a:?
, was her only support. His body Wl
not found.
Cramps seized Amos Glasier 0
Tompkins Cove in the Hudaon reate:
day and he was drowned. He dived o
a barge and took scarcely half a don
strokes before he disappeared. Th
current carried hit body away,
Vernon Reardon waded into a dee
hole in Annisville < reek, Peekakil
and went to the bottom. Albert Cruge
George Bortfeld and Irving Geair
took turns divine until they foun
Reardon on the bed of the creek i.t.
brought him up. They worked ove
him half an hour and ? ?' him
William Burton, ten, experienced
series of thrills in I e of I
exploration of un ici- house at Rock
land Lake yesterday. He was walkin
a beam when he lost his balance an
fell. He landed in a chute leading t
the lake, ar.d shot into the water.
Mrs. Jennie Humphries, bathing oi
the shore, saw young Burton glid
into the lake. She swam out, got hin
by the hair and towed him ash. :
NETTED $47,49?
German Soldier Fights in Couri
to Retain His Share of
When Fmil Propelle was a ?oldiei
of the German Empire and stal
in South Africa, 'no "grub staked" (
friend in a mil ng venturt ii
turned out to be a bag of diamonds
said to l,. wi rth H7.496. Wher
Propel le arrived in the United States
April 24, aftei term of enliatmeu
expired, carrying his wealth with him
he ?a? act ? j the g m:
into this country.
?s < ? ' came up in tht
Criminal Branch of the Federal Cour
with George Gordon Battle as h at
tornej. The former soldier tried tt
explain why he hadn't vu,luted the last
of i ? . diamond t fount
? A frier
"hould be turned over to the Germai
Propelle told how he staked ?
prospector from his sav.ngs, and how
he was to get hnlf '? >.f tht
miner. The agreement was kept and
the Koldier obtained ae hil share tht
? ?.r to of rough atonei opon which
the ?..-,.
time, the soldier said, small diamondi
were plentiful ir the district ai
law r.-ijuir ng 'he gurrende] ol ?
to the German government, I
been sagged.
After leaving the army Propelle said
he took hil wt-ttl'h arid sailed f"r this
country from I OM ! e ??. a I
r.ot required to pay duty on the stones.
and he had no knowledge of the 10 pel
cent duty here until he tr;e,| ?
pose of them. Then he went ?
f'uatorri House '?> arrange foi the pay?
ment of tl.i duty hikI wai ?rn
a snri'v.
Pro| ? ? . hoi orable .1 ?
charge from the German air.
r?ndala f<.r bra' erj rhe trial will be
Man Arrested on Charge of
Murdering Pedler in Hullwny.
A >' With the initials
? .,
it 10]
per in theii
apartment while the pedler was slain.
All were held as witnessee. Wher
Manelli was apprehended there ap
peared to be blood spots on hii
clothes. He was locked up in th<
Tombs without bail.
A close questioning of the Manellii
led to the admission that while the)
were at supper they heard tho btruggl'
and then some one cried in Italian;
"I'm killed."
They calmly went on with their re
past. Scola was stabbed in the right
hide, shoulder and fuce.
Man Who Pleaded Oullty to
Abducting Girl Goes to
Sing Sing.
Frederico farfaro, twenty-one, whe
p'ei.ded guilty to abducting sixteen
year-old Josephine Wahler to force her
slavery, was sentenced to Sing
Sing by Judge GihhF, in The Bronx,
yesterday for the maximum term of
from five to ten years.
? nrfaro wai ileclared to be a "train?
er for 'white slavers.'" He lured the
girl from her home, at 107R Washington
av., took her to dinner and proposed
marriage. The next morning she awoke
in a strange house and found three
Other girls there, who said they had
been similarly entrapped within the
A plea for leniency was made by hi?
counsel and Carfarn begged to be al?
lowed to marry the girl.
was the fir it of the en*es aris
Ing out of the rescue of Mrs. Helio
Hanson, a young widow from Bridge
por'. Conn., who was found unclad and
half crazed, a priaoner of Carfaro'a
n a houae in Fast 14?*>th st. The
trial in the second case, that against
Francesco Machilotte. a Port Cheater
saloonkeeper, ?a- started
Machilotte'* attorney, William G.
K< ir. attempted to obtain a postpone?
ment on the ground thai he had not
had time to get an analysis of the evi
dence. Judge Gibbs told him the week
end would afford him plenty of tune.
After the jury had been sworn Helia
N'ealy Hanson, the widow from Bridge
port, began telling how the gang
caugh? her the day she arrived here,
Maj 28, and beat her until she was
bruised all over every time >-he at
ted to escape. A photograph of
her body showing the marks was pro?
But the heat in the courtroom he
came ?o intense Judge Gibbs had to
gdjourn. Before ?loing so he ruled tha?
the prosecution should not u~-e the
term "white slavery." He also an
nounred that as he was going on his
vacation another judge would take the
re^t of the cases.
Connaught Regrets \
Can't Stay Until Amer
ica's Pilo. Arrives.
Sumnpr R, Hollander. Rodman Wi
maker's representative, has receiver
, long cablegram from St. Johi
| Nfld., which says that the Duke
1 Connaught left that point yesterd
after spending some time there in 1
hope that the America, piloted
Lieutenant Porte, would start
flight to England before the termir
tion of his visit. \V. B. Walker, of t
Wanamiiker office, who sent the d
patch, said that the duke was intense
interested in the attempt to cross t
ocean by aeroplane, and deeply r
gretted that he was unable to rema
in Newfoundland until Torte arriv
there, early in August.
Lieutenant Porte spent yesterdi
quietly at the New York Club and r
turned to Hammond:.port late la
n.ght, after receiving a message fro
(ilenn H. Curtiss saying that tr
work on the America would be con
pl> ted at an earlier date than ha
hern expected. I'orte hopes to mar
the final arrangement.? for leavin
Hammondspnrt within the next wer
and return to New York for s fe
days' resl before sailing for St. John
on August 1.
Captain Creogh Oshorne, of th
British Navy, who has been here to in
stall the various instrument? in th
America, will return to Fngland o
th" Aquifania nex? Tuesday. Captai
Osborne \isitod the factory of th
Sparry Gyroscope Company, in Brook
lyn, yesterday afternoon to observ
tests of tome instruments be;ng mad.
for the Briti-h Admiralty.
He carne to this country to asaial
Porte in preparing for his big flight
gnd t im? '; bis visit so a? to he ir
Newfoundland when the start shoulc
be made He went to St. John's and
waited there for several days while
Forte was experimenting in Ham
mondsport, bo; fog to get word that
the Ameiica waa ready for shipment.
His leave of absence is Bbout to ex?
pire and, thertfore. he must return to
"I am greatly disappointed," Mr. Os
born? said to a reporter for Tl t Trib?
une last night. "I was anxio'i* to see
my old friend off on his wonderful
voyage. However, 1 shall be one of
the first to greet him when he arrives
in Fngland, for I am eonfldei I that he
has an excellent chance of success."
Mrs. Harriette Johnaon-Wood, Suffragette and Lawyer.
Goes Judge One Better and Demands
Same Privilege for All.
Trial marriages for sweet slxteei
are promiaed as a result of the recen
dec lion of Justice Kelly in favor o
Glady Robinson Greene, h
Patchoguc, Long I iland.
'I h. curt decreed that, although thi
mari performed with the con
..i the bride's parents, it eouli
be nullified, because she was only iif
teen years old. The opinion is adder
? thia practically opens the doot
*.. trial mat raj"'-' foi all Dndei
eighteen. A boy and girl who marr\
under thai age can have their mar
riage annulled at the wish of eithai
before they have pat ed i . ' teen.
"M il a good thing," sanl Mrs. Har.
Wood, the suffi
rday, "and it would be
? still if the law gave the .,??.?
freedom to women over eighteen.
How inn one tell if ?he likes wedded
life un'il ehe has tried it? In the case
of very young girls it ig even more
important thai there ghould be an
avenue of escape, because girls of
certainly do not know enough
to tit ea up for life.
"1 trust 'ha', when our society Rets
? l.heral we will allow the
lame Dl II g< tO older people. I bi?
ll..-.?? in making a great many more
dl f'.i gnnulmenl of marriage
At present in New York State d rorce
Can be secured on only one ground,
arid annulment only on grounds which
.' apply m the majority of rases.
"The conditions for annulment are
? hat one of the person i be under age,
ly or physically deficit nt, a
? : ? ? . oi an gd | hat e a husl
? conditions offer no re
lief, >'.'i lee, in the great majority "f
i '? pei.|.Ii are unhappil)
? er|
I ?. .-.lorn :.. rjis orea would he a
. great instrument foi ttapi ih People
want to be happily married If they
| are so married, you can't drag thetn '
apart. If they aren't, they ought to
have chinee to trv again. 'If at 1
von don't succeed) try, fr-, again!
Thai ?hnuld be th? murriago motto.
"Freedom in divorce would Serve as
a great l"1"' preservative. I know one
couple who got to thinking about how
they were tied together for life. It
wore on their spirits so that they
actually got a divorce. As soon as
they got it they put it in a tin box up
in the cupboard and lived happily ever
\ - for this trial marriage for sweet
sixteen if course, I don't say that
all .sixteen year olds Ottgfct '" go ru-h
ing into it. <>n the contrary, I le
Heve girls sho-uld noi marry until they
are twenty-live. Boys are better off
if ?hey marry younger than that. What,
if the girls are older" Man ages turn
out better when the wif.> ?i older. Men
dont like fly-away, empty headed little
doll babies for wives any more
."The way to prevent such trial mar
riages from becoming frequent is to
train children to an Understanding of
their responsibilll - and the serious?
ness of marriage. Toung girls of to?
day aren't to ignorant Of lit'?- ?s they
used to be They can't be if they read
the newspapers. I think it we!: ?
they should read them, too They
ihould know that trial marriage, an
possible, but thul no wise girl wants
one. For those who enter into mar
riage igtmrantly, the ea-ier the escape
th.- Letter.
"The idea of escape is. of course, the
idea m the mind of the framer. of
the law. They did it f..r th? prot? ?
tion of (firls who should b< lured into
marriage before tl ?
io understand it Tl.rl never
came out for tr>nl marring.: } '? I
what m ?mount : to, ho? i i. ? ??,! the
I free and frank dil
-n of the Question of trial m 11
nage for everybody, the better wai
shall be."
John Hubbell,72,Collapses
from Heat ? Court
Rests Till Tuesday.
Sudden Stop Hold To Be Big
Advantage for Woman Ac
cased of Murder.
Tel s-'Th to T*e Tribune 1
New Haven, July 17 The illness of
a juror brought the trial of Mrs. Bes
?ie Wakefield, held for killing her hus?
band, to a sudden Itop 'his af'ernoon.
The halt has come at a time decidedly
advantagt I believed, to 'he de?
fence, as it is contended that the pres?
ent proceeding! can result only in a
mistrial. The contention is based
Chiefly on the persistent introduction
of evidence taken at the former trial.
Mol only une- this evidence have no
weigh! in the present action, the law?
yer- ggsert, but they argue that Judge
Reed's ruling admitting it is doubly
improper as the former proceedings re?
sulted in a mistrial. Th- judge, how?
ever, repeatedly has permitted parts ,
of evidence given then to be read to
witnesaec in the present trial.
Mr. and Mrs. George Gillette, of,
Bristol, who lived in the flat over
thai of the Wakeflelda. were impor?
tant state ?fitnesses to-day Both tes?
tified that Mrs. Waketield remarked to
them, shortly before the murder of
her husband:
"1 ?rieh he was dead. If he were I
would marry to-morrow."
Both told of heme awakened by a
tierce quarrel in the Waketield flat
about II o'clock on the night of June
28, 1918, and of hearing Wake'.eld
shout "Don'I ehoke me, Jim." Both
?. ? ? d that they heard a rush through
the house and later heard Mrs. Wake?
tield trip over the drainpipe outside
the house.
Mrs. Wakefield came upstairs the
next morning, Mrs. Gillette testified,
and asked If she heard the noise of a
quarrel. She said she had had a tight
ui'h her buaband and that he had left
her and might not return. Later that
morning, while Mrs. Waketild wa?
seated on the steps, James Plow came
un the mountain road. Mc entered the
hou e with Mis. Waketield and they
remained there some time.
The hour at which the couple left
the house, according to the Gillettes.
?its that set by the prosecution and
dovetails 'he narrative of the Gillettes
to that of the trolleymen, who gave
testimony yesterday, whereby Mrs
Wakefield and Plew were traced on a
car to the point where the murder
had taken place several hours before.
The testimony of the Gillettes had
reached this point yesterday when
John Hubbell, a Monroe faimer, seven?
ty-two years old, collapsed from heat
in the jury box. Judge Reed hastily
adourned nurt until Tuesday. A phy?
sician said to-night that two or three
days' rest would restore Mr. Hubbell
to health.
Cashier at Hotel Sees Money
Disappear and Gives Alarm.
I-i.lor W Miller, cashier at the Wal?
dorf Astoria, was at work on his hooks
reaterdaj when a rating tuan in a
brown suit, silk shirt, the newest
cravat and other up-fo-.l.-jte haher,|H*h.
ery strolled up and rested against the
rork of the rage.
Me took a caref.l look at the ab?
sei bed ca?hier aid then raised his
cane above the grille, pressing the end
of it against a sheaf of twenty-five $20
bills. The money stuck and pole-vaul'ed
out over -the lattice into the youi g
man's hand.
Miller >mv a flash of yellow bills and
the y( ung man running. He let out g
yell that startled everybody in Pea
cock Alley, and put gbi ut twenty elerka,
bellboys and other attendants on the
trail of the fugitive, who dashed out
inl . I ?fth sv. ami tarted north.
Just the other side of the Knicker?
bocker Trull I'ompany a policeman'
grabbed the young man. The $,ri0u wa I
found in his pocket. He said he was
William Evana, of am West 53d st. He
was held In $1,000 bail in 'he Vorkville
court. An examination of the magic
cane showed that Evans had treated
the tip of it with gum of such adhesive?
ness that it would lift object! weigh?
ing nearly a pound
Vernon Sure Ocnrge Has Negro
Hypnotized Agrees Ritchie I
Decision Was Fair.
Tapfam W. T. Turner of the Cunard
er Aqiii'ania, without making particu?
lar effort yesterday to duplicate his
rime record for docking, berthed th?
big flyer in twenty-one minute-., the
exact time required to put her into
her dock on her maiden voyage to this
The running time of the Aquitania
from the Northwest Lightship to Sandy
Hook was 6 dar? i" i. ?ura and 21 min?
ute . an average ipeed of 22.80 knots.
Roher? C. Vernon, who managed the
Ritchie-Welsh tight in London, re
?1 on the Aquitania. accompanied
by George Considine. He said he had
!.. ? money un I'itchie, hut that the
decision was a fair one, as Ritchie
never had a chance to win against
Welsh on points.
"In a finish fight," he declared, "Rit?
chie would whip Welsh. I saw the
Moran-.Iohnson tight and thought
Johnson as good a- <??.er. Moran never
had a chance of winning. There is no
man living to-day, white or black, who
can defeat John-?m. except George
t lorn idine.
"George is not a professional pugi?
list, hut Johnson is afraid of him. He
has the hypnotic high sign on H:g
Jack, and, if they ever met in an en?
counter out of the ring, Conaidina
would conn- out of the mix-up SS cham?
pion heavyweight of the world.
Throughout the tight George sat m
Moran S corner asking the b:g negro
questions and always receiving polite
?u -w,rs. I tell you. Jack i? afraid of
lieorge "
Vida Milholland, a ei?ter of
Mrs. Eugene Boiseevain, returned on
the Aquitania, after a sea on of vocal
Itudy abroad
Among Others arriving were (live
Preen, the I'ight Rev John Gardner
Murray, Charlea Krohman, Mr. and
Mrs. John T. I'orranre, G. M. ('as^att
and J Ogdan Armour.
Electrician Killed by Shock.
!.. e? h .k I i- . an electrician, of 'J??
Monroe -t , w i. killed yesterday while
he ? BS '? ? "rk in g ( 'anal -' |
? ? H.? bad turned to give ..me
? nn. ?,. other > '? i ?
he touch? d Hie handle of a pump v. ith
one hand al the ame moment he
opened an electric switch with his
right k. current of 2,?<>" voltl pai . J,
through him.
Park Officials Take Down
835,000 Fence on East Side.
Fark Commissioner Cabot Ward
opened another city playground on the
Fast Side yesterday, at Orchard ar.d
Delancey ata. The space has hitherto
been eu' off from recreational use by
a high fence, which cost the Park De?
partment $,S5/ii'". Flowering bushes
and other plants were grown <n tne
inclosure. These have been removed.
A large crowd attended the opening,
at w-hich Commissioner Ward said:
"We are away behind other cities in
the use of Park Department property
to the greatest advantage. Open air
playgrounds are the best things for the
children. This lection is one of the
most congested in the city, and it is
far better for the mothers and children
to sit here and get the fresh air than
to be in hot, stuffy tenements. This
playground will lay the foundation for
continued work in this direction."
The new playground is to be ex?
clusively for the use of mothers with
small children.
Man from Texas Disturbs Happy
Home by Making Accusa?
tions Against Bride.
"You are my wife. You married me
in Texan."
"If I married you I was either doped
or asleep."
Just then two detectives who had
been informed that murder won about
to he committed in the home of Clif?
ford Pounds, Long Island City, put an
end to the argument. Following in
their footsteps came Pounds's mother
who had heard a similar rumor. She
earned a revolver.
The trouble started when Joseph
Kohr, who for five years served with ?
the Texas Rangers, found the wom'in
he ?laims a? ni- wife livine under the
name ci( Mrs. Pounds and as the wife
of Clifford Pounds. Kohr's fighting
spirit got the '.letter of him und a
Clash with the Pounds family was the
reault. After the intervention of the
police, all went to the Hunter's Point,
police station, where Pounds's mother
wat held on a charge of violating the
Sullivan law. Kohr says that he will
make a complaint against Mrs. Pounds
as soon as he can have a duplicate of
their marriage certificate forwarded
from Texas.
Kohr asserts that just before leaving
Texas three years ago he was married
to Beatrice .Iones alleged to be the
present Mrs. Founds and that they
.?ame to New York, later moving to
Long Island City
Kohr was employed by a restaurant
company in New York and his work
kept him out nights, and as a conse
I marital troubles set in. Later
she left hin\ he says, and he got no
tra<e of her whereabouts until a few
days ago.
The alleged Mrs. Kohr asserts that
she had never seen the man who claims
to he her husband before he came to
her hame. She was married to Founds
two months ago. She exhibited a mar?
riage certificate to that effect. She
was reloaded from custody until Kohr
maket formal ?barges against her.
WIN $140,000 AFTER
R. H. Macy & Co. Receive
Check from Publishers
by Arbitration.
After litigation th;r i. gan twelve
years ago m the New Yoih Supreme
Court and went to the United States
Supreme Court, R. H. Macy i Co. en?
tered judgment in the Supreme Court
yesterday for $140,000 against the
American Publishers' Association and
the American Booksellers' Association.
The judgment was paid at once by
?d check.
The suit was the outgrowth of the
defendants' rule which fixed the retail
price of their productions. K. H Mary
?? (V reaented the etfnrt of the book
publiahera to compel them to adhere to
this Axed price system.
The United States Supreme Court
decided that the Macy firm had been
damaged, but did not Ax the amount.
Frederic P. Coudert was appointe,1 ..<
referee to ascertain how much the
publishing companies should pay.
Before any hearings. however,
Charles L. Bernheimer, chairman of
the newly organized arbitration com?
mittee o/ the Chamber of Commerce,
offered his services, which were ac?
cepted. Through his efforts the agree?
ment for ?he payment of the $110.000
was reached.
New Car Line for Bronx.
Laying the rails for the new car line
from Main st., City Island, across the
bridge to Barlow, Pelham Park, to con?
nect with the 1'nion street railway
track?, will be begun next week.
The New Dance
of Ruaalan Characteris?
tics ami Music, Easy, In?
teresting and Beautiful
N. w\ i - ompoaed bj
c.rn.lu.' the Imperial Ballet
Hchool of Ruai i
c Mr t'halit.? s-hool will reopen
.-??pi. i, with rlaaaea and private
lessons taught by himself peraon
? ally.
TER, ';"w in \oi.'iie in Europe,
w ,11 he taught, Includli g the Bra
zlltan Polka, Lulu-Fado, Ta T;m
and I-' irl ina . il*,i the < ; ,\ otte.
Minuet and M iett< ? i ,1 all oi the
m.,,I. en rlam es m the standard
forma; alao Bathetic, Interpretative,
i ;r.???!<. Toe and Nation .1 <l i ?
. great rep? rtolre o: i om| oeltlona
b) Mr, ' h ihl
? Private .lasses for children or
adult? may now be arranged for
- ? \t wint.r. For lit. raf.i
fall announcements, please address
7 West 42d St., New York
?'?f' ' Bi \-, i asas
THE M.r.MH-r ,,,, i'v,;,,,VN
" \? M .V"'" IT? vriT.vn
It /i the Talk of the Town.
llrnad?.a> at list Sireci
lun.'he,,n. SS? lUiiner. tl ?O
HOI BI, I \s?.i?(?v,
tVM'lI ST a ATM aVrft,
I ._
Despite Plea of Guilt and
Coroner's Effort Verdict
Is Non-Committal.
rBv Te'eerant- 10 The Tribune]
Mount Holly. N. J.. JulyelT. After
deliberating for forty-nine minutes, the
jury in the inquest into the death of
Herman Fisher, seventeen years old, re?
fused this afternoon to hold Kdgar
>Purphy as the slayer. The jurors, ?11
of whom are said to be acquainted with
? the Fisher and Murphy families, re
' turned a non-committal verdict, despite
the testimony of Sheriff Jordan that
Murphy had confessed to the murder.
Murphy, it is said, confessed to slay?
ing his boy friend last Wednesday
night, after he had been put through
the "third degree" by county officials in
his cell in the Mount Holly jail. He
took entire responsibility for shooting
Fisher at Taylor station.
While on the stand to-day Sheriff
Jordan said that Murphy had made the
confession under oath and had also
pleaded guilty to murder before Magis?
trate Ziegler. who had formally com?
mitted the prisoner. In face of this
testimony the jurors returned the fol?
lowing verdict:
"We find that Herman Fisher came to
his death from a gunshot wound, in?
flicted in Taylor's Lane on Saturday
All hands on the jump un?
til twelve to-day with every?
thing for men and boys.
Srortira- Goods.
Week-end trunks and eult can?*.
Motor wear and accessories.
Bathing aults.
Shirts at reduced prime.
Straw Hats at ?1.85.
Rogers Pf.et Company,
Three Broadway Stores
at at at
Warren St 13th St 34th St
^ ttf/t teal Sum?
mer Style net
Jcund in any
ether ?me but
nigh?. July 11. by a party or partie,
unknown to us, but the testimony of
one witness was that Fdgar Murph?
had confessed to the crime" y
Officials in the crowded eourtroom
expressed the opinion that the jurors
in reaching a verdict had practical!,
ignored the testimony obtained by
Sheriff Jordan, Prosecutor Atkinson
and County Detective ParVer, when
they subjected Murphy to a "third de?
gree" ordeal.
In addition to ignoring the testimony
of the Sheriff relative ta the confession
the jury also evidently cast aside la
their deliberations another assertion of
that witness that Murphy had plesdsd
guilty before a magistrate.
Samuel II. I.ewallen, foreman of the
jury, had no sooner announced the ?er.
diet than Coroner W. Herman Bisbin?
showed that he was displeased wjffc
their finding. "Vr i haven't rendered a
verdict, according to the evidence |UD.
mitted here this afternoon," said the
The coroner argued with the Srora
for fifteen minutes in his efforts to |n.
duce them to change their verdict and
fasten the crime on Murphy before k*
finally decided to discharge them.
Tlie?e Veir A?rk leading Theatres
lln\e No ii..ill..4- ?hi the T>s.n re
ronleet F i eof tmweetnent in the WeeM
Ifatlneea ?'tTsilieeilij it ! ?s
?.titi >: liiKi-sv i.iki.s::- ?,iri.s::??
tel ,' 'lir.|?n Atop fh- r -itre.
lieue II.mIkI.ih. 4 Irene llsmmnrid
' p' ?at
HUDsorf ?tr^^?asaa
a Defectiva Comed? ti I M ffl m f
; , . THF ??"?????I I
Knickerbocker. Dally 2 15 4% S If "^Tn
of 30
'S? COl?TS Sm%S?A%z S
*' ' le i Q'ja v <?> l'Sfi j li
?-'.1 * Mr. Ail Sa?s rtusieS
? srsel M tloai Hcturer tre.e-- 4 ?nette
WINTER GARDEN l? v: V;. ;h?r
"ITH ST. TH. 1rs ? ? M?'. T :,- k*%
Cuino. -.41 p.m. B' Beat'i .? E? I ?t
rx\ ? Rainey's 1914 African Hunt Picfarw
\ New >en?atlon--\ Ocas? ?onfett
Kosatka aad lanm Holly
i triol NebaeOaa ami Dorothj Hrntl??
Illlll castles--;,V7?
CONCVJS 1| rre#Vee4e?iIle ?
_U8?A? K.I..I I . n.~rt.
?^? ? ?ST^I ? >,,. Io.,f?r Kt.11i.j_
Stup'ndoui Prediction. Choru? of irco. Round Trie,
|l, Sporlal train I? 1er. City P. P S., I ill, I eS|
New'k.SlM.I :il.EII/at)?tfi 8:43.2:08.Rttiw'y.S M Ml
yj I I \i; \ ItMllllI I lui M, in
? I...- J ?>m4wi "THE IITTIE
\ tf3 ,0 CHAT LADT."
a iiHiiH . trend O - ?. ,
V . P. M.. 10 ?' ' ?? ??., p?
W 4 s
ammeretetn'? if?of. Adm \T .Me?? i?,8St. I
ion. it P-r!H
...- Mad i; i. Bis S kTraoehJ ir-atha
_ RE80RT8._I_RESORTS. _____
?EW ENGLAXD. NEU im.i \m>.
?7??T orAI^ TOUR!
I I I !_-'' M T/Y? BE*?XS///f?E: H/LLS.
ALBANY N Y. THBHAMI '' ?' OllleepM
M1EI.BROOK, N Y MIL.LBROOK INN ME Sniffer?. Pr v. ? .- Staf,
\.;\\ H A VEN. CONN. MOTEE TAFT Men i Manager?
PAWI INO, N \ IM T' HEB IIOl'SB p M.,-.a|W
1-. ' MASS. TUB MAPI.EWOOD \"i ;riv plumb. Propri?t??
PPRINOKIEEP, MA88 ?IMBAEE i;,.. H M ? : '..?eta?
BTOCKBRIOOE. MASS ' \\\ , ' Tr. .?.i?ay, Prep.
WILLIAM.-town. MAI ?see, tarasses
Thfa Booklet can be obtained sr mailed fre? 1 ira* pea re?jueet from any af aaaesa
H tela r r?r- AITOMOBILK ? I l il <?l t M ERICA
Mfh 4 Mth Street?, ?eat of Breadaray, New ^orlt Cltj.
The Calskill Mountains
? ,0-ir.try of native grandeur. WtldWOOd
??harms, many tr.iut jtr'am?, walks drli??.
? n,| other ., ? ' kkS th'.O a pict?
uresque ?rid healthful paradise
The Lister & Delaware R.R.
reaches all points n ?his BSOVBtata sani?
tarium an<l Kr-'.it pleasure tro-jii'l. and 'n
connection with ?Vest Shore H R if-ra'??
through tra?na Including Pullmaa aervlce
Th? annual tllustrat?d rook with r?M.?e<1
ma-., of th? <'.iT?ktM Mountain oectloi
map?bowing' the pr?.( aehokan Reservoir,
and containing corrected Hat of ov,
hotels an,', board i.g houei - be ?<*nt
free on re. elpt of ''. < ?nt.? poetage.
N A. BIMS, General : 'cert.
_ - ?? Y
Catskill Mountains
VIA ? AT-MI.'. Mot'NTAIN. OTI? l.N'D
1.HWII-- \. '
M 11.10 A. M I ? "
? .
S 35 A M-, 11-M A. M
' ? and 4M P M
.- b) N
Y ,'? i-i il i: !?
>p?,i,i! mini
? tine a l'h N ^ C< ntrel train
-, ? > w Voi
l't-. -i witti Hl'DSON RIVER
? . ?'?kill?.
tlllllOMIU Kl
re.nl Smith? Hotel . "?'
; ? ?te fun .- '?" I ' ?so
re of aui
->; golf, M*. ml weekly relea
Paul Smith's Hole] ?... P.ul -mltli?. V \.
j*anitar\ Serai i '??'?? (Adirondack Mts., N
y.l ?II Infon itlon S., Hoar' of Tt i !?
?k? laUr 1-1?, id. \ ?. . ' - n-i o - i
NF.M initK.
Briarcliff Lodge
Ihe obj live | ? Af < our on? day
motor ?rii> in miles up th? Hudeoa.
Dim ?f ?t $? per .over.
Tel 1?,1 Brtsi irf.
Meat fork i '
IS g tttn Bl 7.'7" Murray Hill
\ M II M.I \ \\ I I . Ill .-. I 1 .1! CO., N I
\ln?h ?# i ? ni IB n In ?e IS I al lit
'? n 7" i 1.1 p irk ?n i i.,? n WV? n
,, -, |0 mir ti ?? tat Ion
own dein .iiei \??t?i?M? garden, mu
dan,-ln?. rttet |'i to ?f., garage. I h,?n..
lltS, ? hit? Plain?. Booklet
Mid - ; :. ' in the e?->. ,- .- 4 -'a-i.
sword us sa f . i?e?f,
hot and cold sea ws?er tat lis sreat ?tetl'S
reeterers. l'apactt*. ??on Booklet I'T'JEIA
.%>?? Toril R'cBsl
?> George H i _
sew .iKKsr.v.
4 <layl!? ... . i i ??? i4S?rt
? ? ??*?*?
? ? u ..<?,? ?? ?? T am
, j . v , . | ? n, .14
ATI. ?.NTIC CI 'Y. M, .1
joma h white n sons conrasiT ,
\illl K\ I'tllK.
Not. ! i . irtsta for tl ? I ivti staaaael ?
If I'aj?k. leal >**?
mrr resort. I r progi-a sddress tumwMW
i . _ ?
"OS >-? IMPSOE.^
04 LAN GR?? I
STRATFORD,, ?',,,; .,VVri?
ni i \\i \ki ?i \rrn o*P. '
,. ,-?
Pa. No? ' : en !<?> ilet n ? I
IV ' '
I MM, IA1 \\[.
ts flR
Fort Lowry Hotel
B M . KL h vi"r>?"nNl-,
KL t I I 11 h.
Illfih ? la?? Pru.iie Notase. ReSned rs'rea?
a?e ?ni M ' l.|. H P 4 l . _
?Nie Proepec! n. m h i - lars?
I1J i 11 BI.fM _
Welsh *.?in.| \ le? iiotci ? !?*???
w \i.-n _^.
i-\ii iioi.ir.
llmnU llmi?e Refined und H^rne ComfartS
II?'.- ' Mi K Arn?tU?ej
I 1 _____??
\ i RMoirr.
Pr..?|>e,t lionne nml II I ofiafes. I'*' *?
? M.vtrrn ??? Il i'1 f'zSZ
Il ,.'..:??'?:
W KIT! III II VSP '? '? '-? '?'.'?""?'rJ?' *
y , e for 4 - ' V>*JT?
Mita H l ?MOI i.
MOI M lis \MI I 4M KI'""T*.i
attractive i- i \. ? TorS s?? ? fc
, ?-> and Pennsylvania fr?? et l ? ?? Z
i rieaei Offices m N. Y. Bkbn. N?"?'*

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