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I TCttti ?jorfi ?Eribtmr.
ii i SDAY, U i *? It. 191?
I ' -' ?ctattotl
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i | ."5'Oall:
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r, mom
, \- M.tv
. , ?
...'?? .??
?A. "M.V. ' - "N1-r
* ?
?M.I <VAT 0\lA
' ? ?
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- . - * ?si ? ' '*?'"
,, ..-....? > ? . ? - '*
NI ?f I ,.?'-? ' **?' ' '
Th? Interstate Commerce Commis?
sion Has Put Itself on Trial.
n ?? bard to teach i be Interstate Commeive
? ommlsston neu tricks Thai body long
ied th?* stage at which II was willing to Use
bints from any quarter. The railroads, put on ?
aemt-starratioD rvalmeu, might cry aloud in their
nn-rrv. The I'li-iiif-s world might protest agslnsl
the stagnation caiwod by crippling the common
?arri?ra. As exalted a political p?arsnnsge as the
I'-realdeol might ?uggesl thai giving back pros
I'oi-itv t.. tin* railroads would mesa h revival of
iperlty for the whole country. Bui the com
mlsatoa baa z?\\o its own way with M-co. I
?h??lnlu for tlrose who would hurry ii Into ?h'in-;
? ?r-oetbing repugnant to its established prejudices
Even Mr. Brandeis, Its special counsel and tbe
atar sdooeate "f sboil earnings for raUroads and
short dividends for railroad stockholders, admits
that on Um case tna.je by the Eastern railroad!
H a 'utter hi?? n"t making enough money to live
i ills condition of semi-exhaust i?.n, for.ed on them
hi goveramental regulation, has, In fact, existed
;. couple of years. Expenditures hare been In*
ireaeed through heavier taxation, federal nml
le, through laws requiring safer equipment and
wage arbitrations conducted under ihe supervision
of the federal Bureau of Conciliation -each one
naturally resulting In an ?war?) against the rail?
road. The government has contributed steadily t"
ni.*ie:iso tbe burdens of the common carriers, bul
t'a- Dot al'r.???*.! th.-in t" <.|'|spt th,* latee additional
drain on 'heir revenues by any Increase of freight
. barges.
Even tbe appeal of the Eastern roads f..r relief
has been h.'i'i up unnecessarily f.>r months and
? Mi-. The plight of the sufferers is clear Bui
ihe commission has followed to tbe bitter end s
ley of masterly inn?*tion. stin*?'?l up by public
protest last spring, it was announced that a ?le
on would he handed ?t- ? w r? by tbe end of May
. i tbe day of deliverance was put off till the
middle ol .tun?* ami then npain until the Fourth of
July, \.iw July i- nearly ??'<>i?'* and we still bear
iiiat ?oinething will he ?lone "by the .-i"l of the
Meanwhile depression continues. Nearly every
... ? ? ???>-? ?? - ?ees that u square dea for the
railroads must precede any genuine business re
B ? tbe Interstate Commerce Commis
??ion bas only a ''aitit Interest in the revival of
trade and Industry, it seems lo care litile what
happens t" business ?,, long n*. it is permitted t..
tyrannize over tbe railroads. As too often hap
liens with p..w.Tin administrative bodies, It i
ni..re e.itvt'ni.'ii about Justifying its own prenosses
slons than lr is about contrlbutlug t" tl ?? **<
welfare of the country.
in this Eaotern raie use tl.mmlsslon has
?really put Itself <>n trial. Its procrastination has
grant)* i.ritHt.'.i tbe hundreds of thouaands of
people who have suffered thereby, it could easll*
have said months h:*o whether or not it Intended
t? glee the raUroads substantial relief, But it
lacked the courage t?. fu. -a th? situation, and has
dawtted along, hoping to find I way t.. si??* some
thing without -teeming to give it
The ?iei'ision. when it coa b? a , rltlcal
i>n" in the history of the commission. ?So far
there has been little complaint of it** a tivitios
Hut the country will not tolerate very long a policy
on its pert wMch is merely obstructiva Slid de
strucUse. Practkal j.enpio ?-an imre little use for
i? ?-oninilssh.n which doe?, not knoiv enough t"
lu*."*.** Itself an agency of prosperity and economic
A Dream of a legislature.
Buch -a Legislature an an euthusiastl ? young
Progressive press agent has Imagine?! to support
tbe Coloiiel "n , as*. i,0 beconries Governor never
grew outsido the realm of fancy, it -could be
u"n partisan, made np of the state's greatest and
--aosl glorious. William Suiter would be there.
Iting beside Everett .1 Wbeelei and Dr Nicholas
M'* i Edward Russell and Mor
h- Blllqult could ?lisf-u??-! e. on?.mi.- questions with
??m Astor and Paul .Varburs*
"* ? ' w - hold ii..* band of that othci
- esslve, w, ??;,,? Halplu Mrs
Ki ' ' '???* other equally distinguished
J)J 'T:*'-.'-,t.- .,,.,. uill, M ,*,,,?,.,,,,,. Dlj
? ?? ??..men
nus Leglsiature would i?a?e to be
? eked." its imagtnatftve -rponsoi admits That
"": botbar any i*. , , Ill(.ir
ethod of doing business Bui Its
'?u?-? ' e that if the band-picking ,??.
'1i'J'" ! might disturb some ..I
??" I \ii.l ii s lust ;...
iboogta it doesn I seem to bave ? . -red to the
basts of this lovelj ? Legislature
of Utst Mggesl h...*. nteJle-rtual pollthsl Baanoial
<>f th.* state' might d
?i'U ijrop for evei Co i evelt
\ Snake i finit Needed
i rom ?lay to finy within tbe last wei
.ero. Lav** been printing sborl Items reportina
?ttg-rits on plcnlck?*-**! i.y copperhestd ?naket In
? ? tete, itate -jar-l alo-a? tbe Palisade-- One
?(??im. h Masa Lera B m. bas .ii<--i
?tllhil*. ri.c.te (?.rlnliate l!,;iri -lie lui?,. |,e..|i ;il,|e
f.? got raT>adical i.i:?-.',t on in til ? ? . ? ,
xuperinti-n'Jei | H?r:.e i Andren bas esplaliied
? fbi iim;**.u;iI ii'imhe - ' saski li Un
' ? ?ea*,'.-i i?. ?J ir- Xi, il,/* ... Mtbtl I .. i (lie
eofsavtraUe? ?iront') of in?- sunmei month d
Uo '.ofpe.rl.-ta-ls ktCBl Lulv li.e *-**ain|? |<ad awaj
from the haunts <>f ihe excursionist. Thli year,
Uowerer, the rains bare persuaded Usent to linier
m via; more tcceesible and dryer reaches ol tbe
public playground, ?here Ibey gel under foot.
Tult explanation, "tiilo Intereatlng sod con
rlnclng, can hardly console Miss Lore's relatives
for her ?i<-ntii or ?tbe more fortunate victims who*e
lire? ?rere spared for their borrihle ???.*?<??.? n.<?
\??r does it excuse tbt authorities for permitting
this superb park to remain longer a dcalli trap
a tystematk- and thorough snake bunt, "caching
from ?Edgewater t?. and Including Bear Moun
tain, is of touch greater necessity jusl now. an
parently, than ihr cr?ation of tbe proposed auto
rotrtblle highway, if tbe park la to be made the
popular resort it deserves i?* be.
Mine. Caillaux on Trial.
Wherever newspaitert are read tbe trial ul Mm?
Joseph Calllaui for the ?.hooting of l?aston ' nl
nictto ??.m I.?* followed ?with avidity. I'c** tri:,1
have had more melodramatic settings The rurl
ou? mixture ?>f motives makes i? hanj In sa*
wbetber tbe assassination was inoie a personal -"
n political ?.'nie Besides, Hi?' quarrel In which
Calmette fell ??? nol Mme Caillaux's own, hu?
li?*r husband's.
Kreii.-ii ?iis|?,?e trill probablj be much puzzled to
know wbal to do with Ibc areused. Had she Im en
a man. or bad tbe privileges of t man she niighl
bare challenged L'almette to a duel. He had vin
lated ti??' etiquette of his profession aud "f the
raste t" which lio belonged In bringing Mme ? all
laus Into tbe campaign of defamation ngainsl her
busband. n<* took desperate eham-cs, nol Imagln
in?* tlin' a woman's vengean?*e would seek blui oui
When she sbol him many Frenchmen are likely
to agree thai she had much more than Hie ordin?r*
amounl of pro* ocation.
Political prejudices ??nnn?'* bul enter Into the
ease -?? far at tbe general publie Is coueerued, and
??ven a Jury ?s likely to be affected i?y them. Cal
n ette's attacks on Calllaux In "f.e Figaro" exceeded
even ilio somewhat elastic bounds of license rec
ognlxed In French Journalism. Their inspiration
?ras i"?th personal und political, in a political
sense tbey failed. Calmette and the reactionaries
behind him wanted to overthrow the Radical
Socialist regime. Tbey failed absolutely iu that.
Calllaux retired for a few weeks, bul the combina
tion struck al through bin vas uuburt. Even
Calllaux was re-elected to ihe new Chamber.
h will it?* Interesting t<> Bee bo** ihe Jury reacts
on all the confusing elements In tbe ease. Ameri
can jarle?, are charged with acting on seutlmenl
where women are concerned. Will Frenchmen,
under tho pressure of a bigbl* sentimental appeal,
be any sterner and more Impersonal than are mosl
Let the Fans Take Heart,
?all fans may. we think, calm their fears.
Tbe rather trivial question of who shall pat
Kraft's salary 'till hardly precipitate the strike
and lock-out with which President Fultz of the
Players' Fraternity and President Ban Johnson
?.f the American League are now respectively
threatening each ?'ther Organized baseball can
afford such diversions less this year than In any
? season.
For t arloo* reasons nol altogether di
American public has suddenly become Jusl a little
Ml bored with professional ?baseball. There "-!
of course, thai long drawn oui squabble over the
establishment <>f tbe Federal League t" produce i
mild nausea before tbe season began. The wet
weather ????.?-.?.i the frequenl postponement of
games earl*1 in the season and Hie Mexican situa
tion provided many with excitement ?im might
otherwise ha\e given Ibelr entire attention t.. liase
ball. These are a few ?>f (be possible explanations
of tbe slump thai undeniably exists,
\ t\iit?.r In "Harper's Weekl* ' of lasl week
quotes anonymous]** three major league magnates
as sayiug that they expected this to be tbe poorest
season financially they had bad since tbe game
was directed on so great a scale. This, if it con?
tinues, can mean In the end onlj .?ii?* tblug, a
collapse of ihe inflated salarien which ihe player?
bave i?? ? n enjo* in.; lately.
Both Mr. Fultz nn?) Mr Johnson know well
enough (bal organized baseball, instead of sulking
In Its tents, mus? presen) a united aud animated
fund if ir would t? in liacfc Its maximum <.f popu?
larity, it is very difficult to i?eiiete. therefore,
thai they will nol find some mutually satisfactory
settlemenl of tbe Kraft lncidenl before Jeopardlz.
log the future of ihe sport at tbit crucial lime.
A N?rdica Memorial.
The pro ?? : i- erect t memorial to Mme \?.;di>-.i
In ?'entrai Park Is a good one. Whether ihe m?'
mor?a] take the form of a statue, ts i?? proposed al
present, or some ol her shape, ?i should hin i? (be
sanction of the authorities and Ibe encouragement
Of the public.
N?rdica,an American girl ?-?lili t typical Aineri
can equlpmenl ??f gril and Intelligence, attaiued
world-wide fame and recognition of bei artistic
position, auch as perhaps no other Americau singer
has had. lier Alda, her Brunnbllde ber Isolde,
were splendid creations given to this city when
she was al tbe belgbl of her powers, and (he* won
her the affection of the city's music lovers Ii Is
e-|.o. ??iii.i fitting thai the city ert*?l a aw.a i?
ber as si list and American.
( ?ourtesy.
In a - -.i bj a greai rail? a.? ?.? stem
and placed in Ibe luxurious "club car" thai runs
between **???? i'ork and Washington we And ihi>
pa*4sage from an address delivered |>? ihe Rlghl
Honorable Vlmouni Haldane. Lord < liancellor, be
fore tbe A--..-i.n.-.i Society of Ihe I niversit* of
l.'lii.i 'il-h:
It worth the wh ill ? ? ...
??i view, that oi bis own .world!} int< -
dud? d, to pra?*ti ?? himself ?tue ,,?
? and urbane manners. H . mon than
? ? form .i :n i es from
tl ? fin? ' ii ..'in. : ? ]
s met with \. cause
?here I have found son., i most ? on
? . 1,1 I
w.i- this extract from i???i Haldane's speech
reproduced for tin* benefll of tlie trainmen or tbe
..-. r '? We -saapeet it la f??r tbe patrons of
tbe Pullman car For already tbe trainmen have
iiei-ii ?veil drilled in il??* lesson? ??f rb?eerful service,
quality Is mosl i**eodlly ?I? veloped In em
' Irl* happy aud enjoy re? to nable
conditions of work This ? a tH.jm worth cousld
erlng from both standpoint? employer's and em
ployed Manners do not impair efficiency, if we
may bul ?erv slight 1* modify an an? nut I.
prove? i?
Cour'.e?} cumbns tkfBI Mly that ken it not.
The Conning Tower
Che Ballad of the Scrrcwfull Bridt.
i can i" ? '? - lad
Her face ?? as di t
Now saint* tlie^? sat ??. thou fa re In.;
w hat maksl Ihee look that ??ay
?la-?; thou had he; it bridge
Hast ruined th* o ?jov ne.3
Are all th- friend?, in the ?.??"I countrie
r\ hill that Ihou sticks! in It
1?.. blata the wind I.lot, t??" hoi
I?.. bias the ??? ind! loo Iresh
? II me ? h ti?" i h as I this ca e
? M psj cholo?* depi e .1
I baen* 1"-: 2 penny at I
I hacna torn in? K" ?
I lusl rot .iftvr liir cool COU
Nor mu ro? lo stick in to** nc.
Ihe winds bias nevei loo hot, too hot,
I he winds Matt never loo fri h?
And yet i lu*e a drcadsome case
1 u r sy cholo* dcpresh.
I liaena no ? y ?veddid bren
A \e.ir bul hardi Iwa;
But my triK* lot e 1 net et do
1 rom Spring till late
In earl*. March he leaveth my side
i che day x hen conielh th?
And ' - ? him or hcai hii
Till day 4jath long bei ': do ?
In March, i \, d i May.
In June and in luly,
In August and i i September?
.v. till the snaw doth fly
id ? honnie face i n ?vei - e<.
IL- iiatli no word lo i
lie com et b home so weary al nighi
He straightway hitteth the hay.
My hosband is no labouring man
Mubt delve for dadv bread.
Ind yel 1 scarce have ? poke? him
Since Ihe d?' when ? ?? * re wed.
Hut this is why my check is r?-?*.
\nd red and duli my lamr
My true love is i porl man brave??
An amateur lishing , champ.
' s.'iling
i heer up' Another torrid undulation Impinges.
Speaking of waves, II .i *mggested that ? dicto
graph i?e sel on the beach to glean whal tbe w. w,
are pa* Inc.
This is a rre? *.?! for Ihe Big Brother Mo?onienl.
Sir. in seal for funds we slipped our English
cog. * an you wonder a hen one <?f the "?*K) ' w bora
boys gained eleven pounds al Bayhead Camp In
three weeks? Why not tell 'em $5.00 will give a
boy two weeks of real country life. Treasurer'??
office 200 Fifth Avenue. Come <?n and contrib.,
you contribs., near-contrlbs., not-ao-near contrib?.,
?nul otl ? Roa 1 am? C. Shi i nos.
General Secretary, Big Brother Movement.
l*o paraphrase Alexander the Greal she came,
??be saw. she , onquered Evi uiug Sui
Or like Ca?sar's wife, sighed for more woi da to
.?asi her bread upon.
llll IIAR' OF 111-?? DUN SOU EL INI'i?**.
July is i'p by limes and with Mr. .1 H k. Will
auis to Mottnl Vernon ?' nd he tells me many things
of Mexico where he hath 1.n forelghl year?, Al
there, he said, Is very confused and i- like ?" be for
many more y??ars. Mr. Foster, ? Ind from I'ark
Hill, did troun?ve me tv - set* at tennis, and 1 w is.
ashamed thai I could give him no harder battle,
hui ?ill my strength did leave me, and l did feel
dizzy and II Thence in W. lielmanu tbe ?*hyrur
goon's :it Sew Roche! e. and had a fine ?linn? r aud
discoursed with him aud Heloise In tbe evening
lit All tbe day al Helolse'a. and played some ;il
1. nnd won ?Ss. from my cozen Jerry, who batii
?inn 11 skill t*. it h (he cue By train lo Ihe ?*ity, and
at my laliours, with more zcsl than In a seven
night, whal with the?.I day that hath come. Mis?
tress Mary pyne ?li?l bring her litt!.? brother John
to see ih" office, and 1 did shew blm the printing?
room, and a prime; did sei bis name In type, which
I think he did like. Toan Inn then with A. Sam'ls,
and bad some scrambled eggs, and so borne 1 ?I
in bed.
20 W tb Harold Kellock totl.in and l paw-1
Indifferent well, bul could do no better than one sell
to bis four. Bui ii did not worry meal all. Theuce
to my office, and wrote my stinl quickly as 1 did
tt i -11 lo go !?? iiie playhouse i" see young Mr. I.
Itising's new play "Apartmem ?j k '? ?... 1 did go
and seal 11 Turubull t?? il.Bee t-? tell the publick
hi- opinion o| its excellence, as l was weary and
a Ishful for i" 'I.
>!''?..:..- of sraud opera aud music, ,1- K II
restaurant once uns. two or three years ago, tber?>
by starting a new league almost, as you might say
?? 1 ?*';'1?'"-? we repeat, of ?_? ?-. and da. m.-y se?|
i.? 1.iade and Soft Drinks al the Polo ('rounds.
I iVKSDROPPI I? ON A f:i\ l.l.sil'l |?R1* 1;
?I u bo Is Fi 1
"I (|??n kuoa ?.?m,- kind of n tighter l guess.'
romorros then, 1- the date net for (he ??.
players' strike. Our puess h thai the ballplayers
* ii not strike or that, if tbey ?h?. the m ?
will no) "enforce discipline Vou
When? D? 'loi. >,,- average Calasaa ? u.uiu? im??
? t?. tha sff?
?out ttin
tl .?rea. I ... 1. t?llate 1 ??
- ' ? ! that Uli
col nun coi ?i 11 toi two minutas
aboul ?-...-. ri looking
* mi ! i:.w.xi:\.
' ?* ben .nil ii. parad? asks Bah. "won't
w? n rcii m .1 column': A1 ?<t if we need ,-i imiiner,
h"? about i II. Flagg' Assuredly. Ind '....i..
Bucbnuan I Ife and Joe Drum and 1 rank II Noyes
and you 1.n ih" otbei -.
I.d.'u a ? .?1 ., i* nui 1.. i,,,,n i, n, the
I P.A.
?Conviction? My dear sir, it's a woman!
Public Debate.
Lei Every On?; Stand Firm. He Say
for the Principle? of the Party.
Tu *. iie Edit 01 " l ? Tribune
Sil : Y<.tir editoi ial in to-da* '- I ?
. ? ..' o-. iy true R< publ
ran. I> .*i ybody I I the P
.? ? ??.- "choused" Wh I
Mayor, i-.'.'; that thej have been pis
ing tf.c .i . trick again in t
?'?' In? nomination for Governor. It
time for >?? erj Republican to sts
tl >? princip!? ? ? th? pai tj tl
? ? | established ?* hen I in oln *?*? i
elected President ?ml und?
cour.ti. i . ' '" i.greatly.
'.?:.\ * . not look * or ki' ??'
peril ? the par! nes inl
?... ver. 11.'i * a ? h i< h ' he I '.':
partii ?
ing with S.1! tii.'.i might? I hop?
i ...- ? : ?..; ? itand ii m si
e Republicans 1 I ng n
? . pai :y add the nici thai hi
fast ??
?? one who <???" his lirsl vote i
ill hi ., !..? ? - . COU
. 1 ?:u, IMl'-- v.. :? -.
11. V WOOD
i rstraw, S*. V.. July 17, 1914
It It to Mike Carranza Agree to
General Amne?ty.
I .i ? he Edit or of The Tribu
Sii : "Mother" Jon? ? i quoted
ing that we need a fen Villas in thi
count i y to take i ; om the "pi ?
classes" and ??'<*?<? to th? "oppressed
without regard to luch exploded th?
ories as lav and ?ustiei Foi I
f? i tin? ?ountiy, ..n . ..? i .( .i r. ipei
i.l m hatred ol ? olence wil
never tolerate the Villa type ?>f "n
foi i.." bj ni irdei and robber). Bu
M r. W ?1 ion's admit trat ion
i.ii!y tolerated but encouraged thus
. ..Is m Mexico, and stands to da
before t'n- world a< responsibl? for th
terrib Of course, the Presi
dont can glibly e plain hi^ intol?
?i Huerta, protector ..t "material in
ten si p. nchant for \
Carranza, champions of "humai
rights." He can explain anything psy
. .* .i ast once.
I . ? is tak? . ; ranted t
has been actuated b? the pur* ? m..
? ont] '.. Influenc.
in Mexico the establishment ".' ;. ;:?.%
ernment based on constitutional 'on
aii.l at ace and security. Thei
he ha t tl ? ? i ' onderful op
portunity t.. prove his lincerity. T'n
nr. in of Europe i
? . peopli ? recogni: e *
..'' the ' nited Stal eh
... Huerl
made the r? iccens. In facf
it is genen
v ould iia*.?<? been m.> ? orthi
of the nam? it (
am ' <? W ?
In or.?.i ??? i
..I . ut in1:..-' "In
? ii fulfilment of a i" ogi.. ims
:.ii.i . .-? stion " hi xx thi j lould
reach "*!?.?..?.-?? City, In order ;>? pro?
tect themselves when n powei from
. hocks .'.i their progran me thej
?? .' .j 'I . :.l \ to i|?*t? I n. ill. -
? termi it ion of their opp
Thanks *.i the Influenc? of the "
administration, the **i!iii.!.<.ii ii
i.*o Ims ti..'. come to this: The op?
ponents of the revoluf. representing
the peaceable, reaponaible elements of
?I., country, are road) t.. turn over the
men! to th" friends of Washing
i ..i. if the tu? t?-r ? il! give guarantees of
law, justice and liberty, and the lead*
.. the revolut ion, backed b) tl ? I
.i gton, ore holding oat for the lool ?tn.t
? go, murder an.l reprisal towhieh
? ommitted.
Now, M i. Wilson himself i- surely
not .. committed, and Mr. Wilson has
?I? mon tiai.'.l (hut thi pos ei of the
I nit?.I .lui. ..?ii make ami uninuke in
Me ?ico. i!. ...'i l" o flra ami ?nal
i tent ?* Mil i srraasa thst the laitei mui ?
* '.. ?-. general amnesty and th
protect operty, or h
??an b) evading 1 i
thr accomplice of
t rohl "ii t'n
peaks om un
? ? ?
L thanks I
ta unknov n to
? ets. "?i Mr. *??
only tin* judgment of I
world s to his mol
beiiij,' pai ticeps ciiniin .
New York. July 1-*. 1911
Aisemlilyman Cuvillier Thinks Demu
i rats Should Name Him.
I o ' ?"? Editoi of l he Tribune.
,s,i : Pel ::..I me ti candi
date o:' the Democratic purt) in tha
. leai i ed judge, Hon Edgi
%\V. i ullen. late < hiei Jusl
i , tppeal*
i ol Dem?
t?te 1
noulding i i oi '
Dcino? party whicl
? ,11 -* . back the i ights ti
in. people, and lies ii
? nomination p of 'be h.|-h
. -1 t; m' of i ii i enship ? .?. -? .1 in i h?
res ! - ii..-.* re? i Idi esi
ol Judge i n on "The Dec
Personal Libert) in America," deliv
? g'u Hall bel
Bai A lociation on the ?"?"'
tin? year, will
ncvei doubt Judge Cull?
horrence o at pateras
the individual citizen. He is a peei
nt an) candidate ol
part) of this state. Son
he is *.?Id Is l?vent)
ol age. Hi tor) has shown that
.?m. of the most remarkable feat?
of ?tate*manship have been performed
? hen ?m n ha*, e an ?? ed ; I
sevent) ami more. Hon, Lev i P, Mor?
ton, " ' a? CJovei nor of * h
.?a? ?eventy years old when he ?as
i.?.' . rm. ; Hon. Sim? oi E. Baldv n
? as ? hi.'*' .In tice " the Court
of Aii'.i i - .. ' ? oni ' ' i cut, and who
i itate,
m ound ????? >!.':? ; eai - of age.
\ great many wj that Govi
Glynn should be renomlnatcd bj tbe
Democratic party, because if \\e i.
i nt his administration would nol be
; d .i ed b) h ? pai I .. c.iul.l
nol reflect on Governor Glynn, as
Go? >*i nor Dix : enominated
by In? partv and the Dem?
.. '?.;. .1 m elect ng i'?>
Anothi .1 u?l| ?
( ullen should receive the
bell? vc that .
by nominating Judge
? lid b? reli? ved that ?us
|... ..... ?
tice o the Court of Im i? ,,?? ,
nt Governor Suli er of the .
i him iu tl
1 ' delegates to the i onstitu*
. . on? .nt ...ii will ? . oi the ame
'. ckel . te foi Govcriioi.
the Demoei al c pai " houtd n. -
a? silabl? i
Judge ' i
\r>? i'ork, Jul) IS, 1914.
Say? it Is Uncle Sam's Fault
i.. ? ? Editoi of **he Tribune.
In your editorial >.r t.< Jay
' ? i.'iti.'.l "Prohibition's Weak
Spol." I hOI ?' ' ere ?..me Itat? t.i.'iit
? hi? h are unfair. Vou sa- "th? i
planation of the failure of prohibition
. .if i? simple enough, but >..ui
1 mit the
i ??'. for faillir.'. ? i , th.' fad
that tin* national i:.?>*i nmenl ..
! quoi ' manufaetun and tale. Pro
luh.tion must i., nation-wide to be a
Local opt ion has nol pro\ ed
any bettor than ?tato prohibition.
\\ ILLIA1I k. \\ HITE.
Bariag Valla] ?i. Y, July s, lmi.
Young Reader Thanks The TnSune
for Metropolitan Tower Trip.
Sir : A ?.-..
'i., ? ? i-,
. ,i - tirst to say
\\ l
? i
\\ ?? i ly i run from \ i
? '?o to
l ?::: ? . o brol
there, on tin
I ?
; i
?-, ? :lll 111 hi
Jear I I Ihe towei
of the ?
? - -
? ,.- . ovei the railings we could s< ??
?k?i g und.
J at auch a i
..Id take a 1 ?>t ol tvi .t"
?? all, But we know a?.??" ?usl
all the bri
B rid Long l?l
; ihJ city and a bunch
, ? ' . ' . ..
? ?
th? river if 1 careful the
fla'iror building loo'r.r '??'?? :i toy tin
i-c??'?'? like By -. I'i e pennsy
loo ? as
panes! -?
Thi net? Rcribi i (?shows up
fine pi in ?? si i the S1
ist eoni
pier. The bells in I he tot? i r
? '?.. re ai .1 ; i
lumped oui?
t seei i iy .1 -.- ?
befol ' ?ann- ?id ti wi
: v i- arc u|
? dot? n on ' ou" bul w? ?
<??.*?. .?? t.. be he;.:'.I on the strci I
er and 1 can s
.. nneth and A i th er thought
?t ?????i:M be fun tu run down stairs
*alked do ? n a few day ago
? ly .-: half hour b I
? ? .:?
'. I
,18, 191 I,
A I'cogi r.sive T hinka Former Govern?
or Ideal Candidate Next Fall.
i ?? th? i ditoi of The (Tribune.
Befoic m?' lies The 'l ribui.e
iMt'a the editorial "The Colonel and
' h? Qu? o ttun g.M j usl i ead.
The i ribune and other i?.
col .mu- ?u ipa? .? and bui ned ui>
u ?' icra) mattet in ti | o solve
the problem of why the Progr?
party has nol held its own since th?
? olon? il candidats for Pi esiden*
two yeai ago, when every on? knows
that there has been no election in any
state or citj in which it ean truthfull)
b? said thai there has aoen anything
like a fair test ot' tin- mind of th?
votei Sor inn th?r? l?c until aftei
th? slacti? ha? s l>? an
held, levin, thera is grooi stroaa Im,I
on the fad that the enrolment ? is ? ?.
small m thia state last rear ot tha
Progressive votera. Can tha fact that
the enrolment of Progressive votei
small hf hoin stlj given aa ? reaso
the voters nol enrolling as Progre?
ilvea, when w? ??II knots that I would
?o ? man* of (hem their jobs If it were
known that they had changed th?*ir
nut affiliations, whether Democratic
or Republican?
. Pre d
? ?
thai that I
rentleman i
? ,| ,.' a
principle, either ri| rong
. ?
lo a vor*, large :
and m
th s
n God ?
. r go?or
VV i' s
0 .
for prlncipli h
nice bel
.. .... '
lidate that tl
. , ...
Who is h?*" Th?
one man in the state and i..
I'olourl, but the
? d why can e ? ?
t Ii
but because hi was Govei :
ht bet
corruption in ofll? ?? i tood tx
tor the right of a ci.
? i
:;>*.'." ai d I ?
i..... liment" of i Go
state, who:', it was a fare
pull? at the boi
i? almighty in pi
zer for Go
I D. " \. I -"
\e .'ork. Jul; 9. 191
Not in International Marriages, but i?
Salarie? to Certain Congressmen.
litar of T: .- l ni.une.
Sir: Thi ''
Repre i ntat i? e S. E. Bo?*
. ..*. I as re? ently in trod ?
bill imposi ' r cunt am
, ome >ir an)
man ? ,i l tl? ?I ?'? *" ??*?"*
that he den?
; on some ? om? i author
kindly ?tat?! hew much monej ;? cir'
year to o.>: if its Ml
i.ti he '
International mai
quentl). internat oi
must have exclusivo information "?"??}
i *, ? "
11..??, ?. ? that may bo. there '** ""'
? ,.ii thai this country is ?utttti-*
from an attack of the blind ?**.a??',,''r* *r
: hing because of tl i
upon it of a maas of froak 11
which Mr. Bowdls'a bill sspires to bt
on.*. Speaker Clark ought t.i refer ts*
to ihe Sill) Season CommlttH
with instructions to report on the "J"'*
of 1 i I'luary.
And then i* also no question th?*
tin* taxpayers ?-t this country aro o?"
fiiunir.I every time tin* United StsSf*
Treasury pa) * 17.600 in salar) to c*'
tain members of Congress, whose ?*??'
legod public icrvlsei are positi*""!??
detrimental t.? tl??- srslfara of the **?*
tien, Such welfare is n.-t always ***_
ceptiblc of being measured n? d?-U?r'
and cents. Instead of spending "mt)t
mi -?u.'1! unpi ol table ser? snt ??5
venerable I n?*le Samuel ?Might beM*
burn u up. 1. II. LANGWORTHY.
Warft?* Ptaa., July ??*. tota.

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