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rAWTiT ?rotr??? fWJ t?\> to-moiu
H??M ? Met
\ erntetem Cn lemi.eratiif.
lo?. .'..
I .ill repnrl n? r?S? 1*
Vol. LXX1V
.V. 24.728.
i? .,'??f.?i'i ru ?
li< tl.r 1.1|.un?- ?,,.?. asti?? i
\K\V YORK, THURSDAY, .11 I.V 80, l?14.
9 S
?n i i , i I l V L' I ' L' V 'I* 'n ' '?"?" t? >'???? V?rU, Newarli. .ler^r City ami HoB"l?ea.
-* ? 1 v / -*? nJ?Vt?sTA V T/.> 1 ll.-illlHIKI, THOir.M?
Woman Dead, 3 Missing,
?Scores Hurt as Steamboat
I psets Scow.
New ark Excursionists Ter?
ror Stricken as Ibb Tide
Drags Boat Inshore.
i aptain of the Majestic, a Side?
v? heeler. Fiaally dots Con?
trol and Proceed??.
Gripped by the str?ng ebb
which at .-?...i o'clock yesterday afttr*
noon i??!? racing pa?t tbe Mth st. truer
ia the Casi River, tbe excursion stcarn
? ?*?t Majesl e. packed witb a thoj-.au i
saeasbars of ihr John J, Menahan Aa
. f Newark, va? draggt
against all the power of net
ex c -r? ai ??ns?ihcd into h scow
oaded with crushed stand
:re cry went open the ??carr.hoat. "We
arg sinking!*1 It pa?*?**.-. *sritb light
r ra] along the crowd?:.i
Wild r?- fol owc.i Tbe police re?
porl thai mat \ hurled themselves hcad
I to tbi dock of 'he seow, which ??
few seconds later cap
Captaii Btgrke, of the Ma;
to do anything clye. bent every
rgj toward Is | si de-wheeler
th? : More tha- I I
.raped item her deck to the p*.er floor
* o*?*'arcc?. rar.g-.r.j? front ten to.
ret away.
?*>co? ( amain? Wife Head.
e wife e*! the -captain of the seos? i?
Her hu?band, ber te:, year-old
- - and the ?mate of the ?cow an
? believed that all of them
*:r drowned. Theij name? are onknown.
*?*? hat '.re loag o' .-fe among the ex
? ursioi - a-?*r. remgins a matter
ation, and probably win not
'??rrrnrird for ?*e?.eral days.
had barely reached the deck o*"
? ? <? ae-a*w, when her to**? ar-d tOTll of
-*- began shifting. In g few ?*
g very few seconds the an tire en*--".
gong overboard and the seos
M f vas floating botton up on the
iteri of th? Ergs! Rivei and drifting
- stroara.
iring that brief ? ra - ewever,
.era hud rrs'.i:*ed theil
Ice, They Kttempted to climb
snboat. Some of them
? ded. Others made ?ucces?*ful ef
-* to reach ??? piei Whether in
the cot-'u**lo? and panic any of the
Majestic'! paes-eagera fell into the
? ef and were lost cannot be posi
* ely stated. That ?omo of them did
fall in is a fact, ai several were picked
-..r Isier by sasall btrsats near the scene.
The harbor police fear that some of
lr--?e srho leaped on hoard tne fcow
went into the river, and that ?ome of
?these were logt
It tB-rgg pointed "ut lagt night tha'
?-e tHe Was taring h\ With |
?????rg-th and veloeity that any on?
r-erboard would have \,r e , *-. -? r i
.*???*?? *. ??.-?n stream p.nd a*?ay from
? -? recru* c [goat a, and aleo that only
an experienced swimmer could ha*.e
t-avod bil ' The panic was
t an unnecessary one, a?* it
turned out, for the Maje?tic was tiot,
rod by the i?,arcing Mow the
?*jck the ?cow.
-\ hasty examination made after ?ho
was tied up at the 89th st. pier proved
? and the boa?. :oatlnoed under her
?earn liter, and Captain Burk?*
. . nil > >? n ? its back in New?
- ?
Paassrsrgorg in Panic.
ttrickei i *-xcur
?nei.niierl on gtsa* I. <?>l.imn I
This Morning's Sews.
| ai legotig - ? I ,.;!... 1
? ? ?? i b .? ? ' r Bi dgi Over -*? ? . 1
a Miracle i -.veri War"- 1
rVat' g War Situation. , . 2
carei I ""ourists - 2
Ijr'ip?' Bour*??*?? in War's ?inp.... .?
Ha? street Now World* Market... 3
I .in KL.
l?ame r 11 i ti cow. 1
. i
?? ; W in, I R. Hears . *'l
i? ? Dollar .'" *?" in Raid. ?'?
, .... .1
Shan ran Fund ... I
. Hoase * itfc Pis - ? ?*? "'"? ?
g Ant* ? '?? Her Mitt ... 7
Hear Charges Again?! Voorhii ...II
Smuggle !" | ,r Hi, l.II
Bank Protei I Made.II
id Lawygn Ma; 'lash Today..11
?. rai Ira-t Billg Bis Weeks. 4
i hange Commission Hill. i
Tamgaaay's (all en Wilaon . *?
atad No?) . *
?AOman's V*i\ried laterosti.?
Kditorial . *
. *
Obituarv .? ?
aporte .8 **"1dt?
?Xinancial and Markets.II? and II
I ourt Calend?is-, Buyers.j
Real Eatata .\~
P?lico, 1 ne p.pt .??*
n\k,t>Bing and Weather.*??
Discovery Ends Mystery
Ohart-e of Murder Follow?
Tamworth. Onl . Jul? '.? Ihr hn.lv
Blanchi *i orke, mj teriouslj m
? ? round buried
n ?he cellar of the r< . r of
K Robinaon A warrant for the
Roh ? -.-i . charging him
-. ?*'???? immediateli issued
! he h,?H? ???, found co?e?r,1 ?? .th
three inches of earth, on top of which
been piled many broken boxen
1 **" '-' . body were found in the
furnace. Miss Yorke, who was ? dresi
maker, ?. a? a natirnt of Dr, Robinson
?t the time of her dumppcararr?*
First Ocean Steamer Will
Then Be Sent Through.
'' "? ' ? ' ? Colonel t,e.?tgr \V.
sis, Governor of the Panama
ed to day 'hat the
' ??? ?s ? .? ? ?ugh the canal of an
??.?ran goii ?? easel > i uld oc< ur nexl
he ?tea er Ci iMoba)
would make the trip from < olon to
Rs ho? rhis trip will he mad?* to te**'
the lock operation?? and the hand ng
of large ves els .,? tumi n the canal
and si places when there aie ?'ron/*
f urr-.? * -
? nel l-oothsl? ?late,i thst 'he of?
ficial opening of the cat-.al to world
li> order of Secretar?- of War
(?arrison wo : occur on Augui I 15,
the "cat.-.-i- Ancon will make the
trip 'ion* deep water of
v ' '" fo de? p water in ihc Pa
? .- Officials of Panama, members o**
i? diplomat!? corps, canal officials and
froesti -? ' be ?hoard the Anron by
? ? of Secretar-? (?arrison
0n?: N ? ?als' will make the
trip on t! o i r H
Hold L'p Twcnty-fiVC Stages in
the Yellowstone and Get
Away with S3.000.
Gardiner, Mon*.. July -'S1. Twenty
five stage roachc*-* of the largest tran?
portation ?-orepanio*. operating in Yel
' ne Park were held up to-day by
two nor. The li?? passenger**: were
t of 'heir money, and it is re?
ported the robbers obtained $i.ooo.
The hold-upi occurred at different
i-.* Spring Creek Canyon, four
?rom Old Faithful, a geyser, and
" fty-four n.;!e? from (lardmer.
Lieutenant Colonel L. M. Brett has
a large f??tc?r of men pursuing the rob?
bers, who grc reported heading toward
th ? Jackson Hole country ,n Wyoming.
one r.'bbei took an active part in
the hi'd-up?. the second man rcmain
?ng behind trees a*, a lookout.
Tno transportation companies of
?*? red rewards aggregating $500 for 'he
capture oi the b;,
The highwaymen had the advantage
b? cause government regulations pre?
vent any ner?on except tho-*e with per- j
- (g from carrying arm? in the park,
??.ho di?l the actual robbing;
had only to cover the driver with hi?
Household Remedies Fail io
Check Its Ravages.
C vacation germ. deadl.*??'. of all ,
summer hue,11., has wrecked the home
of Edward Hansen, of Palisade av.,Jer
M ' ty. To prove that the disease i?j
incurable, Hansen gave Vice-Chancellor
Griffin yesterday a list of *he home
remedie-' he ha-, tried.
II?* WH-.l-ie.i tho dish??.
He scrubbed the floor.
II?- cooked the Sunday dinner.
He tended th?* children.
He handed his vife his pay envelope.
Yrt Mr*. Hanson its suing him for
separate maintenance and alimony. She
ted on an expensive vacation, her
m bai nys.
The vice-chancellor advised the
couple to f?'ft togethei and try t?i make
up their differences.
Mother of 16 Children Holds
Nativity Record.
., *rrap to ' b< rrthui *?
: walk, Conn., July 29. It is
believed b; phyaieiani that Mrs. Mi
i.o ? . ??' this plac?, holds tne '
nativity record of ti ?e state, having
given hir'h to four children in one year.
Ross, who ii fifty-one years old,
gave b i'ii to twin boys to-day; eleven
m< ?? hi-o she presented ho* husband
with twin girli Mr. Ross ii fifty years
old and g cobblei. '
couple heve ten ?hildren, but
only 1 have beer, twin
births. All the eh Idn ? gr< ;. ?*?? and
??? ? a- ?I Mrs. Rosi have been
n ni i ed twent; i years, but 'he old
, ? , i . onl) -. t, ...
"Hunger Strike'" Mystery Clear
by Discovery of Dissolved
Food Tabloids.
?{iii: Edel an h? been ?mpr>??*.l
i learn? d yest? rday. While
ting ,. a nine liny "hunger
., on Blaekwell's Island, with only
? ;,l drink of water or sossg
i . te ai ? - ?? onotony, un
,,,,., .,. , . .,,<? h;?- been assimilat?
ing nutriment in tabloid form. The
mystery of hei < cellenl physical con?
dition When she appear.-.I at the fan*.
w. W. agiutors
oll ruesda) has been lolved.
. omm oi ? ?'? explained yes*
? ..* each dnnk Becky has
taken si i rec? ? * ed two tabloids <?t con*
.,,1 nourishment. Yesterdaj aft
Davis, accompanied by i?r.
i; ?*,., 6p, visited the ; land end
gg given g thorough physical
examination Al th?* conclusion of the
. ? im Bishop expressed the opinion
r* hunger rtnker did not i??iuirc
forcible feeding as yet
The seven I W. V? agitators eon?
, ,.,,,. lui day a1 Tarrytown were
?kei '.I??*? :?*'-"'''?:*' '""
promptl) r/enl on their threatened
Strike ggainsl compulsory labor
?If tlie\ don'l wani to work, they
Mil ?lay In ?ont,n. in?'..? in their cell ,
*,1 ? ommisaionei Davis. "There is
0Ugh work io go round, My??y?
anally alter P'???"??" -??ve r?iu--d
?S,.,,, for g few da;.**. ih?-y beg
ry?4?Ml.d t? th. vork-h.,pS to
b?.am i chef irv? **?*? u?oxi'Aoi?j. I
Leisurely Ransack Closed
Homes on Same Side
of 77th St.
Woman in from Country Makes
Discovery Thieves lca\c
Just Ahead of Police.
Burglars, trorking as comfortably a?
if ihey rrir.-i-.-rH police protection, i?
?a? discovered yesterday, h?v?? p|,-ar(?'l
every portable thing of ?slue out or
six houses ui ?me block, all on -lie
same ?ide of the street. 11?. no, y; i.
162, i??i au?l in.'. Weal 77th ?t. I he
bonnes ???pre closed and boarded un foi
the summer. The tenanls were awav
at their country home??.
The neighborhood ?raa bordering "'1
a panic l.it night Residente, afraid
to go to ?leer., were sitting on thei
?toops t.n guard. Finir- policemen were
on watch on the blor?.
About ;':''n oV'iock yesterday aft ,?
noon Mr?. Leopold Karachi. wife of
'he proprietor of ihe Maresi restau?
rants, motored up to her home at 130
West 77th ?t. The family has been
m the country for six weeks, b'jt every
second week Mrs. Barzaghi has con*.?*
into the city and inapected her house.
When she opened the door yesterday
>r.e *?s astonished a?, seing the elec
trie lights turned on.
Mrs. Rair.aghi took one look at the
interior and sent her chauffeur to lit r
next door neighbor, Mr?. Frank Byrne,
at 13.'. who.?.?- servant ran for th" po?
I md first House Ransacked.
Several patrolmen ran up. They
found tha? Mr?. Bartagbi's home l,?d
been ransack???) from cellar to roof by
burglars, who had forte?! h ?kylight
In the dining room wrtc .-igns ibal
the thieves had not hurried them
??elves. The table and floor were lit?
tered with empty wine bottles. re?
mains of eatables and burned cigars
and cigarette?.
The police telephoned to their .na?
tion house, West iSSth st.. and twenty?
fivc patrolmen, the entire force of re?
serves, ??ere sent on the tun. Tbey
brought with them a erowd of more
thsn a thousand. The block ??as sur?
rounded and a search begun.
It ?a- found that 184, the home of
Thomas ?--muh. wa? in even a nor e
condition thttn Mrs. Bar/.aghi's. There
the bed?, showed that the burglars had
rested from their toil.
The home of Jacob Dal), the piano
m'tcnufaeturer, at J,****, bore mar. s
which diaclosed that the burglars ?\cre
no less daring than luxurious. H ty?
ing broken through the skylight, only
to lind themselves balked by an (?tebox
door which neither crowbar nor hind
jack would shift, they nad low-red
themselves to an upper window at the
re.tr, pried open an iron grating at'd
At 164, home of Thomas J. MrHride,
merchant, the thieve, had ?line?! and
wined. There must have been quite a
party of them. They had feasted on
iobster. shad roe and chicken and other
I ind Cigarette Hurninf.
No. IM i? the home of Leo H. ?sonne
born, Rroadway lace dealer. Like the
other houses it had been cleared out,
but the burglar, muel have been in?
side when the police began their
?rnrrh. A ?nioking ?igarette. war. lying
on an ashtray when they police br.rke
The las' houpe found ransacke?) was
UK. the home of Mrs. -lames H. l'oty,
a w idow.
What Ihe total loss will prove to be
cannot b<- estimated, hut. 'he police
?-aid the haul niu.-t have been an im
iiieii-c one. Mr*-. Har/aghi to;?l the
police iicr loss would run Into thou
sands of ?lollar?.
At 8:80, three hours after the first
discovery, Detective Lieutenant Ron
noi! anil Detectives McCormick and
.??harp visited the scene, and, having
looked over the houses, went away
again. Two hours later they told the
reporters there was nothing in the ,
Btory of the robberies.
"At any rate," said Lieutenant Ron
noil, "I have not yet had a report of it
made to tue by McCormick."
About :? o'clock Mr. McRride hap
peric?! to go to his hoin?' to don even?
?ng elothea for a dinner. He then
learned of the robbery, ??ne woman
-.aid she had telephoned sis timee to
the We-? I'.Mh St. Station that a sUS
picious character had appeared, but
tha? no notice wa" taken of her It
WBg .all| tlier-* have bren more than
thirty burglaries lately in the section
and not on( arres)
Fourteen Disorderly Waiters
and Captain Discharged.
"Jack'-," f.?r many rears a
known restaurant in the white light
dUtriet, got its all-night liquor license
back yesterday. John Hun??**.**, the
proprietor, a? Mayor Mitehel ?t tha
? ? Hall and promiaed there would
he n* recurrence of such scenes as re
?ulted in the revocation of ?he license
Mi rch ?'?
\\ that time two young men. who
; .?; i,,,-,, attacked 1?.- other diner .
v.are a laulted and thrown into the
,,,r by waiter-. Since then Mr
hun.-iaii has been trying to get back
'Mi,',', Mitehel aid he had refused
the application until he bad received
iati factory assurance Hm? there would
l,, .., repetition of the disorder. A?
,,., evidence of good faith, ?he propr??'
toi <l> charged fourteen waiter? and
the c* tun ?ho had participated in the
!?- BUlt. ... .
Police Commii loner Wood made a?i
. . ? ?:. lion and reported in favor of
,, toi ?na the license.
Italy Stops Military News.
Rome, Jul) ?-"?'- Hie government has
?saued an order prohibiting the pub?
lication or the dispatching af ?? ??**?
concerning Italian ?aval ttnu military
Mentioned as Second in Command of the Kussian Army. Czar Nicholas II Being Generalissimo.
Stray Shots Cause Furious
Fusillade by Austrian
City's Power Plant Set on lire
by Imperial Guns Firing
Heard in Durazzo.
[By Cable to Th* Tribun? 1
Vienna. July 29. The follow tng i.is
r?1eh fror? Setnlin, on the Danube, op?
posite Belgrade, was received bere this
?Flashing ? searchlight from the
Anstrign pgtrol b.?a? against the ?rails
?of Ihe Old Citadel of Belgrade las'.
night caused Ser*, inn sentinels to tir?
?n the craft, t.. which ??tray shuts lh-*
fcustrians replied with g furious fusil?
lade seros, the r.-.er Terrified by the
thought of a heavy ?????-* ***** coser
of the darkness by a strong force of
their enemies, the Servians retaliated
by blowing up the railroad bridge
acrns-* th? Save.
The tremendous explosion of dyna?
mite and the flare wakened the coun?
try-,de tor mile-- around and set tire to
d/serted barraeks of the old forts ami
?5 electrical works ol Mgnde.
names, ?ed by the eonsUnl bombard?
ing of the howitzers Of Austrian gun
t?i?t broke 001 a1 earlj d?.?n to nay.
iNoattemP? wg* made by the Au.tr.ans
to ?-?-nil h force am.-* the river.
, ?h? Servians' resistance was shown
to be weak, indicating an nbsenei ? . ,t ail
iiooPi ?veal a fea ?e?ttered outposts
?eting chiefly as scout*?, ?There Is pos*
?ibilltV of h fe?v Servians having been
. wounded, bul reliable reports are un?
stable out side of Belgnrie. rhere
".rrf. ?o Casualties on the Hungarian
vide of the river save at the bridge,
Which WBS put completely out of com
miMian, about a third being deatngad
at the Servian end. The Auatriana be
lieve the fuiillade may lead to uni?
rersal evaluation o1 Belgrade, lh??
Ser ians being apparently confident of
opposing Ihe forre on the point of
? eupying that city.
|? [| statrd thh'. the Au*-trians have
another bridge* in sections, on their
Bide of the river, which they can put
. up in a few days.
???hortly before the bombardment the
Servians fl red on the Au trian steamer
Inn towmg three emplj barges some
distance from IVlgra'lr. I hi ir fire
was ineffectual, bul the excitemei * of
the Inn'? eren resulted in the loss of
one barge through th.* l?r?*Hk? i ni?- of th.*
to-.-, rope. Austrian menitors fa i
toward the sound of the cannonading
and opened ? sustained tire -non si?
lencing the Servian shot*. It is be?
lieved that no easualti? ? resulted.
The *he!N ?vroughi ha-m- in 'he .\*
po**"ii par of the eity, damaging the
King's palme, ih** fortification walls
and 'he barraek and oth<*r building-.
_ 4?
2 5 Hurt in Trolley Crash.
Lynn, Maga., Jul) -"*'. rwentv-fiv?
persona were hurt, two probably fatal
wben two ?.pin ears ol the day
State street Railwa) Companj collided
head-on near the Tcbody town line to
nieht Elisabeth Bemiek and ? eeelia
Murphy, both of Peabody. wer? the
, most seriou.ly injured, suffering skuil
I fractures.
Great Damage in Servian Cap
ital Artillery Duel Nearby.
Athens, July 29. The Servian I.?
??on has received 11 followii g te t
gram from N; h, dated .Inly 29:
"During th?' night Belgrade ?ras
bombarded. Shell fell in various
quarters of the town, causing great
.iai.ia~e. Several 'lie Franco
Servian and Andrevich banks. M V.
drevich, of the banking firm,
wounded. Both banki ha-, ?? '..?.It???! .?
proti ' al the German Legation.
"An artillery duel i? proceeding at
Viehnitsa, about three and one-half
miles down the river from Belgrade."
-1 ?
Afraid That Porte Will Seek
to Regain Territory.
i lene? b. JiiI? 20. if. Jo? i no i? ?. hue
?.n M in?- 1er m Vienna, poi -???!
i here bound for dar ?ill?- -, where he
v. ill cinbarl for Sal?nica.
M. Jo? .n. thinks the Servian !
army will assume an entirely defen
' sive attitude ni Ihe outset. He ???! j
mitted ih" one thing which is rau g I
uneasiness lo Servians i; the po ?bil*
ity thai Turkey will now mu*'? :.?
fort to regain part of Ihe i>" u
? ,-? ?? ?1 t rom hi i h: Ser*, ia.
Shantiliai Reports Both Lngland
and Germany Mobilizing in
Chinese Waters.
Portland, England, July 29. fha
British Beet sailed fr..*ri h?-.?- ?... da) *..r
an unknown d< I ?nation. \<> informa*
,'tioii could be obtained tr>>rn naval of
,i lo th.- mot ?in.tit ? of the ?? ?r
Shangha . July 29. I he H
Kastern Heel is mobilizing al Wei Hai
Wei, on ihe north eoasl of Shai u -
pro? ri.?. I he < in man fit et i. n ?
ing at Tsing-Tao, about two hundred
miles t?. the ; ou?h.
The British ''hum squadron is com*
posad of th?- battleship Triumph, four
cruisers, three gunboats, eight ,|.--t roy
ers. thu-" lubmarines, four torpedo
boat^. ten river gunboats, ;, dispatch
vessel and ? ? ?? loop
The (?crmati naval force in Chinese
water? consists of the armored cruiser
Seharnhorst, flag hip of Vi.Admiral
Count von Spec; one other armure?)
cruiser, three small ?misera, seven
gunboats and one torpedo b??at.
'? braltar, July 29 Spain hs
de red everj ailable warship I
semble at ? he Bal? .n c lal? . in trie
? ?
German Artillery Tests
to Take Place ;it Strassbnrg
Straasburg, July .' ?. rhe commander
of ? " i.'.? n Gei man arm.? eoi pa, 'a
tioned here, announced to the pi.
day that important night manrcuvr ?b
would take place to-morrow in the
neighborhood of Straasburg. rhe an?
nouncement stated .i.ai the exei
had been long prepared a'..i thai the
population in th? '? icin hould
???.quieted if artillery tiring were he.id,
?ince it - ould !." r? no re lal ion to I he
present international situation.
To Call Belgian Reserves.
Brussels, Jul* ."? rhe Belgian Cab?
inet decid? : ? *;i out
diately three classes of the arm
serves. l>: to-morrow evening ion,nun
'nun ?'11 be equipped and ready. i
Uncensored Russian Dis?
patch Says Country Be?
lieves Die Is Cast.
('/ar Likely to Become General?
issimo, with (irand Duke Nich?
olas Nicolaicvich Next.
St. Petersburg, duly 29 (Uncen
or? d l. In Russian eye? the die is
least. Only a'political miracle can
avert war.
ia does no* swerve from her
determination lo support Servia and
p:?rti;i! mobilisation nas already been
? rdercd There is every indication
? i-? whole v,-i * machinery of Rus
?tia ?ill ?no*i he net in motion.
\:i imperial manifesto is awaited to
Should, as ij understood, Emp?rer
Nicholas become generalissimo of the
force an Immense wave of enthuaiaam
will sweep over Russia. His seconds in
command ??ill be his second eougin,
(?rand Duke Nicolaievich, and (iencral
SoukliomlinorT. Minister of War.
Political parties have sunk their
differences. Th<- general attitude is
goistlc," bul one of resolute
? in*?* in the justice of the eouu
try' cause and readiness to make all
i he proposal attributed to Austria
to discuss terms ??hen Belgrade has
been occupied i?i regarded a:' impossi?
ble, It is pointed out that before the
opening of hostilities Russig proposed
to Austria a direct exehange of views,
which Au itrie rejected.
Effen eHiencc in St. Petersburg.
A sre.it patriotic demonstration took '
place on the iVevsky Prospect tin-? i
afternoon. A procession ??as formed
and. with banners flying, inarched to
the Servian Legation, where there were
ipeechi . singing and cheering. Thenea
the procession moved to the French
and British embassies, where imilar
ties of enthusiasm were indulged in,
the croa d still growing.
I hi- German an,i Austrian embassies
ni.? -guarded >.,i all id? by trong de*
tachm? ??' of pe ic? . and nobody is si?
lowed to s'op on the adjacent foot
for fear of hostile attempt ??.
A i un: 'lent feelil - pr< 'ail here of
i,r"a? Britain' support. Germany's at?
titude i regarded ? < incomprehensi?
ble, except on the naaumption that -he
i loiii tor a trial of strength at
ih<* present moment.
\ striking demonstration ,?*??? given
here to day .-?' th.? Kazan Cathedral,
where a peeial service ????? held ann
prayers were offered for victory to the
Slat arm*.
The cathedral was thronged and the
sftei the ceremonv,
'..I tu the Ser '.-n minister i
riile of 'li" Ikon ef the Holy
Nus;': i? I Kazan for the Servian arm-..
, ded the Ikon to offl
.. i - o . i ' tarting for tbe front to*
I /ar \?ldre?se? ? ?del?.
Ii-.'* cadets of the na\a! -chool ??ere .
? ? m uiueii on oage Ii ?olumu 3 I
I luge British Armada Leaves Portland
Under Sealed Orders? Austrians
Shell City of Belgrade.
Break Comes Over Question of Dual Monarchy's In?
tention to Occupy Part of Servias Icrritory Until
Punitive War Indemnity Is Paid Over ? g
[B - -. - -r, i mat
Vienna. July 30.?After a heavy bombardment by the Danube
gunboats Belgrade was occupied by the Austrian troops on
St. Petersburg, July 30.?An imperial ukase issued by th?*;
Emperor to-night calls to the colors an immense number of re?
The men called out are:
First?All the reservists of twenty-three whole governments
and of seventy-one districts in fourteen other governments
Second?Part of the reservists of nine districts of four gov?
Third?The naval reservists in sixty-four districts of twelve
Russian governments and one Finnish government
Fourth?The time-expired Cossacks of the territories of Don,
Kuban. Terek. Astrakhan. Orenburg and Ural.
Fifth?A corresponding number of reservist officers of *??**?
medical and veterinary services in addition to needful horses, *
ons and transport services in the governments and districts thus
St. Petersburg. July 29.?-It is reported that Austria has re?
fused longer to continue direct negotiations with Russia. No ex?
planation of this decision is forthcoming.
[B .?.. ,|? mili. Tribu? i !
London, July 30.?Russia is mobilizing 1.600.000 troops at
Kieff. Odessa. Moscow -nd Kazan.
Germany is replying to the Russian mobilization, according
to the Kaiser's ultimatum, and officially admits the mobilization
of a large part of the army in Eastern Prussia.
Great Britain's first fleet, a huge armada consisting of twenty
eight battleships, fourteen battle-cruisers, seven cruisers and sev?
enty destroy?, s. left Portland yesterday, sailing westward under
sealed orders, while the coast defences were manned. To all ap?
pearances an army mobilization is also beginning, though the
War Office denies officially that measures in the nature of a
mobilization have been taken. The War Office statement says
that the movements are purely precautionary and of a defensive
The Austrian government has taken possession of all the
railroads o" the Dual Monarchy.
France continues preparing for mobilization, and while news
from the republic is being carefully suppressed there is the best
reason for believing that the army is concentrating on the German
and Italian frontiers, while Paris itself is being stocked with food
as for a siege.
The diplomatic conversations between Russia and Austria
are being continued, but all dispatches from St. Petersburg indi?
cate that their break-down is imminent, the question of Austrian
occupation of Servian territory to force payment of an indemnity
proving the stumbling block.
Both sides refuse to yield, and indications point to clever
Russian diplomacy in prolonging the negotiations so as to gain
time for the mobilization of the army, an operation which takes
a fortnight longer in Russia than in Germany or Austria. It is
feared that Austria, seeing the Russian game, will hasten to strike
before Russia is prepared.
Hopes ot peace are now concentrated on the chances tha*:
Russia can delay Austria until Russia's huge army is ready for
the field, when the sight of so tremendous a force in battle array
might compel Austria, even though supported by Germany, to
accept a compromise.
The mobilization of the British fleet, however, and tts sailing]
under sealed orders have caused the belief that a break-down oJ
the Russo-Austrian negotiations is nearer, in the opinion of gov?
ernment officials, than the carefully censored dispatches published
in the newspapers show to the public.
The exchange of telegrams between the Czar and the KaiseiJ
and also between the Czar and the Emperor Francis Joseph is
considered another significant sign that an appreciable degree of
tension has been reached.
Berlin understands that Austria will attack both Servia and
Montenegro, and there is no explanation of the decision to attack
Montenegro except that of a scheme of territorial aggrandizement.
The Montenegrin soldiery is concentrated along the Bosnian
frontier. A Montenegrin brigade with a mountain battery is re?
ported near Priboj. where women were busy building earthworks.
Austria has also bombarded Belgrade, setting fire to the city.
and Servia replied by blowing up the bridge over the Save.
A private telegram received in London last night says that
Russia has definitely decided to support Servia at all hazards.
Other dispatches say that direct negotiations between Austria and
Russia have been broken off by Austria for a reason not stated.
It is understood that Great Britain is about to offer a fresh
suggestion for a settlement, but only the smallest hope is enter?
tained of its success.
All the stock exchanges which w*tre open yesterday bort

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