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Sluibcrt Makes \c\v Divi?
sion of Benefit Profit
on Vaterland.
Sylvester Schaffcr Prove*. His
W.irtli I \a Booth Toll*, of
Si,000.000 ( ampaign.
K '
? ' Hamburg Ai ei
learned yesterttaj at ?h?- ?lo. k
g of the ?? ai . : ' ' :i<? *!*'
r ?g? c '
?upporf the Liinia" Seamen'? Horn?
. d. hi."/ an.I ha'
? .. nal lion ?and the Acton
?? - c
. .1 o lirro the .'...or tr
? ? ? i. .: ?. he wen 1
? ? <*?,",;? ...... t '?'?
?\\ ? . to the e ?
c<"" ' ??
? r tiicstr.cal prof? - - 0
? i?!. 'oo. and some n ? I be
?r?.-i ?, i w ? ? ? ,. ? "? . " .
?he ?
'? \
M asitwa?
- > ea
.,-. ?? a? e\er pro
? . , | to
ent erti
loi... e was Sa R
1.?.: <i>.ti in
r Bell? o? Ho id ??.?c* ' I
pro?_i an me *?? Jack
R ?. ?.'.] l!?rr\ .' fit.?. Signorita
? . the ? ? off P ?tere, Pratt k
- an i S y 1 ve st e i
affer. A! Jolson, of Winter t?arden
n. clos? ' - ?
? i Vaterland wa? Commander
>.- a Booth i.f the Salvation Army, re
ternational con*
- held Terr; ? ? .,- I . ? ... Misa
Booth eraa ill ?v-hen the ?inn arrived
in this
: -s
The Amor I on attracted
a Bted the
- ? , H
erl d that i s short
-. rai p.. ..- 01 SI..
the Kalliiipton l'oo?h
?lemon?! | School a* Chicago
id be etarted
Jacob iben \<a* jubilant are* the
far; t ?,- o was on the first a p to
croa i || ocean at which half the pro*
? .. eon cert rent to the
I ' ? ' I and lio wat abroad sereral
??rel Shubert ?.nd I .
?t aid sou. Jacob, jr., end brought
? . ? to - oral pla\ -
tatet the actor,
here under th< tbert marapemont to
i ? the Forty-fourth >\:eo
Hall i <-? ? month. Schaffei
i>?. the most versatile entertainer on
? .ropean vaudeville ''?Re. He is
.. violinist, wrestler, .?uppier. singer,
acrobat, contortionist, mp
Cinan. ai"ord?n-fi*?. h'.ruerna" and char
actor. He is al>o on si
? ?
? C. Keith, president of ti i
?erne! ?*-.?? of Central Amer*
resident of the ?'? t< I
? ? pony, returned after ? trip
? re| am ge foi ippl; ng thi
ontinenl with banana?;.
Whei the Vaterland was lying <?*T
(Quarantine ? ??<?? board?ii by a
? to make the perilous
?tip ut. lb? l| "<|f r ' i OTO 'h. le
. ? ? . ? ? - in many me thi She
Draper, i I -.
ot William N. ' hilds. commodore of
?he Indian Harbor Yacht ? loi
??en* down the bay to meet her mother
..rd bt ?'
Other passenger! on the Vaterland
Ibel? :. of the
l'nion Boa1 ? iub crew that lost t ?
llarva? i lb? T1 an es, J.. y 4: Mr.
h . lacque* Bustanoby. Mr. ar.d
Mi?. ? harl? B Dillingham, Peter
? .- Iloris ia'toti, Mrs. Al
" i ? I ' anl Tinney. M r. .
Ro? v Rainey. Willie Ritchie, Mr.
"'?. Richard Croker, jr., and Mr
I Mi ? ? I '
? r.?"..?????? from r>ar? 1
? ?:?. however, that hundreds of
i hem refused ?<* eontinue their home
ward ?r p by boat. They returned to
Vewark by trolley and railroad lines.
-, ? Ks .(...?i a- the;, :ea.-hcd the
a- el them hurn?d away with*
? ?topping even to see the outcome
ii?-ii? 1 he?r fact?? made it.
ble to cheek no on the Ma*
.. arngera and to find out ??ho
- U 0|?
? ef ..?.own ti.? seow. which
? ,. :;?. belonging to the Fleming
any, na.i only four peraoi
o?ii] the ? apt a in and h -
> < ar <>'?! ?on and th>- nihte. I i;o
the ?? are unkaee t. '( he
. ir-ctng to the bot
tunat a'ter it had turned
ipletri;. over and while lbs wai
a 'team. It night ha e
'. ? ? utr? that the captain'
?eife was abl? t?> keep her precarious
then bet Irength ? led, ??tid
.hr fell or i??- washed into the river.
Patrick Ruddy, a lifeaaver, aw the
accident ??'?I hastily set out in his, rov.
? -p?>! II?- had not row ? d
far bef?te he . aw the body or a woman
c up and d<.?wi with the ?\H-h
? ?> r in front of him. Ruddy
r ? ? boat. She was ut
^ Stories by
aul West
Scwell Ford
Eden Philipotts
Hugh Pendexter
and a sinking article
l?y tlie famous aviator,
Claude Grahame-White
on "Flying the Atlan?
tic," will appear in tlic
Sunday Magazine
of the
New York Tribune
Next Sunday
?? i.? t -1 :: s? :i \n I ft.
? la hort.
\- ,- . railed ft om 'no Re?
reptil was hurried
there, but aftet ' a* re
- " i-- forci 'I
? o a.. Ibis
woman is believed to be tht ' t o tha
at-..I picked up a t ' cht IntS
':?-. lie
.- ?va<
-....- ? latei re?
f.-sr,l to give l nam? ol '?' - man.
Ht. was one ? thai bail
n been un?
ei f the
? ? I ? ? ! .
Three Known 'l?> Be Mlsalng.
seo* 'a ??:?? ? ate ?nd
on s ? ' ' ?- water
e turn? of them
has lire-: beard from, and it is feared
? . ? ? m ro k truel ftin-R
IUS hr
for? I ater. There
was .-? rumor late last .? I that the
pi? ked un ?? a pass?
, ? oi bi ? erij?ed.
-. those on
board nter?
-,.?-.? ed by r? I ves of '1 he Trib
'?;.-'. last
night. ? I I., ona
? lughout
? . hoaid. Whi the >r
?ounding ? bloi wa i heard
called out: ??'*.. God! we arc sinking."
tip hi scores of
?? ',? e are k! We ??.re s-.n's
.nj:'" lounded i ? irth of the
'team? i v ma . * ".-? the rail
'-?r. the
?_? ? ? .
Though th?
? ?,i-. ? ? ed the livi
? ? ? ? e-rtt of her
? i.-ir.;o ?nil
pas?. i ihe East Rii er '.-.mi? ?.
most ir effect uro-, tho^e on
ho.-iK; ? learner, and did much to re?
store them 1 to prevent
? r . t)?e river.
Capti t efforts to
p*f.p the ] e at the same 1 mc
making ?
z his
?> p promptly ' "<1 ur?. At -?-on ;? he
i -v -.?us an?
il sent
every officer a th? duty,
rlo? k hands, and ? irds through
the crov ded deel ? out there
was i ? ? ip was ?afe ?nd
to keep quiet.
In thi ? ? of ?he panic r.o heed
. th?s?
I -.<"'..- -- " ? ? i : Newark
? ? b ?'? ou?
.. r m ?
artered 1
outing at
Twa Badl) Hurl in Jump.
Of '.be 1 i it is esti
? . two were
ao ser - ? ? the jump that
? the ambu?
lane? g ption II
It ere. They
are A ? yeat - old,
; ry st.. Newark,
' . ? . ? il? twenty-nine
j at 193
I ? them
' ? ?-- . . ned ankles
A number of othi excursionist!
n-rre m< re or 1 bi uised by
1! ? loar. ? ? these -?ere treated'
by ti o ambulanee physiciai i ?tvl t! en
home, ?--t;ir:> were ;?li> 'o hurry
i. ?? ? thout tn atmenl
i ? ?? ! lur? after * .- i row had
dumped her csr^-o ?n?l iiat-sengers in
the East River she was seen floating
the river off Jirh : ?.. ??;?l bot?
tom upward. At 10 o'clock la-t m<-ht
? ?, ? -.;-. -,??->??. '???o-.' ;. g her down
streai _ king efforts
tf' *?'. ? ? ? . ' ? .-.?1 not been
1er hour, and
a rail for help was nenl t?> The navy
? -a ? ? go*- ernmenl
I' ter the i ? nun?
? . pier
? ? ? Rivi l' -i... Thei. - ? ?
nil ii ed up with 1
and ? ? ihe work
Tie Stuten Island f-frrybaat Rich?
mon?! struck a half sunken scow,which
i beli? ?- ed to 1 th? me ->?? h ich the
. out ? ?? hundred feet
at 1 i Battei at 10 o'clock.
at wa H"' damaged.
Will Speak at Stamford to
Boom Chautauqua.
St am --i d, i nun., .1 ul .? '."'. V,
g* Bryan, Secretary of State,
? the rescue of the chuu
taufiu.? \ o ation, bi been
holding ?? series of lectures ?nd enter
ta in ment s her? this wi-ck. Becauaa of
unf?voral?l<- weal er, * coursa has
m.? been tuccei t'?l financially.
In the liope of saving the loen) jjjsr
H?tiir the management hat ..j a. ?.i
M r. l?i, . 'i to ' ome h? re Sun? bj noon
?ml give a It-rUire atraaoi No ;
?11 bi chai ged, bul a co I?
??? !! !??? *,;.?.< n up.
Hcffernan Goes to Sing Sing-.
la i r Hi n .nvicted
? ? Qui i . ? ? coutrl oi ;<i ai
; ?
old, m the Democratic Club at
? - i.* la * U< cei lin i. - - ? ? to
i r? inj?
?i?ii f:.r -.ea:.--. Harry Si-;?n!?.r
' ed oi th? g?. but the
t'hargi are i.? ndinf b
ni Glynn I<...? \> ? ?, , ? .\
Matt he* J Smith failed to pro i
? ? ? eai e propt -
Red OrOll Offers Its Aid.
an Red Crass a
\e terdi ? * r?te? vg and foi
.. or relief in aithei
g - ' *ril I.,
I . i, ? la? "ii
II : ? - 'i oik
Mat? Hoard ** 130 Ka ' .-'i ?I Ol .?'
| IJ .'. ill BO
Visit to White House I
to Revea! Just "Wht
It Is At."
Promises Nut to Figln No?
tion of Any Democrat \V
Mas Kept the Faith.
w .1-1. ngton, July 29. Presiden!
aon hs I? d dii ..-? m ? d 'i ant
Dei ? .- ? -... House ; ..-.I?; "a
? ?? o -. ? ?:.- bunk" -
f I i "brave
lie ?Tammany and neai rant
membei -. I raded b; Repreaent
I iti geratd. left the ? h te 11 >u ???
i col ?-. or of ?- ague p on es and
ferial I ? g . . ?, i, :,
inge. Th? President, accord i
guarde : whi ?por? <>'" li
?howed a determination to run
' '? h, ? .? and ' i.i ? with the hount
pleasing not h ng .. i to co
himself to no del ? propo tie
cerning the "where an we at?" t\
ol the mal .. ? >? A' ? pol? iciana
led ? ? him.
The cont'orenee. from al' r.c?-o
was a- amiable and refreshing a
The Tami. ?? ed to
pre ? ticise their de
tors ,.?? ?i-e Dudley Field Malone
?' hile the Pre ment assured the del
?ion that ?he administration, a? -
?led nee- intend to fight the re-ele?
of a?,y Democratic member of
House who was ..bee;.ont *o tho r
.late* of the Whit? House. 1 hen 0*.
bodj talked of the glorious prospe?
Kcneral auccc? in the approac
< hrer?. the Faithful.
The fear of Mr. Fitzgerald and
? .?t'-'cs that criticism of the
ganization might result in the pet
ment o? aome of ita members in
lit i House was deprecated by the P
?dent, who discoursed entertainii
on the achievement? ? : l is adn ini
tion h? i.i a?-.-iir.?ii his callers that ??<'
the Democratic faithful would rel
their jobs because e>i the wave of i
lie approval of the Wilson admini I
tion which would aweep ?ne coui
about election tune.
rhe delegatscn perked up ?our
enough to say that (?rla-.n f.-'ioiH1
liceholdera In New Y.>ik had boon ?
iiiK mean thing? ?bout the organ i
represented bj Tammany; ti.at
'.??? 'inrk ?'i!> members felt thai ll
had been placed in a h??d lieh*, and tl
r m barra? ment? might ensue if thi
attacks? from within were not stopp
President Wilson aaaured the d?-:?',
tion that the administration would i
put <?ut a candidate against any nor.
cmt who had stood bj the party i
necessarily the President in hin to
policy, etc. ;,nd ti.a' if an effort v
'iiiuio to s'art opposition with admin
tint ion barking the President would *
rise the baek'-r? of the opposition th
they muM not. This v.as about I
only tangible promise made by V
Wilson, but th? Tammanyitea optimi
tically construed it aa a prospect!
-iap on the wrist for Dudley Fie
Malone ar.'l his critical adherent?.
In assuring Messrs. Fitzgerald at
his colleagues that t'n? sdministrsti?
??a?? not out for the scalp t?t' any fait]
ful ?Democrat the Presiden! .?aid tin
this did not menu necessarily thai 1
could distribute ?patronage among a
applicants. II? intimated, however, thi
he would tell the official patronage dii
tributeis not to go out of 'heir ?va
to knife those furthest from the pi
counter. The President -aid he woul
make it plain that the administrate
would nol ?take aides against any Dome
cratic member of the House who want
ed to return and who had kept th
tiar',v faith.
"We marched right up the hill am
marched right down atraen." was the
comme?!? of one Tammany member af
ter the Wilson speech.
System Has Six Months' Rcc
ord with No Loss of Life.
In the six months between .lanu
ary l and July 1 the lines of th?- Penn
aylvania P.a.lroad system earned B7,
000,000 pa*fenger?, and not one of
them ?c?' killed in a train accident. In
1919 the linen es?t of Pittsburgh car?
ried lfifc/iiKi.ftiiO passengers and not one
was killed in a train accident.
This record of six months mean? the
?safe operation by day and by night,
through fog, ?now, ?torm and clear
weather, of f.so.ooo passenger trains,
while at the same time approximately
i.-' many more freight trains are being
caied for.
On the lines esst of Pittsburgh no
t., engei has been killed in a tr,.m
accident since 1912. During thm pe
t i?id ti.f-se !;no= alone ha-, c ca? i ied
more than 161,000,000 persona without
the lo.-s of a single- life in a tra'n acci
The Pennsylvania management re*
gards every accident of any kind aa
one too many. Every cfT.iit i, being
("'.'.finally directed to the end that
the number of accidenta of all kinds
may be reduced ami if possible pre
Wilson Tells Big Busiiu
Delegation Aim Is lo
End Suspicion.
Hugh l lialmcrs I \prcsscs Ht
<?f Improvement When Icyi*
lation Is urn ol the Way.
. -.
vl'asl ? B-ton, .'il- ". President V
to ? de'.r
t .en h f business iicn repr? i it ing ni
'.'- every RCCtion of the I nitcd .*:tl
the propo ed nnti-trust legii
I ?en t.. .... the chiel ibji I ?if ?I sc
?iion. He aid he hoped ?he legisla!
be pa ied n> ?thin s-n
The i.-i ?m -? delega
?-. m * he N'ationa d< \ ?ciai ion
\\ holei alei -. Th? ? v ire nv ti d
.1.' i :* ? pecific suggesl ?oni
? - ant i-trust bill; and were ? m
? eir i < commendal ?on i v ould
ir ie con ??lerntion. The Presidents
that ? propoi n\ bj ?>ti
business men had been ron idered.
Hugh < I. aulon
anu ii er, :.'-?? il icu ?sed bu
? - . ith the Pi -
derla red hal "tl en ? t no denyi
? ? hal im ?ne? i had I" en bad '
.?- ? ??> ? i.i il-.ieo month " i
added thai he believed there .1,1
mi improvement after the trust leg
; ii t ion v?i out <> the way. mul that t
granting of Increased freight rat
,- ould furthei impro? e busini
thi oughout t'n<- com i ? ;?.
'Ihe President told the business m
thai the ??l-jrc* ?if the anti-trust lee
'.-, on * ;? "'?- ? lo ? ? . ' i a of - '
picion and recri nination by putting
? he h? - ? lut i he moi al Judgment
? In i ommunity hi d >?:il ought to
*'\\e I nve ha? t? n or ft fteei : ea ? -
? e.i ?les* agitation about business,"
sjr.i. "During thai length of time ?
have read itorie? in the newspape
and in the magazine? ?if th?* extrav
gi ntly wrong ii that vi ere con
mi. and in al ? * - of i Imo t ui
1 versal -i p.?uni lia-- hei-n created,
? , ? ? , ??? rame a but ine is mi
in :i 1. v he had the uncomfortab
g ? 'ello prnliab
I looked ? ? not coming by h
n.'ii.e-. in th? righl waj.
"I think i am righl ;n saying th
what the pif-senl administration In
t?ie?l to iln In? lire.i In briliRaU thOI
questions to ?- clearing house ami se
tie up the bslanres <>f judgment. . .
Wo ha I mone; conditions, banking em
ditions, economic conditions, of whii
?! e country -a<<\. 'They are wronj
Now we have undertaken to give
remedy, ? <l until that v.as done l?u?
t is could not settle down to anythin:
he?:? e th? . ? itation was ;ure t<? con
? B -
Ex-Speaker Seeks Nominatio
"to Tie Wilson's Hands."
Dan lie 111., July 2?. Joseph <
Cannon, ex-Speaker of the Nations
Hiiuse. made formal announcement ti
day of his candidacy f?r Represents
t ? from tin- Eighteenth Illinois ?'on
great l? trict. Ilia announeemen
renda in part :
"1 had not Bought the nominatio
and so told the committee, hut afto
consultation I agreed to become
candidate, subject only to the primar;
election to he held on ?he ?th ?';?
of September. I, therefore, formal!;
announce ?.iy candidacy. If nominate!
I will make a vigorous campaign to
my election. If another Republicai
?hull !)?? chosen I Kill malee a vigorooi
campaign for his election.
"In my judgment the tariff law no-.'
on th.:' statute hooks, enacted by h .-.uh
servienl Congresa ?t the dictation o>
Pi ?dent W ilsim, i. responsible fot
the present condition of the country
which condition will not permanently
improve until tv;c t;iri!r law is replacei
by ?me m harmony with Republican
policie i.
"The Republican party has evei
he-en, and ; ?" ?> progn ?va party,
but it stands for progress ? condi?
tions arise progress baaed on sanity,
not on hysteria flavored nith dema?
gog: .
"We are trying Wilaon's Democratic
policy. If you 'ike i*.. clioo-e a Henio
cratic Houae in Kovember ne\t. If
you don't like it. return a Republican
House that, will tie the hands of the
President ?n dirtating further destruc?
tive legislation."
Health Officer Finds Ton and a
Hall Dead in Pond.
Highland Palla, July :".?. Dr. H l
Kurt/, village health officer, upini in
vesti^'atnip: ;i complaint to-<l?y, found
a ton ami a hull of dead Ash ffoa'.nii,
on tue water and lying on tin* shores
?if Popolopen !-on?i, near this village.
It developed that mischievous anjr
lers had sal off an overcharge of dy
naniil?- late in the night and k.lled ail
the fish in the pond, which was abund?
antly stocked..tamea Thorpe, a camper,
complained that the banks were
t-tremi with dead fish. Workmen wcie
' .sent to bury the lish.
Uriel Davis, Incubator of Maxixe Octopus. Shaves
Down His Estimates in "lake It
from Us" Letter.
"Take il from us." writea I"riel l>?
\. , of the i riel Davis Dancing Studios
".?i had to pa; ?.ety much more that
?l'?i for the incorporation of oui <?>n
?em m Delaware. You \\\\\ tinel a mill?
ion dollar corporation will cost more
tnan that."
It WSS Mi. I'riel Davis who conceiveel
the ?lance trust idea. It was Mr. I'riel
I?avis who in his chat with a reporter
for The Tribune talked so glowingly of
.".on ?per cent profits. Hut Mr. Davis
objects to seeing his remsxks given
just the publicity they were afforded in
yesterdi \ ' ? I ribune.
He emphstically ?let,ies tha' the
I'riel Davis Dancing Studios, ltie\, of?
fer .'.'Hi per cent profit on investments
in M ahares of stock in the company.
V a reflection Of an entire night seems
to ha--'? changed Mr. Davia'a idea- of
the probable pronto on which the day
before he had expatiated '..? .?? Tribune
reporter, who, by the ?m, he ? J i ? J not
know a- a .?porter at all.
Mr. Dav: ,n bia letters ?ails atten*
tio'i t?> the well known poatal la?*
which makes illegal au oder through
the ma I ' .mi p. i ? ent ? rofil ou a
tock Inve ?tment.
I riel Davil ha* anothfi obie. ton ?.,
. ?ba-c He epositieelj ?ieniea that any
?iaiuer wsa sent ?.. Bar Harbot at a
salary of $15 a week, "??ui proies
-<.!.?! dan et ?no paid higher sala?
ri?'.-." he r;iy i. However, the dame
tin * promoter said so much to the
reporter in -?upport of his predirtion of
.'.em per ?'eut profits that he may have
forgo! tete tliat he made a statement re?
gaining a mere matter ol detail I.kc
that. Mr. Da is. however, a?tds ?
?- plat i.tioi, :
"He might say. however, that quite
often a dancer ??? ill perform for a sum?
mer hotel for In room and board, and
his compensation is secured by h- gi
mg private dancing 1?- oni t?> patrons,
?nvariabl* i.e-'. bun a hari-iseimo
Mr. Da via thinks the article in jres*
terday'a Tribune may not have placed
hi enterpri s in the un.-.t favorabl?
light before the public. lie ffari, the
talk of th? .'?HO pet cent pro) t.s may
lead ome people to believe he i? o\er
ipt ?mi -t ic.
However, lei i* be .1: tinctly tinder
-?....(I that no lit.rat ure bearing a
United l iti t..up fro n 'he danee
trust will ever offer jOO per cent profit?,
even if Mr. Davis doei make gi.j* ng
| predictions in the privac) ??f hi- oflice
?.. pre pecti ? purchasers of his itoch.
A famous -Nr w Yorker died
lotting more !han
His name was a synonym
for ail that was conserv?t ire
and sucreuful. Ytt among
his assets were thousands of
shares of ?stock that the pub?
lic appraiser declared to he
It 7011 Invest In the Guar?
anteed FirM Mortgage Cer
tiffoates tint we sell rather
than In stocks, the public
appraiser will (Did t li?t each
one of these certificate* la
worth one hundred tents on
the dollar.
TiTlE guarantee
Capital . . $ 5,000,000
Surplus (all canted) 11,000,000
?7? 8'ivav. N. Y. 175 Pemsen s:.. R'klya.
.'?fin Kulton St.. .lameifa.
Leader's Oily Insistence Is
Unconditional Surrender
by (.arbajal.
Washington, July '^i'. Dure? ?rord
from General Carranza snnouneing
lliat "if ? arbajal offer?? to aurr?
unconditionally I believe the presen
nation in Mexico vill ?oon he satis?
factorily lolved," came to*nighl to the
Constitutionalist junta in Washington.
Carranza's mei -.ice. dated a* Tarn
pieo, directed Rafael Znbaran, head ???*
,;.'- agency, to deny any reports that
I"- ? endeavoring to place dilReul
tirs m tho \. ay of establiahing peace.
Members <.r the Constitutionalist
:"?'?.'. said the;' interpreted the 1 -.
rnce to ''unconditional flirrender" ?1 ,??
reiteration of Carranza's inaistence
that he would not recoguize the Cai
;.-.i;,i government a? legally estab
! ihed. They predicted that the que?
tion of amnesty and ?ruarari'"es for
the Federals would not be a stumbling
block during forthcoming parle?, s over
the transfer of government becauae.
they -aid. p?opi? m the territorj onci
controlled by Huerta uos placed con
..!.?.. in Carranza's sssurancea that
i ?? would attempt ro wholesale re*
prisais a h? n he entered Mexico City.
Confirmation of reports that ?
friendly understanding had been
leached between the Constitutionalists
and Za<pata*a force? vas received to*
night by t'ne ?unta. It waa raid the
outhcrn revolutionist would quit his
activiti? - against several cities in the
neighborhood of the capital and eo
? perate srith Cai ran;.a.
Monterey, Mexico. July Si. General
? arran :;? arrived here to-day from
lampico on his way lo Saltillo, ?chore
- personally will conduct tiejjotiH
liena with PeToviaienal President ?r?,r
bajal's representatives for the transfer
of the Me-clean gui eminent to the lon
-? ? itionalist-.
Army and Navy Orders ;
Movements of Warships
' ' ?-.., rheTrl ? ? ?? < ,
?v.. .mi x-f"., .1, :- is.
.r.ll'llTH, lita Inf., I? r*
i'ol n K HAT' II Ufa Inf to Co
liarn?'. s. for lemi ...
thence ?.. Arier War College
SUJ I?. I RAK 111;. )i Adj. ?lei., from de?
ll Ad ..-i' '.? I??-;-! : remain on pr^?
ll !??? -ii til further or.;,-n.
\ seoank i ; ???-. aeulied ta
?iftnal ? >.ri. i, in take r-ffect Aug. I. vice
? .- i: h UYER, eignal i-orp?, aaelsned
llh ? '.i' . 10 '..;.-. ? :!? : An
Following aetrfgnraenta or attachments of
i .?- Infamo arm, recentlj promoted, aa
? 'l:
H T PCHER, ?(th Inf . G A
??. ii:.si.i:. i.tii inf ; c, i: tv. MORSON,
'?;i Inf : >*? i. REED, at-?, tied titii Inf..
; F l'lt.w EL, i?t!i Inf . N M ?;rei;n,
' Inf.; .1. A. ?.!?>;>.*.', ;jd Inf.; ?'. P.
I ..-I li.f ; I"lr?? 1 ;?? ? ? 1. V.
?? ins, Jr e.l?. lief : ,f. A EARLV !0tti
U. Taylor, 4th Inf.; A 11. ERCX.
.'??'i Inf.- I P. Ja Ob*. ?Jifa Inf. ; V . .-'
??REACKAX. ...i Inf ? I. rnocKKTT,
Inf. ; O ? DICKINSON, :: I inf . i?
If. si.Al?.Ill lilt. ;?? , Inf ; II ?
miiii.i;nbkr?? um ?i-pi*.. i P.
? i HI'.' . lb . ' .' i. ? HANKT, Jib
Inf W i FIT/M.U'RICE, inth Inf.;
?' ?' OAKEfl. ??Ii Inf.
Ii'si l.t-i-s i i: M'DONALD am N. J.
WILEY, detach? I ttfa Inf
Flrn i leut. a a F TRt'MBO, .:?h ? a?
?o l-'l I?.>'..i,-i- f..~ temporary diitv,
?hen. ?. to Ft. Mrliofol!
i Ii ? Ueui i: M BARTON, 5th Ce* . <?.??
tail? i ?? :'h Vellotmtona National Tar.; Se?
to Ft i eUewateoe.
Ii?*. Meute, i: J. ATKIHHON ?n'l K. 3. A.
l'iH'.lllir.TV. an-l Beoond Lieut. H \V.
PI "I.NAM. Corpi of l.n;; , ?o *A.shlnztnn
Barracka, for examination for ?.roiiiotion
roll??? Ir.p tr. on'l llo-jtenanti from *t-:<l?jn
ni?.? rrRlment? Indlont?.; ;
l> ?-i HEERE, Id Fteie Art : If v. MINER.
?'.'h Field Art.; C. B. THL'MMEL, 6th
i . Id An
I'. .I.?.-- >. is <.s.or..J Meats., Point Art. from
? ..iiirt? indicated to ?ai.? effect s?pt. II,
. '.?i.l r-i..,ri to commanding ..frier? of
?i ?? defence? designate.! f... ..- ?
F ?. i)N ILEIIARI l?ssth ? o . Houtbern
N v. w v. crtifHORNE cih Co., ;*><
- ? . ? s M PRAM K ill h (*.., --. il
N V .-? ,1. IIKII'NKR, .<?'!? - - Han
r ..ii..-- ... .? i' n ?m:-i. .'.?i . ?., M.i
I'?.-. Il ? M. M IsIMMI.I. Jr. ;id ' ?
? ?.. .. \ K. l'I u.M-?i.i. r. .ti. ? ?? . San
' Iran, .. Il M l'BKK IXjl, 1 -.11. I.?8
? .a\- um IV. ? 1' ?? ?. ?'. It h . ? . Ho t?
- ?-? .lll'l'IN. .' ? e '?(... i. I -.- i- .. ?'.
K DIVAI-U *l?S Ce., Charlettan; ' B
?iii.i.K-i'iii. Ii ?? i ? t., tl -- C5ai?a : . .
.1 i??? iHBV, ."-stli <?<?. t'ertlai ?1
l i - .? r. 1. KILHL'RN, c_a?t Art.
:, ? i ? ? fOth ? o . r. ron to con -
le.ai. lu.e Pllir-r, . o.-..? rl?f ! ^ < ' t '
Lea? ? of atmen ? . Ucut. >'?-:. u ? FISH*
M< . ? ??'? ? ?ma n one? fretji A?,g. ?o.
?'..i .?." K WOOD, Le l'i-l'l Art., fi?
P.niith. I-: !jr ?.- i. ?1 f .-' RIV?N, ? te.-'
i-lxiia! o;i, . ,-. on? .,- itr. fio:., A :g.
ru?? i., m. <i. ll "?.?s-. 1 leid Ar? . r -
.re.ituit offi ??! fieen m?.? ? fro:.i \.,_. \o
l'api W. O sii.i. ; ? . have to O?
. : Kin I-oui .1 K i ???.' SOS, Cm inf .
?xa vT.
i n r . HA? r, t.. M >si ? .;
!. ii ij inlor fra-ei J. ?'. I. tTHA "i ?
..??,.. ? ademj pra- ?k-o nq'-w-Jion.
. and v alt ordere
l.i-.. . ii.r ir..?)?-. W. l.K R IinlERO,
-... na - '-ar.! ?Itarleaton.
j... i? .Junior Etadei K H roNAVlN. d?
'.m ommand ".'??. ?o Naval aeadeny,
?V 11. CHEADI.E, ?>i* ii?d na-.a!
h ?g autleo, N? ton: to Petrel.
Un? ij i.A* i-, rt-"- ? to ten?]
. .,; tralnlna ?.?i-?,??'. Ntm-por?
. i ? WHITEHIDeB, detaeehed Petrel
??. i
i. ii wi:v::i:r i. ?i : .-.? ?; r? ?ivir.
. ' . -, Il .1 ? o? K.
HOT r ll..ai?'.v un D
? ? i. i m. a. E, RICE h o M*, h ?Y
IlOLTON, Oeia :h u latahe; ?o Illl
Vi - - .r*. ?;. ? IMIO^pT
i. ie i il ii" pi? a t. t
.-i^.. k ?VI: N, <i lach a
li and alt ?.??:-.
:rz v i' '.' \T? ?? ?'? Bureau rf
?1 Kurse . ?. . Depart
F. v.. ?? iDLAND, ?' ava
? . , ??! -
.', ?, U. iiARI i? ?aval hoapttal
- I r. II. IIAIOLER, t? Dti -
?- . ra 11 ?.' BLAISUELI.. de
I , ...
. .. N? ? TorU.
,t . '.'. Rhod .-? . . - ?'- 'ax
J .* l'nca at Newport; O-4 at >
i .- . MefMufkl, M? ?*' . Pei - . se?
nt ' ? and n <ikfr. ?i . . mi'e
? -. N T e ? pc t;
' ' ' ? i M l>ous?e.
I ,??-,. ' . . ......
? ? i . . K-? for Bu
- |U
i M : iota, Gra
i . .... r."?
Democrats Will LetCQii
Determi. c "Unfair
Senate Expected t<> Appn
Amendment to I hat Int
Offered by Po?ere?e.
11 ?. ?
Washington, Jul < "" 1
the criticl ?m of Republicai
und tu diasati ?faction amoi g '?'?
pai . olleagu? , the ? mo? ratic m
bars of 'he Interstate Commer? ?
mitte* decided to night to modify t
non 6 of the pending 1 rad? ? omn
?ion bill. 1 he amendmen! drafted
Senatoi I' ?mi rene, licl take ; Ihr
i ;.| deci .m ;. ? to ?? hat ?
"unfair comnetii on" out of the ha
i. the prop? - i ' ' -'r' "" :""' ' '
i in the courl . probably will be
proved bj the :.ati. Mo ' ol
Dem aera th member?? and several
publicans favor 'I"- modification.
The Pomerene amendmenl pro? i
? ?,..? .-.- ,, no ? i?in again M ? h
the commission hi - din -?',,'l an or
tr. deal it from unfa'r methods ol ct
petition m <? ? a il I daj .
.- ; bill mi i-?u*? in the Di ?*' let ' o
of ?he i ni ted States ?thin any tl
trie! where the said coi |>oral ?o i '?
it? domicile oi chi? or bran? h ofll
oi where any of the act?, romnlaii
of were committed, together with
certified tram ? ript of ?lie i
oui ?n the proceedings, inclu?iing
? i the testimony taken in ihe proce<
ingfl ar?l th? report and order of t
commission, to enjoin, set a de, s
annul or suspend any order of si
* Upon the filing of si d hill in equ
?ii-l transcript of rhe record as afo
said, the court i hall ha? e Juri 'dicti
of the proceeding and of the
lermined therei i. and notice of the
?ng of the said bill in equity ihall
served upon the commission. >?
cause ?hall he tried upon the pie}
inga and the tranacripl thua filed, i
lesi the court shall be satisfied up
?ne application of eithei the rarpoi
tion or the commission that ?here
6thel rna'er-a| and competent ?
? ??ie ? |? i ?.i adjust determination
the complaint,"
But Net Gain Was Reduced t
an Increase of $1,161,006 in
Operating Costs.
The report of the Brooklyn F'a.n
Transii Company for the year end
June :;??, 1914, which was mad-- p i. i ?
yesterday, showed gross earning fro
operations amounting to $26.5?8,-49, i
increase of $1,405,961 over tl"" pre ,o
year. Xet earnings were 111,563,697,
gain of only *'_M 1.86 t, ?;-.?. ?i . , .
r.ro-s being offset largely by operatii
expei i1'-. which increased $1.181,01
irplus for the year, after payii
$0*? '.?-'-i ?nteresl on refunding bon?
v hich have now l?e?-n converted in
?to? k, ?ras >:..M.. 704.
With this interest saved, 'n" repo
said, the surplus earning would r???'
been equivalent t > 7.87 pi r cent on I
stack, if ?he issued stock on July
lifter conversion, namely R74.5-0,i*X!
had been outstanding <!ur?i-u: the yes
In 1913, the eompany earned 9.18 pi
cent on $49.078,(rlW itock.
\^ hown in the laal annual rejioi
$4,177,000 of the refunding boi
be-'ii converted into stock prior to .Im
.'?0, 1913. The eonvei tion privilege c
pired or. July I, 1914, and the toti
??olid-' converted then was $29,619.00
leaving oui ti iding in ti.i hand? of tr
public $3,4W,000, and owned by tl
companies of the system $18,714,000. 1
addition to the conversion of boi d? d .
ing the year, the report said, the tir..-i?
cial results were >?l o affected by th
inclusion of the statistic* of operatio
of the Conej Island ? Brooklyn Ri
road < 'ompany foi the h I six month
the surplus a', the ?un?' of acquisitio
being $506,625, wh eh ? ras included i
the parent company's income.
"In (ommon ?'??'n th? experience ?
other public ser*.-ice corporations," th
leport added, "higher wages and -r
creased eaat of materials are reflecte
in tin? operating expensea. Of tl tots
increase for the year, l?>?0,09." ia i
trainmen's wage and evf>en?e ?iireetl
I connected with c.?r ?ipcration, and $457
.100 in maintenance. I?a?nai;es show
decrease of :??M.L.,(,?, in cp;*e of lu-avie
I tr?tale."
i?n June 9, 19in, the date of closin;
the book.s for the dividend, payabi
July 1 of tha' year, the number o
Brooklyn Rapid Transit stockholder
Was 1,709, On the fame da'e of 191
there were <v!19, an Increase of l'.iSIO
or over 7(1 per cent, accounted for be
cause of the conversion of the bond:
into stock and a wider distribution o
the company'?? shares.
House Naval Affairs Committee
Against Methods of "Pluck
ing Board."
T-.-..H. ii - n ?? m? Bu -.. .
Waahington. July 29. A sub-corn?
n ttee of the House Naval Affair ? om
niitte?. vot-ii to-day '" report bill? re?
storing to the active lisl Captaina Jo i
H. Gibbons and Prank H. Hill, reccntl;
retired by the navy "Plucking Board.'"
The action of the sub-committee seek?
to override the "Plucking Bo ?id," and
it is probable that bills will bo reported
to reatan other officer, arbitrarily i?
tired by the "Plucking Board."
Sen? un?? r.t. In the bouse committee is
against the "Plucking Roard" a?. I i
mcthodi Although Rear Admiral \
tin M. Knight, the chairman of tne
b< ard. ?pent t..o days before the com?
mittee explaining its mi hod?, ?us ex?
planation ? did not ut.
Admiral Knurht -aid' that ? aptain
Gibbons had been retired because he
lad ha.i little -eH duty, Ii-? explained
tnat Captain Hill ??.. retired becau -
of alle-ed "temperamental unrltness,'
while admitting that he was a capa
sud efficient officer ? fhr u nlt rccor<j
????a . ?--.'i".'-! ned.
Tha Thomas V ?dison < ompany, Inc.,
' nu ?? ? for moving pictures.
J ?'?? :ra :'- tl ?? defendant in a suit
broug ? ; ? t? rdaj . ? the Pederal D
tr a I ourt b) Delta E. l'ont,oliv, au
(\hibit..r ,.? trained cats She want;
i.'.ooo damages because, she .?? .
exposed to "obloquy, ridicula and
irieana of an unuu
? d picture. nil ii the plaintirT
' ? of her m Madi on Square Garden
?iiile s|ir ?? ?,, exhib '.ne her pal
rhe Rim, hi ?.. es, was ?ho? n all j
over ?he country under 'he capl -
"The I.Worth of < ata." |
?Ess* - -t \K^k-''-ltJS^\^^^^ ? ''^^ai
A brand new kind of a
highball: Peach syrup mixed
with cool bubbling Clysmic.
it's the best yet.
"King of Table Waters"
Daniels Submits Bill to Reduce
Officers' Retired Pay.
na v o , '"
part -?
< onjii
. ? h h?
?th. nate and I
(??i-ir ? ? ? .
The '..;. - -
lu., h" than ten
hall n
;.i tive pay, bi da ' ' ;i
'-? iv? d i than ti
(went*, ; < ar on? I alf pa; .
fourth h- would be alio' ? A o\
;.. ;,! ,i ah ' r-crotai Da i
lo .i..-. ? U '
?ill cers with coi little er
, .. | . ul disability
ol m ith nie rial ui ? . ;- id thai a gn at
major it) -
*H ,e ' . ? . in!' in ? I lif?
without h
Gabriel I Hines Victor in Cnn
tcsi with ' \ oyage of the
Uabi ' [lines, of ? ty, ha
just be? j !? ol
$1,500 offei .1 bj th? ? ctoi i of the
Panama P? * ? * ? n for the belt
American opera. ?re i*?-' con?
testant .
Mr. Hi?es' i pei.? called "The
Voyagi ol the Pilgrims" and it a?-?.- ?
th?' vr tward ?oui:?- of rational do
velopn ' ? I '?- : the landing ot" the Pil?
grims in l''-''i tu the time of the San
Francisco Kxpo3?tion. 'Im* opera avili
he produced during the exposition of
1915, and Mr. Hinca \?i!I bo conductor,
Mr. Urn Is twenty-six year* old.
He v ;? bo ? :.i New York City of
Ki lian German parentage. II" re?
el red eal education in 'V
city, i- . ej. ?i ? ? mo rh? spent in
lie ia head of he m i ic depai lm< - *
of the Boy??' Preparatory School, of
Sv arthmore, P aln ady in?
vc ?ed i ea ! ? il ate.
Altho .,.*cign par? ii'aj-e, Ur.
Hines ?.. thoroughly ?.merican. II ? be?
lieve?, i. opera n Kngli h and in ,:<?
veloping i.. ?> u tic. 11?- ;.. , r
write.? "andante," bul ises tin- Sng?
lish word '
"I ?anI in .??! -j \.-, .
t0 -tudj .,- home," he ?ai< 1 yes
terdi ??. ' i. ?'. ;. ??., ? . , , , teach?
ers they ran find thi i ! . ? York
< ity. W hj ihould American itudenta
endaiifi going -.? Kurope
far whs m obtain ;?? home?
? koae o broad any length
?? ""??' - mi ? ire sj mpathy
with Ami ru ??i -.;.
Claude Grahamr-White, ihe famous
aviator, writes about "Flying ?he \t
lantic" in ihe net) Surta? Magaila?
<?l Ihe 'I ribune.
Telegraphs President of
I (is Satisfactory Talk
with Hitchcock.
W'ashii gton. Jo . ??' P" *: ':?WH.r
. ?? fork, v me to ?'? a-n
,,,._-,, . and ubmit ro an examination by
c Banking i l ? ' ?msaittee
? . for niomber im on the
Roar !? ' ' believed
iatien o II be eon
?.- h.j appearaiwa
Hie commit!
Yhe !? . d? ' i"?" ' ei s I'l-zrnm
from Mr. Warburg I da ? r?g be
to submit
quizzing by th? S? ?.nttec.
Subsequently Mr. Warburg and the
? lent, Joseph
I the matter over the
iring that
? -. witk
? ?
Mr. Warburg iphed to
a a com*
tating that app? arar.ee
could be airrai ?ged. S.0 ? r. aid
to-nig il at aet a date for the
te? to meet, Lit that '? e ?vould
, ,. . .,.,n a ? he learn? ?I definitely
ivhen Mr. Warburg vould cone to
Wm.-?ih i-ton. No late 1 Mr. War
ire the committee
Warburg will
,.? Ii er a perfu I <
aminntioi mittee
., to ei.i
barra ' ? ?'
? . n this
???.,! com "??'. " " the firm
of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., of New York,
and his foreign financial relations.
The President to-da) had ot decided
wlieiin to appoint to the \a?-? <
1?;.- the withdrawal of the nomination
of Thomas D. Jonej, of Chicago.
Paul M. Warbarg, at the oft.ee? of
Kuhn, Loeb ?? ? ? . et
t le news di-|>a*eh iron:
Washington ?shioii stated that he
would appear before 1 nate Kat k
ing and ? urrenc] i s i ttee t'or ex?
amination s to for mem*
. on the Federal Reserve Board.
preva ed in the t'n.a".
cial district, however, that 'ho re ei e
?rstei , a .? I, obtain ?no -rr
vices of the eminent banker. It was
learned that the negot il o? i between
Mr. Warburg ??rel the unmit
tee '?> have him appear have rr-.iltcd in
a mutual); i ?:?;.- agreement,
Scalded ?as locomotive Jumps
Track. Kills Fireman and
Burns I layman.
D ?. ' . ., . . ? One
killed si '1 :- ?? -? r out I) injured
;. locomotive on the? Central New
ICngli 'i'J Railroad was wreck.?.) to day
??' Holmes, N. V., twenty-five mi!?.-:
are I of Danbury.
Joseph Remington, a firtaean, ?a^
pinned against the heiler of the loco
motive and ncalilr,! and burned to
death, while two companions, who nat
rowly escaped a similar fate, were an?
ebl? to save him because o' their own
Rome Wkitaon, an engineer, a!
though badl) scalded, made? his ?way to
Holmes Station, a milo away, by *l
ternately walking and crawling, g
aummo.I assi * inee. W ? -, ?
Frank Cowles, a flagman, who .s.?
badly i urt, were taken to a hospital ???
1 , N. V. Both are expected tu
le-.-o' 61
rhe engine ?was running back waul
through a iwck cut ?-hen ii jumped
the track and jammed up acan ? |
rocky lido of the ??eiilc. I' we |
bound track was torn up for abo?.'
? hundred f.
Remington v a twent; i en --eat
old. He is .?a i el to lea\c a wife ?it
Shoola, Penn,
Max Stern Gets 5 Year Term.
Was S ern, president of the Reliable
Brokerage Company, was sent to the
Atlanta penitential for i?-.? jear? b)
Judge G ubb in the federal court >c
tc-rda) for using the mails to promote
gcd fraudulent real c t?te be
nogs. Barney /.inn, Stern's partner,
recent!; got .? two-year sentence. I ?
motion of ?ievri;?- ??onion Rattle both
mea were ?released in f 10,000 and <|l (X I
.bail. reapo?etive!y, pending appeal.
I. Alimatt & da
Women's Low Shoes,
Pump.- and Colon?al T?es
heretofore marked &t $7.00, $8.C0 and
$9.00 r"r pair, are being offered at
decided price concessions.
(Department on the Second Floor)
?Fifty Awuur, IM?i otto 35tii Sttttts, Um ?Juri.

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