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Nm tyfitti
Yesterday's Tempera!uro:
High, ??; Lew. M.
l'uII repair! ea Vage IS.
Vol. LXXIV....X0. 24,72?.
, |f opriifli?. IM..
I?, Tli?' rrihuna IbBBCBBIIbB.I
? ?
-nil? City ef yen York. Newark. aJ*rt*y ??"?
ui. Httawkea.
Leaders of Finance Opti?
mistic After Meeting in
Morgan's Office.
?S11,500,000 in Gold En?
gaged for Shipment
to huropc.
Crowd on Floor Struggles to
Place Selling Orders All
Balances Are Settled.
The most significant happening in
?A all Street yesterday developed two
hours after the Stock Kxchanga had
closed. when, at the end of a eoafar?
enre of hankers, in the offices of .1. I'.
Mor--an ?t To., attended by representa?
tives of The Kew York <'?rk K^'hange,
'.he member., of the conference e>.
rre?sed a belief that genera! war in
Europe would yet be averted.
Member* of the conference also da
?? ?red that the closing of the New
York Stock Kxchange. discussed in
-erne quarters in the Street, was u:i
? hit*, kable so long as there remained a
"_le person ready to buy the stocks
A ?no:, g those a*, the conference were
.'. T. Morgan, H. P. L?avi?on, of the
Tergan f-.rrr.; Francis I. Mr.c. pre*i
aal of the Clearing House Association,
? arher in the day had called off a
-ou'.'.r.e meeting of the association lest
ai gi.ir.c_r.ee ht misunderstood;
ea L .??abin, vice-president of the i
Guaraaty Trust Company; Benjamin
?-t.-ong. president of the Hankers Trust
? ompar.y, and A. Barton Hepburn,
- --?.an of the board of the < hn*-e
?? ->r._l Bank and a former president
I Ike Clearing House.
H. G. S. Noble, president o? the New
York Stock Exchange, and William C.
a- Antwerp represented the brokers'
rgankation. Unlike the others, they
.?T.e late and left early.
Conferrees Are Optimistic
The conferrees. who. it was an
-icuneed. had me,t to compare cable ad
M from F.urope, formed the most
'reerful group in the Street at ad
Ifaat <?ne member was positive
I declaring tha. a general war involv
g a'.l Lurope mima out of the question.
.f re gave no reasons for his faith,
manner left no doub*. of his sin
? er.ty.
A- for tne closing o' the exefcaaga,
Bl it **as agreed, was absolutely oat
? ' | question.
"There ia absolutely r.o reason for
. osing the Stock K-change so long as
there are ar.y buyers," said one of the
-ferr?es. "None of the big banking
-?erest? wants to see the exchange
. ?osed. What has happened in London
s not that the exchange has closed, but
hat there are no buyers. That la why
London to-n.gh? gave out no ligt of
-*?"*,<-:b1 ?juotatior.s.
That situation Aid not exist here.
He '?-ad a market and a pretty active
?var.et, as you gentlemen know. The
question of closing would aria? only if
??ere were no buyers."
?"'ttter members expressed themselves \
as being unalterably opposed U ar.y
Tio-errer,'. looking to-r?rd the el-Minf
,.' the Stock Kxchange. The BOffM?
M that Clearing House cert.ticates
- -r- re ??.??d later ?a? dismissed
*. Ik the remark that th' idea was .*.b
?t.r<i. Bach paper, it was explained,
? pror bit'd by the new banking law
PXtA there is t?W.OOO.OOO of emergency
-;.? aathoiiacd for oaa : ai ??
a I nsis.
I* ? .*-,*. a question of money; th?"?*
? ?ough and to ?pare." and
? y.. -t a -cation of credit.?,
?o-|intie^ a>n ;ai- S .olumn ."?
7hi.s Morning s \cws.
F M| ? ?', rVotOCl ,ver?.'ia. I
H 7 ' . ? a ' .?- B'lgrJid' ' Urt? ... 1
?nnai ??-, I asl ?Wai bit 1 o <:* ? I
a i a ? ? German Warning I
. . ? .a? Opt r. I
; Dr? 111 Party Line .. i
Bran It'ar to Croas ? a :
. ? ? ? ?. ? ? Gold b] ' ? ?'?
- ? | ?at Col lapa?a ?'.
$ Wat '.'.'.' . ?'.
pa I '.' ?a F'ar.te . . .'!
Back and '??hi <
r ana *<-, Bo Opon to Wi ? ? I
If?? Al.
" ? ?? ,..'>..- : I" i/'ie . . I
... I ?? ? . ' ' ?'.-' i ' ',.?'? ... 7
?- - ? - spul ... 7
-? ;?? a- <?? ? i ? ." ... .11
' ' .- ')'?.;? I" r . II
a ..? ? ? i I .M
- ' ?. ||. 'Port Hsrrei" ?J
a. , ? k, ., ' ? ' ra ta ... I
m or, y .t .... ? a-- ... I
Mir" I.I.I *. MOI S.
? -t'y .4
**?>????? - ' ? '? ' . 3
".???? . f,
. 7
' ' *ty . 7
| ? . ? 10 A- ?'. | I
? A > ''.Al ? . M
*' - . I '
,11 pi . u
' " i :
mtifiinng ?tA V?iea?h'r . Ill
Norwegian Accomplishes Fea
in About Four Hours.
.*-'?.* ?neer. ?VtiTway, ?laly M, Th
Norwegian ?.viatn, Lieutenant ?.rar
wh.. ?va? a member ?f Scott'l Antar.Mi
exp?dition, mail?* a sueceesful rhgh
"??r the North Se? to-d?y from I'rou
dm Hay. Aherd?*en*-hire. Scotland, land
ing ?? Kiep, icar this place. He ac
ci.nui|ii4hc.l trie flight nf ?,?(x mile? il
four hour? ami ten minute?.
Constitutionalists Eager fo
Withdrawal of U. S. Troops.
Monterey, Mexic-a. July '.o. With
drawal of American troops at Ven
<rn will he one Constitutionalisl ile
| nmrnl con-idcrcd at Ule ( arhajal-Oar
i ran7a conference at Saltillo, sccordini
??> 'ho declaration n.a.l,. here to-day b"
high Constitntionalist officials.
The Constitutionalisl leaders aaser
j that General Huerta'? elimination ha1
| removed ail grouml-; for the holriini
I of Vera Crui by th.- United State?.
Northeast Wind Piles Se?
Upon Lawns Facing Water.
iii Telearaph lo Hi* Tribun?
Seabnght. \. J., July 30. Scabughl
is again threatened with great d??magf
by high ?eas. A strong northeast wind
to-day whipped the ocean into a fury
rnd nil day i* washed over the bulk*
hitada and upon the Irnin? of home?
lacing the sea. At Normandie Outrai
Railway employe? strengthened the
bulkheads to protect the track.?.
I'nle??? the wind changes during the
night it is feared that the bulkheads
cannol stand the waves for another
twenty-four hoars, The ocean is nearly
as high a** :t iras or, ri.e nights of Pe
cemb,r 24 and January 2, when Sea
bright was k!tiio*t washed rwsv.
Two Suffragettes Try lo Get
Into Buckingham Palace to
Present Petition.
London, July 30. Mr-. Pacre Fo\ and
another militant suffragette raided
R-ickingham Palace to-day in a further
effort to present a petition to King
George. Both wer? arrested before
they had got far within the precincts
of the palace.
A third woman meantime had chained
hei elf to the railings around the
grounds and was in the middle of a
speech when ?he **????- arrested.
George Washington Had to
Take Oath in Leaky Roof Suit.
ine C 'rr*-?.pnn(i?rit :
r.a-: Orange. N. J., .luly 30. A pres?
ent day i?eorge Washington had to
take the oath just like any one else to?
day, when he appeared as an expert in
the ea=e of a man who sued a surety
company becau-e a contractor built a
hou*?<* with <? leaky loof.
".Judge. I don't believe .: necc-sary
to place this tritnesj under oath." said
one o: the lawyers ?vhen Washington
?ran put on the stand.
"We are not dealing with cherrv
trees," returned .ludge Mountain, and
the witness was sworn. He testified
'ha' the roof was leaky, but the juiy
decided thai 'he owner couldn't re?
cover da maires.
MissDavis to Suppress Hunger
Striker'sAppetite for Publicity
'?Reeky" Edelson, hei doings, whether
hunger otriking <?.- an indigestion
patient in the workhouse infirmary, i?.
?o br a sni.ee filler tor the papers no
lor*r**??*r. < ommissioner Pavi? ha?i de?
cided t*-.at the be?' remedy for hoi
malady is lack of notoriety. The muz?
zle has been pu' on the pre--, end
hereafter all new? of "Mecky" is to be
Ovr-r on the .-land they aren't worry?
ing about the condition of the pnsonei.
I*. i? said that if her appetite for w?t*T
continu'*? fhe can go for h week with?
out being forcibly feiL The ?omnn
-,o-'r referred to her ca?=e yesterday
as follow?:
"I must decline *o give information
as to the health or conduct of Miss
Edel son and other member? of the
I. W. \V. who are inmates of the in?
stitution? of the Prpartment of I'or
? '? on. Hereafter these persons will
? . ? .. exactly th.- same 'reatment as
all o?her prieonei s."
R. R. Men and Managers Sum?
moned to Conference Miners
Return to Work.
Chicago, .'uly SO. President Wilson
to-day took a hand to prevent a ?Unke
? ' ? . engineer' ., ? 1 I i? tnrn of th ?
to e '.rn railroada. Hi* summoned
members of the mediation board, leal I
tl r riu r. and ' he general DISH*
committee lo Wa hington for a
roofer, r ??? 01 'Miing. All
... la-nit
i*.m. , Jal) 30 l he threat
oi 18,000 mine ?*? ork? i <<{
, , |,, ,?j *r. . l,?. ks wanna and V? ? t
, ,, i ,,aI ? oropan) a/a officially called
, .. ,,, ,,?., i, . deci ?ion va rea? h? d
. , the general ???ammittei met and
,,, r? fi r ?' ' demands to the
headqua-rU r oi the minara'
-jmtrict official of the com
.,? ' oi.lini? lo Ih? lei rn of the
I * * ? ""??' 1hat "?'' *?"
failing ?o e/fccl an agreement, ? po?
tion a/ill be held te decide
'.'," A ' * "
Pact Made with Ulstcrites
i.,? ???n, July '?' a Belfast dispatch
.,, ?? i , . Morning Po I re
,,,,,., r) ? ? a< an ?grei m? ? ha been
,,?,.,.( ,, .. Horn? R ih ? hl< h ii satis*
... ? . t lei ??
? ?
K-ill of B? lgradc Denied.
I,.,. ... I? 0 1 ? ' ' '. ' '?*.??
thai B? Igrade, th?s
rapilal ??? ' ? ' '" '. ;""'
,,. th? A ?triai atta-tf ?*? "
pa * ?
Jury's Verdict Sends the
Woman to Prison
for life.
Wife's First Conviction Was Re
versed, but Her Accomplice
Went to (iallows.
: Bj TeJegrapl to The Tribun?
New Haven, July 30 Mr? Besfi.
V. aViPtield eaeaped for ail time to-nigh
?l.-.nger of death in 'he hangman':
DOOBC f<?r the murder of her husband
?Alien a .iur\. after tleliherattng from 1i
o'clock until fi:.".0. returned a venin"
ol guilty of murder in the second d.
gree. The verdict carries with it ,,
?sentence of life imprisonment, whio:
will be mposed to-morrow morning b;.
?Ivd|*e Reed.
Mrs. Wakefield did not leave th?
courtroom while ihe jury was oui
When the verdie! was announced ^h.
broke into violent sobbing. Her fathet
and mother. Mi. and Mrs. Krank Web?
stcr. of Middlebuiy. arara also affected
The jury at no time after baia|
i iiarged by the judge asked for in?
structions. It was reported to-night
that some of the jurors wanted to COB?
riet 'he prisoner of murder in the ft rat
degree, ?hile there were other-? who
thought conviction for, at most, man
slaughter was all ahc deserved.
As this was impossible under the m
dictment and there was no poaaiblc
.Lance of an agreement on the death
sentence verdict, a compromise was
reached on the second degree
Mrs. Wakeneld was confident thr*
?he would go free at her second trial.
Women's clubs flooded the court with
a demand that the .??t?te of Connecti?
cut refuse to hang a woman, and rai-ed
money to pay eminent coun.-i! *., ?i.
find her.
Mrs. William .'. Blickensderfer. of
?*-ta*iifor?i. headed a movement in the
sta't* to rt is? funda and spent many
days during the trial at the suie of
the a? ? uaed woman. She also visited
frequently her paints and comforted
am! aided them. She had urged Mrs
Wakeneld to plead guilty, lake a life
sentence and then lely on the Gover?
nor, ami Board of Parlons for her free?
doms. This the woman refused to <lo.
It was not charged that -he did the
a? ?ual killing. James F'lew. whom ?he
?va? 'nid to desire to wed, ha be?*n
hanged foi that The B**0*>eCBtion'a
contention wai thai -he pla'tmed Ihe
?rime Witnesses te.?ti:ie?l to remark -
she had made, all of which the atate
pted 10 nterprel as meaning that
ritl her husband ou? of the way ihe
could become the lawful wife of Plew.
William Wakefield was murdered ?it
' heshire, June '-'?:. 1918. Al her first
trial his wife was found guilty and
sentenced lO he hanged. Or, appeal
the verdicl >*-a> aeYeraed and j? new
':ial ordered. The principal en or
charged by the higher < ourt wa- thai
too much evidence bearing on the
a'tual killing by Plew wa? admitted.
Mrs. Wakeneld maintained all
through her second ?ral that, what?
ever Plew'l idea of reward for killing
her husband, he and lie alone, was
g'iilty of ?he murder, and ir, h:-- d'a'ii
the ' rime had been expiated.
Senator Declares He Will Not
Seek Governorship.
r ?<? rslegrapti ia The tm?-? ,r.
I tica, N. V.. July 30. Senator Kl.hu
Root at his summer home in Clinton,
informally diaeUBSed to-day the report
from Albany tha? he i? 'o become a
candidate for the P.enublican nomina?
tion for (io\ernor. Those who were
familiar with his repeated refusal* to
again become a candidate for Senatot
liberally discounted the report.
S i.?tor Root whs emphatic in hi?
sta?ernent that he was not a candidate
for (?oven,or and had no intention of
becoming one.
The Senator ia bti'ily engaged in
fram ng what is whispered will he of?
fered as th?> Republican -t?te platform.
Latest in Motor Machines Res?
cued by Old Type Apparatus
The iat'st type of fircfighting appara?
?t I, a gasolene auto fire engine, had to
call upon an antiquated horse drawn
lire er.t'ine for heip la-t ni^ht at a
littll blaze a' TIL! Lexington ?v. The
:,re. in ?he tailor shop of t'othstom
Brothera, had jusl been extinguished
when the gasolene engine wa'? found to
be in flame-,
Kngine No. 8, the old type, was
brought into play, and in a fev min
>i * r r b*b olene engine's bla/.c Was
quenched. Then the gasolene auto en?
gine was towed back to it- iiuarier*
b) a team oi horse - The eausc of the
two fires is not known
Sisters, Hurt, Cause Turmoil
Over Identity.
New P.run Brick, \ 1 , .Inly .'?0 Helen
and Margare) Brady, twine and eigh
? ? 11- .?Ai old, ha.i nur <? and oh) i
clans m St. Mary' Ho pita) baffled to
night Ihe girls '.?ere injured in a run -
a ?.,. Beeiden! tin afternoon, one of
them getting two broken lib*? an?! the
o? i ? i a broken l<"_
I :,< , look '? ? lo't ly aliKe anil in '
upon occupying col placed Bide by :-ule
in the hospital. Nui f anl urgeoi.s
s'orking over them kepi mi takiig one
!?,r the other until, In H?- Deration, on?. '
,1 the urgeon polled Helen's '? d out
?,f alignment with tha othen in ihe
a/ard l h< n he forgo) whether it was
Margaret's or Helen's be?! h<* had
Kevera! lune nui <? found llirm
mini lei ?ng to Ihe one * ith ?he
i,,,.?'< i. leg when i? should haee been
! |,(. m,, b ith Ihe m lured rib i ho
,,?, ,- plan '" i?"" "? ' I" p?a? ? "?la? ??"l
,,,, ih< b.-'l . one bearing In? ? ord "i> g"
-p,,| the olher 'i ?b "
,.ni at m AR gasRINO vvati is ???
,.,, ... t m l* glj ?? 11"i"i bettka
Feeling ?n Berlin General
That War Now Is
Telegraph Censorship Believed
Id Indicate That Mobilization
Is Under Way.
i:* i 'al ? to 1 Im '"":',?.
Berlia, July M. Europe's fateful day
i? to-morrow, aeeoiVing to all predie?
tion?*. H.? every lign the decisive
word, peace or arar, -?'ill be pronounced
then. The whole of Geraany ii whole?
heartedly preparing for action.
Grai d Duke Erne I "r He e, brother
of the Russian Empr. i a i enl t?y
Emperor William to St Petersburg to?
day m a last endeavor t? arrange for
peace. .
Man* emol ans prevailed in Berlin
to-day. All ?lay th?' Wildcat rumors
spread, ell ol which finally prove? un
true, bul the lituation i ? still oi the
utmn-?t gravity, ind even in official
circles il it impoasible t? perceive the
U-n t glimmer of hope
There if nol Ihe malle * doubl that
German] ha made up l.<?i mind i" *ake
dniatic lep Kir ' St. Petersburg
?vill in ?i ted why H i ? arm?
??- arcing thai neither Austria nai
Germany i threatening her. Every?
thing will depend en Rn sin' reply,
l)U( ,t ; undei im.?! that an answer in
the lea ' degree eve ive er insuffieienl
will cause the ha. rr in mobilize hi I
army and h'-1 Heel overnight. I h-'
qaeatioa will be ai sed lo morrow, and
the reply will be expected to-morrow
A strong feeling exi Is in <?<*t man.*,
?mjn t Ru iia, ihe ne ? pap? i attack
?n_ ,|1( (v.,,,' governmenl violently.
The Berlin papei ?'"' "'"' "'? ''',!'' ?? '''''
,\? itrians and all of them approve the
'.,,,., , nnii .,'' altitude, ? hit? many pro
vinrial i.?'' ' critic! ? Germany' going
,,, ..,.,, Ithoul.' ?asti. r? s
Kit oat ion II? id Hopeless,
?..rou run.i? hs i been
place *.li da) ?? Pol ?.am A
Cabinet meeting begun ??? ? ocloeh
I, ,. ,| ilma ' until midnight
i ! , i? , i . i. or rounded I.y ?II hi ?,n
? .nlln.i"! ?I? i"i?' I, '"liiinii 1 I
' BHha'a' brother, seal by K;. ai
Petersburg on suprenu* pea?
Kaiser Compelled to Mo
bilize Army and Meet
if Czar Does.
I: ?'....?? .
St. P? tel burg, .lui;. 30, 1 ne ?,er
man amba ador called on M. Sazonoll
the Russian Foreign Minister,
?lay an.! declared thai even a part?a
Ruasian mobilization would entail ?,er
many also calling out her army am
mobilixing her l?-et. \l. Satonoff re?
plied that tin? Ruasian governmenl
could ?."t countermand the orden
which had already been given, it il
understood, however, thai this morning
the ambassador again bad an pud.'t
with M. SaionofT, and 'hough the tenoi
of the communication is not made puo.
lie, 'here is reason to believe that
i- more mild. Nevertheless, the sitiu
lion ia regarded a ? unchanged and still
>? ,tremely grate.
Vegotial ions between Rut ia and Aus?
tria arere broken off ;?t a lat?* hour
yesterday after Austria's official notili
ration ol tin declaration of arai against
Servia ?n? received here In preceed
mg conversations Russia pressed Au
-tfia to suspend al! militar? operatioi -
paginal Servia, bul ?m ? ? in refused,
und her refusal aras immediately fol?
lowed by ?he declaration of aai
England a? France nre both try?
ing ?<i influence Russia to pre erva
peace, both "putting pressure** on Ru -
' : ia ??> eck pacific solul ion.
I I he i reel < of I be Ru ? ?ihm . apit il
ate overflowing again i?? nigh) with
I enthuaiatir subjects ot the Emperor,
?n?l patriotic demonstration continue
??,itbr.ii? , . latioi it" British and
I-rem h en.Im III II ! Il ? ?-'??iviaii I.e.
galioi.ni..m.<|< .1 I. .rl of
' ? lu .rui" Ru star ? '.??? Bppareatl,
have heel ' '"?I lo a high degn.i
? pal i iol ? n !? ih? ? .u pin i m hi?'h
prevail rverya ? ho tt poi t
thai lb? 1 mperor, in ca ??? ol hoalil
Hie:-, ir lo Ink.' ??ornni?n.| I li i feel
' I.Ig 1.M' ."?tended hI o lo Ihr ?Il t.'int
I worktaea's aectieaa of the cil) i
Artillen Duel the Pre?
liminary to Engage?
ment of Magnitude.
Advance on Servian Capita! Re?
sisted Only by Small
Kodies of Troops.
By .-..m* lo ??* Pi bone I
London, July ?M. According to die-?
natcl ? received to-ni-'it from Mil.in,
.1 battle is in progr? - .?etwen twenty
and thirty nui", -outil of Hclerade.
An official ?h patch from St. Patera?
burg :?'?? m1 artillery engagement is
. , ? ?,| ?*? the an ? po m meal ioned
.? the Hilan me ?age.
i - artillery duel, it is presumed,
i '.'inninarv to h general engagement
of considerable magnitude..
; |- , .,1,!- ?<? I b? 1 *?ib'in?. ;
Vienna, Julj 80. The following dis?
patch from Semlln, on the Danube, op?
poiite Belgrade, dated yesterday and
delayed in transmission, we received
here to da] ?
"Without ere.,* difficulty, or severe
losses, Austrian troop . following a
carefully drawn up plan of campaign,
enteied Servian territory at two points
in the vicin tj Of Itclgrado today.
"Belgrade is non in the hands of ?he
"Resistance i" 'he advance was of?
fered by small bodies of the Servian
arm) that were little more than cut
in,' . who withdrew rapidly toward the
interior ??hen they realised that the
invader** were m far *>upcrior mini
"It is impossible to estimate the Ser
trian casualties, bul it is not considered
that they WOK heavy. The chief AUS?
?i ,iti lass Wi due tO the hn?k tire of
Servian sharpshooters on the Anstrians
constructing ., pontoon bridge aero?-?
ihe s?s*i ft-running Danube a? Semen
.?na. hu? the repelling force was muted
by artillery lire and the invading r?gi?
men! are mo? advancing in the in?
terior along the road leading to o j.
panxx s and, uliimatcly, vi h,
"A big battle i expected to occur ?on
in Ihe general yicinit? of Kraguievatt.
?* I he occupation ol Belgrade ?> i ,.,
complished without serious lighting on
either 'H le. The \ 11 . t f IM n iro--,'d?he
River Save ten mile-, south nf the Ser?
< eut.n n?*.i <.n mamm :. miumn i
Russia Officially Declares She Does Not
Desire War, but Will Preserve
Independence of Servia.
Servians Stubbornly Contesting the Enemy's Advance
?Artillery Battle Begun Thirty Miles South of
Belgrade?England Ready to Strike. j?|
' R ? al'!* ?o I ha Tr.'> in? !
St. Petersburg. July 30.?The following official statement i*
"Russia desires no war. Our partial mobilization is a precau?
tionary measure to preserve the independence of Servia."
? F! i'a\,.. to Thai Tribuna I
London, July 31,?To-day the word will be said that mean*
war or peace, according to the dispatches from Berlin. The
Kaiser and his Cabinet, after practically an all-day conference, de?
termined on wording a new question to Russia asking why she
was arming so long as neither Germany not Austria was threat?
ening her.
Everything will depend upon Russia's answer, for it is un?
derstood that the least evasion will cause the Kaiser to mobilize
his army and fleet overnight.
The Grand Duke of Hesse, brother of the Russian Empress,
was sent by the Kaiser to St. Petersburg yesterday in a supreme
effort to avert war.
A dispatch from St. Petersburg to Reuter's Telegraph Com?
pany says it is believed in St. Petersburg that Austria will declare
war against Russia to-morrow. The dispatch adds that if this
should be the case it is understood that Emperor Nicholas will
go to Moscow to deliver a pronouncement in the U-.pensky Ca?
Meanwhile, the Austrian invasion of Servia is actively in
progress, with 300.000 Austrian troops in Servia. Belgrade has
fallen and a battle is now going on thirty miles south of Belgrade
in the interior of Servia.
Crossing the Danube thirty miles east of Belgrade and the
Save ten miles to the south, two Austrian forces entered Servian
territorv on Tuesday morning, one occupying the almost de
: serted Servian capital and the other pushing forward along the
road leading to Osipanica and eventually to Nish.
Servian resistance was not ?great and the losses on either side
are not believed to be heavy, though it is impossible to obtain es?
Vienna hears that the Austrian forces crossed the Austro
Servian boundary at four points in Bosnia along a distance of
forty miles from Raca to Svornik and repulsed the Servians with
heavy losses.
While Austria is thus carrying out her threats against Servia,
the arming of Europe for a general conflict continues. Neither
France nor Germany officially admits mobilizing, but such meas?
ures are being taken as make the denial only technical, and Franco
announces that the mobilisation of Germany will mean corre?
sponding action east of the Vosges.
Activities looking toward the mobilization of the British army
and fleet progressed rapidly yesterday, although the Admiralty
and War Office continue to insist that the measures taken ate on!?/
of a precautionary character.
The transfer of troops from Ireland to England began with
the transfer of the Cornwall regiment from Newry last night.
Special reserve territorials have been called out under the law
permitting the summoning of them for active duty "for the de?
fence of the United Kingdom."
Battleships are sailing from Portsmouth almost hourly under
Beeret orders and the battle-cruiser fleet is coaling at top sp-ed,
at Malta. Even South Africa i? adopting exceptional precautions'.
No word of the whereabouts of the first fleet is to hand,
though it is believed that it is steaming rapidly northward.
Determined to present a united front to the councils of the
world, the government and opposition in the House of Common*
agreed to postpone the debate on the Home Rule amendment
bill. Premier Asquith in ??nnouncing this decision called the
European situation "a crisis of gravity almost unparalleled in the
experience of every one ot u^," and "a catastrophe of which it is
impossible to measure eithei the dimensions or the effect."
Russia officially announces her mobilization to preserve the
independence of Servia. The Austrian mobilization is on an un?
precedented scale.
Every able bodied man up to fifty years of age is being called
out. Even the Landsturm is called. This mobilization affects the
Russian as well as the Servian frontier.
This is the last resort of a nation at war. Mobilization on this
scale has been unknown in Austrai since 1866. The armies of al*
nations in Europe are in motion and their fleets concentrating.
A general increase in the price of food is reported in England
and on the Continent. A temporary shortage in Vienna is due
to its residents buying supplies as if a siege were impending.
Parisians and Berliners are alsof eager to lay in a big stock of
provisions. Americas record grain crop is a cause of jubilation
here, owing to the feai that Russian grain will fail and because
little corn is coming from Australia. Argentina and India.
Not since the Boei war has there been such activity in the

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