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Kill I r*fw>rl on P?c? l>.
Vol. LXXIV.. No. ?4,780.
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ONE (KM ,|",M' "nSSkmmm mo .own
First Time Since 1S73
?Three Failures Are
Veil Weeps as He Is Driv?
en Under bv War Selling
-Flower Co. Goes.
1 rnd Millions \ ithout Taking
Vchantage M Demand?Mor?
gan Advises Closing.
and for I lie in moro
wa? closed and only the bank* >.
? - - ? ot to open the
? :. .-? came afte:
he Huronean n
r?d r. r, aiiil
b? to inril
filter. Had it ?
?-. ?ttee wa
Wall Mree*. would have been
re mphtfall .-?id
plunged into a panu
Rt had he< ?
?fd to
? ? Exc?>,-,?
^r before :hc bic board,
It Ml
?rth Mentioning,
-, . .'rs declared
. . *boo.
(?ne decided
? business, and it remained
?.pen )o"-jr enough for three of its men.
M their door.-. One of them,
.- bull house and pn>
member?' New York
Mock Lxchange. owed for cotton alone.
i esumates made on the
-.<? exchanj:- '0.
Tour Firm* Kail.
?as ihe In of S. H. P. Pell
The other I
-??re P. .1. Fred?
and Homer, How? ?. Co. Tne
? ar'? liabilities are not l?r|
i ?? .m . ? ? . itifl K hi? liabili
? f? at assets in the
? ruritie? worth mo:'
nt in a normal market.
Flower & Co., once tne t .
nge house in the ??treet, but of
Ute a victim of dry rot, also failed.
jres. announced before the
full list of
?a?ua!tie?. A tickei agency was re
r the circulation o'
i' had gone under. 1
:thout Ihe
Had the
??e been open at the time, tne
? ?
only thing
h difficulty
''OBI r ;,, thai of
* - street
? his own
More i ... - ral \broad.
Ib bei ung erlinj;
?Imbus 3
This Morning s News.
/Ht mon ss auna,
o I'HCe.
any 1
... I
man Liners.. I
and 3
??? Merchant .!?,r ne Flan_ I
l'ai !
w i
??rkans H- ?, \.,. .. 7
P* l.mer; Hundred-, Hi-ld.. 7
?* *?' -s' Prtah ... ;
OFf" Oppose Claflin l'iun.11
tUard Quitl Men Haven. H
?itrna- y,.,, start < aropaijrn.. n
IP* Mat.'. Dual ,,
* te Ad BeM Mer,. I i
- WPfl?L
?WOely Hope to Sto|
^"* Assassinated in l'an?. ]
, Mis?kLI.a.nkois.
??j?* Varied Interesta. S
2?** .....v....:::::::::::::::: ?
rSL--:.8 end V
2???. tr.d Markets....10
?Ire?.,. ' '
^f ?nd Wcatiier.
Navy.,.u '
Berlin, July 31.?The Ger?
man Emperor made a war
speech to the people of Berlin
to-day, in which he expressed
the hope that if he was unable
to induce his opponents to !
maintain peace he would I
wield the sword and show his
enemies what it means to pro?
voke Germany.
Advocates Ask Presi
dent to Offer Services.
lay ^ont an appeal
Fui hit media
in conflict,
i naked the (?crman
m that the
amid peat
.. and Pope
Bong others appeal'
Presiden! to Meet Engine
- men' and Meads of
Lines To-day.
I ircan
|toi 'in trie
and firemen on the ninety-eight rail?
roads operating west of Chicago ta il!
.tied on the White House to?
morrow afternoon, when th^ Pr<
'Id separate conferences with a
dozen officials of the roads a
more than a hundred representatives
of the ?
"impleted to-nirrht.
n Mai
tin A. Knapp and William I. ' ham
: ?ted States
Board of Mediation and Conciliation.
p and Chambers outlined
tail the result of the mis for
a peactfu! settlement of the dispute, w
that tl able to dis
aation with (he del. g
! to-mo:
that a crisis will tv?
reached fol
though th<
! Pi ? -
?ike. Hope was
that the ('resident would bring abo<ii
an amicable adjustment of tl
"Th< t remedy delicate
, and we do not feel that we can make
any st Mr. Knapp ai he
ii com par, y with
ned to
i ment.
? ? Brotherhood oi Loco
of the Brotherhood of Lo
I eomotive Firemen and Enginemei
' more than a hundred
? the or
Chicago. July 31. A strike of 65.0?
1 fircme
: railroa of Chicago
officially announced today. William
S. Stone, grand ?
rhood of Locomotive Kngineers,
< ait i r. ; ..f the
of I.ocomotne Firemen
and Eugintn i would
be put
i ommittee of the railroads
lera! Boaid of Medi
Randazzo Sentenced to from
25 to 50 Years in Sing Sing.
Kidr;. Mo? in Xe.v
York i day, when .Judjre
Lmedetlo llanda.
?t.. to froia twenty-fire to fifty years
in Sitijr ^:!.^r. the longOSi -enteii'
?. si., li a case. In five minuten
in an auto van on his waj ta
prison. At the i
Bandasse fa ? ted and a larga
crowd cried "Traitor" to Mattio Pol?
lazzollo. brother-in-law of the pi
v ! .. gava damar ? nee at the
Rand convicted of kidnap
Zinnina, of 306 1 '1st st.. on A;>ii!
:>. H< demanded 15,00 I satenad
the 1 by ?ar?
il unless the ?
Newly lioutfht Amachine Struck
by Trail WhCB It Was Be
lag lake Home.
Butler. Penn.. July 81. Four i ?
i the automobile
?n wbicl thay wen riding wai -Muck
by a Bessemer ? Lake Krie ltailroad
passenger tin n on .. crossing at Ken
The dead are: Georg? S. ??liver, of
Great Belt; May Oliver, daughter of
tr. Bakers
George '?liver, and
? Hutler, chauffeur.
.i the automobile yes
r-rday and was taking it to his home
hen ;i t occurred. It WM
I victim:/ first automobile ride. '
\\ alers in which immense British fleet is cruising, and near which German warships, it is reported, are stopping all
vessels to ascertain their nationality.
Kaiser a Stockholder in
Hamburg-American and
North German Lloyd.
Recall of the President Grant.
One Day Out. Unprecedented
Vaterland Is Held.
"no of the la . kholders in
both the Xorth German Lloyd Line and
Hamburg-American Line, the
Steamships of which were withdrawn
from 'ransatlantic .raffic yoaierday, ll
rmu Emperor. A large part of
? ati fortune ?i invented a ith the
twe compel
Herr Albert Baum, director o? the
Hamburir-Ainerican Line, iu a close
friend of the Emperor.
Yesterday forenoon there earns a ca
ble fron Herr Hall in ordering the
President Grant, twenty-four hours out
from thi.-. port and headed for Europe.
recalled. The tailing of thi gianl
i.nd, scl>eduled to depart this
morning, area cancelled at the same
The ,un.I.cunee of the order was
at once in shipping circles.
When a limilei action Was ?,,
few hoars later by the Xorth German
Lloyd Line theic remained little doubt
? the opinion of the Emperor war
b< ritable.
In the mind* of mar y the holding in
I ,d withdrawing from the ocean
of the ihipi in which the mom y of the
end m > le ?? friends is in
threw more enlightenment on
the European situation than any of the
dispatches that have
found their way out of Germany.
Nothing hut the Kaiser'a person?!
beli< f ?n the outcome of the present
tangle could hav? eaueed his friend,
Hen Bellin, and the oflleiels of the
iteemship company to take the'
rdlnery measures to which they
resorted to insure then property, ll
argued 'asl night.
Recall Without Parallel.
The recalling of the Pr?sident Grant,
which sailed from Hoboken.on TbUM
i. orningi is without parallel in
shipping annals.
order Of Heir Hallm. friend o!
the Kaiser, had been transmitted from
the local office of the Hamburg-Ameri
li.n Line to it wireless station The
operator flashed it through space
Hundreds of miles away, ploughing
through the waves, the President
Grant puked up the command and
? d.
"The Preeident Grant has beet?
stopped bl Wireless and is proceeding
hack to this port," was the matter of
fact way m which the steamship of
inounced the news.
'Ihis morning the shipping of the
.11 nation is practically tied up.
All ships of the great merchant marine
fleet of the empire are hugging then
wharves or scurrying to tne Beerest
port of safety, Martial lew, established
terday by the Kaiser,
t a.
More then 1,000 pesscngers, ? booked
to tail for Hamburg on the Vaterland
this morning, ?ere astonished yester?
day to ?earn that the mammoth flier
had been declared out of commission.
On tiie other side of the Atlantic the
announcement that her sister ship, the
Imperato.-, second only to the Vater?
land in size, would not. sail for N'ew
York yesterday created equal conster?
nation. Thousands of Americans are in
Germany and cannot get out of the
country. Stcar.ship communication
with outside countries has been cut off,
whill the government has taken over
the raiiroa'
Irene, of the North
i uiiluiurd ou pac ?, column 5
Great French Socialist Leader, Deputy and Anti-War
Agitator Shot to Death as He Sits in
Cafe with Party of Friends.
T'aii?. July Bl. Jean Leon Jaui'-?
leader of the I'nified Socialists in t'x
Chamber of Deputies, was shot to
r.ip;ht by an assassin and he expired ir
a few minute?. Several revolver bu'?c!;
v ere fired at him from the stre?1
through a window of the Caf? du Crois
. near the Bourse.
M. Jaur?s was the most noted SratOI
.;. 1 ranee and the most powerful anti?
war agitator in Kurope. He was sitting
Bl a window table of the Care du
?ant with a party of friends and
political followers when he was shot.
Two of the bullets took effect in his
1 tad.
1 lie assassin was at Ant believed to
be an Austrian. He was seized by th>;
crowd and nearly lynched before the
police rescued him and rushed him 'o
the prefecture, where he was identified
t Kaoul Villain, twenty-nine ftta
eld, the son ot a clerk of tiie Civil
Cour? at Rheins.
Only on Tuesday last II. Jatiros
headed a deputation of Socialist Depu?
ties who protested to M. Bienvenu-Mar?
tin, the acting Premier in the ?bse/i e
D? I'n rmei Viviuni, against France pa -
ticipating in the Austro-Senian im?
broglio or taking any step lor the re
covcry of Alsace and Lorraine fron
Germany, after more than forty year.
cf peace. Since the breaking of thi
?ar cloud he has been working nighl
and day to make the war imp?
and has nightly braved the anger ol
war-exeited mobs who have yelled in
tlie streets after him, calling hm
'Traitor!" and "Prussian!" an epithet
which in ? Frenchman's mouth just
now means something WOrM thai a
Bra>ed Nation's Anger Before.
H whi not the Ant time M. Jaur?s
had braved the anger of the nation in
the same cause. When the bill to In?
crease the term of compulsory military
?trriee from two years to three, upo.i
which the new Chamber vas elected
in May. first came up in March, 1913,
II, Jauf ?'? oppoaition to what he
called "criminal folly" led to violent
scenes in the Chamber and the streets,
Advocates of the measure denounced
the Socialist deputies as a "band of
scoundrels" and the public in the gal
lienes joined the demonstration, crying
"Down with the traitors!" "Down with
the Prussians!" and "Why don't you
go to the Reichstag?" Paul Deschanel,
i niitiniifil on ?i?|f 4, column :
fleet Sails and May Blockade
Germany's Base at
I'eking, July 31. The British fleet
, to-day deserted Wei-Hei-Wei. It
sailed a' midday ander sealed orders
with every effective man, thus ful?
filling us longstanding policy. The
Iintish considered the place not Worth
Hong Kong is to be made the British
naval base in Chinese waters and, in
case of war, the German possession o'
T>ing-Tau is to be blockaded.
Wei-Hei-Wei has no foititications,
while *Tsing-'Iau is fortified on both
the land and the SOU sides. The Ger?
mans believe the fortifications Will
I'.tTord them ample proteCtioi , The
rom the British river gunboat*.
dismantled at Hankow yesterday, aro
ta be taken on board the battleship
The Italian runboat. Sebastino Ca
boto. also is sailing toward Tsing-Tau.
The Austrian cruiser Kaiseri i
Elisabeth, on which the guard from
the Austrian Legation embraked a few
days airo, will nat attempt the voyaire
home, but will remain at Tsing-Tau
Germen bluejackets at Hankow to?
day dismantled the gunboat Vaterland.
Washington, July 31.?A
dispatch from Ambassador
Penfield at Vienna said to?
night the situation was grow
ing in seriousness and that the
last line of Austrian rctcrve
defence had been ordered
mobilized to-day.
i Paris and Berlin Both Feel Pint!
?Belgium Stops Exportation
of Live Stock and Grain.
? Cable t.. The Trlbaae. I
London. July 11, From all par's oi
the United Kingdom and the Continent
? comes word of the upward climb in thi
prices of food. The situation is .'at
, ui-illy weise la the immediate Wai
' area, but housewives in London and
other big cities arc already feeling lbs
pinch of wartime prices.
The Wat Offlce caused a bO*CS |
vanee in the price of oats througn the
purchase of a large .lupply. Meanwhile
in the corn market English vhi.t,
maize and barley are all up from $'. to
50 cents, but there is little trading,
th< genera! tendency being to c ?
the far from abundant supplies.
r*rom Berlin and Pari.; come repo.ts
of a terrific upward trend in the OOOt
o? lr. mg. Berlin prices have risen 7>
per cent, a: ' possible to buy
potatoes in tiic market, all having been
purchased for the army. It is de?
clared that Germany could exist for a
year with an importation of not more
than 1,000,000 tons vi gram, because
the normal larc Orts te Rui
eta would remain in Germany.
German mun.cipalities are appropri?
ating money to lay in ston
and flour, winch are now, oi course,
at the lowest ebb before tiie hai
Belgian has iesued a royal
prohibiting the e pertatieu of live
stock, com, German wheat, rye,
hay. straw, automobiles, oils.
and horse-drawn eh
A Sm.thtield linn of importai
announced that London cold storage
accommodation is ample to bold a
month's supply of meat for the city.
Germans Hold Danish Editors.
Cope;, heg ?I'll, i! Ai '
tor' of the Danish papen at H
lr hen. i ...[ ?i 1 of Prussia,
wig. have been arrested by the Germen
authorities and impri ened in the tort
rasa. I ? ?? Dani b-Germaa frostier is
barred by German tioopa.
Russian Monarch Then
Holds Conference with
All His Ministers.
Striking Scenes Witnessed as
All Classes Flock to Join
Imperial Army.
St Petersburg, July 81. The i sai
of Ku-sia to-day gave an audience to
thi German Ambassador, and subse?
quently presided over a full council of
Mini ter-, attended by the chief of the
army general staff.
The imperial proclamation calling al!
the army reservists in St. Petersburg
to the colors was placarded to-day.
The mail train for Germany will not
leave St. Petersburg to-night, and the
line i f boats running to Stockholm,
Sweden, has been stopped.
The population of the Russian capiul
kept awake throughout the night, and
the streets resounded with the din of
patriotic demonstrations. A quick suc
peciai editions of the news
kept the excitement at boili:ig
point, and the venders had a ha.-d time
supplying those anxious to read the lat?
ent dispatches which, in many cases,
were read aloud to the public round?
Huge processions paraded the streets,
tip- demonstrator? carrying banners
and portraits of the Kmperor. I'ro
longed cheers were given for the Czar
and the army.
Impromptu meetings were held in all
part* of the capital and the suburbs,
and orators roused thcr audiences to
an unprecedented frenzy of enthusi
a-m. Striking scene? were witnessed
at the mobilisation offices, whither peo?
ple of all classes flocked to register
their i??
he tansies of feeling was so great
that utter strangers on the street in
their patriotic excitement greeted and
embraced one another. The serious
? the Situation appeared to be
fully reali/.ed, and virtually every one
taide his. personal affairs, consid?
ering them to be quite overshadowed
by the country's ?ail to duty.
An imperial ukase declares martial
law in Finland and Finnish territorial
Creat Britain i.- making a final ef?
fort to lind a farmula ace- 'table to
the antagonista, but there il little hope
of succ?s?, owi . - announced
to Germany*! sttits
Steamship communication between
St. Petersburg and Fngland has been
London. Aug. 1. The correspondent
uf "The lime-.'' telegraphing from St.
Petersburg, saySi
"\ general mobilization has been
ordered. Never within living memory
lived through a day of
such emotion. The government decided
on mobilisation late Thursday. This
?reed taon il rhen .'. be?
came apparent that the German!
i< laying their official
notice of mobilisation in ord
place Russia in a position of inferior?
ity. To have hesitated longer would
have bean to court .
Commandant of Dutch Fort?
ress Holds Steamer.
Vmuiden. Holland. July II. The com?
mandant of the lortre.ss lure detained
ernm?at steamai Arod
when he arrived here to-day from
Piume b> way of Algiers. She has on
board thirty-one cadet from tin \u
tn.iti Navigation School, undergoing
t lain in;; foi the I
m? m for in truetion ..?nd in the unan
time placed a military guard on board
the vc:.cl.
Clash Believed Unavoidable Owing to Action
of Kaiser's Navy?British Fleet
in Adjacent Waters.
Russians Blow Up Austrian Railroad Bridge?London
18 Hours Without News?All Steps Necessary tor
Immediate Mobilization in England 1 aken.
Vienna. July 31.?-Complete military and naval mobilization
was ordered by the Austro-Hungarian government to-ri^ht. in
reply to the Russian mobilization.
it| i !? '..'? ? a Um II ?'Unr ]
London. Aug. 1.?The news that a German squadron cruis?
ing off Langeland, in the Great Belt, is stopping all vessels to in?
vestigate their nationality and the destination of their cargoes is
regarded here as a development of the gravest nature. A clash
in these circumstances is almost unavoidable.
The British fleet is believed to be in the North Sea at about
the latitude of Flushing.
The government has notified the London, Chatham & Dover
D la
and London & Soutb Western railways to be ready to turn their
lines over to the government for military purposes.
Code messages are refused to all parts of the Continent from
England, and no news has been received in England from the Con?
tinent in the last eighteen hours.
Martial law has been proclaimed in Germany, and full mobil-,
ization is proceeding, though no official statement has been made.
France also is mobilizing, and French and German troops ate
facing each other on the border.
Russia officially admits full mobilization.
The strictness of the censorship is one of the most significant
points. It is so complete it hardly seems believable. Only the
meagrest details of events come from the actual theatre of fight?
ing, while from the great powers, which are preparing with fever?
ish rapidity for the most tremendous war of history, not a word
comes with the remotest bearing on the one subject to which all
thought turns.
Nevertheless, the indications are sufficient in themselves, and
silence only becomes the more ominous as it lengthens. Hope
practically is given up, as Russia has returned no answer to Ger?
many's demand for reasons for mobilization, and only the final
crash now is awaited.
The one question asked is : Will Germany strike first at France
or Russia?
England has taken all steps for immediate mobilization and
both the naval and military reservists have been ordered to hold
themselves ready to proceed to their posts.
General mobilization has been ordered in Holland and
Switzerland and is expected in Belgium.
Cable communication with Russia has been stopped, and it
is reported that Russian troops have blown up a railway bridge
in Austrian territory.
International trains to Germany via Belgiu.r. are bein;>
stopped at the frontier. Franco-German telephones and tele?
phones between Belgium and Germany are interrupted.
The London Stock Exchane was closed yesterday for the first
time in history. There was a run on the Bank of England and all
London banks, and the London banks have decided to pay only 10
per cent of withdrawals in gold. There is talk of a suspension of
the Bank Act, and even of a moratorium. A moratorium is ex?
pected in Paris to-day.
The report is current in diplomatic quarters in London that
Germany has asked France whether she intends to remair neutral.
This is taken to be a test question for the justification of imme?
diate action against France, in accordance with the German plan
of strategy to deal with France first and Russia afterward.
A very circumstantial though as yet unconfirmed report pub?
lished in Rome, say? that Germany is about to demand from both
Russia and France the immediate cessation of mobilization. Yet
another rumor has it that the German Ambassador has n(
the French government of his early departure.
Italy makes no announcement, and although a tumor ci
her with the decision not to participate in the struggle Ihfjf^fflP
little doubt that she is making ready by mobilization.
It is impossible to obtain any accurate knowledge of what
military operations are going on in Servia.
The Rumanian Legation here has received advices that h
mania had ordered all officers in the active army to the colors
The withdrawal of three famous German yachts fron tht
Cowes regatta is significant. They include the Kaisers Meteor.
the Krupp yacht Germania and the White Heather
A dispatch to "The Daily Telegraph" from Rome says | ru

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