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the first shots were exchanged between the advance guards, but
the Belgians allowed the Germans to advance slowiy. Firing
soon became firece und the artillery on both sides c?me into
The German artillery fire did not appear skilful and had
little effect, but the Belgian fire was deadly even at a range oft
2,000 metres, and played havoc with the enemy's cav slry. Not?
withstanding this, the Germans continued to advance on Haelen
?nd Cortenaeken and the battle became very hot. The Belgians
were forced to make their attack in Httie croups, ridii*?? across
fields. The countryside is intersected with hedges and hillocks,
but despite that t!- -wo sides met fiercely and the Belgians dis?
played great courage and daring.
The Germans hurled themselves against the barricades in an
endeavor to carry them by force, but the Belgians shot thrm down,
coolly and with precision. The attack on bridges was as savage
as that at the barricades. German officers could be seen pressing
the men forward into the attack, to meet certain death from the
Belgian guns.
Men and hor.ses fell like flies until at last, when they were
almost shattered, the order to retreat was given at 6 o'clock. The
German defeat was complete, and when it was over the Germans
retreated along the banks of the Gethe and the VeJpe in the
cr?aient disorder; in fact, it might be described as a rout. At
nightfall they were making their way hastily toward Tongres. The
German losses were more than a thousand men.
Not only is the report of the victory in the north confirmed,
but from Eghezee, in the south, ten miles north of Namur, comes
the news of another engagement which ended favorably to the
The defeated German troops in the north made another of?
fensive movement to-day, apparently with the object of recover?
ing their dead and wounded and abandoned material.
The Belgian General Staff desires that the importance of
ihe two successful engagements against the Germans ai Haelen
and Eghezee should not be overestimated. The successful way
in which both German forces were repelled with heavy losses is
highly significant as showing the splendid enthusiasm and fighting
form of the Belgians and by reason of the encouragensent given
to the allied armies, but the actual military significance should not
be exaggerated, inasmuch as the German forces engaged were
?uch a small fraction of the vast army .behind them.
mded ca? attempted escape, but their atreadj ex?|
( thorn quickly en?.ugh out oi the r<
were speedily shot down. This last plvise oi the
wounded mad with
ithont riders to guide them, dashed upon the barri
tacle which had pto\ I ll to many
?he survivor? of the nconnter, four ? d two
were taken prisoners. The other column, unable to force its way tut?
?n great ? i avum behind man*,
ig them sel unded and subjected
rsn their arms and surrendered. The retreat
l death ( r cap: ire a ' half
- had bravely, mutely made their last <* under the
| exertion drooped dead on the roadway.
? , punctuated by carcas -es of
bed 1" their exhaustion. -icir riders who had
??lit also collapse'l by the roadside, and
icn taken by Belgian patrols
prisoner re taken yesterday declared
Veterinary surgeons with the
hf-pitr- ? ?heck yesterday the enera} ma.le a fresh recon
Geri force w inch flu .
ghborhood of Huy
Liege, where the invader? established them
eir reconn? -day the Germans practi?
le length t line.
ibt, to their astonishment, they found rt pro
H tion
whu-li manifest themselves in a hund?
M?-.| t?. day on thi :
. ttempi to break i
which dung them I
'ready squeezed ' i e.
? >?i the whole. Bridan military authorities are well pleas,,] %vj,i, (],c
1 " ' i\c wave
(self. The long line (rom the north t.? the smith
gram toward Brussels has sue-j
? B "?' the 'iernian onslaught. All roads leadr
well guarded.
to day will probably not 1"
.?.<?<! th .re will lu- a hill t,,T at least ;?
reported to he intrenchi their
:earini: a < The invaders arc desperately
.un! transport d?Rcultiei
???ully removed ??r burned all supplie-, likely
i of value to tl German hos! ed with starva?
I urope,
In ?Luxemburg 'he Germani to be in i . The
-i bar thrtr advance, and both
?I bolti d. onably it will re??iii- -
? the in\a?if r t.. for? ? .nth :
Prussian Army Puzzled
How to Handle Belgians
(By Cable t?.. The Tribune.)
: ondent <?f "The m h" mi,0 ?.
th the itch dated Wednesday night, si
'Alino?t one begn^ t?< hope ti at mar this place, where the ?advance
, ? | rim staml in rank vtfh their allies, will prove the
1 had expected it much f:: I tthwest, but
. arms in ? , inters
duri ' 'or what
ee\ a miracle a tortnifhl
?-rmaii m-?- >ur oi
i dent to defa -
meet it.
Fine of out t with bal
point, but the vaunted ?Prussian an led.
SU< ' ? FAI AI ' I.
C !\\ cnty ?kilofl ' ind \ isitrd
; . i ]..t pi? reply bj oui guns to th? feeble German
the centre of the scctio: I ? ?dor? ?I, ! have
. d an at ta? 1- u ith all arms, at
??. aftd, a-- ' ,tb..-et a- I l?-..rned from ^?.me ,,t
dis? l?)-ing anything as t<> real ?poeition.
"I ?do not v\?-ii ?to exaggerate ?he fact- and ?pretend i
o ?inning a ?rte* oi important battb- I | ,r? all iii
' ?-s, bs)l they .?re making a h.ibit ?? | . .Ml
! :ti?>siaifV i I hat i; ?their most \ .111.
*"J?er?f ire my pfc^ ' the da> m detail. 1 bej.Mii b; finding
the forts ai Liege.
\\ r ?nf mate ? urtn irreproa? h
t to Liege. Il WOUM bave
.irinili?. .."??'! ??*? ?tl?
Bui I ? ??'', ""I mdi
iil LGIAN i H ?N M Vs SI RONG i i .WS.
"I visited dir ;
I r I ,,-?? ... ' ..,? been I I th 1 ??" Mond
i ml had n i ? ?m ? ?? ,,'!*'
? I nothing except tha? i lion h il
? ' '
Germans Thay
had been ' ? arent to the
extreme lei where nothing had been attempted by ihr
annon, I went to thi Here
? detail ry - i place, The fo
to Br?ssel?
in the hm ?i ian soldiei -
: supper and from every hamlet there ?-?"le up lines of old tuen.
?ng up little comforts for the tr.>..???. \ few
old an till toiled ai the . thtriog in the golden
? invaders should su i l ug il on ;
"I th ; ': '?I? had beta miaed .?nil i ?le
tour oI seven kil needed to gel through, and, return!
vhen Gei man militai y
??'??ill would begin to show its ?
far there has been i I el hlans'
? r than the auda? ?tj of be
wilderment- a blind rush o? n i on from behind. In contrast!
with the Belgian cavalry they have shown tbemseh i I German
artille; shown brilliancj Not has thr infantry. Perhaps there
i?- something wonderful to be disclo ? the flood ?i let loose and
hundreds oi thousands swarm into Belgium, but so far nothing, -.ml
in actual fact to-day the German attitude is almost deft ertainly I
? in any
\ Reutet <!'.??.. lays that a rumor is in circulation
there that G /on Emmich, con German Tenth -Vrmv
before Liege, is dead.
Special Correspondent New York Tribune and "London Standard.")
I.*"!:? ' ".'in the War Ministry here thai 12,000
a pitched battle on the -allies' left wing, which 1 hav?
airead} ' : fly in pr< i. B? li< ?
n to be weak, the Germans massed what they thought to 1>? more
than si t that section i . rmy,
e by the Belgian lancers, however, clearly
showed the Belgian chief o? stafl what steps ?-ere necessary to i bul
could ti"! have hern accomplished but
for the tremendo) cy <??' the Belgi
Despite the complete roui i mans, th?
pr ?* abl Alii? planning to pr??.?
i. rward ai thai point.
The \\ ar Ministry, in ai itatement, ? yi "One can well be
lieve that the sue? Fgreal to our allies
in thus giving them time : plan ol
II i the German troops were badly nit up in th< fighting near
. tit Belfi ! hlans and
? ? ry.
'Special Correspondent New York Tribune and "London Standard."]
Pari ' ''..?The War Ministry stai that all fort
?e ?-till in! rat of bombardment
Germai ired the ground pre i
i ? ly 1 nsive and driving
the < ierma them in a ?counter.
it i? officiait) stated that in tl
th-> frontier the French artillerj ia showing better marksmanship,
rtillery firing has proved uncertain, and done little or no
i Bj 1 he .ssociated Pi
..n ;<
sels i" Li?ge when it was stopped b) Uhlans al
the pas ' -?it. I hey wen
.r th? j behav? d them elves if they did not
i-ould be shot. They were all itay in a caf?.
Tired of waiting, they asked an officer if the] mighi on to
ise j ou will march
m front."
he lesser evil, and sat all night trembing in a hack ?
. to the German cavalry and artillery rattling and rumbling past
? ousand must have gone through." sa.?-? th.* correspondent
"Toward 1 o'clock in the morning cannon began to roar; the Germans
! ? for hours, and aft? r dawn we
>sl 1,200 killed, more than 1,500 wounded
;,,,,* 300 pi . id the Belgians 150 killed and wounded.
??*.,. ?ut. and we ventured out We found
th? I K " an i " i ers ha 1
bought much, paying liberally. Th? d loaded with gold On
leaving they ?-aid that before the end ol the week mor? 2,000,000
? . ? ? ? .
Brassais, Aup. IS. The w*i
officially anaauneed to-day bu si
ment in winch tlic Helgimis Inflicta?
heavy li?s.-en on the (icrmaii.s, ?avsin|
thess ta retreat. Ths n-ircat seatiaues
The Helgiutis captured bbbt
guns mounted ?' e SntOl
The W ht Oftir?? snBOUnS?
o'ily i B af one mixed !
was engaged. Ths Germai
three-fifths of their ?1res
??aged, ?ceording to the eStatomeat,
ulule the Hclgtan laSMS WON c?>"
lively sasall. Ths statement i
lief m tin? Invincibility si the German
An otlit ial communicatien
German fore? proco? ling ii
tion ?'f Egh< notth of Namnr,
d repulsed thia I
lag by litt B?l|ian 'roop , Th?
An official c'.iiniuiieique, iaanod to
day, confii ns yesterday's -
it Igian t reaps ever I I
at Hasten, it iayi ths Garosas casual
tie? wen- he?. >
.." the German
ecasaaities in th? vicinity of Haelen
?boat 2,000, e-niiiliN da Id? .1 i..
kiiled and woutifje'l. Ths Bfl?
gian casualties arc net pmcisely known,
hut ?i? Mid t?i eotnpri* only a few
dead and many woundetll
Ike aewapapei add* thstU-? licriuau
?rmed ?iftrr bell
?gan again ?t 5 e'eleek
??iii'ii ire?.h Belgian
ti ...|. ' tu ti?" *"r?n:* in ?iUp
gi their comrade'? who hud fought
throughout yootefday.
Thr German troop* in other parti i>f
; sill the ra?roi.i! eoi * the]
eager train tie??- Waraauaaa
airy patrol
. tip?:?
count r>. ilie tra:n, witli it? engineer,
. ' .1 thr Gel nmn i
i communication to?
"Ihe Belgian ca.airy division thi?
morolas took u. -i?-e ajjaniat
the Germans who were defeated "? >?,???
1I...11I .-nui wouadod ?in<! colloeting the
abandoned material of war.
"No ' ?' noon lorpi ?.ected
, .ii- lo fear any
Gorman cavalry movement! on
frooi the fciuth. nil rhr roodi lead*
? ? saitel being guarded by the
,'.n aiiny and the etvic guard."
.if carbineer?, tirxt .?ig
r Gormoa
-, t*'*? Rtd
.. troaekoe and ? hot
. th? Ciri man let?
11 .? Gorman gum wore then bi
to bear and ?wept the trencher. \?ith
? uch a di-ad'y hail that the Belgians
? bilged to f.ill hack on the town
uf Ha?
H vi n form '"?cuis wart aoiekly brought
UP, lionover, fur i In- Belgians and in
' | numerical superiority of
the Gormoa I re repulsed suf?
fering severely.
Th is lighting, which wss m the vi
? iaitj ? I the entire day
__J MUtitated thu Ui.t cuuitidvrabla.
hnttlp of tl '" tti? I"- I
? i,?."ir <??" n,?. Ion Sh? i'-? were
.. ml railing ut . ?? " 'I"? ' ? "Ir,n on
the roads at oun.l I' I
l be battit ??< ntn d iro . ?? I
in th. i
Ines . sf "t""'1 ?
\- ; , elect ' ? ' ? ?'
Mentioned ?bad I ' ?
man tTOOp tl
? ? ? e
?the 1rs
i i
m un -? ?
?.f ti ft j
A church, t btae
boose? m Ha?
Groal qoantiu? of booty store ?sol
leeted ..?. tl
tacked m imn' of tl i
in Di? ? M .. hi ??i?"? were c?p'.
The Strength "' th- German eolunr
was about five thousand men.
It Is announced ?hut the 1114 els???
srrists will soon be sailed t? th<
? I ?ince A-J
? .i, ?h? Pre
??'?, "*h?i left the cham
I.er f? uth o?
et mi ?hat ?late.
Ht ths HMgian lancer? lot
? ?!. including
_ ?'hptio. !.' speen snd Lieutenanl i
\ im der Barth, ??.luir i vr li I i r. >pr acain*'
? Gem an Uhlans, ih? litter l?n?t
'_'."..I ki!>?l The lunr.r- ??err- ch??rked
by machin? efUUs, Im' ths H. l^ian ia
.1 ths Gcraians.
A i ' ?Preneh "dragoons while
reconnoitring ?-ame apon a strong <i? -
i srhom ?hey at
; end em tp pieces, killing fifty
of th?
A party of iia hiin'Ired German pris
:? n ?? -?1 eto day at Ath, in th?
I i Im'.
\i. preliminary artillery duel ond cavalry
scouting for the bal ing wtl
heard from that dii ed til " on.
Wounded men .ire n<> I? . the D I bordei ?apparently
i thr German Held I e now with their army.
it Germans win the prospect cement
the Kaiser will proceed I Igium and congratulate 1" ? i? torioui
on thr i . ' |y dramatic fashion.
* ? n thr other hand, the Gei not leaving thr possibility of
a heav) defeat unreckoned for. A strong force is now intrenching Ittetl
Oll ihr h.ink of thr OttTthc !*'i\er tn ordl le Victorious
onrush ol French and Belgian trooj Germany,
*. bi *::r fi.rmer German Imperial ?"han
repoi long the killed I
Women in Belgium Brave
in Face of Perils of War
Brus els, ?vug 13 - Ihr Belgian ? epting the v..ir philo?
slly. So Hsekeepii ? .rued, fruit and leg?
p and p entiful. I ??pent an hour this morn
? women in the open air market in Place Sainte Catherine,
cheerful, friendly saleswomen are noi in the least anxi?
"'t n n t be terrible in Li?ge," one sorrj faced woman remarked, as
ihc deftly manipulated for me .1 little machine that cut?, and pn
French beans, "but here is
, lii' ; living largely on iruit and vegetables, and will do so
while the heal lasts, and
? was quite right. I bough I huge deliciot - at 15 centimes
; .i kilo ?? pears a( 20 centimei and tomat - '? ntin.es
? tempting stall piled up with fresh vegetables and fruit
ordinary housewife.
"Living in Brussels is noi expensive ?ven now," my friend continued.
Mi ? tal I ? - way. Lettuce,
?mi the verj poor ean afford -uch a
dinner in Bruss
"Pi e extreme!] acute in the near
? ? nui h oui of a little,
and, so long vegetables at I mand, her family
"i go to Ste. Cath?
?the in mi and et ery day 1
? for hit saf?
She smiled bravely and a moment later she lefi her stall, r.m into the
chun ; Fered up prayers to the Mother.
??. TIM Tril.ei ?
?Loa I \ i .
paper, "?? Petil Bleu," copiei of which
? .i ?London, rontaini
the follow
ght ai ault
on I.i sek:
through on? :i the
re followed
by othei
"Tin- . ?if t he city i. ?
us with ;? terrifying Are. Mj tova
lade? fell doam before efclsia hail of bul
!? ta, and aea II ss a complete rout.
We ? leaped I rough the Liege streets
in all directions, ereening beside walls
ound in or
d?.|- no! '" h.- seen.
"Hul the ???' the forts
swept the city continually, and ?
I , ' to '??
'??'iii-e I round One, running
? escape fi-.nn ih<- 1<hik
. which
t?. penetrate ths ?.???>? walls of the cits
and ?arhieh kept finding mo oui I
hurricane of lead would tpteep around
BIO, ami then with I Wild leap I would
cum ths darkness ?gain, seeking any
How ; re?
gained the lines i don't know, but I
don't believe more than ? score of us
got out of the city alive.''
The French Foreign Minister has in- '
formeil the French Embassy h? ??
follows: "Ile- Belgian army and thf
?round Li?ge arc intact ami arc
I ail attacl
"Thors bas been rio important change
Lorrains and there IS no 'ruth in
ths reporl thai the 18th regiment of
French infantry vus taken prisoner
ly tin Germans at Briey in the De
.! of Meurthe-et-Moselle."
I o? . communication the
Fr? tii-h M ?o grati
i he atl itnds of kmerica."
straggle for the possession of
tiie Belgian for- surrounilint: i.i? tr??
has leeuiiiitieiiced and repot 1
I? try and caval.y engagement
taken as indicating the possible bcein
nitiK of a ?great battle on Belgian soiL
hulk o? the Gorman t'ot.-.
heiieced to he concentrated on the
frontier between LUgO and the Duchy
of LnxembneeTg, leading to the conclu
that Germany's frontier facing
Rusais can be only lightly guarded,
:,!?? by newly orgaiu/.ed armies
ta called to the
A number of ??"? unded troops arnved
Si Southampton to-day from Belgium.
The report did not hay to which army
they belonged.
A despatch from Paria to HeuterV
Aegeney says that in the fleghting of
August 11 and August \'? in Belgium,
the French troops forced the Germans
to retreat and took many of them pri?
French, Recklessly Brave,
Storm Foes ?ntrenchment
B) g. w. DEvn n
Tribu ".i |
Ha- .. ' I :i the
eiigmg? Utkircb and
M?lhausen the French infantry got
.i.* of band and impetuouslj stormed
litton . ."I
B wi ..und without tak
arore un-.
heavy, about thirteen hundred of o
total ? ?it"* ol
the Pre?en
le..?.ii. without rifli
ink, and ran
unarmed with their ?
ot superhumon eoarogo, is tenoned all
a lot'.;* the 'i I < man in?
Although both the French and Ger
niaii military aatboril es bave mini
ne irred in the fight?
ing ihout Mtlbaaaea- the events oc?
curring her? toll a very different
Not on!.. tal fall of
French hi led, but
other public building, and e\ci
ehorchoa, hotel?, ?ml
I .. t . aroundod t
t arrival ??
tten i loads of suffe *??
The surgeon? here are uorking night
and day attempting the impossible feat
Sting a11 wounds immediately.
The latest estimate placea the Ger?
man losses at from ?3,000 to 10,000, but
no accurate idea of the French dead
Xo ?MBSUf has been taken of the
wounded in Ba.-!e, but in my opinion
nutiiher fully 4,000, and
bl v iee'.l r.
S.icci.il trains ?re now running from
to M?lheim, St. l.udwif* and
' i an -nortttig the
wounded to places where more careful
attention cu;i be paid to them.
[B I ?
?Berlin, Aug, ' I. Bj Direct Wireless
from Neuen, Geraany, to the <;?.!d
Khmidt Wireless Companies .Station at
rtoti, N. J.), A.M-J. IS. The ?ler
l'-'|) French ofheers
ami 1.11" French Soldiers prisoners in
lighting at Miilhusen, Alsace.
captured four French can
Ai other 1/00 French olVieere and
nipn were taken prisoners by tho G?vr
ln the fight near eLongwy.
oil is now entirely cleared
of French tr?
?'??'? ? that the
the Aral
from Berlin direct which ha: : .,? been .
of the na- :
at war.
German Cruisers Troubles
Ended by Sale to Turkey
\jg. IT.. Despite skepticism
the renurt is till current here that the
Gonaaa era md Breslau
bought h> the Tarkiob gov
ernrm-i.t. Ottoman a-i?urances ar?j
-tntcd to I n <-e?ved that th' ir
German officers and crew-, will be re?
That Miel, a purchase in wartime is
valid in international law \a doubtful,
'?toman guvern
wtut iy bu> these ?Inj-s duw ?jut &d-,
pear to he questioned in official quar?
tet., here.
IB. . -
eeParis, Aug l'?. It la learned in an
authoritative quarter that the Turkinh
?ont has announced that the
and Hi. dau arrived in the Par- I
utnelle.? following tha^ Turkish pur
of them, carrying the Turkish
i with their Orman iitting.. d..,
it i declared h?re that the purchase
b> Turkey of t?tSbt bout will b?.- the
subject of a demand fir explanations
ou tue ??u?t u? ftSUSS und her ?11?..
9taaWa9tm99maW^ '?? ? ?*_R
______________t_____9_r j, , . ?'
Boston Physician, a Refugee, Describes \l ar Scenes
in Belgium and Declares Reports of German
Defeats All Buncombe.
I.? nd? n, -tu. 13, ? Dr. D I toaoh i
London to-night from Germany with four other Americans, the
come out in mon ? rhey emphatically declared that all a\mest?
1 .' ? : .. arc advi-i:;. ..in in th?
towns man) *?i are lufTering hardships.
l)r. Donohue told of the trip from Aix-la-Chappelle bv team to the
R..li.*rt J. i hoaspsoo, th.*
United Stan For seven rappelle, Dr.
Donohue laid, I. g. He ?helares there are tl
where ! with provisions for a long war and
'?*. i : i pr Brussels and Pari- and crushing the Kreuch army.
Speaking of th? trip through Belgium on the ?ray t.. Flushing, he said:
"i' il all bui . defeated at every turn.
\.. doubt, ?he had heavy losses before Li?ge, but she now ii ia control
?.'.mi, and the German troops ibow by
their I it they believe they rever will he driven out.
"A entirely in ti I
the Germans. Yesterda) I heard .? report that emanated from hath Ger?
man circle?, that tin Germans rode within ; '
four days ts, with th? on of the time between II
o'clock p. m. and 2 a. in.. dn.ent of the :
ihr..n and Chaud fontaine. Oh ?? fter three d
it I was abl with the dull roar ia my
"There are re;...ii- ... dorm?n cruelty in circulation, but I v.
German soldiers that ai boucg
outright .?nd one wounded, .m?l
I the wounded Otl ' ?>Iit < pen l>y a woman who tan out of her
and hit the man with an a\e as he lay on the ground. Th
?,trinan?, shot up <\ery street in the town.
Buildings and Ships Suffer in
Russian Port in Baltic.
i Pi i
eCopeahagen, Aug. IS, Accord
s report brought here by a D
schooner, two German era
bombarded ?Aindau. a oort ot' Russia
on the Bailie. Several buildings were
destroyed end hs bor ?hips burned
The i in ?Ig has
advised the Inhabitant sgfors
to leave the
Th." have destroyed all
their arsenals anil wharves at Hango.
[ !i> Til.- Aseso?.tic! Press. |
Stockholm i-.?a I.o.'iilon), Aug. ?IS.
Two German warships were observed
oif l.andsort. aa island in the Bait.e,
day and to-day.
Gotland reports say that German Wat
i-i qasntlj cruising In
that ?rielnitj.
Adviec from Finland indicate that
the Russian Reel -; .-tii! in
the linll" of Finland. A party of
liahnu ?I of espionag?
arrested >'. I
Battle Over Coastwise Trade
Entry May Defeat Measure.
Washington, Aug. l.'t. < hampions of
American coastwets? shipping in the
?louse aud B? nate to-day lot it be
known that tiny would oppose bitterly
the adoption of the conference report
on the eatergency shipplng bill, winch
would admit foreign built e-hips to the
? ...|e If they take American
try within the noiI two y....
Benaton ?Parkins and Rouraaoatativos
Mann ainl Groeao refueee to sign the
conference report, which was agreed to
early in the day. and srill lead a light
against its adoption.
Ser,a?or ? I'? ioi inan submitted the con?
fer? mes ?iay. buL action
on it was deferred until to-mor row.
Offensive Movement Imminent
on Galician Frontier.
Athens, Aug. Ig. Th.^ fhmtsfl I
I tion announces that the concentration
R issian fore?
front,??r >'4S h??eti completed and
an offensive movemi nl
movement will ooiacid?
the action of the Servian army S
.o. .
? - ?
Athens. Aug. Ft. - As the result of tl M
gravity of the litaatioa. and on the
imendation of the ?ireck g.
m.-tit. liie King ha? decided to consult
th? condition of affairs due to the ??r
London, Aug. l.'? The trctifr
tli?; British fleet in the Mediterranean
la unknown, a- no movements of
i,a\e been made publie siin
first outbreak of boatiliti?
known, however, that FranOS has I he
bulk of her fleet in the Me<litcr"-anean,
so that no apprehension e\t?ts ?? to
the safety of trade routes through that
sea. now that it BOOM I
German cru;.-er.s Goeben end Breslss
are out of action.
The official press bureau here, de?
scribing to-day the dial Bnt
: h i-ruisers in the Atlantic a? d else?
where, expressly urges trader* of all
nations doing business with Great
Britain to send their cargoes conn
der.tly and boldly to sea in British er
neutral ships in all directions except
the North Sea, where, owh.g to i
ami the probability of naval e
no gu?rante?- can yet be |
although, as announced yesterda? .
tenger services are again running.
Fourth Avenue cor. 25th Street
fcldridge Street cor. Kivington Street
Seventh Ave. bet. 43th and 49th StS.
Lexington Ave. cor. 124tb Street
Grand Street cor. Clinton Street
East 72d St. bet. Lexington & 3d Avs.
East Houston St. cor. Essex St
Courtlandt Ave. cor. !4Sth Street
Graham Avenue cor. Debevolse St
Pitkin Avenue cor. Rockawav Ave.
'eat TWO
The Tribune's
Comprehensive Atlas of the World
and European War Map
August 14, 1914.
This coupon and NINETY-EIGHT CENTS will entitle the
bearer to one copy of the Comprehensive Atlas of the World
and a European War Map, in colors, when presented at
THE TRIBUNE OFFICE, 154 Natsau ?. ?f
12 cents additional is required if sent by mail

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