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Want Ex - Governor to
Support Old Lieuten?
ant at Primaries.
* Leader of American Party Ap?
parently Determined To Be
Candidate for Oovernor.
be made within the
next few days to induce e*t-G?>vernor
get aboard the Her.nessv
band w??on and sapporl his? former
chief hinten?. mor at the
? e?.
.riounced himself
a? the ce- ha American party,
end ha ha? steadfast]; declared he in?
tend? to ra BO mnt
ter bow fe?a t'
He .ake a chance at the
Democrtv.c primante, however, and it
? la problematic^ whether he can get
enough ?.gn.-itures to his petition to
run at the Pi ,
Overtures \re Hegun.
It wa? under?tood yesterday that
f '.ad ap
fon the ral
?o the candidate
'. that I vc much stronger with
? p out of the
?t end tell ti i pe. pli ha was m
tetoati ajp of Tam
not in seeking office.
ood. said he was
: Governor, regardless
of a inn.e.
ipetate, making
?.i'? at co and is not
??obable that he and Hennes
aii talk over
geta back.
- Hanger in Sulrer.
The independents make no secret of
me event of Hennes
the pr.maries, Sulrer
will prove a thorn if he per
I hi? determination to run for election.
Renneaay spent yesterday confer
T.ng ' . tieal friend?, and late
- afternoon made th.
etatement that he would not discuss
what he might do should he be defeat
? the prima
B run as an independent
, vernor if you are de
at tne primaries?" he was asked.
"I'll not discuss that question now."*
was I -.-tort.
Krar velu Assistant Secre
. Navy, who will run for
th Hennessy,
will be in the city to-day, and a con
them and the inde-!
adera will take place. Both
??-.d Franklin Roosev.
?nents outlining their posi- i
tionr in the next day or two.
Will (?infer Soon.
The rem.. I '.te of the
lnde*.. ! be made
up at a conference soon to be held,
which all the upstate anti-Tammany
lead?: ?? ?'.. No
r this conference.
. be placed in the ,
field at the primaries r. ? vry county ;
tat? ticket.
? ta will open headquar
early next week. No
yet, but it j
the headquarters will
I ere in the neighborhood of
Her: an of the execu
.leffersonian Alli?
ance, the alli?
ai ready for work
in ma itrieta
hat many of
the district headquarters had been
? n said the alliance pur
rnember? of
Tammany who intended to support
tad were op
the Murphy machine.
?he alliance has
The of
t the Brooklyn committe?
und that of the Bronx
MURDER 3. GET $15,000
Bandits Kill Mine Paymaster
and Companions and Escape.
Aug. 11. Joseph ;
er of the Glen Alum
D Alum,
I?. Annick, com?
an, and K
pany ? shortly
i oil of
and his two guards
id the money from u Norfolk ?V
Uai ;.
started fot the mines, three mile
pede car, opei.
Tra-. -ii the
cat, with the payroll
gone, a tr.ih? from the station,
the n ?
they had been attache? ' uliana.
he died.
Mystery Surrounds Wounding
of Hal Keid He May Die
from Injuries.
?. N J.. Aug. 14 Hal Reid.
play?' rture actor,
elf at the home of Krank
? ?man, on Washington av., At?
lantic Highlands, this aft.
John M \ Mr. Keid to
the Long Branch Hospital. He may
| iace in the sit
? .oni of the Keigelman home, and,
| ?
it was an aceidcot. i ha was
practising for t moving Bictan
end in pulling a re?, fixer from his
Pocket it wai? accidentally disci
In * - time ?a ??
.id M "ian and their daugh
? 1 of whom say the
shooting ?. as accidentai.
Urs Reid was at her Highlands home
on that Mr, Keid
Wag eeriously ill. She is said to have
refused to com? to the hi
Gives Life to Save Wife.
V , A,Bg 14. John
Hughes, of ? ad in
Sheldrake to-day after ?aving
his wife from fate. The
ut a summer hotel near
the lake. While bathing to-day Vrs.
Hughes got into deep water and called
for hi Ij. Her huaband responded and
mariage.! t.. ?et h,.r ?? ng raft.
.- clung until she was able
Kxhausted by hi? effort?
in rescuing hi? wife, Hughes sank and
d not The body wag re
aceoVe 04>o-ait>cf<H(ocd,
Judge to Contest East Orang-e
Election with Woolston.
Ea?t Orange. \ .1 , Aug. 14. Judge
Worr-all F. Mountain, of the F.?st
Orense Hlnr'ct Court, announced tc
day thet he would seek th?? Republican
' Mayoralty nomina'ion at the primaries
He will oppose foinirr tounty I lerk
i John B. Wooleton.
The judge, who is ? well known
lawyer Bad ? grndv.a'e of Newark
.'?iv and Vrinreton Tn.versity,
1 l?f.t to-ilay for a month's h:ke through
| ' anatla.
. said that if elected
he WOOld favot 'he depression t.f the
hackawnr.na Railroad truck? through
laming the
I same stantl which Mayor .hilian A.
y and the pr< sent CoOBCil have
. for the past two years.
Party leaders Ready to
Begin Informal Discus?
sions of Candidates.
Virtually all the Republican leaders
? | ?n Saratoga to-day, ready to
?he informal discussions regard?
ing th?
nlor ami tbe state ticket.
Although the question as to which of
the three aspirant? for tbe nom
for Go ? I win in the primaries
? I open at the end of the
convention, it is not unlikely thai
idea may be formed as to how the con
Aside from this Tace, it is probable
that the leaders will get together and
aome sort of an informal con
as to how the remainder of
the ticket should be made up.
Great eff ba made to keep
any discussion of candidates off the
floor of the convention, hut for that '
leason the work of the inf?
conferences will be all the mon
Samuel B. Ki.rig, Philip J. McCook,
president of the Young Republican
Club, and oth?r- xvent up yeeterday af
Herbert Parsons went to I.enox yea
.. and will go to Saratoga this
morning. Henr
from his Long Island home by motor
tad Ogden L Mills will go
up this morning.
Senator Root will go to Saratoga
from his home in Clinton this after?
noon. To-night there will be a meet?
ing of the ?-penal committee that has
framed suggestions for the platform
on ci al change?. It was
learned that the planks as drawn up
by the committee have hot enough
starch in them for some of the radi?
cals, i?t:d n number of substitutes will
be presented.
On Monday there will be a hearing
by the committee, and it will present
its report at the opening session of the
convention Tuesday morning. That re?
port will undoubtedly be presented to
the usual committee en resolutions to
be appointed at that time.
It Was said yesterday that an at?
tempt would be made to get the enndi
for the nomination for Governor
down to one. The general impression
was that any such attempt, if made,
would fail. The managers of the three
candidates all declared that they were
in the race to stay, and each predicted
that his man had the best chance of
As an offset to the opposition to Har
TOJ D. Hinman because of the fact
thai he xvas brought e it by Colonel
Roosevelt, the opponents of Ihstrict
??y Whitman were talking yes?
terday of being able to show that he
had voted for the Colonel in 1912. Mr.
Whitman has said that he has always
supported the regular Republican can- '
and Governor.
oga, N. Y.. Aug. 14. The Repub
l'can State convention, which is to
open hcie Tuesday, has thi
tioned power" to indicate candidates
for state offices, hut it would be unwise ,
to do so. William Barnes, of thi
publican State Committee, in n
l to-night shortly after ).??
arrived and opened headquarters, said
"nering would be "a regular con
ii. and not an informal confer
t rre."
Mr. Barnes declared that, although
f the stnte committe
pressly stated it wa* not the p
of the committee that the convention
should recommend candidates foi
at-laige to the '
tntiona! convention, "the conven
- a power unto itself and may do
? ?ver it wills."
Bil? Delegations of Votes-for
Women Workers Start for
Convention City.
Large delegations of New York suf
? lecl upon Saratoga
.... und if either the
or the Republicans get
'rom their conventions without
. a plank into the plat?
form it won't be for lack of persuasion.
The from the Women's
Political 1'nion, which left at I o'clock
-.. d of Mr?.
Harrif' Stanton Blatch, Mrs. ,T,.hn
Winters Brannan, Miss Alberta Hill,
"tirop, jr.. Mrs.
i .ffany
?' R. Whitehouse,
i who has been in Newport, will join
them in Saratoga. Then heedqnertera
! will be the United States 1!
Mrs man Catt,
; man 0 Btata committee;
- Mr?. Raymond B dent of the
i New Ym f. t iaa Suffrai
I sociation; Miss Mai Hay,
I chairman of the Woman Suffrage
1 party, and Mrs. Lillian S. Griffin, chair
, man of the party's political committee,
ready at Sarutoga. Their head?
quarters a- .ne hotel. In ad?
dition, the Woman Suffrage purty hi.?
1 there a woman from each of the As
who will personally
i interview the men from her district.
The suffragists purpose to remain
| through both, conventions.
J. C. Wilson & Co., of Chicago
and New York, Suspend.
, ? ... Aug. 14. J. C. '?'?
rrit-iiibers of the New York Stock
the New York Cotton Kx
chang ? loam Hoard of Trade
- i Stock and Bond
Exchaaao, to-day went into voluntary
"The suspension." says a statement
pat at the offices of the company,
?ought about solely by the ev
traordinerj American conditions fol?
lfv*mg oa th? Barepeaa war'1
OB Lxchange was
terday that J. C. Wuooa i
t San Kr?tnri?co, had suspended.
j The failure has no significance so far
tM-ivteJoial siiuaUon jj concerned, the,
1 he ( ristobal entering the Obispo Cul on her way from the Atlantic to the Pacific on Aue. 3.
Tiger Fears His Entering
Race Means Stiff Fight
for Glynn.
U. S. Senatorship May Be
Offered to Gerard. Accord?
ing to Report.
Announcement of the candidacy of
saay for the nomination
? not and of Franklin D,
ml secretary oi State,
for the nomination for 1'nited States
Senator in the Itemocratic primaries
has aroused (hurles I-'. Murphy und
Other Tammany m?'n. The] had in?
tended to back (rlynn for renomination.
but the impression seems to prevail
i will enter the prim
n the fare of formidable oppo?
It is understood that a call has gone
r ? conference within a few duys
between Murphy and ' ? lieu
'-. ? that time, it is said, con-;
j.ossi- ?
biiiity of Batting William F. Mel
and Ambaaaador Jenes W. Gerard to
enter the primerie? for Governor and
I Sttti.s Senator, respectively.
Murphy realizes that he will have
to have soma one who will itand be?
fore the people aa having the approval
of President Wilson. Met ombs. BOT?
ing* been th? manager of the Wilson
boom before and m the Baltimore
convention, is generally conceded to ;
have the confidence of the President, i
The fact that the President appointed '
Mr. Gerard as Ambaaaador to Berlin
it thooght to be sufficient evidence
that he has the stamp of approval of
the administration.
It was said yesterday by a man be
to be in the continence of the
President that if Ilennessy, GibbOBOy
and Aatiodala made too open declara?
tion that the Prtsident was backing
:. tin- pi Inserios here, a de
ttld i OBM fl OBI ' ? louse.
However. : ' ? ... , r *o
? tary M.-A.loo of the
Treasury Department is largely re?
sponse ? tight.
As an indication that this combina?
tion have really the support of the ad- ;
ration, u man friendly to the.
movement pointed to the appointment
?i\ P. K..-th as Collector
t.-rnal Kevenue for the Loii|? Island
mus K. Raab as
Surveyor of the Port claim
credit fur the appointment of a num?
ber of postmasters throughout the
It is known that earlier in the year
Mr. Mc? ombfi seriously ronsidei.
coming a candidate for the Senate
nomiaatiOB, but decide.i that it whs
. food Democratic year. However,
he has been told that the Europ?en
war is likely to help the Democratic
ticket. It is arpued that the
v ill say that in view of p
tional complications and the fl
.: uncertainty tin- Pemocratic
administration in Washington should
lie upheld in this state.
SEATS WORTH $100,000
Man Sues Railroad and Al?
leges He was Ejected.
John W. Masury, head of the Brook?
lyn peinl firm of John W. Masury &
Son, tiled suit yesterday in the Su?
preme Court, Manhattan, asking $100.
000 damages from the Long Island
Mi. Masury alleges that July 2 he
. and his family were e.iected from seats
in a Long [aland train after having
? ?I to them by a porter at
th? Pennaylvaaia Station. At Jamaica
-..i. he rhurged, to his great
humiliation told him he mu-t give
up the ?data and when he ri fu-ed he
was forcibly ejected.
Freighter, About to Sail, Loses Man Who Fears Germans
and Swims Across Bay to Neutral
Fern ship would be halted
and blown up by German cruisers he
? 1 were lurking off Saadj Hook,
Alfred Saige, assistant engineer of the
I'ritish freighter Aboukir, jumped nv.-r
board last night and swam to Staten
I he Aboukir. anchored ? asilo off
Staple*.m, was die to sail laat night at
11 o'clock Shortly before this hour
left lus cabin, walked :
? s.sel and plunged into
the ?rater. A atroaa ebb ti.!, carried
him aahore near the Clifton Yacht
(luh. ' .. ?.-..ral men on the veranda
he told his story and was supplied ?:*h
dry clothes.
Meanwh.!? Captain* William Gibbons
i f the freighter had put off with three
n a ?mall boat. They came on
. through "
Park, and, as they argued, drifted into
th?. Stapleton pollea station
'after some parley. Saige ?as induced
to return to the ship for hi?? property,
ias Gibbons had no desire to carry a lot
o? *??asJo?ub^J.j| destination?
Peacefully the small boa: mad* its
| way over the harbor until within about
? ten yards of the Aboukir. SaifO, at
j leiit.lv brooding, suddenly came to the
: conclusion that once aboard the ship
j he would not be allowed to leave.
I Without a word he leaped over *he
' ?ide and was soon lost in the dar
: time he landed against the
yacht club. This 'ira.', however, he
passed by and was wandering about
reets in his ?? ? when
; Patrolman Turner, of the BtapletOB
1 station, arrested him.
He was locked up on a charge of
j violating tin- law regarding the landing
I of aliens from foreign vessels. Captain
i dibbons postponed his sailing to ap
I pear as complaining witness and will
lie in court to-day when the prisoner
; is arraigned.
j Saige informed the capta.ns that if
? bbona, wanted to sail and get
I killed he could g<> as f,?r us he liked.
\ As for him. Saige, he was married and
had BO intention of sailing seas in
I fcsted with warships belonging to his
couutri'a enemies? ?
10.000 Ton Steamship Will Take Colonel Goethals and
President of Panama and His Cabinet Through Water?
way?Despite the Water It Will Be a "Dry" Trip.
Panama, Aug. U. The Panama Cana
wa? the seen" of activity to-night ir
preparation for its opening to-morrow
<'n board th? p An?on offi
cers and men arara buey scrubbing thi
ship, aetting everything in ordei anr
geting ready foi aa early morning
on the t;rst royage of ? big oeeaa-goina,
steam-hip n* 10,000 tons m -
through th? new highway. The Anton,
w-hich is owned by th? United Stitei
War Department, and 1?.?t?-? <1 to the
Panama Kailroad for the New York-to
. *rHiie remanie.! overnight gl l.-r
doch in Cristobal without discharging
her cargo, hs it is planned to have her
make tin- journey fully load .1.
tin hoi trip from New York she re
reived a new eoal ut" paint, nnd with
finishing touches, which were giren her
to-night, sh'. will look to-morrow as
though fresh from the builder?' yard.
Th.? Brat thing in the mornin.T signal
?ill he strung from forctruck to
keelson, and the fla? of all nations
belated on the ship to mark the inter?
national aspect of the occasion. Inside
Bad out th" ship will be gay with bunt -
h n the deckhands arill be c
in spotless new white uniforms.
Orden have be'.'n issued for the An?
c?n to leave h.r dock promptly at 7
o'clock, so that she m.>t> arrive at the
Gatun loch board
. i ?..-night by John Constantin?*, canal
.vh?-. will have rh.trge of the ship
during her passage to-morrow. II..
hopes to get her through to the Paciilc
within eleven hours, although twelve
i hours i? the time ?et for the average
Kntering the Gatun locks at 9 o'clock,
the eleven-hour run would bring the
An?on to the end of the tleep wat.-r
channel in th? Pacific at 6 o'clock In the
evening. The passage of the Cucaracha
m i lui hi it t lut will be mud'!
shortly before noor. The canal regu?
lations provide a speed limit of fif?
teen knots iii the wider and deeper
channels of Catun Lake, but in the
Culebra Cut not more than six knots an
hour will be allowed. F.very move
which the ship make? to-morrow will
be recorded mi plotting charts in the
p'.rt captain?' offices at either end of
the waterway. The ship's ?oration will
be reported at every turn by telegraph.
In order that the An?on's journey
may be wholly unimpeded, all the traf?
fic on the canal will be suspended be?
tween 'J and 5 o'clock to-morrow. Fven
the dredge-, tagboats and barges will
be hauled away from their work in the
1 ebra Cat and tied up at Parai?o.
Those aboard the An?on will include
Governor Goethals, other officials, and
! ' orto Porras ,of the Re?
public of Panama, and members of his
Cabinet. Most of *he officials will be
accompanied by their ladies, and dur?
ing the passage of the canal buffet
luncheon will be served, but without
. as the Canal Zone is "dry" ter?
I he An?on has a complement of
seventy-four officers BBd men, her chief
officer being <'?.plain 0, K. Sukeforth.
Aged Official Admits La<
of Knowledge of Bal?
lot Statute.
John R. Yoorhis, Superintendent
Kir'?t i.H.s. who has been defend?
charges against his administration i
for.. Commiaaioaer MeMahon in t
liar Association. M West 14th st., i
th, admitted vesterday his i
? . .lion law.
"It ?rould I of time for M
lo learn the election law
retv," said l>eslie .1. Tosahia
Karlier in the hearing, which aras
particularly lively affair punoiuat?
?vith frequent till . ounsf
th" righty-five-year-old official had a<
mltted <m BBoatioaiaa bv W. Clovi
land Kunyon, for the prosecution, thi
timid men in his office might be led t
?upporl a certain political factiOB
though! thev were sure el thol
1 i,. r.- ' .?^ mu. h i'ues?onin
-..- of . ci 'nu: remo-. .?Is tha
had been linde, not ubi v that of th
deputy in Putnam County, William :?
"Didn't you call Mead into your of
fice before you dismissed ,iim am! tel
him that he had been w irking agains
the interests of the administration am
that he hail better stand in?" askei
Mr. Ii .
"No, I did not." was the r. ;
The name l I tha State '-h.iirman ol
the Democratic partv, William Chnrcl
: ?-, v ,is brought into this line ol
lining in connection with Mead'?
It is expected that Mead will take
the ?tand to-dav and clinch what the
Honest Ballot Reform Association be
Truck Kills Two-Year-Old Lad
Israel Youcalski. two years old, torl
in front of a truck near big bom?,
Ii'..". Monroe <tt.. yesterday afternoon
and was killed, ilarrv Loviaa ?' nI dir.
mg tha m nek for L Rchali
Monroe st. He .m? not blamed b
police for the .??vident.
Pursued by Cruiser Off
Hid Jewels.
Passengers on the I'nitod Fmit
steamship Zacapa were thankful to get
ashore yesterday after a trip from
Colon, mingled with fear and excite?
ment. News of the European war
reached the "hip at Santa Marta, and
th* was advised by the British Con?ul
to be on the watch for German cruisers
that were known to be steaming about,
for prizes in tho Caribbean. Captain
'. informed h is passenger? of the
situution and assured them that all
IttoBI would be taken for their
On the run to Colon no warships
were sighted, and the fears of the pas
Hengers became somewhat allayed, bat
M arrival at the 1'anama port they
were alarmed by the d< tails of the war
In the newspapers. The Zacapa, like
all vessels of the Cnited Fruit Lino,
though owned by American capit il
sailed under the British ?lag. As -soon
M iba ha<i maile fa-it to her pier the
German Consul went aboard and de?
manded tho release of thirty-five Gor?
man stoker?.
Captain Towell informed the consul
that the men were stokers in the em?
ploy of the It,.t.ol Fruit Company and
that as iie needed them to feed the
Lies or' his vessel he would have to do
i cline the request. While the contro?
versy was going on three of the stokers
jumped overboard and swam to an ad?
joining pier, but the skipper had then
arrested and returned to the ship.
When the rtMOJ arrived at Kingsto.i,
Jamaica a launch in charge of Bl
arm;, officer? ,i::d soldiers came out to
her and took off the thirty-five Gor?
mar.-, who were promptly made prison?
! crs of war. With much difficulty Cap
*a:n 1'owell found enough men to all
their places and resumed his ji
to New York. On approaching Kin**
ston the authorities at Port Royal i.
quested the skipper to dismantle his
wirele.-?, but he derlined. Later, when
a si'cond and more imperative com?
mand was given he obeyed!
When a day out of Kingston the Za?
capa observed a warship about three
miles astern steaming for him at top
speed. He crowded on all tho steam
his boilers could hold and was ready to
Outrun her If possible, when the h;< f
olfieor.-? observed that she was signal?
ing to know the vessel's name. When
the signal was answered the warship
chunged her course and put about. The
id iie thought she was an
Italian erul
Many of the passenger?, alarmed at
? e of the man-of-war, re?
quested the ship's purser to return
their jewels from the safe, stating that
in the event of capture they preferred
to have their possessions hidden la
their pocketbookg.
Man Hurt When Police Raid
Alleged Poolroom.
-er. ta, of Inspector Mor?
ris's staff, broke into ..n alleged pool?
room at IM Third av. yesterday just as
a race was being called. Three men
dived through a rear window. One of
them was sent to Hellevue Hospital
with a fractured ankle and internal in?
juries He gave his name as Sydney
1 Golds'^i!, ol IMI Prospect av., The
The other< who wen*, through the
window were the cashier and the man
who was ciUing the race. Hoth
escaped. llat'on took the names of
sixty men in the place and let them go.
? zed a d?sk telephone and some
CAorU, _
Federal Army Ready to
Surrender to Constitu?
tionalist Forces.
Villa Still Holds Three States
and Mas Army of 40,000
at Torre?n.
I.?redo, i ci., Au g, 14. Nuevo Laredo, -
the Mexican city opposite here, to-day
received an official telegram that. Gen- ,
Oral Carranza entered Mexico City at |
noon to-day.
i Bf ' '..1 .!>? i'i Th? Trlbm.? 1
\ i i Qoaeral Al
raro Obregon announced over the tele
pi ..ne this evening that he wouid en'er
the capital to-morrow morning at the
head ot" to.000 men. accompanied by
rala Pablo Goaaaloa and Francisco
It is snul that Carranza will
make his formal entrv on Sunday.
Wellington, Aug. 14. Venustiano
IBSB was named Provisional Pres
of Mexico in 'he agreement
signed euteide <.f 'he < ity .if Mexico
inv by General Obcegan and r??p
reaeatativea of Federal OovetreOf Itur
bide, according to an announcement to?
night by the Constitutionalist agency
Dispatches to Rafael Zubaran Op
many, head of the agency, said the
agreement provided that Carranza
should fill all offices necessary to con
I duct tlv government until a general
election can be held. The Federal
? n evacuating Mexico City, it
was said, will form in groups of not
i.OOO along the railroad to be dis?
banded and disarmed by Constitution?
alist commissioners, while the Federal
garriaoaa m certain towns near Mexico
City and fronting the troops of Zapata
remain at their posts until relieved by
Constitutionalist forces. Garrisons in
the southern state? are to lay Jown
their arms, and the Federal navy is to
be turned over to the Provisional Pres?
Mexico City, Aug. 14. The capital
to-day awaited the incoming Constitu?
tionalist army. The army will be dis?
tributed along the Mexican Railway in
the towns between the capital and
Puebla. The new Minister ol War will
deaignate Constitutionalist officers to
receive the surrender of each battalion.
The fare of the Federals to their home
towns will be paid by the Constitution?
A commission composed of four Con?
stitutionalists this afternoon met Gen?
eral Yelasco, Minister of War under
President Carbajal, to arrange taking
over of the fortifications at Cuitilan
and Tlalepantla.
It is probable that the Cabinet of
General Carranza will be as follow?:
Foreign Minister Isidro Fabela.
Minister of the Interior General
Alvaro Obregon.
Minister of War - General Eduardo
, Bar.
Minister of Public Work?- Alberto J.
Orders closing all Catholic churches
' were ?Rsued to-day by the Archbishop.
? B T?>*raph to Th? Tribun? ;
Juarez, Mexico, Aug. 14. Advices
( from the south and from Sonora^ to?
day strengthened the belief of Villa
, sympathizers here that the movement
for a new republic of the north has been
launched in earnest. The only ques
; tion in the minds of leaders now is,
Will Villa consent to be the military
? head of the new republic? It is known
he is being urged to join the move?
ment, and should he do ?o the new re?
public would be composed of the states
held by Villa. Chihuahua, Coahuilaani
Durango, and two states which Car
raaaa captured and which since have
turned against him, Sonora and Sina
Villa, it is admitted, has broken
finally with Carranza, and Is holdtn<
his army, now numbering 40,000 men,
at Torre?n, determined to make sure of
the territory he control? in the north.
Rumors that Villa has made a compact
with General VolBOOO, commanding th?
Federal armv which eva?-uated Mexico
City, are still circulated here.
Dr. J. F. White and Wife Cannot
live Together?She Makes
Cruelty Charges.
Asserting he believed it impossible
for the couple to live together and in
ig that an action for separation
be heard at the next term of court,
Justice Tompkins. sitting in the Su?
preme Court at White Plains, yester?
day, directed that Dr. John F. White,
i ef Port (bester, pay his wife, Mrs.
Hertha Callen White, $20 a week ali
! mony and give her $-00 counsel fee?
and the custody of their child.
f>r. White is a member of the Apa
! wami? Country Club and the Port
(bester Country Club, and his wife
I il he has an income of more
'i annually.
The couple were married in April,
1911, and lived together until last
April. Mrs. White was a trained nurse
and is much yoanger than her hus?
In her complaint Mm. White charged
cruel and inhuman treatment, aban?
donment and non-eupport. She alleges
that her husband hus given her but $30
since he put her out of his home. In
her affidavit Mrs. White said that the
physician had insisted on a separation
and otTered her papers to sign. He
had charged her with using morphine
and whiskey, she said.
lira. White denied that she was forc?
ibly given a bath by a maid in her
home after her husband had charged
h-r with being slovenly in her dres?
and toilet. Mary Johnson, the maid,
has made affidavit that this really oc?
curred. Mrs. White said the physician
told her he did not care about their
That Dr White spend? much of hia
time riding in his uutomobile, accom?
panied by nurses from the Port Ches?
ter Hospital, ig the charge of the plain?
, Collision Occurs on Single
Track Near Milford, Oonn.
Milford. Conn., Aug. 14. Eleven
persons were injured to-night when
'-olley cars crashed head-on near
J-ort Trumbull Reach. The accident
occurred on a down grade, near a
?harp curve on a single track. Both
motormen claim the signal lights gave
them the right of way. The car? were
bound for Bridgeport and New Haven.
Among the injured was Mrs. Will?
iam fowcll. of r.reat Barrington.
! Wife of Former Ajt.it&nt Sec?
retary Charftf Deiertlon.
John H. Edward?, Firet Ai*?*-t-rnt '
, SeertUry of tha Tr-aMury urnder Pre?!
I dant Rooaevelt, wag arralgntd baforo i
f United State? Commi??toner Houghton
yesterday on a warrant charging non- |
tupport and deier-lon of his wife ?rid
three children, who are in Waahlng'on.
Edward?, looking a trifle tired, waired
examination and wag taken to Wash?
ington last evening to face tri.nl on the
Indictment, which wa? found by a f?d?
eral grand jury of the District of Co?
lumbia a few days ago. He wa? repre?
sented by Roger Minn*.
Edwards was the younge-r*. man who
ever held office in the Treasury Depart?
ment, and at the time he married Mar?
garet Johnson he was rrgsrdod as a
man with a promising futur?, r?e was
even talked of for the preside:... y of
the National Hank of North America of
this city. Edwards declined to tn*k
any statement o'her than that he was
unable to keep his family in funds. He
was arrested here by Detect??<? Kelly
and lodged in a cell at Headquarter? i
last Thursday night.
Three Arrested. Charged
with Beating Mrs. Russo
and Taking $1,400.
Three men were arrested yesterday, |
riiarged with robbing Mrs. lioeina
?, an aged women, of more than
I, after assaulting, gagging and
hit,ding her in her apartment, at 131 ,
. bot 3d st., where she was found in a
? serious condition twelve hours after-,
i ward. The men were taken single
handed by Detective Barbieri after they
had put up a desperate struggle.
The robbery and assault took place
at 7 o'clock Thursday morning. Mrs. \
Russo said her husband had just left
, the apartment when thje three men ?
came to the door and inquired after
him. When told he was not at home,
' she said, they forced their way past
I her into the apartment. She screamed,
. and one of the men felled her with a
blow with the butt of his revolver.
Mrs. Russo was not rendered un
' conscious, and, reaching her feet,
grasped tho man nearest her. She
said she held on until he bit her on
: the arm, when she released her hold.
That was the last she remembered un
, til 7 o'c'ock that night, when her hus?
band returned home and found her
gagged and bound to a steam pipe.
It was foynd that the three men had
? made away with $375 in money, which
j she had concealed in her stocking; five
1 diamond rings, valued at $700; a dia?
mond bracelet, worth $200; a gold
watch and chain, worth $160, and other
Detective Barbieri was detailed to
' the case as soon as the robbery was
| reported. He rounded up three men
yesterday afternoon at 12th st. and
First av., and attempted to put them
under arrest. One of the men struck
him, and the detective knocked him
1 down. When the others closed in on
Barbieri he drew his revolver and com?
manded them to throw up their hands.
When Mrs. Russo saw the three she
? declared they were her assailants.
At Police Headquarters the prison
; ers said they were Joseph La Bineo,
? of 178 Avenue A; Andrea Sfurtun,
: eighteen years old, no address, and
Restivo Colagro, of 314 East 12th st.
Heavy Sentences for Three Men
Who Stole Frank Longo?
Demonstration in Court.
From twenty-five to fifty year? in
? Sing Sing, the limit for kidnapping,
' was the sentence imposed yesterday on
Pasquale Milone by Judge Crain, in
General Sessions. The court charac
' terized the prisoner as the brains of
the gang that stole eight-year-old
Frank Longo from near his home, at
130 Bleecker st., and kept him forty
nine days. District Attorney Whitman
was on the bench with Judge Crain
when sentence was pronounced.
Francesco Malacuso got from twelve
and one-half to twenty-five years, and
Vincenzo Acena from twenty to thirty
years. Six others are in tho Tombs
awaiting trial for the kidnapping of
the boy.
The District Attorney's office be-J
i lieves that when the cases are com?
pleted tho largest band of kidnappers
in N'ew York in years will be broken
The court was filled with relatives
and friends of the three convicted men.
They made a demonstration when the
sentences were imposed, and court at?
tendants quickly pushed them into the
All of the men sentenced were mar?
Testimony showed that Milone was
the director of the plot to make away
with the boy, that Acena kept him in
his house and Malacuso was the go
between in the negotiations for his re?
Man Goes to Jail Despite Tale
of How Trustee Ran Away
with Big Estate.
William H. F'olz's excuse that he was
unable to pay alimony to Mrs. Viola
Folz because the trustee of his father's
estate had misappropriated $500,000
was not accepted by Justice Seabury
yesterday. The justice committed Folz
to Ludlow st. jail until he should pay
$700 alimony now due his wife.
Mrs. Folz obtained a separation about
two years ago, the court awarding her
$15 a week alimony. The late Frederick
Folx, father of the defendant, left him
an income of $1,500 a year, out of
which he paid the alimony, until
Frederick P. Forster. trustee of the
estate, disappeared. Folz then learned,
he said, that the trustee had walked'
away with the entire property.
Folz also made the point that his
wife could not have authorized the mo?
tion for his punishment for contempt
since, notwithstanding the separation
decree, he was living in her apartment,
and had been paying her as much ali?
mony as he could spare
SHUBIRT Thaa. F>i ' 15 MaU T ?UT* Wta?
ilTH WHIT Tniitr?. Mltlr-f Tu daj 1 lf~j
rOMIDY '? .. VITTV li?t Ml?
Ma1. To ,lar * Tu-a-la? Ml I I MMKAT
Oteiil. IP M H-.i s-au :v c? im lr> j?*.
I.aal TI in? l Mgln
Fail ?. Wale??'? HI* ?frico Hunt Pl-tiir?
Crowd in Peril as 2 Men
Are Captured, Charged
with Stealing Car.
Following a race butween two a?*raW
mobiles, during which a ?core of beta
let? were flred that drove h\io<ir*<it em
person? scurrying for ?afety in fro way
ed Lenox avenue, near 127th ?t, ,t?ti
night, two detectives ?uece?nt?vj
resting two men v/hom th??y <"**rirait
with stealing an automobile. It ?if
owing to the crowd? in the ?treat tha?
the men were unable to ??cape. Seew
eral person? had narrow esrap??.
The arrests were the mull if an itrJ
vestig-ation whieh has been carried <M
by Iieputy P.n et f.r.mmissioner RoTat^l
? v the last few month? he asjfl
Automobiles valued a*, more than UM
000 have been sto'?n ^ere by ?ii orgej?
laad gnng. tin Wednesday Harrr ^
who lieea a' 'he Ar.-*?'T.e Hotel
complained that an automobile <?}
ad been taken while he wgj
? with friend? in a hotH a
I ?'ecti-.es Meyer ?nd WagTiefl
learned that Kleia'S cur had b?er. ?oil
for $1,000. S'j?pic!on w
againat two .
Last night the detective? ?aid the
learned another automobile ?hef? ???
planned, and, obtaining en ai.'onvibvl
started in quest of their querry.
At lL'C,th st. ?ri. 'rvr ?a
they found the porsons they warweee.
I ?uapected men, in another me
chine, ?tarteH off at a lively
The detective* ordere-rl them t
and, this command being ,
race up Lenox ?v. and the BMOa
After a spurt of two blocke the me
In the first automobile stoppe?! The
gav?, their names as "Ja?3g>" Curren, orfgj
1^9 Kast 130th st., and Thoroaa Caa?'o.*u
They were charged with ?trsi'ena
Klein's automobile.
Reservist Swindler Sentenoedaj
For trying to ?windle an Austrian wmm
?ervist out of $7, Paggi I'undari, of *?
Union st.. Long Island City, was ?r?J
ter.ced to sixty days in the wo i k h *>tat?e
Joseph Iloritz ?aid 'hat the patnotfe
tried to ?ell him a uniform so ne -ouVfl|
work in a hotel while waiting to aaia
_ _ M
So much to see and so lit*
tit? time to see it.
Bargains in men's Sum*?
mcr suits, two-pi?,
shoes, straw hats, athletic un*?
derwear, shirts, bathing i
and wa,sh scarf-?.
CloieJ at tw ?.???.
Three Broadway Store*?
at at t
Warren St. 13th St. 34th St*
Tli.-?.. V?-??. "l..rU l.rn.llii? Tl,?|r-? "
Have No Dealing? ??1th tl??- T> ?on I .?.
? Slaae ?f Amtttmmt '
Mutlew? TODAY ?nd Wtdntidty. 2 IV
? Ttag?
I*. .- ') i t >>
gill VrtM v?tm"? T?-??y & Wtdnnda.. 2 :0.
"^""TWIN beds
HUObON ? . , ?, A W?1
u,;;;;'. thl: dummy
KNICKERBOCKlgr : ' v ?, ?v??
b??giJu.U.? SK.VI MON <,:..|<K Tl
-kc r j-w .11.1 f Wm**a
rnu?ii'<c B *
m bum n a m,.., r ..?, a ?.
sousA ?,;-;o,',:
To-day a Tf.m'w,
I- its- ( nnrrrt?.
Aft<-rnooa A t ??.
JAKdin uaNSc roof
17 B:(* 11 ' v' ' ??**<?.
?'TURNS #'
%W% fPAfiD lB||^''irta*
s# ? ? em^em????Y?Tr ??. v.?8joy
W A rlllKI|l\ I St II WIMIN | f
l.U>UACKI ? pAlR 0F S|US
Pi?--,J i run
uiraiinv v.iKru -
H animer,trin'? K.mf \ttnt ?T?: I? ???-..'? &4)*)?
? > Ml ?t? a Ma) it ?. I'.. i??iiv
s , ?i . ,. . th.
Inlrriutiinnal l-nnl? Mm. Ii ?- ?-?-?
Broa.lway \ i-ii. it I'l .
It It the Talk of 'he Toun.
Broadway al 41st Street
I BBBfoBBB ?Oc. Hinin., ?i i
III?, i IMilXIN,
UU.S- A.??^

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