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m plan
torcer BANKS
?ftty Co. Moves to Make
^oans on Warehouse
Receipts Safe.
Tt Lessen Risk Staple WHI Be
fit ib Storage?Company
to Shtre Responsibility.
r, rnsbif the ?^uth **"fr to hold !
? ?at**? by "???*??*? *?",hou7 "? I
rLjjfar the ttaple absolutely ?aie for l
Zielend money on. the National ?
???ft Compsnv has .aunched ? plan ?
??kt gusrsnteeing of such receipts :
Lwhen effective will make a wide ?
?lat for ?uch collateral and make ?
?????le the p?ens of the Treasury De?
cent to aid Southern banks to,
??rjthe immense burden forced upon j
ai, by the war.
jltoreticslly warehouse receipts for
grata sre ?rood collstexal anywhere in
t. South. A* a matter of fact, auch
?Mists sre usually accepted only when
ig, tuple is rsited and stored in the)
gjfrporhoed of the bank, and then as J
?ek on the reputation of the maker i
a-borrower as upon the receipts, be- ;
ajase sf the general looseness that has
Junctenied the conduct of cotton
tsiehousss and the wide possibilities
?jrfrsnd, which have taught bankers
?j?t lending: money on such receipts
rjtbset tome other security than the |
Msaeat itself is an excellent way of I
jKjrg money.
Usaer the j. i vicepresi
autef the company is now working in
?jiSsuth, the company ??ill guarantee .
-?at the cotton described by the re- |
Jis actually in the warehouse and j
be delivered on the presentation j
?like receipt, thus assuring the bank- ;
taipins: Jos? through frauds or mis- ,
The warehousing problem is the ?
^gptt thing m connection with the .
c/jan, next to getting the money, that I
M Southern banks have got to deal j
-its," tsid Joel Rathbone. general
rft'f-r of the Kations! Surety Com
?ay, yesterda?. "The guarantee plan!
?a? propose will solve it by making
ans on warehouse receipts actually
uit at all times.
"Is normal times the warehousing
a! totton is not as well done as it.
?Maid be. Staple is dumped at the'
firthouse. in the back yard of the
itrthouse, and even :n the street on
?lieh it abuts, against which the ware
(jSMtnan i.-.-ues his receipt. When the
(?ton is wanted it may be there and
* asy not. It may be of the ?rood
nality that was delivered, and it may
sa*. This is the case in times when
rtttan it pouring out of the countrv.
"On such receipts the banks lend to
'iiircuttomer-a. but thi personal equa- |
Iks it the big factor, l! the borrow- ?
er U all right and the warehouse is
turn to the bank to be all right, tht>?
lut it made. Hu* no bank want.-, to
Itsi to these whom it does not know. I
Thil has hindered the working of th?
?astrnnien? plan to aid the banks by
lasus?. eaergei cy to the na
ktt turre 11 c\ association- formed, i
?Ito be i.. .eral South
an itate-. this money to be advanced
r' lit loai." on cotton receipts, a>i?l
bank- me m be i of the associa
fcst-heid responsible up to the full
"Mont of their participation lor loans
list do not provi good.
"Therein lie- the difficulty. The banks
?unilm? to i sk their money on loans
?rt may make themselves, but they I
miele sboul p ? g their assets bucK '
SJ loans o ey know nothing,
ftii mikt- h . ung? in the method of'
SBfhouting imperativ?1.
"Uhat w? propo-e to do is to insure
?S b?nk? ? lier.- against loss
tos-fli fi otherwise than
?Siijrri tire, ranteeing the re?
dar this plan 'he batiks will
?Strict Ihi ? on so gunr
sJaSed. thi ? of the insur
est bem? in. ? I., the owner of tli?*
?ton. To protect self the company
*m compel the warehouseman to se
Vpte and -'ote in a separate com
IBtaents ni! cottoi represented by re
?lU which it , such com?
Htaents to b( e sible only to tun
?nthousemgi ? i accompanied by
? ?gent or oth? ? pr? tentative of the
is? banks tl u have a triple guar
*"* ?(?a: the responsibility
?1the borrow? r. the staple itself and
? reiources of the company back of
* yiarantee that the cotton will bo
Placed upori proper demand.
>he plat, i- o? K nal with the com
?sy. and i- meet ng with a ?arm wel
*???* on the par* of cotton growers,
lltrhouserr.fi: an.' hunk- in the South.
J**e one of oui vice-presidents is now
a *ork putting ?t into operation, i.nd
?"Possible t! at other companies ma>
'?? work.
It is sersething more than a war
?More, for ?Ahei 'no present neces
J sstses there Li no reason why
*.onre has./ fr.und the system to
iwell, will no* insist upon its con
*""?, for ha:; not only make the
tion of business easier and safer
."?em, but it will help the farmer
I the warehouseman more by mak
?attide market foi paper so secured.
^Sornua.1 ttm? ? it will enable th?- piac
Jsf loan? at batter prices than has
1 the rase uru-n loans upon surit
?atersl wer? accompanied by risk?
??outside bankers would not feel
2***ante.1 in uming, though the
J*r nu-jht be attractive from the
"???ng standpoint."
-Wery in Disappearance of
-**<- and Nurse Deepens.
S,**'eh continued yesterday for four
??l<l Arthur Wieaaner. who has
nnnainK lmc<i September 11 from
.nom? of hin grandfather, Oscar K.
^'ess.ier. -?-, Schen.k av.. Kast New
E- J-?st nicht the myterv o?" the
JfV "'?appearance had not been
M. nor was there any trace of the
B?"w.u*.7"ret (urlMm- wlth
'XL, ,,s ,!ls? sa#n,
?U>Y.i?-,?,Ueh..of a PU^'ing nature
*? i.V? U?r ?f Hil "ncemed, even
IHSS aai ?J ?' are ,n!1,lv different
?^et-nd theones to the case, dating
**ent- i?i **"1hrHt^? of the child's
?"Wen y" Un '? ' '"' th" f"lh",!'
??Kheen cl.1 ?P<' rkn<t-' **"* has
W'?r a ,.?, ,i,Up '?" ,hi' ,l?*' Po?*
^ ?T -o4Tnl " filth?>,? brought
?Ht ,%i: B,??"k?'' ? '"ft him and
lather h.? ? "e'"' " '''turn' Thr
?H from hi, ;,i,i' "" 'a?n to lukc
" ??* traadpar?
^ Wife ?ies Suddenly.
feC?T44?,??rl,,'<' Vif,> <,f ?"
fci ???td in her " ?' ,5Hh Kt'' WaS
r w*?t ?dar "*WT* ???P-"tinent ?it
T*u e)utehil;yf!,tLer,lu>' The wom
?hd?2; he, hand a bottle
???? weordin?'? * kr*' l,ost' "f ere
WttAVf Kv PHfiki' "' '"??
ao?PiUl. Besides her hus
band Mr?. Charles leaves a von and
daughter. She la supposed to have been
despondent hee-.ii?:- Charles had been
incapacitated for some time from Ill?
Fatal Quarrel Follows Acquit?
tal of Man Oirl Accused.
Maria Pclcttcri. seventeen years old.
is dead, and her uncle, Luciano Pelet
teri. of ?IOi?'? Mott st.. is dyihtr in St.
Vincent's Hospital as the result of a
Quarrel brought about by proceedings
in the Tombs Court yesterday. Indica?
tions are that Peletteri shot his niece
and then turned the revolver on him?
self, inflicting a bad wound in his
Poletteri, his wife and niece had been
in court, where the girl appeared as
complainant against Adolfe Tutone,
who. she aMeged, persuaded her pome
time ago to leave her home. Tutone
was discharged, and a bitter argument
took place among the Peletteris after
they had returned home. Discrepan?
cies in the girl's story were supposed
to have been the cause of the trouble.
Peletteri sent his wife out on an er?
rand and immediately afterward three
Shots were heard. Patrolman Reilly
ran to the house and broke in the
door, finding the girl dead and Pelet?
teri. with a revolver in his hand,
State Association Would
Put Civic Employes Un?
der Workmen's Act.
Three hundred delegates of the Civil
Service Association of the State of New
York in convention yesterday afternoon
m City Hall went on record as favor?
ing the extension of the operation of
the workmen's compensation act to in?
clude civil employes.
It was argued that policemen, lire
men and other civil service workers
who endangered their lives in the ser?
vice of the public and for whom, in
many instances, inadequate provision
is made so far as pension or insur?
ance is concerned, might with justice
be included under the list of hazardous
occupations protected under the act.
A formal resolution proposed by the
committee on resolutions also recom?
mended that positions under the Worn
men's Compensation Commission be in?
cluded under civil service regulations
and that appointments be made through
competitive examination.
Still another resolution reported by
tne committee commended (he State
C!" il Service Commission for the in?
vestigation of the Now York Munici
pnl Civil Service Jomuiission and for
the efforts being made by the state
civil service authorities "to eradicate
all vestiges of influence? conducive to
the weakening of the spirit and lettei
of the civil service law."
To Be City's Guests.
Another resolution recommended tb<
applicaticii of the eight-hour law to
employes of penal institutions, who ON
at the presen' time exclu.led Irom the
opi ration of that act.
None of these resolutions was for?
mally voted upon because of the stress
of other business. To-day, when tin
delegates will take a .-ail around Man?
hattan Island on the r.iunicinal ferry?
boat Bron\ as the guests ?>!' the city
government, the vote ?ill he recorded.
The band of the Streit Cleaning De?
partment of thi? city will provide mu?
aie during the trip.
During the course of yesterday's
meeting various men, representing dif?
ferent independent organizations of
civil service employes of the city, ad?
dressed the delegates.
?lames C. Clifford, of the Firemen's
Mutual Aid Association, entered a pro?
test against the continuance of the
rule which demands from firemen 201.
hours of continuous service.
Harry Burman. speaking for the
Metropolitan Association of the Depart?
ment of Street Cleaning, insisted that
the civil service laws have been vio?
lated continuously in that department.
Mr. tturman nlso complained of the
inadequate protection given to the
street cleaners. He told of the case of
a man, struck by an automobile while
in the performance of his duty, who
died after a lingering illness, during
which the .Metropolitan Association
furnished him sick benefits of *7 a
week. To his family a death benefit of
$1_5 was paid by the association of his
fellow workers.
No pension was awarded to hia
fatherless and motherless family, so
the speaker alleged, although the vic?
tim had paid for a number of years his
quota to the pension fund of the de?
Street Cleaners Toil Long.
"Under the civil service law," he con?
tinued, "the hours of labor in the
Street Cleaning Department are sup?
posed to be limited to eight, but it fre
qiiently happens that we toil from
eleven to thirteen hours."
Mr. Burman suggested thai it was
tin,o the < ivi 1 service authorities were
compelled to define the differentiation
between temporary and permanent em?
The president of the association, Dr.
Joseph <'. (?'Gorman, declared that the
Civil Service Reform Association was
att.-mpting to fois! upon the forthcom?
ing constitutional convention a resolu?
tion under which civil service em?
ployes would be subjected to examina?
tion every five years lo retain their
This measure he denounced as in?
famous. He praised the Walkei -Griffin
bill and its exponents in the State Sen?
ate and Assembly, and regretted its
failure of passage by the small margin
of four votes. In the next Legislature.
he predicted, h ?imilar measure for the
protection of Civil employes would be
lausi night (he delegates held a din
; ner at the Broadway Central Hotel at
which Borough President Marcus ?_.
Marks veas t)'" principal speaker. Mr.
Marks told of ^is efforts to insure a
I fair investigation of ? h arges against
! civil employes under Ins jurisdiction
ami explained that he had suggested
(he investigation of such charges by
two fellow employes.
After the excursion around Man?
hattan Island to-day, during the course
O? which h luncheon will be served,
aboard the Bronx, the delegates will
witness the police men-fin men's base
ball game at Kbbets Field. The con?
vention will end to-morrow'with a final
session at City Hall.
,\ M
L':K? MM Eighth . Jam ?vosan;
h iflina
'.. i.ir.l a 1'iorx, NOW
York ?Vn-ral Railroad; Vf*.
?'.**> I, Bast ??in si . Eh-ei-ber? ,v _<_-!?_!_
k*>-: unknown
11 :_0?S_a M-r... m M,.s.? Pchrler: uliin*.
,<??*.! I", ii ! i -m:,..loi Hamm-.'. -.:i
1 *.!
? ' . OKI
' ?:???> '. ? . . ? .rlonvin;
K "M ?i unknown: tritl?na
Ml/; trlflmi-.
m Suffolk t, New Y?irk llp-dliif Ce-i
? known u ?"
..- w. nth '? . Ida Ka?ka: trifling.
?t i. '.??tii -t Mi.-, i: Blumba.ktr;
(:30 '? i: Mil t., l'a-ilont ,v i"ish:u?i; trl
imbi* -t.. Meyer Teeael; $1?.
..u. !!??>?< and N'oiiii William t. ne?
Il in_.
11 VA', -''i. m . Ml*. I.iii.l? Idg? :
..i W II.Hi ?I . Alrr-.l I aatu-ar Ulflln*,.
1 7:90?eo W. -Mil m., uakaewa; trifling.
Face Weaker Western
Teams and May Length?
en Lead Over Giants.
i I
i His Handling of Outfielders.
Puzzles Expert Followers
of the Oame.
The Boston Braves have a chance to
lengthen their lead in the National !
; League this week, for they have M |
, easy road to travel, while the way of
the Giants is .beset with difficulties. |
Chief of these difficulties arc the Car- ?
dinals from St. Louis, who are still j
, high enough in the race to possess am- |
The Cardinals have been partiou
1 larly effective against the Giants all ,
i season. They will pay a three-game ;
! visit on Wednesday. Thursday and I
' Friday. The Cubs will be here on ?
Monday and Tuesday,, and they, too,
, have done much to baffle the Giants.
Not until Saturday will relief come in
I sight in the shape of the tottering
? Pirates.
The Braves start their week againt
the feeble team from Pittsburgh, and
'. after meeting Clark's men on Monday
and Tuesday, a foe of even less pr??
hensions -the Cincinnati P.eds?will
visit their town. The Beds are sched-,
uled for Wednesday Thursday and Pri- '
day. The end of the soft snap will not I
; be reached until Saturday, when the I
Cubs lavado Boston.
George Stallings seems to hold to,
? the theory that as far as outfield? is
go there is safety in numbers. Never
\ did a leading team in a big league race
| shift players so frequently from dny '
j to day. lnlicld changes have been few ,
since the coming of "Bed" Smith as
third basemen. The few shifts called
! for in the inner works have been made I
necessary by temperamental outbursts
i 01 Johnny Evers against umpires.
Hank Gowdy has had a steady job '
? behind the plate, and the pitchers have .
| had little to complain of in tta way of
i undue lay-offs. As for the outfielders
I one never knows from Jay to day who
! will be in the line-up.
Many close observers have suspected
, that Stallings has a system in his out- ?
i field shifts. At first a few explained ;
i that he put right-handed hitters in j
, against southpaws, and lcft-handc rs
against right-handed pitchers.
It is true that Stallings is equipped '
with two complete sets of outfielder*
and a few more, and that the left anl
right handed theory is the basis of
his system. There is, however, more
to it than that. When the Braves ?vere
last in New York Connolly, a ?eft
handed hitter, was allowed to stay In
the game and face Marquard. He ina ie
two line hits. Yet when the Giai.ta
went to Boston on Labor Day and Mc
Graw sent Marquard to the mound
Connolly was kept CO the bench.
.Moran, Connolly; Devore and Gilbert
are the leading left-handed hitting out?
fielders o" the team. Mann. Cather and :
Whitted are a right-handed combina?
tion. Hut even when a southpaw pitches
Stallings is wont to leave one loft- i
bander in and remove the others.
Sometimes Connolly is the man who is
allowed to remain and sometimes it is
When on? realizes that Connoliv is
the only three hundred hitter of'the
Bra "es and i-= batting from _0 to 50
points ahead of all the other members
? of the outer garden, the system em
! ployed by Stallings becomes more and !
| more-obscure. It is all very baffling.
Logical or illogical, Stallings does:
not have to defend his queer moves, for :
they have worked well. The leader of ?
' the Braves la not quite so well stocked !
with ... fielders as early in the season. !
Thi ire only seven now on the pay-'
roll ..?the club. Murray and Collins ?
were n '.?mbers of the string until re
: centlj*. I
?o outfielder need lack for a job
while Stallings has a baseball club.
The player from the outer defence does
no' r.et.d to go to an employment
? ngency or anything of the sort. Then
is always room for him on the Boston
A reason has been suggested for this
erare for outfielders. It is rumored
1 that if Boston gets iiUo the world
series Stalling* will petition the Na?
tional Commission to let him station
hi? seven outfielders in various far
flung points about the grounds when
Home Bun Baker comes to bat.
George Davis, the star young pitcher
: of the Braves, who held the Phillies
hitles?, might still be a member of the
j Yankees it he had not mnrried. When
he went to Bermuda with Chance in
! I9H he showed a good deal of prom- [
ise, but just before the season opened |
he asked for a week's leave of absence
to get married.
"Go on and stick to the game," urged
Chance, but Davis would not be dis
suaded from getting married without ;
delay. He went to the church and a
little later to the minors, but when he
? came back it w-as with a first place ]
team irstead of a trailer. Davis does i
I not regret having married.
The news from Cincinnati is that ;
. Charlie Herzog will get another term i
! as manager. He deserves it, for h?3 ;
? team seems destined to finish last.
Hope Held Out for Real Es?
tate Man's Recovery.
It was said at the Pilcher sanatorium,
Grand and (intes avs., Brooklyn. la?t
night that David R, Beach, the real es?
tate operator, of :*C3 Grand av., who
swallowed h solution containing twen
tv-two grain* of bichloride of mercui\
in his horn?- last Monday evening, would
probably recover.
The saline solutions injected hypo
dermically Thursday, it is said, saved
lus lu'?'. If the patient recovers it will
be the first bichloride poisoning case j
on record where a victim was saved j
without recourse to an operation for j
cleansing ol the kidneys.
1'romollnnn. -T.. rat'k of ia|itmn I $2,300 !
1 a er), s? pi -l. following: nam.-.i lieuten?
ant?: A. Wieweit. Bng, ,;l; K. J. Kog-n, Eng, !
I |l. To rnnl, of ll'Ufiiuiu il'.ino a year?, fol- ?
! luvviiic t'.isi ?ralo ?tremen: A. J. Mrtzler,
ill. ,< !.. ??. W. T. Ilunnrt. Ba? 4?; .1. j.
? Brennen, No. I, H. ?v r_ 12; M. j. Walah. !
| II. A 1- 17. To riiglnoi- o? Mlmm-rs ill.??'?3 '
i a year): l.. s. Beclelnn. Bug, Co Hi; V. J. :
||i gentle. Bn*. Co, _M.
AiKlgnmrtiti ?s-.|it. 21V?Capta. A. st-w-l
an Bng. -'is. K. .1. Kok?.". I*. & 1- ': !
i.i. ut . A. '. Metaler, Hun. IM; W. T.
u mua ri a U I: ?). J. Brennen, N'a I. ?
Bng 14: M. J. Walah. IL * i- v.. Bnglneen ,
of Mi inter I.. H. Kr.li'ston. l.n,\ ?'o. St; !'. j
J. M? K.-n/i? -, Tu-, i ... H.
\pi>oliitr_ anil \?t>ign*-<l. Ai '.inunl- I
... .l iir.-inri. (at a ' rolu'k.n.ir ?>? rlod of
;nr. ?? months tll.OM ?? **?*art, Hepl. 1 W.
K. Hrhall? Bat. I?; r. i*. PtetU, i:nc. ?9:
?' Kohn, Knc. M: C. U. Brown, Kng, ?-. Y.
' t'ollin Y.nn. -*?. I. V. ?ior.vln. Bng. '??. ?;
? P Sihnii.ii. Brig. 3t. J. I!. tVooda-n. II. ?v
l_ |M V. Heneen, IL <c l- ISS \ Krauae.
H. ,\ I . II"; Kepi. .'''. H- H. Kl 111.-.. Kng. i;
j. .i. Uarrett. Bug. SS: .i W. v-w-tii. I'.ng. !-'
. l". A. Bmbeck. '''.*. SIS; J, J. Abl, Bng. ??.
Ir-nafrri, --)t. _?;.. < '.*,-!_. \V. llilS.r.
h *. t.. T. ?<> Baa It: tv. :. Ucnaon, Nu. -.
. Eng. IS. to H. a I,. M.
-or. lui Leaeee of Absence ie pej
firemen u-i -?i_.|<. i. r. Kenetian, dig. at.
. .1 l?,m-, >,\n. -??>. CM grade) II. H. Levy, It
i <V U IT. M hours, Sept "0; (2d gm.lel H. ft.
1 Abrauih. H. i. L,. 3. U hour?, f-pt. S,
?- ?????? 4 a r i. =
Shipping Information and
Marine News of the World
Veweli Arriving at and Depart?
ing from Port of New York.
Saturday, September 19.
Punrl?e. |;gAj aunae*. ?:t>1 mootl ,et* _?
?um.n? a??, w. ? rri
IIIUII tVavhut.
?wsiy Reel? . \? 'I";
' ..vermir'. |.i.,?j ,. .Ig ??"
?easel. w?.~
?virainie .? Uomli.go. Hept II...Clyde
Marta.'.v.-rponi. ,?opt ,,..,< fiar
VlaHan,.,-.^"nKaion. Hep, 13... I j Fry It
??KsT**-.IAS a*? l--AUTr?n?
.t'.m.,.Nverpool. i*p. 13....Amer
An. ' "'.u>'-"""'- S.u. 16 . .Q?eb?C
?vm,r*.;????? ju???, >?,rt is.nyapp.
v"'7 '?..PsWtno. Sept ?..-.a Veloce
lion??,, "''' Hl"<?T.lam. sent im?,, A
\,Ts?..*? ?*''esna. Sent It) *o I'
"'' Nor'e .(l?lvMton Kent IS. .fto Ptc
TUMDAt, ari'THMiir-u M.
J '? I ta go.I la?SSe, .Sent It Kannch
??a*"' ? "M-?"i'"-V"? ??: ??P
?vi.', l'..irl..i,loii. Sept 17...gu^b#(.
?J'*'* ???vola.Napfes. Kept w.7,??n
'???vana.Havana. 8?Pt 10. Ward
An.?",na".%?**?*&** ?...w??,
. " J"'""v '?il? ?ton. Sept l.V.Mailory
?Bring* wail.
MONDAT. SKPTKiuni;!; a.
,, . Mall? Vuial
\ ?.?.-! Tor. t.in?. do??. ?all?.
Jama. MaiKelUe?. Fabre..- ?:0a? p m
I rin. cas Anne. Norfolk. 00 3:00 p m
Petsdam p. n'dam. Re? s. ?:.-;.)?,? i0:i?0am
Ra dlUHa, Raples, liai.. 8:;i0am ll;iX)am
Panama. Crlatobai. i??,, .ti?J0am l-tafpu
Araoehoe. JaclCvllle. <':-?!. 1 <io p m
C of eolunbua Bar, ?> 1 - . .'?:110 pm
WKDNBSDAY, skitkmrkt?. z\.
?I.oMtanti?. Llveip'l. t'un'.l - I ".. ? m
St I'niil. Liverpool. Am... (1:'l?iain lZ:mni
1'n-oitu. Num?*, llnllua . Sliaiani 12:00 m
l'r dertk Vlll.I?..nink.'H A.10:OU a m |a*a)pg
I'hilmlel'a. (uia.-.i , Rod D .S:."'! a m l2:i?l m
Tilnldaal. Bermuda. ? Jn? . . la.Oflam 11:00 am
Mrtapan, Colea, U P Co.. !i.:iiiain iii:00ni
Kontra. Sanio-. I'SA lira?.l'.Vdn m 8:00 p m
llalli. . I.I? ???-*?.??!. W S . . 12:0U m
santtair... rjaWeeloe, Mal.. ?? l:t?pm
?Mail clottet t ;? i.iiitanu ;i n p m Tusa?
Cloae V. T.
Ueillnstlofl ai.d ?teauier. ?'.SO p. m.
Japan, rnre?. Chlns i\.? .?'??attle)?
Mlnneaota .Sept il
Hawaii, Japes. Corsa, ?'hin?. Philip?
pinen (vil Kau l'taii. lu ?il ?Man
chnrta.Sept 21
Haw.ni i\ia Mo Kran. ;-,,,! -Meaos. ..lepl '_'4
tapan, C?rea, ?'hi?a i?-|a s, ??ttia-i --
Ten. : .riepl 24
Ilawall, Hsmoan Islande, Australia.
N'a v. ?Cea taltal (V|a Hall Krati.l???....
Ventura.Sept ?i
Japan, . 'on s, . Iilns i ?* Ueettto) ? ,
Panana Mai u .sept 24
Hawaii, l'i? lelaud?. New Zealand,
Anetiislla (ris Victoria) -Ma'.u.a. ...sept 25 |
liimiii (via San l'ran. ii" oi- V. S Trans
jeari .aVpl ?'?'>
Tuapire >?!?'. r. Puerto
Mexico IS an.l Ve?a ?'ruz IS, to the New
\?.r!; a Cub? -Mail ** <'o. ??It'u M paa?en- j
a?*i i?, mails ??n.i mdse. ? liar at H:t4 p m.
City of Nor-.l.ii il'.r.. Calctms July ti,
?'oloinlo Aug T and Port Nal.l J:l. ?la l?o?- ,
t..u S?|.t 1?. to Norton. Mllv ? ?'o, with !
toda?. Bar .<: i p m
Criarse? Ann??. Ketrperl ?Catwa and Nor
folk, to Hie ul I Dominion s? Co, ?.lth pae- j
senger* aii-1 iiidf??. ijuarantlne a? 2:l'j p m. j
i;i s.ii. Uslveaton Sept it, to thai Southern,
Pa? me Co, ?v?t?i lu.isr Quaranttas 1:11 a m. ,
Rayo, Sew Ht-lHim?? Sept It, to the Stand
r.vl mi i'.., ' ?li ndae. vi^Kirantine at:
'. :?:. a m |
Milttnoct??? 8t< ..-on. t.. tha? ?ireat North- ?
?m Paper Co, with peper. Veaesl io a H .
Willi tc <'a? Vuarantine ai 7:30 a m.
Ki.tah.liri. iJeorgetown Sept l?, le the At
tant le Coast 1.umher Co. with lutnHer. H'gh- i
'..iii'lH at ?a a m.
Indian Trao>t?orl ?Hn. Ne?vport Newa, Va,
Sept 1K. ta Kurneaa, %Vithy & l.'o In ballaat. j
l.eft ?jiiarantlne at 10:3"! a in.
Jnaey il>am. Cardenaa Se?.t S. and M?
lanza? 11. to the Ameri. an A Cuhan K? Mn?, ,
with ?ugar. Par at 3:3f) a m.
Kelvin.Ule iltri. Uuetio? Ayre? Aug 20,
Montevideo l'4 and St l.ur-la Sept 11. to Bar- .
ber it a'o. wltli m.lue. Hnr al 5 a ni
lien Nevl? (Pr), ?'?harlen Sept 4 and Car- j
.l"no>i 1.'. to Um Munaon Ss Line, with sugar,
llar at 11 p in. IStb.
An.ooa 'Itali. Philad?li.hia Sept 1S. to
Itartfteld, Solari ? ?'o. with 1J abln and SS?
ata?rag* pa ?a? aaafl aiw mdee in tr:?n?.ii
Will hni.sh loading and etnbarh pa???e*Tsr?
i..r S?pie.?. HC. l.??tt iJJHranlIne b:IS a ni.
Iiomiriton .Mr.. Iluelva ^ept 1 to How rlnff
? '"o. ?Ilh ?ne llar ai .1:^0 a ni
Alatamaba, Oeorgetown. yuarantine ai
i: :si t? m.
I'loiria. PoH Atih'ii !?. the Texae ?>il Co,
?a itl-i indi-e. ?Juaruri'ina- 1:11 ;> in
Raady ?u-mk. S J, Bepl IS, 5:"/> i. m?\Vin.|
...i.iii.isn; lisrM brees?: .i?-.?r. naooth sea.
SioamTJ city of Meatfeowty. Bavaaaah:
.lefreraon. Norfolk and No?? port New?; ReUy,
flalve.ston: Coarho, Oalveotofi; Mol-awU,
iharleston and Ja-ksonvllle: Bayamo i?'iib),
ll:??ana- Higtilan.l Wat. li iHr). Mar?ei1!es;
Khlrley llln. Hani Kong: Atnolco.-;
? aiollna. San Juan: Protni.v KeW ?)rlean?;
San <;i"igln .Itah. Naplea via lioston; Sara
lOCa, Havana: l.ampaaan. ?lap. eston; Andona
11 tal), Nati.'.-!. Orayaon, Btecktoa; Port An?
tonio (Nor). Port Antonio; Klnland. l,l\er
j.,..;: iiriflannne IBr). Ila\rr: llerinudian illri.
Quebec; Manhattan (Br?, ijiiet-?.-; iji Tou
raine ?rri Havre; Kl Ooeialente, Oal**ert??*a;
Chlppewa, Bmnawlck; Industry (Prl. Buenos
Ayro.s; lohn 1) B'irkfleller.-; C.ulana.
.Mr) licn.erar.i : Sing?i^ire fBrt. Bordeaux;
Btralhnalra (Br), ym onytown: Frieds, Sa?
Rio i\r- .Inneiio. Sept IV-B'-rwInd. N.'W York.
Bahla s.pi IT?Vandyeh (Br), Sew York via
H:ivr" Sa-|.t 17?Pathan illri. X?t? York.
Hull. Sept 11 Idaho IBr?, New York.
?leii.ia. S.i't le? Principe di t'dine tltal). New
"*"rk - .
Liverpool, s? pi IS?Cedrk |Br), New York ?ia
?jue^nMtovi n
Maaaluia, Si pt IS? Noonlam d'utrhi. New
York ? la Qoeenatown,
Bristol. Bepl ?Je-WeiiH i'1tv (Br), Now York.
Palatino, sen IT?Nepali ?imi? Ka?w Vmi.
St Tti.iiiiiis, Soft IS, I a ni ?Parinia Illri (from
11? morara i. Now York.
li.ritiuda, Sopi IS, *? a H ? Ttinl.la.l O?r). N<w
Y ?tl.
??ibraliar. Sept 1- l'i In. l|,e-,a Uafalda ?Itel?.
.\>?? Yi'il. tar Naplo?
Forecasts and Records of the
Last Twenty-four Hours.
?Iffleiail Record and l-orea-ast. ? Washing?
ton. S? pt in 1*1 <?SUr? roniliiueai bigh i.voi
tli. Mlsstsalppl Vallej snd all .B.-trlrls .;i<t
thereof, an.; ii- lo? over thr ?vest ftalf
Mate? and lh? lh-k\ Mountain and phil.au
region?. Thi? ?.ro-Hiir.- allatrtbatton ba? ro
?ultc'i in ?bower? In lh? Oolf ?'n^i ?outh
Atlanii ih:-- Ilia ...itt' Bo:-;. Mou.nain
roci?n, ami ?mi tin- north Pacific Coast, ;nd
fair waatb?) elaewhere, Tomooratures aro
lii.iv n??r ?,i :....?r ?he HOHHonnl a'.oragcs In]
all pat's Of th. ...untr; e\o<pt |iie north |
Partite ?tau
Tli<- Iiidli-atlons Sn I Si the ?'ath-:' '*ill i
be generally tali Bonds) and Moaday over'
a;: pwrts of lh? cenatr? except -.ho ?".uif
si..tos .in.. Florida, ?'.lior^ (hcra will be local I
Hiiower?. and hnnderstortna 'ihr toasperamee
will (all somewhat on Sund?y In the mldjlo
plateau an.) llx noctl Itock.. Mountain re?
gion, and will 'urn?;.- little a->ewhere ?lur
|DJ l!i. next fort? oight liour.-.
Wln.it? for Sunday hp.1 Mon.lav: North
and middle Atlanii'. .?? nilo to n'oda-rate. ??>>
rtahto; sonto Atlantl nd *?>>; Ovlf. steal
.it. variable, moatly a??; ?rem ajuif. i;,ixj.
? rato ?a.Mitli. ?--. and ?.Mth. .??"t'or lak??. i.iaxl
eratc varlabi?, nioatl! ?? .i lewar lakca,
jont'e ?artabl _
I ..recast (or *?n?*cial la>calitie?a.?For N'ew
York, New Knglianal. Near .lerse?, PcbbstI
vanla. Delaware. Mar? land. Ibe OUtrict of
? olniiibia. \irsiniia ami VI e>t Virginia, fair
In da? and to-morrow.
I.oral Odiaial Recora". The following offl
vial record (rom ihe Weather llureau show a
the changes In the temperature for the last
twenty-four hour? romper??! with the corre?
sponding dato for last year: O
l?l-. Uli. HU. 1914.
Jam. 41 III p. m. 40 4?
Sam. 41 ?T ?p. m. 44 42
s?m. 41 41 u p. m. 54 $3
12 m.4: 72 U p. m. S* f?
4 p. m. Il il
HigtiMt temperature yesterday, 77 tat ?
p. m?; lowest. 43 ?ut H p. m); average, 70;
tvera-re for corresponding date laet year, 40;
average for -orrespondlng dale last thlrty
three years. SI.
I-eral Purera?. -K?lr io-diy and Mon?
day: gentle variable winde.
4 e m ... #11 I p. a,,!, M |S p. ni , , M
Barometer Ka*sdlng>.
I a. m .to.U i 1 p. m. .10.13 ! I p. m. ?13
HBNRY DAl'RR (July 17. IMS), N't.
$19.IOS. Thrle daughter? are the h* neftriarl-e
A??et? -.?re: p:<??iTt>. 11,904 In 2091 Tlebout
?v., Th<- Hronx. >ppraUed st $4.600; deposit?,
I*.win: mortgaaau and pereoaaHjr, lu.isi.
Al.l.HRT II. FR'lHT Man. 27. 191? N't,
1261,S.YT. Mrs. Keiherlne ?i. ?"r???t, wldotc.
Is given $A7.1H3, an" George U PVost. ?on.
rec*slv?d I1T4.371. Th?i ???els were: De
petit?. $4.1.?42. notes and peraonalty. $3,37*;
?lo-!<i>, $19*.,?.'A). and claims, I2S.71S. De
?edent ?owned 232 ?hare? Frost Venter Heui
Ing ?o. of Vermont, ?ppraUed at 142.342; 720
?hare? Frost's V-SIOT Heutlng Co. of WIs
osaitp, |14S.i_W; 199 ?hurts N.?T. Veneer
Segtir.g To. of N. !.. $4.378, and 10 ?harei
Karp Thnnia? Itrniogenn Co.. $2fl0.
FRANK ?. PIERCR. un Aaalatant <"orpo
ration l'ounaal (May 10, lOUi Net. $17.Ou;.
Mr?. Congtauce Fierce, widow, and the two
ii?iightem are th? beneficiarle?. Airaet? wer?-:
Deposit?, $1,0.-; pi.r?onally. $34; ?lock? and
Umd?. 423.1.'..'.. and ?alury dn<\ $308. The
largiv. hold dr.- of ?tort; was 100 ?hares Great
North ;n Railway.
MillS r. OOlNNF.I.I. (May 6. 19141. Net,
$12,_?w Cetkenae U ovonn-ii. daughur.
I? given $11.4-1). and the reel 1? given te
friend? and relative?.
s. it?i:ii. Net. $7*,sl7. ixi.ti? aere IBLSSS.
J?-eph Heidelberger, husband, I? given life
Inter? ?t In $68,7?*?, end Um remainder and
the rest of the ?-?t?te p*??t- to the five
d-UghtiTh uf decedent. Asset? were; Equity,
$-?.7.V-, In *>47 t.? Bfil Weut 147th at., ap
l.ralea-d at $1K).UH0: equity, $44,708, In 601
West 177th at., appraised at $240,000; equity,
$l4,4ft.V In 347 Wist 44th ?t.. valued ?t
$40.000: equity, $14 SS?, in Mt W?-?t 14th ?t..
valued ut $40,000; dopo?lt?, $1.1*4; Jewelry
and personalty. $6,477. and sto>'ks. $1,765.
II'ANHTTK H. HA?*H?AIai:po ?Nov. 2?.
10131. Ket. $27.(61. William H. Hamilton.
nephew, received, $19.DOS; Clarissa L. I*ud
wlg, not related, $:i,'>6S; French llenevolent
Hoelely cf Kew York. ?1.000, and (he re.?t
??.< gl\e>i to three frlen-js of (he d-xedent.
The assets ?>r : Life Insurance, 13,000
moitgag.-., $lu,li6<). and d^poklt?. $6.?;6T
Retired. I'tlmn. .1. .1. curran, 43d. on
own appll atloa, ?t $70l) ;i year. Apptd. Feh.
S. INS4.
Transfer? and Alignment?. -I.ieuis. D.
J. Murphv, l,",tii fioi.i 147th; Thomai linn
nan. 147th from l&th: Ptlnin. C U HeKle,
Marine Dlv. nom l.'th.
Tfii-poran Assignment??LUttt, .1. K. Mc
Malien. I6.VI1, to command 145th. 10 <la> m.
frnm Sent. ._; Ptlnin. .T. T. Cnlltt,?. 4th. If
I', (i. tocad, I-ipt ni ? harllle.-. 14 day?, from
BujH sf; ?1 W. Retch, Uth, to C. ?>.. duty
in Record Room, M d?>?. trot,, Bapt, 23;
DuvM (?on!"n, IM!., te liet. Hui'au. 10 .1??-.
from Sept. 21; .1 V. X. Day. <j_d. to offic;
uf Traffic atid Marin?' l>iv.. 30 d?>?. from
.-?pi 31; James Dur'1- Mfliti, to P. >>. Bqilld.
i?ut> in corridor? County Court Huaie, King*.
IS dav?. ficrji Bept IS; Rk.iiar.l I'it/.patrlek. (
l?l?t. K. R. I1I1I. 15_th. to !?t:. 1. 1?.. in
day?, u? m topi, W: l?tate Barbiert, loth,
?". i:. Kuvige, lff.M. Harry Morton, UM, J.
:,. Doween, C, ?-.. 'o ??'i. Bureen l?? da? j
from SeaA. .1
laearee (With full pa^?).??'apt. 1'. .1 j
Ooatejr, M$tk, IO iU>?. from Sept. :.'. With- '
out pay.?I'tlmn. Iaaac LazaruH, >i;
Ahrahum Harrl-ion, I'M, 1 d;?v. .Sept. M. I
Anguat Weinnleln and Herman l'lelaolimann. j
13?.h. 1 dey, S'l.i .1 S-muel Wel?s, 31st? 1 I
day; U.ul? Darle, $Mh; H. D. Btoomf-1-, !
Mth: luvld Spiro. 43d, 1 day, Sept. it);
Abraham Hire, lievyitz, IMtb, - day?, from
tiept. :1. Harrj Shapiro. IHMh, 1 dav, Sept.
Restored to I>nty'.? I.ieui. B. Y. Ashley,
^Itli. t., take eff-i.t 5 a. m. Sept. IS. Ptlnin.
A. .(. McDooeM. 0-J, to talc- meet 4:45 p. m.,
-ept. IS. g
Appoint nient a? Special Patrolman He
?oked.-V,. II Girder, with Drotii Ternil
ri.il ?' rr>.. Sei.t. IS
Girl Takes Poison by Error.
Sufterinj- from bichloride of mer?
cury poisoning, Minnie Lang, a stenog?
rapher, *vas taken to Mount Sinai Hos?
pital yesterday. The girl swallowed
the tablets by error on Thursday, and
it was not known until to-day that she
had taken them. Her home is at 20?
West 119th st.
Consular Body Points the
Way for United States to
Increase Business.
Denies That Unscrupulous Mer?
chants Dominate?Admits
Serious Situation.
The Latin-American Consular Asso?
ciation of New York, the newly formed
organization of consuls general from
the Central and South American it-pub?
lics, held a meeting in the rooms of
the Pan-American Association yester
dny. and after an informal luncheon
elected the following officers: Mp.nuel
Gonznles, of Costa Rica, president pro
tern.; Manuel A. Molina, of Argentina,
first vice-president; Francisco Escobar,
of Colombia, second vice-president;
Adolfo Ballivian, of Bolivia; Francisco
llrquidi, of Mexico, and Eduardo Hig*
ginson, of Peru, directors, and Jos? ;
Alfar? Moran, of San Salvador, -;ccre- '
tary and treasurer.
In view of the fact that the commit
to? of twenty-one appointed at tHc con?
ference of Latin-American diplomat*?
in Washington on September 10 has
not yet filed its report with Secretary
Redfield, the Consular Association, on
motion of President Gonzales, decided
that all action on the subjects undei
consideration be postponed. The asso?
ciation issued .1 statement on condi?
tions in South America reading thus:
"Some of th<> daily papers are pub?
lishing articles, statements and inter?
view- from notoriety seekers which
tend to create nn erroneous impression
in the minds of the very people who
should be enlightened on the condi?
tions prevailing in the Latir-American
countries, and in whoso power it lies to
co'inlerac-t the evil effects of the Euro?
pean war on the commercial activities
of Latin America. Such articles, state?
m.nts and interviews should not be
p?rea credence, nor should they be en?
couraged by the press.
"The situation in South America is
seri?os, very serious indeed, but this
critical situation is not due to the peo?
ples of these countries. The opportu?
nities of ?ecuring the trade of the
Latin-American republics are extreme?
ly favorable, notwithstanding the as?
portions of some notoriety aeekera to
the contrary. But in going after it. as '
in going ,.ftcr any other trade, the
proper precautions should be exercised.
Our merchant-; and bankers fortuna ely
understand this and will not be inflo?
enced by the statements o? irresponsi
bie-t that South America is overrun
with u:i.-.cv:ipulou? merchante."
Rober?: !. .e Dunn, who was a guest
yesterday, extended _.-i invitation to
tnc association to attend a dinrer to :
be held in the rooms of the Par-Amer
lean Association at the McAJpin on
September 29, following wnich th.? as. i
bociation will be Invited to meet a ?
gathering of representative merchants,,
bankers, exporters, manufacturers and
commercial men, who will he r.mong
the guests. The next meeting of the
Consolas Association ?vill be held at
the McAlpin on Thnrsd.iy at 1:30 p. m.
Columbia Professor War-Held
Only two of all the Columbia pro?
fessors who were abroad when war
broke out have failed to return to this
country. One of them. Di?o L. Bigon*
giaro, instructor in Italian,
Italian subject, and the mobilisation
of Italy's armies is thought to be hold?
ing him on the other side. Professor
G. L. Gerig, of the department of Ro?
mance languages, however, is an
American citizen, and his absence is
WEST side.
A Moit Distinctly Desirable Apartment Home.
The utmost in luxury, comfort and convenience ji
moderate cost. ( )f the few apartments lor lease tlierv
are severs! t?l the most distinctly desirable to be
lound in New York City. 7-11 rooms --? baths.
('?T uni particulars aaent on prem?ete, or Inquire
F. R. Wood, W. H. Dolson Co.,
^(L ?__L-a___l Kroailn.v, cor. 8ot?i
ihr mont advanced thought in upartmtnt house construction.
roadway, 86th to 87th Street.
A. Osterberg's Employment Bureau
^wrdUh Agenr
ISiJ?Pl?7?. ? ?*_? ?_???---?? ?_-.- .- a ?a B7t_i ?ml .')8th St?.
Miss FitzGerald's Employment Bureau
546 5th AVE., Cor. 45th St., Silo Building.
Domestic Exchange Agepcy
Help of All Nationalities Supplied
o.i of iMrn erSen promptly fllic?*. \.. ref? rwnt-ee n r* .-v-J.
324 COLUMBUS AVE., near 75th St.
Phone ?136 Srh'iyler. _Mr? N. t? ti Mill '. :,r_r.
Mis? Aino Seuderling's
Swedlsh-Flnntab Agency.
1845 Madison Avenue
. lio; l?Oth and 1C1 at Sts )
Viraat cla.a help.
Swedish and Finnish
witla hlgheat reference?. Tel. Harlem 4174,
Employment Agency
3S H. 4?.ND. COR. M?\D. AV.. BOOM 701.
Ratoet help, mal? ami female, for city
arrt cour.tr;.
Telephone SIT? Morra? Hill.
Employment Agency
KOR BBLCCT IIKI.P? All Naitoaslltlea '.
25 West 42d St., Near Fifth Are.
(CENTRAL HI Ii.DlNC.i. 2.\ Ooor.
All Keti-ta-i.oe. InTWiUiit; 1. *a>l. SMt ?lt?ir.t. !
AT CARPENTER'i Employment Agenej.
U4 aitli ave. Established 1S47. We have '
teat coachmen, gardener*, groom?, married
couple?, cann foremen, farm hand?. All na- 1
tlona. well recommended._'
MACNeUX AOatNCT flSst IMS). 17 w. S:h
at.. o;p. McCreerv's; 'phone i'.reeley ???-i:
h1?h grada, companion?, governesses, ladle?' 1
maid?. hou??keercrf, nuraes, ??iire??ii.
! ?.liambermaldaa^ ooola?, butler? and chauffeur?.
I select he!;, ?. r privat? famillea. 7.17 Is?
lington av . letw-on ?S'.i and ?5th ?la.; t?l.
! ai?,7?i_H:_a.a _ _
IMKH L?HTI'S Vinniah-Ameri-an Km;,o.
i rr.ajnt Agincy. IT F. l.'ilh ?t.. near Park
av ~e'. ilii llarU'.n. T*?fSI?ISS .are.'u!;.
I in?o?tigat?d
MR*, r j. cb?P?lr? BMP. aif.nct. ta
?th a? . 3'th ?t -Tel. lOOi JSth ?leleet
??eln all nationalitle?. male, .'?ruai?; lefer
er.ee? ln?'??tlgated. _ _ _
I 47 We?? "il bt.-First ^a?a iervant? for.
I print? families. Telephone Greeley 1*54.
Employment Agency
25 Weit 42d St., Near 5th Ave.
'('EXTRA!. HI "II. DIN?;. J?! M. ..,r
AJI P [erencM im. ?ilgat-.i. Tel. T-? Kryant.
Employment Agency
i: H. ltd >?.. v.r. Stk \\. Phone MIS Bryant.
SupplKa tlr.t c!a*s h-?p. mal? _n.l reinal?.
_ f ? ' i'-.? ??n ; ? unti
E.V. 0DELL : ^
taveatlgattd tliriita cm ''__>?__
SWEDISH-fin.N'sh AGEKCT, Joba Mjlit
tinan. Prop. I_t? rnanan-r of Valfril
Piooin, .107 ?th nv., n.-ar l'J-th ?t. AI?.-a
on iiand Bret ctaae help. Elnstab, s?. .l.r
Telephon? ?oor, Harl<-in.
COOKS, butler?, ?econd nun. mtaHraamaa,
iaunureaac*?, ehanbermaJdo, kltcbenmoi*) .
ladl?-' maid!, general bouaewotnan. Ju-aiii.
Employment Afp -tic y. o:J Lexln.tou a
Peon? Plea? ? i _
iv flSMb et.): 'phone HK3?Momlngaltf--,
good -valcuna: reliable ?nip; ?inte si col?
or*-, m?l*> or fema>
?ELECTED m,m..i bclp funuehe?j
country : tovaMIgated ? r. i . - ?Ahita
Rom Kntpmeytaam Agen y. Il W i-th ?t
Aweary. -??- ??xington _? . neei 50th. Toi
phona Plaaa WtL m a t r I
? ??.? l>f.r-n.*? ?trla-tly ln\eatigotfd.
URS. ..AS.-'A H K iipl..>???!'.'. AgOl -. -' ?
i Japon?i orof-?ra at all p. du*,
mall and finale help of ell Ballon
? olumbua
otli m . etrtetly rellaMo donieml? help fur?
. ... !,i,nr JD**| ,li ' .nit
MARTHA ?'? ?).!..ER. -S3 4th ?v., Agenc] lor
auperlor domeatk help. Tel C^J MaULoa
XaVke the Day JLime
Up the Hucfaon to Albany
Criap air, blue skies, sparkling waters, bewitching scenery
and a swift, spacious steamer, with orchestra, restaurant and
steam heat are a few of the joys and comforts of a Day Line
trip on the Hudson. Plan to go now.
ALBANT PAY M NE STEAMERS. Dally except ?Sunday. Bits, Washington
Irrlng und RotVrt Full?? ISave l.)e?t>ro?ate* Ht. ?:I0 A M.j We?t 42d St.. S
A. M ; We?' 1'JWtli fit.. 9:20 A. M. ; Yonksrs. 9:4a A M . landing at *A>?t Point.
N.wburah, Pnughkeepsle. Kingston Point. Catsfclil. Ilu.lcoai and Alt.any. D1r?cC
tail connection?. fr.uafc. Instaurant. All through rail H. kei? between N?w
York ami Albany accepted
St?. .Mary Pirwell. afternoon boat for Weat Point. Newburgh. Pouglikecpol?.
Kliigaton and ?*?v landing?, leaves Ue?bro??e? Hi. 1 45 p. M.. W?it 42d St.. 3
P. M ; West I2?th St.. 2.20 P. M. Ideal outing to We?t Point, returning by boat
or rail. f 1.1ft ,
Hudson River Day Line
(Albany- Dar Line.)
Dasbrosses St. Pier. Tel. Spring 4141. New York.
Fall River Line
I.V. Pier 1?, N. B.. ft. Fulton St.. N. Y.,
dally at .1 30 T. IL (Km. COMMONWEALTH
tnd PRISt'ILLA. Orrha-itra on Men.
NEW LONDON (Norwich) LINE vi.
Ne? London. Lr. Pier 40. N. B-, ft. Uoiuton
St . .vork .?an onlv. .-.30 P. M.; Pier 70. S. K..
ft. ft JJ.I St., r, p. if.
NEW HAVEN LINE: U. i-i?, :?. ft a.
ft. I'llharlne 81.. week ?tirs. I?M P. St.. Piar
M. fi ? JIM Ht.. *.?0 P. M.
Tiakot?. 'ta., ?t 171 l**?7. Trinaifer Tour
l?i ??flic??, at Plora. Phone ?.'ortlandt lltl
Above NKHHl'KOH, ?hipping at
Bear Mountain and Highland Falls
I.0.1.0 pier I. N. It.. at 9.30; West i:9?h ft.
hi le.SSi Yonkers at 11 a.m. Tickets Sl.OU.
Ilest?in ?nt A Bar under Co.'S m?nagement.
Worcester. S'J.50; Providence direct,
s l.."in. Staterooms 51. ?.1.5?) and Si.
Daily, including Monday. 0:30 p. an
It?q Pior 10. I IL 'Phone "TOO Beckma.-i.
?"Ily Ticket Office. ?S0 Kroadwt?. N. T,
I'pliwn Tli:et oJBoe. B'way tnd ?3d St.
Up the Hudson Today
Highland Falls, Newburgh, Bea?
con, Poughkeepsie and rsturn, $l.
Str. BENJ. B. OD??LL
Luvu I ronkUn St.. ? A. M.. W. l'JSth
ht? "0" LINE
IN .
Pit!? II. faiiil M?
Foo Port.? Rico, Curacao * Venezuela.
PHILADELPHIA Sept?'-'? i'AHAi'AS.<M. 7
?1MtAlAHJl?...>?l'l '"7.I.1.IA.Oct. 14
suu-Moi Ae.o.iiiuoaatlor.a (or 1 i?.ient;era
DUS*. OA1.LETT at CO..
GenerHl Manager?_?g Wall Uti?t
?riUCDIIDP II I Roati I?, "alifry Weekday?.
KtANdDUKb, n.J. 3 :io HO 30 am 3 S.tv
only), 4::'i.i. ;-4".p.m.:S'ii.'i..?.:-.O.lO."0?-?---T *Mj
Established 1840
Faateat Steamers in the World
(Subjaxt to Change)
LUSITANIA Wed.. S?Pt. 23. I a.m.
MAURETANIA Wed.Sept. 30,1a.m.
tCamMnia Wed.. Oct 7. 10 a.m.
LUSITANIA Wed.. Oct 14. I a.t_.
MAURETANIA Wed., Oct. 21. I a.m.
^Campania Wed., Oct. 28, 10 a.m.
LUSITANIA Wed.. Nov. 4. I *.m.
MAURETANIA Wed., Nov. ii.Um.
trail? Qiieenatown
21*24 State Street, New York.
Peninsular * Oriental
8. N. Co. Freaoeat
BalHaga, Ind..-?, China.
Philippine?, Jap a a.
Australia. Now _?a
laml. Wirrer Tnart la
India. Round World
four?. For full la
fur mat inn apply Cua?
ti, i Une. -IM Stale
Mree:. N. Y.
OfH-ial \??iit? all line?.
Rarmond A Whitiumb Co..'.-8 Stb AtOf.T.
Clark'i Orient Crulii. Fib. 14. ?400 u?: S. S. Sal.
tt-dd.il. f. C. CLARK. Timer, B?llala?. H. T.
With or without Hotel?, etc., to
Mitant I. < ity. Niagara Falla. Adirondack?.
White Mount-ins. Herminia. Panama Canal.
Virginia and Carolina Keanrta, ete.
Ticket? and Pullman Berth?
By Principal Trunk Linee.
Steamthip Ticket? by All Line?.
Best tr_\<'l BOrvlee tut ItXett Information.
SpecM Tour? to >outli A merlan
November I!. February S.
?*4- Broadway. 164 Fifth Avenue.
5SI Fifth Av.. -f>*?l Broadway, N. ..
i <>MMt".;i'' AI. K?PI-fiYMEN":' AC?TN'V
M. H. Ho h. Prop : office lelr. any ?.a
? ??.itv ... William ?t. 'l'hore 1107 John.
MEN Witt p? entable tdeae ?rite Har.?ol[,h afc
<"o . Patent Solicitor? Wiasninston. 0. C.
\v vs'"i Kl?. Mar to ?- II <? -
ee; permanent Brown Hrothcrs'
Nil atarle?. Ko hestei N V
W WTCl?. 0*U| .,?!? ggi ; ? ,.;. . -
pay sroekly. I' rrv Nu
Kooh-ster, N Y._
WR?TB?W WANTED at ooe? to ?enU us
? for no?- yon.i . 'A'e rait
? music and ?rrans? for
Intel! Du?lale ?'o.. iJept. t:s. Wsah
I. c.
i'AMIl.Y of four sduHs .la-tore two l")otf?,iant
(rienda or mother and daughter
? :.>ro.ii to en-operate In ?AOik of cook*
Ing, ?raahiBB, Iron.ns. < launlng. ?'4II 4S Waal
"'.?i it.
?OUMO MAN. ';?: experienced office clerk;
undamtsnda l>ookko?i.inK and type??-iitini?,
??illuiH t.i ?.tart ;U low oalary; ?,'?..-..1 rcler
. ncea A.l.lr-i- Hox ?. Tribun? Offlco.
\ 1 ?i A i:i{M;.' s (vlsttlngl; ?er? suceeaeful
aitli backward ? ?i-.ndr?n. r?fer?na??? ai
Mi? I. Richmond, 14 Irving Place.
STlvNOORAPH UR II.? If tley roui? Ion. fa
.?. ru 1 |> in I M' at, .1. .11 ate wer1. ?I
luir da?, Iddreaa K. B.. lion I?, Tribune
1 Util 0
r.. Ti.i..:. vAi.Ki '?^??'7,;.'-.,^N,sx;,
::\ waUeW".:.
? :. "irr1,,:;,. '
(?ol 1- THI m ? ,ff ' '
i l'.KKM ?N COOK ,'","! I '' r""
A - a- ?.!??? ? M ji^, Hofmayer"?
. , ?tb tl..., Ta-lepl,.,,..
, y, .,;,-.,,. Kquari
' ,'. Mi-i.il \I \1I> - SVAITI'.KSS. ? Toung
? ,1 . o.,,a ,-for.i,.'? lt., Mis.?
,.."''. ., "\-?'i..v. is? '.t:. a? . stii Boer.
... ....... ,;m '..I' and WAITIVG -?. good
. llAMubn?' worker; eseellent ra-r
?SU."m^mmi A?*"1-' 17 Wo'> J-,h **
- - - ?
,, . MHI-1'M Alu. WAlTRE?fl Cl NI USF.
' '' ? ,ar r. ;. ru.o. moderate wage?.
Airency, IST 4th av _
,,,..,, COOK !.'i -? ?" *h?f-, ,nr??
' ' '',.',,. . ,.,.... youac: food ?it?-??.?!
j ?.. ? referenoee. M?*? &????? *
ii i-.IKI. ?? lali???- i?..-mon ??if small
'"!.. .Vnoi-.r. Brow? 41 W. Wh ?t
, , uvpLe. - '??->*-- "... f?ii;
.'.. ' ".'.rU'
, ., .in -es: 1 .'i.i t.. ?-hot
peraaoi ? 1. 1..
? ?
, 1 ? ,?. . dri : . haiHbermal?
? glrla, togel
i> -. ?
-.,? lati??
aj.l -1
COOK - Plr?l claee; matt. -cg-taWe?.
hakliii? ?en neat .'? **PP-?r?5__:
wage? m *?-,,c>- I7 "',t
?5th ?t, Li- ? '
.immu AS?
" " "a
COl'IM.I. Hard?. .i-tnl outatda MM
.- v,i?. ..-.<k. lawndreaa; r-iubi? ?are
?s i- -n>
jh?a"a Agei ? ?-' ?d 0*.
C? 'I ri.i: Proteetanl . i ? i-tlor:
uaaful; wife exeelle t*> rooking and bak
hir ,!. MaeNelll Agency. IT
v. .?*? j5th *rt. Creole* M*?? J
C?irPlai:.?Butler. **let. wife exc?^ant^
cook ?nd manager m-th th?.roughly ex
Dcrtenced highly recoin mended; city or
count.- ? - _ '-'?-i''
;-fi-, i( .--wish roi'PLB ? Kxperloaeeel
!?-."_. privat? S.TH.? ?*k. full charge;
,..,. countr; htgheot p-raon.?! reference?.
Induatrtal .?-.?'> , i ?' Wea? ltd _oi.
a,IVI., .-I; irn n?at : willing.
juaatla Asaagr, -*?
?i(l ja a?
(JKKM?N COOK -All 'round rapabl?
mail iiaiiager, 13-: beat p-ra-mal refer
Mlaa Phee'a Agency, 3?) Kast 42?! at.
Murray HUI ?ITJ_?_.
Ho?'SKW'oRKBIl?Several rellabla. naat.
competent womem. with |P>'>'1 r?f?renc?e;
va?es 111 to -ij monthly. Irwln'e Agency.
77 W'eal im. at. _<
? )!? nKi.KKKrKK - Inteiflgani capable
Ing liiiUMPkeeper for prl.-Va botMO;
i a;., anywhere; be*, r?f?renc?e, Mi.-n
Hhea'i Agency, If Baal l?d .??. Murray
III .1 SlfW'l ?RKKR .ii. an; no
l_ii!_,r'.. Iieav) clean Ina; _o.*1 baker 1
Imi..Win?,, ?xcrlla m ne?tn*a*.
MarNXII Agei ? 17 Wtai lit* " ?.neley
HOU-KWOHKER.?-fitroiig rumian girt, da
entire? *vork; beat refarancaa; city, coun
tr> ; 120-134 Lehtl'a Agei.cy. ?7 K. ICita
?t Ph. no IM* Harlam
I..?I .Vl?l.!>.- ?? ?pable Klntiiah ?oina;
? i laundrea? and .ham
-?' i \_? ?!? ? . -"'I la MOajion av
'i I I'la-a _
Musi-; Infant or older children; 'ell
charge; willing t.> K" to th- country; ex
re>llent r?f?renc?e. II., Mia? l-'ti_i_i-rald a
Kureati, 14* .'th our.
\t i;.-?.-. Infam or gi ?n children; i
partly t raltie,|. f.tl; very experienced
rirl?, $:.<? Doma-atlr Kgehang? Agency, ;t_4
I'olumbua uv , s.im>' ; !?!.;?; _
IP.??TESTANT working houftakoepar; tmamZ
r-conomteat; good enok; refero,,, ?.,, jjca.
i oilier'* Agenc} IST lti -,-... Yi}.[ ?t
I WASHINCa.?Taken homo; ..u?-.|i|e drying'
*nder*on, 13 Audubon ?v. Telephone
W vit?. .-- I.I eat refereS?
, tu-?..- Aj ii. : 0 LetlngtOM a\. TH 44-S
!? ?sa
ATTPA' TIN l\ lar.c room, private home;
-fentl.ma-n. Tel WH?River. Apt. |C
NF.W TiDRK?Maiihattun.
. FRBNCH SCHOOL, .403 Broadway. French
in ?hr. ? ni ?;,' in . v. lualvcly.
-jAVOCST-tlALIKSIB. Teacher V M ?'. A.
Ktcamer frerighta off?'r.*t mal, r_i-lv. an-1 a
fair Imalneaa In chartering. Mate- n?-*n.
Quotation? t., l.lvrpool Id; laaaSon, l%*t;
Id; Hull. t',1. Rrlatol, 4>..t;
pi. k~l ;^.r' larca tonnage :'i :?.l eottaa to
Liverpool per t"? lb < II \KTKIti* -
ne, general canto.
Ii..iiii>-v ? . la" porte nor?;, ..f ll-tiera?. 37?
! ?..I ??pt-<>? ? . IPIt'ah -???., i, -? ?- <
. .irk-.. hen>-e to liana an.I I? .
|.M.ni|.. llritlah -??aawr.
l.aao .|i. ...,i. r.,1-iTi...... to picked port?
lulled Kingdom. I- !?> -, i. option Pranch
port? .a Id, prompt ; UrttUli -...un-r. Jjaa.,
? ira. iMt* llaltlmure to i...,i.|.,ii U ?),(, ,,|,l|.?i
t O i . : -1 -a? 11 I? ?taaeaar,
- M,-,ltrrr-.
, ueai.. .?i i ?.. -? liait m ita.fci,i?r.
ittl? ? ' ' . t ??..?? h ?i--m.?r. t *??!
ion?, tlni ... .-.|?-.. to the C'mt?d Kingdom
i* Norwegian iteamei '?7 t?m?.
? neral cargo, Ual'lroorej to Havana, pitvgt?
I u ? m*. prviup. , I

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