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Princeton Eleven in
Need of a General
B^IsjkI Gives Signal? fro
pSibick in Effort to
Find Right Man.
I Yt|e ?id Harvard Coaches Spa
THelr Men Following Hard
Gimes on Saturday.
r?f Ti?l?ST?ph to The Tribune ]
i pristan. N. i-.^'lA. 2?? ,The 1.
[???_, leanifd at Princeton from t
>lstm\*M son? ot the football aeaa
* But?*? last Saturday was t
jLftttte necessity o? finding a genci
!Tlie team Mh" can be relied up
* JaCese the best play for the moniei
flttek did not satisf) the conchi
*'m? lh? search for a new man was b
! ?he first thing today. A novel
Introduced ?hon Mike Bolai
3??i the signals rroni his position
j?land seem? the most logical choi
1 Ast ta* W?P * :* ;lt> of running tl
mms? because of his coolness and cle
?Srstandinir of the football that sui
E"tsan*. it amounts almor? to i
? Tke coaches are not resting on th
wTmsm arrangeinent, howovor, for bo
I Bersta?i' quarter on last year's fres
'.?asa team. ? ??' riblott ?*ere tried
sjtjsk's position thi? at'ernoon.
SjUtt i- a valuable mBa-. in the bac
Fa,*,] f9r | * and luhing abi
tand ! ? ft r>erth i
?a? ef the positions or keep h
?kr* at qua..?T and let some one eli
%*Mt the '
? $t>t a '?'?i from tl
?saodir.*; * big Kutgvrs team (
Satcrtlsy. sr.d the Tigers wer?? pci
?Aroufrh a scriaimac? this afternoc
iutaOC for fu '? minute??. 1
that time !" varsity scored thr<
NBchii? 'he scrub and La
ocked sa sis.
as asnal, advances wei
? msit <?'
? fei dashes ' a? netted nearly i
asch froui '? A. C. Browr., ope of la
U . ivers, who i? eligible ?(
4i'T?r< made the onl
-cor* for the ?ci'ib when he carried a
istercepted forward pass half th
iamftb o? the tu .ehdown.
Lsrotertoi . ?e 1 last yea
sad? hi* fii-t appearatice' ?>n the liei
?????day snd Lars?-?, a tackle, played hi
i ri
Open Play for Yale Team.
X'ew Haver.. Conn., Sept. 28. Kran
Hinkey pave the Yale football squad
? ^sf driil tl - afternoon, although th
vtrk of thr Varsity ?as confined t
sal practice and a Mule work in get
g down under kicks. The second an
i teams had a *>rott*acted scrim
\st* session.
Bsl PuaT.pi'.ly played a powerful gam
*'. fullback, driving through the thir
team's line for Ion,: p.?ins.
Conine, the ubstitute quarter, score
-. a lor.-* drop kick from near th
- lines and ran the scrub with sna
ind gooJ jud;**ment.
Isbinsor,. la * year's freshman quar
ttrhaek. injure?! ?..- knee in the scrim
a**-?, and will be oui for several day*
?t'.t, st left half, played a strong of
v? game for the third team.
. Beth eleven resorted to forwar?
is. alternated with frequent punti
? Tils ?zave further indication tha
? linke;, -in the most pos
?iMe out of the open frame this year.
Scrimmage at Harvard.
- Cambridge, -. Sept. 28.?Follow
Ms usual Monday custom, Perc;
Ssayhton, coach of the Harvard foot
?"^^Keam. .. i his players int
-nraajre to-day. The afternoon wa
i -?-?Oted to ? **. ldual coaching, defen
? live team a .-. and developing a fev
,'tm plays
The work of the rush line was onl;
Itirly satisfactory on Saturday, and fo
?Biy.hour th .nd guards had i
hup lesson on breaking through.
fis coaches are looking for mor
Uckle material. Trumbull. the ol?
ejutTd, is expected to come along fast
?it Morgan, th?- ?-arsman, did not mak
?uch of an impression against Bate?
*t it active, but li?-ht,* and prohnbi*
?seetser. of rcahman team
?ill ?*rrt a chance at tackle on the 'var
' ?sty soon.
Crawford Biagd? n. a tackle thlrteei
i. m .i the coaching staff
. nt dir. i ork of the linemen to
*t,: Lau in the afternoon the 'varsit;
- tad substitutes lined up again?t eeel
^Smumwt?T a dummy scrimmage on de
i^^HA There was no change in the firs
^SmmWAfoT the signal drill.
Sharpe (uta Cornell Squad.
I* TBjr Telecrapii io The Tribun? i
ItlUca, N. Y., Sept. 28- Footbftl
? ***k at Cornell was opened to-day b*
* Ott in the 'varsity squad, Dr. Sharp?
^?hitlhg the candidate's from over sixt*
mgk Itrty.geven in number. Dr. Sharp?
HN the player-? a blackboard talk ir
I -let M***iSchoellkopf memorial traininj
^^Hi this afternoon, instead of the
h*-"1!?' Hthl M daj practice.
| Th? team is in good condition aftci
BftVEruellir.?.- Pittsburgh co-neat ol
?l^fistarday. Oil earn and ('?.??ye.-, wh?
**** 'u,t Saturday, are able to ptaj
"**?*? Serin Alumni Field is
?? or?lcr foi o-morrow, in prepara
??in for the rr,;r!,te game Saturday.
"T. Sharp?' explained his cut in th<
i ?flaad a,, in th? interest? of efficiencj
I J"? to permit coaches to give more in
?ndusl time tu the most promisinf
-s ?Wsysri,,
Scrub Surprise?? the (tuakers.
i DM i
L^Wlad.-.lphia. Sept. 28.?For the fitsl
BBJi-ihia season, the scrub defeatei
Bgj Pennsylvania first tear in scrim
?"** Practice here to-day. With t
>^Hv of 'varsity men in the scrub
, ?"*"9P the first string was able t<
2J*?ter only one goal from the field
?g'?*1 k touchdown and goal for tht
>^^^P> The scrimmage lasted a full
2J>^ minutes without any time out
Car ,g,ni' waM the hardest fought
ilia ??Franklin Field this year.
^^n* endeavor to correct the faultt
I a?e! *!enn!,y,vsnia team, which wert
? evident in the game -with Gettya
?S?. .? ??tu''(l"^. Brooke drove tha
L.***>U their utmost.
i Cheers for Fordham Team.
,"'< Fordham football team returned
iMai., a'' from Washington, and was
" ir^al. *?th a Wlld enthusiasm by th?
G?T.-.* bec*??e of the victory over
^??t?avn or, Saturday.
?-imeX, **?U?*J h?*ld no practice yester
r*. ?ut will resume its work this af
' *nts r ,'," freP?ration for a hard game
2 ?sllaudet next Saturday.
Ca,D?Cme "> to be played on Bronx
L ta t?vii y *nd plans are being made
"* -kit iWk of * biK crow<1- The Presi
L i4t\tu\t: a1"' Bronx and other county
^WM? iava consented to be present.
- w,,?? 8?ttle Placa for Came.
???Rlt?f,T0n? S,??>t- 28-Final aettle
^^B .AT\ ?"troversy between West
*t a? ?I An"Po'i? over the selection
' <HthIlf ** for thu *??*?? Army-Navy
?^KSrow"** probably wiU be reached
P*?*** Daniels and. Garrison to?
?w to confer with the ath
t* of the two servica schools
???te an agreement.
otra are confident that this
roar's gamo will bo played In Philadel?
phia inasmuch as New York had the
contest last season.
It (? understood that the West Point
Athletic Aasociation is willing to play
in alternating seasons over a period of
ten years in Philadelphia and New
York, but the Navy objects to the time
e ?
Reaches Fourth Round in New
York Club Tournament.
A. M. Lt.? ibond won his way to the
fourth lound of the moo's singles in
the lawn tennis tournament of the New
York I.awn Tennis Club yesterday af?
ternoon. Lovibond defeated Dr. W.
Kruglcr in straight seta, at 6?4, 6-4.
There was a deal of spirited lawn
tennis before the ??sue was settled. Dr.
Krugler never for a moment yielded an
inch, but the superior skill and steadi?
ness of his opponent anally forced him
laovibond won his first round match
over J. T. Von Kit* by default. In the
."???com? i-ouhd, however, he was sorely
tried to boat A. L Ihgersoll in throe
gnlltng ??t?t?. nt 7 ?.*.. S il. t*. i.
J, S. King came through the fourth
round of the handicup matches by
downing A. D. Bpoaeo, The men played
at ??cratch, and Klag wain, at w 0, ?! 4.
Men s Sinai.?? (lira?! re-jnd)?-S. It. MeAl
'later defeated J. M St.ina? h?-r, ??2. 7?
K. M. l'aatt defeated K T. Brennen, 6?4,
4?s ??|, j ,- Kelly defeated A. \\
Levy, ??--:, I (,. 9- i }: vv ?Stair ?la?,
feat??.I Pr. W. ltoM-iil.a?.i!ii. ilefault; l>r
*?V Krugl-T defeat??) A H Waw-i, 6??.
8? 1 ;?!?'. I'la-ilsaix tlefeaUed A U
SaleinMrr. ?irfnuit. \ I. Infi asoll defeated
M Sachs. 11? 1. 7 ? ?' . A M. 1 ?.*-';?.,,,! ,)?.
f??ata>(l .1 T. V.an BltS ? kBit? l'. H \ BT
Krik d?f.-;ite.i I. W. .. | (?4:
1. II Hill ?'? r.-.it.-.l S L Miirtln. o?s,
??4; W .! Brennen defeata-d J. 11. Tsslor.
??9, 1 W. H Wood ?!?
H. K ?.'ninpi ? c. ii. Stewart <!??
feaia?d K M Brennen, ?;?:. 8?1; i>. n
K\ liniUe? .!? f,...!?'.) \\. 8. ?.'los,., ?;?;;. ej.??,
1>. A Palmer eiefeate.l B I' Wlnne. t.-??,
Second romirl?Stair defeated Levy, 7?.'.,
r?i;, i: i Kr?iif!i ?! defeated riunisan!,
-i, Lovibond defeata-ad liaaer.eeoli,
-h defeated Hill,
? -.1; Wood defeated Stewart, 0?1!.
? --iik?? defeated l'aimer, Br?i. ???I.
Thir.i round?laovibond ?l-.-featrd Krug?
ler, ''.?4. I?4
Men's rdni lea h :>i. de t.onic
?{???i?? half 8( : defeats H. w. -Rolatnson
'.a If SOI. 8? 4. ti?.:. A. D. ?
? L W. ?IrsyB'y (plu??
half SO), 8?4, 8?4: ? K rini?er (plus
!.?! defeated A, I. Has. iplae t?o ?, o??,
?5?4; A. L Ini?er?."'! (eerate-h) d??feKt<-.|
V. it *.?. ??!.!. ?plu? half 18), fi?... 8? ?. ?
? >.. \vr Kerk (plus half 18) ?la?f?>al? .! I?r
K R. h balf 80). default, 1> A.
Palmer (plus ball ?? i Dr. A. \'
Tucker (plus iV f SO); w H Wood (itali us
?. " defeat?ed l; 8. Qulmby ?pin? 18), I- 8,
??i. t??:; L. H Hill (plus if. i defeated
a *?>'. Levy (?xratcM. iHfault; J. )l. Tay?
lor (pltM hfclf 151 defeated J. M. Stoi.i
aehor I minus halt 10), default; H. C
l_oucli!ln I phis balf 30. .|e/eate?l I-, S
Caankltn (phi- balf ?Un '.??7.
A. H. \v..?.es iniinus balf i.? defeated Dr.
?V Roeenbaum (minus 3(>), default; ?'. M
Si* .?.art (nii.'i'is half 18) defeateel pr A
It McMlcaaal ipiu* half not. default; I?.
Si _>a.tt (plu? half J" i defeated. A W.
Koblnaon ?plu-a half SO), default; 8. i
Y.*n-.u (plu- half 30) defeated \v 8.
;? oa hr?'!' 30). ? ? ?. ?' ->? 8- - ?', ; 8.
K MrAlliiater (tnliai- hajf $01 l??feated I.
T Von Kit?, (ininn?. 18?, default; *?V. T
plus 13) defeated I' I> St. Phalilo
plus half Soi. default,. T 1> Meenan (plus
h?:t Su defeated s* w l:auid?.heek (plus
half 39). default: D. tV. Stair (minus 1"?>
defeated J- T Hreewn (p!u?? 30), ?i?1. 4?8,
i?4; l?r W Krueler (minus 18) ?1-feated
\. M I.o\il.oi-,d (minus half 10), ilefault;
.t C Kelleiv ?plus 15) defeated B. I.iu
schutz. b?:t. 4??. ti?S; E T. Brennen
?lain? half .101 eii-fean?'! W. H. Hannan
rplua t.ulf .101. 6??. 8??. B. At. Hrenne?n
(plu? bolf _?j? iief?;*ite? R. P. Chapman.
lialous- half 18), S?;. 6?3. 6?3; C 1'
V.lwn ipluM l.'i defoatt-il |t. .Sacks (plu?
halt !' >, default
Soco: iliandlrajil ?J. .*-'-. *??'trac
tplua l'i defeated I** Pnaiiisahl 1p)ui IdiiT
I, 8?4; H P Campbell (p.Jur haif
?foat?d A it Balembler I'minua it.*.
default: ? D. Va'inne (plus 11) def.-nt.-il
H W. lt?ib!n?on. a??4, 4?R, r?4: Bpence
defeated Pmder. 0?1, 3??. 6?'J. Inater
f"atPd Ver Kerk. 6?2. 6?4: Wo?..I
ilefeated Palmer, 4?fi. f?_. ?-,?4 : Hill
ted TayloT, t>?l, 3?6. 6?0: Larfaphlln
led U.....I. 9?7. C?t: Stewart d.?
feated f'ott, 7?0. C?3; McAllister rtefeat
fd M;?rtln. 6?-1, ??4; Her defeated Mee
nan. ??7. ?"??", 6??,; Brennen defeated
I'terhart. default: Dr. R. 1". Drakai (minus
half III afefeaAed U 8. Moore (plus 30i.
Third round?Klnif defeated Campbell.
default; Spence defeate?! RoblMOB, 1?6,
?1?4. 9?7; Drake ?i?"feate?l l'.rennen, 6?9,
F.eurth refund?Klnr defeated Spence.
C?0. C?4.
No More Rowjwg for
Wisconsin Crews
?U4A?m?m.^V?s., Se?it. '?X.?Participa?
tion in intercollegiate rowing contents
by University of Wi.-consin crews was
ejiejered discontinued to-day as a result
of an investigation by the medical fac?
ulty, ?howinfr that u larpe number of
crew candidates had developed hypera
trophiod heart-.
Twenty-eight of fifth-si>! freshmen
and twenty of twenty-three "W" men
Khowed this condition.
Towaco Club Wins on Courts.
In a lawn tennis match, played on
Sunday at the Mountain Lakes Club,
Mountain Lakes, N. J., between the To?
waco County Club und the Mountain
Lekes Club the former won six out of
nine matches, getting four out of six
in the singles and two out of three in
the doubles.
Towaco was represented by Kahrs,
Logan, Freudenthal, IL Pentz, Colt
Ptntz and Cliff Feiitz, and Mountain
Lakes by Schaneck, Laver, Parkhurst,
Gemas, Oroff and Low.
Sets a Three-Heat Record
in Winning Chamber of
Commerce Stakes.
Mark of 2:04 in Ten Heats Shows
Fastness of Track at the
Grand Circuit Meeting.
Colnmhus, Ohio, Sept. 28.- From ten
heats on the Columbus Grand Circuit
programme to-day a time aveiage of
2:04 was made, which was better than
last Tuesday, when thirteen heats were
trotted and paced in an average of
2:05 1-C.
F.tawah, the (Jeers trotter, was the
sensational performer. In winning the
Chamber of t'ommerce Stakes he made
ti world's three-heat trotting mark, re?
gardless of sex or age. The total,
(>:13??, was just two seconds below
that made by Hamburg Belle at Hnrt
ford in the Charter Oak Stakes in 1908,
Of the three heats, the third was the
fastest. Omar forced the four-year-olel
to take a record of t:QS\k, which is
new time for trotters of this age. F.ta?
wah earlier this year did an exhibition
mile in 2:0.3a*. His race record v.,ip
2:04Ve, made here last Tuesday in the
fastest fourth hint ever trotted in a
Our Colonel, second choice to Fay
Richmond, won t'.e Hoard of Trade
Stakes in ?trnight heats. He took a
new record of 2.0.3a? in the first heat.
In the free-for-ull pace betting,
Frank Hogash, jr., was bnrred. He ***oii
as he pleased. Fnrl jr., was favored
over Walter Cochato for the place and
Won it, after Wnlter Cox took the rein*.
The summaries follow:
PAC!NO?Ml e*i.Ass-THiu:r in nvr, -
rt'RSE, $i.?io-hvk iikath satih
Va-ru. ?-h m.. t>y Lorrnio Hum
lln il'ltman) . 16 112 1
Baron Marqua, eh. c. i>> sir
Marque* (M?rphy) . 1 I : ; 4 2
Tamil Worth, ??IK. RI., l>> Joe
Katcben <J. Banroni.: m * : i 3
Klchard, b *.*. (Valentine). I t | I IN
.I.ssie J., gr. m. eiicairiak). .. h i ? ro
M.a ?lair Mi?.:<. 1 r. in 11 ?..
Ryder) .1 t ?? 4 r ?
Heel Mike, ei. a. (McAllister).. I S * I ro
Blr O., I?. K. C'tv.no).10 7 1, ? n,
Anna (llwan. l.r. m, ?Tait?n . el S < ali>>
(lovernoi Tod, b. r. (Hoyd).. .. .* lit di
. :<r,-,t. :.n\.
Uur i'..l?>i:ol. h. h. by Colonel ri?hran
I'.'hlldM . 1 I 1
Knitlit eif strtiilmior?., , h. h. illawley) I ? 4
Fay R|a lima vl. *? ? llAHl*) .?*. 4 *.'
laowanelo, I'M h m' Valentine).:: ;; ::
ai..?y i:, i. m (Whlineyi.4 a; .*,
Hal Gray gr la. el-e-aielietonl.
j-ur.?n .v.. '? h. h' ..1. 7 LU.
T'm??. ~.ii',\, -a'Vj, ;':05.
''ll.Ulil'i. OF ? '"M.Ml i:? i; 8TAKKH
1 l'.?->TTi:.*e: ? ?'?- CLA88?T1IRKE IN FIVK
rcm**., ?.??JO.
Btawah, 1. h. by AI Stanley (Geera).. 1 1 1
? miar. h. g. iFlo>d>. 2 '? *?.
lion TTetoek l? ir (?lRn-1-aoni. 6 S s
Tommy Horra, !.. g. (Owens). S 7 B
Paco. b. g. n*o?). 7 4 4
fteUord Bed. b. IB. (Ame>.i. 4 *. fi
Kant.as Mahl. I?. m. leJarKirn*. C S 7
lime, :':fr.ij. :??.'?. 2:01 ?4.
IN Fivf.?PVRSE, ?
Frank i:oBH?h. .h., 1?. g., by Krank
r'.ignsii (Murjliy? . I 1 l
l-?arl. Jr.. yr. la. (lAMbur> -Cox?. 3 2 2
Va-aller Co. hato, blk h. ?M.-Mal.nn
Lone) . l 0
?-'irre.-. 2:?i:. ?:(?4.
Racing Results
at Havre de Grace
Flra-t race ?"Piling': for malii*>!m ihre?. ?. .-ari.
old ont upward; pune, -M?*. it\P an.) s ha t
rurlon-ra>?lasnll, M? (RlKiitiiilii'i. 13 to f..
even i-.?i t 1 m ". v.rst: BUI vVieai. >, 107 iAl?>\?.
100 to 1, S" io 1 nnd 15 lo l. second: Frontier,
KP (McCahi ,1. M i?. "?, 4 (,. ;, assA ; t<> f..
third. Time, 1:08. Ashion, Caro Nome, Mar
?larei Mel?". The Parson, Kali on, cmiT
and TeflChen u)rj un, lbs latter being lell
at th?
Se- onl r.u.- <i??llli-.g. for maiden?
>...irti old m? 1 upward: purse, Mao; tl\
liHlf furlong??""??PrnJrl?. 107 lM?H*uheya. Il tu
10 :i lag r. hn I 1 IO '(. fn?t; Sol.'iiaT. 107 (Doylej,
ii lo 1. ^ to 1 ?ill 3 lo I, se-orid, Quick s-.art.
n?7 (Nathan), t> to 1, : to l nnd even, ihlret
Time, lu? Captlvator, ruak.itr.. i*.Iran.
??Iga'itlo, Martin Casca, King Chill?n and
Hmlley al?o ran
Tl ??.: ra < ? ? ?Mni. IWO >"ar ol ! fll |i
K' iilinK?; lid'-?- It??': ? ?..- 111.i 1 I
Harr ell, 108 ?? '.. llnsi ? ??> 1. : t?. 1 m
first; Corslcar., 10? allli,-! tnear. >. .1 to 1, lo 1
nial 3 la ".. a?. ?*?): '; Hiker, luS (Surntori 1? ?o
!. ?. to 1 and 3 to 1 1I1I1 : Time. 1 01
. r... Vtmfe K . I il 1 A
Mlas Boo, Ho'lnsrook?. Belle and Vo
lu^i.a alt ' nm.
i?. rtn ?"> s (handicap: for all .>?-???: VOS
%mi Isidora, l*
parr, I i" ' I to' & and oui
Wright, 103 (Buxtoa). t. to l, ; to l un?l 4 to
l, ?eoond; ll?istei Prynne, 11s ?Xi.
fir- " t.. '. ,11 oi'I li'l'l Tl-ie,
?Mirli.n?? A. ?lawhlel, Susan B. (left nt
? 1. and FaH em al ran
Filth ra.-e asellhi't: f<?r Ibree-year-olels
and upward; purse ICOO; our mile ami i-e?
eitXy >airdsa ?pr. Duer.ner. 1 OS e\V..lfe), 1
t.. 10. :? to & biid 1 to 4, ili-Ht , Rtavntor, 10?
(K'.irllliKamei. 4 to 1. evt-n end 1 10 2, aae
eaiid ; Harry I.airl<-r. Ki'i (Steward), 7 to S,
I to !? and 7 to 10, third. Time- I :4? l-i.
Iware, (*arroll Held, High Mark. Gate?,
V? o"f. ."?rarsd.ile. Huda'i IJr?.rlat-r. \?.tiianker,
Agnlla and Koleeri (?Ivor alao ran.
Sixth rae e 1 Helling; for maiden t?\o-yenr
olds; purse $5*00; flv.- mid a liaif furlongM
?Hrlan Horn. 107 lNathan), s to 1, 1 to 1
and 7 t-? li Hint : Emelda. loi (Buzton),
I to ?1, 1 to ? Hii'l 1 t?> I. second; l.s?i>
Bryn, 104 lAUTapgarta 0 to I, I I" I and
'4 to li third Time? - 1 :<*? Tumerliine. Vo?
lant, I)e\lltrj' and Hiver King also ra:i.
?Hldaell ?-ntry.
First Blood for Inman
in Opening Billiards Tilt
Hoppe Does as Well ai
Expected at English
Game in Match
at the Astor.
Melbourne Inman, the'world's cham
pio at English billiards, scored firs
blood over WiUie Hoppe, champion o;
the world at 18.2. 18.1 and 14.1 balk
line, in the first block of their 6,000
point match, at the Hotel Astor last
nicht. The little Britisher scored 60*.
points to Hoppe's 304, both men play?
ing the English game.
Hoppe will have his chance to re?
verse the order this -afternoon, when
the game will be at 18.2 balkline foi
500 points.
The grand ballroom of the Astor wa:
well filled when the men came to the
table to begin the match. America!
Playern whose names are known wher
ever the balkline game ia played were
among ti.? spectators, and they all
favored Hoppe to triumph over his
ri al from across the seas.
Hoppe won the string and selected
the while ball. He failed to score oh
hi? fir<t 1rs, and Inman tallied a single
point. Willie managed to corral 8
points in his second frame, and then
the Englishman started a run of 4b
points, the majority of which were
earned by pocket hazards. From then
on he gradually draw farther and fur?
ther away, from hie rival, showing an
uncanny faculty for the pocket shots,
? and rarely missing, even on the mo?t
difficult angles. In his eighth inning,
with the.balls widely separated on his
thirty-second shot, Inman made a beau?
tiful gathering shot, the balls coming
to rest within Inches of each other at
the fo o* the table.
It w.is in the thirteenth iuning that
the foreigner scored the high run o.
the evening, a cluster of 123 points.
The points were amassed by nhootinfi
the red and the white balls into the
pockets from all over the table. No
mutter how favorable the position, the
Englishman never indulged in playin?_;
the balls along the rail, Hoppe's fa?
vorite method of piling ur points.
Hoppe scored his nigh run of 69
points in his ninth inning and wa>
loudly applauded when he took hip
neat, the crowd seeming to believe that
the American was about to start ?ape
of his wonderful runs. But Willie aid
not play the English style of game at
all. He "Americanized" the game,
nursing the balls along the rail w?th u
cunning cue and a delicate touch. Mo.-t
of hib runs were ended when he failed
in his attempts for the pockets.
He also lacked the Englishman"*
marvellous position playing, and did
not appear certain just where the baila
were coming to rest.
In this, inning one of the "hothouse"
varietv of American millionaires rose
from his seat among the .spectators and
offered to t>et $10-000 that "Mr. Honpe
would win the series from Mr. H in?
man." Soothing hands were laid upon
tirm and .he eoon reovered from his
?attack of vertigo.
Hoppe, it. was said last night, was
well satisfied with his showing, as he
hid announced before the play began
.tb^at he did not expect to score m??re
than 300 points. He Is confident that
he will be able to more than balance
-the ?core when he plays the American
dtyle of billiards.
The summary follow*:
Inman 'spot ball??1. 40, A
95. 0. at?. 12, 8.1. 12?, 0. 0. 2. ?7. ?. I?, 40.
-. 16 Total. ?JOJ point?; average. 171-23;
hie), run? ?? fl? and ?30
itelT.-pe (whit? ball)?9, t. 10. 1 17, 8. 4. 1?.
M O, 2.1, 7. O. OS 3. ?. 0, 30. 02. 0 14. -*l
Tota?, .*W)4 i>e>lrtt*: e.**ragr, M IS 22. high
run? 89, SO and 13.
Hvfrrcc?Laeonard Ilo?va?uia.
Creditors' Manager of Asset!
Realization Co.Not Optimistic.
a Th_* ?ri3,,,??>n'' committee of the
*"\ i? ...?.?i,*,t,on Company, mad* up
of A. II. Wiggin, president of the Chase
?Nntionnl flank; Samuel McRoberts,
vice-president of the National City
Hank, and Benjamin S. Guinness, of
Ladenburg, Thalmann ? Co.. yesterday
received from G. M. P. Murphy and the
committees representative In the man?
agement a r?port of lhe eompixny'M eon.
Mr. Murphy's report shows thatwher
the committee assumed direction of the
company's affairs, on December 11
1013, direct liabilities amounted to |7,
073,! 11 and contingent liabilities were
$2,471,83?. Now direct liabilities
r.mount to 16,894.084, exclusiva of M?M -
739 subscribed by stockholders to the
company's notes, and contingent liabili?
ties total $119,685. The i.nnual income
?f the company is estimated by Mr.
Murphy at ?100.000, again-t which there
are interest charges of $300.000 a year
und executive expenses of $139.169.
These items, together with legal ex
penae* and incidentals, would bring the
annual expenditures up to $50?,(!*0C,
leaving an estimated annual operating
deficit of $400,000.
"Almost constant ?tudy of the com?
pany's affairs since last January," ?ays
Mr. Murphy, "have forced me to the
leluttat'.t conclusion ?hat not only must
MockhoMcrs b* warned against undue
optimism as to the final result, but the
unsecured creditors must realize the
possibility thnt assets may not be suf?
ficient to pay their claims in full, with
. . ?
Superintendent Richards Tells
Banks to Make No Change.
The State Bunking Department, in
view of the suggestion! of ?orne sav?
ings bank* that th? ilxty-da* clause
r4 gar ding notice of withdrawals be re?
voked, liu? advised those institution?
in this state that no change in the
i ?ni arrangement be ma<ta without
lirai consulting the Mm?' Ranking Su
iierintendent, Rugen* Lamb l.ichards.
His notice reads as follows:
"From time to time during the last
sreek or two 'uggosted change* in th.'?
prosent method of handling deposit*
?"ith saving* b.inks have hecn made
to me. ("oTii?i(lering as I do that th?
?whole question is r? broad one (iemtind
?nt: concerted action, 1 feel that 1 must
request that no change in the policy
now being puisned should be made in
?my locality without first submitting
any proposed change of policy to me."
Removal of Barriers Against
Trading Resvlts in Livelier
Times in Street.
Now 'lint some of the tun rier? against
trading in securities in Stock Exchange
and unlisted issue* have been removed,
business is being resumed to some ex?
tent by Wall Street brokerage houses
under prescribed conditions and on a
of cali. Investors are uppeaiinc
at many brokers' office? and hanking
houses, and there is under way a grad?
ual return to normal appearances in
th?? financial district.
This is reflected in the action of
many of the bunkers and brokers or
i.i-nng thi ir trunk line telephone facil?
ities restored. Much of this service wn*
discontinued when the Stock Fxchange
The committee of five formed last.
week to ?upervise dealing* in unlisted
stock* issued * letter yeiterday to deal?
ers in those- securities, outlining the
procedure for taking care of the trans
action*. In substance the suggestions
ure at follow?:
Huis ?ir offering* should ho made in
writing iP(i at specified price?. All bids
und offerings should be good until
courtermantled and for all or any part
of the amount of stocks mentioned.
Where bid? nnd offcriiMS on the ?amo
,.ik? are at price* which do not per?
mit of .?.i immediate trade the com?
raittee will try to oring buyer and sell?
er together. Where bids are filed at
pricey* in excess of those at vhich the
same stocks are offered the committee
Will adjust the transactions. Requests
for off-rings or 'lids ?jritrua, definite
price* moy also be filed.
The committee also ruled that it will
-.juire orders in mining stock? on
the curb aiM selling at not more than
13 n share to be filed. I? '.?.II permit
trading, provided no transactions air
quotation ? are made public.
The Stuck K?;chango committee of
five which has been supervising the af?
fair? of lhe Sunk Kxchange .?ince the
dosing on July 30 ruled yesterday that
op all loans of securities between num?
bers, M ?'?ell us un contracts for se?
ruritie* still unsettled, the interest to
und including September 30 must be
paid on October 1.
T? Ifeifrapti to Th?? Tribuir. |
All ?'i?. Hep! L? M? Nainur i-Hmns Ad
vertlsln? Agency, Bunal.?: t'.o.fioo- '.V. V.
McNamara, lis pine ?t.. H?rtalo; J. U.
burn?, !.. I? Burns, Buffalo
U A. W ..'?.li.ury Corp., Manli/attan; ?trug?,
etc.; I2G0.00O; 1. N Vauwa, 888 Hacen ait.,
Brooklyn; H. P. Vreeee, <!. A. Knoblax-h.
Sew Vnrh
Rochester Paper fiotti? Co., Rochester;
S -.>>. R. H. Culver, S3 Edinburgh St.,
Korlieater ; i: B. Olbaon, John Ualna'oviel,
1;.)' Ill at. ?-.
(Morono Can Cea., Manhattan; liO.OOO;
A I- Macanas. 160 VV Oith at, Sew York;
i, Delion, ?' ?A Uavldaon, N?-?v Y?irk.
\'?rK Record Publishing Co.,
Brooklyn; 110.000; i>?; Cam*, loriibrook;
Julio Rowland, Lynbrook; D.-ivld ?A'-idi
worth. Brooklyn.
?a.mi- (.'ountj Col?! Ht oran :i n.l les Co.,
Newark; 8125.O00; t.. V. I'lilUmm. New
ui \. W S. V. ; 11. U I'ulThrtin.
Newark; Paul Kahla, Rochester,
European Film 1 ?. ve-lr.nliier e'..., Matihaf -
tan: motion picture?; l.n.OOO; T. K.
Rehwartzah, ~2" 1. .".it h ?t., N>w Y??rk ;
Herman HorowltS, NOW York; H. C, r?Ie
m? n A?torlaa.
Prismatic Film Co, Manhattan; 8400.00?:
C, O. Laeavltt, 854 4tli av., Ne?w York; Q, V.
Lcaavltt, Sea Ye.rl: : C A MeW. BrookIvn.
M. Felgel t Broa., Babylon; paints; 83*.?
MO; leaae Petael, 188 wooatei st.. Mew
Tora; Kilns B*Ixraan, Hunnah Feiirel, Mew
Younaman * W'aeem;?:??>r, East William
non. Wayne County; coepera??; 810.000; C.
XI Yniiiofinnn. EaM Williamson; M. C.
Vounsraan, Bas! Williamson; Daniel Wae?s
atakar, East Wllllai
Si.??!h African Oa?i p.. Manhattan; Im?
porters Hn?l exportera; t'O.OOO; A. H. Eut
t??\. 1(4 .Nissan st.. New Y?rk; Frc.l l>p
penbeitner, E I. P.r.milon. New York.
I'nlled Buds Corps.. Manhattan: ads*,
Mc ? 8?8.000; A. I. Rice, lie. Fuiton at..
New' York; J. C. "?Yuit. H '? Wli-on, Narr
I'nr.ella. Vlclnl * O?.. Hnrnell; ?ufar,
encoa e:?- ; tlOO.OOO; Mstiua-l llodrlrusz.
:,: \V. SM St.. Ne* York, P. A. Vlclnl,
S.,n!.. Dasmlttfo; .?aiillaco Boroello, Craw
fa.ral. N. J. . L
liiKiiilr? * Tliomiison Co., Ku-hsster ;
fini-rai dlroctora; jun.ooo; U W. Inumirr,
Rochajater; A. I. Thompson. 1. E. Wim hell.
Safari Film Corp.. Manhattan; 8S.000; U
(' Wills, *a4 Bfoa-lwajr, New York; J. C.
II rnii,-nt. I. N. Illn?. Ne?v York.
(H I D. i:?.-tri.al Co, Mianli.itian; 8?S6.
800; O II MiilKT). i?3 ltro??Jway, New
York; ?. T. Lillendahl. F. C. Uuey. ?New
F Horn.??-- A Co., Port Earn; foa-?l prod
n.-ta- $250.000. Q. F. noniM, 15 Witlian) st..
New York; M J Emley. M. J. Kome-o, New
York. _ _
i-.ib?.77 l?ast 150th ft ; Ricardo Alhelnl ;
3? ?<r>? ir. West 2?th St.; Gins Brothera.
T.-.?; Tenth a? : II. Knitt. trlfllnf.
7-10-~iv,rt W*el :?'Uh ?t.. Mrs, John Mox??a;
8:80??If East lath st; Abrahsm Bollow,
tl 45?".-.u Es-t ":M s: . John Feuerbach:
410?141 Monro? et.: J. Ooldber?; trlfllns
4 10?r?? E 7?th rt. ; Uiile Ha-rmak- triilln?.
4:15?F..i ? Orashlaartea a? atil ISOtli st.;
ntta e'iai??ir>. toO?. ?
4;ii?rr? E lirTih St; Columbia Wiuh ?Jo;
Committee Waits Washing?
ton's Word to Send Call
to Looal Banks.
With an advance in sterling* exchange
rates yesterday, to more than $6 the
pound, the committee which is manag?
ing the -rold pool decided to hasten the
completion of the preliminary arrange?
ments and the shipment of a part, at
least, of .New York's first instalment of
111,260,000 to Canada.
The committee is read? to send out
? ho formal call to the local banks as
soon as it receives word from Washing?
ton. However, there is more than an
even chance that before that time ar- ?
rives it will have shipped some gold to i
Ottawa in order to check the rapid j
advance in exchange.
This was the course followed by the !
syndicate manuKors in the underwriting i
of the New York City note issue. The I
i.eed for prompt action Is considered:
even more undent now. Only two of
the local banks and trust companies
have not subscribed to the pool, the
New York Life Insurance and Trust '
Company and the Produce Exchanj-o '
Bank. The' former did not participate
?n the city note underwriting, eithei, ?
it was said yesterday.
All the reserve cities upon whose ac?
ceptance of the plan depended its fur?
ther existence have now agreed to fur?
nish their share of the 1100,000,000-odd
in gold, Baltimore, with a quota of
$1,000,000, joining in yesterday. This!
i.ecounts for about $82,000.000; the re?
mainder is to be raised among the
smaller reserve cities.
The amounts so far promised are.as ;
follows: New York, $-15,0(10,000; (lil
rngo, $16,000,000; Philadelphia, $8,000,-'
000; Boston, $7,000,000; St. Louis, $6,
000,000: Baltimore, $1,000,000.
While exchange rates gave way about
one cent at the close they were still '
high, compared with recent figures. At;
I he top cables were 5.01a? and demand
6.00%, An important part of the de?
mand came from those who had to
cover transactions in which they wero
Business was so active and the de- ?
mand so lar?;? from mmiy sources that '
rates do not properly reflect the con-,
biderable increase in the supply of ex?
change, particularly in grain bills,
which were more numerous than for
many ?lays past. There' was alho a
moderate amount of cotton bills eiffer
iiag, .?'hipments of cotton beginning to
show a sensible increase.
Many Gold Certificates Sec
Light of Day Again.
So large were the crowds at the of?
fice!? of J. P. Morgan ?St Co. and K.thn.
I.oeb ft Co. yesterday to pay for und
receive their allotments of new city
tieate-*. that the clerks huel dirllculty in
attending to them, and the syndicate
managers sent out word that payments
rr.aili! up to the cl???e of business to?
day v.oilil he accepted on the same in?
terest basis as yesterday's, with no ael
ditinn for the extra ?lay.
A; J. P. aVorgan 1 Ca.'s orTcea there
were four lines from about 8:30
o'clock in the morning until the close
of business, at 8:30. Many of those
who came down to claim th?.- notes in
person brought with them currencj
that gave every indication of having
been hoarded. In some cases froid cer?
tificates for as much as $1,000 were
paid over the counter-not one, hut
many of them und it is a good ninny
weeks since the bank? were giving their
customer:*, anything but banknotes,
either the regular kind or Aldricli
Vreelanri. Of the fifteen hundred or
two thousand persons who went to the
Morgan oilices during the day obout
one hundred wero women
The notes were at a still largei pre?
mium in the street nnd over the coun?
ter trading, the three-year maturities
i-elling at 103Vii. the two-year at 102
and the one-year at 101.
Bank of Germany Return.
Berlin (via London), Sept. "H. The
weekly return of the Imperiul Bank of
??ermany show.- the following change.-,:
Bullion, treasury notes and banknotes
increased 4K,'!'>",uOO marks, L?>mbard*
increased i?,Bl'8,000 marks, discount
and treasury transfers increased 51,
(599,000 marks, notes in circulation de?
creased (-.0,799,000 marks, deposits in?
creased 214,71*<.000 marks and gold la
hand increased 64,l'o*i,000 murks.
Army and Navy Orders;
Movements of Warship.?
ll'rom The Trlliura- I'ure.au J
Washlnge-in. fepiember 2**
Retirement of Colonel KRANK WEST. ?*,???
airy, announced.
Limit. J. 3. HANNIGAN, detached navy
>eti?l, l'utf?Jt Sound; to na\y vnid, Nor?
Lieut. W. II. Ho WE. d?ta?*hed Illinois. M
t.'iupumrv dutv St I.?n.la.
IJeat. ?Junior grade) I.. C SCHEIBI.A,
detach.-d ?"run Sparry Qy rosco pa rom?
pan*/, Brooklyn; t>? works MldvuH Sta?l
Company, Philadelphia.
LaWflt. (Junior Krade) f. H. KINO. e.,-tar!!e.l
liiinol?, t?? Wyoming.
Ensign K. \v. SPENCER, Jr. ?leta.-he.-* Ne?
braska; to work.? curt?a? Aa-rupiaiae Com?
pany, l!anini"ii?l ipi.ri, N Y.
Tusse?.! .u.t. Hurgeun )'. .\f. MUNSON, to
Naval Hospital, Washing- in.
Asa?. Surif.-e.n V. . IV. CROSS, Medlegl Re
??"..? Corpa?! to Naval Medical School,
U .?? IlingteiU.
Chief d?nner it M. O'CONNOR, detaehed
.-.n rraneiaco; la home and ?rail orders
Paymaster ("l??!k P C. CORNI?O, ap?
pointed; lo miy yard, ch.irieeton.
Pa>m?st.?r i ler'a M A. MACKtB, appoint
ed ; to naval i":iM"n. Nrw Orleans
EnslRn II. W. I'lLIaSnUHY. detathe?d El
? ?.i". tu m ?ad? ai ;<
Ensign a ?' ROBERTS, detached Monad
nock ; lia ICI e '.mo
J-*n?!gn II. 11. HAWKINS, ?untliau.! duty at
AarnttA Lieut, THOMAS M. I.ll'Y. i*
f.i-li .1 laaa'in.. barrack*. Norfolk: to
Sepi"ii,!.fr ' Ni,i ii Carolina, ai .tesandrta,
Hinith. st Tntiipklnanlll?; Annapolis, at
Mazatliin. Peltle-, ut Vera Cms.
September 1>>- Panther, K :'. I'rayton and
Hatle, at Newport; Mai'li?,iieal. at North
KHf-r, Nea Tort; Patapsco ami (number
land, at Ne?*: V irk yar.l; llodgera. ut llo. k
(h>:i, N-r.?. ut sin di. no. Illnaeweta, at
Phllaelelphla; I>oli*ln at i'.Ioikv? er; Ost
sar, at Monte Chrlatl: Culgoa. at t*a;?e llal
il?ii; Vuliau. ni llrludl?'.; New York, at
Hampton Itoa.l..
Fe??,.!e'inl'.-r ?7?J?r.kltue. Jouett and Amm-ii.
ul Ne?pO?rt; IVjelger?. at Heaston; !???.?
Molnea. at ver? Crus; Sohlt?. k( Mem -
lin?, Ainiai.'o?la-, at La Paz; Irl?. ai Tl
I'tirnn. Albany, at (.uaymaua; ?"leaar. at
Hunches; flahesion, at Amoy.
He'pten.ber :??Noun Carolina, fruin JalTa for
K'Member :.'-Smith, from Gardiner's nsy
for Tompkinavlilf.
September ?*-Pant her. from Gardiner's Bay
tor Newtvon : K .*. ir-?ni Uroton, Conn., (?r
Ne-wporl; (ira>??n an I P.eaele. from rotnu
klnsvlll?? for Ne?? put; J? nkliia and Jou?-tt.
from llarnptoti [(.??In t"i Newport; Am
irain, fiona Whl ??ton. Unllni :or New
oort; MivPouaral, from \llajiy for N??rtii
Hi, it. N? * "an; KaHl'i-'rs. from Boston
for Ro-Kpe.ri. Jla.?.^.. 1.,-ban >n. from Ham;?
ton lt..r??lH for llo.ton. Nero, from Ian
lileiru for San liaii'lfi o; Auniipolla. from
Masatlan for La Haz; Albany, from Ia\ pax
for Ouaynaaa; ('li-veland, from 1^ Pas f"r
Jdsn-aanlllo; Jupiter, froi.i Ti"'-?n for Bal?
boa?; Dolphin, from New Vor;? cu y foi
elloucoater; Caaaar. from (?ap. Haillon foi
Monte ?lirlstl: N>w York from *.?thrn.
drill ?round? for Hampton Koadt.
?j?pt?ml*r rr?Rods*r?. from ^loc k ; ort f.r
r.ciston- ?"?eiar. from Monti ?hrlatl for
Ha-nuiaa. Bay, P.?je. from Kewpon tor Near
York' Irl?. from Mare lalund for Tlt.uron;
Cula?o, from Cape Ha?tien for l'ort-?u
Hert?MT.ber IS?Oa.v^aton. from Amey f?T
Olonarapo; Cincinnati, from Shanghai for
Pennant of erewnman 'er reiaerve torpedo flo?
tilla. Atlantic fl*>?i. iranaferre?! fre>m Panther
lo Monaj-han
Mall aeldre?.? of Jupiter rhnnge.1 from Pa
, Irt. ?tation. vi? San Kran?.l"K??. to In <:ar*
Of th? [Xifi-iaailtr, New York e'lty.
BltlLNESf? NOllttJ
.llunisraph tallera nuit fi.Ui | .?aje
MTV 10.?e?iS. St. prompt. O K. WeeitrMrfxia-a
US NtaaSii. Rexiixe 100<V Pb??>? at*ak aaa Mu?*?
Appelaua*at.?Brobat-onauT Fireman C,
A. GarUlman, from ? a. Im., ?Jet. 1. aeaUajn?!
to II. ?UM.
Leave??Capta L. D. Potter, Eng. 2S0. IS
ran?n, from noon. MeptJ 17; J. J. TraUtor,
II. A U 71. M hour? fraani 8 a. m., Oct. 8:
Engineer of tit? amar Arthur Bhllbln, EM.
Jt?. M hours from 8 s. fm., Oct. 1; D. V.
Warner, En* 238. 11 hours from 8 a. m.,
"ept. tl; firemen Hamuail Felman. Eu?. ?4.
8* hours, from 8 p. to., Hppt. 21, C. J. Klctfi,
,'.. i.no. u, a hour?, froin 8 a. m.. riwpt. 177;
Alexander Basa h, Eng 5, 11 hour?, (rom s
.? m . .Sept. 80, J. !.. Qajlnn, H. * L? ?V>. 1?
hour?, fiom I a. m., Beut. 2t; T. P. Bellly.
Ens. <*. 12 hours, from \ t a. m . ?Sept. St;
F. J. Hweet, En? 274, 24 hour?, from 8 a. m..
tfepl. ?.
Trial??Engineer? of 8teamer John Nell.
En?. 141, ???.?ne? without leave, leave?
itoi>|H??l. 14 day*; J. J Triasacey. Ens. 15?. ala?
sen -e without leave, 1??vm stopped, 14 days:
W. M .M?-Donald, lou ??at bad*?, 88; Flro
".en M. A. .Shannon, En<. Tt. abeence wlth
? nt leave, ??isoba-llence ot order*, decision re?
served. Intoxication, 7 dala leave?; J. J. Kelt,
". at U 117. violation ?sei. 111. 14 day?; U. J.
Walah. U.1L 11?, abeetice without leava, S
da>?, 7). F. O'Neill, Engt 78, Intoxication. 14
lay?; A. J. V. Hyde. H.??fc L. 81. nettlect ot
?July, absence without have, 7 Jays; M?
chlnlst J. J. Ferrell. P.erolr Bureau, Brook
,yn nnd Queens, Intoxica!Ion, dismissed.
Iteprlmanded? Flremef? J. J. lfaloney,
Bag. 2ft. ?loliitinn He??. .*; M. J. Dufty, r.iia?
_aM. violation discipline;? W. I. T. Coffey.
Elia. 83, defaclr.fi eompajiy journal.
Henleiire Suspended -fireman (I. J. Har?
rte, En?. '(.. ?bsen-.-e wltfticut leave.
< barge? Dismissed Firemen ?V. I, T.
CoBef, ting. 2.'i3, absence without lca?'e. at?
tempted niaault; C A. Bo-iaeman, H. fk L.
44. uiibvotnlns conduct; p. F. Daly, l(. et L
11. all-en.-? without le?a??i?; Gustav ITanzeb,
?hasty? without leav?
Trainiere?Inspector pir? Prevention H.
K. Hugh ?a, to I'ngtneer ilnsciector; Elevator
Attendant A.ionlo Natcla. Bid?. Dir.. Hcad
?1 larters, f.? Itenalr l-eiresu.
Lea?.??? (wllh pay)?flmpector Combue
r?.le? (.. H. I-Uillev, for month of Sept., Ill?
ness: Poremaa Jacob MSSOtt, .??graph
Bureau, wine.
Transfer? and Assignment??Ptlmn. t, I?
l'ra-ar, _?th. from ('. ?i, njaaslgninen'. a? chauf?
feur dlscontIn ???.!; K.\ (I. Deven??,rt, laUJth,
from C. O., a.a.Igr.men't ks chauffeur dUcon
'l'e-:i,porary aMlgnrnerts? IJeuts. ?P. W.
Blohtn and J. F. Bra.-ke-n. 184, to Mb, lj
lays, from H a. IB., Sept. 2S; John McMullen.
Ctti. tn IM Bureau, - days, from H a. m.,
Sept. -7; Sorgt?. II. E. Brurkman. 42d, I?ct.
Bureau, 10 day?, from 4 p. m.. Sept. Mi J.
K. McOrath, SUt. D?t. Bureau, 10 day*, fr.xn
s a. in , Oet 1; I'tlmn. David Gordon, ISth,
I,t Bureau 10 ?lay?, from 8 a. in.. Ort. 1;
I! J. ?I. Qua?: \ Uaith. Uct. Bureau, 10 ?lays,
from '_' |? m , f'?.?pt. 21?; John f'unnllt. Olli, r
?I Butler. J?tli. James Boyle-, 4a)th, Gc.,r_r?!
Heel., li'tli. Arthur Nartaoo, .'S7th. l'hillp Mi
('ahlll. ?3dth, Det. Bureau. 2 day?, from ?
?. in., Sept. '.7; IsjuIs l?rM.rl. lOtti. C. E.
Savage, l'.-l. Harry Uertoa, l.'>2d. J. U Daw
?aon. i'. ?J, same, 10 days, from 4 p. in..
Ort. i.
Leaies (without P??y).?Hcrgt. It. T.
Aliearn, lith, 1 day, from 8 a. m., Sept. *?:
Ptlmn. Euaen? Hlckey,' 147th. 1 day. from S
i in., net. 6: Henry Carney, li>:!d, 1 day?
rrwn 4 p. m., ??.?pt. ?i: Abraham Hlrndiewltz,
l.-.ttli. 1 day. from 1_:01 a. m.. 8opt. JO; M. E.
Uackett, isai, l day, from 4 p. m.. Sept. 30;
\bruham Harrison. Edward Winter. 17-d. 1
?In?-, fr.,iu H ? m . ?-'-?pi. 29; Joseph Goldateln.
sy, fi.ni 5 a. m.. Sept. 30.
Hne.1.- I'tlmn. F W Boos. loth. July 22.
elttliiff. I day; I!. A. Eudwig. Kth. July W.
alMaent from p? ?-. etc., ': 'lays; 'leorat"i Borrho,
lg 8, absent fmni flxa?.l poet, et?-., 1
lay; A. T F. BroWU?. 23<1, July XX, abav-nt
f.- m port. etc.. l day: W E. Quirk. 3d,
A.iiT ?-'. conversatloa, ?tc.. 2 ?lays; Joaeph
? k. ?d, Am? 2. conversation, etc., 1
lu/; Frederick (luse, ?th. Aus. ."?, Ute in re
.? day?; F. E. Hardcartl?, _sth. July
?i- from i ist, etc., :!?!?>??; A. 3. M
!'? nal.l, 82d t-1 'hsr<e.). Auat. 17; 1st charx".
fr?jin pos et?-.: -?I chara?, ahsent
from ;'i-', rtc; ;! charge, inioxlcate.l; 30
Hie Ihre? .'liargc-:.
?harne- DlsniUsed. - l.lsnt. B V. Ashley,
?'Rtli. July 13, .tl-vl-anre.l revolver at ?:ltl
xen retaining In his ?leath: I'tlmn. II. J.
?/ore, lib, ?.?ni. :;(V sitting; J. L. Ryan. 4th.
VugiDO, sitting; P. J. D.l'.ane. 2.'.th, Auit.
e!?ni!?.n. etc; Mb haei Moran, 'JStii,
?ua: _t abaeent from pout, etc.; W'ltliaiai
? ,-. ::, left tlxed pos', ?tc:
h Humbeutel, 80th, Aus -'?? conv?r
I? A Buckle;. ?BOt,, Au?. "?...
i-onvor? Ion. "? . 1). P. Blnn. Tratltc <', AUat.
-.1 absent -.?Ithont lenv.?
Out-of-Town Visitors Here to Look Over Offering? of Loca)
Whole?.? Dealern
f?rygaotU, Txr.
AI.TOONA. I'ENN-W F Oable A Co: I Tm
deati, white ?ood?: I Walker ?t.
BOSTON?I. l.c-vlawon's Sons; l< UsvlMoa
?Irygood?; Grand. ^,_
BCFKAlaO-H a M?ldrum Ce?; J J ?ytmln
?Ilka and v?lve?t?; ?1 W ?J?cherer. n?*.??
and millinery, 11* W Cd st.
CHI-CAOO Morris, Mann Se Rellly: 3 ?*
Mann, whlu good?, ribbon?, i?welry. no?
tion?, etc: 7,14 Bway.
CHICAGO?Sear?, Roebuck A Co; W J Bar
nett, woollen?; 4M Bway. _ _
CINCINNATI-Schwoeppe? Ss Votot; H H
Popp?. Mroollen?; Hennit???
COLl'MBUS?Green, 3oyra Co; M A Mis,
prlntae, ginghams, linings and wash good?;
43 Leonard ?at; I ?ora Id Mffliar?*.
DALLAS?Nleman. Marcu* O?; A 1a Klsssnts?.
T Marcu?, dry good? ?nd ?aale* ready-to
wear; Il K 2Zd st.
DETROIT?Crowley Bros; 3 R Ooatella.
whit? g'KKj?, flannel? and blanket?; ?U Leon?
ard ?t.
DETRUIT-Aller, Berlin 4 Co; A 8 Adl-rr,
woollen?: Aniaonii.
FORT WORTII-W C Stripling; F E Lee.
dry good?; 395 Bwny; Wallick.
flARRlSBtH'',. PBNN? Hive?. Pomeroy A
Stewart M A Cook, ?mti -food?; 2 Walker
HARTFOHD? siroent. Trosssm? * Co, H B
Strong, alrygoods, clot.mi? ?nd upholstery
K'?o?1h; 2 Walker it.
NoRWl? H. CONN?Porteous A Mitchell Co;
F Hethlo-r, lining?; IS White ?t.
PORTfaAND, OHK?Olds, We>rtm?n A King;
E M Rire, dress goods. ?Ilk? and velvet?;
41-3 4th av.
PHII.AI'BUMHA-M Hllve?rman A ??m; *?*?'
Sllverman. iirygoo.1? and lace?; 7 1\
PH1LADEI.PHIA-M Frank A Co; M Frank.
pine goo-1?; UN liway; Latham.
PORTIaAND, ORB- Meter A Frank Co: F I,
ftuctnuh. domestics. linen? and white
good?. II t'nlon Sq.
HEADING. PBNN?DU-?*. Pomeroy A Stew?
art; M Kelly, print? and gingham?: 2
Walker st.
TAMPA, FI.A-M??* nrow; C A McKay, dry
grol?: 14* W 2Sd ?t; Colllngwewd.
TOEKDO OHIO-Klng M/f Co; 3 King, piece
? ?good?: Fl?nders.
Millinery, lares. Ribbon?, Etc.
Al.r.F.NTOWN-IIess Bros; Miss F Wleanrt.
laces, embroideries and handkerchief?; *CJ
Ciurth av.
. A'll.ANTA?C L. Rhe>de? A Co; E I. Ilhoeles,
1 flower?, fe-athera and millinery; <H1 I'way.
I ATLANTA?Emporium World: 1. f*>ntag.
| millinery; 4?1 ?way.
.CHICAGO. Ill?Boston Store; MlM M Mc
I Orath, millinery; 114 Fifth av.
GRAND JT'NcTION*, COL-W J Fran?, mil?
linery and Indies' ready-to-weaa.-; Brlatoi.
lift NTINGTON, W Va-Watts. Ritter A Co:
W K ?Ulison, laoes, notions, glove??, hosiery
I i?o.l tulles' reie'lv to wear: 43 Leonard at.
Jl'AWTTi'KET-Shartenburg A Robinson; D
li Newman, millinery; 75 Spring ?t.
I'HIEADEU'IIIA-Markowlu Rro?; I. Marko
wltj. A Marko-Kitz, linen?, lyjlaclatury
g"0.1s. heu-terv and notions; Latham.
PITTSUI'RHH?Kaufmann Department Store;
J I. Oeraghtv. la??e?, embrollones, trim?
ming-?; 200 Fifth av. j
SAN FRANCISCO?Hale Hro?; Mr? I TTrega
nowen, laces, ?rnbd? and ladles' neckwear;
50 Enlon So.
SYRACUSB-.T W lUnnorkshunr, millinery;
Herald 8ejuare.
WASHINOTON?WeDodwanl A laatfcrop; Mis?
A Metz, handkerchiefs; Miss y I) Collins,
ladles' n?ckwear; 314 Fourth av.
? i.men's and Children'? Wear.
I AERANT?F E Anker Co; F L Anker. ladles'
ready-to-wear; Wallirk.
BOSTON?W A A Bacon ; Ml?? Bennett, cor?
sets; Ml?? Levy, silverware; Ml?? Rice,
ladles' hosiery and underwear; Ml?? Scan
Ian, books: SI t'nlon Sq.
BOSTON?W Fllene's Sons; C A Biederman.
lulle?' sultkI Mr McC'urdy, gloves (base?
ment); Mr .Sllbermun, ?Klrts, It Uttf,
walats; llrt W J2d ?t.
I'.o.STeiN* ?Jor?ii?n. ",fur??h <*<>; K C Kembatl.
cloaks and ?nits, 31 Union 8?j.
BCFrAEO-Hl.grist A Fraley. G B Smith.
ladles' ready-te*-w?ar; -Je) W 22.1 st.
BUFFALO?J N Adam A Co; Miss W A
Giartlner, underwear and Infants' wear; 214
Church ?t.
CHU AGO- Man-hull Field A Co; H F M?n
ehe?lejr. ladles' ready-to-*e*r, 104 Worth
CHICAOO-Slegel-Cooper Co; Mis? Oarrtty, i
corsets; 13 K WA et. _ |
ClKqKMATl-L SU* * Co; C Mx, *A?Ua*
ready-to-wear: t (ierwln. dress, teeds. ?a
. lug? .ana ?bawl?; 077 Bway.
BETH?lT-a I. Hudaon C?; O Waitsher, tan
and wa'jrui c il Clark, rep; M Unkst 9?.
FORT ?ORTH-tV C ?tripling, M C M??"*,
?leak? end waist?; *M Bway
GAi.RcBt.Ra-Krtlogg, T-s-e?? ce: J C Hart
ladina/ ready-to-wear; Wellington.
(Jlt-AND ItAFIDt^Uei-polahrtira-vr Ce; O A
Mangold. ladW ready-te?-wear; UTO Bway.
INI>IANABOLH4?4'leli'g D O ??a>; g I. ?tan*
Ml?? Mark?, ladle* read:-fo-wesar; H* It
SS?1 St.
KAN8AS ?~TTT. MO?Borntiam, Ntmgor.
Root D O <'o: J W ?herlock. ladles?/ r?t_dy
to-wear; ?l Leaxierd ?.
NC'llWICH-PwrtaaM g touche,: ?*??; D P.
I Porteoua, l?dl?a' raad-i-to-waMr: t? ?Vhlu
I H.
I'll ILA DELPHI A?Bang Bro?: M la? R Ver
r.etm, laaUes' rearty to wear T] W 23d ?t.
l'IIILAI'KD'HlA -Berg aft ,>ig. K Glteg
feld. B Berg, ?adless' ready tea-w?ar. ?0
Fifth ?v.
PITTSBURGH?Kaufmann ?Hpt Ster*. 9
, Levy, ladles' rea?ly-to-w?ar (baeement), SSO
? Fifth av.
BAN FB4N'**_SCO-The emporium: J J ?nt
hum ??aller reaaty-to wear 470 Fetrr?h ?v.
HPR1NGPIELD, MAIUK- Forb-* ? W-dlala???.
E A .Sherman, leOtesf ready to-wtar; t
Walke! ?|
HT LOU f H?iran????)? ? Bair Co; Miee ttetttM
stein, wains. ML? M Oumblnoer. mitigH
and drasaes; $t W 2Vh ?t
WiiR? .?ESTER. MAaW-D?ntaOltn * McKA
Ce; ?' R March, ladle?' ready-tav-waiar; 1
Walker ?t.
V.?? ?Ki'T.'TI-'It.-Btmartt, B?imner, Putnaro
Heller. I-adiara' reaal) ?(?? w?M r
Hprtna; ?t.
TOi'Ni??froWN-O M MeKelvey 4 ?: O t
8he?ts. laal?*' reeAt-te-moer, litt Bway.
Meo'? ?Mi Hay?' Wiar.
CINCINNATI-J Shllllt? O; H anease.
? I? thlnr; -X> Bway
f ?ad 10 Cent Maie*?*.
Tb? following hav? regUter-sd ?t the FI?*?
an-l Ten Ont Exchange. 1* Wert S*th St .
I stii.-e our la?t report:
AKReiN. ?Hl<>- Standard 5 and It? Store
AST'jRlA. L 1? Heytnour Friedman
BR<k>KLYN -J Feldman
I ERIE. PENN?Oaborne-Nortnan Ce
! HUDSON. N Y?g K Je?*juln?.
i MIDDI.EBCRT. VT?O T Charapagn*
1 MiWARK. N J?8 Funnan
, NEWPORT. N II?J W Johnson ft 8?e
SUFFERN, N Y?Oeme??ky Co
ALTtX'N't. lENN?W F Gabi? A Co; J <J
Harris, art g-ood?; : Valkarr si
AUBURN, N Y-Fo?tar, Rajaa aft Co: C A
Klerat, toys, trunk? and nig?; ? fifth *?r
BOSTijN-Ionian. Marsh Co: F A BtJt-dlck
coats; Ml?? Mattbewa, wal?ts; M lee May
nart, d?eaa?ea; F H Jnry, negligee?; F A
Fuller, fur?; R J"Hutllff, carpet? and rug?
it Union M.
CLEVELAND. Ohio-May ft; J * t???roul
furs; 17 W 2tth St.
DENVER, C*>l?Jajalln D G Co; C C ?Oaipen
I t?r, general rods?; "14 Church ?*.
, ELISEN VILLE. N Y-I ?Ostra--?ler. carpet
an.I furniture; Grand.
I KANSAS CITY. Mo-Jone? "tora Co; H l
I Baty, notion?, ?eweJry, ?llvara-aro ?no
[ leather goc<!?; n4 Church st.
PHII.ADELPHrA-Olmbel Broa: E iJoldman
I K-neral md?e; C M R Whtteley. lining??
I Miss L Aver.-, ribbon?, E Bol?n. |e?the
g-iesls: J Scammel, book?; Mra L B Walter
J' ?retry, ?looks and Mlverware; O R DtJOB
art net-d'ewrk Bway ?nd ??d ?t.
N ?.SUVILLE?Cartner, Knott Dryfoeda Co
.1 I) Burnett, general m?rchao<IIi>? .
Church et; Woodward.
-? .
Harvard, $57,000 an Hour.
Boston, .Sept. 28.?Harvard Univer?
sity received $57,000 in the first hoot
to-?iay from etudent* for toUton at a
the opening of registration. 1
Now you can go to the movies
as often as you like, and go free.
MOVIES are the greatest Education there is. Don't you just delight
to go and see how people live in Japan; how flowers grow; how
fish swim; how shoes are made, and the many other interesting things
the movies bring to you?
mj You bet you do.
mj So here's a dandy bit of news for you.
*% Now you can go to the movies any time, as often as you wish,
and go FREIE.
*\J You won't have to spend any more nickels on the movies. You can
buy candy and other things instead.
?} This grand plan has been arranged by The Tribune.
?0 The Tribune is going to give you and your school a Pathescope
*\J The Pathescope is a wonderful, new. motion picture machine, and
it runs every kind of interesting film. It is just as good as having
your own motion picture theatre. Turn to page 2, and read how you
can help bring the Pathescope and free movies to your school.

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