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fs^ejtj Sterling Goes to
*?K? a Pound-More
?oklfor City Notes.
_.A .*.- ????? h moratorium for
JP5 emtWsng* enduit- or, October 4,
???2 Ijthanff?' rates herv were
?**^emat?t?*S- DtmtnA sterling rot
**?2. ?a a Pou**d ?**'"? ?fter h*v'nK
??Xuw that ftcur** "W* *h* flT?t
*S StKe month. The local commit
***Ja T, to handle the foreiim ex
??*?*?-* ?-u fv?Hl received avmranccs
^??*l cities of fa7.ftOO.OO0
?"Siifioa toSi-m Yorl '.? atibaeription
%?f?000. ***** *-hc remaindtr of
"iS-Mc?' ???? probably b?
?JJ** *.' other centres to
22TapWV'- uv i8 .hop,Ml
?".?.?a?.! I.*? ,y*> amount ol much
**t?m* <"' I?'?',?* ,hcuFh il m"y
**V**?MTV :, ? ,p a Kreater sum
* ,,7 ? in .fold t*.1""' Pr?
??ioun' * "??'? rtrra, ? Un<*on
.f the partial restiran
If'S r *' bulwW',h.
;at:?l l??st? than 4
??"? '" .. for the ma??
iSra?' i;r*d't could
?Let hsvr *'*< reduced exchanK?
ST? had ' nere-ho*"
Jaj^ , notable success.
f'tsree-M*?* ""* ?t ?J
i?.,, o* ? ' ? '<?"'?">? and
dual app.icanta
Cgelired ' '*lko *"!->
- ?'
ary to
Zm\i. psvm? :ht and
JSrwV: alalitional in
?twt A ? "lut'of gold
Tkefre lli:* Bn<* unI
^ ,,0C'Kv ". reach any Croat
???artion- >v-"'"
Surther.???] b) this evidence that the
2??a r.? of unreatricteS
ZLi-, Cone? * i? prices of listen
33%-*, allowed bp:
?Taanv dsv?. I: was further aj-reed
iSJda/that ..rderj for listed curb
STlssur? >?? R "! " "vor W B
5S5i?*Uist lunsactions in
ssmwmA ?lock?.
hPsn?. opening
titas Boa* ' riously dis
-??4. Tl r.tinned
it ?orat "'?? but
AtrMsrd ??*? deposit? that
tgiJkt be "si-ithiir.-.*. < i rom banks. Italy
???aid : t? mo?10'
na? tu til? erd of tin -?ear, with
mlki ,0 * . ? nt to 10 pet cent
?tkelr v.' ? ?eh of the three
mtini* month? No ews of
Ma/atistion? be ?ndon mock
Sosnr ?'?i I ? British government
?Tired b( hours.
TW Bank of I r.frland received j
Of Canada?Par $5.00
n,,,, . ?.'.ii "f 1"*>14
a?? ?or? ? ' ?? oC same
MStlU '
(E-e-UbhsheiJ Itaili
J2 Broadway, New York, N. Y.
J. J.Carcw & Co.
M ?Broad St. New York
ramios k 5110-1 -imiten.
Stfc? bt?Klalaa...l.r. a lid llrlie-iiUir?- M?.ri?
sas?" H'??iilh?i!?l?r? e.f
??sill? la ?
???si tn*e" * .-..Kl De
J?*sr? Mory ' riiK Wa
mSH Ri: ?ja/il?, b? he-lei
: ? Ith ?the Oen
Stl AtU/rav?.
lOSaSI. M l'rodua'e
?'?:. ,?
A M..
* ft? Sano?'* a.' und f??r
m irsiiaa ,r i.u?lne?s a.
?M b? lap I
rs? treta
? ;.i?irab?-r la, *.9M. at
y**1? 0 laO' ? '
tmai on ;*, . ,,, i^ii, at t, a
?lock A M.
__ 'ury.
I, 1**11
W?LK -a \m?iii;n Util MVA Y ? O.
?ta. . "
mJr **
?M '.
?j*tii\-*i \
?'-"Ns-s of ;
*Ly**r ''
**e ?Ht.
T***,*1 '' In ?uch
"???T. l?1 ??? ??
?.?'??*k f ?er .lird,
**?*?'*'.? M., i rl
iw ^? '
*** oritr a* . ? ,rg
Asaerieaii siairal? Manula?turing la?.
t ttia- Stin
aiauf^f-turing Com
2*"1 ''? * ? k 1" M . on
?Sra*aa*A> , Ht lh(J ?.?fl,.,,
7J?* C?n I , .. Illliini Stre-^t.
Z* Torlt lion of Dlrec
??*V*'S f'" of ?uch olher
Sunt *? "re lh,s
^' lr?r ' * the? ?*?.mmon and
2~**T"'*1 ?- ' - will he?
?J?0 ?' ' ? a ictobor Irai,
.e?Lk. ? U?**' lu
"-??S A 1?1 ,
- '?'' '? ' ? ? tary.
taTlEKN TM |{ l.f.tKI.OI'MIM lll.U
a?wi?,;f ?? '>?'? Ann.?f.'
!? th? ,r
Haa., I",'
thaM .. ., '?"K w111
*5ur,h ?;" '> -N"'
* Wa? ? v"rt'?
*?l?ek H ji 11*14. at '?:%<S
>??lwr '?
> ? ?*'
/it **"- u**'J'i?'i?" r 14th.
?b>o><j,r ;,, ,. orf
?kt-.a. ?. ,? ,U'3MAN Soorst-wy.
??raar!.-i . lfM s" M). 61.
?**!r? *? ;'?' ' '* ' '' '''<' l'**r ?n? ?n in?
r***. ta??.".. h,v? *?*?'" (|<*
*??? UM? Tr ?
5* **** ?
asi o( r l at thu
H,"''3"'""! I h?ml?*al Co.
. I, lfli.
??**-ilWn;t ? n>?'aila.i"'ir?'
?S2*?M <(
5?2?at on "'?
?J? H v eta.le? Sn
*m***Srm?r I of recurd uia
***\*M\i\mi, V THAVKHS. Treasurer.
,Jk? ke.,A -,,",'* York -^p*- ''?? i?i4
A'M?il??r?1''"0" h" th"' ^y <'*?
?^uS^lu? .V*'*??<? of TWO VY.n
fiSb ?4?abi. n?, ?* taplul M'"-1< "f lh!?
C' *?l rin,y,rtobfr ??? ??14- Tran.fer
* 0e?o5ar it[*l,h? **u' to '<* o.;lock
^*lta^~?(' ?hier
iMr??;,?.*; :* im.
* *M iLZi?mcUlT* ot * ?"?'?" b?nk ??"
tt> ??r,?i?? luartorly Olviden?! of
yl4*?noia?r? of record on Septem
*? *. CLBVKULKY. CMl?ar.
ess ai ?and 1800,000 In fold, nor? than
j attWrOOO. o? which was ?c Amarlcan
Iroin. The Bnnk of Germany repotked
told holding* higa*r and eiwulation
Xke Seeretary of the Tisasury msctr
! little protfre?* in hi* effort* of rebuk
[ ins; bank* that heM ?hat ha considered
i too high s percentage of reserve. Offi?
cials of th? smaller b?Tfks named in his
I list of "hoarders" arc proving oon
I tumsciou?, som? going so far as to
; argue that they tnemselres ara best
titted to Judge of th* needs of .their
ov?.n community, and that they require
! no atlvic? on tho subject from Wssh
! ington.
General News and Earnings of
Various Corporations.
The Twin City Rapt* Transit Com?
pany, in it? income ?internent for Au?
gust, gives gross operating revenue of
?T9H,6?0. M?.T19 higher Tthan for the
same month last year; net revenue in?
creased 12.231. while surplus after
charge* ??an $15.1.808. a gain of $9.?534.
tiro??? returns for the eight months
tndod August 81 totalled $0,141.17.'.. an
increase of ??ver o per cent; net earn?
ings were SJ por cent higher, and sur?
plus ?mounted to $1,108,06(5, un in?
crease of over 16 per cent.
Ohio Hervir?.
Authority han been granted the Ohio
Sen-ice Company by the State Public
?Service Commission to issue $?S30,000
of new capital rtock, the proceeds to
bo used in acquiring electric railway
and lighting properties in l>enni*on,
Cambridge. Canal Dover, Coshocton,
Ni -v. Philadelphia and l.'riehsville.
Southern California Edison.
Mtliough gross operating of the
Southern California Edison Company
show? a .?mull decline for August, net
earnings nnd surplus balance are well
thoft- for tac uni month last
your. A loss of 11,801 was shown in
groa* raturn?, which were 1411,053,
while net operating revenue was ?227,
84f) nn increase of nearly 16 per cent.
The total net income was $31,844 grritt
*r, or a gain of over 16 per cent, and
surplus for common dividends and de?
preciation increased $20.906 to 1139,936,
or a gain of nearly 20 per tent over
The Now York Consolidated Stock
Exchange has elected Robert Knapp, of
this city, to membership.
The annm.1 report of tho Willys
Overland Compnny for the year ended
?[?no 30, .shows net earnings, after de?
ducting ull charges, including income
tax, repairs and maintenance, and un
allowance for accruing renewals and
depreciation, of $fi,864,8."S. an Increase
of I1S9-321 over 1918, and surplus of
$4,881.275, $422.624 let* than last year,
???'Uni to 21.2 per cent on $20.000,000
common ?tuck, against 26.5 per cent on
;t like amount of stock in 11*13.
Stockholders of the Sherbrooke Rail-'
way and Power Company, at their an?
nual meeting yesterday in Montreal,
it-elected the retiring directors, and
P. L. Spoffard was elected a new mem?
ber to the hoard.
The Kcrr Lake Mining Company, Ltd.,
has issued its annual report for the
war ended August 81, which show* pro?
ceeds derived from ore sales amount?
ing to ll-03<S-9f2. The cost of produc?
tion development and other expenses
tiuring the year totalled $365,101, and
1328,424 ounces of silver wero pro?
Threatened Turkish Compli?
cations Alarm Traders.
Chicago, Sept. 28! Rumor? of an
ultimatum from Rusisia to Turkey had
considerable to do to-day with causing
i.n advance iri the price of wheat. Clos?
ing ?-uotations were steady nt %c to
l-\c above Saturday night. Corn suf- ?
fered a ntt declino of :V<i->4c to %tf>
?\c, but oats finished with s gain of j
??se. In provisions the outcome varied
from unchanged ligures to a rise of j
According to unconfirmed repair'.s. ?
Rnsnia'a demand was that Tuik???,
either disarm or tight. As the entrance ;
of Turkey into the Kuropean war
? ight involve Italy and all the Balkan
Mates, many ?a heat ?.peculators who
were short made haste to cover, fear
in}- at: excited and higher market in '
?ease Turkey proTcd defiant. Adviees
from the Southwest and Northwest in- j
tlicated that formera were holding out
for higher price.*.
Only a temporary dip resulted from
a record breaking increase of the vis?
ible supply total. The fact that Liver?
pool was lower had scare?'.y any in?
fluence here.
( Corn wa* ? ? . t'ood deal of buy?
ing wa* done, however, in sympathy
>ith the ttreng'h of wheat. Oats hard?
ened. Packern* buying helped to lift
provisions. An advance in the hog
market was also a distinct aid.
Range of prices:
(.?pen High. Low. (?loa?*, ?lay.
Sejeteml j II 07' 11 0'?% f 1 9ft, $1 0?*?
, l ?is?, j ay??, i o??.
. i i..', i i?."? l US l W? i i ??
S% . t,.,,,!.,.r . 7,-t 7.-,?; 7;..-, 7 .s, 71:14
I?eCaN8b?r .. 9*9* T9*m ,;'''4 W. "i[<
. . ',:>, 72fi TVri 7.',, 72'i
I Oats:
nher... 1. . 47*-? V', ti'. *r\
IV pmbe>r. . '?<?.. .'?', <N 4814 8M4
t Hay.."? '??'? ? - . *S%
i I-ard:
October. :"-,o ?a 9 53 9 6.". ?r?
January. 10 10 1?J t? 10 0J it! 1- -?(?"?
II 10 lOK 11 10 10 80
January. It) "?- 1" .'7 lu CO 10 ?7 10 i0
! I'orlc.
Peptember... - 17 ... 17 _>
January. 1?S0 1?*7 1**3 i. ?7 1.77
CALL money. 8 to s per ceat.
TIME MONKT.?The market wa? re
atrlcted. with ? ./S per cent a.? tlie ruling
MERCANTILE PAPE?t ?ai Inactivo.
Tie- rats, ? " 8 per cunt lor best names.
i 8)70.904,970; balance, $8.494.878,
mm? n, delator U? tlie.
,,t 8800,4-44
PL'B'TRBA??RT.??iK?*? York hank* lost
9287,000, .and lout sine*.
DOMESTIC r.-VHANOi: - -st. L-juIb, .\
. haiiRo ?; '?? premium bid, 7?e premium
(.?Ked '? Claelnnatl. -?"?>? pr*
inlum; MlnnaleapeilSe 80* premium: t.'lilc.???'.
lo.- pre?o
BANK a'LEAHINGB.?Iloaton. exebsnfss
SIA ltll 778 talan? e-aa 9844.812; Hnltlmi.i'.
. xiiiun'??.?' I".11" ?"?'? ?-''?""* 8728,702;
a'hlcaao ex- huiiaf'-a 9M.2?1.*79, t'Slanre?
S18-M9.1S; Khlla-lelphla, ??xcIiuiik.h i)?-.
,r.;;is balances 81.IW4.411; Bt Louis, ex
chsnaea 812.487.WI. balances $1,471.988.
SILVER MARKET.?Ssi sH<M>r In 1-on.
don a?i?a -?4(1 an ounce >4'1 off, New York
.?uotation was 69%?*. S< ' ff
i..i?F1(;N BXCHANOE?BuslBam* ?vas
f.trlv active I'? i.ui'i'l Ktcrli ir; rot
? IMI7R but closed lower. Cabl?? slerlma;
':,?..',.. demand sterllmr. 4.8J80. Cabli
-,.0?4: dematad franca. ? 0?.
Railroad Earnings.
The following railroad reports for
AuKust were made public yesterday:
nti,,.,i. fa ntrsl?Gross. 85.845,361: Incroaa?*.
1 is "i-> net ?? 200.2**: |pef*aa*. 1268.45*.
'?-r,'" i Paul. Mlnn?aP"Hs & Oinal.?
(-?5i 91 ?7M1T. increase. II.UKU; net after
axe- SV'7-?1. merest. 9918.080.
n Rochester * Plttaburarb?Oroas.
?a i_-n.j.-' ?ni-roeoe. ?Ifl.S?Te: net after tavr.
ah? 980. MC
*v5..__:J-. atr^at 'Wc-f-rii ?Grome. 9i.,i"o..*W
,,-t, iW.TM, dicroft?e.
Wheat and Oats Higher
Corn Lower?Coffee
a,-, . , , New Te.rk, ?sftllllir M, 1914.
??ieat hush....***,,?"?,copper, bars .... 2.7H
1'"'"? l"*rh. t?.!MOi|a?sd. ;?lga. *,,:???>
*?"???. b?*u.3M.?oo;8p??itsr. ?lab? ... kW
{.tft bu?t,.?r.j|t"otii-n, hoi?*.... ?vo?
Malt, bush. I r.?| Mohair, ba'e? ... IT?
."l""' I 'l*|l:r?H?m ?orn hairs US
I'loiir, ?nek...... It.?77,..pongos, balr?... 4?,
Hops, >sles- too nugsr. tbl?. 1.04*.
oih-Aso. sack?.. s,?! lohoreo, hhds... 71*
(tirnin-aal.aae.ka l?X, Ttiha?'?-.. I.?. 317
Oatmeal. Milt... row| rni.acro, pk?,?... 1,61?
'.'">? '??"?.?? l.Oli Uuitor, phi;? .... 4.SS1
Me-aw, ??us ... -?O e'lieaf...e. pka.'?. 1,144
Ml"f.I. i?ns . *rc.; r.?-ritM. p?a??. o.-.t
fwlta, bhl? .. Win pouatty, pks? a.?Ot
Whiskey, hbls.. UiLhe? in.iltry, el? S*.
AloohoUdeni.bbla :w| Alm??nla, ?sik?. 7."f.
?liar (?"all, U |? 74M Apple.?, hhl. ?.??5
llsnis. pitar?..,. M| Apples, boiore.... 6,740
(ut meats, pkgs M4 (,||,?] fuill. pks? 7.T70
lard, tas. a.?0i(jrapes (?.si?, ?is ?j.100
lard, keen . MXH l.om.n? iCaD.bxs 410
Tallow, hhl?. . r.? einlon?, sack...... I.S10
??reaae. Irs. ... ,- ..?-???.., (( ,.!).l?x? t.Sf,
??le?, ..||. t,,,. .. :-.??. iroaag,'?! aKI.,1 In? t?0
lot "a1.1 oil. hhl? l?.l;l>e?a?he? <(*al>.bx? 6.I4?
I.ul. oil, hb'?.... Hl Paars |>CaI>, bxa ',*ii
Kosln. hbls. :,r.4.-. I'leanuta. ?arks.. TO?
Kosin oil. i his.. IV.I Plums iCal?. cts 7.04?l
Tiinaemlne. Kals ??Ote. l?>tate>??. bhla... S.r.K,
Tar, ob'i.. 70| Hire, pkts. ?,M7
tVh?at. bush,... 32.00< lisron, th. UMS
'or n, burh.3::,417 ! Ham?. It?. 2.KM
Hour, ?a.k?.um Lard. H?.Kit.?so
Rye iliiar. Ills. ?.*4?ir?,f?-eed ?all, th.ljo.Oe?
Oatmeal, pk?-.. |Sa? I.aih ait, gai?....417,IM
! ' .
w heat, tmah, M,Ml P? ra, i hl?.. . .'?'>
(*?rn. btish., ' ; i
' ush. . tM.?Oli lleef, tes.
K\<?. hush . 34,111 Bat-bit, it'. 4,067,72g
liarle-?/, hus'.a lUiU?*""?! Hams, n?. ".0.OV0
Peas, bush.. l.?*>.Lard, n.. 2>".7.?>",i
lie-an?, hush 1,(34 ?oe-aso. n?.
n.'iar, bbls... ?.411.Butter, ?... . HS.3AA
Hour, socks. i?i:{.3iiiiiciii-?se, lb... . i*m
K?.'l1-lar. ?>i- I.Md Cot'sewl oil. !h SM.X*a*
' '??" m?-.ii. M'1.? '.',041 Lub oil, gals.. I.W7.7?i
?-"???i. Ib- XU??'.Turpentine?, g.elt, io.*."00
"atme.il, pkx-e f,.:;-, Hoein. Mala.... 3.1JS
Bran, Th... . ;,i?n Cru?ie tx.t, caln r.Ms.aSto
nraaa s-I. tags *.i?r. i hot i??t, <-*afa-.tt.l24.(i2*.
Hay, hei,?? . i*.:?!:? Naphtha, ?tala u.3i?:?.s?SS
AlrelhOl, ?gal? t',**tH'Henrlne, gal.-. ?T.. 10^
\\ iilbke-y. nuls ?;.*?7i|Oa?olen.\ kuIs ?X'.SW
Ollmeal, u>... 1,7,000
Tr..n. N. Nal '.SUM :ii,.?ir. M pis pat I "
IlOII. N, No L f HT'. e-?fT... , \0 7 fil?, ,,?4
Iron, P. No 1 t IS M I Sugar, lins K'.in 6.7*.
?11?. 1 > M'.im- ?. ??h. r K
?Wheat, No 1 Beef, Family ....& M
'?I . IW Sp.clal (alloc. .. ?ffi
Corn, N ?? : .?, p,.rk. i?v-? ... t* ?,7<-,
Oats, .?uinal wn Lit; futra] mid ?v. ?t :? >i "
'???. "Wrh, Ikptamiber tt, mi
WHEAT TI11 market lacked aotlvltv and
- 1 ? ?Mai. h the tr.e.lr has
!hr vi ar. lut While
(hero ??..;? ?.ia absence ?at sggreaaslve opera
tien? nu 1 ii";ie evidence: of outside Int.-?.?:
th?. undertons ??u? v.-ry sieaiiy ami pri-cas
at the ??loSO, \*. ,iil-- Ph-nvliiMT ?1 ullgllt reiirtl.?n
from tti?- top, were -V to l\e .il?.-)?'?? the nnal?
of ?tatvirday. The i.l??n.??ot mark-1 w.a-.
easier . ? ?v 1 : : 14 to Ihs nature of (h? ne?-? from
. aJthoURh Hi?- forelan SleuaUon t?
apparently a? bullish 1? ??er. sp.?*ailate.r?
have l?M lit. r." r In Ci huMng side of the
market. Itecoipt? ?t primary |K>lnte ?vrere
?il??" el n:..| Ihe visible 5u,|iK e,f native tvhfat
t ?ait? J ?-'.ale-.- lia' :,?.!??? .] B>.*41.SM bUSll
els lor ;):?: week, while ram?la liicr?a?^el
?.N.TWO. which with aie In? r.-.i ?e aef S91.?Wi
bonded ahetat naads j tots' gain for the
ae-k ?it I4,?^:.(k)?i and hrnuaht tii? total to
? 1 In America, a??onipared with tt.MS.eW0
ar. Exporters ?s.rc moder?is l.u?rr?
No T r?-l Winter ?\ heat. It l>9; No 2 hsrd,
No 1. Nortberfl liuiuih. ?1 in',. Ne. 1.
.\..-llafria M.aial m..?, il 13*8?, all nominal. 1 I f
Uuffulo. ? *? KN M.ireV'i pr ?entp?! a heavier
ton?, notwithstanding th? tirmia.-h? in trbf-at,
and diaui prlcea ?rex* *>?? to \? net i>.w. r.
II..' ?lilil?' supply ?hejwi .?-? of
buahi'ia N?, s yelloa corn, n> ?to ?vr
uve. ar.d strictly prime Arse-iatlm? (it va; noni
Inal deelven-d. ??\T.--I*n- changes nai
row. Un e le?se h^lnB ',?c n?t higher. ^.?1? .
nboi.t "?i0.?*e? bu-liel? ?Siandar?! while ?t
;.4',r..iV', So -. MS?lic N'y , UV?4ri4c; No
4, r.3?*-"?a*j". ordinary ?iipprd whit",
i*'i,c: lan ) cllpied while, .'??.ii.'.T'i?'. all el?
So 7, W>M-.ern. ?4?* 1 I f
tiuflalo. ?ARLKV?Steady; naaliliig, ?
c I f Haiti..1 ? HAY?Steady; prim??, litt?'
No l. Ii'?? o*"'i; No .. :?''?i'?'': No *i, V>'ako .
Wheat. "dosa ttatarday.
?l?spteiilber .Il l?'H ?U?*?
I'?.-. nil?-r . 1 IV, 1 l?*a
st*: . lu 1 -*\
IMI.KIOll KfcCKirT-?.
\\ 1, . .....
. ...3.464 i??! KB.SO0 1,33.1.?-OO
? ,..1 ttfi.Ot*) i.ia.,ma)
La ' SaW ? .. ' >:','.""i l.I-.?; IXW 1,1-07 ?MO
~l MKIAIil? ( I.I.\HIMI>.
Il ,'ir. Wheat. Corn.
To .lia- . ??.OOO *'*>*.?-' ."""
?...'??a ??S3 '??? (M
ri.'??J MU "?
II.Ol It AMI Ml.Al..
l'Iour ??a? ?|Ulet, a? l.aayirH area disposed lo
a.? rali i. meats In wheat. Kprlng
pat?*nta, |.". ???'isu i", winter straights, $." 15
?Vf?.**, :*,',; winter e' ??.'. 00; spring
Clears, *."? l.*.'?i*?"? I'..'.. ?-\lra No I winter, ?4 '.'.*.
"a* 1,"H', eatra So 'J a Inter, ?4ii*4 W>; Kan?aui
i'-*\?ri-. *?.'? 4-'-?'*??'. Si; lain*) -1 - r 11 a i.- paternU.
*?'; T'l'iii ir? Kris FLOUR gulet; lair to
good, *.'? .-."?.*.*, Tu. cholea lo fan? y. ?f.*? 7Vl
Sil?'. COHNMEALr m nils: k 11> 1 ?Irlfl.
ft '?7>. BAH MKAI.- bteady: aim ??bit?' ami
yellow, ?1 M04J1 ?90; ...arne, tl 75t?Il Ni.
?'Ki;i>- \\"?t>raa Unsettled: hrnii. to i.rrn?.
Kuan. ?a.'kH, |*aS *iOt>|3S bo; siauidari] mid?
dling, $?l t??t>$21 M; H'ur do, 1*41 ??: rel doa,
f.U .'?W; ? iiv gien'lv. I.ulk, l-"J 50; ta? k?,
$."t. mlddllna, ti?btsQtSUbt); reo doe, |*J4
OILMEAL 133 r.?.?>i*04.
I r?ele was m ill spprebenslve oi
.u'i.a- :?t ?cLa. M there nr?.- a,a:\?.?ral ale-aaiK-r?
liav? not i'.'cn baard frone ?ini'v ti..??
Isfl Uruull un?! which (er. about Jai.? Ah war
ri?k? on Shipments have U-cii aiivani ?.1 to
? cent, ll.iTi: was a falllna otT lia lb?
demand f?ar cost and freight coffee and a
1 ? t a.-erponallng hardrnlng of (he? ?pot ?Itua
tiea:? in t ?- cosl ami freight market offers
were ??lightly lower, with Santo? 3?. qtuotod
4?, at ??.'J.'-ii^.TO' . *?? at &439<*4.8<k-, an?l
BIO 7" hi .'? U?V Naiulalatlon through the
voluntary cmniitt'-. mads lome? progre-?.
utadcr th? n? w regulation? The; Hio market
?\.a? 7.? lei- blghsr utl'l llrm: f-anto? un
r.';atiK'"l- lili'?'!'-: ill Hru/illalaii ptJItS \?.t*
ni"r... liberal. ??Iio.wng that ?earte^ is beginning
to move- down irom (he Interior m Inerei ilns
volume. Europta ???id iia?- Kr?ndh government
purchased 800,000 i?:??;?> of ?ih*1 culT?'.'.
In the local spot markel H lo 7? ?on quotead
.at tl'?''. t*tatl8tl?-al position of Urj?a lau
To I 1 *. Uiht wk. I^ist mo.
V v. deliveries .. ;:,!?t.*tt 7,008 7 00?
N. Ori. d? ilvtii? ?. l.'-.i**-'* 3,^0n 1.W7
Toual elclivcrl? r.. 30.9(14 I"
New Vork stock.. 9.V1MI5 n:?i?."?a'4 I"??.l??'7
N?w Orl. stock.... W.WT lw.Mrt ho.'jik:
Pt*k at all p..rt?.l.".V..7?.i2 1,1"M,6?3 1,019.329
Afloat . t.M.eKiO 407.1AHJ 343,300
Visible supply... 1.0O4,?W I.ST1.H-3 l.SSi.ti?
Iaxh y. ti ? \i.-ai.i.-.i,.'.iW.m*; I.MI.085 I.O&.870
The :nurkit v.:e? Iniu live, hut piiciH were
in ??ia a- owln| to an upturn in the? market lor
live h??,;? and on ?naiall offerim.*? ao? well u?
modsfats t?u>lne. l'"HK easy, mess
? ttZt: >-h..rt clpar. t:7H\. 64?.
HI BIT quiet; m.-.?*, ttSitttt; family, ?
packet, l.'.iil.'?*: ,xtra India mo??. *40ii *4i.
;?Kl.-si;ii lIUdH ?(ealy; bacean?, 1?
H.. ISc. Ii? !t?. l?Va<:; 140 lia. HS?*; pig?. 14'.*.
CUT MKAT8? I'lckl.'i l.elliei. ?"a?y, 10 Ih.
;. IT. 10c; 14 It'. Uc; plckltil hair.?
St? 1 ly. HVi'l/l?\?*. TAL1.I3W ?jule-t.
sp?cial, ??;??'; cltv. t*i?c; country. ?>S?(jtT?it.
1.Mil? llrm; Middle Wast M?*^?.??'; city
lard ?-t^a-lv. f'4,i ; r.f.n-.l lard ?tcady; Bouth
Am? rica. 11.3C?c; i<nit:ia.?ni, 10.*??? , Brasil.
k?-i;M. 12.16c. cn.MfOl'NI) nulct. ?t-rs*?1'.
UV H ARISE easy; oleo, ii1;?*: city laiii lal.-ar
iin-, ln'.-.H".
No change In reflmid sugar, and trvlli g
tag? nul.t. 1'rlcc* wer* ou the lad? of S.USC
tor lane granulated. Itsw a-u*-.*ar qui?l;
1.0 ?initia r?HK>rte?'.. Cubas In pon availald?
at Urn quotalion?. The market cloned about
steady, at 5.0C?. for centrifugal. 4.17e- for
molo???? and 4c for Cubes*. e?o?( and frtlght.
New York, ?September 28, 1914.
He?relpts, 4.(461 pkgs. Kr?sh creamery high
In extra?, and there Is a better demand and
firm tour, iitht-r qualities abundant; feeling
Sasx. ?reamrry, extra?, ?KXiao'vc; ?Tirata.'
'?Ii: <?21?*-_a , ?v-cooii?, 2?%V?C27c; ?tale dairy,
lineal. ".?Vt-.'iOr; good to veinte. 2?l,,j*82S,-j?.-.
piMce??. ?.xtra?. ".*?<?2<ll'ic; flrirts. 24S??>?fl,.?-;
Imitation cra-amerr, tirata., 24<*aS24So; ladle-?,
current, nr?t?. '"-"???ij?lc: ?e?cond?. 21 Vd2*.''*:
picking ?teak, 'une, dur. 21V)eg22c; <.uio.iit
t.a.Ur. No *.", '?Ot?-"O';? .
Ttes-rlpt? 2,164 bo-?.". Whole rnltk 'h?"ei*ie
price? well ?u?ta)p'.d. kleellum and under
?reos* Mow and
i-Jl!^ P ?* 8'?31 <*??*??? Hl*h sra.los erf fresh
rwelpta nrm, au.l a ||u|? lllorr ?aivlty In
h.r?lf T??.1 I"?,<,',"?' S**'!'? q"l"t. font?
hearl.y ellshtly nrn.er. Pr. .li inthere.l Sftr*
tl?!i'.*",*!?*"' '?**:*>*>; ?xtra nrsts. 2rt?27?-:
?rs s ?ttt'i..i'; sscon.1?, 22029c; ?-...-cks. goad
tu iirlnn?. dry. WieitVc; undsrgrades, 14ftlHc:
r?jtrl?M-ator. rapeclal marks, lane./, chame
| ???id. nominal; nrsts. 24<?2tV?: s.-ron.ls, 22SV
?He; state, |',.nn w?d nearby, hennery
?A,,lle.i, ,,rlm? to fw?., ??-,? ?,?. ,.,,, -,?
?We; hann.ry ?kites, <lef.,Mv,., 2S?34c; nth
eraaii whu?.aa. as to slie? and ?luallty. .?
\\ ?Stern, fathered ?vlilfa, state ami i
hrnnaity ?VoWaa, HUU.Tic; nattier?! browM
and mixed colors, 25*'J*. .
Apples In loud drma'nd. lVars ft a in
I ea.-h??., in liberal supply ami ?riling well.
Pluma und prunes tii^hrr. ilraaerf Steads
A usWmelons w?k?r. APPLES? Ko I, per
. I'i'i. ?I 501193, con,in.in an?! ?Indfalla, 7...
?9I 2.,, crib.ai.ples, small, per 1.1,1. tin
Large lUu?.V 1-K.MIM, rlapp'a F-A-rli
l.hl. fAjsU; Harilau bbl. |? ,9?. Mu.ii. ...
P?r bushel bsraket. 9l ^5ii*J; ft-rat.! raar
l.hl. 92 50099 on; B?un?'aeae, M8J84 :<
Beurre ?'lalrgeatu. bill. *-_r,u?,$;-, r,.,, ,?.,ir,,:
?I AnJ..11. obi, $8 99?fM23; Sheldon l.i.l 9:1
1*1. liuclia-ss, psr I.I.I. 98 88*182 75 or
busn.-i hak. 70r. WATKHMBLON. bbl ?j :?:,
>???i. MaweH. bbl. $2u$2.*au. common
sorts. ?14/92: bsk. a.'.MJIl; Bsrtlsft. Far
Western, hnx. 82?$? All. I'F.Ai IIKS, pr"
CL?..r,*r* ?.1*?,iii ?'?k' ???81 : Far Western
.?.1-trl*,'.,.",.x.' fl(J<?"'8?*? bu??"' hsk, 818511
?1 ?5. I'M.MH, per bushel buk. 91 '??>;i*\ 7..
J. lb h?ak 10 mir,,. IMIINKS. par bush.I
leek. SI.-.Ot.il 7?V B-lta l.k. ?.?Oil.;..,. Fins
\a, qt, Mi In?:. O't V I'l.rt, Del, cft?, M <(
?-.'?'. Nla??r?. 4IIU?'"-; ?'one-oi.l. 40 O ?Vac
?Norden. 4?i'a.'.oc; Msrtha, 4041 ."?Or. ti 1
4-lb bsk. 7<iue; black and white, tv./i,-'
V.'i;,*?'?"* *'',k' W***1*; Masara, ?JO-lb bat,
99098?; black. 25?85o. It ? HPIIUH lilKs
VOS?' ?"*"?? plnt *<99e. IIUCKLEBEK
HIKs, l>nn and .1er, ?it, ?ttftj.? rafova
Scotia, lOiiKk. t'K ?.NBBRKIBK, e ,u.,
?*od. t.l.l, $;ir.0f?$4r.ii; ??rat.?. $|#$| 2.1
Ml RKMELON8, Ool. standard crat... II I
91 .0. 9-9 irate, $139150. flat crate. ?_.?...
IS?; Usage ?;em. flat ernte. ,'.ii??iiti
JIANiikh. Kin, I...X. .?l'-.i8:i ?'ni. 9i-a*:i-.?i
OR M'KFRVIT, Fin. box, $l?$4; Cuban ?I
ti94; Jamaica, 9i'*,9i.'">. ui?. ..f rin??. ?i,
?JO; Porto i:i.-... $|4>$4. AI.LMATnh
iM-.Mis. Pia, box, 9*10$4 Fuban. ?
H 50 PINK U'i'i B8, Porto hi. ... n-??:'
Spanish, rritr, ?jOefftf. *?*?'ATKIlMKI.il?.?.
ner rnrloid. 978 ?? $178; per lu?) f in ., t???
CITR?N, bbl, 60c; CHB8TNDTH, Northern
per bush, $7S$8; Koutliern. |?er busb, *? ,1
?7, cultivated, ib. O??lOc.
Market dull. The-r,- u I , .?ria*la1e?rf?.l>lo ac?
cumulation ot th? lower qnalltla-s at prac?
tically all harbor pnlnte, whlt-h are pr. .*. .1
for ral<< wlttioir. much regard to pri?e?
Top <]uullt|.'s of straw In Hxlit supi.lv hii.i
steady; lower a-rtdes draat. Lure; baled
new hay. per ton. timothy prime, $21?
$2180; No I, $20tt$aonO; No .1 to No -.'
??I'Vei 9lw. fu?e?- lixht clorar, inUe.l ?li:,.|
Vl'M. No I clover. ml%. .1. fis ? $ii); n? i
'?lover. 81??,'**in; r\,. straw, No 1 91?V
No 2, 9M?rSl-*i 'Small i.nl. cl tlin-.rl.v e?,?
to top qualities uiul .",('?? o 91 lower ?>n
poorer craden.i
Polaloea aetl?r ai.tl liliilvr. Ss>. ! ,
higher for South. 1 r iiiflona lusher
Iirrn. ? ,-irro'?! i\.??k. ? iniiii.. ? r? p!.?..i?
.'?ulinoweria In llatlit r. ^elpt. t-ltu.-.- ev
eeealve and low?, Ijlma t,.:.!,. bisher
Mua?liraiom?e p.".r I', :ih Karce )'? ,?l ' r
; toady. PoUtoes M? 1 : : m bas M l.ni.
I, I. W, Mute, |1 ?Jtft?; J? 1- 1
HWEET POTATOEI?. Jersey, bbl, ?
ii?kt, 7,".<-p?i li; Southern, l.bl, 41 ,.
UNION?, whit? plaHtl? bel t or 1 rmt?
At; other viiit?. wttbOc; ??'.r?. bas, ',.
?allow an.I real, bel L I. yell .w
and red. bbl, 91 :?ull CO; ?.?.rm Valley. >? 1
low, re.l, l>ae-. 7"e./tl 10; tirante Cejunty, yel
low, r..i. while, 1...K, 7:,. ?ti. stati and Wesi
ern, yellow u?i.l ...1. !.??.. i>l 10; Jena y,
yellow nn.l ivl. 7.?'?ill 1* Cal ami Wash,
yellow, I??*. J' 191 ?0: Uhlo, white, crate,
. HEANH, state, v,?x, l.sk:. II
Kr-eti, hskt, 1 art?.. ?a?, I
t??j, S1 >t 81 50; Kf
wax, bskt, "~>e(Jll '_.'.. k.1. bah 7>'?l?l.
Vu, w:a?, ll'l/ll ?-? . . ?ill 1'-'. I ?I
b.?rrv. bskt, : III SSKUs HFltOUTr-,
qt, 2dtW: BIrVETK, 10.1 l.onetie?, ... -?ill; i?. ,
bbl. 6?>a;???; CARHOTH, III* bunch? . 7?-*t f a.
h"kt. 4011 fA-; bbl, unwasha :. .:? .iH. ?
tlftllM'. (TCI.EHY, .i-i? slat? uni Ml? b.
rloxen bunch???, i.^ii'?.- rtaush par ..???. II .
?1 11 r-ABBAGEH, nearb. i?ei 1 bl (0 imi .
per ion. K-V?7?iO; t"h. 9*1191-; ' Ai l.l
I'M'WKHS, I, I. Short cut, btal, I.}'
eut, $1B$2-S; -'.?t?. i"r bbl. 11 ??
l-alui'i, crate, 7.?ii.; :-do*en rrata, I.: ?.
?.7-,, CORN, per W0, 7..'.i?.\ I'irCI Ml:r.l:.
laskt, rA-ii7.r. . i-r bbl. Il .-i?'.. muatard,
bbl, ???>;_,:; il 1TMI1KH PICKIJC?, slat?
.1111. l-l.'. 75il90a:; l-XStlPI-ANTS"
bskt. ."*."!|ll: Mai, 91'"!-. I BTTl ? I
iiVtie:; 2 ?lot i-'? :
LIMA HE A NX, Jerae) and LI, 1 ' ??' ''?
?l'i?l II- MI'f-HHi'iiM.-. 4 11. 1-Ki. 'i till ?'*
I ?l. l. \. ' b??1-'. 91; I'EAm, state, ' ..
II M- Va bekt, la W$l M I'EIM'KRH
Jll-.'.; bskt, OMi ?", . II'MI-KIN- lebl la**i
.... ; KOM MNK. nearbj I ItAI'
IgllK?, IM bun? 1 ?-. Y> '?i. ?ir? v? i?
SQt'AHH. marro? 1*1
llubbarel. bbl. IOtl75a-; TOMATn -
t".x. *3c0$l: TI llNlPa. ??lut?-, bbl, 1.
ruUhaga, bbl, 98 til'.
DRE?WED??Wulet, without n?-v featurea.
Pancy heevi fowls rnntlnu?
l.rni. hut small in?-.Hum ^l/.e?, a,lo??. TI'K
KKTB. We?'ern spring, per I!.. 1 ? : .'??
?Id Ufl -?'??. ??llIi'KKNs 1- to box, dry
purke.1. milk red. 11 '?? M I?' to ?I?
*Sc 2:, to II II?, : to a?. H?. 17? .
,??7 to 42 li?. 17c; 4:t to 47 lb, 17c; ts ir> ?.nil
e.vci 18c; cm red, 1? t" -4 lo. 17 if 13?
.? to 3'? lh, 15fil7c; "1 to if; It. I4c; ... to
i] n,, i.,.- (9 to 17 It?, l*c; 4?. li? mili over
me. in bbl . Phlla und t. I. ?qun'?. 1 it
each, per p.'lr. ... ?1 T.? , I'h:l- fancy, 9 li
each 2ir'i -'"?: Ftiwt.s, i: to bos, dry
nu'-k?-1 western, boxea, e;o it. and over to
?iox, dry picked. 28? . t? to S5 lb,
i.'.ii Iceel vVeatern, dry picked, .'. lb an?i
over. IS'.c: 4'-j ll>. !Se; 4 lb, 15c; 7. II .
Hi! IT?; 1 |b and nneler. I 5<f> 1 :.'.?? ; "South?
ern and Houthasreatern, dry picked, s
beat, l*?ti '??'?.. Mb h, acaldad, 1?-. ?thei
Weistern. scalded, 17'_<: WiPartern, scald
Sd, Hiiikll. 16? 18-1? . COCK?, old lb,
IIUC Ul t'K-i. Miring ?ltiekliiiK-?. I. I. I'cun
and Jersey, I54?18c; _Kjl*Afi8, white, m
ir, t., dos, I:: 98; > lh, IS; ? H>? *- ??"'. ?
II. ??; ., to ajU lb, II 80; (lurk, par ?Iox,
91 ?5 a %i :.?i; culls, dos, tJUIN
KAM, spring, I n> sad oeer, per pal
so. , *iu?all. spring, and el.I per pair. .'.'!
UCOc Fro?.-?n -TfRKKYS. W.-.t.-rt?
Mnall boxea ?Jry pla-k?il, selected >"in.a,
hens -4' . young loins, Vie; Texas, dry
picked, 191821c; No I, 14 ?i 1 ' <?: old ba 11 ,
'.",??? 2ti-, obi torn?. :?;"?-"?? -, cu I? xi:ns
13 to box, sol? messed milk real, ::i 10 SI
lb to a!..*. 18c; ;. to ?2 lb, 1?. , 43 lo II
lb 17e. 4S lb, l*c; ai" II? and over to ?lo/..
S0e a-tagfiv, 19*9 14'-: corn f? ?I,
lb t.? .1"/.. ?4?-; 27 t" 4*1 lb t?. .1../.. H'" 15? .
4:1 to 47 lb, 16c; 46 H? *n?1 ?ver, I.'?'17':?-.
?0 lb uiul ????-r. li'.iU'.?-: ?taggy, 12 1
13e; F'.wi.H. old roosters, n'v \t UK -
HeL-elpt-?, 91 ' ??r? by freight and 11 cars
?re still ?an trs?k? Trta.llPit actl?
?ne-b-r. CHICKEN?. 13 4 ; l :???. I'aiNSI..?
l?ie- c.I.I? KOOHTBKH, IU^'jiH.-; TUF
KEYS, i.?'il*;?.'. DUCKS, Western, 1.'?'.? i>
a,tate un?! Jersey, ^pllllg. l?!'?t ) '?'?.?
UEB8E Western m>?l Boutharn, old, !???
I6e; ?i'lN'l'AS. per pair. ..O'u: ??.:-.? ; LIVE
PIQB?OKB, per pair, .0?*26c,
-a ?
Na ?v York. Reptemher ;? '.mi
Sheen .11I
He? lb..
Ne? Vori . . I.$I< *?"??'?> :l ?:'"
jersey CIl) ???-'"? -??;l'-- -?..'?'?? 21.12*
Central Union., S.88* 60: M.7??;
Mlsa-ellanaou? .. 1.750 61$ 3.:is:, 4 .Mi
Total. . . . .11.988 7..'7- 47.?64 91.92*
Totals last wk.. 15.9*1 9.4*8 ll.ktS
Oood lo . hoi? ?? n? tlve .?t^.-ia. ,. .97 901'It 40
l'our t, fair n.itl?o steers.MOO
<i\en anJ etas?.?40O1?;.;.
Bulls.?' 8891 9* ...
cows .l::0v jjo tin
?Joe ? I to choice native uteeirH on?
jear ato .97 75 V19 oO
?:. slpta for two ?:?.?-?. :i ?'???') htad;
on aale. MArket dull. ;it s ?l?- II
1 .,n el???rs; '???? on bulls; ...v?.h. 1.".<t-JT.-? i..??.?.
I The ?.ir.;.- ??-ru- n?t cl-ar- '!. ' ..inmon In .'..i.
Ily pilni- st.Hk a-ol.l at *?1 .'<>%,M r?-r I.e.) lb;
oxen ar.J stag- ni $<M>$7 SB, bulla) :?t *l?i
96 75, 1 bull tit 97 and rowi st .?.i?.'..
tircssd t, ?.?i ?lo?, at l'.?.il.'i;.?- tor
Sttlea? K-.Tiiai Commission Co.; 10 1\ v 1
a..rs. l'_-7 lh svsraae. $**M 1 t KSJ
UlStl lb, $?88; 1'?. l-".'7 lb, *?? k-..*IS. 1_?17 U?,
9S-.U'. 20 1282 lb, t*t '?~>- 99, 12? lb, 9*-t?;
17 "JS-l lb, ?^^?.. SI, I18SJ lb, ?7 77,; 21, ll.aj
lb. 97 75: 19 Va ?tag? ?n.| wen. 1-?^' lb.
97 26; t ox, 1200 lbs, I. 98; ?>. 1291 lbs I
t5. 1201 lb, |S80: 1 stag, 1300 lh. $7 2D; 1
bull. 1300 lb. 91 77.; 0 euws. Vni lb, 9?'' ?"?'? I' ?
his lit 94 18; 7. 818 lb, 8880; i Buo lb. Htm
Tobin Sl Khannoe: 19 W Va steers. 1422 I-,
98 35- ri7, 13.tu Ib, 9S3.*.; 1- 1387 lb, $* 3i:
21 120*? lb, $?28; $4 13MI lb. S? .I.".; IP, 1..71
lb, $9 96; 9?, 1102 lb. 9" I'-; I?. l?"i lb,
?S'.'5 'M K). l-;?" lh, $T$0; 8 bulls, s.'eu lb,
1'. 25; 5 cows. 740 lb, *3 SO.
\.?vt.?ii A ' 0 : is W Vn Ml
|$7$; $1, l?oi lh. IS $8: II. '-':t lh i
81. 1174 lb, ItSBO: III. 12:17 lb. *s 15; 14. It..",
lb. 98; 19, Hod lb, 9S; 1?. I1S3 lb. 97'.?."., 2"!
] laju IS. 97 80, 14 lu??-. Bt?4 lb, 95 80 I? ? "'
lb 94 8t?; ?? Ho 'h, t4-?''. ,; ""?'' lr'? *'* -
K H07 It?. 93 75; 2. iVo lb $3 80; 2. 735 lh.
88 00; 7, 753 lb. $3 25. _\ 53?J lb. 93.
8. t?and?ra: 20 Va r-teers, 133* lb 98 23;
22 11U7 Ib, 98 1.?;; _-l. Ill?? lb. 97'
1I7B lb. 97 80; Jt>. 117? lb, 97 70 11, 1294 lb,
$7*0; 23 W Va. 12W lb. 9s; in Ohio, 1181
lb 9/75; 3 oien. Ki-O lb, 1 6-,. 1 bull 1188
lh', $7; 13, 8110 lb, 9318; U r.?a, 94| lb,
95 23- 4, 977 lb. $5 13; It?, I'.'ti Ilk ?5 1?.', -'.
liauo lb. ti: 15. 832 lb. 94 W. .1. fHSj |b, 81 St
29. 812 lb. 93 00; 2 heifer?. IIV IW 9?.
J. gbsmberg ft tinn: IS V.a .t.-a-rs, VWi lb.
r?; 18, ISO* lb. 8k: 20, 12U7 lb, 1980; 81.
1WI lb. $8 10; 21. 1170 lb. 97 1.. is W Va.
1221 lb, $8 75. lasss 810. ?, 1217 lh, 97 7'? If
Tann. 1241 lb, 97 4?; 8, 1198 II?. 9s ?si. 13
Cx.n. 1192 lb. 95 50; 4 hull.. ??17 lh. t., I".
AlcPheraon ft Co.: tt Va .-ie?r.f. 1.
9*26; ?0. U'JO lb. 9S;'5: 28, 1__. lb. 9? ??a ;
90. 1149 lb. $9 96: l?, 1179 lb. 97 76; .. U.?u
lb, $7 75: ?3. 109* lb. 97 2S; I a-rren. l?l? Ib.
$9 78; 1?. 1042 Ib. 9?69; 11. 1213 lb, $9; 4.
Thet meanla? mt Um Um / Is sssssw ae a?a letet. latee wOl Im tauet la t?V? e?e?la?r elf??*.
1 " /
tq'illy <al?n?lar?HHKri'AHD. J.
ai iu.30 s. m.
llover lnc/H ??.*t | l^?onl/l>ologn?sla
Appellate Divinlua?itsoass.
f?lM-?'lui loitn? ??art I- UAVKUAN, ,
1.1 III ; A I Bl> 1.IUTIONH.
s? Itihalla/lll Curtly I U (S Aspa u? f/Tsxa
? "n? n/ ?\ altar/Wanst
Alo.aeo l' a 'n/HI old a M* rt Tr-JaCObS
I?? ??""Hin Anu?s I i.tkln/ryms
. eai,?i '.,.Jl/!>n imir.' 1
ItS l.loa.ll , , .liaWh/MUe'neie.'k
( iih.ia News ? N y lid Maii'i.ii/ltkii
i-mi? n,.. Kiii/OrunUt
i-.nil..,.ii-a ,,.iicf , paiiiftB .-/.>v utaa
Msiissii r/?Sae lsj*Osskf~lt*ttes
lie? UateUM i?(ejmpf/l*laiit
Ne ?.or,-1.an la A II , ta,,.,/i...y1
Ma,,. ..in. iiKiapr i . nainpioii, e.'hampln
faho/Nie.? itniHl n?nao..ra?i? H/lloyi
Nae iimiiii/iMinraw , l>e,??u/Mnn.u?
' 'lu??? i I'tmtirr, rtsmmt
Viga.rau./wat. h ?'liasaii/N V fly?
i ea?i.-ii?./1.?ai, T lu ? rieiiiin/Ham??
.\.aik.,ii I a. >aall Sa lice, lln/nau.?
M?nones/no l'a,- ; ir.n*a.ii/oame
?.oilaa'.e.l Kai beiger'Sum?
i.i"n? un.; I B II l'ran?/.-?amu
bal ta.an.,?.all?gua I',?.?,!? iin.i
-am? ?/ Hum? i.oiul'ee g/Hume?
Hiai.i.'aa?, aaumtt A SI, JaiileK.e-am.'
'?>.:?l?ar., Kar.' a.nor/Halla'.r
Hi la ... I!..-- ,., . ,,- .???.,.-?,.,.
M?'I'oiiiaics/jackson I Utxky/Samo
H i I OWSUa ,.-, ?-aura.
a?r War Milon.aH/Hame
i.aK.'i'iL'liuw Thai rtiaMusrares/iianic
M)Mli/CootlS I Hilvei/Kam.
.-ana. S.aaai.. ; .-.?,? ,/tmtna
M? LJofiougo-aVchwars?! Pollock/hauifl
l'*r I Chan/chan
i.?? | ? n?r. ,\\ '.(?do i Davls/14M M *c I.e
I.... 1 . ih he i Sam- | Kaciors I' I/lVhild?:
'?" ? Is ^..aaaa ' (,av..rlnaUgli/Overbau|
!*.?.?, M ni h?, ?-?. mo | lObrow u A/l-a'wl?
''"? Mn ?.ii . i-anii fc.mo H l.l?i/MartufTl
I-., k?ir..it. "a-! Tssl /..? al. r, Mi.hlilr, Kit
1**1' ' K ?m in mi M..iia.iii.|/?Woman?!
Mcdulre/I it , Walsh/Walsb
(triliiii layering Jani*vh/Janl*?-t]
I'lallln ? lafltn Hoflman, Hoffman
i ?i nime f? Ba/Uotlsr
?'? un ? Cawss/Ca ?
UaglkrUI. Ik cker K? MU? h? U I'uh
IteMnnberger, lluppert He<iple/Ural*am
'A >Y.y I A-lah.lll CeillMt/Kcll)
'..i.llene I,-, lia,m , .Sat Ice/I'rlngl??
iHe Keaaner -? Kmp a I'leiruexluoll/PleitnM
I laltei ?. Ilaj mon ciuoii
Minn Parisian It??.i H? iiesirtinoor Knit
Ajk he|man/Kur- llnnt/Anm-trong
Scheldt .vgaifnian/lleleman
laasarus/NTProd LU liPrson/.Vhltelaw
Mors? , M Ceil) eon/l'esway
Kchnctdsr/Uerson . i;r?>wn/liruwn
ISnii-hil/Kapian I ?eesllety/M V Hvm
Cebulsky/De-npstsr Kssa & .laiTe/Kesn
l*:ima?r? I, A T/UaVlS I? Ueay/I>o?rr
Ba. Il'llaaei \, Juiaa'aao/ltrunlnaj
l?e,elely, ?? right rt? ?al? 'Cejnwell
?Sehend i u ?lper/Aaward I' II
Liniin I |. bear ? ?'/*?>'N^ll
W ? .'??..??:.l IVi-terateln/Mollv fl
Km l.i: Sal ? ia- . lie a It? Pets?
-i ??< aal Ir. m? par! II WEEKS, .1
Spee-uti lima?Parle, 111, IV. \. VI. V
and till. Adjourn?d t?.r the term.
trial Te-iro?***li? II. Ill, |V, V .
til. ?III. I\, \. XI. Ml, Mil, XIV r
Ml, Wll .an?.' WllI?AUjouiueJ for tl
MOTION (.'ALENDAR?AI 10:30 a m.
Ai.li.> Ollraty I Mai |Jonk
II !'?? *?\ m J?ii.|uni M Delgado
???.l"ui"ia I Julia II SUartlTf
Ja.lin I? I-?..lian.ala Mar? J l'rialllinoild
I M? taaivii- ikilelie Boom
In a Voun* P. rcy II Hrun-'age
rdica > anjng Blya Tovovlch
Uli N Wei ? v ? ?. ? i _: liai .ira Rotlicnbech
Ul i \ ..:. (*ra>-:
(' ni ??ll.'-ri Ih' 11. rman Und helm
lti;aa,l?a Ouldle I
Phlilp Wai uia? ?ky , 1.Ore r
in Huido Y. KaldenLerg
?I'll'.. , ? ... e.i I. IK..I,
John ?\* v le-ke ? .- aiomon doodman
1 unie smith
?i Khle i* i*l ?lie? Welts
Keel?? Mai ? lirinalaia a Ma ISO
i en it llo Pa i rick Kh?fhy
John II Holnn
N . I'|. tro l'a.?? ni'lli
Ii n ??>h??.kl, .t. . iluDIaume Muguet
.-aiiah Hlvgel , .-midi Kly
tig Kernt s Thompson
Il '.? n iwi !u Sarnli A lta?> Wtaud
Mai ? I?! >l ." laOUlsa Kelrn?
John J M?i (a.. M;.r? A Sullivan
?.a. V. Ah A Tho'l.pelOll
? I.? f Y. Wilde
la,ui? I'l ?\ m Whllewright
J. ?', ia Hall
'.'. Illl .m lo, h-r Martin Murphy
i: I?? at I? Mi'Kiever
Paul, k H Mi'.- h John Marpb)
\ r; in i !.. . 'u.'. r l-.ll^n ? * llr? nnan
llci-l ? Sl"iiian
I:mi? k .- i : 11. a a M? A.iaani
i-.i.-.- ... i i Turner
?;~.r.-.. H llo>ii(.ai .;.a?aii Welch??-!, etc
V lolph Kaufman
.1.i. I: John Huttlnger
Vim ? ;?.?(?!,n SainilH II ltl?h?,p
Jame ? ; m les M Tyson
M..r? i. i *iui ;??? ?.i : Am? Ha '? ' 'ott.
Patrick J ???lili? II M.-,.> A V? ?ke:
r.can : John H H i
.ij...h \?.. tbrahuni ' ohn
An.Ire/ ^ rthur ? ' K.-ntasrel
M-url? l.lttmin iiowiard J Kimnard
i. , \ i ,? ?? k I'.ernurd .1 tVolomon
Kola i : ? : Andre* Vemhaus
J .:u. M I'llk
?;i. t?ky ? Mai ? Ma:rln
l'a i in.an tie UaUS
George M ?'!> k Morris Or-mntr
Kits M ! w m i "?'??- hei
Uli.I- FilK PIIOIJATE? AI M:30 a. m.
i: Ke utheii
? r il ?.? Inn n.-l k M i ? *'?
IV .. .- ?. .1 all? i nimai ? ' M? l ? in
( iTv 4*m ur
??lieciul l.rii?l'a-1 I IIANSOM J.
Shapiro/Mayer A 8
.,h< r i'appello/Mc4*arth]
a*,. ,, Hlo. k/Dreyfu?? Hoesle/AVynsoop, II
.man Hhaplro/ilolilmiui
inlum s s III i< .? I{oihko#ll /.
?innrd H 8 ('hrl?tena#on/K<i*bllnf
'i ipf? ? i
i er?i h Mi ?-*' luiallt/1"niiri.'ii
i . ? ! i.i' S' hoenenutn
? ,,m?a? ih ? - smbl?r
a llmerdlng Rdwards/ Kirchhof
? ari ;? :? IHarfman n??-her/Ilra>mar
. a, Hall, Rearekin
Anlie?u?<r I*. ' ian *'l H;a'kman, Hcnm-Mi
Hriaw n :: l'a? i- Engel .t ' '
Prin? e !? ri-lmau/Si? lirniHia
Sullivan Hhelnfrauli Iienman/HaslvoneMi
In.iie ii me Se-and lietmateln/Vllleneuve
\i., on i., k/Invi tors Eat
\\. n (?. ? i.,?'?. :??n. a! Ilk Bliuner/Wallack
i),,1,11 ,.. Simon .a. M Pan. ?. A (.'A'lS ?
-,> ilal Term?l'art II liAN.-HM. .1.
? . 10:10 a. ni.
laid Te rm?P'irl? I. I*. III. IV. V. VI.
\ II ... i x III V!j .ura.eil f.ir (he term
Itlet.Kr.Ks M*I*IH>TKD.
-nprema' ( aaaerl WEEK'S '
. i* Nlcoll
r. HAVE?! IN .1
Tltl? ?'. .\ T ilro* Jo '? i m
? . M H c larke
, a; -strong
? hle-vse ?.- H W?nde II
KKI 111 Mt? \ri'()!> Tl.li
>.i|ir.-m? t'nurl ? PI. \T/I*K .1
\ I i.tir" A laS '.': T A I..I..I :
1'v WEEKS .1.
A i Dworek! ('onaen HI.Ik S Phillip
i K K ??*' ?? F M??rri A 0 M.
?Mate Catar* ?M Appeals?O AT CALENDA IL
II* Johnsoo/Moeko
Ma C N YMPItus Ht
H? t; N TA* labe Av
E'?snt.ach/Mut I-Ift 1
Lon ft Sow ?/Whlt*
Re Hoilander/Voron
Peo, Hvsrts/Muniul C
1.1 tt Watts)
Peo, Rvarts/Munld C
(a-'. Watts)
Morris/Windsor Tr
xpee-lal Term?UUY, J
i Eg pawte matterv-At 1* a. m.
7v\ln (iisusinan I ilheiu/rrignanu
lt.. < ur?e /(?instntrg/N y By Co
/legsnhalii/Zlegrnli IPIsl/KoalM Rlly Co
In.l Iron W/ Appal i. Van Dorm/Am Stl liar
Konkln/f?legst iSlnger/Stliito Cons
R? V-ftv*|ia Melillch/Johnsoii
Kasllbart ?./Prey Re Kusir
It" fity of N V i Kles*r/Klder, Jr
Orossnian/Hsrlliigor i Ssms/tiam*
HiMli./ltocha Palmsr/Vlnctngusrre
M?eyer/Mtyer j Shorner,' Kessler
Norton/?Norton i Potts/liradlsy ('?mat
< aioiA/lndelll ft C V. einher?/Horten
l'fland/Wood ?N Y Tr/C'onvent I'k
Osijornc/l?ulllgan ? ?'on
It?! Hpead Cot/Johnson
linrlaa-r/W*rth_lm H ; Uouthaorth/Cafro
Applfby/Kraumi I Borrlilo/178d IK R
Morrlson/N Y Con Ry Oslio/Evess?.ii
Paiccl/Blaek | Carroll/Drr l> Sav Dk
Aho/Cauldwell W i Rreuter/Phelan
Hchaelter/Hmlth I Hlun/ccliinldt
Hutnilus/Hcholeman ' MrMahan/Mltchell
H'. Vorndran Bons I I-evy/rtame
Karber/ rarber : Tt? Han.Iiry
I >?iii?*i:u,<1/Ku[-?li ?It , Muckllna/I'oInraKin
Maine/Same Stem ft .-t/ l-a-jhlnaky
?Iraff/Am Milk I?abel | I_e>ughlln/Loughlln
Ja.nes/.Mendelsot-n Oedek?vsn/Oedekovei.
Nlcla?.n/}t..'elllcli H?-ott/.?ia?,er
?.Itnick/Munck , U ?rnsteln/t rown H C
Sellar/Klugtnan I Irvine/ London
'-lO0bS/\V?|i.V,?.J ;
Special Term-OIHUH. I
Ex part? mati.Ts - At 10 a. m.
TraUa 'Ic.'eal??iirilM. J.
No day calendar.
No day calendar.
Niipreme 4 oalrt? HKADY. .1.
Reulty Operating/.! H Stoutetiburgh-- J Lelt
Appellate Division?2d Dept.
TaeN and PUTNAM, J J.
1 p. in.
Ha* thorn/Waldo ! Elliott/Nile?
Spaaitti/Uu.Htleger Keabott/Wanarasker
Tolman/t?lll. spl?. , Jtn?,in*/J?iia,iis
Van Doren/Prender- Ellau/Ellau
vast : la? fcimone/Y R R
R>- Garvey ? Poweis/Po?v?>rs
People/Pay Intermagglo/West Br
Inuypa/AuerbSa 11 I?ev In/Urirlliif
Smith/Dunn Gladden/A rchixald
Journeay/llulwlti Van Ness/Haiieoni
Il:o?vn,ltoseusoii ? Zwurlch/Ilkn Cooper
r' "per A E/M.?n Ur rrear/LaSWts
TamplMon/MofM [ Deebaeh/B Calr ?:
' .i. .n.?un .-?a i;-:i R| Pee/Rryan<
Murphy/He? Bescli U Kan.:,'.. Kikeina
Monypcny/Monypeny , Rudd/Cropsey
Heymun/Higgs | KoUokl/Ani .Mig
Trlul Team?Ad.iourna-d until Oct. o.
Appellale Term?Reren?..
?ipeivial Term?Par? III?Trial? Re?? es.
Special Tenu?-Part I-JAY? OX. J.
MOTIONS?At 10 a. in.
i!r DrandaMi-Kylvaaster KoaenOII/PHrr
rVtnhardt/Dahlberg Martin/Martin
Bates/Wynne , He Taylor iM'C'orm'ki '
in; Metal Goldberg/ Eft ron
MuAvo./NYatLI -trac. He K Pond K'UHRHl'
rklu eider/Same I Klne/Eelner
Hrewster E 1 El Hv Riana/H il II R
! Trhct/N v a- u ?y i muis/h n it B
Wilson Same Williams/* U It R
i MeEvo)/K?me i'a.nsentlno/111 i?*ur
i Clark/Sam* lla-drk-k/rth-rldan
, Harry/Mania Helford/Welas
Hovell/Rattd Wmtfba S ll/Ereedman
M? ' lunn/Kaoflh Same/Seme
Hovel I Held . E Dkn S H/Marlens
? '?!rt 1h Way/Btercka i Same/Hamo
i 'autor/Cantor K.agle g ft E/Aronsoti
lUt'lato/Dreyfus ? r"ri<- msn/N Y Alun R
I Knoi/Knox I Raw.,lia/Am Ui uk Sy
1 ?"onsentlno/111 Sur Ke. nan/Milk
Sk? ila?;/sk.lley Ho.igland/llHy
l?iiin/lAUn . ?Maaen/Ughter..
Ahrens/Hchmltt Hldg. Ambrosio/Atl steved
BMM/Bame \ r.ierit/Sihmldt
At m n ni
A J ?'? It.?;? M )
Oeo ht. un-1 I) .1 Wlgtn
M'.rdecal Merrm Jaiue.?! 1.
I,l/_i.i Kir? hner
Carolina l'?-?enko|h
v r t' Ki owlten ' riauf ??
N ?; Nelson i; prt
Amelia /.I? linger Maritn Michael
Hilan Mo* ?ieorgt? hler>at??u ;
Phillips ItotLn. ker Tiloma? N'aSh
? ?..tille', p. :.. Henry itebrafften
Mur> Ireland ?;???? W Brewer
Mar? Janleeon Henr> Bchaffi ? u.
harali Ia<.lup
Janirs Inl.n I llelt-n War
Patrick O'Connor ??sbii??ie Rahaley
Martin Michael Patrick .?Kt'ana-n
'? A l?oa.?-her
Annie Hubena Viola Un.'.
Ja? II HuSb leab.-!la li-fly
Part IV?( Uli Calendar.
Trial lena sdjanirned until October. Motions
returnablej and ordcia signed In Pari II.
I!ooi:i V).
COUNT* toi HT.
Trial rerm?HUMPHREY, .1 -AI Hi a. m
Cronln II II It H Palm?! Kill
i obles Nichols ''?.!> Wetham, H H It It
Viiderson/U M II R I! igim?"? .-?ul/.ba.-'.i
lobneon/Van AUt i HafTls/H g ?<? H Ry
l-llsgerald/B H It R I Jsco?ia/B II H H
Uriist/t'h ?'ong a-|, I'.n.-I! I..? ?'.mi;
l.ai'.eii?in'H H R H ' "?'?- U H H K
Indlvcrl/Tatentl i.?rrvi, t i; R
Btirns/B 11 '< R RI h nd? N V 9 <"? R)
Hlghasl nuinbci rtiwhcd .?u lh?i general
, .1? ndai Is ; I.
Wessa i-/M?-N.iii? Co -Motion to ?acate
attachment granted.
Re N Y ?'. Section II. Keltic... Parcel
I7W1>?? 'oinpeiiriitloii of expert ?? Unisses
OX? ?I at 921- ."??! ca.-b
C N Y/W'e st.-Il CaJ Assessors? A ppllra
? l'iis f?>r ???- ri t ?j of rrtloil ma?le returnable
,,L:iir,>, different town* as foil????? Against
North Salent an?l Somers. at Newburgh. Ot
17: agan.at Yorktown. Lewlsboro and Be.l
reard, ?it Nyack, ?.i.i 10: aitalnst North
Castle and t'ortland, at White Plain?. Ocl l*.
It.? f N Y, Kenslco Parcel 08 Con
tr??:i r 'lire.'?'I 10 pav it?i?s to coiiii?ael for
prop? rt?.- owner.
He?n. dict,Uraiii1 t.'nlon Tea?Action re
moved to t' B Court,
Huiep^rt/nonnto? A<-ti-^ii discontinued
Mnpreme Court?I*inl? I and II.
Adjournment until Oetober term.
999 lb. ?.. 50: 7 bulls. Ut? lb, IS 10; 0. S
||>, 95 10 ?? 7 11 Ib Id . .'. : i" co
? , tu; ?. '.'?': lb, ?". >< , ?:. 940 II. |.'.; 2. fa
lb. II 7... ?. 7?:. lb. II '."; 13, ?71 lb, 94 _
... I .?J n. 94; 12. ?73 lb, |9 90; ",. 7__ I
?.: ;-. ; -.i. : 22 lb, t?. in.
J.ilifr.-. Wright av Co.: t bulls, 1110 1
|Sa*aO: 1. ?50 lb. 14 60; _'. .'50 lb, 94 -.'. ;
ao??s. 7*2 lb. IS-5; 1' Mi? lb. |9 ? S, 710 I
921 li?. ?I ; i, lati? lb, 93 ?0; 1. 6]
lb. Il 4
Andrew Mullen: 1 bull. 1.40 lb. 10; |
77. li?. 15 50; 12. S4( lb. 10 _',: 10. 90S V
SI, ~.'21 lb. '?'?: I ISO lb, 14 7.".; 9. li
?.. <i :?. I aow, i_??n Ri l?i i;. lall lt.. Il fit
I 901 Ib, ?? - . li?. It, S, III I'
|] 10; . ?OO Ih ?
Oeorge i I. H Dlllenback: 7 ?tute ?.teen
? ??? lb, |S _- ; M, 7'j
lb. |S; 5. 64? lb, 14 7",; 11 cows, 7t>'l lb, 94
0. ?9? lb, J
H M Hollls: J bulls, 1220 Ih. li 7." ; 4(
I .' i". 7 ? Ih ?- 10; .".?. 194 II
15; 54. Ill J? ' '- ? lb, 1? : ?? h-lfen
i 155?; 11 cows, ?l?i lb. 14 ,i?; 9, .1
lb, 14 SI
.1 .; ???,!.- .?. Bon: 1 boll. i?r.O lb. S? 77,
: i*9 lb |5 25; '.'. 142 lb. II; 4. 4J0 111
?4 SO; -?? heifers, 474 lb, |6 21; 4. 413 it
i co? ?99 lb. I", -."? ; I. 7?i?> lb, 14 f>.
1, ?To Ih, Jl 25; 1?. 7:7 Ih. 94 ??*?
lpt1 r..r two dam, MU bsad; c.43<
on ... Ms k< r-t.i.? 1 > t?. strong ?1* .?.in
pared nlth PrldS) 7'??- to li lower that
\\. 11 ?.-!.. ''. nimrn to pa-lmaa veals, 91 ?I
ir.- pat 1 f? ? salsa tel ai 111 -.
it 1*41 Ik; gra??ers at 13->j.9b. Clt)
1 ? .?.- quint at H?l.'j , COUatr]
Sa..? I.?; ? urtl? k ?ton: M ?eal?, averagt
147 It. ,.t 113 1-r 1"! th: 71. 147. It., ?II 7j;
1:1. 11a lb, su ?v.; 14 l_t? It, ?11 14, 1*7 1?,,
9 cull I 1? lb ?7 .*?. 14, l'*> n., 97 5ei,
lasers 221 n?. ?? ; 4i. 11W ft. 9560; 33.
'.-_:i it?, 13 .17
It W tails a?. Co.: M veals. 17?7 lb, 912; 6
ISS lb, 97 ?'?". 4, ?Mu rt?. 97, 14 gra*-i.ra,
2*1 th. M 11
W H Hume: 10 ?esls. 14", to. 912 43; S,
IST lb IHM: A, 140 tb. *ius?; .-,, \<h tb.
9?:-0; n 131 lt.. 9?. '.' culls, US Ib. ft 8?;
r, 1*1 calves, ?.?"?-? lb, lui.y 4, '.'43 tb, M :.?
IX VA Ih, *M?, _a irrsssatr*. ?JM tb, Is 73:
-n. 211 lb. I . ?_-.'.*) IX, 9.*?.
Jelllffe, Wr.K 1 .? ?... : lb ?eals. IC-i th,
?il :?? M. ISO n Ml: IS, i?U7 tb. 91?. Jo, ti3
t? ?? 9 I Ha 1 lb *-. << ..ill?. 145 ft, 7 fa); H
142 tb, ?7 11 fax] caires. 'JVi lb. Ml'Sb; 9
' 'i " . ??. 4.1. 2<"n lb, *.*?75: 1??,
M lb, ?'..'-?. 7 yearllnas, 424 lb, ?. a). ?kju
tb. 94 541
II 11 Rollle- I ?reals 170 n?. 911 f*v 41
IM It?, fit) -' ltd ? ? ?.,-. 21*1 lb, MM; ?U
arc. 1?, 13 M; 1 ytarllugs, Mb rb.
93. d. 4.V. tb. 14 73,
iiaort--? ami la. s. Dlllenback: ?! veals. !:;:i
n?, 111.10: it?, i.'ti n.. Ill; a, 140 it?. 910; s.
ISO it?. ??. a, -".'? '!?. tuto; ?i fed calve?, KM
lb, |?i.v?, Id, *j*"l lb, *'i *.*.*.; lei grosser?, 244
th, ?i,*; 5, Ms Th. ST, SO.
Andrew Multen: i ve-si?. 1*17 I?.? IIS; t.
1ST lb*. IS; 'J cull?, 200 lbs, I7 5'i; 8 ,yra?s
tr?. VI Iba, I?"..
Kern? Commission Co.! ; veal?, 14u Ih?,
$12 25; *J. 13?* lb?. Ill; .1. lit lbs, ll>>; 2,
125 lb?, II; M Indiana. 161 Ih?, 110.'?: 11
227 lbs, $9; 4 cull?. 225 Iba, $7; 11 fed
.al??'?, 100 Iba, lilt; tl gra??er?. 2mi lb?.
l? 60.
Tobin * Shannon: 57 veals, 111 lbs, |IS:
I, 11? Iba, 110; 9. Ill Ihn. I? :a); ? culls, 1*5
lb?, MB?! J grajser?, III I h?, J* ; 5. in:
lb?. 10 Jo.
H. ?san.Isr?: II veals, i?u lbs, 11*25; r.?
141 lbs. 11'.'; It, 141 II?.-, Ill .-,0; ;., |
19; 4. tota Iba, Hit; '*. graasera, IS1 lb?, !?;.
Nswtoa a e*,. ; M veals, l.is Iba, lu II,
m:i it?*, tu;.'; is, ici n.?. luto: 7. im
Iba, Mit; >:. 2>i* Ih?. !?:,?). .?, T.?iaiie??a?e.
154 lia?, 19 7.*,; ||, I!,.* 11,.. |s -un ; U cullg,
liu II"?. 17; 17, 147 Iba, %7 ; }| gra?.*??rs. 219
Iba, I". II; 30, ISri iu?. 15 .",
JI?-Pher?on t Co.: S -reala, 117 Ib?, III;
1?. 10.'. Ib?. $9 50; 5 grasaera, ;?4 lbs. |?.
.1 SlaamtierK Ir S.u. 12 v?ale, 1S5 Ib?.
II-'.'?'): i?. Ill Iba, 111; I, lio Ih?, 1i ".n
S Judd t Co ; :*'? S'.a;!la.Tii \.ul?, 161
IIh. f> SI,
Receipt?? for two days. 14.133 head; Il U
car? ein ?ale. Sh?j?p In fairly goci demand
an?l nrm. lamb? 35 ?* 50c higher than Fri?
day for ifo*?! ?tock and ?elllng al "Knag Sat?
urday'? price?. Some late arr al* weie bald
<?ver. I'ommon lo g??od eWe? s 'I at IS Jo a
$.', par 100 lb; a few- prime baady at 15 50
Inferior to prime lamb? u( Id M '(in It: cull?
at lei. Dresaayj mutton ?low ?e s Ule l>er lt..
?iresaeyl lamb? aleady al 12ftllS<*. *lth hog
dr???ed bringing lie. i
Sale??Tobln Si Shannon ; 210 Virginia
lamias. 70 lb average. I* 59 per 110 lb; 241,
?I lb, IS CO; 131. Si lb. Ill?, 7}. ?I lb.
1150; 14 Penn. 73 lb, fs 25; 107. (I lb,
17 75; 207 Buffalo. II lb, 17 75; 10, 63 lb,
14 10; 4 coll?. 45 lb. 14; 20 sheep. ?0 lb,
13 50; 11. 14 lb, |2 50.
Kama Commission Company: 114 Western
lamb?, 74 lb. 1126; 141 I'enn. 73 lb. 1115;
70. 75 lb. 1135; 103. II lb. II; HO. Tl lb.
17 75; 211 W Vs. Si lb, II III?; 111 Buffalo.
75 lb. 17 75; 103 Indiana. 44 lb, 17 7'?. II
?beep. 90 lb. 16; 11. 141 lb. 15, 41. 112 II?.
14 30.
Newton A ?*"o. : 21? W Va lamba. 4- I??
It 50: ?t. ;? lb. II2?: 73 ?tale. 75 lb.
1125; 61 Penn. 77 Ib. 1*115; I. 7S Ib. 17 50.
S ab-aep. Ill Ib. ItT?; 10, US Ib. 14-0, ?.
Ill Ib. 13 6S.
t?. Sander?: 57 stsie Unit.-. 71 Ib. H50;
tl 7t Ib. 1125; 13 I'enu, t>3 l>>, ?5, IS, M
A Power Co.
Birmingham By., Lt.
Carter Cost A Iron Co 1st 5*
Central Ry. Co. of Peoria 1st Mtge.
Citiwi*' Gss * Fuel Co. of Terre
Heute 1st Mtge. 6s
Clinton Iron A Steel Co. l?t Mtge.6i
Col. Spring* Light A Power Co. 1st
Columbia University Club 2d Mtge.
Columbus, London A Springfield Ry
Co. 1st Mtge. 6s
Consolidated Light A Power Co. of
Whitehall 1st 6*
Denver A Rio Grande R. R. Co.
Cumulative Adj. 7% Gold
Erie Electric Motor Co. l?t Ref. Skg.
Fund Gold Bonds 6s
Fonda, Johnstown A Gloversrille
R. R. Co. Cons. ?Ss
Fulton Liiiht, Heat A Power Co. 1st
Mtge. 5.1
Kan*as City Southern Ry. Co. 1st 3s
Lincoln Heat, Light A Power Co. 1st
Mtge. 6s
New London Gas A Elec Co. 1st
Mtge. 6s
New London Gas A Elec. Co. 2d
Mtge. 5s
New York A Stamford Ry. Co. 1st
Mtge. 5s
Oti? Elevator Co. Conv. Gold Deb. 9a
Peeksklll Ltg. A R. R. Co. 1st Mtge.
Pine Bluff Natural Gas Co. 20-year
let Gold ??
PitUburgh A Lake Erie R. R. Co. td
Mtge. is
Raleigh A Southport Ry Co. Gen. ?**
Santa Fe Water A Light Co. l?t
Mtge. Prior Lien 6*
Santa Ye Water A Light Co. 1st
Cons. Mtge. 4s
Spring Breok Water Supply Co. 1st
Mtge. 6s
Standard Screw Co. Gold Deb. 5s
Tomkins Cove Stone Co. 1st 6s
The Tn-City Railway A Light Co.
5% Coll. Trust 1st Lien
Water, Light A Gas Co. of New Jer?
sey Con*. A Ref. 5*
Western New York aft Pennsylvania
Ry. Co. General Mtge. 4s
Youngstown eft Southern Ry. Co. 1st
DCS OCT?OHE9? lalTH. 1*H
Dedham A Hyde Park Gaa A Elec?
tric Light Co. 1st 6s
Colorado Springs Electric Co. 1st 6s
fifi ti Av 4 8Sth St fifth Av. 4 00th 81
Capital and Surplus $8,333,300
Aliow? lotete?! on Deposite.
Ib, |7; 5 cull?. 54 Ih, I?: ?i ?peep, M 10,1
45: 13. ?I lb. 14 50, 10, 10? 11?. 14.
?4. Judd te Co.: KO ?tal? lambs. 71 lo.
14 sheep. HI Ih. 14 50; 11 yearling?,'
10? Ii'. $H 50.
J. Shambsrg <t "Bon: 96 Mate lamb?, 74
lb. l?'Vi
II. If. Ifollla: 374 ?talo lamb?. 72 lb. IS 25; ,
213, 68 lb, Js; 4?> ?liuep. 107 lb. 14 50; 24,
101 II). 14 25.
Jelllffe. Wright 4 Co.: ."14 ?t?te lambs. 71
lb, |? 25; 31 Hhe-ep, 113 lb. 15; 4. II"! I h ?I
' G. ?.'uni? * Son: 111 ?t?te lambs, 72
II?. 1125; 5 culls, 42 II?, $6; 7 ahet-p. 143
lb |6; ! 110 lb. 14 50
It H,'. Otis lr Co.: 1?3 ?thts lam??, 53 lb,
It 25; 1*6, 51 II,, 17; II cheep, ?7 II?. |4 7j.
2. *..*.0 lb. 'I
Andrew Mullen: 35 ?t?te lamb.?. |S25; 1
sheep. 137 lb, II SO.
Receipts for iwo days, s.SDo bsad; ?i can?
on ?ale. Demand fall aan.l prl-e? ?tew?ly,'
with general ?ale? al It II9ft It l?er lu?
lb; ro?anlas h' Ma$121; ?tag? at $4?813.,
Country .lre.-??ed hog? steady, at It#tag.
Kales?s Zanders: 12? ?tats hags. 144]
II? a.?.eran-, |||| par 100 lb; 48, 1?4 lb,
l!? 45. 26. "MO H?. fill; 13 Penn. 130 lb,
I? 50. '.' rough?, 331 11., IS
Newton el Co.: II state h?)g?. 171 lb, $150
per 100 lb; 21 I'enn. 134 lb, 13 50. 21, 151,
? 11?. 40 4?; 3? Ten"?, 194 lb. 19 35; 9 roiisUi?,
'??s lb, 15 i..
i: W. oil? 1 ? o : 32 ?tat? bog?, Kl lb,
19 30; 1?) ?'.llallas. 309 10, ?S 25.
Tobin al- Me.entame- 1. l'anii hog?, 171 lb,
S:* its; 2 rutigbe, 223 lb, ih.
Kern Commission Co.: 9 ?tat? bogs, 150
in |t 10: ? rough?, 290 lb, Js It.
1 -liattiU-ra it H.na : J a?tate lieg?. 130 lb.
I ? . roughs, 210 lb, Is.
e'hlcsg??. Kept. '.**?.?KeKiS ? Retcelpta
?i?" ?(i?ng bulk is i ??...- |s uc; light,
,19 1.*.. mixed, |sn.u?ai?.' heavy,
II ?"'I t1? aft; lough, $7 *?0a'l 17 Wo; pigs,
?4 7.. ,i St? .-.??. CATTLE--Kecelpts, 22.000,
?teady. t-Weves, |?i 7:. .> Ill OS: rte**?m 10 20
blO 10; ?toch rs and feeders, 15 SO?1820;
cows and helafars, *t ?*?!" '?? $1?. calves, 17 5u
?e ?I I 5? t-HKEP- Receipts, 53,O?B0; ?(?ad/.
Hhee-p, |0 6?)4i|0 30; lamb?, ?rt *.'.','/! 17 7u.
Kan.aas City, Sept. 20. - KejeiS- -K. a-elpt-,
....'.oil. higher, Bulk, I f ? Is .?-,?? hoav), I*-) !..
11? :?" d butcher?, Is 1.1 ? |s dl);
light, li?ttbdc Pig?, I7a.'."*??t <* ViTi.i:
. :t,i?. jsiHio, ileady, I'rlnai f??l
?tCer?, SlU'itll, ??ie?sei| b. ef? ?teer?. ??1
?ti 7*. ?Southern ?t'.er?, $.*. ?>;, ii %7 1,*,. cow...
?* l 2.1 tttt; heif? '.'. Id 7-v.i ID 25. ?tockcrs
and feeders 16 "t IS In; bulls, *.*?*.'.'i 10 7.Y
calve?, ?e) .-.a) . Jill ;,u MiKF.l'--KocelpfJ.
?a.Oex?; iteuul) Lambs, *7'iS7'J.*.. yeair
llng?, *'..'."./f i. ' ? (15 50, ewea
st Louis, Sept 2* Hixir* - H-.-ctpt?.
in.TOO; higher, rig., .?nd Ugiae*. 17 7.*. /
.?-'?. ?. ( .-anal butchers, |H 70? |s 1?3,
good heavy, $s aid ., |s ??;.. CATTIaB K?
t.-li't.s, in,sun. lower. Natu,. beef steers.
17 Soufll 83; e.? \?.- gnd hallare, ?16619 05!
?te kers and feeders, I50S7SO: Texas and
Indian sir-r?. $riij?-. cows and hell*? ? ?
live?, tOl?til. BHEEP
Kecialpiit. i.?no. M?her, Nativa mutton*
Il'il ! i m I.? 17?, *7 v.
Pittsburgh. S? pi : s. ?"ATTIaE?Reeelpts,
:,?"'". ?teady. I'rlm? heavy ??cer?, |? 4" i
s?i7* h*ai< steer?, |0 254rtOtO; f.ai ?teett,
>?-.., (lu r ? sttssrs IS .-$7. heifers. 17 no
rt"?, fat .'.'.as, Id 15 41 If 25; fair eowa
M ?n ., %: ..o Lulls. IT 60?r ST 75; mll.-li
cue*? ?.." ? 4?.*. H008?Receipts, :..*.'?>
higher Prime lieu\i.-s und heavy nlgad,
s a jo-1 ??i ,i> medium? and heavy yorkers
111 I?' lltrhl ?.?rker?. ft** ?JO 1.1 pifa
,?s .,.>?:?. MIi.Kl' AND I.AMI4S- Re
celpts, ?:,o?i'i high? r. T"p sheep, l?i, leap
1823 CA LYE8-?BsoeiptS, iM?1,
?i. a.i. r..|., ti?.
I.eiulsvllla, s.iat 38.- BHBEP AND
I.AMI1K?Kecelpts 544; trads uulet und
?.itiiout any material change in prices
e';a .| " lambs, 7 ' i 7 i -.-. varying a? t.. ?vt-igltt
?.ml iiusllty; ?eeonds, tl4)A*ie call?, IfSBc
i- sheep, 4'iii.jC. nndiuiu .?mi com?
mon sliot-p. ?S? V 'J\.U
Quotations Approach New Low
Level?Buy-a-Bale Move?
ment Active.
YostereJay's advice.? indicated con?
tinued declines in the Eastern belt spot
markets, but a better feeling was re?
ported in the Western belt, where prices
were relatively weak toward the end of
littet week. Local spot cotton merchants
with Southwestern connections said
that their o*.Ters of strict middling were
anywhere from l/?c to 'at* above tho
prices a?ked on Friday, with to-day's
quotation*? averaging around 7Vic in
the interior. Possibly the rains report?
ed in port? of Texas recently and the
consequent chock to picking wero to
some extent responsible for the
\ steadier tone. The "buy a bale" move
I ment is still making active progress.
Domestic mills are ?till said to be buy?
ing only as needed. Exports ara in?
creasing somewhat owing to the mo.
ing out of the September shipments,
but so fur this season only 9.,070 balei
haavc been aloarod, against blJ2,'2'?0 bale?.
last year. No great volume of ship?
ments is expected after the ilrst of the
month until the October short interest
becomes active.
No froth developments were reported
in the local situatie.n. The board of
managers was in session during th?
morning, but no announcement followed
the meeting, which was supposed to oe
for the purpose of discussing various*
phase? of the work still necessary to a
resumption of business. October no?
tices were issued against 4,000 or 6,000
bales, but had been provided for, and
ware supposed to practically ?complete
the liquidation of October contracta
which had been pretty fully transferred
into December. Southern spot market-,
as officially reported were unchanged
to '-c lower. Slemphis stated that in
?tance?; wore known where "buy a bale"
funds have been employed to purchase!
cotton at a profit from second hand-:,
but say measures have been taken to
prevent recurrence.
Southern spot markets were ,]tele
York. Harlem Savlnas rank, plaintiff
agalnet Wast. ngt.,n Height?! eOeve! .
and Construetlon Compm-y, and other?, n?
In pursuance of a Judgment of foreeloeajr?
and sale, dulr mad? and '-nteraid In Ik*
abose-entltleel action and tiaarlng dais the
l?th dar of Jua?. 1914. I. the undenlip.?*^
the rsieree In said Ju.lgThent named, will
sell by poMI<? suction, at the E-t?"?.sns"
Salesroom. N?*. 14-19 V*??r ?ta??m. In th"
Borough of Manhattan, City of N?w York
on the 39tb dav of OctoaVr. 1914, at t2 o'clock
noon on that ?lay. hy Henry Brady, suction
eer. the pr*m:*es directed by said Judemen
to be slid snd thereto d?tea-rlbed as follows:
All that, certain otoa. pie??* or parcel M
land, with th? building?? and lmprovfcrnent->
thereon ereoted. tltu.it??. lying and he nf I''
the rWO!.g.i of Manhitfriti of the < *1
Ne??? York, in th?? ?County hh?I stats of MM
York. iKjainde-1 and deaerlbed as follows:
Kc-g-nnliig at tt?? ??.i-ner formol hy Uj
Ir.terseahan of tl ? soutbirl? '
-.tra-ft with the westerly sil-? of A,
avenue; running tha-noo weurrly, along aatl'i
southerly ?.Mo of lTstli street, 1*0 teet
southerly, parallel ?vit!? Audubon aventi
teet 11 lnch"s to the? venue tin* of tl.
Mock between 177th snd Kith street?- then?
easterly, narallel with 17?th utr.ot and
said ?entre Hue .,f the Moek, too feet to esA
westerly side of .Xualube.n avenue, and th". ?
northerly, along the ?am.?. S4 feet il b
to the l'oint or placa of beginning.
Pai?"l. Sere V? rk. Bea.tembar ?Jd, 1?14.
Attorney for pisintiiT.
11 Park K.nv, New York nt?
The following Is a diagram of Ids .
<?rty to ha? sold: It* strvft number la I'll Au
dubon avenue:
17VH Sir>?e,t_
The approximate amount of ?he Hi
chars?-, t.. aiatlsfy which the? utw ,v< -daerrlb*
propasrty Is to be s??l?i. Is One Hun.lr.
Thirty-nine Thousand Nino Hun.lr.. 1 a:.d K? r
ty-thrse JO-IS? d..lla-r3 l?l-?.M3.7?-10ti. with H
lereet th?T?-??n from th?? 11th d.iy ? I
1*14. tog?, tin r wll
amounting to 91.7.W-10O. with I
lime 19th. 1814, tog th. r av th lbs M-POO**
of th? sale, Tli?. ai?;,r? -iinste amuuni ?
! ill? tajes, ase**?na?:iit? and eater rat?:S, a*
other U?;ii?, whli'h art to t> ulluwe?.
purcha'-r ?.ua >.r th? purchase mor,.
paid by th-? refT^e, I?. la.*-? and In? -
Dated. New York. September -3d t.14
_I.tAVAl'? A M.nllANK Referee
?l.lUS?li?:iM. HERMANN A
pie of tli?. Sta'e ?.f New York, by the gra? ?*
; free and tad?"vendent-?-To Uerrard H
Hur* helm. Harry D, FlurschelB?. Helen I
K trains, Estall? U I?eb, Ague? V Cowen
Uadelln? I.anelaucr, Madam? Bertrand de Ly
teaull. Ihs beim n? m of kin and legatees of
Hermann A. Klursclidm, deceased, sead
Where se, Franklin sim?n, eaeeatee name-i
In the Ian- will and te?tam?jiit of H? rimani? A
Plurscbelm, docaaasd, wli_. rcid?? at I
a?rs(de? Drive, In the Borough of klannattai
the City "f Hew York, has lately apt lied t?
the Surrogates' Court of our ?ouniy ?,f Mee
Y??rk. to h.vn u ?-erta^n ln?trjm?nt In wrtt
ri?,, dated Jun.- 1_, .??i?. Utouaaad nine km
.In?! ;iii?1 eleven; also two oihar c-rtaln li.
?atruma.nts |q writing respectively dated Ms'
-1'. one thousand nine hundred and thlrt^i.
iind January ?, on?- tlic-iaand nln? hundre?'
and f?urtecn. relating to b?.th rea) and per
-.ii ?I property, duly prove?! as th* 1?
and testament of Hermann A. Flurscheton
deceased, who ??..as ui the time of hla deat?.
a u ?lient . .f the Borough of Manhattan. Cltv
of Mew York, County of New York de--eeseo
Therefore, you and each ??f y u ure cited t?
show catMt betdre the burrogat?M' (Aaurt of
oiirOmnty of New York, at the Hall of Rer
orals, 'n th* ? m Y'.rk. on tve Cnt
day of November, one thoumnd niie bunlre.
and fourteen, at half-past ten oVIock in th?
f..r--n..'.n of tliflt day, why the said will an?,
testument should not be admitted to probat'
; as a win of real and eeeoenal property.
In testimony wher.f ??,,? heve aau.ed th?
; seal of the Surrogat?.-?' Court of th? sal?.
County "f New York to be hereun'o sfftxa-al
, |L K.| a l-'urra^arate of >.ur ssld .'-?unty ?'
Now Yo?-k. at Mi'd county, tl-.e UVe d?y ot
: Septemlaer tn thi ?ear a.f our Ix.rJ ore th..u
sand nine hundred and fourteen
Clerk of th? Surrogates' Court
ftraphed a* follow*: Calveston eat**.
Uc lower at 8Hc; sale*. 500 bale*.
New Orleans quiet, *?*c lower at 8*Wc;
Males, 1,715 bale*. Mobile nominal, %c
lower at 8%c. Savannah quiet, %c
lower at 7\c: sales. 1,371 balee.
Charleston quiet, He lower at l\e.
Wilmington nominal, unchanged at
8*4c. Norfolk steady, Vic lower at
8Hc: sales, 29 bales. Augusta steady
?*c lower at T^c: sales, 1,125 bale?
Memphis steady, '.c lower at 8-/?c:
?ales, 500 balen. St. Louis nominal,
unchanged at 8Vie. Houston quiet, St
lower at 7%c.
Ueerjeet, Sept. i.-O.TTnx?sp^t in fetr
demand. Sale? for B ir , an.J a.,,./is?
??? lie* in 1 idlng 4.1U0 Am?
i for mid Hing, i
bales, no American.
iteamer ni.irk?-t wan auli ?
llmltasd demand prevailing fee bouts. Rat?.
mi SUd ti.nriase . fT-red ..... ;erat-l?
quotations t?i Utrerpool. 4.'. !.
?.lH?g?,w, itd; Hull and Rrtatol. 4-1. picked
Siwe t'.i.nag.!. is Id: ??lion to Liver
?^ool. per 1?J0 n>, JT- ?H.v HT Kits -llr ?turn
er. n.000 <jrs araln. New York to p!?.kea?
poua f K, : .".1 (optiuii l-'rance _s td>
! rompt: Ui- ataaainvr. ?.uW) qi?. same frofla
I'h'.la: Br stean . r ?3.400 ?in? u..
to Kreuth Atlantic ports, at or ahout 2? ?it
I'Sumpl! Hr staainer, ft.004 qra grain, (lull- lao
Ai.tv.crp. S?4>,1, 0<t; Hal ttrumsr, _,39?
?>ai. Baltimore to ?..i ..??it Italy.
i rompt: Br sta-aic-r -.? ?yj* i>u.
i shavings, Palomo? to New V?.?u or Baltl
tiioie, U.'40. |?rotnpi : N< r hark. ?*.?**? IjM.
a-hiiel i?a?in)l?ia!i!. New Y'?k le
1 y t. prompt; Hi' ?hip, 1.011 . \ -,
i folk to \*plc. ;? t. pro- \
taatis, lumbT, Hrllgcwater, S A, le H
p t
Liverpool. ba?pt. ***.?WHEAT- ?;??! ea-;
No 1 Manltotaa, *n *0; No -' red ?ttiti-r, n?a*
to 9V_d I"uturaa? weak; ?irtober ?. j?yt
Dascembsr, Ss ?A. COKN-^pol n??n.l...
urss easlajr; Oatober. Ze 1VI HAMi?>--(a>nor
a-ut, 19 to I? tb, 7U ?d LAKD--Palme Mne*
erai. In tierra?, new. 49?: old, "O* Sal ?
?au refln?.!, in palls. Ua *d, >,n?b< ?
? ?.
Yale ?V Tow Ufa. ?J
P R C ?f No 111. Q
d... r?ref?r[^t? Q
l'a> Re ?<
Term. lut?. ?tale
IK'. ? vi
Peon Hall Mfa . <J
Spu?:i--ld * X pf -
YK?tv?n tt o V if I". Sep?., gt .-.
No Rta Pwr sf. U IV, ?-i H
vY Rts O * I"! pf ?' l\ . ?let. I tSatat. 90
?Jttum It/ 4 L Pf -?ejK. J'

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