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liold Pool's Effect Soon
To Be Tested?Bond
Trading Heavier.
v? New York committee charj^d '
Y ?and.."*- thp ?I?0'0?0'000 *oKJ
**\ a.? arranged tor an athanc
^'J 150 000.000 to be bhipped at j
**? ,? Ottawa, the effect of Its
,5?Bge on the markst here will
!** be put ?o ?C{"-J7l- u wat?rai?
tVh?n?* W**n* 0f The committee's ?n
'^AA'aml through lessened de
,H?fa? tha beginning of th? month
?r?aehfii Word was received from
,r*T? that an agreement had been
Krd ?tweea the Stock Km '
und the government in ?
?he reported success
n France be as importa<it
dny of opening;
ned Here trading in list
Sfaas ? ?"s ?"?ached i
?Sua? c ? ?Idtrablf beyond axaaata
at Mill far from the total
?^orrtial time?. This business mu-t
?Urc<.: and the restrictions on
th? change j
,h accom- I
?Vaii!-? of the nation-wide subscrip- ?
ri?? to tK? gold pool the local commit- >
?TiuaM is to apportion the bills it
?ell against it? gold shipments.
.Bll,r will be received from;
try. The committee ?
a Week at the Clear- '
^ y-, der requests for ex- '
Singe, each of which will be sccom- i
d explanation of the j
sl'iire of 'he ray"?*".: to be made.
Bo? far these otfeial sales of sterling1
?ills will affect prices here is a que
The influence must be largely a :
?tntimenul one. The total amount of
I gold pool will not be enough in i
itself to meet our foreign balances. In j
??dition credits must be obtained j
s?ro?d to be met through our con- j
?tantly growing shipments of grain ?.nd
?jfcar merchandise. But at least a be
rianing will be made, the gold export?
ai trill be handled so as to make it
count mo?t toward relief of actual
??amercial business and the evidence
?f eur good faith furnished to Europe
should enable us to borro? more free?
ly abroad.
The Federal Reserve Board, having
announce.! it* selection of Class C di?
rt-dors for of the regional
back?. preparatioaa can now ?* made
toward getting the system in physical
?hape so that it can be put into oper?
ation at once when deemed advisable.
The Controller of the Currency, aa
ex officio member of the board, paid a
tribute to the bankers of the city 'or
their zealous co-operation and valua?
ble service in time of need that made
s pleasant contrast to his comparison
rot long ago of financiers here with ihe
predatory barons of the Middle Ages.
In their weekly review of the steel
induftry trade publications contin?jed
tone as to domestic
buaine?1'. though the Steel Corpor ition
??as Mid to be receiving export orders
at the rate of July before the present
disturbance began. Pig iron markets
are reported as experiencing the great
ttt stagnation since It
Officials of the Kastern railroads
wen- preparing their argument for
higher rates to be made before the In?
terstate Commerce Commission in
about two weeks. Since the higher
cost of new capital beeauae of the Eu?
ropean upheaval is to lie the principal
basis of their new application, uirih
borrowing- as the New York Central's
120,000,000 six months' loan at around
a 7 pi may be expected to J
fnrnish illustrations of conditions tHat ?
confront them.
U. S. Corporation's Foreign
Bookings Equal July's.
According to steel trade publications
domestic buying grows less instead of
better and mill operations are being
forced to slacken further. The pig
?n?n ': aid to be the dullest
fince 18i<6. Export inquiries continue
and the ?te- ! Corporation is receiving
ioreign ha rate of July.
"The Iron Age" i?ays:
"With I act of a change in
the unfavorable conditions a' home in
the remaining months,of the year, the |
kteel trade is getting some satisfac- '
tion from export orders and the fur- i
ther developments looked for in that !
direction. The Steel Corporation is ,
now booking foreign business at prac- ?
tica?ly the rate at which it whs coming |
in before the war. British buyers have i
made it r>fain that the prices first ?
American sheet bars were
too high, and their ability to aupp'.v ?
'*rSc i quireraents at.,
l'orne has brought better termb from |
thi? ; :
"The decmo m specifications and the
greater falling off in new orders in Sap
r have left steel companies little
encouraged over the outlook at home
There is no expectation that the rail
toads will materially increase their use
ff stet months. Such ?stag?
nation as has come upon the pig iron
trarket hi - probablv not been seen
since 1
"The iron Trade Review" says:
"The iron and steel industry at
tradu-' g ground. New easiness
remains backward and as shipments go
forward and new bookings are no'
l;cient to nil the gaps the necessity
Jcr further slackening of operations is
'aid upon producers. Export business
far lacking to replace the orders
*nich domestic buyers are withholding
?ecause of general uncertainties and
?educed consumption. Inquiry from
foreign buyers for various iron and
?teel products hold up ?cry well and
negotiations are numerous. Domestic
rsilroads lend little buying support to
? el industry. Finished steel
Trices are holding reasonably well in
the main, though the undertone at
tnt holds forth less assurance
ihant pig iron producers still face the
?iftVult prol iitless prices and
light demand."
i a ?i
?as limited,
? The
ea, ?;,?i.avs. The
??o-Trtasury was a <!<rbier to the amount of
biml.s lovt
*>, and lot?! ?
Uuls ex
80<v premium asked,
!??*on? P*ri Mu ..remlum; Chi
' ar silver t?
Of Canada?Par $5.00
Oreaa sai,., 1nr rMrll month of ,,u
* .y*asla?rat> y m ?XL-??a of .?n.e
~" o? ?ame
?o. a on request.
(ij.lalili.hrd 1*4)1)
Ji Broadway, New York, N. Y.
General News and Earning* of
Various Corporations.
?Jht t>nn,u*1 nJort of the B-y SUte
Mreet Rr.ilerajr Company, which is con
i ?rolled by the Ma?*achuiett? Electric
Lompanie? through ownership of its
I 'BSarr. common ?took, for the year end*
SwaTi?*^ - ? ^usl bp'n mur<> to the
P,l)lu' Immission. Operating
t*d t.. te,42?.118 in groas,
an mereeae of $221,710 over 1918, while
higher expenses of $256.723 reduced
Cl to $3.123.483, a logg of
rOO.tl.l .rom the preceding year. There
vas a decrease? oi $1 i3.542 in the year
y ?*?? urplus. ?fter dividend
f 1 :?, VMi? $8'.'.
parcd with $1X1,071 m 101.3.
Mount Whitney Power and Electric. '
The ineome atatement of the Mount
\Vhitncy Power and Electric Company i
tor the rronth and year ended August
?! has been made publie. I>uring the'
month moa returns from operation;
$59.617, an increase of $5,688,
equal to 10.31 per cent; expenses and
showed a small pHin; net revenue
increased $6,463 to $86,964, a Rain of
nearly *S per cent, being 2.90 times the
bond intcrer-t. The balance showed e
gain of nearly 26 per cent over August
in 191S. Kor the twelve-month period
gross earnings totalled $634,681, an in- '
crease of over 22 per cent; net earnings '
were 81 per cent higher than last year'
nnd the balance after bond interest was '
$2;t0,70,1, a gain of over 30 per cent.
Ottumwa Railway and Light.
The Ottumwa Railway and Light;
Company in iu, report for the year ?
ended July 31 gives groes and miscel
loaooaa income from operation !
amounting to $324,446, $11,943 greater I
than in the preceding year, and net
revenue after expenses and taxes of
1148.184, an increase of $b,4*.Y Inter?
est charges were only ?lightly in?
creased, the surplus showed a gain of [
mid the balance, after preferred ?
stock dividende which were $81,49-,
was $47,433. an increase of nearly }6 I
per cent over 1913. The outstanding
capitalization as of July 31 was $1,099,- j
900 in common and preferred stock, i
und $1,326,000 of bond?.
gold for ottawa
First Instalment of $100,000,000
to Go To?day?Exchange
Rates Drop.
Without waiting for the returns from
a formal call on the banks and trust
companies, the committee in charge of
the gold pool yesterday collected $10,
000,000 in gold certi?eates and made
preparations to remit the same
amount in actual gold to Canada im?
mediately. The bulk of the shipment is
expected to go out to-day. It will fur?
nish exchange, which will be disposed
o? at what the committee daily de?
termines to be "fair prices." so that
debtors to Europe will t>e able to make
their remittances, a number of which,
through the forthcoming ending of the:
moratorium, have suddenly become
most pressing.
The gold obtained yesterday was
gathered from nine bank? and trust
companies, haste being necessary be?
cause of the moratorium's ending on
October 4, so far as it affects bills of
exchange. The National Citv Bank
supplied $2.000,000 of the $10,000,000
collected, $1,000,000 being received from i
each of the other institutions, the J
Chase National Bank, the First Nu-!
tiona! Bank, the National Bank of Com-!
merce, the National Park Bank, the
Hanover National, the Bankers Trust
Company, the Guaranty Trust Company
and the Central Trust Company.
Members of the gold pool committee
said the ?mount collected yesterday had
been withdrawn from the Sub-Treasury
and would be shipped to Canada to-day.
Since the .atter part of August about
$31,000,000 has gone to Ottawa to help
offset United States foreign obliga?
tions, of which $11,000,000 was sent by
J P. Morgan & Co. for account of the
Citv of New York.
In a statement the committee on ]
exchange, headed by A. H. Wiggin, of I
the Chase National Bank, announced t
that it would receive applications for |
checks or cable transfers on London ?
within a few days, and would be then '?
in a position to furnish exchange. The
applications are to be made at the
looms set aside for the committee in
learing House, on forms which
the committee will provide. Applica?
tions will be received up to 12 o'clock
every dnv except Saturdays. They must
be accompanied by a detailed explana?
tion of the purpose for which the ex?
change is to be used.
At 3:30 o'clock each day the commit?
tee will go over the applications, filling
mich as are upproved at what it shall
decide are fair rates for the day. No
requests for cable transfers for less
than ?1,000 will be received at present,
hut applications from all over the
United State* will be accepted. The
committee will endeavor to sell ex?
change directly to those having pay?
ment!, to make abroad, without inter?
Because it was known that there was
to be an important shipment of gold to
Ottawa in the next day or two the for?
eign exchange market sold off rapidly
day. Demand rates dropped to,
nnd cables to 4.98li. At the same
time Parla cables ?old at 5.03 and
checks at 5.05. Marks were quoted at ?
'oth for checks and cables.
A considerable uumber of dollar
credits have been esUblished here re?
cently by Scandinavian and Swiss
Louses buying cotton. Cotton bills
have not been coming into the market
as rapidly as it was hoped they would,
and grain bills showed some tendency
yesterday to decrease.
Tho New York, Ontario & Western P.allrca-1
iny at the annual meeting of stockheid
erti yent<!d.?v elected Dorenso M. Qlllet, of
New York; Frederick U Lern
agara rail?, and Francis T. Maxwell, of
.nn., a? directors, au'-crt-dlng J
>k-r, rewlgned, and
Edward Mllaer, aWeeaed.
i.tral Cuba ?sugar
? anual meeting yesterday.
I home? L. Fowler to the board ?f ei?
lt- land R. ' kiln, re
| Stockholders of the Fltchburg Railroad
: proved ?n irsue of l.'.uO.rjoo bond?,
the proceed,, to be used in reimbursing the
it Maii.c f'ir about II. 180.000 expended
on betterments of the Fltchburg road and
for refunding ll.Ki.000 twenty-year 4 per
cent bonds maturing on March 1, 1915.
Anonuncenient h,i- I of the reor
gaulaatlon <t th* tange firm of
Olllrf-rt F.lntt &? c<> ? '"Huwlng the with?
drawal of Culver McWilliam and Rush O.
business will be continued by
The " Picture Company
has elected Crawford Livingston a voting
auietdlng tho ?ate Charlee J. 1IH?.
Th? tx- "'tve committee of the Denver &
RIO ?! ?
that nv ii' | i I vl,t<l w'th the New
York Trui-t Company i i p?y tltc Dem(r ?
istment mortgage bond j
i 1. also with the Guaran. |
, n r-rty 1? P*y tho R;r. tlrandt !
my tlitt inortg.ig?
: - ? ? ? ?? r 1
Term Rate. Payabl?. dat?.
at.. Q We ?let. 15 Oct. ?
l lC*a Oct. 1 -
nh M. Q tf
.tj.li. W I? Oct. If, I
urn pf.
Olobe-vVernlckepf I
c il? :v or C it '
U K.v?aVLi Belt. V l? Oet i- Oct. I
Wheat, Corn and Oats
Lower?Coffee Easier
in Tone. ?>
New V,,rit, IVpte-T her ?A 1?I4.
W-!,?n. )U?,,
'.'??rn. Bsjatj .. ..m i
('?ta, 1 . ?, 1?.
4 MS
?Tour. bhU. 10 i*. l?ka. I*
4i ?; i tie, balas... .
???ed. ska
' *le?.
al. hbls. 710!Tobac-->, hhd?... ?*?
?i. ??**.. ?.,: ? i4
I iiual. ska 4,?M Tobago. I
Oilcake, sack?
na. 1,1, ' ?-'-.?ese ? ?
-?raw, tons. 15 lists. <??e*.II."?
Milifeed, (ont .. -??: Dr poultry, irr? 1.S04
W hlskev, hhl?.. 171 Al .. H.OH
Win? (C\|>, Mia 1.J2I Apples. 1 I
Park, bMs. W Pol M .; .. 7,?90
Ham??, pk?;?....
ip?a i ?"all. et? Xi ?MS
iMt?, Pkc? 1.0T? Orange? (t'sli.b
Canned nirat, c* ?.115 Fesche* (('?li.bx? : '.'">
L?rd. t.?. W.-Poars (Call, t?
Lard, Wefc-s. 4,67).Plums ?Cill, ?Is 3.*'>
Tallow, tes. 11, t.ri?d fruit, rn?* ?,803
Tallow. bblR_ ?07 ? Peanut?, ?acks.. J*S
?*oao ?lock bbl* 1, I .Umonda, aacka, ?
Oleo oll, tes. .. 240! Rice, i.ltts. 1. '15
CotVd oll. btl? ?04!
Wheat, hush.. ?4.8?i'Pork. bW*. ??
Corn. bunh.... TI) Be?f, bbi?.
Oate. lisa*.... l?l.i"'?Baoon. Th. IOS ?W
Flour, bbl?.. Lard, Tb. '.?XT'??
Flour, ?ackh.. ?1,"M Butter. Tti.
Cornmral, bbls 7?*Cheea?. Th.
Hay, I alee... leo rot'seod oil. Tt
Whiskey, fa! ? 1?3.1M
Oilcake. n-....r.,ii..
Iron, X, No 1 f.?15 00 .Coffee, No 7 Itlo f.%4
Iron. N. No - f 14 .". I Sugar, itne gian 6.M
Iron, a, No 1 fis (to 'Moiaasca. OK p 86
Mee! ralle . Bf, f.imll- . ..?31 00
Wheat. No 2 red 101 'Tallow. rpe<lal. C'4j
Corn, No ? je ?ivrork, me*.. 22 17>.j
Oats, Bland ??h .""? Ho?:., dr
Flour, Mpl? p. 86 00 , Lard, mid West ?K
? a '
New York September an, 1014.
WHEAT? FepUmbor liquidation rauaad a
break of '?He m that contract and closed at
lowest point of th? ?eaalon Later positions
sold off ISClHc at on* tlm?. but acted
steady tn tbe afternoon and closed only HH
Tic net lower Most of th? news was bear
Uh. Clearances were heavy, aggregating 1.
000.000 bushels, the Western movement was
also liberal, and there were ?orne who thought
tl.at the visible supply would ahow still an?
other gain this week. With cable? off Hd
i? 1.1 and favorable weather In both the
Argentine and lr. the Northwest, ?elllng
operations were carried on aggressively, Vh?
prlnelial bullish Item was ?n official Rus
?lan crop ??t?mate of 77H.OOO.O(?"i bushel?,
compared with 077.0OO.OOO last year. This |
caused a ?harp mornln? rally, bal lbs after?
noon steadlnres was mostly due to the
nn-ngih of corn. It wa* eatlmatej that th?
Argentino emp would te 17B.04Vi,(h?) bushels,
against 13?.(?*j.000 bushels last rear. No 2
red. $10?; No 2 hard winter. HOT'S; No 1
Northern Puluth. tl O!?1. ; No 1 Northern
Manitoba. $1 lt*4, all nominal, c I f. Buff.il.->
CORN?Si-ptemher wa* weak under liquida?
tion, and closed 2He net lower. The later
month? were quite heavy In ;he forenoon,
belllnir off about lc under th? r levions i.lght
but ??feadled up after midday, ?r.d .-io..e<i
practlcallv net un.-heneel. No 2 veilow, lie,
nominal to arrive: Argentine, atrlrtlv prime,
?V. nominal, delivered. OATS?Export In?
terest was again apparent, and prices, after
an earlv decline of about lc. became stronger,
sn.I closed r.ractlcally nei unchanged,
aggregated 340,000 bushels. Cash osts c'oaed
weak; ?(andard white. IMUHc; No 2. .1246
Me; No t, ftlifo2e No 4. 5(W31c. ordinary
clipped. SS??04c: fancy clipped. Maf.flc: all
elevator. RYE? Easy; No I tVeatern 03o. e
I f. Buffalo BABLEY-Qulrt; malting. ?Sir
f. Buffalo.
Wheat: Opr-i. Itlgh. Low. Close, day.
S<nt. ? - ? - 1 14'i
Pec. ? ? ? 1 1SH lit
May- ? ? 124'? 1 l'4'i
\>'teat. Corn. Oats
To-day .2.8RS.O00 ?vo.rxvi i.7t.-,.oon
Last week.latZOOQ 2M.000
Last raar, i.t*ri4.?"io.t 761 ono t?8,ooo
Kiour. Wheat. Corn
To-day . 74.000 lAW.tinn -
ljiBt week. 8SVDO0 L033.000 2.000
Last year. 20.000 541.000
Owing to tl.? Jewish holiday, trade waa
quiet and price? were unchanged. RTE
FLOUR?Dull: fair to Rood. tuiflei?*, TO
choice to fan<-y. 13 ?.'.'$ is 90. CORNMEAL?
Qulrt; kiln urled, 14 ::,. BAO MEALr-Quiet ;
tin? white and yellow, 11 85$ti so-, coars?,
11 ::.<eil wi FEED-WK-tern quiet; hran to
arrive. 100-rb sacks. 123 50?ai23 *i, Mandar.i
middling. t.'3Met?SSS; flour do 1?1 60; red
dog. IMr.. C-ty quiet; bulk, ?22 50: sacks.
124 middling. 12'. C0?1S3 60; red dog, 134. Oil
meat. 13342133 M?.
A fear that ?hlpments would be hold up or
restrict?-i by Uie advance In war Insurance
encouraged the demand for ?not coffee here
earlier In the week, but buje- seemed to be
generally holding off yesterday. Local ?pot
?howed an easier tendency, but price? were
nominally unchanged st ?^c for Rio 7s and
at lnvjt' to 11 He for Santo* 4e. In the con
and freight market Kanton 4? were qu<
8.30c to 8f,0c and 3s st 8.?0c to 9c, while Rio
7b were offered here at G.75c to & 85<- Large
arrival? are expected here and at New Or?
leans before the end of th? week, and there
are now ?float for thU country over half a
ml. Ion bag?, making the visible supply about
it bagr against 1.S8?.00O la?t year.
atattstteal poaitlou of Brazilian coffee:
To-day. u-eeit. monili
N. < dellverle?.. lO.r.OT O.fll V.7E.6
N. rirleans dellv. |,tM ".IT- 133
Total deliveries. 15.863 17.4?? 8.311
New York stock. ?34.?47 982.?70 ?71.0?r,
N. Orleans stock. 86.8:3 Kl.fN 84.243
Stock, all port?-1.021.770 1.1X6.97? 1.055.308
Afloat . 534.000 429.000 287,300
Visible supply.. 1. i ? '
Last yr.'s ei*lbl?.l.818.317 1,160,18? 1.612.?3S
E?sler with grain; firm on support from
packers iiu'i Ltmiinlaaaloti haaa? . pork -
Barely Ftcady; inei ' <
|27- ihort clear, fc."4K5 '??? BBEF
I; family. U0?I132; paek- -
12tl- extra India mess. !40?f4f.. PR
IIOOS- Steadv; bacon*. 13c; ISO lb. Il'.c: ijO
M th, UHc; rigs. MV. COT
MEATS?PiCkla4 bellies dull; 10 Th. l?i^.(
16?,.?? 12 fb. li.%4c; 14 Tb. K>c Pickled hams
nulet at 16>4?lC?iic. TALLOW-Quiet; special.
STlc; cltv. 6'4c; country, iiai?S'aC LAUD?
Firm; Middle West. ???01?14V:-: .-Ky. ?\c. Re?
fined lar.l tlrin; South America. 11.36c; Conti?
nent 10.75c; Brazil, keg.. 12.??C. Tompound
dull st 7*4? RI?E?Eaay; oleo.
??Ac, city lard. 10?;-i'.l.
Rerx.rta ol a better European demand for
nearby d'.lveiies were he;.rd. Local contract
H'gh. Low. Close, day.
? ? - 8."?5.70 6.M)
. C.58 f..62 '..'7
November.... r.To 5.7S E..70 LTSSM.*?
December. 5.S0 L.S7 S7 5.S7
. L.M 6.00 D.93 5.M4W.?8 B.S0
February. - - - ?.054*8.08 8.01
.... ?14 ?19 (.14 6.I6?6.18 ?11
April..'. - - - ???!?.
May. - - - in?fl?1
H <? \R.
No change In refined, on the b??l? of 6.6?*
for fine granulated. Business limited,
the country evidently being surt'lled, and
while demand from abroad continue?, prices
setni to be 1 little lower. Th? market cloned
flrr.;, at ...W'c for centrifugal. 4.37c for mo?
id 4c for Cuba?, cost and fr?lght.
A (Iray "Receipts at I'nlted States
Atlantic port* during the laat week amounted
to 88.709 tons, against ?".514 the previous
week. 2?."61 iast y?*r and 4fOi7 ?wo ye*rs
ago: melting? were 48.000, ?gainst M.000. 47.000
and U.OOO. and total stock. 319.381, against
83C.6T?. 196,581 and ?4.481 ton?, respectively."
? '
N?w York. Septtuit-r 30. 1914.
Ill I I ?-.Ii
Receipts, 10.51T pkgi?. Price? suslalned on
n highest grade of freah creamery.
Oenrral market dull and weak. Creamery,
extras. StraWv. ; firsts. :
?ate. dairy, flnest. MU4J2?C; ?00J to
?-oceaa, extras,
firsts. 246??c: Imitation ereanx-ry, Trst?. aJ'4j
0t4U.c; la?tl?s. urr.n! make. Prsts. li^a?St;
['??-'king ?to>;k. June make,
tin?. 21H323B; current make. No 2, -'
( tu BU
Receipt*. b.%?& boxes. Sl??dy on highest
Little activity. Wii ousln freely
. and unchanged. Fresh skims plenty
Mate, whole milk, fr.-f'.. colored,
- ?nd white, specials, i:-???jlc-, ol
41..y un.1 while, a
rrtme, 144?l6c; under
??iiles, 14VQ1? .
.-.in wvol. 11.Uli, f
li#l?*4e; ?tat?, aklms, nvld. special?,
1*014.'; rre?h, a-HKiala, U0ltv4je; good fe
r?e?lpi?, IS.T70 ra?ca. Th* Jewish holiday
put a damper on trndr Htrl-tlv higi
acarra and Ami ? ? I '?>*
Tu?l(t|?a m ..o.
Rulk or businrss in Wratem ?ea?, ?
?lili mere at "*?..-?. Ntorag? eggs Ufeleei
and met by low bid?. Nearby eggs I? Ugh?
very fine? whites scare? end firm.
?to-? dull. Freeh ?a
nrsta. N4>*a-; eeeenda '-'03-'; cheek?, good
to prime, cry, l^oJOc- undergra -
refitgerator. spe,-|?i rnarks. f?*io-,' charge*
peM. ale. firsts. 8Vi0'.'4V; esconda. ?2013c:
I'enn an; ri-- . r 1. ? hennery whites.
'- - new laid, tt#4?c; d? r
?erflic; gather,?! white?, a? to ?Im and
quality. SOejJ?,-, Western. g?tlierr] .
S?OOJo; ?tate, renn and nearby, h?i
11033c, gather.d br'owna and mixed
calor?. 1?4?2*V.
trading light and limited.
Al'I'Ll -r bl.l, |1 &O0$3. common
and wlndfulle. 7ooff|l 2T-; rrebapplee, ?mail,
per bbl. |44>$? lar*?, ItOK; PEARS, CI?PP'?
?VI 1.1 llarilett, 1*1. 144101; per
II MM; K?ek?l. p?r bbl. 11 WM?
14; Beurr? B ???-. I.W14 50, Heur? Clalrgeau.
I'M. 1'- re d'Anjou. I>M. tilt?*
I ? ri tnirhess, ?jrS0t?7T.;
Watermelon, t. ?*>0$3 ?B , How?, 110$? M
men sort?. tlfllJ, baak-t. ?&c?ja*l. p.artlrtt.
110*2; baaki-r, Seflil; - basket erst'-.
r"?l W'-trrn Flherl? l,ox, ?e4>?V;;
" -. p?r bU?h?l
II .'-Ott?'': 8 rb basket.
, r buahel t*?kei, )i M>fl)|l 75;
iket .f.,cv tide, Mrglrilii. quart,
are. oaaw, 454Moc,
Niagara, .ta?, 4r>lf?0'\ Concord, 40015c;
Wordn urtba, 40rjro
1 4 rti beeket, T01?e: i,i?ck and Walt?, ??.?.
Nlag?r?. :0-n> baa>
Mac* ?nd white, 260i?c; RASP
? 1, pint Iff*.-, HFCKLE
m1 Jer.ev. quart. SOlJc.
io.,i? | HANrlKRRIKri. Cap?
i bhl, laroo-14 ;-.n. erste, flOtl?; MU6K
crate. 7t''0
ill?; twrt-ihird crate, ?04J7.? . ?at, .SO&Oc;
Osage a?m?. flat crate. 50075c; OR A NO I CB,
I Kls. box, lirjt-1; Cal, tltr? M ORAI'E
1 FT.tMT. r?a. box. I?4jt4 60; Cuban. 11014,
. Jamaica. 114*11 M; Isle of Pine?, I10M; Porto
''.ill. ALLIOATDR PEARS. Kl?, hrx.
'Sihan. 13 604*4)1 50, PINBAPPLE?,
red Spai.tah. crate. oOctftt;
ONS, per '""1 *?d. I
Mt, 110U120; CITRON, bbl. SO-; Nl'TH. chaat
ii'? per buahel, $t(0tj|9; I
ern, M?o<il?: chestnuts, cult (rated, lb. ;.*riO.\
Potato?? plerilltul and weak. Onions dull.
String beans firmer for f.incy gr<-?;i. Cauli?
flower? weak. Lettuce In excessive supply.
Lima beaut low.r Mushroom? lilgnor.
Other vegetable? without material change.
OEO. Main-, bhl or bag. 11 70411 .-0.
Long Island, 13; state, $1 76t?$l 00; Jersey.
12; BWEQT PDTATOL'ri. Ier-*v, bbl,
12 504J?."; bat-krt. 76e/*tl 10; 8outb?rn, bbl
12112 6?.; ??NiOVS ahit? pickle, haeket or
carat?, ti SOaMi ether whit?. 30000c; white,
bag. 7.V41? at; yellow and red, bask"'
aie; I. I. yellow and red. bbl, f 25011 60.
Conn Valley, yellow, red. h?g, .Setrtl 10;
Orange County, yellow, red. whit?, beg, 75c4jr
tl 10; ?tat? and Western, yellow and red,
bag. 73c0$l 10; Jersey, yellow and red. 7ocfr
(I 10; Ohio, white, rrau, 60076c; BEANS,
?t?te, wax. basket. Util 25; green, bsk. 7fcj
OH 25; nearby, wax, bsk or be?. 78c4bll 2?;
green, 75c4Ml 26- Rslttmore, wax, basket.
7MM1S&: green. 7.V"itl 12; Va. wax. 119
tl 80; green. 73c3$l 2>V cranberry basket.
7.Vutl SO, BRCSOELfl M'.'OCTP. qt, 2012c;
I HKET8, 100 bunches, 60ce$l; per bbl. .MX?
UtROTS, 100 bunci.*?. 75ca>|l; bsk,
40060c ; bbla. unwashed, 78cOtl; washed.
II ?11 BO; ' KLERY, Jersey, state and Mb hi
gKn. du-/, bundles, 1O4?40?-; rough, per case.
11091 71 CABBAGES, nearby, per bbl, 004*
ftOc; prr 100. Sii-CrQUU), ton. ?VtJfUt;
?vi I.IK'./iWKRP. 1. I. ?hon cut. bbl. t.?
| SS .V); long cut. tlOta Mate, per bbl. $1 BOO
rate. 70ctl|i. 2 -dos crate t?o
feTSi CORN, per liio. 75.?12; CVCl'MBBRS,
t.t-k. ,V?97f--; per bbl, tl 25flf-; mu?tsrd bbl.
60076c; CUCUalBSR PICKLES, ?Ute, dill,
bask, 75OO0c; EUflPLANTS, Jeraey, bsk,
60c0?l; bbl. tl812 LKTTLCK bsk. .
2 dox box, 36075c; 3-dox box, COcOtl; LIMA
BEANS, JerMv and L 1, basket or bag. T
mtl. MI SU ROOMS. 4-tb bsk |1f|3 60;
OKRA. bsk tl, Pfc:A8. ?Ute. bbl, 23cefl 60;
tek. I'Oc'gtl 50, I'BIPKHS. bbl, tlfll 26;
sugar bbl, tl ?MTtl 76; Ink. 4f*?00c; PL'MP
KINfl. bbl, BOjItlf.o; PDMAINE. nearby, bsk,
26c0tl; RADISHES 1O0 btmchee, 76c4f|l;
SQl'ASIl, marrow per bbl. 604?76c; Hubhard.
bbl. eCt'?7V. TOIIATOEH. nearby, box, ?i5c*>
tl; TfRNIPS. white, bhl, tl 60?!2; ruta?
baga, bbl, rV
Dull, lone b?tter. New Involop? lighter,
but demand does not expand. Straw
steady. Large baled now hay. per ton,
timothy prime, $21 : No 1, $200020 50; No
.'1 to No 3, *l?u$19; fancy light clover
mixed, $10 60**20; No 1 clover, mixed,
$18#$19: No 1 clover, 18010c; rye ?traw,
Ne 1. tin; No 2. IMUtl'i. (Small baled
timothy even on top qualities and 50c$t!
lower on poorer grades.)
The market I? dull and a ?urplua l.i
ix-cumulatlng. Th? October Borden rate
of approximately 4Hc a quart fer Orad?
II In the 21o zone 1? considered to be the
market value The receipts of milk and
cream In 40-q>iart cans for the week ended
September 20 were aa follow?;
Milk. Cream.
Erie .au.7?.! 8.SO0
busquehanr.a . 7,??O |O0
W??t Shore . 14.648 7D1
l.ackawanna . 55.775 2,010
N. Y. Central (long haull, . .101.?01 2,479
N. Y. C. lines (?hort haul).11.616 2tl
Ontario . 40.257 2,;,48
Le.hlgh Velley. 33.0414 1.302
Homer Ramsdell Line. 1,726 tl
New Haven. ri.057 24
Irani? . 8,121 431
Other ?ourcea. l.tSSO M
Total? .P.20,817 13.500
Total? last week.ai7,52fi 12.274
DRESSED?In the ab?cnce of Hebrew deat
ers being the Pay or Atonement, trading was
?low and market without material ch?nge
TURKEYS ' ed. Western, ?prlng, rb, ii<f
IICKI NS, 12 to box, dry
pa'ked. milk fail U to C4 tb to do?, 204922c;
n to M fl>, 17c; 37 to 4.'
l?e; 41 m and
an 1 o. ?
we.stern. t.hln. dry pic.-en. select
hens, :;6Sk'. tnnis. UOjlc; ?veralte
:i'c; Tex?n. dry pb-k?.l. fiversge be
No :. 144115c: o! bera. A;ss:4. : old
2Zc: CHICKENS. I] t . r?x, ?oft m*
rt.. IiariTHc: (I : ? it ib. ni
over. O?-, . orn fe I 1* to 24 t\
: to I ? fb. Kc; J7 to
42 rb. lac; U tu 47 V :? rb and orer.
lie; dry packed, bbl?, Wc-j-rn, milk ted,
mixed weight*. II , :,r.d L I.
squab. 1 lb ? alr.!'.\i?)i45c; Phlli
fancy. 2 rb each, '" gPenn, broiler?,
.'x lo i Vt> a,; : owr. lfirlic; Va, inllk
fetl, broiler... 19-- .-. to 3 rbtjand over, lie:
Wertere, dry picked. 4 lb aie) over, li-: ix<i
fb. 1701&C; Western, milk fW. dry risked,
broiler?. 10-? ?'i to 3 tb. dryiplcked. loOlfic:
! Western, corn fed. dry plckej. brollsrn, KO
HU,r,, | rb ?nd over ISc; I P., 150)Kc: |U to
. lb. UHtTlto: mixed ?eigh'-, i:
Mbb. ?Ck.drd. mixed weight?, Kc; 4 tb ?ud
(Over. 17tflk. ; otler Western, n-alded. mlx?d
weightf. 1 KOWL8. U to box. dry packed.
Wrste n, boxee, *>0 fb and o.e- to dozen, dry
a te I la 47 m. ?vie;
to 35 rb. lie; under DO P>,
lb-; bbla I'd, Western, dry picked. 6 rb
and over, 194c; 4*i ?, Ik 4 rr
under. 15015V; Southern
tern, dry pl-krd. average bcrt.
?her WeeUrn,
in- : vw-terr., ?aided, am all
- old. n.. nlj. ; I
i ar.,1 Jeney. l^SOKc;
-. white, 10 lb 'o doz. ?3 H
t I to M rt>. Il M;
dark, tl - 'all M; cull.i. LC-?7ic- OUINEAS.
spring, 3 fi and ove-, ?mall.
giid old pa : ro?en?TUR
KI-.VS. V-'istern. ?m*l. t -.,*.', dry picked, sc
voun? hen? . 1*?! young torn?, tie;
Western, l.bin. dry iAc.-k:, selected, ?ettnf
?verane best. '.'1 B
old t"t
2Ze: CHICKENS. 11 t? f?x. ?oft n.eatci milk
! fed. 31 to M lb to dexen. l^c; S7 to 42 Tb. 1??;;
17 It?. 17.- 41 lb, 19c; ?taggy, 13*1140;
? -1. 31 to 3? Tb to d te II lb.
47 rr.. L*c 4S Tb and over. 170
I17V- M Tb. lir?lS^c; aiarr rowi.s.
?13St: ROiiSTi:ilS old. I3*vc ALIVK-Flfty
, tight car? on tracks, of which nv? car? un
? loaded for delivery when the holiday closed
New York, fceptember 30. 1814.
- eta, 870 head; 20 car? on ?ale. Dc
i inand light, owing to th? Jewlah holiday,
i which k.-pi the majority of buyers away
? from the yards. Thtre teemed to be a
little better feeling, based on expected
moderate receipts for the next few day?
t -eve? were rated firm; th? under
! grade:? unchanged. Poorest to beat ?tear?
?old at t? 7*. n t"? 90 r,?: IPO lb; oxen a'
i5 2?jtt"; hulls at 1450?$?; cow? at U
'fl 15 40
rial???M?-Pher?on O Co : 18 Va steer?,
average. 18 00 per 100 lb; 22. 1100
b. t7 40: 13 "\<-t.. 1121 lb. $7; 12. :
;td25; 12. 1050 Ib, $?: 8. 1137 lb. |6 80;
II. 1135 Ib, $5 2:i; 2 bulls, 1215 lb. $?; J
i cows. $06 lb, $5 10; 8, 1024 lb, $5 36; 1,
! lff.-O 11 ?
ri. Senders: 19 Canada steer?, 1215 lb.
$7 75- 1. lL'.n lb, $8 70; 2 cow*. ?55 lb, $:i
Newten i Co.: 10 bulls. 0418 lb. $3 50;
1. ?30 Ib, $4 50.
Kerns Commission Co.- ? bull?, 1050 lb,
$6: 13, ?07 tb. $5 60; 14. 802 lb. $3 13', 16.
603 lb. $6.
i ?-liamherg O Son; 20 Ohio ?teer?.
lUlft It. I^IY a, 1233 ?u. $7?-.,. 16, 1075
Tb, $tr; TO W Va, 1111 Tb. }7 9?; 9, 1*77 Tb.
f ?
.'.ndrcw Mjllen: 6 cow?. UO Tb, 13 it.
< \I.VE8.
Receipt?. tM head: ?25 bead en ?ale. Veals
on light ?upplv rulet Mrrn and smlee at the
upper yerda were :50:.i)c high?*; graaaer?.
yearlings and rough aiurT ?low and weak
without a clearari-*. Comm.
vaal* sold at ? 400*13 5? Per 10? tb; cull*
te&otttS; good to chelee areaarera, tsTtfOK.
Dressed calves quiet at li?lSHc foi city
dn-Baed ve?ls; 1?017C for countrv dreseel
Sales.-J. O Oirtts * Son: 187 \<
n. ?\-i;agt. tl? 50 per 100 Tb. 13, 133 P- J
;c 141 Tb. 612; **. 1? Tb. til 75; ?. 16) P-.
Ill 50; 3. *0 lb til at, 1?9 Tb. 110 50; i. ?7
n. 1?; 3 culla, 150 Tb. tl: 4 1*0 n.. |7 6?- 3.
B lb K. 1? ?r????r?. 207 lb. W; 11. 2Ci Tb.
j'"''h Bobm: '* veal?. ?2 Tb. 11:50.
.. tia
V. W. oila at Co . B iealb, U7 Tb, ?;. ?
?- Ar U S Nl!imh?vk: 18 ?ai
,.An'lrr* Mullen! 4 veal?. 184 n.. $iltO; 2,
m la, in
M. J.J
i' ?Il ? cuit?, 142 lt., 1\ ?l tad -al
t?. H w.
R*c*lBt?. 4.770 head; Il cars en aal?. lh?Mp
?I?j|. t and lui. iy at?ady; Umb? ?low and l$*j
not fully cleared. Common
i? artei ?beep (cw??> ?old at uoo#l .
lb; iiit-dlmu to prime Uinl.a, $7 ?HstflS 40.
Dr?*??d mut?on alow at ?attic per To; dr*?*?d
I?n'bs. l
Sal???Kcrna Comml??lon C?. : US W Va
lamb?. ?6 Tb. ?a 40; 313. ? Th. HO?; 12? Penrt.
r, n>. ?s t;.
Newton A Co : IM W Va lamb?. 72 Th,
J. 8hamberg a t?on: 21? Buffalo lamb*, 74
Tot in 1 l^hiinnon: 10? Penn lambs
i ?8: 28 ?h?ap. 141 tb. I?; I?. Ill lb, 14?
1 H Kand?rn 73 Penu lsmb?. ?4 fb. 17 78; 10
yearling?. M n-, t.". 00. 10 ?heep, ?2 lb. $4 80:
(jester.lay) 8t state lamb?, M Tb. ?7 ?S.
a Jill I f. I ? . .1 state l?mb?. ?4 Tb. V
I'lilenback: 27 ?t?t? lamba,
83 Tb. 18 10. k _,
Curt?a a ?on: 3 Verm?nt lamb?, ?8
IT.. 88 21.
H?-elpt?. 6,$S8 head; barely a car ?n ?ale.
jr.d good medium weight hogs
' ?i?* per 180 It.; roughs. It. Country
at 1:4 l?e for medium to
S?)e?- K*rn? Commlsalon < o. : 43 ?tato hog?,
134 P> . per 100 lb, 23. 158 Tb, S? a?;
2 rough?. 3;:.
fVtraa?. ?.?''m M ?i? -?; PU trtpta 22.
! (.si. w?ait; uni'. I t gt't. ?14..'.r
Ittav mixed. ?7 fr.fl?* ('?'.. heavy, ;
?ugh, 17 t?.".l?$7 SO; piga. 14 73A88 6<>.
- .lot?. 15.000: lower; beevr?.
; $9 0043911: ?tear?. 8* '.'.?10. i-tookers and
IB as?tS aft: cow? and heifer?, ?3 40
|?W; calves. $7 ftoalll 2:>. IBBBP (U
I dipt?. 4h.u00. casv; aheap. ?4 70?$!j 75: year?
lings 8-i Msst*? 2i>; Limbs. ???87 1?.
K41 . .
0.000: lower: bulk, ?7 DOrfH 4r>. heavy. I1W
l?i 10; rackers ?s ? $7 l?04>$i 80;
light, t I ?. l
Receipt?. 10.000; steady; rrlme fed -
?Ksflll?i'O; dr???ed N*f. $7 SO?$0 7...
?rn. $i 10517 23; cow?. $4 2f>i?17 2.' haltera.
1 ??4 25 780 2.*.: stocker? and feeders. M '..'.(
M7o bulls ?:. 2M??? .10: calves. $* .V>?*$10 50
? in... 17,000; strong: lambs,
???rllrits. ?5'26*86 25; ?
Il u ' HO?8 ReeeipU. 10.
I tw?. hlaher; pl.'s and lights, 17 73'dli'
lieber?, is 75*1.? OS. good heavy. I? *>(?
:|R?V CATTLE Receipts. ?,800; higher;
; r.ative beat steers, 17 .vntllO 83. ?-ow? ?nd
| heifers. ItSJl'J 13; ?lockers and '
I 17 SO; Texas and Indian atrer?. $?*!$*: cows
land heifer-? 14?tS.V>: native calves. $fl4?$H
Plttaburgt. S'pt, '?0 -f'ATTLE slow; sup
ly fslr. Chatea. $8 40*8? 73; prime, $810^
?j:S. PKBEP ?teady; supply tl|ht. Prime
wethers. |3 7 ' nd common?, $2TJ91.
I l?mba, 86 ryv?il? 2C: ve?l e?lve?, IU 808112
! h?-v;m lower. receipt?, 10 double decks. Prime
I heavl??. 88?; m?dlum? ?nd heavy Yorker .
$?4M>*?C0; light Yorkers. 13?? *; pig?. 1173
flit; roughs, ??als 23.
lOy Telegraph to Th? Tribune.]
Louisville. Fept 30.-HHEEP and LAMB*
--Receipt?. T3. three day?. ?73: market
?t?*dy: good fat sheep. 4?94?4c: medium and
comrron. 2fi4e: beat fat lamb*. 7t?7He: me?
dium and cull lamb? mostly at 44$Sc: com
| mon sheeo and traaby cull lamb? alow ?ale.
Large Receipts Cause Drop at
Chicago?Other Grains
Chicago, Sept. 30.?Big receipt? and
the diminishing of export Inquiry cut
a figure to-day in gi ng the price of
wheat a downward si .it. Closing quo?
tations were heavy at % to 2v?c net
decline. Corn was unchanged to 2M?c
lower; oats finished Vic of to Vic up,
provisions varying from 30c down to a
rise of 25c.
W'beat bears put all the emphasis
possible on the fact that arrivals at
primary pointa were nearly double
those of a year ago, but that shipments
had hardly made sny gain. The snow?
ing was declared to be especially dis
? couraging in view of the enlargement
of the world's available suppW and the
I seeming nearly complete stoppage of
foreign demand. The only business
done that appeared to be for Europe
was a sale of 200,000 bushels here to
| go to the Atlantic seaboard.
It was in the September delivery
that the lowering of values became
? most acute. Deferred options received
l considerable support on depressions,
, but failed to score any impressive up?
Corn r-as partly sustained by the
fact that assertions of export sales
were confirmed. Belated September
holders pressed the selling side from
I the start and at times bearishly af
! fected the rest of the market. Oats
ruled strong. Provisions averaged
! higher ss a result of rumors of hog
Kangc of prices:
I Wheat: 'ipen. High. Low. Close. ?Jay.
?.-.'i i or. , i ?i4 lot
? IM
Stay.... i 14*4 i lo?, i u?* i it i u?;
ran 7i 7i
SI ?;t .
May.... 70', 19% n%
4.V? ? ?KV? 43S
47s? 4V? 4tT? 4S 47'?
May.... BO1* 31'a JO'a 00a 31
?Oct. ?!>-? ?S'J ?63 f>?3 9 30
Jan. 0W 10 10 U 87 10 10 J 07
Oct ...,1107 11 ^5 11 M il -5 1t -o
Jan ....10 10 1H47 10 37 10 47 10 40
Rcpt ... 17 20 17 20 17 20 17 20 17 40
Jan ....19 4? 19 82 19 62 10 82 t? 4ft
! OCEAN KREHiHTP?The demand for
! stea.ii tonnage ?a? light and but little was
; done in chartering. Rates ?ere steady and
] unchanged. Qu .atlons to Liverpool. 4d ; Lon
, don. 3',1; Hull, 4!. Hr: ?.-.). 4i?.i. nominal;
i cork for order?. 2s ?.1. cotton to Liverpool,
1 per 100 lb. 30<435c. CHARTERS? Norwegian
; ?learner, 7,608 Ubln r.?!'.rie1 petroleum. New
| York to Scandinavian port*. I t, O
i Dut. h fteumer. 1.37:1 tona, china clay, Fowey
to rhlla.lelphla, p t, prompt; Norwegian
?teamer, ??30 tons, logwood, Janiai.:a to New
: York or Siainfor.i. p t, October: schoomr.
till torn. tcul. Phil? to Polnt-a-Pltr>, p t;
1 880 tons, same, and back. Turk's (?land to
I'ro\lienre. ?alt, p t; ?choon?r, 1,01* ton?.
cOal, Baltimore to Key West. 11 2i, and dla
: charged; schooner, 78? tona, lumber. JacU
?oinlll?.- to Philadelphia, p t; schooner. 1.111
ton?, lumber ?nd tie?, Jacksonville to Naw
I Y.rk, Ii, an 1 17.-. respectively.
Liverpool. Sept. 30?WHEAT?Spot ea?> ;
1 No 1 Manitoba. 8? SVjd: No 3 red winter,
I new, 8s 6d. Futures ?asy; October, 8? 3 4d,
1 rWember, >? 6?4d. CORN??pot nominal,
.futur?? ?t?ady; (Vtober. a? i%<\. BACON?
Cumberland cut. ':? to 20 lb. 80s 8d. HHOflv
DE1U8?aquara, 11 to II ih. 77?. lard?
1 Prime Western, in tierces, new, 48s ?d; old,
'48s 9d; American refined, in pall?, 83? 3d;
' ?-I Ih, boxed. 13?. CHEESE- Canadian fineat
Wh!'?, new, 73?; colorad, 74?.
following railroad reports for
t August were made public yesterday:
? ?Cincinnati, New Orleans A Texas Paeifle -
I Cross $828.787. decrease 123.621; ne:
teUS d?cre?a?, 813.S18.
I tleorgia Boutheni a Florida?Ooss $188..
? I*;', Inert?.-*? 8W6M; net $20.3ai, Increase
I Alabama Ortat Southern?Grona $4?J3.3W,
Increate 111.111: net 1111,922, decrease
Canadian Northern Gro?s $1,S?7.700, de?
crease $407,100; net $244,700, decrease $1?V).
Duluth a Iron Range?Gross $4?S ?O?, de?
crease $343.41?. T.et after taxe? $340,390.
deneate $3v3.280.
? D S- Altany-Croea $1.487,000. de?
crease $1411.13?. net ?tur taxes $100,690,
decre??? $14.11h
? ? ?' i ? -
Fix N. Y. Railway Interest.
The arbitration committee which was
appointed to determine the amount of
interest to be paid upon the New York
Railways adjustment income bonds for
the six months ended June 30 last has
fixed $12 8? a (1,000 bond as the sum
to be paid on coupon No. 5, the in?
terest to be paid to-day.
It was figured by the company that
the amount available for the interest
was $12 40 a 11,000 bond, and the in?
crease as decided by the arbitration
committee was due to some minor ad
; jur-tinent? of the general interest ac
| count.
Brokers Discuss Plans
for Opening?Southern
Markets Lower.
No official announcement ?u made
a? to the action taken by member? of
the Cotton Kxchange at the meeting
?with the conference committee yeator
.lay morning-, but pcopl? present stated
that it wag agreed to abide by previous
arrangement! mado between the ex?
changes and margin the price of De?
cember contracts here down to the 9?
cent level. It was further agreed to
pay no margins below that price, and
that negotiations be continued with
Liverpool in relation to the settlement
of the straddle.
For the time being little progreta is
to be expected in the liquidation of
-traddle, but it waa reported yesterday
afternoon that an announcement might
soon be expected with reference to the
syndicate plant for taking over remain?
ing contracts.
There was another meeting of the
special committee on rules and bylaws
yesterday afternoon, and the special
committee on the Clearing flous?
movement has invited suggestions from
all members of the exchange with ref- j
erence to plans for such an organisa- '
There was nothing in the day's news
to cause any scaling down of crop esti?
mates. The Giles report, making the
condition 76.5 per cent, against 63.7
per cent last year, indicated practi?
cally no deterioration for the last half
of September, and favored the larger
view? of the yield. The wet weather
resulting from the low barometer off
the Gulf coast is suppoaed to be hurt?
ing the grade of open cotton in certain
sections. Southern spot markets wera
unchanged to %t lower, but several of
the prominent markets were steady at
Tuesday's prices.
Southern spot markets were tele?
graphed as follows: Savannah quiet,
unchanged at THej sales, 390 bales.
Charleston quiet, unchanged at 7Vke;
sales nil. Norfolk quiet, *4c lower at
7%c; ?ales, 48 bales. Augusta steady,
unchanged at 7r*ac ; sales, 1,027 bales.
St Louis quiet, He lower at ?%e.
Little Hock quiet, %c lower at 7Hc;
aalet, nil. Galveston quiet, unchanged
at 8c; sales, 2,142 bales. New Orleans
| quiet, l-16c lower at 8 l-16c; seles, 260
balea. Mobile nominal. He lower at
74c; sales nil. Memphis steady, He
lower at 8c; sales, 425 bales. Houston
quiet, unchanged at 7%CJ sales, 1,150
Liverpool, Sept. 3t.?COTTON?Spot In
fair demand, unchanged to 25 points lower;
middling fair, tied; good middling. 5.K-1;
middling. 5.304; lew middling, 5.07d; good
ordinary, I lid; ordinary, 3 47d. Sale?, 4,100
bales. Including 2.200 American on the basis
Of 5.30*1 for middling; imports, ?."68 bale?,
liclu-llrtg 5it American.
GEORGE E OONUET CO.. flan, 1*7 Front
st., made assignment to Reginald I. Im?
pera tort. Petition was riled against company
Sept. 17. 1913. and It made composition at 100
, cents. Liabilities then ware Wi.?*.
MATTHKW D. KELLY, policeman. 40:,
Lexington av., tiled petition as a poor person
aneble to pay the court fees. He owes $140
to nine emitters for money loaned; no assets.
TIERKAN 8 COALE. 7Gu Weat End av..
formerly printer and station..-, filed petition,
with liabilities of 17.01?. asse.s. |.'45. Cred
! ltora Include Jos-phlne A. Coal?. 13.000, and
estate of William 8. firewater, tilt.
EDWARD .SCHMIDT, stationer and printer,
Larchmont. filed petition, with liabilities of
$6,4tO: asset?, no value. Liability Ici a de?
ficiency Judgment obtained by Washington
Savings Rank. Feb. 4. Uli
tiAMl'LL UEVKNO, clothing. It Washing?
ton Piare, filed schedule? In assignment,
hhowlng liabilities, 14.703; nominal assets, 13.
: 736; actual asset*, '
; BAatUBL ortos.SMAN. teller. MS ;-:ssex st.,
lile I schedules In assignment, showing llablll
?!?-- 1701: nominal asset?, 112?; actual assets,
i Hroad st., was adjudicated a bankrupt on
i the voluntary petition filed Tuesday, ?nd case
1 has been sent to Stanley \V. Dexter, referee,
te take charge of further proceedings.
The following Judgments for amounts of
moro than 1100 were filed yesterday, the first
name being that of the debtor:
Anita Safety Match Co.-Bu?h Terminal
I r'tores Co.. 1171 ?4.
' Bedell. Angelo C.-N C. Hllke et ?1., IV
' 109 52.
Brown. Clarence, and National Surety Co.?
Carlock. Helen A.? Rhlnelander Real Estate
Co., ?.
De Hvnii.ii, Catherine, Frank and Melvllle
R. Oelsner, $51? 41.
Epter, Benjamin?J. Rlmllnger. 1100 51.
Gruen. Fanny?St. Luke's Home for Aged
Women, 14 .;;?
OallanI, Antonio?.lohn B-'U Co., Ill- 74.
Deisler. Jack?Torlc Optical Co., K-0 74.
. I conli-y Co.?J. Cornelius et al..
1117 11.
Oerbr. Bile??. McCabe, tit? ?5.
Jacob* Fruit Co.?J. Denralzi et al.. t421 12.
Jaret David?Pre?? Publishing Co.. 1103 4?.
Kerngood, Norman W.-Singer fselaqi Ma?
chine Co.. 1129 ?2.
Lehman, Adrian-Robert Graves Co.. $134 67.
Lawlor Joseph C?Kerln g. Dunn, $481 tit.
Maln.*r. B.-rnhard?Now York Truat Co.,
I 11.45.. ?7.
I Marckwald. Lou!.?B. Guathal, I?.lt7 74.
i Mill?. Burrltt-W. & J. Sloan?. t?a Si..
i Nagle, Harold ?,?Morewood Realty Holding
? Co.. 13.? S3.
1 Onflev, Byron-B. H ?tern. 1185?.
I Orcutte. Edith K.-A. Howell. 11,07;, 54.
Patter-on. Robert S.-Lawyera' Co-operative
Publishing Co., $132 15.
I Patrlzlo. Antonio?A. Prospero. $440 42.
Rlchman. Albert R.-R. I* Way, $101 23.
i Serber De? *n l'o., $410 M.
John, and Patrick Doonan-Peopl?.
StC, $1.000.
rtcbolas Holding Co. ?n<- Henry V,.
Perelman-Twenty-thlrd Ward Bank. $157 90.
shee, Edward U-Hotchklas, Vail Je Garri?
son Co., $1. ., ?. ?
i, KoppeUon, I1..S3 33.
Wilson Monmout.li B. and Maude Y. B.?
.p'erUnd Glass Manufacturing Co.,
?eme. $977 is.
Wolf. laaac I.-Hydraullc Pre?? Brick Co.,
Windsor Land and Improvement Co-Two
Hundred and Twenty-fC-r Weit Thirty
fourth Street Co.. $64917.
VUia Mr? Nathaniel 51.?Glmbel Brother?.
New York. $4*7 43.
Wblunorc, B T .omaa-John W?-.am?k?r,
New York. $105 54. _
Zacliaropouloa, Dennle. er Dennl? ?acbaros?
Brotbere, inc.. t3<3 06.
The Broni.
?Cohan. Jacob?G. Harris. ?12911
! Clilnnlr., Mary, ?T.d Ooul? II. Se?or?E.
W Gray ft al , 1241 90.
I Davies, Henri, end Aaron Smith?Zariana
Realty Co., Iltl --?
OallanI Antonio?John Bell Co.. 1115 74.
1 Meehati, Jan??B. Rosenthal. 1224 41.
'Neuron. Bengt-J. Caiiajkow.ki $621 74.
Per.lman. H.nry V,.. ?a* St. N ?choit.?
Holding Co.?Twenty-third Ward Bank.
?Ug5Knlttlng Mills. Inc.?I. Kahn, 1330 51.
Welser. Eljons?Callahan Estate, ?14? It,
The f\r*t name 1? that of the debtor, the
at oiid that of the creditor, and date when
judgment ?a? filed:
Rledlng?r, A. G -E. Kolb; Sept. It, l?l?;
Single gervtee Package Corp of America?
J. L. Feeny; Jaiv. t. 1014 ; II,?34 17.
The Bronx.
Bimon. TTHIIaa? sf Bieten ; May ?. 1?14;
?5? 14._
Singer Mfg. Outs Dividend.
Director? of the Singer Manufactur?
ing Company, the big sewing machine
concern, yesterday reduced it? riuar
terly dividend from 4 per cent to 2 per
cent, placing the stock on an 8 per cent
busls. The amount of stock affected by
the cut is ??0.000,000. From 1901 until
June, 1902, inclusive, dividends of 7 per
cent per annum were paid by the com?
pany; from September, 1902, to Decem?
ber, 1903, inclusive, 9 per cent; in ?904,
31 per cent; in 1905. 13 per cent; in
1906, 8 per cent; 1907. U per cent;
1908, 15 per cent; 1909, 30 per cent;
1910, 19 per cent: I'll. 12 per cent;
1912, la per cent, and 191?, 16 pet cent.
Harriman National Bank
Fifth Avenue ?and 44tb Street
DEPOSITS - _._^_ ? JH5W.II
Considerate fer ta? welfare of the commercial and roercintiJo
interests confided to its care, tha Harriman National Beak is
prepared at all tirar?, subject to agreement, to meet promptly
and liberally the requirement* of its customers, as determined
by their business, financial responsibility and bank balances.
International Mercantile Marine Company
To the Holders of Four aid 0 cHalf Per Cent Mortiife ?nd
Collateral Trust Hold Bonds. Dated October I. 1902:
The International Mercantile Marine Company having announced it* in?
tention to defer payment of Interest due October 1, lit?, on Its i1?,'.; Mort?
gage and Collateral Trtiet Gold Bonds dated October :
signed, at the requeat of the holders of a large amount of aald Bonds. ..a1'?
agreed to act aa a Committee to represent and protect the Inter?.
bondholders. A Deposit Agreement Is now In ?'Ourse of preparation which
will bo executed and lodged with the Depos:'
Bondholders are requested to deposit th?Mr Bond? in negotiable, form
with coupons due October 1. 1911, and suhsciuently attached, with the Df.
pomtary or one of Its ?gent? who will l*?ue transferable C?Ttlflcat?a of De
lKX?lt, application for the listing of which will be made to the New York
Stock Kxchangr.
New York, September 2?, 19H.
?OTTO T. BtNNAIlll. 4 hair ma a,
rlIKMHI'h M. MIII'M1>.
XIDNKY ?. TTI.r l>
.ilukkt ii. moots.
4 oromitte?.
2?i Broad Street, New York.
ADOLPH BOIShtVAIN *. CO. Am?t?.-r4am. Holland.
'HRIE * CO., 0? Lombard St., London.
LAND TITLI 'hlladelphla Pa.
PLANS $40,000,000 NOTES
New York Central Issue to
Bear 5 Per Cent Interest.
According to an announcement made
bv J. P. Morgan & Co. yesterday, the
Sew York Central & Hudson River
Railroad Company is planning to issue
an aggregate of not more than $40,000,
000 of six months and one year coupon
totes, divided equally between the two
maturities, for the purpose of meeting
the company's financial requirements
w?U into '?915. The first maturity to
be met is an issue of $12,000,000 one
year 5 per cent notes on November 5.
The new notes will bear interest at 5
per cent. The New York Central has
requested the Morgan firm to manage
a syndicate which will purchase th??
notes on what is believed to be ap?
proximately a 7 per cent basis.
The date of the public offering of the
notes has not yet been determined, but
it is understood that the company's de?
positary bunks arc taking a large in?
terest in the underwriting syndicate.
findsTr?de poor
in south america
Automobile Man Back with
Report of Bad Financial
Detroit, Sept. 30.?Business condi?
tions in South America arc unsatis?
factory just now, according to Peter S.
Steenstrup, foreign representative of
the Hupp Motor Car Company, who has
just returned from an exhaustive in
vestigation in those countries.
"Conditions are particularly unsatis?
factory at present," said Mr. Steen?
strup, "not only because of the Euro?
pean war, but because of purely loci,
reasons. Crops have been bad in many
sections. In others, where crops were
good, roads were almost impassable,
and therefore the products could not
be taken to market. There have been
many extravagant and inefficient ad?
ministrations, so that credits have been
greatly impaired, and the purchasing
power of the communities has been re?
"While business will be terribly up?
set until the finances of these coun?
tries can be adjusted, and while they
will probably buy sparingly until their
present stores are exhausted ?espe?
cially if they have to pay cash?there
is no doubt but that in certain lines
of goods they will be compelled to bu/
from us for cash and in greater quan?
tit?s. The only safe way to do busi?
ness with these countries at the pres?
ent time is for cash, as under the ex?
isting circumstances it is very difficult
to know whom to trust. The busine ?
fabric there is on a far more crude
basis than hera, and it is very difficult
to obtain a truc estim?t? of a man's
worth in panicky times."
[ By Telegraph to The Tribune ]
aifeany, Sept. eti ?Ttoptort r>. reliable
Limousine Co.. Hempstead: 150.(W): S. A.
Mi-Avoy. Heiiipetead: W. Hutcliu,. -,i. 1. C
Cadlen, N. Y
Wearwtll Silk Mfj. Co.. Manhattan: 110.
4>y>; J. LPhteln, U'klyn; A. kimlth. N. Y. ; U
A. Jiiir.ia. N. Y.
Frank B. Marchant <.'o.. B'kiyn; -
manufacturlra: 110000: J. H. Marchai
7Ht ?t., R'kUn. ?y, B. Mavhant. B'Ulyti: ?
II. Hoben?. B'kiyn.
Wood Enterprises. Manhattan: theatricals:
? io.?XO: Bose Mullanay, |?M Bwavy, If. Y :
J. M Wood. L. Lantheaume. N. Y
B. A B. Cloak A- huit Co.. Manhattan: 110,
000: !.. Backer. 5?O Blake ?v.. B'klvn: N.
Nad Kassen. N. Y
skowh?-?ni fUavlt) Coran.. Manhattan 16.
J. Koltz. -'74 V'. 140th ?t.. N. Y.; J.
0. Kittel. Astoria, L. L; M. E. Bt-rnhardt.
ne. N. J.
A .1. 4 J J McCollum. B'klvn- coal and
1200.000; M 'i. UeCelhMn, ?7 ilich tt ,
Montclalr. N. J.: J. J. MuAUUter, liklyn.
W. A. Kentuhon. B'
Gibraltar I'llms. Manhattan; motion pict?
ure?: lloO.OOO; t<. Dalton. 100 Bvay. N. Y.,
H t.In?, i?. Fleinlna. N. Y.
Oarcl? Blunt CUw Mf?. Corpn.. B'kiyn
?3.000; n. Merlu?. 063 Noairand av., B'kiyn:
H. Wnintraub. B*klya.
Holt Welles Co.. Manhattan: dealers In
carburetor?, auto:- I I 800: L' A
Stickl?*, 4s Myrtle ?\ . EdMwater. N. J.: C.
Holt. P. Welles. N. Y.
Beechhurat D?4 ? ?opm?nt Co.. Queen?:
realty conatructlon; $10,4)00: O. Lunenfeld.
804 Albemarle Boad. Flatbusb; J. LunenfelJ.
flatbtiab; J. Wolfman. X. Y.
Estates o( Tappan ?w. Tarrytowa: realty,
i Martine av.. ?VMt?
Plain?; L. W Prince. C. H. Mliehell. Wfclu
Savoy Development Co . B'klyat 15.000: O.
Blzao. 410 Cleveland ?t., B'kiyn: C.
it n?. j. lalyata, L Uva.
Thomas Toby a Co.. Manhattan: realty.
?50.000; T. Wat. B'kiyn; C. A. Harri?.
B'klyii ?be!, N. Y.
Famous Packard Auto Ren tin? Comn .
Manhattan; S5.0O0; T. V. Moor?, 4M8 Eiihth
!'. J. Clavln.
Earnings of Pennsylvania R.R.
The Pennsylvania Railroad system,
in its August report, shows a total
operating revenue of $33,795,542, a de?
crease of $2,514,10? compared with the
previous year. Net operating earnings,
after deducting $24.180,621 in operating
expenses, were $9,614,1)20, an increase
of $?343^0, the gain in net being due
to a decrease of $2,843,999 in operating
costs. Of the August revenues the lines
cast of Pittsburgh contributed $23.
011,495 gross and $6,612,831 net: the
lines west $10,784,046 gross and $3,002,
089 net.
The report points out that only ap?
proximate comparisons are available
betmu.se of the new classifications put
into effect on July 1 b^ the Interstate
Commerce Co- .mission.
hi. .i'l NO Mil
III. l'KO IT I Mill? K\ll M \s
: me? ?111 b? paid on
' >??
O. 11 asttrae*.
CHARTERED 1804. ? ?
Union Trust Co. of New York
Fifth Ar 4 31th 8t Fifth Ar. 4 ?Olh 8t
Capital and Surplus $8,3)0,000
Allow? Interest on Depoelt?.
The Farmers' Loan and Trust
1?, 18, 20 and 22 WILLIAM STREET
New York City
Coupons and Dividends due in October
?re payable at this office on and after
October 1st, 1914, ae follows:
Birmingham Iron Company
Cayadutta Electric Railroad Company
Chicago <fc Northwestern Railway Coin
pany equipment Certificated, Serie? B
Commercial Cable Company
Connelloville Water Company bc'e
\ Rousatonic Power Company Notes
I 4*7*
I Jefferson City (Mo.) Water ?
? Lackawanna Steel Company
I Menomonie Water Works Company
Mobile & Ohio Railroad Compati.
tension Mortgage
; Mobile & Ohio Railroad Company
Equipment Agreement, Series B
Muncie Water Worka Company
New York Business Buildings Corpora
r tion
?'New England Car Co. Trust Ce
cates, Series A, New York, Naw
Haven ?. Hartford Railroad Compena
! Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago ? St.
Louis Railway Company 4 Vc, Series
A and B
I St. Louis, County of
St. Louis Merchants Bridge Terminal
Railway Company
I St. Paul City Railway Company
i St. Joseph Water Company
I United Water & Light Company
United Water &. Light Company
Victoria (Texas), City of
Twin City Rapid Transit Co. on Pre?
ferred Stock
Twin City Rapid Transit Co. on Com?
mon Stock
Duluth-Superior Traction Co. on Pre
ferred Stock
, Duluth-Sur?rior Traction Co. on Cow
mon Ctock % ?
|F. W. Woolworth Company on Pre?
ferred Stock
j Weyman-Bruton Company on Preferred
Weyman-Bruton Company on Commo i
Winslow, Lanier & Go.
OCTOBER. 1914:
?it K?BKR 1ST, ?11.
Cleveland 4k Mahonln?- Vail, >? Ti:
Kef d *?.
Cleveland O Pittsburgh 11. it Co. lien
Ml?? 4 4? and l**s.
Franklin, Indiana.
' Marion County, Indiana,
i Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne ..
Spl u'r. Quarterlj ill
Portsmouth, Ohio, street Impro eoi
O? TOB ER SU, 1014
GreenfleM. Indian?, 1?.
OCTOBER 6TH, 1014.
Pittsburgh, Ft Wajree & Chloege R
It?g. Otd. Quarterly dlv. I ,
4KTOBER 7TM. 1014.
Portsmouth, Ohio, Utreet Improverr..
ui loBl.K leTII. 1014.
Bute of lndUna Vlnosnne- University
Pulsskt County. Indiana. Fundn* N
i "Val
e OctotWU>h 1014 ?i UM ?
y ":. B rres?aoa m etai atreet, ??a
? t the
' Treaeurer.
|HK Mll.Mlt I \i I

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