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Mayor Asks Governor to
Save Local Commis?
sion from Murphy.
Seos Plot to Thwart Re?
sults in "So-Called"
Inquiry Here.
Stenographer Testifies She Was
ratten On as Hospital
Helper Others Talk.
... t
it of 1 igaiion
::i a
before the Brooklyn
??? r-. 1:7 Rcmsen
directly up ! > Co
ether he would ?1
? ,?:? ? to lay
i sei
ied :t, by
lendation?. of thi
should t1:.
, ... , , i..
ras thi ? ?or o?
ste law, srhci e
i ommi -sion is Tiiiiowi ;<??!
i.i j).,. ,i>
?.,?-. ay.!
the Mayor,
the Mayor':
r (,u\
- Plan I" Thwart Wntk
i,,l, Irr.- bj
? ? . Municipal '
. ' ciency
spe of
m a
of the
? i c. m
. i
t |
. ? ted I
e city gov
? i it i
ifi" -Honed.
pcrpe- '
i :??? very
. ommifcsion
? ?
? from
ill ' pa
?ch a
I di
, uted ? ' n Counsel 1 i rough
. pear ami de
? ? ? smine those
ali of tlie municipal
comrni right was denied
v vas finished tho com
i tor last Monday the
inginn new, or second, In?
Kation, and announced
thit wi ? ...,.,; by coun
???'? i I pw what a proposed to
?'o by ! aquiry. lor my
see the reason for piling
? mir) ujKiii another."
" .. ? peaking on the sub
the Public
Admii and said that situa
< had outlined were the
? i uch bodies ?t thi- City Club
.? take a hand i?
Sensational svidanca via- adduced
it the heal nu "i 'ha Btatt
i i\ii Service Commission
on of tin conduct "i the Munici
?al i oinm ii i intj Practical!)
-, d?y wa- consumed wall an .
n into the ?
?tenograpl ?
?in- '
ii ? .
i infur testi
,d by
i Depart
tenth floor of toe Mu
, nba
igh appointed and
..;. roll
? pei ' They
ippeai before Mr.
. . ..
opening o? tin
I thai he hud
nted from mal
irk by
, il ?on for ? ? ?? t?te,
dei ? dispt -
Haaakowlti Plead* Economy.
i ho comment eaueed Corpon
I Polk, WllO, Wit.:
? R. Coudert, represents the lo?
ot the lot?) eonmission, to leap
with the ra joinder ? hat he
d.'k as h "vailed ?'
? aunsel to sttaa *
Mr, Polk
.? ingsb ?? ?! i pon the I o
ibpcenaa. 11.
lalned that hi had Inatructed tho
' ' lhat it uch
??!?? net valid and that .-? ?
( had no ? call
? ' ore him,
lJ -it i,i
' '
?ion, was eslled to the stand and te
the new systems he had li
italic?, in the civil service dep?rtate"
and the circumstances leading to it
.! of I'hihp J. I'ottYy and ? lam
' art is, formerly in charge ol the I
lur Bureau for the certifli
non-, ompetitive ?abertal
elevator runner, ? i men! mix?'
et . t ?i a hi'-h qualif) mg '??
i'i. Nosko??ti t.it.-d the?
had been dismissed for roa oi ? ;
? i'nMi-.y and efficiency and that tl
"elk done by them is DOW i
among ether burean-. He ti
did net ? onaider either man.
. .1 mind, not? it hstanding tl
tn. t thai CotTej had been
with the department for eighteen yea
i -n 11 - im- sixteen.
Florence Roland, stenograph?
? lh< Department o? Public Charitie
: il ?? aras not on the ? li '1 ae
rice li?t. she stated she had applii
to Commissioner King-bury for a t"
i and had boon referred to Mil
? tarj an.) ? onl
st?nographe) to the COmmli
who, after examining her foi
minute-., informed her that sha Im
qualified for a position, She was da
igaated as a "hoapital helpei. ' i
though her work is confiped
offices of the Department of Charitie
"Did you ever go to any hospitals'
n-ki'd Mr. Moss.
"Yes." replied the witness, "I ?ral
a ith an ?n\ es ti gator."
Oar.sntan t.ets 1'o-ition.
Cl\d B. Rot e, secretary .-?: I
i leputy ( bai ? ?? on n
? former!
worked as office boy for (
t'. 'inn'...-.-, oui -i Kingsbury in Seattl
W.. -ii. and t iat he bad come to I
with the erew < i the t nivertit
? i Washington for the ??tercollegiat
tta at Poughkeeps .. Aftei th
boat races, he said, he had come '
. itj. and within three wei
been appointed by Mr. Kingsburj ..
"Hospital helper" pied I
dut:, Commit
r Wright in u clerical and seen
"What an
helper'.''' ai ked Mr. Wo
"l don't know,
me of them acting as nigh
watchmen and others eleaning the coi
;? and bru
i \'i Kee Borden, secretary to th
? m.-1,t of Public Charitii
Deputy Charities Commissioners Hen
ry C Wright and Gordon Ireland, whi
? tute the "Board ol Ex*
for tin- Non-Competitive Clasi ... Em
ploy.- m thi- Department of Chari
' followed each other upon thi
Moss read the e a
dorsed foi appointment to po
as "I ospital helper " He d< mandei
,i board i ad ?
? on nanu ?I m ' ?
?hat no such examination had takei
Mi. Wright In
hi I .nt <?
Department had been the same, lit1
. . ? t the rani of "hospital
. ? i .? recruited in ' rge part
the r.,nl; ".lie drunk
- crfoi nir.i b
omen ?mployed under th<- desig
ol "hospital hol] r"
? .^trr.
Tl . board of examiner?., of which h"
? .? said, had never un
rsonally examine such
g ho pit, I up. rinten
In to a qui -t ion o I
? : helpei " t" ? l< rical dutii -
? he be
ihcr: and
?'u.f thi -
' ? - v ? ?
? il helpei.-'
? ' i opolitan Hi? t'i'.il lo
Gasolene Tax Cut tn One Cenl a
(ialloii Senator Attacks
??triff Policy.
I loi "
pending war revenue bill were
agreed upon D mocratic
member; of the Senate Finance Com
. which \- i ion all day
Consideration of the measure will be
resumed to-morrow. It is epected tha
the bill will be completed and reported
to the Senate on Monday.
The committee agreed tentativelj t..
reduce the proposed tax on sweet wint
to 20 eenti a gallon and on dry wines to
8 ?vnts a gallon, in accordance with the
reeommendation of tha Treasury De
partment. The provision was re
ta maki th.- tax payable by tl
arm of a stump tax instead of al
.-ed discus
ion the House ratei on beer wi
tsini .1. but ii
The tax on gasolene was redu
1 cent ;i gallon and a pi oi ision
lobiles .">n . ? , ,
In the ?ase ot contract
read) entered into by manufacturers
. -v will be payable by the ?obbei
e bill
daj by Si i a toi M. ? ?um bei, a
i the Democratic tariiv policy, and
ha the pel ding revenue bill
le Underwood-Simmons
tai iff bill had been .? lailui.-.
"If you have faith in
producing qualitiei ol your tariff bill,"
d, "why don't you follow the ex
? o and issue I
ta\ in it* dellberationi to day, but will
m fore .' to-nn.t row a Bub-com
- immendat on ; hat thi pro
posed tax of $2 a thou and on hank
capital and irplui be eliminated and
.m tax
and othai paper The
would be :
*'i of di
|1 (Ml Prom thi
? ?
about $10,000,00(1 a yi
Il was also at :
l with
the iindei standing, h ?wovei
'.her ini . made
ihould li?- committee find I
plated considi ration of a'l
?he bill.
committee action with reference
to gasolene and automobil!
considerable lurpi ?? g?nerai
expectation had bean that an automo
iv would be substituted foi the
pa tax. The one c-ert on ga
. ting to HO,
l, The i"-' ?
: ..-. .r on ..'i'omob !! not
will ba levied on - There in
,, |.ro-- ? hut win-in-, i i ..
manufacturer airead) has contract.
s. II automobile.- . . price, the
-.J.V hall !? jobber oi
11 . f the in wi '
? the bill >* ill be . "ii
I o-moi i o%?. '
I Human Men Among Eirst
to Pledge Their Aid to
New Chairman.
Mills. I'arsons and Other lead
ers Join Heartily in Campaign
to Elect Whitman
Frederick C Tenser, the new chair?
man of the Republican state Commit
most overwhelmed yeeti
? in. own werde, with elTi
?upport In the work he Iihs before aim
electing the state ticket Hi
particularly gratified, lie said, al the
way in which the llinman adherents
had come forward. Be also received as
?urancea from many who have been
opposed to William Barnes that they
? , would be Influenced
waj by ihr retiring chairman.
Mi-, b i ? ?rl of the morn
? ?i bim turn ng ovei the m
? it? i ? tdquai lei ? Aftei that
eived a number of membera of
? ?? , ommittee who remained orei
.. have a chance tu Ulk
Late m. the afternoon he was with
il- ba rl Parsons, Lira P. Pr intice, ?<u
lei l . Mills and Samui I S Km-mi;.
??I came to tell Mr. Tanner Ih:.i he
would have my hearty support," i
Mr. Parsons, "ami to tell him I did no'
beliei e he tras a Barnei n
When ..sked if he thought Mr. Barnes
would tro! the committee he
"1 ,!<? not helirv e thai on a stiaiglit
anti-Barnei line-up in the committee
?day Mr. Barnes would have got
ve votes."
Mr, Barnes .-aid he thought the itatc
committee would be safe bo Ions, ?
I anner was at the helm.
"1 told the -tat?- chairman that l
would support him loyally in every
way," said Mr. Mills.
John .1. Lyon . la sdi r of the 31st \
embly District, who was a Hedges
I hi I d i ome to beliei t thai
Mr. Whitman wa the best vote
irtj could have nominated, for?
mer Senator John B. Rose, of Orange
County, who wan one of the llinman
manager i, a a a ralla iti bead
"I a . id on my own
ret." \|i. Tanner ?aid, ?o that no one
Mould doubl that he intended to he
, hairman in fact a - vieil
"Men who know me know that
Men with whom I have
? ,! u ??i final I out."
ra) iel'." -.I'd Philip .1 Mi I
president "f the Mi Yoi n > oui i
ay that [
-. mo? n Frederick C. Tanner for
many year.-, and during all that time
there ha never been any question
he siood. Ma' ?a in thoi
aympathy with the liberal view.- of the
Republican patty, lie i- independent
and will remain free from enyba
tact ful and will stand
?? whole party and not ,mv partie
act ion. He ii a cleai . .?' 11 i I
youi.g man. experienced in th ba I
> ,ty.
"i am very much for Tanner and am
confident he will be highly acceptable
to the party as a whole, arid will pos
? el of the
Mr. Md ook'? cliih hai long been op?
to tin lead? ? I
and after the pi t to
member of the n<
and liberal minded ma
-iare ol bei ? >? under the in- ;
"I ca . speak ?,,r : i\r
chih." ?aid Mr. Mr< <-<,i., "though Mr. !
? i- an active and u ?
landing and I havi no
doubl of the favorable opinion o
large majority ,.f ?t<a membi i "
Mr. Fanner wenl ou! of the city ye
to ba gone until Monda} \
ne. he a ill :;ike up * he ?election
? .
begin mapping out thi campaign. The
n v ill not atai t
.,nt il ?*>... ,,' i, i .
Utoi ne;. \\ ?tman ? i
will not be back until Monday.
Canadian Methodists Propos?
Consolidation with Others.
Ottawa Oct -' The consolidation of
lethodi t, Preabyterian and Con
onal churchei In Canada wai
proposed this afternoon in an ofticia!
report of the special committee of the
Methodist General Conference. Indi?
cations weie t!..?i the conference would
report unanimously.
It vi. . d thai I n orable ai I ?on h-,
? ? l?? i eini I onfeience on its com
mittee'i report would result In placing
the plan before the Presbyterian fien
eii! Assembly ?n 1916 The Rev, Id
. ol Toronto, a membei ol the
m it tee of the Prenbj
. ha? il e.;.?v announced official -
ly that ihe Pre bj tei ?a \ emblv
von),i t.,):,. up the quest i<.n of church
? ? '.:..,.? 'Ul|...
President Olynn and Osborn
Said to Feel lie Could
( ?meut Breach Here.
iv illiam i'. McComb . chairman of
Democratic National Comm
ii ? froia Virginia last
night, and at once wet ml,, ionic
ence with William l'h'.irch d
,'iairman of the si*te commit?.
Mr. Osborn'l home. ' r .,
Although ha would mak no statement
believed ?hut M
Combs vmII accept the chairmanship of
??-.? committee, which meets for
?ation m Albany on Tuesday,
Mi. Osborn wisl e, and both
are an? I dr Met !oml ?
up the burden. They believe It would
result In a better understanding be
tween the federal administration and i
the organisation hen
? ii Glynn .-pent meal of the
.'.i. with Mr. Oi "m. oing over the
details ,,f the campaign. The plan now ;
Governor Glynn :j tour
in a special train during the laat two
reekl anil a half of the campaign. !' ?
will base hi) jilea for election on hi
The Governor, Mr. Osborn end Mi
McCombi will hold further conferences :
lacob If. Schiff ha- sent the follow
?ng message to the Governor: "I con- ?
grat?late you on your nomma'
npoit vom
?quartet have hern openei
\ u.Im .lame, Gerard, candi
United state- Sonata. h
. in,- Hotel, with Thomas I?. Me<
? Marge.
Mi Uerard, ha?wever, will -tay in
lin. four Ihousand ij? In thai
? i,, - campo * I be novel.
Colonel Will Start Campaign
with Davenport Monday.
Colonel l!'??? avail will root "!
1 >\ it? i Baj until Monday, whan ha
?..ill start ?m hia moath's campaign ,01"
with Pn del lei M. Davenport, Prouv?e-,
?Iva candidate foi Governor. They will
Irai .-I m automobl lei
Cbauncey J, Hamlin, candidate foi
Lieutenant Govainoi.etarted
to net as an advance agent
The < ..i., m -r. Itinerary foi tha I i '
week i :
Monday, ^ ...it-.-i . Cold I pi
Beacon, Wappingtr*s Palls, Pough
k. ?p n- i night '.
i lie day, King ton, Sauger!
kill. Hu.I- . . ?Troy, Albany.
\\ sdm lay, ? > lieneetaoy, Bal
Saratoga J-i" mgs, Glenn I al H
I ?.r , i.iik?' George.
Thursday, 1 ?conderoga, Wi itport,
il s bet h, Keen? i lile, Platt bui fc*:h,
I i id.iv, Malone, Pott idam, ' anton,
i Igden burg.
Sat urda). Gouverneur, w .?t. rt
ige, Lowville, Boonville, I tiea.
. .un unu .I iri.iii BOS? 1
the anti I ui pi ? Demoaral who ail
at i. 'id m< l
ment :
". ?|| i.. -,. i ? pi
i Ine 11 ii .-..1 ..' Seei etai y Bryi n
Democrat and ?. close i r end o '
' . el, wh. u tul?! that a "
Bryan might take the tump for
Uo> i rii-'i Gl
"Mr. Bi | u. ii a Demtw i
,\ ?1] net er . pun ? '?"' ii'" Glynn'i
? until Mr. Mm pi ) oui ;
of politic--, and
', .
. ?m
The itor? to eliminate
Murphy wa pul.I. had yt terday.
Immediately the town wa fl
wit i deniali thai there ?an any truth
m the story, but later in the ?1... Mr,
Poley* frank and illumii I
? ouncement a as made I n addit on t..
itement already quoted Mr. Poley
"Mr. Murphy has never asp red
the Di mocratic 'at.- i rcum
?nd <..n.I.'.ions havi
forced him lo .? u ic ? lead* i
did n"' a ant and wa i irk omc to him.
Men ol h gh landing and grcal pi
nenee in thi Democi
a' vai n. i : mi ad*, ?i ? and
urge hnn to lake lh< leadci hip in
Democratic polil
"Hereafter Mr. Mui ph ? will confine
hi . act ?i ities, ..i out
side of Manhattan ire concerned, to
?" ,,,|- er, 'i it he will not buti
in Htnl try t.. name tl" ? i airmun
or try t.. ad ranee th inter? I o
I'm- [)<
I homa i -,.....
M I . Mlirp:
i Victor J 1 '"?' ? d, will
Mr. M ii : r
i ...ni i ,
.-. "St ranu'i'i - Not \\ ?
"No I i. ?
. to maintain h ?
v hington, Ot
i -
? ? lough
.-. tentativ?
Secretary han:. .. let
(.?ihr I , and
,.- would
? Democratic l
??tlt 4 i
? allows .
"Deal ? i"\?i nur I read
... n you.ption
of the dutie* devol ? ins upon t hi
ernoi a
v. ? ? ? . -
lb nun in jour
they will rquall) applaud youi
"It i
-.. ho have fall? d t a ca? i \ ou
ni? dgi upoi lieh they were ? .
can tra.:e then failure to the fact I
they did n..t thamaelve.rt ic the
? tiv< leadership a huh their pu?
nition imposai It ws oiling
leadership at Governor of New ,l?-i -??>
which eau i I Woodrow Wilson I
chosen for the Presidency, und hi
leadership ai President has won him
tin- applause ol patriotic men o? all
"it i ??rat
tertain the ame hub ideal ol v ur
great office, and I trust and bell.
of Sea Vi.i k s n: commission
you t.- eform -. of a huh
the passage ol -n. li . : ?marj
and workingmen'.- coi
? .pi i Red \ .-.i i
of ?.m p.n'v. ?nd ii" not
ley will rat
primary in the S'ovi mbei ele. I
"With sentiments <>\ esteem and
? egai d, I .. . ours,
"JOSEPH! S HAMl.i - "
Plani foi .-m a. ? .
? ? ? ' cou
; . about to
W ilson and the
srj Bryan
? ? d on the ? un. ,.i ?, , ?
? ?
he '
tivi ly? v .,- decide i that Mi
- ...nid ?peak in New *i oi *.
t.. Pel ? Idle West
d Iowa lie Will t'.- :n I ?hi.)
? pos?
it ag.. n within I
Java u tui n t.. Washington.
Seeretarj Daniels will appear next
k in Kentucky, Tennessee and We ?
. wee\ following in
1 Sew Hampsl
The lui i
? behind Ai
? ?
. . a York. I he adminii tration is
COI lit";. ? ' i
cratic Si ? i i onnecticut.
Returns. Indicate He Carried
Only Eight Counties.
from the- variou thai bat ?
??! here n-.die.ite that
v Beam ?? i d no1, do o ?, !i as h?
contended, but tl mi h better
than the lea ted. li tl
ures at hand he
i .
-.. ? r \\ i H
i i
Tioga, Putnam -? |
In Ulster Gtynn
Expurgated Account of
Debate on Cotton Be
tween Heflin-Gordon.
EOR $5(K),0()0,000 LIFT
"Prepare t<> Camp Here if You
Don't Help Southern (irow
its," the Threat.
| IMr.Ill '1 '?,? Tl M'Ml ? :
Washington, Oet ''? A threat that
rn Da.ai nrill not permit an
adjournment of Congroea until they
have exhausted a-fTorts for the relief of
eotton growers was made in the Home
..,.,. ... , , b Representative Heiln.of
Uabai .id engaged
?n verbal war with ReprtaenUthra Goi
don, and ohio Democrat, on the floor
immediately following adjournment.
i:, i, legialator "euaaed" freely, fol
. Mr. Gordon'a ultimatum that
"you are not going to put any of that
. .,,., ta el currency l?gislation
Representative Henry, who n now
i ging" foi legislation for the i o
ton growei . and who want-' the Treaa
ury to advance |60ft,000,000 on the
South' ' rop, contributed to Dem
: iction to-day when be laid
before the President a "memorandum
:: ho? Secretary Mi Ad.hould
pi.| ?n the pre tent erlals and "ri -
cue the South from a wljd orgy oi
banki n to ensue."
Tha II. tin Gordon "near light" tol
ubmitted by Mr. lief
Im that he have forty minutes to dis.
cuss (he cotton situation next Monday.
-I obji ? ? " outed Mr. Dono'
Connecticut Democrat "I'm going to
object to all the a re.me ? i to talk.
ight to adjourn."
1 You'll have no adjournment until
some of u- h:lve a chance to -<<ik about
tton situation." retorted dr. lief
lin. "You mlgh i well I"' ii;'"' '"
i amp ha l
v ti i adjoui nment the Alai amian
. ,..,i to upbraid hi? < oi nectl
eui rolli ague. Mr. Heflin ob i
ill became ? Democrat
? ngland '? throw obstruction
,- a VI.ni". 0
. ,i va hen M r, Gordon, of Ohio,
elucidated his opinion in blank prose
? ? .I, Mr. Heflin re?
plied :
iod) but a fool would say that."
? ? ppa d.
? h ., corn tassel currency
scheme, and you know it," repeated
Mr Gordon.
??'i .? , and an ? body ?? ho -ays that ii
u tool," reiterated Mr, Heflin.
1, it ill ?ant to hear of
I ( ?h'o member
"You'll hear a ligl I more if you
little whili," laid Mr.
' ? ?'
??i i .i Mr. Gordon moving
? th< cloakroom.
Blenl i II ba ? ipplied on applica?
ft* pre entative lieilly, of Conneeti
Dt ?? Mr. Heflin with
I :.t Mr. Donovan migh'
i vn hi objection if he ha !
beefl '-?'? " a noment for reflect ion.
II,, are -t-,11 attempt
.< pact ror adjournmei
word from tii< Senate
ng foi -i - early
?o ithern 11
into line.
.m ?
('resident the Sroretarv
i : ? i .i could announce that
? ? ? . he will deposit in thi
hroughout the
I hundred million dollar- aim
ver) largelj dispel the gloom overhang-;
hern ?titei because of the
ted and paralyzed cotton mar?
Ii>- <,?.., ;, ., precedenl the i Ihio
Inaliana flood?, in March, li>i:i. "whei
?? ??! ? di -patched to I >.<
national lank., thcte a ei ! >.'
I nuns Refuses to Act for Wom?
en at Second Trial- Sa\s
She Ignored Him.
' ' le Mil Mae A. Sullivan ictau-. i
attorney it ii possible thai there
will be no second trial of her breach
ol proi i -e mit against Arthur I. Hoc,
!??! Mirabeau L. Towns, ui,o appealed
IT sat firal trial, an
? that he would not
" ' n l igain \ >.- Mi;.- Sullivan.
\ ? nment ?u tha
?eld;.y wa the ?igning ol an ordei by
(tins, Philip J.
I with Mr.
t., rel ira
io, being a minor, had to
? illivan
?ued foi 1150.000 oi br? ach of promise
ami for ?76,000 foi breach ol contract,
the latter being an ?liage.! verbal
'?' M.i" to paj ' . i ? 1,000 a
Ml. 1 , lient told
I im ihe i ad an ofTer of settlement.
He adi u d hi r to ?ettle ?I ihe could do :
Igl OUSlj M Towns alleged
not heard from her since, and
S illivan had failed to reply to a
? "? t to hei by Mr,
'I h.?oi t al ? ?n behalf
Hoe to settle avith Miss Sulli?
van ara* contra ? >r ?n the
a-eek, when Edward G Pringle, eoun
?el '? .-ant he would
? two nt.-. Mr. Pringle also
obta i.d an order to examine Miss Sul
? . day ba fore the trial of her
ntract action, which is on
ilendai to be called on Monday.
1 oder the hea
I ooling of* Period." "The Na?
tion" discus ea tne row euce treaties.
-. ying that the American suggestion
representa a "valuaole experimental
cuvante toward the practical estab?
lishment of juatice between nations
?aken b) H'people who may well be ex-!
i i ?? to exercise a oowerful voice
m the determina':....! u? tne iuture dee?
?? the eivilised wcrld when the!
? lUrj is pa.-t.''
W. H. Jasper Gets $4.000 Job.
?am ll Jasper, ol i:u Convent
appointed yeaterdai clerk to
aU and
appraisal in condemnation proceed
Joseph M. Seh
rho re i tima ago F*ha
I l,00d a year. The appo ntment
madi by the i . .,? r\
and the I
Mr. Ja pa i. ecra far- oi tha \.,
lional Democratic ( loi.
Citizens Union Questions As
sembly Nominee?.
The Cltltoni I'nion Mai I" eviv
candidate for election t" tha Assembly
or the Senate yesterday ? letter anking
lii..i for his views on th<- following
I. A eonstUutional amendmaol pre
?Hdlng f?r a short ballot for .state and
county officers.
_?. Non-pnrti ian eondui t of elections
by election officiais chosen in. civil
sarviea lint?.
:t. MakiiiK the election di itrii I 'I"
primary district, so thai th?' primary
election will be COndU tOd ' ? 'he name
hoards thai coaduet the general pi"''
! tien,
4, Extending tha safeguards ?.i 'he
tara laa to the irUnarlee.
i h.? u.se <?f sehoolboueea and
publie building" for polling pial ?
?i. Granting to ait. the powi ?
provide by referendum for non-parti
lan municipal elections.
7. Municipal boma rala legislatioii.
including a eonotltUtional amendment
i permitting citiei to adopt and amend
, their own ehartei
h. Th.- d 'eat of all billa ?hat da
priva th.- New V??ik City authorities
ot control over ?salaries of city and
county employee and other matters of
1 purely local administr?t um.
Werner Says He Was Dumm?/'
in $180,000 Deals.
I erting thai be had incurred lia?
bilities or mora than $180,000
"dummy" of Joseph <?. Robin, coi
bank wrecker, Theodore Werner, of i ?
127th it.. Oled a petition in bank?
ruptcy yesterday. Re asserts tl
lias p., a.isetc.
Warner says that be was ampio ? ?
by Robla, F, K. Morris and by com
p.um'- controlled bj Robin <?> hold
? ;..< k and to execute papara, but tin.'
he never received any ..on ?deration for
11.- Northern Hank of New York
obtained a judgment, again.-? '?'?
?..i 113,000, which representa an as?
sessment on thirteen share ol stock
,n thai ??i ' ?tied to VI ?
This stock, d?clarai Werner, wa
mediately in.?or ed by him in blank and
v.-,-.^ not left ?ti I on.
The other liabilities are on bonds and
mortgages on lots in Morris Park.
Aviator Tries Practice Flight in
Gusty Wind and Biplane
While making a practice flignt ,n a
wii d at Uempatoad Plali
terday morning. William Piceller, an
?? iator, fell 200 feet and reeeivi
whieh He died in the Xas
au Hospital,
Piceller was flying a biplane and
seemed, to have trouble almost from
tha 'une he ?eft Ihe ground.
A- he wa iting a turn the
machine eapticed, and, although 1'ieel
ler wa - an experienced flyer, lh? alti
tude was not ?uffii ent for him to re
C.ain control bet?re the machine struck
(round lie ?as flung clear ol
the machine In the fall,
Tha victim of yesterday's aeeident
iimi been pursued by ill luck ever since
1 . tui.iv up aviation. He learned to
fly a Wright biplane at Nassau Houle
V .ni in 1912, under the instruction of
G orge W, Roatty, and had no diffi?
culty in obtaining his 1,cense. Pol
loa ing that, he made many atton
. 111 ?k r ? - -1 men of means m exhibition
r nterprises, but with little saeooos
He did some work for ?tie Gyro Motor
'Company in Waehington, but his en
lenl at the Hempst?ad
the Petar Angelo Aviation l'ompHliV
eld out any
Picelli a happy-fo-lui Icj
position s ? ? lidered a good
.', al of a ".l.n i de?, il." He ??
nd when he could get a machine,
,uiH many times expressed contempt
(or other, more careful flyers He
v aa thirty year old and li i
?v.| child. Hi- home was at 135 East
?_;?; | si . Mai hattan1___
Falling Beams Endanger Many
in Brooklyn.
tine man was hurt ami man) i.-?
_>...?: yesterds en thi
of a . '"'1 by the
& Tench company to move heavy beam
on the elt
and l tua av., Brooklyn, collapsed. \
load of beami was swept on to
roofs of several building.-- and Jacob
m, a laborer, was injured.
The police ordered the premii i
IT.*.?;, it.'.h and lViiu Pulton st. to be
it .1 after the load ot' steel had
crashed to the roofs, u 1756 Pult >n
t. Mrs. Mary Robinson and three
?-mall children were gathered at M e
time of the accident. The other Build
nips were Used only r.>>- construct
purpose .
Commissioner Kingsbury Fore
sees Battle with Politician-,
Over His Policy.
It must be tha public against thi
iticiani if the Hitchel administration
i ' - >uci ???-.I. Commissioner of Chah.
' ?hn A. Kingsbury told tha mem?
bers of tha Friday Lunch Club of Social
and Civic Workers at tha Park Avenue
Hotel ; ester lay.
"There are lubtle political for?ai
intly working to block ti ?
vanee ut' the administration," said Mr
Kingsbury, "that it is impossible to
talk ?in ?". || constructive administra?
te m . ??? .i :. cord ol achiev.
and i- to be continued, tha public and
the -ocia! forcea of the city na?
to line up for the ticht."
City Chamberlain Henry l:
along .-?rular Unas. He said:
"The Mitchel administration is or?
kl SI I vice. i'.., ?
that baa hampered it and .. ?<
movement af tha department heads
from the Itart il department?! ||
"Instead of getting ..? i
???urk tO the extent, hoped, the Oil
lind themselves forced to spend their
ghting ovei technicalitie-i o
.i. tiona and trving to ?got . ??a
hindering tones tha
tied up wltn political or?
ation ami lafloani i.
Boston Hotel in Straits.
Boatoa, ?Jet. t Th.. Hotel Unox
wai placad in the hands of Harold
w illlams, jr., m receiver to-day. This
action of the federal court .'ollowed an
order to foreclose on a iscond mort?
gage of |50,0ii? on the hotel property
The dlfleultias of the hotel are inci-*
dental to the embarrassment of Th
Associated Trust, uhich had ? eon!
trolling interest ,,- the property Th
traat la now In a receivership
Jefferson Home Sale.
Washington ??oi. ? i:,.m... .,
?f N^York. ?nJrVSSSSi
:'"u,ue" l0 in view ol
WecreUry Bryan'? .?,,?,?, g"J*
rhomas Jefferaon'e boms to the aov
^?.'on.ldaring doing,o.
he ha efuaetl .11
\ liny Submarine destroyed $10,000,000 Wfrii
battle croft, w?ih Une loss of more thrn 1,400 men I
time tlian il look i'<?v Hu- Titanic to up down. i>
grasp ?rhat this tn( uns in the history <?f* battle crafti ?>.
whole thrilling, vital ?tory is simply told in next Stinri '
Should Doga vVear Veils? V<^ Snv ihr |?r, i,
zlcrs. No say the loven of <lo^s. Theiv is a scritxyi
touch to the article in Sunday'? Tribune thai rnakeikT
light ful reading.
Docs Dancing Bore You' If not, ,on willffcy,
story and pictures in nexl Sundays Tribune of ;il,y)ri
interest. The one-step and tin- hesitation have ?rn,,
?<i fascinating dances that will be socially correct this
1er. To those who dance this article will !?<? most e^dW
Making Unman Targets The Kuropean m?i,rK.
and riflemen aim at officers first. They have picked off,
(lower of skilled manhood trained ?<> lead in Kghtfafc f;
wonderful military institutions from which these livingb
gets irere ground <?nt arc strikingly describ? d in Hi- Sun-i
Tribune of October t.
The Camera on the Battlefield is bringing homepj
messages that must be heard. Mule pleading foraitjbj
i inn is in every one of the grim, \ ?vid pictures that apty,
in to-morrow's Tribune.
With Stevenson on the Oise no non >j battle cm
in. The helmed teller of talcs drifted down the Ut
French stream whose banks liave now become famous
history. Their beauty then inspired him to words all
little known. Vou will find them in the Sunday Tribu-,
Saving 60 cents un a purchase amounting to *113
simply a matter of ?foin/.?- to the New Free Mark
lished by Borough President Marks. Limousines and la
carriages are used to take away the beautiful irrsli vpf
'ahles that ell so cheaply. The story of i ;i rjajjyy
feature of to-morrow's paper.
Thousands of people find the Sunday Tribune mi
to their liking than any other paper. Tiny praise it I.
cause it 1? direct, interesting does not overdo. It'v
will order a copy for to-morrow you are not likely toe*
it in Ihe weeks1 to come.
In ?
City H hi.'" ::..V)0. 8if
nr U A D?JC?K''al M A W .houe of i
Late Returns Indicate Defeat of
Cunnlmohmm f ir Sperr ' hr rar? for U??t?"?"H Go?m?r
tary of State. beedejaaa.
I.du .
!'??? irni wore coning ?n slowlj 11.1 ? ?? b>' 5,?vl m
terday <>ti all placea ?m the Republican Frank S. Sidway by 10,.?. Mr. hr.
: t?te ticket below Governor tnd United estimated that Schoeneck probsblip
States Senator. Stale h?*dqu?irter.i a plurality oi
had enl telegraph and telephone mes- Sew York County.
?ans all over the stale, but ,,
tin- COUntiei ?-ere still mi
night. None of the New Yoi - I
ur? had bee-, tabulated. "' '" ?gl ""^
From th. "--?.?.. ' h?"?u<}u
i' I.,, .ed as though Franci? M. H
of Watertown, had defeated W?l ?am I?. Ir"'
Cunningham, of ( Ister County, ?rho K I
indidate for Secretary
v\ i :
laaS ?a???
Every garment is shaped to the figure, atid guaranteed
not to shrink.
Glastenbury two-piece Hat-knit undcrweai
! ol over half a century's satisfaction to the consumer.
Affords protection against sudden chills colds, pneu?
monia and rheumatism.
Made in fifteen grades, and all ive ,'
tv< rst<d and merino.
See special feature of adjustable drav c
... tVo ?lelr,
,! ..:. \V. R .nier ? ' \''
cnimp ' light
A Nam light ' li?
Il ......I.1IM.
V-il Natural Ora v ?? ?latw . .
Baala h
r.xling Daaatfsra.
Koben Re:s & Company, Wholesale Distributors. Nei M
l? ? ? -aar:ip> c ittlr.^S.
.. ' '.-:?.; I .??:..
Saratoga Springs Mineral Baths
Saturai Radio u ? Acid Gat W
Rival European Springs
For the treatment of Arterio-icleroai* and certain Hrart Di?or***?
Rheumatism, Gout and Arthritii, Neuraithenia, Exhau?tion and
?omnia, Obesity, Tobacco Poiaoning, Result? of Alcohol
Oscar R. Stenstrom, Lessee.
Water tuppHed by the* N v. State Resen i
Laxative Waters: Table Waters-'
HATHORN NO. 2 ^rv?rR
hdfm?a nearly Identical >v ih the i
I ... Digestive Disorders, some Kidney Diieate?. Gout, vt*
Acidoai?, Rheumatism, Bladder Diiorder?.
Regularly inalyied under state Department ol Health
Bottled under Autboritj ol Sti
Ask your dealer for the bottled waters
i ml) those a lib State v.vi autl
l m Information add ?m
New York State Reservation commie

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