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-Pinch Hitter" Tells of
Deal to Get Morse
Steamer Lines.
Boats Yale and Harvard Re
moved from the Atlantic
Under Mellen ReKime.
Warren P. Chsse. a Hartford. Conn
lawyer, who has been described as "the
mnch hitter" for Edward D. Bobbins,
'ormerly general counsel of the >ew
Haven, in the organiistion of over
night corporations, yesterday was a
witness before the United States (.rand
Jury, which is investigating the way?
and means by which the system ex?
panded under the Mellen regime. His
evidence dealt in the main with ths ac?
quisition of C. W. M-rses Sound
steamship lines.
Chase's star performance, so .ar as
public inquiries have demonstrated,
was in eonnection with the Metropoli?
tan Steamship Company affair, in
which he discovered Grover Cleveland
Richards, the boy treasurer, of Port?
land. Me., who for |i a day and ex?
penses came to New York, received
millions from mysterious gentlemen ui
banking offices, signed checks for as
much to persons whom he had never
heard of and. as testified to by him?
self, "had some time, believe me."
The acquisition of the property of
the Metrooolitan Steamship Company,
which Charles W. Morse acquired from
Henry M. Whitney and others of Bos?
ton, only to lose it after his troubles
in 1907. constitutes one of the series
of acts by which it is asserted by the
government, the New Haven set up n
monopoly of Sound transportation. To
no this several corporations were or?
ganized in Maine und New Jersey, in?
cluding the famous Chilmurk Com- i
pany, severa, Metropolitan Steamship
companies, a Pacmc Company and a
Pacific Navigation Company, the last
?.wo to take over the Yale and the Har?
vard, the lineft steamers ever used in
coast traffic, and remove them from
service in Atlantic waters.
They are BOW in Use on the Pacific
(oast, and to obtain rn Is
one of the objects o? h arle?
W. Morse now has pending in New Jer
sev court?.
Whan Mors, had the Metropolitan
Steamship Line it was a distinct and
effective competitor of tin New Ha?
ven's water lines. He took ?1
freight lit.- a ?rid
Boston witn valuable tern,
eially in Boston. The Yale and the
Harvard, oil driven turbines costing
?1,600,000, running direct from this port
to Boston, cut as heavily as their paa?
senger capacity would permit into the
business of the Fall River Line, a
proflitahN ' I
When Morse failed I of the
company were taken over by I
sets Realisation Corporation, which in
turn passed them to the Metropolitan
Steamship ? w Jersey.
Other companies were then formed to
rover up the transaction so that it
would be practically impossible to
trace it, among them the New Fngland
Securities Company, the incorporators
of which were told one day, sftoi
had returned to their desks from lunch,
that they had formed the company and
elected themselves officers.
At the conclusion of the deals, th?
property of the Metropolitan Company
that Morse controlled was scattered
from one coas' to the other and in the
Hands of many people, with the New
Haven holding th< profitable freight
business and free from competition in
the rich summet passenger traffic, by
the removal of the Yale and the Har?
vard to the west coast.
Charle? S. Mellen is expected to re?
turn to the witness stand this after- |
Seceding Garment Workers
Foiled by Caretaker.
? ling faction of the United
Garment Workers of America made an
unsuccessful attempt yesterday I
possession of the national headquar?
ters of the union, n. the Bible house,
Mh ?t., near Third av.
A committee, accompanied by Joseph
Schlossberg, secretary of the secadera,
and a lawyer, went to the headquarters,
where they were mot by Herman Rob?
inson, former Commissioner of Li?
censes, who for many years was finan?
cial secretary of the Contrai Federated
Union, and is now in charge of the
headquarters, pending the return of the
officers from Nashville, Tenn.
They told Mr. Robinson thai they
>ented more than 75,000 varment
workers, or a majority of the union,
and that they thin fore expected the
immediate surrender o? th(
property of the organisation. Mr. Rob
promptly refused the d
saying that he was merely a caretaker
?luring the ? Rcera. The
committee, Schlosshorii and the lawyoi
Aged Man Mil by Machine -
Two Motorists Held for
Oi . ?hi killed, another injured
and a nini year-old hoy is near ?loath
?s the ret-ull of sutomol
At ' of SSI
Fast killed by s ras
near First av., while attempting to
turn his posh carl out of the uay. His
lungs and , ruptured. Fred
erick K. Holler, owner and operator of
the van, el . .?- V- ?
arrested on a charge of homlc
Walter Bladialow, nine yean old, of
84 North 3d .-?., Williamsburg, was
"hitching" on ,. and,
when ordered off by the driver, ran
in front of KB automobile owned an
operated by Charle- II. Fox. of 113
India st. 1 he accident ! appened at
OriKgs and Metropolitan area. At the
Eastern District Hospital the boy's
condition is sail
Jamo? | isterhrook, ninety-one years
old, a retired ? ? ? ran of
the Mexican W tr, becai
while cm.- lag I ulti.n it., at Broad?
way, and was .truc, l.y s machine
owned b\ Andrew J. Prunier,
West 13 ith st. lie ? . Hud
40n Stree' Hospital, suffering from a
'racture of the bip. Easterbrook lives
at 6;n '
Magistrate Reynolds held Frank
Holt, of Uj Jamaica av., and William
McCluaky, of 190 Flm si, without bail
to answer for the death of August
Lsssaire, ?ho was run down and killed
ny an automobile in Brooklyi
Saturday night. Detectives learned
the automobile ?si ?toll a, and
rested Holt arid Mc< lusk)
Thaw Hearing December 17.
Washington, Oct. ! I preme
? ourt to-day advanced for hearing on
riecember 17 the 1 haw extradition!
??see an?! the Uauburv hatte.V case. J
Professor Holds Blended Races Have Won Liberty
Man?Compares Nietzsch?en Doctrine of Might ai
German Superman with Method of Savage.
Monarchie? and sovereignties mutt
go before universal peace will be
brought about, according to Profettor
Franklin II. Giddingt, of the depart?
ment of sociology, who spoke last night
before the Institute of Arts and Sci?
ences at Columbia Fniversity on "The
Larger Meanings of the War." He
?aid, in part:
"If we use the word civilization in
a large, vague way we may character?
ise trie European war as a ?truggle
between two differing civilizations,
each instinctively, if not also ration?
ally, asserting supremacy. One is an
older civilisation than the other. One
is the eiviliiation of a more composite
blend of racial elements than the
other. Each claim? to be a better, a
higher eiviliiation than the other
"Germany boasts that her civiliza?
tion is new, restless and strong, ra?
tional and masterful, boundless in am?
bition, the laat and highest expression
of "Die Welt als Wille und Vorstel
lung.' Franco and England as proudly
claim that theirs is the imperishable
eiviliiation of Greece and of Rome,
tempered and proved by the centuries,
incomparably fair in it? beauty, rev?
erent alike of experience ami of ideal,
the embodiment of liberty in law-,
? Germany boasts of her racial homo?
geneity and integrity. She despises
and affects to fear the Slav, calling
him barbarous. She hates the Roman
ized Gaul and the half-Celtic Briton,
calling them degenerate. Hut whftl is
purity of race, and where can il lie
found? Anthropology knows nothing
of it, and history does not disclose it.
Wherever we look, and however far
into the past we search, we Bad only
that h so-called tace 1? n blond of
earlier races. In America we see new
blends in the making.
"A blend, however, ha? the qualities
of its elements, and one blond differs
from another In capacities and abilities.
i.erman believes, und individual
writers not Germans have argued, that
the Teuton has unique political abili?
ties. It has been maintained that 't
was the blood of the Savon m ths
lishman, the blood of the Frank In the
Henchman that made England and
France a? effective rational states.
"This m.-vy be true; it would bi
i prove. But if true, it dot
follow that Latin and Cell
IthOUt vain for political civiliza?
tion. On the contrary, as a fact of his- '
tory, it has been only the peoples in
whom large proportions of M edits-r
mnear. sind Alpine blood have co?
rd with Datiubian and Baltic that
have achieved th? supreme political
creation of man, namely, popular sov?
ereignty expressing Itaelf thraugh ron
onal government France,
land and America, composite of south?
ern and northern Europenn hloods ar.- .
( out .mini from i>at? I
tve plans enn be made for the funeral
The in?ermcnt will be in Chicago. Mrs.
insists upon as private a ccic
mony as possible."
Delay in Calling Coroner.
Though Vogel died about 5 o'clork
thore was *ome delay, which has not
yet b^en explained, in notifying
Coroner's Office, and it was after din
11 r before Coroner Hellenatein an.I
1rs physician arrived at the hotel,
where previously Dr. Foote, the house
physician, had viewed the body and
agreed with Dr. Sternborger tha* death
,i- t natural causes.
This delay, it is understood, .
from a belief that Dr. Bternbei
tertiticate as to the cause of death
would be sufficient without action by
the Coroner's Office. Ordinarily this
would be the case, but in the circum?
stances and the certainty that ques?
tions would be raised because of the
criminal charges hanging over the dead
mat-., it was decided to notify the
c oroner.
While the Coroner wa? still in 'he
loi m where the body lay a little,
undersized man dashed into the
and demanded to be shown to the
apartments al orne. A clerk Started
to till him he would have to be an?
nounced, bul when another ieoogni7.ed
him he was at once .shown to the room,
aft?l being assured that th.- report he
had heard was true-that Vogel was
indeed dead.
The other man wns Henry Siegel,
who, on arriving at his uptown hotel,
heard of Ins partner's death, f.nd broke
sill speed limits and regulations racing
to the Biltmore. Siegel did what he
could to comfort Mrs. Vogel, and then,
ime himself, left the hotel.
"Troubles killed Frank," he told a
friend. "The poor fellow was not
well, and he was just hounded to
If he hud been given a chance, if we
had been given a rhui.ie, we'd have
cleared UP every thing, and Frank
would be alive. I don't know anything
about trials. I can't talk, I can't
His Business History.
Vogel first appeared on the business
horizon <-f New York - s ago.
in the packing business be had
amassed a fortune, and when he came
.or ho
i ortor one ,.f the largest private
or go into tr.ui? He
.m expert on foreign exchange
hia wide business acquaintance
hin a desirable man in an
national house, as did the $J
he had taken out of beef and pork,
loi a lime he hesitated between en?
tering one of the best known houses in
Vull Street and pooling hi?
w- th i ?el, whom he had known
in Chicago,
Sieg. I h.id mode ? fortune in the
drygooda business in < hicago and
some time previous invaded New York,
the start, the business was a financial
wiener, and Vogt-1 finally i
' DI, Siegel tu look
the merchandising and Vogel 'ho
?nancial end of the firm. The first
? w-is disposed of after a while,
and then Siegel snd Vogel founded the
' Street Store, occupying the
entire block front from 13th st. to
14th st. on Sixth av.
As part of this store the banking
frm of Henry Siegel A- Co. was formed,
Siegel and Yoge! being the partner?
It did a .-onoral banking but
lag m per cent on all d?|
and large. They also acquired the
Simpson-Crawford Company, since re
crgsniied and divorced fron all Siei'e!
Vogei influence; established the Mer
Exprese Company, the Henry
Siegel Company, Boston, and Henry
& Co., Wholesale, as well as the
Mogol Stores Corporation, a corpora?
tion formed to hold the ttocks of the
Siegel-Vogel enterprises in New York
and the Siegel-Cooper Companv stor?
in Chicago, which through all the
troubles of the New York houses has
continued to be a very profitable enter
The New York ?tore did well so far
us 'he outside world knew, un' '
cember N a year ago. when overnight
ippointed ?
Votk enterprises and the Boston
ibilities were then sta1
"'. of which amount 12 ?
Oiio ah? due to 10,000 depositors
banking house of Henry Siegel & Co,
?ubsequ?at investigations showed thai I
tJic SkgeJ enterprises bad been bank
the nations whose sovereign P*?P,#?
i both create and enjoy constt.utional
liberty. . .
?Nietzsche, the Grrman, was the first
to see that if there really is ? strug?
gle for existence in which the strong
alone survive md the weak miserably
perish, weakness must be essential
evil, might essential righteousness,
compassion tho only sin. Not tn*> ?
Christ but tue superman must come,
and the Qermea is the supermini.
Troitschke was Nietr.tche's disciple,
and the mantle has fallen upon Born
hardi. Promulgate this philosophy
they have said, imbody it In diplomacy,
teach it to the .-iriny, preach it to the
people, and then vou BMal ?re 'lHutscn
iand ?ber Alles.' ,
"What can the real of mankind sn>
Only this: The tiger ai d the savage
proceed with simple directness to the
. view. Civilised man lias as?
sumed thai i he quality af moan
less than the desirability oi ends,
should receive consid?rai .oil. alii! tins
ms .is well ss to sods
he has called morality. Us bas made
assumptions and adjusted Ins
Conduct to them because long SCO he
stumbled upon two important discov?
'?il: ,> ?as thai mutual aid .- a
Impartant factor In the struggle for
existence than claw or ?ist. The other
was that mutual aid is possible only
smong men that can trust one another,
who tell the truth and keep their word.
abiding by their covenants, though
the? have' -worn to their own hurt.
Ami a this I 'ins at least plausible.
outside of Germany it is held to be
sly a rather decent folkway, but
al.-o good Darwinism.
"Musi war, increasingly terrible, ie
CUr forever, ,>r may we hope and work
for Issting pes?e? Peoples snd eivili?
.?tions grow. They must then have
to live and room ta grow,
Hemmed m and denied, they burst
their barriers. exploding in the
wrath oi' war. Now. two ways, and only
tWO, have been found in human ex?
perience so for to provide for expan?
sion by s virile people developing its
own characteristic civilisation. One is
the acquisition of territory by con?
quest oi purchase, the other is the re?
moval of commercial barriers. Or, to
put it more bluntly snd unequivocally,
the choiee is between war and free
"Tho religion of barbarism must p?
The world Ll weary of it. It has with?
?tood pence on earth
.heady too long. The trinity of king,
Snd Cod has outlived its OSS
Civilisation is indeed better
ll, hi savagery, the God WS worship
must be a nower other and worthier
mere head devil of the uni
. ears, and that the Siegel
bank was littli more than a
through which depositors, snxious to
get the one?hsli per ci nt more than
saving, htiik? were paying, poured
their money into tho various mercantile
I city.
As a roauH i f these de* rlopments
the grand Jury indh I and
I . on fourteen charges, twelve in
.or. with loans from various
banks, and twe under the law making
it a crime for a private banker to re?
ceive d- posits e.fter he had found him
tria' of Siegel rnd Vogel was
originally set to follow that of Lieuten
.!?? ( ! 'irles Pecker. Stanchiield A
Levy, counsel for the two men, a- ked
tor s ? venue on the ground
that a fair trial would be impossibh
rere, und it was granted, largely on
fing i rioto ? ' eld
by the depositors. Geneseo, in I
?ton County, was .-elected and Oetober
for the tl ? , was later
postponed to November 9.
rally Vogel '.'.as a giant in stat?
ure and did not look his fifty-six years.
New Rochelle Girl Has Had
Enough of Tight Skirts.
A pretty girl, about nineteen, dressed
in a brown velvet suit anu black velvet
hat. with a skirt so narrow that she
could rjBOl gOl out of the way, wi.s
-Muck by an automobile on i entre av.,
New Rochelle, last evening, and thrown
into the arms of a young man who was
with her. Neither was hurt,
The couple, who refused their names
to a policeman, wer? crossing the
Htreet when the automobile rounded
the corner from Huguenot st. The
driver tooted his horn and the couple
tried to run, but the girl could move
her feet only a few inches a' s tune,
and before her companion eould
her to safety the machine struck her.
'The owner of the car stepped down
ipologised, bit the girl lau
1 saying: "I'm not hurt, thank you, but
you have cured me of being too fash?
Animal Guards Littlo One De?
serted in Hallway.
1 "' ? le child, iio
' mi a hallway at 1936 Pitkin av.,
'x. >v York, was finally n
last night attei the animal had
? lliam Waypaasen and
his v : return from a neai by
thi a? i
bor, ? hile the child wa
"iniv Hospital.
i 'hilaren '.coman
the hallway some time befi
bah) was discovered, said she was well
? d, .in 1 the young-tor's oui
dieatod wealth. A noto in ii woman's
hand, written with pencil, sao!; "This
baby was horn August '?, 1918. It has
not been baptised
January Exposition in Madison
Square Garden to Prove
American Excellence.
Manufacturers of drugs and rhem
? icals are the first to put through the
idea of "Made in the United States"
1 expos . _? sted by Joseph Hurti?
gen, ? mer of Weights and
Measures. The Drug and chemical
Trade, an organisatioi nufact
urers, has taken Mad.-on Square Gar?
' den from January M to 23 for a show
of drug n the United Stal
Throughout tl m mphasis
' ? laid ipOfl the ".Made -n 'he
United States" trademark. Even before
war was declared the manufacturiin,'
. ? sts and chemists of the country
had betfun active competition with for?
eign made drugs to an ertent not at.
tempted for the last twenty-five years.
A drug show to boom trade had not
been thought of until manufacturer?
read of Commissioner ilartigan's pro?
m sal.
In addition to tlie exposition there
will I I rican
Druggists' Syndicate in Madiaon Square
'.larder The organisa
thought that
9,. will attend ine convention
I Furniture
age told Commissioner llartigan
lut the furniture men would |
certainly have a show of their own J
Daniels Proud of Under?
water Fleet?Out in De?
fence of Navy.
Answer Holds There Is Practi
cally No Unpreparedness in
Sea Arm of Service.
111,.m ras 1 'Itwae Rsireeu I
Washington, Ott. If. Secretary Dan?
iels came out to-day with a defence
of the American navy as a result of
the criticism of Kepiescr.tative Gard?
ner and the .mverso new?paper com
Sbo ? till "pn imioilness" of the
United States for war.
It is the belief of Mr. Daniela that
the American navy is practically ade?
quate, but be virtually attribute? any
inadequacy to Congress, winch controls
the uppi oprint ions. In his statement
to-day lu- outlined in detail the activi
tiea oi the Gens ral Board of tin?
t?n- personnel of which he praised
highly, ami ?eeertad that since luuo it
srnisbed a raasistaat ?nd con?
tinuing programme."
There si e many opinions, of com se,"
say* the Secretary, "as to what con?
stitutors an adequate navy and the pro?
portion of vessels of ont? type or an
either to bs found in any navy. The
ultimate decision a? to how- maay ves
sol-, ami ho* many of each type shall
be provided rests with Congress.
Neither the Secretary of the Navy nor
the General Hoard determines upon
sppropriations for the navy, winch
matter is entirely m the hands of Con
grs . the coma of la ssorf in eX
pressil . .if? of the people."
Much of ins statement le th voted to
submai mes, ?a most of the criticism
ha?, boon duelled against the alleged
inadeq hi? nation's under?
water eraft Declaring thai the Cmteti
States i?? , ? . a submarine flotilla
relatively and actually very powerful,,
Mr. DanieN say?!
"Considering the lumber of sub?
marines in our navy and the principal
foreign tuviei . we find tha* England
has a lies't ?f about 71 in service and
probably 8 building! Geiinanv, 24 in ?
Service and 7 or more building; Fiance, ,
f>7 in service and II or more building;
Japan, 15 in .service antl ". arid possibly
more building; while in the I'nited .
Mate* navy wo have M in service, ii
building and s about to be contracted
"Those figurCf m?y be modified'
somewhat ?-. present, for In soaso ai
these countriea eubanarinea w?w build?
ing for other pov si the beginning
of the war, und these vessels have un- '
doubtcdly been taken ev?r as part of
the respectivo navios. Further, since
submarine matters uro eoaeiders
net. tin figurai "f vessels building are
guardad and ma; not be exactly cor?
rect. However, looking over the above
figures, we und, roughly, there ere
bunt or building tor the various
navies: England, M; France, 76;
I'nitei .i.i:i\, SI; Jnpan.
Mr. Daniel? holu? tha' "as far a- the
submarines themselves are concerned
believed thut ours are on a par ,
with any in the world."
Peace Man ?ays Churches Be
uan Word Too Late lo
Prevent Crisis.
It Was the opinion of each of the
speakers at the luncheon of the New
xork Federation of Churehee, held
?day at the Hotel Savoy, that the
peace movement of th- churches had
m.t boon toward an unattainable ideal,
but that it had been fruitless simply
a it bad been started ten years
too late. All the speakers had been
i onierence at
. nre.
I. Allen Raker, of London, member
el Parliament and president of the
World AM.ami for International
Friendship, voiced the general opinion
of tha churches' fail?
ure to prevent the war
The Key. Edwin D. Mead, nresident
of the American l'once Society, who
has been in both Germany and Eng?
land during the ?j .r, said he had found ;
two Genneniei ?nd two Englands, so'
far as the views of thi . e nations tow-i
ard war are concerned.
"Nothing can do more harm," he1
said, "than the feeling that the Ger- !
mans are nil Hun-, under the leader?
ship of Hernhnrdi. 'I h? reason why
they an- I ow waging war is that they
think they are for life and
death in the min Is enemies.
"The machinery of the age is the
' real cause of the- war" \| r. Moad said,
"including as machinen the nob
tion ( ? ?ghfs.
machinery has outgrow? Chris?
tianity, and it la row the duty of
Christians to br.ng it b?cl under the
ry of the bettei . ide of man's
The Rev. William P. Merrill, i
of ii,. - mith. won applause
from the clergymen prisent when he
said: "I hi nan bs i?? ought
in fOtiif way a rebuke to
Roosevelt for wh eying ?beat
? tion treaties"
Husband and Bride in Cells on
Charge of Perjury.
? Raj Levj ixts en years old, of
"tin Ruono
nato, a driver, of 136 East 114th st.,
i d i i Saturday at the
Hall by Aldi .irdon, were
sd last nigh' hi 'ho home of Mr?.
Beatrice Monahan, of 112 East 114th
. .nid locked un on charges of per?
When the couple appeared at the
Marriage Licente Bureau the girl
-ho wss nineteen years old.
Huononato said he was twenty-three.
lui- girl did not arrive home on Sat
. night and her mother sent out a
general alarm for her. Yesterday do?
es found the eoupls in the Slona
? -? '.ik.-n to
Police Head and locked up in
?rp?rate eells. The couple will be m
? U
? ? ? t ,
Financiers to Pay Debts, So
Work Can Continue.
11 toward the paymcat of the
debt? of the George Junior Republic
and the continuance of the institution
were taken yestcrdav at a meeting of
the board of trustees, at the office of
.Joseph W. Burden, 88 Pine st. A group
of Ithaca financiers, together with ,
members of th,- Cornell university
I to corns to
Sport of the Republic.
Among tho?e interested are Andrew
D. Whit.-. Liberty Hyde Bailev, John
W Dwight, E. C. J'.ewart. Walter F.
Wilcox. Charles E. Trees?? and Roger
ii. William.-. Mr. Dwight wa? re elected ?
vice-president and acting president yvt
terday, ami will assume the dutiet of]
President.Uvuif .burden, resUned, ?
Shipping Information and
Marine News of the World
Vessels Arriving at and Deport?
ing from Port o? New York,
Monday. October 19.
M, 1 IS. SaOSSt, ?'> 13 moon Ml?. 6 so.
moon's ???? i
?1 Kill tV.'ltll .? I
am r?.
Beady *?'*> ???*?!
Governor's i-iand . SI? " M
II.I .?*i. ""x* 1":8I |
VmimI I'Yoin. '?""
?Walsh IVIi.? ?anv.e. fleut 88.. friao
?.-an .lea?- l.liri ii i i, I '.' IT F O?
M-.lliiu .UsIvMiitnii Oct. 14 .Mallorv
I.Ihla.. .Gibraltar, Oel I
. uri' Louis ..iavsnaah a ? it.saivaaaaa
?aturaos snpi?.,. Oel to ??a Yeitv?
?iimi'i'. i aleo, Ott U) ..HUB?
lirltennla . Mor?a, o.t il
\. ..I t-Miiit .. i.i..i. Oei r.
Bn Ifond Bundenaad, <? i ?
i:i Mundo.U?l?aa?on, Oel Ii So Pac
Tin HSDAY, ooTonut n
?Adriatic ..._LlvariKX,:. i"! 14 W Sur
?I i ??'.I.e. Helm Idt Od JO Uucbe.
?Amiirania .. Klh??lcii,. Oel IT- w- W ' '"
tun . it .i* jaotlru. **p' SO I, * H
N.w mi..a? "? t it Sa Pas
ISS mail.
Mai's Vaaaal
VeeeeL ?-or. Use deee. a?u?.
lieraeii.fioi I lieig- ' ? "' ' ?? p '"
,-mi (luglUfno Supin- I'al.ll.ao a in : SO p m
Uadoiin i.Katire- Jvu p in
ni?, Havre, PWncn ? g P "'
.?i inluiiil.ua, Haw Haw |:(W l> m
Arapol.ee, Jaekseavlll?.c.j Its)?*
w i.iai.siim ? ? TOBM '
tp| Utaegow. W 8 7;Soam ll.M? m
.1 ii,i.-iiioIm i.i-'iI, I'unar?! ??.?*) ? m li:U0 m
Philadelphia. Curacao, It D. ..Warn i::Miu
(?' On 0*0 a m t.- f?i m
f Willem V, Haytl. HliW I I: ? ii m :i:i>0 |. rn
Haiti-, Liven. W I l.:00m
i.'oncbo. Oalveston, Malloiv i i? p m
>? i i irtaaaa, B. P U * m
TUl. MOAT, OCTI m-K ?'
:.t c'd ? ?.10:00a m . 00
Havana, Ward ti oo ? ill IS
i-..- I I M ?i in *? 00 P m
s?n j, s? Costa Wee, l' K.lltJOass 8:i
Mine* < ?.rae*.sum..- Bras 13 08 m I no p m
i uf hi Louis, s** ii. s? 3 '"' i' ?
C?o?. N T.
i ? ..lion ami Otsoraei ?:*) p m
Hawaii, .simian l.lareii Auatiana,
New Z.alaiul uta San franela, m
Sonoma .0*1 =
?lupan ''oi.? China, pt.iitpitnaa (via
i? .
Haw.il Mia --an I raie ;?? oj-Mtt se
. ' .'.? i la Seattle) -
M? .. Mar? .Oct. tl i
? "ItlVI'l..
Sln.ii.fio ? ....
14. pa H.i- South m Peclftt < o. mm ue?**n
?mi ai i mi? i-:i Qverantlna V ot ..
i Nor?, liliiKht'in
1 real 14. "? the Ai
Ba - an a m
? All... ^ lift
tha Munde Tranapori ? ?> with MM asta
pnseansors en.i radsa. Bsi '* *' a m,
nbam 'Bn, Arl ? Baptanibn IT.
. 80, Ci koto) ? ktuocr 1 sad lixiiiiii'i'c
\' .... n .... a Ce with rode* Bar,
I?. '., n.m.r iPl I, II? ? ? . - If) in
m.n .igni" >i. ,>: ? raaaatlanilqu?,
with '.m nrsl aa : si ils sad 28
tails ?rid nula*. Bar.
... ? October H
, : .luan 14. to tl.? Men
1"1K I
????in. r.aii? sad n im i --. IS ?
Olo? lOreek), Plnsui Sast*inba>r 1
mala 5 luu. ula
Kalamata IS. Bona ~-'. Alslcra ?4, Mala.a ?S,
and Al?.iir.a Octobaf ?. to M IHM
n.ir. -? a n .
?i.t'il?. (lah?aton Octo??T 13 .
Houthi-rn Paetflc O?, ""h mase, yuarai.
Une, '?-30 a M
'11.rol?... <,.iir?.'tewn. fl ?'. Oclnb.r l-'i.
nn? Wllmlnston, s C, IT. n> in? C
Ca, vmh i*a<ing?r? an? mita., guaranune,
?.n.a?" ll'n. l.l\arr?n?l Od 1 to T>a\-i.l T
In titila?? Han.i, Hooa. l:4 p m.
? i ore 'Pan!, Mas
B, .sien * & Toung, I" tsltast. Har.
'.'. p m
Hiv-l,. S I Oet 1*. ?:30 p m?Wlni
aouth?.??t lis'it bn-f/.-. clear, smooth ??a.
?Al LaSD
???.i . Bi '. '?lassow ; l^n
port Arthur; Sulla, Mayagu.r. Pttro
., Havr?; Prlnesaa Ann?, Korfolk
?i i Newport Mews; Mo.lina (Nor), riu.la'i
Bolivar; Marqu?tt? mu, Iyjn?on; Daa-eiu
(Nor), PhllSAtelphla.
A II I l V EI '
Olassow, Oel IS--Obidenae iSo-i. St*
Rio uniiro Oel IS?Plmrelt? (Nor), New
'i I rlt
rade iBn New !
anaand, i <? < 18 I p m l'nltt d States
N.'V. > orfc i ' '0P?nl asm.
i?. un . Oft 8 :,?',,, v"r'.
. ' .i i.'. -
? |t?Minnetonlu iBr), N?w Tors
,?i || Montevideo 'Siiam. N?w Yorlc
Uahla iiian.a. ut 18?Indiutry (BD. New
M(.nt?vld<*0, Oet IT?Byron 'Brl. New Vork
Oet II ] I. I.ucW.nbach. San Kran
i i -? n for Neo York.
Liverpool Oel IT Phiisiisiptus. N>w York
0 19 Heim (Nor), New York.
os, Oel t1??T*nn%son (Br>, (fron
: .i ard Hl? lau. um'. New York.
? t 18 KlRI iNi.r.. N.w Yi.rk.
Ilrlua (Dui N?w Y"rk.
um. Oct IT?So?aiil\k (Dutoh), New
Otbraltar, i>ci is--Napo;i Uta)), New York
fur N
? s oet 18 Mataasas, n>w Vnri<
? l: ? .'lain.
Lizard " ' Il >'.\Hyk (Dol M, New . rl
1 , lelpbls for llotti Um.
ii. ''.' 18?Lsd?wl)k v.Hi Nassau
I Dutch), N?W Yoik \la Hailiaio? for Arrv
Forecasts and Records of the
Last Twenty-four Hours.
Mrhi ml Iterord and Foreca?l. iVj Ins
inn, i' ? is lii-' aen i reel Staturbam
baa reached Alberta, and rain? ronllnued
ovw lh? ailddla ... .1 ao Ih districts weat o(
ilio RixKy Mo'iniain.. but did not .?tend to
i?:wHrd. Thei? were alao local ratna
a rat oaif rtates Mew Bnstead ann
New York, while over Hie remainder of tb?
ininlrv tair w.?iher pr?'alled. Tempera
tares are ?llslth lower ,n New Kn?lanr?
and Naw York, th? w??t r;ulf an,i ,h..
plaine, ?ni initier elacwli.r? Thay are a?
a mi? th, ??a.nnai average ?a?i of ih
Trier? wlil be loral rain? lo-morrow In the
i-.nir itatae ?n i probably TTadw?artas in the
eaat ilnlf ataie? Th.r? will also he rain
i ierro? la the north Paetflc stales ami the
extraeae Northw??i, axuodinf IVedaaoter
Into f.? Northweel '?"raeeellv. Kiaewher?
fair weather will prevail to-morrow and
Wn.Ineaday. It will b? cooler Wednea'ay In
tho extreme Northwest, but elsewhere tem?
p?rai ire change? will not he markud.
Wind? fur to-day and tomorrow.
At,.. in i..-. a,-:.. -,, ;.lai~ north...
?.iddie Atiair... soatle te n
variable. beceoilM ?a-? and ?o'i
. . ttlantl . psatls le n i lerata rn
and eaat, i ntl? to n i
? ill .??
ast and south.
. lerat? couth: ."wer 1^k- ?
.-.?util .nd .
Forecast. r,ir Bowelal f snslMlis?New
York, southern >ew? Instand. PennavH?
nla. DrlaMare. Man land th? iMMrirt 0f
( oliimbla. MiinU and We?t \ Ir?inia. fair
lo-da> and to morrow.
Nurthara New rnfland, unsattlad to
da> . :air lo-avorrow
l^wal OIBrlal Record. -The fo' owm* offl.
elal r. enrd from th? Weather Bureau ?how?
th? chance? in th? tempera'ur? for th? last
tw-ntv-r..:,,- houra n lompanaon with -he
correrpotujtnf dat? of lee' ? ,a
191* ????. l?4
'? ? p m u sa
t. a m :i p ?
? a m se n p ,? ...
as\u p. m <i
* p. m m -?j:
Htfheat iein?., latur? >?ater.i? a; ,tl j
P m .. I,w?ai. S4 .at 4 a. tn ?, .virMt ?,,
avara?? for ? .rr.apondm? date i??i y??,
?7 averaae for ? orr??pondinj date la.' |
?V^ool r**eM,wrjrjit.*efiw Q^aESaJM?
row: senti? So mo.lerat? ?hlfllns wind?, he
i-iimlns ?"Ulli.
11,11..11.1, r 11. ?.I In??
s ?. m.. 28M? : p. m. 2?.?*a * p. m., ?on?
Jared Flagg to Act as Own
Attorney in Fraud Trial.
Jared Flagg, whose indictment fol?
lowed a raid three years ago by postal
authorities on his Wall Street office,
where he conducted a mail order broker?
age butinets, was granted permis?
sion in the Federal Court yesterday.
when his trial opened, to act as his
own attorney. Flagg was indicted on
charges of using the mails to defraud
inveetors. Judge Rudkin, of Seattle,
assigned to hear the case, granted the
broker permission to conduct his own
trial. Robert C. Beatty, however, will
he attorney of record and assist in the |
"I know more about my case than
any one- else." Flagg said.
A motion of the defendant to smash
the indictment against him because
one of the jury which fourni the indie'
ment was a professional juryman was
denied by Judge Rudkin. He also ruled
that the eight co-defendants indict. ,I
with Flagg be tried separately.
The jury box was filled M Itard I
afternoon, but neither litte had time
to exercise its right of challenge be?
f?lo the court was adjourned. The
hearing will be resumed at 10:80
o'clock this morning.
Accused of Washing Product
and Misbranding Bags.
Palming off washed Venezuelan cof?
fee as the product of Pedro A. Lopez,
Colombian Plantation, Bogota, by the
misbranding of bags, is the charge on
which William !.. Mitchell, senior part?
ner of the firm of Mitchell Brothers,
of Mi Front st., and Peter .1. Shannon.
a coffee broker, of 110 Front at., went
On trial ii. the federal court yesterday.
The indictment charges them with
engaging In a conspiracy to defraud by
'erwerdlng misbranded coffee in inter
?t?te commerce. Some time ago agent*
of the Departmeat of Agriculture
seized in Chicago a consignment of
washed Venezuelan coffee and traced
it, they contend, to the Mitchell com?
District Attorney Stephenaon; it was
testified in the Chicago case, learned
thai William L Mitchell ordered the
\ew York Dock < ompaay to ship to the
lleidemann Coffee Company, of Mil?
waukee, the washed product bearing the
Lopez trademark.
Panama Canal Reopens.
Panama, Oct. it' The Panama
Canal will be reopened to traffic to?
morrow, and ten merchantmen will be
passed through from the Pacific to the
Atlantic. Conditions at the scene of
the recent slide north of Gold Hill are
excellent, the channel probably being
160 feet wide with an average depth
of thirty-five feet. The dredging op?
erations are proceeding at the- rate
of "5,000 cubic yards daily, which
assures the early removal of all ves?
tiges of the slide.
>fc\V YORK?- Manhattan.
, :i.r. Vlrst S4tli "I. Tel. 4S38 -ohujler.
, Boy? carefully taucht how So learn and
i-.-irrd for from 9 to 5:1?, and on Saturday
mornlnst I?essona ttvsdted In School.
y ?." foio | on the pri -use?.
A ?tait of i j profeaalooal teachers,
Si:S'!' r*OH VI: \ l: Mm IK
SC0VILLE SCHOOL, 2042 5th Ave.
BJOai hl'HOOI. I??K SilKI.S,
Th? lieat of licme anil ?rtiool adfantases ??forded
| bj N?w York ?"Sty ?nd Kumpa,
' Special eruilne? for Da.? I'upll? from (7 ?tarsi
??1 Ala.Maori Av., near Tit? St.
' ? t ;j,l .si.
languages tautht In claaaaa ->r privately.
THK HKKMTA Mlllioi, in LANGI v<i -
Uadlaon Bquare (1111 Broadway),
Marl-in liraieh, HI Lawn at?, nasas U7tn St
n llr?-,.li. Ill i . h se
N?w liasse? ? mi-tain l> loriiiint
Dre??m?VT?? ?nd Millinery Schtal.?Tliomut-h |B
?trsKtfcaa m a,I brtnaa?*; dtjr, esnst. ciiu- ?
?i-rf'l umler liegen**; iKIt.ira ?alcsms?; catnlii?? aent.
Mrliowrll Sil,, Hi. Mary J. Lynn. I'rin
ni sun as ?i iKious.
Accountancy?Busines? Administra?
In r?sidant tchoolt and ly extension
tl rouxh the malts. bulletin and de?
tails upon tppll atinn.
3? S luir. Il Xlreel. No? \i.rk S it>.
Lexington Ave. and 35th St
Individual liitsroctlo .1?> tnn
I'g, Bhoftuaji.t. IS, ,
BS?notrp? an I Secretarial tlrpu.
THK von ENM ??JZ&??~;
44 West o5lh St ? ?<??' i Bnda, wise?.
Naw York ' " sl ""'?? '-??oi.s?, ?alc
8ln?in?. Piano. Violin, Calls, Clarinet, (IrehetSral
Intimaient?. Theory and Composition; Fr?? Clane?
I? Harm?ny. Soltag?io. Mutlcal Hlitory. Olctlan.
?te. Kor ii-, - Bag ,,i ^^
N v
Institute of Musical Art of tbi City of New York
Frank I - i n form fi
? ?erri'liirt. IM ( Isremonl ,\ v _ \.V
IM i .t-i .-.?tii >t.
American and Foreign Teat hrrV Afeney -1
pitee Professors, Teachers, Tutors
sjoM-raeaaee. etc., t.. i ... - . ..,, atll|
PailiUles Apply to Mr.?. M. J YOL'S'il.
PULTON. II Union Sqtu
j Try 3-D Liver I
| and Stomach Pills j
f> /.,r<>rI'""?,|P?i?l'>n. IiIDouane??, j?un. ;
, rorpi.l Uvor, Klatulenoe. KuM- .
-< In She Stomach ami all fursii? !
;' of Ind.??.tlo.,. The?, p,||, irfS?. ?
| ffaar.^38. dru""1 ,u ?" ? j
502-4 Canal St.. V Y. C. *
Ki m BALaV?Twehti dear, back? doeeaad
tauti? 11 M PHOCTOR. ?I North
CUaiiUiUlA SL, Uuillofctvii. >U
Hudson River
by Daylight
All hervir? Daily Ktrwpt Sunday.
Olrerl Rail Connection? to all point? In th?
?'at.kills, Haratoga, th? Adirondack?, the
Weal and North Muah'. Reetaurant.
U?n iJeabroaaea Ht., 1:44 A M ; YV. 4M
?t., S A M . W. 119th Hi. ?;:o A. ht:
ronhers, ?4j A M. landing ?t We?t Poln'.
Newbarah. Poughkeepal?, Kingston Point.
? utaklll, Ilii'laon and Albany. All tliroucli
i nil tickets between New York and Albanv
I aat i|i trip Oft. 29: down. Ort. IT.
Hudson River Day Line
Oosoeesaea st. pier. Bow >ork.
Tel. Spring 4141.
Eitabltthtd 1840
Fattest Steamers in the World
Regular and Uninterrupted Service
t.Milijert to Chang?)
MAURETANIA Wed.Oct. 2l,noon
|- ranconia Sat., Oct. 31.10 a.m.
LUS?TANIA Wed.. Nov. 4. I a.m.
Laconia hat., Nov. I 4, 10 a.m.
Transylvania Sat., Nov. 2 I, 10a.m.
Francoma Sat., Nov. 2b, I 0 a m.
CARPATHIA Wed., Nov. 4. noon
Company's Office, 21-24 State St., N.T.
'Nawburil'. TkeepAte, Kliigiton and ?aStCB Hirer
Landing.. Franklin at. 4. \V. 139111 Ht. 4 M P. M
?Hun laye Praiiklln St ?. We?t 15?th Hi. K W A M
Sight-Seeing Yacht
Better? Pier. Pally. 1? " I M Tal Kraed Ml
Sau Fraudaos ?ia Panama, Oetabet Mlh, 1114.
S S. "S V. LUCKENBACH." S Hrl.lf? fit.. N. T.
White Star:*
October ?ll?
New York?Quewnctown?JJ^^
?"?c- <:cti,,'Uno?" A?wi'?rrS,ft
frl. >. a Ko.ton hair ?Ur?#?
Via ?.?ore? aa, ?i?B?raltar
?fanopl?-, N.,..?. llam*Kt?Uad ^
American Line
Under the American FW
New York?Liverpool
New Vork.O.t ?t ? ? i>hMa r<M $(
Atlantic Transport l?
Now York?London
M'tea.ka.Ort ?t lOarn VI haha Oet ?t ?*.
(oaapont'a iirli,.-. j? Kroadaa? X^
i. rMi.it ?i ? R n Puitoa ?
at t P. 11 M
New l.onih.11 IJa?
I-otnlon I.v. Pier .0. S H., ft
.-' aeek daj i I ?8 P. ?t; jE
K i: . I ? P m
?i* sM
orre.I, r ?.?? I Providsa ? iLrt.
Dally, im ludio*- ?in,U) SIS a ?
F" in Pit . I ;, :.. .:i ?i*
_ &Ma?u
?') Br^ad,, | ,
i ? ?j aai m y
REt) "0" LlrtE
Por Porto 1 ... i '.f..jj.
UAKA' Ailm riet, a ZI \ u
I.e. ff..
I S1KAM-HII riiKt.l? 10 ANV real
Oirii till \crnli all Un?.
R.ivmoiiil a Whlteo-nli Ca..ttl 3th it It
To all Poluta Ko.iti. an! Wee. r>ert f*l
day at t u- s? 11? ? N a T?; ;??
Clara? Orl.nt Ouhi r.b i?. ,4W hi I ti
twdaai. F. C. CLARK turn SulMlea. I '
\M-.Vt uni'
LAKEW000, I. I.
A l.lflilv ?tlra.Hir? ai.,1 heallhft.l io-,'t
A . ? ?jalas a. 1 drit??.
i-rita ? . ?n.i puiiii.? atetes.
?. ?i>l.' eSStflM.
Greatly i-nlirg.-d. Hi.eat location Id Pa-ono Ht?.
Room? en ?ulte with batx Slcoulc lisle-?, ?turn
huai, tatoshetM tn rooirw, ?tir r*rior. Htiatc. Dane
Int. .?el i a II mi? Gulf. Team*. Boallr.g. Gar if?.
Ultu. bh.l. l.ai'kauaiiii? K. 11 to Ire?, o Sia-lo.u
?W. J. ? M. O. Prie?. t ?naden.I?. im.
S~~ T E THEN Mil K N E t. 1 . N >
a 11 I t a r I il ni JtXa? over- fur titty
to medical totenee for the euro of
? mv.ilt.w- Learn <>ur In-onip.irahle record?
1 m.,,lei ,- frite for Booklet ___
li m-ville New York.
I>r?. 4?<-k?on and Siregory now oaring for
all cornera Write for literature
S. V. Tuben uto ? - i SOU ft. ?u
Ivatlon -t- un heat: outdoor sleeping porch??-,
Mr? N S. l-'i 'HI'. '?radiate Nur?*.
Sanitarium Martin, Tesas, l'?1 room?.
te; I -i tiiroiii.- eases
tlrnlUw to i srltbad In Bohemia
HfoTs?WOHK?KS- ?nglush speaking Polish
girl? Itions. Agency, :a? East
BARBER ?vlthet .t few sentlemen eua
i.nii. a til their H. h'liakili'l,
at. IIiim-Ii. 177 17 Had at.
c< -mi'ani- >n, secretary - An ?
? ii to transact bsislnees n.
know), dee of Prem h, Mr?.
i.i i rslde
s W M _..Q
|s i w. ek to start.
K., K4 i - ? ooklyn.
Ui'MAX !
? ?- per or etni
h. s-i : e i Expei li nee, Bot 37,
BUTLER?Uaeful Herman, ?mart, good ap?
pearing, young; $35; go anywhere; good
reference? Hita She.?,'? Agency, 30 E ttd
n_. v. ii raj lull | *
li lI.l.K-VAl.KT Thoroughly un.iar?tana?
hit duties j excellent referen.?? Mia? Mar
Irnltat Agesicy, '?i W. 4,2d at., phone
? Hi ,i;,i
COI l'i.u VVlf? entire ?voris ?mall family;
hushand gardener and coaebmaa; exoel
i good personality. Oreeley
? l M . A
JAPANESE ' ; absolutely ahl?
num. thoroughly ?xparlancad. bonaat, oidig
paraonallty; wlehee poeltlon In prl ate fam?
ily; go anywbara; per?.?,Mi raoomsnandaslon
Hiker. 4ti- E 57th si., phone 4920 Pfian*
MAN 1 ? x. ?rlan . fanner
?n.l gardener, winhe? situation: tirase claxa?
II : rtl trie
SECOND MAN Houetiatn or useful butler;
young Uerinan-Swla?; 2 >., yearn' excellent
reference, city or country, $10. InduairiaJ
11 V? S.'l Ht
I lue Norwegian, ta
ice; 140. .1.. Musa H feaajntr's
?th av., ?th fluor. Te 1 -
girl; good referenoeej city, country;
Senderling Agency. 1??1 Madlaoti
Phone, siTl H. _
cu ?MBERM - -.st at '
?ork. personal reference frota last
1. wage?, l-?>. Domestic Exchange
A P4 Columbu? a< Tel. Schu>l*r->13?i.
lent in hoth, good detailed r?f?ren?a; 1
r.d pleasant. MacNtlll Agency, lj 1
? ? 1 *3_iiL _
girt?; excellent worker?; %?
?1" A . Mi s ?!? .fmayar'e Ag?ney. ??0 5th
1 : Madlion Square.
? ? - i
' M M I! f
I Ml as , ?:h floor. Tel. '
-All round, capable coos ?n.l m?
ager want? country placa; 135 heat p?r. j
nouai reference? M,,? Shea? Asen, y ?n !
y. s : 1 '' 'i
COOK Ktnitiah, thoroughly eTp?rt?acesTI
nil branrhaa, exceptional reference? I
city, country Hendarling a Agency i??i
?ladlaoa *v. Phone. 4?'4 Uarleni,
Tw.i f: ,.
lera -? ??
with ot u .1 Ntw?
garet Smi'h'a Ag? i 4.4 ? 5
. Iryant
I 'I M I K
gixi 1 : '
I-nop? .
MTU t-n 1
Until thoi |ve r?
?goal ' reiii.r. Juat dieeajaa
. ily prefer. .?1 AaaaeWaam!
\V 1:
' ?OOK - th?r ?<~a*m
ehaiu ' TeL *W
COOK ? i u mm
noupa. V?i . : h-.se
?on.I referen, e and ?ppearaaee. UaaC?
Agency, 1." W ~ ,th ?? ! :. Or?? ?, ii
rjUli'ii 11 V
M Mh av., ?th . l .: *u?
COOK, lino Wal rnntd-fi
glr' r or I
. If
C( : 11 :
a ru! manager; nan. bul
appearaiue. rlty or country; 115.
triai Aaa ir-latlun 17 W
? COt'Pl
t laundreet ?? mm r*
useful; .1 year.?' r?f?renc?e; I*1); cm
preferred Industrial AaaoaUUsa, i!
4M at __
ui-ful. *
and Qerman ?ic?tl?al
I ability. go. '
17 W. III ?115.
? '
lau r? en?
try hull?., I - AgtBO
! baa) refer?!
\j ?
Hbrsi:\voi;Ki '
entire ?.irk. he?! r. ??
try, 128-11
et. Phone, I ? ? _^__J
I aal M
rieai ? ?''* ?*J?
dry; exrttl" t r. f?
17 tV - _,
IEWOKKER ? Amertraa
small fai.
Hi il'tJBM OR ?'". garni '
girl, i '
lug t.1 fan
eounti ?
;?ki;i< ? '?
1 i?ok, ?
try Morro? - Agaatf.
I.MM tl
! LAI \ in do lhirta, coiiari?sj
LAI . '. - - .
worn in; ??<< v "J** ,-j
nient, wagee, IM
. ? lurnbua a' . ? ? .""5_'
1.Ai'M Rl - ' ondrtj
four ? It) lOuntrT
?*? -~
I.AI \|i|f . : ?? 2
mal 1 - ..??in? ?
anres; wa??i ?. "'i7' -f?!
17 - ?
- ',.
fur t ?O or tin- ' Vitare*
?ran.? *
Agen.\ 10 I. I I ?I
NI ll- *. ,
diiv . w rk to ' "??I
NI'USK Eng le ,hr. S
countrj IM Kiss Ki ' '
grnvt baker; chan
country. Morro? .\ Kogerc Ass???w
?'??'. ? ._?-?"**,.
in? W15 Hsrleis
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