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ePeal ?stdte
$525,000 Apartment for
Park Av. and 61st St.
Twelve Story Building To
Be Erected on Site by
E. A. Levy.
Property in 180th Street Near
Bronx Park Avenue?Other
Sales Reported.
Schw?rt? ?t Gros?, architect? for the
E. A. L. Park Avenue Company, Fdjrar
A? Levy, pr??id?nt. filed plans ye?t?r
day for the construction of a twelve
?tory fireproof apartment house at the
southeast corner of J'nrk. av. and I" 1st
st. It Will llave s ?"rpntajre pf 100.5
feet ami a depth of M id will
accommoiiste about tweirty-foor fsmi
liei. The cost has hern placed at
Smith a Phelpa have sold for ca?h
the plot 135x100 on the south ?id? of
ISOth st, bcirinnitijr M0 fcet wes- ?t
Bronx Park ??*.. to the Sheffield Farm'?
Slawson Decker Company, -?hieb ?HU
Improve the property with a building
for a branch milk ?tation in conjunc?
tion ?vlth Its main plant, located at
256th it. and Webster ?v.
The following; tr?nsaction? are re- ,
PIT) ?T -Laura K. Graham is reportad
to hs?? sold the flweinni st 1R? 1
'Ml. Or. T:obert It. MeCcn
nsll ce i m th? pre der ? leaae.
1C?P . ? ? m have sold for
?h? M? ?? B? ling ( nn-ipstiv for cash
to ar i 1 isi'ri st.. a five story
wow law hi t 48.0x111 b?tw??n
-Mslrose a-t Me-'ls ivs
Decorators Get Building Near
Fifth Av. Other Rentals for
Business Use.
D S eecorafor? ?
from tl.'ii pr?sent ?star-us ment, ?
*th av na part of the site of ,
the r.e'v 4r.. -
.one?! ? a? ????? ihe entire b s et 3 I
East 4<?r.. -? ? ? ? ed bjr th? Cot
tier Ar- hi - -? , ,
/or a long term b> J Herbert Mori?- ??? .
' 5. Jr.. * ?
four st ??ruet'.ne. 04
CT.OxOf, and 1? o?oed b> John - M ?
& ' o. ha e tase'l for
a term of yea:?, f->r th? Art?ooate :
Cam pony th? m? oorner ?tore? o >? -? .'?
?ad the pa.: c ^or *? 21A end 230 Madison '
?v.. to Alie? r I.a?eru?. Inc
lio.ac- c C A ? o. have lea??' I
A Pleree? c ??-- an H> '?no aqua ? fit at
24>> 1st av
M. A I* Ileas ha?e leased the ??venth '.eft
?quere feet, t,, Ma,,
o? shirt ?ii?!-. for * term of ?.-.
loft at ? s Delekowlu. u?i
pern A Deutsche; the eighth loft, .it r> :
4th st . to 1. Bretter; spa?? at 7-0-11
?Stb ?t., to Eddie, Frtui I; aleo
to IHlla. ln.
Samue! 11 Mania he? ? ? ?ter? al
160 Coltin-.hus a', lo '?-o-se I'iev-eiue lor
five vears
n Mel.. M?ir... Co., In. . has t* r.
the store a? 21 ?>il :i0'- ?
JSCeSOIi. ?v'iO'.e?*,
Julm? i-?-.-. ward at. l?v ???
to MM'in A Roaamao, dealers t ? ? ?? ?
the stom ar-d ha??-?: Jaiit ?Wri ?t.
tor a loni term o- , ?n 'as
been loc..'t . -, alx
t?en ?-ear?.
1'ease ?. ' mm M Mr?.
?V? a O Ruffle? th? i ..?? at *HC kfadieon
av. which ? ?
th? L*dv Baltln on Cake Shop, to c. r. Day.
?wtio ?
?ame t ? >as<-d th*
?.or- .Me of 41 1 ?? , .?: ?.?.,:
to ? -
fifth loft In the bulldlni adjolnlaf the north
?*e*t i ? fhtl a?, and
the I.HU => ' ??an Motor Bale?
?Jld ofHte? i |1] to Ue A
i> a. ? a
E. A. Issaed ?he parlor floor
?tore at lTt, Lailnfton ?v l? Hrn-?
there. I ? s, who
ware locat?-d formel v la _:!?? ?? . ???? a term
of flv? y.ars. at M (?m a >?st.
M H. (*ai!)?irj a ? taaeed
;?" it K
? - - . ? yenr?.
?and 'he It? ?? ' ' - H< len? '.'r^A
Kaadwi ? and v. UHani
1*horri?r. I
J. B Satl er
(n Fie?! .1 rt?lf. for a term o' ??are. '-"M
Weet 48th at , to t>e ceupleU es s mu? ? eu
Ueliers' ?Wanf?.
'"roe?.*- ??-own i o. h?\e leesed. in 001
tlon wtth lient Hemstei'. 'le ei?ht.-> mit ?t
S40 Krua'l??-s\. to the Manhattan Ptothlnf Co.
W. J Jta ? has leaned th? ?tore and haee -
! tn?nt. .it weoA itoth ?' . fer ? taws of renn
tor a reetaunai
Uidwlf C. Traube has leaped the store. 1.S"
US .n a . to DaviS Hsrr?
Po'taf?? ?no ?scant lot? In to? S?CS??I]
Ota? towaa of Belle Harbor Kdfemere and
Hammel?, offered voluntarily In the Ve>ey
ai ??lasroen ?effareaj S) Rr?an L. Ken
? -.-suite.! 'n their ?aie for lids ???re >
fatnif IIS.TM Tor three Hell? Harbor lots1
at the south*??! corner of Be?, h Channel |
st.. Mr?. ?Jan I? P
t.-.fi each, ?nd five lots forminf
'h? aouthea?! corner of the ?anie thoroufh- j
fares wen ?old to F A Granar for f 600 i
es.'h. and Walter Ko:,?? paid $*s.. each tor',
two lOtl ?. Olltlng O? 'lie -tiee!
Allen fj Melklejohn pail t? 4T5 for .
taf? on Oeean av near Mermaid av . Kdae
?kW? Frederick Vounf paid 13.050 each for t
t?\o cottafe? at 72 and '.* Orova av Ham- 1
mels. and No. $| was ?old to K<lfar J<. hupp i
for II ??o
Pe... A i liman has*? leased, furnished,
to Paul Be ? n toe five story American bass- ,
men' dsrellinf honee no? Wen ltd at.. and ?
th? to.ii atorj and basemen' deelllnf houee
ISI Weat 74th at to William U Posa
Qoodsrin t ("oodwin ranted o I.mil? 1'tsssy .
the three ?tory and liaeenifiif deelllnf house
?t ?rs Ts ? ? ??
P?P? a Uro have leased to Parolina Do- 1
men id II Urov? st. for a term of years.
DaBots S Taylor have leased the three i
storj an1 basement dwelling houses at ?O? ,
V4'e?! l?6th et and IS] West 130th st
Ludwig C. Traube leased th? house 113
East lOSd ?t., "v P.. r T?anK.
Duff <? Ponf?r hs\? leased ?t E??' ?Otb ?t. i
to Alfred Ro?l'-.er. Jr., for a term of Are |
Teas? A K;:irnni, haw leased apanments
|L to Mt? J;l1a n. Scott '
and to A Knot?; In 4*> Cast ?Jd ?| to Mi?
A Swinburne In ?** Riverside Drive to ?
" ? las '.. walker. In .'?> We?? list st ?o
o, Garrtn; In ?tI W?M tuth ?:. to:
Il B Pncperman and to Bei? Cukor, and in.
lit Perk av. to Walter I ?item
M H '"all'ard A i'o. hsv? !e???d a fur?
nished ai'?-t'o?r.t a? :i1? We?- ?:;i ?t , in j
?T ft Pe I-lore?, to Mr?
, H Taylor, and at 1??-141 Weat ?
?.d at ? ?''? abetl Men, -an and John j
r P'ewarT I
The ''ro?? S Bro? n ?"ompany ha? lesaed ?n
? partmen' st 678 Fifth ?v, lo I,e??da Stu.we
sant Chati,?;
? ? ?? -
i i ?? ne] ?oifl for T7mm? E
to Semi I wani the four s'orv .?Inf'e
Irani? ere and dwelling hou?e, 11.7x41 ?'
111 s?i.
'erome Propertjr Corperratlo? ?old for
Andre? J. Liar lie fl?-e one family dwelling I
housee at 71? to ~2Z Avenue \i Flatbush.
M B?n-.e" A Sons ?old for a citent to
lohn J. O'Connell the two ?'ory snd haae
. house ?t 114 l.ln- ,
coin Place. The house i? bet wee? Sixth and
The Pro?? ? rtro?<-p '"ompany has leaaed ?o
?h? I A Sertveei '"ompany part of the sec?
ond floor, about 1.000 square feet, at ? ?
?t.. Astoria, Long lsl?nd City.
Mrs El ira bat h Ouldles has purcaaaed'
lus G Kolff a plot 40x'5''
Harbor Vtew, Clifton, Staten Islan-1,
.?lie ??-111 eree> a house.
- traiifaet - i art -T?ed ?
In the Mi ? r.v
p. Hi- Brad?..
Mi st, ?".v tv, ? s. iac <-. ??ii av, n ?tv i
R. ...... l.notkcU do.'.i. zi
?l<- '.'.?-.
? ?- u
v .RBOR, l. 1. Hire? Iota ?t ? w
? ?nd Beseh ISS? h
te Carril P M ?tell for ti S90; a ?o
? streets, sold to 1"
BDGEMEitE, I. ! " ean av. * ?. FetO n
? . .? .,....-. aold a '
Il 4'.'.-.
HAMM ; - . I. Grove a SS ?.nd T2 end ,
.... for 12,880: 7'j and 74. seid o F
b> 1 de?pli P. l'a?.
180T11 BT, (8 W n s. 9M e Lanea -. 20?
W9.11. 4 ?!v dwr. ?oi 1 lu th? plaintiff for
l; 1-1 Me
ISnil BT, MS W, n s. lje- w 7th a
f't? il . ? iilalniif for
? vi
ISIS ? ?tor?: m Bina? t?
T* Pin ' >e.? 8 ?l? fron: I
1014 ii w?
m*'! BE: al o llM lr.jtlt? to \. .1 I
la?sstr. 801 niT*r*ld* n-tre; 6 ?n? fren? Mar
1. 1018. attv*. Horwtfr A R, 848 Rw?v
n.t st.aoo
Wr?T rsWD AX. 28: ?II. R?? V H'111 So S
v. t trm-itTo. Mv xv bvmIi ?t. .; m? frstas Kes
1 1*14 ?tty. M Bder. SOS Bwa> . ti -*?'
wk"t rSm av. .v. *J1; **m? so ??m?, s
yre from N'.,v l. lwl?. **ii,? am. II 85'?
v i 8*1 rx'D AV, tt. ?11: an? to aam*; 8
?i? fretl Novl 1(14. ?are ?ttv 81.SSO
xvfht KNP AV. 84: all, ?ama s? ?am?. 8
.r? *ront Nov t. t?l?: **ni? ?Jtl. BJ ?"?
?UhTSCRDAM AV. B w cor 7*Oj *t. 30x60
?Sor* ainl BaaSaasal l.lvlngatori Radiator .%
Mfg s'o i,v .1 J G?lilng* and aso. 711 Blh sv
10 ?va from Oct I, 1814. ?stv F M Bunthstd
111 R?av. ?4'*?1
2D AX". -J182; conter ?tore A F*b*r *nd
?no to i. F Capadopulo? 8 Catherin? *t: S
?r* fron Ort 1, 1914: t*00
1IJT1S ?T, 4a;-4S. F ail- SaraJi ?*lnk*1*i?ln
So central Madlaon Fo. 02 K ?Sil St: 8 yrj
fr?.m <?rt I, 11114 afl?. I Ro*?ob*rs. 'm
R-T?. ?4 400
The Broni.
IP AV, ntr-U. w *. SLTa lir??ru,tr. ?).*
rflC IP Ave Oo, Inc. to O W F*nn?ll *t ?I.
sil W l?l?t ?:, al vr* from Jasi 1, '?-?..-'JU
i ? TVnnelh ?1*0 ID av. HMO So 111.*??
RROOK AV s?V?, Id loft, 1??*r Zimmern?*?
to G U?v*r. 4?J leook av, a ?r? fioin 0?1 V
1*14. attv Gilbert May*r, 4*1 rsroo. ??.
.intciMP-. Ai. isa, ??..ei Bbsrsj B ?
I*?r*?M ?nd ano to t 1-topold. I.? ****JMV;
?t. 6 vr? from Oct 14. ?1I4; atty. W
Stewau, 148" .Id tv ; I."? to $1 140
ltmt ?T. 17? E. : itor*t; Kafbryn B
Turner to H Kronaro?, lil B l?*?th ?I; ?
? row Mm i. ins atty, Q Fre? "*?'.*??
(With o?me ?nd addre?? ef pUlBBtSSSr a??1
attorn?! I
?.it TOTSRn 11
CHAMBERS ST. n ? ?or Wnlitm it. runt
. ? , XXT.IItm ?i i ? w .1 4 'o
t-t, C 1 M,-Burney to J S Douglia?. SlO XV
uith it; net 11; ?tty?. Maclsj * tfeBorsajy,
;.i Nh???u ?i , ti
l l \'i\ \V. i e ror r.lth St. ?I.llxin?.
Timinii- Realty <'o to Altee M LoTeridg*.
T?an?ck "- .1 imi| 1.00.000) ; all liens. Oel
16: atty. XV S Rennen, 10 Wall Bt; SStK.000
SAME PROPERTY; Alice M l.overldge to
H 8 IS. nsiet" ?n<s ?no, 142 Summit av. VX?-.
-,. N l ?n-.tg MJ8.v?0): ?U ll*n*. Oct if.;
ativ. ?me; ?I
LEWI? ST. ;i-6. w ?. ?5 n ilrand st. ?Ox
1 (.Ox lires. 1. ! Baron to Alle* Lurle. 4*0
As C, RHVonn?, N J. ?nd Rtchel Pear ?on.
loi iv,:jif.i. Bklya; OM 18; ?ft:- .f \x
Bway; '10f|
MERCER ST. w a. '."0 ? Ftn-iStmi St, "t.
ira, oct :> ; E J Healv. ref. :o
I'nton Truel C" of New Tor?. ?0 Bwa? 0 ?
I: sttys, Miller. K. L * T, 10 R*.*y.
i i see
PROPERTY in Liber II. P?g* III, SWtlOTi
S; Andrew Chubh. jr. so F W Fi?-h?i- Ho?
heiten. N J. .tub 1. Sttya, Wood, C * *>. ?I
x\ ?11 at . tl
SAMF. PROPHTITY: John Ful'.?*.. Jr. i?
?am?: Jul.v 1: q c, ?tty?, ?asn?, Il
STANTON ST, IBS-lit, n * cor Ludlow ?t
? \t?.iri? It'?* " tl '? P*>n??n <'on
?tructlon Co, 11 Orchard it (mtg 170.000),
Ocs 1?; atsv. I E 9chle?1ng*t, lbO N???au ?t .
STAN'T<~i.V WT. ? ?. 10 ? '*o?-cV ?t '-?? ln?
17 1, xvro P1*t ?? Aldus Const Co. IM? St
Nichols? er; Ort 10 im'g l??.aVi. ?Uy. J
Manhtim, r>t r.wtv. t"?
- v vfF. PROPFRTY; Alnua ("o.jt <-? to J A
Adam?, 11*1 67lh St. P.kljm <**?*? ?77 -M1' Oct
?; atty. same ?1??
WEST END AV, n ? cor "?-v ?'. KW.1lxli>.
W??l ?:d Ft Realty Co 'o RaatS I ontt ' 0,,
Wtti End *v i m ta lit?.ooni. <v? :i
?:?>? Woodford. B A- B. 1 Madltot, av : 1100
ID \ . v. *. aVI ? 65th at, UOslM
Morro* to R.lia i;ia*?r. tSSi < r??too ?> ?U
title. April % attv, ,f Ptwel. ill K'a I
IITB ST -r.S i- Us W, ? ?. 4SS 4 w 7th ?v.
11x103 ; i vr. S l ? ? '
103 3: c J Xan Ru?klrk to Adele Quacken
BM i nlon it, Hack?n?ick N ?'. hilf
part imlg ??".0001. Oct 1?. ?tty*, X'?n
i-, i? ?;s av; *''?-'
BOTH ST t, ? a 3*5 n a lib ?--. U.X98.?:
?J' W Aprl*gst'th to Q Raurntrin. N Y C; all
liens; N'? :~. ISM; atty, o w ptnstsy, *?
Kasten .?( ; t\
ST, o ?. U?.* w Madison n-. :
P S Rigntr to W r Havemarer, 10 E t,Mh ?t;
ISO I ItH ?"mtg I14.M01. stty, T .1 * T
3STB ST. M4 W, t a. Sat * llth ?v. -..x
111 BlUn Downey lo Lowea Okiora
?bth ?t imir I10.ii-??: Oct I?; atty, H S I ?ok
?S Park Row 11
46TH SI. ',4 FC t *, ?tu * bth av, 'JSxion..'.;
l.i e M Uro?? to Ritt Real'v i'orpn. T,
?'?? ?t <ml? SIPO (?DO? ; t'-t -0. attv. M
Ma.er. 27 I '?dar ??; tl
?7TH 8T, t. s 4>: ? Central ''*rk w?*.
10x100.11: Helot?? r Will? to All Realt* ''o i
Kerhonksen N v. Oct 31 'n-:? lio.ono). .
Mil?, (.rig??. K A B. 27 Tin? ?t. ?inn
r'T"H ST, ? ?. NO ?'? Sd a . 'JlxlO/s 11 : J
Abraham? ro Varah Abrain?. 120 E '.'1 ,t ?t.
"r SI; an-. P M Ah-aii?'i?. 211 ?V -.'nth ?t:
10TTH fee ?lT R, p ?. SlO vr 2d BV. SB]
I00.lt: A1fon?o lan?on? to ii Falisi. 811 T)
l'j7th st; it.; :0 imt? HC.jno,. att-, I. T I A ,
P Ce 11
111 TH ST. 182 E. ? a 106.3 e tatzlngtei a
H K;,tv Kohn to Emma ? -
Inser. BO Landscape .,? . Tonkera, N X h
Kdlth Frank 800 Mtdlaon av. Fl-ishlng. fl of
Q: all Dana; Ma? 28 tiiai
114T1I ST l, h. bai n- I?- a- tl.'.xltV?. 10:
Felicia, ?rlf* F lnrrlaelli. to Edns ':^
Oteenwleh ?t mit? I'fT.oOO); ?,-: d. at< , M
sulzheire: :.? Park Ho? ; tl
1^4TH 81 1W 172 E. s s 1S7 e 1>.x<ngt,,i,
st. SOilCHl: H i, and Elltt l: Power? to
Marv E Powers ?-.d Man in? i Mourn
Morris Park West, tnd H I. i'-,v?er?. fl
bsirv. N J. ejtrg, etc. .leasl? W rn??r? imtg
Powers. 34 Mo,?nt Morrlt P?r'- Waal
ia?Tn bt. n i, ses.3 ? tth ? t?r.A:.p.ii
farecloaura: A A!*rst.in ref, to iy>ui?. xv
l.nndeau. rtsi? Rlvarald? T^i e. 0 21 a-'
M H Elliott, 27 7 ISwr, . . ?. ...
Il* e ?th ?v. 15??'. 11
t lr? Pe Agll?ro *-. II ?r, Co'nll \ P?
\g..-,, ?si v- isttb st; Oct 17; al
> Broad i $i
The Bronx.
ARTHUR xv. 23*-,, w ?, 60x1 IAS
M I -a
I ' ? 30; alty, L T I 1
lfttr llwaj . lino
av (mtg M.000); Oei 2i? atty, Tit - a
? ?. IM Bwax -1.?,
BRu')K AV, I ' COT SI Pa..; s pi, ?8x100.8;
R Olntberg tv i Relneck?, 261 We?-, |ooi.,
?t imtK 18.000) Oct 20; altv, O v,
l.-HAHI/)TTK sT t? ?. 74.10 n Jennings
?' 28x100; i ?? Barthcn t Mlnni.- l<,m,
ISM xx |k*n* av (mtg ?', , att.
I. Tli Tic 180 I ' fl,.,
i ONiYH'RSE, s ?
M Pr. 11 .1a?|c Ml t\,k1 1)vtll t.
<? T stt -. W Ja- .
DAVIDSON ?\- n e -er Rvslyn p| lath
io v.- .:- ?
1S1 ?' IStb Hi.
No. of Rooms Rent.
2 and S
ami oath.
Furn.shei I N??J t ?tory high rlaaa eleva-I
$R(Xi to tor bouse, all outild? rooms. |
8800 ?penally adapted to bschelora.
Onfu'ahed Servier, etc. under personal
M?nto?7K0 ?upen
Apply ?a premiss?
r. o. poi.kt.
P.ealdent Manager.
Cor. 111st. ft. A It. ???hlnaton Ave
.?",7 a
$ro to is5
TIIah-rla-,1; elevator; Sll mod?
ern Improvement*: Overlook?
ing lludaon; exceptionally
Isrfe, light room?.
?Ot ?M 74 I II ?? I
? i tor Mith M, ami llroadwa?.
I ami 7 Knoms
und Bath.
Open Hi ?place?.
-'. 3 and 4
Rooms 01 larger
< otiililnatlons.
Maid ?v f
Fronting Broadway. 74th
and Amsterdam Ave.
it ?.Nr.?.
?asdara Snweef building ah
? r?.! n. sjasruasflti Stan
WO ??Bien r? : ??I ou'?ide rponis; per
BjaJei.t UgM: larff closet ?pace,
mo?t eeotenksat k^ttloii In city. |
ji -i t oMiii t?a?
A fen choice ;, |
Room?, ami Bath: Bot t? ?5?
81 BKNM'TT AVE., "" ?'?t?ide. >?r?r monthly.
Worth of ? IHlfct M At? nt Broadwa?. and light.
S ?toi y. high clas? elevator; all
? i n Improvement?; 4
It?! of 181st ?t. Subwsy;
Convenient to all ?urfaoe
on premise?.
<-'K Oft PRCatlSaU.
*'??? I. <le tae.no?,,,
Ag?nt on Preml???.
Or jour ovvn broker.
Tel. Colutnbua IS!?.
Apply to
Resident Manag?.
PI on. >,.?:.i Auduhon
?I W P>l 74 TH M
7 Rooms:
all outaijr.
S'-vei It'OTJ
l , -. I
arn czpoeur?
i '*miaes or
Boons ".'P4.J Polumhus.
The Chesterfield
:tH? rimknihk mmc
(Osease ?8?" .Street).
">*. va. ???ft. ? t.-T km? \\r.
The Jessica & Jasper
*r?8 To 7:t? ?. Itiai vr.
Adjoining It. M sailing toa Ase.
The Rodney
?65 ? i>r 1701 ii ??r
?ear Broad??.?.
4 and B
1 anil B
II .
I rireproor. 10 ?tor? elerato- l il .. i I epplj Resident Manaser
??Id? r.?>mj. ?p?;'lnu? fever?. . \?m,|.i,j ?., _ ..7
?at ?pec. ; buUer'i , A?^<"tetrd Properties,
... d?v and nlfht t-.Tflc?; ! ?er.. 33? i-ittt, Avenue,
?rrlage ?lisiidsntt. 1-1 Madison Hill
? Room? and
S Bath?.
White Hell Attend?"??
1.1- lag hoom. lisio.
?'010 Broadway.
Tel. ?ol. ???.
6. SS 7
Ur.r light
Room? A lt.,Hi.
Ken ?on
4. S ?nil 6
It. OtO?
filial? llsll
a nd Bath.
High e;a?.? elevator apart- I J. P. I.KO Jr. Agent.
? exceptional ??rv ire ISM Amsterdam ave,
Urotdo.) Sut.vis.v Station. | near ISl'd st.
ItStA Si .Telephone Audubon TS?.
Apply on preml??? or
\ --? " 1 \1 ? |.
Elevator apartment? All mod- I
ein Improvement? Iiay and
night servie? Convenient to
'.?let St Sub??..
8A ?
Rent? ' ? , i J. P. LEO. Jr.. Ager.t.
.,? Elevator apsrtm.et.te: excellent ?... 4__ .
%t9 -OoO Amsterdam av? .
surroundings, eubwa> sts
,0 Hex, at lilU ?A. n"r "ta "
ISS. i ?BatesBSJSsS Auaut.? TSs.
a Reetor ?t (mtg M-.OOn,; Oc? IS; ?ttv. ? H
??minis. 2 Il?t" ?'. _-n**m
..HA VI- I?. Hl.nVARIi end PONfOWRsH
Eche i ,Miisl'?4; fletnseit H ?inlth
.o to P II Smith. IBM Ml Hop? l> <???,??'
IW.fKK?. ?'?? 1*. eti-, n ilshn. 1ft W'l
Ism si. V
tltUHER AV. ? a. Il*"? s William s?.
?7 8x211. to n w s Pr?wc?i.? ?v >M ?l* "?
?n r Olallorenae to N Oroeeinen. '.'TSO 3d
a? 'mi? I." ?so. Oei IB; aity?. Oetener
a A A. -on n?ay J?
VARsflON AV w a, 8? a ITSIh ??, ??*?
78'J T (' McPonald, ret. tn Marg?r?tha
Alttnan. U.8 Marlon a- r?rooM?n un'?
?817000-; Oei r> lit?. I I' ' onlo?. P? 3,1
av; B1.W-)
MORRIS AV. ? a. 810 n lAflth s?. ?Ox?.',
Kntts Relchweln to > OfaaBSltr, l?4t M?r
mlon ?v 'm's 8? Mm. Ocl l??? ?t?v. A r>
Uvnns, 111 H-?;. ?1
NORTH OAK nrtiVE. ? ? pert In? ftl.
amend?." cap Wrong wood r?r'< 1<
Margaret .1 T I'aiinon to Floren.-e PfOV,
ri ?tun?i'i pi. Oei ir'. ?i*i. "?r? at J
? Cannon, 7?n North Oak Drive; fl
I* AM F PROPERTT. Florence Trnv to
I Ana? m Law, ?.'is w irtsth it; Oei It;
?snie nttv . ?1
snrniEfiN norMMVARD, ? *** *nr
341 Tx.179 B; A Klein et al to
J Summer?. 88?. Proton? Park North nnig
*8nno0). Oet I; atty. W F Dougherty, cor
Tlffanv and Fot sts. ?I0"
TINTON AV. n w oer 147?h ?t. 114x10(1.
H?nr> 1 ?lllbert to Barsh Sbln?, ?01 M> rtl?
lav. llrooklTn; Of IS; atty. A D Lyons, 111
Bwey; 11
TINTON AV. r.17-319. w a. 11.47.10?; Sarah
Shin? to Anthony MeOwen. GIB Wales as
I (mtg |!.7?0io?. Oet M. atiy. W I) I.yon?
141 Ri? ay. I?
D ??' . e a ?O0 ? 17.1 ?t. Itslll; Posle
don rteal'v i'n. Inc. to Ifogae Mole?, 244*
Hrlgf? S'. ; Od 11, attv MeeSS Mode?. 244*
lirlfg? av. ?100
4T-TI ST. ? ? ?.'.4 ? lei a-. 11.3x101.1.
Wakafield; Anna Hahicht ,n Julia i: |HH
men. ta i: I7ih st ; Oei U; ??t?. Met'"
Wendl. !?5 Niii.au ?? . $1
MSTB ST, ? ?. 40 ? l.leblg ?v. ROll-*'.
Joe 'l.rUtoffel to ?Vr . \ K-nnv 4*o \v
??th ?', Ocl II; ?ttv. Tim? N Cuthlairt. 4?
l?wa) . 11
A VEST K A. ?* ?, ftl.6 n 81st ?t '.'ft 4x
IOS.?; Mak?:- Wiener lle?liv OS 10 .lon-ia
?Veil and ar.o. SI f: BSd st: Oft "t 1 : r. ?
p c; attys. Wei! A Mayer, ft lieekman ?c
'?iu:niiv s; ... i?.n .1 e CaUi?rln? ??.
r:.?ii..",H Bgn fvetnbers <t ?i to H?
i w.-eke? ..v.tei n??, Uong Island; Oet 21;
I yn ? p r. sit)? ? 4ft Wllllsm
IT WASHINGTON AV, n e ear i.-1 - - it
101.7a . rilman Conat < o to Stnte Realty A
Mtg . o 18 i: -tteir it; Oet ?It; I : ' B
|] OOO
IS, NO Stsnton ?? Bl
Parmsna Itealt] Co I" tm?lte Wienand Mr.
tisaetaa . ? t ftl - ...? ? BO S m ?
pi a'iv?, Amend A A 119 KsaMM St.
PrOF.R.'K "T. e s. 12'? r Stant'.n st. Mt
1??. ssme to s?rr?, Oet *1; 8 > re, fl p I .
asm? ?tty, I4.fvn?i
OOERCK ST, ,? ?, 148 n Starton ?t 2S-.
100; ?am? to ssme, Or.t SI; S yrs. f. p e,
?ar. . ?M. . 84.ftoo
I.FN'iX AV. I0T. -a?, leasehold Morris
Fl?hr.?ln !0 Alex If Ptlverman. Il IT Wes?
ch*?ter s?; dus a? r?r note?, Oct 9Bj al'>.
S ?*olln?k?. 18J Na?sau ?t, *?.*'*'.
I.ENOX AV. a e ror lllfh ?t. ?1.11x100.
Aile? M IxiverMge to Timmen? Realtv Co,
u . .? Hnboken, N J , Install ,. p r. Ocl !...
artv. Wm <? Benne?, ?o ?A ail s?: ?r. onn
p.niNiiTON BT, r. s. loo s Sheriff ?
tSxISO Ahraham P.ele-er to Morrl? Ke?'?e
t'sum. ?4I l'nlnn nv . Or? " . "? v : m , 4 p ??
V KST r.NP 4V, n e -or gSth st, lOO.II?
?, ? 1er?' CO 10 MetrO|??ltt?n Life
Oet |i . lu? s- r' I, lit!; I p r ?
attv?, WrMMitor.l. B i B l Mndleon av
itnr, eno
2D AV, n e ror IM ?t, 112 10x100; Kredit
W Fi?.-'?r to Lena r,?l?.-hinann ei al. exi?.
lttttl ?t end Willow ?v ; (?? 20: d .
15. 1 *> t r.. 4 p .; att>. Wood, C l S 11
Wall tt 112.000
1 .T?i PT. ni w ?. m ? Uta s'
'.Hi l.nn-ee Fekford to Ellen DewiMJ
w 3?.th ?t ; t> ' II; vr? I " c ..m H ;
ppoh. n p?.k r.otv
MTH ST. n ? ITS e We.-t End il. &0?
loo :>. Tho? F Devina to Torkvtlt? n?nk of
N Y, 3d av anri f.'.il, It: Ocl II; due a? per
bond; s'tv. M B (teedateln, ."? l'ark R..v
?? -
usTii B ? ? 141.1 e 11 's i
I/oul?e t\ Eandeau to '7eo W K-.
Brighton. S I; i)ct 11; 3 -ru. C i>
M M Elliott, 177 P.r.B\. Il III
The Rronv
? ?
m r ?aviario to smadei Realty (Jo 91 Ba?i
Hltn M '?'lier ??? t t ?? v ., yra, C
| . tltyi Hl-lnnsti ,<? \ Ol Baa? ?
n o ror l: ho P IMzlS.lxM ,?51.2. ?' H
Smith to '1 Haha, IM Baal RM] ?t (prior
mtg 111.0001; Nov 30, 1912, J j m ?xittiout in
tere.i atty, 'i Mni.n. IS William ?t ; {4.H0
l.'.rs 1>14 and li?, niap lx>hl.auer Park. J
's?- ? to P Bushier, l?l? Bt I*?renre av.
due lan I. lili: ,'.H P C? attv, C M
? 11*41 Wal':- ? 1. ft"
MoRMl:; 8V, a s :??!> n IMtl
Enill) I* Marrln to < "orponited Mortgage Co,
"7 '???d?r et; Oet 17; due ate, as per bond;
s i. ;. 11 I ) Pal ? ? ? 1.VV0
M ?'IIV.V i.V. .'. ? 1,7.1 e Pug?
?'.'.9x11*. Eucy V. Hefter te Elisabeth
867 l'oiest a": atty. .1 Ilejrieman
TU Ulton av . J4 ...
PROSPEC-r AV, w s, BOn '.??''.h at, 40x1'ki.
Angel ('onstruetlon po. Ine to K Krstner,
- i ... il .- - - ? $10 ?.--., .i-t 17;
3 vra. I p c; atty, Bl'" ?
e-v. $7,000
livnr st, 37S liast. et"-? leoee; ?? Krone
re.? and a?o to J t L Wurmsarr "34 Willi?
> ? p e: atty. O
I- lev, 3429 ?d ?v. ?40"
aiTH BT, (V. l-sst. ? ?, '?..X128.10. !. R
Hall ?o Title Ou? ran te? and Trust r?, i..;
I Oet 21; due. e|e, an per'luiil; att>.
lui? P.uarante? and Trust r*o; 12.'?00
' Bl.
(\N ith amount of mortgage and nai'I? *
S .dien? ..t nttor- ?
AMSTERDAM AV, 14??'. mtg gfl lea?e.
etc.; ?prll fi. IS07; J Adler to 0 ?
atty, i: M Burghard, ni i. ?i -?"
ARTHUR AV, -'.?. m * .''et.s t. lS7'h it
u"-n.. iix.yvxiiH.r,. April '7. IS11;
.a Tesoro to Norma lt?altv i ... 344
? ' T? Mam ill?, 20 l'.a.t 1st ev,
Mt v. mon, ?' v '-'V :??'
WJ.ST l.NI. AV. n e cor OSth II, IMO.lll
I3B; i . b 3 i-'i- . N'i ?.
r?.ir-> i/vitn and Tru I .... ?ttj?. i?l'
Rolaton ^ il 2'.' i icbani ?n;. <?"?
st. 23.8x100;
Da, '.t?. lO-iO: B len Earl to Ettas w l
berrj Broniviii? WesAchester C
K lloran. T? WilHain ?t ; ?...
10TII BT, n ?, 23Q.S ? A ?, Stt-gM
1?. ISIO; Wllhert Ile,,"- f'o to
S?) l.aat I27th et. ntt?a. Lerwk?w1ta a
? . i st. ?.;.<.??>
35T1I BT, .'..'M W??i ? ?. ::.v) ? Il
..V.ftRi?. April rto, IS1I vue. to H r
"Ram. '.'81 l'urK ;i' , a".. M s Oeolt, SB lark
Itou . 13,000
SB ? 11 BT, ? e. a '
100,6; Oet ?i IS1B I ? Davtn? to M W
BlggS '.'?i! Weil IOS)
t?svard A Bmyth ?'?? ? ?O.k.i
7isr ST ? ?. I7ft . 5th a? SOxtOO.S
'?1. ISIS; W Zleglei, jr, t.. n u k_: ,. \|,
rtetoern, n I attyi i-ar-,.). ?. i ;,, aoa ,v
M-i S] Wllllaru at: n-uiono
74TH BT 21S r.? t, - ? 186 ?. Id nv. Sfts
MB.S H. ut |t, ISH; M liarla'.- et al to
Jennie Marka.y. 610 lia?' Kth st; attv. n
Klri-ehsteln 133 Naseau st: X", m?>
BSD I - ? Park ? Il
ino?; c ? ie |StO; I lien \f Inaon 'o a B
Ruah et al, tru?; attv-. Humai?] A M, 161]
?A a v .
K.7TM BT, 217 E??t r ?. .'110 w ?d .
100.11; Aus B0. I!*07 l Blondi to a Tanccna,
87n Washington iv; atty, N Aleinlkoff. ?VI
Na??n ?.", (.?
1R8TII BT, n ?. M.I e Sth av, 17
June .'i letM - .,,
1 Foultable i.if? Asauvan * Poclaty;
Alexander A ? IS6 Bw?y; ?i .--,
City Heal Est?t? O? ? kaat*-sUS V Ad..m?,
! ..? W Inri?? to charlotte M Hamilton.
??in;_12 "no
FOB HOMKrt In the reai eooalry near Net,
Yerl. conxilt The (ountrv Home I eegue
?0 W??t 120 ?treet Pl.in, .S?,i M .ol. n
Trom November Flr.t la
The Lorraine
' f?sat 45th ?St.
A Large. Beautiful!) Furuished Ap?rt
ment 'an Le divided to ?utt.
? t,*T .?inE.
HARFERIE. II Ml I R >?t ?4th St.
8-7-9-10 Room?. 12.700 to S8.SOO.
WANTED?Foi "man and r,-if?, a tl,l>
fortebl? room, good .Ight and heat; Chrl?
?lan people, between lid aral Tlth at?, price
114 per sseaMk. T F^ 4SI West liar, et
s i Rsscklny s? r*h*l*?a Bxdriansr? ??isk: tl
v L McCresdy. Indi? sssd ?t mu. ij J '
Pnckl.v BT.MI
Louis* Wlrh*> to H A Coh?i? tljn
' Derla* 10 Yoricvlii* B*nk,
Ham* to ?ASaSi _ mj?T
M TA' Pu?*nb*rry, tru?. to F, W Du tari -
I t??i ry - *
T*i??T*r* Mortgtg* Co to r?otor, ?te. ?f
I Church of th* A?een?l"n In N*w York city:
TRI* Quarante* ?nd Tniel Ca) ?of? H
Ali?n; lll.soe
Kafhasin* H Rlak* *nd an? t* Rssjtgraiit.
Industrial Saving? Rank; ,1,.,?o
.) A Adam? 'o Max Cnh*n . V
William Plat lo Aldu? OsBtstvssstass ?je?
Aldus rjBBjatnssltsa co t? j a Adam*; ?'J0
TlSSSJ. Patk 8, t? York villa Bank Corpn. SI
I he Bronx.
74* Y Truar r-n M OtSy Mtg Ov JJ.
Ham* to Me?? Fuete, |nej jsm
-? M - ? .-? to John A RirSherfort?, *iris
Washington Trutl Co to V B Truit Co. su
oommlrte?. . f
Rcene- , Johtnna, t? Jullut ??l*'*rT/,'1^
N Y Mort and Barvrlt- f"o to HMIth M d*
M?l?V*-HultfeMt; ?-..?""
f> TORBR 1'
-,?8nr bt ici W; I liBiurnir ?rt ? ??
Iaoii?, owner ?nd contractor; C A Kn'***?,,.*,,
eontracror. to"*
???TH BT, ,"1 'o t?,l F and loth st. 44 to su
I ' t, Mott tron XVorki tg' *H Igntil"*
? ot?p?r: .! F Rsrrv. , ontfeetO'I?
I LKMVf?TON ?V. .%87 and ."?(?. and o1-' et
iro |o i,,, i ?;.-????: Fie.ttl-- ''o sgf Ham
.nirei'in ???per* Ce. owner. O Btxmmjratein.
owner ?nd contractor ?r**"
s-i;xx VORts CENTRAL R R track?*. *.
.Va, ? Dyckmin ?r. 200x200; II E Foi agt X ?r
Isnont Hy~?1a Ira Co owii*i . Fh*on ,'on",*1'iBa
tl^n ?"o, contra, o, . S4Vis
< ? Heltrnei- c?n*t-i:
non Cg ;.t, r, ? Realti "o. ?ctrner; -T "''n)'*''
?reu, , onrrs-tor; ?-1'0
The Bronx.
its'ru ?T ... m -or. \ . Mug'.?r? ?rsa
XVork? agt Ftlihcl R?ally < o sud P ?"> *W
t ov owners; V Palmtft contrario- |4R
IT8TH si. 1018 snd l<M7 hil?*rman A
1 anaetta ?ri Hull ? oiistru, tlon Co. ?>wp?r
ar.d -mii, l'JiO
i ; a ' r. n a 88.? ? xv?b*t*r ?r, to?ino: 11
pe 1-1111 : ? Bgl ?Il rl?-v Realtl CO, owner snd
contractor. 17"'.
rxTOBEn ?-?!
11 Ti! ?1 ?4? and SB] F. A Shapno ??' X
FnilUt ?l al. Tune je, t?.t? |:,4T 7"
ID A . 20.'?. Cooper A- Pollock
..? Iron Wotka ?Rt F liait??.? et al.
' "ci s 101e ?>? .o. WOO
F . 10 I? W, and 8aVt ?t. t, to ? XX
JoseeA Tino * l o. In,-, a?! .1 R Eoo?ev?lt et
a ? ' I?, P..I4 ibv bondi ?! SJB1 R
rhe following plant hav? b?en flled In th?
Fron/ Building (repartmetit :
bEACH AV, w a, 176 n Randall av. far a
1 Bty frame garage, 13x18; Edward Gihb?,
111 ll**cb ?v, o?*ii*r; Anton Plru?r. 3041
-1er av. architect: ' o?t. I2IV>
COTTAOE AV, ., ?. 171 ? n I7?th ?t ; for a
2 ?ty brick ?table. 11x44; ninabatti Rrlnk
oorth, I cottage pi. ov?n?r, Freal Hammond,
111 I-: M?th ?t, architect; co?t_, IR.no"
OC innen :?
',R.' i ::lfl and 2S6. <i A J*w?ll
agi Prlsollls XVItt et al i partition i , ally. H
??th f*T, 33 ?f; John Haydoek agt O M L
Sack? et ai (foreclosure of mtgi; ait?. T J
OBEENE BT Itt; Julia A Oroh ?at F?n-j
Jaillit, Wechsler et a: 'fortvioeur? of mtg* ;
iati.VB, ElkU?, c.ieason A Pro?ka'ier.
SIST HT, n ?. 100 w llth av. ItSltl.l;
Windham Realization Co. Inc. ?gt II I
? ire of mtgi , attv?, Alct
?n.Vt 8 '. ?
54TH HT, ?'S ?nd 2*t K, Bowery Saving?
gS Joseph r ?elg.r et al (foreclosure
i,t mtg); a-iv?, ("Jauwalader, Wlckersham I
-is ST. n .. 700 ? Id av. 60x100 11:
- ?. Xf-irigaice Co ?gt Jo?eph F.d?lsteln
of mtgi : attv?, <arj ?
IS] le ?? ? end rth it, -"00 and
182 XV; .1 1 Has? Inc, agt Joseph Miller et al
t , lalnii , any. W F KltTabST
SAME PROPERTY; McNulty Bro?, Inc.
? latin > , ?Sty, W F Ktm
SlTH .- . E . Paatx.n SI?*"** as' R?oh?i
Rose, I -,.- ,,. ,- .1 ? fire,-losare of mtgi ; atty.
A Ma ?
i| ST ?;; ?id 29 W; Rachel H?rrm*-i
ng' Johanna H?rrnstadt el ?I 'foreclosure of
ratai; att] ht Randall
The Bronx.
i;?TFt ,-or ClIntM BV. :4.SllO0.
Arthur Sammi? agt Lawrence Krone:,burger
? ire of mtg); ?tt;. W ? .Sam
.i- :< ?BEB -'
\VB8T BNP AV. n ? cor Wh ?? l?O.Ux
IJf? fa.? Co loans fSbste
MlvBA REALTY ' " . Ne? fe
45 W 1401-1 -t , N. T.
?aid Jain?;.-. S ai. VOY?*, N. Y
im li et: Frank Q,
p*ai ?lbaaj chari*?
i .- -, : ?? .-> ; it-- ibee i Hsaten, Mbai i
'i- . .. Mai -irin? Corporation Mau
xx I23S ?! ?
n. v.; Remuai Bchoen an-i Samuel Meahelm,
N. Y.
Denby Motoi Truck s?.?? Co Manhattan;
1 H ses ?t.. llro-.k
.vi, r. h Shsikey an?! xvilliam 1. Cohen,
, N T,
Henry Haldlns ''? ? Manhattan. 110 000.
s,. a?|| . - ?-. :?,, b a- , N Y.. Max
i: i*-. m.- and :? in n. 1
. n i -o , vu ary ?upplie-,
lullen Epstein, ?M XV insth st.. N.
x -.v il .?.n, P Fil 1er snd - B. K?l
? x
(?erman Csitl*rj Importing C? Manhattan;
? g? ' i4td .?t.. n. :
?Irr and .lohn Han.enaon,
K '-,?.. Th? Rrriiu,
r>t, nte.1 ,,i: ? ' S feannet'.e Ta?hak. '
' SStli st, N. Y . B. raid Tuthak and
. .-?' Wolff, N
TXool ProdSlCta. X\?tertnwr.. IJO.OO): J?- ,
itertown, M?* Btahlnaky
and Ja<o?, Raker, XXatertoan.
.-mart Sel liai Work* Manhattan; 86.00?; i
Ui WetnbtSfg. s:, i; uit:, ,-t . X V : -
,-ani'iei Cohen ami Herman P Oordon, N, T. ,
k a:> l'la - . sheutrb'al ; ?
abeth Marbury, Haro.d U. Hu?i
ner and Failli Rr*lt*nf*ld, N Y
Lock Safe and Restauran'. Manhattan:
' 13l*t st., N.
Y.; Minnie Lock and Bdward '?ahori, n. y.
, !r,,[iro- rd Llv**toch sia!?* Co of America,
s , >, rge W. i ieiling. Fort
Hamilton, Brook 1 n: H,-?:-- W. Bmltb, Brook
*Sg?n. Jr., N. Y.
Hannattaa; general d?
or?; l..?'.0o0; Arthur l^opold, 440
s\ e?- i X ; Samuel Leopold and
- V
F?, eiaior Importing Wm? Co., MsAhattaa:
Itl.aOB; Henry I?**'' KO XV 4?tli st.. N. Y ;
- Snd William T. Henry, N. \.
H leiegraph to Trie Tr! - ?
TYeatOA, tt. J., October ai
.irMher? Ne??rk piurnbing and heat
I ? ?iii-lia, T're,, F. L
Frey ai!'! K J Frey, N'eaark
s'oppor Rock Mining Co. caniden: mining,
? I, ' amden; J c. Olson
Bl : xv s. Hawkins, Rrooklvn
-?.l Realii an-: Invaatmont .'o Atlan
liv. inii _??late;_ll"j.ia?ii |: M. Jsooby,
i: H.nk? and XV.
Walker. Aria ?
Ret-oiutioii of Detail-iit |g__Fireman
I fi? grade, P F Wetgel, Eng. ill. to Chief
of art h Hatt.. a? driver; J. Corde?, Eng. 211
to ' blaf of 17th Bttt.. a* driver
Fined Fll II Jaj |i
Kng. Z9. 11 for loam of fir? alarm hox key 41:'*
?ihuul-Companies v?iil reporS at ItT-ltl
ih *t.. at rim* and tlat? ?pecsfled:
Ovit. :?;, 10 a. m . tng. 2; 1 p. m., Eng ?31
t'ct. 27. 10 a. m.. Kng. ?,; I p. n- . Kng 284
cet .v. 10 a m.. Kng M: 1 p. m.
?. 10 a. r,i , Kng. 17; 1 p.
it a. m.. H a I. 1: 1 p ni
Eng '.-6;
Eng. 270.
h. a u
11.'. Os 11, 10 a. m , H & L .a. l p m
11 t U 12?.
?luri'ial IstBVBS of Absente mo pay,?
Flieman sS-d srad?i XV R Stilwell. )r , H A
4 'apt XX. H. Qulnn
I Kng. 247. ? hour?, net :j: Fireman il?t
grad?? T. T.. PI kl*?. Eng. 2? :, t,0ur?
Oct .?
?:-0?S?77 2d a? .1 Bunck: trifllnt
P xi
1.00-134 Vf 100th ?t N*wark Spring Tdat
1:40?F-ot of XX- ,..:, ?, e*Sa*S*m ftifllng
? mu ?s P. Kar?; trifling
- i'laav. ilar? Arm? Apartment
Mou.?; unknown.
*:40 -U E. 115'h st.. Henry Siegel, '.rifling
li40?,m, Amsterdam av. L Summer?
l.lO-Plei ?1 North Rlv*r. AtUntle Tran?
Port ?-'o ; trifling
VM ?71 F. l'S-h at . M Go*?; trifling
?:4S-l&J Weat End av . Mr. Ahwtrtt'
lOits-ife? bt Nichola? av , o. Sasftat t?
!?'y. ^? F- ,!Mh -*?? Vjnknown; trifling"
10-T4 'I; I Xl?t it . J. Shea: tnfltnC
] Shipping information and
Marine News of the World
Vessels Arriving ?t and Depart?
ing from Port of New York,
Wednesday. October 2 I
Sunrls?, 8:11; ?un??t. list] BsSSS Bit*, t V ?
moon'? age. .1
r M
If 11 ft WATER
a at.
Ssndy Mook . ??g
Oov?rSOf? l.lsnn...??-?
M?ll Oats . - U ?'? l-:40
Th? Europ?, reported a? M nille? ?a?' "
Bandy Hook -' noon y-sierds-. I? "
to ?loek this forenoon.
Vssasl. From. '?'*?
?Wei?h Prlnes... ?-?nto?, Sept. ?.. Pl-Ui
?Europ?.Naples ?d 'ft ??--? ^?"?",
?Adriatic.Liverpool. Oei 14...W St?'
?Trinidad.Renn..Is. Ocl 20
?Almirante.Kingston, uct 11 ' ' ' '
. 'Tinny?..!!.r ,ie Jaaelro, ftepl BOILS "
I Britannia . Horts. Oet I?,
[Creole.New itrlesns, net IT.JwFb-1
I "Fred';? VIII.Chit?"?n?:in<l. Oet 11
?colon.Crtetohal, '".17 '','",,.,
1 ?Maraealho ... Mimoni" Oet 14 RRv*l
I Ia.n?p? . ta Ici n Ills " ' "n ' Td*
Comal. ? ' '??' annort
I 7.i f..id.Oalveeton, Oet II ?"*? ' '*''
Bavaria?. . .Bevatuih, Ocl BO
?rMtsdeir-in?. . t.i H American
Oct. 11
, ?Kr,.n.-c,nl?. ; ? .?,e J Oet IT.. .' '"??,'.r"
, ?? >ranj< Vaeaau.. Haytl, Ocl II !: "
1 ?!:?;.. nansa. H ivan? Oei I ;\w?r'
?Noer.iji,- . Rotterdam, Oet I. Moll Am
,I.?ni|.a..?s. K?] rtemX '.e- ?0 . Mallory
! 'Brlnse mail.
!.. DAT.
?i ?
\ ?gg? ? I.It:? ? I
11. ana, Ward.. 8 00 ami
AI llanca, tYlstol n ?a m :\:i?iv m
f-an .lo.e. Cost* Ith i I C II -"'?? ni
Mlnss Oera?s,Bantoe.Bras. 12:00 m
I C of St I.
rrtlDAT, OCTOBER 23.
<-?ui?n? Barbados, Qnebce.U:? a m
Tumnn Bt. las , ?'??'' r::0? Bn
SATI.'RKAT. O? Tt-fiKR 1
New Tor?, Uv.'rpool. Am. ?:*) a m 11:09 m
?Verona. Napl??, l'ai.S:30 a in 12."0 i-i
Li loijrnlne. Havre, rVch.1: M in I??"
I VsStriS, Halls. I* A II ... M/latn lt:M V i.\
foamo, ??n Ji-sn. NVAI'R. rno a "i l-:Vi in
Banan. Kingston. V F Ce. I ?ara 12.(? m
Havana Havana, Ward, ?-?am laWptn
'Trinidad. Hennude yneb?r 1:90 a m 11:00 a m .
' Cameron ta, O's - ? ilvor. '- ?"> '"
i Mlnnewa?ks, London. At Tf 10:00 h m
Kalla. Naples .
' lienuhe. Jamah l, RMBP
, Tagues, Rai ? l-*00 m
Proteos, N"?w Orleans. S P- '-'00 m
Medina, ??a ' ' ;"? 1' m
1 coman ? ? ion 111? Clyd? koo p m
.?I in? ram|... Malt?n .. . '? ?'"' P "'
I 1" of .-'av. Sa v. fctav..
it?. Gal ves. Bo P
it Qrand?, Bi tell ? l*0* P rn
Close ft, T
atlon snd ?tramer *:S0 p m.
Hawaii. Hamo?,i Isla&dg A istiaiia,
New Zealand ivia .--an F. nn.-l?.-o>
Bonon ? .Te-dsy
Jap.n. ' orea tpplnes ivl?
-. rilthyhlua
I Hawaii .'la - ' .1 Man?,?...To-lay |
or??, i Nina (via Seattle) -
Mexico M.i"i.
Hawaii I 1)1 Inland?.. New y.e
\ Australia (via Van. ouven . M??ara..Oct. 28
lapai ' ' a
Il - hlnyo
ksni ..Oct. a
. Seattlei -
Ana Uaru .....
(Nor), Port Mori i
! 1? to 'he felted PVult I
g?r- atil fruit. ??ar at in 4.'. p rn, ?j
Oak. lan. Honolulu S?p? 3. Balboa 26
and Philadelphia Oet 80, to the ?-.
! Hawaiian Se t,!n? ' \ Bar, 2:ri0
; a in.
iiothnm Newton (Br), Santander Oet A
?o Wallace M?ller * i'o. In ballast. Bar.
.'? u tn.
Czar (Rus?. Ar.-hangei f-?(,t 30 and Ham
merfeel Oei '. ,r> Benham f. Boye??
. hall.??t IJ.a- i! a m
Ijiiiul.e i Br), London Sept ?_?.;, Kalmouth
'.'4. R.i-l.atloe.? (.. ? I 0 Puerto
. ... ii i.ia 0, Cartai g 11, i ilon 1". Kins?
ton IS and Antllla 17 I
I Son, with 0.". passenger?, ni.ul and nidse.
| Har. >i 10 ?< -n
i SaMne. Mobil? Oet ?X Tampa 1'! and
K?y We?? i7, ?o the Mallorjr Pa Co, with
paaeena?ra ami m.ise. Quarantine, ills
| ? m.
FM Mundo. Galvesion Ocl l.">. ?" th?
Southern Pad?. Is?. Quaran
- ?; J.". :t m
?.? v n ;
' o with nid?? Quarantine, 'J.1"1? n m.
J. ffereot . New ;.o
?to th? Old Dominion R? i ,??er.
. inda? Quu ' ?
Val Sallee fits!). Q?no? Sept .7. I.e?
hura II. t.ipa-i l". N.iole? 17. Me?el
Almer?a 31, Faro Oei I and f.:-maro ?.
? f Young, With ru.1-e.
Rar. 7 4" I
Coastwise, Hoaron. to Rohen w Cos .t:
I ailast. Qiinr-tntln.?. in 32 a in.
PavM-.-e. Philadelphia, to the C
h m.--?. Quai ii'n ". Is .1" r m.
San: tin |0 Oet 1 ' ? hi Turk?
I?land l?i. 10 ?. ' ' Yrrk A Porto It Ico
Bs ' '?.. n hallan. Rn--. 1 40 p rn.
Pandv Hook, N I ' '1
southwest, light lire??e; r'.'-.a smooth ?m.
S"teiu,i.-r.? Whlteglfi (Bn
Kor' Tampa, Chimu fBi
fol? John A Hoopei
''lothlole Coneo ..Vor'. Po
Br) i u. M il '? ' '
]??? . Maiiretai ? ? Mr . i I.
1 le ?Br>, Liverpool;
liatveaton, Madli *?.-rf.->ik and
Newport News; Illinois, Pon Artbui .-?
Kalmonth, ?. : Jl Prlna d?r Nede
il'i|te'.:i. Nef York vie W'?' Indie?.;
Venezuela and Ma-l-ira for AiuKterdam. :
?. Inaaby i Ur<. .\-.?
Rotterdam, '.et in And.'? (Dutch), New
Yo-k via Kaitnouth.
.-.?>'n. Ocl 20, noon united States
Dan), Nev? York via Christlansand
K?1 ' ? - IB i kl II ? ' Bl I, N-w York j
. ?Ion.
TairaK'.'-a " I 1" '1 tani?. ' Ital >. New'
Portitn??. ? ."?' !H .-"inus (Dutch) (from ,
Patia.s). Ne *? York.
I.elth. ' i -f 2" Nordpol fNor), N?w York.
Napl??, ?'et is -s.-in Giorgio fltal), New I
Y'orl:, 20, flam. Aneona ?Ital), New
Ueiner.ira, de- 20 I'.irlm.i Br)
?lbraitar. Ocl IP?Suppo?4?d Tsormlna
I Ital i, New York fo? .N'aplr?.
' '-" Be le i Rn. New York
for Manchester.
Forecasts and Records of the
Last Twenty-four Hours.
Oflii till Kerord and Forera?!. Washing?
ton, Oet. :i.-High pre??ure prevails from,
the Missouri Btv?r ea*t??ard ind In the .
aouth. with generally clear weather and
higher temperatures, rxeept in the north gnd
west upper lake region and the upp
sis?lppl ?nd lower Miseourl v ?Heye. In tde
? xtr?m? West pressure I? comparatively low.
but rlelng, and there w?re local rains In all !
statea except California, ?ith a considerarle
fall In temperature |n Colorado. Wyomta
New Mexico. Arizona and Southern
There were also local rains In Texas
laical rains will continu, Thursday in
Colorado. Southern t'tah and th? Southwest
Including Kastern 'laxa, and prohat
in T-xs? and New M?g|co. Ther?
will al?."? b? o.al ruine Thursday in "
treme Northwest, extending into the middle i
MI??ourt and upper Ml??l??tpp| vallej? and
protablv th?- north upper lake region on Kn
U?- l-.l???* ner? r.,i. ?-?aii?r win prevail
Vhursdav gad PTMajr It WH) he ?otriewhJ
.ooler Thtirsta? In the extreme Northwest
but elsewhere temperature changea win ??i
be of Impjortaace
Wind? for Thur.?ida> and Krldav-\,JIth ?.
lantlc. mo.i?raie we.t n. ' *1.
erate ??st :o noith. aouth Atlantl. i??,i?ra,.
r,or?h?evst. enet 'Hilf, i,,,!-.?,? northe^^
aast: vx-t Olllf. moderate ?outhea" 2nd
south; upper lake?, gen'.e to moderate eaat
to soutbeaat; iow?r iak... KrI1.,e [Q mo,im?Tl
tore, xe? for ?pedal I a>? ali??,, __N.W
Tori.. New Kngland, New .lereey. Pennayl
Twnl-nelawar, Maryland, the ni?trl. t ?f
?olumbla, Mrgii.l. -nrt H e.t \ ireinu f??r
Thursday ?nd Friday ' ?rginu., fair
?a?.ai Oiltetel l??V!??-tt_Thef.:i?x??vn#om.
! rial reoord from rh* W*ath*r Bur?au ahow?
I lha cbang** In th? ??mptratur? for tb* I??
1 fwetity.four hours In oomparlaoo with th*
corr*?pon,llng ?**'? of l?*t y??r
rasa i>'4 '?>> ">4,
a * m.t? ?i f p ?t..f? J
I a. m. 44 ?! ? p. m. 41 J4
? a. m. 41 It 11 p. m. M '*
i1 m . il U 11 p. m. ?
4 l m .41 731
High??! ?ernp*-a?'jr? y**t*rday. Tl degr???
ret 3 p. mi, lo?'?*t, M ial 7 a. m.); ?'"
? a-? i ?v*r?g? for eorr*?p?ndlng d*l? '*?'
yum. 4? . avaras f ?-orr??pondlng d*s*
'??t thlrt> -thr?e> >en- '
laval Forera*!. V?r t,, day ?nd !?
modi i*r? w*?t wind?
I t. m. ?|t p. m. 47'I p. S?.ta,
Barometer Reading*.
? * m JO*?:'! p m... Bf) 31'I P. ?*?? 38 18 |
Tratsifer? and X??lgnm*nt??Oct. 33-? I
j Bgtl M J c?is?er.. to 33d from 30th; ?r.
HI .nie- t,, Htb fiom 33-1, (mstuali ??t*. '? ;
to ' ? i fr,.n, ist; R -i Mal
i ?"?Hi from lltd. Temporar) a*?ignni?-nt? -
Pilrnn .1 T foll?n? 4th 'o P 0 -*l J?d. P
,p ?? . u days, Oei 31; ? xi-i.?,-. 63d b?
PI? ", I?; a Oct. 31 I (?I'-? **$i ??? v
(iasimanu. ISIth. ard lx,uls Roa?. I70lh 10
I, I! It ?la ?. 'it Ml I" tr?lnlns "*'n??>
from pre. iii'-t? Ittdloated, IS days "rl- 2':
John O'Reilly, Mh; F P xiaionev. ?in.
I- If Power?. Klh. A. !.. Hura... 4Jd, 'i J
I??; T T. McAulirfe. Il?t; J?m??
n, ?Rh
leave? of Al.eenr? I no pay i Sent- A. J.
(3d, 1 ?lay. Oct 24; Ptlmn. L. A.
Manley, 3d, I day, Oel 33: J .( MeOratly,
dav?. Oel 2,-. C. H. V?uthn. Ulth. j
? i, i .:::. T M. O'Connor, 21?'; T.
I i.vei?r. 42,i, ?mi c, a Rannamen, I4ttn.
i day, <>?* 14; S. Carey, I4?th. l d?>. ,
?; T A A. Relllv 170th, I .lay. Oct. I
84; I. F Caritas, f?f,th. I day, <)<-\. 24: (
; D. 1 Mi larthj 1434, I d?
i da) Oct 2S, precinct? indlcatedi Charle*
i.l. King, .'2d; John XV. Waahiiurn. 4_'d.
Hugh v Ah?rn. (3d; Aih?rt N MeOrath,
William Zankl. 'iOth. A'illlan) H
I Webber, 144th; XX'IIHarn Sti?ger, 14?tb;
Jame* fi Mitch? I4?th; Henry A Ber?
ing, i roth.
Restored lo Dut? f'tlrnn. H T. McKen
Oct. II
-suspended I vitliout pay? ? Ptimn. II. T.
M Kenne, Itth, Oct 10.
iiumi?*e,i .. ? Ptlmn. k 1 Ma?
' ioney. ISith
New Haven Inquiry Likely to
Last Week Longer.
I'nless other witnesses raise points
which Chsrles S. Mellen may be want?
ed to explain or amplify, the former
president of the New Haven made his
last appearance before the federal
grand jurv which is investigating that
company yesterday afternoon. Mr.
Mellen wa? excused ist the conclusion
of the session from further attendance
at thi? time.
The inr|uiry, according to those who
are following it closely, will la?t per?
haps a week longer.
__?i- -
IAKEW00D, N. 1.
? ?'.:, ?'frsc-l?? and healthful raoo-t
v ? -i -lame of lakeside w?lk? ?nd drlt??.
tenid? courts ?nd putilng .- - I
IS bols golf rour??.
Sireally ri,,*r|?d. Kintjt loc?rlon la Pooono Ml?.
II'?,ma ?a ?ulte ?rtili liaih Eksctrk llghu. ?letm
belt, t|lrp'i?n? In rootua, au i pax'ior MatSt, Data*
8 B Id ? Han**, Ooif, Ter.nl?. Bowling, Garage,
llltv?. Bkll. I.?ck??rai.iia Ii. U io '. rev-,, S-.?tlon. :
XX. -I. A XI. D. I'rire. < a?aden?!?. Pa.
ST E ibi;x TTT'' H N ? ?? '?? ?*? Y
?nll?riiim?Vlitv ?vary facility
?o ?".-.'??' ?ci?nc? for th* cure of
invalids?Learn our incomparable record?
Moder. frit? for n-oklet. _
I? insvllle. New York.
Drt Ja? U??.n and Gregory now caring for
all comers. Writ? for literature.
N\ V. T i' erciiioft? Invaltdt; L600
v allot., ?team heat; outdoor ?leepln? porch??:
_Mrs. N H. FORD, drad i at* Xi.-r**.
I lnrn Msriln, Texas. 100 room?.
conveniences; foi chronic cases
I to CarlttKhd In Bohemia
RXRBFR wishe? a fe?- gent ?men en?
toni r* a' th?ir resident ?? If. Susaklnd.
. are 0f |f. Ilirs-li. 1V7 K. Md It.
TO! SO XXt'MAN. reined Am?r|e?n de
-iro? position as houi?ke*per or emergency
?- s*n?ral ,-ooking and
doniesti- - - - an take entire charge of
horn*. Address Experience. r?x ".7, Tribun?
JAFANBBE Btyert cook: absolutely abl*
man. thoroughly experienced, honett, obllg- :
a- fine dlapoattlon; very deslrahT* '
ity; wishes position In privai? f.,m
il> : go anywhara; personal recommenda?on
Rlker, (JS i , 'h ?t.; phon* 4124 PPlasa
\1 VN. r-vv, U a?c ?, ?xp?rl*ncard far me? i
an ; rar ?euer, v?lsjie? ?Ituatlon; fir?: < lajs
references. J. K . Bos II. Tribun*
A v 'laov v young Irt?h Proteotant;
13?; i Itv or country. R., Ml?? Hofmay*r-? ;
Agenc>, 3:0 5th ave., ?th floor. T?l*phon?
? idtson Su
Moshcr aid laughter, Herman, work of
?mall familj B.. Ml? Hofma>*r'? Agence,
ave., 9ih floor. Telephone 4527 Mad'i
COOK, bI*o vraltr*?s-Chamb*rmald? FTnntah
girl, l??t reference; tag.?h*r or aline.'
Ju?? '.a Agency, ?1?0 Lexington av. TX?|. 44*1
COOK. Protestant; excellent paatrte?, *oup*7 ?
vegetal,!*?, bread, ail branchas; gta?d r??f*r
*nc? and appearance. MacNelll ?.gency 17
W. 35 r h st. Tel , Ureeloy K?46
Cil"PLE.? Cook and butltr. useful; Scotch'
and Gorman; excellent personality and
ability: good reference MacN?lr. Agency
17 W. 3ith ?t T?l . Creeley S34u.
O?N?KAL KOCBEWOKKKB -fflnniah gtri;
y r.eat, willing Juaalla
tM l.e-.i- gton IV. Tel IS.-3 Plata.
GENERAL il'M Si;\X'. iRK-By *xp?rl*nced '
womai ' ? irna, P? 8r. Nicholtv? av.
Hnl.'SKXVtiRKKR? Strong Finnish glrlTdo
entire work; l,e?t reference?; city, ooun
trj , J.')-t30 I^ehtl? Ag*ncy. 77 B 125th I
e- I'aot.e. 6^15 Hailem.
LA IN PRE?!? First cits* ?hirt* and oollart; i
ref*i??not; also yjur.g girl a* ch?m- I
hern-.Hid and laundress; best r?f?r*n--* Jus- i
alia Ag?ncy. CvjO Islington av. Tel. ?453
b*t and i.tlned American I'rot??tar;t. Ad- '
dreaa X'. c . Box 56. Tribun? Fptown Offlo?,
13M Rroad??a>.
NTJBBE c.pabi* taking ?ntire cbarg? of In?
fant, und?r?tanJ? all food*; ?Ity or coun?
try. M . Mlaa Fltz?j?rald'* Ageacy. 141
St h av._
XVAITRKSF-s omn?s?nt wiltrtt??; ?>??t~r?r?r
Finnlsh girl. Juaalla Aganey, ?Bt
Islington *v T*l. 44?I Plata.
UAKSHAL'S 8ALF -By vlrta? "of "an ?x?cu
tlon. I will **ll. at Be 2 Eaat 44th it t ?
day, at I a. m.. the contant? of tailor* ??tab- j
lUhmant No good?. JAJJES J, LAHKIN. ||
City Mtxrehal. I
Hudson River
by DaylioL
AI. Weirs r,?.,r K ?^
Direct Rai, Connectte?, ?- ,., ZT""'
'H? xi'?Isa?????.
1,-s-. I.-.
"t. ? AM; W ,.,?, . V,
.onker.. > 4'. ' M |,b4... ,.'w?,?- f
Newhurgh. Po.,eMi..r,|. x, w*-t ??
?'alslcl, ^.rifrte, ?2J
rs.1t',. v:|,??5
accept?,) ,,T* ?M ijjj
?' ?P trip Oet ??; rttma, ?>, ?.
Hudson River Day Lie.
'AIR..VY DAT uX ?-?ai
r>e?broe.e. St. i-.r ?^ J?
Ti i lag m? "*
I-itahltthe-H ,.)?)
Feste.t Ste ,m?,, ?n ,h<5 WofU
Regular and Uninlarr ?pt?4 J^
Iranroma St.,Or' }| IgJ
l?aconia SsJ^Ntw. 14. |Ota.
Traniylvama Sat., Nov. ?\, |0U
Franconia Sat.. Nov, 28*10?.
LUSITANIA Weei. t>c 2'. I0u
CARPATHIA \v.(|.,Nov.7?
Company's Office, 21-24 State $U|
American Line
Under the American Fls|
New York?Liverpool
Vew TorV. Or?. 11 on I'liiU Ot-t t\. ?j.
Atlantic Transport Lbe
New York?London
M ?* a?.t..Ort 24 liMoi M h.ina Het II Sasai
White Star Lint
New York?Queenstown? LWsrpsa!
\drlati?'. ?let. ?s. noon ( e.lri, \ar ?. |??.
\H, \. k Bastas lisjj '(iretu
? is A/ores and ?lihraltir.
?? ,-innni. No?.?I. Ham OFioUnri. X?T.ng^
?nmpeo?'. Office :i Breadwaj \ t
? M-S? ? v 'I ; e? St, OsS
New l?m4on (Vorwieh) Us* ??? Xn
laindon. Li Pier 4?. N. It., ft H-xaSw
St., week day? on'), ?.30 P. M ; Pier?
i: i< ft I 2:<\ st.. vit p m.
F ? aaTf*J?BB>-????e??ll I
\tor,e?|er. S: Ml, I'm, ?i|en.e dtret
?H I -ll>K ?TATKKiMiW?. ?g,
Itall.x. inilinling *.iitnla?. VW |. a
f rom l'Ier 19, K K. Paon? 17M IWIra?:.
City T1eXe. Ofll ?
i r'e- - T .-?. ???"? ?. i ? ?
pre? ??n-'?N?" r"'" ?'? ">T latefsafessi
neu u um ?T M],
Kor Porto Rico, C'Jrseao <- Verejwls.
CARACAc1 Sot. 4 l'H
NfAltMAIIiO 'if ?4 /:
Superior accommodations f'?r Piastoferi
fleneral M?nag?-r?
'llaeSeigh. P'tesptl K tat? ?ad Usas? BS?
Lai.ding?. Franklin a: l. ?v l.'?th H. m r.?
?- ... !??.. .., SI ? V ?? l?itli St. IHl?
Sight-Seeing Yacht
??Men fier Dali] le.M I "' Bteat ai
To all Point? fanu-M ?? ; H*??? .:??rf ???-? ?-?
?? 1 p m r>r 15, N (i T ' '|llllslf._
San"" F"?. M"'- !?"
S R. "8. V. LUCKCNBACH." - Prl!*?? " ?
_ tXSTRfCTlON._;
>i:.V \<iki? ->isoh?ttaa.
?? ttrst sitli M Tel. ?M ?ess?-*
Boys carefu I?. t?-ir> ' liow t? 1?--?J"
careO foi from 9 to 3:..0. ana on ?S?1?4"
mornings Lasssons ?tuJls.1 In *
A 60-foot gymnaeiuin ' ***
A i'if sal t??eh?ra
BEN ! ''?>*?? -j
FOl'MJKI? 1870. -1 i KV* >? HOOL 01
KV ' ''
I ,.....- p-rt
III! Ki.HI If/ ?l HIMH "' I '*'?' V,r
H?r>?. i - - ??' '^
New ? la??e? Constantly l"onnla|-_
Orsw?is?ii "?ad Mlllmerv ?xS??l.--Th<?<?J*? ?
?t.-lictlno In ?11 tr.i re?. ?' ' ? ' '""* "
1er n-4? '?. ?u '?;*,??m
2 West?!??
Itl siws? M BOOM.
Lexington Ave. and 35th &
lag ?4hori.1?: 1 """"TSZ
vut? csjni: * c?n??r??t?ry ?' "
THE von tnub t?,.| prMti??.
. sBy
SCHOOLof MlSIl,. . - ;;
?VfesiWihSL ;; ,' /^sr
New York. , ? ,.k.u,n.?n _
?l??ln?. P..?.. Vielle. CM?. c'y'***:_?o5
l?,tru?..nt.. ThW ??S c?--^,,?^"f3s?
I? M.rn..n?, S?l?e|?le. ??.'??' HWsfT """i
etc. r?..- Ceisliesa ?'''3***? ,<*7" "^
listitute of Musical Art of tbiCinolrWJ
Addr??x ?.r,-rei..r?. I M ? ??rei.i.'ii? ?'
NI N inith <<?il ROC ?.t Me*
I.? r-??t JSth Be.
American and F..rel?n ?'?rh*r;!.%-*T?a??
Supplie? I'tof-?,-..-?. ? "-'h'J,i,JM, ?s?
- TO??*
Famille?. Apply to Mre * J
rULTON, ?* I'nion ii'i."" ^*
CARPET i---**.1^
TKL. SS? C'OLlMBl?* r,t ' e,
CLEANING 353??ist^
CARBFLL ' vnP T ' *? ;v' Sn? t?j?**
Cleana by compressed ?lr ?'??? ?Ss?*
on floor '.&.".. Hr,,?.!??> i
HKAM'l r?l 1? ' ^?
' NEW T..KK lAKI'.'.T ? I ?-A^^J^T.
Old???. I.?rf?ei, -I -' MfT Vslf-''
?TVE Bills ?u\'7N FKOil "1';.^?
fi\rm Sees? ? ???
T.I ? ?- ,?-,

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