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Boland Not Likely to Start
Game at Full, Law Get?
ting the Call.
"-Confidence of Dartmouth Mr*?
in Their Team Greater than
Usual This Year.
i "?nake" Ames, chairman of the foet
Fball coaching cotomi'?ee ?t Princeton.
wiP not announce dot. B Holy i>ie line-up
? ' ''<? e'even for the Partroouth gam?
o'i't-cIjit natil the men take th?
I but it ca?i be said on good an?
I tbortty that Law will ?tart at fuPbaek
r La place of Poland, who early is the
1 -eaion looked lik? a fixture in the
f LsekAeld
^Ro'.and .? ?ore to play part of tb?
game, bot for the nreaent it would
? eeni a.? if Glich ?nd I-red 'Trenckrtiann
ha?e the call a.? halfbacks, with Law
. -*"? j 11 ?".I \?: ?-? bI Boarter.
*i mas ' >?? la Prinreton football
I'old rre yesterday that Roland ?ecmed
io h? worrying over bis place, and,
eoassa,neatly. ??< provine ? disap?
pointment. Faut year and early th<?
I >?aeon he could throw a football wltfe
"uch accuracy a? good fielders
? "ow ? hosoboll. His shooting of for.
ward passe? was nothing short of phe
omenah bol ?-fcertly his work has
'?lien off. either from lack of eonfi
j denes or the worry of alternating at
inverter and full with the responsible
?y of giving the signal? ?nd directing
'he play.
A? ?aid before. Boland is sure to be
' part of the game, but in all prob- j
'v will not be ? 6r*t ?tring man
favnet ?"?n'tmouth.
0"e of the rea?on? for Boland being j
re] at. quarterbat K was due to the i
?:e?ire of the coaches to us? both him j
?J taw m the bsckneld. It Is a case)
?Jt e* too much riches.
"peaking of riches, the chance? are
IBTOT of Trinceton using two sets
"' ha-k^ ?gains? Dartmouth before the
C?me is over. While Fred I renckmann
and Glick appear to he ?ne fr?t choices .
?s halfback*. Tibbott, Moore and i
}>r''Sg*- 1? ?*?? nothing of Roland, ?rr ;
all strong ?nd a* t'me? brilliant backs.
Dngg? ?ai captain of the freshman ,
'?am last year and ? mo?* capable
vunter. He gets hhl kirk? r-ff ?lUirker '
'hjn ?ny man on the squad, quicker
? \en than de Witt, who was ? star in
? ?id Itlg. He is rather excitable.
? er. ?nd doe? not place the bal!
irate); si Lav
The Princeton line for th? Dartmoath '
rame il likelj to be made np of Lam
bertOB and Brown, ends; Rallin and.,
Bigler, tackle; Sheni and Eddie I
i>enckrnann. gusrds, ?nd Gennert or ? '
VU?. Hand, n ) ?
McLean ii almost ?ur? te be < ?otain !
Halliii's running mate at tackle in the '
Harvard and Ya'e game?, but he h?? '
?- BOrsing ? wrenched ?boulder, sol1
' st Bigler, Love or Latrobe ?rill ne ;
used on Saturday. Of the three las', j:
earned Rigler-? enancas look brightest ,
Lore i? of stocky build ?nd not ?o fast, '
La ?robe lacks experience, ?I
? hough he will be heard ft..m next,1
? ???? |f ,.o'
\ Dartmouth nin.n ?rites me: "Don't I
be afraid to make a little -ager that I
Dartmouth will boat Princeton on Sat 1
urday " ? ontldence sepjn? to he burst- i
ing all bounds ?t Man?ver
riugginwe^. one of the Rrowr, '';
? * rh? mav be seen in the . ,
game sgainat Cornell ?t the Polo ,
? ?rounds on aturda?, is a former Mor?
ris High .School player. Two years airo i
he earned a place on The Tribune's ?11- ? ,
scholastic eleven.
Eraosl Soucy, who ha? been moved
from centre to end on the Harvard
eleven, is one of those strong all- |
?round player? who can play any oosi
tion in ibe line well.
Percy Houghton has hopes that N'el
?on, the llaraiil sprinter, may be de-j
? Sropod mto a good end rush.
Catire Student Body Sees Last
Hard Work for Satur?
day s Game.
- ?tT?r1 1" ?"??? Tribun? *
Hanover. N. II.. Oct. 81.- The entire)
student body, headed by the college i
band, marched to Alumni Oval this af- ,
lernoon and watched the Green eleven
go through its lust bard work before
las Princeton game.
'I he 'varsity spent an hour on fund?- '
mental* and h?ndling kick?. Cortil
?iid the kicking, ?nd for the first tune
thi? season looked a? good as he did !
ear. He will probably be used on
After the long drill on the handling ;
ol kirk? Ihr first ?r?l second teams
want through sismal practice. Several
Princeton formation? were used by the
?econd team, with the 'varsity on the ]
"thick'' PuJnth played in hie old
position ?t tackle to-day, while Perry
got a chance at right end. The chances !
are that Pudrith v ill he shifted back
io ?nd for next Saturday.
Ghee, ?Jerri? and Whitney are the !
[ shoulder? Dartmouth
r.lace? the greatest responsibility, i
Cortil i? invaluable on account of his
punting ability, but his line plunging
no means better than that of
Gerriah. Three hundred have signed
i he book to go to Princeton, and more
are "e.pected to follow suit after the1
masi meeting to-night.
Mohcgan Lake Again Victor, i
fRr i ? agraffe io The *> sane i
Mohegan lake. X. v., Oct. 21. Mo-'
hegan Lake School won its third game
?o day from the Ossinlng High School
by s score o* K to 0. The feature of!
the game was Mohegan's tearff work. '
Te be obtain-* , Acker. MerraU ?Y Censut Co.. "Charles ft Ce*? f
and all erst-class dealer?
tftlh Are, 9ft? ?jj 40th SU JtW Yark. Tel. 18? ?rynab
Coaches Driving Elevens Hard '
for Big Battles on Saturday
Yale 'Varsity Present? Stone?
wall Defence in Clash
with the Fresh?
men Team.
? ?--*rr?r;i te n ?
S'ev Daren. Slit. 21. Yale's baca
laid and 1'iie regulars wrre dr.ven
hroogh an hour's hsrd scrimmage with
he fre?hmsn tesm to day. It was the
irtt vrorkou* tee 't?r>tfr ha' hud fl- ?
?eek. snd the men got a hard drilling
n preparation for the Washington and'
irnVrrvon gams- neat Saturday. The
?ubs did good defensive work, but could
ir.-nn,;- I g agalllft til* \*T'
.?all defenre. the line hold
ng perfectly.
"Fogg--" ?msvToith stood "tit in the
irrimmaging, scoring one of th*> var
lowna after a 86 >ard
sroken field run. Le Gore scored a'
leid goal from the "-:' yard line for the
egulRrsi. and al?t> mad? a number of
ong rim?. Frank llinkey k?-rv
ring men in during the entire
rattle, and onlv one substitution wai
nade for the freshmen.
Bco1 ; ! -n shifted to quarterback to- I
iay. and with Mnsworth, Knowlrs ant!
? Gore f?ve the 'varsity the most
?owerful baekfleld it has had this sea
ion, Scovil drove the team at *oo
speed and hand'ed the ball cleanly.
hurch and Higginbotham played the
sutpost positions and Conroy and Wai
len. who seem to have won the guard
-ilaces. formed with Wiley the centre
rio. Their defensive work was
lass. and Wile;. was frequently
through the line and down the field
aith the ends.
The scrimmaging was preceded by a
naif hour's signal practice. On the
first play after the kick off Le Gore
flashed around loft end for thirty
yards, but the 'varsity lost the ball
sehen four line smashes failed to net
ten yard?. After the 'varsity regained
the ball Knowlofl afid Le Gore made
Iwenty and thirty yard gain-, re-pet
around right and left end. Line
smashing failing. Le Core drooped
back for a successful try for a Field
After the freshmen kicked off Le
Gore made ten und twelve yard dashes
?round the end. and Ainsworth scored
after wriggling; his way through the
line. After this neither team had the
advantage until Le Gore tore back
thirty-five yards with one of Hutchi?
son's, punt?. Then smashes by Knowie?
and Scovil scored a touchdown.
Na?y Tries Ne? Material.
' I'- Tri??-;,:,s ,? fr?. TrtbUl ? '
Annapolis, Slot. 21.?The line-un of
lit- N?tm Academy eleven rvas ma'
rially changed this afternoon fro-n that
which faced the i m crsit. of Pennsyl?
vania tt the liej-inning of last Satur?
day' f-s.ni?> Perry, centre, und Ken
nedv, rich' tackle, wore not on th?
f. Id. and Hick-, the hasehall catcher
was moved to th* tackle nlace, Smith
going to centie ami .lone--, to gur.rd.
The other tackle was filled by D?
Roods, and the guard position by Alii!?
the fourth elftsi msn,who continues tc
do good work. Captain Overeseh
f i!eri '?-,1 usual nlace at left end. whil?
Jackson, a big, active fourth clans man
wai tl ?OS* B< *. t ;!:d, Alexahd.
m later in the afternoon
There ?as no change in the backflelc
from yesterday.
Nriny (ripple? Hack.
? ?vap- In TV.? Tri'
*Ae?t Point, N. Y.. Ort. 21. All of thl
injured Army pi..vers were back ii
harness to day except McEwan. Tin
big Minnesota player is expected to re
'??in th* squad in time to get ' n tit
Holy Cross game. Of the convalescent!
Benedict was the only one that weni
gh the stiff paee set by th<
?hant and Morrilla! contenter
lOlvei with pacing and catchin?
the hall. Oliphant also did some prcttv.
Resistless Dash Marks the Final
Practice at Old Stamp
ing (irounds.
' bt Telegraph ro Th? Tribu-? ;
Princeton, K. J? Oct, 21. The Tigers
played to-day with a resistless da?h
thai has no? been equalled on Univer?
sity Field this year. It vu an en?
couraging farewell to the old stamp?
ing grounds of Princeton football men,
'or |t wai decided to -.?ait one more
day before starting actual playing in
the new stadium. Tomorrow'.! work |
will be a little lighter Hnd will not
mar the ?olid green of the held as the I
half day of grinding would have done
today. j
Twelve of the old stars of Princeton
football were on hand to help in the |
?orl <>f preparation for Dartmouth, j
and they hep* thing! stirring almo I
'? ithout let up until dark. 1 he "vsi
as it will probably play on Saturday |
v a? put through nearly an hour and H
quarter of real endurance tests and
came out of it with four touchdown.;. ?
A half hour more of scrimmaging gai I
?imple opportunity to extend the time
for 'varsity substitutes to ?how their |
endurance, but the result was nol
The first half hour for the 'vsri
was spent in actual scrimmaging with j
the scrub eleven, but no attempt was
made to score or play a real game. The
real work of the day was against the
, freshmen. ? ho made martyr?) of them?
selves for fortj minute?. They put up
ja game tight, hut the 'varsity practical?
ity walked all over them tor four well
j earned touchdowns.
Captain Hallin made the first score
| on a run from the ltS-yard line, where
f he picked up a fumble: hut it was hi?
own fast work, together with that of
! the ends, that caused the fumble, fur
'they charged down in a body on Hlake.
I who was taking one of Law's punt?, and
..truel, him almost simultaneously, Hal
' lin picked up the fumble and ?cored.
j I ibbott did not wail long to make
.the next ?core, for he cleared the
:tieshmnn team by spectacular dodg
line and ran lixty-flve yards for a
touchdown on the return punt of the
i cubs just after the kick-off. His work
was high class throughout.
The frc-bmen had hardly advanced to
? 'varsity territory after kick-off before
; F. Trenkmann intercepted a pi
rridfield. Ames cleared away for a
I fteen-yard quarterback run and then
' snapped a pass to Tibbott, who
tehed the play by clever running
' into a thirty-five yard gain and the
third touchdown.
The la i touchdown required
four plays. Driggs passed to Lam
berton for a gain of thirty live yards
and immediately followed it b> another
pass to Brown for about the same gam.
r. Trenkmann smashed through for the
V? yards. Law v?a? successful in
all hi- Eoals from touchdowns.
Glich was kept out of the actual
game and allowed to rest, while Tib?
bott took his place, but he will be in
the game r,e?t Saturday. A new ex?
periment war?, tried this afternoon when
Schenek was shifted to left tackle and
Hogg put in hi? place at guard. It
seemed to work very well, but the
couche.! disclaim all intentions of try
ing the change in an actual game.
amei played quarter until the substi?
tutes began to come and then Eber
-tadt hail a chance, but he has not re?
gained his skill.
' drop kicking before the big scrimmage
! ?as staged.
The scrimmage to-day was the long
i't held, lasting an hour and a
quarter. "More speed" was the cry of
the COI the 'varsity failed to
n spond for the scrub put up a defence
that refused to crumble and the teams
went to a scoreless draw ?(jam. The
workout was anything but encouraging
to the coache-1. who are striving hard
to get more power in the Aimy's attack.
Timberlake was shifted to the scrub
team, Herriek taking his place at guard
on the "varsity.
Indians Will Fight Hard.
Philadelphia, Ocl '.'1 Pennsylvania
runs a big risk of being overcon!;dei,t
about the results o' Saturday's game
with the Carlisle Indian?. Recause the
Indians have been defeated by I.ehigh,
Cornell and Pittsburgh in a row does I
not mean that ther will prove easy for
In the first place, all three of the
team? that have beaten Carlisle arc
Strong eleven?. In the second. War?
ner, the coach, ha? had practically a
green team to develop, and indication?
are that it will be just about ripe to
play really good footbaM for the first
time against Pennsylvania.
Carlisle is al?aya more anxious to
win the came here than any other eon- '
test on its schedule. The Indians
Many Changes Made at An?
napolis as Result of
Showing Against
1 showed Bashes of power and combina?
tion la.t Saturday again?', the strong
Pittsburgh eleven that mean trouble
for Penn on Saturday, Though beaten
b) a "cote of In to 8, Warner's eleven
? I ball of in t av good calibre as
tl eir opponents, Pittsburgh's touch?
down being the rs lit " * fumbled
pun?. With both Crane and Look
around, two veterans, in the lino up
pe:*t Saturday the rleven will l>* much
Sv recuse Awaits Michigan.
, ':r?r?|,ri to Th? 1 tibiSIM !
Syracuse, Oct. 21. Every day this
week hai been given ,,-rr to sCl.rrt
[practice behind closed g.it' : bi the
Si racjso 'varsity football team. "Hurl'"
O'Neill, the coach, has driven th* men
hard, in preparation for the all impor
tant game with Michigan on Saturday,
but just whHt took place on the grid
iron ia known only fo th. tt-ain ami the
coach"-. S.uards -tere placed ?it each
entrance to the stadium, and it was
impossible to got by them.
Seymour, the regular quarterback,
who injured hi- knee in the Princeton
game two week- BgO, i still limping B
bit, bul probablj II he in his regular
no 'tion when the team faces Michigan.
I.ouiii I e*? orV at running
the team has attracted the attention of
the coaches, has been filling Seymour's
place and doing well.
Rafter, another substitute quarter,
played all week with the urub team
and has hown steady improvement,
All the other regulars have been in the
daily practice.
The men will go through only a light
'signal practice to-morrow, ami will
I then re?t for Saturday's game.
\inherit Has Hard Drill,
lesraph to rne Tt
Amtierst, Mass. Oct. 21. The Am?
tierst football squail had the longest
and harde t drill of the year on Pratt
I ?eld thi sftemoi The 'varsity team
wen! through an hour of tierce scrim
n-arje ai'ain-t Ihr scrub arid freshman
teams. V ith Tow at quarter, the first
team piled up ---. touchdowns, Ashler,
the hard plunging fullback, and Knov.l
ton, at left, each making two scores on
i long end nil
Tow- ripped ofl ti c other two touch
b ?' i rom kick forma?
tion-. The 'var-il team ?,-ot no brcath
: ?ng -pells with Ti the signals.
The small quarterback drove the team
, .--o hnrd that the defence was up in thrv
nir all the time. The first.team tried
foui forward passes. Of ihe.ie two
, were successful ami nett?-!! twenty
yardu each.
The -tilden - l,,,,? , va? at the field to
' cheer the 'varsity and scrub team?.
The whole college bod) is preparing to
! make the trip to MiddletOWfl on Sat
nrday, when the 'earn face- Wesleyan.
eeial train hai been chartered for
Division of Seats Arranged, uith
Each Academy (Jetting an
Allotment of 11,500.
Philadelphia, Oet 'Jl Final ar?
rangements for this year's Army-Navy
football game were completed here to?
day at a conference between rcprt
tatives of the two academies and a
eommittee, h?-adrl by Dr. J. William
White, representing the Ul roe ily o'
t'o: naylvania. The contest is to be
le-'d at Franklin Field, on November
' 28.
The Army and Navy representatives
agreed to accept 11,500 seats each, the
sume number offered to them by Penn?
sylvania last year, when the game was
I in New York.
This leaves between ?even snd eight
thousand tickets for the university.
whieh will be ?old for the benefit of
'in- relief societies of the two arms of
the service, after expenses are de
: t-ucted.
Each party, according to the agree?
ment, wilt be at liberty to dispose of
eat? in any way it sees tit. provided
that, in case they are ?old, the net
proceeds ^hall be divided between the
Army and Nat > lehef societies. The
cgieeinent alio provide? for a general
committee of supervision, consisting of
the superintendents of the two actde
mi*? and Dr. White.
W*?t Point mi represented at th*
r?**ting by Lieutenant Philip Mathew-i
and Lieutenant C R Meyer, while
I i*utenaot Commander A P. Fairfield
ntid Lieutenant Command*! Roger
Williams appeared for *!ic Naval Acad?
Hard Scrimmages the Rule
Both at Ithaca and
eleg? to I lu : -
Itiiaca. N. V., Oct. :M. The Cornell
'varsity showed exceptional form in a
scrimmage with the ?mil? this after?
noon, carrying the ball for many bu;
gam? down the field. Even 'varsity
man aai in the Une op ?ritii the t eep
tion of (I'llearn. "ho '?a?, hov over, ac?
tive in the signal drill, and it is quite
probable tha? he "ill again lea?! his
sao ' B ro?
The coaching ?-ta*' devoted the work
to Irving out the tie", playi !?>
he psed again-.' Brown on Saturna; .
\n attempt ?res made to ??core "hen
cither team ru ihod the b?ll *?? 'thin
striking distance of the goal. Sholton
and Laut- played ends, (iallogly and
Kmirv tackles, Snyder and Anderson
guards, with Cool at centre.
Barrett ran the team from quarter?
back, with Collyer and Shuler as half?
back.? and Hill fullback. Tins i? ?\|.
dentli the line up that ????iil play against
H row n in the metr?poli-.
Rm?ii Uses Open Play.
T'lejrapli to the Tribune.!
Providence, R. L. Oct. 21.
Hrown second team ga\ e the Varsity
eleven ?i lively battle to-day in the
hardest scrimmage the teams have e\c'
had. The 'varsity scored two touch?
downs against one for the scrub. The
'? sn Itj is getting its tallies early in
the game.
N'orcross intercepted a forward pass
and ran ?>0 yard i for a ^corc. and a few
minutes later a perfect forward pass,
Murphy to Ward, took the ball over j
for the ?econd coun?. From thai time
on the first string men were outplayed.
The scrub made its only touchdown on
a forv. aid pass, Camphell to Hate-;
after Booth had intercepted a pass and
had run AO yard".
Dozens of forward passes were
worked and a neu split play was tried
oui. The scrub was instructed to use
an old Cornell p!av. s tandem on tackle,
and it v orked well against the 'varsity.
Four Members of Football Squad
Attacked-Training Table
Is Blamed.
B< T? raras i to The 1 /
La-ton, I'enn., Oct. 21. Lafayet-e ?I
worried over the fact that four of the '
members of the football team are seri- '
ously ill. Two week? ago Brown wa- !
taken down with typhoid fever. A few I
days later Oulick succumbed to the
same disease, and to-day Thomai
Cochran were forced to give up be
of sickness. They both have lympt
... typhoid. Il il felt that the training
table is the root of the trouble.
Dr. K. If. Green, the college physi- ;
cian. and Dr. Alvin Davison, head of ?
the department of biology, are carry?
ing on an investigation. In the mean- '
time, every precaution il being taken
by those connected with the training!
? on Brown football eleven, which
meets < ornell at the Polo Grounds
on Saturday.
Gather in Force to Toast
the Men Who Won on
Hudson Last June.
More than one thousand Columbia
men graduates and undergraduates?
joined m a mighty toact last night to
the prowess of the Blue and White
"varsity crew which won the intercolle?
giate rowing regatta on the Hudson
River last June.
The celebration, which took the form
of a dinner. ??' ith lot-i of speech-making
afterward, was held in the university
gymnasium, which, depite the fact
that 1! eras damaged by fire ten days
ago. was bedecked In festive colors.
The vi inning crea II. A. Naumer,
how; A. C. Rothwell. No. -; E. I. Will?
iams. No. '?; V*. G. Sanborn, N'o. 4: S.
Pitt, No. ?".; w. \. Bratton, No. 0; I.
W. Hadsell, No. 7; C. I'. MacCarthv,
itroke,andR.U.Wood, coxswain Acre
in the ?eati of honor at the speaker's
table, while above them was suspended
the shell in which thev rowed to vic?
Lach member of the eijcht received
a K?'d medal, square in design, with
a relief ol the Steward?' Cup engraved
on the face. The Stewards' Cup itself
was on view for the first time on Morn
ingsid-* Heights.
afagietrate Robert C. ?'ornell. an old
Columbia oarsman, wa?. the toast
master. The speakers were William A.
Meikleham. "So, another old Columbia
oarsman, who for '.cars has been ref?
eree of the Vale-Harvard boat races at
New London; President Nicholas Mur
lay Butler, '?2; Francis S. Bang3, '78;
i hurle? rlalitead M apes, *M; .lame?
Duane Livingston, 'HO, and W. W.
Dvvyer. '13.
'Gunboat' Smith Now Back
to the Ranks, with Hard
Road to Travel.
Sam Lsngford. it would sppear. took
"Gunboat" Smith "out of camphor"
when he knocked him out in three
rounds in Boston on Tuesday night.
There was no question about the mas?
tery of the "Tar Baby." He cut loose
from the start.
He was the old Langford, tearing
right in, dealing his smashing inside
; punches and sweeping aside the puny
leads of the "white hope" with an an
palling display of gorilla-like strength.
It would seem that Langford resented
th* fact that Smite had been offered h
match with Jack Johnson. When he
left the ring he snarled: "If ah doan
get that Johnson match - well, they
ain't gonna be no match. Thass ?11."
Smith has been relegated to the
ranks ?? a re-ult of his defeat. He
; failed to last as long before the ebony
tornado an Colin Bell, the Australian
fghtor. Bell, by the way. challenged
Smith before the latter met Langford.
A derisive laugh and the time-honored
"get a reputation" were flung in lus
tare. He probably will meet Smith in
the near future.
"Battling" Levinsky and "Sailor"
will cross gloves at the Umpire
?Athletic Club on October "JO. Fritts
, has boon in training for som* time and
lia mote than confident of hi? abilitr to
Mike Gibbons, rated the best msn of
his weight in the ring, will box ten
tounds with Billy Maxwell at the
' Broadway Sporting Club next Tuesday
night. Maxwell is a promising youth,
with a fair share of skill and a hard
a. He hopes to win against the
"St. Paul Phantom." At the same show
Kid Williams will face "Young'* Sols
According to reports. "Paekey" Mc
Farland has challenged the winner of
the W'eUh-Wolgast match at Madison
Souarp Gardon, on November 1. There
n?-" -orno who hold that the lure of the
ring will finally overcome McFarland
and that he w ill try "one more bout."
"Who will fight, in Tiajuaua row?"
i- the query of a boxing fan. The an?
swer is: "Ask Jimmy Coffroth."
Three ten-round bouts w-ill be con-,
tested at the Olympic Athletic Club, of
Harlem, to-night. Teddy Murphy, of
Boston, will meet "Young" Rose in the
main battle. In the others l-'rankie
Daly will face Al Murphy, while Billy
Meyers will mingle with Tommy Parrel.
Augusta Rejoices at
Return of Stall.figs
Augu.ua. Ca.. Oct. 21. Gorge
Stallingr. manager of the B
Braves, received a cordial welcome
to day upon his return to his old home.
Stalling? and. Ty Cobb, of th<
troit American League teem, ill be
guests at a dinner to-r.igit in Stall- .
ings's honor.
Owner of Giants in Fa
of a Stand Up Figh
to Bitter End.
Matty Going Back- Not So
Made an 83 Over PUD|i(
links Yesterday.
R.v Hr.YWOnn BROI \
-UthOOgh it take, two I -,
quarrel the Fed? seam l0 nIV, ta,
thst only one is needed for p.?*..
ing. Charle? WVeghman, pre? ^
I the Chicago Federal Uagu? tBM,
i m Chicago yesterday: **Or??nskss<i|
\ b.ll is ea?;er for poacO, and our o?,
, although determined u, rn?(,e
to the finish, would p?-.f.r ,?_
rangement whereby ?Job owners ?I
National. Am?ricar. and y?
, leagues might operate in barrr,?.,
buch peace Ulk frd? no tnt1r,
' response among? represenUtives ?f
j aanized has ball in this city g
] HempBtead. owner of the Giants, j
I favor of a stand-up fight, w.thost?
, ter, and John Heydler, erreur- 0j
1 National League, t? equally *?.
The Federal League owr.er? are en
ed to meet in thi? < ???? either ten
i row or on Batorday, a:<d if any m
I agreement ia m the wind it u |ittj
j be arranged at that, time.
News of the baseball war ha? sti
j rivalled the conflict in Euro*)? ?
source of contradictory ?ton??. J?
Uilmore, president of the Feds,
done much to dlscourag? trs get
niter truth. In a ree?nt interriee
wa? quoted a? saying: "In to? en
of the next few months I may Ksti
tell many lies. If I could ?fo'd |
, would. But there are some things I
must be kept quiet, and in order t?
? ure secrecy it is very often neeasj
to stretch the truth a l'ttl?. 1 -.ft
do >?. I would much rather Uli
truth, but there ?re 'ir-eg whe?
i truth is not always practicable,"
Mr. Gilmore should no?, be ?
i demned because of bis ?Utemeat
j doe? not indicate that be is lew In
, ful than the rest of Iks men ? fcs
i ball. He is merely franker.
} ??
Talk that Matt? is foing back n :
' founded. He is driving further t.
I errer thi? season, and his pnttia
I surer, The great golfer of the Qm
, went around the Van Cortlai.t P|
course in 83 yesterday.
Mike ?onlin, who did not preveat.
Braves from winoir.?, Ibe Natiei
League pennant, is going- inte rtai
1 ville Just the same Marty McHt
. pitcher of the Yankees, will b? \
' partner. The act will be origiaal, f
' Marty will sing, instead of d'astrstii
his pitching methods, and T)oolin w;
? make no attempt to espials the vtttt
t of the (liant? in ?.?nninr. the city atpt
I n to a late hour ??at n'jht a? ?
rade was seen on Broadway, ate ?i
"SweOt Adeline" heard la an? port!?
\ of the town. Mr Ftt/.gera"
been detained.
But failing Fitsgerald New Tort
to have Mayor Curlcy. Roston'i bar;
rooting executive ha- engaged s boi i
the Palace Theatre for -ext Monds
? evening, when tieorge Ftallinfi oil
1 make his first appearance on any itt|<
1 Yes, Mayor Curley will make a rpefrl
Frank Farrell and Harry neaps.??
have been in conference secersl time
' recently to di?cuss the use of the Po'
?'rounds by the Yankee?. Thi BOI
York Americans hace a lease on ?h
! park of the ?iian??- for next season,bi
! it is understood that Vfr. Farrifl I
I anxious to draw up an agi'
I a term of ; I
Lead Sophoraore3 by 3 1?
Points in Interclass Games.
The Columbia seniors led by a sot
1 gin of onl] ' " ?nnuf
interclass ' fall championship trat?
games on ?outh Field yesterday. nbe?
darkne.-s made further competition ir?
.possible after ten ever.'- had be?n ?
elded, the seniora had rolled upa tall'
of 40 1-3 points, with the sophomore?
1 second with 57.
, ? i
mer lv .1 1, \i
Graham, 'i ?
une m||? rui v 1. lfue.?????r?
1 thornr
i, ...
? , ?!??
bach, '11
Two-mile rui
(1. v. Le
naif 1 ? - *',h' 'A:(ir
v. I. Gil
? ?
I .. ... f??rt?.
Time. I i.jiri
Running lilgh
er. 'IT. ?? ? ' ...
", VhTs
i: ? !?
for fourth .. t\m
Harvard Freshies Raise
Havoc with the 'Varsity
Youngsters Show Lot of
Fire on Attack and
Lose Game by
Close Margin.
? I'v-srtph to Th? Tribut.t :
t ambridge, Mas--.. Oct. 81. The llar
( vard freshmen were brought into the
! stadium to-day tor the first time this
year, and after they got over their sur?
prise at being sent against the Varsity
the youngsters gave as hard an after?
noon's work to the regulars as the first
string men have had all fall. The
Varsity, after a long, hard scrimmage.
beat the youngsters by a score of 6 to
?i, losing two other chancel to ?core ?
because the freshmen held them for
The "varsity's score was made at the ,
end of a long journey up the field, in |
which only straight football offence
was used. Toward the end of the
scrimmage the fre?hmen got away
a iong kick and then blocked a 'varaity
punt. This gave the ball to them on
the 20-yard line, and after being
stopped Home, one of the backt, made
a field goal from the "?0-yard line.
The freshmen had a lot of Are on at?
tack, and made many first down?. They
piayed littl* open footbsl! and pound- i
ed the middle of th? 'vanity lin? for
meet of their gain?. Th* regulars '
lined up ai they did on Tueidsy. Souey
' continued to play well at end. Wal
' lach was active st centre, but his
. passing was not very good. Parsons
' and Bigelow, at guard and tackle, did
: not show any great improvement.
Kdd;o Mahan wa. -vide awake to-day,
running about th? tielsl at good speed.
and it 'a possible that he :iia> get into
the Penn State game. If he doe?.
! though, it surely will not be for long.
! Whitney ha.s made great ?trides in the
? bsckfield lately.
[ Francke did some good work on the
une play:- and scored the first team's
one touchdown. When the freshmer.
scored on the regulars Percy Haughton
ordered his men off the field in short
order. The Canadian player?, who have
been showing the Harvard m*n their
passing game, returned home to-nig-ht.
They worked almost entirely with the
second team.
New Comic Section
The Sunday Tribune
s}rder from ?our Newsdealer To-day.
- ? i i ?
Are a pleasure that you
add to otker pleasures l
They're Distinctive J
President of Cubs Says His
Friends Have Option to Buy.
Chicago. Oct. -L- Charles Thomas ,
president of the Cuba, confirmed the
report to-day that certain Chicago busi?
ness men. ?horn he declined to name,
have an option on the team
"There are six of them: they are
friands of mine, and if they take the
club I will retBin the preiidency," sud
I'homsa, i
20 for 15'

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