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Daily in TKe TriSun?*.
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r\IR TO-I..IY \Ml T?l-M?lKROW.
?, ratrrrln? ? I ani|??.rnl,,ra? :
H Id?. ?441. In? ?
lull rrimrt <?n -**? 9.
No. 2-1,880.
|f.M.?rl?1il. 1911.
It? Hi. I ni,un.- *???,., lilt I,?i |
? ?
In ? II? ?f *?>?? i.,r|?. Saiiurk .lar??? ? it?
?ml ll??bnli-,i.
Jurist Faces Charges That
Bring Hint of Im
Weeds. Father and Son,
Mso Named in Platts
blirg Scandal.
V-. nppr?: has been
r John H, F-nley. State
I Education, In
? , ?' BgB ? it .TU?
?v ? ? upreme
?f InipeBfh
.* are bell
ta . ?? -?-P
? cerned m the
M. H
' IBtltSB Kel
. - H - tdi
f Pi
? ..,.???-. cr ?b,?
-? toi ,',hr.?fin,
v'at;onal Bank of
tt C. Bakel
- ? ?fh? lattcr's place
* at
- .- : . . v, ? ;|| ?
|o - - | - . ations.
of the men no?- ae
t ?? B, George
* urtini tarden at
B ?'.-.. ousted.
I* | Botrd of Educaron
? g of the so-called
noard called at
Weed NY*
? '.-ite for the
ft ' mem
several were asked
bur all r- ?
that the
powerful s
Bowed tu Judge.
? corporate, i
? written:
nd did
he had
|f OCC8
? cava? l.e at one
B otl and H. r '
? d to
- name M
?ted the Be?
Brd, but
. ? - ? -
? the Plat Acad
? tatod that he wai
two fires, t
. .....
and tter 'rom
him so to
tted 1 i ?
? be ebarter, the Board
posed of 18
on Council,
? - ? ?med by the academy
tarn of
The- academy board eon
- bers, holding o?'.
? rp their own SUCCCS?
? ? '.--?. r appears to .
?' their number on the
of Education.
? g, whose action Johnson
i *. Ba IB Commissioner I
-,:e r.ull and void, wai
-, notices having
. t before. It II
? | -, ami
rd would have been present if
e? Ived sufleient notie?
have voted for Baker to.
As Bnker nu.
? i own and those of
| (iiililand il il evident
I OUld hav.- had a majority.
? ? ? for William B. Mooora,
?, Mooti -, the
ea Kellogg and B It.
Uag In hellogg's Boom.
?as held in the ?.ham
v. who, the peti?,
January I, ?
| ??.- Board of I dn
? disregard of the letter, :
t of th< - etion of th. ;
irt shall not hold any
? ? ?
-t, further all?gea that
? , -, | P
- . - , boo! district
? the
a of the .
coupled with those of the
. . barged that ai Ike
? ne family
? . ri by disque
? ? slleg? ?I tactiei of
? for a little
? considerable Interest has
-, ted by ;i considerable
. and by meml
-.ni of t.-iui-Mtipri of said school
regard to it- membership
I int superintendent of
i by Mr. Wi ed and his frier.ds."
? .- l.e understood
I ?. opposition to his
? regular meeting an
? . and "that m any > ? '
?Heg I special meeting (of August
I" ' ? ilar time, under the
tl . i,p?,n m? unreason
I ,, so-calied '. Bap
? am and a fraud
??Por. tl th? r? of."
- FUvorite
. pola'.d water Aerated
? . - foi Iti Purity f.
r .rto:v?uiki.
?lOCfc Hardly Perceptible
Trans-Bay Region Affected
?c?n Fr<i.u...lV- w s A ?-ok of
'?"'-? clear weather i
rollout htrs te, tu?:!-,, by ? ?In,
'?P?lTtptlbU earthquake shock
Open doers in downtown bolldii
?x?Mng slightly,
The disturbance -va* felt in thettu
S?, B?!Wt/j '"'l ?I 8?B .los,. I*
the peninsula \? ,lfim,
???? I . , ,
1 ?? * PrefMsoi Bur.kh.ll
.'' lhn!--" i ' ' . observatory of ?
? nvar?,.? 0f ?a?,for,-.:.,, thf distil
"MWai leeal.nd _.._ _-ha1 ,, ,no
ai - Numb? r !? ? ,,-?? earthquake xxh
?- ? x-?T> minor on?
The oniverattj seismograph reeot*t:
"??hock to hav,. begun ,tp6i3l _
continuing sis seconda.
loi?AuslM vTT" a slow, ribr,
??any t?i-fiR>
Tammany Leader Declines
Occupy Negro Pulpit.
1 '
Hot Sprinca. Va-, Nov. B. First Jo
D. Rockefeller, jr., and then Charlea
Murph) wen ,0UJ ,. l>rcakff
<v'? morning by Smith, head ?
the Homeetead Hotal, who extended
each an ?nviui
1Uuf' la1 l!,r SPrln*" f" P?*h I
'" I fat h
?'ith c\-i nltod Star, s Sei atol Sani
made a Sunday n-ght- addreai at I
V-'' ' " -' ?'?? aal time he *
laid he would acrpt the invitati
? thS leader of Tammanv Hi
?an || purely conjectural. The he
?xx.'.s reserve?! on that point
Mr. Murphy even more ao.
State ?Superintendent (
Banks Rescued by Polin
at East Side Meeting.
Of Ranks, \??..s hecr
- an hour last nigh- bj
? pos! ? of defun?
Last Sida private banki ?st a
Forum in Publ
Sebo? . i and Hester its. P<
?? lervea wer? sailed to elei
the I:.
The crowd became so noii-y a-,
demonstrative that when Dr. H?*nr
witz. who had taken the |
Jonah .1. Goldatein, as chairman an
interpreter, calle?! Sergeant a White an
to clear the hau, threats- .
eueatiana xv.ro abeuted sgaina
??g Department, officials of whlc
v ere called "crooki ? thieves."
? n'A the cro\?ii gat! ? i ?
women who were not permitted to en
. .:!. The doors wer?
? ben all th
:? occupied.
When the - n charge of the meei
of 11
have the Su|
I ewer o> .(Uestions. h. wa
v door. Mr.-. Richard
? ? g part of th? ?
Mr. Richarde I?
? | ?
rtf room, and I
? Richards had
,.. th
," He op? ?
'::. friend
of the !.?-t Side, arid -said that whil?
he Ktid been in\-ited to many n -
had no* attend? d at.;
of them, he did come to -peak to th?
de who !.. ? ?
???? fail iir? - ? th?
1. en xxas continued hiaaing through
out the hall, mingled with applause, a!
the time Mr. Richarde was talking
Professor Mines, of Mcdill. Vic?
tim. Apparently, of Heart
Action Test.
Montreal, ' I G ! '
professor in g7 "- McGill Uni
veraity. met deatl mysteriously an?:
.-lit in his laboratory
Principal Wil believes
? Profe ' Mines met hit end in
the conree <?r experimenta on l, ?
. : :i o? 'h.- heart action ami
respiration, probably losing '
.; to l.i- body, getting out of ordei
n manner.
Professor Mines had been in the
laboratory all afternoon working on
expei men! He was discovered
in an uneon '? bj the janitor
??hortly after 6 o'clock. The broken
mechanism was snll attached oxer the
profeaaor'a heart. Aid ??s at once
oned m?d Profeaaor Mini
????t.x.'X. ?i to the Royal Victoria Ho ;
tal, but he died shortly before mid?
night without recovering conscious?
profes-or Mines was txventy-nine
years ole. Me loaves a wife at,?i two
children. He a/as a Cambridge Uni
veraity man and rame t?> Montreal from
Toronto University.
L?oyd T. Boyd, J ?wspaper
Owner and Golfer, One Victim.
Milwaukee, v"x. v As a result of
the overturning of B powerful auto?
mobile several milei -outh of the city
limits sarly to.?-;?y 1-loyd T. ??-yd. part
owner of "Th? Mil-A-.uk.-.- Journal."
,...1(i Charles Forayth, head of ??loca.
leather company were hsstofhr *'??*<?
und Mr? Ali.e Murray died this after?
noon'. Miss KlyMan A. Thomas, nu|..'r
intendant of an Basl Mde ho.sp.tal, was
seriou?ly injured.
Boyd wai a prommen l**>lf?r.ha i ?
tmkam nart in natioi.al arrd ?.
tournaments. Both men loft fsnul.es.
$1,000,000 LOOT
Probers Will Quiz Miss
Burkhard.1 About Miss?
ing Funds.
No Trace of McCormick
or Banker's Wife?De?
positors After f.ilcy.
mo?t important disclosure in
th?> investigation, wfiich the Kings
< ounty Grand Jury li conducting in re?
gard to the actions of David A. Sulli
van. former president of th.- ? recked
t'nion Bank, sine?- he entered Sing
Sing prison, i? expected to-day. The
place of concealment of th?? securities
and other asset-? of the plundered
financial Institution, It is fully expect -
ed, will be disclosed. Sullivan's bidden
fortune is said to be about 11,000,000
An official of the State Banking l?e
paitment, who whs identified with the
work following the taking over of the
wreck of the t'nion Bank, wai the au?
thority for the statement that Sulli?
van's peculations netted him a sum in
excess of the million dollar mark. De?
positor? of the t'nion Bank H??fr' that
?.net sum which Sullivan lait? d
? not known, but that the above
t'.gures are not a whit too high.
A safe deposit vault, in which the
? ies are hidden 1s said te '
of th.. objectlv? pointa in the investi
which I'istrict Attorney ?'rop
? v.- ' ( locstl ,!. the
matter of determining whether Sulli
van actually transacted businesi detri?
mental to the interests of the hank de?
tori while on leave from prison,
allowed him by th? deposed warden,
Thomas .1. Mel ormick, would be sim
The Kings County authorities,
aa well as thole Interested in the
wrecked bi.nk from n monetary view.
are inter? -v.! ir. knowing the where?
abouts of th?- lafa deposit vault.
On Trail of Hidden Panda,
The depositors, for ? bom Louis
Goldstein, the Assistant District Attor?
ney of King:- County, is attorney, it
ha? been learned by The Tribune, feel
that they are close on the trail of thr
hidden vault wherein reposes the
equivalent of the money Sullivan eon
trived to conceal before his indict?
ment and commitment to Sing Sing for
larceny of other fund?.
At ' uric ? ? t hai been as
that Sailli an concealed the
money in Now V,,rk or hngland. The
that the safe deposit vault is
located abroad, however, i., not gener?
accepted. The missing papers are
right here in N.-w York, i- the ac?
cepted belie! rhose who ate in a
on ? i lay that it will be
fore .vul!ivan's
i fortune ii returned to
. ? '
toward tin* . ad,
' day, v ill ? ?d tht.
["he ! rst witness
important of
? ....; the -tar
? - ? ng, Misa Louisa
1?. Burkhai er pi at? .-? ere?
ind b? . sgent ??' Sullivan.
From th? inker'i girl secretary
1 ropse] mai i"- able
Bt -i. that will 1" a,i ''.
? ? -ate deposit bOX.
about la known, a
court order will have to be obtained
h.-rore an inspection of the contents
be I) ad? That, however, should
: ??? l.e difficult, the authorities main
'.. ?
t.iri an Elaslve ?Vltness.
Burkhard?? who ia thirt) yeat
. ; ? a .! to 1,?- exceptionally
clever, hai been a much sought for
-.'? . v ?nquir]. When
[ th. King? County autboritiei began
gal ? ? Sullivan'i lui
.. . .-? : miapracticea after The
Tribune'l exclusive -tory of the libt-r
.?',.r,?,.] ?o the convict-banker by
ex-Wardei McCormick, Misi Burkhard!
from her home at Yon
,,, Since Men, it has been learned,
..- Myei's Hotel, in Hoboken,
? er Nea J? racy t,.-.- i She
wai a voluntary witness Friday, but
District Attorney Cropsey du! not call
i upon her for testimony.
A subpotns to appear before the
grand jur, tl morning waa .-erveii
i,;,on Miss Burkhardt before she left
the gran* Jury room, where she was
taken, altfcough not called to the
stand. Tb<' King- County oficiala
Itarned ?'k"1 r?'" Burkhardt was
vei-terday, and they are confident she
will appear in Brooklyn. As -he hold.
a power of attorney for Sullivan and
', . ttife und transact! a great deal
0f bUsinOSI for both, as well as being
tnoroughlv conversant with all of tin
pas' businesi transactions of Sulli?
van the recovery of the a>?et hidden
m the myaterioui safe deposit box
.,, i.rgel) upon her testimoni
l-.to ..nur witnesses wanted b) D -
tr?c. v rop '?>' v-'p!'" ! "' found
yesterday, m *>pite of continued
? "r'' Mvr*- Sullivan.
,,f (he convicted banker, and
Tj,omai ' McCormick, in whose auto?
mobil. Sullivan made frequent trips
about Westehestor County as well as
New York City.
It i? believed that McCormick could
tell Of the alleged meetings betvace-i
Sullivan and Miss Burkhare.t, and give
other evidence to prove that the for?
mer Union Bank head conducted BOgO
,Kit;011s that constitute larceny. A
?u'p.ena ?va- once placed in Mel or
miCK'a hand*, but he uas excused from
coming to Brooklyn in order that he
might he examined by Stepbei
Baldwin. Governor Glynn'i ipeeial
eommiaaioner, whose inveetigationled
to the oustin? of the warden. When
procesa aervera set ?- .?. t.,
;,!,i ormick f< I * sec.?:,,i appearance he.
vanished. '
A conference of the committee, ap
. d by the depositors of the Union
Bank to Investigate John B. Kiiey,
Superintendent of Prisons, with
Continued ou P**?* ?? rotuma *
Petrograd, Nov. ?.?(.rand link?
Nieholai has received from Karl
hltrhener, Rritli?h Secretan ol
Slate for War, a telegram ?onxexing
?he congratulation?? of NlsSSOlf,
Field Marshal French and the Rr!f
?"h army on Hie brilliant termina?
tion of the *?e<und ?l?ge of the lius
?laii opera)inn??.
Karl Kitchener add?: "We are
e?mx lined that the joint efforts of
the Miles ?III result in lhi- final
crushing defeat of the eneinx."
Russians, in Close Pursuit,
Allow the Fugitives
No Rest.
i. lira- r. ? :?
Petragrad, Nov. B, Rap! !?-.- r>?
movement, on the Polish battlefield!
hah been nnequa '
tl - great Napoleon Eight dayi
the first attack rear Warsaw the
Russiana are across the ?irrman fron?
tier at a spot 134 mllei from ?A arsaxe.
Deducting the time spent in fighting
the battle befon Warsaw and another
north of the Pilitse River, this mean
that, the Rnatian pursuit has been
pre?se?i for m??ri' thai a rate
averaging fourteen miles ,-i da]
OVOS Polish roads after the rainy r>en
sen. Military men will have no diffi?
culty in appreciating the condition of
th.- fugitive German forces- after such
experience? as the?e figures Indicate.
There is not n doubt aboir t; l i..*r
mar-,? having passed by Ctenstoehowa
; without Stopping on their way home.
The troops of this column, which ap
parcntly Is marching in good order, iir?
probably the first line of (M-rman di- '
visions extricated from the disastrous
fighting in Poland nt the c. sr of re?
serve troops end allied Austrian?. Sim
i!:ir tactics seem to have l.een em?
ployed elsewhere, t'.ir examnle, on the
Kolowarta and Waftaaeraxhn fi
The object of preserving the fines!
elf i
St the (r. rmans hav. ?
? ? r Russian adventure and will
doubtleai new enee more cone
nr . ns! the Kreuch an?) Kn?*!ish in Bel-,
Befoi ?? leaving Lod
id conflict ? -1 ? :
brigade ol ..'???. . - ? .- under
Germs .- rhe Gen
retreating ? '????. te tin-'.
rly all their ho>--?'
and begir? -1 the !'"',? I ei i
111 ? ?i. and the
German .'?. b) foi ? ?<.
the F
the ',. ? r- prompt -. i
their men to tire on the l'oie... The
? il commanding i ? vrion
finally r. ? .ja- r.<I .11 Polish volunteers
r?n the (j'-rri.-;i ' ? ? , ?i armed.
The line of retreat o** the Germai
i ?? th ?le.i.1 h??rs<>s mid aban?
doned ??-agon.- by the hundred.
Ten dax-, ago, ir. recount.ng a Rui
th of the River Pilitxa,
:t Aas pointed out tliat i: a victory was
also scored north of the Pilitza, then
Lustre-German armies won
broken ot:r<- and t'.<r ail on thii front.
rictory north ol the Pilltia foi
? ?..,!.- on the
San rin.l further
i ? I?,. ghi Grand Duke Sich
t laat i f to n
. ?
m??r.'l!-. II? concluded his eminently
patch closing ti.r Ru isian -'
third vietorioui campaign iri t:
weeks ?>!' ? ar xi it'n t'-,e follow ?ng w? -
"The victory we have gained permit
?n to other tas'-.
Inception of which opens a neu ? | 1
of war."
This is the first time Grand T? iV
as allowed the lightest sug
gestion of anything n'.itmg to the
future rn for publica
? ? 1-..1 hi? wordi gain treat lignifi
cance from the fact that they are
. : fro::, hea? .?'here the
Emperor ii at pri sent ?:? pe? oi
What are the nex? task? ? on
l?,-:or? the Russians' rictorioui armies?
Russia had been treacherously a"
by Turk.-y at th?- bidding of Gen
who likewise hounded .Vistna-Hungary
upon her. The smashing of Germany
1-- a necessary part of any Russian plan,
ardly comes under the categorv
of "new teak " It leemi pro! n't,;?
Rueaia thinks the western natrons who
nrc known as the Allies might
take s turn at the common object while
Rusais temporarily pursues her ?
It is believed that ! rill noxv
turn her main attention toward the
settlement of the Eastern ??-?
Tbii moans the breaking np of Aus
tr:a-Hungary first and foremost, I
expulsion of the Turk from Europe,
possibly the reconstitution among
many small protected ?tat? - fan?
Arm. n-.a. and many other changes in
geographical and political maps B
part of the world The .?'?x has ar?
rived and if on? exam nei - globe,
or even a map. no further comment is
needed to suggest mai.y th'ngs which
somebody, if not the government, must
No Russian ?1? ?
nenie, or ? sargrad, will at length
: Ruai an, n n
thought toe peat for the atte
???' this age-old hiatorical go. \
glar.c?- at th.' rr ? ??
itantinople, or Oargrad. is the natu?
ral caprtal of the Rus-ran Empire, lu
which it itandi ai the kaadle sad tu
a fan.
No 1 ! ... -,
., bottl? Ol AS.OSTURA BITTERS.?
Cavalry Cuts German
Railroad Northwest
of Kalisz.
Kaiser's Troops Steadily
Forced Westward in
Last Prussia.
P trograd, Nov. ?. 1'1 ,? f, llowtng of?
r ition v.a- issued from
to-.jaj :
. '
ha? e dialodg? .- ?;. rmans
the region of Wirballen,
tronglj ?'.,'?':? e?l. and :...ve pro
d a"? far ., ?y i en
? t of Gumbinni n .
"In ? of
and Lyek o troops -,. press
: -.r guard ? of the
"??n the left bank of the i our
ravail rman terri?
tory, dan. isj ? ?? ,u,' lilroad
P ? thweat
on N'ovim
l,, i ?', wa attai ked tl v . ?-ear
guarda aloi
next day w.-ie opera! River
Kightlng in Galicia.
"In '
tht r offenMvi movement. In the lat?
est engagement? on the San River we
captured 125 officers ami 12,000 sol?
lt 1 in
nitiona of uar. South of Przem
November ?. we took more than 1,000
Owing te out
dunk.ng movement on both right and
left of the rnr.in German line from
Sierad t? I en atoe o? a, Rn lian Po
?and. the last Germai
rth the
ken Kolo a
miles to
i nrek. A battle for I poaa? on of
Th.- German right itfla
? '? i ! : . ? \
.. est of that base I to ai -
the report ?
exodu ' ? troo]
-.v a.
T?o \rmie?. tioparatod.
' ?
; ig adva n tage of t
, ind Vlotsl
In Poland I hoi
ration of all traffic facilities, poat*
and telegraph - and admi ti >?
workmen arc her.g
I ? r drilling,-?. :
the Gen ion.
I at don, Nov. 8. The German and
A '.an armies are nov?' oi th? d?
th in thi east and w? * 1
; ? .Men hark '?
north of
the Germai
.-. their
\ . ? ' ' i '1
? . ? ugl Po
, are hard?
with " ??' b
moved mon
,. ? . ? p. ... .
that t
? I her
? -
?y. to the other ri;-*:.
-.-. already mad?
? '
? .
??It : ... in Berlin that I
'-. ?
line froi Thoi
. eonsidi r? d lufficient to
the Ru
from Copenhaget to "The Tin ? ?- " The
me-- ..
"Military Buthoritiei declare th it I
? if the < -ning batt.
: -
?he front
order to pn ? ' ' ' ? -; from mal
food retrea
present ret rei of I
,-? ?
the rail wa i li?t
tor "the approacl . . bat
I ?
? . ?, ? ? tirement from I ?
Warsaw - eont lint - men?
tioning the del U cav?
alry Bear K?
th? Germa
? ?
Wartbe River, ?
tern front i<
German (
probably been with II
north of the Worth?
There !.. * ?he.
? ' '
Continue?! on pas? V rolumu 3
German and Austrian Commanders Called to Council
of War?Many Trains of Troops and Guns
Moving Last from Belgium.
it i: from !?' ?
red hei that eror William, muer) af
! by the Russian victories, Ims held a council of war, which was
.-.| |.y Gen ?' Hindenberg, th? Duke of Wurtemberg and the
Austrian chiel of Marshal Baron ? onrad i
?de "tl .1 further plan i ?gn."
[By Cable to Thc Tribune.]
Rotterdam, S'ov. 8 The <:?- ncing to the people
of Belgium that the? tl -ft. a- they
ans must defend on this front.
\ Dutch correspondent -t?te? that many trains of infantry, caval
are leaving, by way of Brussels and Louvain, for Germany. Wagons
? arked for St P I rsburg - ?1 lien -iv there ?a no
r, and they are now goii g to ? ght the Ru
Th? . . . , "The Nieuwe Rotterdamsche l 'tirant"
plane -ho,Is .-it K naff el - n taken -?own by
, ? ent to an unknowi I ? [Yoops are moving from
direction, and i have licen mounted on
halls and towers in the town
Germana in ' ??? ?.exti ,- and despondent. A
I .-? ?'? spondent declares that numerous traina have carried trou
iermany. The i rr ' nt of a Maastricht Belgian paper
' on Thursday night, f - three hours, cavalry defiled across the
ridge, toward their I not cor. rmed from other
? e
Greeks Fleeing in Panic
from Smyrna?One of
Their Ships Sunk.
Tints via Petrograd"). Nov. 8. The
following officia! communication has
led under date of November 7
by the :?rmy headquarter? In th? Cau
' .?sus:
"This morning n eruiaos of the en?
emy of the Breslr.u type arrived ?it. Potl
in Trat;--1 . I the Rlack >'esl
1 and opened tire against the town, the
fort, the lighthoua? air?! the railway
??? or- ? ring from 120 to ISO
?aching the Mole, the cruiser at-'
ed to open fire xxit'u rapid fir en
Russian troops?who replied,
with artillery. Gn the first shot-- from I
the Russiat I i miser withdrew
rapidly from the Mole h the a?r
.,;' Sukhan-Kal?
"We had tin- landed,
the town and fort
? i tants
; lei . Nov ?, The R?
? I
"Two Br.ti-.li d?
.- .
s ,i t.r?-?'-.
Brit n Rag
St Aivali.
. Greek inha of Smyrna
Seeing panieatrieken. A British
?yer went t>) Aivali to embark the
. il tul, but the Turk.' r
-.nit thi?.
"It ; tat? d that I-'ort, Sadie Bahr
l Kuin Kale, in the Dardai ?
.- _? r the dir? ction
r ' . "
' he follow
? \ crui si ng
intei >'?i a British
it, with s ing
? re a petrol
euni 'ank v
I to ro 11 iamaged.''
n, No*.. 8. T' e "Frank
' tinopl? Black Sea
. pro
.- lirection. 1
Sea, later return ig to C listan -
Explained by Russia How
Turkey Started Hostilities
--? ? - rhe Rui an Ad?
miral- ? | .
ing recent ei ent the !<la - See
the purpose of esta
the that t
?? l:.
fol loa
r 28 th?
fleet, aft? * . ers . re-en
, -??ad- of Sel 'bout
, g ai| irkish ihips snj s
il 5 o'clock in the morn?
the commander of the ri?
al word ' - ? Isssa tl at ??
o'clock that morning two Turkish tor
pedo boat-, with red Ol d green light.
ai.d flying Russian flags, enter?
? Odeei a
"Although the command-- on the
Turkish torpedo boats wort in Russian,
the gunboat Rabaneta, which wa
the lookou' ne r
to the ....
opened fire.
Donel i, did
Turkish t
mets, the Turkish torpe I
image a
a naphtha tank
"Having received the report ?'
commander of the fleet
formed the coa?'
( ontlnnnl on I>_*<- '.. ? ?luinn 3
OF WAR IN 1917
French Authority Divides
War Into Six Periods?
Now in the Third.
[Bj 'a' 1? ?,. UM T.- ...
London, Nov. it. A high Kreuch mili?
tary authority, say.- "The Daily Mail,"
has given private expression to th<- fol
lowing views as to th? probable ?lura
tion of the war. His estimate ?? baaed
on the belief that the Germans wfH
commit no great tactical error. He di?
vide? the war into six periods '.wo
past, one present and three to come.
The ' I was the a I
through Belgium into France; ti i
ond WBS "he battle of the Mar
the ?.? treat to t a \: ne, and
the third period is that of the fighting
on the Aisne, continuing and develop?
ing into t for Calata The
i be a German retreat
?. the rift
ittte on the
,- the
on Herlir H<
oft ' I?
until the ?nd of April or the beg
The can.:.- I ? !'.'?..ne should
i-,.?ce ai long, that i to
march to Rerl n and th? negotiations
for pea - ir to an
.... ? ?
I 1917.
Threats of Revenue in Years to
Come for Tsing?Tao Defeat
Made by Newspaper.
\ -. terdem v.a London , N',r. -
Berlin "Loka v ?? g.r." com?
menting on the ?ierniar.
?'G< rmai I never forget the
it Kiao-?'ha-i i
? ? ?? colony. Never
of t
know that i
our a ' .?..m at
Our milla will ?>
ir* should pi
t, th?
' rough
. ;>pon'"
k dispute
Express" trom a eorn
? l ? | later of I luahii |
fired on by the 1
"The appearan
sr Flu ?? le t
. ?
g \
6,000,000 GERMANS
tterdae ' \ Dut
. ?
which the Belg
|ium are
? olun
r,.,.,.. between th- ages of nineteen
twentj ?one ) i ara, ?r-e
I'Tiported Bock Pineteu. M
A . :
Invaders Attack in Masf
at Arras, 40 Miles
?South of Ypres.
Germans Claim Success in
Argonne?Allies on
Paris. Nov. ft, Defeated in their des?
perate a'tack. lasting the ?thole wee!?,
upon the a!
mile- furthei
ithi stern ? l ???.-n.p* te
I it , .tl ? ' igh to the French I
ael port ? '
In the Bloat n
main offer. I
carry the Ka:?e:
are officially reported ? n re?
A* onl ?
patches from Her!::: i
i .r,-. ? That Is to
gonne regio: , -.-.
pe ro? ?'- ? -
: ing from rtant
height near Vienn? le < hat
French Retake l'o?iti??n?.
Elsewhere the !
made progress and retal the posi?
tions which they ha.:
course of the week. 1
In the Aisne Valley
where they have no*, only ,
ground which the Germant bj
. tita had tal them, but
! have reached th
hud not previooi
The Belgians B
line i
ran fog
I with the ? a a .
ft may h- that (
at Vt I
The town il
Germa:.- with ext
and ander the I
\ 11 i?s had
whieh I
which the ?belli from
men*, on the British
had prepan
"' .
. ? pa
i one of ti
bayor ata U wa
the most t
1 the |ii i rerman
? more ,h ,veii b
Halt for One l>.n
four hours. Vest? I
shell into Ypr< -
sailing ? ? .
tin le
ii the ? ?
of the
(,,-m- reached
iy pi .- I been
' .
Iy, though slight, ad
V mil i -
iblo in
? attain this
t ' such
. '
1 the
Curd IgahM l Unk \ttack.
; the enera
? .
Allies Assume Offensive
and Kftki Sternly Advances

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