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have taken the offensive i
Ypres und Warneton, and ?
the north of Messines? where lbs Oei
mans maiie efforte ?s >le?pet
those of a week , on the ?east, the]
?eem to be decidedly failing
Details just received here el fighting
on the edge ?>f the Craonnc plateau
during th.? last ten da> s shov that
after a period of mnik?,i inertia, the
German* made a determined effort t?
rolteve themselves from the growing
?^menace of the Franco-British advance
^The railways are now a 11
up and th? roads ate swamped by re
cent rain?. The Germans hi ?-light bj
the Oise-Aisne canal several heavy
siege pieces to redouble the b?
ment ?>f Soissons ?id P.l-reinis. They
also thre? new reinforcements, esti?
mated at 20.0?'0 men. at the allied ro?;
tionri en the north ??f the Aisne from
l'raye lo Vailly.
Before superior numbers the Allies
were withdrawn to a better defensive
croun.l at Bourg, ?'..-?min n*.d Soupir
The fighting continued a'.l the l*?t
???efk, Rheims and Soissons being sub
jecte?! to fresh bombardments N?x'
until Thursday WON the Krench able
to recover tlie villages of Boupir and
Sapignev.l. near Berry au -Bac. On Krr
day the line o* trenches of the pre\i
eus week on the Caronne plateau was
icoccupied, and today's official bul?
letin record? a marked advance from
M. Milleraad's ?-.sit to Verdun is
made the occasion for announcing that
the defences of the great Meuse fort?
reos baxe been strengthened
Germans Can Use Troops
Freed from Right Wing
Berlin, N? - ? i'ght-.ng ?
v < ?t frort draga Stu-.11 suc?
cesses t,ri reported from day *
but there is no sign a? yet of a dc
General von Kluck has published an
order 'g '.he Km
MVOr*S appr?ciation .'?*.?! commendation
for the stoti ? ?' the army ar.d the spirit
cf the troop? In th? buttles along the
Aisne \allex
Pr.nce Franc s of Bavaria, a colonel
of infantry, who was wounded near St.
Quentin, bas recovered and returned to
t.-.s regime-.'
Major Morab.t. the military expert.
discussing the situation m the western
arena, say? the last three bulletins
bars shown, that an attaek on s '.arg.*
scale a?or.g th? coast agalnet Dunkirk
bas been rendered Impracticable, but
declares that the situation is equally
hopeless fer the AU tes1 left, which has
repeat- cated an intention to
force the Germans bar', ".pon Antwerp
and ren.ier th? ; sn Lil'.e
and Arras untenable.
Vse Troops Klsewhere.
The Germans, he adds, are r.o\?- able
to use the troops fr??m the Tsei dis?
trict elsewhere ar.d need only small
forces to check any enterprises along
the dunes, artillery preparations be?
t ?fir, the ?V?-? ind frontier
1'eing ?_?*'.- ?ny attempts
to debs:'*? an ?- '
German rear.
A decisive struggle on this wing, con
tiaues Major Moraht, il progn-ss-.r.g
around Ypres, i ra enveloped
from the east, sou! si I -A itha
be derate? that the Allies' retirement
Is practicable only In northerly or
M ar.d that an r?".rr:-.' it
reek through the strong forces in
le would be iruitlesb.
Tne Allies will
avail iTlC0 on 'v-p
betwoei Ls Bs - - ar.d Arras
"The French," says the eorrespor.d
ndoflnitely eei
eir fi>rces there and at
i-e sa: ? '? mail i1 rong ?
Ana?-No>or.-Verdun front
? oeil ? I ? rman press?
ai progress on the
? he U- IP
about t trhteen and i
bank between Vailly and
f.nd canal. The aban
?iontne- - ipir and Sapigr.eul are,
*>ays Pope Only Desires End of
War and Seeks No Tem?
poral Advantage.
u "Corriere
Pella ?-e?a" says that the Pope is tak
irg diplon
ing represented at tbt peace
?nee after I hi ?? er, tl
the 1 ?rm of
an international agreement guaran?
In re! the pepei the Pope
?ir.ee. under certain Condi*
nee tor th
< f t.- .. power. It adds that
the pontiff hope? to l.f successful, as
\he only serious opposition might come
from Italy, I I - pointed out that
If Italy rema-.r.?d neutral she would
bare no right to participate in the
peace conference
The Vatican denies the truth of this
announcement and explains that the
Pope is endea bring
about an end to the -war, without any
j.? rsor al ? ni d.erat'.on.
Brussels's SI.250.000 War Tax
Due to Activities of Paper
? ' ? ?
? tent Im?
ion by the Gen fine of
? of Bru-sels was
'"-day to have been the sale
? ?' cortraband newspapers.
It wai ?'ated that a German secret
?hat thev !?
by th. : ?
??end? ra of ,V? i,,,.
come something skin to national heroes
in ?his city, which I , ut off
fei tbre? mor."
' ' g from ten
???n franc :
that the (..
bad rut In! n
?.f the lian on I
?hat ? not know 1
The Germ .
po\ en
ii hen roe MM ?mi i at Gifts
Buy "Miller" Ligh ing
Fixtures and Lamps.
Ilia? ara Me.ill? 11 ill nlul ?.II M,,|,
rjiA si i. i mi xi
t?-Ai Klnd8.|
*k~J6*??? '??-.
^^^k\ l.-iNp I ?,.., .
V; mL ?In.ill.I
-Miller' I strip.?
for ?ul.
HIU-U'. ?lier'Oil Hcal.r
jrd Miller &U.?,::;;,1;;:;';;;:,::1'
ami ,o path rtaeo, v.,? . .,ri?
-. from WTeolwortl. li . ,
French and Belgian
Official Reports
Fans, Nov. ft, The? following official
communie?.'. lued bj the War
Office ?
"To the north, the enemy appears to
have concentrated V*-? activity in the
region, of Ypre?, without result. On
the remainder of the line we are hold?
ing our ground everywhere.
"On the Hiver Aisne, we have
reached to the northeast of ?-oissons,
latean of Vregny, on which we
have not yet gained a foothold.
"Flsewhn- to ro
The afternoon French official war
stateinert laid:
"Yesterday between the North Sea
and ti.e I.ys the fig] ting was less vio
? ? ? Some attacl t g
enemy were repulsed in the direction
of 1'ixmude and to the northeast of
Or. almo I ?nt v e,
in turn, took the oifensiv? hii.1 ad
vaneed, notably in One region to the
north of ".
"In : borhood, of Armen
Slightly. Between I.a Has-i-e and Ar
a attacks el the enemy wire re
"From Arras to Scissors n?J
: y of note took place.
"Around Solssons our force? made n
m of
' - -.
cf the Aisne v. e strengthened our prog?
ress to the north of ?'havonne at
I - A German attack on Craonnelle
and Huertebize was repulsed.
"In the neighborhood o; Verdun, to
the northwest and to the south%
the place, we are establishing the sup
..- po-.it or. ri ct ntly ga
"A dense foe prevailed all day in the
north, as well a? in Champagne and
Lorraine, hampering the action of the
artillery ai I I on corps."
The situation in the western theatre
of the war is described in a statement ?
Issued by tl rian government at ',
Ha-re, er.d rece to-day, ai
foil 01
"The head of the bridge over the
it Nieuport has been rcorcup.ed
- 'lowing an offenen a
movement by them. The enemy hold
the front on Lombaertzyde, to the
southeast ' euport. <>ur recon?
oces toward the Yser were met
by rifle sl
"The Germans again oecup;
Georges and Dentoren. These points
? being bombarded by our heavy
"Stuyvekenkerks has been evacu?
ated. It i? filled with the corpses of
the Germans. Dixmunde has been vio
bombard'-d. A very strong at?
tach direct? this n.are has
repair-? ,1.
the enemy
directed v B.\
schoote and it of Wytsel
have al! i n back by
counter-offensivea f-f the Allies."
German Army
Official Report
Berlin i by way of London), Nov. f).
The following communication from
,.! headquarters was
d to-day:
"Our attacks near Ypres and Wi
continued yesterday (Saturday).
? ienne
la-Chateau, on the west side of th"
? T.e, which ha- been the object of
g for weeks, Two
guns and two quick firers wer,
I captured.
the n t, thi foggj day passed
calmly on the weatorn theatre of th.
"On the east nothing new has tran
Enemy's Fleet Said to Have Fled
When British Cruisers
.-,;?? ii Th? TH
London, Nov. 9. There ia no truth
In the Geiman 'claim 'hat
they have bombard? d Yarmouth. Ger?
man official report! speak of Yarmouth
but do thins ? I sx*
belli fiuin the German
squadron fell on the land, though a
thi - ? t.ear the ahore.
ref? tiously
? German
\ the Germai ci
did was to attav I i . I guard gun
r j.'i away
when our ??? ? , <i "
the l'on .. ,? ?_
W . it Afi ica Tl ?;?,!,.
M'"nse Ge
'??'? .
?M have ,. ?
from Gei
bombr dropped 11
Writer Tells How Kaiser's
Airmen Operate 8,000
Feet Above the Earth.
1 -.. No? y i '?' G? rman casual
ty list ??sued yesterday brought th>^
number vf namea contained in '?? t
week'i reporta op to about 67,800.
-how that a large pi ?
. of the wounded have returned
a last casualty li?t records the
ng ? thre? German aviators and
the wounding of six otbera by bi
?? ' .1 I, ; thi r
?.viator Bowles, who eras ?
at St. Errae, Franc?. "ii October II
Lieutenants von Klej I and
. ad been liatt d aa mil i |
Right to Amiena on Octobei
. Oct. '-':' A graphic descrip
t'on of the hazardous daily life of
army it written by
Heinrich Hinder, a German war corro?
, ? ..irmen
' ?'. erp. He IB] :
"At an average height of about 8.000
I aviators circle in huge i
, n our bat'
position. The aeroplane vibrates. The
motor rattlea and roars, hums arid
? ? . . It ia ao loud in
sii thai It dren na the
thunder of even the heave-- artillery.
With their held glasses th? flyer? ob?
serve the I ?sltions and not?
the effect of our artillery. Signals are
given 'fell to the right,' 'fell to the
??.' 'fell short' and 'overshot mark' -
but these signa'.-, are a seer,*
"Th, French follow their well know?.
? . ? of changing their battery peel
tions continually. But the aviators re?
turn again and again, dashing ...
an hour, and re
- tions, it is a murder
.-.it. As B hawk circling around a
rh.rk before seising it so the H-.iator,
- uround the ar?
. f the enemy, i ?
ing death and der ?ruction.
"When 1 e approaches the hostile po
batteriei spray their shr..
upon him and the infantry cotice
fir? aeroplane. The
|her and higher, till he
can no longer - > ? a man and the
? -
' ? .
? distinctly visible. A sharp
red line ma
red ti era and
colored cap- betray theii :
"l he motor eontlnuea it.- roar and
, ench aero
amergea from a cloud. It is
Ismailerand lighter than our kind, of
i ? our, and It
i bird
ther 'l hey try to approa
then to elude each other. Neith? i d?
, hears th<- shot- fired bv the other. The
aviator can scarcely feel it when a
? strikes hi-: own machine.
"'I he two aerial combatants so?*
higher, till one or the other disap?
pears in a protecting cloud, that closes
white and moist around him. If th?
danger becomea too threatening ?? ??' d
; ing landing brings the aviators within
their own lines. They must take care,
however, not to iret into the line of
' (heir own army, foi L '
the big mortars throw their al I
milt- or more into the air." .
I <.ntlnu(?ii froin paisr 1
no] of the presence of Turkish ships
in the Black Sea and ordered tra
s?-nt t" take precautionary measure!
again it the enei
"Toward 7 o'clock in the morning it,
? the mi..-, i i lot ben appi
topol and began ?? bombai
COast bitter:?, of the R
replied vigorously. Th? Goeben'
BUsed no ?lamuge in the ro..,l
stead. Several shells fell harmlessly
in the city, Ii it one struck th? ml
the railroad, aid a
naval hospital, killing two
, , .-rit others.
"At the same time the torpedo
flotilla commanded by Captain Prince
?j attacked the Goeb?-n, bu-,
the snemy'a hoi Ara prevented
from prolonging the attack. During
ment the Russian torpedo
l.,>at Rustchin "Hide much water at. i
r ?-. 1 i.e Goeben'a I ra
. twenty minutes, after which the
? ?r..vv.
ming from Sebastopol, the
ghted the Russian transport Prut,
winch ? ng, and es I? d upon
The tiansport. h.r.
.- no artillery, hoisted be? military
iteering for the shore, her
commander ordered the magasine
i pri arlng the
carti dge Lit il
pei herocially. The
the crea ol I P
with small boats, lift -
..? ? hits of wreckage, and
picked up- After O?
Sea fleet et out in pursuit of
? nemy, who r- oided a ? "ht an 1
took r< . at tl r base in the Bo ?
"Our ? the Prut W< I ??
i twenty-sis sail?
? a '"i pedo boat Pushtchin
woun I?
fact Is est that the '
l'urki.-h plai
' '
. '. 1 ! ? , ,
i bombarded Theodosia, and the
cruisei llamidieb. bombarded
Novoro! :.. ,-k."
Kaiser's Patrols Strength?
ened Along Boundary
Line of Holland
German l.ads FM^nt with Deter?
mination, but Losses are
Terri tic.
in? OsMs to Th? Tritons 1
North Belgiaa frontier (name of
team eensored), Nov. I Along the Bel?
gian-Dateh frontier the lust three day?
liirman patrol. hn\? boOB more numer
?us and energetic, besides being very
strict in ihiir doalingl with civilians
of ?very nationality, ?'n the Hutch side j
the .?utpost? bars been strengthened,
and harriers, bristling with barbed
? en the main roadwa -
. link Belgium ?nil Holland, 'rh.
11 u tc!i sentries srs very ex 11 und strict
lj impartial, but the \. therland
ritory south of lbs Beheld! is undei
ipei\r -ron in?.I adminis!ra
and the taking of photographs
even, except with the eipresi permis
?f the military suthorities, is an
1',. i- i- Iri their .?'.? n towns
r bidd? n bj thi go? si nm<
und persons tiding bicycles, ex?
cept , ? eve their ras
icated The regulations ars
mo-t unct m the nr.ii between
Bruges and the eoaat, and Admiral eon
Schroeder ha mod s proclamation,
xx mi ning nnauthoi iz? d I hat if
they attempt to approach the canals
on the line to Zeebrui. mai be
shot. Trenches have beei dug from
Hi v ? in a southeasterly direction, and
further bach strong defenaive ?
; ion-, nre being coi il rue! ed Heavj
guns haw been mounted behind the
sand dunes and strong batteri? r i '
iield artilli-ry are in reserve near the
The fact is n.? longer concealed by
the Germ ?? r .?i ig nal plans
lor i?: have been
It u.?t rated. At the sume tim<- t*? -
denes a- yet of s general retire
te the fact that the German
headquarters I m* e be?
further toward th?? east during the
fortnight !? i oh
,- | ?in.- oui ly - ?
tiro const Una running ? - i 0 tend to
Knock. Hs long :is possible, end xvithin
t ha last few ? ! r ? > i fur: ne.
menta have pasead through Ghent in s
westerly and noiI ???.?. reetion.
that the I ?ermana are
rearing the limite ol ii:?-ir resources in
\x. l ??le battalioi ? an n ,?'!?- up of
> outhi ev? ete?
\ ? i re. I !.. re ar?
physically for act -? ee thai Kng
lian public school boj , If their ?lu
ties xvere confined t,? patrol worl '
X'.'Ouli], IK> doubt. I?.? xer-, ellicie'lt, but I
mors ladi bave been thrown reck?
lessly into the fighting line, where
they have come ' th sea?
soned troops of the Allies.
These German - . I with great
pluck en i d< termination, and their
hav? ? ? Iread
?? I that in the I
: ? ? Gem il uve u.
? about half
a m?l rein
r the pur
th? have been and con
'? n 1 n ,?n who arrived ??
rom Harab i - ? rening
on her x'. bj te I i glai .1 layi :; i Ger
at bei
il y of
Germany. "You here," they
' to go to
London? Oar Zeppelins and army will
. ? ? .
Hamburgers believe that a!
? n. ws that the
war ha.- been c,,rr ? ,| . North
rsi ,i |,< Ilia
Desperate Gallantry of
Albert's Army Beats
Back Invaders.
, ? le rae Trii-ine ]
Northern France i name of town cen
sored , Nox - I . w? ago it
l impossible that the Belgians,
?m their last strip of ton torj
all th.-ir .-? i.;ij.'-- ai.?l theii dogged,
desperate ,:;. lantry, could real I
I ? Id that great muss of hostile r? ,-'i
! v ho were trying t?> smash their way
? through. Hut ". hat i
now ? - plendid a? evement, The
r< mnant <?f tl ? B? Ig - tided in
l nch troops,
'who came un with th? >?-, has
. . rried the dri adful thrust
of the Gei Dperior
,n weight of metal, but has beaten
? '?iu and con
?- retreat.
There is m. doubt about thi a. The
ery air m nil that region between
r urnes and '-. ? . :'?? m. :
fume of bat!le. !'?., . .
- ? rks si ?i Bam i< ipclle, \'. I ich ten
igo were under ;-. .Iphur
iirnl m the gone ..i' bursting
shrapnel. The battle line has with?
drawn number of mil? i- only with
the help "!' the wind tli.it the ? i
thundei of)
ems a', rii-n.-s. It is no longer an ad?
venture, with th.- chat.ee of death lit
?very turn in th.- road, to travel
through ti,.- nearby villages. Dlsmude
itself is :,, ,? ::,'?? to ..: J man who
? ? If? ??; or' wm upon
a '?"'?? ? era of da
? Ion. 'i i?.- ned "-?
i here are tree! kel.
.,- an em| - oi r. about
.?! ashes. Acre
roadn ? ,-i litter of gabls snd
chimt;. ' ? oken pinnaclea,
a; ?1 ? ? ' ? "iie may tin?!
ind jagged
of innui':- ills to fill a
London, X?>v. B rd ng to pri?
rrformat .o . |M ,,? from
pi?. ? i .--.? Morning
Post's" H.ii., correspondent, "th?'
Turkiab '1 r ? .- em] snd an
lie ci ? be country.
D00, againsl
"Th- .- ,.i,
? ta! months.
: I? i manj al
ready bai l
(iovernment Forbids Traffic in
All Alcoholic brinks Simi?
lar to Absinthe.
Paris, November ft. Permanent pro?
hibition of the sale ??f absinthe mid
kmdi.ii alcoholis beverages In France
miiv be '? result ef the war. Tnmspor
?at nui und sal.- of absinthe WON for
bidden wh'-n the war began, but traffic
in othef Intoxicants was conOnued.
'I h?' government bas now supple
mentad its original order with anoth?'r
forbidding the sale of nil Hlcoholic
drinks similar 1? absinthe. There Is n |
marked movement la ?11 part? ?t
h'rnnce tending to perpetuate this pro-|
Monarch Works in Office1
and Trenches and En?
courages Soldiers.
[lit r?> v ? , V.,r Tribun? 1
Belgium (name of town censored)?I
Nov. h. The hernie ligure of this war
i King Albert of Helgium, whoso d?'Vo
Mon t., ,1h' nid peisonal courage ral?
lied the Belgian army on the last few
mil?-? l?-ft of their country and Inspired
them ti? turn and push back the in
VOder. His resolution during tho pain?
ful retreat fiom Antwerp and his <le
termination to resist the advice given
bim to take refuge in France have had.
perhaps, more than any other single In*
I .. ni i tbi .'? it? ' ?tTicftcy In making
? a Belgian army ?hut it is to-day a
band of Midlers worthy of comparison
a l ?Id Guard
Th.. King is a real, active, directing
lander :'? chief of his army. Mrs
art : ' .i 'In' trout, anil he is
there ...::;, ', '}., H " r 1.1 l.g, son. et I IBS ?
a? ear ) - o'clock, larely later than
'.' A' midda] a little inn nearby send?
him h, || on. It is very simple,
m . ? .ri in whnt is re
garded Bl tie ordinary comfort of the
table. Of cour-?-, the King could get
anything ha van'.?-,I if he chose to ess?
ths military trat, port to bring it
up from the eoaat He is so vitally ab
?orbed it, hi? work? however, that he. is
indifferent t" his own comfort. So long
, . ? ,i cigar alter luncheon he
that sometimes
Iibs been lacking.
In 'ho afternoon tho King'? labors
continue, lie most receive callers, and
eonsta I I o make vii it - to th?.
trenches 01 late he ha? wisely ?lecid
. the Belft an army Would be ?11
eouraged if it ion a little of the eere
ind panoply of war, ae revieura
are fairly frequent When th?-re : ,'i
chance f,,r a regiment, passini from
one part of the fruit to another, to
marcn past the King wi'h music, tho
chance la taken, sometimes it is 'J
o'clock m th" evening b?-for?- the King
r'ne -tr.'f office, but more usually
. ? ' goes to his tem
perorv palace, which German airmen
me all ? aeking out with bombs, but
:? ,- ? ; tve mit yet fourni.
H,- continuel then t" carry on ths work
of state, but iy*S labor in the
public bes to an avetage of
? gh1 ii i.
Rich and Poor Alike (fath?
ered in German Deten?
tion Camp.
T' -,
I "'?? The authorities
in Berlin are continuing the wholesale
. '? ?lian? and the
police and nul-.:, i . .,-,? working hard
searching for Eni - bo are said
to b? ? I ling The ehlef concentra?
tion C ' - (I. i In; i? the Spandau
.-. ireie, according to *h?
"Berliner : . Englishmen have
t.. suffer to: the sins "f their govern?
re this camp prisoners, rich and poor
alike, are taken, occasionally, it is
said, Bsing abusive language about
Downing Street. One was found to be
the son of a multi-millionaire. Others
included three negroes from the Rrit
, ish colonies. Several wore top hat?
and arrived in luxurious motor cars.
They lade -ad farewells to weeping
in Hamburg? yesterday. There
wer,- lixteen hundred arrests.
1?,. "Vorwaerts" regrets these meas?
ures, but SXpri the opinion that
they l.re Inevitable in view of tjreat
Britain's treatment of Germans. The
journal hopes England will reconsider
i,. r decision, and says Germany will
not treat prisoners harshly then. It
acknowledgment made by
tin- "Norild. ' \.'.gemeine Zeitung1'
Beisl examination vvus
pos.-ihle through neutral v h a fir. els it
proved that 'he newspaper reports of
ill treatment of Germans in Fnglan?!
a ere rxagg? i ated,
London, Nov. ft.- -Another call to the
colors bus been issued by the Belgian
government to all nationals. The sum?
mons this time is accompanied by an
intimation that those not joining volun
' tarily may be "commandeered."
Under the latest decision, the Bel?
gian government baa iigard to the Bel?
iz an " fug? ? ? All Belgians under
fortj Rvs ' ige who were pre?
viously memben of ths Civil Guard
to enlist in the regular
army, and all unmarried Belgiana be
? | and thirty years not
? intoera are In?
i,,rn.,,i ma* they "may be common?
? i and their services employed in
foi ths army.
I he Belgian government explains
it th? t of this order is to get
all the sh ebodied soldiers back to the
frei ' ind I IS many others as
the army; and second?
ly, t<? relieve the British public
burdei .? for Belgiana who
ought to I ping in the struggle to
Im -. \.,v. ft. Tho Minister of War,
Alexandre Millerand, made an extend?
ed r,,nr ..i inspection yesterday. He
? iaitod the fortineat iona ' about
i, where he watehed ths Instala?
tmn of long rasge marine gun?. ][,.
then observed the operations In the vi
Cinity of I",!, later visiting the
battlefield at Mortagne and ths ruin?
ut Gerbe vil 1er,
Contrast Victory Off Chi!
with Futile Work of
the Enemy.
I,on?|on, Nov. H. A wireless ?llspat?
received from Herlin say*.:
"Admiral ?"rn.lock's fleet has her
annihilated in th.? Pacific by the O
mans. The losses on our side amount;
to only n few wounded and the BM
terial damage to our ships wa ? irmi
"This engagement was in strikir
contrast to the Uritlsh vessel?' BOOI
hunting exploits in search of GorBSI
"On the recommendation <?f the en
mander of the cruiser Karlsruhe, 1"
peror William hns conferred the "rd
of the iron ?ro?s open the eommandi
and all the officers, warrant
and fifty non -commissioned otlicers an
members of the crew of that cruiser
Valparaiso, ?"hill. Nov. H. No cot
firmation has been received here <
the report? that have been preval? r
for the last fcxv days that naval bal
ties bave taken place off the coast C
I'ern and otf Coijuinibo. I hili. Bot
reports are considered here ?is bus?
|.,s t
The I'hili.'in government is cndenvoi
ing to maintain the strictest neutrah'
in th? war. It svoB has gone so fa
as to relieve the naval SUthoritj I
Coquimbo f>>r having Inadvertontl
sent n wirelesa diapateh noting th
smling of the British steamer Orona
whlle the (ierman fleet was near by.
The Chilian transport Maipo has r?
tumid to port at Callao after a fruit
less search in territorial waters un
for twenty miles out to sea betwee
('ape ( arran.n, and Mocha Island fo
the cruisers that have been missm
Mince last Sunday's naval hattle. Th
steamers Valdivia and (Ihiloe, flyin
Red Cress flags, continue their ?|.ie-'
which thus far has been negative 1
is supposed here that any floatin
wreckage from t) | Vessels engaged I
the battle has been carried out
There is also no confirmation her
of the report that a Japanese loot ha
been neeti off the coast.
German Cruiser Bottlec
Up at Honolulu to End
of the War.
Washington, Nov. ?. . Xbs little Cer
man cruiser Geler, xvhich has been re
pairing at Honolulu while u Japar.es?
n'uadron xvaited outside the harbor foi
lier to reappear on the high seas, in
tented for the war at Honolu! i las
midnight, the time set by the Amcricar
government for her to intern or leav?
A Bupply ship which accompanied th?
fi.Mer also was interned. The case o:
the Geier, a craft of only 1,(300 tons
aroused much international internet
Soon after she dropped anchor in th?
harbor of Honolulu, about three weeki
ago, after a voyage from the Far East
a big am! powerful Japanese eruisei
the Hisen, appeared off the Efawaiiai
cons?, on I anchored outside the three
mile limit. Later another /apa?es?
< miser joined the H en, and they
seemed determined to xiait a.i long a?
r.? eeasary for the en
How long 'he American government
would glvs ths Geier to n sks the re
pair- which international law woul<
allow In ri neutral port WM S
over which there wes much
tio>n. It was reported that the repair)
needed were considerable, arid that
might be necessary t.? send to th?
United States for some of the ma
chinery. After consultations betwee:
State Department arid naval an?! cus
torr.s officials it finally was deci?'.,
nil the repairs cuuld be made by r ri
uay midnight.
The captain of ths ressel then war
?'?ur hour? lor
x? huh to decide whether ire would re
main at Honolulu until the end of th?
war or put out and take the chance ol
meeting the enemy. He decided on th?
former course, after communieatior
With his government.
The fact thut the fieier, if she ha.
escaped from Honolulu, would hnvi
been in the direct course of important
Japanese shipping passing the Ha?
waiian Islands and a constant menee?
to all their shipping in the Tac tie
caused considerable anxiety at th,
Japanese Embassy here. Another fact
to which attention was called to-night
i x\ as that ths Japanese cruisers xvhich
bad heen waiting for the (?eier now
would be free to join in the general
search for German warships in the Pa?
cific /
Honlultt, Nov. K. Or ii ttruetlonS re?
ceived here from Washington the
North German Lloyd steel schooner
Lockaen, which arrived re recently,
nterned here last night under the
ruling 'hat ths vessel was a nava! ten
. 1er. A guard has been placed aboard
the ship
American mach.- lets will assist in
dismounting the Geier*s guns. The
officers so f th.? Geler and Locksun were
paroled by Admiral Moore.
The naval authoritiei St Pearl Har?
bor are holding tr i the reporter
for a Japanese newspaper ?rho on \"o
x einher _ was esught di gu led as a
fisherman, whits attempting to reach
the Hiten in a sampan. Instructions
1 from Washington are awaited in his
Dr. Kinsolving Sails for South
America and Tells of Aid
to Monroe Doctrine.
The Right Rev. Luc.en I.ee Kinsolv?
, ing, Protestant Epleeopal Bishop of
Brazil, sailed yesterday l'or Kio de
Janeiro on the steamship Voltaire, ac?
companied by Mrs. Kinsolvingi after a
fhort vacation in Washington.
? He hind he had no fear of falling
into the bands of the Genual -, as he
believed they would treat bim well.
"This wat is a great pity," ?id
"but how many American- nr.- there
who realize that England is fighting
for ths United States? If Germany
-hould by anv chance becoma -
ful i hi- would come to South America,
Sad xve could not permit the violation
of th?; Monroe Doctrine. Therefore, I
, say thnt England is lighting foi us si
xi ell as herself "
\ lenna, Nov. 8. -It i. officially an
nouneed that there were "."(i, ??
rtiolerii in Galicia las? Thursday Of
I the-e 126 cases wans m Prxemysl,
The practical side of the
Equita )le i?s biggest feature
The Equitable is, above ill other ronsidrrntions,
an ?ntrnsdy pimetietl structure, in which both the
architects and the c/ntr.ictors h.tvc labored to
embody the best const met fonal feature, vrhidi
arc the fruits of their experience.
Tli?' result is a building whose interiors arc a
study in straight lines, and 10 noticeably fret
from wiiste that, the rents are for SPACE only
and include no secret percentage for errors of
league now beinfi madm from May f, 1915. The huitdin-r, Ao>.
ever, it due to ha completed 2 or 3 month? ahead of that dot?
Equitable Building
Temporary (flee, 27 Pin? Street
S? Aiimatt Sc (Eo.
will pScce on sa!e this day (Monday)
1,500 Yards
40-3nch Black Chiffon Velvet
peclally priced at $3.80 ~e~ VT- ~
A S&Iq v/lll "se ccr^rr.er.cec. this ?ay ''??on
??ay), in the De? ar* ?rrae r.t for Women's
Rea'-y-'-O-wear, of
Smart Tailor-made Suits
zr superior materia.s a- ? ??.-''- j.r.shii,
fur=tr?Lm?nr.ee a::-., mode.e-d. or. the latest
fashionable linee?
Special prkee: $63.00 & 75.00
being about one=ha3* those iisua^y askei.
?Fifth ?Aurrar* - iHa?temt Atirm?
34th anh 35th &trrptn ?ro tf^
Owing to the omission of the Pathescope
Voting Coupon SUNDAY, NOV. 8, two will be
published SUNDAY, NOV. 15.
This o;pon, properly tilled out. m ?rood for 6 votes
la Tho Tribune's School Children's Pntnssccsjs Conteat.
Vold After November 23, 1314.
Credit Votes to School.
,.? <I0iVs0rs."?<vl1'1 b" ,,"<1 ?? ,r ri^.i-.s of %%, N or
'.'. wlni number or nanos of s coupon.
Pathescope Editor's Daily Letter
to the Boys and Girls.
-Good work this week in the
Pathescope Contest will
bring a double reward.
" ' ' L 1914.
This is ttvo-h-ime week. You are | th? novel sensa?
tion this week Ol beiriR ?:i two contests It the same
As sou read yesterday In The rribune, youi
In addition to .1 Pathescope, a wonderfu . ;he
Pathegraph?simply i?\ making your this week's total ol
higher than a:v. other school.
Every coupon sent in and ever) lubsci
onl) count toward your Pathescope, but will ti<ure leparateij
toward winning the Pathegraph. All such \, ...
will not onlv '-??.ell your Pathescope rote total, bul n I ? - tuts
a special one-week total in the Pathegraph co
The fine part about this idea is that you have all to ca r'J
nothing to lose. It >ou do not win the Pathegraph you has*?,
nevertheless, boosted ? ir vote the h? co test and
have brought your Pathescope w much carer if you i
you will receive this wonderful phonograph.
ine Pathegraph is the latest product ol Pathe i reres, th?
urea, motion picture ho ^""if decidedly ???
principles in ph.? ograph construct Ufh i unique sound
os and the use ? I i real ? -I sapphire i d ? i ?
remarkable quality of tone is secured ? ? ?:k:ng
records you would think it the natural speech of a person i J Mi
merely the phonograph.? reproduction rhe Pathegraph ;> *
phonograph, a music teacher and a language teacher on?
Th? Pathegraph is a great thing tor am school to own. All
that sours need cost is a little concentrated effort this j??f. ?
th? Path?scop? contest. You must bust yours?* prompti), <m
ciently and quickly.
,?,urs iK-.irtiK.
/ ccckj^^*j^

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