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Compl?te Court ?Calendar
Daily in The Tribune
VoL LXXIV-No, 24,882,
Nm fork
l\IR \M> H lHMI.lt TO-|i\1.
V?**t?>r?l?, '? l^mi^naliir??:
n ?. Mi I...... en.
full r?|H.rl on Pt|? 10.
|i ,.|itii?ii? inn.
lit Ihr Irllnii... \??,.. Inll.m |
In I Hi of Nu? I o?!?. Nfwnrk. .!i-r?<?? ' il
BLSEVYHkRlS I ?<? < BN ? "
?an,I il ? ? ?.? n
Port Surveyor Demands
Civil Service and
Jury Inquiries.
Accused Representative
Denies His Appeal
Broke Law.
.1.1 ?.
af c
? ? ? earn
- -
red l>y
ill, United i
he ha? already
.' ?tory
" ?'., -.-? aida, a'
? '.on to-day
? ?
he ap
T.ibune reporter
ettei from
;i Federal
??me to me urtil
I hav?
matter. 11
- a? Maternent.
? ? ? .-?? " ith ?-.?? de
m t-hoxx?:
r ? vor of the
?mmedia?- I ?
:? f'ornmi?
? '
to dun
? ?? :yo
Civil Ser
r in?
to ncluda not
? ?
? ?
? ? ?
t in all
, for man?
? ;-. re
? him
-i not
? Talk? ..I I ?Ini| ??uif.
. ? ? ? ?'
?; no ron
? bute. I kno?
I '
f the let
? '?? !n
? corpora
.? that i f t*
the law."
to whom
?-. -.. ou? an
? ?
, duty
ten to any
Mcllhaaaj Haa Nt.t HearS.
? I
m xvar?
U r,
? xvord
Mr ?ush
?...,?,?,,.,i ,,,, ,,?-.. , ,.,,1,,,,,,,
II Poland WATtR Vernted
urt of world.
Jersey Murderer Dies of Fright
with Doom Near.
Trastea, \ j. n0\ 10. Now jer
mtfH rlrotrir ?kmit ?a? cheated to?
day ??ban Angela Cordelia, of N'cwarV.
: fright He ?aus t,. me oloctre?
rated t.-. Bight s? s o'clock u. d s?j
Thru- day.? ago Cereicllo at?? the
heads of matt-hrt in an attempt at tui
?rfda. It ?as diaeararatj, however, mid
the prisoa physicians pumped the pot
M>n from hit stomach. II. t'ully recov
Brad aad was in his esaal cenditioo
About 2 <>'t :<?t-k B < ,. ?vor
hin h",I he gradual!) dtclined until
a i death, at 2:S0 o'clock la the Bfter
? was condemned to death
. 'or ?oppii . to piecei with
aa a:
Vain efforts to Reach the
North Carolina at Beirut
Alarm Officials.
Washington, Nov. 10.?.Secretary
ll to-day ordered the division of
operations in the Navy Department te
Kct Into communication as quickly '?s
' -.. armor?"1 r,
North and Tcni.css?-e. to
? ? one of ?hem had mi I with a
had been i amoi i d during
the day.
? ? North ? ara?
? -. a mine nt
r , partment last
heard torn the cruisers on
Nov< mb? srolina was
then at Reimt, Syria, and the Tea?
oaat of
.' and '.i inquine!.
were sf-nt by cable by the department
to ?earn the basil
of report t thai om of the Am? r can
but no
? - ami
It developed lute to*daj
.nie compar able to
transmit the ? .
:,c traced.
Washington Believes Revolution
Averted- U. S. Vera Cruz
Terms Met.
? ?- ' ? ' ?
nifrton, Nov. 10.?Great
wai felt m administration quartei
day as a result of the announcement
Inca! headquar-- ?
? ral Carrun?;?
had decided to yield to the A?
lientes coir ? ni^ht
,?! of the executive government
? in fa itien
rin- particulars of I
not been but it
is believed that a tei - n has
? lieved, ai
of an?. |
? ? ?
ami actual ... desire
for the Pr<
f the l*i ? . ? ?? - ? *? nt ii
? p evacuation of Vera
rican fore?
Brothers of Bride Order (.ouple
Barred from Coppcll Home
at Tenafly.
Englewood, N, .!., Nov. 10. Two
arr oa ifuard at The
Towers, the hai lom? home of the
ordei not to
allow eithi r Mr Rob?
Elisabet C. i oppell,
nor her eliaurTeur hushainl to
r et urn
? takei place
j Hi i ti.-rt and Arthui I op?
... i oi ding ?
entitled to i ? -
lauffeur, her brothers
fay, th?
it th?
ere the
n entering tin
house, allow her t.. .',, ?, Also a'.;,.??
-.? the aut :i the
gai agi r personal prop?
It ?ah- learned I
. put on duty
I ?
. .! couple hud left
teraoon foi
Baby Born Last Night Third
Child of Senator-Elect.
,u: ? ight i- d on? oui ? ? ?
of Seaator-elect
and Mi 'A Wadsworth,
i? o'clock to ' gl ' '
. -
u ,
other eh In Evelyi
old, and i.n,
? third air ?
household, whi?
??:.-. ipread ra]
? '
-, Itho it
.N ?, I r , d? nirriDi. _
., bottle Ol ANGObT?RA BlTTtRS.
$700,000 ESTATE
Mrs. Mackenzie Lost All
by Stock Thefts, Prose?
cutor Says.
Accused Man Ex-Presi?
dent of Tyson ?K Co.?
In Trouble Before.
Richard J. Hartman, who tig-ured in
the opera ticket scandal last year as
pr?sidant of Tyson A Co.. w?? ar-estcl
lay ?m the eve of hi? departure
for Euro] e and lodged in tin- Tombs
pr?'oi . charged aritil the larcenx of
nearly 1700,000 from Mr*. Charlotte L
Mackenzie, tridaw of Jam?- S. Macken?
i?, a' one time an official in the Singer
Sewing Machine Company.
According to the information on
which Hartman'?? indictment ?va? ?e
cured, his theft? cover n period of
three year.?, during which time he oper?
ated m it h the woman'*: stock? on the
Strength af the power of attorn?
unwittingly granted hrm. His .?peru
lation? have deprived her of lier entire
fortune, it i^ nllejred.
Th-ouj-h Mr?. Maekensie'l attorney.
Kobert ? . Morri?, of 27 l'ine *t., it wag
learned yesterday that she ha? beer,
forced to gire up her home at ;;T West
?.. and that, with her children.
she ha-? souprht ?mailer quarters and
obscurity from newtpaper? in some ;
less pretentious section of the city.
Hartman wa? arre tea by Detective
,- he x?as cntennjr the Yantler
t.ilt ll.?-? \- th.- Criminal ?. ourti
?? rafa led to maki
ce <?f hi? eounael, Har
ford T. Marshall, and x?as arraigned be?
t?re Judire Miiiqueen in General Sea
?x ?is ht Id in J-5.0UO bail,
which he wa? unable to furnish. Hart?
man va? indicted Monday after Assist?
ant I1 ??iirney I'elfhantx had
been informed that hi planned t ;,
for Kir? in' t'i-day. H? xv_s indicted on
counts, charging lareen]
n id "?iK.noo.
Pair Met in London.
Mrs. Mackencia _nd Hartman mai for
-? time m London in 1911. Se?- '
eril times ?,iir. appealed to him for ad?
vice concerning the handling of the
fortune her husband had left hei.
Later in thut year they met strain !n
?ountrj Mr?. Mackenzie had bor
rowed Hudson ?Count*, Nation?
al Bank of Ne?* .1er.?.;. $74,000, ?
iritj 1,440 st:nri.s hi th? Singer
. ' n their
conversation! sh d this fact
to ?lar'
In December, 1911, Mr?. Mad
receix- ? isagc purport. -
.- ? ? ? Hudson County
; - ming her thai sh?
must take up her note at once. Thin,
? leged, ?he again appealed to
Hartman for counsel. Har'ms .
claims. o take up fue
for hei ' ted, and .?r the
following day i" returned vs ith papers
. ?
ere merelj
? ? bank Th"
paper?, it ?i
stock that
ifter paying
h? r debts, ' ?? sa} -, he
put them up a- ??? for a I
. lO. Grad? . ' r
, ? ?
- machine htiti
? n ??! pre
' inhattan T: .
pany, 50 of the Brooklyn Unioi
.',.. ?n of the Dominion Copper
v. $1 ,600 bonds of th? Hu
?, ?? . md $1.600 i.or.d? ?
?nd Hoboki n Fen I !om
pany wei inciful fin?
ancial structure that Hartman i? al?
to ha? e buili ip foi h? pui poai
lefrauding Mri Macken.'.? an i
cl "in? S,
Dui ? two years thai ?..Unwed
the power of attorney
said Mrs. Mackeni
money that she suppc ? divi
on the stock she still imag
tant Dis?
trict *ittorni rev?
one) thai iu?
man tun d er to her wa? a? c in i h.
luxes Wealth h> Ventures.
fed, ll the mt*an
qoandered all "f the money he
-, turn ovei to her in il!-ad
panlea. Tyaon & < o uns
enture of any magnitud?
after Next
vrly in a eOtBPBI
promet" the ?al? of a cleansing
and Hurt
iii'.'. x.-r?. found
? ? ?
. ? sel .?r
Calling on Mr*. Mackentie one i
ing, lie found her wearing several
valuable jewels. By fright? nil .?
unprot? cted women
robb? d, she sayi. I ? n ???! her
. him ?o thai
? em .i? a safe deposit .au?\
DO? for her al the Harri- ,
wl en Mra,
. loo) fOI her '?Well
later she found that
valued at 12
had dis?
? v after ? i Mr?.
,? ?
re t u rn t h ? K11 ?
ighl legal
? i that Mrs. Mac
10 1 ,i?l xa |1
? ?? ugh! up !>? for? the Dia
t Attoi A? cording to Mr. Dele
Ml s. Maek? el anee
? atton eys say th?
icticall} n? ?
Hartman, ? ? ?ide? i" ni prei .? nt of
. was
, ?raa ar
by Dorothy 1 Wa ?
? ..? .-".i ? ??. !, larceny
from net
Its. He wa eld oi i
laal June, the eom
? . ?ng Harold G Ai
? .?; Vanderveer Hart
- .?.',. a- r?-:i?_fl>,
. Imported Bock Panetela. F ill "* .?roma.
Mild . lever bottai A?rt
Germany Seeks Peace
with Russia, Says Romo
i., caaia tr, >f%e Ttibva? i
Koine. Nrn. 10.?Il is reported
(nun a well informed BatJIta that
Garmaay, alarmad at Baaalaa nue
ceatet. In? made preliminary offer*
of peace lo the BbBbIbb uo'rrn
menl. Thesa, ho? ??er, ha?e heen
re j erteil.
Within the la?t month there
have hpivi laverai dispatches
from Rome *.. English papan
deelariag that Germany vu.-.
v ?Hing 'o ma - . ??.-parate
peace With Itu??ia.
Young German Refuses
All Information and Ac?
cepts Pate Calmly.
German Consul General in Eng
land Convicted by Assizes
of High Treason.
, ' ?Uli ??? N .*?
Loadon, Nov. 11. "The Dailj Mail"
says: "I.O'Iv'm execution was carried
out on Frida) morning, Tu the very
end he maintained the calm imper?
turbability which characterised him
throughout bit three days' trial, and
whin fucir.K tin- tir.ng paiiy he re?
fused to bp blindfolded.
"The execution took place in : he '
miniature rifle range ?it the Tower ju^t
as dawn was breaking. ??vprnifrht
Lody, who arai only twenty-eight years
old. wan removed from Wellington Bar
atiere h? had heen confinad linee
his triai, to tue To'.tor and placed in
one of th? g lardrooms. lust before
daybreak eight loldien were rou-?l
and march?,1 ?? tl, ? rifl?' range, h> Ing
followed ? 111 n i ? ?. ' ? r. t < !.. by Lody, who
firn ? almlj h-- rated him
?n a chnir.
"Folding In- arm ..t d croi mg his
left?, he leane?! back. A sergeant cri.d,
it, t". i." Bight rifl?.- rang out
with <.r,<* report, and I.oily was dead
SubseojU? bl bodj ? as buried
nets of 1 Pob ? r. He
und guilty ?>r. November - I'
? onsge.
??'I he last execution at the 1
thai of Loi ided
on Tower Hill, in IT!", foi tali ?? part
:n B rebellion, whiel rai crushed out
previously at Cull
i ,, Hans Lody oner ws employed
lid? by a touring New
York, ;?i -i ? ? !"r 'he 1 aion
, Railroad
;.. married the daughter of Gottlieb
.Storz, the brewer, ? o la'
him. H< ??? ? iptem
ber in London, eharged with espionage,
a, ,i a* -,.r trial t? It ft? '1 that he was a
Itanant m tne ?irrmair r.:?-. ).
but that h. transferred to
the reserves
In his capacity as s reeorvt officer.
Lody naid, he war Ordered to proceed
to F.ngland to keep track of the move
p., nt | (,f th? Britisk Be?
warned not ta da anj ip? ing H?
told to travel ar- an Amerii
. ? - f that
at, American pa --por?
He el timed membi r everal
New fork ocieti? fear Lody
.serv?,i on boar?! Kinp? ror William's
racil v
Thi- prosecutor, h lumming ap, laid
Lody - i '.. ing an alien er.
i-iny posing :.:? h civilian, at tim?
in American, i ommunieat
ing in.portant information to Oen
Re di ner ai one "upon
il law against
ip ? ihould be I
. ? ' for the defence adi
Lod) a si ;i German lient?
:,n?l na;,) he ha,] tal
> i thought '?'. WBI I.: ? high?
de m,. H? asked for
than that of death, but -an! if the full
penalty wer? exacted Lod] .?<>ulii face
it like a man.
German Consul in England
Convicted of High Treason
London. No-.-, lo. i he grand jury of
the On hin I ha-- returned a
tru" 1 ? Nicholas Ahlen-, the
: the
charge of h ig I reason.
Accel ling the Indictment Mr.
Ahler? wai naturalised in 1905. |
the declaration Of arar he encaged m
helping Germai i irvii . ?? Eng?
land ''"i G? n ii
h ?
Island . Nov. 10. Beporti n.-.
bei ? ? forth
-,:.e Hltck -
the in*
Workm? lut in
th? Buaaia t? nno
?' ding to 11 ?
t hoi it \. Russian reservist? have mu-1
t Lu muti-1
.-.vers ???.ri thai iowa b;. loyal troops.
Both Sides Assume Offen?
sive Between Sea and
Trainloads of German Sol?
diers Seen Moving in Di?
rection of Own Border.
|| Cat.It t? T.a I
Paria, Nov. 10. Fighting .?r such a
a iiatun- that even the conscrxatix?
orhi'ial report to-night .l"s.:ribed it as
"".?r, riaient" ; going on m the re?
gica between the frontier town of
Armentiere? aid the North Sea.
The War drtic" record? another
cl . ik of thr Cern?an a'tark s,iUth of
rprei and "pereep ble progresa*' by
'!?i French arm) around Blxachoote,
m Belgium, ?nd between Ypre? and
Anaaati?r? '.? ? on either s
tl." Franco B? Igian border.
Unofficial dispatehea, however, tak?
up a phaae of th? military movements
on uhich the War Offiee I? lilent, at'?l
repon a gent ral retirement of larg
i" ?: ' ' German troop? through Bel?
Th" ri'por? tira' the?? troops WOtO
.- withdrawn to reinforce the \ I
tro-German army in the east is ganar?
ally diacredlted II is thought ?t is
more probably the beginning of a gen
eial retirement, and that the violent
attack? al ITprei In th? la*'- few da
'.???i" par! of the plan to allow an or
ill rr, withdrawal and more time for
i intrenching the new position?.
Take I'lreiilon of l.hent.
! rom Amsterdam ?-ornes the ? or.i
that trainloii?! af'ir trainload of (?er
trian artillery il leaving th ? Ly? Valley
I ? ?
< len I? ??< i'iiiart i
f? rred to Alost, ? I
t/e i '?' Bruitel? and forty mile:.
. ? ng area around D?X
The retreat of the German army
L'ontinuea, acteording to a telegram
from Rotterdam. Thlrty-fli e tliou
In 'he direction of ?
and t ? muni?
t the ?ama
dentil pal
il report from
Hav re ays I hi ? I ual on in Flander
ahom - i in- ? changa, ?rlth
ship forbid ? ,mis-ion ?
Belgian official I
Both Take ' ? ??-??v.
lay'? Fran? i!
between the tea ?. d .rmenl ira? the
I -. r? ? acting on
th.- offensive.
As to the outcome of this double
offensive the rival contention? are ab?
solutely contradictory, the German?
Ogri I ?.ear Vpr'
the French auening that the <??
then ? ' ? Ii ea
of what a?
carted elfoi
of the German
?? ? ? .- ? ; ?ri
The ? . . r," in
Franc? proper, ?;??:!, the itandpoint of
the Allie?, ??? ,i- immed up in a dia*
patch from rvei th 1
corpa," ??Ii..
no mari?.M ,-??,.. ? ?re, though he
professes to see a -"? ? . |
in ai
In the 1 haxe
again tried to win tl
south of Mont to <
Flanking Movemeal Fallad.
All : S'orth
gta Mountains 1
la the 1 i.-i man? t" can
their fa ' ? loping rr. I
It? l
ing th
?ing ma
?? ?
turn ng from I
CO '
f the A
? ?
factor* a eelel . :?
. ??: from tiak
part In th? can i.. .
i. me, not be
g:\en, said to-d ?
-?- -?-"': I 1 ? .?HI Of
the A from
the Ruaciaa victory. The German
.iu.-t attempted a grei.' . ??
of xi I ' ? : P?Ot
only ha .-'r.tincr
in its
f wh ich tl . .
and the :
- . ? ? han*e Favora Mllea.
"I consider It remai ? i ?t our
done so
. efl ? ' :
to Lav?' h?'!d our ??xn.. but I
?? . tuation has trr
? I I in tag ? ?? '
toutluued on pace .'. ?uluinu I j
r Bj .?_t,l?j to Th* TrINune ]
London, Nov. 10.?Betides the shortage of an*?thetir.?, already report?
ed, there It considerable lark of lead in l.ermanj, according to Dr. K. K.
Johnistoiie, of San I ran? isco. an officer in the I nited States Medical Reterve
Corps, who has just returned from a long ?ta> in Belgium. Incidentally, Dr.
Johnstnne pay?? a high tribute to the (?erman Red ( ros?, which he wat af
I forded opportunities of ?lud? ing ?omprehenwiveU. Be expressed a doubt
that the i.ermana had used the Red ? rots to protect them when carrying
out their attacks.
"There i.t no doubt that ??uppliet of lead are running low in f.ermanv.
owing lo the stoppage of the mines in (.alicia anil Silesia," said Dr. John
atone. "A few da>s before I left Berlin a SSCTBl ? rder wai issued calling
upon the niut.ii- store? to turn over lo the government all lead In plann*
and ethe! masleal instruments in which that metal it used.
"This demand, which, of course. Is bring rigorously enforced, has
.ironsed fcoHaga of the deepest detection in the music trade, which fore?
sees an immediate ruin to ilself. The ?hortage of anirsthetlcs is due chiefly.
f think, to the Cern?an General Staff's belief that it could readily replen?
ish its supply from captured Trench and Belgian medical ?tores, and as
f.ermanv doesn't produce the basic ingredient? of ether or chloroform the
Red I ross is in bad shape In this respe?-!."
Bombard Coal Magazines
at Asia Minor Port and
Sink Merchantmen.
London, Nov. 11. According to an
Exchange Telegraph dispatch from
? iiitinopl", by \?hy of Borne, Baa
ruisers have bombarded the forts
in the Bosporus and the coal niaga
st Heracles Eregli, Asm Minor.
Th.- Turkish fleet sallied out agaiiift
the Russians, but soon v ithdrew. At
Heracles thp Bussiani sank u large
number ?,f merchai
London, Nov. 10. The follow ng
wireless was received from Berlin to?
"'it is ofriciallv reported that aftet
two days' I.e.,-. ? lighting on the Cau?
casian frontier the Turkish troop.
have completel) defeated the R
army and captured th? Bossiaa posi?
"A Turkish fleet has pursued Rus?
?t, ihipi which were bombarding
, Koslu, but the ?hips escaped In the
fea "
Tin diplomatie correspondence from
; the British Embassy at Constaatinople
?o the
???ar -.. ith Turk.- ?? ,
Paper. The
eorr? ? which begins on Au
snd closei on November I, por
traj the Grand Visier si
striving to maintain the neutrality of
Turkey, but proving no match for his
War Minister, Enver Bey. who."backed
by Germany, was determined to force
Turkey into a war against the Allies."
Th.- detention by the British govern?
ment of the two illding
for Turk?:, in England provided Tor?
si the outsel. sccording to the
'? Paper, Ith a grievance, but
the cruisei - iloeben
: |
patch fi on the Brit
. tantinople, ited \ igust 16, ad
doing I er
in gov
maintained. T;i 1SSUII
and -'- mpn
the Bi - Mel?
Iward Grey
, onvinced of the -
Grand V isier pleaded for more
loft ierman
aad th, Breslau,
and ? li-at
B ligarla, I it
from the
ambaasador, Envoi B?
? ?
ambassador. "I father that '
? I
ia< on, as t?
pondence, rapid.] be? m
for hos
more glar Bg.
B_.il 1 ? I I Visiei pro
lid ... v to main
i. , ?
. Nov. i". 1 he "Neue
Pri ??-." h Vie? ? ?
hat t I ave :enou : I
. , ?? ittai
might endanger Interesti of Italy,
which - - ipelled
. her neutrality.
\o\ 1" V
natch rec?
gaature and
rraph and cei the G
. ton or the
Londoi . No* 11. A
tee of I ing?
the reopening of
? ? , mge.
I , ,
onl) fro
frame I to till tal the con*
.- . .. ?
: contango ratea, which are to
? ?
of Ju .
Bombardment of Unforti
tied Towns Might Lead
to Massacres.
Washington, .Nov. 10. Fears of a
mas-aor,. 0f Christian? la Turkey have
been revived here as a result of th"
receipt of a cable dispatch from
American Ambassador Morg?-nthau at
Constantinople to the effect that Otto?
man officials have made tiie threat of
reprisals m t!u> detention of subject?
of the be!!;,: the enemy bom?
bards any unfortified towns.
Mr Morgenthau reported to the De
partm? I ? tal ha! the Turkish
Minister of War had informed him
that Turkey xxas anxious to conduct
the war with Great Britain with all
pos-ible consideration to the non-com?
batants, but despite these advices there
i? much concern over the safety of
Americans Tn the war zone.
T?rke?,, according to its War Minis?
ter, ha- neither soldier- nor ships to
send against it? enemic* to bombard
their unfortified town?, and would have
only one recourse to hold the sub
of the t nemy as hostages
r The commander of the Turkish
force? at Beirut, in a forma! note ad?
dressed to th? American Coneul Gen?
eral, an?l intended for the British and
I r, ? eh gevernmanta, declares that for
every M Itiulman killed in the bom?
bard m? ? ?. open and unfortified
DO! thre? British or French s .
will ; ited.
Turkish moreover,
that the commander declined t<> take
the responsibility for any uprising
? ' Chnstiam which might -
from such a bombardment.
The commander stated that for any
Turkish property damaged eompanaa*
? would b? p>.nc'ed by sei-ing prop
trty of British and French subjects of
ei|ual value.
Inquiries have been made about the
ion of American missionaries In
Mr. Morsrenthuu has
cablf-l assurances that the Porte I?
anxiou? to protect all Americans and
, ..* courtesy and consideration
to non-combu'ai I
Berlil '? ? Th? Hague ar.d
Londi ' tie of th?
V . 'he opinion
? the ? apt ir? ol \ ienne-1? <"h ir.'hu.
in the An." '? ' lay. I?
an im] ' Can laa at
V"! i in from th>* w?"st.
? ? ? about twenty-two mil
Verdui ? ? ronouneed rocky rrdK?
connecting V?-r?iun with the French
lering th? ? ? Vlenne-le
through the
French line?, for the reaaon that a
nta on the same
takei in ?uch a
r . ..,...,, ?eetern be
? be cleared of i-r^nch :r*-ot>s.
German progre?s in ?.his wooded
and hilly count*-:, can be won only bj
troop? ? ng to pur? ??a ever]
of gf . . ? their blood.
--? ?,
London, ifov. 1 I A Renter :.-patch
from I IRcially an
ivember *
? r met
it Zand! I
Pretoria r.g or
xvoun,: I ! capturing
Th" ' -? -re 1_ mt-r
. ?
. .
.. ? .
Roxburgh? it?
... ata V..
I. Braaae, ol Neu icrt.
The Fmden Is Caugh
Beached and Burned in
Indian Ocean.
Koenigsberg Also Traj
ped. Leaving Only One
Menace to Commerce.
; B- ? . iMTB
London, N'o\. 10. The GeCBM
cruiser fclmden, after scouring the ?e:
lor three months, was found
near Coco? Island. 1b I
Indian Ucean, by the Australian cruim
Sydney, which Ml ' 'h she!
and drove l.er on to the ihora.
It is believid t'ra'. the loss of li
on the Kmden wa >
dispatches from loki>
ported there that the captain and mar
of the crev s uorr ?a
Besides the destruction of the Ba
Doaneed th ?? I u Gena i
crui?er Koenigsberg, ?
? he Br tish cruiser P -ir.?
ago, has been bo"
and, on the con?- ,.f I !? : i as M
i-.-,, b) the blockii g of ?'-?? channel t
the iiarbor.
(liithiirst at I !o?d?.
A B Id o-itburst followed the receir
of the news at Lloyds of the wipta
out of the German cru: i
loss caused by tin En
enormous for such a period, it has bee
more than $5,000,000, and 'here wa
considerable re'.i.-f when It was know i
' that this parti,- liar
? effectually dealt ?rich
The business of the I I M in gooi
Sg when right al?te r
, noise suddenly thi I til
Only on momentous oeca
i belt run?. listar ti f i- .
r per.dt'd, and al! t'ir: ?
i from which ?err.
made public.
A member mor?- ir? the iteOC and il
rolling tones began! "Gentlemen? it i
efleially announced that Em
He could no' proceed ? heer afte
ch?-er rant the sir. Hat
wer?- wildly .v.r. i d ' Lutin?
at last th?
the En -!,d.
The sc-nc wa
for the hipping :rd-.iti
i Ocean Is r.,,-.v relieved of the |
par' of It nervousi
wn'prs aril tably,
Broad Kffect of the News.
For pair - I ? , I th? BOW!
was exeelleat,
i was the knowledge
: the shape of a Brit ier h??
? evartahan this ship that,
?.d, had Inflicted perhai I iamag?
to British march ? thaa al
the rest of th? Gorman navy, ther?
is little cause for surprise at th?
! manner in wh.eh I.'.o-, || received th?
1 news.
The effect upon ratea for the mo
' ment has n sa irtlcalarly marl- ? l
For - the rate for ships in
the Par East an easier
Hearty cheers, eoupled with "Well
??? the monotony
rking day.
Thp Easaon'? t-nd came in battle, a?
betitt. . - ? rd. for, according to
all accounts, e.-en those of her victima,
she played a dea rc'ly in ac?
cordance with t gl lad rules of
r.ava! warfar
Th- Emdea pea?
? .' I ga.e baTtlc.
.- ' the er.,1
m the
?hell? ,->: ? A traliaa boat, was
The K?nigsberg Bottled l'p.
? a laag
! up in
I cither
? I, 'hough m
ll be noth
. -.
ham, which
if I
'.. .
?. torpe rer if
K'Utl ,
j- at /.lili' bel Lile of
tdmiral roa
? - ,
-- . ih Ad
? i
r the ? i
tailed t?i < ui ? ammaalcatiea

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