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SfttP ^oxk ?ribtme.
Kirat to I a*t the Truth: Newa, Editorial*. Advert li
M \l?\\ MIMMM1H IT 'M
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Tot? petpteal
r?<??? ? ? ? ? ?
f?. Ti-?rli
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i ? art's. 1 r?<wth .I ?je
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Ore re?- ? ? p'
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. v.? \--> ? ?*. i tmme M-fl "? tai
Yon can pnrchaae merchandise adrertlaed In TUE
TKiHi'NF with abaelete ?afetv?for if ilsastlofes
HM rooahl in aagi ?00? TUE TRIRl NE guarantee!?
lo r>p\ your munev hark upon requeat. No red tape.
No quihhlinir We make good promptly tf the ad?
vert laer doe? m
The Losses of the War and Their
Effect on Its Outcome.
1- through Copenhagen
Is p- j from the truth?
The can. iny has minio on the
.?.,? ' ? IXl
ii!. The will to win
been inca Gorman; ?
highest militai and the German si
have shown that will in the reckless fury of their
.'?;s on intrenched positions.
In the first two months of the war it looked
iparing sacrifice ?if men was the
soundest economy. Everything
staked on a whirlwind campaign which was to
carry the German armies to Paris and crush
i ranee before her forces could be fully mobilized
and could be ? i by tho British expedi?
tionary army. The big results aimed at justified
a policy of desperate energy with no count of the
Even after the battle of the
Marne had beer, lost and plans for a continuation
of the campaign against Paris were laid aside
tho German policy did ? The fig
in Belgium ;?'
fierce a: the line ?
Marr.e, thi
purely seconda ...ry objecti
the Germans lavished lives as freely as when
they had in view the primary objective of their
grand strategy on the western front.
In the eastern theatre German losses have
been less severe, because the campaign there has
strategically a defensive one, and until
within the last two months laiRe German forces
hav? n employed. Since the first of
October, however, the German strength in Poland
and East Pr to more
than 1,000.000 men. and there has been far more
fighting on a large scale in ' 'ian in the
On this front General von Hindei
in a brilliant tactical
von K?l"
i -it 1,250,000, it
irai to credit 9
the west front and I "
10, the
The effect.
ma' s O? the most inter?
; at this stage 0f the \ ?
fallen on the
Credit ? rmany with
had incap.
her rith nearly
Time under
, I u-Erh Gern
Brit i Belgium
"f the Allies in the
put at
cally th'
Hut the Allies in th?
ttei than the I
sl qualiti*
line Though Fr. rice's 1
hau sar of fighl ? Britain's
will not be. and the Kreuch and British ai
will be more than a match in quality, as well a*
in BOB
me months her
It ; ? mbered ?
event d from one-third to two-fiftl
her troops to 1
off i. Russia has i supply of
al to
man which German)
svailab -
to a i her part before long t" a purely
? Ikt by
in J 11
Jt : . 'ime to i Get
many 00,000 to
if they art- needed. tan. Hut the worth ,
of the third ?Muss and fourth class material which
must bs drawn upon to create these nrmlen in
to question, l.oruhnri.i in vory rontempMi
OOI ol n nines collected by imptensnii: boys, OB U*0
OBS hand, end ni??ii above forty, on the oth?'r.
IK? eitSS th<> faillir?? of th?* improvis??d French
armies to make headway in the winter of 1870
t much smaller bodies of train?*?! QOT*
nian trOOJW. His crowning ??xamplo is that 0?
IE Miihnki'? army.
In "H..w t.ormany Makos Wir" he wrote:
??When BourbaM attacked tin [German] portion
on ths Liseine lu? wan altogslhsr unable to do.
ploy his foreSS OB tho comparatively narrow
spa,-?- bs bad selei-toil for attack. Of the IM Runs
hs had brought With bin bS could got only so
into position; bi Infantry bad no room for do?
ing their Soparioi numbers; and bo ho had
m fhrs in bsfors ths numerically w??aker enemy;
und dtuing his ivireat his numerical superiority
brought further disaster upon him because he
was unable either to move or to supply in a
props. manner tho numbers he had."
In this caso the commander's incapacity ag
reakneeees of raw troops. Bour
anny was forced across t'tio ?Swiss border,
and lie \v;.s so chagrined that ho attempted to
: suicide.
In tho end the determining factor in this war
will be th? of the troops which the com
i'i keep in the field. General von Hin
<rg put the matter tersely when he said it
i question of the survival of the armies with
Germany is losing her best
than ths Allies are losing theirs.
That fact is of momentous importance, the more
.r is now rapidly degenerating into
duranco b
Mr. Bru?, re's Unselfish Suggestion.
Though abolishment of hifl office may not come
about during his term, City Chamberlain Bruere
? . scorn
: with the I
troller's. That would be economical and rational.
. entails neither work no
? errant the $12,000 salary.
. ears it hs ical plum.
the city government by the
'?idation of offices and a rearrangement of
thei: not so pressing S need as is such
inizal f ths state government Never
.y and efficiency dictate many
- nrhich must be considered by the draft
charter. Tho Hoard of I
which is studying charter problems
will ' a up the reform suggested by
The I ni"n Case Against Alien Labor.
Mr. John GUI, one of the labor union leader?
the agitation against ein
ment of alien.-? on subway work, pre
1 the unions' r;i-r? frankly in a letter
prir- '? Tribune. In brief, it is
that alien laborers worl shout half what
.merican demand-. They thus pull down
the workingman's
ring. They enable contractors, "pirates of
? . v ? ." to underbid contractors who
pay the prevailing scale of Wages.
??:? out of work American citisena who
iployed, under existing law. "I
erts Mr. Gill, "that if the enn
? id an sdwrtjsement in every New
Vur; ? '
'hey would have three
than they could possibly
If that statement is accurate, under the law
only one thing to do?to hire
regai ess of the eoi
" of the contractors for evad?
ing the law always has been that citizen labor
If the; have
merely to serve th"ir own
.. and have, by holding down wages, tended
?til the aliens they hired and tho
en? they refused to hire, it is time that the
. enacted to prevent just that should bs
? union leader.- prove that.
and they undoubtedly will have s full mes
"i" pu i] ?? ?? Tl ey ought not to have, or to
r a drive at foreign workers
are foreigners, which is what
? nt course is deemed in many quarters
Civil Service Protection of Incompetents.
I' ' ? " . organized central body for all the
Civil i. this city
the maintenance and ex
To judge by ths
' Mr. Trial, and allusi
' al" and "the
? ' . tai r : .. p ?'
by law, i
Mr. Priai is a politician ai d
influence, both
political and with the civil servant.-,, in a gen
???:.. -. for legislation to extend widely
the privilege of court review of dismissal pro
which the policemen now hold by virtue
ions. That policy does not work
for the maintenance of real merit in the civil
Practically every department and bureau bead
??? work, admits privately that
? with the civil service l-' the g
difficulty of dismissing incompetent or lazy job*
tab proportion of appointees from
' "pan out." They had l^ook
ths examinations, but
not 1 ? . energy and ambition to do
They are, and aie b
Such employ? missed from a
privat ' . tablishment, yet the public is
to keep then i ? SUI , save in flagrant
there i much red taps and circumlocu
tion in getting rid of them that the department
to undertake this. That is why
dry rot" A general court review
Mild tax
Naturally, they favor court review. A ? mat
il '? re I all jobholder- favor any
.re likely to enable them to hug their joba I
tighter, ntitl year after year representatives of
their SSSOCiationi linvo lobbied at Albany for
|M',-i;il favors of tlmt tinturo. If that is to lie
the chief purpose nf this new organisation, it
?night just es ereil be understood at tho oataol
Unit it il Opposed to the pttblk inli'reat.
If il really toekl extonsiofl of tho merit sys?
tem ami deoirOS to g*'t llio boot men into the
publie servies end t<? keep <?"ly the beet qualified
DK'ii there, it will Seek to make ?li? iiiis.-al of in
OOmpetenti easier than it ll rather than harder.
No good, honest erorker has much to fear now on
the More "i" being "jobbed" for political ronsons.
The public has ? free! deal to 'ear from the
retention ?>f incompetents on the payroll through
th*? political artisiticK of officeholder?1 sseorie
"("?ear ths load! 'T'lir the land." came the haughty
donan d,
The Kale* r*i Importai
"l'or tiiin' i would fa - . doomed Prance to nttain,
Lot my trill?]? Dl mole t?'i) pass by."
Firm the nn?wer did ring of the gallant young King,
"/ bora n?'i forgotten my ?
No troops ?hull u.ivii'irr, thrOBgh my country to
1 r.uiCP,
Though j/- honor and troth."
???My oath naught; know the? world must
bo ta
Tint* l. '? raproBMi
When 1 arias to wags war, treaties all I Ignore,
iptr d ?tiirb not my schemo."
Then with fin an?] sword, while his giant guns
Th?- land ho luid waste,
?corning to spure ehunhea k'ran'i. cities ?air,
:i cklcs?. hil?te.
Hut undaunted the King defiance did fling,
And gallantly strove for the right;
Brava his army but imall, and he eaw his men fall,
In unequal and BBOrciloaS light.
Yet hope util! survives, so ever he strives
To cheer and i bla men,
While sharing their woea, rarely -?-eking repose,
With strength and with valor of ten.
On i
\Yh:-- ? .-? hours are spent,
hat he may. we fervently prny.
Triumph over unnatural foes,
And Peace soon restore the Inn?! as before.
Till dloom as the rose.
November if?. I'M4
An Admirer HoMa That Thev Have Achieved a
Stupendous Feat
To the
There I a vaat revaluation of
? ' ' *
? ??? . the relativ? poaitlona of
? --. ?cf?? th??
p of fart? a? a whole, nd ?ee? them In
? now, after the fast
tlouda of war have passed, onr
estimates an ? ? wen lief..re the
international erash.
For ? .... . r .,HUM bOOOl
and belief that 1 ':'?l he ahle to WTOat
I | rever. \\ I | van
i'hetl ' England.
Her inime- e fleet ? been larcelv n.?native. 1. It is
??? fulfil lltl than the paaaiva and igno
minioua rol? of a blockading fona, and even ?
Il Is 11 elf open to advontorona attack.
.- ppled
ild raiding
I and untried German navy,"
rded with open -??-urn and
riy instances, hut one need
? eavalier ea pfoll - ??:" the
little Emden and the seventy British,
;. and Japaneae erniaera thut are hinting her!
The oi?"n ? lineas for Eng?
land ir. ni ? ? ? .*ive, cour
:ii navy has air
? . .
ime must le ?-iii?! of the '??-rman armv. It
maintained I I l (hi In
? liter Paria, ' was
? ?-. fell after a
able" f"rt
thai has ?neeumbed Liego, Namur, Longwy,
e, i i<
i ave heraie llttl* l hou,
ted a h far off A i.
f the Jap
c. land a?il
or three montha of pe? ' The
fortress of Przi a a rock amid
? French aviation arm was sup
to he the he?-t n I rid Hut here, too. the
- eoolnoaa,
?.er\e and IItry, Though
? full offensive power, the much
? ??'. ?iif,
humil - - ? .-;.. i. even while
? ? ?'???j!
i ta te
? ?'? - truth
? ? "eil the eredest
old he entity -
? ? er.??my.
reet attack,
? ' eon none and
her fleet enjoy, ? .-??, ?,he
'liu'.'.' I fl 7i ' ? . r.ai'i
troop ? i i ? U'ht to Europe
? ai the undivided Individ?
ual - ? greet al] ai France with her
Colonies, 1 ' - ? ! : .- . lorvia, Montenegro
.ve her priiie or prestige.
?hi have hap?
pen*' ? been forced to face Or
. alone? And If to tl toting eonjoetun
?? ? -.atics
? -hus:
On* lals the entire
h. Brlti-h an?! Belgian armies plus their ?
??her one-i .;,an army ?
a" hordes of I
? ? ecro.
It is I . ? la, and, apart from all the
rnmaiui our (fenerous ad?
? and gr>- il ? trough tribute ?t
>I .'""-. gnat
the United
? rmanj has evolved everything
from within an,) against a handicap nf aces, the
mes still
linn?- appari
loses, will
? ? . Ulioa, If tl ?v win,
must win without ttei -ous
l.i -s oi that may b?? n iponaibla fi?r the rancor, In?
? ???
LUI li S 1!. VANE.
Cambridge, England, Nov. 6, IjU.
Guaranteed Advertising.
!.?n MMrlal from "Tht Belter und Pub
Uihrr" o/ .V,, ?mbur 211
For a nunibor O? years several of the
big WMkly and noathly publications
have guaranteed I
loss through advrrtisenienta in their
..lamas, but until last Tuesday no
papar ha?? bad ths eoursge to
adopt such a policy. On thai
however) Th" New "fork Tribune nnib'il
this motto tn r . : "First to
? he Truth; News, Editorials, Ad
??," and underneath, In the
leading, double-leaded editorial, de?
clared that from now on H .?ril gu?r?
ante? Ite readen against any 1"
refaction inc.' r ? .1 through the
purchase of any urticle -overt
? ?
The Tribuns by this act becomes a
pio..i-er in a new practice in journalism
which lometime will be adopted by
most newspapers. It takes a lot of
nin<! to ntart a thing of this kind. We
? i<? is only one other daily
? York. "The. Pr?s.-,," that II ill
h pol tion to inaugurate the guarantee
When we consider what this most
importan' itep means to The Tribune'
? innot bot ad
mire the courage the management ha.-?
.ril. Before an adv? rl
accepted for publication the itatement
it eontaim must be verified and the re
?poneibilit) of the ?dvertiear estab
ployment of
u eorpi of reliable irrv. ir.d an
? / ?he advert i ement ? ? ?11,
ell invested if Tin
Tribu- : . a?, no doubt it will,
ite depend
abilit) .. ? ? ment it car
i men will quickly appro
. medium in
winning public confidence sad will be
esger I pace in 11 ..nun.
Thu? 1 ? ".''l be well reward'
'?d for il ?1 its
The ring nut of the
adopl on of the
?lue to The
Tribune'i readers P? i s int to
make every penny count in baying ar
iii i. -?? ar.ii
' re do no?, cure tu run the risk
of i" ins ' heated or overcharged I
merchant-, with whom 'hey trade will
Datatmllj turn to Tire Tribune for their
advertisement reading. With a money
back guarantee behind
? advertisement the) cannot make
teks in petn .of its ad
Intured Advertising.
from "Tht Fourth E.tata" of
tmOtt .1 |
An interesting experiment was inau
? 1 by The New York Tribune
limultaneo lely with the opening of the
erve banks that are expect-,
? 'he floodgates of prosperity.
It eonaitta of a guarantee on the paii
of The Tribun.? to every reader againat
loss <?- i-tion through the pur
colurr ?
In taking 1 te] fhe Tribune *ny?
of uncertainty and remov?
doubt- the big elements that withhold
many d? buy.
It believes tho banishment of the
element advertiser
the opportunitj o long sought to en
m n tarns; that It thus la?
the advertiser as ?,,?!! a< nailer;
that its poliey r
into a
-?mg money al ? mint.
? on by The
rribun? ? II eertaialy be watched with,
"I'm glad we don't live in Belgium, Jim."
It Arouses a Reader to Much Criticism
and Some Hope.
Sir: Far be it from y mir I a
Bt to usually be a "killjoy,"
but tha of mind
? ?
Mptly summ
eaem: "He cei ta nly
? i
l hi prayer of
Wo certainly are ti|
rity, but no th
tti?- pre lent vision
Ington. Prosperity will come In
of him. It
gnat, .1 nation anil the ill
wind in Europe 'I
Let . - Air. wil
accomplishments: For .? ?tariff which
thing promised. For a war tas when
For an un-Ame
. m taxing ;
their purses, ["i- tha
whole " orld aimed at our
inet officer. Fur the combination of the
execul ??? ?? and I*.
. ?
? i ful g." We hi
waiting, but h;r.-'- tired of ? itching.
? ? "Neo I-1 eed un ' !? r<
l-'nr trite j
tickling pfatitudee ???:.;
inga. For placing the A, B. ? , i
ointly witl
Tin? eountry ? down
?'? ?? will live tlnwn the
of Democratic mi
? tu do '
Hast* HOP1
20, 1914.
"Let the World Have Peace" Should
Be Thus Spread Abroad.
To the Editor of The Tr.bune.
Sir: The United States ?>f America
????'?i, a eounl r. opposed ti?
I ?
.try. to pri
f tl
of a!;
by conqueat W\
been obtained m i*n honoi i
by pur
And now, m order ti
world know, without ai
under tandil .-. a I at I
of America here
ivernment hhould
immediately is?ue a
? ?
. ?
This special p. a*
per amount
of silver, K -.en a
trifle s m a:
niade redeemable at H> cents, in order
to give It an axti
only would it ?i?) ??.?.. rh
among our own ? ! have
a tend? to inl
of othi? - into
which it would happen to pei l
and, ai ;de from
'ill, it
WOUld -i
for our governn ? h?ri?
te.I that a fie-.v -"in be
laaued hj : y four
years, or whene>?r wo ?have a new
md that on one rid" of *h?
tear th? of oui
If 1 Id take tl
? ? ?
Garbled and Disguised from a Book,
It Is Asserted.
To the ??' The Trii .
:' Bat?
.?ort'iirs," preee ?
il com
? r'a diary;
part of a boo'r.
l_ Broadway, V
not a?
. they ar.
ing, u
. guarantee
To es on the
inti-Gei man Jen'
which '?
Nov. 19, 1914
No House to House Soliciting.
To th? ' The Tn'r. .
t i on the
for i imong the
May we, through your Inform
the public wh it we I
it in thij '
letor? Pei
Mr I:
BAIL?. It. B1 li K11 r,
.New York, .Nov. SO, ltfi..
Not So Easy or Pleasant for tie
Russians, Alter All.
.-. MS
-1 ?ih
i?b one
-g M
Mtfal ei?:?*
: i ?rh..e
? | ?avsncing
alee the R?
i : sr.d lw."
.? PneayMi
? ?: ai o ?*
?. ? i
1 'TnVr.
Incompetency 1 ? on tl
: ?T?
? \txoeapm
_ ?? t?
Te.cher-Mother. ? Hu,b*^
'."' ^,Jt
n* ***
. ???'?
. .-.'
;-. ?;
le 0?%
> *
' | ' !BeO,#
' irs'-?*'
public be tfSm I
Glen Bidge. N- J-. Nov. 2?' ***>?

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