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Dartmouth Crushes
The Syracuse Eleven
Rolls Up Forty Points
Against Strong New
York Team.
Hanover Hacks Smash n*TOUgfc
f?.r Loag Gains on field
Heavy with Mud.
- ll'<Cl
cam b>
I er had a che
. . .
? occn?ion. when the
ball a ent I CSUSC of the
com- , foul by the
I?. li err ,:
I ?
d were 1
,ri ?
ball. The tui
ng had upon the
? te ?'?t.mate.
? e s'.yle Of
? ?
? . I11
that prevailed was of
- ? re, but
Dartmouth scoi touchdowni
four poa.
n touchdown was
duo en
of a Dartmouth
? r? fair catch
? y placed the
ground sno thus pre
In every department of the game the
New I superior to
ring the
a1 " hu ular udvan
?Bi7' Several 1 Syracuse
making some headway
a fumble would cost them the ball. In
aiinost every inetancc whei the ball
player some Dartmouth mai I I
at les-- il ens Dartmouth's
?'nose for I -.suited in touch?
downs and in each instance, Spears,
the gigantic guard, was the player to
? r the ball.
The game was replete with forward
and lateral passing, but the activity of
the Dertmontl forwards and secondary
defence rrrer' smeared the Syracuse at?
tempt* pen {rame. 0
hand, tl i ! sees were poorly
executed, and the men who were to re?
ceive the pasa - - put out of
the pie ende or else
?he secondary defence me
OS spoiled -
Dartmouth ec? re i one touchdown in
. ?"cond pe?
riod and two touchdowns in each of the
remsir.inp perron?. Dartmouth was
penslized four times for holding,
?"or be ? for ?tart
n,g before the hall, and lost a tota! of
Syracuse was
penalized for holding, one for
starting before the ball and once for
iffside pla',. loMng a total of forty I
In additian Dartmouth lost the
ball in trie third period when I
punted into his own line and Syracuse
e bail on her opponents' 10-yard
Cavanaugh's ?earn was the better ma
ehiae, for th? Dartmouth line cnatged
niuch lower and carried
he Dart] - were
cautious to a degree on the ci'
J.BS able to
? em. What
racuse was
: the line.
Oi the other hand,
?he D: ?? strong from
ecu tro Ten
frequ? nod up big
' -r tiuh
" jrdock and
Whitney held their feet e7?eept:or,a!ly
?ell and made good gains, while little
t.hee varied the attack by executing
.some brilliant quarterback runs.
r-ference for the
? r va? ?roll nigh perfect, and
many times Curtis's well placed, long,
-piral kieki irtmouth i
.??coring distanc' se, on the
?hoi". y and powerful, but
?.covered a good
;iltac'.., .nable to use it effec?
tively because of the fierce charging of
the Dartm? itl I a
tmouth u?ed its much vaunted
open ;- Hge. Many long
and tin made by ?'?
ir.g to the *' r ' ai I Of lat'-ral p;.'
?wice forward --ted touch-1
down.. Tl ?
yard pass. I ;' rry, who leaped
into the sir ? re? see goal
line and came down with the ball
iirms. The second successful long for
wari! pa?.s wa- a ser ?
?the man who built
Harvard's wonderful
football team?will an?
alyze yesterday's 36?0
game in The Tribune to?
morrow morning. Not
a reporter's story, but
every twist and turn of
the smashing victory de?
scribed by the man who
i remaking American
<Ihc (Tribune
twent] i s te w In
tain 1 N Glu
tii>? brillianl inliv idual |
for Dartmouth, '?'
. . e lie*
- baiiiil n? ? ' l?'?>
*??? '
also made ? ?
at? 11 Curt ? ? i
ass is tarn i team
I ii? ?.??? : ? on si
most svorj
cnargina Dai
forwards although bi did not ge? a?
neka i I . naral ???
?i dur
time h*
? nd hi ? ?
? ng ?? ?? ei '? h.o??
' ? VI
'. It
I - ?
. H
111 for
KliiR-ott. I. JoM
\v N
. . i- .
I oiilinneil from nage 1
ling Burgundy, or, if you will, earbe?
t.ated grape
Vale began t h ? 1 here were
cheers for Harvard and ehl
the pleyen in ? then wen
songs, too, -' ""ne
More Job for the Undertaker."
The bowl bubbled now red, now blue,
ra? it on the gridiron, So Impetuoua
the Harvard squad ehargi
;i the way
w a s ! ?.
? cheer lei
'"More pep"' he eried again and again,,
and though the fortuni i f Vale sank
bor cheer? rose ever louder and loutier
until even the leader was moved to
megaphone: "Thank you very much;
The leader of the songs tangoed es
he led, but he waa nol the best dancer
OH the ne'id. II vi.? Mahan who caught
the eye of b dancing miaa. observing
him as be a a tackier with bis
famous BUd she remarked:
"I'll bet that man could fos '
Mahan stood out from his fellows,
er a 11 arvard player
made a porticularlj loi g daah it was
no bad bet to fa? ory on the
...tick; but , they
wen anonymous heroes lost there on
the del I ?. with no mini- ,
?? ? ?m.
But then ins no r.eed of a number
to announce the entrance of Charlie
Brickley Into the game When Brick
ley trotted or. the Bold up rosi
- '. rooters and gave then 1
cheer of the afternoon. 'lb?? captain
was back v.
him, ?too. Dr, Nichols could hardly
bava objected to a: y ?possible ?danger
which Brickley ran in the firat two
;'.?r he was ?back faking a k;ck,
and no Vale man even laid a finger on
ii i m.
Wiaa men of medicine have said that
'1 ?? appendix is of no earthly use
whatever, except, of course, as c .
of income to surgeons but CO
the ee Hii?.?
sing an appendix he ?
? or ami made fifteen points.
that so-caile?! useless organ, he
ai?! vta= able to add
only or?- to the Harvard total.
? . nind of i
Brickley, car?*a:n of the Harvard eleven,
he might find that a simple kick after
touchdown outweighed all the
points of last season.
The marring or the making of that
kick had no bearing on the game. Vale
was downed, defeated, crUBBed
had never been before in all the i
of her meeting? with Harvard,
the Harvard captain was long In ad?
justing his fights. He knew tnat he
would leave the game immediately aft? r
that effort. II wai to be the final chap?
ter ,n the gridiron caret r of a man who
will probably be rated as Hai
t bal 1 player. So Bi
went slowly about his simplo
Then he let drive, and the- ball
over the crossbar. All Harvard cl
for Charlie Brickli y had i i
r than the appen
As the cai? - to the sid?
toward the men who won cheering him
the tip of thl ! the
upper lip of the Howl. Shining from
? the ?.oal poata, the i
living , a great shadow !
the Arid. And that shad*? i
a giant "H."
M iroon Eleven Wins Hani
Fou?ht (iamc by a
Score of 14 to 3.
Fordham won |ta annual
...m I.-.
f 14 to 9 i ' ?? ?game ??? i
' The Maro* hnv.?
but their fn
'?? 'II.?- -,
the Aral porroii. after they '.
en 3
terbacr ? ;
? n teem gain?
i yards i ? forward |
t- ii,
this r . ? tr play
?'?ii in the latter pur'
penoii. when "Big Bill M iy. the huaky
Maroon tackle,
, font ird paaa to Bogen, i?"?l
almost th..' whole lei
by Sullivan on the 15-yai
i '? ipite W) ?
mnrd ni | ? and on I '?? field
three asid*
laition m ?
of liis ba?l
riel the ball straight down the flel.i
from ita 30?yard line through tv.??
agency of trick plays and d
? n and Vile. The 1?..
I to 1 he 10-yard 1 a
ploughed through centi
touchtlown of
\l. , Kai ntercepted
foi wa rd the early part of th..
once ;
tion. A iaternl pass to Yul*
by the heavy i .: of 1'unti
and Mori eleven
? - Yule
again ninde at*
K [eked ?
The le and his
?' end,
i form yestei
getting dowi the A?
made a 1
eepted i
antl ran 25 yarda, pir
: r ? IWn.
am 114 i
.. .
? .
. ?
- ?: ??
n n h
?ioals '?
? -
: -
in. of Prince! Uni
, ? i ? ?? - .
n-.in-Jt'? ?
m - . ?
McGee and Prior
Again in a Tie
Charles M
t second time in theii ? mi-final
tnitch for the pre.-:?.?
Hills Goll estei rly in
... * paii
. was
?nil i'lior I
at the turn,
With a fine spurt, bow? ?
i dey v. Ill plaj for the third I
handicap co
Thankagiving, foi ? win
hill in the
How the Yale and Harvard
Teams Took the Field
II \R\ ARII (SO)-, -1 111"
*,*?. Ht Ane I'lairr. ,-Poaitlon.-Flayer. A(?. lit \\t.
173 6:11 7! .1. I. (oolldje left I'.nd Ri.li? ???lllnian 7 7 B:M \*i
ix- ero-; ?.??: r?r?"n i.fi tackle BlgM Balls M Stes les
mm ?in:: M \\.-?i..n .1,11 ?.:i-r.i Bight, uiiiiieii n Stei SSS
1,1 |;1| :i \\ allure. ?eiilre IMiile . IS 6:?in ISA
SSI IjSS tl Peaaeel.k?rIu Oaard left. .Coaroj I I "i \w
IUIJ 6:01 Jl Irumliull .Bight DOC-JO Lofl liil'mll SI StSI IH!>
n tl iu?<i??i?L . . Rlcbl Bad left Braaa II t-SS IS!
"S '.'1 I.ojan . ?lii.irfrrliiii 1. H il-oii M S ?OS I7S
n,:, Bill ??? Mulian .Left Halfbac- Ki.hi Kaowles 'i SjOS IIS
I,h ?M || Ilia,lire Bighl llulftniek Left.. \i:i.?,,illi I "? ISS
IM'J 6:0?! SS I ram l?e.1 ullliui _ I >? QaSU IS S:1S 101
A-rragr welsM et llariard line. IK.", jioiuhU; average ??rieht nf liile line. IOS
pound*; UTrrnje weight of lluriiird hael.tleld. 17." pound?.; average ?eight iif , air
l.a. kflrl.l. |tS pound?: aifragf virijlit i,f Harvard i.-hiii. Isii paaads] average
?eight al ?lair Lain. l*i< ikiuii?!?. ?
Timii lnlii\vna ?It? ll.iiiiird, llard-rle- (I), l'ruiii k>- .' I I CoeiMgC I i,.hU
fmm Imn IiiIuhii-l?.inl?T?ik it), ltrleklej (li. limp kirk gaal tn.in llrld ?
Muhati ill.
liar, nr,I ... ?i IS 7 * ? IS
\a\r . O ,i i ?I ? 0
BUboMtatOC Ural li.i'l . II irnuril? \\ ufaon. <|. I', fur logan. Klag, ~, li h. fur
Brad 11-, Sei on. I half, BlglOW, <?., fur Uitllaee; ?. < oollilge. r e.. for Hard W Irk j
K. C. 1 urtli, I. t., for r_rsi,n. Hrudlee, r.li. li., lor B-Bg| 1 "(jan, i| li for Malaiin,
llardwlek, r. r . lor ? ? onlidgt , I'lir-am. I. I . fur ? urn?; Mat?..|. li . for I Sgaaj
? illiln.liin. I. k , fur Hf.lnu; Blag, r. li. I. . for Hradler: ? n|itinn Hrirkle... f. I,.,
for lrauike. Mihinlnik. f. I. , for llrli klr? ; IwclgCCl, i| .., lor Wul.oli. Mlther
lieaii. I. e.. for .1. I. ?i.oliilgr; I nilerivooil, i. ?., for 1'eniioi I, . SmOtt) I r , fur
M Ithrrhrml. At !.in>?on. < .. for BlglaWI ?. < iiolnl.r. I e tor Ommttf.
SuhelBalss <nr gale iiir.t hall ?Carter, r. ,-., for millsaaa -..<i luir i -ii-i
doa. I ?, for < onro? : ?-.mil. r. li. I,. Im limmlr?; Multr, f b , for lr ?.nr.
(Iftli laja?Referee. Niillnin \ luit?. Iln.un; umpirr. ll.itiil I lullr. Itr..i,n;
head linrsmaii, I ml 4\ . Miirpli? limv? n , 11,1,1 Jmlgr, llr. ? arl 11 illi.un?. r, Mll.
a? Mania.
lime of eame?lour period? of ?ftren minute. ?,,une railed tit | ni Im k
. \ ? \
Story in Detail of
Of the Crimson
Over the Blue
Yale Crumples Under the
Irresistible Attack of
Machine Bu?ded by
Percy Haughton.
Hew Haven, Hov, 21. It era ' o'clock
i Brickley end
\ i r Dmbull trotted out to
re oi l api lin
hook ? anda
:? d a moment letoi the eoin
\\ ben thi pieei
the sunlight Captain Brickley called
? \?a ?. This tirst
victor; of the day was taken by th??
a* a good omen, and
cheered mightily whan the ail?
ment was made.
. tain Brickley ? ?hi
an i i apta in I all tt notth
, . .? slightly favoring wind at
formell! loa over, I ha
hand I ? ? inod theii
I irst Period.
?\ : ? It the crowd
i idle Mahi ? ball up for
?k-off. A groa ?? from
th* I "i.'ii a? '
nning to I ? G in, who
???I in the roar of the
I s need
ard mark before h
I ' '
id ?? ? Is, bt Le
tack on Pe? Le i
1 line
him t'? m ? ? ? ?
th?? tirst of its ma
i support!
.? ? ?
ed by
on t
? aptain 'i albol I
Of vi.
.. r
ipping that
ie clei
ts, but going
It was here that x
? i i?.- box. d
i .'in Iwick when Praneke t,,ok the
big Teul ? ? opped
? I, In eloaer crept
ratogic I "
; ad a play to mei-t the o<->
? ?t Pnneke and Bred
. ?I ,, up rann? the
backs, )".? ? toi P'-d
only i proper
? ? loethi i
i "Tack" Hardwick ahot
clear. Like B bu I ' II hurled the
? ?? ? ii a ' -
?. : - r
?? to follow, Hard
i ? .-?..'I, but
as not one
?' ?
over bi Jelf
. took
ihe ? caille
? i hurried him h
-.vol tfa v.h" ditched for a I
'oui on t'.c line.
.nan on the next
pla ?, and I albott who
: :h on
. buaineaa oi
wiping oui chalklinea continued, until
.1 a halt. I.ogan then
mg forward pa
0W01 ?'I, iii. i ?
. thi ii
Th* '
1 ? Gore
:u yard lil
r the |
the 20 yai >1 line.
Hard* ick romp?
yards, and Mal a
line p] .
? ?
but on
? nitcd and I l G n caught
?i ?? i u ? sn I s Goto
-. w i i^kjled
Showing Size
of Yale Bowl
-ii -..-.,.. ? .... :
N, t\ II ? ?? n N.? : i |a the inns? of
il .lu i n kIyi-ii uliont
n? Hwirnsliraa ef the bawl lbs speeto
lee I- "" ' '"?I l" Kr..,? i.ufii??-il One
?li?t.-m? ni iii.i? ?cur l? liriiox home the
?.i?' itea of ? lie structure.
Feraaaaa wfce tel ?i ihr iop of iin?
north nul of Hie amphitheatre were
lu?t oil?- r tie til tl uf ., m'ilr BWO| from
lift 1 "oll'l??? ??heil In? , ro?^?*?l 1 hIp?
Keel i in?- fur n ti.ui ii.i.i?? o aflea ??
imiel-t - ? inl run
g to his feet continue 1
? ickled again,
? imbled ?the ball \ Hi i
. | ..,..;,
? ad R her. 1.? < lor?- \?. aa
? ? ? ?1 the hall m ant back
? Blue held th< ball for a
. "ii|y, an boots I
again fumbled, but re
coven-.1 It. Brudlee hit the line for
? ha nenod andad.
Second Period.
i in ? lay in the second ;
Mahn- -iilltnan's lunge an?l
? ?'ore he was st* |
The ||? tends be'-ame a wavi
.'.hen Tack Herdwi* k
broke h a dodging run
tai kle, and wa? rlenr
piled him up on
lil ' . \Iahan burked
to be spilled by
'?' ?'ds at
? I Logan at quarter
I : I ?
la, only to be
? the 4-j ar
? he ' antre, I ?
:, and
i a touchdown..
Mahan pu llard
? ii h i a k 11 ? k,
? ki'-k
n toed the bull to
back to the 22
i the
?; run.
h kin
thi Ii ? three times in BUC
'. the power ol
the gai
I . .itapult
bit the I - It was hard
work, bul ? i off seven yards in
r.var.l pass, Knowle? to BettS,
v.-oik" ! foi i "> ;.arda and plue
ball oi 11 yard lin?*. It was
play by Hens, for Krancke
and i ? I '? bo? ?, ,.. aiting to
it. Wilson atartod to hammer
again, an I pinned hi a
1 n th ree plun|
: 'ne ball rested
on Harvard's 'yard line.
ce to become a
BStOOd of a for?
lorn hope, but it was not to be. Again
t into i he line of red,
but thia time he fumbled. The ball
rid the lynx-ey.- :
ked il up ami was off ?lown
took up the
it 1
. kicked the goal, and
? to o.
> ale again kicked off, and
took Waldi n'a spinning ?hive on I
yard line. Covered by perfect
i ?,, -..,.
nped by Wil ion,
. ?
Bndlee broke lo a brilliant
?run i?? -.ard murk, where the
ever pnaen La Gon brought him.
down. 'II 'oi- Una plunge.?? put 'he ball
on Y: 1-yard mark, but Harvard
waa pe ised IB yards, and a ? hance
? meting.
.n tried a tlrop kick, which was
?he ball on
. b, A moment
ti lad another goal, but it
ort, and I." Gore ceug
ibled, and Cool
on the 11-yard
. yard, and then
. . goal from ? i
22 to 0. .v
men! later the half ended.
Third Period.
1 up und roared
i trotted ' start the
.second half. Waiden kiekod off to Ma?
? ?. . ? ?
!;ne, when \'.
., ? .-.-?.? ?., \
I a a ?i r<
?.ml Ma I to the 15-yard line.
? . :
v ;? ultory atta*
I l'iirnson for?
punt. It wa? par* ml
and Wallace caught it on
- ?
y half a des!
with tl ilt] for Hi
rk. Mahan
yard. On ? ? play Yale vas <>:Y
?I line. Then tramp, tramp,
tramp ' went marching for a
ammed through v.
fer i? ' '? ' ToT? advance. He v..,
I, but what I
Mah?.n Star of the Game
with His Brilliant Runs
?Le Gore Fights
in Vain.
? r! On the next play thai WOndol
? ack M than sliced peel ths rig! I
ii yards, and Frenekc made
leather over
for '\if r-core. Hardwiek kicked the
Unable to check Harvard, ' aptain
TalhMt decided to tl ittacklng
id the
With n wind at his heck,
? hall over the g
and ? ed out to the 20-yard
mark and y . . doubl? pass
? wil ion ???? oi -ed for a short
gain, and then a pre paes
Wilson to r... Gore to Carter resulted
m a .'d yard advance. llnr-vard Wai
? hro ?-n into mor snetai ?e, a' ?!
? n was hot
' ,..i,..'t -.?er.; out and took i
Le Gore fur ? 15 yard ga ? An a<?aul*.
ind out in. -
. Le Goi
. reepted bj and it
was Harvard'- ball again.
An ex? hange "f oui I ?? with
k- Le Gore
irdi around "lied" Bran
? ? li. ras hit a?
fumbled, bul W al ?? f?
Vnotl ? ngi ' ";?r
rd in i"' " ' ' ?'!' on their
-.1 murk. Two '
, . line netted ?it?'. again
oming down
Id to where la- Hire tood on the
i:. yard line. Sale then unco' '-red a
ill, well and
ted a little mareh il".? r. I
A forward ? Bronn from Le
Gore worked ?oi a 12 ai 1
? two mor?
fur i ? King
? .? Gore broke out o "7'1 run
through a broken '?? Id, a ? ?
iding 'i ale ; "i"- ? and made ?ele
? | . period ended.
Fourth Period.
Harvard sent her full strength into
?.une a?, the last pe?
Hradlee replaced King, Logan resumed
lis place nt quirterhack, and Parson
returned to left tack!"
tie. There was cause for this return of
the regular?, for Yale had the hall on
?he 1 1 with ;i second down.
A lateral ilai '??? Gore,
r I a
down on 1 uk.
11 looked aa - hough 11 ?? B
yards u?er t; ?
ling 1
?.eck or nothing with him, ?o over he
was 1 nrlcd hack,
and the third time he fumbled s ?
i frei. v.
A pace to L ) ards,
hut il was Harvard's ball on the 12?
yard line. So ended Vale's loot chance
? lie.
???-al esehengea of punts followed.
with little material ;.?<? I either
Pi tally Hai rai I s leath
4 r and did not . over
the laal chalk line. Hardwiek ran
i, and Bradlee and M ihan added
eight more in tw?
-'..? a forward pass to Wataon and
twel* e more trides were i idi toward
no. Mahan tore
I r's feat a I
When he WS
rlea Edward
Brickley, ?if Harvard, ? h? i
out on the field to pie 11 game
of football made tie others sei
? rs. He r ?placed Fran tke. It,
the psychological moment
Brickley to i nter the .? ara -
own oi, Ye
the game wa- growing Old
nan in the Yale bowl expe?
ley to try B drop kick ? ir; bit
Haughtou I'd the li
The purpose of Mr iv be
eama apparent direct I.
for a kick formation, and Br
dropped back "Here
the cry ef the crowd. If I i
tire ball, "ehe" surely we i1
??mee. too, b
? icked nndei
bucked through ?<ir ? .
? ards and wa; flnall;
? ?rd line.
Another ?lash a* the line added four
?rarda, and thro?
Harvard from ano!
the next lunj--.?. ?
ted in 1
o yards, On
? oolidge, a
from the In ?
? ii th.c back, crissai
I, and while Yale ?vas '.under-'
". tho
"T.ti'k" wa
He eai ? I I thei
applause ?aptain lirii-r
.. .
. :
A few mor:.. ?
lance i nd the lesti
t;on o? Harvard
O edit for Play
Goes to "Bunch"
? in? 1
N't II,urn. NOV, I Mili.ni?li Ihe
.,, in Ihe \nlf llnr\i?r'l pHM
, ,? m.I inirii ?ml, i BUS ?Hi B BBSS]
H'ili.iri'? ini.'li? prell? f?nr -If? In ful
i..'.t lag ii"- pr?gt* m el Ib I ? i
,, u?.i un i.MBM O? ninn?r anil
I-i o?.. Ilflre ti"" ' ? ' I " I- ? 'li "i
I .ur Un raed mea
i ,? Oere ami i.> eaghl N i
i? .,,,, me <?r iinr itetHag ni?- i,
lio- men iplione io.i?i ?li?>iilr.|: "Ir I,?. ??
laekM Oe tttt ?"'?'? >? "
Band Plays and /Marches
Itself Off its legs?
Just Helping.
Across Street Yale Club Is Not
Exactly Gloomy and There Is
Talk of Next Year.
Happyl&nd's local headquarters ls?t
night was at 47 V.???* ii'h st. The
home of the Harvai'l Club was the
brigh'est spot in the brigh* light ?1 I
Outeide in the itroei stiel f?f red
fire, piled up like cordwood,
notice to nitlanden and barbarians
generally, ami s
a certain other prom i
?ame block, that it WBS liar
Within, a bend
obtai: ed by telepl ticl
waa a H
tima and !
all lav . ' mon. nia?le
airri provided, requiring r?--ts i ?
U ben that band was not playing it
? ? . . . ? ?> .
bo'h ;
between ground ?'
? ?ally toward ths w< a v....
every body had t.? ? how
;'"i V i.??. ai d had ? -
I -T t ."1 at:;, ti.l!.;- . liar
Kven then there wa? an over:'
such ail night p
the iiever-i.
forth .
; "foli'
retirn g
So tha rot or.ly a
long evening.
. '
for that . Harvard e
ri'e. whO COUld, Went to .'?
Howai d ?? ? i hia
railroad al
could .
ed from ?New Y* i
. . the Crim?
Th"??? ?Id only c
g at th?- club until by
e ticki
'? larter t
getl g bu*v
(?Ider h .
?said 4 an uncertain
and refer??'.i to?
ot an un
r now-n ?
lifter tha
.t'. laaal ?
g and
The Ant of th
from New Have
-. Terminal on a ipecial al
not i? noisy crowd.
energies bad ?been ???>.
? the Howl
ingry, too,
at;.? ??i' xale men aid nol
Brickley Leads Team on
Field and Then Does
Some Drop Kicking.
Bri* s teem on the field
and immediately began to practi??- drop
kicking, Hia flrst try. ?rhiel
the ?-yard line, failed. Then, moving
ird for each k'c.-?. be pul eleven
.- luaraly between th.' i
twelfth, from an angle on I
ind hounded back, but
that by p r
I ?no stul making two place kicK.s from
when the team began signal pra
little later, but ran ?
immed i
ii' pronouncing Maha
her th...I
V. .?'. <??? .'.?rtr.i:,. ills BI i w .[>, of
-?field, wen ? toi ?? at the
Charlie Eb n I -a; * '.?' Is ga ? ?
move ? iwl to Brooklyn for the
next worlds aerii
The Vela band played "I \Vi- - ?
Hack ?o Michigan," b ?? ii
the fol
meatr -<-h.
Nate Tnfl
for the ? much adrr
Not a few football :
old school wi IV
?rainer ran out < I
Bought with
? ? si.
The i | t thing
I -in? Harvard pis
lid covet t'.
Scovil ga. ???arm
I? lines before he got
" game. _
Harvard's football victory
?i.-.ik, which ha
eluded . 'ball and football.
game to-doj ?
time t- ??
? ?
in football.
Ni v.- ?lav? ii never n ?
- '
. mod? rn rity ha^, un- (
Dashing Beauty Was Seer,
Everywhere jn \ew
Haven ?Streets.
??alvo of 42 Cm. Doughnut,
Applp Pics A?(()mp|ishe(J
' wrfal (vaults.
t. mat at . '
Bt -., .. mraaa 4M .,,., (i
w. o. m. am* .
see ?*.?. *i n
ful. SO r
?- la., "'
- TaaM"*!
- 'ob*.
ins w?re a!
or Hai
Price mL_
? '"'ratcM
' .' ??-. r'A
behind the goal peel i, at the
.Th", ?boat It
0 cIoCK the ?orld
to spill ivi |r-j H
ham . .-a',,4.
were r
on tho " - complete
storming of <(ty ta;.
numbered one broken
der | iff
? ooi , Fun
? ?
th, and you
the n ?
N'*w Ht?
ven w ?
? h?m pvn
? ? con* sr.d
? ?
irai h long pun*.
r *h?t tl*
hand. wind tbit
r Ike -sws
. -tiected br
?: r. ore or 1*m
Ike itr.ck*!)
-e ?ery es?
>: "S'.h.
tt ? ?
worth to? t r o:r
toot noon?
on the ? i1*'- Tl1'
it Scevil ssosfsi
It takes h i ti pooel? t0 7?ik?
a world, inc ' w:" *';
on their froi "n*cr0,I.
,ts ?t tn?
Bowl a - ' BoeU r* ?
porch I .
[t must hs
\ .
1 JSet
. a oro
. a at?*
. \\ftwmO
team c.
' * ?errr
S,.?- He ?...
merged in theii d *

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