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?he Germans were in
a slight rise of the ground
;.???! ami i?
from t4t.i
an as
rpi II i th? i .e: ?? <\r.*, and the
44 ?-re ?jiickly taken,
thouc -nans soon recaptured
lh?-m In the next fe?v hoari
.kin and retaken three
? dged finally at Itzgow
rthwatd, ha
."T?1 the
? .-.- 4-,as reached.
r?y ?
Gained and bullet-holed, now marks
the field where thousand.? of dead lie
light for Cemetery.
The town ?,f : ? wa? sub?
ject?.! ' -nbard
ion of a .*?
I ci ?un?
ter u
ng with bayoaota and
rille ?
The . ?u Lods was aataaffed.
three other outlying ?illagi
nig shelli Thirl
landed. Ii
i :. were
The ' " says the Bo?
s' istrian
from the I
?ha! ?.t Cracow
oa the
Troops Taken from West.
II ii ?? thai th
is from the
,, now twice
The with
? -
drawn, only ? c? rtain proportion from
On ? ' iCOW front,
after the r<
? u si? m ar?
tillery dual, whieh will hardly d?
into a more trig? on until the
? i I
I the turn
of 'he Gorman? to i Aas
m, from their ?.
at? position. Fur months past the
? ; u n array I
the i- ?
winning n cm-hint; victory in V ??
-,- nade to
bear t*"? hrunt of the thankless rear
. when the Gsi
mrins font rl ih.
?fVsrtha and the Vistula
they Hang (
? .? Wioran.
farther traasferenes of Aus?
trian troopi to the HO] 'cuken
the defence of Cracow, whieh, i
u'.hern Bill of im
? i mans. To
liai:,!. . ? . ?hi
.ns the Germans must, there
i? to with? fron?
George V Visits Albert in
Flanders?Meet on a
Muddy Road.
i . ? a!.!? Ic Th? Tribun? J
Dunkirk. Dec. i?. - There wa? sn his?
toric inciilent on the roiid*ide In a
Flanilers town this morning, wher
King Georg? met King Albert. The King
of the Belgians, as the he I
at the rendezvous. Bs ivas dressed in
hi? ususl quiet uniform of dark blue.
As he alirhted from his motor car and
walked toward rome old eottagS? her?
?xchaaged kindly word.?
with Belgian soldier? who came out of j
a neighboring inn to touch their hats '
t? their monarch.
N'liun ?ti ick fiom en old clock tower
ut hand, and two moments later
a mu* ? n Jack,
wa? seen blitzing along the road. Be?
hind were three black limousine cars,
all flying I'nion Jacks, and behind
them a second motorcyclist. Cars and
I, and from the first
motor car Klag Georg? and the
Prince of Wale? mth him. The King
wore a khaki uniform, with a
staff . id his hat. He looked
fit and well.
The t4?,i kings move! forward with
retched hands to gre. ?
there in the muddy road, with none
but a few officer?, soldiers and simple
villagers I'pon a canal
th? road
t out her washing
on th? tas -n. All sh.
wss two men shaking hands, but then
was a q>. about that
ne The haiidshak? wa? lung an I
tirin The aero ?rails? were
of the llighteat, like those of men who
meet ion?.
Th? ? not long. After
returning the t?late? of the soldiers,
who had come up close to look 01
I ng Albert's, motor car anil
' r into th ?
rasas i
The two 1
review I ?rians and I
? up m the
?he monarc1 I ? re together,
Thry dined and talked in fi
of the strange happenings that
had i" ioms of both and
of tl
mg line, when the l'i
r Jason ca
quays to wsteh the landing, gave the
The Jaso?
the children ? coun?
ts for
whiet . last
calling place wa gland,
whenc? ?i? tailed ?>i ?s for
Mars? :.
?? ?ssj? ?msm Jf
tmeeime. ti*, arad tl.tt. al all <Vii|?i??? m mslla-l
?emsutemf Hesem. eUtoivs CsV, VA Wiyia-a j
S?taaa?, *.-?*.,?,
Endless Red Tape Renders Travel Difficult, Especially in
Zone of Militar)- Operations?"Makes One Feel
Like a Criminal," Says Correspondent.
? ns-sur-Marne i \ ia Pi I
4.?To see the gnat camp* of < baloi
uo one ? hat the Frcni
ring the (iermans on a battl
front of 400 kilom*tr*s. In th.- Srii
Kin. the .?pint animating th* tree]
vr ?! i ? ? r \ . here 1 1
among i d men I heai aothii
i confidcnc* In Cm
and impatience to take the
i sting lina
Chalons, of i ourse, is of imnii"'.1
importance from the strategical poii
of view. It is situated almost ?it ll
f the triangle formed by tl
lighting line running from the N >rt
Sea to Rheims and from Rhelms t
Verdun. The men in the camp ?an i
a fen hours reinforce any poit
menaced north or east. It is or,l
about twenty-tivp miles from tb* Sei
In fact, when the win
il f?T0rabl* the booming of th* gUI
of the German heavy batter ? I
heard day and night.
Hut it is not a comfortable place <
sojourn for a civilian, th,? m
he is a foreigner It is difficult It
any one outside of France to form n
idea of what it is, to live in this ?out
try in n stat* ?f li?g?< It is minor
sihle. not to say dangerous, to travel
mile in any direction without being i
.un of a spe? ial "laisse
" er saffl conduct authori/in
its holder to preened freu one give
point to another. Rut befur* this i
lie? of
"nermis-de-s?jour" allowing holder,
ii a foreigner, to inhabit Franc*. The?
-ary of polic
of the district in which the applican
on the production of u pas)
post proving ?hat the holder is not
?abject of the Kaiser, the Austria
If on* d< ;? t? move about, thinp
get complicated. Franc? lit pram
is divided into four zones. These ar
the zone b?ld by th? erreiny. whic
i onslltl of nil Krep<-h territory behin
the line running from the coast vi
Arras, P?ronne. Soiason*, Rheims an
Saint-Min?hould to Verdun, or ?bos
of French territory: th
"zone de feu," or the actual Irin
line; the "zone ?les op?rations mili
taires." and, finally, all Frcni h tern
torr outside "these sol
Running Great Rial?.
Of course, no one can enter the zon
hi M by the German?; at least, no
? ut running the risk of furnishin
ral for a funeral. Any one de
siring to journey to any part of Franc
?le of the "zone de feu" or "zon
militaire**1 that Is t<
?a?, anything south of the Loire, o
Rrittany or in the direction of Ror
deaux has only to visit his comn
of police, show his "permis-de-seiour
and a "lai " is automat
Hut it is when one goes in the direc
tion of the "/one de?? op?rations mili
taire*" that the affair gits complicat
?d. The commissary of police |
"iais-i r pas?ir" on demand, hut inti
mates that it is valueless until it ha
received the vis? of the comn: .
I the military district. As
however, there is a commnndan
d*arm** for the territory occupied bj
each army eorp*. whose powers do no
extend beyond that territory, all th?
he Ci.n do is to give a "!ai?ser l
to the extreme limit of h? rj
?raveller must stop there and hu\.
i ? " itaaiped by th.
mayor or local eommi?sary of polic*
lien he is g?T*U hr? vis? by th
.?mes of the new di?
The traveller will be lucky If h
?ay t?f? mayors and any two com
?al I d'armes who hold exactly th?
'heir powers ?nd
me are accomm
anxious to make things easy for trav
Other? take their functions not
bat tragically, ami rc
?? est harmless applicant as a
. ? ,i rmsn spy.
Ilu? it i?? wh*? one *at*T* the "zone
d* fi u" if you are lucky eriourh to
?hat the real trouble begins
:? RUSp? ctei!. Or I ha
I rme-, military patro
and sentries with fixed bayonet?, guard
>ry cro??road. Tiny hunger for
ordi and countersigns tl
?-; ran possibly know and have
all kinds of notions about hei'ir d*
ill who may or may no:
be innocent civilians.
After sundown in the villare?! in the
"tone de feu" and the "Tone des op?ra?
tions militaires" the population, or
what is left of it. suffers from ?cute
e.pionnitis and regards every stranger
a? * I I have hud to ?now
my paper? five UaMfl in thiity mi ,-ite?
rme* and military pi
leelea? patriot? ?
Such an experience does i
one'i appreciation <?f an ***atla?
factor* lun?l In a vtllag* lue
? g but primitive sup
| || one of the mo?t rum n? results
i f thU ?taeepker? of suspicion which
indi the stranger in the "zone
ties orations militaire*" is that one
i lowly i u sun ' feel like a
criminal. It Ii one of the most nerve
Hg ordeal* th*1 on* can an I
I? i? proof of the pow?r of ?nl
In ordin?r; time* th* journey from
Paris to Rh-ims would offei
formid el? than pa
t??.? hours in thi
tram d ? luxe. In order to leach that
?? it F .1 f' .'.- da] ! ?
to t: i-i : to i ','i: :? in ?ighl hours In?
of the usual two
here I asked for
Ilheimi from the mayor. This was
granted mbjeet to the rise of thi ?
? ?- A . iv.-A i i ? i. the ?
my coi pi to which ho :
belonged fini she I at a village ?
; nd ? half outside the eity of Rhi n .
? i that
? i with this. I ' In to
when a BarTOW gauge railway runs to
Rheins?. J' isd of gond
closely examined the papers of all pas?
sengers before allowing tliem to
the tram. Py good luck no exi.mina
tien wan mm!'' at any other
all I had tc '1" vas to nil rirht till the i
train reached the city. Tr,
two dav la'er. when I wanted tfl leave
ihe city. After being a'. 1 " ??
en the train nt the r n the
commiesary of police enten :
; nd mad" a second ?
He declared that ay pfrss was "high?
ly Irreguler" and h iiat d on mj
Ing th* train si on? and aeeon
r i to the chief military authority.
'. lie la Plaee. The
latter -vas at ?Brat n e, but
the police commissary managed I
, f?ct him with hi* for -mally
, he decided that I must
headqUklteri of the army corps, ten
Thithi i d in
s big militar?- automobil?,
We had no luck, however. On reach
! ing headquarter? we found that the
general cenimanding the ??hole army,
accompanied by two Rui Ian i-*
? had ju't arrived on a vil '
j suit wn? that the el ,r hud
other thing?- to ih> than worry ?
rnall '. I
was therefor* forced t* C ?ol In?
for neirly three hours until my
?onld receive official attention.
French System Admirable.
I did not, however, i delay,
? gar* me tb* opportunity ol
ins tk* Inside working
a French army eorpt
It proved to me that Uli* depai
of th
and ns admirably n? the reel the
military machine.
Once in possession of ''?
ment of the chief of ??v'T I *
to take a train to Pari?-, but ?-.
darmes at where I el inged trai-is for
Pan? the?
hours I had to wait I - hould I.
tramp to the other end of the ?
to get the v: i' ?f th* Mayor for my
r passer." \\ by the ??;
r" of the chief of ?tafT of an ?nay
corps (hould require the si
th* Mayor of a village of 1,200 inhabi
taata i ? a i
A?, however, by that time I had
reachi ? of l?mblik
in th* OB itl r of ['
eoant ?
without S murmur.
A. H. Fasola, an importer of oils and
and a i
of En ? ice Bei ? di tta, pi ?vat?
tary to the Ital iry of
red yeatei
? ' ee to
that the chanca of Italy en
? I Furopean I ? ,',te.
??o, wh
Italy, l>< earn? :.
Ital; would di ciare war m thi
future, and Cabled to Bi
, from '?>!?>' ?f tiie Italian For?
i g] i?:!ice.
"No cause for \?orry," it read,
will maintain strict neutrality under all ?
Fasol* said that according to letter
advices which k* has received lately
Italy is the only Furopean country
through which the GensaUS ?nd Aus
triatrs can receive their food tU|
Holland bavin,? yielded te the r*pr*-|
setttations mad* by the Allies and pro
of fa* i 11
According t? Fasol?, who
in el??* taach with It*
her form r nil e?, who?
join in baft Ii . I
? . thaij
her paralyze'! financial condition
materia,,,) improved during the last'
few month?, nnd it wiiu... be fully for
her ?o thiow away tl .f re-j
flealshiag k*i depleted ?acb??ie?r, '
Expresses Confidence in
Government by Vote
of 413 to 49.
Sent to Rome Post to Use All
Possible Influence Against
the Allies.
.. Daft 5.--The Italian Chamber
passed a vote of conf.dcnce to-day in
.-. ernmint, 4 l.i to -19.
The formal announcement that Prince
? . Billow, former Chancellor
? f the German Empire, had been placed
at th.- head of tat? German Embassy
? ta? pr?tent ambassador,
Herr ron F'.otow, is to be ab?ent for
three months on account of his health,
' ruich interr-tcd c?mm? nt
h r.-.l remara
. fermer i 'n.nrellor fihoull
become the 1. -ad of a which
? port U:t la
r re.
Seme Itata
- Gfrmsn*, ' rattan
. ?' Pri mil r Salaadra to the Italian Par?
? that
. .!;??; .- m si v treaty bind?
ing It ily to ?
uni ?hat Italy
rould itti ltd? of watch- '
Billow had
: l: ?? i -'ir.ee he was r.mi'ii
? ?ral twenty y?????
t !.. wif? belongs to a promi
? family.
.Man era ar? of th? opinion
lin i* ': " ig pr?
to prevent Italy from passing to the
.-?de of the Allies.
Berlin, Dee, i 14; 1 London, Dea, 11
?menting on the deelaration of
Premier Salandra in the Italian Chan
?ne "Nord- I
lient-,-!,e Ai';'? seine Zeil iag" say?
thai Italy'? attitnd? In rasarving for
If the righl to taks 1 hand in the
polit ' ment of Enrol
fnr n? her own ? ?il
hould make ? great impression in Eu
"I'rennei Sal? ' dear,"
the n? ' i ? u
tr?litv is self-imposed an?! Toloi
en her pari Foi thii re? on Italy has
,.,| the righl
1 I
h in
ea her pol
lll: tO th?
lid HO longer he D?BO
"Par th? d alliei <?f Italy."
the "Nor.: allgemeine /ei
tung" continue-, "th
? as n?> lurpriae. Ttie Balandra
to ha4e the suppoit of
th? Italian Parliament
for tl pal otic oo?cv
allies real : Si the Ital?
ian kingdom eonld not be excluded
? ora i Euro] nient."
King George Bestows the Ordor
of the Hath on General
Ferdinand Foch.
Lai den, Do? E Tin Victoria Croa?
?., 2d Battalion, Highland Light
Infantry, for "most conapicuoui gal?
lantry on September it, near Verneoil
in attacking ? hostile machine gun. '
'1 I ? ?Al ? ! ? -t-rib
? " Pi ratai "P/il in'i gallantry, says:
??lie was a' u man.
When the latter -vas l.iile.l he went on
' ' I I t.? n
who were working the gun, which he
. ? .'I."
King George has bestowed ?h<- Order
Hath on G linand
1? . I only to G
?1 commander ??f the erm
th? Wth ?lorps. Through his energy
he has b> ei
to the con
I? held and then tO :
hi? "P ' known
throughout Europe among military sta
1 ndon, I>"c. r? Haw ISO French
; wer?- betrayed by a ?p>- on
t last is 1 tches from
Th<- Idiei Wfre -!??? ping in a
church ? ' ' 4 ,,v m Juni,
to th? belfry and
liapls hich notifie?! the Ger?
man artillery of the presence i
A ! ombardment Immed
known to th.- enemy, the ?-!''< p'ng men,
Id mal ? their excapo',
??en ' .' to piece? by exploding -hells,'
' ' ' ? i,.".' o?
had been lying.
Loadon, Dee. ?'..? An Anatrias aero?
plane dr.ir.i-. ! two I >r?ibs ve?tcr?!ay on
Cettinje, according to a T'.uhr ?!:(
psteh from the Montenegrin capital.
No diimng?' was .!
Antwerp Masterpieces
Sunk in River Scheldt
'"'' ' 1
London. Dec. | ?There have been
mnnv reports vine?, (he Cerman? in
vaded ?eltrh-rn reganlinir the place?
to Hhi.h priceless art treasure?
?tere taken for safety. Wording
SB a statement made to-day to The
Tribune repr?sentai ive b\ .. person
?ho enjoted the ronldenre of the
Helginm official?, a number of mas
terpieces formerly In \ntwrrp s-tSSg
sunk in ?he Scheldt in waterproof
container? before the rlty wa*
taken by the (irrirun?
The Tribune's informan? ?aid
that it ???? rumored that Ruhen?'?
"Desr-enl from the ?"rosi," ?nc or
the maxlerp e?r--. was nt (?lr b?ll?ni
?>f the Scheldt. The l.irman?, It W
aam-rted. *?i-re hilU-ted ?n Nnrn(, of
the art gallenr-. It ha? hern be?
lie? i-d lh.it many famous painting?
ttere brought to England for safe?
An explanation of
'F.ver-Locti" ?re not ? new form
of finger pirce or "Low Bridge
mounting; nor ?re they ? partic?
ular kind of ?Clip" or r.o?e guard.
These ill ?Strati?*! ?how the
"Ever-Loct" mr'hod of ?tts^hmg
the len?e? to th? m*t*l p?rt?.
CMS ?..?-tien ?ho? ?*?**? M
!??raWtte? of pip of mmUS*i
OH sqpta mmfmesm tsm M* ."' rr;w'
id? '??? l?nnp Id tl? ??Iff? ?( tl? I"'?. *_*
.?,.....? la t'i "?tal Tbk. ?1"> th?
, ..i-? emits* msrttM t?*? Uro ? ?
II? ?a?. I'-'-sla?? I? rf'ir?: 60?. 10
svi? r** .nakwstsn iwiw*sa j-<"ir
own ? ???? ?ttl? ?T??? ?n?1 tb?
*F,,, laset." (1 I ?'I? *? nr
?l>??i ?u ?car ol ! ?t?l? cnoant
OPTiri ?V
2.17 FIFTH Uli. tmTTtt *T.)
111.-. FIFTH J??K. iSUTU ?? T. >
85? lalVUIOSTON >r i iiwi tu . i
lui. il.m. .NF.W KIKh rUStS
Big Warship When Last
Heard from Was Chas?
ing Nuernberg.
Berlin i by m rolt is ta B i]
I), i?ec. ,? Information girca out.
to tli "? Of
Press Bur that, ?ecord
injj tu a n poi I ?
. Sera." the
rVnstn ernl sr A i
parently is i
The I is B dreadnought
?on?-. She
I and 1 ? m-an
She was built at
. in 1912, and is oapahl* of
trarell i ? knot?. "Tl
?el cr: ? steep
three Hl-inch torpedo
TI.i reported in
Haws m September, when
the Watson ? ' team
K Wilhelmlna picked un a wireles
? t was in
man crui?cr Xuer
Home. Dee, t, A tell cram from Nish,
,. to the Btafsal News Agency an
noune ' ti.ret h? ad
. Nikola Pae gn*d to-d?y,
and I i I'achi'.ch is forming
? B?W M .i.irstry.
Am?' * tun-'
r ?
communiai- ,1 F? u
i. according ? Niab,
Son i;?, to I . lam "I entant."
'l he pai age of Ru
alonR the D
?ri b ? ne i
?". 'Ine members of
the i sra returning te
Paris, wh?i it I *x| acted the g
will he re I
. B I. Minister of Ji.
tal to-day,
? i.nder R11 ..-.. I oui J, Hal
loi Doui ergue, Minial
the interior and ? '''onre ??,
.will arrive here to-morrow. MM. .Serti
j hut, G imson ?\ ill go to
? late has ft t been ennonneed fo
1 t*ie reun? of Pre idcnl Poineare, but
toed h? will proceed from
Bord?eos early next week.
Amsterdam ivia Lonilon), Dec. B. -
The German Military authorities at
Antwerp, say?; the correspondent of
th? Tyd" m that city, have prohibited
thi photographing of the ruins there
?Vy moans of the following proclama
? ioa :
"Whoever without permisi?n photo
th* ruin i eauaed by tb ? war, er
butas "r sells such photographs,
cr displays in windowi port earda or
illastn h pho?
tograph -. will be puni maxi
?am I srks ($1,250). or
by am
Pari?? Fee. V The AeedOBSy of Fine
Art?? hi? decided to cancel the apn-.int
mer.t?- < f n.e OemUM and Austrian cor
ndents, Daman Bouverets ore
demy, has r? ii. ne I s
neml ?? -.? of Fini
Berlin? Da?. B. Hostile aviators
dropped four bai si day after?
noon in ?he neighborhood ??f Freiburg,
in linden, no' far north of the
Th? intention of the ?viators ap
parently ws?i to d> stroy tin? railroad
bridge then?
Genoa, Dei I enel John Blddlc.
?f thi General Italt of thi United
Btatei ? tailed as militai >? ob?
served with the Saoatrian army, depart?
ed for Vienna t* day, Thence he will
M to th" front tu nb?i rve operation?
in the Austrian campaign against
f -??!?! s f.1. t iiiliilrt A* 1P i
i^aSs?^W^i'S^JS S-*-"- ?*-**"- * ???
as V V *
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Particularly Attractive Values in Handsome Ermine and 'Broadtail Coats.
$125 to S175 Beautiful Fur Sets?$95
Of White Fox, Dyed Blue Fox, Black, Natural and Silvered Fox;
also Skunk and ultra smart combination effects.
A Captain Among Those
Accused of Partnership
with Swindlers.
Chicago, Dec. 5- State's Attorney!
Ifoyne's campaign against police cor?
ruption reached a climax to-day,
C?ptala John J. llalpin, recently re?
moved as head of the Detective Bu?
reau; Lieutenant John II. Tubin. a vet
era of the department, and Waiter
O'Brien, a former detective *?rg*?Bt,
were indicted on charge?? of bribery and
operating confidence garni;.!.
llalpin and Tobin ?veri- immediately
suspended by order of Mayor Harrison.
Capiases for their arrest, it is expected,
w not be issued until Monday.
The indictments charge Hatpin with
three bribery offences and three of?
fences in connection with the operation
of confidence games. Tobin and O'Hricn
are named with llalpin m the latter
The indictments were based largely
on eonfessteni by Barney Berische, go-1
? r, and the l.yaa brothers, Frank
und .lame?,, who for years conducted a
.string of clairvoyant perlera, by moons
of which, it Is alleged, tlies Booeod
many victims out of tan? of thousands
of dollar?. .
The bribery charge? ?gain.-.t llalpin
accuse him of accepting xpecitic ?urn?, ,
ranging from |L?00 to $1,000, and pro
l??ting the, Ryans from arrest, II* is |
alleged also to have received $2,000 for j
Cting the Kyans and John Stroh-1
*nid?r from artest in the ?vire tanping '
scheme by which William T. Kirby, ?
orienta banker, ?ras iwiadlcd out of
$20,000, The lo?s wrecked the bank. ,
Tobin und O'Brien are alleged to have
shared in the booty alao.
The trio are charged further with
receiving ? percentage of the $15,600
out of which the Kvans swindled Mr?.
Hope L Mi-KMowney, of La Cro? ?.
M and the 113,260 accruing from the
swindling ?I Mrs. Mary Kapp, of Na
perville, 111.
High Dyestuff Duty Urged.
, I'.? r< !? mail? t* Tb* Tribune, j
Chicago, Dec. 5. A committee of the
American Chemical Society recom?
mends a hi^h protective tariff as the
only mean? of t'inhering the manufact?
ure of d;.i ituffl in this country.
Only 158 Remain, as Polio*
Phones Are Said To Be Better
The fixed po>t lyitem ?n
Pepartnu-it. M earned oat '?>?'?"";
Coauaisaieasr u sido. >* on '? J*?
[en. Where a ?. n.trol*
1.200 places la th? "n\*;c?
man mirrht b found at all '??-??g
10 p.m. until daylight.? J Vn.?ar?l
and it is probable that by /'??"J,,
?'vent!.' '^alSd
a few pom where traffic Li conftiU*
at nicht. . Bfaaralt
It is ?aid that Commi**ioner ?**?_
raen flashlight ?iffnsl box?*?. *?'.''??
able a lieutenant at hi? d< 1? M ", %
touch with the men on pi???
workin-r well, and that sev, r.l ?"
rjred men formerly on Bxed P??-*
1..-? n sent to pre? ' nr'
more as?d?d,_ ???s.fa??s???*S
Unueual and original toy irait of real play worth and edurriToral
Unique construction material? in miniature. jj^
Miniature luml>er and It? ?T
^p?a??*B>*ahw -- ?Mviilerful ,oai.ll>ll?ties. %t* ^^^mmg.
KKt Mb a*?H [*j\W at**0? a?a(g**********V
KM km Hook? and picture* for 0??__%s) fl
(fV 111 I hildren. Quint and beau hR| II
? If^WraW fi for (vwC mfumW9m
\jB| ^B I ? _M hIMren ?nul grown up* In H ?/? || || Tg
TIB ?C8 *" 1 M r hand-wrought metal B ? I ?1 ? ?
?E ?3D SS ?mum painUna book* and ?ii1? ?I P
peint?. ?'lillMii.ai? i ar.ls. ??? ? ^
Doll b? ? -?? ! irnltUN ai'l furnishing?. Halsam baga and heists. SaM
fr!i~kiiiK Rah, i ? rslstent pai i
i i. inlmiiat.il an.I imole b) us in the ?'Ity of New York.
oral r.vr.MM.v
%ty e^trpHelpne _Wm ?s
Phone, Bryant 3693 7 WEST 45TH STREET New Wk<*.

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