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Entertainments of Various
Kinds Given for Sea?
son's Debutantes.
Atten:2":ts Selected for Miss
Cone .0 P. D.
kjmOVT i ; :an. 8.
. ?
Leever gave
. 130
?*? ?'
??d. y.d later tool
M it? aarje .tur?
ril, Mi? Alexandra Emery, Miaa Kate
c\iilj, MiM Eugenie Rand,
r.einor Ke*T' 'u> leel?B,
V.ii Joaer-ri.nf i ?? Weist.'
Mary SteveB? ? bapin. Miss Elsie Ste
IfiM Kathi.
Pe?body. M'.ss Anna Alexandre,
: :am
ena Fish. I
i nil?? M?-- ;?hn
Nauroe, F? I <?"py
? , Percy
R. Fr??, 2d, H IT 1 ?ndon, jr.. E
it, Shepsr i Kr< ' !ohb
aTlUian H. Erhart gave a re?
to: '
hoar, Wee Piftl I i latrodaee her
? M ?orare t Erhart. There
???aa general dam .fternoon.
Amon?' :? ? '?',i the debti
?;nte in re'r i t'onstance
Feebodv, Misi '"t?nt and M -s
Jam A-- gire a
s.r.ce for her daughter oa Dtcem
Tat aarrlag? - ?Jwendolin
Condon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
i. to Philip D. Ar?
mour will take place on January B in
?arch of th< -A
reception will follow at the
hooe of the bri East
HE at Mrs. Edmund S. Twining, jr.,
will be matron of honor and the other
staadaati ?ill b< Misi Geaerieve San
ford. ? y. Mr?.
? la Richardson, Miss Marie Elfte
New Orleans; Miaa Har
? nd Mrs.
?,torre Bari Frailer, of Fhiladel
: tel ?H, ol
?f Dr. John K.
?daughter of the late
Leiter an ? be?t man and
.r?e? D. Die
;r, J. t. 91 A. Appleton,
- A. u?ero
?es, Edwar 1 "? liter H.
of Boston; Wayne Chatneld
T.jrlor, el
The K( man, rector
? ?
?nd the Rr Dr. '?'. ta (i. Thaycr,
. officiate.
A'.ber. Engt ne Gi atin gave s din
? receptian room
adjoining the irr
"e members of the Motor I ?r
Toori-r -
dent. lance of the (0
'.tit place ol fiance of
;h? H abandoned
It. Kerno
a, Isrskj ? Ogden M.
p, Henrv
B.af*n W.r.throp, \V. B. Osgood F
Biaha H Bayard C. Ilop
basi 1 Alexander
?;;-B. hatt, | V. Hoppitt, Buell
"MOsti \stor and I
the series of Ihurs
?anrons cK
.. W.
H**?- '?fl ? . Slater,
took place taste lay at the Plaza. A
I the
Mornn ?taai l
?ad Pi
:,t**" ".harpist,
?id,Irsiv Wagi ?
i j Patro' '
??de Kr?
j,*** Club de Vingt, which oec ?
y^baildicg at 605 Madison av., ff r
?^yUi? ?table ? . im H.
? w,"1* ' i only, but
???J*? ?H' k* admitted to the
-.? u- ?I to-rnorrow.
?y?' Mlle ?ne. Mignon
iJ:r*'-' ' ?eher.
???Bg thoa? who had table* for
u*^*er? Mr, Stuyveeant Fiah, who
ZL?TV** ' ?"' Hi
Wittw '"'? (ieorge de
?r, and Mm F Iward S. Breitung,
rJa??L "
J. M. Karuhorne, W '
r., Ki
John D.
law ? Willard
hj" .., ?gavea.eeep
am?v!. ? ??? ??? ?"J
*&??'?' ? * dlBBer,
ESutis^ "r
??^a?"?!"! y- f'"^wood, of Wt
' BM
__^ ' of her da
U *? Adverted in
?? tribune
See ?? GuWanl^<L
?W1?*1 P???. --'rat Colties?.
?SaV -
ter, Miss Mellnda Wheeler Rockwood
to Edmund Quincy Abbot, of Woress*
?antes. Mrs. N
? one for her dir
Jan? ' lit nderaon Rol '
en by lira. Park
Woolley for her daughter. Hies Cor
.. tt Woolley, and a third by
troduce he:
Olivia Sturtevanl
Mrs. Jnmes Raynor Hayden wMl zi'-r
a reception this afternoon at her home,
121 V. to introduce her
daugl Ruth and Ifiai
another debutante re
? given by .Mis. Clarence Edward
rk av. for her
tor, Mis3 Alice Chapman.
Mi?s Clara and Mir* Qeri
their .
niece, Miss Noeo
Henry A. Todd will give a
luncheon at her home. ?-'! W<
av., for Miss Roxana W. Bowen, the
debutante daughter of Mr. and "
Clarence Winthrop Bowen.
lire. Harold H. Fries, of 40
rill give a dance at
Friday evening. January
? - -,
Mr. ' arence R'.air Mitchell
arrived in toyvn yesterday from Pom*
brook House, their country place av Tar
Hills, N. J., and are at the Gotham.
lira. Frederick F. Thompson gave
reception >on at her
adison av.
Mr. ar.d Mrs. William Church Oa?
born have returned to the city from a
Noted Tenor Sees Antique
Gems at Khayat Auction.
\ .e Art Gall?
red from I ? I
Many museums were ;?
and buyers, including
Thomas Barlow Wslker. whose m
in Minneapolis is called the Mecca of
art lovt
An early Greek bottle, its dark blue
glass body covered with opal an I silver
iridescence, brought $125, the hij
ion. It was bou.
Emile Tabbagh, of Tabbagh Fr?res.
James Norton gave $77 50 for a ruby
glhss pitcher, and Ruatafel Hey T. S.
I ? known as a collector,
gave $64 for a double unguentarium,
ornamented with
tine sr,: ? eue.
? A. V
t ? Webster and C. B.
The sale of aeventy pointing? in the
? a total, for tl ?
?ion, o ' amount the
- $135, paid by E. I'.
r a marine bv
? Bater I isher
A < ; -.- ai by I af
? oaceraeau," waa
? W. i: Run ham. repreaenting a
Stale's Rights Questioned in
Argument on Validity of
Alien Labor Law.
The App'llatc Division yeaterdl
ii the appeal ol
\ Crane, a contractor on publie
'. was arrested and A nod *?"'"
';g the law against the em
aa laser on public
Abeut a week ago Justice New
gel l
'?! th" contract
i.o employed all. I
wee ala?
.- .
bert John?
son. A tent District Attorney, ar
f the law. Haying that
'v had a right I
life of tha state was
ng of the ease.
Ir graham interrupt
, was endangered
, ? . ?
? I that in case of yvar
? ? .-.
would i.i in possession of importar.'
"It is hferdlv fair, howi ver." said Jus
? graham, "
war il I I
a a right to say
? ! I hs
I - urerr.l
i-i-t .. ingi
mark'-'! i
Then ' suppeee tha state has ? righi
to ?ay that "" red haired man shall be
Accidents Due to "Culpable
Negligence," He Says Thinks
Damage Suits Might Help.
pable negl,rrei.cc on the part of
the IntcrboruukJ, s/ordsaoed
?ay by J. ram, of the
ing the recent accidents on the cie?
dnos. Hr
to Baal . .1 the comm.ssion for
an or :? og tha Interboi o
wooden cars on its line
tall a proper
tter for the
The con,
For one
aee that the
Inter! to make
? ut that a
mejst not stand in
line-. Money cannot
hun "rou;:h
may a i ? ' guard?
ing the lives of itl patrons after '
1 big oainiit;
? ? diculed the con
B <-f the company that steel cars
OOUld not be used on any of the de?
in,es. Ile said that baton I
v was built steel cars yvere run
. av.
Rierdan ai ad tha Dis
tttorai ? -iday '"or
what be termed I H" said
thr.* hil investigation was still in pro
lld not
A hearing on alleged congestion on
Bra lina yeaterday
drew from Frank H.d'ey, general man
.lins to Brooklyn than there are
? gel -, He would
liculous to p more
? ommiaaioner Wood was in
a -
Over 1,000 at Coming Out of
O'Gorman's Daughters.
. ; ? ,-...? it bum 1
Washington, Dec. 17.- More than a
thousand guests tha coming
out reception and danoa this after
DOen for the Misses Anna and Agnes'
?:an, ilaugi. r and
Mrs. O'Gon
The entertainmi dc-o
nalms, ten
of scat -?? . suggesting the
>;.. Ever] 'i i' ..d ol
Senator O'Gonnen ii'
Hous' AI :,e time be
the hours of 5 and 7 o'
?ate, many
House, members of
? ' and the Supreme Court ;
paid their respects.
The debutantes received with their ?
er, Mrs. '?'Gorman wearing a
I satin witl
? and
' tulle on the bodice. Miau A .I
' -ni with a
Anna O'Gormao s char*
with a 1,- .1 em- :
quaint ;
Colonial bouquet of yellow tea :
Vine O Gorman, a ?-..-1. r. was in
?: of yellow taffeta v.
,- of flowera .'..'-'i a trimming
blue velvet. '?'i - William,
!.. .1. Duffy anil Mrs. .lohn A. Hal ?
N.-w Fora, two other aiatere, a
\' tha tee table were Mis. Gilbert.
M. Hitchcock, Mr?. Key Pittman and |
Mrs. Thoma? .1. Walsh, of tha Sena?
torial ?et; Mrs. Franklin D, Roosevelt
and Mi . Howard Ruma Tha girls
-i-???-,i were Miea Lacy B irleson,
M;*? Sydney Burleaen, Ifiai I'orothy
On n, Sliss Ruth Hite Kar*
or,'. Mi- - Mai
E. w'illiami ; n \ .'gmia
n, of N< '?? York, who the gui I
of Senator and Mr* Bwaneon. Aftrr
I he Now Year Senator and Mrs. in
man will gi\e a ball for their dl
I Asm ? yt l.jm r-f V,.
il,al lllatnr) S-? 1
4 ratasa
, -. .
i ' ?
?? u ?
i ?
- ?. lu
Hell ? '?"? wen' Am
i. - ? \
? . ? ilifii
> ?
?. , ...
ara? I I a-,.. laUou,
Bvti > i i . sie.. I um ill i a.
NoVd New York Artis's
He!p War Ambulances
for French.
All Leading Painters. Sculptors,
Etchers and Photographers
Send of Their Best.
In ? r campalgi
forms America'? part in the Eai
rave shown a splendid
isity. They Lave given the;r
work? to he sold for charity aad
( ' :': tl^a-'r personal
? ? .??-?. helm d
I n Parii 01
? i
?iflas to
'.vine h
. !? ciin i:, re?
in full, of course, hut every recognition
orth while.
I good will
a Wt -
? 11
I foi
? ai.'l 'hi- other half goes 'o : c
tmeriean Ambulance Hospital .':
Paris. Thi s ?b the
arraagemeat, which ought to win pub
lic ?upnor!.
It support is very persuasively In
vitad, ico, by the nature of the exhib?
tiagi ar.il S'
the two main room = , the photographs
? ?? hall, the drawing! and
- that one might almost I
-Miiioui jury had hex
It i- ? .:? interesting to note
the pn ' so many i
ure?, not tl
lit rely for the ?? . .. ?orne
but the serious work- which an
artist ordii
eniy or some such niTair.
An outstanding example is offered
in Mis? I.::1 an Death'? Bude, a charm?
ing full length, painted afc<..ns? the
sylvan background alwayi la be ex?
pected in a cairas of her?. This is
It is the same with Hugo Ballin. who
' roma inject,
a landscape in ?
in ;i grace I
B . by 1
out (??' i then
painted. They *: ?
? I Piirri-1 .
. i ? ?
re among thi itti
of the show.
The irroup of fpure I
? here a good account of
tht nude by Wai rei
hy Irving R. V.
and. into tl ? rtaining.
whole enii rpi : la, to
? ?
? sands
Bg alone.
% .s, ax amoi | the
? gonnine
fore. Rai -
? ley, Eraesl
?en i
? ork.
<. tome ?all with
nn unusual mece of paiatiag. The
or ex
? .- ' han an;
?herto ?een from his
Sal ' ? '
inei sre I *
thur B its ?m
U ?! amusing
\ ? ? !.. er, ?".
I May Wilse
? ?
ett, Walter
make ? ? ipital of
in ?hoi 'V on ii - merits.
Being of i can h irdlj
to produce ':?il sum for the
hospital in Paris.
Statcn Island Day a Success
at German Fete.
Ftaten Island day brought a larire
crowd last the Germaa, Aus
trian ami Hangarian War Relief Bi
in the 71st Regiment armo;
and Park m*. (
of Richmond, in an address, eoni
German ?peaking citizens of
New York on their IB Othei
? : Mai "r A .
i i- ? ? Hobok< i., fVlpaoBse I
B, A. Voss and
Hin.? !!? i ' E ? er?.
Isadora Dnacan'a dancing ?cho"'
pils mads things lively inst i
garmeata pi
; cut flowers and
All ?arts of offers are made I
bazar committee by people who are
\ i
from I called '"i Pre
Koelbli estai .. bringing
wrj, hin a cow with three legs
' I bring the three
freak into the armory and to exhih *
.if the
ifferers. When hi I thai
n Fern Would very iikely object
plan of making a cow,
? if the armory, the u.a., wa
away, ladly dieappoii
ntinue to be $1.',000 a
: ow figured that, wirb
the i".'''-, trie total amount which will
? arad ?hen the bazaar will close it?
un Sunday night will be mu.h
higher than originally expected. Last
rared at |ll
the $7ii,uno gifts no- ?nelodod. %
Persecution in Mexico Basis
for Big Demonstration.
f'nder tl.e auspices "f New York
< hapter, Kalghta of Colambaa, arrange
ment- ? v.ay for a Catl
demoastral ion ai ; mi ? <?..! -
den on the Bight of .January J7, With
the aaaaal charity hail of the
l he 'i ta be a public
. on of
. ? . and nun - in Mexico. )!'pi. -
sentatives of all
will take part.
A eeaaeri I ?tholle Oral
. ,.f 260 voices and an eskih
sad eompetltiTe drill by the
gaaisatian of St Praaci? Xavier*? Cal
legs aad the Classa Pel?t Military
i my will be feature?
. : IhS ball ar-, i. |
l> a home for consumptives, an
employment bureau and mm.lar
? rial farley I
teal ion to be presenl ??' the d
eondacted by the New i'ork Caaptar.
Young Pianist Plays Ambitious
Programme in Good Style.
Jan Sirkess, a young pianist who wag
heard here several year- ago, appeared
.-ramme was
Schui I ' . '
the | rely ?at
oughout in
lil ? -., was warm, his
touch e and
It waa not
thoroughly mature
I of an
able technician ai eon*
v,!e rntur.il feeling and spon
- : i:.,; .. lentlj Intereatad
? al [anl
Ferrari-Fontana Lets Voice Have
Full Play in Air from
Th.- inten
tha ap?" ara
success la-' ,- the tro?
(?pera H? n "L'Amoi - Re."
? ? i
iperan ei I
' ! ?
.-. The
air ha gave in Italian. Big
air fn "I.a. Porta del Des
in which his magnificent voica
. .. play and which he gav<
and Intelligence. Mr.
ded admirably d icreel
I a Kim
K therezade"
I. ,,; Hungarian Rhapsody no. 1. The
oreheatra ,. . humorous
reading of the Strauss symphonic
, an,| the audience ahO'
Miss Painter, Prima Donna,
Will Assist at Benefit.
! 1er, the prima don?
na in "The I.ilac Domino," at the For
Theatre, knoyv
rk herd. She Had te
ry lone I .
Ig out
tha keenest enjoyment. The
| ven over I
Pa Bter says the
a per
a the
"I know all about work," she sa. .
i poor girl, and I
1 a<l ai ' ron of art to
rb voice' and p I
reply in or |<
. might hear said voice. I had
git my musical edu
?h while I area itudyii |
when I was lighting '
( n the ?tage it era '
Seventeen Year-Old Daughter
of Late Mayor a Mother.
An pound 1 eby girl waa born
"is. Ralph H. Isham,
; er marriage on Januar. >
Million Gaynor,
?lie late Mayor.
from an extended
In California and MeZ*
r. and Mrs. laham have lit
22fl Weal
At ' Iding Mra.
Isham was only sixteen years old.
Her h rich advertising man,
erly known ?? M llionaire
After a
' hurch, Mr.
,?-. Isham irbara,
1 \
: ? i rema i eral days in ?
piteL An operation vas averted.
Mrs. laham eraa tha thil
liner Mayor to
and the Bret to do ae aits
it Her engagement
innoaneed '? two months
before her wedding.
Time Curtain Rises I o-day
2:00?" ] H ped
1 to 10?1<. IS ' "Jl S!
12 to 11 30?
8:30?Ail N .PTtnceea
8:13?' .
8:15?' I; rl .
8:15?1 . '
8:20?! H
E:15?! ? ? - P?lese..Irvini
e:20? Driven .Empire
fc30? ? .Booth
8;oo?Glcs onde.?'?'? '
8;2o?it Pays ta Advertise.'"nhan's
e:20? K: k "in.Rei
8:00??.IK' .
? il.
1:20?Outcast .'?
820?Polygamy .
I i,? j Ifi ' lea. I
g 30? - .-?? M ich. Lcmi
B-15? S?:.:; .??.
8:15_Til.- i ?bufara t?..
s':2o_The Hawk.Meji
I:to?The i aw of the Land. Mth ht.
11ft Tht Lilec Doi w ? ..44th Bt.
8:i5?The Mi ' ' - ige "?' Kitty.C<
1:10?The Onlj Olrl .Lyric
g 20? ', : m Rivai.
8.2-0?Tu In B? da. I
B:?5?i Fader ' 'over. ' 'ort
8:00? Wart Of the Wo:
815_\\ ,,t. b Ve ir Bt? i
. t0 ?o Belgien Bat? ith st.
g.30_i Neu York
12 to 11 ?So?Mr* i Strand
g;30_-i tii*- I'.i int.
8:15?y 1 Mue....
M;,ts Dell]. I-"
.1:4 I lauirrierstein's
- : AJha
Ijjj. |:l ? ?
.sr-.Marrai BU
"Just Make Up Your Minds."
Says Mary Shaw, "and De?
mand It as Rijiht."
Tl e Flf I . ^tT.nge Shop is
? ?
to nap the
"V. .p. on bi 11
the s'.?' . I
the white state?,
V One went up
said "This
was Broadway, Bis
more . m."
Ml ... Ira S, Wile
?? e>e : meet
ed. i and a can?
vass of part of the ?
know much shoal and came in
? that New Yorl,
had d iming ereil
.. .
: - nee in
"They ' she said,
"but u girl who wants to study :
medii Colnn I
Harn. ne she was terribly
ir the
law. rolr.': - Barnard that law
may bi
have Special toBi hers and bu:
"Now tl ?1 Cornell I to New
But, on the
chan i ?' for these
two pi
Suffragists, Supporting French
Bill, Bay They Are.
?n. Dee. 17 for onlv
I reeogn
tenting 1
port of
'bout seek?
ing I
n ?uffrage,
?>v Senators and
"We aie not I
you give u -
?hall submit the question of their lib
? of the vote
mea ?7e do not hers
I the men of the
to I Bad daugh?
ters in a condition of political subjec
held by many of the most ui '
men. To-iii 'hat women .
may ? ' I
The < leo that 1
to b< ? ? ' Women
?r;> ; ?
Bequests Ra iged from SI,000 to
$2.500. According to the
Leagtb of Service.
' ate of Benjamin
r fir?t ac
? ratea*
t time, 1
exact ' ii ? mploye? ' ?
the will o; ?
in the eoraoration of I ?*. ('o
m ith the concern
ega ee to em
?he Altinan
Employ? of B Utma ft Co with
the tir
? ".ting
were IBS
who were benefited under this pro
ici r 11. :-,
-hree employ?s r,..
reive.! There were 1 Tri em
in tlie fifteen-year class wh.j
ed I1.00S each. AH I
?litest?. ?
The . |
:"or the pa'.
a. The ex?
of Altmar.
? ''i for the welfare of the
err.pb > ? that
flj 11,124 has b. en paid to
claim? against the estate.
The weiii Isburg, of
Breiten Hall, sad Carlos Th<
Dannemann, "f St. Felix, Brasil, took
? i?- laieai?
' n-oh Loch officiating.
BiatrOB of honor was Mrs. Jack
I the Misses
. Carrie Gacki r.
' and Ai irle?
V reception was held last night.
? ni included Mr. sad Mrs,
Erdl M s^
? ' J r .
"? bi tfra. M
Bernhard. Mr. Bad Mm
Kueck and Mr. and Mr?. Man? Bra
Mr and Mis. Uannernann will live in
"rs. Lydig and Miss Mul
hal! Honored by Amer?
ican Museum.
Mrs Phil Mi-? Gra?
bar-. . honored ; -
Amcr ' IOBB1 of Safety yester
- they received the apecial
medal of the institution "in recor
? ? of the devotion of time, money
an i personal service in human I
aent " Pi fessoi
cf Columbia, an
nooaeed I versa and made the
? a luncheon g
of the ilipp Bauer,
- - .. .1 D
James, cf the \c\?- .1 - Tom?
?n to the saft '
1? M. Hoi
man, pror
: ? atenent s P.
1 ,- - '. - Ufa saving?
s' imphall and Lew
bairn, of the Dlamead
E. Murray
.??' the HV a York
? I
Hoi ? hundred cold, silver
Hr.d broai ad commendatory
. ?'rni-; ?:? ?
?? now being
i ?
' : ? .-.
ill, Arthur Will?
eme, ? im A. Blies, Dr. and Mrs. M
11. Tolman, Lieutenant Edl
Jame- B "? ' . BL J. Bell,
I, Mr. and Mrs. James lier'.ram,
Charit- It. See t, Dean George I
Dr. Jam? - ill,.
Professor Hutton, G. s. Williamson,
l?r N. K. Ditman, the Rev. Dr. Pern
S. tirant. W. C. Fiske, F. II. Siiiirk and
?I. w. Ma
3,000 Struggle to Hear Colo
nel's River of Doubt Lecture.
? '" a CfOU d that
stormed the American ?>lu*eum of
a fortnight or so ago
to h'-ar Theodore Roosevelt tel!
trip greeted him at the
Academj of Music, In Brooklyn, last
The colon? l'a pop i
fact that some 1,040
ni i rusjgled to get la?
so I i all) aha il 2 WO wero
theee there were
.. ? told the aten of
the i, River of Doubt and ex
? atarea
by Anthot.
pteturt aterfalli ?
PrtS lent said he
of Niagara, yvei.
led in vu! h ? by any
in the N'orthern I Laa
George K.
Roosevelt abo ac
eied the lecture.
Beforehead there erei an lafermel
? h ieh Dr. George D
of tii?' boar,| of trustees, and
l rroll Albertaoa. president of
the council of associate aaemhere, re*
I with the C ? ' -i
conti' eral minet
his api ? ii the platform.
.ioiin Vf. in.Aivin
John W.
?or of "The Morning
Telegraph," died last night in the
. aad weat I
lution : rom pneurn
W08 B BOO of Colonel
.m F. Blaavelt, of the i"th United
Infantry, .it Panama.
IDs parent! ara now as route to
B ng the charge o
city desk on "The Morning Teleareph"
Mi. Hlauvelt WBJ Paria e.iitor of "The
gradu..' Fordha? and went to
?in injury. Ha a thiri
I Ha leaves a wife.
Lai BVea, one of the i
and a Ate of Long Island
I home, on
tion of Queens, He was eigh"
old, having been born in the
a he died in 1820. lie n-ver
He aae h descendant of Wolfert Ger
ritsen van Couwenhoven, who came to
America from the Netherlands in 1610.
Later the family became posses.-ors of
ea which covered most of what is
now Flatlands, in Brooklyn.
His grandfather came to the Lone ;
Island I ' tioa a century ago and
houirhr an estate eonaiating of several
hundred aerea This property in re
? , come worth millions
of dollars, and >art of it is included in
B< i lummer resort.
Mr. Kouwenhoven waa at first a
? half a Cen?
tury ago to manage his t'.nancial af?
in. M.
I.. Hainea, of Indianapolis; Mr
? Island City; Mr?. II.
? Flushing, and Mrs. E. '
Ilults, of Flushing.
John J. Quinlan, for ten years super?
vising inspector of immigration at
this nort, died ? Bt his
>??.., in his fifty
arly life he was a hard
-, .vith offices at .3 War
rea et. At w - dear h
.rer of the MeNab 4 llarlin
.- ' ?-.; a
Mr rae a member of the
board of yovernora of the National
Democratic "?uo and a fo ,er secre?
tary of the club. He was credited with
having done more to influence New
York to go for President Cleveland
than anv other politician, and was
thanked bv the Presiden, tor this r>er
He was one of the originators of
the County Democracy movement. He
was a member of the old Manhattan i
?he Hardware Hub and uf the
Beaa of Bt Patrick. He
B son. John T. Quinlan, a lawyer
city, and three daughters.
Fdwin AtWelL author and editor, died
yesterday at hie home. Mf West 115th
-t., from pneumonia. He had been ill
three day?.
Mr. Atwell was born in Jersey City
in 1 viO, and graduated fron. Tufts Col?
lege. II aarly newspaper experience
itaiaed il Providence and t'tica.
Later he waa managing editor of "The
Daily Graphic." In ISN ha established
"The State" in Albany, which was fol?
io a ed by "The Review of the Republic,"
a magazine. He was the author o?
several nlays. He leave? a wife. Ser?
vices will be held to-night at his home,
with interment at Castleton, N. Y.
?? ,
? J.. Dec. 17. William
H BaanelL, of Newark, died to-day at
I.is home, 24 Washington Terrace, from
? fevei lie ?as aiaty-ecven
? il and a sativa el Lyeemlagl
For several reara he
in M?flalo und St Louis. He
was a member of Cosmos Lodge of
Masons in tie latter city. He had
! lived In East Orange for the last nine
j yean. He lecve? a wife and one ?on,
! ward L. Bonnell, of East Orange.
. a
Daniel Parish, ?eventy-three yeer?
old, of 13 Wtst 4?th st.. died in Roo?e
i reit Hoepital yesterday, following a
fall I - ?go.
Mr. Parish wa? born in tail city in
IS41, and in his t#rly life started a
collection of antiques, rurios and old
coins, an<l up to the time of his death
had a eery large collect.on. He w?->
ex-president of the American Numis
matic Society sad a member of th
New York HtBtorieal Society. He was
kaier and resided with his ?ister
He ?s s un, ved by his brother. Henry
Parish, president of the New York Ufa
Insurance and Trust Compary, and SB
other sister. Misa Helen, of Lakewood
H. I. The funeral will be held to-mor
rew mornirir in the Brick Church.
Fifth av. The interment will be at
Follansbee Funeral To-day.
The funeral of John Gilbert Follan?
iteward of the Joikev t'iub, who
died in Summit, N. J., will take place
from tarace Church to-day at 10 a. m.
The paljbearers will be William B.
Hearst. Foahall P. K? ene, Algerno..
Daingerfield, Truxton Beale. John Baa
ford, H. K. Knapp. IV T. Murphy. M J
l'orbett. Andrew Miller, F. Gray Gris
Weld, John Livingston, Price McKifl
Bay, Thomas II. Williams and P. J
Church Chantrv, OB December IT.
1914, by the Rev Dr. Charle? Uwi
Slattery, Helen Louise MacI>onal<l ta
the Rev. John Marshall Chew.
Notice? Si mirrfcaajc? und death? muat
lie a< ?'??ii|ianietl hv Tall name ami aililre??
'. Edwia. Hehard, Keariaa,
Barnes. Mary C. King, Georgiaa R.
Dodd, Hannah f. Kouwenhoven, L.
Sarah M. Mclatyre, Archibald
Follansbee, John G. Schar.ck, Ammi B
In Memoriam.
Brown, T. MrKee.
ATWFLL On December 17, Edwin At
flrela, beloved husoand of Marion <i
AtweTl. Funeral services at his re?i
?, SOS B/est 116th st., Frida;
Blag, at | ji m. Interment L'as
? ti. N, Y.
BARNES tin Thursday morning, the
17th of December, la? 14. Mary Caro?
line, widow of Henrj Wheeler Barnes
and eldeal of the late Henry
% iiung. Funeral cervices at 10:30 on
Saturday morning at her residence,
KM Fast 17th ?t.
DODD Suddenly and peacefully paesed
away on December 1 i, Hannah Thorn
ton, wife of Ira ?'ondit Dodd
Funeral from h r late residence, Vi
Dodd st.. East Orange, N. J., on Fr
Deeemb : 1?, at ttSS p. m
i'ives and friends are invited to
attea i.
ELLIS- On December IS, 1914, Sarah
M . widow of Dr. John Ellis, in her
.; services ?
? hurch of the Mediator, Edgewater,
N. .1, at 2:1? p. m. Frida?
. -. IS] I.
FOLLAN8BEI December 15, Jo!.
bert Follansbe. yean t
neral ?enrices this (Friday) morning
at 10 o'clock, at (?race ?liurch, Broad?
way and !0ih st.
HEBAKD i )n Thur?day, December 17.
after a i Newton Hcbard,
in his TS t h year, luneral at hii late
Amenu?, N. Y., Sundaj,
KING At Allenhurat. N. J . on Decem?
ber 17. 1914, Geoi gias K , a I
Thomas L. King. Panerai -ecu.
Suaday, December 20, si 1 ;>? n. I
reaideaee ?f Frederick K. I
ton. 734 North Broad .?>? , Elizabeth.
N. J. Train loaves PsBBsyh
OB, New York, 1:94 p. ru. Car
.1 be m waiting at I
beth, N. f.
KoI'tt'ENHOVEN -Thursday. L>
' 7, 1J\\, Luke I. ii. ii
ISth year of i .neral
Monday, December II, 2 p. I . I
his late residence, Shore Load, Mein
. L"iig Islaad i it Interment
private. Kindly omit Sow?
M'iNTYRF Suddei.lv. Bt Hugo. Col.,
of ap| mdieitiSi oil December 12,
1914, Archibald, eldest son of ths late
John McDonald and Matilda Bradford
Melatyre, in 1. r. Prayers
will be ?aid at the family home, at
Hudson, N. Y., on Friday morning at
11:SS o'clock, and funeral services
will be li' ??'?? chapel of
Tebbutts * Taluer. 11 Hawks *t,
: >, on Friday afternoon, Decem?
ber l*. at I o'clock.
StHANCK- At his home in Princeton,
N. J., on Thursday. December 1",
Ammi Robbins Schanck. Funeral
service? at the First Presbyterian
Church, Princeton, N. J., at 3 o'clock
Saturday, December 1'.'.
DURBTJN, Alice K, Ktl Eighth av.,
December 16. Funeral to-day.
LEA B Y. Bridget, 17*57 Park ?v, De?
cember 14. Funeral to-day.
MURRAY, B Aloysius, 646 M Ann'?
December IS, luneral to-day.
oat!..-, Aaaie, H I "h ?t., De
r lo. Faaeral to-day.
RYAN, Jame?, BM K. * 'rid st., Decem
I er IS. Funeral to-day.
WILLIAMS, Bogar, 144 West 157th ?t.,
December IS, aged o. Funeral to?
ALLEN. Frank J, 11<<4 Bedford av.,
?r.ber lo. Funeral to-day.
BENNETT. Lena. ISOS Broadway, De?
cember 16. Funeral to-day.
LI CE, Samuel C., SS4 Jefferson sv.,
December 15, ag' d 53. Funeral to?
MANABAN, Michael, On Rutland
Load. December IS. Faaeral to-dsy.
O'CONNOR, Margaret, 118 St. Jame?
Piace, December 1?'. Funeral notice
SWEENEY, Bridget, SSS Vanderbiit
av., December 16. Funeral notice
WILLIAMS, Mrs. Arthur, 55 Decatur
st., December 15. Funeral notice
COLOMBO, Giselda. Guttenberg, De?
cember 16. Funeral to-day.
CONNOLLY, Harry. Rayonne. Decem?
ber 14, aged 46. Funeral to-morrow.
I.AWLEH, Elisabeth, Hoboken, Decem?
ber 16. Funeral to-morrow.
NELSON, Carl, Union, December 15,
11. Funeral to-day.
E, John L, Jersey City, Decem?
ber 16, aged 59. Funeral to-morrow.
STROHMF.IER, Johanna, Jersey City,
December 16, aged 35. Funeral Sun?
HOLDERER, Henrietta K., Floral Pari.
December 15, aged 84. Funeral to?
LYNCH. John. Riverhead. December
18, aged 75. Funeral to-day.
BROWN Solemn requiem masj in
memory of Thomas McKee Brown,
priest, at the Church of St. Mary
the Yirgin. 139 West ISth Bt, oa
Saturday. December 19, at 10:45a.m.
Hid SI By Harlem Train ?>a4 er Trolley.
Oace. X? kUat lid li.H.1.

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