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At thi? last mentioned place we occu?
pied on a front more than one kilo?
metre long almost all the first line
trenches of the ei
"In the reg.on of ?iaey-le Val, on
the Aisne, and in Champagne our
heary artillery won advan?
"In the Argonne the i.ermnns blew
up one of ou. I - north
of Four de Paris ntv! endeavored to
move out from their position with
three battalions of troops. 11 -
infantry attack, as -r.e one
they undertook at St. Hubert, wa? re?
"To the east of the Meuse and in
the Vosges there is nothing to report."
French Embassy Hears
of Gains for Allies
Washington, Dec IK Additional de?
tails of th,. French advance m Flan?
ders and Northern France, announced
v by t he vl ..? i iff ee, w< re i
in ottie?! dispa the embassy
"W? ha. from
ns, to the east of
. i ? rod the
?renches, ga yards,
100 prisoners and taken three
? <? ion of Bix
?? e have gained BOO yards,
HO prisoners and taken three
aillcuoss. To the nortl of Notre
liano de Conooletion our progress has
n abo at 600 yards."
German Reinforcements
Rushed Through Belgium
l-n't - ' ]
Amsterdam, Dee. 18 It is reported
-.s have ar?
rived there v ;tn marines and infantry
the front ir
an.l the Yser . alone
about fifty trains i>n* ed, each tilled
with 200 men.
In many placen ?long the Rhl ?
eluding Cologne and D?sseldorf I ?
lights are being '.sed all night.
Seats of Members Killed in War
To Be Draped in Crape
When Body Meets.
Parla, DM IS. There will be a num
bei of empty seats in both I
when the French Parliament meets on
December 22. 11 Emile
Raymond ? ? ougen,
Kdouanl N'mi ? r end Paul ?
were killed in i ttl<
in ciai..
i re are a number of Senators and
Deputies m the ten ll
(?ermany, and the French government
lias been tryinj
them through the Spanish I
Berlin, but BO fur unsuccessfully.
Among these members is one of the
deans of the Senate, the Academician
Alfred Mesl?res. Others in the occu?
pied territory are S ? herios
Noel. Georges Ermant, * barlei Sebline,
Joseph D< nd Au
?guate ,'"- '. ehe are mayors of ths
cities they represent la Parliamoi
remained at their p<>: I
Deputy Pasqual, s terrltoriel heuten-.
? French army, is an?
other who will be missing. !!<? erai
taken prisoner at Maubeuge. Deputy
Dasly, the M ay oi of Li ?rill alas be
ahs.mt, as he believed to bavi
shot by ?be Germans.
Premier Takes Vacation Before
Starting Campaign Against
German Southwest Africa.
Cape Town via London'. Dee. IS.
General Louis Botha, Premier of the
Union "f South Africa, considers that
the rebellion, apart from the rounding j
up of a few stray bunds, is at an end
Accordingly he has gone for a short
vacation on his ' re undertak?
ing a campaign Sgainsl German South?
west A:'i .
\V,th the capture of General I-c Wet
and the .hath of Gem in an
engagement, the South African govern?
ment recently announced that the re?
bellion started by these lenders was :
practically at an end. Most of the fol?
lowers of De Wei snd Beyers, it is
stated, ha-. red or
London, Dec II The name of Cap?
tain the Honorable Henry I yt.dhumt
Bruce, of the Royal Scots Guarda, ap?
pears in to-night's liai rs killed ,
in action.
Captain Bruce, who was the eldest
son of Lord Aberdare, married in 1904
Camille Clifford, an American actress,
whom he met while she was playing
in an American musical production in
Early in November Captain the Hon?
orable H B. Bruce, of the Argyll and
Sutherland Highlanders, was reported
killed, and, as there
this name m the British list,
surmised that Captain Henry Lynd?
hurst Bruce a report
from London shows 1
have been error ?
? ? ?
ne. J
Pans, I)ec. IS The Germans are do- !
ing their u'rr.ost to force upon the
Belgia- m that their coun?
try Is definitely conquered and will be?
come a (lermar. ??tatr, aft.-?
of Bavaria and Sexoni ?They even
hint that the future Belgian rufet a
be Pri >'.
married Princess Khzabeth, daughter
of the laie An I
'? . Stephan
yay, daughter of th? late K ? i ooeold
Prince O'lo and h.s ? fe i ave three
sons, the cld?-?t boi
Amsterdam, Dei
eral von Bissing, the new German I
ernor .. to induce the leading
newapap. ? ? ; vr',> to
resume publication have proved to be
The editors of these newspapers ka?
Belgium's King we? s! Mr.
eels and the Gormen
? ;
lished. _
Callao, Peru, !><?<? 1" 1 be Antrahan i
battle cru.ser Austrs I hire I
th.s evening.
A fHapati -. dal i Deeem?
? d ?r. Italian newapap?! to
the en*. tralla was ro.ss
kH not
tha-n irean heard from ? mber,
when ?he wa? p Hawaiian j
votara ?earrh.r.g for the ?-?ortnan cruis-j
SST .. -.. rg. |
British Admiralty Admits,
However, Destroyer
Hardy Lost 17 Men.
Dead 122, Wounded 549?At
Least 57 Uves Lost by
Women and Children.
?Br t?bl? rn Tie Trlt.un; )
London, Dec. 18. The number of
v.aima killed and wounded of the Ger?
man raid on the east coast has now
risen to 671. The addition, are mado
at Hnrtlepool, where there were s?v?
irai death, from wounds and where
many more people reported injuries.
The total ll made up of iL'l! killed,
1T? severely wounded and 374 slightly j
wounded. O f the IZI killed only six
.? er.-combatants, and at leant 57 were
vutiuii and children. In sddition s?v?
irai aged people and invalids have died
ftotn the shock cau.ed by the bombard?
London, Dec. 19. The Admiralty has
i a ?tatement denying that any
British warship? were lost in the rs
ci nt raid by a German squadron on the
? oaBt of Knglatid. The statement
adds that all German assertions to the
( ontrary ?:<? untrue.
The Hritish deatTOj er Hardy wat
among the warship, winch engaged the
Germaa squadron that made u raid on
tl '? east coast of Fngiand on Wedne?
day. This wa? disclosed by an Ad-'
n ?rally casualty list issued last night,
which shows that two men were killed
:teen were wounded aboard the
Hardy. Theae, with the leaaei r>n the
light cruiser Patrol and the dt-t royer
Doon, previously reported by the Ad?
miralty, brini; the liai of casualties on
the voaaela which puraued the Ger
BUUal to thirty-seven.
The denial of the loss of any war
ships by the Rritish was prompted by
.Mowing German official statement
sen' by Reutrr's correspondent from
"The letteatiag ciuiaera were at-;
? i by four British destroyers, one
? eh a ll i-.ink. Another disap?
peared, badly damaged.
- il another point another English
.er was ?uni."
In reply to a request from the cor
ifl of Hartlepool snd Waal
Hnrtlepool to make an investigation of
tl I ram the Admiralty has replied that
I ill not be necessary, as the gov
? nt is in possession of all the
fact. The coroners of the three town.
winch were bombarded are still holtl
' tl over the bodies of victim?,
?inbers of which continue to grew
Blared persons succumb to their
As a re.ult of the bombardment the
kingdom has been flooded with posters,
aying: "Avenge Scarborough! Up
I .1 at 'em. now ! "
London Says Silence of U. S.
Endangers N. Y. Skyscrapers
IB? ('.bl. to IBS Tilhiin? |
London, Dec. 18. "The Westminster
Gasette," writing of the coast raid,
"Hut let it freely be conceded that
theso exploits are possible to ni?v
i ..wer which chooses to take the I
? i d ha. no regaid for the conventions
which limit the aaeage-rj of w-ar. If
Getmaay were at war with the United
."?t?te., or if she chose to declare w;.r
at short notice, it would be quite
sible for her to open the campaign
i bombarding the skyscrapers of
New York or throwing shcMs on the
numerous undefended towns of the ?
North American coa-t. No possible
navy e.n do more than make these ad?
ventures a hazaid, for a parfsct patrol
. is an impel I ibility.
"This country will know how to sus?
tain its own cuse, aid will do so by
more effective method-: than appeals to
? ltrai tribunal, but il gOOl With
?. ng that the neutral BBtiOBB,aad
ally those which, like Italy aad
altad Stat.'s, have large Wretches
aadefeaded seaboard, must be
deeply interested m the challenge
which Germany has thrown down to all
uccepted interpretations of the rules of
u. s.
Will Not Protest
German Bombardment
Washington, Dec. 1;*. Determined
that the Fnited State, shall tontinue
uninvolved i:i the controversy which
has arisen between the Kuropean bel
llgereata over alleged violations of The
Hague convention., President Wilson
Secretary Hryan Brill make no rep
reeeatatioaa to CUnnany concerning
the bombardment of the cast coast or
England by German arerahlpe
ild England make a protest t>
the Fnited States, it will, of course, !
? ,i?iy received] as have similar
s from Helgium. France and
Germany concerning the use of dam
dam bullets and other alleged viola?
tion, of the rules af warfare by their
respective enemies. The fact that Li?
man officials have already taken issue I
with the Rritish contention that the
English coast town? recently boni
I were undefended has empha
- ii 1 to officials here the controversial
nature of the case.
While the attitude of the Washing?
ton government is chiefly due to a de
sue to keep from being entangled in
? art controversies, its course also
ha. been influenced largely by the feel
it during the progr?s, of the con?
flict protests from even neutral powers
little avail, though certain to
be taken into full account when a final
recat?alas; i? made at the conference of
?. arare which will meet ultimately to
discus, terms of peace.
British Sure Spies Aided
German Raiders on Coast
I t atia to Th? T:
Scarborough. Pec. lr<. The authori
. raed with
occupied m i; ?
gating . eideacee in
? ?on with the Garatea raid, all
of which punt to an intimate knowledge
icalitiee by the eommeaders of the
German warships, ?t may be said that
it '. eary te gain exact acquaintance
the poaitioa af b railway station,
'or itistr.nce, by fl glance at an oidinary
?aa or the ordinary plan of a town.
The (?erman gunners went further
They directed theit tire at
-, hotels
? : 1> men af the 1
shire dragoons. ySOBBBBI"* and terntor
nuertered for training pur?
pose?. In only one ca.e did
pn mises escape injury. The same re?
markable knowledge of the training
quarters and olflcera wa. shown at
?'hithy and Hartlepool.
The principal question the people aik
is bow the Germans knew there would
tiefe war vessels in Scarhoi
Dg. At the Hartlepoi
man. met hi? aWajeety'l .bip? I'atrol
? ?r ?inj.s to meet an
attack by a battle cruiser and a crui.
er. There wen ro Rnti?h craft in
Scarborough load? until the afternoon.
Jiiess aru uerturbwig fact. Wkkh
[By Cable to The Tribune.1,
London, ?Dec, 18 -"The Evening v ? rs" print; il
lowing verse:
Great persons babbled not of peace while free
To rend were still the gorgeous talons; nor
Did mighty Theseus, while the Minotaur
Took his red toll of white virginity,
Crave mediation. Glaucus' son, when he
Vanquished the triple-mouthed chimera for
The Lycians, reined not back his furious war
Till he had felled the monster's foreheads three
Nor shall St. George of England stay his spear
In parley while yon ravening shape accursed
Ramps over life and treads down arts and laws,
To you far westward we will give an ear
Where sage and safe you sit, but hew we? first
The dragon's teeth out of the dragon's jaws.
German Army
Official Report
Berlin (via London?, Dec. 1?. The
German War office gave out this of
iniial communication this afternoon:
"The fighting in Nicuport continues
favorable, but no decision yet has been
?'The French attacks between La
Besses and Arras and on both side? of
the Hiver Somme bave resulted in fail?
ure, with severe losses to the enemy.
On the Somme the Preach lost I,W0
men .n prisoners and ht less! 1,800 in
dead. Our own leases were under L'uo-.
"In the Argonne Forest our auccess
ful attacks resulted in the capture of
some 7?o prisoners, la addition te ami
material. There have been no impor
tnnt developments elsewhere on the
western front.
"On the frontiers of Last and West.
Prussia th?- situation is unchanged.
"In 1'oland we continue to pur?
retreating enemy."
have quickened interest in the spy
i ri Ions: the Yorkshire eoest,
and serious action is spoken of if steps
are not taken to clear every one of
German birth, antecedents or interests
away from the shore for a distance of
at least twenty miles. Nothing has
been seen since of a man who, it is
admitted by the Admiralty, wai
signalling on Wednesday fron; the
Scarborough cliffs, though search for
him is still In progress in all the town*
OH this coas-. Scarborough v.-as -warm?
ing with Gormen and Austrian weiten
before ths srar. In fact, it ii said thai
at one hotel the head waiter drew up
his staff into military formation and
marched them out the day before war
was declared. Most of the waiters em?
ployed here were arrested and are un?
der detention. The locality is one with
which Germans are intimately ac?
quainted, and that their wireless news
announces the destruction of the water?
works is significant.
The terms of rejoicing with which
they have announced the results of the
attack, the killing of BO many persons
i Ot soldiers and the damage to pro?
perty have pet the whole of Yorkshire
in a cold rage, whieh U il not be with?
out its effect on recruiting.
"After this," said a merchant, "I
think thnt the only good German is a
dead Gormen."
Last of Inquests Held.
Leaving Hertlepool, though '?'
no v. ay tortil i .1. in a military
out of account, personal inquiry ?
that at Wm;by and Scarborough any
eannon that inhabitant^ pOSS< IS arc of
a purely ornamental character. There
? public garden, before the (.rand
Hotel, at Scarborough, a Uneaten sixty
four pounder, a relic of the Crimean
war. It is n ?smooth bore, with its
touch hole spiked and the tompion has
not been removed from it ; muzzle for
two generations. The German ships
were less than two miles from this gun
when ? iment,
and that it was not a bombardment to
destroy fortifications Is proved by ths
fact that the prOJOCtils DSOd was shrap?
nel throughout.
The Inquest over the bodies of tho?e
who lost their lives in the bombard
in. nt was concluded to-day. [*hs
diets returned were similar to
found at HartlcpPol and Whithy that
the victims were killed by shells from
German warihips. The foreman of the
jury wanted to employ the word "mur?
der," but the coroner explained that
this would necessitate the prosecution
of some one.
A coast guard officer in testifying
said that when the attack was opened
on Scarborough the German ships wer.,
within 600 yards or' the eastie, which
stands on the promontory rising ?hove
the harbor. Hi- said he believed tint
nearly 600 shells were lired.
Former Sheriff Turner of York, in
giving evidence, expressed the strong
conviction that it was not safe for any
woman to remain in Scarborough.
Little Daughter Begs His For
giveness Just Before German
Soldiers Kill Him.
-.lu Cal total .f Trii.un? 1
London. I>cc. 10. "The Pnily News"
publishes the following dispatch from
"Little has been known up to the
present of the circumstances in which
the male population of Surice, in the
district of N'amur, was massacred and
the little village almost totally de?
struye 1 by the Hermans in September.
A Belgian newspaper. 'Le Vingti?me
Si?cle,' which la now published at
Havre, gives a fow details.
"The Prussians arrived in the village
covered with dust ana black with pow?
der. Their officers yelled that shots
had been fired. Immediately closed
doors were Durst ooen and the cowering
occupants dragged out forthwith.
"With ths butt sads of their rifles
the soldier-, drove the wretched herd
ii.to the market square, heedless of the
entreaties of women and the cries of
i chilaren.
"Then, as the soldiers, obedient to
the captain's orders, hustled the men
up against a stone wall for execution, a
girl's voice arose from the group
of weeping women and children whom
the other soldiers were keeping back at
bayonet's point:
"'Father, father, they are going ta
kill you' Forgive me, father forgive
me all the pain I know I have caused
"Am. loomed men opposite
one fethei ?as seen to draw the back
of his band across his eyes to hide the
tears that gushed forth. At that mo?
ment the signal was given and th.
cious iiuU?i?i? was acconid.ihaii." i
Get Forty Men Who Es?
caped from Cocos Isl?
and in Schooner.
Pari?, I?er. 1<?. The M
Manne announced to-dey that the Brit?
ish auxiliary cruiser h ' Janea
had captured the collier Esford, having
roerd three officers and
from ths German cru. . sunk
November 10 by the Australian cruiser
Sydney. Thi S ars ths fertj. men who
pod to locos Island and subse?
quently sailed away in ? command
schooner named I
,n erulser
I icoi Island
when thi h and
mnh I dney. Unds
mt Haeeke. the)
loaded it th provisions and
away. A >i ; steh from Ms
ber U
collier, on which they mounted two!
Idontly brought with
them fror?, lio Kmdei . and began raid?
ing eoraraerce in the Pacific.
Ihii into through officers of
? tor Malacca, which has
, oilier has not bi I. The
.Maine. ? .-. ould be
overhauled tl ?'? ner
ring lights.
This would indicate thai I ? i er has
been oi in ths Pacific not far
from tl
Reported Intent on Inducing Her
to Keep Out of War and
I Act as Peacemaker.
i. . i to tie 1
Milan. Dee. 1". Prince von Ruelow,
' who arrived at Rome y?rSterda) in his
new ambassadorial ea].- . aid in
political circles to be intent on frus- :
to the '
Europi ' perial
I : ?
makei on thi I ?
victor nor vanquished." '?
deems I present time opponui ?
eaase of -i'. pereietent deadlock e
Belgian? l reneh front and the d<
This version agrees well wiih the
Emperor Fi lose] ting the
? hrough the persistent
narm!. Bel e?
\\" resolvs to ?ther '
diplomatic preeauro at ths becinning
of the new year, with a view to stop- I
-? thi
It is said 'that the President of the
United States heartily approves of the
Papal initiative.
Berlin. Pre. 1*. The Oflsial Presa
Bureau tn-driy gave out the following:
"The 'Nor | Zei?
tung,' commenting on the French Yel?
low Book, copies of which have just
bean received, says th - I ? its of
documi ? Selected and pre?
pared to prove ?hat Russin did not pro?
voke the war. to nlace the responsi?
bility on Germane, to create die? ?
between l.ermany and Austria and to
turn neutral nations. ? Hol?
ler.d and I' nmarh, against Gen
"It sen be stated Mat I ded
official Gern - report concern?
ing thi s il ths Beinia'i army,
which the French War
to bei? mi Mar.-h. 1913, is only
a clumsy IVI ntion, -laper
-,iv - "
This "invention," it is seid, eooks to
show that the purpose of ths Gorman
policy is to bring thi bob v...rid un?
der Germany's paramount power, to
??il nations and to i eeonqner
territories which long centurie* ego i-< -
longed to the Gormen '
Burgundy snd portions of 1
provinces inhabit? I by Germana.
"No leiious man m Germany," the
"oi ? i bai bon i such
fantastic id.-as, ...
i low Bi i
tuds b af ofTuiai reports from
Frencl my to
? it German)
to peace. The detrimi -
ly of rm militai y end naval
attaches, baaed
eommunieatione fro;;,
tionabic agents, u ? rman
gover ?
eould i -
from the - Ger?
man 1 it St. Pel
? 10, 1910, referring -
the Russian
ties i irei
view to a war 11 The
?:ttarb? wrote this report owing to an
article in ths .Tlcial Ru? ien militara
paper, ths 'Kussky Ir.v which
?od a jubilee celebra?I
I fifth crnter-ary of an all-1
?ner the T. Btotl B vic
Heel of the
repeated. I
which he T.:..|r?..| WS
?, 1 110. la tina
11'olta aiiu Litbaaalaas." ]
Mystery Surrounds Report
of Invaders' Victory in
West Poland.
Czar's Troops Capture 3,000
Prisoners Germans
Claim Successes.
London, Dec. 1- Although there
liemi ' - : ?obt that the Russian*,
are retreating a: the present,
any anticipations the Allies may have
bald of an early invasion of Germany
meat be dismissed, considerable mys?
tery surrounds the reported decisive
victory by the Germans, which Berlin
celebrated last night.
The mystery was further increased
to-night by the receipt of the follow?
ing optimistic statement by the Rus
liafl General St .'r. contained in a dis?
patch from Pi
"(in the left baafa of the Vistula an
almost complete lall on neatly all of
the front has replaced the attacks ma la
- enemy la the C
taya. AM af these attacks WC re
"In eoonection arlth the advance of
pert af out troops toward the Bsura
River, BUM -i. and in view of
tct that the Aaatriaas are con
illy receiving reinforcements m
the Carpathians, we have thought fit to
rearrange the positions of some of our
"Ue chec'-d the offensive of the
. , -r.' ? Western Galicia.
..-.?? Saaok ami Lisko
.,.., . ; . . ??, nor offensive
and have captured 1 ?"" prisOBOra, sev?
eral guns and mitrailli
Vieaaa g wat an ef the
.iiin is made
... ?; . ?? bctfl driven out
ai their pee tiona noi ?? Car*
i athian moi rom Kiosno to
: ite that
, i the southi in line of railwaj
m (ialicia agi.in :- ifl the baada ai the
iani and thai Pi trokow and an
othet Central Pelai i town have
...i, bal lilene n maintained a?
regards North Poland, where the Ger
. d to have been
Russians Retire on 250-Mile
Front, Vienna's Report
Vienna, Dec. Il va London!. The
following Austrian official statement
. Ie pehlii to-day.
"The beaten Ru -lan main forces
are being panned OB the ,.:. ?re battle
? i oat, 400 kllorai tree ? Ida abeat EM
' from K iosno Galii iaI, to the
mouth of the {'sura Rivet l in Poland)
? . ' . the VI itula.
"The etie.'i.y ] driven
fruni his | ' ' irtB of ihe ( let?
Kiosno and Zakli
ciyn. On the lowet Donajec Rlvat we
and our ai. Bg battle with
? i ? Bam] 's real i
"In South Poland our advance so far
has been made without important fight?
ing. Petrokow, ?ay before yesterday,
?adher? yesterday were stormed.
"The heroic garrison at Przemysl has
continued further fighting in front uf
i he fortress v n't mi .
"The situai it; the Carpathians
hua not yet lubstanl I gi i."
Berlin Believes Battle Has
Banished Fear of Invasion.
Rerun ?via wireless to Bayville, Lone
d), Dec. IS. The ofiieial news bu
?o-tiay gave out the following
"The coincidence of the expedition!
I English eoaal and the rictory in
the east eon1 general re- \
joleing. Alt'--. | ? e headquarters re-1
? n de?
ll prove to have bee
?' ill ble how
ever, hat the vie
'or>? has fn sd G v from ?any i
IB from the east '
long period. 1 . j ap
te live done their work quite as'
' horoai :
? political
likely l ? -. aaa a i re
rette .- attitude
Bfl the com
d thi
"While lie. ; dis
l to < al ron
ilindenburg' la the light of
an utter cru- the Russians, the
military critic of the 'Voiwarts' speaks
m a more moderate tone.
" 'Tiio talk af a lestraetlve defeat of
the Rus.ian? is for ihe present a sense?
less and misleading exaggeratioa,'aaya
??ritir. 'An army af a militen men,
like the Russian army, which has, in
deed, in the last four weeks suffered
?n losses, bat which always has
been able to till the gaps with recruit?,
? - not let Itself be destroyed under;
present CoaditiOBI on n front of sev-'
eral hundred kilofl tree I kilometre
i- abeat tare-thirds af a mile.'.'
"Vienna's repoti lad rates that the
maintaining the ag
gressive m the Carpathians, bat da?
elaree that they -,re r treating else
w I i re. That Field Marshal von Hin
? irg will follow up his advantage
to the fullest extent may confidently
be expected.
"(.encrai Welitthko, the Russian of?
ficer of Port Arthur fame, has been
itillcd near Lodz."
Russian Army Now on
Frontier of Silesia
London, Dec. If, The Petrograd cor?
respondent of "The limes" sends the
I ' n g :
"The enemy's third incursion into
Galicia has beet ? ? Iti d Bl the very
DOrdete of the province. Some maneeu
vrmg on the part of Gonetal Radko
Dimitrieff's corps saflcad to check the
invading columns, although they
crossed the Carpathian? OB a wide
front, extending between Wieliczka and
the headwaters af the San River.
"No definite information has been
forthcoming ai Net regarding the new
point of attack hi Field Marshal von
Hindenbarg*a iavasioa of Poland. After
hi. fin .rough the
in linai OB the Hr.ura River, it
prebable thai ha will seek to de?
liver a blow farther smith, but it is
not known whether this will be toward
Warsaw or Kielce.
"The Russian army is within a
?tone's throw of the Silesiaa border
north of Cracow, which is the real pivot
of all the apera ti On I now developing.
The desperate Hanking moves aa the
Batata River ami from the Carpathians
ot.iy serve tu || i . ' ?? that the Ru
?ian. hold ? ' ??'?:?? wheaae in
feed time taey ? II iwaaa the flanking
t'olutiin? off the raed and advance into
the heart of Germany."
Paris. Dec. If. As proof that Ger?
many made plans to annex Switzerland,
"Le Matin" tOgtephs of (i.r
man 10 and 20 pfsni ig atarnps, ?cross
which are printed ia black Ii
">chweit, 10 centimes," aad "Schwaia,
tl centimes." The l aims that
he ha. .tamp, of this kind in his pea?
1 ?T^e^^?S:^^if>fi*aas:i^^
On Their Way
to our Xmm$ Dinner?
11 A. U. (? ? P. U.
RK>KK\i. T\m.E8 MOW.
Rulers of Sweden, Norway
and Denmark Hold Joint
Malmoe. Swodl n. Deft It. King Gus?
tave of Sweden, King Haakon of Nor?
way anil Kit.g Chi itian of Denmark
arrived here to-day f?>r a conference
at ?Inch they :.. ? to form?lete an
Bgreemi ni de gned to eombine
respective interests during the war..
The meeting of King Haak.ui and
King Gustavo WSJ of unusual interest,
since it was ths t time t
rulers of thi las had mat liai s
Norway severed her connection with
Sweden, in 19 '' ''?'? ranee is ex?
pected I 0 IOS relations be?
tween '
The royal eoi ? n ? es is being held in
t an aacii ? it -i t he an ! hat place
of Ms dquartei ? of the
present I,or.I Lieuti sent. King G
was ? it to arrive, and he wel?
comed Kim i - when he
poi I on the i leimdaL 'I hs two
monarehs n cams
to Malmoe bj specil I ?rain. The g'cet
lng of ths moni ? was of ? most
cordial nature. Th? town was profuse?
ly decorated and .row.Is lined the
streets und cheered th.1 sovsreigi
.spent the greater pan of ths day la
IT i I ? l.
Petrograd, De?. 18. The "liourse
Gazette'' regai Is the meeting of the
three Scandinavian monarehs as en im?
portant step In the direction of an alli?
ance be? wee.i I ?f ii mark, Norway and
Swede which, ii the writer's opinion,
is desirable in Ru talan Intel
Considering the ; resent predomi?
nance of pacific m the pol?
icy of the three Scandinavian states, it
is held that ths iro peetii alliance
would had to - irai ?on of per?
manent neutrality both for the states
themaelves and the -'raits uniting the
Baltic with the North Sea and Atlan?
tic. All the states would be su'iiciently
strong to ?defend their neutrality
Sgainst all attempts at infringement,
an.l thus the question of the Northern
Dardanelles WOUld be settled in Rus?
sia's favor ?without sacrifices on her
Installation of First at
Thann Is Simple,
but Dramatic.
Pars. [\pr, if. ?he first French
court in thi ored tarritory at
Thann, Alsace, woi installed y.sterday
with ceremonial that was dramatic in
its simpliell courtroom was
crowded with girls in pictures.pie Al?
satian eostumes arid old men who had
waited forty-odd years for the dav
when Frame should return to Al?
Vhe courtroom was silent until the
guard of honoi of dragoons, i
. their tabres at
the ward of eommand from their offi-,
Another officer then entered tho
room and sdvai ted ta the judge's desk I
and in solomo tones said:
"In the name of the French peo? ;
pie" ? The low sobbing of an old
Alsatian, unable to restrain his emo?
tion, interrupted the officer, but after a '.
short peuae be eontineedi "and by '
virtue of the instruction! of the gen?
eral commanding the First Army we
declare, Monsieur judge at
Thann with jurisdiction," etc.
'I hat was all. The young people,
rushed cheering out into the street,
while the old ?neu remained for awhile
in their places in quiet ecstacy.
Nicholas Ahlers's Acts Not
Shown To He Hostile to
Great Britain.
London, Dec. IS The Court of Crim?
inal Appeal, consisting of the Lord
Chief Justice, Lord Reading, an.l four
other justices, to-day annulled the con?
viction of Nicholas Ahlers, who on De?
cember 16 was found guilty of treason
and sentenced to
Ahlers, a asturalised Englishman,
formerly was German Consul 'n Sun
derland Borough. He was accused of
having aided Gormen reservists to
reach their country after the outbreak
of the war.
Ahlers's appeal was allowed, on the*
ground that fr.jrn the evidence it did
not foiiow that his actions were hos?
tile to ths interests, and
also because the material point wheth?
er or not the prisoner, when he com?
i-iitted the alleged acts, knew war had
Keen declared wes not l?'ft to the jury
in the way it should have been done.
Paris, Pec. 18, An energetic protest
against tie press censorship am made
P. Deputies und !
Benators who on leernalista, Ths
? i i mal statement of '
objection- to the censorship? which is i
handed tS the Minister of Jus
tic?\ Ariatida Brfand, as President of
the ileune ! of I
A committee of journalists was
formed, hemi?.) hy George* Clemen?
ceau, former I'r.-mier. Associated with
him are Stephen Pinch?n, lormer Min
? I -..t.- n \,r.! ?; .1, ??m Dupuy
and Admiral
Aid Shangli ?i Refugees. ?y
WBedingten, Des II Permloaioa has
been granted ??-. - i Btete Deportment
to about Ive hundred German women
and ehildren itranded as war
refugl ? ... I h. ma. to pas?
the i i ited Btates on their i
?a. back to Ge.tnanj. I
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News of Austrian Army's Rout Followed by Rioting in
Chief Citie9 and Threats to Recall Their Own
Sons to Defend Their Own Soil.
[By O.V.e to Th? Tribun? J
London, Dec. 18.?"The Morning
; Post" print? a letter from Budapest to
| the correspondent of a Hungarian
newspaper in London, which Bays:
"I gather from official and private
.ource? that the whole Au.tro-Hunga
! rian army in the south is by now prac?
tically non-existent. The bare tact. i.re
that ue loit in dead and wounded dur?
ing rear guard action, and flight more
than 60,000 men, and in prisoners
something like 35,000, while we sacri?
ficed in (runs, provision' and ammuni?
tion more than the Servians ever had
in the whole war.
"I hear that the troop? in the north
around Belgrade and the garrison of
that city are crossing the river and
evacuating the town, and that guns
uro being mounted in Somlin and oppo?
site Lemondna again to defend Hun?
gary from a Servian invasion. Servian
? in of Hungary sound?, in the ears
of the people here not unlike Zulu
invasion, for they have believed one to
be as impossible a? the other. You can
Imagine the stupefaction of the people
when confronted with the fact. After
all, it i? not oniy not impossible, but
indeed, very likely.
"I understand General Potiorek will j
have to answer for the disaster before
a ?peeial court martial next week in
Vienna, whither he has been called to
appear, for the public und official cir?
cle, are furious at him. The Viennese
preai make him responsible for the
rout, arguing that be ought to have,
known whether his army was strong!
enough to stand against attack if it
wale weakened by the withdrawal ofj
three army corps. He consented, it i
npp?ar?, to the withdrawal, and it is ,
believed his case I. quite hopeless.
"It is rumored that G?nerai Mina- :
relli Fitzgerald will be Potlorek's sue-1
ces.or. He is a very able man, son of
English parente.
Aged Emperor in Tears.
"A Vi?nnese journallit told me yes?
terday that the old Kmperor, when in
formed of the Servian victory by Count ;
Paar, turned white as death, then bent ,
over his writing table and wept. Later
h? had an interview with the Minister'
of War. and it is said it is on his
orders that General Potiorek is to be ,
court martlalled.
"Rumors spread in Vienna that the
Emperor was furious, and thi. gave
courage to the people there to begin a
demonstration. Thousands marched
down th* Ringstrasse and stopped ' e
fore the royal palace, shouting 'Hochs'!
for the Emperor and 'Down with Po-1
tiorek! '
"In Budapest demonstrations have'
been renewed every lay for 'he last
week, in ?pite of vigoroi s police mess- i
urea. In other cities exactement and
I ?faction are ?till greater, e.pe
eially in Prague, where the dem' stra
Meal aa.umed a riotous character. '
More than two '?undred people wert ar?
rested there this week, and wu, be
chi"fd befere ? court m-irMal with
rioting, which means tha they wiil be
.'.ot unless the authorities in Vienna
balk at such wholesale exteutions and
their undoubted consequence? in Buda?
pest and ot .pr Hungarian towns, and
dare not put their th eat.- about a
f court martial into effect. The noter?
there are being dealt with by the po?
"As to the polities! side of the quei
tion, a most interesting situation has
developed during these momentous
<}ny. On the last day of the sess-on
<"ount Tisza made a statement is Par?
liament In an?wer to a question con
foralng a Russian invasion-a state?
ment which had ? |ef
Vienna. He mid, in brief, that SS in?
vasion of Hungary was par cxcelltnc*
an affair concerning tie people and
armies of betl allies, but in case its
importan.-. ? th??
comhined General Staff then it would
be an ?affair for Hungary only, and in?
dependent Hungary ? -,iesn?i
to concentrate her sons who wer?
fighting abroad in defence of I
own homes from hostile invasion. He
emphasized thi point that Hungary
was an Independ?
Austrir?, end If I eccsssry capable of in?
dependent a
Count Tisia's ItVifjnatlon Kefused.
"The next day the count was s irn
moned to Vi.-nia mm I suvv the Km
peror, who, it is ?aid, expressed hu
great displeasure, but refused to ac?
cept the Prime Mmi?ter'i resignation,
?hough he tendered it as soon as the
Emperor questioned his loyalty.
"Those people know cal) ?
loyalty- loyalty to Austris-Cermsr.)
Loyalty to one's own country, if that
country be Hungary, ne-.< I strikes them
as possible. .Never was t re such ap?
plause, never were eheeis BO dsefueiag?,
as when ihn Premier mads "? '-1*
House that day the statement I h*v?
qoote.1 above. Members of the <"ippo
eltion, one of whom fired three sHo'<
at him a year ago, cheered for fen >mr.
utes. The onth isiaam ems much | s>
tr than that which greeted ' -
talion of war.
"Court lisza'i attitude has ?ed to an?
other demonstration on the Dart i ! tho
opposition leaders. A declarar .n h.J
been signed by all the oppo<
ber. of the national committee.
ing Count, Karolyi and Count B.t'V-.v.ny,
in which they Call upon tin
be ready to defend the sacr. ? free?
tiers ot our kingdom in the aveat th.*.
the aatheritiee in whose baa
placed our f/rces not .on-.:
the wishes of their supreme rali r the
Hungarian nation.'
"The Prime Minister wa? .
sign the declaration, but. thoueh rt d<
clined, he assuretl the .igner? th.t hi
would facilitate the dietributiofl and
placarding of the docuuu-n'. tl I ighout
the country."
Pari., Dec 1? A Ratea Ager
patch from Athen? nuot4-s a fl
from the l?land of Tenedo? laying that
the recent bombardment by ? '
fleet in the Gulf of Saros, irntru
north of the Dardanelles, destroy-d th?
Turkish barracks on shore snd sei.ou?
ly damaged the fortifications The
Turks ?erl to the interior.
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