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Nations Increase Demands
on Belgian Cargoes That
Threaten Delays.
EXCEEDS $700,000
soldiers and Sailors Not For
pottcn in Rush to Aid
relief ships |gj Bel?
gium is becoming more and more dim
cult. Basin?, ,0 ?h* activities of Cerman
?.'.bmjnneg in the North Sea. It is
no* n*c*s?ary for the ship? of the
?.me? UM ? ?emission Or Relief in
Belg... f safe
conduct from the British |
?U Bs irom the (icrmun*.
.-.vjtion after another has
been ?'? I
:>t a special
flag, which wa? displayed prom.
. rv part of the ?hip. Ther
came necessary to obt.vi in the ;
,?f each port tnat ?M carcoe? ai BUUa
. i '.gium
te from ?
: eijuired in
? ?
H. (' Ruurtr,
; on 10:1 euaam ?
:? : ?
mark, assisted by tho large
rday of 914.000. the
.re of the proceed?
the recent benefit at the Stran I
I cent of the proceed?.,
to Daniel Frohman
ne'er?' fund to
??d by war BOUdil
total of the fund m
S 119,088 was cor
??ehester County are
(ettiM dansant to keep their
| '' B
a^a.r will take
the ballroom of tlu
wille. The pro
c'rzr gum, for ever;
? he:-?- 'ud-ng the u?e of th?
? - ..1 dancing,
the tea tables and the
p charge is eon
Proa lev
- Mrs
Jay ?a- ??rbert R
rs. <arl C. Cenwajr, Ura .1
Arthur S. Go*
\. Hayward, Mr?. Kimer F
' '. rs. Thomas
? well.
??-- V\ \ i.nderhoof. Mrs. Kred
and Mrs. Roh<
Th.? Imp. ' ?( r? of
?'tember 26
tal supplies and j
refugees a: I
I r the Kncli.?h
the front and in the fleet. The caaesj
ail weighed mor* than half a ton.
With the growing need of condensen
milk by the habiea of Belgium. It was
said by the women's section of the
American Commission for the Relief of
Belgium y.sterday that a gift of two
hundred and fifty case? had Been made
by the Borden'? CondoUStd Milk Com
pany, and that the Dry Milk Compan>
had given three barrels of powdered
For the benefit of the Wounded
Solditrs' Relief Fund the Mary
mount Dramatic Association presented
"Twelfth Night." at Marymount, Tarry
town on the Hudson, last night. The
play wa' followed by a minuet, danced
by the principal character?.
Mme Senibnch. who i? to give a sor.g
recital at Carnegie Hall January It.
Brill ,,-ive the proceeds to the National
Polish Relief Fund, of which she i? the
?'ontributions amounting to 91.889
were received yesterday bv .1 ?cob II.
Schiff, treasurer of the Sew York State
Board of the National Red Cross, for
tha Kutopcan war fund. The total con?
tributions to date are $410,717. The
Red Cross yesterday shipped a large
eonsignmnnl of medicine?, hospital *up
. asna of cigarette* ( f?,
000,000) to Petrograd.
The fund for the American Ambu?
lance Hospital in Paris received yester?
day 81,71 -. of which ('liarles V?. Hark
nes.s gave 81
Get $9.000 for Lots Where
$50,000 Was Expected.
At the auction sale of painting? and
other works of art, at the Hotel Plaza
last night for the benefit of tae Bel
?:.-lief Fund only V.-.OPO was bid
*U1 71 OUl of the N lots offered. At
; 100 had beer, expected. Il
?'? loch when the BttCtiOBOer
called (or the first bid. This lot. ..
"Bull's Head" in plaster, sold for 818.
more than half the gilt chairs
in the bi,; were BCCBpiod
? es il Sherrill made a brief
l?u' the seated throng.
Bf them in BTUUing afire, made
such a brilliant showing that big hid*
seemeil assured. The reverse was the
case. After dragging along for two
hours William Ordway Partridge ?-ailed
the sale off, when No. 71 on th..
lo^rue had been reached. Of the
Binonnl realised only a portion of it
to the fund, on ac?
count of the reservation of some paint
Thomas Shields Clarke paid the
Bifhesl prions of the evening. $.'.00, for
a bronze head of Tennyson, bv William |
Ordway Partridge, and 8850 for "Study
of n Head." by Parcel ('. French. "The
?," B hronM bv Meunier.
I : ? thi Belgian Ambassador
Mrs. Chntits II. sherrill
bought for $110 the original manu
"I ?tter to the Tittle Soldier,"
by Fucenc Brieux. "French
Scene," a canvas bv Gampcrt,
? ' Mr? P. H. Morns for $.'160.
Arrest for Thefts at Savoy
Proves a Puzzle.
Mystery sorrow arre?: 1a-<* ?
night of a man calling himself Clar?
ence Go?lee. of 17 \Y< . vho
taken on a charceof rifirc the
Bpurtmunta of D ; ion, Chiengo
? n merchant, in the Hotel Savoy
on Thursday nicht.
The complainant azain.-t Costee was
Albert W. Heineriekor, of 188 West
'.. who. when Baking Patrolman
'-.ake the arre.?', is said to
arith the Hotel Savoy. A*.
the hoi ? at he was
Christ m il s Stile of
Artistic Imported Novelties
. It Reductions of One-fourth
T discriminating Christmas ihopp? seeking Gifts '*??
< IgaWaMUM \?il iind a weaith of such articles
m ?he HIGGINS & SETTER Holiday Du-plav?.
oi the globe has been scarified in assembling
this diversified i ? lle^t'on of Art No\el ?es. I here are ap
nten as well as f<?r women?decorative
? the Drawing Room, the Library, the Den and the
Bouder, many of them exc us.ve importations not obta?nable.
m a-iv othei V \?. York Store?all marlced at ONE
ranging from less thin one dollar upward.
Special Holiday Gift 'Jab?es
nrire convenient aid to the hurried shopper could be de
: vi ?Hue ?otatf Special Tables, each filled with
app' Jj_. $ <? ?3 f j?
lov. | . |. /D<-'i *$ 2 ^J -y
CJ Ulkest Retail China ?and Glass Store in the World \2
9 &. 11 EAST 37ft ST. N EW YORK
( Ju??. oft Fifth A-v-a-s-.u?' - Opposit? Tiffany & Coi
The Tribune
Information Service
Telephone Beekman 3000
| F WE can be of any service to you in
locating something difficult to find for
a Christmas gift, we will deem it a
privilege to aid you. Our facilities for this
work are unusual, insuring prompt and
?satisfactory results. No fee.
Hours 10 A. M. to 6 P. M.
Save Time, Trouble, Expen.se
i Carrothers Heard From
After His Conference
with Maytorena.
Washington, Dec. 13. A peaceful
solution of the dirticul11a*?? with Mexi?
can factions across the bonier from
Naco. Arii.. ?here many shots have
BUM ?.red haul American territory, 11
expected by American Consular Agent
(another?, according to hm message
| to the State Department to-day. after
i a conference with the Maytorena lea.l
j cm.
It was also ?enrncd to-day that (ien
erul Ulis?, commanding ?M Ameiican
border patrol, BUI rUUUaUaUOUdud apian
of action for aettlemenl b! the situa
tion at Nhco to Secretary Carnson.
(.<??ci.il Scott. chief of atn?r, who wi.?
sent to tie bur.Ur to take personal
charge of the situation, II ? xpected t.)
reach Naco tonight.
The 18th Infant r\ Kegimcnt and one
battery "i tl,, Its Field Artillery ar
i \..l theu- to-day l'he two remaining
! rugimauta of the 6t? Hrigadf BUsJ two
; butteries of artillery are due there tfl
I mort
The State De part m en? to-day le
Iceived telegraph!? i I tki <<ceu
| palion of I'-.?? lila by EaUUtu'l army.
The Conatitutioaaliata aban !.. il .1 tu
?of ???nail arms and one .md B half cars
I of ammunition. Seven locomotives
.were damage! by them and fourteen
'cars, Including B Pullman, were luirne.l.
ling to tin' advices received there
were no horrors daring thl
? ? if light ing. It ?as itiraate 1 th..t
U forCB num?
bered 20,000
BUB Antonio. !'o\.. Dec 11 \
patch roceivid by thl local M
Consul to ?B* s.u.l :
"The Villa garrisoi at Bun lu.? I'..
tosi revolted against Vina this morning
and surrendered the city tc QunUful
Samuel de los Santo?, who i* loyal to
(?> ?. ral Carranza."
It is reported here al-o that the
troops commanded by CutTUn Torre-,
in the State of TuUUIUligWS, BUfJ b? ?
lieved to have been iBtUndcd bv Villa
tu i Keck Cunutitutiui
there, have also gone over to Carranza.
Douglas, Ariz., Dir. If Informaiion
was sent to the State Department at
Washington to-day that K. K. Dunn and
Thomas Krancis, grilled near Na.
Sonora, were British lubjei
American*, as at tir?, auppoaed. The
British Consul at De ,. .nder
take.'i an investigation.
I ..in .nur,I fr..in ?>:ier I
Cohen were hi Id in $25,000 ba.l esch
ob the Pouruun usauull i
los? er Hail Plus Refused.
? rday afternoon Senator (?il
chr,-t, BJ Brooklyn, attorn. \ for the.
Cohen brother??, appeared ocfore '
Malone and requested that bail
duccd in ti.. He chai i???
fiable. Judge Malone replied t'r. .
would only ? i bail
in the cases of the three brothers upon
the adi ice of ti i 11
er iafoi ined the
court that the I' tl I v" ? \ was
ft threatening to sue
Ik . alias "D
and I dor Switzkj,
handlers and allegi of the
-?? i a'.1. wir?.'
..?nong th" tir>t. bat
?>ons arrested, pre still in cu
The two mea figure i isly in I
I hell m ht reaboat
teale.i and the I
Attorneys office, and the .?
. i the
.' of the detective bureau ...
that they are " ; ergons, ar
onnection with th.? o
of Harnet Ba:T."
other men am ted ?B tl ?
?..or. ?
1 uller. arrested on V.
<>n an old warrant charging him
forgery, and Benjamin I
handU r, am tec
Williamaburg as an
roooB Morris Frankel.
who has been active in the pre ?
? He idq lai
?istaiit District Attorn.
?I.- \... h by Breck
enridgs, Deaol and a number of men
from Curanis lionei v
To-morrow Jam.
on of the murdered man; A. T. |
...i . II. A. K'l.ersnn, an ladep?
dealer, and possibly Harry
Cohen will bt called before the grand
< Q?t la Bed from pace I
moral degenerates who ai
quired tin habit by contuse irith opium
habitue-, and through solicitation and
persuasion had fallen victims I
vii e.
"In 1908 a**, a mernb Trcsi- ;
' voted
<oti.?:derable .?-pace in SB] report on
aVOCial betterment to the drug habit,
and published a li?t of '?'.". .?< i r? ' r.-me
dies containing habit forming drug-;
10 advertised diphtheria cun
catarrh ture-?, 40 skin cures, If kid?
ney and bladder cures, 41 rheumatism
cures, II cancer cures, not to mention
the numerous epilepsy, anti-fat or ,
obesity cures, headache remedies,
teething syrups and other forms of!
quackery. These lists were supplied
by *Dr. Kebler, o? the Division of
Drugs, Department of Agriculture.
"It may be of interest to state that
of the numerous bitters, t?nica, cor?
dials, elixirs, malt preparation-, r.
juvenators, etc., 1-4 were found upon ;
analysis in the otlice of the t owaia?
sioner of Internal Revenue to contain
sufficient alcohol to be classed as com
pound liquors, for the tale of which a
special tax is required.
"It is not surprising that the pub?
lished list should contain the names
of 'Ab remedies advertised for tt..
vention and cure of consumption. The
list has since increased to 48. Many
of these preparations, like the 32
asthma cures, contain drur;s which en?
slave, but the chief ti?
ll: the fraudulent methods BS?d n
their exploitation, such as symptom
blanks and mystic and misleading
statements and false claims and prom?
ises of cures made in the advertising
"The medical profession knows that
there is no specific remedy for con?
sumption in any of its stages; it is 1
also well known that no germicide, |
whether taken internally or inhaled,'
which would kill the tubercle bacilli \
could be administered without serious
danger to the patient. It is also well
known that ?ood food, pure air, rest
iU'd a rational hygienic regimen otfer
the best chances for recovery, and that i
patients who result to all sol
quack remedies in the early ?-tage? af ?
the disease deprive themselves of lb* i
trnii, favorable opportunity for a per?
manent cure.
"Aa fur aa the- auppresaion of -*ua<*k
I'tv i? caaoaraadl, nothing ?hort of a
total enlualon from In? mail? of let?
ter?, n?*u?paper?. ? iroular?, pamphleta
or puhliratlona of ?njr kind containing
any mlvertiHement of ?eerct remedie?
f.m tks I iiri* nti'l treatment of disoaie
will nach the evil. Aa n matter of
fart, no phyaieian ?houlil he permitted
to prcsi-iibo ?Ir 11 it*, by mail."
? ? . ?j ?
His Portrait Hung in Manhat?
tan Club During Dinner.
In recognition of hi? ?ervlcea a? their
preatdenl ?eBBBaSfs of the M*inhatt*?n
CI ab gave a ?liiiner to Juaticc Victor .1
Dowling ln?t night niid prevented the
4-lnh with hi?i |>ortrait painted l?y Au
gint A. Ilcnzigi-r. a member of the club
The club BBS portraits of it? president?
iii.m in Ih5<!. I'hi'ip J
Britt? n,)W president. B-BI to?stm.i?ter.
John (i. Saxe presented the portrait to
the club.
Other ?paakera were Morgan J.
0*Bri**B and Patrick Franci? Murphy.
Among taoee praaaa? were William P.
Rheehan, Samuel I'ntcrmyrr, Thomas
P Kyan, Edward K. Met all, Alton I!,
r. |rf, .1 Daa-noa, Jume? Hutler,
Henry P, iUigrn, I;..,-er F??ter, William
M Paai . ana I dward C b*Jjjjbb.
Has Forgotten Art, Garden
Says, in Work as Nurse
in France.
?aed I". ih<
earaasja af tar beloved Prance, eaaa?
to thi.4 port yesterday from I.i*. ?
by the Wh ?? i r i'.a'.tic.
Oai-aaa declared ?.ivaral months
ago that she owed much ta lia: i
BS 44ou!d Cars ''or tl.-- ar<
of that nation until the arai
id. She u (let? rmined to live up to l.er
-, ?h?? fiad, and after a I
'hree week? ?v:*.h her parents in this
country will return to her 1m
work abroad
The v.i -.:. \-t'o ha? aHrajf?
willing to talk about her art and im?
itions, and who wa? forever in
.? in some merriment ?board ?h'p.
chai .-? ,-? an i er a**rt*?aL
Opera1 Why. the had quite forgot
ten that there had b. -en ?uch a thing ai
?r: i--i-- , ! What af
y not of the ephemera
. r am th.-.* r al armif-. v? ? r
? f battle ? In
a HirTerent Mary (?arden cam
DWB lain! -'.steniav.
ai ?'. ' I
I cannot consider undertaking any pu?
al work. I ara inte-aael** inter
iital work in Krar.ce
??.at I ara '
to spend ( bri-tma? with my people I
WOBtfl not have * I '
? an three wi ? -.
"I I Bg my time be?
tween two : ( i[,e of th- -
. called the
V ..-..? there a Bel
man woman and her nine daughter-,
id fron I
Belgium, to 1' ir i
had gene to the front, I am also in
I -
dais .?ight in
V-n on hoard the 1' I Bffene
.. ?,
? ; !i> tii
is mu' i '
of German birth, he said th" Pi
? eeate so ex-.
? d to live her?
? led.
s.r llorai M. I'., be !
the Iri?ii Agricultura! Hoard, came over
on busine?? connected witl
?! tba'
zation bad - : Bess a fig
?U ' . r '-.-.:I 4\ ar." h
?? fas ii
! th;nk they w
Send Her Home, Yonkers Wife
Begs of Court.
to make Mr-. Joa< atasaar, her
inother-iti-i '
often. She charged her with ma
mi.?cbi- ' p and the frs ,
of her I
? .?eclared her
? hcraft and :
BbicB made Bar
When .In . told her to stay
i BBldal he i" witched the
-e is mo in Heaven
?han Yonk' ?
"YOB ' 1 -.m living on
. *; ? beat I can her.
I it. Her Be-yal High?
-.-.,.? I ... Miichess of
Argyll, rated to control t( a
.. fund of |12f?,000
i ;. William Wal?
dorf Aster ' ?X of necessitous
British B-Aeeri killed or d; -
? front
Ex-Treasurer of U. S. and
Football Player Suc?
cumbs to Typhoid.
Knoxville, Tenu. Dec. If?. Lee *fe>
Clsas*, former Treasurer of the I'nin-d
Stales and a famoua Yale football
player, dud to-day in a hospital in
London, after a three month? illness
of typhoid lever. Relativ?-, here re?
ceived information of hia death by
cable from his hrother.
.Mr. Met lung was a former treasurer
of Yale I iii..-r.?ity. mid had held e?ec
iitise po-iiion.? with the ?St. Paul A
I'uluth km I road Company and the
Southern Kailwuy Company. Tin- iiody
will be brought to Knoxville for burial.
Thonia? Lee McClung, football cham
.md financier, came of the sturdy
Beottiab Highlander 1'resbyterian stock
which a century and a half ago or
more aettled numerously in the Ten?
nessee mountains and adjacent region?.
On. of his predecessors was Alexander
K?ith MeC?nnr, of Mississippi, ?bel
I ?can war and was one I
of the most noted duellist? of hi.? time.
Another, of an earlier generation, mar-|
i.. I a ?; ter "f Joba Marshall. The
family was n!so i .ted to that!
of Albeit Sydney Jobaatea.
I.- MeClang 'he long ago dropped
the nnrno >>!' Thomasi. was born ui ?
KaoxvUle, Teas* on March 2-5, ltJ?O,
the ?on of Franklin Henry McClung, a
wholesale dryi'oods merchant of that
city, and EUaa Ann Mills McClung. He
BBS educated at Yale, where he BBS
personally a one ai the mu-t |
popular men cf hi? time and made Bj
all player, |
Loth a? a halfback and captain. Among
the two ;
rotbi r . Mi sad the gi
song which rivalled "llooln" ai.d An.-.
froga in popularity was i
"Hold the for'! ltd laag ifl coming: "i
i tally, it may be o?. i rved, that;
witn all his football and junior prom- ?
eiiaii? - and %. hat not, he wa.?. one of]
the l.est scholars of his day. and was
graduated with honor in lS'J'J. Tnen
he travelled ?b Europe for a couple of
On hi? return in ISM b? pursued a
design of h - early -ludent days by
ig railroad work, aa papa
of the St PbbI ? I'uluth company, i
There" : la aeeeral
high BOail ' South' rn kail
I ilia and B*
> 19U 1 In that year be wa?
Ban n. as treasurer of
Yale Uarversity, and filled that place
a th -ignal alulity. to the (.-reat ad
vantage of 1 j t.It, for live
1 h n. on November I? U?'i9, he
?'or thi* na?
tion a- ?; i United S
at the biddi Ig of I'.-. !!?
had a. ittlarly ?acceaaful in
modernising and aceoanting
methc agtoB?
I ?5,
?J o able |
tetB. lie ;
Trea?uri r.ln,i on r 11, 1912.
and retii later,
? Bg the r. f A. Piatt
?.? i y of the
on of dis
OB the | . veral
other ofici?is with the ?t?te of I
then exist office.
Mr. Mc lung waa a director i
Life Coas?
. of the Ma
v?a , i the a4)
>t ion for 1 nrovemeiit.
? oaae Imaa af the Hoy Scouts of
?. He waa anrna ?
Germany's Supporters Point to
Increase in Exports from
U. S. to Allies.
1 irrau I
to -lay i state
howing. so far aa b<- eras able,
nu' ions of :
the month
1 L*H r an il.' ?
' I
the <
tain and h ranee.
In the report of i *? ;
! 914 th< Geraua
: et i.h nee IB
support of I
preparation- for hn
? v. h a a df-clarttd. The
*?>-r> : Car*
Daring the fiscal year end.'! Jane SO,I
- t., Rnsaia Bar i
. tiroarm-, 111
From the I m re a are
and $392312 in
?'?rearr-. | | .- Jlj do auppl -
? ?
To England were
Newspaper Kept Baby Aban?
doned from Getting Wet.
A three-week?-old boy, warmly in
and wrapped m a < op:, al "The New
York Times" of December 12, vas
found in a summer hoBM ifl Ceatral
Park last nigi.t by Jame? P. II.
a "World" reporter living a*. 260 B/e tl
MUi si
At Bellei b>
to the ;.??**.-paper lia\.ng kept the
child's clothing dry. it would probably
mtfer no ill BtTOCt? tiom US ?wnosure.
There were no marks of identiricittion
on the cloti.
r.?r.ag?.nii : t
Broadway at 60th Street
TKLM'HDM. Mill MgUfJI 8470.
are the best shoes that skill, care and conscientious
effort can produce. For style plus comfort they
stand head and shoulders above all others. Added
to this you get competent, intelligent fitting service.
Business, street and dress models in all 8tyles and
leathers. $3.00 to $10.00
At It fmr ntw Shot Book
TK* Abutt of
He //u.? NO Branch Slorts
sub of rt~^
iht ???? To* /^?miii
ive 38th St. <3W. J
W)0 Sixth A\c. Above 38th St.
Custom Bootmakers Over 50 \ttn-.
?L Y.
c7rw ?pcoiai?f ?fxofy cfOrt^ma/icn?
,|a\aa*gg1 J,?,,!,!.!, I.A,J..IJL.
The Gift Unusual
itkich rombinrx
The Personal with the Practical
Service with Sentiment.
Special Sales Mondait.
Gloves and Hosiery
Elbow Length Glace Glove?
In white, with three Cleopatra bu'
snd scalloped top?.
Street and Dress Gloves
In white and the favored ahades of
glace kid .
Pure Thread Silk Hose
QtZ Urqularhi
l ,SI to 1.71
In black, white and ?hoe shade??; varioui weight*.
Extra reinforced lisle or silk garter topa and sole?.
Hand Emb'd Clox Silk Hose
1 OC RrifuJarly
In black, white or shoe shades, with self or con?
trasting hand embroidered clox.
Hand Emb'd Silk Novelty Hose
1 tt() Rrqularlif
Self embroidered, black with colored embroidery,
white jewelled and button effects.
Special Sales Mtnidai/.
Handkerchiefs & Neckwear
Hand Embr'd Linen H'd'chiefs
Pure linen in assorted dc.?:vrn?.
Hux of Three
French Initial Handkerchiefs
Pure linen, hand embroidered, one and
?e-half inch hem. 15ox of Three 1 .DU
A Collection of Hand'chiefs
?12& &**
White and colored handkerehi.
hand embroidered, cross bar, b.oad hem
and net footings.
Black Satin Stocks
High crushed stock, uruitl satin, lace or
? frills or turnovers.
Black Satin Stocks
High crushed ?>tock with lace or vo:ie
frill .
Special Sale Mondan.
Furs of Fashion
and Quality
Trimmed Hudson Seal CoaU
Moire Caracul Coats
68.00 !
? i dyed muskra*. p
coat?, lo?arw of natural skun*. Caracul coats,
45 inches long, of selected flat curl :
Neckpieces. Muffs.
9.50.Hudson Seal.18 50
8.50.Nat. Skunk.20.00 & 25.00
14.50.Black Lynx.24.50
12.50.Black Fox.14.50
19.50.Kit Fox.22.150
Novelties and Flowers
French Crystal Necklets
CbI Uyotal graduated beads with col- C QC
ored rondelles. \J.*siJ
Crystal Coiffure Ornaments
I'ins, combs Bl . in new de
and si/.es.
Silver Mounted Hand Bags
In moire ar. 1 chiffon v,
mirror .
Brocade Velvet Bags
Lit ' i with silk, in?'de rompar-m. - |
with mirror .
Parma Violet Bouquets
Natural color, foil ?tern, g.i . I ~_
Mower, bud and foliage, foil -?. __
?>< ??*-*-*./5
I . wild or cultivated flower?.
Silk Lined Velvet Corduroy Hou.se Robes
Two Piece Neg'irecs
Lscc Coat?Chiffon Slip
Moufflon Trimmed
Crepe de Chine Negligees
SuansdovMi Trimmed
Crepe de Chine Negligees
Unusual Blouses
Crepe de Chine Blouses
An a.?-.cniblage of distinctive styles, with
choker, flare or student collars.
Silk or Emb'd Net Blouses
Smart tailleur models of crepe de Chin ?
or blouses of embroidered net.
Collection of Odd Blouses
In silk, lace, net; two or three of a
kind .
Crepe de Chine
Crepe de Chine Night Robes
Exceptional i|Uality i ri !?<? I
?:th Valeneienaea lace turn.
>leeve.?, "V" neck, finished
bons .
Crepe de Chine Bodices
Fines? r'ualitv crepe do (hire v. ?
t|Ui?iti'ly dainty cream ??hadow lace.
Women's & Misses'
Suits. Coats? Frocks
'At Great!n Reduced Prices
125 Women's Suits
A collection of three or lour suits of
a kind in broadcloth or gabardine.
Formerly up to 3!?.50 15.00
96 Women's Coats
(?eneral utility and mot^r coat? in
various styles and fabrics.
Formerly up to 45.00 16.00
Women's Tailleur Suits
25.00 29.50
Plain. ;trict!y tailored suits a d fur trim in?
.if broadcloth and gabardire.
110 Misses' Suits
A collection of three or four sum
I kind in broadcloth or gabardine.
Formerly up to 89.50 15.00
75 Misses' Suits
Kur trim'd and tailored models
corduroy, velvet, gabardine and
Formerly up *o 89.80 25.00
Misses' Danse Frocks
12.50 20.00 39.50
Typical model? for the miss of 11 to 1?, m appro?
priate itylUB and material;

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