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Scores of Communities
Open Christmas with
Music and Lights.
d Cheer for Nee-dy Provided
I verywhere, and One City
Oives i' ..??t
1 -??41 |
apitol, 44 r -
? lar</<*
.. .
and "
?ands of cil .ne heavy
mow?' UK to the euer
ciaes. School ehildrei ?one
tie? and prom h ?
city offleiali, '
tlon of the. tr< ,*
Philadelphia, Dec. .4 The Volun?
teers of A-nTira gave away tux thou?
sand "". ?nil
on Army ?rill dtutrlbute an
? munity '
-h-urf-h, Dec. It Seasoa of whie-!
tie? and bells aaaoai
?.f the muniniial Chi
I hoi?
llu:* tabling food
lies bj which !
plan t
ChicRf-o. I>ee. ? stma? !
ng the
it the
? con
In >
? ? chil
ng out
nus in !
? ? ? of
m and i
und to
' .., ? ?
? rreted .
?<* whs '
Cleveland. Dee. 21 v
band o\u\
snuai' on marking
?' con-1
nertion witl
A mammo'.h Chi re decorated!
with seoi v ' ?wered
Iren also
marched through i
Chrlstma? eh the
municipal i .r-, was held
than four thoi
?mas tree I gift? from
Columbus, Dec
v beirnn ??
eelf> ?
men ^. dis?
Tol?- "foot
pal s formally
? snow
ar.d prayed th-.
Pe'-o?? Tier ?1 Trumpeters in the
Mall tower
'.1 -
r.ve eei
nre?. in and a large enow
lawn beca ?tllianl r a ri?
ll about the
carols ar '
Ka- usand
war era and
? il
? rier at
half ??
? ??.?> I to-night with a
five small.?? h As
large tree
'Bus Co. Ri-iiH-mbers Men.
* lau? wait
the gal
Family Reunion to Mark the
President's Christmas
W a - '
I at
lan. WU thl
r*ything .? read** n* ?ne
? ?
? I fail ?
:il?hted wuh myriad?
'jibs Glftl foi
all the members, of the family.
? I'jwn, ha?*,
and will form the chic:'
The Si'-T. U '
I join Mil -
' '
Horcs and ? '
. I all
?nail and special ear
. ?tiem
? ?. and
Metropolitan Artists Will (.ele
brate, hut Conflict < louds
lie*: - ? and th?* fi
o company
anda in the
trenche?. <r,:. t pass un
observed at the Metropolitan I
There in considerably lens outward
mi ?riment than in ?Mimir yeai
Teutonic element in tho company
usually taking tho lead in tbil morri
ally the war has pro
?iuced a sadness which would permit
? ? ? ".ir There is indeed
Hcarcely a German or Austrian who
lost more than one
e or denr friend. Vet for Otto
I, or Johanna Gadaki, '?r Rudolph
? ave a
? ? ?? s unthinkable, and,
war '.r no i if the
de will ever triumph.
There was one r. however,
?"'?ml small eonaolatlon <?i ?he
lion, though she is on the
Allies' side. This is Mm?. Delaunoia,
Belgian contralto, youngeal and
inretti? .litan
art'?.ts, whoso huaband, ? Ii? lei
in the French ar- "rhes.
in addition Mme. Delaunoia has re
family in
?;. ? ? rii traai m pruh?!
a s!i,l,le?i (.?' all of Mr
Inr ..ill in nil prob;.'
make h.s annual gift of ?."> cold r
I members or' 'he choi
remembrancei tically
? a attached !o the house. In
? ' it nn
believe that Santa Claus
wears a heard. They conceive him as a
?lark complexioned Italian gentleman of
snaven and a trifle
for their belief.
very happy gatnerings will be
Homer and of
? I'ulur. '.'
a children, the 1
.n peraon. It is the
-? r Didura1
New Yoi
I a inore r? a than the
various natlonalitiea ?>? the
V.eep largely an
hange of p
have <?
?ar. Opera aalariea are as high as
? ver, i ? .
Therefore, despite the war. I i
tinds them in a mood of thankful- ?
I onely Woman Prefers Cell tn
Christmas Without Mer
I un 1 Ittle Snn*?.
Deserted by ther husbands, many of
. three mother-? and their children
tered about ? The
Relations Court last
ncht, klimpaing for a fe** non
h they had
? e fore\er and renewing ac
He seemed to know them, too, for he
orders for coal
?lothing an? ind to
all of them baskets lailcn a
ho und the children
.f be haiir I
U> carry ope of the boys, who was too
\ small to aland.
A few blocks away, ? s
bending over a lrtle pine tree. deeknd
;>er and a few cal
??.1 ich she I Before her lay
I ttle packHk.'' -. one no ?... ,; \ ?
cent and the other Krank. She -
quietly, and was alone.
hour later she ran bareheaded
in'o ;'T av. police station
itenant Jo
.ri?tmas hi
m the
? taken au .,
r lack
a hud
I, and
could not spend II u r they
her ?No a
broken with
? ? ii rid flu? .:
on the attendant, who aroul
? ?
I ;ef, she Dl ?
? n, weeping
??he wa? iirr
Christmas Mail Burned.
a. 1 I. quan
of about f 1 000 en ?
Partei Post Rush Heavy.
? r-k from December 1 ?<
at tie P? ?
? r than a year ..,
I ?iilliinr?! from page 1
ear drums OUl of commission with the
. -.?.?where on the
i-ton Booth, *->'
Volui ?? v ? i ha ? ?
in rea got for th.
more than three thou
kets of food to needy
"01 the children at- 9
k this morning. The main dis
.- , be at Mai
Iway, m a
? ? Brooklyn.
r?ach basket will contain S pounds of
, 1 pound i f macaroni, 1
pound of
pram,! ? ? of bread,
? '
pound bo
l dry picked chicken, weif-hin?;
; ? -, and one Testament
lousand pnr'KRgea of
I to i nildren at
tre, Broadway and
rutear H
?".in StS., memh. :
- and associ?tes will
of ?gifts by
the V
pm hu? Ired boxes
.ners in Sing
teer headquarl ??. I
and the ground cov?
ered will embrace 'he ? ? e
| ... u h ich hi. -
, h 'nope and belief I
* hut eor
?h These letters are
thy and some?
times not-ao-wealthy persons to pro
food and gifts.
\\ ork Made Them Mappy.
\ -?mobile? under the direction of'
? on shot about town ye
reedy children.
Two financially indepenilent women
personally participated in the auto?
mobile dell* hen the day was
over they I ' ? experienced
- was enthusiastically taken
' teachers of Publie School
th It. and Lenox av. They
of Ui<l children, defn.
<*?,o of the mo
?tag* ? sw 'i ork Kound
' il, at Third av. ic
hi've passed through the .
in the hospital
le?s than five years old;
the country. To .he children in the
ho pitnl chicken will
g for such y
be hai
? Holy Innoei
? I ? -at ion Sw
officers in
The Kronx, sent out
many automobile Ion
and caii.lv From families u | i
taken parents or c??
enme prcents in memory of the
children were I
and in agi ? ?
? trees
? m.
Sailor? Net Neglected.
Sailers in port without a ship, a- !
BOW, have
Mrs. ?
? ? .
? ? - .
repli? ir monev,
llenrn however, whose husband
? ,.?
at the association for years he'. ?
deat! .
i.lors were well led ?ftei
re 4vas a conceii
j music ben |
' 'H.
There will he a ChristUUI
? *y's home
... . . .
and Austrian sh
such (hi)
cause of the difficulty in ?hipping sea
I keynote. I
sea N
will be ? ebral ion
? ?ghborhood ? I by thi
g night!;
by choirs fn
Joseph W. Cushmai
! (?nibs, dis
trirt prisons and - iry. Thi
aal pro
of chicken dinners and mus <
?ill pri?
oners n is fare. ir
who had ?
? . ' ? r frorr
?" could do so This year thej
will take 44 ?
?? bread
winners are in prison
mas baskets from the Prison Asso-ia
tion yesterday and 148 children ii
? stmai
stockings. rere noi
tmons* contributors o" other than
I New
' rlton
. Mi ?. Pau '?'? lliam
R. Sidenberg, Mrs. Fn
I and Mr.?. S. K
. of course, wil'
? vices.
- Carol Singer? Oat
'. I
im of having i i n-tmas carol*
ou Chrisl ith th?
iws of Richmond Bill rei
? v he fou
I cel-brat i I ?
Brooklyn si
?? Bg in th|
i Hou ? ? . ? buttoi which
Btooklyn. A bs
? ?
v and
conn' th? ir
Sheriff Mas
guards in the Tombs ,. LudloW
.s t. j n 11. T i v
i K. Bowei
pool families of
are decked with * wreaths and
Rot? :
eet high. I
. two fi . ?
? r I indlei i , mmi
A. ll. Meyer, of 'he
.f the heiligen
?utrality he hung them all
on his Christmas I
?: McE, Bowman, of the BUt
nnd .lames It. Regan, of the
I Knickerbocker, have invited theii re
e rmployes to ' nner.
There will bo 1,000 at the I.iltmore
Most of the hotels and restaurants
have arranged special m?sica
grammes for Chrisl
Th.- i en's /
?-. given by
.-. ' 1 I i - and one
? ?race II will be e
and will pr?s?
helo- . ' nurch. will
Raymond I.. Ditmai , 1 - <? man
Suffragists Revert to Type
as Christmas Day Dawns
1 'mas Pay the surTragi*
For fear a
? ?i a?:d
talk vote? for
of D?
1 wou!'!'
countty. Turkey
? ?! rn.
i ? th?
the Christmas dinner, to which ?he has
-.da few fr ? h will
\ P I . ball and chances on the
! '
off for aufl ?
1 ccept for thia small concession to
.'an. Mrs !
give | ?
? ' .? r home at
IS Weal
? Mn
Blaten ??
hunch of holly.
Uorkeri l.ol |5 Billa.
At the Woman Suffrage party head?
quarter?, IS
? rkey and crin
pur? - doing up
? ta to
the member'? of '.he he
not going ' ITrage
on l'h? he said. "In the
: ? i- I
day. Then I'll come back ' ! Weal
' I've wn.n Mrs. I ;n
. M 1 we'll have our
"Mrs. ?a" I -as s? \- or ?even
i dinner,
; "Hin; a in New
tice in
fet ime,
1 .i \*. aril, the i
he on? K ?
. '11 h ?i ve pi
Mr- ' pen,!
iy in bed, reading I ther auf
.. ? ?
? a weary ?
Freomi ...
"I ahall i^ng,"
faction "My n*
a turkey dinner, but we won't give an;
? ?? little Christms
,-lying Chr ?
ill unati
- ? ? -i me o
- Bg in Chinatown
and I kii' ' Itai a. Th.
ons have ilmners f. r the men, bu
So I send I ?
in afford, with "From i
Mr*. Whitehoaae In Country.
. N'orn.nr, DeR. WhitehouM,
-? runnin*
Suffrage .-'hop for th.
Won.. i -".I thi
ml l'y home
I i"al old-tim<1
ther and her hus
and her ' Alice
chairman ol
? n .'or the
Won 11 have a
i panion. Tl
I -land hoi e.
it the
? coming up
1 ir, Ann i Howard k the
onal Suffrai
. from
. and she
? mas,
Medill Me1
11 iru a ' re ? for I ?
baby thai
\4.1 fa .' '?' Dodg .
I ' inch
took the
Mrs. Oliver II. P. Belmo
ha. her three ?mall grandchildren,
William K.Vanderbilt, o and
Muriel, to ? ? ' home,
II-- ii the eiily
; who has pi
Learys Rescue of Carroll
Christmas Note on Bowery
'.-?inder Rnd '
. . M ail
to a ?'hristmas dinner to day for
roll practically a
But he j
ill lived in
tie' had a roo.i job and
mu of the
? lincee, '
? n.l"
n chai practi?
. hii whole
l Carroll d
the crowd, 1 .? put ;' brief- \
? I
" iirrivd ?
He ii. d, m ?! af rimed
! and ancee.
In some manner he fought i
1 a-id srhen Chriatma rain he
of throttlii .- ? on. By thai
Be/WOl ! given up all h
ng back.
I I I me I re*h
'and another, und Chris'n:
. ?
.1 on
the B
I -eman. John V. '
- ai
Car roll a f I
the whole
, Uplift. Ill
110 for his first ?i
?ig at the Royal Hotel,
lo day he will eat his Christmas <i.n
ner at llie
is, because, hi declares, he doesn't
want men 1
IBS ?n* I'll i? a
! ,..mas Car
? ? ihan hn
.?'it in
- I
II d in Ike
BfOUnd the
1 The
??? suf
? ? ;?* the
II, and wl ? ?
?r accomplish? d. '
ins reported ca
ally large
u evidence at the
Chinatown Mi? ?on, the Mowerv
and I n of the American
In all the gathering places along
the | "down-and c
no another,
t, 1 no Chrisl
The m ae
? ? ?
ly and
? nnual Chrl itms i ?-er.
?. - .
Actors Find Christmas Fun
Only Snacks Between Acts
Leauty hinta and
? ? ? ?., . auine that
?Iras? ? ?
1 have I gay |
P?a peo
pie in the ??
? las to
? '. a nous ''?
lime ll.ird I mi?' I Ins Year.
rae, du?
manda upon
hl d ?
hard w?,rk.
1 fat dinnera. Beaidea, eating fat din
nera is not at all the beat way to trat:
vork thai demands keenneaa en<
Some of the theatrea have a Christ
i rr.as tree and a feast after the nigh
performance on the stage, but no uni
- late, because of the ogre of th?
- work that haunts them.
! agine Forest Wiriant getting ?im?
for ft I .- dmn?i! He play? II
?wo ; at the same time
"Kick in" end "The Song oi Song-?,'
and, though thtty are on opposite sides
street and hla "run across" '3
j managed, he ha? to content, him?
eh in 1 ia dressing-room
Harder for Those "On Hie Road."
Of eourae, tl e acor playing in his
horn?* a I t. vage of friends
'o lielp him celebrate the
ly, but ti. nh what Christmas
a poor player "on the
: bct-or pa;d play
? fti ? :gh at
EhotUamis and
? r 1 v paid stock playera
and nembera of tiie choruses in big
musical show? who find Cht-iitirm' ??
' very ?ad affair indeed.
One girl, now the star ot a Rroadw?-.
I production, told of a Christmas "per.t
| in a little Western city'some year? a-*-,,
! when she was in the chorus of g ie-.0i,-j
! rate musical sh.nv that made her cry
1 to think of. She was engaged at Jig ,
week, and after the production n
the w? ; leed to II4
She had Chriatmas dinner in a
? .
i case was by no m ?.'an s singular.
Most of our theatrical managers | ? ?
In the city make ev. -
their players a happy Chi
company, 44hieh doe, not expect
this writing, ia go-ng te 1
stocking With a large gold p ..
every dressing room, il
will find gifts and appr?ci?t! i| ,
mg f'-r them al ?
tiou there is '.me fai
On the whole, how?-..
lie that comes I ra?
Christmas, just as it u dm
of the year. B< I
! illusions and lures of Hr
| the white 1 . '
Real Yule Cheer Smiles
on Inmates of Sing Sing
mi to?
te the men
- -j s t. A McKenny, a guard und
., I ., ? .-one
ton laid, "Never
I much
a man
l?,. : ible rank of
il p relief against
-? ' e air?
Prieonera sin-w J?i>.
and young-,
.1 : -, meant, and lie aa-.d
ok forward
ider the Osborne
regime, and ?I did teem that they were
in unusually happy spirits.
In the iiie's hall last night they
erowdad together, shoulder ta shoulder,
at tho long benches convening and
laugh ng Warden McCornuck, the ad?
vocate of Joy ridea, permitted the men
?o talk in low tone?, but Warden Os?
borne leti them have free rein in con
?ors came all day yesterday to
se.? priaonera and to bring the.n rr?s
ma of tl ? rialtora eai
-., but the most of than
4 | their way carefully or?
ilV.\ ?ee of '? a bleak, rod
? leada to the towering prii
One of thoee who walked ?
woman, who carried
la done up in 'i'"A -: ?'?? : x
?? that
I prison gl
i looked nt the grim
? the bundle
Actor. Who Plays Tunes on
Washboard, and Unemployed
Publiai Helped.
There will be a Christmas tree a' U
eat ISt -day. To understand
? thia ia one should have
? : ? " ISth st. ?ay two days
At that time it presented a
with the sj,,.,. ires of
??nt, starvation am! threatened
on stalking through the ro
The spectres have now been a
? '. and by the National Plant,
er and Fruit Guile.
Mrs. George E, Paul, aecretary of
'?red the house, -,
ia a rear tei . queer
little | . d the
hurt, a'i ex-vaudeville
dancer, in great ''?.'? I their
"turns" Mr. Hurt pit on a
oard are out of i'.r?'e with muri
and what they get for Ii
after 2fl \\ ? ? ?? 13th it lent worth
oning. The ea prize t'ghter who
occupiea ?he firat floor fro
? a job, hia wife is in the hospi?
tal ?vith H bru ?Bed face and o"
, and his daughter, May, aged
.'.???red by Mi P
? ??' ?.1 Jimmie and Bill)
and a half, respect.vely on
ng a day.
The family in the rear of the M?
ond Boor ?ni being evicted. A re
table-looking engineer out of a
'?? wore in two rooms
almost bare of furniture b*t
ind parted with every stick t
Mr?, l'a ?il halted the eviction with
the payment of rent for i ? ?
and ? out and appea
ofteara and mem -
?- guild, among them
Mra, i: II. Harri man,
Mm. ?Edward S Harkneea and
John Sherman Hoyt. 1 hi,
OUtly, and to-ilay's '
No? only will It be loaded witl
othea for the eight children in.
. ; .. ;. ,* ? ... a will be i
for the < The
trying te ork for the
? r men. i
ta a S and' ? ? who
?une? on a waehboard, ?ill they
-?? communicate with the ?guild, To
Robert Goelet Distributes
Coins to Avenue Police.
1 icemen wh? s the
BV. had at least one ?
Washington S??;;.?-?
"New York,
' '
i. ittna
Benefit for Swedish Poor.
ind Hrook!.,n will ft?.
I ?rnegie Hall to-morrow r
fannies ?f
Boy Scouts Deny Aiding Santa
An article appearing In Th? r,
">' Monday, December li. refer
0 Boy Sc
ma, th< II...
? and the United ? .
fall, ru* *U'(,r bands to her ? >
' - .
One of those who r??de wri ?
thro of Lee Do?
gunmen now in the dea*h hum.
dreused in a fur coo*
an Ameno :
his Oriental face.
Free Dying Ceeivkl
S*ill another visitor was ?
o-' a pr oner ?? I ? ? ?
* law
goes, but practically ?!-. ? - r
m a Buit of eli
lifted mto an automobile
it's own phvsieian had ?aid thut
the prisoner had but a lit? - -,
live, end so a trifle more than two
years was struck from hi? four ye??*
One more prisoner who ???-?en?; or.*"*
ye=*erdav w-a? Newton Tcmllns, ?he
after a year in the death house ?p.,
transferred to Rockland County jail,
' of Appeals having g.vej
him another chance.
Ifr. Osborne was a**"m** yesterday ia
Bogtoa Bt a family reunion and until
??turn to-day Assistant Depu'y
Warden Johnson is in charge.
The preparations f 'lion.?
'.mi.-' are all made. The rellf*
ious are expe ?
through by B:S0 a. m. to-day and then
carpenters will prepi :
the XJ6O0 i en : . ? : - There
will be two performance?, one I
ing the other almost iron ? \
chorus from the Golden R
hood will sing for the mea ? l ?
death hill? ?.
Family Dinners in Cltj and
Counlry to Celebrate Chrl
mas Hours.
Comparatively ?'
mente are on the soca' pr-gramme for
to-day, and i-oe'ety will c
almost entirely ?
?owed ill Some C. - ?.
in the evening I
home from ' I
the Hudson, in a
and places fuitl
their homes ? I 'h* "?'??
days and Bl
ir tl
to 1 .
winter sports are now in full
i Dr. and Mrs. W. Bomore
-ruaste with them a '
place at Shelburne, Vt; Mn ? II.
Harrirnan bas a fsmily I
country place a? Arden,
i rad c. Vanderbilt and her t
dren have gone to their camp ll
??lacks; Mr. and Mrs. Cl<
H. Hodge and M
Wright I?odge are *p?" ling Chi
I r country place, R I
? Harry Payne Whitney?,
? v. '? itneys, the ( ourtlandt
Rarneses, Mrs. H. Van RoBBaelaei
nedy an?! her dl
and Miss Maud Kann? dy? are
Dr. and Mrs. Pi
will give a email dance to-night a*.
their place at Great Seek, I.?
I ? ' young people w.ll g
i until Monday. .v
Cornelia ?
and Kiss Paul ? ?" i
Mr. and Mr?. Pembroke Jones and
their son. Pembroke
gone to their plantai
evenii ?
N. Bi
"? placed BB a :
mas tree m the centi
an.) Mrs. Henry Lewi? Morri? ? Il bave
a dim
Mr. and Mrs Henry *
? I'aki. ??. ,
1-tli it
--- - ?
Starts Programm" at Hearst
Concert in City Hall Park
Mayor Mitchel ? i
and i: .\ . Sn ?th, i omm
Docks and .
\ 101
hull,In :
4 ?
? and"
Money Mrs. Shepard's Qlftl
Mm 1 ? i ? ?
?Mil gold pi*
1 ills.

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