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;vt-jt->??-j?- h? ir^?-^a.Ta?.T.-'7??-?i.?av>-.Jvr -, ?s rfN *?';-??? r/"-.',*?-T. ?tt???t-?.*
.,-w.'?*?rv..-.?%^-.??Mi--?.-.?-Tr-s?--?t^4-^ ?**?>-'-' v ? -r : '? ?? ?*--J.'f?au5:."???
t?XltJLSS-*'*XirL?-.'y-*::i?2S**''Jt: -i^~ 1 ,..Afl , ?? a.l- O??.' ? ?.-,?? ?1-.^. ?1. . ... , - . . a. -y?..??^.-a?irt"vr">C^a??:"''k,*?;rta"?^
Coffee Jelly.
DISSOLVE six tablespocnfuls of
powdered gelatine and one and
one-half cups of sugar in four
of wat?*r and add two cups of
?trorig coffee. Pour into a wet mould
and set away to get firm Tur-i out
and ?erre with whipped and sweetened
Caf? Krappe.
he white of one egg, sightly
ta, add one-half cup cold water
? ehalf cup of ground coffee
' one quart of bailing water. Boil
?iautee, then stand when
I. After ten minutes strain, add
cup sugar and cool. Free-e w ?'
.?! parts ef salt and ice. Serve in
. thia glasses 4? || w V pped cream
Coffee Blanr Mange.
- * cups scalded milk.
?up coffee.
??iird cup sugar.
* me teaspoon butter.
tablespoonfuls cornstarch.
Bler.J cornstarch with Bams ' '
coffee, st.r with remainder into
led milk, add sugar and sprir.klir.;;
' salt. Cook ia double boiler fire
itee? then over fire until corn?
earen boils. Stir in butter just before
taking up. This quantity of corn
?sreh. level measurement, makes a
delicate blanc msnge. If pre
'erred firmer, use six tablespoons of
Coffee Pudding.
- ?-quarter cup butter.
One-quarter cup sugar.
One cup atronp, sweetened coffae
' small, stale sponge cakes
Three yolks eggs.
Cream butter and sugar, add yolks
of egga and beat very light. Cut
sronge cake into elicea and spread
with creamed mixture. Pour coffee over
cake, put in moul?l, let stand, and turn
out on dish. Serve with whipped
Coffe?s Ice Cream.
l"?e one cup black coffee, two cup?
?wo cup? whipped cream, one
cup sugar, yolks of four egi,
noon of vanilla extract and one
fourth teaspoon of salt. Put ?/ol
lata a saucepan over the tire, mi?
with sugar and milk, and stir until
they thicken. Strain when cool, add
'?lipped cream, coiTee, salt and
vanilla extract. 1 tee ? and Ml
dainty fiarse?.
Coff'se Sauce.
This i? to serve hot or cold with
pudding?, desserts made from cake?
and cold Bonfll? Pul ala tableapoona
und coffee into a percolator and
? over it one and one-half cups o'
boiling water; let it remain uni ?
hae run through, then strain lata I
tablespoons of sugar and the yolks of
? ?>'? egg? that have been mixed to?
gether. Put the mixture Into a sanee
pan and etlr It until It thickens to the
conalstency of thick cream, then rub it
through a sieve, heat and use. If th's
eauce la eerved cold, one-half cup of
? stiffly whipped cream should be added
? Juat before 6erving. (
The New Scheme of Lacing the Coat Is More Com?
fortable Than the Old One of Lacing
the Corset.
Ti ?'-heme for making th
i.gure look narrow by lacing th'
- des is inflnltel;
comfortable than was the old one
ng the corset.
** present the first mentioned meth
( producing a narrow effect is
:?* applied to coats of street cos
These, because of thr-ir es?
? . have a strong appeal
?? matron of girlish figure. The
'old mirror assures her that the
I coat makes her appear bipless
at the short skirt worn below it
i the siendo!
I the discrepancy between the
? cure ar.d the mature face,
? he town in serene ur.
ousness of uncomplimentary
For the Fresh Faced Girl
Freeh facen* trrl of b- -
I built fif-ute who shoul ? mu?',
jof this fashion, and she is taking full
i est advantage of the opportunity
' sees to it that the skirt of her newest
suit, whether it is a scant, double
1 decker affair or a generously flared
1 model, discretly covers her substant:??.'
' ankles. Then she gets herself into the
smart little jacket whose effect is that
of a front and a back panel laced to
r across the hips whi*
f covers.
Always small ;? the side-laced coa*.
and shapeless seemingly -until close
ly examined. Then one rei
give appearance was care'
planned. arm form
_es of the r
are a trifV '.jlder
| seams are long. Abo ?
re is no my
Otherwi?e thev ??
A blue and white pin atriped
siik afternoon gown, bearing
faces of Mexican origin in its
white embroidered lawn collar
and cuffs and button-trimmed
H .-es. Pleatinga of material
dot the fulness of the skirt.
Marry Collins.
_-, ?.*:-'? ' >?"*??'*
** I thing
?*? hex - Beath
all nation* ?- of all *
-, ?
KC ? dar -v I ? -?clous,
? world
for i ?-. SI ' s*en"
A true Christmas mess?'*?
-- Las
? ,. -hat shak.
? jins of the
pa ? a new and a * order.
... md good
will ?
derful world peaee
rts of
??We ? ?VI heard very much
dened. MAl ? matter of fai '
, ! ? many aims, many am
? ? ..cations which conflict
Women I
catir,, on? ac^ieveme::? the ere?
a . the prnerva'ion and the pro'ec
<? human race l? || thll or.e
all over the
' world with a union that |
; neath any cleavage l
? therhoed ii -
?man race."
Wi.i'i.i.,. Balldarlt) GeB-eratee Praee.
because of I
lhat s
| r
-. at the pi i
not so mud aomea tr.cm
selvr . whole '
' hum?'
the humai. I ' in the
? I, and
.shall I
try have drawn ab
mngirary i ' women in
official paaitiona, ar.d have tried to por
: tray the muddle tin. ??'ranee
? *tion?
-e, however
'imtastic yet
lory te-dl
craft ?a NBplete? fhe iouiidsliun? of
the civilization tf.ey have erected
I have proved rotten.
The Saving Influence Shut Out.
* one influence that could h
? ad the ba inei ii -ere?ts
been thl ? <??.- Women ai the nat'.
i-n? of the human ra.?
? i ? | ? ave rervM
menta that the life of a pe<,
s more than material accumulati
cation the a.
?ill have to he built, and in t
? - InUre-ata of i
? to take ?
"The new world
" peace that
? termination
same agene
r are li
.re of pubic opmi
f the public will
the tel of peace, then ?
pare for more t?
? ? of view
n exrres?ed i
thia niH'ter. !? ia vital that it ahou
he expressed at the present momer
It is csential that the woman's mov
rgl ? and work that the ne
spirit shall be embodied in a ne
Her ( hri<?tma? Me?sage.
That this Chriatasaa may leave a ?ire
imprint on American women, Mr
Lawrence appeal', to them to furthe
I he reinforcement of the democrs
cie* of the world by the inclusion o
the mother-half ?it the human rac
into the rank* of citizenship.
Miat women .??> well a* men ?houh
be sent as represent?!???*? of their na
turns to the Hague conference.
Thal ihr power? now at war abal
he held In their slogan that thia ia I
war to end war.
That a European senate compoaec
of representatives of every European
nation be ior?n?-d for the discussion ol
international loiurrni, whereby na?
tion? ?.an ?eelt lo obtain whal is nee
essjry I o ihe development ?if their na?
tional life by bargain and exchange in?
stead of by secret treaihery or open
slaughter and loot.
That all treaties and alliance* on
the part of any democratic nation
shall be ratified by the representative*
o? the people.
I bat ?I the conclusion of peace no
province ?ball be transferred from one
government lo another without the
consent of the population concerned;
(hat women, who have suffered equal?
ly with men, sb .11 br im ludecl in the
plrbinitr whereby consent shall be
That the democracie? ?hall prei? fo
lorn? kind of international agreemen
by which all the nation? ?hall pu
ihemielves at the back of any law
abiding nation that is aggreitively at
ticked, or of any ?mall country that i
, menaced by a ?tronger power.
Ili.it the manufacture of armament
?hall be nationalized and that the ex
port of ammunition from one countr?
to another ?ball be vetoed.
The creation of ?ome con?titutioni
machinery by which the democraciei
nirtv exerci?e ?ome control over for
eign policy.
I- - thrOUgli Aller.rar. WOmBI
ir.g for the aims set forth abc
-rves that naaei
n the world, because
the United States must he the arbiter
of the present I
Woman '.merging as New Force.
? pen s th al fuel a * ? h: s ei
in a ? ??? the uosaaa'i move?
en erging as a new force in the
.' wai 1 i." Mrs. Pcth
Ick-Lawrence explained at the home of
her frlei ' * Madeline Dai
Washington Place. "It i? this new
force that will have to be called in to
take part in the work of reconstructing
from the ruins of the past a new and a
- social order.
"The pe b1 of view of women ha?
been expressed on this mat?
ter. It is val that it should be SB*
? ? ? 'he present momen?.
ntial that the woman's movement
?hill help to formulate public opinion.
I >"i must help Sad expression for
the new spirit that is in the wor
ii.in's movement mue
rk that the new ei
?h.ill be embodied in a new peace tha*.
shall fulfil the slogan that thi? is a
Ama/ed at Strength of Woman's
lire. Lawrence is amazed at the
rgai ?' :. of wi
"W e have nothing like ? la El gland,"
she declar- ? ? 1 never ?aw so
miry women working for social bet
lave seen in the American
?- i. In Knglard the
women have turned their attention to
politice, ?rid they have sccompli?hed
? ? so much in civic reform.
"I am intensely interested in prison
reforms," she wen*, on. "You see, I
hav? been imrnsoned * x ' :?. e?, and 1
know from perseaal experience a F"' '
<i?al about prisons. Therefore, the
| thing I ?a* i*i 'iricr
1 lea acd that i? a broad ?tatemcit i
nay. That was a eourt eontpoaed of
the prisoner? themselves, which d<
the pui
Sing Sing Now Wonderful.
"It wae w? - to oe)e how gravely
they I < ach ca?e brought be?
fore them, and I are in
. -?r?r?> :.0 careful
It all the circumstances in
each , . | inen who x...
ment neemed to have regained trie
of manhood, for a brief time at
least. I was very much impressed, and ,
* this idea hack I
? ?before o::r priaom reform com- '
?*. We have nothing i
Mr.?. Lawrence ?ince her s-- -?
a month ago haa been speaking before
duba, org
v. omen are I
aufferer of a
loldier who faeaa
? troi pre?
ferred to that of women who ;,re left
behind to face the complete dieorgani?
The Candlestick's End
In Its Place in the kitchen Is
the Convenient, Safe
F.lectric Handlight.
? relesjated
existence in dust and
on account of th?
The latter haa be,*ome <=o eonva
and it | that
no household can be without it. The
electric hard 1 ght, moreover, will not
set ai ' laie, nor can it be
i bit
lern than '
th a han?
dle on ?op to carry .'. by and a rcgula
intenail the
strength of the light as :*. ia needed. It
is guaranteed to throw a shaft of light,
a hundred yards. The case holds two
dry cells, which are en-.ly and cheaply
Thrnsra Light Through Snmke.
Another kind of ha part
' ?
igh thirty
. ?
iirs or hi
to the front of a a the
ba'.tcry may be carried in his pocket. I
\en ?oC?etiJ, ,
miorates south ward
jhe azure skies oftro?ic
zones, demand a code of*
styles, totally diff?rerai
from the apparel, of our
local climes
FOR 1U? OCEAN TRIP, are cozy TOP COATS "ol soft,
SLJTS. in new, drrni-jaiion models, showing tent?Vr-icne? of the
acKa.ii.ing opting stvlej.
SUITS "very English" ?o cut and material -SMART SEPARATE
ot natural gabardine, white serge and Palm ?3?a?.b *?->ril*ed? ?
alt? dcth and Imgene-?eautihjl PORCH WRAPS, and apparel
ef similar o ature.
conespoixiing apparel for ail occanoos. ?
f/ere.tn thTs
?Anrs shop oPAffEn/QA.
are modes for every requisite
each as exclusive as the
GIDDINOname assures
CJtfd?Henue at Street
Transferred Most of His Prop?
erty tu Wife, It Is Believed,
Before Death.
Acco ? ?: affi
J. Korden
llarriman. the banker, who d
? 'ilher 1. he
II was
BlUB of his re:il pi
and of
? than
? I
te his
me time before his d< l\
Mr. llarriman was a. resident of
? K' -co, where he' !
i dises
ele was taken
to *?> ;? rlgtOI 1! s will was dated
gil the
property to hi- Mrs. I lorence
?I i?.. H.iiriman. lattoli
el Frank I 1 . isle ex
Mr. Harritaaa's wife is better I
i .ember of .. Indastris
1 am ?-? 'ii ;n
Colorada, where the eomm ttes
Uie cosl
strike took
i ??? the heal'h
? ? %4 ould ." . I . but
the outbreak of th< Kuropean war cum
M r. 11 ;. i. ? .?
II. llarriman, and B
bank i g
? r llarriman, jr.,
h ? h' :< ? 'i ',' is .-I? ? -?? ?
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