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ZVTrtu Dark ?ribmu.
1 .T-t to I.ant the Truth: Nm., ! ilittinaN. Ail\ <rti?,c
M I -l?\?. I'll I nui. ?, I'll
? ?
? i nan i
i .
><>u can purchase mer? liandiT adver'i-ed in THF
li.nii M. ?nd efcaelate safety?foi ii ill
?.n reealta m an> ?as.- ?THE TRIBI SI goefnntoos
u pa> yoOl muni *. hai k upon re-ju.-t. No red lape.
No quibl'liriK \\ ? in.'ki good promptl; If Ike aih<r
This Country's Legal and Moral
Status in the Philippines
.. now
? . ?
attack on the legal ami moral ?right ?
1 nltod State? ri the t IHpinoi." ?jui
"The Wi,. ;?:' thai we
lightly tli<- ?honor *?f the eoui try." We should ?be
orry to ?be conTictad ?>f inch misconduct. But
u. cannot deduce from "The World's" argun
ktioi ..i honor requires th? Unit?
the Juries bill a pledge and ? bun?
combe preamble pledge ??' ,! ??' '" renoui
ovei the Philippines. There ll
?if-rif-afi title ><> the archip
ih<- nat?o ! morally,
deal N*. it h this dependen?**) on thi
insulai po
MTh< ?'?
A ?in
? ' ml held no
nother man a ithoul that
\ ?. the
")' will In .
mi?: . . - ??? anal ? nebl?
i . ..nur when Plirty will
.linn "the loyal and morel njrlit
? ? that day com?
. iirld in the hearts o?
? ? |. i .
graph may expresi the
? ? v ho regret that the original
thirteen coloi es ever exj tnded westward and
ird, but n clashes at ?-.cry t< |> with the
policy which ha.- made the United States the
: ..'.? r which ? timental?
. ;? ? t the first contad with facto, Lin?
ers not ? ' ? holding in the
Union, in spite <>f their non-consent, the ?
? h tried i in 1861. Ji IT? '
ised the 1 iana Territory and ?governed u
without consulting the wish? of the inhabitants.
We acquired Florida from Spain ami California
and V? v. Mexico from Mexico without ?< :
the part . the population. Hawaii WI
quired in .??pit?? oi th?* fact that the local govern?
ment which made overtures for annexation ?A.,
ii?? ? the la-t ! ?President
M i usurping ca? pet
sation not representing the Hawaii
Vet we do not hear "The World" complaining
thai national honor was liehtly held and lib)
outraged in these successive trai i
.?;? he wiped off national honor by
ing h.?.-'?, the ?Louisiana ?Purchase to France,
Florida to Spain, the Spanish-American tat.
the We t to Mexico and Hawaii ! liuo*
mi? Our ?sovereignty over the Philippini
? i our ?sovereignty over the
whole western half of tin* United state-, over
Hawaii m d ovi r Pe to Rico, and we have just as
much right to maintain it in one locality s
In 1900 under Mi. Bryan' leadershi] the
D?mocratie party took up "anti-imperiali
hoping to find an issue more inviting than '
It blundered at the start into the ii
sistency of demai ding independence for tin?
Philippines but neglecting to demand indepen*
0. Hotll tl
I from Spam under the same treaty. In
I ?>f the governed asked.
W hy, then, make fish or' one and flesh of the
Down to 1912 Democratic national
have admitted delegates f<
K, o. while refusing to admit delegates from the
?Philippines, on the ?ground thai the tat
: ,i ? f the Unit* Stati
ore clearly the humbug
? nor liphtly held" contentioi
Democratic party than tin fanciful discrimina*
Beet ' the Phi/: far away, dif
in-ult to defend and vexatious to administer, the
of the g applied to
i. Rut no Democrat quotei '? and
??nee for Porto |
within ?their rii/ht
practical reaeot
? t i?e advieable to evacuate the Philippines.
? ?r.?rr or ,' in of national
policy, t?. !.?? decid? .i d * ?"
But to assert that the Unit?
tader any moral obligat*
pi re ?laptrap. I bill
Hawaii. We < that ' I"? World" will advo
." Demo?
Custom House Reforms.
... to the puhii.*
h Mr. Mal?n?* justly claims
? * . | oi the IV
f the efflci?
{or baggagi ' '"'^" ?'" :'
r-iahle am. |
A pa-' ying period passed under
Mr. Ma!(.r,e*s direct ion in the d ? ?'
? ? ?
It il the
.! t.'-'m."'. ?*?, that officialdom un?
e during tr ?;tl that
? :.? :?.:.?!
human fashion. Thal
Miss (Jricc II. Dodge.
Grace H.
public knew little of her. Hi r good dei
? utnpeted abroad. Bl P "-"?"
It ga . ' ? '
paper headlim . Neverth?
thirty ?- her m":.?-., her t
herself unstintedly ?" philanthropy ami public
il nut letting Uh
. know wli.i is (?oil!--'.
It . n i"- iil e t*> mea -
. alia induced othera b .
the worked) and othert worked because of the
? amide. In her labora foi
\\. c. A. ?,: re? : er i olle? *>r the
. len ' Aid Society, I i
many other a*ood works, she did enough to make
*?' ?"?,: '
,i- born to wealth and hitih "tocial Btation. She
? ized these attei the accid?
a a g-raai obligation. She in?.I .. splendid,
truly Christian conception of life, and she lived
.]. to i' nobly.
Worse than New York.
,-i.tiy had a ?
luffing in Charta I , Murphy' *?? -
trict, but ilii? -the feebli ?o? an expiring
Tammai a/a - ' a fleabib to thi * lection out?
. ' r. il.; ite, which ha ? anded ward
?o? ice, judges
an,l , .. conspiracy. It
i, .sume comfort to thi that
??ven h, politic it i no longer the acme of in?
iquity, h ?-till i sfting :>":i ?eme ; it .--'till
loubted -? . -, it assuredly
ho are p -liticians. It haa gunmen
and gamblen and brothel-keeper who pay trib?
ute for lawbreaking. But il has not an admin?
istration v.hi'-li fl poli ?riant
hand in glove \*-?ih thi I ? oin element, sell?
ing protection foi graft ai ?I political support,
and it is nut likely to have for many a lonf
to come.
'1 he : thai brand of politi? I
>r such politicians is in jail?if they
won'1 have too had a * ITei < on the ot
it.?, A fter 'I erre Ha ite' h li*een ?-' in
oilier, it is to be hoped the prosecuting authori?
ties will turn some attention to India
. communit ?es, ? hich l have
?h red lighl pol?t
Fighting in the Fog Above Cuxhsven.
The British raid upon Cuxhaven wai alto
L'fthvi- the moi I modern piece <*t' fighting the
,*.ar has produced. Zeppeline attacked ci i
seaplane* attacked forts and battleships, and the
ii engagement <>f the wai
pied the I i ? ibmari ? took only a sec
part in thi "War of the Worlds.*1 \ a
ivholc the expedition, dear aero the Nortl -
??i thi very heart of Germany's best de*
fended i most brilliant and daring
It putj the Hartli i.i bombard
ment in tin i eat of arms. It
ha ?? i" ? n n * from the brutal
assault upon non-coml ed the
ating the < (fii acy of aerial
attack is concerned, it cannot be said that the
raid went for much. Fog prevented ac*
bomb dropping, say the English report : yet
how much opportunity for bomb dropping would
?atort have had had the wea?W i
clear? 'The failure !?> accomplish large result.*
must be conceded I ther item in the tur;,
ft* aena! failure in atta?... A
have demonstrated Bupreme value by
practically eliminating surprise they have re
mad?- land wa are As weapons ol
destruction, they have done next t<> nothing. Ex?
p?riment may yet develop air tadic- which will
lition. Ti date battles in the
i-louds depend on their novelty and pictun
neu for their importance.
National Guard Reorganization.
Somewhat varying explanations are given for
der disbanding the 22d
Regiment. The v. ir Department says that the
?a. issued in conformity with the militia
law, which, allotting t?. New York Stab
tactical division, call- for only battalion organ?
izationa of engineers, thus i ? g the
g up of tin- regimental organi i
Another, coming from Major Genera] O'Ryi
' her hi'-li offlc? the national guard,
is that the 22d, c?as i regi?
ment, had in it* membership many fine da
and BOH
and .successful bu n ami gen?
'?at not a full compi.-m? r ? of well drilled,
u-chi.ii ally equipped engine?
The two explanatkmt are not ineompal
they are coiiiplenioiitar>. ,n f,,,- t|u.
.' the present fed? ral law gove ?
the or n of the milicia, or national
guard, waa tl ? ? edge that this "well trained
? " waa anything but well trained and fit
for duty. The national guard i*- a joke to reg?
ular army officers. They hold it t.. be riddled
uith politic i . -;i| ?n.
competency. They do no! criticise every organ?
and they know thai in the national
guard are many oilier- and men who take the
service seriously, givii g it si ?
makii . ? 'it.
Neverthelc s, no military expert,
.er rated tl
guard ? paper showing. All
"' er t ? ? th.-r.- ia ti" | a cir,;,,.
make the milit ia .. gi
? ? ? ody t.. the nal
my. To be that il
? clubroon*
dam-?- hall-. Ir in Util tab
ted that
! hit.
'?i ??be able rnei ? ?
the re
.-?-?-?- '
The Conning Tower
igh gloomy ?Hal ??* to-day,
rough the hall- of a great as] lum,
A (dace when
With ?
? i . ma ly ?? *?? l ' T
? ? *ry o?" one still
? jaw,
-...-.ii rXiile*,
? laut') like ? 'i"-r
"!' ...?; I to him,
"Hi . your reason?
Was it love ?.hat. made your mind ?grow ??mi?
? i boo ?? i ink out ol ?.. on'.'
"jm.! hu*: ? ou here.'
yotl crazed by high
D . ou and make you queer?
11 -?.. ?1 the Ki-Ki iianee:-'.'"
I lii ' hi mid,
Ii. was not booze nor mone) ;
? Ki-Ki dance ed my bead;
"I '. ;. ? -.': foi mad;
I thought of no pat? : f. applii
.i i married a wife who'd had
.\ course in Domestic - ciei .??."
Till MIT! 9.
\Ve feet '.... Oui
? o?
? UHU..- rooking I
i ..I-.': ? .
to-dH*.. Hut tl.i .
m Abral
M r.
? i it b
Perhaae, *?u1 It's ?Hard t" l'i?.'-?- ? eatribe.
When they fail to land. Still, don't you thii -**?
Tiiat ?I i- Rodme ' ght b?
. Mr!'
I 'I had hit
B. I..
\.t\c taki i: in pidi!:
School Nu. 11. Throgi N? ck.
? on called ?
? ;. Mr.
i. Miller, ot' tlio Bi
il. nrietta
. who, ?o??'.
?i ;.i in i
Ind now, i ? ; . m?
ployed by the
Pati ck Hear)."
? i mini.
ionei ng him f?
public t.i ;? i ?'? ? ? r Mis?
the fig
lers whether
? i lioronch would shore
.... . ? ? ,?
fu< '? ? bet the
nade by ci ?
? ther.
I lit *-y Arm ti ?
l'i S.Uil
In l'ork who *; ? fj o .i bn . to dj
? ?
? ?
? ? 'it to tin* institu
question is a
v. hy moral
l cred ? i
Sai ? !.r
ork interns. . .
If friend rie,
-? -, |
?!> pom? s I KNOW
t for t
? d,
t 01 I
Bee el
Nail -?
i- I A.
the people's column a?;:e:is;:1"
Neighborhood Joyi That Only the
Little Villag?* C'..', Give.
fir: I want t?. ?
man or woman who wrote
v.. ? Saug 11 ? advan?
and real joj
brougl ? a at I
? . come t.. thi
i?., back
Oil " II
great" si .lay of the year.*1
In the country one i ;,. qui
? ,r>- family for milei around; in the
: ?
ing in I mi hou ? nie ci rcum*
I are I ,
country, a man pai -
>rtl . a hile in city
? of "bluff" and
? parta .
? ? i .
ed to get a
Gunmen, gangsters, Harry I
, ? ? ;' ? ? . loaophera,
inen end teachera come from thi
.'- inety-ft? ? per e* at of the Inmate
form Hn.l ,-? .-Hill?'
from tin* city. SAMUEL HART.
fork, Dee. 26, 1911.
Quick Money in n Life That Is All
Too Short.
i''.?? I i ,1, ,
Sir: Noting H. W. B.' letter, of
-*erti< ! ? aid *.*y thai
from the ?ko ot
ror about I
I have been
i, 11, educa! ,.n I acquired in
Saugertiea, I might with .. elear eoi
?? quote the word "edit ?
II. W .!'..'
. ,- ,? .
I country. Il"?
? . in Saugen ?
for thoae who "real
II irth"?
greater for
me mai I ame amount
?it' effort, ? . or Sew York?
ama abilit]
? rodui ? liekei ta? And
i ? h?rt, and ? ?
? m almighty ci?.llar? t..
w i t h I 11 ' ? i
oning to -? eure loma th?.* qu
??> \';,\ DOI
. : in the eoui
ncomo con
iid< r?nr! ample. Well, a
? in th?- village? liow long
rill it I to i iy i''?r l-t'et
A long time. Takes practii ?
cent. Il man lea. He dta
.i.,, - ! ? pro)
te love and the bah ca? Pe? i a|
i ?r-inr.', .. little money in the
and the hoaae. Houeea eaaaot i.? ?
and money received from the lala will
, long aor, If iaveatedi * ?
teoni. Be h>' reallj ? ?
? .: i, to hei pan nta, work or i
ap.nn f?r a I ?
adit who baa
1 i ti to al
b gger and
...ni encourage othera to tl
theat r? . 11 .
? a) ?-"? It? ? i
her milder taai
mall ta m ou hare
11!. \l." ! M W1?
UV -?? 1914.
Man Meetings lo Protest Ag.unrt Wir.
ro he I ditoi
Panait a
I Bot be fea ?le for I
atea ai tac United Stataa to coil
of the
would take
p end
1 ork, D? c ..i.i ;.
"The Most Bciutiful, the Most Splen?
did Thing Ever Dn-Hmed Of."
I | . !?!..
Su :
ft ? ?? .
i ". . . I youi
nropo '? ienna.
s an
.?ill Ktarv'ing in Vienna does ? not?
Well, I will i '
lire .ply than it I v
time in Lei
?.: Anglo .'
report are
? if tl t arar
. .
? arms
hi do
We our elvo .
\\ nit
m. idea ' ? *in?'ly
? ?
Know ing in rmany,
ing the G< -lay and
i, lei it. l'i.- the
. I against her, d
. sentimental ty about
; the
o .
Fatherland. He reed into
he im:
ami enthtl
I have no
?ded they ??
. i ..'.?m .%.;: rifi be
?'.;?ii German prompti ?
iser und Reich.' I un
know tin i wai
crii te. But ,(?' ? man]
tin- grandest
HENRY I ?:i ?'i;
N. ? Yorl -l.
A Formula for German Mate.
1.. ? . ?f The Tribu
S i : I hav? ? . "
l t'rom i'
..'.le to dedu? ? ?
rm. Rt'SSELL :
.'."., I'M I.
Help for War Victims in France.
Sir: Nay I as
v ? '?. n * .
elothii i- t.. Amer
!'?? I| i and ?
linpoii that l!
igi?.?-..a v ill contii ?o ti.i- -?i...
.\ ill be added to
the I ?
h CD
A Veteran el th*** R?*f*iment Asserts
Its High Efficient y.
tor of The Trib i
Sir: I hare just finished reedif.g the
i elative
. M R? gim? ?
. h mili
di*! ul ir?
d I.O..I
-imt'iit and not
\ nd as
one who lias kcpl in u h with
? take
excc| tion I
call? ?.'
tiring ni- bombs from am
lained a very ?
??? be I un.?ni
of trouble. In
?! |f
? -.i ?area
ii* the
H roo? .do red
valuable and efficient service m both
it did
I ? Wot.
locial functions, and.
? r ment
tu the re) ? been mor?
i han bei t in the
.?r" recruiting ?? ?i.* rabie element
.m u.*? high
feel absolut
? . ?
i - i...
of the D
? , ?
ami !
er from tl tats I
?'-rm ?s Com rnor
Member I"
Fork, 1
Lines Are Cited Which May or May
Not Have Caused the W.,r.
To the Ed I . ,
r1:1"1 v ot' the
to Carlyle
. foward thi end ol ?
; . ,
1 q
? ' Belf-iun
? I ? c,
i rove it. I ONDON 1902
? ?Dei 2-ia I'll.
A Call for a Wag-? Board to Establish
Living W.iije Rates.
sreek to I
? "ni. cloth
milar app?
Wl? ,*
' ?
pie in unoi .?
men and ?? omi n m :
1 ri can ?
tin* bus season
cent >
? ? .
;.n per cei
m the
i overty. i- um. r<
the hi
iter to all?
an! commei
industry can
ot roi':
one ind i it
and what I ?"?
' :\.
We feel that
: .
Secon : Becau e
the workers, thi
difficulties which beset the others, an
will bi mon
Third Such
to the i
I ? ?
'.< en \ eai
tralla, ami since 1912 m our own ,
try ?:. ? ?
: k, aad wage rat?
them are non la I
Ir. ou
dited if, unblaaeed, we I fact*
and ii eh n it an,I
the burd?
M vi D v tTHAK,
i'i ? ' i ,_,..*.
\. ?* 'S ,?.??,. Dee H, 1911
/ a? ta
.? i? ?
.if 00
published \j the ? - a

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