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Your Money Back
If You Want It.
S*? Editorial P?-;e, Fir?! Column.
IXfetD Jai*
i atrtbune
r.xtn a\t* vi ?.avira tc-o .. UAmn
Teat arria? a TamperBteifa
lll*h. I?; low. . .
I ?ill r*,...,? nn I ,,. I*
First to Last?the Truth: News ? Editorials ? Advertisements
Vol. ? XXIV....No, 24,888.
M "i-irlKl.t. ISIS.
Bj Hi- I-in,..- \?...., lat ?on
? ?
i>|?i/'i,* / . y i; / l.'VT ,D ''" "' **"*" * or"' newtOU, Strmm * "y ???' llo**"k??.
I la I V I . U.M, V I\.> I I I ?I U IM HI I >*." < I.NT?
"If It's Medical
It's a Swindle
The One Rule in Advertising?Cottage
Cheese at $4 54 a Pound-A "Blood
Cure" Made of Sugar.
DVERTISING successfully tells almo.? every?
thing within thr rangej o? human needs. There
is one thinjr, however, which it cannot sell:
health. The sick man who spemls his dollar because
lody had | m print to make him a well
man is wasting his money. Every advertised "cm?"
for ?list-.i-f. however speciously il may he disguised,
i.* a fraud. I' qU-tck, his publisher is an
accomplice, his patron i* .-. .hipe. Elsewhere in the
field of advertising moot questions and difficult dia
H( ??. all is plain sailing. One
medical, it's a fake.
Thr- ? columns The Tribune has been pointing out the
,i t>i tie iMwapaper-touted patent medicines.
of this ,. not primarily with their harmfulness, hut
audulency: I am not attempting to save your life, hut your
dollar, prietary drti? or combination of drug! in
thef>-:' I will cure any illness, though it were only a u?COld
in the head." you are beine; more Completel** buncoed than if y??.i bought
; a diamond. In tht , the ?rlass. you've gol
\v for your money, at least. In the can of the patent
meo: 've gol > othing except, maybe, a pain in the stomach.
? e number of these fraud.? that an adequate survey of the
alone would till an entire issue of this paper. The most
that i- -?deration ol a type of each class with a
brief expia!.ation of tl ncc and nature o? the bunco. Alcohol is
??: popular nostrums. Swamp Hoot, Peruna. I.ydia E,
Hakhs Set* Cure, anil most o? the hitters belong in this
v. The tendency of the alcohol is to stimulate the patient tem?
poral; ' ska him believe that he is being bt neftted That is the
the "booze medicines." One bottle c?tate* a demand for an
ne drink of whiskey incite* ond.
"First the man takes ? drink;
Then the drink takes a drink;
Then the drink takes the man."
The victim or.ee caught throuph the medium of the lying advertise
Lar patron. To be ? good "repeater*1 is the chief
virtue .all of a patent medicine. All the "bracera" art
repeat? efore, when you buy a bottle ol um of thi a-,
your while t.. consider that you are not only throwing away
your initial dollar, but also incurring a fair prospect of further waste.
ailments, the common cold is the most widespread and
be* more strange in that, if one may credit the new
paper- ? numberless sure cures for a cold. One of the most
ted i? Laxative Bromo fontaine, advertised to "eure a
cold ?. - p in two days." In "The New York Times" this is modi*
tied to ? : the world over to cure a cold in one day," thereby *av
?n?* th? this particular paper, which, since it claims to be I
ill fraudulent medical advertising, shies at the explicit promise of cure.
obvious hi.d the swindle, probably, quite ai effective.
For it is a swindle, pure and simple. A cold i- a systemic Illness, us
let fvyer or typhoids, though* not commonly so
by no known drue. Certainly Laxative Bromo
. ..iion of aloin, bromid. quinine, phenacetin, and
will not "'cure a cold in a day" or i:: a hundred days.
world over" for that purpose, the fad ii so
much i ? tent of human gullibility. Every quarter of s
dollar expended for the preparation on the assumption that it will carry
out its . repressntatMN The ?tune is true of
every ether "cold cure." Thousands of ignorant or loose thinking people
Miera Uieniaelves to have been cured by such mea they have
?taken the medicine aid eventually recovered from the ailment. They
would 1 anyway. For colds, like other disease.--, ron their
rour.-e, ihort, and cure themselves. The patient regains his
normal health not because of the patent medicine, but in spite of it In
the pa" ? of l.a\. ' '.' ? the further fad that one
a dangerous heart-depressant, so dangerous
that the la* compels the manufacturer to state it.* presence on the labe!
old not tend to recommend it to the judicious.
uns purport to be medicines. Some exploit themselves
? -oarvellous, not to say magical, agencies for the upbuilding of the
hmnan . erve builders." "tonics'!and the like, thereby giving
tahk magasines which shrink from the taint of
"mtdi ;.; advertising," iUCh as "McClureV* t., take their money anil
"food products." To this cUsi ?belongs Sanatogen, which,
from a . dentine point of view, is .?imply a howling absurdity.
!y recommended (by Its proprietor.-) a* a
builder ? ,.?,-? term, ? blood revivifier, and
O? life and fountain of eternal youth. Thousands of <!?.!
? laid out yearly in disseminatinir this gospel. Hundreds of thou?
I ..iitinu<-tl en puite- :; ...Innin t
Klaw & 1 rlanyer and Former
RUals Combine on Book
in-- Interests.
'i Um
I..-.. Shubert
: "BCP.
??!,?. K
,,| muil K
k??t ... _ ?king,
>*nit ? ?
aagor h?* ?'**'
? can
?r stti i hsve ??"!
este ?nd
:-.. .i.teil the w?>
Complete Court CaiencUr
D-uly Feature in The Tribune.
Page 1 3 To-day
Wallstein Discovers New Ern
by Coroner Possible Min?
der Overlooked.
o died an .Ian
i.iy i. had Im ? a iuitiiin
and in- skull fractured. Thia wai .li
had beea performed. Patrolman ("u
niagbaai at the Eaat 85th at
reporti-il ' "ni.t ?nspiciou?
although detective? ?fhe examined Sei
rimii's room, ut 81S Kast .
terdajf fo ttered with t>lo<?
th) 1' I'haue, lornrier Healy
. ported thut death t m- ?lu
to chronic nephritie, ?Itliou>rh the ai
topaj brought to light rio ?jrmptom t
ki.ln. y trouble.
i.? oaard M. Walli tein, Commi
? i last ti nfht tin.
ili?. procedure ? ihowed th
utt?.; th? prt -en
eoroner a) -?
Anthony I Guntser, mi undertake)
to v.l.o':i the body ha,i beea -?tit, dii
. i. > eaterdaji ? deep wound
back of ti.? in ml. Hr notifled Lucien 8
trie! Attor
i:<> \| r Ureckinridge demanded an im
mediata autopsy ami told Commi
**if the thorough medical eaaaaioa
s (i un Wh,- r... . ti - afternoon ai
thi d riet At torn cj
had laeen mad? ".then the hmiy ara
found," ?a,ni ?V?lletela, "the work ol
the police would have been
i h? ? oroner*? oflce in thi? cam
.... . ?
ol -m deceaaed objected te bai
pa) pel i?., i ?
? contrary, the fanai!;.
\er> eagar that MM shoul?! br per?
form,.!. 'Chronic nephritie?' bi the
way, it? the atecl canee el death ia l'r.
Lehune'? reporte
Police Guard Doctor fn
Black Hand.
? lamp in front of
? hi'l home, at
?'? ? ' 12th it, winked mysterious!]
? I i Ighl aad ??? ? at
'a cor.lon of police aras on tcunrd at?
the premises until early tins moral
Thej Fear h Black Han?l attack on
. .an.
I>r. Balderesehl t?.i?l then last i-:,
that on December 16 he rect
ing 11,000
at anless he prodoced the m.>t
i h?' would die an "atrocie
When tin? doctor itrolled ?"it ||
night un.i -an his light ??ut and s ?
lurking m the shadow? he ntical
hastily and ten I foi the police.
Wife, Suing, Says They Livi
Apart in Same House.
Mrs. Mana Loiss C. V. Richards, t
danghter of ? wealthy Spanish fand
?riahei ... ,,,?? thi- "acquaintance" ?rl
lier husband, t heater ! Rii I .
?? maaafactnrer, ami bas raed b
roree in the Si preme < oa
11" complaint of Mr*. Richards *a
for nine yean ? ),?? and 1 It In;
? d together in an apartme
? ? ' Drive, b ? ??are oa
"p:>* ling acquaintances."
Thejr were married in 1890, when ti
wife was nineteen yean old and h
at nd two yean older. Last Mar?'
.?aid Mrs, Richards, her hosband to
her that he no longer cared for h
und nrged her to get a divorct
Naval Officer of Port an
Mrs. Alexander Will Wee
To-day at Hoboken.
H. OttO Witt penn. Naval Officer of tr
Port of New fork, and Mra. ?Carolin
B. Aleaaador, -ister of Colonel Edwi
\. Stereos, of Castle l'oint, Hob-okei
are to be rrarric?! this afternoon in tli
Holj II OCOBl Chareh, Hoboken. 1
will be the quietest of wo-sdiogs.
Every possible effort wa? auide lai
il the fact that the mai
.'? wai contemplated At the hom
of Mr. Wittpenn. h woman who de
???i herself as ".. member of th
." laid thai Mr. Wittpenn wen
out of town yesterday aftoraooa. Bh
did not know where she could read
and thought he would not returi
until to-day or to-morrow.
"Would I be surprised ii he eaaii
home a bridegroom?" she asked, wit)
apparent incredulity. "Ko. hoaiVB1
;ako!" i
Still 1?S# information was vouch
.: at ?ast le Steven-. It WS
. that Mis. Alexander had retired, and nt
one who coiiid speak for her WS
Mrs. Alexander is the daaghter of thi
foaador of ?Stevens lastitote of Tech
nolos-jr. She is Wealthy and for yean
taken active nteresl is "oeial
wink. Her brother, Riebard Stevens, ii
probation officer la Hoboken and the li
hi* deputy. She is the founder ot a
clubhouse for working Kirl* la Ho
In January, 1918, there was a con
. ,,- oeial workers at Castle
lick was attended by \\ ood
Wilson, then Governor of New
.. and hii daughter? fe ?? and
or. Colonel hdwin A- Stevens
appointed Now .le- ?:?' Road Com?
missioner by Wilson. He wa* s class?
of the President in Princeton.
. ,i i : ' ei Wittpenn re? ?ved lu*
appointment non- President Wilson in
November. He hoi long aeon reeog
nised a* ? leader of the progressive
,,- the Democratic party in New
Jersey. Hi served two terms a* Mayor
, ? .i,i , \ City, retiring in Jane, 1918,
when the eoramiaaion form al govern
ment wenl Into effect.
He ?s s strong Wilson man and Is
credited with holding the New -ler-.-y
tion intact for Wilson at the Bal?
timore convention. Daring the Inter?
regnum in New Jersey Mayor Wittpenn
wai frequently mentioned as the prob
President Wilson for
nor. When the choice Anally fell
upon Acting Governor Fielder, Mayor
Wittpenn mode it plain that he woi
hing no ?resentment. Since then,
however, he ha* opposed Governoi
Fielder, and there has boon ?
that he will he a candidate for Gov?
. : . ni himself.
States Control Auto Traffic.
Waahington, Jaa. ?">. The Maryland
automobile H-eenae lao ?a* opheld >?
constitutional to-day by the Supreme
Court which held that in the al
,',-ral regulation ?if ii U
? le trove! itotoi may reg?late
such traffic. _ '
to rap ausoN
Sergeants to Meet Ahead
of Time to Repudiate
Their Attorney.
Lawyer Says Men Don't
Dare Speak Their
i.. lowing the Police Inapeetera and
Captain?' A sociation* which repudi?
ated "H Monday right ..* Ferraee (lar?
den the attack tipon C-oamieaioner
Wood? by William B. Elllaoa, attorney
lor the rarioraa police organisations,
the executive committee ?>f the Police
Sergeant?' Benerol? I I "?iation yes?
terday, at the same plsce, adopted
similar resolutions.
John T. Conway, president of the
sergeants' association, called the
meeting and presided. Resolutions
arare adopted repudiating both the
statement issueil by Mr. Kllison and
it? author. The resolutions further ex?
press the determination of the officer?
of the a--?Hiation to sever, as -?..in
BOSalbla, the relations existing be?
tween the organization and Mr. Bill?
ion It was explained that the former
ration Coaaael is under contract
to all four of the police organization*
eanael anil that the various con
tiac's do not expire until the end of
? September.
It was also decided at the committee
meeting to appoint a sub-committee to
wait upon Commissioner Woo?ls this
morning at Police Headquartora and
acquaint him with the action taken at
meetings The Commissioner was
duly notified of the interview sought
with him and readily COBOOntod to re?
ceive the representatives of the asso
SiTgeants to Isosr No Time.
It is considered highly probable that
the Police Lieutenants' Association and
the Patrolmen's Protective and Be?
nevolent Association will promptly
follow the example set by the other
tv.o police organizations.
Tonight at Terrar* .', .jn^the en
?.i.- body or the police ?.?rgerint** as
" i ? > n will assemble in special
meeting to ratify the action taken by
the executive committee yesterday. It
gnifieant that to-nlght'a meeting
has been called in advance of the regu?
lar monthly meeting of the organiza?
tion, which will be held on .January 14.
It was learned ye?teulay that the ser?
geants' association meets regularly on
the second Thursday of every month at
Terrace Ganlen, while the Patrolmen's
Protective and Henevolent Association
assembles at Maennerchor Hall, _n:i
Beat Mth ?I.. two block? away from
Terrace (?arden, on the second Tuesday
?.r each month in two sessions one at
11 a. m. and the other at 5 p. m. in
order to meet the exigencies of the
three platoon system. It was stated
last night by an official of the latter so?
ciety that next Tuesday the patrolmen
will repudiate the statement of Mr.
Kllison by an overwhelming vote.
The Police Lieutenants' Association
has no regular meeting day, although
its BOeaiOBI are held subject to the call
of it.- president? Richard Knright, at
Terrace Carden, a.? occasion demands.
It ama prophesied last night that ?
meeting of the association would be
bold within the coming week to take
Some action upon the Woods Kllison
1'nle- - Mi. K1 upon th?
continuance of hi? contract a? counsel
t.. the four organisations, which ha in?
timated la-1 night he would not m
tempt t?. do, (?' itaads te le ? annual
letaiinera amounting t,> |10jtM s year.
Tin.? .-um, it was learned yeaterdajr, ii
divided a? follow?: Bergesnte' associa?
tion! Si.'hmi; lieutenants', fl.onn; cap
tap. B* and inspector?', |M0, and patrol
in. : ' . $7..'.do or an assesement of $1
each foi the laal named grade. It i
?ignifrcnnt that s areeb age a letter was
sent out by the patrolmen's associa?
tion notifying the member? that about
two-third? of the tuen had failed to pay
4 ..ni...us-,I .... pug?, i;. ?-nliiniii I
Crowd on Weehavvken Ferryboat in Peril as Car Plunges
Owner, with Horse and Wagon. Overboard?Lucky
Leap Saves Teamster?Machine Lost.
o Si ' -?' aetasaobile ran
.?h htm on s West -
e.terdey, plunging Its owner^d
ind -,;,?.? mto the Hudson
A cors ol peaeengon narros ?
r?p, ntothe ley woter.
. .r.,. who cannot ?Wim. saved h in
ir h? eiiaaiai ' ,; ???? lhe
1 , ashore. Ths French tear*
, r"t ?o the bottom and the de?
fter, wagon IS a derelict.
. wa? 'he tirst car to hoard
R / which left the West
I,"::'p. m yesterday. Just
Jallverv wapon. owned by
ahead va* ? ?H*-^! Ele-Tenth av. Its
u Leonard. ?*,.", mu kicking hi?
???**l'r* ''T'cVni't the dashboard and
rul.tlE himself on Mag the
eongrotuionna ^
ri awoaa ?round lata the
I Um ??>! 7ce ?kos, Roiaborg
prjr-essioa ? u h|? toe-eai
stepped '<? " ., ,.,?.- ,,..: workli
It l -'. th?: .
i That eoeeonu
dutch ?os in- nlill.|?llf leaped ! i
WJ** " it- owner M-read-e.g. ?
ward eorrytng ? ^atulatory :
ion "' hnl,ito?,. o., hi? tnea. leal
, ??pu -Mon iraooti
ller-t lespe.i wildly. He had decided
not to be Ih? 'ir.t one off the boat.
? 111] about tOt) > :.r . .'? ,| the
V.i | Pi..nt ;iom it? Weehawken slip,
and most or' the two-aeon
I ad crowded on the forward deck. Only
cue of them, a ihauffeur, grasped the
menace ;n the hurtling automobile. H?
jumped for the car. both arm.? out?
stretched to ?else the clutch. He missed
bil mark b) m. I??
In a flash tl ?? disaster was over. The
delivery wagon . rid its reluctant hors?
were the -lightest of obstacles to til?
powerful machine. The iron St
?? bow laid down befjre the
a"ack Straight a? an arrow the car
dor? th? crowd ami plunged into the
river. Ihr !.<t ? and wagon were
?hur.ted sideways as it dove.
Thrown clear. Ke.nh.rg struck the
water a doren feet away from his ma?
ll.- er isped frantically at the ice
:?? him. Half a dozen of those
Ural seised were too ?light to support
-ighr, though giMng him the
buoyancy sufficient to plunge onward
. -. r t rie next one.
Some part of the harness had caught
? .,,? ii.ur.l on !??*?? 4 . .il.in.n 4
Shielding Rogers, She Tells
of Poisoning Her Babies
7sVO/VsO_iCA^, "**??%,_*?
Lawyer's Acts in Boyhood
Grieved Actress Mother,
Charlotte Thompson.
Woman Believed Rogers's
Love Had Fled?Murder
Charge Planned.
Lighthaarted In thi at her
two children were alive. M i? .. Ma gnif
feii Walton "Rogere," from her bard In
Lebanon Hospital, told Dr. Banna
Radin, bous? tord
ternoon, the detailed story of how she
poisoned lier hables Lorida, eight
months, and John, two and one-half,
years old.
Scarcely an hour had elapsed since
the autopsy on John, who died on Mon- ,
Her voice was strong and steady. She ,
felt thai the worst in life for her, the
children and Lotira Elton Roger.? had
ilowly coma and had swiftly ajana Her
taring glance? at Kogei.;, beeide the
bod, as she talked, turned his gaze to
the window, foi he realized the weird
grotesqueness of the .?toi...
"We were in the bedroom, doctor," j
Fashion Plate Fights
When Caught?Pal Ar?
rested Later.
After a hard t ght. a well groomed
young man, cnliing biatealf William
Evens, who wears well tailored clothes
and lives in a luxurious apartment on
Central Park We.-,'., wa- locked up las;
night ii. the Kast LMth It BOUC?
tion to an-wer for UO?j burglaries in
the Jersey ?nburba of this city.
i . ?? evening Detective? I ?idy and
Collinge, of the Third Breach of the
Detective Bureau, were steading at the
corner of loi-i -'. and I alema i
with l Patrick P..an. ..
Newark police P. an I ? thi? ?
city a wool ?rhieh
lad him t>. i eother of
aosena ef costly burglaries in Mont
clair and th? tu anges ?vai
dapper ami liv?sd on the upper ?Wl
Mile, low aril them acro-s the ... ?
Casse a clean-cut figure clad it. B well
fitting black ?jit, black hat. black
shoes, and jauntily ?winging an ebony
cane. A? be drew near the three po
licemen jumped for bias,
The man I Basket,
hut 'he detect? i were on him 1
be cou : ?? fought hard against
.??.i wa- .[unte.i enl)
Ryan ' . heavily to hi? jaw.
He fell, sad th? crowd which had rrath
ered turni-d upon the police, whoa
took for eunn "ii After mach ev'ana
,inge and '??'.
able to proceed with the I pr.-ori.r. At
the -tat.i.ri in gave his name as Will
i; Dl Evens and said tha' h?' lived at 11
He carried two .'?>
alvera, the police ?ay.
The police -?arched his place, which
is a nandaem? ?te-raoaa apaJrtawnrt,
taatefally furaiahed and tilled with a
wardrobe belonging apparently to two
The prisoner ia apecilieally ar.
of two burglar.e?. the theft of 13,000
worth of jewelry, money srnl elol
from Dougla-. K. ? fir, I New
banker, living ip LlaVWCllya Park, < ir
snge. N. J.. and entering ti.e house of
Hampden K. Tener, of MM South
Mountain a... Mootcleir, N". J.
Bvnna spoke of having a "p-a!" in his
crimes, and ?aid he was probably at '
his mother's. Detective? Trsmpe- and
Coaaid) waited si II West bust at.
sn?l early thi? morning s young man
walked in. When confronted with the
case against him he told practically
the lame story Evan? had told. i
the woman said. "Lorida lay on
bed; John, on the floor, was play
with his toys and talking to them
tell you all these little thing?, do?'
because they're interesting to m
more so now, because the little o
are getting along so nicely.
Forced l'oison on Baby.
"1 picked I,oniia to go tirst. I groi
up a tablet and dissolved it in a gli
of water and placed the glasi at Lc
da' lipa She didn't like the taste,
it was hard to swallow. Seve
he eooghed the poison back ii
the glass, so I poured it down >
"I...rida hadn't begun to cry mu
London. .Ian. ti.? V wireless dis?
patch received here from Berlin
gives a report received in the (?er
man capital from Athens that the
Ilardanelles fortresses have begun a
bombardment of the blod.ading An?
glo-French Meets, and that one tor?
pedo boat has been slightly n'.ain
I ?ged.
Intimates Philippines Bill VV'il
Not Be Signed Unless Pre?
amble Is Dropped.
- i
Washington, Jaa. j- Fremdem Wtl
MB dropped an intimation to-day tha
the Jones bill would receive hi.?, sig
iKituie if it passed with tho preambli
i. promisee .ndependence to thi
? tricken out. According U
persona who talked with him, he be
laOVM the abjoots d?-?irtd can be at
tamed without "i.? preamble.
Opposition to the preamble -ngf
formulate?) before the Senate commit
tee 'o-dav by George H. Poirehild, ot
Hew Vori;, ai..i Martin Kgan, one ol
H e Manila Time?."
Both witnesses declared that iromedi
for the ??lands would
result in di-order.
"The withdrawal of the I'nited
State? froa th?' Philippines would be
calamitous," said Mr. Fairchild, who
il latereeted in the sugar industry
.Mr. Kgat:. who has had extensive ex?
perience in the island?, expressed the
.pinion that the I nited States should
?ontrol, for some time at least, many
jf the important governmental func?
i?n? of the government.
"The Filipinos." I.e added, "may be
?elied upon to exercise a greater au
ionomy in the regulation of their do
nestic and provint.,il problems than
iiey now exercise.''
The danger that a flood of Chinese
immigration will engulf the islands If I
he Filipinos are permitted to lay down !
he bars was given by Mr. Kgan as a
?OOSOO for urging that Congress insist I
ipon the maintenance of the present I
xclusioti laws. |
?hen ? took a second tablet and put it
; on Jackie's outstretched longue. He
?w.-iilov.-e?! it and smiled and called to
me a.? I started M the kitchen to kill
' myself.
'?'That was fine, mother,' he said.
Please, give me another one.'
"I went to the kitchen and took three
tablets. ! cam?- back to the bedroom.
Lorida was ???.iiuming in awful agony
on the bed. Poor little Jackie ?VOS
: up on the floor.
"'Mamma, my stomach hurts awful,'
he ?aid.
"1 called to Mrs. James Hum?, the
i landlady of the house, because I didn't
Continued on |ia**?< 4. BSSBaWO ?*>
Prelate Had Issued Pas?
toral Letter Telling
Belgium's Woes.
I.. . a? u- t.. The Trtl/Jn?- 1
London, Jan. ?i. An Amsterdam
U.-ipatch to "The Daily Chronicle"
? a\.s: "Cardinal Mercier has been ar
roeted by the Genuas a' Malinos and
imprisoned in the archbishop'? palace
under a ?*rong guard.
"His offence is the publication of his
letter saving that the Belgians do not
owe the invader? obedience, as the only
lawful power m Belgium i? that which
belongs to King Albert and his min
rman> are seaiching the whole
country for copies of this letter, which
ha? been widely circulated. Some
priests also were arrested, but they
Ware afterward released."
< ?.pies of Cardinal Mercier's Christ
nia. pastoral letter have been received
in London The Cardinal began by a
description ol the sorrows of Belgium:
".She bleeds." wrote the Card.nal.
"Her children fall by thousands in our
forts and 00 our buttle! elds to defend
her right? and the integrity of her
territory. Soon there will be no logger
on the .oil o? Belgium one singie fam?
ily which will not be in mourning."
The Cardinal then passes to s de
hcriptioi of thi ?it" Nation cau*ei by
the Cern?an invasion.
"I have gone through most of the
places in my diocese which have been
the m??*' v.a-'ed. What I have seen of
the ruin* and the ashes passes every?
thing that, in spite of my most scute
fear?, I could even have imagined.
Churches, school?, charitable institu?
tions, hospital? and convents to a con?
siderable number are until for use or
in rums. Whole villages have almost
Answering the .iue?tion. What will be
the effect of the war upon Belgium?
the Cardinal says:
"God will save Belgium, my broth?
ers. We cannot doubt it. Let us say,
i iintiou.-l on page '. column I
SPECIAL." Attanti? i'ottat l.inr, : ;jl? v .
lEIeetrti Light. ct-Trainsdiulv. i. i? i
A?lvt I
Remnants of Defeated
Forces Flee Sari-Ka
mysh and Ardahan.
Sultan's Soldiers Beaten
Only After Most Des?
perate Resistance.
French Commander Con??ratu?
lates Leader of Czar's Troops
?Losses in Caucasus Heavy.
Petrograd, Jan. 5. The Russians
have won a great victory ?a the Cau
Beri k.mv.h. ?h?re
captured the entire :ith Army
I'orp? of the Turkish army, including
eorpa commander and the three
n commanders. Thi? wa? o flic i al?
ly announced in a communication from
of the army in th?
?'. BCSSae, given out to-night.
Fou- Herman officers ot high ranic
wh?rher any i? among the four men
vial statement is not
kno'\n ar?* reported to be prisoner?. A
d -taten to the "Bourse Gssette" from
aa? have captured
? ?? Pacha, former Turkish War Min
The Turki?h force ?a the fighting at
Kamysh consisted of two full
? .-p.?. Iba l'lrh. which escaped capt?
ure ?? a unit, has been 'iroken up into
small deteehmenta, '!.,?h ?re being
punned relentlessly. The Turks ars a
-iirTeri-ig great l?is?e? in their retreat ?J
through the mountainous country of
On the san.e days that th? victory
of San Kamyah was won, January :\
and 4, the Russians also defeated a
Turkish army corp.a at Ardahan.
Grand Duhe'n Statement.
The importance attached by Russia
to th* two victories in the Caucasus is
Indicated by the fact that (irand Duke
Nicholas, sver chary about signing of?
ficial announcement*, lias sent to Cen?
c?a! JolTre his account of the double
The Grand Daba, in hi? dis?
patch, said:
"I hasten to inform you of the joyful
news that the army of the Cauceius,
notwithstanding that its forces have
been reduced to a minimum, with a
view not to weaken the army in the
principal theatre of the war. has wo-n
two decisive victories on December -I
end M 'January .'! and 4, modem calen?
dar) against Turkish forces superior
in number, at Ardahan against the
let Corps, an?! at San Kamysh against
the '.nli an?! 10th Turkish Corps. The
entire 9th Corps has capitulated. The
10th Carpa is making every effort to
withdraw, but is being pursued by our
Joffre Sends Repl>.
The following reply was received
from General JotTr?-:
"I pray pant imperial highres? to
accept my warm felieitations for th?
great victory won by the army of the
Cancnana By their constant and un
interrupted effort in all the theatres
of operations, the armies of the Allies
are preparing the deli,lite victories of
the future."
The official report from the head?
quarter? of the army of the Caucasus
refer? only to the Sari Kamy*h victory
and makes no reference to the outeom?
at Ardahan. It ?ays:
"Last night our troops won a com?
plete victory over the Turks at Sari
Kam>?h. We have beaten two Turkish
arm\ corps and made the entire 9th
Turkish Army Corps, inclu?iing its com?
mander and three division commander?,
??Small bo.'ie* of Turkish troops
which succeeded In escaping were rig?
orously pursii'd and destroyed.
"We continue pur?uit of the other
parts of the Turkish forces, which are
in full retreat."
\ i? tory ?already Prepared.
The war on the Turkish front took
a 'r.king turn in favor of Russia a
few days ago. The danger point for
Russia was made good at the outset
and the Turks never succeeded accom?
plishing anything in that region of
military value, although they have
penetrated ceveral miles into Russian
terri ton
Fighting in the heavy snows, at alti
tude? of eight and ten thousand feet,
in the depths of w?nter w?s a terrlhl?
undertrk'ng, especially for the attack?
ing side, and it is evident that the
Turkish forces during the last f?w
weeks have suffered great hardship? in
their attempt to keen a footing an Rus?
t?an territory
In the lighting at Ardahan a brilliant
attack was made by the Russians at
dawn on Sunday. Stubborn fighting
laite.i the whole day before th?? Ru?
If It'? Advertised m
Ifte ?Triton*
It's Guar?*Mt-*??Bi_.
Sm _<_itor.al Paga, First Cohai

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