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So'lrsh.comfortablc and sanitary.
vVorn by good dressers when
ygvier gloves ?re too warm.
Ueal fiar tr.wc.ling.
F?vnTICS quality and Fownes
0t* inc. cry pair.
Utest shades.
Ask y?*?"
Member? of Chib Here Base
Hope in Now Governor.
*i ub in this
? the nevt G?r
- reet.
<*.fvr*:' ago tie ('.cere a Club.
Farnum Black was
an appeal
- Commiaaioner
- long as there
_, a |] loubt in Frank'? case.
the diaaenting opin
- luphes and Holmes,
i Supr? i I ourt,
b) all meat -
?? of the d
. ? r. ? n II of (.?eorpia c a
,f,v R .hie man," said
Ml '? I, and
? will
I the ?-a?e the I
? ? I] view it
Pressure ou China fror
Tokio Reacts in House
of Commons.
Peking Government Likely t
<iet Support of U. S. in Re
sistinv: Certain Demands.
; ?-T ?'?'?* I 1 ' txxmmm I
London. April SO. Becker? for in
formation ?oncorning Great Britain*
attitude on the Japanese detnandl
about which Sir Kdward Grey was aske.
nearl] n some of questions in th
?iouse of Commons to ?lay, were disap
pointed, for Sir Kdward made a blanke
reply, covering all inquiries in the nios
general way. He did ?-ay. however, tha
the House could rest assuie.l thai th?
government would endeavor to ?ecuri
en ?loot- to British commerce n
all paits of China.
?e who mai.?* inquiries, acting 01
behalf of British commercial interest!
in China, which are much diaturbed
over the trend of events in Peking
sought to draw from ih?> Foreign Sec?
retary some more de An i te statement ot
policy and some statement as to the
Actual status of the negotiations be
tween Japan and China. Sir Edward,
however, was e ulently not ready to
make any statement at this time.
Those who believe tl at Japan's de
mandr do Infringe China's sovereignty
and adverocly affect the policy of the
loor and e?|uality ot' opportunity
?? i encouragement, however, in Sir
Edward Grey's declaration of the gov?
ernment's intention to keep the door
open for British commerce.
Washington. April 20. While declin?
ing to discuss in detail the administra
tion's policy toward the Japanese-Chi?
nese negotiations, Secretary Rryan told
??i? to daj that the United States
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| The War Books 1
Next Saturday?April 24th?The Tribune
will publish the second of a series of
I Saturday Surveys j
of the most recent and forthcoming of the
new books on the Great War. This is in?
formation well worth preserving for refer?
?Sivc ?tribune |
Order From Your Newsdealer Today
i ?
?government ?till ?tood firmly on the
a? nouncemenl made at the ?beginning
of the Wilson nilminisl ration of it?
purpose to support th? policy of th?
??pen di...i- ;,,,,) f.,,,,,1,,,,, ?f commercial
Opportunity m tl r Far Fast.
Sir Kdward l.rey's statement of a
similar eharectei In the Britiah 1'ariia
ment lo day Indicated to officials that
Great Britain'? position had undergone
no change, nod Ihut the principle of
the open door would continue to M the
aim of the powers.
Peking, April ?CO There wB? n.> ?on
ference to-da) between r preaentativc
of cbma and Japan on the demand?
submitted by Tokw. t.. the Chinese Ue
public Parly thii year, The t.elief pre
rails m the legation quarter and
among Chinese official? that Japan I?
waiting to hear what Sir Edward Grey
says to-day in the 3ritieh House <.f
( '?minons.
The S:aie Department has authorised
1' P. S. Reinach, th.* American Min?
ister to China, to declare untrue tho
Ftateiner.t that China cannot expect
support from the United State? ? i
sistlng such of the .lam?nese demand.?
as interfere with American treaties
?This statement ha? been repeatedly
| mude by Japan??? official? a:.d has
been published in the Chineae pre??..
After the Japanese demands became
Known to Washington the United
Stales officially informed China that
they expected ( hinn to maintain her
treaty obligations with America, i?s
BUring the tinted S'ates I a* ored-na
tion treatment
Replying to the official Chinese si
I gumeni that China would break exist
1 ing treaties with other powers hy
granting Japane ? demanda. M, It ?ok i.
the Japanese Minister, according to
trustworthy information, ha? made the
declaration thai Japan would assume
the res pon i tecting China
. ..? ? h<* ot h, r p" * ei
Barge Kits Aircraft Aviator
Escaped Injury.
Lawrence Sperry, who mak?
- daily flights In his hydro aeroplane up
and ?lour. Easl Ri\ er. met a ?th ? mi *
bap yesterda] when hi? aircraft fou!-*.,
a barge in tos? off tie navy yard.
Sperry had returned from a flight
and .va? resting in front >>'" h:s hangar
-.i Little Street, -vl.cn the passing
barge, bcrne out of u> course by the
?idehwiped his crafl ai.,1 wrecked
Sperry ??' i b *i aboard the '.urge and
gave th? man at th? holm ? piece of
his mind, and ei - ed again on his
Report Shows Work Done
Since Wilson's Request
in August.
Tin- Aim i. an Red Ci >?s, in ?
mary of it? nee August 1.
1914, appeal? lor funds to continue ,t.
: work. This is the firsl request foi
nee Preeident Wilaon
as president ol the Red < ros?, ma.le a
general request for ?uppoi I on \
gust 18.
During the pei "I covered by the
reporl ju ed I -.? Red ( ros? has
? ? to Europe sixty-thre? surgeons,
'_'1V nu.ses and twelve sanit?r? expei
Three mor*
I '?? a field 1
in Prance under the Bi
Dr. Richard P. Strong, professoi of
tropical disease? at Harvard Univer?
sity, was sent at the head ?<' a sanitary
commission to aid in controlling the
fever and other
disease? which already have secured a
strong headway in Serbia.
Enormous quantities ol supplies have
been purchased by the Red l
ment provided includes all possibli
forms of hospital an<l i'-el.i apparatus,
including nineteen motor ambulance?.
Th.-ir Anai cial tatei I ow? a
balance of $171 ,843 The report state.?
? ? ..? administr?t ?ve expei
paw! from the reiie! fund, ?ut ar.* met
by the Amei ican Red I
A cabie message from the American
Relief Clearing House of Pari?
nay confirmed recent report? from Ser?
bia, and stated that condition? there
were deplorable. One hunderd and two
doctors have died in a light to
contagion. The message ?m received
by the Wai B House, at
15 Broad street. The Paria organisa?
tion also announce.I that 1,600,000auit?
of underwear are needed in '.ne Ser?
bian ' es fund for the pur
- of food.
I'!-. Franklin II. Martin, of Chicago,
chairman of the < ommitte? ??f Amei -
oan Phyaii ?an for the Aid of the B?
gian Profeaaion, report? that the com
. .?i to bay ?ir..g -
and instrument? for needy members of
their profession in Belgium.
( ontributions received yesterday hy
Mrs. Whitney Warren for the S.cours
Nationale Fund amounted to |895.15.
The total of contributions to the Amer?
ican Polish Relief Committee is now
Spencer, Trask A Co. re?
ceive.. ? terday for the Persian
Wai Relief rund. The Committee of
Mercj ? Ige? th? i eceipt of $101
f'jr its various funds. The A.'ican
Women's Relief Fund received $199.21
-. est? i ?lay.
Among the gifts to the Hritish Amer?
ican War Relief Fund yesterday were
$200 from Archer M. Huntington, $l?i()
from Mr?. Nelson Brown and $125 from
the Heather Club, of the V. \\ . C. A.,
for the Scotch soldiers. Feed.? John?
son gave $100 to the American Red
Cross, and other subscriptions brought
the day's total to $17S.7G.
A gift of $100 from Andrew Car
L'.i. and an anonymOUl contribu?
tion of a s rnilar amount were ac?
knowledge! by the Serbian -?grioil
tural Relief Committee yesterday.
Says Germany Has Violated
Her Neutrality.
Fans. April -0. The Luxembuig Le?
gation, which still maintains diplo?
matic relations with the Foreign Office,
made public to-day a statement that
the government of the grand
has protested against the violation of
that state's neutrality by Germany.
Luxemburg was invaded by Ge man
troops immediately after the oui
of the war.
Will Let Rockaway Bathe.
Baton Emerson, Deputy Health
. Commisaioi or, soothed the fears of the
?sun.mer residents of Rockawav Beach
yesterday. ?He wrote them all letters
denying that it was the intention of
the Health Iiepartinent to stop bathing
there this summer. One anxious in?
quirer wrote and asked if it was true
that the department considered the
water infected from cholera because of
"the war in Europe and the dead bodies
thrown inte- the Atlantic Ocean." Or.
Km r?u.i said that the department pro?
hibited bathing m Graveaend Bay, but
i not on account of the war.
? ? -
Botha Occupies Keetmanshop
(ape Town, Union of South Africa
April 'JO. Forces of the Union ?>f South
Africa have occupied Keetmanshop, the
???at important town in German South?
west Africa next to Windhoek, the
capital. It I? an important railroad
junction and gives (?encrai ltotha. th*
Boer lead?*-, command of the railroad
to Windhoek,
Lowest Is $29,876 and Hlghtt.
$200,000 for Construclion
of Dirigibles.
11- r??ni TBS TrBj BN B "
Waahinfton, April 20. Four firms
to ?lay Competed in the bidding f?ir ih?
construction of the Aral dirigible ait
Inhipi? for 11'?' l'iiili'il S tu u? ?? navy. The
l'iil? diacloaed a ? Ida divergence. The
1 li'sveat ?raa Sli.?.Mla?, or |M,6f?- for tw?i
' rigiblea, while the highest waa 1200,?
000 for a ?ingle aircraft
I be dirigibles will he neither im
Dressivs nur large. Their principal
function will I?- ?'? tarnish training
i"i pilotis anil to ???rve n? h Im??is for
restigation of Ih? workability of
dirigibles in manoeuvres. The Beere
tars af the ?avy'a me mora ml uni isnued
? da] laid:
iii.? i?;iup of aeron?utica eonaidera
. that ih?? dirigible la to he the l?ini>
ti her of tin? snbSAarinO. The tiero
! Min?>. rapidly ?couting the ?.eau off
jour harbors und around our fleet, -li?
covers th?- enemy's Babasarinoa lying
,ii. wail for innoceal merchantehip ?>r
attempting to cr??ep up on oar Bghting
I ships.
"The dirigihle? from the ?her.? sta?
tions or from tho dirigible ;iiipri of
i tin- fleet, thai warnod h> the ?leroiilane
' ?out?, proceed to the' attac?. of tba
I submarines, ?hopping on them hca?".v
bomba fin<?d w.th fusoa to explode on
? i* or nftor sinki.i??; 1 > a or'ain
The genera] specifications i quit d
? t'i it the dirigible it. mid be of the
i ;."?i ?: M?'. 176 fi <" lonir. :,'i feet
high and 36 fact a. '??. with .i useful
. 'if about 2,000 pound. . pot
i cd thnt they huso h si.?1 of twenty
tnilei ?'. i,mir. i'u.l to I?.- ?ipat>le
\ of risinj- 3,000 feel without di " ? |
of ballast.
The following bids were received:
i S tan le) Yule Beach, New York One
machine, 329.871; two machinas,
552. American Dirigible Balloon Syn?
dicate, Inc., Nan York One machine,
$41,000; ?me machine (larger), |4?>e000.
The Connecticut Aircraft Company,
?New Haven ?>nr machine, 145,636.25;
?two machin?'?, $82.216.12. The Good
year Tire and Ruhher Companv, .Akron,
Ohio One machine. SUUO.noO.
Thia lust bid i; subject to a red'ie?
tion which will make the total cost lo
the (jovernment cnuul to the co ?. of
. the machine to the Goo lyei.r Tire an J
Rubber Company plu? 00 pe? er.it.
To Drop Tourainc Case.
Paris. Anril 20, French military au?
thorities have decided to ?lion the
charge of setting tire to the steamer
La Touraine. which \sa^ preferred
againal the man known m Raymond
Swoboda, says the "Petit Parisien.M
He ?till face? an accusation of c.-pio
njiK'c. howevei
Fischer-Hansen Admits Debt
of $32,000?Jury Dismissed.
Heir? of Isaac Mroltaw defeated hi*?
former son-in-law. Carl Fischcr-Han
sen, disbarred lawyer, in the counter
suit to his lost action for $1m",mmm
illegal fee.? in the Supreme ( ourt a?
New City yei.ter.lay.
F.I ?'ira Hrokaw, Hi? \s idow; Irving,
Howard and William Hrokaw (sued
Fischer-Hansen for $.12 000 they al?
lege,1 hn horrosved from the testator on
notes heforc his wife, Flvira Hrokaw
Fischer-Hansen, divorced him at Reno.
After the books? showing the transac?
tions were put in evidence by the
llrokaws the disbarred lawyer consent?
ed to having the case disponed of with?
out going to the Jury. Jtaatico Mills
entered a Judgment against him for
Wants $100,000 of Mrs. Nol
ker for False Arrest.
Mis? Albertina, "Haby" Marlow, fif?
teen year* old, who was arrested on
? the complaint of Mr?. I'earl Klixabeth
Hymaa Nolker, that the girl had stolen
, $1,?I0?I. 1'iiik the Ural BtOf yesterday
toward ihe tiling of $100.000 suit for
false arre?t. Mr?, (?-ra-me Morlow ob
' tained from Justice llendrick an
order appointing her as her daughter's
' guardian for tin? purposes of the suit,
the real plaintiff being a minor.
Justice H? ndrick, who signed the
order, was mentioned as one of the
guests at Nolker home, in the procoed
I ing in the Children's Court, when Miss
Marlow was arraigned.
Mrs. Nolker is the wife of Robert
1 \'??ll-.er, president of the St. Louis Aero
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Britain Protests Germans' Re?
taliation Against Officers.
London, April 20. Through Wulter
i Hines Page, the American Ambassador,
? the British Foreign Office to-day sent a
I protest to Washington to be forwarded
to llerlin denouncing the retaliatory
steps Germany has taken against thir?
ty-nine British officers as a result of
trie special treatment accorded thirty
nine submarin* prisoners in England.
The note explain? that th? German?
i ar? being humanely treated and pro
teat? the close confinement of the
i British officers. Virtually th? only dif
! ference between the treatment of th*
j German submarine prisoners and other
I German prisoners, the note ?ay?, i?
, that the former are in the naval bar?
racks instead of in the detention camp.
The Foreign Office still i? without
' the names of the British officers belnr*
, specially punished in Ge*many, th?
' I nited .State? not yet having obtained
them. ?
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We want you to know Sunshine
Biscuits as a whole for their
superior quality and freshness.
We want you to know Sunshine
Biscuits in their variety, as they
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Sunshine Biscuits include every
kind of biscuit known ? many
are baked nowhere else in this
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country. Others are original
with us?baked nowhere else
in the world.
You'll find them an appetizing,
tempting array from the crispest
of soda biscuit?to the richest of
Biscuit Bonbons.
Here are a few for you to try:
Sunshine Hvdrox the most delicious
rl.ocol.itr cm In I ion. Two cr??p choc?
olate tmcuitt with a smooth cream
center. Hy the pound. 40c , ?u tint. .Vs.
Sun.h.n. CoM?n I !?!.-?- f?-- .?
pir cist biscuit?: mea? deiiaeu?
tart*. patties individual pies or ?l.ort
cakes in a moment. |Sc tins ?r b-, th?
Saruhin? Macarao? Jombl??? ? deli?
cate browned ring? of macaroon
ccroar. it. Carton, He.
Soashia? Vaailla W?fer??rr ip de
llghttuily flavored bi?cuit to atrve
with any dessert ar taa. lit.
Sunshine Clover l.e??*s?a fairy sand?
wich of two fr?*_11 ? ??i:_ar w.il'r*. with
rich cream between Perfect to aerv?
witb Ice crean.. 10c: also by the pound.
Sunshine Tao-San?richest of blacuit
confection? Crlip augar wafer walla
with center of richly flavor?,1 cream.
10c and ?5c tin? ; alto by the pound.
Sunshine. P?rfetto?with crisp w?'.:?
and cool cream center. Delicien? wtli
icecream. ?5c and lllc Una; also by
th? pound.
" The Quality Biscuits
of America"
WS Vies
Sunshine Cheese Chips? crisp Httl?
? ?I :area sa.ted and ch**e?e flavored.
lOi'.O in a po-.:nd Ret I erlth beverajrs
or salad. In 25c t-.ns or by the pound.
Takhnma Biscuit- the Sunshine Seda
Cracker ? criap and RakjTi break?
evenly In the center. J cent?.
Samhiae CraJiama ? real graham
cracker* with th? lull rich flavor
everybody like?. Sc and 10c cartons.
Sambia? Matter? Bucoit ? - -???
?lightly ?wretened b'tcuit that make
?ay d*?a?rt taste better. 10c cartons.
SunsMa? Butter Tkias ? <-rlsp littl?
wafer?, mad? with real butter tat
t?a?ted an ?ppettt'og b:?w?. it?
Jutikm? Saltar,*! ? cr?e* b ? . ??.
???ted just enough t? lend te?t ??
?trap ?r ??!??. 10c la c?rt?n?, ?!c la
Sua?hineVVholeWhe.t Wafers-hard.
crisp bip.-u.ts buttered an.l salted ; .?I
enough tfi make vu rrlish *.' a nutty
flavor The n.an s lavorlt?. Large
tin?, ?3c ; also by the pound.
Suashin? Sugar Water Daintiea ? ?
great I ariety of Sunshine sugar wafer
bonbon? packed in one Ma Attract?
ively ribboned. A beautiful gift boa.
Suashia? Yum-Yum? ? crisp little
circles apiced with ginger?lav? th?
old-time goodn?aa that ts.ks aiway?
rell?h. 5c carton?.
Bakers of Sunshine Biscuits
Sunih.n? Cli???!??? Fiagaes?? fa-aa
?ation of cak? topped with marafc
mallew and covered with checelat?
fretting lik? a checelat? ??lair. I??

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