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J ^irrier<s ^
Dry Cold Storage
Moderate Rates Abtolutc Protection
Sujvrior Modern Vault*
Telephone. Greeley?2044. Bet 35th and 36th Sts.
Professor Qiddings Declares
Home Club Would De?
crease Crime.
"From among the thouFands of boya
between the u-.:es of ten and eighteen,
permitted by p i the
stre< I ? time and bed
time without a?
will be recruit??) a large proporl
tl e m \r gel ?
inals," is tl ' l'r. Franklin
H. Giddings, prof? sor o? sociology at
Columbia ? and the re;.-?on
why the pub
naign to raise $2 r
Loya' Home Club.
"As 1 undr: tand it," he adda, '"the
purpose of the .'sew- i ib is to
rovide a clubhouse containii a assem
!>' nur-.?. ? - pool,
ela?.? rooms, and workshops for the use
of boys beta
a:xteen mm,i ?.. ?.,. de
vclop into uaeful i
"I am heai h such
a project. The '? tot an
aderju.ne plant for this club, which
has l.. loverai
years. ging eo'uli
Uons. is ? b? oui Ne* com
a unique group. Its 1
ties of
?.dependence and courne
. i rsons, however, are freouent
d impatient ?
favorable environment, a
"It M.ust be remembered that wha
i ver the opinions of Individuals a^ 1
ibility of the newsboy hin
neif, ht- is a ddinite problem to r
reckoned with. While he is with us 1
should be protected so far as ponsib!
from the valions dangers to which hi
and encoui
most of himself."
Martin W. Littleton, chairman of *h
peiieru! comrattt?.; thi ten-day tan
? T the News
m. \?. .11 pr-'- ??!,? a' a ?iinn?'r ?
'? line ' lub o
May ?1, 'l : day of the
pu.gn. Membei ? ol the fifty te ?'
? who bave enri'. ?
the work wi I attend and
? rard will start the canvass fron
di.Tcrent points in the city.
Texas Alumni Dine To-night
The first annual dinner of the I'm
vanity of Texaa Alumni AsBOciatioi
will bo held to-ni?,'ht in tho Greer
Room of the McAlpin. Thomas Watl
Grcgoty, Attorney Genera!, and Albert
S. Burleaon, Postmaster General, both
gmduates of the university, are ex
l to be present. Other e? ?
announced are R. I. Batte, 1'. A. Frank,
John M. Colcman, Walti r ? l.fton Sh ;p
i/ell and It.
. 1er Will hi?
? M Ml ore
ixth Ave^
(BROOKLYN STOttW1?"^4?*1*
} FiatHishAv-c Fulton stjOne Dbek Afove ilippcxta
It's Our Move
Into The
Heart OjT
yew WoPiXs
Only a Step
from the
Quality FirstConside ration
We ?hall maintain in every way the well known re?
liability <?f Cowperthwait quality, for our magnificent
array of new home furnishings is supreme in unr.ur
pasM'l value; pick and chooae where you may a
positive guarantee o? aatiafaction goes with every
piece you may ele? t to buy.
Simple Divided Payments
From the ?luv we originated the easy payment plan
we have made it a simple private agreement between
us to divide the payments on any purchase without red
tape and adapted to your needs.
All goods are marked in plain figtxres.
Executive Offices lo?
cated close to the cen?
ter of things, Jii Aeolian
Hail in Forty-second
Street, Efficient buil?ding
service. Delightful,
in spiring environment.
Convenient f?>r commu?
tation I?) West cluster,
Jersey or Long Island.
Let us quote you rentals
on your office space
"Anolian Uall?th?
best sj
tiMi U
Newark Lad Wanders
Alone, Without Money,
for Nine Months.
Receives Help from American
Consul After Arrest at
Dutch Border.
. , artal : . - - : .*,<> THI une 1
^This is the ?jeeond in a series of
' nrtieies by Mr. condition?
m Germany.]
Aai-h.il, German?/, March 21?. This is
? form Mr. and Mrs. Voi
Orntn:? Street, Newark, X. J . that
their boj , I and well.
Set ri;;ht ?id? up with rare he was
atarted on his way to llollnnd this
.'.- American ( on
;;, irj Damm. From
1 Rotterdam he hope? he can ?ail as
advi nturou? Adolph V? , ag^d
.. ,-..!,
He ha.l n
an honest
*.,1 not rr.nrh
to recomn end ? . ?
counted ??
h? had
. ocket
u ? ?id: "I
?a; fii.ni !.. ' " Th?*
:? of diplomatic extenuation in
. i? 1 ; immediately ?aught
' Mr. ? 11 cy, and he set th? con?
sular machinery going in Adolph'? be?
When the lnd left he had n paper
' with 11 big i"l seal on it an I a- hand?
ful of mark?. The paper r?
him to the go? ' ropean
power? n* . ?. and the :
- ,
* fellow men whom A
ibly dependable qua
? ? keep him in food till he r?
Sailed as Officer's Servant.
the wanderlust sti
him, the mild-eyed Adolph left Newark
Bremen a?
servant to a ?1 er did his
; i. B? for him.
!.. .. ; he th
. than In i tally ?s
: ith K: .?' u nd Ger
Didn't I tl '?? ..
would hav? If th? war
I caught in the vortex,
ami. ?o far a? I could get th?> bans of
his laconic narrative, he has been wan.
dering trustfully over the dial
face of th.. earth ever since, earning a
i-s .?ometimes by don :
?bout farmhouse? or by running
? .1 carrying parcel? for ?ol
- had no money he ate
With the soldiers and other good
lerful part of it is that with?
out a 'it or any kind of
on paper he ha? moved
about pretty much a? lie listed, keeping
out of prison and th.e alm?house. anil
never encountering any rebuff until he
the border into Holland
this morn ?
Then rman military* authori
told him to go to the Aachen po?
lice and th? ni him to the eon
sulat? in - .'?to the
office - ind ? ried over the
rt problem, then ?traightened up
and answered questions with the pre
and the rigid posture
ked up from the soldi?
In wartime he has accomplished what
I Minan and
.-. ? b?-i n unable to accom
. even when they had credentials
;n every pocket.
Marvellously Kscaped Arrest.
Il i< the more remarkable that he
should h.. nee in
every Inn In the Rhineland hang mili*
tention of all vagrom 0 stick
to a ?ob only two or tin."* .lays and
then ??? ?.?
1 aski I h m whether he had found
r? ting.
d in hi ? placid way,
.? wanted to go home.
lie had one do.?e of hitter had luck.
day when he was wandering in the
? ? K ho ran straight
? :'? range whai
? ? ? ice, h? never
al all. A bullet
"V nu', bai : ' I asked.
of me," he an
J * a to a hospital ?"
Id his knee.
"Il wai here," ho said. "I mended
th?- pai
So he had. The two inch tear made
by the bullet h.* had gathered together
with awkward ?til
He ?aid 11 In't mad.? it
? ramping,
?ally u? beside? that hurl I
once gol hi? foot run over bj a taxicab.
He said he had kept the money he
' d ?'il shn hoard ? - I? ng as he
could and ail - w< I ? h? wai
Us.- ? even In 1
world ugh t.. keep
\ iked fur American .Newspaper?.
a d.*
? mat
t< r of fact, busin? is man'i -.*. ij whether
'Id et him have ?ome
I though he
? read it
well. So tl ? coi red up
. I .1 as
A r ho fell heir to that
utcheon and 1 obb laui ?
p in in
' .- .?"1 al night
to - - - hotel for
and wh.*n he pa ? irter in
treaol I ?urpose he looked pretty
: felt it, for Wien he was
"1 wa? ashamed to ro*",e here, and
with all
go oat. VVhatll they
on 're a friend of
?t comforted hi:n
pride 1 had to see
pets safe hack
good a sort for our
ry te lose.
"I liked him." ?Hid the consul, "be?
cause he wasn't fresh."
Seaman'- Fund Now $53,000.
The board of managers of the St a
? .
the new build
Fulton t'ut
??-...us contributor
? .
$'?. ? .en of th?
G. I"*A, I
x, w R . ,,.*, M
j March Hoe. Jonathan Thoir ?
Mia? Thaodr.ra Hulsisi and
1 U ....am A\?rtll Uarnn.au,
i ;? ;? .- -4 <? ? . :-. ease '? ?
Pope Congratulates Him or
Anniversary Day of Birth.
Cardinal John M. : ? set
enty-three years ?.LI yesterday. Thi
; by no special i ?
tion, ce preferring to ?.pen?
it as nearly as possible as he I]
the other days of the year. The
' r ,t approach to .? ? ? ? ?s 'r\c
-, ?
.',? and Edwards, the rlcai -
crul of th" ai
I'l." Cardinal motored to Punwoodie
Seminary in the morning, where ht
mass for the students and ,.
ed in ?he ?? the forty h"ur.s de?
votion. On his return he found a few
him, and a
number oi' i and tel
?m eongi ? r con?
tinued i'MM',1 health, Including, il i;
understood, one from hi? nolines?
\* of ? ? 8 mea
I sages wa.? minie public.
Cyclist and Girl Hurled in
Front of Train.
A fine/man waving a red lantern
stopped a train where the II? n
Turnpike crosses the track-? in Q
last night and saved ihe lives of two
n. itoi cycli.' i I Pumoner, ???
' ooper Avenue, (llendale. and Misa
Ismah Hanatsek, a chorus girl, who
lives next door to Pumoner,
1 be pair wer.' riding tandem and
did not notice that the gateman had
lowei ? ntil it was 1
I' .mm.n. r ?? in check the
? il into
i the gates, hurling both i ?
on to the I
? cuts about
I the face. P imonei 'a eh ii and : ace
?were cut and two of bia ribs were bro?
'Suffragette' Now War Paper.
"Th cette," the weekly
I of Mi
? en's Social at ?i .
? ,?| Union, wl m I
m Friday, April 16. A?
before, it will be i ?.
tabel Pankl ursl
will now be '
tai v one.
.*. the
pap? -
? with the ei
uld mere.;. ?
petuate the danger now threatening
? the freedom of Europe."
Rout Preacher and Wife fron
Bed to Insure Victory.
. ogttah :> TtStS Ti.'mie J
Metuchen, N. J., April 20. Womei
1 under I -ship of Mr?. L?
Molineux, daughter of the late Genera
E. T. Molineux, of Brooklyn, save?
the ?lay hero to-night, when the
voted on the question whether to ac
cepi or reject a sift of land, valued ??
?sT.ouo, offered by Charles S. Edgar, foi
public school purposes. Metuchen i?
to build a new school.
The Kdi-rar site was opposed by ?om<
of the men taxpayers, but all the worn
en voters favored it. When it look??
as though the women were losing, Mr.?
Molineux called up Mrs. John I hot.
ton, wife of the rector of St Luke's
opal ? burch, on the telephone
m me, Mrs. Fenton, at once;
wo need you. and brin,: your !
with you; we need the votes." Al
, though the Fentons had retired for ths
? night, both donned their clothes
' walked a mile and cast their votes fot
: the proposition.
Would Have Given Guardsmen
Advantage in Civil Service.
Albany, April 20. -The Assembly to
day defeated for the second time the
Cromwell National Guard bill. Them
is no change of the measure's becoming
i a law.
This brief dispatch will be welcome?
news to civil ?ervice authorities in Nev
'i ?-. and Brooklyn, who were planning
to make a .-tronic fight against the bill.
LtOI George
?veil on April 15, this measure
| an amendment 1
civil service law giving mi n bers of the
national guard a flat preference of 7
per n nt in competitive examinations.
I* hud ?he approval of Major General
John P. O'Ryan, Adjutant General
? Mr.-, Lient
* el Edward Olrasteaa and other officers
of the national iruard w-ho believed iu<
? a bill necessary to encourage enlist
, ments and training for the public de
, fence.
J. P. Cotton to Investigate.
J icph P. Cotton, of ll Wall street,
Bpec al ? m poratiou
iy by ? orporat ion Cow
, ?el I'olk to reprei aent of
Charities at the eoming ii
of the department by the Si ite Board
of ? barittes. Joaiah A. Stover, t\
ant Corporation Counael, who la famil?
iar with the work of the Charities De
l :.r" II ? > ? 11 ?,.... 11 r r.lt?.
Peroxide Nellie's Descendants Streaked with Yellow,
Just as Site Was in the Sad, Bad Days of China?
town Before Mer Reclamation from Opium Habit.
luigenists and heredity, give ear
' to t!. ? ? Peroxide Nellie, the
opium cat. Miss Mary Williams, nurse
*??? f?.ri
I for further'
? on.
? 'of
the -tench of opium and no
? to bother the I
In those t :i*(m Nellie left the
.farm or wherever th? ? an?l
?o thi m< *. evil quarter of
I the great and wicked eity. YVnr-o than
? that, she took up with Ven Shi (.ertie,
i opium fiend and wife of a tor.g man by
of a marriage certitica'.e .
] down and
down. Her ?oui within her ma;.
?X 1
i the i
rrtie'i hair from
j brown to 6 urn. She became
The cat d-.d not stop there. She went
fr.in bad to ?sjlorse II.- r ml
j to puff th? dop? ?m..*.. into her i.e..
, At first :*?...? ?a??iti_ later sb? In
haled it eagerlv and came back for
I . rroaaipa of Mett Street
?I that Nellie had hit the down?
ward slide and would doubtle?? ei.d In
hep ?uey.
Then Yen Shi Gertie one <!ny did not
up from her opium dream?. The
i her ar.d wiihed the
?? on ?om? or..* else,
-.ss? .-.<-: nut into the ?treet, and
eraxy for opium, wa 1 the
settlement rooms one ??ay. Mia? W .'.'.?
lams took her in charge and reformed
her. Nellie became a model ca
.a-, r a mother of one wee kitten, black,
w;tv. peroxide yellow blotches. Hut her
mother's paat excesses told on tl
spring. The little one never mewed
(?r purred, and a whirf of opium smoke
d.-'.ve it near,y into eonvuUion?.
It ?.::-.".. d, l y the
other day presented Mia? Willia;.
a litter of Kittens. But the ?..
Nellie acquired in the days of her
youth ;n her grandchildren
Peroxid i yelloa ire ma
all their coats. Which only g
prov? that the eins of the father.
eve, call at 1?
.??treet and interview Nellie anc
h?r y?llow-str?ak?d off?priog o? t_?
thir.d g?n?ratioo.
Italian EducatorSaysTheir
Children Are More
Eager to Learn.
Teacher Amazed by Develop?
ment to Thirty Schools
in City.
Yesterday th?' Dot1 ?cs'-a Maria
Montessori held the first conference
with her pupils in America. It was at
the Children's House. 520 East
ty-seventh Street The ?hil ?
House i ? ons "" the thirty
achools which have iprung up In
York during th" last three years.
The coni'erencc ?*as Impressive. The
srrc.it Italian teach? i . rooted ??er pupils,
h?"- disciples, if you line, with ?!
and apparent amazement at th?) devel?
opment Of her *.v?)rk in New York.
"I his beautiful house "? IBS cnil
dren!" she ?Tied. "You have so I
here* in Italy ws " t,!0 ''""?
dren all this, we hi;'." it '
but little is much when children are
free , , ,
:: Italy.
In the districts which bava been .:?".-..?
*i im-.e now developed a
educa'inir children from Ove to ten
roars Old. By it they learn n
g, arithmetic rery easily but ea
pecially nature, leienc?
Then they are ready to en*'
achools, I believe you call It
years are saved in the school life of
every child.
"Mv elementary methods have been
put into sixteen sebo? Big
no ini Macaroni is training teachers
an?l opening our schools In Spain."
M;-s Annie George, who introduced
Pr. Montes ori's work into this com?
munity, asked how Mo ' Sehers
in the li eould learn the
methods for older pur
"Signorii a 1 ?'. I? I" might e? me here
an I ? upervi a the all c enl iry ?
which you foi m."
"Bu you, Dottoressa," exclaimed
Margaret Naumberg, "why won't you
stay and help UB?"
I)r. Monte would,
but I noticed ' that aha
didn't say the wouldn't She is i
her way to Cal il " w:'l
give a four mo: "
?ori m? ?hrxls in Los ! San
Diego. Her lat? it bi oV ?:. rib
work with older children, ?vill be pub
liahed in the fall.
"Now, that is nil my newa, and I
want to hear what you are doi *
want always to keen in close touch
with you and with your work, fell me
wlint you are doing."
Mrs. A. Reno Maiguliea, of 531
ISTth Street, told of her work with
?leaf nt,d backward children. M
George apoke of i
"Ah," said I?r. Montessori, "but are
you not working with the children of
the well-to-do? Tell me what you are
doing for the children o*.' the poor."
bfisi Zo? Bateman, seen I
Montessori Association, exj
the Children's House in which the con?
ference wai ? a free school,
?supported by contributio. I.
"It iit very ntai?' to ({et th ?
taken up by the rub' C
Margaret Naumberg. "Wo ha?
secured perm laaion to eil .i class
in Public School 4. It v. is onl
sible 1 ? . m of the
principal, Simon Hirsdansky, for i'r.
Montessori's \?ork.
"Until the work Ifl dev? oped by the
Board of Education it cannot be car?
ried very far among
teachers must live aa well as teach."
"It is easi.-r to teach the children of
the poor," Bald l?r. Montessori. "The
are more ea^-i-r to 1? irn."
"Oh, no," cried her pupils in choru?.
"The children who have 'netter homes,
butter food and better care
much fa?ter than the p
"I had a group of poor childr i
winter, an?! a group of lo chil?
dren this winstei,"
berg, "
week? more than the former learned In
a year."
Seventh Inning at the Polo
Grounds Fatal to Spectator.
I'urin-T the seventh inninjr of the
Phillies ? ?
Grounds resteras? afternoon
Suzanne V. ? of Cin?
dropp? .1 dead in the
who heard the ? I I>r.
??-?-.ir Lei er, of 2<58 West 1
Sl?r..,.?. v'?? ? -, He
? ith.
She had lived licott
since Ocoher. when her husband Ed?
mund Wlsneusky, entered tl.mploy
of a contri:."
have a son. eighteen.
Shaaray Teflla Members to
Extend Socia1 Service Work.
Dr. Stephen S. Wi e last night
i a mo? - n
thousand dollai * r ? ieia1 ervice
? ion trith the work the
rbood of '.'?
doin?. 'I be
tion of the twent ? ary of
th?. temple, which la one of the ?
in the United Si "
I'r. Wl ie 1 m 'h?? Rev.
Dr. de Sola Mendea, the i
synagogue *'? r 1
WI ie sal l thai the 1
go-rue would do well I 1er the
buildinp of a greal
.lid rival any church or tern]
iv,,. . ., ..M,.,, ?..,1.1
fr??m the Battery to 110th
complimented oi
Charitii i a imuei
? tion o'
Jewish Sisterh? York,
praised 'he record of the Sh
- ? -!"o.l for the last quarter of a
Phi Beta Kappa Elects Elevrn.
?? ?.?' -nbers
of rhi Beta '>*
Juniors, while |
man. New Yoi
Brooklyn; \ P :
lain I.. Wi , Ferry; :
J. Marra. Brooklyn; )'
Long Islan I; Charles H '.
New York; Arthur Apman, '
? ."y: Morris l' York* Ed?
ward E. Gardner, Jersey C ?v; William
Sulzer. Yonk.-rs. William W. Tall
man he;uied the
. out of a |
Boy at Play Killed By Truck.
While pi ij ? | tag w.'h \.
Alabama A. ran
in th.? path - 'ruck
?? th.? cha ifl .
?*' "I Thir.l Avenue, 1.
bring the mach,ne to a .?.,,, i.io child
was cruihed to ?Jetath.
S. Aitmatt $c (Co.
will place on sale, commencing to-dcy
Eight Thousand Yards of
All-silk Crepe de Chine
39 to 40 inches wide. Un white, ivory, fab.
color, black and a choice assortier/, of
colors, at the special p.~:ce of
95c. per yard
Thls Sal? affords a very ur.us^F.l c
for obtaining a fabric that is tremendously
in demand for blouses, gowns, n?glig?es, un?
derwear, etc., at a Earge concession fren the
regular price.
S- Aitmmt & Ota
Women's Ready-to-wear
Dresses and Tailor Suits
representing all of the season's new fashions,
are c:s~layed In the spacious ?Salons cr. '.he
rd Picor in a very large assc rtm int. The
choice of styles from which selections rr.ay
foe made is unusually comprehensive.
Inspection is invited.
Jtf?h Atrcra? - iHabteon Anrtttc?
3-llh ?A 35tl? 0trrrt0 S*? Cork
fourth Avenue, cf r. 2 5th Street
Eldndge St., cor. Rivington St.
Seventh Ave., bet. 48th & 49th St?.
Lexington Av., cor. 124th St.
(?ia:iv*i St., cor. Clinton St.
E. 72d St., bet. Lexington fc 3d Av?.
I..is.*. Houston St., cor. Essex St.
Courtlandt Av.. cor. 148th St._
Smith St., cor. Livingston SL
Graham Av., cor. Debevoiss St
Pitlcin Av., cor. Rockr-v-tv Av.
*_? LOANS Rl - ?? WITHIN
Brooklyn Senator Prevents In?
troduction of Court Improve?
ment Measure.
' From a St.nl* <\.*T>*??>"'.<lciit of Tin? Tribun?.)
Albany, April 20. -One man stood
?ainat the people of the city of
New Voik. represented in the Ltgis
lature and by men and women as
I with philanthropic institu
and refused to permit the judicial
?i measure to be introduced in the
? to-day. II?; wa? Senator Alvah
Burlingame, of Brooklyn, whoso chief
act before to-day ?n to lead the fight
m favor of the Lockwoo.l-Kllenbogen
itroying th.* lafeguardi around
ement ho.nes, factories |
and sweatshops in New York.
... igame denied that he op- '
the introduction of the bill be-'
it would '??? 'ipe out the office of
ite in Brooklyn, for
one of his friends in the As
lit* said he did not |
what the bill contained.
"This is no time for reforms," he;
i said.
? bill was introduced by Senator
! M . of New York. It pro
ibllahment of a
kd'i Court and a De
Court and consolidates the
Magistrate*' < ourta of the First and
' districts. It aiso provides that
? nil mi ?/ aenl to Special
fter they have been tried in
Court, shall be dis
Thia last reform has been fought for
- lawyer! have been
tiariei of the pi? ?
proviaion of the inferior court's act.
after trying the
? Magistrate'? Court to bribe
? .?pint away, the complaining
,_ if^mar? tviib_,
Repairs a:ul remodeling receive
closest attention at most reason?
able rates now. Latest desig'-s tor
?-? . .~~ , a11 a;)d Winter
REPAIRS i9"-'"-?-?
fashionable furs
?for copying and modeling?are
no? on exhibition; also for accept?
ance o! advance orders at large
price c?
141 '?t
_23 & 30 West 38th St_
"Egmont" Given at Metro?
politan for Irving Place.
The German colony in New York w?s
out in force last Bight when Goethe's
tragedy of "Egmont" mat girtm ?t th?
Metropolitan Oper? House f*.r ?hebere
fit of the i Th*
huge auditorium I ? M '? ev'r
is on a Garuso night, ar ! the applaus?
was neailv as gi
The ?performance wai
patronage ot" Cou
German Amb
?tantin Duraba, th ? A
Austria-Hungary. I wtr*
present. _
Other? in 'he I
nard Dernbur?;, " -..diki,
George Ehr.**. Ernat U
Alexander Konta. Dr. V. .I.y-Meyer,
Jame? Speyer, 1 ? lia M. * u ?arg ?jm
Max Weaendonek.
The trag? ' |
lar Irring P
dolf Christians I
of orange, Heinrich '
Ilse Wehr-:
tion was made with ill th
the admira!)..* itock ? 'n**b'*
of, and Mr. Chrietian ??????
was one o: dignity I "<* un"
der the direction ol ? '*n?0
playe.l Beethoven': incidental muttt.
' Uve?Jorld/'s-Kield
Safety First
Vou can not be prop?
erly insured uni ??
yon are safely insured.
?"London \
?? Globe |
^ Insurance Co...*??*--*
?5 t/m? r*/?0-rtft? rj?sr?P -k
.Musical Urcam,
"KtLP S.VILlNvi."
Presented by Le? H?-rris.k,
Staged by Julian Alfred.
7.45?10 o'clock?11 JO

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