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Your M-inev Back
If You Want It.
Se? Editorial Pa*?*-? First Caluma.
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FAIR l<? l?\? IMI T??-flORBllW|
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fealerdas'? Temperature.
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lull rei.ort ...i l'a?e S l'art I
V.,1. LXXV-NO. trnoWT.
First to Last?the Truth: News - Editorials - Advertisements
I? .>p.?rt?tit. tail,
Os Th? Tribune I ??<H 1*1 Ion
OF $63,000,000
Direct Tax of S19.000.000
Goes Through in
Earl} flours.
Pa*?? ' all Bills Permit?.
M i ill Viler
? ? "
? ap?
i ? * a 4
?sso honte.?
e< ?.hearts
? - assrins;
. I the
? '
?iM lass e?
Statt i m -
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Inoght. Th(
' ? mg an
?i Brown ?1 Odds.
; u-h ', hem
ng ?a
?lio.? ?ha* ni
? ad in
|ia\ t" Primary
the use of
. - as |.ciilsnar
ected to the
?nature law
. They
- 'he Ser,
"??s bill? with an As?
? i.oth
. of 1.70
*'"?? * ' bring in a little more
*>? I ?I 1.41(14, Hilft of whuh
of -New
?"iU4?r U\ ?{ill Iterare (.overnor.
qeoi tai bill, increasing the
? ?.'. a* ?' ' ' '
is. the
, ,-,i bj either or
i.. bringing then be
, ? ?.
putt inn i'
? iblic Ser% i?i I ommission.
' ' iax bill, jiuting a %'?
'??on these vehiclea.
,r"" " | Edward M. Harn?.
/' *PI'?? ?' ot ?anal land?, from a
?????job because, the Desac-crata
0*^0^' "'" ' "" g'v'n Governor Glvnn
?lilchel 'i ? "hey
? ? ? barge thai
? ? ?? .. i .
Health li,IK Fail.
i.. int.. ui?
? e-itra! U
? .m., the Hinmaii
i romwell's
*"''-""'J'm | . ,hc New Volk
'??teiUiiea esa ...er ft. ctUuiaa ?V-^^aW
Bride Saved Kleist from Father
I Who Wanted to Kick Son-in-Law
Inward N. Breitling Admits as Witness in Formel
Coachman?! $250,000 Alienation Suil Tliat His
Anger Cooled After Daughter Interfered and ?Thai
He Is Still Willing She Should Live with Husband.
? owner
? lay he
do** Max
and that he had trie.i to stl
and kick ' law, a fon
coachman, during a storm]
??? ?? a . ? Rei is.
lbs ?teams
ilHIlt II
confe?si ?1 l Mat he had "a
and that in? would have
ith ' '" m - daughtei had no* inl
fererl ? ? ? ?< later, he ci
Kleist a i''ace ii
Hi Breitung we? on the ?'and ;
?. ?? ? lay'? ?e?sion
thi Federa District Court, sshejte Jud
Hough and a ?tirj aie hearing ?he (a
In addition te teil.ml- .,?" his own tei
per. he also related tin svarm-nnd-ic
gca \shich came "? ei h ? daughte
'?MMii i coa? i.'iihii
Two "M.?-, .s me??, denied the i
legation mad?? by a ""ormer maid of tl
i Breitungi a" Juliet Breitung Klei
had received a black eye in an arg
? ?? >?? hei hu?band w.'h hi
moth? ?
Broil | he had no host i 1.1
toward the youth who eloped with h
that he had .?''tit him I
:ne mine to "try him nut an?! ?ee win
he was." ?le '?'ni thai ?he a'tempt I
Kle ?, tear.?' good ?vai a failuri
aa he r? ' h? job.
I.tisr Letten In \ ault.
Hi.? wife, lie testified, and hia daugh
I 1er were fully >n accord with his feel
?ngs toward the plaintiff. Mont of hi
story was a ?(?petit.on of that told a
the first hearing, which Judge Han?
declared a mistrial. On direct examina
lion by Del.a:,?.-. Sieol) Breitun*
?aid he told Juliet she ought to livi
with her husband |h( loved,him an?
though! she might make him happy.
??When she asked Kleist loi her le*
,.,. ?, plied the.? wer^ in a vault n
bank. SoaBetimes si ?
?h? loved him, and then again ?ne
: tell m* that she was disappointed
that he had turned out a different per
aon ?han she thought he would," said
Mi Breitling.
In apite of the plaintiff's statement
-that Juliet had written ?hat her father
would 'ase him arrested ?"or non-sup
he witness said:
? I rtevei ened -hat. I don't
? - that 1
did." ,., . .
. . , , Crow ley. Kl< la attorney,
i,,i ?;,, ? ? . . ip to 1 tei cv oi'
"Did "u atrike tue bo) on ; ha? see
? lion ?" !"? aaked
**1 ??id not." ??as ?he answer, "but
I'm sorry 1 didn't, because lie made aj
?.- -,
"1 w,?? !
My ?i;,- only i
>.?>??*?.i ?i m - * go
Had Sleuth? on Trail.
: ,:i?..* in
1913, i?i? .;u; g laid l.s had
Th.? n me o " ia\? appear
? the witncs . i-ome 11
? m' pionounced ;? * ?th a ?"
? * ild i I
it v,. i.* - pelTed "K ?
li<- adit tted m daui I
marriagi ;.- nulled, h? -
hui be torn? ashamed ;*n-.i wanted
public ceremony.
? ? | \'i. l'ro? ?
moved ? Fngeri rapidly hack m
for:h 'ii his lap. Hih wife mw daug
?.?ever, wert ht rase on the oth
?ni.- of the courtroom, ?.m? ?
al ii ' ' ?? i i 1T j? bet we ', ...
"I '.vuni io nay," the witness co
tinned, "tha ! never promised to r-.nl
a mil neer of Kleist in '???
! na* perfe? tlj >? Hing for h
? . with him ami I am now
"Vii-.i kill.? her ..'.'" ide now?" Y
wal asked
"Vea. She has told mo" But a
objection from Mr. Nm.ii brought ?
? * ' 'a the reply.
? .-uns?-! for the plaintiff then
duced n ?fttei written by Mn K
to her husband, n which she ?-n-.1 ih
.i- ir ?he hail iir-.*ii wr?
- . . - e was the mo
to be r it, I-? rig :? man, M
? * ,, . 11 -i> ? cail I
from ?m? ihei letter written th?
"Dear? ? I am writ ing -.<>
thi - in ,- .-? I lot ?? ) ?".." ! began H
thea.* notes he hoped to ?how tha
paren' wat endeavoring to coerce hi
daughter into ??enilinjr colil letteri t
Breitung cuve another expiai
of 'he matt i
"8he changed her mind ?o often Oi
time ?he said she loved him a:.d an
other ahe said she didn'l That
woman'?- whimsical nature."
Hride \e\er ? Wile.
S.-.itt W. Sha? . f." mm, than twent;
> e * - Mr. Mi>? ? ung'i I confl
dential sdv-iaer, followed him on th.
stand, lie told of a
Kleist, m which the Iiiit?'i v: d ii
niama*ce had never been con ummated
K few hour-, hef'.re Mr Nicoll ha?'
pro(ioi?ed that the court appoint a spe
i-ialist te examina Mrs Kleiat and re
por' or hi* findings ludfrn Hough
said he would take the mutter under
advisement Mr. Nicoll had agreed to
?tand the expense, and Mr. Crowlej
u?< -.->? Ned ?h the pro;
there ?i - ? ?<
that ' ?-* ?'. Mr. Breituni
? ?
?n the F-ilvei ? ty mine, 'hat it ?m a
fOI 1 ne ?.oll'V.
"Then I ?emember." he continued,
"that hi- asked m<* suddenly, without
r -??
i*,.^ loa. pued ?a i>??r* ?>. ??i-m-i ? ..^_
?'I \s ,i? ? II i., tus ?JaticIst?.*r to
m Kleist, and I am now."?Ed
?vard N Breitung. Above art* his viile
. ,i dai filier in the I ederal ? lou/t.
Description of Austrian
Reservist Rushed from
City by Train and Auto.
00-B ? aul le of
me? i ?in?,! itari
??I oit iree?. ?' ??
? and 'fnre? cry
\ ? a if
COUntr* i? on 'he ?r ok
ilnnei. the Austrian.
;: Friday af
'?It? Julia ill Iner. ?he in?
I valid ?vite of Seligman I.. He'lner, a
? manufacturer, in their home, at
".: Albemarle Road. Platbuah.
Joaeph Mnnel. according to 'he po
? an i Bertilloa measure?
live year? old. fi fret .?
inches high, weigh.? I.'IO pound?. na<
brown haid and a thin face. Ke?
im'? from Philadelphia state that
H.iiie. served a t??rm there for carrying
concealed weapon? and burglary.
At 1 a nit ran ci .-. ' n ferry
houses, '"I." and subway station.? and
ii* newsstand? groun? of men and
Steed yesterday aim read the
ptioa of the m?in wanted tor.
murder. That |1 ?rill hear result i? '
unquestioned b? the police.
Inspector* .!,.?enh Pauroi and Patrick
? ray, >?f the Detective Bureau, were,
busj yeaterdaj ?nssvenng 'elephon??
nn.l directing men of their command 'o ,
>nveaii?rate all sort? ?.f mesrage-? ?ent
in by the thousands of persons who
i ase interested themselves in th" ar
l.'.n.ooo Circalara Sent Out.
i i? *o iav- p..ght 20,. circulars
beei distr but? .i In all. 160,01)0
*.vere sen! ?
out during the nighl Severa, hun-I
?lied patrolman trere detailed yesterday
?i i tiiy bundles of the pamphlet.? to
l.Hggaire masters, and they in turn i
distributed them to train hands, who
dropped them off at stations along the I
sarioi.? railroads running out of New,
York for a radius of ,1ft?i mile?.
The several police sutomobile? were
:?eii yesterday to ?iistribute the
? olive literature, and a net has
leer, wound around the c *.. I>v the
, the like of which ha? never bee.i
a*before in this city. Il ia tru!yv
a man-hun;. and the police are reaort- i
ing to every possible means to prevent |
another murder m>stfiy to pa?? un?
Perhans tne fact that Britain the last
fesv month? there ha'.e been more un
?olved murders than ever before in the
history <>f 'he department lends some
excuse for the calling in of the general
?o give ????istance in bringing
man to jual
?\? .? will have Hand within "ne next
? ati:" ?four hou-'s." ?s? ? ???unrig1
Ii ia?* night.
He ' IBl .anno* gel MnV "
Whether thia will prove a fact re?
to he see? The murder ?s? dis?
- II. lea Ruck, oimpan- i
? ?en 10 Mrs. Heiiner. sbou' I2.M Ktidavj
^ ..., CwailaueU ?a 9040 ?, ?.oluam 3 ?m^
Roosevelt's Blows the
Heavier Thus Far in
Libel Suit.
One Rt stilt of T rial May Re In?
creased Prestige for Do.
fondant in 1916.
i ?? ?-."'. raapaodaM a*
SI 'i?e. V V., -\i.r, i
* I,'.
?*?' ;
r ,
*-.- '? A
han;, mi I- - ?
? "I . Mir'n ?mi
of mind would ?.em to be
but a reflection of the result? of th.*
' >m week of -he trial of 'he - = .
the former ouiiiwn of the Republi?
can S;a'e I'orr.mitlee lo recover |60,
000 for the alleged libellous utter?
ance? of the ex-Presiden* of the
t'nited States.
It has hten a Roosevelt e e.?l . not
only from 'lie point of ?eo.'i?nce of
teatimony, but also in view of the teil
ing bio*?? th? Colonel has been able
?.. a* re? In ipite of the far? that
not "ni; has tne defence onl\
?'arted to put in its case, and tn?' the
heavy gum of Mr. Harne? will not '"*
? H-tion for perhi'o* a week
yet, ipeculation nm already start) .
?" tha political result?! of the trial.
? ?ne big :'.-.-?, whicl
iii no ws) affect the outcome ol
(rial, ? < ; -i.it * olonel Roo -??-. el ha
? a., io the whits .
of -i? ralciun i.gl?:. H* ha* again
s!i?'?? 'i, gel hin forceful views
?.?i politic* and mo.al? and on govern?
. genri b? fore me public. The
dominar.? of h i personality bai been
displayed undei circumetances in
? h ich the ordin?r, man would feel
?ubri-.e,,. i. be defendant n i court
ce .? not a?, a rule exhilarating.
(fue?tion of Ittf.
You cannot . ? " Hai ne? oi W I
am M. I'-in?. h ' coun? el, or a
h;s partiaar fnend? to \>t..e\r tat ,
?im ? r. lat*'?t project ion \e?
the Poose?e!? 'dea on the public
?creen will tt i??t in the ???? I'"-? -
be.-om n>," a foiii.nii.ble tactor in the
on of Republican prol
ne? for U?l*>. It it ?? fact, however,
-.?? f? 1 _i? 111 ii?-*? of political history,
iggesting that thii may
ill happen
The R.< * sit spp? ;? ancs in I ht
?Irret? o' Syracuse, the Koo-evelt point
of vie-?, 'h* Roosevelt testimony on
?he utai.ii. have all taken a wonderful
grip ?m the hold Of the people here.
Syracuss wai known as one of the
itrongholdi of 'ne Progressiv! party,
but ilia? organization has, of course,
hi .-.i here in propoi I ion to 1 he dc
r'-ti?.? regiatered in other leeUoni of
?l.e country. Bm the enthusiasm for
? he ? 'olone ria? all eomc hack.
"I didn't boon that tile Colonel actu?
ally had ?o man) admirers here." wai
tne way one Republican politieiai 1 -
preaaed it.
Hut if fOO lUggeal to anv of the men
under the ipell of th.* Bornea idea thai
the man from Albany, instead of dig?
ging the political grave of the Colonel
and boosting himself into the forefront
of leadership ir, the Presidential cam
pa.gn of I91?S, may have accomplished
juat the reverse, tney reply;
"What sanatorium ha'..? you been
visiting to (re' such ?in idra as that?"
1'rogrcnai'e Part> Head.
It .? ? m -. ? n c'o?.* friend? of
? olonel Roosevelt that he 'eel- ??
Progressive port] cannot "come back."
He hopes mat ? has accomplished it?
purpose and will keep th<* "Old Guard"
in the Republieai organisai on
attempting t?.m?nate and dictate the
Presidential nomination in 1916. if
men sun. ?? Senator Boie? Penro
Pennaylvania, aim Mr. Ham.*.? cai i"
siipordiiiated in 'he national organisa?
tion, Colonel Roosevelt would like to
play the pait of the prodigal ion
At iehst itii is what some 1 I
friend? .ay '.npatentiy he has not
fi.rmula'en this purpose m. . .
'.. his friends, bin they j/athtr it from
his genera! attitude of mind.
1, ?he trial results m a vindication
for ?he Colonal lh*?t is to lay, if the
court determines that he had a right to
.?ay what he did about corrupt political
alliances an?! invisible government it
will come not far ihort of consigning
Mr. Barne.? to poli;.cal oblivion, accord
:ng to many oolitical students here.
There seems to be >:.. doubl 'hat the
trial will non g?, through to tne bitter
end. Some iirrpri e hai >; expressed
that Mr. Bai ? i d noi iKa? advantage
or -he opportunity 'o drop the case of?
fered to hiui on the second ?lav of the
trial. At that time, n his motion ''or
, .. imissal. Johi M. H?.wer.? argued
the < ?.'"? el ? un' n hii statement
bo wa? referring *o a type ot pnpin
ment, that 'he name of Mr, Barne? had
been used ?imply heran?*? he happened
to be a lender at the tinie. h".<1 that
there ? a? r.o* meanl o b ? -he ?i ghtCSl
ip'imation '.-'.-?? the former chairman
of th? State Committee ?**..?. pe?
Barnes a Stubborn Mas.
M. Ba rnos ii ??? - ubboru man
- ?> an -il?-a ii ; ? :u
po?*?:h!e to Ife' h.m to helieve n.
ciaiino* impress "i? same idea oti 'he
minds of 'he public, provided 1 ?
the chance, Hnd 'his chance, he be
lie ves, the present -suit arTords him.
1 here ate many "ninga he want? to say
?iinlei oatn which ne boUoVOI will do
telling- uaniagi* to the defendant.
But wha' these th'ig? are ir*. of
course, carefully guar""eil There i? no
queatioa, .irever, that what Mr
Barne? ha? to ?ay on the v.
? ? 1 a (. traaaality -?
of the Coin- endowed with a
give? ??? "ign: to all he sa*. ?
Mr. Barnei : to have remarked
iocularh : ?'
- tand! I' be tl re s - sk " There is
iiason '.. bel eve. however, that Mr.
Ivim hai no intention <>t keeping him
there more than ? u-?... tnough what
- .> Cootlaueil 00 *??(? I. coliuaa 1 -^
Allies Win Back Ground;
Will Irwin Calls Ypres
Hottest Battle of War
Third Drive for Calais
Fiercest Made in West
Second Baitle of V pre* Marked by Panic Due to Un?
expected Nature of Enemy's Weapons?Asphyxiat?
ing (?.a:? Spreads, but Clings to Ground.
? ?. . ..
I Special Cable to The Tribune.]
S'orth of Prance, April i_'i. -There is 10 doubl thai ?he action which
ha? upen [iii.i cc.lino about Ypres for a week, ani which will probably
he known in history as the .second battle of Ypres. i? the hardest and
the hot lost winch has yet developed on the extreme Western front.
li!ii?'ei!, im battle of the war has .developed so much action on so con?
centrated a front. It is the third desperate attempt of the Germans
since this war began to break through the combined British and Belgian
lines and take the all-important ?ity of Calais*.
Prom an attack on one small but important hill the action has spread
until it involves at least half of the British-Belgian line, and it is widen
ing hourly. It began a week ago in the attack on Hill No.60, where the
Germana held positions of great importance to the use of thei? artillery.
There had been mitiiiiK and counter mining. Had the British not tired
the ihree mines which pr?cipitait"! the action, trj-f, Germana before the
day was ended would doubtlesa have Mown up the British positions at
their front.
Through severe lighting the British secured 'he craters a d held
them against strong counter attacks. At the present time a I contrary
to German reporta ?lenca1 French's army retains all this hnl. oxoept a
portion, strategically very important, on its forward slope. During the
light for this hill the British Mounter attacked several time*? in order to
prevent the ?icimans from drawing olf reinfocementa to any critical
This ?enes of attacks and counter attacks running along the whole
line, developed into thai M?nerai attack on the British lines wish Calais
for objective ??huh the Germana probably had been planning e??'!" since
matters began to come to a (ieadlock in the Carpathians. The Germans.
? niiliiineil .m (Ma? '?? ???Ilium '.'
Women anil Children. Seeking i
Rescue Men. Attack Stamford
Mayor and OlTtcia!*.
11. : . ..
Stamford, Conn., Aoril -C Maye
lohn M. Brown, Chie i t Police Bret
nan ami a number of pel cernen ?et
roughly handle?
.?eil ?(.men and children wh?
storming the Town Hall in an effoi
. -, , 'i ; .? - ?-,. ? > .'., .,. . . .
irers on trial m the City Cour
They wen* charged ?
nue* othei laborers ??. ceas? work
The ?..len, ome of v. horn wer
v. ivei of th? sri ? i ; --alt in thei
apron pockets ?. ( armed wit
?ticks and broom bandies v
-ha? p ; nger na -
After the Mayo
had endeaiored to disi r?e the
ane-'ed the lead? Mai
? ?i ?:...- o, -? other *? omen then at
'acked the . . .1 bit
mg them and throwing ?alt
? of the offl? ? ciudin?
Brown Mr? Sorda.ai
iied .n'.. Police Headquart? nd th?
women ?inven as ?
Shortly after the wo me
diaper *e,i a ma i ca I led on Chiel Br. *(
t,;.n end said lie had overheard a grou|
Of men threat, n to --blow up" I: .
wi*n a bomb bel. ?? nooi
Shipment tor Argentina W?1
Bring S410.000 There.
The lai gest coi lignment
? gi?-s e\ei ihipped to Sou \
left port yesterday fur B i
in th?* refi neisted compai 'mi
? La ?? Ho ??? \ ii.i It
? - . -. packed n
z fifty-?i!
an.I one-naif culm- :'??? '
A shoi lag?* of fr< I n- Ai -
gen! ? - ? ..
market value ?if more thai
. a.-ii aril will r. pre?.
Argentine capitnl of about 1410,009.
Brasil atul Argentina have drawn
heavily on then egg SUM
Hungary and France, but tne *
completely eliminated ?hipmenti
Verdi al?i) i ..i ried to S ?ut ??? A
. on- ignmei I
rice, pota'ne- ai . ?
Daughter of George Gonld
Gives Birth to a Son.
London. April 24. Lady Dwies. ?no
wa? Hel* n \'i\ien Gould, of Vew York,
'gave bir'h to a son this mo
Lord and Lady Decies slready have
two daughters.
Lady Deeies, ??
M r?. George J. Go mai ried
on Februar; T. r?i ,
??i Jeu ? ?. ' h ban Hop? H
-ford, riftl
Johns Hopkins Professor De?
clares "Gall with Wine*' Was
Drugged Liquid.
B< Ttsssrssrat ? re Tba Tie
?na. April 24. ' It r i si ??;,.
gisei ? ?? a he suffered on the
i, l)i Paul Haupt, professor of
' ? gUHges in ?loin,s Hopkins
?,i ,1 the American Philo
here to-day
l>|- H BUpl ? paper v. :. ?
? -, the Milde." He ?aid that
?he "gall with ?vine" proffered the
I .n Mai' ' ?'?'?' v wii, ,i i,
itt pretation, a
an.I opium. "Myrrh." told
Mark x . :'.'', he added, denotes
" I ?.. ? ic pi ofessor ?!??
tes that a 'cup ? f ?sine with
ii' ?sa given crim?nala before
[.abona means ?n
cense bul in thi? ? a?e ?I \sa?
01 opium."
Itimuliy's Statement Says it'll
mor ?>f Intervention Has
No Foundation.
W.. ? tpi !4. "it the f
- ?.? emei * was isued
? v.ng : s oorl ?
?. ? Pi, ,:.\'. Miken peraoi
al charge of the goveri me . 's side of the
-. between the R ggs Nation
al Hani am! S?cr?tai y Mc \;
., ? ? ? ea '
papera ?ha?
Presiden) al en
? -, : . , O f t H (
Il a ai said thai I he Preaid? l h ??I
and I.'"i ? 1> Hi.
to ki info nried
(ionua'i Embassy Says it Lea us
of Result of Raid from "R
liable Source.-'
>\ a ?
Kmbai ?? o c d to-d
at ion "i.
, British battle? | . .erelv
damaged in in.
ne Tyae.
Am m J i W ???
.. -
? .
riving ,M Petrograd to-day,
' . ? ?; ? '
il to at
' ? r ichool ?'M Mien All
? 01 . II ?
.?ii nurse
A New Feature of The Sunday Tribune
.*\ny one who has ever had anything to do with an auto
mobile will he drawn to this speedy stuff of Hank's. If
there is any ?me individual w.io knowa more about the
various phase-- ?>i '.lie auinmotnle buaineaa he has? yet to
present hiiH?flf.
GASOILENE GOSSIP "";l get you .he first tune and will
hold you as long, as 1 iank v.iehh ll?e pen
Germans Forced t
Retire ?Along Part
of Their Front
Invaders' Line South 0
Langemarck Resumes
Its Old Position.
Reinforcements Pouring Fiirouy-I
Flanders to Aid in Aiuther
Great Drive at Calais.
?Bj CaMa I* The TM
London. April 24. The ? .rmans' on
slaught north of Ypres. -,ich I
?hem at pointa across I Yser Tarai
has already been rre??, i'?.?k bv furi
?n? counter attack? ? ? far tha? at
least on on? section l tat fron* th*
Allie? have rename'' moat of the three
miles of ground lo Over this front,
from 'he neighborhood of B:x?ehiot?
north ...f Ypres St, Ello, BOUth of
.'?:, fttu id. more irregular
than ever bv th h?lste which extends
the allied line to St. .lulian. the ba*
tie is beinsr fought with terrifie r?o
Meanwhile the lierrrans are pouring
more and mort troops int? Handera
to pNM the attack, which aiparent v
has Ypre? for its immediate and < Va;?
for it.? ul'imnte objective. Tma move
ment of troop*, according to report!
reach i na Holland, ha? assumed esron
great? i limons "i.'? than those wh . i
preceded the battle that rag-?- |
more than twu weeks In this same
region la-' Oetobor, when the
mans failed in then announced
'.o*i of pushing then- .bv throui
( alais.
(anadian* Sate Dnj
The Ca troops have beei
fleially mentioned by Field Mar?1.
.Inhn French a? (he
th.- situation for the Allies ' i *he
French ? i re compel
their trenci i after tl .- ?
tomba t
Canadians, who held 'he ex'ren-.*
of -he Bri-i?h line, were forced t?1 re?
tire to keep in touch with the rest of
Ont. Then by ?a h'?'.at:'. counter
?he lejrained mol f not all
?he grour? which they had
?>t:d rol ? guns which they had
of the Get nians
l.e Brit sh report <i..e? not say how
much tri".'id they re.. |1 tb<*
a Berl.ti official CO
, Bi ? -? tttaek at St '
" :i? r. i .1 show s t hnt tin
hack in their ?
i road he?
?ween '; prea and ! mme?
diatel?, MUth of l?angemarck, ' at
German ?
(?ermann Lone I.?/erne
'! fu Germans, ai roi ding to to '
War Offlee,
captured tha ' Liserne, on the
bank of the canal, between the
Iteenatraat? Ret >a?,
?. to be driven ou* aga - moni?
i combined French and Beta nn
he Allie
? ? . ra rd
that "we loon left ige behind
The Germai ittacl to l e ?ou?h o'
Yprea, ** hich waa mad?
with that 1 north appa i
failed em in ?
Those attacks are ?
of anothei b ?? ?bat?
?.des strongly intrenehed, ?
of the bittere?? and <. eat of
the wat Telegrama fron Holland to
. ..?' i ho "i?.v tut i
German reinforcements 'rt the fron'.
long trains of dead atfrt wound?
ed which are passing ??O 'he lear a
condition of affair*? which must also
.- real of the allied armr.
?..rmans lone 1.round.
The Bi - * Wai OAce statement
telling ('ana
counter atta? ?
the Gei
Lang tinuei
I h. lo
wh ch wai *'?'?eed to fs bad
of thi
ear of th?
? ? laaed into the hai
But later - Cono?
id? ?'. ?ue
y.'\\ ance, ?
"Tl ? ? . isualt
?i m -,nat ton
Belgian? \id French.
1 ?- eommunieatioi - iod by
- i . ?
"To the north of Ypres tne
I the night of April 23 24
?luring Saturday made ?tren-,
to avail themselve? of the lurpriaa
they had engineered the day at
?.????er.lay with I ?..* ? ?.;?? ;. ? lasting
?pts failed.
"On - ??,,
left bank of the
I ! i ca? r*. : ? ... ..- [
Kienen /? g.
? . ? howeveY, ti.rough a
? ?,
metis ? . ?n
lion *.
ii tack The>
itemed, ate If repaied bjj } counter el

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