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Your Money Back
If You Want It.
**?ee Fditori?! Pafss, First Column.
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.?.IR *?M> fWI r.S TO PAT AltD
TO-MOHrUi?? ?> ??. rOH ?IMis
iMtff'Ill s Trrep.rs? re.
lllfh II I ?
Killl r?|.nel nn fot' I" T-ri f
First to Last?the Truth: News - Editorials - Advertisements
No. 25,011.
|( ??i??rl-lil, 1P1B.
Bt Th- Tnl.iin?- ?.??<>< Im?
a a a
Germany Admits Torpedo?
"Let Them Think, " Bernst
American Dead 115;
ig Lusitania;
9s Comment;
5 Are Children
mi es
Wilson Awaits Re?
ports from Berlin
Before Speaking.
Puhli. Desire to Exact
Reparation from (ier
many Surges forth.
C n Deliberation."
Saya Wilson Statement.
Vfter a eon
? ? - ?
? ?
Of the
t the pee
? xpert
n ii well
ha. been
? . Brim !'ii ?
? ?? rruij-h the '
, ,.y of
e his
Mr. 7
?? a.
of which
' thcir
i '
ibcrate affront
attitude which
-, its
(SO far.
. i -, papi ? "?*
? .?? ?
are waiting for
They are anxious to
... eceive
L? of
t en tl ?? ??'' ??? ;'"fi
\meri an < SM * Ql*pl?**
? there oar I
, ? ... , ??
' ""??,_.
.... O IM
. , ?n
and probability mere
? mmg an in
ay a bres
men abaot hi? n h* '
ir?T kelp to ,.prn the w?y for a pro**'_
. ?i o
? -,
-oiding the plan Kaue
many ha- cho_rn t?
retarding -__? I
s Cabinet Mi Br; ic? s
'????I * a:?a>? better tha. I t'.Knt.
II:? KuuiteNtion to dl
ra n their imp'.j'
'"?rn-.r, savagery what '? ?? for f"**-r
. - enal
? echoed tl at p>' a-- I Of
? - of the
fri-k n, i ?.'.-? * ?''/'? copal
"We mUBt l mpill*
r.-. per
? h -i ry.
?a*? ?? ?.er, he HJ? that, at
lee all, the Lualtania* ?_? ? I
*e_ssl. At if that far. - _!<1 remove
<_<__?.?___._ ea ?a "? ?lema ft ...
Bernstorff in Temper,
Says '''Let Them Think"
"Go on, LXunn It, (in on!" I .<? Shouts to Driver of
l.ixn.ib. as Reporters Insist Diplomat Make ?Some
Statement on Sinking ol Lusitanin.
? ? . I !
Ainorican pooj'ie fli,,., ,.?' ?
of thp Lusita
?Let them lii.nl.."
?hi" ?a? Mir question ?.
?ho answer ttMUved fron. I
Bernstorff? 'he Germsn Ai
?'. ho wsa -it thp |; ? .,, terdsy, i
before he left t)1(? ,.??. .-,., Wsiih ngr.1
? 'I 'hi? meagre nt?temi ni
diplomat w?uj,? i | ?he ?
pedoing of tlsaj Cunarder in
At the entranoe lo >,,< room?, a !
(lermari ?if (ailitary bearing ?tood e.:;
? 'i e eselj svei > one who pasi
the hallway ,.n ?hat ?tide of Ihe i ti
rd.r. had
? ?
phone t ? | -.,, |
le - the ??.'?
r? < ', ! f) * f
. . * \
... man
?r np!?-? with r?th?-r patron* a
- din rt| ro
. < ?uni l'aie and (.loom?.
V???? lay he kept to lui room ai
**?'l I meal? ?ont there In i
i dispon t ion, i hi ro
I ; ?.?lot.ni*. . ;i?. il ho Vil
? ir left ?he hoto] he ?.?.a*? mel I
.1 repoi tei i, but after ib
? . make no ?tatemen! he jump?
h taxicah A reporter stuck h
and 'He chauffeu
But Says Situation Awaken
(ireat National
MiIwruV?*?'. Wla.? May <? MTh<
of the Biasing of t*1' l*"?iUaia, ?? |1
comet th.? morning-, ?B most iii?tre?i
Bald former t*re?id?-r- '??,.?? ,..,
hi? arrival from Madieon to da) "It
prsssn** * sltuatian of the mc* ?j ff*.
ru;t rharartei. properly a\?.-,
_,,,?? national caneara 1 da not wir,h
fo ?.?.barra?-? the President, or the Ad
n. b> ? Of 'he
lubjec' ?' **?*? ?t"K" 'orma
tion, except N eiprosa confidence thst
l the Pre?id*nt will follow s wite and
j patrio?*? WSrmmw . ^s??^
? ? g
a friend, did i i .r Th
n La --.;i.ii>
??(,<i ?m. damn il ci? ?n. "'
? . - ? ? ?*?'.
? i
"I shall not -a\ one ??uni. Nul on
?? nrit. Nul une ?? i?ni."
-, , -tr,
? -
'I 'i, -, f ?ne I.u
the n?s
? l ?aid li il ! t unid not saj a ? uni
Nui one ?* m ri."
??*i. ? 11
- ? ? . ? ?? ? i
rame i
"I .ini nii ?_?>? orntient'? representa
li? C. ' ? muni - .n ,i ? 01 i'." ' '
Silent ?m Dead .meriraoe.
"Pc .' reorr
( mil ilinnl un |i,l.r 1 i..hinin |
Booth Message to Relatives <if
Americans Tails Act
l ver| " "?'? ?. Alfred Bootl
?? ?-? i of the Cunard
?tatement to ?in* :
'1 ?!-sir?. to send my heartfelt
path?, ?h. ????:. ul! t'r? < unard directors
? n relatival
frier.' ' ??? Amerirar. pass
murrlererl hv ?the i.erman submarine.
"I ???' rerrairi the erhole eiviliied
??o-M ii at one in ?.rief for '
a? 4 suffering ratised, am) m 'onthinj;
for thin treacherous attark on ir.
liven, ?c many of whom ?sere ?omen
end children.
"Every po**;ble s?te?i Is being *aken
to relieve the immediate ?ar.t? of th?
Sttrvivora at Queanstown after Ihcir
terrible eapenenee."
"i??-??! loft, '?il', l'-iul Crompton ind hei ix children Right, lwo ?otu
ni a ? Hodges, <?) Philadelphia, one ol ?-horn .? late rep?>rl declares saved.
Lowe i M'<- Walter [J Mitchell and her ten-months-old bab\, ?if
Latest List of Survivors
of Sinking of Lusitania
fifth? ....,-. . ? .. . | c, ; , ? ? ? ; .
... ? h\ ? on ul Frost, at Queen?ti ?
? - . ? ? ? . report
- \ ? , . ?b"ar<i when the ? ?
it IIS perished, amo"*,- 'v-'" twenl dren Th?>
? ? \m. r:<*an ?uf Ivor?
? ?? Department <*lo?ed. nd ?ee
?rave tni?r'riin B?ldr?
.W?m>. M?'ni?. Boston.
>lr?. n? i.r. . i??>?t?>n
??dama, William Mc Milljn. N f.
till ?. v V, .\r>? .ork.
,'. < lintoa l'.. Nc? ? ork.
Kerns rd, Oliver, Baaton.
Koulton, it.. ir . ( Meng?}
l<" ring, rkarles v? . Ne?? .ork.
liraithwaite. Horolhj", Morrlstown, "*?
?I. Mi?.s Josephine*. Ne? i?r
IIrook?, I H . Seo ?ork.
Burnslde, J. S., Ne?> ?ork
l'i:*i;i'-4, Hear) '?.. Non Wk
Iturneide, Urs. .1. S.. Ne*? ?ork.
Baswell, I'oter. ('am?renla, N ?f.
i:? rae, Michael ?... Saw York.
? inner, MIm l?orotri\. Ne? York.
( rnkn. lieber!, -.
I'-*? i-?, Ktnil, -.
riaher, ; Howard I -, Nr* Vork.
??aiintUit. Kred J.; New .ork.
t.rah. Oecar, K, Kan York.
Hamm.nul. (I II.. Ne?? York.
Mr liarr-nond. Ne? Y?irk.
Hardwlrk. ('. C No** Vork
l'arrt-. I>? ijcM < ? N?"? York.
Mi.iIk?--. Dean Wh l'hlladalphta.
Hopkins. X I... N'T* *?*?*?
HoiiRhton. Or. J. I-, Ne? Tork.
Joff? r- . t barle? T.. I hi? ago.
Jewkl??. Franela Bertr?n?, Chicago.
Jallvet, Nias Kits, Chi?ago.
hcmp-on, M.. Toronto.
hrnnn. Dr. Owen. Ne? ?ork.
keeeler, t.eorge \. Sao fofk.
Knot. S M.. Philadelphia.
Uurial. < harlea E-. jr.. Boaton.
Uary, James J, New York.
I ear?, Mr?, and maid.-.
I ?tr in. I. 'ill? . Se? ^ ork
I ?ihh. Mr?. I'upham. Vr? ^ork
I une?, Mi-?. \?"? "l ork.
I "li< ?. Mrs \ |l \eu .ork
M?i um?- II, John w . Memphis.
Mosle?. < ?... N'en Vnrl?.
Cartridge, Krank, Ne?? . ?>rk
I'earl, Major l. Warren, Ne? .ork.
Pearl. Mra. I . \\.. and 2 ? hildren. N. Y
Pearl, fttuart Duncan, Nrs .ork.
Perrj . Frederick, I HuhTal<?.
Phillip-. ?Wallace It. S?? Wk.
Pope, Mi-s Iheoilate I ariiiin-flon. Ct.
I'oeen, R_U Farmiagton, i i.
Kankin, Robert, Nr? .ork.
Ratclif, N. ... N>? Vi.rk
??i h h arte. ?iivrust \\ . -
Slidell, I i? i"'i?. \r? "i ork.
Smith. Mi.a Je?i?ie Taft. Hrare?ille. O.
Thomson, Mr- I. H!i?h. Indiana.
Thomson, I Etlleh, Indiana.
Tihrrghien. (<n>rgt. -.
Tin?mis. |{. J . \f? . ark.
Turner. Sr??tt. Ne? York.
?Valer, Mrs. .nnir, -.
Wit her bee. Mr?. A S . Ses? York.
H right. Hoben ( . < It*? eland.
Abramo??i'b, S.. Ve? >??rk.
A'iion, Joseph. Brooklyn.
Allen, John, Philadelphis.
Ander*.n, Mr? It. and ?hiId. Bridge?
port, Conn.
Arthur. J 8.. Seattle.
Barrlc, Fe_?ard A.. New York.
IonUn.. . ?a .asa e, ?sima S
Press Says Passengei
Were Responsible for
Their Own Fate.
. -ir. Ma) v I hi Exchange 11
graph i eceived 'he fi
. by w
of v m ? rdam :
"!lundred i of t i ....
njs ?ent to Admii
? on T rpitz, the German M inister
? - ?inking of the ! i
which ii
be an ai vei to.Ii '.ruction off tl
Falkland [slsndx of the German snua
ron un-i. r thi ? " f Admiral v<
"The the I.u*>
the pub
with mi>
- .???. pi .ii
d daring of
?i'.e new
1 ;
? ?i a* a n>"
? ! polie;
that Knglan
? .".dent _
\ the ' Koeini-ch
??'I he ? ed hy *h
Cern?an people wit ?I
? arfare
| kinfull;
? n a t o ? i r - u h
s to lesti ?".
? them.
i!.!., t<
Biet mort
ihe n . ?
ioing 'he
Anoihi-i eceivi from
K ? ;<f"f Zei
? r.o (;.-rm.?r living who will
' ? ' - ? . the
era drowned. They, however.
are own ruin,
to a
? which, it wa* well known, would
par?? through water? German) ha<t an
rare the saaae of submarine
warfare if many Amerrrrwi*?. ?nd some
Amer mg p.iitron, luirTrred bv
the destruction of the Luaitania, ?_>_
are doubly sorry, but it wa? then own
fault." ?s^,--?.
Total Number of Victims Put by Officiai
Figures at 1,256: Children's Bodies
Among Rows in Cork's Morgues.
Bodies of Charles Frohman and i)r. F. S. Pearsoit
Recovered; No Trace of Alfred (i. Vandcrbilt.
Llhcrt Mubbard or .lustus Miles I orman.
Berlin (via wireless to London), May 9, 2:45 A. M.?Th??J
following communication was issued to-night:
"The Cunard liner Lusitani? wa? yesterday torpedoed by a
German submarine and sank.
"The Lusitania was naturally armed with r>uns, as were re*?
cently most of the English mercantile steamers. Moreover, as n
well known here, she ha^ large quantities of v ar material in her*
"Her owners, t .. sfore, knew to what danger the passengers
were exposed. They ?lone bear all the responsibility for what ha?
"Germany, on her part, left nothing undone to repeatedly
and strongly warn them. The imperial ambassador in Washing?
ton even went so far C3 to make a public warning, so as to draw
attention to this dange". The English press sneered them at th?
warning and relied on the protection of the British fleet to safe?
guard Atlantic traffic."
IBv Cable to 1 ne Tribune.)
Cork, Ireland, Mrv 8.?One hundred and fifteen Americans
perished with the Lusitania. The latest reports indicate that of th-a
1,256 now believed I have died when the big Cunarder was
torpedoed off the coar1 of Ireland, nearly six score were American
citizens. Twenty-five of the children who died are believed of
American birth.
Among ?'he identified American dead are Charles Frohman,
Mrs. Amelia McDonal \. Patrick Call?n, A ?"?hur Foley and Dr. F. 3.
Pcarso-.. Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt's body has not yet been re?
covered, nor have those of Charles Klein, Lindon Bates, jr., of
Justus Miles Forman.
The American Consul at Queenstown says that the bodies of
the following Americans have been landed there and identified:
Mrs. May Brown, J. Fellman or Fillman, L. Jones, Bessis
Hare, George Arthur, David Samuel, T. R. King, W. H. Brown, jr.,
J. V. Merriman and Miss McBeyth. Probably Americans: Mis*
Mary Grunston and William Buswine.
So far 645 survivors have been b. ought to shore, mainly at
Queenstown, where the Cunard official:: are working night and day
to care for them. The town is filled with dead bodies, brought in
by steamers still searching for the living.
Of the survivors 160 have been sent to London, where the?/
will arrive this evening. The balance will leave some time to?
night and reach London to-morrow.
Every hour of the day sees new bodies brought in. Most of
these remain unidentified. A telegram to Mr. Vanderbilt is at a
Queenstown hotel, unopened.
Captain Turner, commander of the Lusitania, has refused so>
far to moke any formal statement. His first remark on landing
was one of quiet irony.
"Well," he said, "it is the fortune of war."
The captain necluded himself during the nitjht in apnrtn ?nt*
over the town bank, but was able to be about to-day in uniform.
He displayed great grief over the loss of his vessel, but has ex*
pressed no opinion on the ac' on of the Germans.
Captain Turner remained on the Lusitania's bridge until tho
structure was submerged, an 1 then climbed up a ladder, as would
a diver from a tank. When lie reached the surface he grasped ar?
oar and then a chair. He c'.'ig to the chair for nearly two hours
and finally when the ( hair t .ned over he flung up a gold braided
??rm. This was seen by a ir mber of the crew in one of the boats,
and thus the captain was f.tved. He was terribly broken down
when he landed Friday evening, but after a strong cup of tea and
a short rest he seem>d to recover, and appeared to be nearly
normal to-day.
None of the sur-ivors has any complaint to make regardim?
the actions of the cr?*w. All agree that everything possible w.a?
Inquest proceedings were formally opened at Kinsale this
afternoon, in order to facilitate the transfer to Queenstown of ?,
number of bodies lyi ig there. One of the bodies is that of R?
Matthews. Beside i: lies the body of a beautiful woman, who ia
believed to have been his wife. A paper found on the body of
Mr. Matthews cont ins the words, "First Prize Ladies' Photo, Won
by Mrs. Matthews."
Many of the survivors report that they lost large sums o$
money, much of which was deposited in the ship's safe.
It is probable that there are not many names to add to th?-.?*
which have already been made public. All the evidence goes ret
? how that the first class and many of the second class passengere
had such confidence in the ability of the Lusitania, because of hel"
watertight compartments, to remain afloat after she received th?e
first blow that they did not concern themselves about liking ??*>
, the boats or even providing themselves with life prev rvers.
When the passengers dkl realize that the Lusitania wa?|

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