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No Daybreak Prunke
ness. .oui Trotlery (.ales
( lose at Early Hour.
S? m M . of \uthorities I ikel;
T?i Be tgainsl . .inl Scheme
to l vade l xcise I aw.
- Bi "'.'? Inspect
<? , ?Tec
v we.
. . -' vihic''
. ? ?
men ' r?r t1 **?,
1 i
for -
as m??re or
. ? ? ?
f the
at the isli
ly early
? . ?. ? ?
inken w? -?? -
en tlr ,?e on
- ?
( lub? Clos? Parly.
. - r. ? re opc i
? ianc?
I ho?-.
Thousands Bow in Pouring Rain as Bugle Signals
Elevation at Military Mass in Navy Yard
I.ef'. t t? Man ' anied Gloucester < amp, Spanish War Veterans to the
military ma .1: ens lose] P? entfng the army and navy.
-i, I
passed f?
V v
ray. to ti
r plac?
? -
at il
? more pol ? I
? ? t ? - -.-.-..
to identif
? ???.. hat i
? wer?;
the hist riet
Stern Brothers
'. 1x4V-V'FMA?^im
I S To-tnort "t? . Tuesday
Offering, "?! tut 'tonal pri nil intages.
\ Final Clearance '?I Women's Suit**
( ompri * - '"i Ii
lly redtii'i C i of
sl 1.50. L8.5( :>7.50 to 39.75
11? r? t ?for? fr.-m ?1P T ? to '."_'.'0
\ Salt' of Women".*-* Silk Dresses
Of till eta silk. < r<* pr Je ( hin? nnd
?.ilk marquisette.?*, at the l*-w p:ir-s ot
$13.50,19.75 and 2<>.r>(t
Charmingly New Bathing Apparel
For Women, Misses and ? hlldren, i
??: yla s tl ' Si "mi' - i ".- Iii,?'i?.
S2.2.") for Mohair Models to >| |.50 for Taffetas
Sheffield Plated Silverware
i On ??!' t<- morrow and Wednesday,
. ? ? ? > tiiat an xe x onusnal.
Bread and Butters ai 61>CU. M.-v, Plattcrsa. $6.25
Also beginning to m?rate, t'if noteworthy soli of
W omen- Muslin I ndenvear
At Savings ?>i itilh 331^% from regular prices
The \( ry sp? i i'i ?i -it ;r? w ? ! . on
Night (.??whs and Petticoats, from 65c In 2.90
Envelope Chemises jukI Combinations, 80c to 12.T-">
Drawers and Corset ("overs, . from 39c to I .??< >
\\'l" ofh-r the nnxuiiuiti prr*-trt_tion ??a-im?! Ina* by hie, Kith or thrft. at
?,.., .s r *. - >-x*?.iaJ fauliti?"?. I" ?' hihi? aii'l rxofwrly itormn
Lace Cuitains, Draperie?, Hangings and Rugs
Lace Curtains cleaned bt* utwillbt stored free of charge
Arti? 1rs will I??" promptly CataUd for within ??Vlivcrv points upon receipt
of mail, trl'-plionr CM ****nty**m* in>!rij. lion?. I ?ti.nat-?s will he given on re
modrhriK at riq>*sinng, ?which .*?;?. be dotr. ?urina, the ?ut'ii-i months, at
very ?peatl {slice cot
Irlcp'.on-? fJOn V*\ ?.?'
Fur St<W?e Oft Ilur.lF.oor
? -
t*roun?l that if ni .? !
( lud Question Next.
i! ?ns one
- ? for many
r i o
i hi.
' ?? ? l'.lii
? oi di
i t Val OTai
; now
? han iiir. r ? that
t been invi ? ted. M , limiting
tend '
il be I
? il ns of
r era'
.mI red
te! i : mon v
, orgies in
quai c Tower, si ?? to bi
?I? ?ii' the ?
ration of auch types of both
i ... i and the pi I immunitv '
from po'iee that the ?lu!?
idea ? ? ? '
Sieh a condil on would make mat-,
> than in I.Id ,
da?, s when t Hvnli i
most vi . ' ll.i'. ;
! Ire clcai I
sorts, and, table
compared to sf". < ;<!-' '1 ,,f''
ter cla-"- of places uptown to day, but ,
the ?airo ami the Tivoli hm! the pri- j
vacs thai some of the divekeepers In?
sist Is i.ei'i-snrv for the comfort of'
?I . ,r clients and for keeping out the
hoi polloi._i_
Wife of Rich Russian Artist Lost
Husband and Son and Re?
came Invalid.
M r. Ss lie < ed fi om atanra
lion yest? rday in a lav, dry room at .
in Odi
llt-nry Golden, he?
I son
d em
bai ?.? d on
W ? ne ire- ,
berg tl ..'. d. ?nlv
. was
in?? ?I
efland, '
with a harged
tal un in?
laieflai riend
g a ?th John Jacob A loi when
she ruck up
? Mr. Golden hi
on h is person whi
burden to her and ii
Mrs. Lief] eon
ami t.. ?
I Mills' SAI E o\ TO-DAY.
? the
\ ' SUi Gambol at
? ? ng and Saturday
I foi the ' i
? ? ? ? Ictors' Fui ?mi ca will '
? eatre. I
I until
W? . ... only
' paid '
bj rontrib itions
! Meyi S. J., who y?
I terriM . :,, in?
?old again foi tb. benefil ol th? fund.
Sailors, Marines, Guards
men. War Veterans an<
Civic Organizations At
tend Impressive Ceremon]
in Honor of Mm \\ h<
Died Detending Nation 01
Land or Sea.
i nprot? cted fi B.0O0 pen
pie ?tr,..?| bar? ! ? est? rday, man;
? lias, whil.
prie?? i ipping wel
?-.'.?.r : . ? yard th.
thirteenth annual military nu.
? ,r.re 1 77.i have givei
. of the Star:
and Sti
The altar, n temporary woodei
* , ted pl?t
form north side of th?
.??ii.ii-i?e th.
Vont of th?
with flower?
. d l.y nalm:
mdles on eithei
? of ? <? tabernacle were lighted
? ! ? rire con
ed bj
In ? ? . ?' the altar win thi
orary choir loft, where k mixer
choir of 150 v.-?:ci??. under the dirrct'Oi:
of Arthur S. Son
ni" e. In
ne Hand '? ? of I le ?'h.?:r loft
was tl it Actini
Maj r.r MeAi ion Counsel
?\oods and
I'nek < i mm ; - ?ionei Sm I h,
Grouped iltsr were United
State rid n :>> ines, ?letai lis oi
the 69th and 47th reg ments. M. ?1
\. V.. iird delej rom the Iriali
Volunteei i, Ci.I Stati - Volonteei
I.iff. !.. ' . I Mied Mate? < UStOmi
U ar ' ?:'. : Knightl
of Col , Polic? Department, Fire
Depart? Letter Car
i Cleaning De
i .-i pi ; stholie
Bcnev. Legion, ?Vncient Order of
Hibernians, Holy Nam?? Society. He?
brew Veterai . ? ?vil Wnr; Confederate
- Camp, Veterans
P? king Relief ' tped ' on, Veterans
.n T ,t pu 11 War, Warren ?amp
of Veterans, Auxiliary: l.ibby
Camp, Catholic Boya1 Naval RriKade,
Loughlin Battalion, R...\al Arcanum,
1 . ?. Battalion and Companions of the
Promptly at 11 o'clock the Police Dc
pnrtini-i *. Rand began t.. ??'.aya ?.?ler'ion
as a ?quad of the 69th, under ?
Robert McMsckin, the grand marshal,
escorted the Rev, William Henry Iron
Reany, naval chaplain and c< I
ebranl to the altar.
Father Reany ?.?;.?? accompanied b?
th? Rev. lohn P, Chidwick, chapla
?lain? a hen l ? ?. Mou n up at
Havana, the deacon ?t ihe mass; the
Rev. Francis J. Sullivan, the Pol-co
Pepartment chaplain, who was sub?
; the Rev, -lohn J, I'urick, mR*
t.i of ceremonies, and the Rev. Will?
iam .1. It. l?aly, of Poughkaepsia, who
The r.l! hnt father Daly,
were dressed In gold-trimmed white
11 y h ml i...:
progn iscd far v . compelled
? ,.? ,r from
. . - ' ther 1 '.il?? 'j ca-* oek and
1.arena were very wet a*, he mounted
in h ?'.'ar to preach
Fathei Dalj - poke of the service
given by the men who have died ?..
gnlty of th.? I nited
Statea. He 1 Pri idrnt Wil?
ountry wai
made up of ] .pie, and he
said thai I show that all
I : humanity,
for " . . ? | ? r ,
ed a 1 n mute
'? ad of
-, ?
was eel? ? mpi
? ? ?? Host.
? ce ai.?l
'. was rung a bug
lony ended ? 'n^n-cation
joinii.,; th? in singing "America."
I hade, jr., ? 'Ter??.in
?venu? ting three
tin? ? at . . who ha?
el . ? ' p ilai -.. Str? et, put
Bd and k lied him
?*W :?? obtained a di
vorec -? ? ? . ago because '1 hi, le, ?he
laid, gambled and drank. When he
lost a! turd- he came home snd beat
In Tl. ?le'? pocket veeterdsy was
found || | his former vaife
to meet h m. He ??,, :.. tha house,
?ailed her t? the veranda and immedi?
ately hegan firing. At the Aral shot
'.he killed
. himaelf Hi ? ? ? ? ?"ath.-r
Inking him to fay debt? o? fu and f?i.
And Ihr State Primaries
Still Are Sixteen
Months Distant.
whitman's name
heads thi: list
Mis Presidential Aspirations by
No Means Forgotten. He Is
"Playing Safe."
[tren a JKaff < ??; ???? t Th* Trttum?. 1
All,any* Ma) SO With the 1010 pri
m?r'.e? siiteen months away an.I
persons worrying Bbout their vacation?,
Republican i i ? in this state al -
ready me focussing their attention on
the 191 ?fl atate primaries
rive men h ? '?. ? I I
to inend? or throug t'r t
they are in the rar?? for f. i Republican
itioi l prnor, and th ree are
ination for Un ted States Senator.
I'o- 'he toga now worn hy Ihe Demo
A O'Gorman,
W . ; : ..-I ; ?? .
aspirations. He has withdrawn from
th- race in favor of Frederick C. Tan
i hair
from ' - ' :
? s .Villiarii ;.l. ? alder, or" Broo
n last year,
an,I Sei sto l tgden !.. M ill
d the light a
Bai ?
tes for the nomination for
Governor are Govi L'ha? es S.
Whitman, en ?enator Harvey I?. 11 ? n -
1 ernor E !w:;r.:
'?eek. Francis M. Hugo, Sec
. " late Coi
Brota -r, pre lidenl pi ?
tern, of Ihe Senate; 'I hsdd? u
Sweet. Speaker of the Assembly; F'g
j hur? K. Vvoodbui ' ?ttoi y G
eral; es Mayor Seth laow of Ne?
John M Finley, president of the Sta e
I lepartmenl of Educa! on '? cholas
Mu? ra; Butter, p - iimbia
. and Jacob ?.,,'?li! Schul man,
? ni of Cornell L'i ei
The chief claim most ol tin ?o men
high office < to ? i ch they
aspire is thai they are holdii g i
held some office. Knur pedagog .
ernor are Me - rs. Bui
1er, Fini? y, Schurman and 1 ?. Of
named two i,re lea
iiienilier.; of the Constitutional l
Thut Governor Whitman !? after a
ha? lost h ?s President al aspira
not i He is "pi
He fe?-ls and most of his friends
'?? ? nly admit that nnth?ng I ,
miracle, a sort of pol rw-al Becker ease
make him a Pri
.A Hepuhlican well known in the na
?;on laid al S ~??<"at (Inner last week:
'To be restored to 'b* pub e ?
in which I '? was b. Id on .?at
IVhiti omething b< I areen
now and the end of the next
on that will ms ? ? great
an r? "ol as Governor Hughes was
he was Go ? - ..- Jus) lhal
thing i? I confess I do 'I hal
such a chance will arise I doubt Ii
political future is no longer, a? it was
? m January I, in his o* It is
hands of f;,te."
Should 11 ? nomi nal ion '?
'fall to Whitman or 8,>rne ??'Her Hew
V'ork I ' ' man the nom atio
." would fall to
itati Irawal
of Ban i from
mi man north of the Harlem i
tered the lists.
lue to
thi ? e ju
the dragging forth by Colonel It?
: the skeleton-? the Alban;
Bjht tafelj lui ked aw? ?? i?
clo.-.t. Hi? friend? admit .thai
Harm I made a Roo e
velt for line!, and hi? ret r menl from
.?e for Senator is regarded here
friends a.-e
right he sl try I
power in cf:ite and national ?
de-pite his inability t<> convince twelve
men thai the < "lor.el libelled him in
i calling him unpleasant political names
i no one here doubt?: for a moment.
Rice-Van Santvoord Wedding
to Take Place Saturday.
[Bt T ???.graph Is TV TrU.un?. 1
I.enox, Mass., May W. Miss Agnes
Van Santvoord. daughter of Mr. and
. Mrs. Seymour Van Santvoord, of Troy,
and William Thompson J'ice, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur If. Rice, of Pitts?
tie'.d, will he married in the First
Church of Her.nington, Vt., on Satur?
day afternoon.
Ihe ceremony will he followed by a
We have waited
53 years to convert
some people to
Cammeyer Shoes,
but the number of those not
wearing them i? decreasing
daily?merit is winning!
MIAN* ?tanoaho or Mgnrr.
fith Ave. at :'Oth St. 381 ?5th Ave.
reception at !hadowbt*ook Farm, the.
i i , luntry plac, In Ben
, I . ,. Rev. A. P. HifKley, of
m 'he ceremony.
. i ;, ??,. Rev Or > laae Jennings.
?.Kirs! (Church.
, . p .... ??,- ; ?jr t, r) Mrs. Appleton ;
Wad? and Mi - VV . Gai ri ioi . of ' ???,/
' Ion Inn, Stock? ;
?.*,,.... \ ' I Edith M. .
. will arrive to
g* in ? open the
h it country place
Mi end ' ' " ?"'? :;-:i walker
?,ri'.i* Bsi - ' Ml a"?' ,,!r ?? V'
ijirn T ?? ?' '?
Opposition Meetings Protest
I ailure of Group V of
Demands on China.
T' -. o, May 30. The < hi?ese :
! been followed by serious internal
dissensions in Japan. Nightly
? ? gt are being arranged by the
pai ".' to incite the public
? ? ? ine h? Id last
ivss broken up by students
?"rom Waseda University, of which I
Okuma was pi
? ??i the ministry continue In
the I) ' of which are at- t
by lar^-e err,-, .1 .
?.' omen, ?a vio an cond ici ing a
femii . .
i? an I ..*e a reso .
ron tur i g the Cal fing s dip*
? :e.'.i-?? in 'he na?
il e ol"
approval of
Iliel !
.?. governmental majority was re?
ih? ? ? .. a ? d ? he min
? ?
? w ? ? ?:
i ? ? i hitherto
. ?
it the I abi- i
. ?
? ?
1 i,ah.ch |
wore ' future .-on- j
sidei .?-? the recent agr? ement i
it c?
winch ;.r.? regu.'ded ? back i
of Ja]
f Group A
' i| a ne se
. lupen ision
over ' ? or purchase by
China of i
"Kokun urces that
: ?
g all ?nee based on
Parents Gather to Attend
Commencement at Schools.
. ,
register of the B M . to-day I
of p ? ? ? from far i
r?vin : I I he cotnmei
(Tercnt boarding - ?
d about Briarcl f ; of o . |
. ;? col
ony, a- vi many over the holiday
and lum el, no".
' il
Mr. and Hi rhomas Pe??.
? ?
i . Mass. .1. . ?
art White entertained at luncheon
tO-day .Mr. and Ml ;. E. T. Iio1?,ie-?. Mi??
Holmes and Mr. Henry Stuart Durand.
Mr. and Mr?. Fi i k H Platt had an
Mr. and Mr?. Edward T. Platt,
of N'ew Vork. Mr, and Mrs, Henry
Spadone and Mi*?? Blanche Spadoi
here for the season, a- are Mr. and
Mrs. H. I?. Brixey and Misi Doris
Hrixey. Mr?. Frank M. Pia?-'-;, Mrs. F.
A. Bochtnsn, Mrs. George Fisher, Mr.
and Mrs, H. P. Guthrie, H. B. Guthrie,
jr.. and Mr. and Mr?, Charlea If. ?her
rill, Judge Peter s. Grosscup, Mr. and
Nelson S. Meldrum, Mr and Mr?.
K. A. Morir?n and ?on?, W, .1 and I-.. ,T.
Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. C Duell Mrs
J. II. I.ary. Mrs. .?. M. Dixon. Mr?. An- ,
drew Little and Mis? Jane Little.
Life Preserver Was Too Ugly,
So Fra Elbertus Refused It
Before Sailing Jocosely Declined Use of Artist Friend's
Invention?"Men and Nations Co Down to Death,
but the Sun Shines." Last Published Mords.
The life of Elbert Hubbard,
was |i t oi I . tan i,
been saved if he had not jokingly ?le
clined the offer of a life preserver he
fore he ?ailed. The head of th?
, i ?. , ? ? . ? of I
Carlock, the American Brt it, a f< w
day- before he .- ?
the oceai 11 ? had i n *
? ? life preserver,
laughingly war: ?-..
be look Ing for him on acco .
i ?? ha?i writtei ? flawing the
t.? nnai. Emperoi at : ' II
"I'll tell what 1 ," t*i
marked Carlock. "I will lend you my
and you can ser.,I it
to me later
Mr. Hubbard looked at tie appara*
ilky and weighs iboul
Is, anl rep
? ?
my life."
That ended the incident. Carlock
(?arle?! for Naples on an Italian liner
, th-- day bofors his fiten?), taking hi?
pr?server. ?Inch h% ha?i no aeea*
| ?ion to use. Hubbard had no life pre
! server and went down with the I.usi*
? tana.
11 ?? Incident was related ?resterdsy
by Guido Bruno, sditor of 'Gre<
: Villag?." tarho ?a.? at the i'ailock StU*
? s day Mr Hubbard wa? there.
1 runo said he nski d Fra 1
?to ?i ?? thing for his paper on
"Oui War in Mexico" shortly ?
j the latter sailed ?or turupe. U \,<i?
ast thing that H ibbard
wrote foi publica! in, and here it is:
W.ir is a hectic direction human
energy take? i?*..l'-r certain condi*
In war time whi
fio ,'s, t and
Il not the I ean up, It
ia dissipation, ? ith.
\ . deal
<>f i not pro?
duct i v?
irvival value. Smi
hoop, argument?, rail
??.. *?? ?nd destruction <>f
life and property spend them?
selves and leave only the dead at I
g '.. vor
ownership an?l
mases s
[nt ellig
"rul. rid" tal
? I an individual, n<> thought i ,
nation. Men ? go down
to death and to <lu?t, but the sun
shine? ami the BSSSOnS eotne aid
go and the law of gravitation
would never feige? nor tin* ?tura
l..i?e their wai if both Mexico and
the United States should abdicate
to Peath and leave the continent
?there it was in 1 192
Nature, having infini*?' time,
ta'-- obs,
? race doe not
n the earth for a hundred
nand years, it still suit nature
. | .i- well. She can ? ?.'.
$, Al?man Se (Cit.
Twelve Thousand Yards o?
Summer Dress Fabrics
?r/lll ' e -'?? -'?? on Bale to-norrow !7v.-;r,*-;ay)t
;- order to facilitate an : ? ~ c.ear.
urice, at these reduced _ '
I .;.?-? Cotton Crepe Cord, In Boli-fJ -c.ors
(1 - pem : ' ' ' ; stock o! ' .
per ??? ? .
.-???' Cotton Voues or. .ed In dal - -
floral ?es.gns . . ?20c
An Important Sale of
Hisses' Summer Dresses, Suits
and Separate Skirts
to be held to mot "ow [Ti ssda ?' v " - 'esent
an especially des! rabile selecl ' * -'--.
ty-. yc-.r:vr^' styles marked a -
advantageous prices.
(Misses' Department, Second "?" or)
S. Altman & (?Cn,
Correct Hourn?ng Apparel
and Accessories
are shown !~ carefully-chosen assortments
whjcij1 co-[se the lates Fashi
Go" lits, Blouses, irlillinery, I ear,
Coves, etc.
? :::?.] attention is given t he <
the merchandise offered, while the prices
are most reasonable.
Competent sales worn. - at end patrons
at their residences when desired?
[Mourning Department Tfc _ Picor)
Summer Floor Coverings
the ex .':. ?re
reserve. B ?tn &
Co., a re specially feature mis
Rug Department c i the ~-:':~.'-. Floor. "The as^
so rtments now ready ?.~r. Fart - ? ;-5:ve
: ose e"7 p ' ' lUS seasons, ? .pit
sent everything that is most in
Sumr ? :gs? The prices are lly
i" ode rate?
Inspectic " ' ivited?
a?t?l? Atmtur - ?Ha?ifarnt Atrrmt*
341h mth 3-?tb glrrrta ^rm fork
Counsel Will Be Heard by
Pardon Commission
in Atlanta.
[B ? : .. -. : - r? ? T- ?a? ]
At!.1.- ? i, '?' ? 30. The hearing h??fore
the Tar.!..!! ? onirrv.?si<?n on the peti?
tion of Leo M. Frank, convicted of the
nuir?l'*r of Mary Phagan, for com
. impi isonment "?.ill be
nm to-morrow morning.
Atlanta . it that th?
plea ?rill h' granted, for ?vhil?
. ral le ? ntiment agaii t
. ng the sentence, pro.
jurist ??'?m every purl of tin
have appealed for the prisoner. Th.'ir
pleas have swerved sentiment m fa?' :
of the prisonei
t'.x R .? ve William M. Hr-y.
aid will preaenl the argument >'f ti.e
er, summing up 'lie evidence, and
dwellini on tin? doubl expressed '?:?
Judge Roan, by two State Supreme
1 '?m ? d by two United ?State ;
Delegations from Chicago, from Sa?
vatinah, I'.itton, Mucon, Columbu
other cid?*? m Georgia will appeal foi
the prisoner and prominent \-'.
a ill aUo apeak in his behalf.
William M. Smith, I'oiiley'.s reprn*
?.. : tell I I ' m missies
Ira- ZJlltT,
.lu,Ige Roan's all * t at *M
ho?ti!e atmosph? " *?' ?"**.,.'
,-?.-, ?m
.n t??
, .? :.' also b?
Frank'- I elieve the es?
? day.
Pan?. May .T"* A Havas ??.-?p*tch
from Nish says strong Albanlaa bands
attacked Serbisn '*>* **'
? ?' Mahout* 'IB*
?? ?t#
,'cr. r.aaM*
? a atrd Kktirovitio srith mactiis-a
In both " *'*
repula-*d They ere i " *J*"
B saw
Tl I I I'.KiVi: tit in: \V HII I BBBJ
Not from ?urfne? onl?. I"i? llir?iugB8S*
the fitliric.
\\ '?? do takrej- up. ? ?'tOTf.
g and ?-??ti - ? i ?-.-proas
IHE C. H. BROWN it).
209-211 Eaat 37th St., N. Y.
Fourth Avenue, err. 2 5th Street.
Lldrldge St., cor. Rlvlngton St.
Seventh Avc, bet. 48th ft 49th St?.
Lexington Av., cor. 124th St.
Grand St., cor. Clinton St.
E. 72d St., bet. Leaington & 3d Avs.
East Houston St., cor. lues St.
Courtla-idt Av , cor. t48th St.
IlKOOKl \>
Smith St.. cor. LWnMtoii St.
Graham Av.. cor. IH-I'f.oise 51
Pitkin Av.. cor. Kockawav Av.

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