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?.'?????-?I? c%rt ntiM Nu??-if?..ir?
r?<ie. t??Mia, ?im eatta eaj?n~ta?
?Cuii?:.i..?. o.t, ?
de?reet lez:
I cannot see
What goo?! can come of asking me.
Ho? many smacks?(0 taste delicious')
yours I'd find to be propitious.
? the sands thnt rim the sound,
Where refuse often flouts agroutul,
. knotf they're there, but is there any
? can tell you just how many?
The sage who mans a telescope
ins t?> think he has the dupe
11 the lamps that spot the lieavens,
t count them?not by sevens!
The leaves that fox-trot when it blows,
me to oft hemocked Cohoes,?
. each distinct oasis,?
Might put us or. a working basis.
?ring, then, I'd ask you, please,
? ??mhcrless as these,
Which .1?! beggar any measure,
. t of pleas
*? ally fratty;
? i th.
f,i, of nil people, on the street Saturday morning,"
writ* 'She had come in from Bromidlewild for a day in the
had to pot some shoes, and really, she thought, if one has on
dec? the rest doesn't matter. She wanted good
shoe ? it always pays, but where tras a shoe-store? Of
: looking for ?hoe-stores she'd see dozens of them.
ec that really fit her, though?her instep
. short skirts! Don't stout women and
in them? And furs in the summer time!
. : she thought the styles got sillier every year,
?.re simply regulated by the dressmakers and we
change the fashions so that peo
? y good clothes. Well, ?she must be
or there were any good shows in town
the summer, but so few plays are
rtainly thanks Heaven that she has
o was rushing for the train. "I know I've
it 1 hate to jump on a train just as
nie to spare than not enough, I always
why so mai ?
? ir time to writing jokes
es for this here F. P. A.
, if I may say
right? ire provokes.)
- -, unwitting blokes
he calmly ?
.round all day.
:-'t aside their yokes.
the colyum's hoax?
? is fills one with dismay,
work, he draws the pay!
ind holy smokes,
1 wonder why!
? Fdar is seeking into perplexes us no less
thing that always has baffled
?rifle with our luck.
' cyrils 'the Tribune, "includes . . .
ly were on the car."
ago we reprinted, with great pleasure to
mgs. One that we were
? Ten Late," by the late Paul
and here, as you may have
? . *,?. Uli Wo 'm*1 A ?Bo 1
vas to die;
In a * ::i h.s heart there came a sigh;
they sai.i, the reason none could say;
. were that he fhould die next day;
per on wings did fly
a pardon, but it came too late.
?-. iust after break of day,
. a soul had passed away
r his fate;
uion came too late.
'ory then was told;
called for her son so bold;
red on the way;
he died at break of day;
? was known, his innocence at once was shown,
n sent, but 'twas too late.
rolle? was fired at sunrise, etc.
. thc.so publishers. From Macmillan's Bulletin of
E. . . . Belgium: See Beautiful
?sausTt?? l'-. ? I
I'lstcr Landing's on her list
Just across the water,
From Saugerties she'll take you there
And only charge a quarter.
Then back again she'll steam quite fast
Hut a little further down.
rteal t:me she'll land
Or dock) at Rhinebeck town.
"ow the last but not the least
? ? the stops she'll make,
on freight at Hyde Tark
Without a tremor or a brak?
So on her way she'll gaily go,
With all her crew asleep,
And land you safe in Old New York
Though all be calm or sleet.
?"hire |
? - -.
?**?tb a crew that''s n
'?-???> tailing on her way.
' at Rarrytown
}' dock? with graceful i
' cook's pre
* ?"('Per sure to please.
Our dissatisfaction with the note, (.ernianv must understand,
.1 as ?ifTorcd. im plie? no lack of literary
cm m ?t. With regards t?, the Mrs., and soliciting a continuance
01 the same, we remain, etc.
ermeny has no deliberate intention, il ?-anything
liante with the laws of humanity. She
Mays war, fc. to s., by oar.
?V" that she can't road a note, however.
F. P. A.
Will Appear at Booth The?
atre limier Management
of the Shuberts.
Producers Say Long List of Of?
ferings Means Faith in a
Profitable Season.
The Bhuheti Thentr'cnl Company'
yester.lay made its *Vst announcement
] of the plays it will present in New
| York and on tour throughout the coun?
try In the coming season. This list li
| the largest in the c?rcir of the Shu
: berts, and they ata e in offering so
.t they Hcknowl
i edg? their faith In t^e American pub! e
' and believe that, regardless of tnrbu
l lent conditions abroad, the theatrical
i in this count-v wlM he one ofi
the most pi ?r experienced.
Heading tin- Irairati? off-rings of
the firm is the announcement that E.
H. Sothern ?rill -?turn to th? stag? un
j ?'er th? Shuber management. By a
i rpecinl arrange1 Wlnthrop
he will n i ain ai 'he Booth The?
atre all next season, appearing ft rat in
rwo Virtci Mitro,
vhich ha? alresdy been played by
? the St
Theatre. London. As Mis? Julia Mar
lowe will not make her reappearance
on the ?tag? 117, Miss Margaret
Dale will be Mr. Sothern's leading wom?
an during the New York season.
Another announcement of interest is;
concerning the return to this city of I
William T. Hodge, who will appear in
a play by Lawrence Whitman which!
he has played in most of the important
eitie? of the United States. This l?|
entitled "The I'.oad to Happiness," and
is a rural drama affording Mr. Hodge ?
excellent opportun
Included in the other dramatic offer
th? Shuberts have planned are
"The East Laugh," by Paul Dickey and
Charles \V. Goddard, with Edward
Abeles: Wilson Mizner'a new farce
"The Cry of a Child," Harold Brig?
house's new comedy "Hobson's Choice,"'
Which is presented in association with .
F, Ri % .; "Haggle? of Red
Uno," a dramatization of the success?
ful magazine serin!, in which Ralph '
?Icrz will he seen," "The Strange
Boarder." by A. E. Thorn:? = : "Oh,
hy Byron Ongley. and "Find
the Woman." a farce already tried out
in Philadelphia, which will open In]
"Quinney," which has already a long,
run st the Hay market Theatre, I.on- !
don, to its credit, w;!l be presented by ,
iny in New York early ;
ober. The Manhattan opera j
House will also house a British pro-!
duction, tho Drury Lane melodrama. :
! Order?," which will be offered
;:i SSBOClStion with William A. Brady
and Comstock und ?lest. William
Faversham is scheduled to have a new
play this year, and Walker Whiteside
will appear at 'he Shubert theatres in
The obtained posses
ton Opera House, in
Metropolitan Opera
. in Philadelphia, and soon will
announce ti i I for these two .
in the musical line the firm will be
unu?U When "The Passing
|< aves the Winter (?ar?
den in 0 it w ill be I
duction, which will in
turn give way about January 15 to Al
. in a new musical piece, The
Casino will be opened in August with i
"The Blue Para,lise," and toward the '
of this month "Hands Up," with
Maurice and Florence Walton, will be
Men at the Forty f"urth Street. John',
Charles Thomas and Marparet Romaine
are to appear in Franz I.char's latest
Kmma Tren
to have a new opera, and "All
?own." now in Chicago, will be
, the fall. Other
new i g? will be "The '
Cirl from Pia/:!," "The Pake Baron,"
C.irl" and "Miss 1
Don't K u.V."
already have placed
in New .'oik will be hint on t?ui
Among these will be I ? p?n, in
"Tak ng Chances," who will later have
a n< a h, in "The
"Silk Stock
Mann, in "Th? Bub
"A Mix l'p"; i
the i ountry, and
the all ?tar casi of "Trilby."
Imperial Ballet to Tour Country
?No Halt in Frohman
lie Serge de Diaghilew Imperial
? ich the Metropolitan
?. in New York and fif
, ?ties of tl
rding to an announce
"' will
? ? he .'?!? trop
..?I of its 200 members, including
an orchestra of seventy, i
: tur. Included among the prii
to be the
great? world;
Thamar Karsavina, regarded as ?
i r in mimi ' ;
Metropolitan company has been trying
to bring '.he troupe hen
it was only the |
aon'a tour possible.
Alf Havman, manager of the newly
form?i ;"i Compsn ?
?i w h ich he
? de that the
mager were
.is though l.e were ab
? rip.
? ??. lerful t-ibute to him
main? with the company, as
weli as oth? ?*aa ne
ling on the
more won?
derful ? without ?
scrap of paper, ?
ft they had
coming .-eason."
A comedy ?kit called "The Modern !
Mscdonough. I
In it Bert Williams
ri for the ?? as a j
? ?1 with him will ap
?ring is being
i ban.
Th?1 ' IBc? has can
'. dor Moore
- The?
atre, Washington, because another
rspital ann
ere in
the m I himmie Fadden."
action is indicative of the policy
; to be follow? ?1 by the vaudeville agency
I toward at; divide their time
be t'A' s-day and the film.
A. Brady has arranged with
Arthur Hopkins for the production of
a new fyb-; by Charles Kenvon. for
Three Paintings by Americans
Bought for the Metropolitan
New Beaux painting at Museum?"lirneMa, a Girl in White."
Animated Portrait by Cecilia
Beaux, One of Dr. Felix
Adler by Douglas Volk
and "Cornelia," by Henry
Golden Dearth, To Be Ex?
hibited Soon.
The Metropolitan Mu?eum of Art an?
nounced in its bulletin for this month,
made public to-day, th? I on of
three important paintings by American
which will .soon be placed on
. tion.
Chief of these is an animated por?
trait bv Misa ?"ceiba Beaux, called
"Krnesta: A Girl in White." It is th.?
en of that .rk to
be hung at the mu-ium. and is a ca?
pable example of her braahwork firm,
trait, which
Dl '.riet, shows a fill in white seated
on a white sofa, her hands outstretched
arL'iimentativelv on a 'able before her.
The pei ?' ir ability of Mi-s Beaux to
rith a ner?
vous system is much in evidence, mak?
ing the c: - ,tl of her be *
work. The picture was purchased out
of the He in fond and ?rill be shown
lilery 13.
According to the terms of the Hearn
gift it is possible to exchange any
picture in the collection for a more
i.le example by the -urne a
This wise provision ? advan
tnre of in the purchase of an interest
invaa by Henri Golden Hearth,
entitled "Cornelia." which will replace
his former picture, "Boulogne Har?
bor." In his re.? nt WOI -Mr. Hearth
has gained diatinction for hia ability
to ?abordinate line ar.i use color as
which a title will soon be selected.
Rehearsals will be?*-In this week, the
?nance to be given at Long
Branch in A ..
Maurice and Florence Walton have
annoi ? they will donate half
of the r. ''? receipt at I ?? B ?'.more,
where they are dan?
for Free I i
Walton has purchased two Pekingese
apaniela, which ?-he will use in the
beach scene of "Hands Up," now in
Norman Tharp has been engaged bv
Selwyn & Co. for a role in "Under
which will be seen at the Hudson
?? ber.
The ? !ty announced for the
-ir.. carnival at
?:il Palace is an Im
which will be
held to-morrow night, when ca.-h
prizes ? . ?? en tor th'
rect imitation of motion picture ae?
Awarda will be made for the
funnii rrirl in
The proiri nmit ?
i'it??? Feat
< ..mmanilment." '?'
in a cotii?
Four miles of film, or more than
eicht ? ment,
- ?
Ralph A. Kohn and Carl Anderson,
Compa Play
Company, have ?.?? Ion .n quest
ai the motion pict
foreign dramatic propel
G?raldine Parrar will leave
? of the Lasky Company, at Hol
to atte'
. ,.*ue at
Sf.n Fran? ? ernor
on, she will ? ad I h? 11 ind march
tit the bail to be given ? ;
Hot Water Saves Woman from
Chill After Rescue from
A ? r? | for SUtOI ' 'es as life
v *-,vo
life guards at M
supply of hot wat
of a r.umi- a the
boule- and w.th
ad a yoang woman
from drowning from h iring a
and ? toba' nia.
Mr?. Mary V. ? ? n. of Ml
*. in swim?
ming at Oriental Po ni w.'h her hus
; bar.,1. Sh?
, and Mr. Wolff I ilty in
i.g her He finally got her to the
beach unconscious fr.ni Sobmeraioa.
The ne.,r. ?as half a mile
away, and ih? young weaaaa ??
hlef medium of expression, per?
mitting it by its vi-i; gradai on ami
i and con
"Comelia" : girl,
i atraw hat ;
trimmed with flow? ? with
hands cioaaed in her lap. A
there : a table on ? ds an
? drug not, and a Japanese print
or? the wall to its rear, while a
afford Mr. 1 ity to
? 10 peculiar I ! iah which
he gives 1 crease -, if
A pi ?. 11? r, by 1'ouglas
of the N'ai lemy of De gn,
. ?i purchased, but wil I be on
at the Washington Irving
llith School until fall, having been lent
Also of ii the purchase of
ne, showing St.
John and St. Lawrence, this wo
.:?l art
before the Leon i to he
It was acquired
ut the Bla'r ? I \pril.
In ?eel-.?unce With th? wishes of
Samuel lsham his estate ha? pr?
the museum with a collection of 236
Japan? le and
representative worka by the leading
iaraku alone ex. ?
These prints will be shown shortly in
Gallery 24, and together with the I.ath
rop collection, given in 1912, make th?*i
museum's collection enviable f?
Farther announcements bv the mu
seum were n ?-f a 'rustee to
till a vacancy in the ('lass of '17 in
the pi W. Gould, and a
loan to the Bronx Society of Ar
Sciences of twenty-on? for a
in at the Lorillar.l
ion, in Bronx Park.
Sully in -1 I-1 '??! 1 ?
the drive. When an
ambulanc" urgeon .> m the
.: h.e said
to the hospi'-al.
Miss Tracey's Company
Will Give Paris Produc?
tions Here.
TO BE $100,000
Daniel Frohman Among Sub
scribcrs?Mammerstein En?
thusiastic Over Project.
New York Is to have a season of
Ereneh opera com!']ii-? this vrar if
announced ,? Miss
Minnie Trace-,-, for
Trace;,', ..::?
? o i'e known a i th? Fr<
I'omiquo cf America, will l?sv? for
France in a fortnight to el
era and ac?|iiir" Ih? Amei
t.? several productions never >'??'
Mated m this country.
Air? . has on the list -
of patronesses for
Mr?. Reginald Vanderbi't, Mrs <
fairies,?, jr. Mrs. Whitney VVerren,
?ll ? -. Lori'lard
Leonard M Thomas. I
manager >f the llr
stein i in t -"mi
icey pun><
stock com' I
on h s thi?
she will announce t n where
she will produce h"r French reper?
toire. This playhous?', ? yes?
terday, 'vas in the centre of the the?
atrical district an 1 amply adapted for
her uses. She will chirle S'i for or?
chestra chairs and $f> fqr box ?eats.
The scale of prices will range as low
a?. DO cents. She expects to start her
season :n November, if plans can bo
? My hope Is not to rival the Metro?
politan, but simply to pick up the
threads of French opera where Mr.
Hammerstein dropped them. He la en?
thusiastic over my plan, but is n<
sociated with me. In fact, I am all '
?lone in the work, and con?
roman Impresario The
troubled t.ir.es in Europe mi
for me to i i
company, for n
hitherto engaged abroad are now open
? ? re."
lid have an
orchest . with a chorus of the
same number, ami would not engage a
salaried art ist? v? ho ?
sing, but would i
with a third, an aspiring An.
singer, in reserve. She exp<
not onlv such i 'is as:
"LouIm, "Manon." "
Jongleur de Notre Dame," but to intro
duce to this country Saint-S?
"I'hryne," LerOUX'l "I.a Ri
" and Gl?ck's "Iphtg?nie en Tau
Misi Tracey, who 's a daughter of j
the late Colonel John Tn
that, among the Subset
stock in her eompanj were '?
: an, Mrs. Florence Fox,
Emil Boas, Frank Pavey, Mr?. \V
Francklyn Tans an?! Mrs. John H. Mc
Exposition Jury Judges It Best
Equipped Road in U. S.
The jury of award? of the Panama
? Expoiitioi
lilroad 'he grand
. aiiv
railroad in the Un
In the last two yea' I half the
Pennsylvania system has carried
000,000 passengers without a
death by train accident. 'I
has le?l ;n : I
and electric motive power, -
?teel for iron rails si
constructing mo?lern tel
Harris Benefit Realizes $1,500
About $1,500 ?
h* 11 irtig & Seamon
which Mr. Hat?
Actress is slio-Aii In her taper?
Borough President's Body
Found When He Did Not
Answer Call to /Mass
Daughter Awaiting Operation in
Smilh Infirmary Not To'd ~f
Father*! End.
Charle?. J Mc?",,rmack, Porough
I, was foun?!
; in his room at
Wadaworth, Suten i land. It was the
nd the at?
tendant who went to summon him to
mass and communion discovered him
Coroner J , who accompa
visit to th? institution, was call???!. He
. President had been
dead for .???ne hour". Six moi'h? a.ro
? ' :th caimpell? d Mr. M
mack to seek res? at I.akewood. Al?
though apparent imprivement ???
ni bot a
d ?e t ) a complication
of diseases.
Hi *eer. ?-ears
Infirmary, '
of her '
'.iken there
three hours af*er M
red ind is to be oper?
ated upon to-day for a aerious dis
For many years pro-oinent in Rich?
mond politics, Mr. McCormack was
the borough's firs: Democratic Prea
ident. He was elected in 1913 by a
plurality of more than 300 over Bor?
ough President Georgs Cromwell.
Mr. Me? ormaek was born in New
York City m 18M. He went to Steten
' SS a real estate dealer in 1894,
?s at once taken under the wing
of Nicholas M?ller, Democratic lead- i
er, who got him the position ot tax
I ? years in that
?ir.i\ stiil pa lie I by Mailer. Me?
to the Assembly.
H fi i In the laat year of his term
as SI :T.ac<? fell
out with Muller. rii-ro was a ! ter
?n which Muller i
McCormack refused to ac- '
.? and renewed the
isting the man
who had hein Democratic lea?tr of
: ir thirty j
piected for some
time to lili Mr. McCormack'a position.
ot Public
Works, wil Borough !
nack's sue?
? ? have not been
. will lia m
igh Hall Wednesday morn?
II be a retiuiem
;, in St. Peter's
Mr. McCormack leaves a wife, his
daughter, May, and ? son, Vincent. He
of the ?taten
. the I.oval ?Irder of
? Knights of Co
?? Staten .?land and
?i Yacht clubs.
Rich Broker and Archaeol?
ogist Marries Mrs. Doro?
thea Page, of This City.
Ii. : ? ? Ml - !
? ? I ... July 11. George Gus?
tave H er an?l
I Kurs
I i Mrs.
?i ork. Mr.
to the
? .
n ob
' Mrs.
? chambei
.: for
1 ronpht sui?
I? .'??red that
in ai wer, said that
ig ait?
.1!, of
? as "a
n had a fl thing," de
? h : m,
. New
- -
e Hart Y
ub of
? i
\ Williams, a noted horse
Austrian Ambassador Enter?
tained by Mr. and Mrs. Foster.
. . -
: ; W a
lid io date
? mor
*, Mr.
V ork, '
?in in
m %
Chjrles j VicCormack.
New York, travailing hy autir ??
with v ? hi?
staff, and .A
of Re] ? Ixt ?.<! s.t.j
st H'-atoT Hall,
urday nigl I .?::. ,n rJ
turned to A
Mrs. John Beverly ?iuer, wr.o haa
been at the (ur'u Hotel, ha-, gono
to Hooslek Falls, N. Y., to be a guest
of Mrs. John Hobart Warren.
Baroness Andre, a sister of Mra.
Chauncey M. Depew, will arrivo at tho
Hotel Aspinwall to-morrow for th?
season. n
Leon Mooser, a member of the Friars
an?t I.ambs clubs, dic?l at his home in
San F: ? iterdav. H
time fur *' in tho
He was a director of the Insu
active in Philippine I
He is ?un thers and
..m Geoi.
eral manager for ':- ver .'?'
I1re??er. i ? MeC.
Euatis, Jsmes B. S? i ton, K
P. IhomasT.
Lambert, A. F. V? :er,
Morgan, G?'u: lie.
DRESSER Suddenly, on July 10, 1911,
New York < ty, Dai l?res
ser, In h .r. Funer
Hon. Ja
on July S,
sant Square, New York, st H a m.
lay, July 12. New Orleans papara
please copy.
INER Ob Saturday, Jnly 10, at
thampton, '
Philip Park' 'pit and
dau ' Harper hr.?l Eve?
lyn '.ice?
at ' after
:it at cot
July 10, 1
Chr Church,
Brunswick, on Tue? :
S ::!') p. m. Ha ? ? . ??
ingtoii paper- py.
MT.F.AX Suddenly, on F'ri ;
1916, at O ? Mc?
Lean, of Broi '? Ivn, I
Of !'?? S V
at . I
?m arrival of
I? sving Flatbu h sv l.. I.
:01 a. m.
of 11
?f funeral
a' 'he M
K ?
? T.
at West J., Mai
Horn? av.,
h it.,
. .dson st., Jjly H
h St. July
? ITtd
I lly 0
? ?/ av.
SIN? ; \ life st?
July I. 1 i?y.
h . 3d, 1279 Hancock
luly 10. Funeral to-,'.ay.
:??? tl av.
Qulney st.,
il to-day.
?. Fu
. Jersey City,
? i mi it'.ih.
Mil \,?i.?|)| \\\ N ? VMrTKRI.
? r
-j ?.-*. . . NX.

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