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Your Money Back
If You Want It.
S?-e Editorial Page. First Column.
,4. l.XNY_No. 2:).(>:(i.
. ????r<l?j? 'a T#mp??r?tur?a:
High, 72; Imw, ?1.
hull report en ru??? ?.
,...,,,,, /?vi' i'T.*\''V In tliy of >e?-York. >>w?rk. .l?TM?v ( It? aad Hebekea.
I It K Ci U.\h t Tj/? 1 KI..-KHHKRK TWO ? I M
I? ?p-rteM, um '
II? I In- I l.l.iinr \. ..?I.. 11 I
etu of Invention and
|V\ clopinent to Include
(it'iiius of Nation.
In iVveloping ldca>.
ssi n War Has
Litchi Wizard.
i a new
menl to n?
? ar.il
? ?
I? to
? ?
f < ? ng with .he
-..v ?ays th .
?'? -,*. he i? rel
? itablish?
I t h e
? t"'ie
A few
itc to
of the
? ser
ir? peace to
Pr . it Patriotism.
? tter, "to
' .
t the call of your own country.
ill too com
one that skoubi be an
? .i young men and a lea?
..--?" ? ? ? ?
will be of tremendous
of the
? ? atural
'? i meet
? iblish
? ornent a de
u . ,. ? i ment,
01 fi
? termi
? er they contain prac
ip and
Bureau Needed.
. '
en the
there is at
ped depart -
? m.ournaval
., are
re improve
r ay s in
? ' n be made.
: the time
r, in many
nvenl ve turn of
put these ideas into
??here tl -could
k< d out and rerfected
; ? ' I
?'rom this source
"You Can Make Dreams Real."
1 a genera! plan of or?
? artment which ia
but which,
10 far as the
(rover n men t
? ? ? use such fi
? ? the direc
. ,i for
? - directi on, to
ref? rred all ^^mizc?.
rould work
lint. You
then who can turn
Ki> al
.tier in
r: is if you would
our coun
?his board,
?? to you to
h we are not at
gate, and to
? you feel it worth
to ask, and
' nothing b
nd, I think, of the
? -ether with the
-?.mtry that
ITer? y? i by way of
? learly have you
? ?m and your un
ur eountrj
. making this
Subauirlaea Great Concern.
fronted with a new and
??fare in the BUD?
1er onlv one of the big
' :. mim!, and I fe? 1
' ? practical knowledge
f the navy, with a Je
f the keenest a.id
minds that w<
and with your o.vn
? ? United
langer with new device?
' our counts
Burea? Depend? on Edlaea
' might be well to assi
piominent in -
-arch, and I woi d
with vou as to who
Of course.
?"? tid that I rely upon most, and if
?-?.?.luiued ou pavee 4, lolunin 4
Appoints Policewomen to Cen
sor All Magazines in City.
Pittsburgh, July 12 Charles S. HuV
bard, Director of Public Safety, issue
oreen lata to I?: for tha rstaVltsh
mfnt of a bureau of censor;! ip to pa?
npoa all ? Magaiiinea tram
greasing morality H...1 .?ropricty ari
he barrad, ar.,1 nawsdaalan ?ellin
thorn will be subject to arr?
Kour policewomen wort' appoiiitr?! t
rc:??l all publieationa, and verse, pros
and illustrations deemed objectionabl
will h?- submit tad to tho diractoi
Air and Lawyers Torrid, Gibb
Postpones Case Until Fall.
\ juron? hn?i bren eh ?
a perjury tr?Bl in the Bronx Count
(.'.?un yesterday, Judge ??ibbs suprtrest
i as a hot day and if a mis
trial ?Arre declared the ?ase could b
taken up agu.:i when the weather wa
both !>ule^ I
and it was ?lone Whiter l'crk, the de
in |7,500 bail t
The panel had been exhausted, clashe
become frequen
nn<! ? ?ttoruey Fran
ed that th
up during the progr?s
ippy idea.
Gains Entrance to GsragC Oi
Suffrage Leader in Absence
of Servants.
MeJia, Pern., July 12, With bis yel
floating, the nev
automobile preset I I ti Dr. Anna How
rers was run int<
town to day by a constable, who levier
. i for a rl
? the curbs as the r? ?
': informer
aw would b?
? ? ! WOUlf
? ? ? :ed the
garagi ployea wer?
car anc
Rome Paper Hears Ruler Has
Been Dead Several Days, but
Revolt Is Feared
Paris, July 12. "La Lil rt?
'ea Nationale" of Home ha?
received the foil? wins n"te vi
the censor:
"News from Athena and Sofia ad?
vises us that the Sultan hr.s been dei'd
several daj - Turks
ure ! olitical
Health Officials Bar Girls from
Bathing in Flushing Bay.
The Hoard of Health has uninten?
tionally furnished the sufl
I r argument to advance ths
votes-for-women cause. No ?oncer may
the f frolic in the wat.
Flushing Bay. by order of the B. of II.
Recently investigators of the Health
Deps : ' ng Ba y
it? I. All bathing
house ? erefore revoked
in th. of public health. But
lin the mem?
bers of the 1" at duba from going in
for a swim. Ai
vent a hoy from hai .
and bathing with?
out beint: hampered by a bathing suit.
But the fair ones cannot join the
boat clubs. And well, they are not
boys. So
Will Run Line of Jitney 'Buses
Down in Panama.
Washington, July 12. Even I'ncle
Sam has not escaped the jitney fever.
He has boupht four big 'buses and is
ckels with the best of them
??own ii Panama. The Panama Kail
toad Company, which is really a part
and parcel of the government, ha- be?
gun the operation of four 'buses be
East Balboa. Balboa Heights and
Women to Appeal to Governor
for Pardon July 21.
Governor Whitman has granted a
hearing to the comnut'ee of women
who wish to petition him for a full
pardon for Mrs. Madelina Farola,
whose death sentence he recently com
muted. The women will make their
? the Governor at Albany on the
ng of July 21,
Showed No Signs of Pai
noia on Witness Stan
Says Alienist.
Wouldn't Think Prisoner I
mented if He Mad Not Know
History of Case.
Or Auatin Flint war. 01
terday, swearing that Harry K Tl
??s.? paranoiac. Thaw
watched him for ? time, ind then,
if convinced his old enemy c<
im? . I
automobile maps by which he was
???"?tig out the motor trip to
ama-Pacific Exposition he expects
start the latter part of the ?
.lohn B. Stanchfleld
? ' I lint with a ?ma
cross-examination, which se?
getting the doctor into d I
theories as to why he ?
would be a mi nace to th pu
tent back to Matteawan, Then si
denly the court broke in w I
lade of hea 'ier cal br?
i The doc-or hire up bravely for
1 time und? r this fire. The court'? qu
! lions had t?i do with what importai
P>r. Flint attached to the story of M
Susan Merrill in forming his opil .
that Thaw ?s a pa Mrs. Mi
rill on the
in a room in her flat until they bled,
Alienist I? Agitated.
? ' - Merrill v.<*r
enter as basis ?>f your 1
Thaw is a paranoiac or not?" Justi
Hendrick asked.
"Certain parts of it do," replied t
"What part of her testimony do yi
think i.- true ami what part false y<
say part of it fart
true?" the court went on. "1
part you find necessary to a?lopt in 0
der to base on it your theory of par
r oia is that the only part y?
There was a sudden stiffen
tention at this queation. Thaw at on?
lost intereft in his maps and lo
the court f??r a moment as if take
abnek. 3nd then watched Dl
a smile. Pr. Hint answered the ouei
tion with a som?
ertheless positive "It ;
"Well." wen* on the cour', "tell n
the 1
timonv you say is true and ??
"I accn I " Pr. Flint sai?
bracing himself in his chair, "'he te?
' iy about Thaw's flagellating eei
tain young women."
"Why do you that a? tine an
the rest I e." the court in
By what is I .'1 r1 corrobo
rated ?"
"Corroborated by Hart ridge."
"It was corroborated by Mr. Mr.
Hartridge not very well."
said haltingly.
"Do you accept Mr. Harl
true' " Judge Hend? i? -
?. unis surprise.
"1 think I do." said Flint. "I I
think it"
"Well, by whal i? ' corroborated;
11 terrupted the ?u
"By the : aid thl
Wit!.' I
"In what way?" said the
"Explain to us in the historv of
what makes von accept this Merril
I woman's testimony against Thaw a
true ?"
"I did not sav that I ace? I
. as true, hut I accepted her -' '
that certain girls wer.- fl
his apartmi the doctoi
"That i> whal I ????
? actlv." said the justice, wh
seemed to be getting exhau
is there in nnv part of the testimony
connected with I
to believe tl al part of th?' Mi
woman's testimony when you re ect
other parts as false?"
('?ves His Reason-.
"The reasons are the foil
the doctoi : "She has drawn
testimony and in her book a P?
my opinion it ?
her to construct out of wl
which in my opinion it won'
sible for a physician I
h in my opinion il wi
possible for am ?? who
, iv of Sad
it 1 net."
"Well, that book ?n six
years after the facts, was it not?" said
Continued on pane ?. ?railunan 2
Two Tiny Orphanage Runaways
Found Asleep in Bronx Field
Yearning for a home with a small
i "h," Theodore Tinnerman and Milton
' Wuus'h, nina-year-old inmates <?f the
New York Orphanage, at Hastings-on
Hudson, started for New York yester?
day. They were scrubbing floors when
', the notion struck them. They wouldn't
' admit that their task had anything to
: do with it, but M il ton acknowledged
; that he didn't expect to walk all the
1 way.
After luncheon the boys both small
I for their age crept out of the grounds
lof the orphan;.ire. Once on the main
road they strode along as travellers
should. Their overalls and blue checked
I waists their onl) visible gar m i
; war? part of a uniform, hut outside the
orphanage .t u,(ul?l not ba rtcogi
From Heatings straight down the
l river they trudged, never pausing for
? all the marvellous sights that met their
A few qu< 'hem on the
I right ?m III st .o i
Fortieth Street and Light h Avenue.
Diligent Inquiry at every house
? or'iood ?
dore'a parents were i
They trud West T?t i
?he same resull
ton's mo.her was
Theodora su I '. thai
h.s father worl Kini ...-. So
they retrac ing on
the way at the l'oio Grounds to
tinish of the game, When they n
Kingsbridge it was ?lair, l
to rest and return to the orphai..
the morning. Scooping out a hollow
for themselves in a patch
id Broadway, the two
were sound asleep when
Buen stumbled over them.
In tl nouse they showed no
reluctance to tell their story, although
n th? m permis
go a* leasl as far as Yonke: \
eut story came from the orpl
\? here
When they ha
tale and devoured COU1 I
i the boys went sent U) the I i..idren's
Shot Through Head. Penn
sylvanian Is Rushed 150
Miles to Hospital Here.
Police Try to Hold Up Rice at
Jersey City on Tip ??a.'.ent
Mad Attempted Suicwe.
Two automob raced for life
through the rugged hills of Wayne
?;?. l'enn., before dawn yesterday.
on J. Abraham, proprietor of the
:'.??? on Cash?'?
? If. The automo?
biles made ? ?' of the jour
? itala and spe
'"??!>? ion miles away. Abra?
te Hospital. The race
? I ?"-' 1!? i- alive.
?bile, but two, made
should come to harm.
made while Mr?.
Hertha ?lausen, a trained nurse, admin
or examined her
? i ether the speed must
be reduced or if he could stand an
? ? :? m xt bil of amooth
?ight n tele
Mrs ?'lau-en
the storekeeper was badly hurt.
She h home. ?I. ?
rere ?loing
I for though they
? ? in such a nervous
The st' ? couch A
? had gone clean through hi- head
I him une
? ? hast} wash?
?i Mrs.
?elephone tO
. ?" ?r
: i. ross the state line,
1 . Y., she tinaliy found
Dr. Appley, who agreed to nuike all
Hurry as he might, Mrs. Clausen
knew it would be hours before he could
1* was then decided to rush the
tient 1 I coon, N. Y., in time to
catch the tra.n leaving for Jersey City
shortly before .*? o'clock in the morning.
Race to Train Won.
The news had already sprend through
the little town ?mere the storekeeper,
,i man of forty-five, had been in boat?
u il is family ia an
one in Wayne County, and his
bora would spare no effort' to
?aw his iife. Not ' had an au?
tomobile but offered it at once. Mrs.
.? two in whf.se souml
i.ad the most confidence.
They caught the train. A summon?,
. ahead, reached the Scully
ambulance Service, at 1700
Broadway, r" ? i d an ambulance to
? the hue station,
elitein and
Pe< '. * ere in charge of the ?re?
? ? oui by Frank Barber, the
In the b m of the station
they found their patient. He >?
?lid's chair, still con
? ? , v? swathed in
He whs in his shirt sleeves.
His wife, clad in black, stood by his
? . , . n gave direction? to the
i The firat stop
entiel Street.
to lodge
. mee pro
Patient'a Eye Removed.
?illy Walton ambulance was
.in from the El ?
lion ly, an ambulance from
i ranci - Ho ?uta!. J? ?
red up. As ?oon aa the tram
: ii. at the .-tation a message whs
cond Precinct police
J? . .??. ? ity, that th?
aboard. 1 h?' police
the ambulance from St.
and '".t detectives to In?
? . previous mess
I ?als told the ?le
raham hail been clean?
ing a gun from which he had not with?
draw:, the charge. The cartridge ex
were told, and
the bullet ?truck Abraham in the head.
Ii necessary to remove
The bullet
? ? nerve, and
lam may lose the other eye also.
When th? ?va? over he was
able to ?!? ?? nguish a han?l m? ved
11 i? con
i- precarious, but he has a
Port J ' 12. Sheriff
II, of Wayne County.
if the shootm:' of
Abraham and went to Galilee
on He had not
returned I ??? in Honeaoale,
ning. The only
word that reached Honesdale was that
s 1 shot hii
Nineteen, She Brings in Youth.
Who Leaves Withoiit Re
vealing His Name.
Misi ! ?bell? Keys, nineteen years
oM and rrt'tty, jumped into the water
after a y.^ur.g man who had sunk out
ht twice while bathing in Peach
near Brewater'a, N. Y., yesterday
? ter living several times
. .d him to the surface and
Miss Key-, was on the beach with a
of g:rls when an automobile
? up. Two young men in bathing
suits and three girls got out. The
tuen jumped into the water, frisked
for :? few minutes and were
out when one decided
ne fancy swimming.
He struck out and so n *??;.- quite a
Keys, ?.?.ho
:ii. saw him go under
Whei ?? second time she
? am to
the ? ? ; disappeared and
. ?shore.
The young man was revived by th?
crow ?ch. In the ?xcitement
nobody in., hi? name nor re
ih at the number of
the machine. He dep-iried with his
'ffeS?U'5'Note w?l Be Final;
Morejl?X}erican Deaths Mean
Break. Tligh Officials Say
Ambassador Spring!"' ?" ?N*ht ,?**"
Saved by Quick Ac?V "' ^gansChauffeur
Germans Capture "Muc
Fought-For" Cemetery
South of Souchez.
London. July 12. From what
penred to be a lull on the west.
front has .?prune: suddenly some of I
most severe fighting in months, w
the Germans the
The Souche! cemetery, seven mi
north of Anas and hardly halt t
distance sou'hwc t of 1 . has be
wrested from the French a:"'
man gas attack, followed by hand-1
hand fighting with bomb an?l bayon
The French admit thi
i.ghting to re era ' ind whi
thev had won at luch heavy co.-t.
?? the French had leen tighte
ing their grip 0:1 the village
, until the Germans, awi
the capture of the ent.re positi?
would be an important step in tl
French offensive toward I.ens ar
Lille, launched a terrific counters!rol
which left them masters of the sh.3
tered bur.al ground, with more tha
15?*) prisoners in their hands. Figh
mg among the houses which fringe th
west.-rn edge of the town still rage
British Defeat Reported.
There has also been a renewal C
activity in other areas of France an
Belgium, but nothing comparable wit
the strategic
chez struggle.
The ??? ly claim to the de
?traction of the British position 01
Hill fin, near Ypres, but this finds n?
confirmation from either French o
British sources.
The French official statement on th.
rever-?? at Souchez is a
"There was ereat activity durinj
the night upon various portions of th<
: front. In the sector of Arras the en
?my after having launched a largf
number of asphyxiating projectiles at?
tempted toward midnight to the south
?uchez an attack which failed. A
second attack about '2 a. m. permitted
him to occupy the cemetery and some
sections of the trenches immediately
A later statement issued by the War
Department in i
"Notwithstanding the activity of the
( ?.ntlimnl ..ri imice .1. column S
Driver, Following Suspi?
cious Man?uvre, Dashes
Through Threatening
Group of Men on Merrick
Road ? Banker's Neigh?
bors Organize for ?Safety,
A possible attack on the life of Su
? erii Arthur Sprint-Rice, the British
Ambassador, two days after the shoot
ins? of J. F. Morgan, was brought to
light yesterday. The suspicious inci
oceurred on a lonely Long
. when six roughly dressed men
an attempt on Monday night tc
the machine in which the ambas
riding. Mr. Morgan's heal
iffeur, who was driving the car.
drove ahead through them without
The ambassador, who was at the
Morgan home when Frank Holt shot
irted for thi
bury homo of Willard ??. Straight, in
one of his host's limousines shortly
. o'clock a weel I night.
He wai driven by .lame- Pattei ion, one
of Mr. Morgi
chauffeur notic? i s touring car
? ?1 no tail light. It kept a short
when about a mile from Gi
irt of the road, it suddenly
As the Morcan
long "S" turn !'.??
six men who had been in the machine
ha.l spread themsel the
They comple'olv blocked the prog?
ress of his car. Patterson, fearing an
attack on his passenger, pur on full
ahead. Ha chai t into
?!.?? group with 'wo of
Tien, taken by surpii-?- b
chauifeur's action, had I ? avoid
g run over by the big limoui
own automobile and started
Morgan car and got away. All I
ed as he sped by the man
were -i\ of them an
ir. When he returned the car an?l
its ?" ippeared.
No similar incidents were reported by
. ?? ta ? Tunn? v. ,n chai
New York police wh.) worked on the
Morgan ?hooting, ?le: ?
'hat he had heard of an at
against the British An:
t dor.
- now ten ?lays since
Holt attacked Mr. Mur?an in
oma at ?;?en Cove, an?i ai:
linca the assailant dcihed him
? ?elf to death .n the N'assau County
imong 'he residents of
i the Oyster Bav d : their lives
1 and property has not diminished. Thev
. continue, as they have for ti i
week, to live in the belief that there
is a possibility of another den.
stranger coming into their midst whose
mav be more farreaching in
their results than the attempted shoot
< .iiitinuril on pur' '. roliimn 3
.,,.,;: :,;i? STATEMENT)
The Tribune's Half Year Record
l? volume o. advertising gained. The Tribune (d
Sunday) led the morning paper field in New York or the first six
months?.! 191 ved to the fame months list year. The
ligures ai ite Lines
b Loss
The Tribune (Dally & Sunday) .... 136.000
Second Paper ( ;; u ???? -2'44>
lourth Vscer ( .
highth Paper (. ).;???
we hive freauently said that we believe advertis?
ing piss. Every day the records ire proving with increasing force
that we were rig I
Xhc <TrUmn*
First to Last the Truth:
News?Editorials- Advertisements
Germans Hide Behind Sail?
ing Vessel Before Sink?
ing Russian Steamer.
Liverpool, July IS.?An American
ship was used as a shield by a Ger?
man submarine for the sinking of an?
other vessel, according to the members
of the crew of tie American bark Nor?
mandy, here today from Gulfport,
The Normandy was stopped by a Ger?
man submarine off the southeast coast
of Ireland on Friday night, the men
say. The captain was called aboard the
submarine, where his papers were
fiund to show that the ship had been \
chartered by an American firm on Jan- ;
nary 5.
The captain was allowed to return to |
the Normandy, but under thr?at that .
hip would he destroyed uulesi he
by and obeyed orders. These or
d? rs were to act as a shield for the
?rme, which hid itself behind the '
bark from an approaching vessel.
This vessel proved to be the Russian
steamer Leo. Presently the submarine
submerged and proceeded around the |
bow of the Normany, so the story went, |
n minutes later the crew of the i
Normandy -aw the Leo blown up.
Twenty five persons were on hoard,
of whom eleven were drowned, inelud
itii: tl Those saved in
? Americans, Walter Emery,
of North I'arolina; Harry
Sierra, and Harry Whitney, of Cam
den, N. J.
three men corroborated the
They dec?ate that no opportunity
osa on board the Leo to
The Leo was bound from Philadelphia
for Mancheater with a general cargo.
The captain of the Normandy told
ira that he would have liked
-?nal their danger, but .!..!?
The iteamtr Leo sailed from Phila?
delphia on June 25 for Leith, under
command of Captain Jerstrom. Sh?
was ,i vesael of 2,:tJ4 tons, built in
. ? ! in Helsingfors.
>? ..
Asked to Avert Thrcatencrl
Rupture. Prelate Advises
[By Ci
r.ome, July 12. 'Dispatch to The
London Daily Newa*). The German
can Catholic Archbishops of Ci*?
einnati and M jwaukee and the Bishop
lado have appealed to Pope Bene?
dict urging hi?j intervention to prevent
the war from spreading to America und
luggesting the? mediation of the Holy
? the threatened rupture be?
tween Germany and the United State?.
The Pope, it. his reply, recommended
the prelates to rely on the wisdom of
.ent Wilion. whose peaceful in?
tentions were well known. At the same
time the Pope strongly urged German
Americans to be loyal to their adopted
Coast Shooting Perfect.
U itb every shct hitting the target,
the 76th ?ompar -t?te? coast
artillery, fired a dozen U-inch mortar
.. ng target pract.ee at Fort
Hancock, .- ' iast night
let the
?nel Allen, commander
? of th? fort, a | ?vernment launch and a
steamer Ice] ?ut of the danger
Tension Is Gravest
Known at Washing?
ton in Years.
Wilson Taking Time to
Make His Reply
This statement watt ma?io by a
high vpartment
m re?
ply to President Will i i note
on the sinking of the I.usitania.
Throughout official circles th?? same
view prevailed, and the feeling- her?!
to-night is one of anxiety and I
ness. The tension has been ttri
to the breaking point.
Should another passenger ?
be torpodoed and more American
lives be lost there is nothing that
can prevent an immediate raptor?
between the United State! Ml i Ger
rr.any. President Wilson might ex?
ert every effort to maintain peaceful
relations, but officials here are prac?
tically unanimous in the belief that
l such a flame of indignation would
' spread through the nation as would
i leave him no alternative.
It is this feeling that grasps
j official Washington to-night. I* il
; said unofficially that Germany has
warned its submarine commanders
to sink no more pa ships.
But this information has not been
communicated to this govern
Officials here hope that it is tr le.
Wilson Takes Time.
Because of the aerioui and .'ntical
situation which the German reply
has brought about it was .said here
to-day that President Wilton ?rill
consider long and carefully what it
is expected will be the final warning
to the German government.
High officials said .that to meet
situation firmly the ? Dera?
tion was required. inis information
was given out so that a delay of a
week or more might not be mi?
preted as meaning that the 1
States intended in an.
fiom its position.
Secretary Lansing will not go to Cor
rish to discuss the note with the i
ident. Instead, he will remain at his
desk preparing a m?morandum lo
which the German note will be ana
hz?*d point by point .. :'y of
the American government to
| point outlined. This memorandum will
b>* handed to tl?-' Preaident arhei
Speculation as to the prol .
narrows down to the opinion t:
; will be a final demand for an ai
j to the specific questions in th?
previous notes of this government. It
will be so phra*s<-.|, official? L*
that no loophole
which Germany may wander into a dis?
cussion of such irrelevanciee a
characterized her repl
Wants No More K?a??ion.
The contention of the I'ni'ed States,
ii is thought, will be that while our
complaints to Germany have been made
on legal grounds Germany's replies
heve been based on pleas of justifica?
tion and appeals for popular sympathy.
i Thus the two nations have been en
! tirely ?t cross purposes.
The United Stater, will insist, it Is
predicted, that Germany malte d reet
' tnd unequivocal answers to the several
demands of the United States and that
it. be understood that no other form
of reply will be accepted
"We cannot argue over the points
contained in the German note," said an
i official to-day. "We cannot discuss
irrelevancies of this nature when we
are faced by the tremendous fact that
Germany has taken the lives of over 100
Americans, inoffensive passengers of
the Lusitania, and has persistently re
i fused either to disavow the act or make
reparation. That is the mam <? iestion,
?and we ?hall insist upon s?-"
l'noffieial advices from Berlin "hat
the German government I? prepared to
offer the use of ecrtl . ?i*r
man liners in New York harbor .
I fleet," under American r?v tf|
?for the transportation of American
,'er? and nun-contraband
chandise, ?ere nut taken serioualy bv
| officials. The position t>f the Bl
government on tram-fers of registry is

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